Nova Scotia Anglers' Handbook & 2013 Summary of Regulations

Nova Scotia Anglers' Handbook & 2013 Summary of Regulations

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Table of ContentsMinister’s Message 2New for 2013 3Special Management Areas 4Proposed changes for 2014 5Licences 6Fees 6Licence Stubs 7Seasons, Bag Limits, Size Limits 7-9Nova Scotia RecreationalFishing Areas Map 12-13Recreational Fishing Area 1 14Recreational Fishing Area 2 20Recreational Fishing Area 3 24Recreational Fishing Area 4 28Nova Scotia Sportfish Registry 37Recreational Fishing Area 5 40Winter Fishing Opportunities inNova Scotia 42ANGLERS’HANDBOOKand 2013 Summary of RegulationsOn the Cover:Gordie MacKinnon fishingthe Bras d'Or LakesPhoto by Lawrence ShebibL2F Shelburne County.Recreational Fishing Area 6 44The Freshwater FisheriesResearch Cooperative 47Inland Fisheries Hatchery StockingPrograms 48Inland Fisheries Division Activities 50General Regulations 54Tagged Fish 56Definitions 57Fishes of Nova Scotia IdentificationChart 60New winter anglingopportunitiesPage 42Page 3Free SportfishingWeekendsJune 1-2, 2013February 15-16, 2014 Page 47New rules on livefish possessionFreshwater FisheryResearch CooperativeProjectspleaSe TaKe noTeThis is a summary prepared for the information and convenience of the anglers of NovaScotia. It has no legal force or effect. Consult the Wildlife Act, the Fisheries and CoastalResources Act, and the Federal Fisheries Act and regulations when interpreting andapplying the law. These regulations can change at any time.reporT illegal FiShing acTiViTieSReport illegal fishing activities to your local office of the Department of NaturalResources at 1-800-565-2224, the Department of Fisheries and Oceansat 1-800-565-1633, Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3 1

Message from Sterling Belliveau,Minister of Fisheries and AquacultureSportfishing is one of many outdoor experiences thatNova Scotia offers and can be enjoyed by all ages. Theprovinces’ freshwater fishing spots offer an opportunityto see our wild areas. For many anglers - exploring whatis around the next bend or visiting a new fishing spot forthe first time is an important part of the adventure.Whether it’s an angler picking up a rod for the firsttime or an accomplished fisher returning to a favouritelake or river, more people are enjoying the outdoorsthrough recreational fishing. Our extensive trout andsalmon stocking efforts and award-winning programs likeLearn to Fish and Becoming an Outdoors Woman havehelped this increase.One of the benefits of increasing numbers of anglersis the financial support fishing licence sales provide tothe Nova Scotia Sportfish Habitat Fund. Last yearanglers contributed over $300,000 to the fund whichprovides money for programs such as Adopt-A-Streamand barrier-free access projects to help all anglers accesstheir favourite fishing spots. Dozens of volunteer anglinggroups access these programs each year to improve and restore fish habitat and angler access.I am pleased to announce that after years of perseverance by my staff and extensive consultationwith anglers and First Nations, we are introducing long awaited legislation to curb the illegalspread of invasive species like smallmouth bass and chain pickerel. The new Live Fish PossessionRegulations make it illegal for anyone to possess live fish without a valid reason. Moving fish fromone body of water into another is harmful to existing species, the fishery and causes irreversibledamage to the ecosystem. Nova Scotia has set the standard in Canada for legislation to address theproblem of invasive species while preserving traditional angling opportunities.Under the new regulation, existing activities such as the use of live bait, permitted live-releasetournaments, stocking, fish purchased for aquaria, taking photos, reviving fish to be released, and otherlegitimate activities will still be allowed. For most anglers this regulation means you must decide torelease your fish upon capture or harvest it according to bag limits for the species. Please refer to the“New for 2013” section of this handbook for more details. In addition, a complete citation of the newregulation and a list of frequently asked questions is available on our Departmental website.Maintaining the ability to provide scientific advice to support fisheries management decisionsin a small Department is challenging. In 2012, six projects were funded under the FreshwaterFisheries Research Cooperative which leveraged a total of $136,000 from an investment of $30,000.Department staff work with researchers from four Nova Scotia universities, the Department ofFisheries and Oceans, and several NGO’s to supervise projects designed to provide answers tocurrent fisheries management questions.Anyone wanting to find out what the sport has to offer should take part in a sportfishingweekend, happening June 1 and 2, 2013 and February 15 and 16, 2014. Anglers may fish without alicence only on those weekends. I encourage anyone who is searching for a perfect outdoor activity forfamily togetherness to take advantage of this great opportunity.This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Nova Scotia Salmon Association. We congratulatethem on their continued efforts to conserve and protect wild salmon.We are fortunate to live in a place where there are many opportunities to fish. Few things in lifeoffer both calm and exhilaration like sportfishing, but please put safety first. I especially urge those onthe water to use personal flotation devices.All the best for an enjoyable and safe fishing experience in Nova Scotia.2A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

New for 2013Please review each Recreational Fishing Area (RFA) for a completedescription of the following changes or additions for the 2013 season.1. Live Fish Possession Regulations arenow in effect province-wide. Pleasesee below for details.1. The Cape Breton Highlands SpecialTrout Management Area is now openyear round for speckled trout. The baglimit remains 10 per day and there isno length restriction.2. Smallmouth bass spawning seasonrestrictions have been droppedin regions outside Special BassManagement Areas.3. St. Mary's River, Highway 347 Bridgeat Aspen downstream to Silvers poolincluding Glenelg Lake from Apr 15 toSep 30, fly fishing only.4. LaHave River, from Silver Hill Brookupstream to the South end ofWentzells Lake, bag limit for speckledtrout reduced to three fish per day,none of which may be over 35cm, fromApr 1 to Sep 30.5. Bayers Lake and tributaries are nowincluded in the Musquodoboit RiverSpecial Trout Management Area.6. Southside Antigonsh harbour baglimit for speckled and brown troutis reduced to two trout per daydownstream from the 104 HighwayBridge.7. Stewaicke River: opening of the troutseason delayed from Apr 1 to Apr 15on waters downstream from CNHighway Bridge near MacKay Siding.8. New winter fisheries: Pringle Lake,First Lake, Petite Lac, Victoria Lake,Deyarmont Lake, Powder Mill Lake,Grand (Shubenacadie) Lake, MicmacLake and Red Bridge Pond.NEW LIVE FISH POSSESSIONREGULATIONSNew regulations developed under the Fisheriesand Coastal Resources Act prohibit thepossession of live fish in Nova Scotia. Theseregulations will help protect native fish speciesagainst the unauthorized introduction ofinvasive fish into provincial waters by providingan enforceable law that directly targets thisillegal activity.In most cases, the possession of live fishis prohibited. Existing activities and anglingtraditions where the legitimate possession oflive fish is practised, such as using live bait,catch-and-release tournaments and stockingfor educational programs are permitted tocontinue. However, activities such as keepinglive fish on a stringer, in a live well or bucketare no longer permitted under these newregulations.The Province is working with the Aboriginal community, angling associations, and provincialand federal enforcement agencies to develop effective strategies against illegal introductions ofaquatic invasive species. This new regulation represents an crucial step towards minimizing thenegative effects invasive species can have on native fish populations.For further Information please visit our website or contact the Department of Fisheries andAquaculture (see page 12).A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 33

Special Management AreasSpecial Management Areas have been usedto improve angling opportunities for bothsmallmouth bass and trout. Recent andpast studies have indicated that brook troutproduction is limited in Nova Scotia and achange in the provincial trout resource hasoccurred. Overfishing is one of the mainfactors believed to be responsible for declinesin fisheries in some areas. Other factorsinclude habitat loss and competition withaquatic invasive species such as smallmouthbass and chain pickerel. New regulationsin Special Management Areas may affectbag limit, season length, length limit of fishretained, and gear type.Ongoing studies in Nova Scotia and inother provinces and states indicate thatspecial management regulations have beenvery successful in improving recreationalfisheries by increasing the number of largerfish caught by anglers. In Nova Scotia,ongoing monitoring is required to assess theimpact of new regulations on trout and bassfisheries.Interest in Special Management Areas(SMA's) has increased in Nova Scotia.Anglers have identified potential locationsfor SMAs through the Recreational FisheryAdvisory Council process. Anglers whoare interested in SMAs are encouragedto participate in the Recreational FishingAdvisory Councils.For additional information, pleasereview the Trout ManagementPlan and additional reports andpublications available on our by contacting the Inland FisheriesDivision, (902) 485-5056Be Water Smart. Stay Safe.When shing or boating:Visit more information.4A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Proposed Changes for 2014The following regulation changes have been forwarded for consideration and were initiated by anglersand sportfishing organizations through the Recreational Fishing Advisory Councils (RFAC’s).LocationSelected Northumberland Strait Riversand Salmon River Guysborough, RiverRiver Inhabitants , Richmond CountyMeadow Brook, Tusket RiverWoodens RiverMaccan RiverRiver PhilipSpecial Bass Management AreasGuysborough RiverTracadie RiverProposed ChangeExtended season for brown trout from Oct 1 to Oct 31, catchand release, artificial fly only.Reduce bag limit and implement gear restriction as a part ofdesignation as a Special Management AreaOpen the section of river that is located downstream from theoutflow of Hubley Big Lake to a limited retention of trout.For brown trout : April 1 to May 14 fly fishing only,downstream from the hwy bridge at Southampton. Noretention. May 15 to Aug 14 bag limits reduced to 2 fish aday, no less than 14 inches. Open to all gear types. Aug 15to Sep 30 fly fishing only, downstream from the hwybridge at Southampton. No retention.September 1 to 30 fly fishing only from the Collingwood Forksto the tidal boundary to prevent the angling of salmon onspinning gear. Brook trout: April 1 – May 14 catch and releaseonly. May 15 – Aug 31 bag limits reduced to 2 fish a day,no less than 14 inches. Brown trout: extended fly fishing onlyseason until Oct 31.Add the following lakes to Trophy Fishery regulations: MattatalLake, Cumberland County, Banook, Micmac, Morris andPorters lakes, Halifax County, Aylesford and Gaspereau lakes,Kings County, and Sherbrooke lakes, Lunenburg County, WestHorseshoe Lake, Shelburne County and Kemptback, Raynards,Vaughn and Wentworth lakes, Yarmouth County. Apr 1 to Dec31. Bag limit three (3) bass, maximum length 35cm (13.8in.) except from May 1 to Jun 15 no smallmouth bass may beretained.Guysborough (Milford Haven)River, move the upper boundaryof the Special Management Area upstream to the bridge atWest Interval.Delay the opening of the inland water season to Apr 15 fromthe 104 highway bridge to a point 400 meters upstreammarked by a fishery officer.If you are interested in any of the above listed areas, have others that you believe should be included as SpecialManagement Areas or would benefit from regulation changes, please contact the Inland Fisheries Divisionto find out about the next Recreational Fisheries Advisory Council meeting in your area. The purpose of theRFAC is to advise the public of fisheries management issues. Contact the Inland Fisheries Division, NovaScotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, PO Box 700, Pictou, Nova Scotia, B0K 1H0, phone (902)485-5056, email or visit our website: n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 35

LicencesYou are required to purchase a general fishing licence or a salmon fishing licence to angle in thewaters of Nova Scotia, with the following exceptions:• No licence is required to angle in tidalwaters; however, seasons and bag limitsare still in effect. (See details for eachRecreational Fishing Area. Other Anglingseasons and Bag limits (pages 7-9) formore information. The boundaries of tidalwaters are defined by the Department ofFisheries and Oceans and one listed on theNova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculturewebsite. Check each Recreational FishingArea for tidal water closures.• No licence is required to fish in legallyconstructed private ponds or U-fishoperations (commercially licencedaquaculture operations), nor do seasonsor bag limits apply. Permission to fish mustbe obtained from the owner.• Residents 65 years of age and older maypurchase a General Fishing Licence at areduced rate (see Fees below).• No licence is required for recreational dipnettingof smelt or gaspereau. Seasons andbag limits are still in effect.• Residents and non-residents under the ageof 16 years do not require a licence exceptfor salmon. For further information, see theSummary of Salmon Fishing Regulations.Lost licences need to be replaced at your local Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources office.2013 fishing licences are valid from the date of issue to March 31, 2014. Extended fishing seasons arebeing developed in some areas. If you anticipate taking part in a winter fishery, please keep your licenceand return your completed licence stub at the end of March.If you are required to possess a licence and/or tags, you must carry them with you while fishing.A provincial fishing licence is not valid in a national park. A special licence may be required.Check with a federal park warden or contact one of the national parks listed on page 13. It is anoffence not to have your signature and address on a licence.Fees (15 % HST included)NOTE: Included in the fees for all fishing licences(except seniors licences) is a $5.71 surchargefor the projects funded under the Nova ScotiaSportfish Habitat Fund. (see page 29 for details)1. General Fishing Licences are availablefrom all district offices of the Departmentof Natural Resources and from vendorsauthorized to issue fishing licences.• Resident $26.73• Resident (Senior) $6.57 (65 years & older)• Non-resident (Seasonal) $61.73• Non-resident (7- day) $33.72• 1-Day (resident and non-resident) $12.71• Licences for qualified disabled personsare available free of charge. Contact anydistrict offices of the Department ofNatural Resources (8:30 am–4:30 pm,Mon–Fri) for information about how toapply.2. Salmon Fishing Licences are availablefrom all district offices of the Departmentof Natural Resources (8:30 am–4:30 pm,Mon.–Fri.) and selected vendors as well asfrom provincial camping parks(7 days a week)• Resident Salmon Fishing Licence(16 years and older) $40.73• Resident Salmon Fishing Licence(under 16 years) $12.28• Non-resident Salmon FishingLicence (seasonal) $152.75 Non-resident(7- day) Salmon Fishing Licence $61.73Residents 13 years of age and under have theoption of either purchasing their own salmonlicence and tags or fishing under the supervision ofa person who has a valid salmon licence and tags.For those persons fishing under supervision, anygrilse caught and retained must be tagged with thesupervising person’s tag.6A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Licence Stubs – Return for a chance to win prizesYou are required by law to return yourcompleted licence stub at the end of thefishing season. The Nova Scotia Departmentof Fisheries and Aquaculture relies uponanglers to provide the information needed tomanage fish populations.The information on the licence stubs is usedto indicate overall trends in fish catchesaround the province. It is important thatyou send in your licence stub even if youdid not fish, so that we can get an accuratepicture of the status of sportfish catches.Valuable prizes are awarded to randomlyselected anglers who return their licencestubs after the last day fished.Seasons, Bag Limits, and Size LimitsFor all species, the possession limit is the same as the bag limit, regardless of the number ofdays of fishing. The daily bag limits apply in the aggregate. This means that the number of fishthat may be retained in any one day applies regardless of the number of areas fished. Caughtand released fish are not considered as part of the bag limit, except for Atlantic Salmon.PRIVATE PONdS ANd U-FISHOPERATIONSThere are no bag limits, season restrictions,gear or size regulations for fish caughtin a legally constructed private pond ora licenced commercial U-fish operation;however, a receipt from the pond operatoris required during transportation andstorage of the fish.SPECkLEd (BROOk) TROUT, BROWNTROUT, LAkE (GREy) TROUT ANdRAINBOW TROUTSeason: Apr 1 to Sep 30Bag limit: 5 fish, of any one species orany combination of trout species. Note:Lake (grey) trout are found in SherbrookeLake, Lunenburg County and Dollar Lake,Halifax County. Trout found in other lakesare normally speckled (brook) trout.ExCEPTIONS:Specific bag limits, size limits, gearrestrictions, and seasons are in effecton several waters that are listed ineach Recreational Fishing Area. FromSep 1 to Sep 30, no speckled trout maybe retained, and the use of natural baitis prohibited for all trout species in allwaters, including Special ManagementAreas, exceptions are listed underRecreational Fishing Area 1.LANdLOCkEd SALmONCLOSED ALL YEAR.Except for the following waters and dates:Gabarus Lake, Cape Breton County, Apr15 – Sep 30.Goose Harbour Lake, GuysboroughCounty, OPEN ALL YEAR.Lake Charles, Lake Williams, LakeThomas, Fletchers Lake, ShubenacadieGrand Lake, Little Grand Lake, ScraggyLake, Lake Charlotte, Halifax County,Apr 1 – Sep 30.Bag limit: 2 fish. Minimum size limit, notless than 35 cm (13.8 in.), measured fromthe end of the nose to the fork of the tail(see diagram page 56). All salmon over63 cm (24.8 in.) must be released. It is nolonger required to tag landlocked salmonbetween 48cm and 63cm.WHITE PERCH, yELLOW PERCH,BROWN BULLHEAd, CHAIN PICkEREL,ANd WHITE SUCkER.Open season coincides with an openseason for a sportfish: salmon, trout, orsmallmouth bass. Extended seasons specificto perch and pickerel are listed in eachRecreational Fishing Area. Bag limit: 25fish.ATLANTIC SALmONThe Summary of Salmon Fishing Regulations isavailable upon request or with the purchaseof an Atlantic salmon licence.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 37

For changes to angling seasons, pleasecontact the Department of Fisheries andOceans at (902) 426-5433 or (902) 426-1781.LAkE WHITEFISHThe open season coincides with an openseason for a sportfish: salmon, trout, orsmallmouth bass. Bag limit: 8 fish.SmALLmOUTH (BLACk) BASSSeason: Apr 1 to Oct 31, except forclosures listed under Recreational FishingAreas (RFAs) 1, 2, 3, and 6.Bag limit: 5 fish in RFAs 3, 4, and Kingsand Annapolis counties of RFA 5.Bag limit: 25 fish in selected lakes of RFAs1, 2, 6, and Hants County.Specific bag limits, size limits, and seasonsare in effect on several waters that arelisted in each Recreational Fishing Area.SHAdNo closed season in tidal waters. Forinland (non-tidal) waters, the open seasoncoincides with an open season for asportfish: salmon, trout, or smallmouthbass. Bag limit: 5 fish.STRIPEd BASSThe tidal and non-tidal waters of theNorthumberland Strait from the NewBrunswick border to Cape North areCLOSED ALL YEAR.The inland and coastal waters of NovaScotia, from Cape North along the Atlanticcoast and the waters of the Bay of Fundy,to the New Brunswick border. Bag limit:1 fish, with a minimum size limit, not lessthan 68 cm (26.8 inches) overall length,measured from the tip of nose to the tipof tail. Tidal waters open all year, exceptclosed Apr 1 to Jun 30 on the AnnapolisRiver from Hebbs Landing near theconfluence of Ray Brook (grid reference0313214 4964708, map 21A/14). Theopen season for striped bass in inlandwaters corresponds to the open season forsportfish (salmon, trout, and smallmouthbass) in those waters.From May 10 to Jun 10, the daily fishingquota for striped bass in the waters ofGrand Lake and the Shubenacadie Riverdownstream to its confluence with theStewiacke River, and the Stewiacke Riverdownstream from the highway bridgeWhite Water Marine LimitedWhite Water Marine Limited169 Lucasville Road - Lower SackvilleNova Scotia, B4E 3E8Phone: (902) 865-3788Fax: (902) 865-0837Website:www.whitewatermarine.ns.caE-mail:boats@whitewatermarine.ns.ca8A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

(Pollock Bridge) in Stewiacke East to itsconfluence with the Shubenacadie River,will be zero (0) fish per day (hook andrelease only).From May 10 to Jun 10, only artificial fly,and unbaited lure with a single hook maybe used when angling in the waters of theShubenacadie River downstream from theCN Railway Bridge at East Milford toits confluence with the Stewiacke River,and Stewiacke River downstream fromthe highway bridge (Pollock Bridge) inStewiacke East to its confluence with theShubenacadie River.GASPEREAUNo closed season in tidal waters. Forinland (non- tidal) waters, the openseason coincides with an open season fora sportfish: salmon, trout, or smallmouthbass. Bag limit: 20 fish.SmELTTidal waters open Aug 1 to May 31(closedJun 1 to Jul 31).Apr 1 to Jun 15, Kennetcook River,Meander River, Herbert River, St. CroixRiver and Avon River, Hants County, dipnetting permitted except closed Thursdays,Fridays, and Saturdays. Other areas, dipnettingpermitted except closed Fridays,Saturdays, and Sundays. Bag limit—60maximum possession, not more than 30 ofwhich may be harvested by dip net.Grand Lake, Halifax County, open Jan 1to Sep 30, bag limit reduced to 24 smelt byangling.inland and coastal waters of Nova Scotia,from Cape North along the Atlantic coastand the waters of the Bay of Fundy, tothe New Brunswick border, minimumsize limit, not less that 35 cm (13.8 in)measured from the tip of the nose to thetip of the tail. Bag limit: 10 fish.NOTE:Special provisions and winter seasons maybe in place for trout, white perch, yellowperch and chain pickerel in selected waters.Consult each Recreational Fishing Area forexpanded angling opportunities for some ofthese species. The Datum type used for gridreferences to identify boundaries for specificfishing areas is NAD 27.Inland waters: The boundary between Inlandand tidal waters is defined under Section II ofthe Maritime Provinces Fishery Regulations.A list of the inland water boundaries forthe major rivers in Nova Scotia can befound at For thelocations of other inland water boundariesnot on the list, please consult the local officeof the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.EELNo closed season in tidal waters. Forinland (non- tidal) waters, the openseason coincides with an open seasonfor a sportfish: salmon, trout, orsmallmouth bass. The waters along theNorthumberland Strait and Gulf of St.Lawrence from the New Brunswick borderto Cape North, minimum size limit, notless than 53 cm (21 in) measured from thetip of the nose to the tip of the tail. TheA n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3 9

Attention AnglersDo you have proof of competency?Everyone who operates a power-driven boat needsproof of competency — something that showsthey understand the rules of the road and how tosafely operate a boat. The most common proof ofcompetency is the Pleasure Craft Operator Card.You can get the card by taking a boating safety coursein-person or online, and passing the test atthe end of the course.Do you have a pleasure craft licence?In Canada, all recreational boats with a motor of10 horsepower (7.5 kW) or more must have a pleasurecraft licence. This allows Search and Rescue personnelto access important information in an emergency.Pleasure craft licences are valid for 10 years. Operatinga pleasure craft without one may result in a $250 fine.To apply for a licence you will need:• A completed application form• Proof of ownership• A signed copy of a valid piece of governmentissuedidentification (further information isavailable on the form).You must display the licence number on both sidesof the bow of your boat in block characters that areat least 3 inches (7.5 centimetres) high, in a colourthat contrasts with the colour of the bow.For more information or to get your application form,visit or call the BoatingSafety InfoLine at 1-800-267-6687.10A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Nova Scotia’s Wilderness AreasProtecting Our Wilderness TraditionNova Scotia’s wilderness areas protect some of our bestwild spaces. Here we can enjoy the special experience of sportfishing in a wilderness setting.Do your part this fishing season to help protect thesewild spaces for future generations.Information on planning for new wilderness areas, naturereserves and parks is available, including how you can provideinput and get involved.For more information on the Protected Areas Program, or for acopy of the Keep It Wild brochure, providing guidelines for lowimpact travel and camping in wilderness areas, visit your localNova Scotia Environment or Natural Resources office, call(902) 424-2117, or visit Consumption AdvisoryMERCURYTraces of mercury have been detected in certain species of freshwater sportfish. The Nova Scotia departmentsof Health, Environment and Fisheries and Aquaculture advise people to limit consumption of these freshwatersportfish.Rainbow trout have levels of contaminants below the Health Canada Guidelines and are safe to eat. Brooktrout and white perch under 25 cm (9.8 in.) in length are also safe to eat. Consumption of brook trout and whiteperch larger than 25 cm should be limited to one meal once every week. Consumption of other freshwater sportsfish should be limited to one meal every two weeks. Children under eight, pregnant women, and nursing mothersshould consume only rainbow trout, white perch, and brook trout less than 25 cm (9.8 in.) in length.For further information contact the Nova Scotia Department of Environment at (902) 424-2553.PoLYCHLoRInAtED BIPHEnYLS (PCBS)Recent sampling of fish from the Five Island Lake watershed continues to show PCBs in a number of fish species.Scientific research suggests that over a number of years, eating a steady diet of contaminated fish may beharmful to human health. Trout caught in two lakes showed levels of PCBs in edible tissue above the acceptableguidelines established by Health Canada. As a precaution the Nova Scotia Department of Health is advising thepublic not to eat fish taken from Five Island and Sheldrake Lakes.This advisory may be revised as new or additional data becomes available.For further information contact the Nova Scotia Department of Environment at (902) 424-7773.Catch and release regulations are in place on Five Island, Sheldrake and other lakes in this area (see Recreational Fishing Area 3).A N G L E R S ' H A N D B O O K • 2 0 1 3 11

Nova Scotia Recreational Fishing AreasTo allow management on a regional basis, the province is divided into six Recreational Fishing Areas (RFA’s).Each RFA has a Recreational Fisheries Advisory Council that is open to the public and consists of anglers andvolunteer sportfishing organizations with participation from other government agencies. The Inland FisheriesDivision meets annually in each RFA to present research and discuss and develop regulations, enhancementopportunities and other sportfishing initiatives.ImPOrtAnt ADDresses AnD PhOne numbersDepartment of Fisheries and Aquaculture(Provincial) Inland Fisheries DivisionPO Box 700, Pictou, NS B0K 1H0Phone: (902) 485-5056, Fax: (902) inland@gov.ns.caReport illegal fishing activities to your local officeof the Department of Natural Resources at1-800-565-2224, the Department of Fisheries andOceans at 1-800-565-1633, Nova Scotia CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).Department of Fisheries andOceans (Federal) Highway 104Antigonish, NS B2G 2K6Phone: (902) 863-5670215 Main Street, Yarmouth, NS B5A 1C6Phone: (902) 742-0885PO Box 1085, Sydney, NS B1P 6J7Phone: (902) 564-3935PO Box 1035, Dartmouth,NS B2Y 4T3Phone: (902) 426-5433,(902) 426-1781Department of natural resourcesenforcement DivisionPO Box 698, Halifax, NS B3J 2T9(902) of environment (Provincial) Terminal Road,Halifax, NS B3J 2T9(902) 424-360012A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

BARRIER FREE SPORT FISHING SITESBarrier Free sites provide elderly and handicappedanglers access to various sportfishingopportunities. To learn more about these sitescontact the Department of Fisheries andAquaculture or visit our website PArksCape breton highlands national ParkPO Box 158, Cheticamp, NS B0E 1H0(902) 224-2306kejimkujik national Park andnational historic sitePO Box 236, Maitland Bridge, NS B0T 1B0(902) 682-2770LAkE INVENTORy PROGRAmThe Lake Inventory Program produces detailed information sheets onvarious lakes throughout the province. These information sheets contain abathymetric (depth) map as well as data on water quality, stocking andfish species present. With information sheets currently available for over1000 lakes, innovative GIS technologies are also now being utilized toexpand the analysis capabilities on provincial waters, enhance dataaccuracy and provide a modern cartographic product.Bathymetric maps for many popular lakes and an index ofinformation sheets are available, online sheets are available, free of charge, by writing to:Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries AquacultureAttention: Information OfficerPO Box 700, Pictou, NS B0K 1H0Tel: (902) 485-5056 E-mail: inland@gov.ns.caA n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 313

61Cape Breton, Inverness,Richmond and Victoria CountiesRecR eational Fishing aRea 1SeaS onSSPECkLEd (BROOk) TROUT, BROWNTROUT, ANd RAINBOW TROUTTidal Waters-—Apr 15 to Sep 30.Inland Waters and the Bras d’Or Lake -Apr 1 to Sep 30 except the waters referred toin the listings below.From Sep 1 to Sep 30, no speckledtrout may be retained and natural bait isprohibited in all waters for all trout species,including Special Trout ManagementAreas except the Cape Breton HighlandsManagement Area. The use of natural baitis permitted year round in Bras d'OrLakes.NOTE: The opening dates for the following rivers andthe waters closed to angling do not apply to the lakesand tributaries of those rivers unless specified.CAPE BRETON COUNTyThe following Lakes and Rivers are openApr 15 to Sep 30.Belfry Lake. Catalone River, downstreamfrom the outlet of Belle Lake, includingCatalone Lake. Gabarus Lake.Gaspereau River, downstream from theoutlet of Gaspereau Lake.Gerratt Brook, downstream from the outletof Kelly Lake.Lorraine Brook, downstream from theoutlet of MacVickers Lake.Mira River, downstream from the highwaybridge at Victoria Bridge.Salmon River, downstream from thestillwater at Silver Mine.INVERNESS COUNTyThe following Lakes and Rivers are openApr 15 to Sep 30.Margaree River, downstream from thehighway bridges at East Margaree.Southwest Margaree River, downstreamfrom the Scotsville bridge to the bridge atMargaree Forks.Northeast Margaree River, (see SpecialTrout Management Area page 15).Skye River, downstream from the lowerEast Skye Glen Bridge to the Highway 105Bridge.RICHmONd COUNTyThe following Lakes and Rivers are openApr 15 to Sep 30.Framboise River, including Middle RiverFramboise, Northeast Framboise River,and Bagnells River.Grand River, downstream from the highwaybridge at the head of Loch Lomond.L’Archeveque Lake.Marie Joseph Brook, downstream from theoutlet of Upper Marie Joseph Lake.River Inhabitants, downstream from theHighway 105 bridge at Kingsville.River Tillard, downstream from the bridgeat Sporting Mountain. Rorys Pond and St.Esprit Lake.VICTORIA COUNTyIngonish River, downstream to the CabotTrail Highway bridge, including tributaries.Apr 15 to Sep 30.North River, upstream from the tidalpool to a point at the benches markedby a fishery officer, including tributaries.May 15 to Sep 30, artificial fly only.Waters upstream from benches markedby a fisheries officer including tributaries,CLOSED ALL YEAR.14A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Special TrouT ManageM enT a reaSmARGAREE RIVER, INVERNESS COUNTyUpstream from the highway bridges at East Margaree to the bridges at Big Intervale on theNortheast Margaree and to the bridge at Margaree Forks on the Southwest Margaree includingthe Gallant River upstream from its confluence with the Margaree River to the highway bridgeon the East Margaree Road.Apr 15 to Sep 30, bag limit five (5) trout, only one specked trout may be 35 cm (13.8 in)total length or longer.Jun 1 to the end of all fishing seasons: artificial fly only. During the artificial fly season,angling is only permitted between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm for all species.Sep 1 to Sep 30, all speckled trout must be released.Upstream from the bridges at Big Intervale on the Northeast Margaree River, CLOSED ALL YEAR.LAkE O’LAW BROOk, INVERNESS COUNTyUpstream from its confluence with the Northeast Margaree River to the outlet of First Lake O’Law.Apr 1 to Aug 31, bag limit three (3) speckled trout, none of which may be 35 cm (13.8 in)total length or longer.Sep 1 to Sep 30, natural bait is prohibited, all speckled trout must be released.RIVER dENyS, INVERNESS COUNTyRiver Denys, including tributaries, Denys Basin and Indian Pond, downstream to a linedrawn true North from Martin Point on the western end of Boom Island to grid reference 6531485084898 on the opposite shore across the Boom Channel.May 1 to Aug 31, bag limit three (3) speckled trout, only one speckled trout may be 35 cm(13.8 in) total length or longer.Sep 1 to Sep 30, natural bait is prohibited, all speckled trout must be released.NORTH ASPy RIVER, VICTORIA COUNTyUpstream from the Bay St. Lawrence highway bridge to the Cape Breton Highlands Parkboundary. Apr 15 to Sep 30.Jun 1 to Sep 30, single hook lure or artificial fly only, natural bait is prohibited.Sep 1 to Sep 30, all speckled trout must be released.BAddECk RIVER, VICTORIA COUNTyUpstream from the 105 Highway bridge including the North Branch Baddeck River and CanesPond, excluding tributaries.May 15 to Sep 30, single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait is prohibited, bag limit five (5)trout, only one speckled trout may be 35 cm (13.8 in) total length or longer.Sep 1 to Sep 30, all speckled trout must be released.Oct 1 to Oct 31, rainbow trout only, artificial fly only, bag limit two (2) trout. contd. on page 17ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR RAINBOWTROUT ANd SPECkLEd TROUTThe bag limit is reduced to two (2) trout,Oct 1 to Mar 31.Petite Lac, Inverness County, OPEN ALLYEAR.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR RAINBOWTROUT ANd BROWN TROUTThe tidal waters of the Bras d’Or Lakes:OPEN ALL YEAR ANY GEAR. NOTINCLUDING: (1) waters of the Baddeck Riverupstream from the Hwy 105 bridge;contd. on page 17A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3 15

mIddLE RIVER, VICTORIA COUNTyUpstream from the Highway 105 Bridge to the Cabot Trail Highway Bridge near Finlayson,including tributaries except Indian Brook, May 15 to Sep 30, single hook lure or artificial fly,natural bait is prohibited, bag limit five (5) trout, only one speckled trout may be 35 cm (13.8in) total length or longer.Sep 1 to Sep 30, all speckled trout must be released.Oct 1 to Oct 31, rainbow trout only, artificial fly only, bag limit of two (2) trout.Upstream from the Cabot Trail Highway Bridge near Findlayson, including tributaries. CLOSEDALL YEARTROUT BROOk, VICTORIA COUNTyApr 1 to Sep 30, downstream from a point 96 m upstream from the Highway 395 Bridge to apoint 137 m downstream from the same bridge lying between two markers set 45m apart in LakeAinsle, artificial fly only. Upstream waters including tributaries, CLOSED ALL YEAR.GRANd RIVER, RICHmONd COUNTy:Bag limit one (1) trout (either brown or speckled) total length 35 cm (13.8 in) or longer. Allspeckled trout must be released Sep 1 to Sep 30.From the highway bridge at Grand River upstream to the highway bridge at the head of LochLomond (including Black River Pond), not including tributaries. April 15 to May 31, singlehook lure or artificial fly, natural bait is prohibited, Jun 1 to end of all fishing seasons,artificial fly only. Downstream from the highway bridge at Grand River to a line drawn betweenRed Head (grid reference 684988 5052445) and Black Point (grid reference 687315 5053249),April 15 to Sep 30, single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait is prohibited.CAPE BRETON HIGHLANdSThis management area is the area enclosed by the following boundaries:105 highway from the St. Anns exit (exit 11) to the Hunters Mountain exit (exit 7);Cabot Trail Highway from the Hunters Mountain exit (exit 7) to the Victoria/Inverness Countyline; Victoria/Inverness County line to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park boundary;Cape Breton Highlands National Park boundary to the Cabot Trail Highway at Ingonish;The Cabot Trail Highway at Ingonish to the 105 Highway at St. Anns (exit 11).OPEN ALL YEAR, bag limit ten (10) speckled trout, natural bait allowed all season.Note: The following waters are not included in the Cape Breton Highlands Management Area.Baddeck River, North Branch Baddeck River and Canes Pond, not includingtributaries to those rivers. Barachois River, not including tributaries. Indian Brook,downstream from the confluence of the east and west branches, not including tributaries.Ingonish River, not including tributaries. North River, downstream from a point at the benchesmarked by a fishery officer, not including tributaries. Middle River, including tributaries.16A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

(2) Northeast (inside) of the East BaySandbar; and (3) waters upstream from BlackRiver bridge in Dundee, which remain closedto all angling, Jan 1 to Mar 31.Waters inside the Boom Channel includingRiver Denys and all of River Denys Basinare closed to trout angling, Oct 1 to Apr 30.St. Patrick’s Channel, St. Andrews Channel,and Sydney River (between the dam anda line drawn between Point Edward andLiscomb Point), OPEN ALL YEAR.For areas open all year, the bag limit isreduced to two (2) trout, Oct 1 to Mar 31.Minimum size limit for rainbow trout is 35cm(13.8 in) in the Bras d’Or Lakes, ALL YEAR.You work hard all week ...don’t let your ATV or trailer be thecause of you missing that trip to yourfavorite fishing spot.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR RAINBOWTROUTThe bag limit is reduced to two (2) trout,Oct 1 to Mar 31.Baddeck River, Middle River, Victoria County.May 15 to Oct 31.Levers Lake, # 20 Dam, Cape Breton County,OPEN ALL YEAR.Eco-Trail Pond, Isle Madame, RichmondCounty, OPEN ALL YEARNIGHT FISHING FOR BROWN TROUTSalmon River, Cape Breton Countydownstream from the highway bridge nearRock Elm to its confluence with the MiraRiver, Apr 15 to Aug 31.902.468.6100 1.800.565.4700www.partsfortrucks.comSmALLmOUTH BASSCLOSED ALL YEAR except: Blacketts Lake,Cape Breton County. Lake Ainslie, InvernessCounty. Apr 1 to Oct 31. Bag limit (25)twenty-five bass.ANGLING SEASONS FOR OTHERSPECIES (See Page 9)Cape Breton Highlands National ParkA National Parks general fishing permit or National Parkssalmon licence as well as a park entry permit is requiredto angle in the park. For more information contact thePark Office (see page 13).Catch of sea trout from River denys.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3 17

Illegal IntroductionsAQuAtIC InVAsIVe sPeCIesneeds new graphichelp STop The Spread oFaQuaTic inVaSiVe SpecieSliVe poSSeSSion and illegalinTroducTionSThe intentional or accidental introductionof fish or other aquatic organisms from onelake or stream to another can negatively affectlocal fish populations through competition,disease, or genetic changes. No one is allowedto possess live fish or release live fish intothe waters of the province, except under alicence issued by the Department of Fisheriesand Oceans or Nova Scotia Department ofFisheries and Aquaculture.liVe BaiTUnwanted fish species can be accidentallyspread by releasing unused live bait andthreaten local fish populations. Do not discardbait unless it was caught from the water bodyin which you are fishing. It is illegal to usecertain species as bait or to possess them forbait (whether alive or dead). These includesmallmouth bass, brown bullhead, whiteperch, yellow perch, goldfish, chain pickerel, orany fish not taken from provincial waters.reporTing inVaSiVeSReport illegal introductions or sightings ofintroduced species to 902-485-5056 or, ifpossible with date, location and picture or call1-888-435-4040.inForMaTion For BoaTerSSome aquatic species can survive morethan two weeks out of water. The followingrecommendations will help reduce the risk ofspreading aquatic invasive species.• Inspect your boat, motor, trailer, andboating equipment such as anchors andfishing gear, centerboards, rollers, andaxles. Remove any animals and plants thatare visible before leaving any waterbody.• Drain water from the motor, live well,bilge and transom wells while on landimmediately before leaving the waterbody.• Wash out or dry your boots, waders,boat, tackle, trailer, and other boatingequipment to kill harmful species thatwere not visible at the boat launch.• Rinse your boat and equipment thatnormally gets wet with hot tap water(greater than 40°C), or spray your boatand trailer with high pressure water (250psi), or dry your boat and equipment in thesun for at least 5 days before transportingthem to another body of water.18A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Out here,we are the lawDid you know that Conservation Officers have authority to carryside arms, make arrests, lay charges, and seize vehicles, weapons,and illegal fish & game? We also have the power to enforce theCriminal Code of Canada, Liquor Control Act, Controlled Drugsand Substances Act, and more.We are Conservation Officers—Nova Scotia’s game wardens.Here to protect you, and our natural resources.To report an illegal activity, call us at1-800-565-2224

2Antigonish, Guysboroughand Pictou CountiesRecR eational Fishing aRea 2SEASONSSPECkLEd (BROOk) TROUT, BROWNTROUT, ANd RAINBOW TROUTTidal Waters—Apr 15 to Sep 30.Inland Waters—Apr 1 to Sep 30 except thewaters referred to in the listings below.From Sep 1 to Sep 30, no speckledtrout may be retained and natural bait isprohibited in all waters for all trout species,including Special Trout Management Areas.NOTE: The opening dates for the following rivers do notapply to the lakes and tributaries of those rivers unlessspecified.ANTIGONISH COUNTyBrierly Brook, downstream from the bridgeon the Schoolhouse Road. Apr 15 to Sep 30.Pomquet River, downstream from the 104Highway bridge. Apr 15 to Sep 30.GUySBOROUGH COUNTyCountry Harbour River, downstream fromthe highway bridge on the Borneo Road,including Country Harbour Lake to a point300 m downstream of the Iron Bridge.May 15 to Sep 30.Ecum Secum River, downstream from theoutlet of Judd’s Pool near New Chester.Apr 15 to Sep 30.Liscomb River, downstream from the outletof Big Stillwater Lake. Apr 15 to Sep 30. FlyFishing only, from a point 70 m upstreamfrom the highway bridge at Liscomb Millsupstream to a point 23 m downstream fromthe entrance to the fish ladder, not includingtributaries. Jun 1 to Sep 30.PICTOU COUNTyBarneys River: The Middle Branch BarneysRiver downstream from the 104 HighwayBridge at Barneys River Station (not includingthe East Branch Barneys river which flowsthrough Marshy Hope), and the West BranchBarneys River downstream from the woodenBridge near Avondale Station (grid reference555954 5051231). April 15 to Sep 30.East River, downstream from the highwaybridge in Springville to a line drawnfrom Dunbar Point to Pine Point. May 15 toSep 30.French River, downstream from theconfluence of the East and West branches.Apr 15 to Sep 30.River John, downstream from the confluenceof the East and West branches including theSalmon Hole. Apr 15 to Sep 30.Sutherlands River, downstream from ParkFalls. Apr 15 to Sep 30.West River, downstream from the 104Highway bridge. May 15 to Sep 30.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR RAINBOWTROUTThe bag limit is reduced to two (2) trout,Oct 1 to Mar 31.Cameron Lake, Gillis Lake, AntigonishCounty, OPEN ALL YEAR.South River, Antigonish County, Apr 15 toOct 31.Gairloch Lake, Pictou County, OPEN ALLYEAR.Goose Harbour Lake, Guysborough County,OPEN ALL YEAR.20 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

SPECIAL TROUT mANAGEmENT AREASWEST RIVER, ANTIGONISH COUNTy. See map page 22Bag limit one (1) trout (either brown or speckled) total length 35 cm (13.8 in) or longer. Allspeckled trout must be released Sep 1 to Sep 30.The Beaver River, downstream from the outlet of MacEacherns Lake, including the Cameron Lakesto its confluence with the Ohio River, and the West River, downstream from the Bridge at AddingtonForks to a line drawn true North from grid reference 583545 5054009 at Williams Point to the oppositeshore, May 15 to Sep 30, single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait is prohibited. The OhioRiver, downstream from the bridge at the outlet of St. Joseph Lake to the Bridge on the West River atAddington Forks, May 15 to Sep 30, artificial fly only.SOUTH RIVER, ANTIGONISH COUNTySouth River, downstream from the bridge that marks the outlet of Loch Katrine (South River Lake)to a point 400 m downstream from the railway trestle in Antigonish Harbour. Apr 15 to Oct 31.Downstream from the 104 Highway Bridge. Bag limit (2) either speckled or brown, Apr 15to Sep 30. All speckled trout must be released, Sep 1 to Sep 30.Oct 1 to Oct 31 rainbow trout only, artificial fly only, bag limit of two (2) trout. From thedam immediately upstream from Fraser's Mill Fish Hatchery downstream to the bridge over theOld Pinevale Road, CLOSED ALL YEAR.GUySBOROUGH (mILFORd HAVEN) RIVER, GUySBOROUGH COUNTyDownstream from the three bridges at Guysborough Intervale to the Highway 16 bridge near Boylston,May 15 to Sep 30. Bag Limit three (3) trout. Sep 1 to Sep 30, all speckled trout must bereleased, natural bait prohibited.SALmON RIVER, GUySBOROUGH COUNTyFrom the outlet of Salmon River Lake downstream to its confluence with Chedabucto Bay.May 15 to Sep 30, bag limit three (3) trout on the entire river, not including tributaries.Jul 1 to Sep 30, downstream from a point 50 m below the Highway 16 Bridge at Cooks Cove,artificial fly only.Sep 1 to Sep 30, all speckled trout must be released, natural bait prohibited.ST. FRANCIS HARBOUR RIVER, GUySBOROUGH COUNTyFrom the outlet of Goose Harbour Lake downstream to its confluence with Chedabucto Bay.May 15 to Sep 30, single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait is prohibited, bag limit one (1)trout (either brown or speckled) which must be 35 cm (13.8 in) total length or longer. Sep 1to Sep 30, all speckled trout must be released.Oct 1 to Oct 31, rainbow trout only, artificial fly only, bag limit two (2) trout.ST. mARy'S RIVER, GUySBOROUGH COUNTySt. Marys River: upstream from the highway bridge at Sherbrooke to the 347 Bridge near Aspenon the East Branch, St. Marys and to the highway Bridge at Glengelg on the West Branch St.Marys: Apr 15 to Sept 30. Fly Fishing only.St. Marys River, upstream from the 347 Bridge near Aspen on the East Branch, St. Marys to theGuysborough County boundary and from the highway bridge at Glenelg on the West Branch,St. Marys to South Brook near Trafalgar: May 26 to Sept 30, Fly Fishing only.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 321

ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR SPECkLEdTROUTFor extended seasons, the bag limit isreduced to two (2) trout, Oct 1 to Mar 31.Pringle Lake, Guysborough County OPENALL YEARNIGHT FISHING FOR BROWN TROUTRiver John, Pictou County, from the WestBranch Bridge downstream to the WelsfordBridge near Welsford, not including tributaries,Apr 15 to Aug 31.James River, Antigonish County,from the water supply dam at grid reference568078, 5050765 downstream to its confluencewith the West River, Apr 15 to Aug 31.SmALLmOUTH BASSCLOSED ALL YEAR except the following:Lansdowne Lake,Middle River Reservoir, downstream froma point 200m below the Highway 4 Bridgeto the Middle River Dam in Granton, PictouCounty, OPEN Apr 1 to Oct 31.Bag limit (25) twenty-five bass.CHAIN PICkERELApr 1 to Sep 30, except the following:Black Lake, West Branch Lake, PictouCounty, OPEN ALL YEAR.WHITE PERCH ANd yELLOW PERCHApr 1 to Sep 30, except the following:Cameron Lake, Gillis Lake, AntigonishCounty, OPEN ALL YEARMiddle River Reservoir,Pictou County,Apr 1 to Oct 31.kEyWest River Special Trout management AreaOpen May 15 - Sep 30Natural bait prohibited. Artificialfly and unbaited lure onlyOpen May 15 - Sep 30Artificial Fly onlyANGLING SEASONS FOR OTHERSPECIESSee Page 722A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

We are a provincial group of recreationalsmallmouth bass anglers whose mission is topromote all freshwater fishery resources andsupport smallmouth angling opportunities.www.rbans.caPO Box 20034, Bridgewater, NS B4V 3W3A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 323

3Halifax and LunenburgCountiesRecR eational Fishing aRea 3SEASONSSPECkLEd TROUT, BROWN TROUT,LAkE (GREy) TROUT, ANd RAINBOWTROUTTidal waters of Halifax County (HalifaxHarbour and East)—Apr 15 to Sep 30.Tidal waters of Halifax County (West ofHalifax Harbour) and Lunenburg CountyApr 1 to Sep 30.Inland waters of RFA 3 - Apr 1 to Sep 30except the waters referred to in the listingsbelow.From Sep 1 to Sep 30, no speckledtrout may be retained and natural bait isprohibited in all waters for all trout species,including Special Trout Management Areas.THE FOLLOWING REGULATIONS AREIN PLACE TO PROTECT ENdANGEREdATLANTIC WHITEFISH WHILE ANGLINGOTHER SPECIES IN LUNENBURGCOUNTy:The waters of Minamkeak Lake, MilipsigateLake and Hebb Lake upstream from thedam at its outlet, including the waters joiningthese lakes but not including other tributariesto them except the waters of an unnamedtributary to Hebb Lake that are downstreamfrom a straight line across that tributary fromgrid reference 374167 490973 to grid reference374183 4909763 as marked by a fishery officer.Angling season open only from Jul 1 to Sep30, single hook lure or artificial fly, naturalbait is prohibited. Angling season for all speciesclosed before Jul 1 and after Sep 30.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR RAINBOWTROUTThe bag limit is reduced to two (2) trout,Oct 1 to Mar 31.Albro, Lewis, Maynard, Penhorn, andRound Lakes, Halifax County, OPEN ALLYEAR.Sucker Lake, Lunenburg County, OPEN ALLYEAR.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR SPECkLEdTROUTThe bag limit is reduced to two (2) trout,Oct 1 to Mar 31.First Lake, Halifax County, OPEN ALL YEAR.SmALLmOUTH BASSApr 1 to Oct 31, bag limit five (5) bass,except Special Bass Management Areas andthe following:Halifax County, east of Highway 102 and itsjunction with Highway 118 and its junctionwith Highway 111, CLOSED ALL YEAR,except the following lakes: Bissett, Charles,Egmont, Loon, Micmac, Miller, Morris,Porters and Russell.SPECIAL BASS mANAGEmENT AREASTROPHy FISHERyGrand Lake, Halifax CountyBig Mushamush Lake, Lunenburg County,Apr 1 to Dec 31.Bag limit three (3) bass, maximumlength 35cm (13.8 in.) except from May 1to Jun 15 no smallmouth bass may beretained.CHAIN PICkERELApr 1 to Oct 31 except the following:Micmac Lake, Red Bridge Pond, Grand24 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Lake (Shubenacadie), Powder Mill Lake,Morris Lake, Russell Lake, Kinsac Lake,Fish Lake (near Oakfield), and Bisset Lake,Halifax County, OPEN ALL YEAR.WHITE PERCH ANd yELLOW PERCHApr 1 to Oct 31 except the following:Micmac Lake, Red Bridge Pond, GrandLake (Shubenacadie), Powder Mill LakeAlbro Lake, Lewis Lake, Penhorn lake,Maynard Lake, Bisset and Fish Lakes,Halifax County, OPEN ALL YEAR.ANGLING SEASONS FOR OTHERSPECIES (See Page 7)ARTIFICIAL FLy ONLyFishing is permitted with artificial flies onlyin the sections of the following rivers duringthe times listed. Other methods are permittedduring the remainder of the open season. Ifin doubt as to the extent of these restrictions,please contact the local Federal fishery officer.HALIFAx COUNTySackville River, from a point 50 m below theShore Drive Bridge, near Bedford, upstream toa point 200 m upstream from the LucasvilleRoad Bridge, not including tributaries, Jun 1to the end of all fishing seasons.Little Sackville River, from the confluencewith the Sackville River upstream to theoutlet of Feely Lake, not including tributaries,Jun 1 to the end of all fishing seasons.Moser River, upstream from the highwaybridge at Moser River, not includingtributaries, May 26 to end of all fishingseasons.West River Sheet Harbour, from theconcrete piers located downstream of theHighway 7 Bridge upstream to the KillagRiver, not including tributaries, May 26 tothe end of all fishing seasons.LUNENBURG COUNTyGold River, from the Highway 3 Bridgeupstream to the Larder River, not includingtributaries, May 26 to the end of all fishingseasons.Note: The following closures and regulations in specialmanagement areas do not apply to the lakes andtributaries of those rivers unless specified.WATERS CLOSEd TO ANGLINGHALIFAx COUNTyEast River, Sheet Harbour from theDepartment of Fisheries and Oceans barrierdam upstream to Malay Falls, includingtributaries, Closed Apr 1 to Apr 14.East River, Sheet Harbour, from thePowerhouse at Ruth Falls downstream 200m,including tributaries, Closed Jun 1 to Sep 30.Ingram River, from a point 23 mdownstream from the Highway 3 bridgeto a point 23 m upstream from that bridge,including tributaries, CLOSED ALL YEAR.Kirby River, from a point 15 m downstreamfrom the Highway 24 Bridge to 15 mupstream from that bridge, includingtributaries, Closed Jun 1 to Sep 30.West River Sheet Harbour, upstream from theKillag Road bridge, Closed Jun 1 to Sep 30.LUNENBURG COUNTyGold River, from a point 200 m upstreamfrom the Highway 3 Bridge upstream to theLarder River, including tributaries, ClosedApr 1 to May 14.Gold River, the Dipping Pool locatedbetween the Cable Pool and the Kill DevilPool, including tributaries, Closed May 15to Aug 15.Wallace Brook, from Petite Riviere atCrousetown to a point 180 m upstream,including tributaries, Closed Apr 1 to Sep 30.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 325

kEyLaHave River SectionsMorgan Falls to a point 90mdownstream Apr 1 to May 31Single hook lure or artificial fly,natural bait is prohibitedApr 1 to May 253 speckled trout bag limit,none may be over 35cmApr 1 to Aug 31Artificial fly only May 26to end of all fishing seasonskEymusquodoboitRiver SectionsOpen Apr 1 - Sep 30Any gear to Aug 31Open May 15 - Sep 30Fly onlyOpen Jun 1 - Sep 30Any gear to Aug 31Open Apr 15 - Sep 30Any gear to Aug 3126 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

SPECIAL TROUT mANAGEmENT AREASEAST TAyLOR BAy LAkE, HALIFAx COUNTyIncluding all lakes and tributaries flowing into East Taylor Bay Lake. Bag Limit two (2)speckled trout.mUSqUOdOBOIT RIVER, HALIFAx COUNTy. See map page 26Bag limit two (2) speckled trout on the entire river (not including tributaries) upstreamfrom a line drawn across the mouth of Musquodoboit Harbour from Bayers Point to NaufftsPoint. From a point 300 m downstream from the Highway 7 bridge to Chapel Island,including tributaries. Jun 1 to Aug 31, any gear type. Sep 1 to Sep 30, natural bait isprohibited, speckled trout must be released. From a point 300 m downstream from theHighway 7 bridge upstream (including Bayers Lake) to a point 100 m upstream from thefirst Highway 357 Bridge (Crawford’s Bridge), May 15 to Sep 30, artificial fly only. Sep 1to Sep 30, all speckled trout must be released.LAHAVE RIVER, LUNENBURG COUNTyLaHave River from Morgan Falls to a point 90 m downstream, Apr 1 to May 31.From Silver Hill Brook, (located 825 m downstream from the CN railway Bridge) upstreamto the South end of Wentzells Lake not including tributaries, bag limit (3) speckled trout,none of which may be over 35 cm, from Apr 1 to Aug 31.Apr 1 to May 25, single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait is prohibited.From Silver Hill Brook upstream to New Germany Lake (not including Wentzells Lake);upstream to Sherbrooke Lake on the North Branch LaHave River; and upstream to RhynoLake on the West LaHave River,May 26 to end of all fishing seasons, artificial fly only.Sep 1 to Sep 30, all speckled trout must be released.PETITE RIVIERE, LUNENBURG COUNTyFrom the Highway 331 Bridge upstream to Hebb Lake, not including tributaries.Apr 1 to Jun 14, bag limit two (2) trout, single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait isprohibited. Jun 15 to end of all fishing seasons, artificial fly only. Sep 1 to Sep 30, allspeckled trout must be released.CATCH ANd RELEASE WATERSThe following lakes in Halifax County will be catch and release only:Birch Hill Lake, Blueberry Lake, East Duck Lake, Five Island Lake, Five Island LakeRun, Frederick Lake, Holland Marsh Lake, Hubley Big Lake, Jacket Lake, Lizard Lakeand Sheldrake Lake and Woodens River (downstream from the outflow of Hubley BigLake, including all lakes and tributaries). Single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait isprohibited.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 327

4Digby, Queens, Shelburneand Yarmouth CountiesRecR eational Fishing aRea 4SEASONSSPECkLEd TROUT, BROWN TROUT,ANd RAINBOW TROUTInland and Tidal Waters of RFA 4Apr 1 to Sep 30 except the following andthe waters referred to in the Waters Closed toAngling section.From Sep 1 to Sep 30, no speckledtrout may be retained and natural bait isprohibited in all waters for all trout species,including Special Trout Management Areas.SPECIAL TROUT mANAGEmENT AREASFirst, Second, Third and Fourth,Christopher Lakes, Queens County.Bag limit two (2) speckled trout.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR RAINBOWTROUTThe bag limit is reduced to two (2)rainbow trout, Oct 1 to Mar 31.Everitts Lake, Digby County, OPEN ALLYEAR.Hidden Hills Lake, Queens County, OPENALL YEAR.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR SPECkLEdTROUTThe bag limit is reduced to two (2) trout,Oct 1 TO Mar 31.Victoria Lake, Queens County. OPEN ALLYEAR.SmALLmOUTH BASSApr 1 to Oct 31, bag limit five (5) bass,except the Special Bass Management Areas.SPECIAL BASS mANAGEmENT AREASTROPHy FISHERyTen Mile Lake, Little Ten Mile Lake, andthe Mersey River, Queens CountySalmon River Lake, Digby CountyOgden, Parr, and Petes Lakes, YarmouthCounty Apr 1 to Dec 31. Bag limit three(3) bass, maximum length 35cm (13.8in.) except from May 1 to Jun 15 nosmallmouth bass may be retained. Nightfishing is permitted during the open seasonin Salmon River Lake, Ogden, Parr,and Petes Lakes and the Mersey River,downstream from Lake Rossignol to thedam at Cowie Falls.Speckled trout.28 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

noVa ScoTia SporTFiSh haBiTaT FundIn 2012, the Nova Scotia Sportfish Habitat Fund raised $309,133.69 through a $5.71 levy on fishing licences. Atotal of $290,000 was provided to fish habitat restoration projects undertaken by 25 community groups throughthe Nova Scotia Salmon Association’s Adopt-A-Stream program (see pages 32, 33 for a list of communitygroups).In addition to these projects, the Nova Scotia Salmon Association received $15,000 for the Liming Project onthe West River.In addition to projects which improve fish habitat, the Sportfish Habitat Fund provides funding for projectswhich contribute to improved access for anglers to fishing areas such as new or improved launch ramps, orbarrier-free fishing piers. To learn about the Fund, get an application form for 2013, or view a complete listof project descriptions funded in 2012, visit our website: Applicationsreceived by March1 will be considered for the current calendar year.Freedom Canoe & KayakDartmouth 266-6025 • New Glasgow 396-6025 • Annapolis Valley 765-8273Toll Free 1 866 750-2525 • • www.PaddleFreedom.comA n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 329

Heather Stokdijk with a large speckled trout.Georgina marshall and family with a recordtrout from River John.NIGHT FISHING FOR BROWN TROUTMersey River, Queens County, downstreamfrom Lake Rossignol to the dam at CowieFalls, Apr 1 to Oct 31.Shop withus online atthefishinhole.comWeekly specials, new hotgear picks, our Fishing SocialCommunity and incredibleonline inventory!Serving Canadian anglerSSinCe 1975100% OwnedCHAIN PICkERELApr 1 to Oct 31, except the following:Annis River, Kiack Brook, YarmouthCounty, including all lakes and tributaries,OPEN ALL YEAR.Walls Lake, The Ponds in Port Latour,Bakers Flats on Cape Sable Island,Shelburne County, and Lake George,Shelburne County, OPEN ALL YEAR.Louis Lake, Queens County, OPEN ALL YEAR.Meteghan River, Digby County, includingall lakes and tributaries, OPEN ALL YEAR.WHITE PERCH ANd yELLOW PERCHApr 1 to Oct 31, except the following:Meteghan River, Digby County, including alllakes and tributaries, OPEN ALL YEAR.Lake George, Shelburne County, OPEN ALLYEAR.30 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and HuntersPO Box 654, Halifax, NS B3J 2T3Tel/Fax: (902) 477-8898 Fax: Website: www.nsfah.caThe Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters is a volunteer, non-profi t organization of hunters,anglers, and outdoors people dedicated to conservation and the wise use of our natural resources.As demand on wildlife increases, sports people in Nova Scotia need a solid, fi rm, and experienced voice toair their concerns.The NSFA&H has been that voice for over 83 years. Your support is needed to assure that quality huntingand fi shing continue in the future. To join the NSFA&H, complete and mail the coupon with $20.00 to theabove address. Family membership $30.00. Donations are accepted, and receipts for charitable donationscan be provided.membership Application (Photocopy and mail)Name _______________________________________________________________________Address _____________________________________________________________________Postal Code __________________________________________________________________ Cheque or money order Visa MasterCard Card No. ____________________________Signature _____________________________ Expiry Date ____________________________Nova Scotia Federation ofCAsACanadian Association of Smallmouth AnglersP.O. Box 2051, Fall River, Nova Scotia, B2T 1K6The Canadian Association of Smallmouth Anglers (CASA) was formedin 1988 to promote the sport of angling, particularly for smallmouth bass; toshare the friendship, camaraderie, and experience of our fellow anglers; tosupport and improve those conservation measures that promote qualityfisheries; and to extend courtesy and respect to all who share our waters.When you join casa and support these important conservation measures, youwill receive a casa crest, membership card, and newsletter, as well as the rightto attend seminars, tournaments, the annual meeting, and more.To become a member of CASA, learn about our activitiesor contact us please visit our n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 331

Cleaner streams fora greener Nova Scotia.Since 2010, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation has been the proud sponsorof the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program in partnership with the Nova ScotiaSalmon Association.This past year, the NSLC’s annual pledge of $100,000 further contributed to therestoration and protection of waterways across Nova Scotia. As a result, NSLCAdopt-A-Streamhas expanded the geographic reach of the program to morecommunities, developed better planning and assessment tools, provided morehands-on training and supported innovation in restoration methods.We aren’t doing it alone. Nova Scotia anglers, through support of the Nova ScotiaSportfish Habitat Fundand funding from Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture, alsocontributed to the great strides made by the NSLC Adopt-A-Streamprogram in 2012:Restoring 128,779 m 2 of stream habitat.Re-establishing 54 km of fish passage.Planting 10,614 streamside trees.Creating 99 seasonal field jobs.Contributing 6,474 volunteer hours.

Thank you to our 24 community group partners, whose efforts help makeNova Scotia an even better place to live:ACAP Cape BretonBear River First NationBluenose Coastal Action FoundationCheticamp River Salmon AssociationClean Annapolis River ProjectClean Nova ScotiaCobequid Salmon AssociationCornwallis Headwaters SocietyCumberland County RiverEnhancement AssociationFriends of the Pugwash EstuaryHabitat UnlimitedHarmony Lake residentsInverness South Anglers CommitteeLaHave River Salmon AssociationMargaree Salmon AssociationMulgrave & Area LakesEnhancement AssociationNorth Colchester RiverRestoration AssociationPaqtnkek Fishery EnterprisePictou County Rivers AssociationSackville Rivers AssociationSalmon River Salmon AssociationShubenacadie WatershedEnvironmental Protection SocietySt. Mary’s River AssociationTusket River EnvironmentalProtection AssociationThe Nova Scotia SalmonAssociation would also liketo acknowledge:Advisory and technicalsupport comes from:For more information visitadoptastream.caFisheries and Oceans Canada,Fisheries and Oceans Canada,Gulf & Maritime RegionsGulf & Maritime RegionsNS EnvironmentNSFA - Inland FisheriesPresenting Partners:Contributors:

RFA 4 Con'tAnGLInG SEASonS FoR otHERSPECIES (See Page 7)NOTE: Kejimkujik National Park & National HistoricSite. A National Parks general fishing permit as well asa park entry permit is required to angle in the park. Formore information contact the Park Office (See page 13).ARtIFICIAL FLY onLYFishing is permitted with artificial flies onlyin the sections of the following rivers duringthe times listed. Other methods are permittedduring the remainder of the open season. Ifin doubt as to the extent of these restrictions,please contact the local Federal fishery officer.QUEEnS CoUntYMedway River, from the Highway 103 bridgeupstream to McGowan Lake, not includingPonhook Lake or tributaries, May 26 to theend of all fishing seasons.Labrador Salmon LodgeFor Novice or Experienced Salmon Fishermen who want world-class spectacular fishing.Visit the Labrador Straits to fish the well-renowned Pinware and Forteau Rivers.The scenery is breathtaking with icebergs and whales in abundance.Easy access by ferry or air with first class accommodations that boastsfine food and cozy lodgings at The Lucky Strike and Forteau | Phone Paul-Aime Joncas (709) 927-7824 | Email pajoncas@gmail.comnathaniel Smith, L2F Program participant, releases a speckled trout.34 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Mersey River, from the upstream abutmentof the highway bridge on Bridge Street inMilton to the dam at Cowie Falls, May 26 tothe end of all fishing seasons.WATERS CLOSEd TO ANGLINGdIGBy COUNTySalmon River, downstream from the Route1 Highway Bridge approximately 500 m to aline drawn across the Salmon River from gridreference 726822 4881333 to grid reference726803 4881420, including tributaries, May 1to Dec 31.qUEENS COUNTyMedway River, from a point 100mdownstream from the highway bridge atHarmony upstream to, but excluding McGowanLake including tributaries, Jun 1 to Dec 31.Medway River, the “Lake Pool”, upstreamfrom the highway bridge at highway 210 atGreenfield, to a straight line drawn from gridreference 352032 4903571 to grid reference352155 4903817 (immediately above thesmall island at the outlet of Ponhook Lake),Jun 19 to Dec 31.yARmOUTH COUNTyTusket River, from the highway bridgecrossing the canal at the southern end of LakeVaughn downstream to the powerhouse dam,including tributaries, Apr 1 to Jun 30.The Becoming an OutdoorsWoman's Program offers• A 3-day workshop designed for women,18 years and older• Classes introduce participants to a varietyof fishing, hunting and other outdoorexperiences• Instructors willing to share their knowledgeand passion in a fun and nurturingenvironmentThis workshop is for you if…• You are a beginner and want to trysomething new but don’t know how toget started• You know how to do some activities andwould like to improve on these or tryothers• You are looking for fun and fellowship inthe great outdoorsUpcoming WorkshopsFall BOW, September 13-15, 2013 Mount Traber Bible Camp, Cooks Brook, Halifax CountyWinter BOW, February 21-23, 2014 Gaelic College of Celtic Arts & Crafts, St. Ann’s, Cape BretonIf you would like more information, please call (902) 424-5481,e-mail: or visit us on-line n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 335

36 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

noVa ScoTia SporTFiSh regiSTrYOfficial Records for Large Fish Caught in Nova ScotiaLIVE RELEASE CATEGORySpecies Length x Girth year Angler Location CountySmallmouth Bass 23 in x 17 in 2007 Kevin Corkum Big Mushamush Lake LunenburgStriped Bass 41 in x 27 in 2005 Pat Young Fullers River RichmondBrown Trout 21.5 in x 11.4 in 2009 Pat Young Mira River Cape BretonCATCH ANd kEEP CATEGORySpecies Weight year Angler Location CountySpeckled Trout 6.75 lbs 1945 Alex Stephens Blackett’s Lake Cape BretonRainbow Trout 10.2 lbs 2002 Reggie MacLeod Bras d’Or Lake Cape BretonBrown Trout 18.4 lbs 2007 Charlie LaHey Mira River Cape BretonSmallmouth Bass 4.5 lbs 1990 Robert Hasenack Kinsac Lake HalifaxChain Pickerel 6.75 lbs 2009 Alain Lemay Grand Lake HalifaxLandlocked Salmon 4.4 lbs 1988 H. MacDonald Grand Lake HalifaxStriped Bass 57.9 lbs 2008 Christian LeVatte Bras d’Or Lake Cape BretonWhite Perch 2.08 lbs 2006 Billy Garrison Northwest Lake ColchesterYellow Perch 1.20 lbs 2013 Ryan Gould Fish Lake HalifaxyOUTH LIVE RELEASE CATEGORySpecies Length x Girth year Angler Location CountySmallmouth Bass 20 in x 14 in 2009 Ian Keefe Mattatall CumberlandSpeckled Trout 16.7 in x 10.3 in 2009 Josh MacMillan West River AntigonishRainbow Trout 15.5 in x 8 in 2011 Neil Graham South River AntigonishBrown Trout 15 in x 8.25 in 2011 Alex Graham South River AntigonishyOUTH CATCH ANd kEEP CATEGORy CATEGORySpecies Weight year Angler Location CountyYellow Perch 0.63 lbs 2004 Gregory Burrill Mink Lake ShelburneChain Pickerel 3.99 lbs 2007 Marcel Boudreau Hibbards Lake YarmouthSpeckled Trout 3.40 lbs 2009 Aidan Doucet Lochaber Lake AntigonishBrown Bullhead 1.08 lbs 2007 Alex Cunningham Raynards Lake YarmouthRainbow Trout 2.62 lbs 2007 Rhyley Bowen Stewart Lake AntigonishBrown Trout 4 lbs 2011 Georgina Marshall River John PictouSmALLmOUTH BASS TOURNAmENT ANGLING (weight for 5-fish bag limits; all fish released)Weight year Angler Location County17.26 lbs 2009 Rob Mailman, Peter Lavender Mersey River Queens15.60 lbs 2008 Rod Goodwin, Ian Ross Ogden, Parr, Petes Lakes Yarmouth15.56 lbs 2003 Conrad Corporon, Bernard Corporon Lac d’en Bas Digby15.51 lbs 2005 Jim Langthorne, Ian Langthorne Kempt Back Lake Yarmouth14.92 lbs 2004 George Watkins, Steve Watkins Ogden, Parr, Petes Lakes YarmouthNova Scotia Sportfish Registry PO Box 700 Pictou NS B0K 1H0 Phone: (902) 485-5056Fax: (902) 485-4014 E-mail: Website: http://www/gov/ns/ca/fish/sportfishingA n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 337

the concept of Netukulimk, the objective includes achievingadequate standards of community nutrition andeconomic well being, without jeopardizing the integrity,diversity or productivity of our native environment.Dear Friends:As Grand Chief of the Mi’kmaq Nation, it is withgreat pleasure and pride that I introduce to you inthis insert, the Mi’kmaq concept and tradition ofNETUKULIMK.Pasimay SilipayKji-saqmaw wjit Mi’kmaqThe Mi’kmaq Aboriginal people of Nova Scotia havebeen harvesting animal, fowl, fish and plant life forover 10,000 years. We have managed this harvestwithin our own communities since time immemorialand continue to do so today. Our past, present andfuture Mi’kmaq society and economy is based onthe use of the natural resources. Conservation andmanagement of these resources have and still arean important part of Mi’kmaq culture. We have anintimate knowledge of the land, waters and naturallife in and around Mi’kma’ki, our traditional territory,part of which is present day Nova Scotia.After European contact some 500 years ago, theMi’kmaq and the British established formal agreementfor a co-existence and friendship relationshipthrough a series of Nation to Nation Treaties.“When the English began to make their newhomes in our land our fore fathers protected thelivelihood and survival of the Mi’kmaq by signingTreaties with their Kings. Throughout the seasonsthe Treaties have remained.”Grand Chief Donald Marshall Sr.October 1, 1986Today the Mi’kmaq harvest the natural resources througha concept known as Netukulimk. Netukulimk includesthe use of the natural bounty, provided by the Creator,for the self-support and well being of the individual andthe community at large. Without limiting the meaning ofThe Constitution of Canada has entrenched Aboriginaland Treaty Rights within the laws of Canada. As a resultof this, the courts have upheld the rights contained in theTreaty of 1752 and the underlying Aboriginal right thatthe Mi’kmaq have to harvest natural resources in NovaScotia under their traditional authority and guidelines.Article 4 of the Treaty of 1752 states in part:“It is agreed that the said Tribe of Indians (Mi’kmaq)shall not be hindered from, but have free liberty ofhunting, fishing and fowling as usual...”On October 1, 1993 the Premier of Nova Scotia,the Honourable John Savage formally proclaimed onbehalf of Nova Scotia ‘the Government of Nova Scotiarecognizes all Treaties which were signed in good faithbetween the Crown and the Mi’kmaq”.In Nova Scotia there are some 70,000 sportfishermenand some 77,000 sport hunters within the non-nativecommunity. The total Aboriginal harvesting communityrepresents ½ of 1 per cent of the total non-nativepopulation hunting and fishing today.We have made our peace and friendship and we haveagreed to co-exist and co-share. Today it is time towork together to ensure that all our children will havethe same right or privilege to access animal, fowl, fish,and plant life in the future.For more information about our work and concernsabout our natural environment contact:The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaqPO Box 1590, 57 Martin CrescentTruro, Nova Scotia, B2N 5V3Tel (902) 895-6385 Fax (902) 893-1520Unama’ki Institute of Natural ResourcesPO Box 8096, Eskasoni, NS, B1W 1C2Tel (902) 379-2163 Fax (902) 379-2250Native Council of Nova ScotiaPO Box 1320Truro, NS, B2N 5N2Toll-free 1-800-565-4372 Fax (902) 895-002438 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Fishing Bans and Restrictionsin Protected WatershedsHalifax Water currently manages eight watersheds, as well as three groundwater sources, that collectively supply drinking water toover 81,000 households and businesses in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Halifax Water’s source water protection program worksto maintain, or improve, the quality of drinking water resources before it reaches the treatment plant. In order to ensure high qualitysource waters FISHING IS NOT PERMITTED in or on any of the lakes and/or water courses located within the watersheds ofPockwock Lake, Bennery Lake, Chain Lake, and Lake Lamont. These waters include Sullivan Lake, Bennery Lake, Lake Lamont, TopsailLake, Chain Lake, Pockwock Lake, Bottle Lake, Island Lake, Lacey Mill Lake and all tributaries that flow into these waters that fallwithin the provincially designated protected watersheds. These lakes and tributaries form part of the public water supplyfor Dartmouth, Halifax, Bedford-Sackville, Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Aerotech Industrial BusinessPark, and the Lakeside Timberlea areas. Anyone found fishing in these waters will be prosecuted.In addition, fishing is RESTRICTED in Lake Major, Long Lake, East Lake, Spider Lake and all tributaries that fall within the Lake Majorwatershed. These watersheds are located within the East Region of the Halifax Regional Municipality with the following restrictions:• No person shall fish at any time from a vessel on Long Lake.• No person shall fish from the shoreline or bank of Long Lake within one hundred (100) metres of the intake for the watersupply for the community of North Preston.• No person shall fish from a vessel or from the shoreline or bank of Lake Major within one hundred (100) metres of the intakefor the water supply for the Dartmouth area.These lakes form part of the public water supply for Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Eastern Passage, and North Preston.In addition, no unauthorized use of all motorized vehicles, including off highway vehicles as defined in the NovaScotia Off-Highway Vehicles Act R.S. c. 323, are permitted within the above mentioned watersheds, includingposted lands owned by Halifax Water. Anyone not conforming to these regulations will be prosecuted.For more information on Halifax Water’s Source Water Protection Program visit or call 869-4304.NOvA SCOTIA SALMON ASSOCIATIONRegional Council of the Atlantic Salmon FederationP.O. Box 396 Chester, Nova Scotia B0J 1J0Phone/Fax: (902) 275-3407E-mail: nssa@ns.sympatico.caThe Nova Scotia Salmon Association is a regional council of the Atlantic Salmon Federation andacts on behalf of Atlantic salmon and trout in advocating conservation and wise management.The association is supported by an individual membership and affiliate associations.Together, our collective conservation efforts have been invaluable in promoting publicawareness, education, and in-river enhancement projects.In an effort to support the ongoing conservation activities of our affiliate associations,the board readily accepts donations to the Nova Scotia Salmon Association. All funds received aresoley directed towards financing activities to promote the conservation of Atlantic Salmon in Nova Scotia.For further information on the association and the activities of our affiliates, to become amember or to donate to the Nova Scotia Salmon Association please contact us at theaddress provided or visit our website.Check the nssA website for further information.Website: www.nssalmon.caA n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 339

5Annapolis, Hants andKings CountiesRecR eational Fishing aRea 5SEASONSSPECkLEd (BROOk) TROUT, BROWNTROUT, ANd RAINBOW TROUTInland and Tidal Waters of RFA 5 - Apr1 to Sep 30 except the following and thewaters referred to in the Waters Closed toAngling section.From Sep 1 to Sep 30, no speckledtrout may be retained and natural bait isprohibited in all waters for all trout species,including Special Trout Management Areas.SPECIAL TROUT mANAGEmENT AREASCORNWALLIS RIVER, kINGS COUNTyDownstream from the South Bishop RoadBridge to the Highway 101 Bridge, Apr 1to Sep 30, single hook lure or artificial fly,natural bait is prohibited, bag limit one(1) trout (either brown or speckled)which must be 35 cm (13.8 in) totallength or longer, night fishing permitted.Sep 1 to Sep 30, all speckled trout mustbe released.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR SPECkLEdTROUT ANd RAINBOW TROUTThe bag limit is reduced to two (2) trout,Oct 1 to Mar 31.Meadow Pond, OPEN ALL YEARSt Croix Pond, OPEN ALL YEARSmALLmOUTH BASSApr 1 to Oct 31, bag limit five (5) in Kingsand Annapolis Counties, bag limit twentyfive(25) in Hants County except SpecialBass Management Areas.SPECIAL BASS mANAGEmENT AREASTROPHy FISHERyBlack River Lake, Little River Lake,Methals Lake, Kings County,Panuke Lake, Hants CountyApr 1 to Dec 31, bag limit three (3)bass, maximum length 35 cm (13.8in.) except from May 1 to Jun 15 nosmallmouth bass may be retained, nightfishing permitted.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR RAINBOWTROUTFor extended seasons, the bag limit isreduced to two (2) trout, Oct 1 to Mar31.Rumsey Lake, Annapolis County, May 15 toOct 31.Sunken Lake, Kings County, May 15 to Oct31 and Jan 1 to Mar 31.Silver Lake near Lakeville, Kings County, Apr1 to Sep 30 and Jan 1 to Mar 31.CHAIN PICkERELApr 1 to Oct 31, except in the following:Lily Lake (Cogmagun Pond), Hants County.Lake Paul and Lake George, Kings CountyOPEN ALL YEAR.WHITE PERCH ANd yELLOW PERCHApr 1 to Oct 31, except in the following:Lake Paul and Lake George, Kings CountySpringfield Lake, Annapolis County. OPENALL YEAR.Woodward Sandford Lake and Lily Lake,Hants County. OPEN ALL YEAR.40 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

ANGLING SEASONS FOR OTHERSPECIES See page 7NOTE: Kejimkujik National Park and NationalHistoric Site A National Parks general fishing permitas well as a park entry permit is required to angle inthe park. For more information contact the Park Office(See page 13).WATERS CLOSEd TO ANGLINGNOTE: The angling closures for the following rivers donot apply to the lakes and tributaries of those riversunless specified.kINGS COUNTyGaspereau River, from a point 152mdownstream from the highway bridge at WhiteRock (Deep Hollow Road Bridge) to point213m upstream from that bridge, includingtributaries. CLOSED ALL YEARGaspereau River, from the White Rock powerstation upstream to the first highway bridge,including tributaries, CLOSED ALL YEAR.Gaspereau River, White Rock Pond, from apoint 152 m downstream from the bridgeat White Rock (Deep Hollow Road Bridge),downstream to the first highway bridgeupstream from the White Rock Power Station,Apr 1 to May 1, single hook lure or artificial fly.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 341

winTer FiShing opporTuniTieS in noVa ScoTiaFor those who love the outdoors, winter fishingis an ideal recreational sport. Fishing licencesfor 2013 are valid until March 31, 2014. Ifyou anticipate taking part in a winter fishery,please keep your licence and return yourcompleted licence stub at the end of March.Season: January 1-March 31. Anglersare reminded that the following waters areopen for angling in the winter regardless ofice cover; please check ice thickness beforeventuring out to fish. Waters open for troutare also open for non-games species includingperch species.Species & Bag Limits: Winter fisheriesexists for the following species, Rainbowtrout (bag limit of two fish), Speckled trout(bag limit of two fish), Speckled trout (baglimit of 10 fish, this is ONLY in Cape BretonHighlands Special Trout Management Area),Brown trout (bag limit of two fish), Whiteperch (bag limit of 25 fish), Yellow perch(bag limit of 25 fish) and Chain Pickerel(bag limit of 25 fish).RAINBOW TROUT & BROWN TROUTThe tidal waters of the Bras d’Or Lakes,NOT INCLUDING: (1) waters of the BaddeckRiver upstream from the Hwy 105 bridge; (2)Northeast (inside) of the East Bay Sandbar;and (3) waters upstream from Black Riverbridge in Dundee, which remain closed toall angling. Waters inside the Boom Channelincluding River Denys and all of River DenysBasin are closed to trout angling from Jan 1to March 31.RAINBOW TROUTLevers Lake, #20 Dam, Cape Breton CountyEco-trail Pond, Richmond CountyPetit Lac, Inverness CountyGoose Harbour Lake, Guysborough CountyCameron and Gillis lakes, Antigonish CountyGairloch Lake, Pictou CountyAlbro, Lewis, Maynard, Penhorn, andRound lakes, Halifax CountySucker Lake, Lunenburg CountyHidden Hills Lake, Queens CountyMeadow Pond, Hants CountySilver and Sunken lakes, Kings CountyAngevine (Dewars) Lake, CumberlandCountyEveritts Lake, Digby CountySPECkLEd TROUTCape Breton Highlands Special TroutManagement Area (see page 16 for theboundary area)St. Croix Pond, Hants CountyMeadow Pond, Hants CountyDeyarmont Lake, Colchester CountyFirst Lake, Halifax CountyPringle Lake, Guysborough CountyPetit Lac, Inverness CountyVictoria Lake, Queens CountyCHAIN PICkERELMeteghan River, including all lakes andtributaries, Digby CountyAnnis River, including all lakes andtributaries, Yarmouth Countycontd. on page 4342 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Kiack Brook (near Belleville South),including all lakes and tributaries,Yarmouth CountyLouis Lake, Queens CountyWalls Lake, Lake George, The Ponds inPort Latour, Bakers Flats on Cape SableIsland, Shelburne CountyLily Lake (Cogmagun Pond), Hants CountyShortts Lake, Colchester CountyBlack and West Branch lakes, PictouCountyBissett, Fish, Morris, Russell and Kinsac,Micmac, Red Bridge Pond, Grand Lakeand Powder Mill Lake, Halifax CountyLake George and Lake Paul, Kings CountyWHITE ANd yELLOW PERCHAngevine (Dewars) Lake, CumberlandCountyWoodward Sandford Lake, Lily Lake(Cogmagun Pond), Hants CountySpringfield Lake, Annapolis CountyMeteghan River, including all lakes andtributaries, Digby CountyLake George, Shelburne CountyCameron and Gillis lakes, AntigonishCountyAlbro, Bissett, Fish, Morris, Russell, Lewis,Maynard Lakes, Micmac, Red BridgePond, Grand, and Powder Mill lakes,Halifax County, Shortts Lake, ColchesterCountyLake George and Lake Paul, Kings CountyNote: Those lakes open for Brown, Rainbow andSpeckled trout during the winter fishery are also openfor chain pickerel, white and yellow perch.yellow perch record caught by Ryan Gould.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3 43

6Colchester andCumberland CountiesRecR eational Fishing aRea 6SEASONSSPECkLEd (BROOk) TROUT, BROWNTROUT, ANd RAINBOW TROUTTidal Waters - Apr 15 to Sep 30.Inland Waters - Apr 1 to Sep 30, exceptthe waters referred to in the listings below.From Sep 1 to Sep 30, no speckledtrout may be retained and natural bait isprohibited in all waters for all trout species,including Special Trout Management Areas.NOTE: The opening dates for the following rivers donot apply to the lakes and tributaries of those riversunless specified.kEyStewiacke River SectionsApr 15 - Sep 30,Any gear exceptMay 10 - Jun 10and after Aug 31May 10 - Jul 15,Single hook lure orfly only and Jul 16 -Sep 30 fly onlyApr 1 - Sep 30,Any gear to Aug 31COLCHESTER COUNTyChiganois River, downstream from theCN Railway bridge at Belmont, includingtributaries, May 15 to Sep 30.Debert River, downstream from the CN Railwaybridge, including tributaries, May 15 to Sep 30.Economy River, downstream from theconfluence with Callaghan Brook, includingtributaries, May 15 to Sep 30.Folly River, downstream from the CN Railwaybridge, including tributaries, May 15 to Sep 30.French River, downstream from the 246Highway Bridge at Oliver, Apr 15 to Sep 30.Great Village River, downstream from theconfluence with Spencers Brook, includingtributaries, May 15 to Sep 30.North River, downstream from the confluencethe West Branch North River, includingtributaries, May 15 to Sep 30.Portapique River, downstream from the44 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

SPECIAL TROUT mANAGEmENT AREASHARRISON LAkE, CUmBERLANd COUNTyApr 1 to Sep 30, single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait is prohibited, bag limit one(1) trout (either brown or speckled) 35 cm (13.8 in) total length or longer. Sep 1 toSep 30, all speckled trout must be released.RIVER PHILIP, CUmBERLANd COUNTyDownstream from the Mountain Road Bridge (Spencers Bridge) in the Community of RiverPhillip. Apr 15 to May 14, artificial fly only. May 15 to Aug 31, any gear permitted. Sep1 to Sep 30, natural bait prohibited, all speckled trout must be released. Night angling forbrown trout is permitted upstream from the Mountain Road Bridge (Spencers Bridge) notincluding tributaries, May 15 to Aug 31.STEWIACkE RIVER, COLCHESTER COUNTy see map page 44Downstream from the CN railway bridge near McKay Siding, Apr 15 to Sep 30, any gearpermitted except May 10 to Jun 10 single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait prohibited.Sep 1 to Sep 30, natural bait prohibited, all speckled trout must be released.Upstream from the CN railway bridge near McKay Siding to the highway bridge farthestupstream in Upper Stewiacke, not including tributaries, May 10 to Jul 15, single hook lureor artificial fly, natural bait is prohibited. Jul 16 to Sep 30, artificial fly only. Bag limitone (1) trout (either brown or speckled) total length 35 cm (13.8 in) or longer. Sep 1to Sep 30, all speckled trout must be released.Upstream from the highway bridge farthest upstream in Upper Stewiacke, Apr 1 to Sep 30,any gear permitted except from Sep 1 to Sep 30, natural bait prohibited, all speckled troutmust be released.Night angling for brown trout is permitted from the Landsdowne Bridge downstream to thebridge in Stewiacke East during the open season.confluence with Matheson Brook,including tributaries, May 15 to Sep 30.Salmon River, downstream from the confluencewith Greenfield Brook, including tributaries,May 15 to Sep 30.Waugh’s River, downstream from the 256Highway Bridge at The Falls, Apr 15 to Sep 30.CUmBERLANd COUNTyMaccan River, downstream from the highwaybridge at Southampton, including tributaries,May 15 to Sep 30.From the highway bridge at Maccanupstream to the highway 2 bridge atSouthampton, not including tributaries,Aug 16 to Sep 30, Fly fishing only.River Hebert, downstream from the bridgenear the tree nursery in the Chignecto GameSanctuary, including tributaries, May 15 toSep 30.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 345

Shinimicas River, downstream from the No.6 Highway bridge, including tributaries, Apr15 to Sep 30.Wallace River, downstream from theHighway 4 Bridge at Wentworth Center, Apr15 to Sep 30.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR RAINBOWTROUT:The bag limit is reduced to two (2) trout,Oct 1 to Mar 31.Angevine (Dewars) Lake, CumberlandCounty, OPEN ALL YEAR.ExTENdEd SEASONS FOR SPECkLEdTROUTBag limit is reduced to two (2) trout, Oct 1to Mar 31. Deyarmont lake, OPEN ALLYEARSmALLmOUTH BASSCLOSED ALL YEAR, except the following:Angevine Lake, Big Lake, Mattatall Lake,Cumberland County, Apr 1 to Oct 31.Round Lake, Colchester County, Apr 1 toOct 31. Bag limit (25) twenty-five bass.SPECIAL BASS mANAGEmENT AREASTROPHy FISHERyShortts Lake, Colchester County, Apr 1to Dec 31, bag limit three (3) bass,maximum length 35 cm (13.8 in.), exceptfrom May 1 to Jun 15 no smallmouthbass may be retained.CHAIN PICkERELApr 1 to Sep 30 except the following:Shortt’s Lake, Colchester County, OPEN ALLYEAR.WHITE PERCH ANd yELLOW PERCHApr 1 to Sep 30 except in the following:Angevine (Dewar) Lake, CumberlandCounty, OPEN ALL YEAR.Shortts Lake, Colchester County, OPEN ALLYEAR.ANGLING SEASONS FOR OTHERSPECIES See Page 746 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

The FreShwaTer FiSherieS reSearch cooperaTiVeStriped bass tagging and tracking project, Cape Breton.The freshwater fishery in Nova Scotia hasexperienced a number of changes associatedwith habitat loss and exploitation. Inresponse, the Inland Fisheries Division hasexpanded initiatives related to cold waterspecies, warm water species, and Atlanticsalmon enhancement by creating theFreshwater Fisheries Research Cooperative(FFRC). The objective of the FFRC is toaugment current initiatives designed toassess and improve Nova Scotia’s sportfishery.In 2012, six projects received supportfrom the Department of Fisheries andAquaculture through the FFRC. Theseincluded:1) Freshwater Fish parasite distribution,2) Impact of habitat improvementstructures on fish populations, 3) Impactsof Invasive species on fish populations on,4) Revising FINS database, 5) Assessmentof sea run trout In Cornwallis River, and6) Striped Bass tracking assessment inCape Breton. Partners for these projectsincluded: Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’sUniversity; Acadia University, Saint FrancisXavier University, Fisheries and Oceans,Nova Scotia Adopt A Stream, and NovaScotia Salmon Association.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 347

Inland Fisheries HatcheryStocking ProgramsGrowing fish and delivering smiles is themission of the Provincial fish hatcheries.The smiles could be on a seasoned angler,cradling an Atlantic salmon in the MargareeRiver, a grade 5 Learn to Fish student,catching their first pan-sized brookie, or anurban angler with a silver rainbow trout.The Province operates three hatcheries;Fraser’s Mills Hatchery, in Antigonish Co.,Margaree Hatchery, in Inverness Co. andMcGowan Lake Hatchery in Queens Co..Stocking initiatives are probably the mostvisible and popular of Inland Fisheries’management activities.Beginning in late March, approximately200 lakes are stocked with speckled(brook) trout and rainbow trout as partof our Spring Recreational Trout StockingProgram. Trout are generally catchablesize, and in addition to providing anglingopportunity, serve to reduce pressure onvulnerable wild stocks. Many provincialand municipal parks are located on lakeswhich are stocked; as are many barrier-freefishing facilities. Last spring, more than 45derbies received trout from Fraser’s Mills,Margaree and McGowan Lake hatcheries.These social events are cherished by manyorganizers and communities as a means ofintroducing youngsters to the enjoymentand comradery that angling can provide.The hatcheries were able to supply troutfor 40 Learn to Fish events, providing kidswith an opportunity to take up a sport theycan enjoy for a lifetime. An additional200 lakes are stocked each fall, usuallyafter the angling season closes, as part ofour fall enhancement program. Speckledtrout account for most of this effort butbrown trout and sea-run Atlantic salmonpopulations are also enhanced at thistime of year. The hatcheries also providerainbow trout to 20 lakes in late fall tosupport the provinces winter rainbow troutfishery.Trophy speckled trout netted by John A.macGillivary, Fraser mills Hatchery.48 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

FRASER’S mILLS HATCHERyBuilt in 1928 as part of the Government ofCanada’s hatchery system, Fraser’s Mills hasessentially been rebuilt since the Provinceof Nova Scotia took over its operation, in1982. The site has outdoor raceways andcircular ponds as well as hatchery buildings.Four species of salmonids are grown at thishatchery; speckled (brook) trout, brown trout,rainbow trout and sea-run Atlantic salmon.It is the primary trout broodstock (adultparent fish) facility in Nova Scotia; and isan excellent place to view the thousandsbroodstock required to supply eggs for thestocking program. Annual distribution fromthis hatchery usually approaches 1,000,000eggs, fry, parr, yearlings and adult fish.mCGOWAN LAkE HATCHERyThe McGowan Lake Hatchery, built in 1987,has helped to ensure the future of speckledtrout fishing in western Nova Scotia, a regionwith many acid-stressed lakes and streams.This hatchery utilizes a unique watertreatment facility to counteract the acidicnature (low pH) of the Medway River and anAll of our hatcheries have visitorinterpretation centres which are open to thepublic. These provide an opportunity to learnmore about the hatchery operations andother aspects of recreational angling in NovaScotia. Schools and other groups can call toarrange a tour, view photographs, posters,artifacts and displays on a variety of subjects.FOr WeeklY sPrInG stOCkInGuPDAtes Or A COmPlete lIst OFstOCkeD lAkes PleAse generation and injection system torear nearly 1,000,000 Speckled trout whichare released annually as fry, fall fingerlingsand yearlings.mARGAREE FISH HATCHERyThe historic Margaree hatchery first openedin 1902 and has been supporting theeconomically and culturally importantsalmon and trout fishery for over a century,as well as attracting visitors, from aroundthe world, to the scenic Margaree Valley. TheProvince of Nova Scotia has operated thishatchery since 2008; providing approximately150,000 salmon parr and smolt, and100,000 trout, primarily for stocking into theMargaree River and local watersheds.You may contact our hatcheries at thetelephone number below:Fraser’s mills Fish HatcheryAntigonish Co., NS (902) 783-2926mcGowan Lake Fish Hatcheryqueens Co., NS (902) 682-2576margaree Fish HatcheryInverness Co. NS (902) 248-2845A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 349

Inland Fisheries Division ActivitiesNova Scotia Department of Fisheries and AquacultureAmy Ryan, researcher.Cold Water SportfishManagement2012 marked the fifth consecutive yearthat fisheries management initiatives weresupported, in part, by the Freshwater FisheriesResearch Cooperative (FFRC). Completedreports are available on our Departmentalwebsite Inventory ProgramNew Geographic Information System (GIS)equipment is being used to evaluate habitatsand produce detailed bathymetric maps ofpopular sport fishing lakes. Evaluations ofhabitat quality and fish populations will beused to gage the potential for improvementto angling under various managementstrategies.Impacts of invasive species onnative fish species in lakesDanielle Quinn, Acadia University, is usinginformation of fish species distributions toevaluate the potential impact of invasivesmallmouth bass and chain pickerel onnative sportfish populations.FINS Database improvementDr. Trevor Avery, Acadia University, is workingon updating our current lake survey databasethat contains habitat and fish speciesinformation on 1200 lakes. Eventually thelake survey data will be available to anglersand researchers via a web-based portal.Cornwallis River Special TroutManagement AreaLive trapping, angling, and electrofishingwere used to assess upstream migrationof brown trout and speckled trout. Thepurpose of this project was to collect baselineinformation on trout in the Cornwallissystem.Response of trout and salmon torestoration initiativesEight sites were electrofished to determinepopulation densities of trout and salmonin several streams in Antigonish County.This year, 2013 will be year three of a 10year study with Kris Hunter, Saint FrancisXavier University, to determine the impact ofcommon habitat restoration techniques onfish populations.Striped Bass ProjectColin Buhariwalla and Dr. Mike Dadswell, areusing acoustic tags to track striped bass. Thisstudy will provide valuable Insight on themigratory habits and biology of striped bassin Cape Breton.Fish ParasitesDr. David Cone, St Mary’s University, anda number of students are mapping thedistribution of black spot parasite in lakesand rivers in Nova Scotia. The intent is toultimately gain a better understanding ofthe health and status of Nova Scotia’s fishpopulations.50 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

invasive SpeciesManagementPreventing further illegal introductionsof smallmouth bass, chain pickerel andother aquatic invasive species continuesto be a high priority for our Department.We are developing strategies and initiativesto prevent and minimize the seriousimpacts these species can have on nativefish communities. New regulations whichprohibit the possession of live fish nowprovide the legislative capacity to preventfurther illegal introductions. Ongoingoutreach and education, risk assessmentand research that focus on documentingthe impacts also contribute to reducing thethreats. Our Department continues to bea leader on aquatic invasive species issuesand works with the Aboriginal community,all levels of government, the sportfishingsector and other stake holders on this issue.It continues to be important to increasecapacity to take action on new occurrencesof aquatic invasive species through rapidresponse initiatives (eg. containment orcontrol).Smallmouth Bass ManagementSmallmouth bass continue to be a popularsportfish in Nova Scotia. Managementprojects for this species focus on evaluatinglakes for Trophy Bass ManagementRegulations, assessing the role nestingsuccess and young of the year size may haveon recruitment and developing better accessto lakes for angling. Effective managementof established bass populations in NovaScotia must also consider the importanceof preventing further illegal introductionsand minimizing negative impacts to nativespecies such as speckled trout.L2F(Learn to Fish) is an exciting, hands-on,informative program for youth ages 8-12 focusing onfisheries science, recreation, healthy outdoor living andan appreciation for Nova Scotia’s aquatic environment.Kids learn in class:• Freshwater sportfish identification• Fish habitat, what fish eat, ageing fish• How to assemble a fishing rod, terminal tackle, knottying, safety, ethics, respect• Importance of healthy living and outdoor recreationKids learn at the water:• Safety –based casting and baiting the hook• Retention and catch-n-release techniques• Sportsmanship and follow “leave no trace” principlesFor more information, please contact 485-5056 or n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 351

Sportfish extension/educationNova Scotia’s Learn to FishProgramStaff and volunteershave completed a verybusy seventh year ofdelivering the L2Fprogram throughout the province. Students,youth groups and educators enjoyed thehands-on classroom component and werevery excited to apply their knowledge in theoutdoor fishing workshop.L2F is geared towards youth aged 8-12and consists of two main components: theclassroom presentation, consisting of anintroduction to freshwater sportfish in NovaScotia, conservation education of freshwaterresources, habitat characteristics, anglingequipment (how to assemble a fishing rodand attach tackle), safety, ethics, respect,importance of healthy living and outdoorrecreation; and the outdoor presentationlesson, consisting of a hands-on sportfishingworkshop at a nearby lake or pond. Studentslearn safety-based casting, baiting the hook,retention and catch-n-release techniques,sportsmanship and follow leave no traceprinciples. The Learn to Fish program recruitsthe next generation of stewards of our aquaticresources, by teaching safe and ethicalangling skills to youth.with Cubs, Scouts, Girl Guides, and youth atrecreation day camps.The L2F program has received tremendoussupport from the people of Nova Scotia andthe angling community. We wish to thankthe Hants West Wildlife Association, Mr. MarkWeare of First Cast Radio Show, RichmondWildlife Association, Port Morien WildlifeAssociation, Halifax Wildlife Association, NovaScotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters,Shakespeare Fishing Tackle, Shimano,Berkley, Lucky Strike Bait Works Ltd., and theteachers, community groups and volunteerswho helped get these young anglers out andfishing in 2012.Youth Fishing Collaboration withDepartment of Natural ResourcesWe have partnered with Natural Resources todeliver youth and family fishing programsduring National Wildlife Week, and Kids in theForest Day. We have also worked together todeliver fishing programs to youth and familiesat some of our parks across the province. Wehave developed a Fishing Tackle Programat six camping parks (Mira River, Boylston,Dollar Lake, Laurie, Smiley’s and Ellenwood).We will continue to partner with DNR onyouth and family fishing initiatives in thefuture. For more information on the Learnto Fish program, contact Tara Marshall or call (902) 485-7028.The L2F program has been busy reachingolder youth; with more interest comingfrom phys.ed teachers, and high schoolscience educators. L2F aligns very wellwith physically active living classes andexploratory science classes.In 2012, L2F was delivered 48 times, reachingover 1800 youth from a variety of differentbackgrounds. The majority of the programswere presented in schools but some were doneL2F Hants County.52 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

additional enhancement. The Departmentrelies heavily on the assistance from volunteergroups (NSSA affiliates, River Associations,watershed stewardship organizations etc.)to provide help with broodstock collection,stocking juvenile salmon and provide localtraditional knowledge.L2F Cumberland County.Fishing Tackle programThe NS Department of Fisheries andAquaculture has partnered with NSDepartment of Natural Resources to offeraccess to fishing rods, tackle, licences,sportfishing literature and safety equipment,at six of our provincial camping parks: MiraRiver, Boylston, Dollar Lake, Laurie, Smiley’sand Ellenwood Lake. Fishing licences arerequired at Boylston, Dollar Lake, Laurie,Smiley’s and Ellenwood Lake Provincial Parksand may be purchased at the park offices orNatural Resources offices.atlantic Salmonenhancement programThe cultural and economic importance of theAtlantic salmon fishery is recognized by theProvince of Nova Scotia. The Inland FisheriesDivision’s Atlantic Salmon EnhancementProgram was developed in 2006. This programinvolves on-going consultation with theDepartment of Fisheries and Oceans andother stakeholders around the Province. Theobjective of the program is to provide increasedopportunities to angle Atlantic salmon. Therivers selected have salmon populations whichare relatively stable but could benefit fromSince the first broodstock collections of2006, eight rivers have had their populationsenhanced with fry, parr or smolt from theFraser’s Mills or Margaree hatcheries. Therivers are: Baddeck River, Middle River(Cape Breton), Margaree River, MabouRiver, West River (Pictou), River Philip,St. Francis Harbour River, Waugh’s River.Hatchery enhancement was a critical factorin maintaining an open catch and releasefall season on the Baddeck and Middle Rivers.In the fall of 2012, eggs were obtained fromwild broodstock collected from Middle River,Margaree River and Waugh’s River.For more information on any of the aboveprograms, visit our website: or contact Nova ScotiaDepartment of Fisheries and Aquaculture,Inland Fisheries Division at (902) 485-5056.Releasing Atlantic salmon fry.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 353

General RegulationsguideSNon-residents do not need a guide to fish in NovaScotia. For a list of guides, visit our website: MeThodS andeQuipMenTNo one is allowed to:• possess fish that were caught by any personwhile fishing for recreational purposes orsport purposes and that have been skinned,cut, packed or otherwise dealt with in such amanner that (1) the species cannot be readilydetermined; (b) the number of fish cannot bereadily determined; (c) where weight is used todetermine catch limits, the weight of the fishcannot be readily determined; and (d) wheresize limits are applicable, the size of the fishcannot be readily determined.• use an artificial light or flame of any kind(including light emitting lures), for fishing innon-tidal waters, or while fishing for salmon intidal waters• use a set-line or trawl for fishing in non-tidalwaters• fish in non-tidal waters by jigging, snaring,spearing, or using a bow and arrow, or assist inlanding any fish caught by such means• use dynamite or any other explosive for fishing ordestroying fish, or use anything that might causeunnecessary destruction of fish• use a gaff of any kind to land a sportfish caughtby angling• angle for Atlantic salmon except with artificial fly• angle in non-tidal waters with more than1 fishing line or with a fishing line havingmore than 3 separate hooks• angle in tidal waters for sportfish with morethan 1 fishing line or with a fishing line towhich more than 3 hooks are attached• angle in tidal waters for non-sportfish withmore than 5 fishing lines or with a fishing lineto which more than 6 hooks are attached• keep any sportfish if it is hooked in any part ofthe body other than the mouth. The fish shallimmediately be returned alive to the water fromwhich it was taken• angle in non-tidal waters unless an open seasonfor sportfish is in effect in those waters• angle for sportfish during that part ofthe day beginning 2 hours after sunsetand ending 2 hours before sunrise. Thisdoes not apply when angling for smallmouthbass or brown trout during any of the nightfishing seasons listed for each RecreationalFishing Area• fish with an artificial fly that has more than2 hooks• fish for, kill, or retain any spent or slink salmon orsalmon fry, parr, or smolt (see drawings page 65)• fish in any watercourse while swimming orskin diving• fish within 23 m (26 yds) downstream of anyfish ladderTreSpaSSingAs a resident of the province you have the right to goon foot along the banks of any river, stream or lake andupon and across any uncultivated lands and Crownlands to lawfully fish with rod and line in these rivers,streams or lakes; you also have the right to use a boat54 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

or canoe on or across any river, stream or lake. (TheAngling Act)Special noTeSNo one is allowed to fish within the postedboundaries of a licenced aquaculture site or aprivately owned fish pond without permissionof the owner. Angling is not permitted in manymunicipal watersheds or water supply areas.Please check with your local municipal authoritybefore venturing into these areas.MiScellaneouS• Any fish taken by recreational fishing is fordomestic use only and may not be sold or bartered.• No person who is fishing for personal useor fishing for recreational or sport purposesmay waste any fish that is suitable for humanconsumption.enForceMenT and ManageMenTThe management of sea going (anadromous)Atlantic salmon, striped bass, eel, shad, sturgeon,gaspereau, Atlantic whitefish and smelt is theresponsibility of the Department of Fisheries andOceans. The Nova Scotia Department of Fisheriesand Aquaculture manages all other freshwaterfish species. Enforcement of sportfishing andsalmon fishing regulations falls under thejurisdiction of the Department of Fisheries andOceans and the Nova Scotia Department ofNatural Resources. (see page 12).Build a safe camppre not a wildpreSafe Camppres are:• Built on bare rock/soil, small and sheltered from wind• At least 3m from forest, overhanging branches and grass• Tended at all times• Fully extinguished with water when doneRemember to discard matches, cigarettes and hot coalsso that they are cold to touch.Happy Fishing!A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 355

Tagged FishThe Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries andAquaculture and the Department of Fisheriesand Oceans tag fish throughout the provinceas part of their management programs.If you catch a tagged fish, please note thetag number, length of fish, date and place ofcapture.A sample of scales (taken from the area justbehind and below the top or dorsal fin),the fork length of the fish (from the tip ofthe snout to the fork of the tail), and theweight of the fish are useful measurementsto understand growth rates (see diagrambelow). Although some of this informationis impossible to obtain if the fish is released,the departments would still like to hear fromyou. For trout and smallmouth bass, pleasecontact the Inland Fisheries office in Pictouat the address on page 12. They will tell youthe history of the fish including where andwhen it was tagged.Please report tags found on Atlantic salmonby returning the tags to the address printedon them.OBTAINING SCALES ANdmEASURING LENGTH56 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

DefinitionsANGLING —fishing with a line to whichone or more hooks are attached and that isheld in the hand or attached to a rod that isheld in the hand or closely attended.ARTIFICIAL FLy—a single hook or doublehook or two single hooks dressed with materialslikely to attract fish, and to which no weight,spinning device, or natural bait is attached.FLy FISHING—angling by the use of anartificial fly or flies that are attached to a lineor to a leader that is attached to a line.HOOk—a single, double, or treble hookwith or without barbs on one shank or shaft.JIGGING—fishing by manipulating one ormore hooks so as to pierce a fish in any partof its body instead of luring the fish to takethe hook or hooks into its mouth.NATURAL BAIT—any form of bait in itsnatural form. Natural bait includes, but is notlimited to: worms, minnows, corn nibblets,pork rind.NON-RESIdENT—anyone who is not aresident of Nova Scotia.PROVINCIAL WATERS—waters upon anyshore or land, or on, or in any lake, river, streamor watercourse, wholly or partially withinthe province, or over which the province hasauthority to legislate with respect to fishing.RESIdENT—anyone who permanently orordinarily lives in Nova Scotia for the last 2months. A resident also includes officers of thediplomatic or consular service of any foreigncountry stationed in Nova Scotia and membersof the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or theCanadian Armed Forces stationed or born inNova Scotia. Anyone born in the Province ofNova Scotia who owns real property in theprovince is considered a resident.SPORTFISH—Atlantic salmon, landlockedsalmon, trout, and smallmouth bass.TOTAL LENGTH—The length of a fishmeasured from the tip of its nose to the endof its tail.SINGLE HOOk LURE—a lure with only onehook attached – see above definition for hook.A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 357

The Atlantic Salmon Conservation FoundationConservation Highlights:Nova ScotiaThe Atlantic Salmon ConservationFoundation (ASCF) is a non-profitorganization established through aone-time grant of $30 million from theGovernment of Canada. Interestincome generated by this trust fundsupports projects and activitiescontributing to conservation of wildAtlantic salmon and salmon habitat.The Foundation helps achieve healthyand sustainable wild Atlantic salmonstocks in Atlantic Canada and Quebecthrough active working partnershipsamong volunteer conservation groups,Aboriginal organizations, governments,and others.Each year the Foundation calls forfunding proposals for innovative,on-the-ground conservation projectsfocused on wild Atlantic salmon andits habitat carried-out by communitygroups. To learn about the Foundationand how to apply for funding pleasego to our website:www.salmonconservation.caPhoto credit: Sackville Rivers AssociationNova Scotia Projects funded by the ASCF: The ASCF has awarded projectfunding to conservation partners in Nova Scotia each year since 2008. Conservationprojects funded in 2012 were led by:Bluenose Coastal Action FoundationAmount: $7,500Habitat UnlimitedAmount: $5,000Inverness South Anglers CommitteeAmount: $7,500Mulgrave & AreaLakes EnhancementAmount: $5,000Nova Scotia Salmon AssociationAmount: $5,000North Colchester RiverRestoration AssociationAmount: $5,000Pictou County Rivers AssociationAmount: $7,000Sackville Rivers AssociationAmount: $5,000Unama'ki Institute ofNatural ResourcesAmount: $5,000Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation • Conservation HighlightsNova Scotia58 A n g l e r s ' H a n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Nova ScotiaSportfishing WeekendsThere are two Sportfishing Weekends in Nova Scotia, one on June 1-2, 2013and the other is February 15-16, 2014. All Nova Scotians and visitors areencouraged to try fishing as a way to enjoy Nova Scotia’s great outdoors.During these four days, residents and non-residents may fish without ageneral licence. However, if you fish for Atlantic salmon, you will needa salmon fishing licence. Please keep in mind that bag limits and allother sportfishing regulations will still apply.Get out for the fishing!Join Trout UnlimitedCanada and be part ofthe solution!Trout Unlimited Canada isthe nation’s leading conservationorganization promoting the wiseuse and conservation of ourcoldwater resources.In Nova Scotia TUC sponsors local chapters, such as the Tusket River Chapter of TroutUnlimited Canada. The Tusket River TUC Chapter is heavily involved in the BigMeadow Brook project and, with the financial sponsorship of Trout UnlimitedCanada, runs the Province’s newly refreshed River Watch program.If you want to help preserve our coldwater fish and trout fishing heritage, why not have alook at what we’re up to at: http://www.riverwatchns.caA n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 359

Anglers’ Guide to the11 speckled troutSalvelinus fontinalis22 Atlantic salmonSalmo salar433 rainbow troutOncorhynchus mykiss4 White PerchMorone americana55 American shadAlosa sapidissima6 Chain PickerelEsox niger677 smallmouth bassMicropterus dolomieui88 brown troutSalmo trutta99 Yellow PerchPerca flavescensIllustrations by Bruce John Wood60 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Fishes of Nova Scotia10 lake troutSalvelinus namaycush1011 rainbow smeltOsmerus mordax12 AlewifeAlosa pseudoharengus111213 striped bassMorone saxatilis14 lake WhitefishCoregonus clupeaformis1315 American eelAnguilla rostrata1416 White suckerCatastomus commersoni17 brown bullheadAmeiurus nebulosus1516The Nova Scotia Fish Fact series, which providesdetailed information about all these species, isavailable at n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 361

Community Group PartnershipsWe would like to take this opportunity to thank the following groupsfor their continued support with our fieldwork projects, stockingstrategies, education programs, sportfishing derbies and tournaments.Albert Bridge Recreation AssociationAntigonish Rivers AssociationAnnapolis Fly FishersAnnapolis Valley Bass ClubApaqtuwaq Fisheries COOPBass River Fire DepartmentBig Brothers Big SistersBlack River Environmental CommitteeBluenose Coastal Action FoundationBlue Mountain Fire DepartementBoys and Girls Club of Lower SackvilleBras d’Or Wildlife AssociationBronzeback BassersCanadian Association of SmallmouthAnglersCape Breton Wildlife AssociationCheticamp River Salmon AssociationClean Annapolis River ProjectCobequid Salmon AssociationCumberland County River EnhancementAssociationDartmouth North Community CentreEast Shelburne County RiverAssociationEnfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentEskasoni Fish and Wildlife Service4-H TatamagoucheFriends of Cornwallis RiverGuysborough Fish & Game AssociationHabitant River Trout AssociationHalifax Metro TransitHalifax Wildlife AssociationHants County Wildlife AssociationHants West Wildlife AssociationHighland Sport ClubHRM Community, Culture & EconomicDevelopmentInverness South Anglers AssociationKings County Wildlife AssociationLaHave River Watershed EnhancementFoundationLaHave Salmon AssociationLake Ainslie & Margaree River HeritageAssociationLakeside Smallmouth Bass ClubLansdowne Outdoor RecreationDevelopment AssociationLunenburg Wildlife AssociationMabou & District CommunityDevelopment AssociationMargaree Salmon AssociationMedway River Salmon AssociationMulgrave & Area Lakes EnhancementProjectMulgrave Recreation DepartmentNew Waterford Fish & GameAssociation62 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

Brood stock collection, margaree River.Nine Mile River AssociationNoel Shore Game ProtectionAssociationNorth Colchester River RestorationAssociationNova BassmastersNova Scotia Federation of Anglers &HuntersNova Scotia Salmon AssociationPetite Riviere AssociationPictou County Rivers AssociationPort Morien Wildlife AssociationQueens County Fish & GameAssociationResponsible Bass Anglers of NovaScotiaRichmond Wildlife AssociationRockingstone Heights SchoolSackville Rivers AssociationSalmon River Salmon AssociationSouth Shore Volunteer Fire DepartmentSheet Harbour & Area Ground Search& RescueShelburne County Fish & GameAssociationSouth Shore Wildlife AssociationSouth Shore BassmastersSpringhill Police ServicesSt. Mary’s River AssociationStewards of River Denys WatershedAssociationStrait Area Fish & Game AssociationTown of AmherstTrout Nova ScotiaTrout UnlimitedUnama’ki Institute of Natural ResourcesTusket River Environmental ProtectionAssociationWestchester Volunteer Fire DepartmentWildlife Habitat AdvocatesA n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 363

Bigger Than EverThe new Super Licence includes Fishing andSmall Game HuntingYou could spend the rest of your life fishingand hunting all over Nova Scotia—Free!Announcing the 20th Licence of a Lifetime Lottery from the Nova Scotia Federation ofAnglers and Hunters. This year, we will be awarding two (2) lifetime licences to two(2) lucky applicants.That’s right, you could hunt and fish from Sydney to Yarmouth, from Amherst to Canso –all over the province, every year, for the rest of your life. And best of all, you’ll never haveto buy another Fishing*, Small Game** or Deer‡ hunting licence.It’s easy to enter: just copy and complete the attached form and mail it along with yourentry fee. We will fill out your tickets and send you the stubs. Enter as often as you like,and good luck!Name:Address:City/Town:Postal Code:Telephone:You may pay by using your – M/C q VISA q Cheque (enclosed) q payable to NovaScotia Federation of Anglers and HuntersCard number:expiry:Signature:One Entry – $2.00 3 Entries – $5.00 6 Entries – $10.00 12 Entries – $20.00Rules– Applicants must be 16 years or older to enter. – All entry fees are non-refundable – do not send cash– Open to Nova Scotia residents only.– Entry forms are to be completely filled out in ink ortyped.– make cheque or money order payable to: Nova ScotiaFederation of Anglers and Hunters, P.O. Box 654,Halifax, N.S. B3J 2T3.– The licencee is subject to the laws respecting huntingin the same manner as with any hunting licence.– This licence is not transferrable, and may becancelled, suspended, or forfeited in accordance withthe law.– Incomplete, illegible, or improperly filled out entrieswill not be accepted, and entrants will not be notifiedor have fees refunded.– All entries must be postmarked no later thanNovember 30, 2013 – entries postmarked afterNovember 30 will be included in next year’s draw.– Draw date is December 16th, 2013.* Not including salmon—sponsored by the Nova ScotiaDepartment of Fisheries and Aquaculture** Not including migratory birds‡ The Deer and Small Game Licences are sponsored bythe Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.64 A n g l e r s ' H A n d b o o k • 2 0 1 3

The familar humpback receiver housesthe new recoil-operated Kinematic DriveSystem and extends your sight plane by30% for fast, natural sight alignment andmore accurate shooting. The Hump is Back.One part, two big advantages. Only on thenew Browning A5.LEQUILLECOUNTRY STORENova Scotia’s only full-line Browning dealerExit 22, Annapolis Royal, NS902-532-5362 • 7 DAYS A WEEKlequillecountrystore@gmail.comwww.lequillecountrystore.comA5 StalkerScan to see the sum of the

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