July Kiva 2013 - Christ Presbyterian Church


July Kiva 2013 - Christ Presbyterian Church

July Kiva2013So if the Son sets you Free, youwill be Free indeed. John 8:36

Wow it’s hot outside, but it’s cool inside! Come and enjoy thatair conditioning, while heating up your relationship with Godthrough Jesus Christ. Worship throughout the summer month ofJuly will have a special emphasis on the mountains of the Bible,and the scenes that happened there. Come and lift up your eyesto the hills!Sunday WorshipExperiences8:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall with our acclaimed Band!10:45 a.m. in the Round Sanctuary with our summer choir!Sound is a VITAL part of our Worship Experience and we Need SoundSystem Volunteers we need help at the 10:45 Sound booth. We can giveyou full training! See Pastor Melde if you would be interested in being aregular volunteer to help people hear in worship!3

For me, the summer is a good time todo some extra devotional prayer timewith God. I tend to be a sunrise kindof person. If the sun is up, so am I.If the sun is not up, neither am I.And so, with the sun being up early,and the outdoor temps still tolerable, I am up, quietly reflecting,trying to wake up, praying, listening, experiencing God. I can’tsay that so far this summer I’ve had any tremendous revelationsor incredible God-experiences, but I have had little moments,special inklings, new thoughts, and I’ve started my day withGod. I suppose that’s an especially good thing for a pastor, butI think it’s an especially good thing for us all.To grow in a relationship means spending time together,even if it is via prayer, Skype, Face-Time, and if possible, inperson. So, these moments, though they don’t seem life changingat first, are, in the long run, life changing. Little by little Ilearn more of what it means to trust God, to followJesus to God, to be a disciple and an apostle ( a learner and asharer).So, I invite you to try something new for your owndevotional prayer time with God this summer. You may not bemuch into getting up early, but remember, the sun stays up later,too!Find the time, make the time….Peace in our journeys,Steve Melde3

A Letter from Lizetta.......Doxa’s first day atCPC, just 6 weeks oldWow, four years ago I walked into CPC as your new office managerhaving no idea the journey that would be set before me. It would beimpossible and a great injustice to attempt to write about all theawesome experiences I have had here at CPC. For I have:~ established quality friendships~ experienced unconditional love~ received support and comfort when my sister passed~ had the rare opportunity to get my dog and raise him here with suchlove from each and every one of you~ been challenged to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally- this growth has given me the courage to step forward and live mydreams~ had the joy of helping some with fitness, others with nutrition, andeven had the chance to pour into some of you on a spiritual level~ had a chance to make professional changes and watch a congregationadapt and support the changes so that CPC could continue to do

Lizetta just keeps talking......all the things God has purposed for you to do to build the Kingdom ofGod, change your community, and the world at large~ had perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with a staff thatwas phenomenal on so many different levels. They were so great, I reallydon’t know if God will bring that into my life again, if not at least I cansay I experienced something divinely awesome in the work place! As wellas a personnel team that supported our every endeavor to do our jobswith greatness~ the opportunity to work with the absolute best office volunteers anyonecould have, because of you I could do my job to the best of my abilitiesI could go on and on and still not cover it all. If I had 10,000 tongues Icould not thank you enough for allowing me to be your office managerover these past four years. And for allowing me to become your friendand wear so many other hats as well.It has been a complete joy and I will deeply, sincerely, and authenticallymiss each and every one of you. I hope you know that in some way, shapeor form, if you are reading this, you have touched my life for the good.You have also managed to touch Doxa’s life in such an awesome lovingway. So much so that everyday he is ready to come to CPC before I am,even on my days off - I HAVE to walk him over here just so that he canbegin his day! Thank you for spoiling him rotten, thank you for allowinghim to be a part of your CPC family. He will miss you all terribly and Idon’t know how I will comfort him - guess every now and again, we willhave to show up in worship via a Skype call during the projectionannouncements. Smile :)By now you know, that on June 29th I hit the road to Colorado to live outmy dreams. I was full of fear, sadness, anxiety, excitement, hope, joy,peace, sorrow, faith, boldness, weakness, etc...I was a roller coaster ofemotions and yet so many of you took the time to offer words of support,comfort, encouragement and empowerment and with them I set off. To allwho broke bread with me before I left; called; sent emails; texted; sent upprayers for me and more....I used it all as a launching pad to take flight.I will miss each of you dearly. I will keep you close in my heart. I willstand in constant prayer with and for you. I will forever be grateful andproud to say I was/am a part of this CPC family. 5Love, Lizetta and Doxa

CPC To & CPC Fellowships...Tuesday, July 16thCPC to Lunch: “Macaroni Grill”Located at 5100 E. Broadway Place. Wewill meet there at 11:30. Please call thechurch if you would like to come so thatwe can make reservations. Together wesit and separate we pay. Carpoolingavailable as needed. Come enjoy food,fun and fellowship! All are welcome!!Psalm 133:1 ..how good and howpleasant is the dwelling ofbrothers and sisters together inunity! So if you need somefellowship we encourage andinvite you to go to lunch, playdominos, come to the caregiverssupport group, etc. Let’s growas a family while enjoying newconnections.CPC Lunch TogetherFriday, July 12th, Noon - 1:30pmProviding caregivers a chance to notonly talk about their day-to-dayexperiences and challenges but toalso find emotional and spiritualsupport. We welcome you to join us onTuesday, July 2nd at 3pm in the Library.DominoesEveryThursday @ 1pmMexican Train Dominoes will meet inroom A/B except on the third Thursdaythey will meet in the FellowshipHall. NO experience is necessary.We’ll teach you the game. Comeenjoy the fun, all are welcome!The congregation is invitedto lunch at CPC in FellowshipHall. Prepaid reservationsare $10 and are due no laterthan the Wednesday priorto the event so that we canorder enough food for all.Our speaker this month isLon Bothwell, our FacilityManager, who will sharehighlights of his recenthunting trip to Spain! Signup on the church patio, or callthe church office to makeyour reservations.

Things we want to know....News from PersonnelWell, it’s been a busy summer and will continue to be so. We have saidgoodbye to our Office Manager of four years, Lizetta Smith, and we are activelysearching for her replacement. The job of office manager includes not onlybeing the main receptionist of the congregation, but one of secretarial help, overalloffice management of supplies and machinery, one who puts together ourpublications, but also the one who knows the most about everything, directinginquiries to the appropriate person, overseeing rental groups, and so much more.We will now also be looking for someone with website maintenance and updatingexperience, as well as experience in the use of Social Media to help us reachout further in our technological world.Until we have a person in place we will need volunteer help in the office.Please call Pastor Melde in the church office to let him know that you could givesome time.And now, we prepare to say goodbye to our Director of Music for oneyear, Matt Goinz. Matt completed his Master’s Degree at UA, and will be headinghome to Minnesota to seek teaching experience, and then move on to hisdoctoral work. Matt’s last Sunday with us will be July 28. Our Personnel Teamis working hard to seek new candidates and has already done some interviewing.We will be bringing in finalists in the month of August to meet and rehearse withour choirs (vocal and handbell) and having them lead us in worship on a Sunday.We hope to have a new leader in the music ministry of our 10:45 a.m. service inplace by September (to get us ready for Christmas!).Our prayers and sympathies to the following member(s) and friendsof CPC who have lost loved ones recently:+ Family and friends of Carolyn DesLauriers who passed on June 2, 2013+ Al Malice and Family of Sunny Oppegaard who passed on June 12, 2013Sunny’s service will be Saturday, August 10th at 11am here at CPC.We trust God’s comforting presence to bring thesefamilies peace, strength, and healing as they take their journeys of grief and 7

Keeping You in the Know.......To all of my CPC Family,A great big thank you for yourlove, cards, calls, support andmost of all the prayers. I wassurrounded by my church family.It meant so very much at ahard time. Those cards are anon-going gift. I keep them andre-read them.Thank you, Kitty DavisDear Pastor Melde and CPC,Thank you so much for coming to our aid with your generous financialdonation. It really saved us. We now have our utilities back on and ourfamily morale is UP, and with that comes love and trust - increased loveand trust. Thank you again for helping our family pull ourselvestogether.Dear Pastor Melde, Members of Session, and the Congregation of CPC:I want to thank you again for your kind words at the announcement of myretirement. It has been a pleasure - though with “normal” stresses andchallenges - to serve as CPC’s treasurer for over the last several years. Ihave full confidence in those who are taking over, and I look forward towatching their success. Thank you also for the generous gift card. I mustreport that Jim and I had a wonderful relaxing evening with friends atArmitage - great wines, yummy food, and wonderful company. Thanks somuch for it all!! Linda Tillema

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CPC?July! Hot! Hot! Hot! – Tucson in the middle of summer, before themonsoon season arrives.July! Hot! Humid! Rainy (we hope)! – Tucson in the middle ofsummer after the monsoon season arrives.Summer is not Tucson’s most appealing time of year. So during thesummer we vacate – to primary homes; summer homes in coolerclimates; mountain cabins or lodges; beach cottages or resorts. Sowhere in the world is CPC this summer? Scattered!Regardless of where we go, we take our stewardship with us. We continueto give our monthly gifts to CPC and we drop coins or bills inchurches we visit. We practice conservation and refrain from litteringas we visit and camp, hike, boat, fish, or swim in our state or nationalparks and beaches. We give everyone we meet the respect and dignitythat we all expect to receive as children of God.Stewardship, taking care of all of God’s creation, is what we are calledto do wherever we are and whatever we are doing. As a communityand individually, CPC is a caring, passionate community always strivingto be thankful to God for our many blessings and to glorify God inall our actions.9

Adult Fellowship...CPC's Book Club is on Summer HiatusWe will meet at 1 PM Tues, Sept 10 in the LibraryOver the summer we are reading three books and willdiscuss them at the Sept. meeting. The books are:THE WEED THAT STRINGS THE HANGMAN'S BAG by AlanBradley (sequel to the one we just read)THE PARIS WIFE: A NOVEL by Paula McLain-- 4 starsTHE WEIRD SISTERS by Eleanor BrownMen’s Breakfast, Wednesday, July 17th, at 7:30am.Join us for Bible Roulette. We’ll open the Scripture,and wherever our eyes go is what we’ll read and discuss.Men of ALL AGES are invited to join us eachThird Wednesday of the month at Biscuits (7026 E.Broadway). We meet in the private dining area andeach has a separate check. See you there and bringa friend or two.Women’s Breakfast, Thursday,July 18th at 8:30a.m Each ThirdThursday of the month ALLWOMEN are invited to breakfast at8:30 am at Biscuits (7026 E.Broadway). Join us for good food,fabulous fellowship, and excellentconversation. No reservations needed. Bring a friend! Bring a smile!Bring your laughs! And even bring your tears! Together we eat andseparate we pay.

If we have MISSED yourbirthday, please call theoffice at 886-5535 or email usatoffice@cpctucson.org.07/01 Pastor Steve Brownson07/01 Kaitlyn Courville07/02 Ed Keller07/02 Nancy Schlegel07/02 KK Mendoza07/03 Scott Wilcox07/06 Julie McCrea07/07 Robin Gilbert07/08 Sandy Sankey07/08 Kathryn Snodgrass07/08 Deb McAdams07/09 Janet Bezdikian07/09 Sally Brandon07/09 Doug Thompson07/09 Pat Perry07/13 Scott McDonald07/14 Jo Ann Overs07/16 Betty Hinkle07/16 Doris Griffin07/17 Taylor Carloss07/19 Darrell Dunafon07/20 Linda Lazzeroni07/20 Fred Hubbard07/20 Cindy Larson07/20 Nicole Thompson07/21 Mary Lindsey07/21 Kathleen Kenan07/21 Bonnie Sloan07/21 Kaitlyn Thompson07/22 Eleanore Robinson07/22 Evelyn Nordbrock07/24 Julia Hann07/25 Yvonne Waldren07/25 Al Starr07/25 Ray Hawker07/26 Violet Blair07/26 Pat Forcier07/27 Dave Robinson07/29 Elaine Riley07/30 Jill O’Rouke07/30 Tiffany Gardiner07/31 Delila RoulstonYou are never too old to set anothergoal or to dream a new dream.~ Les Brown11

Memo from the Mission Team.......Well, I have been on the mission team for 4 months and I’mreally enjoying the team and the work.I would like to begin by extending a HUGE THANK YOU foryour kindness and generosity of your donations for our troops. Wepacked up 26 boxes and mailed them out on Wed. June 5 th for a totalcost of $ 371.25.We had a large amount of merchandise remaining from yourgenerosity, so the committee decided to donate the rest to World Careto assist with the devastation from tornados in Oklahoma.We had a large donation of 10 cases of 7.5 oz. toothpaste from acorporation in Tucson with a total of 75 tubes. We donated this productto the Troops, World Care, and Southside Presbyterian Church showerministry.In March after the flea market the ladies packed up 8 large casesof some of the better clothing and I had the pleasure of delivering theclothing to the Southside Shower Ministry.In the month of May you provided an end of year brunch for theteachers at Erickson Elementary School, thanking them for their hardwork and dedication. Coming up in July Erickson will be giving us alist of the needs for the 2014-2015 school year which starts on July 31 st .Erickson is also in need of tutors for math and reading to help thechildren who are struggling academically. So please prayerfullyconsider helping out the children by volunteering for this worthwhileministry.So as you can see the mission team is very active and we are sobecause of the love and generous support from YOU (CPC). THANKYOU!Peace and BlessingsDoug Thompson

More from Presbyterian WomenThe PW Craft Groups are beginning to work onsome Christmas projects and are in need of two items: 1.)Wood Thread Spools and 2.) 100% Cotton Christmas Fabric. If you wouldlike to donate either the spools or the fabric please leave them in Room A/B ina labeled bag. The spools may be either empty or have thread on them.Thanks so much for your help. These items are to make items to sell before theholidays. Funds from all sales go to the local, national, and internationalmission work supported by Presbyterian Women.Bridge - Every Third Thursday at 12:00p.mWe invite you to come out and join this friendly group ofwomen for fellowship and great games of bridge. Bringa light lunch at Noon for fellowship and enjoy the lightsnacks and drinks that are provided. Game time starts at12:30p.m. Please call Pauline Standifer at 733-3152 orMary Clark at 290-2276 if you are able to attend our game on Thursday, July18th .Women's MinistriesRonald McDonald House: They are DESPARATELY needing gallons ofBleach, Disinfectant Wipes and Metal Tabs which are used to help pay theirutilities. Also needed, Child Chemo Caps made out of cotton yarn or lightmaterial.Crossroads Shower Ministries: Are in DESPARATE NEED of Bars of soap,the cupboard is bare and our goal is 100 bars for July. Also needed: Clothing,Wash Cloths, Towels, and Personal Hygiene items.Menaul School, Albuquerque, NM: Continue to save Educational Labels andBox Tops with bar codes.All items can be brought to the church and placed in their proper bins. Thankyou for your continual support in these missionary efforts.

Craft Group Options are now available!Join us each Wednesday from 9 a.m. to12 noon or every second and fourthWednesday, from 6 - 8 pm...or both(exceptions occasionally apply). Excitingnew craft projects and continuing standardsto choose from. Bring a friend; yourteen or 'tween to participate in creativityand good old fashioned fellowship!Questions? Contact me: Pam Cullop 271-6678 or pjcullop@comcast.net.Hope to see you there!!!Prayer Shawl Ministry - Every First Tuesday at 1p.mPrayer Shawls continue to bless people’s lives as they celebrateimportant events or as comfort is needed in the midst of a challengingsituation. We need people who will knit a shawl or sew a shawl! Shawlscan also be made from large pieces of soft material and sewn together,rather than knitted. If you can help, please let the church office know, andwe’ll get you “patched in” with our leaders.Prayer shawl request forms are available in the office in the PrayerShawl Ministry mailbox. After completing the information requested,please return the form to the box on top of all folders. We have cards thataccompany the shawls which include a prayer, history of the prayer shawlministry and where the shawl originates (CPC).Also, if you have someone in your family or a friend who is servingin our military, we have mini prayer shawls that may be tucked into theiruniform or helmet as a reminder that God is with them and many people atCPC are praying for them and their safe return home. A special militaryprayer is included with each mini shawl.For more information or questions, please contact LuAnn Cobb at721-733815*Note: new crafters are always welcomed as are donations.*

Christ Presbyterian Church6565 E. BroadwayTucson, AZ 85710July 2013Kiva NewsletterChurch StaffThe Rev. Steven P. Melde, Pastor(PastorSteveMelde@gmail.com)Steven Brownson, CRE, Pastoral Assistant(stevebrownson@cpctucson.org)Robin Gilbert, Director of Children’s Christian Ed(robbert77@juno.com)Dr. Kathryn Snodgrass, Organist(kbspnorg@q.com)Matthew Goinz, Director of Music(matthew.goinz@gmail.com)Cathy Grossman, Bookkeeper(oasisbandb@cox.net)Lon Bothwell, Facility ManagerTBA, Office ManagerChurch Office HoursMon.—Wed. & Fri. 8am - 5pmThursday: 8am - 1pmLunch Daily 1:00pm - 2:00pmPhone: 520-886-5535Fax: 520-886-5686Web Site: www.cpctucson.orgDeadlinesKIVA for August will be dueMonday, July 15thWeekly Bulletins - Noon theprevious WednesdayFriday Blast - Noon the previousWednesdayChrist Presbyterian ChurchMember of the Presbyterian Church (USA) & Presbytery de Cristo

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