INSTANT GLOWSKIN ILLUMINATOR PRIMERSkin illuminator primer with a fresh,sheer formulation.For bright glowing skin thanks to tinypearl particles that capture anddiffuse light through a delicate opticaleffect, cancelling the first signsof tiredness, while leaving the skinsmooth and even.Can be used on its own for a slightlypearly look or before applying foundationfor a naturally radiant complexion.The moisturising and protecting propertiesof this product make it especiallysuitable for combination/dry skin types.Enriched with Vitamin E, Sunflower Oiland Jojoba Oil.Shake well before use.13

4I T A L Y

EYE & BROW BASIC4 EYE-SHADOW PALETTEEXPERT DESIGNAn essential, complete kit specificallydesigned to define and sculpt theeyes and eyebrows.Use to enhance your look naturallyor to produce more sophisticatedeffects, especially for eveningmakeup.26

NAIL PAINTLONG-LASTING GLITTERINGNAIL VARNISHA cascade of gold nuggets to light up yournails. For glittering, rich effects.Can also be used as a top coat since you canadjust its transparency.22NAIL PAINT ANTI-SHOCK SYSTEMNAIL VARNISH WITH ANTI-SHOCK SYSTEMPROFESSIONALNew generation patented formula for outstandingresults:Extreme shine, superior duration, strengtheningaction, really easy to apply.Thanks to a special ANTI-SHOCK SYSTEM, thevarnish is chip proof and protects brittlecracked nails from external agents, such as water,and wear, thus helping their proper growth.218

EYE GENIUSEYELINER 24 HOUR NON-STOPNO TRANSFER FORMULA - WATERPROOFNON SMUDGEEye Genius 24H offers you the confidence of a look that isalways fresh and tidy thanks to a patented mix of ingredientswith special long-lasting properties: Ultimate StayComplex.The extremely flexible texture lies on your skin like athin film that gently adapts itself to any movementand can be blended in. Non smudge and non drip.Perfect staying power for 24 hours.Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested,suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.Ideal for brides and for all those needing lastingmakeup that stays perfect and unaltered all day andall night long!!!Perfectly waterproof and absolutely NO TRANSFER!Close lid well after use.459

SPARKLING FRAGRANCESOLID PERFUMEAn impalpable, ultra-light perfumed powder.A delicate floral fragrance with woody notes foran aromatic seductive effect.This shimmering evanescent powder turnsinto a golden veil on the skin, immediatelylighting up the face and décolleté.A warm, sensual perfume with sweet topnotes (peach and gardenia) and floralmiddle notes (lilac, lily of the valley andorange blossom) followed by warm,vibrant and penetrating base notes(musk, sandalwood and vanilla).Best applied using a brush.10

AQUACOLORWET & DRY WATERCOLOUR EYE-SHADOWWatercolour eye-shadow with a satin sheen.Can be used dry for a luminous, semi-transparentlook or wet, using a damp brush, to intensifythe iridescent effect and get more intense, longerlastingcoverage.2423CRYSTAL GLOSSLIP GLOSS22Absolute radiance and volumeeffect for natural, fantasticallysoft and ultra glossy lips.Ultra-soft texture. A fluidlip gloss that let’s youbuild up colour.Comes with a professionalbrush for applicationon top of lipsticks forextra gloss. Easy to apply, forshiny, non-greasy lips.11

TONE ON TONELASH AND BROW FIXER TONE ON TONEDelicately coloured fixing gel that lets younaturally redefine and intensify eyebrowsand lashes.LASHES - We recommend using the gelbefore the eyelash curlers to help lashescurl more and keep it for longer.Indispensable for thick, straight, rebelliouslashes.3EYEBROWS - Separates and shapes eyebrows,adding a light veil of colour to fill anygaps.Restructures the face.For a more intensive look.TOUCHE PASTELPASTEL BLUSH9Transparent formula, gives a vibrant,dewy fresh look to the cheeks.Smooth and easy to apply withits brush.12

INTENSO KAJALINTENSE KAJAL - WATERPROOFSUPER LONGWEAR6A delicate precision Kajal with a soft formulation forintense colour. Its waterproof texture (ophthalmologicallyand dermatologically tested) guarantees longlastingmakeup.PRECISION TIPPerfect lines with a simple gesture thanks to thepointed tip of the pencil. Draw intense preciselines to define your eyes to perfection, both insideand outside the lashes.“INTENSO” KAJAL SHARPENERPENCIL SHARPENER FOR KAJAL“INTENSO”Perfect for producinga fine, yet long tip.GOLD & BRONZEMAT BRONZE EFFECT POWDER25A light powder that glides overthe skin and merges in withyour natural complexion.Delicately lights up thecolour of your skin.Sculpts your face withthe hues of the Sun.13

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