12 - Franklin Township Public Library

12 - Franklin Township Public Library

12 - Franklin Township Public Library


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THE ARCHWAY TAVERNRoute 27(actors from the Marketplace)DIVING INSTRUCTIONRIDER ~LLEGE-Thurs. Eves. Feb. 19 - April 29PENNINGTON SCHOOL-Sat. Morns. Feb. 21 - April 24For Information and registration, callPrinceton Auua Sports306 Alexander Street609-924-4240The Franklin NEWS’RECORD Thursday, February 12,1976Adult classes face extinctionEDDIE G & THE RAMRODSWeeknights at Franklin well as basketball programs academic pursuit, as their Phil Sumampow of Foxweod registrations have averagedFd. & SaL 9:00 PM. 2:00 AMtligh School are nearly as for both men and boys. instructor, George Lewycky,active and productive aslectured on the basic economicDrive, who had returned to ever 350 per session and thatMeanwhile, on the other sidereport some good news to his business and vocationalweekdays, as local adults of the building, students were theories of Adam Smith, Karl former instructors. He had courses are the moat popularFinestinCount~ Music, Pop Favorites participate in activities involved in various classes Marx and John Maynard received word, explained adult offerings.ranging from recreation sponsored by the community Keynes. This three-credit Sumampow, that he had However, Ms. Mallett alsoand Reque~sclasses to college courses for services deportment of the college course is sponsored by passed the General Education297-2227credit,public schools - classes such Somerset County College and Diploma (G.E.D.)On a recent Monday aa shorthand, typing, sewing is called "Business examinations, after only threeevening, for example, the and creative writing. And a Organization and months of preparation at thetownship’s recreation group of foreign-born Management."center and would be receivingdepartment was running a dog residents were studying Proceeding to the "300 his high school equivalencyobedience class for adults, as English and history with the wing" of the building, the diploma shortly.help of instructor Stanley visitorfuneda group of edultsSchools,Potonski, Franklin High seated around tables in theSchool’s foreign language woedshop. As instructor Tomdepartment chairman. Berger described thetown hall Drawn by delicious vdors, a preparation of working patclosedMon.visitor peered into the bright terns, the "Basic Woodandbusy Home Economics working" students planned aDepartment kitchen, presided variety of individual projects:Due to the Washington’s over by instructor Sybil AnnettoDanzigerworkedonaFranklinBirthday holiday Monday, all Cohen, who was showing her knife rack; Shirley Bingel laidFranklin municipal offices, adult students how to lmead out a display cabinet for herschools and beard of education the dough for "oatmeal collection of candle maffarsoffiees wig be closed for the ]caves." During their a-week and Norman Manfredoniaday.course, she said, her pupils planned a trellis for artificialThere will also be no mail would also prepare sourdough, flowers.delivery that day. Anyone Italian, ryeundpumpernleknl Afiunlstopwaamadeatthewishing to ensure that their breads us well as brioches and informal but absorbing "Adultnews item will be in next filled yeast cakes. Learning Center," located inweek’s News-Record may drop Meanwhile, just across the the Franklin High Schoolthemoffatourofficeat240So, hall, a group of students was library. There, the visitorMain St. Manville, from 9-5. engaged in a somewhat more talked with former studentIfwe made oureas3, loan any easier, wel:!be taway.Although Mr. Sumampowenthusiastically credited thefine instruction and friendlycooperation among students,two of his instructors --Township publicschool teachers Vic Luty andHarry Joyce -- in turn praisedthe effectiveness of the newlearning center. They explainedthat the individualizedprogram us coordinated bylibrarian Doris Stevens of theSampson G. Smith School,¯ permits students to concentrateon their own needsand to progress at their ownrates of speed.Sherry Mullett, director ofcommunity services for theschool district, reports thatnoted that two of the state- Byrne’s proposed budget forfunded programs, Adult next year. She also indicatedEducation and Evening School that the balance of the ecruforthe Foreign-Born, were not munity services program is inrecommended for funding jeopardy as well, due to theunder the terms of Governor state and local budget crunch.SCAP to elect trusteesExecutive DirectOr Jean W. coordinating all technological, munity Center 117 SomersetRobinson of the Somerset social, political energies and Street, North Plainfield, CEACommunity Action Program brilliance from the community~, Somerville, The Somervilleannounced that SCAP will he through integrating input into Youth Federation, 95 Franklinholding its annual Communityprograms and performances." Street, Somerville.Sector Board of Trustees On Feb. 21, two new Voters must meet theElections on Saturday, Feb. members to this board will he following requirements21.elected. Somerville area will residents of Somerset-CountySCAP encourages total have representatives for a two for at least one month, 18community participation. year term, as will North years of age or older, mustAlthough significant communityinput comes from lecal partieipants, the elected of-Election Area) in which theyPlainfield. As board of trustee reside in the CEA (Communitybusiness and government as ficials will provide input for are voting.well as community agency resolution to community Community residents interestedin becoming can-leaders, the community sector problems.election proeedure insures The Somerset County didates for the board positiontotal community partici~tion,Mrs. Robinson said. officiate at the Feb. 21 elec-following requirements:League of Women Voters will need only comply with theMrs. Robinson elaborated on tions, and oversee the Residents of Somersetsignificance of forth coming following polling sites: CEA County for at least threeelection saying, "SCAP’s ~, North Plainfield. The North months, t8 years of age, mustoperating principal is one of Plainfield Youth and Corn- reside in the CEA of theircandidacy, file petition ofcandidacy signed by aminimum of 25 residents of theCEA, prior to Feb. 16at 5 p.m.,and must file an affidavit withtheir petition indicating theirinterest in serving on theboard and their intention to actas representatives of the poor.Petitions and affidavitforms can be picked up fromand returned to the pollingsites mentioned."The Community Action£~P|~iG our pricesPRICEProgram," Mrs. Robinsonsaid, "Which provides socialservices throughout the countycan become much more effectiveduring these times,with ongoing support of countycitizens. The communitymeetings and the Feb. 21elections opens the door foryour envolvement. Consideryourself a potential boardmember, and Vote on Feb.21."THUNDERBIRDSTAKE FIRSTThe Thunderbird Drum andBugle Corps took first place inthe junior division competitionunder the National JudgesAssociation, Chapter Ill onFeb. 7.The competition was held inTottenville, Staten Island¯¯ : .. n Atthe..~...... HillsboroughNational Bank we not onlymake it easy for you to borrow money,we give you a gift to take home..... Our way of saying thank you fordoing an important part of your bankingwith us -borrowing money.And to make it easier we also giveyou a payment break. 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Member F.DICBanking hours: 8AM to 8 PM daily and 9AM to 5 PM .Saauda~Grand OpeningBRING YOUR SWEETHEART & KIDSJOIN US SATURDAY, FEB.. 14thJoin us from IO-A.M. until 4-P.M. andhelp us celebrate our Grand Opening. TheCHOCO THESweeps~zkes has a 19" Color TV as 1stPrize, an AM/FM Stereo Console as 2ndPrize;a 12" B&W TV as 3rd Prize, thereMAGICare Bicentennial AM/FM Radios and somuch more! Full in the coupon below, CLOWNmail it, or drop it offat our showroom.FREE BALLOONSENTER TODAY! GOOD LUCK!MAGIC SHOWSEVERY HOURNameAddressCity,State, ZipOrewlnged1976,bymnMarchentries25’~h.muttWinnetswill be notifiedbeby phone end reglSt~llreClmill,FIAT 131 2-DOOR COUPEOnly Fiat muM do it.Sl~tef than a V~yet with mote headroomthan a RollsUBmB,America discovers HAT...there must be a reason.A D,vision of FiatLUXURY BEYOND COMPARISON,ATA PRICE WITHIN YOU REACH.LANClA...THE RETURN OF TRUTH,BEAUTY AND WISDOM.

Thursday, February 12, 1976 Ihe franklin NEwS’RECORDBond refusal erupts into court fightby Brian Wood This time, however, it looks bending attorney in Chicago, declar~ after the council from the council, other road improvements. He taxation is the only person thatManaging Editor like the council action will kill who said "it appears quiteMonday by the assessor fromvote, "it’s clear the project is In other action Tuesday told the council had not can hwestigatc an assessor.action against the owners ofthe program, because the reasonable for the townshipBernardsvinein an attempt tolegal." tie said he could not night, the council voted maintained those assessments In aeother matter thethe Somerset ValleylndustrialThe Franklin Township federal department of llousing council" to determine that theconvince the countytax beardunderstand how the council unanimously to ask the state for two years because his council voted unanimously toCampus topressure them intoCouncil refused for the second and Urban Development hasthat the ratio for Bernardecommunity center would could pay $19,000 a year to rent director of taxation if Tax methods were being appeal the Somerset County paying about $500,000 on realtime Tuesday night to float a netified the township that a clearly be port of the HousingTownship should be changed,the temporary recreation Assessor Roger" Payne broke questioned in the FTA in. equalisation ratio to the stateestate taxes from last year.$78,000 bend for the constructionof a community be canaalled 30 days from Feb. of the council were not con- for the same amount of moneytax burden on every otherfederal grant of $285,560 will Authority, but four memberswhich would reduce the countycenter on Easton Avenue when the law or was derelict in his vestigation.Divison of Tax Appeals. The"I want them to come upduties for not maintaining Tuesday night Councilmanratiois used to determine how

4-A I he Franklin NEWSRECORD Thursday, February 12, 1976--Franklin as it used to beTheFranklInServing Fr.nklin To*mhipNEWS RECORD Bonnie Smith completes coursePublishcdev¢~Thundayal BJLOXI, MISS. - Airman communication equipment being assigned to K.[, Sawyer300Wlthenpc~)nSL First Class Bonnie L, Smith, repairman course conducted AFB. Miss., for duty with aPrt.ccto.,NJ. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. bytheAirTraining Command, unit of the Air Force CombyThePrincelon Packet, [he, Harold P. Smith of 17 Franklin The airman, who was taught munieations Service.St., East Millstone, has installation and maintenance Airman Smith is a 19fi6Localoffice:24OSouthMainSt. Man- graduated at Kessler AFB, of high-powered ground graduate of Franklin ]lighvilla. N.J. 08876. Telephune 2Ol-’t2S. Mi~.. from the U.S. Air Force,1300.communications equipment, is School.ThankslighSondra Sulam is the only Jaekie Cedy and her stafffor ts candidate that fulfills these continued success.Open Letter to the Franklin educator. She has also been inTownship CouncilGentlemen:The Cedar Wood Woman’s hoard, tier questions and The Easton messClub would like to express our opinions are intelligent andsincere apprcoiation for the well informed. As adew mercury type streetEditor :homemaker she can devotelighting ’already installed in the time necessary to thethe ]lanfilton-Somerset Street board and in addition sheA resident of Branchburg, I~ection of our town.was unaware of Ihe herrendousconditions of EastenPublic Service informs usthat (luring the change over,Avenue until I began to travellhey rcoeived many phonecalls fr’om enthusiasticresidents in that area.We understand there is thepessibility of some cutbacks inthe services provided for theresidents this year. We sincerey rope that" h s project ofdew street lighting IbenefieialIo all residents) will not be onethat will he sacrificed.Carol Sos, PresidentCedar Wood Woman’s ClubAnita Kronstadt,ChairpersonSupports SulamEdi h)r:In this time of e~reme fiscalstress dad threatened schoolstandards, a position on theboard of education carries anincreasingly greaterresponsihlity.A candidate for a position onthe hoard must possess a keen,logical mind, time to apply it,experience in education and orheard of education goals andpolicy.would be able to visit ourschools.I feel I can support hercandidacy fully as the bestchoice to protect the interestsof our children.Rosemary Tandon2 Susan DriveThank scoutsEditor:The Franklin Women’s Clubwould like to extend theirsincere appreciation to theGirl Scouts of Troop 810. Onbazardous conditions beforeCommunity ServiceSaturday, Feb. 7, Sara disaster strikes¯ Hopefully, theDepartmentAtatimer, Marie Cartwright, board will actively respond.Nancy l-lill, and CarmelannDiMaio served grooiously as Rober ta A. Karpi neczfloaters and staffed the kitchenfor the Library SilverBranehburgTea. Mrs. Joan DiMaio, thetroop’s assistant leaderdescribed their participationin the nfternoon’s activities as JEIIOVAII SPEAKFI{part of the preparation for aFirst Class badge.Sunday at 9:25 a.m. PhillipThe t~l was a financial Zimmerman, an overseer in:success benefiting The the Bridgewater Congregation,I"Reach Out To Children" of Jehovah’s Witnesses, will beproject sponsored by the FDL the guest speaker at the localbranch of tile FranklinTownship library. TheFranklin Club sees ~’eat meritin the program and wishesLight Hearted Earringsnew, large, whisper-weight14-karat gold earringsare designed to gointo on earand out the other.$90.it enroute to RutgersUniversity. Surely this is oneof the m~t treacherous roadsin the county, and has been, asI understand, for some time.Certainly, residents ofFranklin are aware thatEaston Avenue is a countyroad and as such falls underthe respondsibility of, theBoal:d.~.of ..Freeholde’rsItopefully, township residentswill vehemently demand thebeard take immediate actionto correct these dreadfullycongregation on HighlandAvenue¯ He will present thepublic lecture "The Shaping ofYour Future¯"The PerfectJBLor I full F.r at ADDIIIONAL ~,~P.Values You Don’t Want To Miss - Save $$"BE-NEWED" CADILLAC TDADE:INSMarriageUniting components together.in a matched system is an art,here at Stuart~ we have made such a marriage.YAMAHAII IIThorens - Stanton... /¯ /ePierced or Slip-OnLawrence Store OnlyOther heart earringsfeaturing the newesttiny studs in single hearts,double hearts and stars.Priced from10.50 to 40.00C"’411L-36The L-36 Decade is the top of JBL’s Decadeseries. It boasts a 3-way speaker system with anexclusive 5" Mid range which contributesgreatly to the systems dramatic presence.s396CR.800The perlormance specifications of theYamaha CR.800 professional classstereo receiver are distinguished inmany ways, but its low disto,.tion level of.08 per cent is unequalled.s580TD.165 500 EThorens is no newcomer to the Audiolield. They are the oldest and mostrespected name in turntables. We havecoupled it with the Stanton 500E car.tridge known the world over as the"Broadcasters Cartridge" where it isused almost exclusively.s204s5Sl180 sSTRENTONBroad and Hanover Sts.989-8100Daily 10.5:30hamih nI~.u,~..o ~g~aRoute 1 and Texgs Ave.771-9400Mon.-Fd. 10-9Sat. 10-5:30SPECIAL SALE PRICE =99995i L~/~ ~ll~l~/ll~ll~.. J,~ A ~.A ~l~ . 544 North Avenue, East, Westfield, N.J.. 232-0483 --~qk IRt. 206-GranetzMalI, Raritan, N.,..526-,34X I~~1~11~ N~ J~"O¯ OPEN MeN. & THURS. 9:30 A.M.’9:00 P.M., TUES,, FRI. & SAT. 9:30 A.M,-6:00 P.M. - CLOSED WED.

--. ~ .... o i= -.=r

6-A 1he Franklin NEWS’RECORD Thursday, February 12,1976~rl IIII ;¯Store hours:Daily ’til 6Thurs. ’til 9mmli40 o 0ffFilm test to honor black history Hamilton, ’Oklahoma’castVansant e_ n i~llmThe Frederick Douglass ThcodoreTaylor Educattenal history in tbe fidda of music, panelguests IS smr-sTuaaeaSPECIAL15% Ol1""Give yourValentine Green sweetheart a’off all fabrics Plant Garden "livingift"of fresh flowers$ 5.00 or plantsolstery & furniture~ ~ °J~°¢~ ~/mand Greenhouses84 Main St., South Bound Brook 1188 Millstone River Rd. 359-5307469-2220Hillsborough~a"Buy where tlw /Iolr’er,~ grow’"Area Rug Sale!A Sensational Lincoln’s BirthdayWeekend EventV.Oriental Design "Mill Trials" . Danish Wool Ryas: . - ~. ’ . . Wool Peking Design .=10’x 14’ 8’3" x l 1’2" 8’6" x l 1’6" ~ ¯ ~AASale s995.Power-loomed by America’s most famous mill.100% worsted wool. Also 8’8" x 12’ reg. $895.Sale $695, I I’5" a IS’ reg. S1850 Sale$1480, I 1’5" ¯ 18’ reg. S2l~ Sale $1680¯Liberation Library will held a Community Room 429 Lewis politics, Ihe arts, sports andfilm fcst val honoring Black Street, Somersct. Admiseionis social sciences. Selected On Tuesday the Franklin The casting has been Villagers Barn Theatre.History Week. Films will be free.features of the celebration will League of Women Voters will completed in Somerset for the Ronald Plait (Jud) recentlyshown from 3-6 p.m. daily, The Film Festivat wilt include the history of civil held o panel dlsct~sion on the production of the Rodgers andbeginning Monday, Feb. 9received rave notices as thepresent highlights of rights and the Afro- issue of "thorough and efficienteducation" in the state "Oklahoma." The cowboys Cuckoo’s Nest)) at theHammcrstein’s musical Indian in "One Flew Over thethrough Friday, Feb. 13 at the prominent blacks in American American’s life throughout thevarious periods of our nation’s of New Jersey¯ Guests on the and cowgirls have been chosen Villagers and has played200 years. In addition, a panel will he Assemblyman and the cast, consisting of George in "Who’s Afraid oftribute to Jazz traces itsrWilliam Hamilton (D-17) and multi.talented people from Virginia Woolfc", and Leany¢otlr s origins back to its earliestDonald Vansant, Somerset central New Jersey reads like in "Of Mice attd Men."black roots, and follows its County superintendent ofDonald Aaronsan (Alldaygrowth.schools.Ilakim) played the Rabbi inClasses, social groups, The phrase "thorough and"Fiddler" last year as well assenior citizens’ groups and efficient" comes from thestarring in summer stockisFEBcommunity" programs interestedin making group Court decision which orderedlandmark state Supremeproductions around thearrangements, ’or individualscountry.!i!0RD-.Rthe legislature to come up withThe roles of Laurie, Curlyinterested in further informationshould call school aid.dream sequence will be playeda new method for distributingand Jud for the fanlous balletJacqucline Cody at 828-3786.,egu,.,,,. Sale s199 ate100% wool. Three contemporary paflerns intones of Beige, Orange, Bust, Tobacco.Mothprod and colodast. Al~o 4’ ¯ S’?"Sale $59,5’6" ¯ 8’ Sale $I 19.GOPto holdforumThe Franklin TownshipRepublican Club will hold ameeting Tuesday at the HodFox Inn on Somerset Street inNew Brunswick where aforum will be held for the fivecandidates for the Franklinheard of education.The meeting wilt start at 8p.m. and a question and answerperiod will follow.Anyone may attend the Inns-Lion.Dr. Vansant will speak onthe implementation of"thorough and efficient" inSomerset County andAssemblyman Hamilton issupposed to give the latestfeeling of the legislature on theissue.The courts have given thelegislature until April 6 tocome up with funding for theschool aid bill¯The panel will be in theMalAise Road School libraryat 8 p.m.The new numberfor policeis 873-2300a "Who’s Who?" of talent,Robert Hynes (Curly)Colnnia was seen bytheatrcgoers in Plays in thePark productions of "L’ilAbner", "South Pacific" and"Hello Dolly". He recentlyhad the leading role ofRutledge in "1T/6" at theMcCarter Theatre in Princeton,Phyttis Cohen (Laurie) hadmany leading roles in areatheatre productions whichindluded Marion in "Musicl~.an", Kate in "Kiss Me Kate"and Carrie in "Carousel."Linda Joy Silverman (AdoAnnie) played the part ofFannie Brits in "Funny Girl"and was in the production of"Fiddler On The Hoof."Ben Fishner (Will) isstudent at Weatmicster ChoirCollege and had a leading rolein "Man of LaManeha" and"The Fantastics."Barbara Berkowi~ (AuntEllen) recently appeared inlead part in "Prisoner ofSecond Avenue" at theo’n’R0g mATTENTION HOMEOWNERS !Overcome the HIGH COST of building a newhouse. Improve the one you have withalterations, additions, new roof or siding.M. R. TOTH CONSTRUCTION, INC.* Professional Craftsmanship*All Phases of Building & RemodelingNew Homes Commercial & Industrialrespectively by JcmtiferSlaUin, Rebert Skioner and ,Joel Baird.In addition to the aheve,some of the supporling roleswill be played hy tlnwardAItschul (Sherif), Pete Levin(Slim), Stan Pearlman (Ike),Ken Titus (Fred) and GcorgeWarren (Carries).The complete cast is madeup of 95 talented actors andactresses who will be directedby Shari Upbin.The orchestra will be trader ,(he direction of BeverlyWapner Gorelick andEieonora Stein is thechoreographer.Now that Ihe parts arechosen and tile rehearsalsunder way. we only eced (oawait opening night April 29.The show will then run for Iwoweekends at the &snn G.4Stnidt Sdtool. It is sponsoredby Temple Beth El.Peters completesaviation school,named ensignJeffrey R. Peters, son of Mr.and Mrs. Nicholas tl. Peters of,’35 Fordham Road, Somerset,Ires been commissioned anensign upon graduation fromAviation Officer CandidateSchool at the Naval AirStation, Pensacola. Fla.The 16-weck course includesinstruction ou the fundamentalsof aerodynamicsand engineering, aviationphysiology, mathematics andgeneral military subjects. It isdesigned to prepare studentsfor more than a year of intensiveground and inflighttraining leading toward theirdesignation as Imval aviators.A 1970 graduate of TrentonHandwoven In India. Chrome dyed yarns andluster washed. In blue, gold.green, or red. State College, Trenton, with aAlao3’6"zS’6"eale$109,5’6"¯8’8" Renovations Constructionmasters of arts t!crtec, heSaleS219¯joined the Navy in DecemberCranbury, N.J. 609-655-2330t~70.~..,~ .~’~¯ --’: ....n fClassic Oriental Designs8’I" x I 1’3".eg..a,.gg Sale s199.Open and closed Kirma n panerns, 100% worstedwoul woven in Belgium. Blue, Brown. Red orIvory. Also 47" ¯ 68" SaleS69.5’7" ¯ 8’3"Sale $129.9’ 10" a 13’6" SaleS849¯EnglishRyas__ u . ..._.-_. _-_-Illml ni Im~ Nil Um lira mm im mm Bm |mill IL IIJll aa nl BI i~ Olil II m ml la m..... ~,l__ lllli||ll|l I limit m mWool Chinese Des,unnmn~ mml||i ll |ll ! illln I79" round II i im Im Im | im Ill lll|l |l Illll|regula, $199 s159 ¯ lElBUlllllUuinn|m!1 i iV n| i m u ~ lU:: i ~ V I m ui "" Hi,...,~-~,.~¯u.axmlns*~wovenan~enmarb.~la~lc~esl~n~nOrientalPatterns8’y’~ ll’6-SaleS119,Nylon Rye Couristan Klmhlmar OctngonWoven in Belgium of wool, cotton and rayon.100% wool. Authentic pattern In Blue. Gold or9’ x 12’SaroukdndKi .... ,nred.ivorg.orb, .... gular$199 Sale s99. Green.backgrounds. AJso S’S" ¯ 8’6" Salo $59.Regular SalePopular swirled design In Rust or SIZE Price Price¯ ~. ’ff%~’.Nalural tones. Longwearing. 4’8" x 4’8" S199.Al|o 6’ 19’ Sale $89.8’3" s 8’3" $459,gg.¯"~’" ;"~’**l.Bicentennial BugFlokati ~ ’-,,.2’10"x4’8’3’" x 11’6" ~ . ’".A collector’s item in 100% Anso’ nylon. RichregularS199 ’~ t. ’,pauionc colors, For floor or walll. .~ ," ’. ~. ,~" ~Sale ......’99, ’VetvFake, VervFuny.Ver V’ ~ :~beautiful. FulIv washable, In ~, ,.~.~Natural White. ~o 8’ ¯ S’ "~;O--Salo $14,4’ ¯ 8’ S-~o $19,8.,8 a.,..,Now open Sundays 11:0 5:SANDLER&WORIYou’ll like our style.s29.SUIT & SPORTCOATS /130.IlFIF/I50% OFFCall for our Shop.at-Home service¯ LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, 2901 Rt. I, 0.3 Mile South of BakersBasin Rd., (609) 882-8550. OTHER NEW JERSEY STORES: North Brunswick, Eatontown, Springfield, Paramus,Succasunna. NEW YORK STORES: Nanuet, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Middletown.

Thursday, February 12,1976The Franklin NEWS’RECORDChamber Black historywill study texts at CWWC wrapped-up in skirtsHamilton St. Douglass libraryTincraft program Weds.Landscape architecture Thisyear, being the year of Betty Maurer of Emerson is scheduled for Thursday at The Franklin Township oat of tin, following an early from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. onstudent’s from Cook College the American bicentennial, Road will conduct a workshop 8:30 p.m. Public Library, 935 Hamilton American art form. Those Wednesdays, Fridays, andand Rutgers University will National Black History WeekJoin the Franklin Township on wrap skirts for the’ "Gypsy" set construction St., Somerset, will present a attending may wish to bring Saturdays;and from noon to4has been expanded to last theDepartment of Planning indecorative crafts group of workshops have been set for 10 series of once-a-month craft tin can lids and bottoms and p.m. on Sundays. The libraryentire month of February. Cedar Wood Woman’s Club.developing a study for thea.m. on Saturday, Feb. 21, and programs for adults. The first tin snips with a serrated edge. will be dosed Feb. 16 forThedemonstration willbe held Saturday, Feb. 28, at Sampson of these, a demonstmtien ofrevitalization of HamiltonMrs. Domihiei has done Washingten’s birthday..Monday at g p.m. G. Smith School. Anyone in- tincraft, will he held onStreet.demonstrations of various --The Frederick Douglass On Tuesday at 10 a.m., the terested in assisting may Wednesday, Feb. 18. The 45- cralts at area libraries andThe meeting on Tuesday, Liberation Library offers aCOUNTCONTINUESGourmet du Jour cookingunder the auspices of thecontact Dot Hess on Drake minute demonstration will be before many groups across tbewide selection of books, class willmeetattbehouseof road. given three times .-at 10:30above and the Chamber ofstate. She will return toperiodicals, records andThe George StreetTerry Sberman of Grter Road. a.m.,ll:lSa.m.,andlp.m.- Franklin Library in March ferCommerce of Franklin filmstrips pertaining to blackPlayhouse production of"Pasta and its Preparation" coinciding with the children’s a program on stained glassTownship, has been sent to history for beth adults and"Count Dracula," currentlywill be demonstrated, story hour programs, and in April for a session on playing in New Brunswick toexamine the attitudes, needsand desires of people who areconcerned about the future ofthe Hamilton Street area.This approach, known asconsensus planning, isdesigned to involve thosepeople, who will be affected bythe plan, in the planningprocess itself. The meetingwill be 8 p.m. in TownshipHall.SGS fairinvolves workof hundredsParents are invited to aMath/Scieece/Sncial StudiesFair (o be held Thursdayp.m. at Sampson G. SmithSchool. Several hundredstudents are involved in thepreparation for this evening ofeducational exhibits.The finalists in the mathbee,’ approximately 7 studentsin each grade, will compete inthe oral portion of the contestbeginning the program in theauditorium. The mathdepartment will also have ametrics awareness display inone of the classrooms.Students and teachers will beon hand to explain.The social studies departmentexhibits of hand madeprojects representative of thecolonial period of U.S. historywill be arranged on the stagefor parents to view. The judgesfor the Historical Fair willaward six places plus 10 to 15honorable mentions fromamong the more than 100entries.More than 100 exhibits arealso expected to be entered inthe science fair. The guestjudges will choose a first andsecond place in each of thephysical science and life.science categories.Signs prominently displayedin the school will adivseparents of the location of allexhibits. This is anotherprogram sponsored by the SGSPTSO and the individualdepartments within the schoolproviding parents an opportunityto observe the workand accomplishments of~tudents.Roeske familyadopts son,FrederickMr. and Mrs. Donald H.Roeske of 5 Meade Ca. announcedthis week the arrivalof their adopted son,Frederick Way, on Feb. 3. Hewas bern Nov. 29, 1975.Mrs. Roeske is a specialwriter for the News-Record.Also recently the birth of ababy girl was announced bythe Somerset Hospital on Feb.2, to Frank and Rcnda Lucille,11 Norfolk Rd.The new numberfor theboard of educationis 873-~00IN¯ ONE DAYWE CANCUT YOURFUEL BILLInsulation byprofessionalsESTABLISHED 1952CALL LEE ALLENFOR FREE ESTIMATE609-448.6439"THE ENERGY SAVERS"Hlghtatown, N.J.children. These materials are The technique of water colorConducting the ’ tincraft Easter egg decoration,available free of charge to painting will be shown by BLAUSTEINWII,LTRAVEL demonstration will be Terry For further information, callassist community groups with Frances Chert to the artDominici of the Somersettheir research and planning’ department of Cedar Wood Franklin High School County Library. She will showfor this year’s extended Black Woman’s Club on Thursday at Principal M. Lee Blaustein how candle sconces and otherHistory Celebration, which 8:30 p.m. at 8:30 p.m. Janecn has been invited to address the decorative items can be madebegins Sunday, Feb. 7. Mahajan of Drake Road will 60th annual national conbehostess for the evening, vention of the Association ofFor more information, dropby the Frederick Douglass Creative cooking will meet Secondary School PrincipalsLiberation Library at 55 Fuller at the home of Lorraine on Saturday and Sunday at theStreet, Somerset, on the 2rid Matthews for a workshop in llilten Hotel in Washington,floor, or call 201-828-3786. Chinese cooking. The meeting D.C.Hours:Man. 10-6 Wed. 10-9Tues. 10-6 Thurs. 10-9Anne btari¢’sof HillsboroughA 8" P Shopping Center, Rt. 206 South112 o.All Fall and WinterFashionsNew Spring & CruiseArrivals Weeklyi *Spring Specials* ;: 2 8" 3 Piece Polyester Pantsuits :ilin Mint, Blue, Peach, Beige 8- more...Reg. $39:99 NOW$29.99 JJr. Sizes 5-15Misses6-20Fri 10-8 359-1680Sat. 10-6Jr. ¯rchitect’schairOur imported Danishchair is sized just fightfor the younger set.It rolls anywhere oncasters and comesin bright red. blue.yellow, white orbasic black.$7Oturn-away crowds, has exteededits run ontil Saturday,Fra/~klin Library at 545-8032: Feb. 21. "Dracula," which hasThe library is open from 10 broken all previous ata.m.to8:30 p.m. on Mondays, tendance records for aTuesdays, and Thursdays; Playhouse preduction,May your valentineand your Valentine’sDay be beautiful...in the A&P Shopping CenterHILLSBORUGHOpen9-5 Tues. thru Thurs.9-9 Fri., 8-5 Sat.359-7511Childrerfs Liberation.Kids are people. Small people, it’s true, but nevertheless people.And they don’t need cutesy-poo furniture anymore than you do. Which is whyall our kid’s stuff is designed with the same attention to form,function and practicality as our grown-up furniture, liberating idea, isn’t it?Bookcase deskShining white lacquer linlsh desk has a 3-drawercabinet on one side. a top drawer that locks(perfect for keeping secrets or hidden neesures).and a clever side bookcase. 47" long, 21" deepand 27½" high. $130The cttb that convamto a IovuseatProbably the best crib ever designedbecause when your child graduates to aregular bed it graduates to a settee by justremoving one of the sides. Made in SwedenoI natural birch, It features a mattressplatform thai adjusts to 3 heighls.Polyurethane mattress with waterproolticking Included.$175iNEW JERSEY PENNSYLVANIA55 Slate Rd (Rle 206 1709 Walnut St. 1231 aid York RdPHnceton. NJ Nr. Rittenhouw Sq Act IT. Abtngton Hasp(609) 9249686 Phkla. Pa Abtngton. Pa.(215) 5639393 (2151885 3440¯High back trundle bedUnderneath our high back aundle bed there’s another bed thatrolls outo sleep a friend. Wood slat supportsystem insures a good niqht’s rest¯ Two manesses included.White lacquer finish $325 Teak oroak veneers $350Ladder bunk bedSleep two in the space ofone. Designed so thaiboth ends act as ladders.the lop bunk has a guardrail for safely. And. whenyou went. the Iwo bedsseparale for individualuse. Natural maple orwhite lacquer ltnl~=hcomplete with 2mattresses supportedwilh sturdy wood slats$410AdjustabletableOur tilt top adjustabledrawing table has a59X27" top that’s perfectas a desk or worktable.And Itcan be adjustedin hetgh¢ from 2q" In 32"to ~ow as he does.$150Thin.Imps cabinetUnderneath, there’s anatural pine 3.drawercabinet that holdschoolthings, toys, even doth~.$125Don Allen Says:"This Valentine’s Day...GIVEYOURLOVESOMEFLOWERS_and "....GIVE SOME FLOWERS-LOQuite frankly, fella’, she’s expecting something - youknow how the fair sex are on St. Valentine’s Day. With alittle planning, this Saturday could be one of the bestdays of your lifelGive her some flowers.., and not unexpectedly, we lusthappen to know the b&st place to get them.CHECK BELOW TO SEE WHICHEVERLOVIN ° TYPE YOU ARE:¯ LOVABLE but BROKE: Your expansive nature has beenside-tracked due to lack of funds. Well, for you, one ofthe most sentimental of oil gifts ............ 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iThe Franklin NEWS:RECORD Thursday, February 12,1976mnpn lhng nSIOP6William A. Carrie, 89, of son, William Jr. of Freehold; a Born in Washington County,Wife of Clarence, who diedRoclney Ave., Somerset, died daughter, Mrs. Alice C. Ga., he had lived in this area William B,in 1970, she is survived by twoSaturday in St. Peter’s Santamarina of Somerset; two for t0 years. Mr. Horne was adaughters, Mrs. Judith GrossMedical Center, New Brunswick.grandchildren, member and deacon of the ’Sandra Pfisterer, with whomgrandchildren, and two great retired farmer. He was a Norkit|sof Wheaton, lll., and Mrs.Born in Philadelphia, Pa., Services were at 11 a.m. First Church of God, Plainyesterdayin the Higgins field¯ William B. Norkitis, 70, of children.she lived, and three grand-he moved here 10 years ago.He was a proprietor of the MemorialHome,20CenterSt., He was the husband OF the 109 Douglas Ave. in the Services were Friday in St.Stewart & Steen Engraving Freehold, with the Bey. late Mozell Lee Home, who Somerset section died last Angelia Morici B.C. Church in[Barbara Melnick daughters, Mrs. Edna v. and Printing Co., Walter Gandek, pastor OF the died in 1969. Wednesday in the Middlesex Fair View.Bubrow of South Brunswick Philadelphia, until his First United Methodist Surviving are three General Hospital, New Burial was in Holy Crossand Mrs. Frances Peterson of retirement in 1966.Church, Freehold, offidating, daughters, Mrs. Doreatha Brunswick.Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.Mrs. Bertha Makusciewsld Somerset; 13 grandchildren,Mr. Carrie was a member of Burial was in Trinity Burnett of Camden, Mrs. Born in Nuntionke, Pa., he Arrangements were handledfMhelnick,79, o!184 P arkSt.,in and 9 great-grandc.hi_l~en, the Trinity Lutheran Church Lutheran Cemetery, Marie Rozier of Dublin, Ga., lived here 24 years. He was b.y the Gowen Funeral Home,e bomerset section, cued Services were at s::su a m Philaael,,hla ’ Ph adeloh ~ a. and Mrs. Martha Howard, employed "by autgers 233 SomersetSaturday in St. Peter’sSt., NewTuesday in the Gowen Funeral -Howe’s a’-~st master and¯ Medical Center, New Brun- Home 233 Somerset St., New secretary n~ R! AIhnn¢ ~lJl’ll~tdelPIl~fkle~d,~ A with whom he resided; two departmentUniversityinHethe maintenanCewas a corn-Brunswick.’ -J ............ " I~ em|vl|~.l no sons, Daniel A. of Lawnside . ¯swick. Brt.lswick followed by a 9 ~hnrl~ M ~wnin ~.¢.AM. n ¯ mumcant of St Joseph’s R C.... h "veal ......................and Semmion N. of Franklin;Born In l-olanu , s e fl a ¯ m . funeral , mass m . St .... ,,,~,,,~. ~..r th ~ ~. ITniversit,, ~ ~ :, two sisters, Mrs. Esther Church, New Brunswick ’ and Elmer E.here for the past S0 yeare. She Josephs Church New m~.,a] A,’ch Chanter 256 ands Borne Highsmith of Newark, and member of the Holy Namewas a member OF St. Joseph’s Brunswick. ~."=~ ~’-~ .... ~ .... t’.~.,, ^r Mrs. Willie Bentley of Vidalia Somety. He was also aR.C. Church, New Brunswick, Burial wns in St. Peter’s m~"~’A’~;==~,’~ ~"~’~o’~’r~:,~.:; RavmondA Horne 80 of 27 Ga’ five brothers Samuei member of the Franklin Andersonthe Rosary Society ¯ t a nd the Cemetery ............................. New Brunswick. ’Protection Keystone Davis Ave in the Somerset’ ’B.rdv" of M.t Vernon.’ Gs.. Township Seniors CitizenUnion of Perish women ’c~ ¯ -- th^ wife of ~e t"t^Assembly, all of Philadelphia. section ¯ ’ , ’ d=~ Sunda y ’ mthe St. Walter and Cornelius Horne, Club. Maj. Elmer E. Anderson,~,~ w,,~ =’= = |M:iI,%,,,,,, A IP’,.,,,;~ Husband of the late Harriet Peter’s Medical Center, New both of Vidalia Ga David Surviving are his wife, the USAF, Bet., 49, of 14An.thon.y.. . IIIIIILIIII r’t, ~vali~tottCorrie he ssurvivedbya Brunswick HorneofClevela’nd, Oido, and former Anna Paddock; three Lexington Road, died last~urwwng are two " " James Horne of Newark and daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Mondayin St. Peter’s Medicaleight m’andchildren Argondizzo at home; Mrs. Center, New Brunswick,Ill I lllll~.rrangementswerehandied Jerry Tier of Old Bridge, and shortly after admission.by the~Anderson Funeral M.rs. Janet Toth of Toms BorninParamos,helivedinService, 20tSandi’ordSt.,New River; a brother, Joseph of Franklin 13 years.I"Brunswick. Nanticoke and t0 grand- Maj. Anderson retired inY~YnOPEN[~ CHANT~LLY" ~ Services were at 8:30 a.m. Force.~.’u,M eh,~en t~,Oafter2Oy~i 1 ~ BROCK’S LJ J EAU-DE ~ Saturday in the Gowen He ,,’as presently employed~11""-- -- ~ ’ ~" - ....... I~" ~1 TOILETTE ~ Funeral Home, 233 Somerset as an electrical engineer forI~jCORSAGE.~.~.... ~ St., New Brunswick followed Bell Labora tortes,,.,.,0 "’ ’ SPRAY I ...... m"~ by a 9 a.m. funeral mass in St. Piscataway.tlCl U, 31 ~r~~ HEART~.~i~, IAR>IU, i],~ Joseph,s Church. New Maj. Andersonreeeiveda]..,,~,. . ...,.~. m ~ Brunsw,ckboche,ors degree ,a-- 1-- ~ - - -- I Ikllr - :, .V 1 LB. ,,~ 1.750z. I ~~-",:_- [li ~ Burial was in St. Peter’sengineering from IllnoisI ,o::::;:,, Hi T,o,,ooCemetery. New Brunswick. Un,vers,ty and a mastersin engineering fromUniversity of Dayton, Dayton,Ruth A. Hrabak Ohio.O QQ Q ~Fie was a member of the"/~~iF~~’~ Mrs. Ruth Anna l-,rabek, 63, Somerset Presby ter,an~ . --,~ .~ ~~of4, Vermont Ave. d,ediast Church." Monday in St. Peter’s Medical Surviving are his wife, theCenter, New Brunswick. former Byung Lira; two sons,¯Tho AA Barn She moved here in 19G4 fromRidpR¢,Monm~athJcL ltichard and Donald, both at~ ~ ~ ~ ~Fair View Park, Ohio. home; two daughters, Miss.~n.12:00PMb6:00PB Mrs. Hrabak was a com. Suzanne at home, and Mrs.Tutcthro~51t. munieant of St. Augustine’s Betsy Heinz of Maple Shade.~~Z~"/~/~y~KIDDIE’SI0:00AMto6:00PM B.C. Church in the Franklin Services were at 8 p.m.Park section.Thursday in the PresbyterianThe very special way to remember¯ .. C.-c~"~pb ~. Church, John F. Kennedy[ ~ " ’ "~~~, , ’~:~ DELUXE BROCKSS (!~~HEART:-~’lVALENTINE~ ~,,P~ STYLING~ ~~- Boulevard.CARDSThe Cla,ssi~,BROCK S 1 ~ ....:" CURLW’!NDMfg. 79~IBuriaiwosat tp.m. Fridayin Arlington NationalArrangements were underCRAZYthe direction of the GleasunCuff Bracelet ,.~,o,,,, Home, 1360 HamfltenHEARTd A A q St., Somerset section of the¯ ~t ~POLAROID pjW. o ~ ¢~.~SUPER~WHITMANtS ~ FANNYSHOOTERI~J~ SAMPLER ~/ FARMER LANDI ~7CAMERA=aEveningclassreadys studentsThe FranklinHighScheolI ~ guidance department has25 o 3:75JiY~19.99ammunced a new series ofclasses which will be held1 LB. HEART ¯ I =~.~llVl’~ ~ ~ 1[. ~ ~ help students prepare for theApril, t976SeholasUeAptiTests (SAt’s). These PAl.review sessions are beingsterzzngszwer sponsored jointly by the~~ .... BROCK’S ~ FANNY~ Meg..95s,+,.English and mathematicsdepartments of the school.Elegant simplicity. . During the lost week inEach bracelet is hand.polished to aJanuary, guidance counselors~,~,~~~~,~ ~~ FARMER~visited each United Statesf-~ mlrror.brightshine. Ilistory I, class, in order toDELUXEDIAL-MASSAGE I15~diseuss career planning withHEART MINIATURES 9~16"wide 12.50 718"wlde22.50 the students (mostly juniorsl.II l/ 10 aainformation center(located in Franklin High’s¯Boom 102) during the next95 -o DO_..Theses2 LB. ¯ ~ 1 LB. ~ ¯ ~There they reviewed thevarious resources available toaid juniors (as well as other’ ~Jewelers of Nassau StreetI~l~,sau Street, Princeton. New Jersey 08540 ploration and planning.(6091924.0624AQUAMASSAGEELECTRIC ~ ~~CAN I ~:’!~ii’: !~.~ IIIIIIIOPENER!:i~:~:~i/,iiiFRESH AIR MACHINE9.96 7.99 6.88,,,,SHOWER HEADReg. 14.8827 ¢POLLENEX 4 WAY F~~121i.88¯ 99DOZENONE IF BY LANDI ~~5295-PThe Lamp Signal ToPaul Revere .And We’re SignahngTo You To SeeThe Finest andLargest Selection ofStiffel Lamps inNew Jersey.AT 20% offAlson sale: Henredon, Heritage Baker, Kiffinger, Drexel, Penn House and more.’ Some Uems in limhed quennUet. We res~r~ the rlgh, to ilmit quentl,le=. Some Item= not as Illuztrited. Not remondble for typogr~hl¢=l errort. SALENDS 2.17-76DRUG FAIR, KINGSTON MANVILLE FINDERNEKINGSTON MALLSolel Effective f~b, t I.I1 ’RUST.I.~. MAU,, MANy.ILLE. A&P CENTER, FINDERNESCHWARTZ FURNITURE CO.74 Carroll Place, New BrunswickFREE INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICEStore Hours: Daily 9 to 5, Thursday 9 to 9Take Route I to 18 West to New Street Overpass to Carroll PlaceFree Parking- Mords Street LotPhone 545.6385

Thursday, February 12, 1976The FranklinNEWS’RECORD.~,. Seats available for two Broadway showsWire artnow shownat MacAfeeVRefreshments Served During Our SaleCHEVROLET INC. ROUTE 206Across from Princeton Airport. 924.3350 ~" Eileen M. RobertsBlahutassigned toSIo:pitch funds cutLittle boys’ basketballLocal residents are offeredBeale basehigh school) are priced at first-come-first-served basis.The little boys’ basketballon opportunity to attend eithergym is being used for another$10.25. Since a previous trip by Those interested in Joininginstructional program held on function.one of two broadway musicals. the club to see ’% Chorus either group can send a check SAN ANTONIO - Airman Nelson Barnett of 22 Kuhn Due to budgetary ad. municipal building. AnyThe Franklin Iligh SchoolThis program, sponsored byLine" sold out almost at once, for the proper amount to the Michael J. Blnhut Jr., son of St., Somerset, is now Justments, the Franklin member of any team is Saturday mornings at the Department of Parks andMusical Comedy Club has the club has also obtained club’s faculty advisor, teacher Mr. and Mrs. Mlchael J. exhibiting his wire art at the Township Men’s SIo-Pitch welcome and urged to attend. Franklin. High School will notpurchased blocks of tickets toRecreation, will resume onanother block of these hard4ogettickets and will run a High School. The check should Franklin, has been assigned toChuck Miley, c/o Franklin .Blahut of 8 Taylor Road, MacAfee Road School library. League will be running on ameet on Saturday because thethe two hit shows for Wedocsdoyevening. March 24 and second bus that evening. he made out to Franklin High Beale AFB, Callf., for duty in patterns in hooks, improvises The League will not he fundedFeb. 21.Mr. Barnett works from self-sustaining basis for 1976.has arranged for transporlation,as well.with transportation, arecompleting Air Force basic designs.An organizational meetingTickets for "A Chorus Line," School and accompanied by the admlnistrative field after and makes variations of these by the Township.One bus is chartered to takea group (o see "Shenandoah."$11.75. Both louses will leavetraining.Mr. Barnett is a retired Air will he held on Wednesdaythe school’s parking lot at 5:30 the name, address and phone During his six weeks at Force officer and is employed evening, Feb. 25, at 8 p.m. inThese tickets (including p.m. that evening.number of the sender, as well Lackland AFB, Tex., he by Westinghouse. the courtroom of thetransportation to and from the Tickets are available on a as the specific order. studied the Air Force mission,organization and customs andreceived special instruction inhuman relations. Degree’s "Classic" Uniform ShopUSEDCARSAirman Blahut, a 197374 LTD SQUIREgraduate of Franklin High 502MercerS(., Hightstown 609443-3919’72 LTD6 pass. wagon, V-S, auto., p.s., p.b., 2 door, V-8, auto., p.s., p. b., vinylSchool, attended St. FrancisCollege, Loretto, Pa.. rack.roof, fact. airPRINCE CHEVROLET SALUTES20% Off Sale’70 CHEVELLE WAGON74 VEGARoberts,on all merchandise through Sat., Feb. 21V-8, auto., p.s., p.b., radioHATCH BACKAMERICA WITH A4 cyl., 4 speed, fact. air, AM-FMDe SalvaUnif0rms for: UNIFORMS’72 SAABBICENTENNIAL SALE to wedNURSES2 dr., 99 Series, auto., air cond., tintedglass, AM/FM radio, perfect con-74 MUSTANGWAITRESSES4 cyl., 4 speed, AM-FM, electricdefrostTEST DRIVE the Low PriceNAIRSTYLISTSditionAnnouncement of theengagement of Eilenn Marie All kinds of smocksEconomy CHEVROLETSRoberts to Gregory Vincent millble. Half dmDc Salva is made by her petite siz~ eK.74 PLYMOUTH VALIANTparents, Mr. and Mrs. Stepheni j. Roberts of Fhillipsburg. Open 111-5:30 Closed Sun.4-door sedan, 6 cvL, a.c., radio, tinted glassMr. DeSalva is the son of Dr.and Mrs. Salvatore J.De Salva, 83 De Mort Lane,Somerset.The bride-elect is a graduateCHEVETTEof Phillipsburg Catholic HighEPA Rating: 40 MPG Highway/28 MPG CitySchool and attends College[~,liscricerdia, Dallas, Pa.Her fiance is a graduate ofFranklin High School and is aREDEEM ANY OR ALL SUPER COUPONS WITH A SINGLE $7.50 OR MORE PURCHASE.Foodtown Sells Onlsenior at King’~i College,Wilkes.Bar,e, Pa.J J EJF"EPA Rating: 35 MPG Highway/23 MPG CityUp to 5 yrs. or 60,000 miles Guarantee on 140 cu, In. 4 Cylinder Engines.U.S.D,A. choice ieefYOU NO LONGER NEED TO GO TO EUROPEORJAPAN FOR THE SIZE 8" ECONOMY YOUWANT. CHEVETTE ~ VEGA -- MADEIN AMERICA BY AMERICANS, FOR AMERICASEMI.BONELESSCHUCK ROASTWe have a big Inventory ready for immediate deliverySee Us Today for a Good Buy!s9COFFEESAVARIN249C~Wh~l, coo~o.FOODTOWN SELF-SERWCE DELl SAVINGS!LEAN CANNED HAM 3~KH S._.DONIITS ,..~. ,,,,, 69~ODTOWNWHOLE~Irnl~STRAWBERRIES ,,~ t9PET WHIPPED TOPPING ’~. 59 cFruenMORTON MACARONI & CNEESE,::~$1FOODTOWN BU~ff LOWN" DAIRY SAVINGS!FRESH COTTAGE CHSSE~ ~ 39WEU.WORTH BARREL PICKLES "~" 6~j~4 = $SLICED WHITE BREADFoodtown MarketsFmh W~ IBROCCOLI=ROUND.~WHillsborotrgh Somerville ManvillePlaza...Rt. 296 S. Main Street

.10-AThe Fra n k lin N EWS’R ECOR DWarrior record sinks lower, now 5-3by Peter Chen Clayton, gave them a 16-12 minutes. Buckets by Bmokins,half.! IFIREPLACESSports Correspondent edge at quarter’s end. Davenport and Trent Hickaonupped the lead to 54-43 and theALL¯ Save on fuel BillsMASONRYe Your design or ours¯ Beautify your home ¯ Satisfaction guaranteed¯ Over 2,000 built in Princeton area aloneFree Estimates Cheerfully GivenFranklin Stoves & Prefab’salso availableWm. Fisher (609) 799-3818BuildersFollowing a satisfying 56-51win over Somerville lastTuesday, the Franklin Highcagers fell 56-53 to WestFriday and 69-43 to Plainfidd,two looses which lowered theirrecord to 5-13, ending anyhopes for a winning season.As usual, fouls played a bigpart in all three games. LastTuesday, the Warriors cameout ahead at the foul line foronly the second time all yearand turned thisadvantuge intoa 56-51 win over arch-rivalSomerville.After failing behind 3-0early, Franklin reeled offeight straight first-quarterpoints for an 8-3 lead. TheWarriors shot a poor 5 of 18from the floor but six points atthe foul line, pins some superreheudning by Tony Thompson.Gcoe Brookins and MosesSOMERVILLE FORGOTliOW to shoot in the secondperiod, and Franklin rattledoff It unanswered points,seven by Ken Smith.0utrebounded 12-5 in theperiod, the Pioneers didn’tscore for four minutes and bythen the Warriors led 27-12.Somerville closed it to 34-24 atintermission, Franklin’s 34halftime points their bestshowing of the season.Despite four points opeicefrom Brookins and WillieDavenport, the Warriorscouldn’t maintain their lead inthe third quarter. ThePioneers went on a 14-4 tearand were within 46-41 late inthe p~ried.With the score 48-43 early inthe final stanza, Franklin putit away by holding Somervillescoreless for three and a halfSchool and Technical Institute,better known as Ix- , ,~vingtnn Tech. Next Wednesdaythey travel to thePeddle School in Hightstown.opponents (39-30) and alsoSmith shot a sparkling 13 ofcommitted fewer turnovers16 and totaled 28 points, anBowling(12 to West’s 18). However, WEST’S ERIC ERICKSON FtlS season high. WillieWarriors cruised in for the last when the other team scores and Ed Elgard got hot in the Davenport had seven points, Saturday the Franklintwo minutes for their fifth four times as many points on third perled, and with Smith Thompson (14 rebounds) and howlers won the 32 team Unionvictory.free throws, something is shooting only two shots, the Young six each. Erickson and Invitational, rolling up 5418wrong.Falcons took a 40-39 lead. The Elgard led West with 19 and 17 pins (6 bowlers, each bowlingTIlE WINNERS SIIOWED The Warriors’ aggressive final quarter saw Smith and respectively.six games) to runner upsome excellent scoring defease has limited foes to 50 Ken Young combine for I0Lindnn’s 5373. Chuck Jenkins dbalance. Smith and Thompson points a game. Unfortanatdy, points for a 49-47 Franklin SATURDAY TIIE OVEIt- led the defending statehad 13 points each, Brookins it has also led to the Warriors margin midway through. Up MATCIIED Warriors champs with an 1128 for the 6-12, and Davenport and Clayton being whistled for 329 fouls in to now, the Warriors had been travelled to Plalnfidd and game series. Dave Ballaiadded eight apiece. In addition,Franklin enjoyed a 50- 10 per contest. Opponents the fouls.the Cardinals. Plainfield took (1059) also averaged over 17518 games, an average of over able to hang with West, despite were never in it, losing 69-43 to (1089) and Fred Rohiasoo35 rebounding edge, their best average 14; this difference However, in the last 4 opening-period leads of 6-0 and per game for Franklin. Clarkgame off the hoards yet. translatea into eight fewer free minutes things got ridiculous. 19-9; by half time the score was Gram rolled a 1044 (174 avg.),Thompson pulled in t7 bounds, throws for Franklin. The Falcons, losing 49-47, 37-10 and the second half was MarvinSenkel a 1033 (172) andClayton tO and Break(as eight. Friday the visiting Falcons scored seven straight points, just a formality, as reserves Art Joyce added a 078 (163).Mark Jackson netted 22 points took first half leads of 16-8, 15- all on fouls, for a 54-47 lead, played out the final minutes. Last Thursday the bowlersfor Somerville.t0 and 27-22 but could not with 0:32 left. Young cut it to Smith led Franklin with 14. all but clinched the Mid StateFriday the fouls went shake off the Warriors, mainly 54-51. Forced to intentionally Though it didn’t make much Conference title, shutting ohtagainst Franklin, and because Ken Smith was foul, Frnak]in watched asdifference in the game, seeondp[ace East 4-0. TheBridgewater West, hitting 20 having a brilliant game. Smith another free throw made it 55- Plainfield also came out ahead Warriors stand 33-3 in theof 24 at the foul line, squeezed did not miss one of his eight 51. Smith canned his 28th point at the charity stripe, con. conference and with a 12 gameIout a 56-53 win. The Warriors first half shots, swishing homewith 0:07 to go, narrowing it to verting 13 of 23 to the Warirors lead over the 2nd placeshot only I0 free throws, 16 points and almost 55-53, but another foul shot 7 of 16.Minutemen, only a total chokesinking five. Once again singleha ndedly rallying with three seconds remaining Tomorrow Franklin visits will preverlt Franklin fromFranklin o,,trebounded their Franklin to a 30-29 lead at the iced the game for West. Essex County Vocational winning the conference.MIX-OR-MATCH SALEBUY A SHEFFLERA25% to 50%- AMEOlUMTOGOOVUGHTPLANT REG. $30.0075% to ! 00% OFFA Fine Selection of Plants to Brighten Your Office or Home:ASPARAGUS SPRENGERI ¯ A good light plant, outstandingfern llke grace in hanging or table situationMOSES IN THE BOAT - (Dwad Rhoeo Discolor) A unique plantfor good light. When In bloom the flower is misted,allowing the seeds within to produce young plantletswhich can be repotted,FICUS BENJAMINA - A medium to good light, Indoor tree developinga grace achieved by so few other plants.CARRIBBEAN BAYBERRY ¯ Medium to good light. An indoor treegrowing to moderate height. 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.~ &, ’. . !Thursday, February 12, 1976 [he Franklin NEWS’RECORD1 I-AYOUR CONVENIENTSHOPPINGCENTERREADY FORTHE BIGPRESIDENTIALWEEKEND!¯ FRANCHINO¯ RT. 206, SOUTHSOMERVILLE AGENCY60 SECONDSFROM TOWNplaza* GRANETZ FURNITURE¯ BABYLAND¯ ADVENTURE FRAMEGALLERY¯ GOURMET GALLERY*SPECTRUM WALLPAPER8= PAINT¯ INTERIORS UNLIMITED¯ STUART’S AUDIO¯ PAPER PANTRY¯ WALT’S SEW "N’ VAC¯ HERB’S KAMERA HOUSETRAVELoutdoor sceneON THE 1976 SUBARU,THETHINGMOST EFFECTED BYINFLATIONIS THETIRES¯by Gerald E. WolfeOutdoor Writer OF COURSE clothing is the GENERALLY you’re better wool overtop should befh’st line of defense, followedoffwith severalight garmentsstandard. Make sure whetherOne of the things people give by blankets, tents and sleeping rather than one stiff heavy wearing skates or boots thatthe least amount of thoughto bags which serve to protect us one. Since we know that air the extra socks are taken intowhen preparing for a cold from the elements. spaces between layers are the account so the footwear isn’tweather outing is how to dress Since the best insulation is best insulation against cold, tight. Poor dreulati~ istheMany economy cars have shifted from inexpens vewarmly. They may think air. it is only natural to try and this standard works well for greatest contributor to coldto out of reach. Luckily, there’s the 1976 Subaru.about it. but some will always trap air nexto the body so it all garments ... socks, shirts feet:be unprepared for what they cannot circulate and carry off and pants.$2,899.00 A PRICE FROM OUT OF THE PAST.have to face.Ihe heat. But air is always in Starting with footwear, two ANY OF the new insulatedTRANSPORTATION DEALSa PUP SALE TAX EXTRAmotion and it is natural for pairs of light wool socks, or underwear is fine.one light cotton with heavyThat’s the actual price of this two-door sedan.WIIETIIER iT’S a skating warm air to flow towards cold.That price includes front wheel drive power front discparty at the local pond, a late Therefore, the colder thebrakes radial tires rack and p n on steering andseason hunt, early spring trout outside temperature the fasterrec ning bucket seats.fishing or a winter eampeut, the flow away from the body.that miserable feeling that Unless the warm air can beAN ENGINE GEARED FOR TODAY.accompanies being cold Js the trapped and held in place, itfarthest thing from our mind will escape as fast as the bodyneedsOur two SEEC-T engine bums clean. So clean it onlysimple valves.until we are, well .. miserable. can generate it.LastMinuteThere is no real secret toGift Ideas OUR DRINIING FORCE: FRONT WHEEL DRIVE.Every Subaru comes standard with front wheeldressing warm for winter. AI,ONG WITII llEAT, the ~,~Almost everyone who enjoys body gives off moisture. Over :.t, .drive. So you get greater stability and better tract onwinter activities more than a pint a day is lost as the skin¯ (;~.All in all, thanks toSuborn, a lot of people ..........likely already has the propergoes through its drying ~: " ~ f will be riding highthis ~l~[’~kclothing that will keep him process. This also carries heatyear. Despite thecomfortable. But in any activityyou will hear the com-The above is a courteous. ...~/~l~"with it as it evaporates.economy.J /ll~lbplaints of cold hands, cold feet process and should not beand a few people cutting out confused with perspirationearly with comments such as, brought on by strenous activityor too much heavy’Tve had it!" "I’m freezing!"and, "See you back at the clothing. Too much clothingcar!"will make you sweat, creatingfurther heat loss. The underclothingbecomes dampUNI)EItSTANDING how thehuman body loses heat and and this in turn keeps thehow to avoid this is the first moisture from being absorbedstep toward keeping warm. and carried away. With thev 2 Door SedanSimply put, the body produces metabolic process interruptedheat by burning the food we you are not only cold, but’eat and then lets just enough of clammy.EPA Readingthat heat escape through the39 Miles per gallonareas of the skin in order to EXiT GOOD time. EnterSUBARUmaintain a normal body misery.temperature °. of 98.6The process is called body know you are cold, but what isMIDDLESEX FOREIGN CARmetabolism. Help can be the best way to dress for it?forthcoming from such outside Well, since I learned hew to PHARMA C Y 318 ST.sources as the sun, a fire or stay warm and dry years ago,NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. 08901other artificial means. But let’s start with what I usually 37 S. Main St. 722-6200when there is no artificial heat wear. You can add or subtract,201.247-8769Io help us we must do all we according to what works forcan to retain ear own you, but" I’ve stayed prettymetabolic heat.haste over the years.US IN 1976!TOWNSENDTHE SKI SALEat VARSITYOur annual ski sale begins Thursday,February 5th - with excellentvalues in the following categories:EQUIPMENTSKIS - Rossignol, Olin * Dynastar, KneisslBOOTS - Nordica, Hanson ¯ KastingerBINDING -- AIIsop. Salomon ¯ Look ¯ BesserPOLES - Scott ¯ A ~ IAPPARELParkas - Warmups - Stretch-Pants - SweatersGloves- Turtlenecks- Windshirts* Head , Gerry ¯ Slalom, Skyr ¯ Emst Engel ¯ Alpine Designe Meister ¯ Grandoe , Ads138 Nassau st.The above categories will be reduced a minimum of 20%with reductions up to 50% on select items.Mon., Thurs. 8" FH. 9-8:30.SPORT SHOPPrinceton, N.J.ASSETS:Cash ~ Due from Banks ............................................ $ 2,594,973.67U.S. Government Securities .......................................... 4,469,697.36State, County ~ Municipal Bonds ...................................... 2,546,117.11Other Bonds ........................................................ 508,425.00Loans ........................................................... 14,136,042.11Mortgages .......................................... .............. 8,605,052.49Bank Premises 8" Equipment ........................................... 874,211.57Other Assets ....................................................... 246,612.28TOTAL ASSETS ........................................... $34,001,131.58LIABILITIES, RESERVE 8" CAPITALDemand Deposits ................................................ $ 9,562,407.88Savings 8" Time Deposits ............................................ 20,264,896.74Total Deposits ................................................... 29,827,304.62Other Liabilities ..................................................... 919,352.81Reserve for Possible Loan Losses ........................................ 391,470.65CapitalCommon StockCommon Stock Par Value $3,125Authorized 261,334 Sharesissued 261,334 Shares ............................................ 816,668.74Surplus .......................................................... 1,594,005.26Undivided Profits .................................................... 462,329.51Total Capital Accounts ............................................ 2~73,003.51TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVE 6" CAPITAL ...................... $34,001,131.59George W. Amerman, Jr., Owner.l.& Amerman Co. (lumber)Francis B. Bowman, Retired V.P..Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.Frederick H. BnrkleyPres. Mntor Maehine Co.Wilfred M. Cooper, PresidentCooper ford, Inc.John M. Fasoli, Attorney, RetiredAmerican Cyanamid CompanyBOARD OF DIRECTORSFor 1976William T. Keileher, AttorneyKelleher and OrtmanCharles M.II. Rubin R. Rubin & SonsLaurence B. Lane, Owner Barney N RuggieriLarry’s Garden EquipmentPresidentWilfred O. Langille. Chairman o[ the Board Richard H. Sehlndelar, PresidentState Rank o/ Raritan ValleyValley Rood Sewerage Co.John G. LockeDentistRobert G. Rouse, Retired V.P..Rederal Reserve Bank ol N. Y.Herbert D. Yellers, PresidentBlue Ridge Construction Co.Charles Williammn, Real EstateIVilliamson and IVilliamsanOFFICERSWilfred O. Langille, Chairman o~ the Board RA~IITAN OFFICEBarney N. Ruggieri, PresidentEllen Russo, Ass’t. Secretary & ManagerL. Mark Fingerlln, Senior Vice President HILLSBOROUGH OFFICEFrancis R. Bowman, Vice PresidentRichard Pavan, ,~ss’t. Vice President tt ManagerMelvin P. Taube, Yice President & CashierBarbara L. Elchin, Vice PresidentWHITEHOUSE OFFICERussell E. Schrann, Vice President & Secy,Paul Grayson, I ice President & ManagerWilliam P. Carroll, Asa ’t. Vice PresidentArnold Horvath, Ass ’t. Cashiertate Sank.t arua.403 Route 206 34 E~st Somerset St. Corner Ridge Rd. & Rt. 22HUlsborough Township , ...... Raritan, N.J. Readlngton TownshipSaturdaytil 1¯ SaturdayDA.M. to 1 P.M. Saturdaytil Noon ;.359-8144 , . ": ’ . :. 725-1200.’ 534-4088 ’ !" L Member F.D.I.C,Our 50th Year Serving Our Community and You!

Thursday, February 12,1976Struggle to get taste into low tar smoking ends suddenly withnew ’Enriched Flavor discovery for 9 rag. tar MERITFor years, dependency on tar for taste has created a taste producers that are also low tar contributing, ’Enriched Flavor’barrier for low tar cigarettes,was carefully developed, perfected and packed into the tobaccoA limit on how good a low tar smoke could taste,used to make MERIT.Now that barrier has been broken.The taste-test results were startling.Broken by a remarkable cigarette called MERIT MERITTaste-Tested By People LikeYoupacks a radically-new ’Enriched Flavor’ discovery ¯ developed ~!i;s" ¢~’ 9 my. tar MERIT was taste-tested against five currentafter years of research by Philip Morris.~,~.!~,~.._,’Enriched Flavor’ is so good at packing extra flavor into;..a~leading low tar cigarette brands ranging from 11 my..~-, to 15 my. tar.tobacco that MERIT actually delivers as much-or more-Thousands of filter smokers were involved,taste than cigarettes having more tar.smokers like yourself, all tested .at home’."Up to 60% more tar. ,~,i~,~,v The results were conclusive:Yet MERIT delivers only 9 my. tar. One of ’=-"’-’ ................... :.................":J Even if the cigarette tested had 60% more tar,the lowest tar levels in smoking today. Lower, ina significant majority of all smokers testedfact, than 98% of all cigarettes sold.reported new ’Enriched Flavor’ MERIT deliveredIf you smoke, you’ll be interested.¯more taste.Tobacco-Not Special Filters-Ends 1~]Repeat: delivered more taste."Low Tar,.GoodTastd’SearchIn similar tests against 11 my. to 15 my. mentholSpecial "low tar, good taste" filters are what ~i[ "~ r" brands, 9 my. tar MERIT MENTHOL performedmost other cigarette makers came up with to trystrongly too, delivering as much-or more-tasteto get flavor into low tar smoking. ~ than the higher tar brands tested.And are still coming up with.You’ve been smoking "low tar, good taste"But the answer, the real answer; comes fromthe other end of smoking. The tobacco end.claims long enough. Now you’v.e got the cigarette.MERIT. Incredible smoking pleasure at onlyBy "cracking" tobacco smoke down into its9 my. tar. From Philip Morris.",,,.,r,,.o. In~.lilul¢ td" C ......... Oplnl,m. Slud, available [re .... requesLvarious ingredients, researchers at Philip Morris Philip Morris In~.’.. Richnumd. Va. 23261.discovered there are certain basic ingredientsmore importanto taste than others. ~-~’i~.’ 9mg:’tar’,’Ingredients that deliver taste way out ofproportion to tar.~"7..,~. v. ~ .,~,n~ Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined.By selecting these high quality flavor M ERITand MERIT MENTHOL That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health.Philip Morrl| Inc. 19760.7mg.nicotineav.percigarettebyFTCMethod.

13-A l he Franklin NEWS’RECORD Thursday, February 12,1976Candidatesk., [Continued from Pageonel~maninatious consultant, closePhillip~ School, eliminatefunds to support work-studyprograms, eliminate theStokes Forest field project,~llmlnate summer employmentof departmentchairman and librarians,eliminate budgeted funds fornew equipment and reducefunds for teaching supplies.Also listed was theelimination of the director ofinstruction and an associatedsecretarial position, thesupervisor of media services,a reduction of some part-timesecretarial and clerical staff,elimination of funds for newbuildings, reduce funds forconventions and conferences,reduce custodial services,reduce staff at the alternateb high school and diminate thealterante class at Smith School,eliminate 15 duty aides in theelementary grades and reducefunds for interscholasticathletics.Mr. Schaefer added that ifhe had to go further he wouldeliminate the entire alternatehigh school .program and healso said he would try to leavethe program for the gifted in,if possible.SONDRA SULAM - Mrs.Sulam listed the followingprogram cuts in order ofpriority.Elimination of the directorof instruction and itssecretarial position, eliminatethe director of the mediaservices and an associatedsecretary, eliminate thecommunications consultant,stop printing and publishingthe school newsletter, reducet legal fees for the board,reduce funds for remodelingschool buildings, eliminatefunds for new buildings,eliminate funds for summerpointing and the addition ofone grounds-keeper and onemaintenance man.Also eliminated on her list isthe transportation ofvocational and technical highschool pupils, elimination offunds for new equipment, a, reduction in the purchase ofaudio-visual materials,eliminate the alternate classat Smith school, a reduction ofone staff member and one-halfcustodial position in thealternate high school, atransfer of 5th and 6th gradersfrom Middlebush School andthe elimination of the giftedstudent program, and finally areduction in in-servicetraining costs.(Both Mm. Sulam and Mr., Schaefer selected theirprograms from a llst of 47tentative cuts released by theheard of education Monday).EDWARD V. VETTER --"On the list of cuts that I havereceived, which is the onlylists of costs that I have, I donot know what is included insome of the sub-headings. Forexample, I understand that thegifted program is includedunder the administrative re-4 organization and staffreduction, but it includes noadministrative staff reduction.Until I find out what isincluded in each item and itsactual cost, it would be intellectualLyindefonsible forme to make a judgment."However, I can say at thistime that I am confident thatmost items can accept areduction in costs withouthurting the program. There isno question in my mind that,such items as a communicationsconsultant shouldhe eliminated. Other itemssuch as summer programsshould go fimt if one has to cutout. This will include alsoadult education and eveningprograms that do not directlyrelate to the students’ basiceducation. If I had to, I wouldthen cut other schnol-timeprograms that do not affectappreciably a sound academic@reparation for every child. IfI were on the board ofeducation, I would work for acontinuing year-roundevaluation of all programs --not just at budget time."I don’t feel that increasingthe class size to 25 would hurtthe academic program. I havetaught for 20 years withclasses of 28 to 30."The new numberat town hallis 873-?.500Steins[Continued from Page One]Nassau is the owner ~d operator ofWHWH, Princeton; WPST, Trenton;.Passport, Inc., (advertising, merchandisingand marketing division);and Cablehaven ’IV, Manahawkln. "Wehave 50 people on our staff," he reportsproudly, "and we’re very much a publicservice.orientedoperation."Zarephath, where Haddon is aA heard member of the Franklin Arts sophomore and Adrian is in the seventhCouncil, the mild-mannered Mr. Stein grade. The boys began to dance at agehandles all its media publicity. "Thefour, and both have musical ability asrecent Theodore Bikel concert was a well.sellout," he tells, "and the Garden StateBallet program, scheduled for April 4, isabout half sold out. The Arts Council thisyear is also presenting ’Jerz,’ a reviewabout New Jersey history, in honor ofthe Bicentennial."Cuts[Continued from Page One]¯ The reduction of 3.3/5 teachers - F.H.S.and S.G.S. 38,000¯ The elimination of budgeted funds fordirector of instruction and half4imeelementary clerk-typists. 59,000¯ Salary of supervisor o[ media services.(eliminate)¯ Salaries - personnel office Ipart-timeclerk-typist).= Legal fees (reduce)¯ Architect’s fees. (eliminate)¯ Printing and publishing (newsletter)(elimination)= School library books (reduction).¯ Audio-visual materials (reduction).¯ Salaries of secretarial/clerinal assistantsIpart4ime clerical - media) (reduction).¯ Capital Account - new buildings.¯ Registration and subsistence at conventionsand conferences (reduction).¯ Programs for gifted (elimination).¯ Other salaries for operation of plant.= Expenses for food services (elimination).¯ Salaries - custodial services (reduction).= Salaries -- upkeep of grounds (reduction).= Salaries -- repair of buildings (reduction).= Other Expenses -- members of board ofeducation (conferences).¯ Capital Account - remodeling.¯ Salaries of teachers (13 elementaryteachers).¯ Vecational.technical high school tran- 143,000sportation.¯ Hillerest and Franklin Park Schools - 28,282change in schedules.¯ Psychiatrist (reduction of increased time). 29,108¯ Alternate School staff (teacher and 7,485custodian ).s Alternate class S.G.S. inter, school 17,075(teacher and aide),= Teacher Aides. 17,000¯ Group hospitalization. 71,000¯ Social Security. 18,301¯ Substitute teachers. 3,034¯ Interscholastic athletics (reduction). 3,432.¯ Speech teacher. 15,000¯ In-servico training. 10,575¯ Elementary principal $26,209.00 B,SO0reassignment as teacher10:00 AM to 5:30 PMTues., Wed., Thurs.~: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PMFfi.10:00 AM to 4:30 PMSat.Closed Sunday & Monday~’ 329-6715Princeton Shopping Center- No. Harrison StreetMR. STEIN IS IN HIS second year on. ’Oliver.’ He, too, has learned whetthe heard of.the Delaware-Raritan Lung ’applause--applause’ is all about."Association. This is the Christmas Seal While some show buslnoss peopleagency for Somerset, Middlesex, would not like their children to followMercer, Hunterdon, and Burlington the Same line of work, Mr. and Mrs.Counties. In addition to being vies Stein are "all for it."president, he is chairman of the special "I’m a Leo," admits Mrs. Stein. "Iprojects committee.like to show off. And I like appreciationHarold and ELeanora Stein have two for what I do. That’s why show businesssons, Haddon, 14, and Adrian, 11. Both is the greatest."attend Alma Preparatory School in"TilEY TALK SO MUCII, like theirmother," says Mrs. Stein, "that theyought to he lawyers. But Adrian wants tohe an actor or a magician. He has appouredin ’Fiddler on the Roof’ and in28, 3263,Schools[ Continued from Page One ]state legislature that Franklin will nottake the "burden" of financing publiceducation away from it."We are being blackmailed by theGovernor and Legislature," hedeclared, referring to cuts in stateschool aid.In other action, the board tables anagreement with the Franklin TownshipSchool Administrators Association andmodified its policy for determiningeligibility for free and reduced priceschool lunches.7 GOT A MINUTE ?Also approved was a resolution callingfor a public conference sessiun tonightin Smith school at S p.m.5,000 Test drive the car all America is talking about8,00020,00010,5O0Budget[ Continued from Page One]OTHER MAJOR CUTS include~0,5O0 out of the parks and recreationdepartment, the elimination of the"transfer" portion of the town recyclingcenter, a curtailment of various contractualservices and the purchase ofeight new police cruisers instead of therequested 12.Salary and wages account for almosthalf of the expenses; $2,276,5O0. Theamount to he raised by municipal taxesis $2,684,539.A hearing on the budget will he held onMarch 15 at 8 p.m. in the municipalbuilding where the public may commenton the proposal.4,724IO,O00 ( ff1’Y~"4,000 Bicycle Center1,680Complete Line of3,2825o0 s RALEIGH4,772279S SCHWlNN s ROLLFAST449 ¯ PEUGEOT (exclusive)BICYCLES1,ooo ¯ Repairs7,000¯ Parts¯ AccessoriesVALENTINEHEARTCAKES& COOKIESLINCOLN LOGSCHERRY JELLY ROLLS& CHERRY PIESPLACE YOUR ORDER EARLYOPEN 7 DAYSMonday-Thursday 7..6 ¯ Friday 7-9Saturday 7-6 ¯ Sunday 7-3Open Mon.-Sot. 10-6 p.m.Closed Wednesdaysg53 Hamilton St.. SomecsetZ49-4544THEY’LLFIND YOUHERE!CALL 725-3300YOU’LL SELLITWHENYOUADVERTISEHERE!725-33OOCARRY WATER SOFTENERSALTS, LAWN g GARDEN SUP-PLIES. SHOES, BOOTS,JACKETS Z GLOVES.BELLE MEADFARMERS’ CO-OP:LINE ROADBELLE MEAD(201) 359-5173Seville...built in Amed~ to be at homeanywhere in the world.International in lize. 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FARM & GARDENEOIIIPMENT, CARS & IRUCKS.369-4224258 AMWELL RDNESHANICCALL725.3300FOR OURLOW RATESLAWRENCEVILLEMAINTENANCEHOME AND OFRCE REPAIRS1609) 896-1411RELIABLE INSUREO WORKMEN24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICEALL WORK GUARANTEEDNO JOB TOO SMALLTIME g MATERIAL BILLINGFAST EXPERT WORKSURPRISE YOUR HUSBAND OR WIFE HAVE THE LITTLEJOBS FINISHEDNO TIME AT ALL JUST CALL (609)896.14 ! I, AND WE WILL BE AT YOUR DOOR.WE ARE A MAINTENANCE COMPANY TO SERVICE ALLYOUR NEEDS.IT’S NO SECRET, DARLING!When your hat comes off - your hairhangs out.Pardon us for sounding catty- but wehave the answer, throughtricoanalysis. We look directly intohair so we know exactly what itneeds to look great. Whether it be ahaircut, body wave, support wave orlust reconditioning there is noguessing.chelsea crimpers : REDKE14 spring st.* Princeton 924-1824 0penThurs.-Fri.eveningsCALENDAR OF COMINGEVENTSTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1272nd Annual Lincoln Dinner, 7 p.m., Congregational Church,High Street, Bound Brook. Tickets, 356-3320.Bicentennial Film Series - "Bonnie and Clyde," 7:30 p.m., RoomE-105, East Wing, Somerset County College. Admission $1,students 50¢.Dance - Social, Somerset-Hunterdon Chapter of Widows orWidowers, 8:30 p.m.-12 midnight, Holiday Inn, Route 22, Somerville.Frsnklin Council, 8 p.m.Bicentennial Exhibit Grades 3-8, Christ the King SchoolCafeteria, No. 13th Ave., Manville. 7-9 p.m."Welcome Wagon Club of Hiffsborough Area," 8 p.m.,HiHsborough High School. Marsha CraBby to talk on plants. Mem.bers plant exchange.FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13BATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14Children’s film series - "lcabod and Mr. Toad" and "The HoundThat Thought Ha Was A Raccoon," 11 a.m. and 1:15 p.m., RoomE-105, East Wing, Somerset County College. Admission 50¢.Horse Exposition and Show, co-sponsors - N.J. Horse Counciland N.J. Equine Advisory Board, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., National GuardAmory, Western Avenue, Mortistown.Queen of Hearts Radiothon, Radio Station WBRW, 1170 AM,7:30 a.m, to 5:30 p.m.Children’s Program - Valentine crafts and filmstrip, 10:30 a.m.,Somerville Public Library.SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15Coin Show and Auction by Century Coin, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.,Holiday Inn, Route Z~ East, Somerville.Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship Services. Discussion: "Life AsA Ritual Among the North American Indians," 10:30 a.m.,Unitarian Meeting House, Washington Valley Road at Route 78Overpsss, Bridgewater. Also, 7:30 p.m. discussion group: "CanPolitical Morality Ba Improved?"MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18Somerville Area Chapter Cosmopolitan Associates, Inc. meetingfor all foreign born women. Program: "First Aid in the Home," 8p.m., SI. John’s Episcopal Church, 158 West High St., Somerville.Buyers and sellers meetevery weekon the Classified pages.XEROX COPIES(QllantityPricesAraihlhh,)TownshipPharmacyk I 3-11800712 Ihmrilt,,n Nt.. .%,m,,r.~,.t\IITAR I" I,r HI./c"FOLIAGE HOUSE PLANTSTERRARIUM PLANTSHANGING BASKETSGIFTS--SUPPLIESVisit Our GreenhousesToes..Sat. 10.3Mountain TopNursery (GrowersZion Rd., Neshonlc201-369-45B3Quality at reas,,nahh, prin,sLET THEMKNOW WHOYOU ARE--AND WHERE!CALL725-3300BELLE MEADValentine Party, Unltarian-Universelist Fellowship of the SomervilleArea, 7:30 p.m. Wine, pot-luck dinner prepared by the men,film and discussion, "Cancer-There is a Cure." Unitarian meetingHouse, Washington Valley Road, Bridgewater. Information, 469-31~8.Paper Drive - Franklin High School Band Parents Association,cutbside pickup after 6 p.m. or bring papers to Franklin HighParking lot. 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday.TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17LUMBER CO., INC.Reading Blvd., Belle MeadSomerset County Board of Freaholdars, 8 p.m,ManvIlla Board of Health, B p,m.359-5121Manvllla Library Board, 7 p.m.A Complete Line ofHillsborouBh Township Coromktee~Work Sasslon B p.m.BUILDING MATERIALSHi sborough Industrial Commission, 8 p.m.. Cock & Ounn Paints ¯ Comb. De~e;RegistraUon for children entering Chrbt the King School, Manville.9’.30 o.m. to 3:30 p.m. Baptismal and immunization record=Visfl T!I|required. Also Thurs.CO~ e Railroad TiesWeston PTA Founders Dsy Program. Adult arts and crafts exhibition,school auditorium, 8Panelsp.m.I’:AI{ J’IEIH:I \(;FI{EI.:~ ith I,ur,’ha-,’ -fEAIH~IN(;.~526-0111Shernlan t~ ~ttll~JEWELERINefl to Bank)~menel Shopping CentelAgen S forWheato ~Va ] L no. 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. Thursday, February 12, 1976 W=ndsoro~,nhU Herald- Central Past- Manville News- Prinklln I~eWK-Record - HlSlsborangh BeaconartsSchuke debuts&NEW BRUNSWICK -- The first eta series ofconcerts on the only Schuke organ of concertsize in the U.S, will be given in VoorheesChapel on the Douglas College campus byfamed French organist Odile Pierre at 8 p.m.on Friday, Feb. 13. The new organ has threekeyboards, 42 voices and 3,233 pipes of metalor wood. Tickets are required for this firstconcert only. Send self-addressed, stampedenvelopes to Mrs. Joanna Child, DouglassPennington auditionsPENNINGTON -- Auditions for "6 Rms RivVu" will be held by the Penningion Playerson Sunday, Feb. 15 at 2 p.m. and Monday,Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. in Heritage Hall of thePennington Presbyterian Church.’Performances,under the direetioe of MaryRces. will be on April 2, 3, 9 and 10.PRINCETON -- Don Smithors, baroquetrumpet and William Nell, harpsichord, willgive a lecture-demonstration at WoolworthCenter at Princeton University on Sunday,Feb. 18 at 3p.m. Also on the 15th, the pair willon trumpet and organ at ProcterHall at the Princeton Graduate College at8;30 p.m. Both events are free and open to theMore ’Dracula’NEW BRUNSWICK -- George StreetPlayhouse’s production of "Dracuin" will beextended through Feb. 21 with performanceson Friday and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. andSundays at 7:30 p.m. The theater is at 414¯ George St.tDancing in air\LAWRENCEVILLE -- The MultigravitatiofialAerodance Group ,one ofleisurethe mast unusual in the U S will perform inthe Kirby Arts Center on the campus of TheLawrenceville School, Route 206, onTuesday, Feb. 17 at 8 p.m. The performanceis open to all and free. The seven-membercompany creates all of its dancing in the air,from 16-20-foot-high scaffold supportingaerial riggings designed by the members.MCCC hosts concertWEST WINDSOR -- The Collegium Musicumof Princeton under the direction of JosephDepartment of Music, Room 205, Rehearsal Kovacs will perform on Sunday, Feb. 15 at 3Hall.p.m. in the theater of Mercer County CommunityCollege on Old Trenton Road.Brubeck’s backProgram includes Panhelbel’s "Canon,"Haydn’s "Concerto in C Major", Mozart’sPRINCETON -- Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck "Concertantes Quartet" and German dancesbegins his series of "silver anniversary" by Haydn.Tickets may be reserved by calling "THE HEIRESS" opens Feb. 12, for a run through Sunday,concerts at McCarter Theatre on Tuesday, the college’s community services office 609- Feb. 22 at McCaner Theatre. Kate Wilkinson, asa matchFeb. 17 at 8 p.m. Paul Desmond on sax, Joe 586-4800, ext. 227.making aunt, consoles the title character portrayed by Maria Tuc ciMarello on drums and bassist Eugene Wrightwill join Brubeck and his sons Dan and Chrisin the concert.Cleveland Orchestra ’Heiress’ opensNEW BRUNSWICK -- The Cleveland Orchestrawill give a concert in the Rutgers P R I N CE T 0 N .. fascinating climax."Bluegrass returnsSeries on Thursday, Feb. 12 at 8:30 p.m. at"Washington Square," Henry Maria Tucci portrays thePRINCETON -- Bottle Hill, the young the State Theater on Livingston Avenue.James’ novel about a rich but young woman of the titlebluegrass group, will give a concert on Under conductor Lorin Maazel, the programcharmless young spinster whose sudden appeal to aFriday, Feb. 13 at 8:15 p.m. at the WitherspoonPresbyterian Church, Witherspoon Major, Opus 88 and Bruckner’s Symphonyincludes Dvorak’s Symphony No. 8 in Gfacing a life of loneliness in penniless suitor (RichardNew York City, circa 1850, is Backus) appears heavilyand Quarry Streets. Admission to the No. 7 in E Major. Tickets are available the source of "The Heiress," based on the wealth she willPrinceton Folk Music Society’s concert is through University Concerts, 43 Mine SL, 201-the play by Ruth and Augustus inherit from her father (Jack$2.50 general, $2 student and $1.50 for 032-7511.Geetz which the McCarter Gwillim).members. No advance ticket sales.Theatre Company opens ¯Thursday, Feb. 12, under theConcert for librarydirection of Michael Kahn. DANCINGPENNINGTON -- A benefit concert for thePennington Library Fund featuring localmusicians will be given on Sunday, Feb. 15 at4:30 p.m. in the home of Dr. and Mrs.Giuliano Gerelli on Scotch Road here. Theconcert is open to the public. Included on theprogram are J.S. Bach’s Concerto in C Majorfor two harpsichords, his Sonata in E Majorfor flute and continue, Beethoven’s Sonata inSymphony wants youthA Major, Opus 69 for cello and piano,Chaminade’s Flute Concertino, Gorelli’sNEW BRUNSWICK -- Deadline for young Sonata for Piano, four hands, and a musicalmusicians to apply for auditions to the N.J. rarity, W.F.E. Bach’s whimsical "DasSymphony Orchestra is Wednesday, Feb. 18. Dreyblatt" for piano, six hands.Piano and string musicians under 22 who areresidents of New Jersey may apply to Mrs.Carol Anderson 201-G~..5-1580 or the Symphony Englishtown Valentineoffice 201-624-3713. Preliminary auditions willbe on Feb. 28; scmi-tinals March 11 and 12and finals on April 9. Candidates must playfrom memory an entire concerto and half arecital program.ENGLISHTOWN -- Three bends will be onstage for the Saturday, Feb. 14 children’sbluegrass music supper festival atEnglishtown Music Hall, Water Street, at 4p.m. The all-girl Buffalo Gais band, Die BelleHeRd’s banjo picking and story telling, andthe lively band Shady Mountain Boys will beon hand for the Valentine’s Day show. Rotsupper platters will be served throughout theshow; admission for all ages is $2. ChildrenSatie featuredPRINCETON -- Pianist Douglas Smith andMimmi Fulmer, pianist and soprano, willperform and alI-Satie program on Saturday,Feb. 14 at Woolworth Center on the Princeton under six admitted free. Call 201-446-9400 orUniversity campus. The Princeton 201-446-7118 for more information.graduates’ program includes "Lee TroisValses Distinguees du Precieux Degoute", Operas in English"Tondrement", "Two airs a loire fuier"from Pieces Foides, "Three Melodies", TRENTON -- Auditions for English versions"Sonatine Bureaucratique", "Mort de of Don Pasquale, Madame Butterfly and IISeRrate", and "La Belle Exeentrique." The Trovatore are being held by ArtistsFriends of Music concert is free and open to Showcase Theatre, 1150 Indiana Ave. here.the public.Singers should offer an aria or song ofoperatic range. Solo and chorus parts forBaroque lecture.demovoices from coloratura soprano to bass willhe auditioned by calling 609-392-2433 for anappointment. Performances will be in April,May and June.’Marriage’ at TSCEWING -- Trenton State College will bring abit of Russia to New Jersey with NikolaiGogol’s play "Marriage" to be performed inthe Studio Theatre of Kendall Hall on theRoute 31 campus. Shows are Feb. 17, and 19-Schub’s at McCarter23 at 8:15 p.m. and Feb. 15 at 10:30 a.m. Forticket information call 609-771-2480. Celebrate George Washington’s actual birthday andPRINCETON -- An exciting young pianist,Andre-Michel Schub, will appear in the thirdNation’s Bicentennial by attending this unique program ofconcert o[ Series I of Princeton University Horses on ValentinesAmerican music including such special compositions as "ThConcerts on Monday, Feb. 16 at 8:30 p.m. in MORRISTOWN-- An all-day hors exposition BattleIof Trenton" by James Hewitt, "McKonkey’s FerrMcCartcr Theatre. He will play Mendelssohn’sFantasy in F# Minor, Opus 28; Armory, Western Avenue, here, vn Saturday, phony No. 2 by Charles Ires.will be presented at the National Guard by George Antheil, Songs by Francis Hopkinson, and Sym.Chopin’s Scherzo No. 4 in E Major, Opus 54 Feb. 14 from 0 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets are $Iand Fantasy in F Minor, Opus 49, Liszt’s for all over live years old. The program indudesa parade of stallions, a square danceTickets S3, S3.50, S4.50, SS ($6 seats sold out)"Anaees de Peleriange" Book II (Italie) andBrahms’ Variations and Fugue on a ThemeTO obtain tickets call 394-1338by the Otto-Spots of the NJ Appaloosa Assn., $ I~e~ ~, N.J. $~tt Ce~ncll ~ the Artsof Handel. Tickets are available through riding instruction demonstrations, a herserelatedart show, continuous movies, horseMcCarter.judging exhibitions, a style show and exhibitsby breed groups and commercial establishments.Call 609-292-2fl88 for mere details.Music films in libraryFLEMING’tON -- Two color films, "Brahmsand His Music" and "Casals Conducts: 1964"will be screened on Wednesday, Feb. 18 at 8p.m. in the meeting room of the RunterdonCounty Library on Route 12, two miles westof Flemingtun. Admission is free, courtesythe Friends of the Hanterdon CountyLibrary.Items for this colunzn must be in our officeiat least one week before day of publicatiou.i"TMTRANSCENDENTALMEDITATIONProgramas taught by Maharishi Mahesh YogiFREE INTRODUCTORY LECTURESTHURSDAY, FEB. 12, 8 pmWandrow Wileun SchoolWashington Rd. Bm 6PrlneetonLawrence High SchoolNorth CampusPrinceton PikeFor more Information call 924-4155Candlelight showset for SaturdayThe Princeton Footnotesand a minieempany from thePrinceton Triangle Club willbe featured in a St. Valentine’scandlelight cabaret at theUnitarian Church, Route 206and Cherry Hill Road, onSaturday, Feb. 14. One of thenumbers from the Trianglerevue Is "Wasting Time" from"American Zucchini".Tickets for the evening, arepriced at $4 each and includewine.Reservations may be madethrough Margaret Aronson609-924-4014.Now thru Tues., Feb. 17Mike Mazurkl os TrapperInCHALLENGE TO BE FREE (G)Evenings: 7 & 9 pmSalurday: 2, 4, 7 & 9 pmSunday: 2, 4:30, 6:40 & 9 pmGeorge SegalinTHE BLACK BIRD (PG)[YES. & Sat.: 7 & 9 pmSunday: 4:30, 6:40 & 9 pmComing:According to the director, EVERY SAT. & SUN. NITEHUSTLER"We’re excited about bringingNOTTINGHAMto the McCarter Theatre sucha fine piece of American BALLROOMliterature as James’ ’Wash- Metce~’$t.H|ml~tenSq.,N.J. Route 27ington Square.’ It’s a TheLIrstestBiSr00mtnihttE~lstwork of great sensibilityWIthnlSi|BandsKendall Park {201) 297-1636adapted admirably for the SaL-NarffUberstage. And James’ Sun,. Stan MazePACKAGE GOODS AVAILABLEpsychological twists and turns Sue. 8-11 P.M.keep us extraordinarily in-Coats&Ties,o,vo, ,,,,,.o,o"~t,’J~ S0W: FAMILY DINNER :~-~BY" $4.95 P(R ,,,son ,Nc,uo(s .’./~[~y ~9//J t r CHO,Ce or ~oas,,, .N,OHESE q.//ll[.to be presRn:Rd by theTREHI’ON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRAWilliam Smith, conductorGordon Myers, baritoneTrenton State College Bicentennial SingersSmday, Felmm q22, g.’oo p.m. War Memorial AuditoriumGREENACRESOKan tupEREntertainment Thurs., Fri. &Sat. ,WightsI~McCARTERCall us to find outabout t upcoming attractions,THEATREA play suggested by Henry James’ novelof the 1850’s "Washington Square"[HE HEIRESSby Ruth and Augustus Goetzdirected by Michael Kahn"...a refreshing excvrsion into intelligence andgood taste. "’-Brooks Atkinson in The N.Y. Timesfollowlng the 1947 Broadway openingof "The Heiress"Opens Thursday, Feb. 12, 7:30 PMTwo Weeks Only Thru Feb. 22!Information & Reservations:Single Tickets- (609) 921-8700Groups-(609) 921-8588Silver Anniversary ReUnion Concert of theIr, DAVE BRUBECKm .IQUARTET ..nwith PAUL DESMOND o JOE MORELLO ¯ EUGENEWRIGHT ¯ and TWO GENERATIONS OF BRUBECKTUES. FEB.17 *8:00 pmItem llOW AT BOX OffICEO,~.~Ot s.~; B,tc...00 t s.~]-B"~ :Hopewellti~.,..’~,,.. ~ POTTERYIICLASSES ][~~~ Register NOW forIISpring Session~’~ L ’ ]l 11[~l~:~ ~ :!i~ Starting March 1 ][_ _ ~ Call ~r into[marion609._466.2130 ~ - jJ~wn Oai~ a 12:45. 3:OS. 5:20, 7:40 E 10:05SAT. & SUN. AT 1:00 PMLIVE ON STAGESTORYBOOK CIRCUSfeaturing CLOWNS* JUGGLERSTRAINED ANIMALS ¯ ACROBATS *plusSTORYBOOK CHARACTERSOLD KING COLE * HUMPTT DUMPTY¯ PETER COTTONTAILBARGAIN MATINEE[VleY DAY’TIL2:30 P.M.IP8FORREEPBnANDBEAUTIFUL",.,eR, Daily News"THIS FILMIS ATRIUMPH.""A WARM,LYRICAL:ELEBRATION.-Bruce Williamson.°Heger e treet~"MANAGEMENT DOES NOT RECOMMEND, [ go FILMS FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN I5~o,n hll/a t, 4, $,, t 10 p.m.I

:~ l i i It..... 2-BThursday, February 12, 1976HIGHTS THEATRE448.7947Wed.. Tues. Double FeatureAll Seats $|.OD7:00 p.m. "Hearts of the West" !PG!0;15 p,m. ’T/here’s P0ppa" (R)CHILDREN’S MATINEETHURS., FRI., SAT. & SUN. 1 PM"Wodd of Mother Goose" (G)Under (12) 504:All Other 75¢ANDRE-MICHELSCHUBPianistCrossing group offers history and gi ngerbread on GW dayi+ +++ +++ ,he known +m +++o + +..Pa. -- Guides In Tour hours are 10a.m. to4 during the herd winter of1776, xreo on these two oays. "l~e Washington Crossing Park Crossing the Delaware", : .... ’ "colonial costumes will be p.m. Included for visitors is a Dr. Edgar H. Schuster, Park is administered by the Commission.depicting Washlngton’sshowing visitors to serving d warm gingerbread Chairman of the WashingtonPennsylvania Historical and At the Memorial Building in courage on Christmas nightWashlngton’s Crossing (Pa.) based ona colonial era recipe Crossing Park CommissionMuseum Commission in the lower Park the wall- 1776 will be shown at 10:30State Park’s main attractions and baked at the Thompson-stated: "We are planning theonMonday,"President’sFeb. 16nnd L~aYc:the’aD "baklng schedule to aeyearNeelyhoasebyhostesses.Last800 pieces were served to commedate the large numbertual anniversary of visRorswbeenJoyedwatchingof visitors expect, on this ’Good Man.aa’ opens at Rider on ThursdayCHOPINLISZTBRAHMSPRINCETON UNIVERSITY CONCERTSMONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1976 8:30 P.M.McCARTER THEATRETICKETS: $6.95 and $5.50Students $2.50 (day of concertiat the Box Office (921-8700)An InvitationFORUM FOR SINGLESo/the Unitarian Church of PrincetonEvery Friday Evening at the ChurchHere’s the format:AboutheGroup DiscussionsAre you single and do you wish to meet others on the basisof honest communication between men and women in a warm,receptive atmosphere? FORUM FOR SINGLES may be whatyou are looking for. Find out by joining others any Friday,evening starting February 6 at the Unitarian Church of Princetonfor pleasant conversation over refreshments and smallgroup discussions.¯ Doors open at 7:30 P.M. (comeearly to socialize).*Small group discussionstart at8:30 p.m. (You must arrive before8:30 to be includeda group -- noone admitted after groups have started.)¯ Come together again at 10 p.m. formore socializing until midnight.Topics have special meaning forsingle people...leaders encourage expressionof personal experiences andfeelings rather than intellectualanalysis and judgements.., supportand voluntary participation arestressed.., not encounter and nottherapy.REMEMBER! FORUM FOR SINGLESEvery Friday EveningUnitarian Church of Princeton,Rt. 206 and Cherry Hill Road,Princeton Townshipcal1609-924-1604-- IIForFurtherlnformation,just comearly on a Fdday eveninglDonation 13 (Imttldlmtion limited to the first 140 people.)Washington’s birth, Sunday, the steaming gingerbread important occasion."Feb. 22.being removed from the old The Dorset and CheviotFeatured on the tours will be bakeoven,sheep are popular attractions LAWRENCEVILLE -- p.m. on Feb. 12-13 and at 8:30the rooms of the Thompson. TowardoffthewinterchiUaat the Thempson-Necly Barn,(Snoopy), and Tom Briggs Program in Children’s"You’re a Good Man, Charlie p.m. on Feb. 14 in the FineNocly house which served as cozy fire is usually burningdrawing children and adults Brown," the award-winning(Linus).Musical Theatre ProductionArts Theatre.The plot recounts "an ,conducted by Dr. O’Brien atLord SUrling’s headquarters the huge fireplace. The in- alike.stage comedy based on Starring Jim Vragel average day in the life of Rider during the month of"timaoy of history sensed in The Thompson-Necly House Charles Schultz’s popular (charlie Brown), a junior finethis house, which has stood is located on River Road in the comic strip, will be presentedCharlie Brown" and includes ’January.arts major from East Windsor,the production also in-’since the early 1700’s, is upper section of Washingtonat Rider College, Route 206,Snoopy’s popular wartimereinforced bv the knowledge of Crossing, State Park opposite from Feb. 12-14.encounter with the infamous Tickets for the Rider percludesDebbie Bellow (Lucy), Red Baron.Produced, designed andfermances are on sale at thea junior fine arts major fromdirected by students under theThe production is the result student center informationPrinceton, Paul Chalakanisupervision of Dr. Rosary H.of a four-week Interim Study desk.0’Brien, assistant professor eftheatre and actress-inresidenceat Rider, theMENDELSSOHN’Godspell’ in)roductioo will be staged ata new musicalPRIZES fFRI., FEB. 13th, 19767:30 TO 11 P.M.KENDALL PARK ROLLER RINKT.,.,,+o03RT. 27, SO. BRUNSWICK, N.J.~i~i~i~n~illi~n~n~~i¯The Finest inMeet Someone New This Year AtDining Elegance¯ The Menu.ia Gourmet’s Delighte The Exchingsounds4the... Prospect Plains & Applegarth Rd.’ An Adult Social GroupNick Stella Trio Hightstown, N.J.- Meets Friday at the -IIAPPY448-5090i Treadway Inn, Rt. 1, Princeton, N.J.Wed.-Fri.-Sat.HOUR9 until ?Daily 5 : 30-6: 30iand Evew :Fuesday atChez Odettes, New Hope, Pa.Nick Stella at the organ SundaysDaily LuncheonsMeets every Monday night atBrothers Ltd.’Daily Luncheons 11:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. DinnertII:3OAM-3:0UPM Open 7 days per week 5:0O PM - 12: 00 MidnightMercerville 8" Whitehorse Rd.Also: Banquet Facilities Available to 130 Persons.Call 448-5090 and Ask for Nick K.playingoldenFeaturing: Sal TeelMercerville, N.J.oldiesi E Guests Welcome =-~ For into. call (215) 862-9286 or (215) 862-5889 _rJThe Single Set !for Free Brochure write: The Single Set -P.O. Box 24, Lafayette Hill, Pa. 19444 +~i~u~i~i~~g~s~ill~i~m~~FiletPaella18.00 ,+=Veal Cordon Bleuwith Madiera Sauce8.00 ..........Mignon Brochette8.25 ........Veal A La Oscar8.00 ........All entrees served with salad anti yourchoice of potato and vegetables."d Rose and a box of Chocolatesfor your Valentine, Sat., Feb. 14."FREE!ClassicalGuitar PerformanceCARMEN MARINAN.J. State MuseumAuditoriumWed.. Feb. 258:00 p.m.Sponsored by the Mercer Count~ommunityCollegeOffice ofCommunity ServiceTRENTON - "Godspell" is direction by Jo Ann Rubay. Edwin Watkinson Jr. ofcoming to the state of Artists The production features Trenton.Showcase Theatre Feb. 13-15, Richard Bessman as Jesus. A "Gudspell" will be21 and 22.Trenton resident he is a presented on Friday andThe show, conceived by featured singer in Saturday evenings at 8:30 andPrinceton area resident John-Philadelphia area clubs. Sunday matinees at 2:30 fromMichael Tebelak, is a jubilant Judas will he played by Jack Feb. 13-22. The performancecelebration of the Gospel of St. FriedelofMorrisvillewhobason the 21st is sold out andMatthew told through song, been seen in several P.J.&B. special group performancesstory, pantomime and games. musicals at McCarter. are being arranged."Gedspell", which is ending The cast includes Rita Following the close of its ,its fifth year off BroadwayBencivengoof Trenton, Debra Trenton run the company isrun, is being presented by Burke of Levittown, Gary scheduling several per.Gerald E. Guarnieri with the Cannuli and Barbara Dyett of Iormances "on tour" closingassistance of Barbara Dyett Trenton, Peter Lopatin of in Cherry Hill on April 3.and Geri Tallone with musical Princeton, Avah Mealy and Talephonereservations mayLouise Rubalow of Trenton, be made by sailing the theatreGeri Tallone of Yardiey and evenings at 609-392-2433.Give aBONSAl for a ’Man of La Mancha’VALENTINE"They Need Love and Care, Too"Bonsai WorkshopCall Polly FalrmanBoardingPrinceton, N.J.Grnoming 609-924-3202AUDITIONMercer Ballet Co.(Formerly West Jersey Ballet Co.)Artistic Director- Phyllis PapaonSunday, Feb. 22 at noonatMCCC(Any advanced dancer 12 Et up is eligible)Call for applicationl609-896.1925JADWlN BENEFIT SERIES PRESENTS .....Tro,o,,,HARLEMn,e.el.m.., a,,sGLOBETROTTERSh.,. ,.o,ori., ,,.fabulous court antics of the world-famous Troffers,Also the colodul warmup session and three greetvariety acts.FEBRUARY 18-- 7:30 P.M.JADWlN GYMPRINCETON UNIVERSITYTickets at $5, $4, $3 on sale now at Jadwin Gym (adjacentto Palmer Stadium) between 9 and 2, Monday thru Friday.Mail applications accepted, to include 50¢ handlingcharge. Ticket office phone: (609) 452-3538.PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT PRINCETON AREAUNITED COMMUNITY FUNDShowcase Friday evening"opens bicent trioNEW BRUNSWICK - Statewinning Broadway musicalTheater will come alive on comedy, will he the last eventFeb. 16 with the Broadway set for May 16.cast performance of the hit Series subscriptions aremusical "Man of La Mancha’. available Ior a limited time inThe play marks the opening a wide range ef prices fromof the three-part bicentennial $15.50 for unreserved seats toserie sponsored by the $44 for loge seats for all threeRaritan Valley Regior, al and performances. SubscriptionsNew Brunswick Chambers of may be purchased throughCommerce.Feb. 14.A performance by the Single event tickets will beirenowned French pantomimist,Marcel Marceau, ranging from $5.50 foravailable thereafter at prices ,will follow on April 8. Un-unreservederscoringthe bicentennial Curtain time is 8:30 p.m.seats to $15.theme, "1776, the prize- To reserve tickets, write orcab the Raritan ValleyChamber of Commerce Office,Candlelight 79 Paterson St., New Brunswick,201-545-3300. TicketsCabaret may also he ordered throughthe Office of Concerts andA benefitat the Unitarian ChurchSip wine.Hear songs by the footnotes.Watch the worldfamous Trlungt. revue.8:15 p.m., Feb. 14Route 106 &Cherry Hill Rd.Tickets: $4.00For reservationsCall 924.4014Lectures, Rutgers University,4.3 Mine Street, New Brunrick.201-932-7511.The Second AnnualfMuslc Makers TheatresCINEMN~,~g[ c .goL ime +WOMEN’S FILM FESTIVALsponsored by the Pflnceton UniversityF~m Society and the Women’s CenterWednesday- 8 e 10 P.M. - McCosh 10WANDA directed by Barbara LadenThursday. 8 P.M. - McCormack 10SHORT FILMS with speaker Ariel Dougheny fromlhe "Women Make Movies" Co.opFriday - 8 ~ 10 P.M. Whig H all Aud.THE GIRLS with Sibi AnderssonSotardny g Sunday-8,10,12 P.M. Sat. ¯ 8 P.M. Sun.. Frick Aud,THE SEDUCTION OF MIMI directed by Line Wertmullerwith G]ancedo GlanninL Plus: Cdlic AnneKnplan, Rulgem, will lead a dLscu~ion sflerthe Sunday night shown.Further into: 452-0457Admission: $1, free to Rim Sac. members; 50¢ Women’s Cemer~[or cozy, intimate diningVEAL CUTLET PARMIGIANARESTAURANTw/sp~ghetti ¯$4.95and Cocktail LoungeSHISH.RA-BOBw/rice pilaf$5.50FISHERMRN’S SPECIALTYw/African Lebstet Tail$1f.75SURF & TURFw/African lobster tailstulted w/¢labmeat &Rlet Mignon$12.95 ’TAKE HER OUT FOR DINNERU.S. I Major andSouth Brunswick297-6678

¯HOME H[rNTER’Thursday, February 12, 1976GUIDE7-BHILTONREALTY CO.ofPRINCETON, INC. RealtorsRANCH TYPE DUPLEX - Live in one side, rent theother. Four car garage .............. $45,500.HOPEWELL BOROUGH - Four bedroom home onan attractive lot ................... $48,500.SMALL ESTATE IN THE BEAUTIFUL WESTERN SEC-TION OF PRINCETON TOWNSHIP. Carefully builtwell planned new Colonial with five bedrooms and3 ½ baths. Two zone heating and air conditioning.. ............................. $179,900.APARTMENT HOUSE CONTAINING THREE REN-TAL UNITS. Centrally located ......... $69,900.NEW SPACIOUS BI-LEVEL IN PRINCETON JUNC-TION. four bedrooms, fireplace in panelled familyroom; close to schools and shopping; excellent forthe New York or Philadelphia commuter. Comfortableliving and fine investment ..... $63,500.THREE BEDROOM SPLIT LEVEL near the PrincetonShopping Center. Great for a small young familyor a retired couple .................. $64,500.EXCELLENT LOCATION FOR THE NEW YORKCOMMUTER and close to schools. Five year old,four bedroom Colonial .............. $67,600.THE LAST NEW HOME IN AN EXCLUSIVE AREA OFWEST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP. Two-story Colonialwith four bedrooms located on a cul-de-sac .................................... $71,500.PRINCETON TOWNSHIP LOCATION ¯ fourbedrooms, 2½ baths, central air and attachedtwo-car garage .................... $76,000.COMMERCIAL ZONED BUILDING suited for tractortrailers, truck storage or warehousing. 3,000square feet block and stucco building located inJamesburg on four acres of land. For sale or rent................................ $85,000.RENTALS:FOUR BEDROOM COLONIAL available immediatelyfor one or two years. Fine condition............... $506. per month plus utilities.FURNISHED THREE BEDROOM RANCH in PrincetonTownship available immediately............... $500. per month plus ufilltles.COMMERCIAL:OFFICE OR LIGHT INDUSTRIAL Ample parking. Excellentlocation in Hamilton Township onWhitehead Road¯ 3,000 square feet.APARTMENTS AND OFFICE SPACEAVAILABLE.HARBOURTON AREAA five-bedroom twn-bath custom-huih story and a half Immc on10 high roiling acres in Itopewell Township. Large living roomwith log burning Breplace, grand dining room ( 19x 13), cat-ln kitthenoverlooks your own sprlng-fed stocked pond. Two bedroomsand bath on the first and three and imth on the second. Build arccreathm room around the brick fireplace in tire Irascmcnt. Oversizedtwo-ear detached garage. The house was built tu last flwcw~rwith the finest materials and construction techniques. Tluwe’sskating on |he pond amy and lazy summer swimming just armmdthe corner .................................. $165.0(10.An extremely well-buih four berlroonL 2 hdl bath, 2 story couutryCohmial in Lawrence on an acre. Uhra-kitchcn ,werlooks t]n,peel, living morn, family room. formal d{ning room, aml frillIf:fished basement, detached 3-car garage. Maintenance free stoneanti alumhmm exterior. Absoh~tcly immaculate c.ndhi,u; ................................................ $87,500.TWO + BEDROOM CAPE on aA wooded acres in the Sourlands.Modern kitchen, bath. den. lh’ing room. two bedrooms. Immediateoccupancy ............................$41.90g.PENNINGTON BOROUGliA stately two-story Garrison Colonial with four large bedrooms.2[/2 baths, Iormsl living and dining rnoms, great eat-ln kitchenroomy "keeping room" with fireplace and all, on an easilymanageable one-half acre lot. Think yoa might enjoy a reallywell-buih home where you needn’t carpool kkls and you can enjoywalking the tree shaded Borough streets at your whim? Thcn callItS. We have what you want ....................... $89.900.William Schuessler. 921-8963Harvey Rude. 201-359-5327Allen D’Arcy. 799-0685Jack Stoker. 921-b752Open 7 Days194 Nassau Street q21-00h0|n the Hihon auildina * 2rid Fkmr ¯ Ele~au.r ~’r; k’,,A two bedro.m C.hmial high over tlre Dehtware ou almost 2wooded acres L ving room w th f r +place and a stndy. A 35.fo,tfamily roam has 3 huge picture winthm’s with a h,,-ln,rningfireplace literally lufised over the river. Nothing else like itanywhere! ..................................$h7,90q.LAST COURT OPEN NOW!LOCMID JUST DOWN TH!ROAD RtOM WASHINGTONCROSSING ON S(IHI( OllYl --"Off RT. 29, EWIN~ TWP.HousesittingrETIRED M.D. & wife seeknow living inFlorida. Exc. refs. 609-448.9129.2 -- RESPONSIBLE PRINCE-TON Juniors with referencesdesim hoosositt ng pes Lion forthe summer. Please callMichael, 609-452-0875, 452-0978,452-7571.Apts/HousesTo sharestudent orIking609-924-5234.tIOUSE TO SHARE --Comfortable, moray avail, forprofessional or businesswoman. 609.443.3567.HOPEWELL TOWNSIIIPA BRAND NEW CUSTOM 4 bedroom, 21/z bath C.lunial inHopewell Township nnder $75,001)? Yes! Large family roomwith fireplace and slide direr, generous eat-ln kitchen with dishwasher,self.cleaning oven, a convenient laundry and powderroom. Formal dining room, center hag. and front living room.Four corner bedrooms and two baths upstairs. Located in thewestern section of the township ................... $66.901|.HOPEWELL TOWNSHIPIN A LAND WHERE EVERYTItING ELSE IS ON TIlEMARKET FOR OVER $100,000, IlERE IS A SUPER BUY!Nelson Ridge Road. Hopewell Tow TownsMp, R.D. Princetonaddress. An all-brick rancher, three bedroonrs, two baths, livingroom/fireplace, dining room, medern kitchen, breezeway and hdlbasement. Centrally air conditioned. Nicely land~aped acre anda half. Asking ...............................$69,5g0!Members of:MLSPrinceton Real Estate GroupJ()tt N Tq-IENDI £1 .ONREAI.TORSHopewell House Sq., Hopewell, N.J.(609) 466-2550Call Anytime.IIOl EWELL BOROUGI-iRenuvated toivnhouse in mint condition just a slmrt walk fromeverything. Large living room anti eat-ln kitchen, huge hmndry.pantn.’ and hdl bath on first. Three gaed-sized bedsooms aud hslfbath {with room for tub showeri nn secood. Fenced )anl withstorage shed and swimming Imol .................. $53.500.RENTALSIn the Sourland Mountains oe 5 wooded acres, a 3 bedroom Rancher.................................... $500/month. :!n Hnpewell Borough, a very large sunny 2 bedroom anartment........................................ $295/mooth.ht Montgomery with Princctnn address, a very large 3 bedroomgarage apartment on exclusive estate ........... $360/nnmth.Area Representative ForInter-CityREL ~D RelocationServicePOTERE (Home Purchase P/an)OFFICE SUITESThe Twenty Nassau Street Professional Buildings offerfor immediate occupancy single and double room officesuites, many with fireplaces end sunny windowsoverlooking the University campus. Rentals for thesedesirable suites begin at eighty-five dollars monthly.Of course, air-conditioning, heating, electricity, andjanitorial services are included. Parking is available.Looking for a job?Try the Classified pages.ROSSMOOR RESALES127 Sussex WoySeveral homes - choice locationsPriced as low os $6500 plus ossumable5% % mortgage* for a Co-operative studioMonthly maintenance $192.Elegant condominiumgolf course2 hr., 2 both, heated patio. $65,000.Other manors avalleblecall1609-6S5-2770open seven days a weekto qualified buyer~ALLEN & STULTS CO. REALTORTHE MGMT. CORP. INC. OF N.J.BROKER/DEALERCALL 609-452-2652609-924-7027"IWENTY NASSAVWanted To RentREPINED widow needs quiet3-rm apt with modern conveniencesbeg Apr $250-300/mo. Write LHS, 1067Pennington Rd, Trantoo, NJ.GARDEN APT. 15 minutes,from Prncetoo. Will sharewith student or youngprofessional. Own room, bathand phone. Good for classicalorganist or musician. 609-443-4393 bet. l0 a.m. - noon or 9-11p.m. Sun. & Tues. 10-10.TV. 609-924-1"/6"/.ON A BEAUTIFUL WOODEDLOT - a lg. rood. hse,luxuriomly turn. & ~luippodw. dishwasher, color TVwasher, dryer, etc. - to beshared w. responsible neatyoung professional or grad.student. Reasonable. 609-443.3857 or 024-9582.FEMALE mid-20’s seekingthe same to s tare 3-bdr. housein Princeton. Call after 5pro,609-~1-1773.FEMALE ROOMMATE --wanted. Share apt. in Lambertvilin.After 5pro, 609-:~7-8048.HOUSE OR APT. To share w.parking and nice atmosphere.For Rent - RoomsFURNISHED ROOM - to quietbusiness man. private hath,pvt. entrance, refrig. A/C &FURNISHED ROOM forgentleman on quiet street, 2blocks off Main Streetblanville. Call days. (201)722-0070, or eves., (20~.)T22-5524.ROOMS and semi.efficienciesat weekly rates. PrincetonManor Motor Hotel, U.S. #l,Monmouth Jet. 201-329-4555.SPACIOUS ROOM - nicelyfurnished with refrig. Share ofkitchen. Professional manonly. 609-921-6242 after 5 p.m.l HOUSEKEEPING ROOM -2’~ miles from Princeton - U.S.I. 609.924-5792.CRANBURY . ClassicEnglish Tudor. ~, or 5bedrooms, 2 oaths, 2 halfbaths, study, formaldining room, screenedporch, 2 car garage, immediateoccupancy............. $76,600.CRANBURY ¯ 8 roomSplit Level, 4 bedrooms,2½ baths, family room,living room withfireplace, 2 car garage............. $61,900.PLAINSBORO ¯ BrickRanch, 4 bedrooms, 2baths, approximately 1acre, family room withfireplace, 2 car garage,16 x 32 inground pool............. $90,000.STANLEY T. WHITEREALTY, INC.REoltor61 N. MaInSL Cranbury, N.J.Commuting distance toFURNISHED ROOM - NearPrinceton for young responsiblemale w. no pets. Call 201-campus, 5 min. walk, perking. 655.3322 or 448-2477References. 609-~4-4474.9~8-1698.NEED TO RENT--garage on3 FURNISHED ROOMS forChestnut St. close to Nmsau SHARE -- country house. 20gentleman, all utilities in.St. 609-921-1616 eves. or before8 a.m./ninutes from Princeton, Calleluded. Manville. (201) 725. ROOM TO RENT in privateMary, 201-873-3733. 5667.home, in Plaimbero, N.J.Gentleman preferred.Reference required. SomeFEMALE ROOMMATELARGE CHEERFUL room kitchen priv. 609-799-0333.Housesitting wanted to share house, with next to bath good Incatimpiano and fireplace. In ample parking, gentlemanHopowell. 609-466-3104. preferred. 609-587-8173. For Rent - Apts.NEED SOMEONE reliable to[ ive in your home while you| Lre away? Male, 25,| mofessionaL Box 0 #03340 e/o 2 PEOPLE NEEDED- MarchATTRACTIVELY FUR-EWING TOWNSHIP - 2udI’rlnceton Packet.t to share’10 room home inNISHED room forfloor apt. Living room, kitprofessionalgentleman. ’ITGriggstown. $15U/mo. perchen, dining area, 1 bedroomand hath. Refrigerator and| PR~ANperson incluues uUliLies. No radio, telephone, practically range. No children. No pets.I seeks house-sitting position In lease. 201-359.8227.private ffath. C0avenlent$190/mo, inctuding heat. CallI the Princeton area. Will carecenter Princeton. 609-924-2565. E09-77t-9264 between g am - 3{ for plants & pets. Call ~A-5383.p.m.For Rent - RoomsRuth BlyNeed a new car?Check the Classified pages.ESTATEJUST REDUCED 65,5004 bedrooms ¯ 2½ baths - central air- carpeting - study - super condition.A RICH MAN’S"PLAY TOY". circa 1754, colonial farm house situatedon 12+ acres with many out buildings including a huge barn all in verygood condition. We have some interesting thoughts for this .-- call us.OnREALBill SandersA lot of house, 3.4 bedrooms, 2 baths, carpeting, quiet cul-de-sac. 46,900Over 16 acres of land in horse country. Some wooded with a stream.Cape Cod, 2 bedrooms. 49,900rT~Expanded Ranch, 5 bedrooms. 58,500Colonial, 4 bedrooms, fireplace. 62,900MULTIPLENEW COLONIAL, 4 bedrooms. 72,900LISTING799-8181~EALIOR50Prineaton-Higbtstown Road, Princeton Juno:ion SEKylCE

HOME HUNTER’S GUIDE8-BTharoday, Februnry 12,1976CENTER tlALL COLONIAL ¯ Convenient to exit 7A for commuters.Transferred owners must sell this 3-year Phi. 4 bedroom. 2 ½ bath home.Move-in condition for ................... FORTY SEVEN. FIVE.2’ / \6°s~’@~C°un sSLltcelq try SpecialistWEST WINI)S()R I(ANCII - on sweeping corner lot. Entry hall. largeeat-in kitehco, f, rnml dining r, onr. :l herlrc,mzs, and 2 full baths. A stealon t~ahry’s market at ...................... FIFTY-TIIREE FIVEFIItST ()FFEItlNG- Ilick,ry Acres split in mint condition. Fourspaei, ms bedrmmrs. 2 I/~ haths. 2-car garaRe, central air and electronic airflhcr, plus carla,ling and cxcclhqrlandscalfing. Make this the honte to seeh. . .................................. FIFTY-FOUR. NINE.FIVE BEDI{III)MS. ’31/~ BATIIS oa a landscaped and fenced half-acre.This 8-ycarqdd heine is hanh.d with l.,lential for tire large family thatncPds u inansi.n in the . ......................... Mi D FIFTIESWINDSOR’S FINEST - Sl,per 5 bedro.m. 2Y., bath° cedar and bricksided home on a lovely stockade-lenced Iralf-acrc lot. Gallery-sized slateentry hLver, paoelled family room with floor to ceiling nsed brickfireplace, hright fornmliving and dieing rooms with plush wall-to-wallcarpetiog, natnral wood cabineled kitchen with ceramic backsplash andcatlng areu .verlooking private rear yard. An excellent opportunity tomove up to a great hcmte and neighhorl~mal .... SIXTY EIGHT. NINE’~" Exterior Color PhotosTtlE COLONIAL WITtl CtlARACTER - Impressive center h~yer witha flowing traffic pattern, living room sized for living and entertaining,banqnet sized formal dining room. ultra modern deluxe G.E. kitchen withfine wood cabinetry and a large cheerhd dinette. Large family rr.)m withwood burning raised hearth fireplace. 5 bright spacious bednmms. 2 ½well appointed baths, abtmdant closet space. Fresh imagioative designrefined to the point of Irerfectioo. 2 ear garage. Full ponred e.neretebasement with outside entrance. Central air included in price................................ SEVENTY TIIIIUSAN D, NINECIIARMING COLONIAL - qtrieIl.~ reclused under heavily branchedtrees, ofhrrs 3 largc bedrooms. I ~,,~ charming baths, woml hurning st.m,fireplace, formal dining r..nr, modern kitchen with new dishwasher.panelled den. maple hardwood fhmrs, wide staircases, bascmclrt, garage.and deep beautihd back yard. Spotless lirroaghont .......................................... FI)I{TY NINE. NINECOUNTRY SE’VI’ING ¯ 9t) year old restored Victorian 3 betlroom homewith an nhra modern kitchen, carpeted enclosed 3 season porch withbuih in storage seats, living roonr with hay window, h,rntal (lining roontwith chairrail and wainscot, delightful thn,tgh.ut. M.dern copper phmtbingand wiring and Inrnace. 2 ear dehrched garage, basentent and nmre............................................. FIFTY FOURTWO STORY TUDOR with harmonizint: hinds¯aping enhancing this 5bedroom. 2 I,~ bath family Imnte. Art unuslmlihrary .ffering priwrcy or athome office for tire busy executive, l"amily room hccontcs the favorite spotfor hm attd irrhwntal enlertaining with a raised hearth fireplace, l)on’tmiss the opportunity to see this prestigious honte in Lawrenccville .......................................... EIGIITY NINE. NINE268l MAIN ST. (RT. 2061LAWRENCEVILLE 609-896-I0008 Offices to Serf. YouL REAL ESTATEREALTORSCOUNTRY ATMOSPHERE - Front dense wooded areas ar, mnd thi~Imndsome d- corner bedroont Cohmial with a large l.I. Large c}pell catrancefoyer with open stairs to second floor, eh,garll h~rnral dining r,.,m.very large and bright living room. uhra ntmlcrn kit¯hen plus a hrcakfastroom. beautiful panelled family ro.m witll hrick fireph.’c, huaulr.~ rman.big 2 car garage. 21.,~ lmths, pins a fenced-in 18x3tr" irr-,,ronnd ln.d f.wsnmmer enjoyment ........................SIXTY NINE. NINEUNIVERSITY HTS. ¯ Oxh~rd Model Colonial ofh,ring 3 hedr.oms. I ½baths, fornlal dining room. ultra nmdero kitchen, parwlh.d 13" x 27’family room with w/w brick fireplace h~r relaxing moments, big 2 cargarage, central air conditioning. Well kept honre.. FIFTY F()U If. N 1NBIG FAMILY? Here is the heat, for win. complete with ccatral air. ingroundpool, 9/10 of a acre lot, 5 large bedrooms, 3 full baths, familywith fireplace, large nhra modern kitchen with plenty of closet space. 2car side entrance garage. Well landscaped property...’EIGHTY SEVENGOT A MINUTE? - Slow down nnd see this hwch’ ten acre property with4 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, and a gorgeous family rm~in that you have t. Io~e.Oversized 2 ear garage, hleal for tire fantlh’ that loves op q st aer ........................................... EIGHTY NINE. NINE2663 NOTTINGHAM WAY, MERCERVILLE, N.J.609-586-1400International Relocation Serriceon NEW AMWELL RD. in HILLSBORO"3," ~ ":1 ", ¯ .....t .... 7 ~ I.,I ..THE TALK OFTHE TOWN...EXTRAVAGANT, LUXURIOUS,OVERSIZED APTS ....Startingat $250 per Month.¯ I~lvcae Iklkoldll ¯ Abundant ¢lolltl Iome¯ Olne-ln kitchen PLUS aprs. wlthwalk-lnseparall dining area ¯ 200% on sihl perking ’¯ Individually conlrollecl Swimming pool & tennisbeer and air conditioning courts will be constructedon siteRent Includes Heat and Hot Water!l.l.aln emm Pt.n~lo. a T,¯nt~ N~lh on nl 2OS to ~m~ Rd (Rt 814ironic I/ghl) lure Ilfl. C~ImU¯ foe 1,1, mi. to B imk~n Llnl. lure till, I~tnImm4~illly iI ~11 i~hl to N¯w Amwell nd, 8¯lkmln Gledtnl ~ ltOhl,FROM N~ a,un~w;ck gt 514 cro. St ~OS l’/t mi to ao¯km=n t¯~, ~mli[hl. I=~ i mlmldilll¥ ¯l ~l iI tl0hl In Nlw ~n w¯ll [d, llllkm~ Ol¢ll~l~hl meM lql~lk I NO Jll41l Rl ~ Will IO [l ~08 S~lh 11= Am~llI I I I I IMODEL PHONE(~o~)359.718oMILLSTONE wOODSESTATESA Unique Park l.ikeSetriagin Millsrone Twp.Custom built homes on minimum of 1 acre heavilywooded lots. Individual home sites also availablefor purchase. Located on Millstone Rd. I Yz milessouth of Route 33.Developed and Built byLiving Systems, Inc.Call 12011464-5676 between 9 a.m. dl S p.m~Station Square, Route 206 Route 206, State Rd.Belle MeadPrinceton(2011359-6222 (6091924-75"/3NEW JERSE Y’S FINEST I.In terms of landscaping, design, materials, floorpianand lifestyle, Hidden Lake is the most luxurious of oilNew Jersey’s apartments. 6 dilferent floorplans tochoosefromḟrom $311 me.Direct[Route I ....th to Cozzens Lane, No.PENNINGTON..... ++ Hidden + ’+ Lake ......."Adams StaI+on"), lefton Cozzens Lane tocommunity’*’+"ofindiridnol homes bringsRoute 27; left on Route1" ’1’’ " ~ 1’ .... ~’~’’; .... rogetherhe fieest of27to Hidden Lake Drive; :... ’c;::,?i.!:-- ::::!’,i,’..i. r’left le model apart-Traditionalaml""’ii"’ ~.’ .’ ...... ~. L..’ ’meats.Contemp.rn~."Hidden Lake Drive {oll Route 27)North Beunswick, New Jerseyarchitectare in tile’ . Phone: (201) 821-80880rMalnOIficewomled estates ofCharleston RMingll(201) 846-5700¯ " .~ Furnished ModelOpen 11.5 . +.iVed.. Fri.. Sar.. Sun.. :.;’b:~’..’,Or By Appoiamtent .2:.:-~.609.737.2131 or 2833D RICT ONS ~ln St. plnnmet+n l¯ Iralllt ’ ’ ~*1lehh loll ~ loll Dl~awotl Art., Ill rll~l , -,~ ,,, +.BUILT-IN FLEXIBILITY: SENSE OF SPACE IThis home permi.s a two, three or four bedroomarrangement. An Acorn Design built to accommodatethe growing family. The three exterioroof profiles For Rent - Apts. For Rent - Apts.make sloping ceilings inside and provide a cozy cornersIand also a sense of surprise.Fireplace in living room, 2 full baths, deck, enjoyable PRINCETON AItMS PRINCETON -- 2od floor apt.closet space, treed lot. This Acorn house now built on aLiving room. dining room. For Rent - Apts. LISTED IN THE HISTORY OF -’~treed lot can be purchased at $69.900. I,nxary Apartments kitchen. 2 bedrooms and bath,parking¯ No pets. $300/mo.HAMILTON TOWNSHIPt and 2 bedrooms. IndividuallyCall 609.921-6834 after 5pm. APT -- Furn. two bdr, study,For Rent - Apts. For Re nt - Apts. controlled heat, 2 air con-two bath, complete kitchen, Yardvllle.Hom|lton Square Road.ditioners. Indrvidual Bal- MANVILLE: 4=~z rms. 1st garden setting. Golf, tennis,......... conies. 12 cu. ft. Refrigerator. fir., utilities extra. 2 Ixlrms. swim, clubhouse, crafts, arts,Venetian Blinds. Large walk- kit.,liv, rm. bath¯ Adultsoniy. rain age 48, Exit 8A tnpk, fewFRANKLIN CORNER East Windsorin closets. Privatentrances, security required, no pets, rain Princeton. Call nites,GARDENS- Lawrencevi]]e’sLaundry morn with washersFro mar. 1. private home ẉkods, 609-655-2931most gracious garden apart- CHESTNUTWILLOWments now offers to you ULTRAmodern 1 &2bedroom and dryers. Wall to wall Call (201) 526-4467 eves., 5-7spacious 4 and 5 room apart- apts. Air conditioned & car- carpeting in 2nd floor apart- p.m.MODERN 6 RM. country apt.ments. Superintendent on site.ments with convenience petod. 2 bedroom apts. have 2 $300 plus util. Refs. Avail Jan.Rentstart at $2O0 up.features like our large eat-in baths. 1 yr. lease. From $200 ONE & TWO BEDROOM Call 201-359-5042 after 5.kitchen, separatedining room, 216 Dorchester Dr. E09-448-Model apartment - Telephone APTS. -- for immediateloads of closet space, a 6960. Pc-6~-,148-480t. (Open daily from cu~ncy at Windsor Castle. E.prestigious community and12:30 p.ln. to 5 p.m. except WindsorTwp. From Princeton 2 BEDROOM APT. -- tothe ultra-convenience of our BR00KWOODGARDENS Sunday) Directions from. take 571 to Old Trenton Rd. sublet. Available April 1. Foxcentral location. We are just Modern I & 2 bedroom apts. Princeton: Princeton-- make a right then proceed t~ Run Apts. Overlooks river.off Rt. #1 in Lawrencevtne, Airconditioned, carpeted, llightstown Road, turn right the first left beyond a couple609-799-0755 after 5:30.only minntes from Princeton Swim club on grounds, ooOIdTrenton Road r/z mile, liundredfsetfromOldTrerit0nWe are presently attempting to get this propertyand Trenton. Now renting Located on Hickory Corner turn left and f01 0w s gns. Road. 609.448-5995. MODERN 3 ROOMS and bath, registered by U.S. Historical Society¯ Homesteadfrom $24S and up (heat and hot Rd. near Rt. 130. From $204. $195. 2 rms. & hath. $155. 38 was owned by close friend of Whittier and a memberof the Underground Railroad.water included). Give m Call 609-448-5531.E~FICIENCY APT: Living ’LIVING ROOM, bedroom, eat- Leigh Ave. 924-0746.call, 6~9.896-0990 or stop in, 161room with sleeping area, in kitchen &bath, back porch,Franklin Corner Rd,WYNBROOKWESTkitchen with dining area, small ),ard, parking. All FOX RUN SUBLET -- I hdrm. Located on 25 acres of land.Ultra modern I & 2 bedroombathroom with tub Ino utilities inclnded. $175 per too. apt. beantiful location on Millair conditioned, carpeted, 20’A gorgeous setting consisting of two (2) livingbalcony apts. Swim club. on shower). Located at rear of plus security. 609-393-2760. Slene River. $10 cheaper than moms, study, large dining room, large kitchen, sixONE BEDROOM -- apart- grounds. Bus to NYC ~ rain. Leigh Avenue Apts. Suitablegoing rate. Avail Feb. 15. Callment, furnished, locatdl in Dutch Neck Rd. near Rt. 130. for single male occupant. $155. PRINCETON BORO-- 3 room eves. 609-799-3~00.(6) bedrooms, screened-in porch.Princeton area. Very ~- From $209. 609-448-3~85. Call between 11-12 am or 7-B apt. on ~d IIr of older smallA once in B lifetime opportunity to acquire a parttractive, spacious, wilh allp.m. 609-924-0746.of U.S. History.modern conveniences. Heatgt. house 1 block from 3 RM. APT., heat, hot water,and hot water provided. $200 SHARON ARMSssau SL Avail. April. 1 gas & elnctriclty supplied. Must be sold ......... REDUCED TO $199,000.monthlY’, ,fill after 6 p.m. 6~. Fully carpeted, air con-person only. $250. 609-g~1-7907. West Amwell Twsp. 5 mi.ns..452-0~/1". ditioned, new I & 2 bedroom ONE BEDROOM APT: Living¯ TO SETTLE ESTATE. ,efrom Flemlngton Circle.apartments. Located lntersenti0nof Rt. 33 & Rt. 130 area, bedroom & bath. UNFURNISHED NEW LUX- (201)376"759g. Maguire-Burke Agency, Inc.room, kitchen with diningLocated261 John St. $195.2" LARGE ROOM efficiency .across from Robbinsville Call between 11-12 am or 7-8 URY$270 APTS.and up. I & Meadow2 bedrooms,Ln.ne SUBLEASE 1 bdr. apt,apt. Convenient lenatien. 201- Rirport. From $200. Call 609-821-7135 or 201-329-6068. 259-9449,pm. 609-924-0746. Apts, 5 minutes from PrmcetnnJct. Call 609.452-8220. PrlncetonMendows.Avanable’Real Estate BrokersMarch 1. 609-799.9548 or 466-Telephone: (609) 557-2707388t.

£ST 1893REAI,T()RS1~ IqtF Nab,an Street. I}rlnct,ton¯ Ne~ J,.rse) t}tl3,1(~i..% C( )M I’I,I.’.’I’F’, I{ EAI, ESTATE ( )I{GAN IZA:rI(r, o9-924-o322A LOOKATTHEPAST t ¢/,IHopewe,, Townsh,p got its s’ I,Iown identity from ~" :,iMaidenhead in 1699 aftercourt approval of"npetition of some of theInhabitants above falls for aNew Township to be calledHopewell as also for a NewRoad & Bonndaries of saidTown read and upon file orderedthat there be a towncalled Hopewell and the yeBmmdaries thereof be asfollmvs: [vizt} To begin atMahlon Stacy’s Mill andalong hy York road until itcomes to Shabhacunk. andnp the same until it meetwith ye line of Partition thatdivides the Societies 30,000acre purchase from the15.000 then along the lineuf Sd Societie’s 31),000 acrepurchase to DelawareRiver.".This divided the territorynorth of the BurlingtonCounty llne lthere was stillno Mereerl into throe constahalaries- Nottingham,Maidenhead, andHopcwell. The position ofconstahle was the most importantof the era locally,with Thnmas Lambert,Theophilus Phillips, andMajor Alexander Lockhartserving these three governments,respectively.Within the township, theTown of l topewell was settledin 1706 taking thename "Columbia", andPenning(on came into beingahout the same time withthe name of "QueensTown",HOME HUNTER’d10-BLorraine BoieeSheila CookTed DavidEd DobkowskiBetsey HardingWilliam HunterMarjorle KerrRuth KormanRha MargolisDorothy Oppenheim~oan QaackenbushKen ReadailRalph SnyderKay WenThis gracious Colonial is located on a PrincetonTownship cul-de-sac. Classic center hall designwith beautihd appointments. A delightful combinationof charm and convenience designed forlow maintenance .................. $127,500.Here is a handsome Colonial on a quiet street in afine nearby South Brnnswick Township neighborhtmd.Tenuls courts are within walking distance.The Inuise ]tas 4 bedrooms, 21,,~ baths,fireplace, and central air ............. $74,500.Excellent 19-year old hnnm in Hopewell Boroughhas two unusually line upartments. Modern nndinleuding sneh features as n 2-car garage, it is idealfor either an investment property or for owneroccupancy....................... $69,500.A particularly good floor plan is one of thehighlights of this 10-rttom, 21.,~-bath Colonial inWest Windsor. Among the others are a fireplace,tented air, anti finished hasenurnt ...... $78.000.Nifty 3-bedrot)m ranch htmse ill Princeton TownshiI)has a hnndle of features and a most apllealinglot ............................. $75,000.An excellent blty today and one which will be evenmore appreciated when sununer conies, h offers qrtlouts, 2 J.& haths, 2-car garage, phts all in-groundpetal sttrrmntded by mature landscaping. Qnietstreet in a convenient West Wintls)r neighborhood.........................$b5,900.Appealing 8-roam, 2 J,~-bath Colonial in the alwayspopular Birchwood Estates area of West WinderTownship. Offers excellent functional utility androom size plus treed h,t, fireI,laoo, central air,basement, and 2-ear garage ........... $85,500.:Dining out tonight?Try one of the restaurants on our Arts page.MAJESTIC!In the tranquil setting of Olden Lane, we have nne nf Princeton’smost coveted houses¯ Sturdily built in the 20’s, and richly restoredjust five years ago, here is one of the finest properties for a comfortlovingfamily. There is a perfect blend nf stone and clapboard on theoutside with huge trees, and a magnificent terrace nestled privatelymidst the gardens behind the notable English fencing.Warm panelling, marble fireplaces and expansive mouldingshighlight the gracious rooms, divided into family living and entertainmentareas Perfect patterns throughout the downstairs andsix colorful bedrooms with three and a half baths[ A family k leben’has been added, too, with every built-in imaginable!Offered with a half acre at Two Hundred Thirty Thousand Dollarswith more land available¯ Pleans call for an appointment! We’d loveto show this outstanding home to you.J(IIINCHENDE+R’+ ONl)riar,,ton353 Nassae StreetI)rh,a,lort, New Jersey 0834gU)IICI1921-277(tREALTORSil’)lwwellIhq)eweil lh,a~. Sqrtet~,lh)lJewell. N,,w Jersey 1111525Ittntll ,It)f)-253n8% 30 YEARAVAILABLE TO QUALIFIEDBUYERSfrom ~491,~0 Flexible FinancingOpen everyday from noon for inspection5 Superb models to choose from - 2 Ranches, 3Colonials - 3 and 4 bedroo models available. Ourcountry homes are set on 18,000 sq. ft. lots and allhave 2 car garages.DIRECTIONS: Rt. 1 or 206 to beautiful new extension Interstate 1-95 south...only a few minutes to Scotch Rd. Exit # 3.Drive across Scotch Rd. 1o Nursery Rd. and conlinue one milefo models, Mountain View Golf on left -- models on tight,Drive Out Today!Model Phone (609) 882-6847Exclusive Soles Agent: Ideal Realty (201) 283-2600For Rent-HousesFURNISHED HOUSE -- 2bedrooms IlL, baths, commerciallocation, no pets orchildren. Security andreferences. $350/mo. 600-g21-9170.FOR RENT - in Kingston,handsome 2-t,~ year oldColonial. Fireplace in familyroom, 4 bedrooms, 2-lb. bathscentral A/C, 2 ear garage¯ 0minutes from downtownPrinceton, close to N.Y. busqines. Sunny, quiet cnnvenient.$315/mo. AvailableS’rORE FOR RENT: 32Witherspoon St. (formerlyJune I. Call 659-g24-4485 nr 924-American Finance1. Approximately800 square feet4317 preferably after 0 p.m.(13 feet wide by 62 feet deep).Central air conditioning.RENTAL: secluded 5 room Available on or about March t.cottage, 3 miles from Palmer Mr. Kahn. (609) 924-0746.Square. Available April 1.$300/mo. Principals only. 609-921-7395.FARM HOUSE with 2 acres inEast Windsor Twp., 0 room, 2baths $375/m0. rent. WriteBox ate0, W ndsor H ghtstlerald.ResortPropertiesOFFICE RENTAL inFOR SALE BY OWNER -Professional Bldg. Hightstown/F’rincetooRd. AmpleToms River, N.J. Bayshorearea, 2 bedroom ranch.parking space. ~180, WITH,modern kitchen, living roomDENTAL OFFICE -- East PO Box 146, Hightstow~.with beamed ceiling, Florida Windsor, in prestige suburbanroom, screened porch, hot 20 store plaza¯ 3 chair locationwater baseboard heat. 2 blocksI~IRGE OFFICE SPACE . t0from marina and privatefully equipped with allutilities parhtions etc. Excellentopportunity to startrooms plus 2 baths. Can bebeach. $35,000. Call after 5subdivided. Will decorate.p:m, 600-924-2181. own practice. FinancialAlso 2and 4 room office suites.assistance available. CallCenter of Princeton. 509-924-4875 or g24-3794 eves¯weekdays, 659-448-4081.VIRGIN ISLANDS -- Private3 bedroom home with car onWater Island. Available Jan. DOWNTOWN PRINCETON-- RETAIL SPACE with office &18 for season. 201-329-6500. office space for rent. 500 sq.ft, yard area. Ideal nursery plantKEY WEST FLORIDA - twobedroom contemp, large living- dining area, all terazzofloors, all dec. Westinghousekiteh, central air,lovelytrol?ical garden, screened-inpatfo detached guest cottage.Ask ng $42,500. 609-452-2652.ResortPropertiesCONDOMINIUM -PINEHURST, N.C. will sellfurnished or unfurnished. 609.466-3804.Business RealEstate For RentGUIDEThursday, February 12, 1976~Not the Conventionalbut the Distinctive ClassicalDesign.NEW JERSEY’S "SHOWPLACE"OVERLOOKING THE DELAWARE RIVER!The incredible homes at Delaware Rise. Up to over 3.000 sq. ft. ofliving area, brick fronts as shown in models. 4 and 5 bedrooms, 2 ½balha and 2.car garage. 6" x 3" of insulation in all bouses. Citywater, city sewers, walks and curbs ate all included, Wooded loisavailable. Hilly ½ acre lots with 125 ft. frontage.Very liberal mortgagesavailable to qualified buyers.2 homes ready for Immed. Occup.6 Modems48From: 9I 11 a River Rd., Ewlng Twp., N.J.OIR

PENNINGTON BOROUGHTOWN COLONIAL attramlve with charm. Family room, den,fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, 1 car garage, large lot.$63,900.OLDER HOUSE YOU SAY how abouthis Colonial on a earnerlot. Living room with fireplace, modern kitchen, laundry room,tilo bath, 3 bedmome plus study or sewing roam, attic forfuture expansion. 2 car 0ara0e. $59,$00.HOPEWELL TOWNSHIPSMALL HORSE FARM 3 acres, 2 stow gambrel, family roomwith fireplace, 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 2 car garage. $79,900.7g ACRE FARM attractive old CoLoniaL circa 1710, 2 fireplaces,4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, barn, silo and other outbuildings,privaCy. $270.000.ATPRACTIVE RANCHER family room. 3 beclrooms, f ½ bathe, 2car garage, central air, large lot. $55,900.¯ WOODED SETTING rancher, family room with fireplace, 3bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, 2 car garage. $57.000.ALUMINUM SIDING RANCHER new kitchen, family room withfireplace, 3 bedrooms, tile bath, central air, 2 car garage.$57,500.JUST FOR YOU well designed rancher with central alr, familyroom, 3 bedrooms, laundry room, 1 ’h baths, 2 car garage.$6S,900.,BOROUGH OF HOPEWELL2.STORY Attractive, 4 bedrooms, 1 full and 2 halt baths, centralair, l-car garage. 146,900.LAWRENCE TOWNSHIPVILLAGE COLONIAL on quiet street, fireplace, family room. 2full baths, 4 bedrooms, 2 car garage. $65,500.TO BE BUILT Spanish style, 2 stow, on 6.5 acres, 2 fireplaces, 4bedrooms, 3 ½ baths, 2 car garage, blueprints available.S151,500.EWING TOWNSHIPCONTEMPORARY 2 family teams, fireplace, 5 bedrooms, 5baths, central air, in.ground pool, many extras, privacy.$164,500.DON’T MISS THIS ONE attractive rancher, goad location, familyroom, 3 bedrooms, 1 V~ baths, 1 car garage. $45,500.BUY LAND: THEY DON’T MAKE IT ANY MORE10 acres. Hopewell Township, residential $45,000.3.02 ACRES - Hopewen Township. $24,000.t.37 ACRES- Hopewelt Township, $25,000,77 ACRES ¯ half wooded with stream, Hopewoll Township, ex.cellent road frontage.$S,000 per acre.2 LOTS - Hopewell Twp., 100’ front, over 200’ deep on Pen.nington-Washington Crossing Rdod. $11,SO0. each3go’ x 43S’_Hamilton Township zoned PRO.$3S0,000.Van Hise RealtyRealtorsPennington, N.J.Tel. fftOt)) 737-3¢)15{6qql 883-2110Need a new car?Check the Classified pages.HILTONREALTY CO.ofPRINCETON, INC. RealtorsEXCELLENT LOCATION FOR THE NEW YORKCOMMU’iER. One year old three bedroomRanch, central air, fireplace and a fullbasement.$55,500.iq,I Nassurr Strct.I ¯ Cl2l.(~tlhtl.%e( tor ( bl..r Ads.HOME HUNTER’XThursday, February 12, 1976TALL TIMBERSat EwingandMICHELLE COURT,University HillsOPEN EVERY DAYFour models to choose from:3 Bedroom.a.ohe, $39,9904 BedroomBi-Leve, $42,9904 BedloomSo,,,Love, $47,9904 BedroomColonial $48,990ON WOODED LOTS tDirections to Tall Timbers: Off Ewingville Road atGreen Lane to model homes.Directions to Michelle Court: 1-95 South to West Trentonexit, turn left at light to University Hills.MODEL PHONES:882-6700 ¯ 883-6350Also we have sometwo.family homesavailable for immediate occupancyReal EstateFor SaleReal EstateFor SaleBY OWNER -- Immaculate 2 TWINbdrm.RIVERShse ideal-- Detachedlocation on3yr. old 1J.~ story, WilliamsburgColmial on private & semi. street w. hte traffic & baekwooded l:q acre. Cold Soil Rd. facing farm for privacy.Assumable 7% VA mort. Hse.Less than l0 rain. from town. features lg. eat.in kit. frostS}’~acions L.R., d.r. all mad.kit. powder rm, laund, tam.free refrig, self-cleaning oven,shag carpet & many others.rm with fireplace & masterbedroom or library suite onFor sale by owner 690A48-7116.first fl. 3 IxIrms. & bath upstalinplus an additional unfin. EASt WINDSOR -- 112 acre, 5room. Lg. rear patio, central BR expanded Ranch, 3~/za/C. full dry basement, w/w baths panelled, carpeted faro.carpet. 2 car garage, prof. rm, Ig. cot-in kit w/no wax fi,landscaping. Princeton ad- formal Ir & dr w/parquet fla. 2dress & phone. Take a look al ear gal. Better than new cand.this gracious house on an Asking $56.500. 609-448-0245.abundance of extra features.Price $83,900. Principals only.(’,09-921-2988. By appoinlment WIN RIVERS TOWNROUSEonly.-- 3 bedrooms, 2th baths airconditioning stucco and woodbeamed f rushed basement, 8DRAMATIC CONTEMPORA- ft. L shaped wet bar, no waxRY -- 4 year old home, with kitchen, central vacuuming,many unusual conveniences, humidifier storms andBalcony overlooking large screens, gas grill, ’IV antenna,living room with lireplace 200 amp electric service.rugs & all kitchen appliances Priced to sell 690-443-1906.included, central air. Immediatepossession. Asking$57,090 hut will consider offer.201-431-0880 or 609-586-7010 for I{OSSMOOR -- One bedroomappt. condominium, curtains,drapes, w/w carpet, range,refrigerator, washer, dryer,EAST WINDSOR 3bedrnom disbwasher, carport storageranelxer cot-in kitchen w. mr space, club house, pool, golf.wax floor, Ig. living rm. $22,500. 609-~5-2293. CALLpaneled tam. mum w. w/w MORNINGS/SUNDAYS.carpet & drapes. New sundeck.On Ig. shaded lot.$39,900. 609-448-8932.==SOUTH BRUNSWICK -- 8 rm.Ranch. 4 BR,/~/z bath, air,A BBtffIRIGUIDE" l ].-B4 bedroom home set on a beautifully treed lot withbrook is a home the entire lamily will enjoy, it offersa living room with fireplace, eat-in kitchen,dining room. 3 (ul~ baths, full basement, 2 cargarage, central air conditioning. A spectacularfamily room with fireplace, cathedral ceiling, red,wood panelling and a magnificent view. The Iourthbedroom has been planned for guest room bathand separate entrance (Ideal for boarder or Inlaws)Owner has been transferred and anxious tosell. At $72,900 we know of nothing comparable incomfort, appearance and location.UNBELIEVABLE OPPORTUNITYTwo 10-acre wooded lots$29,000 eachWant room to breathe, wooded seclusion, endlesslandscaping possibilities, fantastic investmentpotential? All this and much more are available inthis choice property lo be subdivided into two 10-acre lots in Hillsborough Township. Owner willgive excellent terms to qualified purchaser. It’seasy to see that opportunities like this don’t knocktwice, Call Now.1.2 ACRES wooded Hollow Road, MontgomeryTownship. $17,000.LAND INVESTMENT - 52 acres, Montgomery Twp.,excellent terms to qualified buyer.Asking $3,000 per acre.~ls~nlrY prelell~MI~l~kHISt. HI. ~NI6t 11411141 ~,lHIt nJ.Call aa?lime 101-3555191ONE CALL DOES IT ALLEdward M. Crawford Helen L. SklllmanJeanne M, Miller Bernard L, DafterJohn. F, Allen Cow $. KammterReal EstateFor SaleReal EstateFor SaleTWIN RWERS- 3 bedroom, 2- garage, fenceu, I/2 acre, near~ bath Townhuese, Quad II. elem. school, commute toScreens, A/C, humidifier, NYC. $44,g90, By owner. 20tpavedpatio with gas grillshag carpet. $38000. Prin-297-4511.SOUTH BRUNSWICK, onIlwy. I, next to Info-Med; 5 PRINCETON JCT.tin. Ranch 96x2011ot bus. ar COLONIAL on 3/4 acrecipals only. Call Kh’kman ~~residential. Asking low $40’s. professionally landscaped lotdaytime 201-932-9095 orMake offer. Realtor - N.J. 3 spacious badrs, living roomLAWRENCE TOWNSHIP -566-3651.evenings 909-443-5312 or 609- Manni Realty, Inc. 201-297- dining & stairs room fully paneled carpeted, fan}fly formalcoontrylivingin town~31xlrm. 2516.custom builthome in beautifulroom with fireplace, eat-ingarden setting of I acre. Manykitchen, 2,~ ~oaths, fullBE YOUROWNCONTACTORdesirable features. $67 500. tlOUSE FOR SALE -- New basement central air, manyon home, commercial Call 690-883.6237. Ranch by builder/owner, extras. Walk to Elementary &structure or major alterations.Large wooded lot, 3 Ixlrms., High School.5 minutes drive toFor a good clean, honest job -- 2,;, baths paneled faro. room NYC & Phila. trains. $68,500.let me direct the project. EAST WINDSOR - Twin w" firepl~ee, full basement, Call after 6 p.m. & weekends.Experienced in all phases of Rivers 2 bedroom end unit kit. w. built-in appliances, 690-799-1568. Principals only.construction. Call 201-359-4080townhouse. Finished fully carpeted wood deck, 2bet. 6 & 8 p.m. basement, all available op: corgar.Near commuting and ....tiuns and extras. Assume 7% gondschnols, llobewell Twp. BELLE MEAD -- RECEN-___~ mnrtgage. 609-443-6396. Qualifies for $2,000 tax credit TLY BUILT COLONIAL on aTWIN R~S -- Quad II, 2$79,900. "609.460-0309 after 5 1% acre fawned lot in a lovely,BR Split level. Lake view, p.m. young community. 4rally cptd, finished basement 2 yr. old BI LEVEL on ouietbedrooms 2~,.~ baths panelled& patio. Many extras. $40,590. cul-de-sac street, 5 mi. from family room, full basement, 2-Callevcnings. 609-443.3794. Ilightstown. Features slate LAWRENCE TWP. -- buyear garage, full~’ airfoyer,formaldnrm, 4DR, 1~,~ direct from builder this tOconditioned gasheated, stormbaths, panelled fmrm, laundry rooms of charm & comfort arewindows, extra insulations,ALLENTOWN--Pricedtosell area, 2 ear att. gar. Ira- offered by this brick frontcity and underground sea--- 4 BR Colonial on 1/3 acre maeuiate eond. $4a,(XI0. In- Colonial. Features a flagstonevices. Full range of homewoodedlot,2~bath, firoplaee, terested Principals call 609- foyer enormous living room,appliances, 2 cars and somecent. a/c roversized patio 443.3291. formal dining room, ultrafurnitureavailable. Priced atw/gas grdl. 5 rain. fromNJTpk t7AI & 195. immediatemodern kitc3~en, panelled$67,500 for quick sale tooccupancy. Just reduced to GREAT BUY. Twin Rivers family room with stoneprieeipals only. 201-~59-2112.$,59,900. 609.259-7541. Condo. Bedroom deluxe hath fireplace, 5 soaciousden, large LR/DIn. Fullybedrooms, 2[ t, baths,’lauodryequipped kitchen. Many e.x- room, & 2 ear garage. AskingCONTEMPORARY DESIGNtras. $25,750. Call 609-445-1072. $72,900. Call after 6 p.m, Picturesque 3 bedroom! + ACRE -- attractivelytaneseaped, West Windsor. 12SZILAGYI BRO’S 009.586-0606Princeton Jet, home featuresminutes to RR. Large Cape TWIN RIVERS- 3 BR split,cathedral ceiling, a roof wi.thglussh’s,0penheamceilingmCod, spacious rooms, garage, end unit finished basement, living room, dining room &full I~sement, $49,9(]0. Call all extras. Assmne 7% mort.609-586-7543. Priced to sell. 609-448-2159. RARITAN TOWNSHIP -- kitchen. In addition, a Rd-Renville area. Brand new bi- wood deck aa the 2nd floor.level. 2200sq.fLoflivingarea. tool shed, electric range &8 rooms, 4 I~.=drooms 3 baths, thermopane glass throughout.FOR SALE BY OWNER-- In CRANBURYMANOR automatic kitchen, formal You must see to appreciate,Fleetwood Village, Ewing. PRINCIPALSONLY dining room, large livingImmaculate Colonial split, 3room, stone fireplace, 2 car MAGUIRE BURKE AGENCYschool. Bcoutifulbi-level, 4bedrooms, garage, lt/~ acre lot, ,good 609-587-2707Chisetoxhopping. Quiet street to: baths eat-in kitchen, view. Excellent location for a REALESTATEBROKERReal Estate Real Estate bdrs., 1[~ hatlL. LawFor Sale For Sale llt well kept neighborhood, formal dining room, wall/wall Doctor. Approximately.1O~Asking $29,990. Col|evenings, carpeting., paneled, family minutes from Hunteroon690-883-7546. room paUo central air, 112 Medical Center and shoppingKENDALL PARK SALE byPRINCETON HOUSEacre. Good condition, $49,900. district. Come take a look and TWIN RIVERS tewnhouse-- 3owner-- 8tin.spaciOus ranch, FORSALE After 6 p.m. weekdays, Judge for yourself. Asking bdrm, Ex¢, location, upgradedappliances, gas grill,3 bdrm, 2 hath,’lg, kitchen, 20 EAST WINDSOR CON- attytime weekends. 909.443-’ price $65,000. ’ numidifie~, Exe,ouy. 609-448-~flt ~neled family rm, ear- Three years old, 4 bedrooms, DOMINIUM -- large living 3445.p~ted llv. rm & bdrms. 2,/~ baths, eat-In kitchen, room dining room cam- OSCARWOLFEREALTY’6666days. 448.7142eves.Covered flagstone patio, panelled den with fireplace, bination cot-m kitchen with 690-~97-2138Garage & Ig. storage shed. central air, electronic air appliances, den, -bedroom& FOR SALE BY OWNER / SALE BY OWNER -- 4 bdr.Beautifully landsca~d, too x purifier, S-car garage, pat!o, enclosed porch. Excellent BUILDER -4 bedroom, 2 story custom Colonial, 3yrs, old, 3/4~+troos. lblockfromN,Y.Walking distance to schools, commuting services homc in Hi~tstown. Ready to ’~[N RIVERS- QUAD If, 3 aere, exe. eenimutin.g, schoolexpress bus & shopping,shopping & ~s lines. Asking available. $26,900. 609443-4633 occupy. Asking $S0,900. Phone BR twnhae, S/E, wall pa~r~ bus at doer, extrag. 80’g. 609-$42,900.’ Call 201-297-1656. NO $73,000. Call ,909-I~1-2~2.weekends & eveS. 201-440-7192. etc. Mint condition, Must 799-3567.brokers, sacrifice. $39,~0. 6~-443-1753.¯ ~ t Lthe Gallem/of Homes"LET GEORGE DO IT" - The owner and George Washington share a commoname.Sorry no cherry trees, hut there ore other trees and extras in this spacious well-kept 10room Colonial in West Windsor. The garage has been converted into a bedroom, butcould be used as an additional playroom or the owner will convert it back to its originalstate. This home includes central air, central vacuum, full basement, panelled familyroom with fireplace and a large kitchen with a self cleaning oven. The perfect home forthe professional who prefers working from his home. George slept here and so canyoul ........................................................ $62,900.EVERYTHING GOES WITH THIS HOUSE on a lovely landscaped lot and with 3-4bedrooms, 2 ’/z baths, living room with lovely drapes and walbto-wall carpeting; there isB brick fireplace in the family room and an ultra modern kitchen with breakfast area ....AND MOREl .................................................. $69,900.FOR QUICK OCCUPANCY! - Ti~ree bedroom Colonial conveniently located for thecommuter or professional office. Living room, dining room, kitchen, family room withfireplace and sliding glass doors to pat=o, cenna| air and garage. Reduced for quicksale ......................................................... $58,900.A VALENTINE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY in this well-kept lovely landscaped,"Honest Abe" 8 room Split Colonial in West Windsor. This special Valentine is full ofextras for your loved ones: central air, hurnidifior, screened-in porch leading to a privatebrick patio with gas grill, above ground pool, panelled family room and a fireplace.Make a special effort to see this home priced at ........................ $67,500.WEST WINDSOR: A delightful area just 6 mites from Princeton, 3 to Hight-~town, 12 to downtown Trenton and only 14 miles to New Brunswick.WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAY SALE - This cozy one floor home is your heart’sdelight. This 8 room Rancher in West Windsor meets your every need --- large kitchenwith dinette, panelled family room with fireplace, central air, full basement, lovely landscapingand in good condition ...................... Priced to sell at $69,,900.SO WHAT IF IT’S a busy street. IT’S a new price of $62,000. IT’S a great, terrific wonderfulbuy. IT’S owner says SELL-SELL-SELL. Bring in offers. Call for details.EXCELLENT No|ghborhoodl EXCELLENTraneportation! EXCELLENTSchoolB! EXCELLENT Conditiont 4 bedrooms, 2 V, baths, fireplace, 2- car garage, airconditioning. A complete home for ................................. $68°500.PRINCETON . PENNINGTON ¯ WEST WINDSOR ¯ FLEMINGTONI [6091924.0095 [6091137.3301 [60gl 79g.ff00 [201] ra2.4sof;~REALtO0A PRINCETON BUYre,liars ¯ In|urer=Stunning, 4 bedroom, 2~ bath, Thompson Colonial on 2 acres,large living room ,wlth log burning [[replace, formal dining room,family room with fireplace, eat-in khehen, service entry, and laundry.Flagstone entry t’oyer, brick terrace, moster bedroom wlth bath,3 bedrooms and bath. Immense dry basement, oversized 2 cargarage, central air, professionally landscaped. Condition is move-inand owner IB anxious te go ....................... $122,500.JOHN T.CHENDE ONREALTORSHopewell House.Sq., Hopewell(6O9) 466-255O

,, & i |:H )ME HUNTER’SGUIDE......... ’ .......... !COME OUT TO SEE THIS NEW HOUSE IN MILL POND ESTATES. it has brownsldlng, white shutters and trim. 3 largo bedrooms + master suite, 2Vz baths, largeliving room, family room with floor to ceiling brick fireplace, formal dining room, laundry,modern kitchen with breakfast area and full basement. 2400 so. ft. on an acre lot.............................................................$74~q00.=SOURLAND MOUNTAIN AREA near Zion - Small 2 bedroom, 1 bath house; newseptic and roof¯ Acre lot .......................................... $38,500.BULBS WILL BE BLOOMING soon by the deck of this spacious 2-story in Mentgomery.Slate floored foyer, large living room, formal dining room, family room withfireplace, 2 master suites, 3 ½ baths and CITY SEWERS ..... Just reduced $72,~0.NEW LISTING - Five year old Custom Colonial near a country club, N.Y. commuting;4 bedroom, 2 ½ baths, central air, city sewers .......................... $74,,500.* SEE OUR FEATURE AD ON FINE HOMES x.in WEST WINDSOR: *OTHE. PAGE }BRING YOUR GREEN THUMB. This lovely home has a beautiful setting amongshrubbery, plants and garden worth a small fortune. Screened-in porch, brook andshade trees...just what the doctor ordered! Remarkably low priced when you considerthe house also has many extra features. Call todayl ..................... $70,900.]ii3BOl~E~3ZI2ECOUNTRY CHARMER - Become a country gentleman on this lovely rural propertywith a view of the countryside. The well constructed masonry house features 3bedrooms, 1 V~ baths, large living room with fireplace, new modern kitchen with breakfastarea overlooking pool and patio, large screened porch and oversized 2-car garage.Privacy1 New Listingl ........................................... $72,900.: Experience!: /Princeton Meadows -:Available for immediate occupancy 2, 3 ~ 4bedroom townhousea starting as ,ow as $34.000 :: 1BEDROOM :Some VA mortgages with interest rates as low as7% maybetakenover. Severalunitshavemany,: $180 =many extras including completely finished basements.Most units include all appliances- dishwasher, 2 BEDROOMS:washer’ dryer’ st°re and refrigerat°r’ All units have Icentrat air conditioning and wail to walt carpeth,g : I$270I throug.ou,. I I’I eosrW+na ....+~.i.Ri ....A..*I +ll.++.,.,e.,+ .i,+*ag,.I¯ wall carpeling, drapes or Single family detached house, 4 bedroom, 8 rooms, I m blinds, eppllances and Cen. ¯I2 stories. 2½ baths, full basement, 1 car garage, in. I I tralaircondhloning. Iter~or completely redecorated. Atso includes central~I air conditioning, wall to wall carpeting, throughout, ¯ I~mm~+a,.O=,,. I refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer and stove. I I P IAvailable for immediate occupancy Owner open toII I A. m+,l I==io. dose m ¯of,e,s.IAeklnB$47’SO0" I, ,..,+,+ ....o .....B rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths, 2 story colonial,IIIIIIl¯mi sporlafionSh°pplng and major tran- ;¯,,,..,.. ’ ,;am, ,asia,’,,a,ge,o,ma,,vmraomw~thf,rep,ace,forma, d,nmIroom. large panelled famiiy room. Eat.in kitchen with ~" m I ANDSMrrHIbuilt-in appliances, Basement, ,oversized 2 car I I~IN RIVERS Igarage. Central air conditioning, Excellent condition. IAsking =59,5oo.TOWN CENTERiiSTEELE, ROSLOFF AND SMITH i s +0msmo ¯-- 60~148,8811 -"TWIN RIVERSTOWR CENTER r’f~: I ¯ - ¯¯ II [[~-~ ______ III609-655.0080609-448-$811~i M~’I Evenings6O9.6S5.O08O -- ~ II I ~ M’/~. Illnllllllllllllllll.Ikl/n/lllllWhite """"°FROM:month$270’"2 Bedroom TownhousesPineSl~dlmanAve.Lawrenceville.N.J $340 =nthl uxunous townhouset &apartmenLtCarefree country living in a park.like setting within minutes ol cultural and athletic activities.~lliP I’=r~ ~ . * l & P, Hiled BathloomsI~J/Vl I~ r %=d l~ [ I ¯ Fingedip heat & ae w th van I esconditioning control , . ¯...... ¯ ¯ Broider supphes FUEL OILIMMEDIAII=¯ .Ores’range&hood ¯ rlR HEAT, Hot &f¢ld water includedOCCUPANCȲ,2.doorrefrigeratot.freezer¯ DishwashereLatgesizeswimmingpoolAND LOADS MORE!MODELS OPEN 1 i :O0 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Closed ThursdoyRENTAL OFFICE: (609) 883-3333 ¯ AGENT: McConnell & Co.OIR|CIIONS; From aarth Jlt|ey, Routl ~ South to Ioutl 95.29S, Will on Route 9S.29S Io Route 206 South, Soulh on Route S0~App aa m~ ¯ to Sklllmon Ave. (lull poll Rider College. Turn rlshl to White Pine* From Trlnton: North on Rout¯ 20(+Skillmon Ave. (lull before Rider College), Turn lilt to WKUI Plnl.Real Estate Real Estate Real EstateFor Sale For Sale For SaleIn exclusive Elm Ridge SouthwestHopewell TownshipIA sensitive adaptation of a cohmia[ classic with all the modnrn h, atures!you’re looking for. Buih by ilalestrieri and Pear..,m in tilt, exchlsise’Elm Ridge area on 1.5 acres, this aothl, ntic ’l’homlr.~m Sahtlox offers!four bedrooms, 2~/~ baths, eat-in kitchen, li~ing room with fireplaceand large but cozy family room. f all hentieitv and qnality withmltcompromise are vour reqtlireolents. Iteller See this hoole no’w ¯............ : ................................ $137.5thl.JOHN T.CHENDEt ON, +REALTORS "IIopewell Ih)use SqnareHopewell. Nt, w Jersey 1185251601) ) 4(r6-2550No Coml omises.to make sure, we’re starting you off withcentral air conditioning. Included in the price.When you’re ready to move up - you’re ready for 4 Of 5 bedrooms. 2~ baths, central ale condilioningKingston Acres. And you’ll want the kind of fealurosyou missed 111o litsl time around. You can have them ....,a.,ngall. AI Kingston Acres. V~’ro even staning you offwith the central air conditioning you must surelyM~lgage financing available to qualified buyers.hereonhaveit a~l:ou rthlisl.IhoYoucommunitycan takethatitbasilItemall.there.Kingston.YOU canDIRECTIONS: From NYC & North Jersey - takeN.J, a mere 4 miles down the road from Pnncoton N.J. Tpk Io exit 9 onto RL 18 west to Rt. I south 11¯.. a beautiful town. with a renowned school miles to Raymond Rd. to end (Rt. 27); turn leftsyslom, very reasonable taxes, walk-to shopping, mile to Kingston Acres.local and N.Y. express buservice (at yourentrance, the P.R.R. Pr thcolon Jet. stationearby.From Pdnceton & South Jersey. take Rt. 1 noahto Kingslon.PJainsboro Rd., take jughandlo, to lea,fabuloue Carnegie Lake righlin lawn.., everythingyou could hopetor.., all at Kingston Acres, the~o 1o on0 (Rt. 27); turn right ’/~ mile IO KingslonAcres.plush community of just 32 gracious homes.And what homes. Big. with 4 or 5 bedrooms. 2~baths. 6 different variations of 3 superb fleer plans inthe Colonial tradition. YOU juslhavo to see them Io ~ Ta, *SU,SUO---------HOPEWELL BORO -- Greatold house in splendid condillon,can be used as a oneHORSECOUNTRY appredatethem.Whynotteday? ~ ~ ¯ _ ~, ~=family dwelling or a twofamilyhome. There are eight bourton provide the at-The wooded hills of Harroomsand two baths,mosphere for relaxed countrybasement and attic. $54,000living. On a secluded andpicturesque 5+ acres a largeE. AMWELL TOWNSHIP -- It rancher brick & aluminum’t~Distinctive one and two bedroomis hard to find such an idceltided, about 2,000 sq.ft., only 6 ~’=n~=~" : , ’ ......... J:" ~ :~":: -- ~!~,,~.!10 ~ " ’’,ears eld3 good si.dapartments. Minutes from .,~ t~/~ADULT COMMUNITIES -- Iocation, with so much privacyPrinceton University. Thc train toClearbrook and Rossmoor today.We have such a place, a )edrooms, 2 baths, fireplaces,, hoo.~Condo Resales. Security rancher on seven woodedmatalator men family room ~~~" ........ S(+Isselflteopen7 dsyse t~stiN.Y.C. and [’hila. is just a bikeride away.. ! Lmaintenance, golf, swimming, acres (beth sides of the roadwerlooking the in-groundappliances, club house re- too!!), a brook, rock garden reel set among the trees, " " "--sales starting at $32,,5O0and a tree bird sancteary.;liding glass doors to the san$82,500teck. A sunken living room,WOODLAND SETTING(609) 799-2710 ¢,~ ~"~+wall to wall carpet, raised Real EstateBEAUTIFUL BI-LEVEL -- 3~years young, 4 bedrooms 2 full BUCKS CO., PENNA. -- In dining area, fully equipped ,An attractive 3-4 bedroom split level home on a woodedbaths, family room. laundry, 1729, this Pa. stone manorkitchen with gas grille. For SaJe acre. A family room with fireplace, formal dining room,garage, patio. Excellent home was begun, and locatedThermopane windows 2-zone heat, 1’,5 baths, excellent condition. Justcondition$43,OOOnext to a silver beech treethroughouL Attractive pestminutesfromPrincetonbutworldsapart .... $64,500.(already 100 years old!!l Two and rail fencing in front. Super HIL-~~NLSBOROUGH TOWRROOKTREE SPLIT -- 1/2 more additions were added tosized garage, large & corn- SHIP: 3~r. oldbi-level rlivingBtUE RIBBON HOMEacre, superb condition, 3 make the 15 rooms today. A pletely ~. ulpped stable wire rl~,Q dining irm., cat-leek!tbedrooms,2 baths, family truly fine old home withloft, riding ring. An ex- f’al~[[v ~rm.~"~4"’x+’24 *la~n~lnrSv A large Colonial home on a private acre surrounded by! "room, and bar, fireplace modern wiring plmnbing andceptional home, saandly built,woods. Formaliving room with fireplace and Frenchcentral air, carpeting, garage, heating. $159,000wellmnintained. ~ln, ~ rm., ~car garage, 1 acre plus’, doors, formal dmlng room, family room with fireplace inAsking $58,500, Principals and Vermont slate floor, 4 bedrooms, enclosed porchmodern kitchen, fenced yardandmore$53,900 W. WINDSOR -- Not many W S BORDEN only. (201) 369-3858. and many more extras. Constructed by builder for himself.Come and see it, we’d like to show it to you.homes today can boast plasterg.WASIIINGTON TWP--Split- walls and hardwood floors.Member of~. ................................. $145,000.level, 3/4 acre-partially Add to this a fireplace, carwooded,4 bedrooms, eat-in petcd ren room, patio, or-Multiple Listing Service " BY.OWNER -- 3 BDRM.~2’/z LARGE 3 bedroom Rancher 2 fireplaces, formal diningRealtor 609-883-1900 eatas, easement, worKshop, ’ ......kitchen, family room with chard vineyard andyoubaveroom~oa uuufireplace, carpeting, screened a fine rancher with three Eves/Wknds 609-585-6820 Ig. eat-in kit. cent. air, car ...................................peting, beautifully landscaped NSW - 3 bedroom Rancher, 1- ¾ acres, 2 f replaces.porch,2 car garage $58,500 bedrooms and ll,~ baths. 7,200wth pates & fr trees ...................... MId70’sR 1. 12 mile+ soum o+ No* B+unswlck t,alhe c+tcle (Hortday Inn) Take lUg.handle and follow plainlboIoWOODED COLONIAL -- I/2LAWR"-R-E"N~NCE- ELEGANT Lawrence Twp. Priced for ..............quick sale By appointmentMANY MORE HOMES available throughout the area.IlOnl tel 2 m los to Ptlnc¢ on Mcadowl OR lake N J Turnpike to Sill S.A ei hi I mile to RI. 130 Seam.Lull 2 mile+ Io. Ctaabu,y.Pla*nsboto R" (ma,n re.t: +,era I mile Io Plainlboro I~d; right 4 milol Io PrincetomMeadowlcondition, 4 bedrooms, 21,~convenient to everything,Call us- 466-2444acre fully wooded superior GUINNESSAGENCYCOLONIAL in Nassau It, only. 609~3-4156 atter 6 p.m.baths, family room central JoanS. Krcesen walking to the best schools.air, fireplace, patio, garage,ReaR=" True center ball, large livingmuch more $60,900 2W. Broad Street, Hopewellroom, formal dining room, EAST~ MAY AGENCYMULTIPLEReal Estate-609-466-1224modern eat-in kitchen, family Sutton Colonial with 4 m Reahor- [nsurorLISTINGPRINCETON FARMS- I MemberofMI, Sroom and ~. bath. Upstairs we bedrooms 2t~ Baths central III Sen’in,,th,,enrlre’l~:ncetonarea SERVICEacre plus, 2 year old colonial inBUCKS COUNTYFor SaleLicensed in N.J. and Pa.find 4 well planned corner air, 12 x 20 Redwood Deck on~~, , =,=Hopewell Twp, modern eat-inbedrooms & 2 full baths, heavilywoodedl/zAcrelot.Reahor Rt 518 Blawenburg ~’=’~kitchen, family room withOversized attached garage $65,°A0 " ’UNUSUAL CONTEMPORARYfireplace, 4 bedrooms, 2’h SPLIT LEVEL in Cranburybathsaluminiumsiding, patio living room with fireplace, Priced to sell at just $51,900. 609-448-6555patio and exquisite grounds. DIDONATOREALTORS _.THE LUXURY OF SPACEdeck, screened- npereh, 2 ear dining area, eat-in kRchen, Anna C. Faherty Real Estate, 5Magnificent sweeping garageS74,S00 ren. room, 3 bedrooms, I’~ WaRetleld Drive, Trenton, 609-This dramatic 4 bedroom, 2½ bath home on 1 ¼ staircase hints at the elegance,baths,garage. $53,900 882-4333. HIGRTSTOWN exacrewooded hillside has oak cathedral ceilings in seen in this beautifully a )-: ceptionally well "kept 3PRINCETON JUNCTION COLONIALliving room, foyerl master bedroom, Island kitchen,L’shape deck, Conv. to Phila. 8- N.Y. - forpointed home. Lovely 1 ,vi~ gLANDroom with fireplace msSERIOUS BUYERS ONLY - L .be~. ea.m ~me in.nice .neighch¢=n~=rl~noh tfl weFrench doors opening m to asvouno Dornoou. Many ~laoe trees.For Sale By Ownerappointment call Country Homes Real Estate -EAST WINDSOR TWP. - 10 ~e[.terrace formal dining ~ ea n"" Hi"lls~o~ro~ l’~atl/on, ~ New roof, w!ring tfurnace andacres, trees, private, $5g,000. acre many trees quietcul-depmmomg.Atammum .slm.ng Immediate Occupancy ¯ Walk fo RR Station215-862-9116.with fireplace chart titgfamily room and sep~ rateRt,~w, es11.34 ACRES w/cottage, sac ’ gas heat ’ 2 separatetriple track combination Ideal Location for Professional Office In HomeMonroe Twp. Priced at healing units I[ rooms 2000 windows, air conditioned,library, each with firep sc ,=.township assessment. Owner ~. ft. of living space 2’~/~ ’~r completely...remedeled .intakeback mortgage, 29% hdatedaaraoe new c~r,’=tingterior waq/wan carpetingKATHRYN C. MINCERThe kitchen, a gourmet o =o1~ ’sFirst floor has spacious living and formal diningAssociate Brokerdelight, is complete withdown, 20 year at 8% interest, d w c~l ~place ~ver~ throug~out, large rooms. Tea moms, separate entrance foyer, panelled family morngreenhouse! Spacious and~:L5,900. ~’-~ti~’nnnl’ a rnnm wine would many extras to list. 609-448- with fireplace, 21’ kite.hen with light sad airy diningelegant, the second floor is 448-5000[~ i~’~i"~r’mo-"th"er"~g’hte’-r,5029,area, powder morn, laundry and home office.aecented with beautifulCountryRENTALS professional use or largecarpeting andSecond floor has 5 cheerful bedrooms and 2 fulleurtains,family. Relocation forcing LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP - 25-featuring master suite withCOTPAGE - $150. immediate sale. Intend to sell foot ,qa-room w/flreplace & baths. A full basement, 2-car attached garage and atticspace provide abundant storage.Homesfireplaee, four bedrooms,3 B.R. Ranch - $265. to highest offer over mid ’60’s. stone~w~Jl make livin~ superthree other baths, and3 B.R. Ranch-$5%. Call owner for details. ;- this 4 bdrm t-r~-levelReal Estateseparate maid’s quertera: A3 B.R. Ranch - with air, $350. t201)359-4543, framed by t~ees an~ Half acre lot is nicely landscaped with wood deck andtruly lovely neme conterce on MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP -- 3Roule 202 & Aquetong Roadten acres isperfect for family bedroom rancb. Fireplace,~ beautifully lanoseaped. 8 open trellis and brick patio in very private rear yard.New Hope. Pennsylvania 1B938living sad entertaining, Of. fenced lot,, above-groanS peel,~l~[tl~ ~[~]P~’~ ~l~. ROSSMOOR -- sunny & at- rooms, t frill and 1 halt baths.$85,000.fered for $188,500. (Route 202 recently remodelled. A very Me.mberofMultiple tractive t bdr. condominium.. ’Large patio, central air cond.Area [215] E62-9116 I Ras.Tg4-7164 and Sugan Read, New Hope. charming country home in i,mtinggervlce Near all conveniences, a many_ exits: ~,ts..~,: For appointment please call owner ot home 609-Pa., 862-5666). excellent, condition. $59.900. :17N.MalnSt,,Crbnbury clubhouse golf &pool. Shor| ~assau.u, ea~ .:staL~w~.g~,:¯Century-2t Millstone Realty, 009-3K~144 . walk to frequent NY bus, 609-" 799.3666 or work 609-+1+18.5003.Realtor..201-446-4959.’ 6~-00tl.urunsw~c~,.-......... " ...... ~ ’.

~.4-BHOME HUNTER’S GUIDEChildren’s books, business topics in Rutgers classi:~rbe university ExtensionI)ivtsion at Rutgcrs Universityi~: offering a new course forbudding and experiencedd/lthors of children’s books aspart of its Bicentennialt4:lucational program this~mester.2 ....JThe course, "Writing for The special workshop is forChildren," will he conducted writers who wish to develop orby the Central New Jersey sharpen their skills in writingRegion of UED in New children’s books. Premise,Brunswick for 10 seasieas plot, character and humor willbeginning on Wednesday, Feb. be discussed along with the25, and running from 7 p.m. to practicalities of manuscript9 p.m. each Wednesday. form and marketing.Participants will be encouragedto bring works iniprogress into class, wherelhey will be shared anddiscussed. The fee is $60 andenrollment is limited.Other UED programs range1,77’0 sq. ft. $51,900.2,000 sq. ft. $53,900.2,785 sq. ft. $55,900.NEW HOMESWe have 8 new ranches, colonials and hi-levels now underconstruction in Hightstown. All homes have familyrooms, 2-3 baths, and 2 car garages. Purchasers will beable to choose the type of siding and colors of appliances,and cabinets, floor tiles ~" bathroom fixturesfrom builders’samples. 3 models are nearing completion.Convenient to shopping, schools and recreationareas.LEONARD VAN HISE AGENCYMEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE¯ Office: 609-448-4250REALTORe 160 Stockton Street Hightstown, N.J.TWIN RIVERSRANCH CONDO: like new condition, living room, dining,modern kitchen, appliances, large bedroom, C/A, more$23,900.CONDOMINIUM: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, central air, appliances,approx. 10% assumes existing mortgage toqualified buyer. $28,900.TOWNHOUSE: 90% conventional financing to qualified¯ buyer, 2 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, all appliances, patio, centralair, carpeting, excellent condition.$33,S00.END UNIT: 3 bedroom townhouso, 2½ baths, all appliances,full basement, drapes, C/A, available to qualifiedFHA ~- VA buyers. $38,900.SPLIT-LEVEL: townhouse, 3 bedrooms, 2½ baths, centralair, appliances, 7 ½ % assumable VA mortgage. $42.500.TOWNHOUSE: end unit, 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths, all appliances,patio, excellent condition. $45,500.SINGLE FAMILY: 2 story, 3 bedrooms, 2½ baths, appliances,garage, immediate occupancy¯ $48,900.HOME OF THE WEEKWOODED COLONIAL: ½ acre fully wooded, superior condition,4 bedrooms, 2½ baths, family room, cehtral air,fireplace, patio, garage, much more. $60,900.from the humanities andpersonal development tobusiness and management,and from engineering coursesHOMES FOR LIVING!to Spanish and courses in The courses in managementtraffic engineering, Otto said. emphasize techniques inThe biggest program offered supervision and leadershipby the central region thisspring semester Is one inand business organization andoperation.business and management andmanagerial skills.The business andmanagement program indudesaccounting principlesfor non-financial managementpersonnel, costcontrol for nonfinancialmanagement personnel,effective businesswriting, and oral communicatious.Other courses offered includea number in dataprocessing and programming.MANVILLE3 bedroom Ranch- attached garage, full basement withrecreation room, patio, gas hot air heat. 60’ x 100’ lot............................... $44,900.SACRIFICE. HAMILTON TOWNSHIPApproximately 27 acres near Turnpike, zoned residential,1450’ road frontage, partially wooded, near develop.ment, $3400 per acre. Other land from 1 to 100 acresacailable.MANVILLE2 family. Custom built 12 years old. 2 bedrooms eachapartment. 2 car garage. Separate utilities. Central AC.80 x 100’ lot ...................... $62,900.MANVILLE- WESTON. MANVILLE- 2 FAMILY2 bedrooms each apartment. 2.car garage, oil steamheat, aluminum siding, aluminum storms & screens. Cityutilities. 73’ x ]Off lot ................ $43,500.JOSEPH BIE~NSKI AGENCYREALTOR212 South Main St., Manville, N.J.201-7:25-1995Eves. Call 201-359-3245MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE3 bedroom ranch. Full basement. Gas hot air heat. Hardwoodfloors. Aluminum storms & screens. Fenced inrear yard ........................ $42,900.ADULT COMMUNITIES: Clearbmok and Rossmoor CondoResales. Security, maintenance, golf, swimming, appliances,club house, re-sales starting at $32,500.HIGHTSTOWN BI-LEVEL: 1 ½ years, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths,modern kitchen, family room, patio, central air, carpeting,garage. $46,900.LOVELY SPLIT: ½ acre, E. Windsor, 3 bedrooms, 2 fullbaths, modern eat-in kitchen, family room, utilitY,room/storage, C/A, patio, fenced rear yard and more.$47,950.HIGHTSTOWN TRI-LEVEL= 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, modernkitchen, family room, utility room, foyer, basement, 2 cargarage, central air, near High School $49,900.SUPER SPLIT: ½ acre E. Windsor, 3 bedrooms, 2½ baths,huge family room, eat-in kitchen, 2 car garage, central air,carpeting and more. $53,900..COLONIAL CHARM: ½ acre E. Windsor, central hall, 4 or 5bedrooms, formal dining, modern kitchen, central air,patio, 2½ baths, family room, laundry, full basement, 2 cargarage. $59,900.COOL COLONIAL: ½ acre wooded lot, central air,fireplace, inground pool, 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, modernkitchen, full basement, 2 car garage. $64,900.PLAINSBORO BEAUTY: Custom 4 bedroom colonial, Brickand aluminum siding family room w/firaplace, modern kitchen,2½ baths, 2 car garage, central air, carpeting, appliances,patio and inground pool. Much more $69,?00.ROCKY HILL: 1 ½ story, 5 bedroom barn ranch, modern kitchen,family room, 3 baths, basement, 2 car garage, patio,central air $79.900.Saturday workshops formanagers include programs inmarketing and sales, qualitycontrols and small businessmanagement.Engineering runs the gamutfrom the professionalengineer’s review to the firsttraffic engineers conference tohe held in North Brunswick onApril 6.The conversational Spanishcourses are designedspecifically for those engagedm community activities suchas social work, law enforcement,health andeducation. Other humanitiescourses include seeing withthe artist’s eye, enjoying goodliterature, sex in the novel,motivational techniques forpersonal development, athinker’s workshop, the personyou want to be and a workshopon transactional analysis.There are eight courses inreal estate and insurance andone in the use of videoequipment. This last is partieularlydesigned for thoseindustrial, municipal andschool system personnel whohandle video equipment but donot completely understand thefull potential of its me.RegistratiOn by mail forLIED courses must be completedby Feb. 17 at the CentralNew Jersey RegionalOffice, Rutgnrs UniversityExtension Division, 35 CollegeAve., New Brunswick, N.J.08903.In person registration maybe done at the same address,Feb. 9-20, Monday - Friday, 9a.m. - 11:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m. - 4p.m. Evenings, Feb. 16-19,Monday - Thursday, 7 p.m. -s:30 p.m., and Saturdays, Feb.14 and 21, 10 a.m. - noon.TAX PROBLEMS"Jerseyfile" presents itsfourth annual call-in taxprogram on Monday, Feb. 16from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.with a repeat on Friday, Feb..-’20 at 6:30 p.m. on channels 23,50, 52 and 58.SPLIT-LEVELTOWNHOUSETwin Rivers- Unique and veryspecial split-level townhouse inQuad II. 24’ living room with 12’ceiling and huge picture window,formal dining one level upoverlooks the living room,17½’ kitchen with snack bar,frost free mfrig, and self-cleanoven, 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths,ceramic tim foyer, carpetedthroughout, central vac., Im’gebasement area plus storage,end more. Assumable VA 7%mortgage. ~4"/,gO0.443-1332.Find out whyState Farminsures more carsthan anybody else.Calh448-6667likeDennis Whitneya good neighbor,State Farm __is there.lIME rkla MUTMAL,,,saE,,,,till/lANCE COMPANY I 1,-...- Iiiim]lllU,Nile Ofllcl:IiiINh tCNSUSANCi- JIdOlWhen is Your SellingiiThursday, February 12,1976WHEN OVER 30,000 FAMILIESIREAD IT INTHE PRINCETON7KET(609) 924-3244(609) 896-9100’THE CENTRAL POST(201) 297-3434WINDSOR-HIGH7 ; n ERJtLD(609) 448-3005The Manville Ne’ vs(201) 725-3300ff-IILLSBOROUGH BEACON(201) 359-0850The Franklin NEWS R[!CORD12011725-3300¯ If you’ve got something tosell. we’ll get your messageacross! And our bigreadership guaranteesyou lots of prospects!

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