EXECUTIVE SUMMARY1st March 2013The Easts Group | Sydney Roosters have a proud history, aspiring to take the Club tothe next level of success and focus not only on the year-to-year goals, but also thelong term sustainability of both sides of the businesses; football and licensed cluboperations.With the recent changes, 2013 promises to deliver an exciting season both on andoff the field.The Sydney Roosters, the only National Rugby League team to have played inthe highest level rugby league competition Australia has to offer since 1908, isdeveloping a five year strategic plan to ensure the future of the game from ‘wherethe sun rises’.Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club was formed in 1958 to promote the game of rugbyleague in the Eastern Suburbs District and has expanded to five Club sites acrossgreater Sydney. These sites are located at Bondi Junction, Kingswood, Berkeley,Waverley and Woy Woy.The Leagues Club is intrinsically linked to the Roosters, and vice versa. Without eachother they would not survive individually, so to ensure a long term and prosperousfuture, the strategic plan is written as one.The Companies have a combined Board of Directors and Management Team toensure the above, and are committed to the future success each Company can bringtogether.Looking forward, the aim is to ‘achieve yearly success for sustainable growth’,whereby an NRL premiership is paramount.Our journey begins now….Nick PolitisChairmanScott BennettsGroup CEOSTRATEGIC PLAN 2013 TO 20173group

VISIONA greatcommunity club,to which memberswish to passionatelybelong...MISSIONOur MembersThey are our club. Promising the best service andproducts creating memorable entertainmentexperiences.Our EmployeesThey are our heartbeat. Providing the development,work environment and recognition that encourageand promote growth.VALUESHONESTYWe are open, authentic and transparent,and we inspire trust by saying what wemean.RESPECTWe value diversity and unique contributionsand treat others as we would like to be treated.TEAMWORKWe are a group united in working adventurouslytowards a common goal of excellence.Our CommunitiesThey are integrated. We will engage andsupport our communities at individual andgroup levels.Our Football TeamTheir success is our success. Investing inthe best resources possible which maximiseperformance.ENTHUSIASMWe project energy and passionate positivityabout our club and the meaningful roles weplay.RESPONSIBILITYWe are accountable for our actions and results,built upon making courageous and considereddecisions.PRIDEIt’s in our club, our people, our work, our historyand the Roosters jersey.OURVALUESTEAMWORKRESPECTRESPONSIBILITYENTHUSIASMHONESTYPRIDE10 20 30 40 504eastsSTRATEGIC PLAN 2013 TO 2017STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 TO 20175group

KEY PERFORMANCE AREASKEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS1. FOOTBALL OPERATIONS--To play NRL finals every year with at least one premiership.2. BUSINESS OPERATIONS--Sponsorship to grow by 20% p.a.--Football club Membership to grow by 17% p.a. to 20,000.--Licensed club Membership to grow to 50,000.--Crowd average to grow to 20,000.--Licensed club revenue to grow by 10%.--Digital engagement with our members and supporters.3. FINANCE AND GOVERNANCEEST.1908--To make a group profit annually that is in excess of $3 million by 2017.--To comply and have best practice with all government and governingrules and regulations.4. PEOPLE AND CULTURE--To be an employer of choice.--Health and safety best practice.--High performance culture.--Building capabilities and talent.5. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT--Focus on positive community outcomes.--To expand a positive reach and profile.6. FUTURE CLUB FACILITIES--To develop current and future facilities to progress the vision.--Strategic investments to ensure future continuity.6eastsSTRATEGIC PLAN 2013 TO 2017STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 TO 20177group

KEY PERFORMANCE objectives1. FOOTBALL OPERATIONS2. BUSINESS OPERATIONS1. performance is effective and efficient with maximum staffengagement.Expansive and quality player recruitment program achieving maximumvalue from recruiting opportunities.Provide a holistic player development program affording development of lifeskills, career education and well being.Highly effective talent identification and talent development programsinvolving challenging development pathways for progression in to the seniorranks, which includes our Junior League and affiliate open age Club, NewtownJets.Invest in the coaching, performance and operations staff development to themost professional standards and best practice, and retain staff within the club.Expand the high performance department which is “leading edge” in the areasof sports science, sports medicine, sports psychology, sports technology, skillsacquisition and coaching methodology.Foster a culture of innovation to identify opportunities for improvement.Achieve sustainable and repeated success through a process of “enculturation”,performance development and delivery of elite coaching programs. to achieve a year-on-year growth in corporate partnerships revenueby effective new business development whilst maintaining, building and growingrelationships with our incumbent partners.Football Club membership to grow by 17% per annum.Licensed Club Membership to reach 50,000.FOOTBALL CLUB MEMBERSHIP20132014201520162017Football club membership to grow by17% every year.LICENSED CLUB MEMBERSHIP11,000 201340,00013,000 201442,50015,000 201545,00017,000 201647,50020,000 201750,000Licensed Club Membership to reach 50,000.Crowds to provide an entertaining and world class match day experience for allmembers and supporters that is benchmarked across the NRL. Average crowdsto reach 20,000.40 30 20 102.52.6Licensed club venues2.5.1 To be known in the industry as a leader in customer service.2.5.2 To provide a safe and secure environment.2.5.3 To provide state of the art hospitality facilities for the enjoyment of our members.2.5.4 To provide best practice socially responsible solutions.Digital Strategy to drive the continual growth of our online community viathe insightful development and amplification of club exclusive content thatinforms, educates and engages the global Club audience.10eastsSTRATEGIC PLAN 2013 TO 2017STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 TO 201711group

3. FINANCIAL AND GOVERNANCE5. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT3.13.23.3Deliver true, correct, and timely finance reports for the use of management tomaximise the results of the business.Highly effective controls and processes for Group Funds with risk managementstrategies, ensuring business sustainability in an ever changing environment.Always acting with the utmost professionalism, complying with all requirementsof statutory, tax and governing bodies.4. PEOPLE AND CULTURE4. be an Employer of Choice by focusing on building our Employee ValueProposition (EVP) and promoting our brand as an employer that providesmeaningful and rewarding careers.To be an industry leader in Workplace Health and Safety practices by promotinga culture whereby being healthy, happy and safe reaches all aspects of anemployee’s work/life.To create and sustain a unified winning high performance culture bystrategically recruiting the right people, for cultural fit, values and behaviours;being transparent in how we communicate to our people and deliveringunified HR Programs across the business.To invest in the future of the Club and our people by building capabilities anddeveloping talent through targeted and effective learning and developmentprograms. the Club profile as an outstanding community organisation, leading andsupporting community activities and charities.Integrate and build engagement program with all bodies in the Club includingtargeted community groups.Expand the community assistance program including Steggles Charity Nest,Ted Noffs and Mission Australia.Invest in the community by creating mutually beneficial relationships with localschools, junior clubs and affiliated groups; including our Junior Leagues clubs,Bondi United, St.Charles, Clovelly Crocodiles, and Paddington Tigers.A strong and active Past Players Association which results in the preservationof the Club’s history and tradition enabling maximum impact in the communityprogram.Utilise the Roosters brand and profile to expand community program andimprove their effectiveness.6. FUTURE CLUB FACILITIES6. continue to build and grow facilities for food and beverage, entertainment,fitness, sporting groups and to provide services for our valued members in thecommunity.Finalise development plan for the Narellan Club, developing a diversified andself-sufficient business.Develop a master plan for Roosters Headquarters for future growth focusingon: Facilities including full size training field with good accessibility.Administration facilities designed for growth to ensure competitivenesswell into the future.Master Plan for the Waverley site, focusing on developing a diversified andself-sufficient independent business.Develop the recently amalgamated Woy Woy site into a business aligned withthe vision of the company by considered strategic investment.Maintain facilities for competitiveness in the Licensed Club market at: JunctionKingswoodBerkeley12eastsSTRATEGIC PLAN 2013 TO 2017STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 TO 201713group

ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTUREESLC LtdESDRLFC LtdBoardGroupCEOChiefOperatingOfficerFootballChiefOperatingOfficerCommercialGroupCFOGroupHR ManagerGeneralManagerLicencedClubsGroupGamingManagerFootballOperationsMarketingManagerLicencedClubsFinancialControllerRoostersOperationsManagerBondiJunctionCommercialOperationsRoostersFinancialControllerLicencedClubsGMKingswoodEastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club LimitedABN 74 522 909 012Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club LtdABN 63 000 249 490GMBerkeleyChairmanN G PolitisDirectorsP J Newton, B A Samphier, M L Bouris, M McInnes, M Fennessy, L A Ricketson.Strategic Plan 2013 to 2017The working group to produce the Strategic Plan includes;Scott Bennetts, Scott Macdonald, Brian Canavan, Ted Helliar, ValerieD’Angelo, Manuel Vlandis, Mark Wheeler, Riccardo Callegari.This has involved collecting information and feedback from our Board,management and staff. This document is to outline our strategy over thenext 5 years. Intention is that the 5 year plan is revised every 2 years.The plan also takes into consideration the recently launched NRL GamePlan 2013-2017. Developed by people who are passionate about theclub.GMWaverleyGMWoy WoyRegistered Address93-97 Spring Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022 PLAN 2013 TO 2017

STRATEGIC PLAN2013 TO 2017PO Box 124 Bondi Junction NSW

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