Download the Viewbook to see more - Xavier University

Download the Viewbook to see more - Xavier University

GETAheadHonorsprogramsXavier will challenge you to reach your fullestpotential. Our honors programs help you refine youracademic focus, expand your interests and unlock newpossibilities.University Scholars: Students in our traditionalhonors program study any major and the core coursesin small, specialized classes that promote deeperexploration and close faculty support.(Apply by March 15.)Honors Bachelor of Arts: This program offers aspecial, interdisciplinary major focusing on philosophyand the classics.(Apply by March 15.)At Xavier, we have a loose definition of the word “classroom.”Our professors take students wherever learning is done best.That could mean attending a history lecture on a campusgreenspace or studying theology in Yellowstone National Park.Philosophy, Politics and the Public: Ournewest honors program explores the effect of politicalscience and philosophy on people and society. Studentsmeet with policy makers in Washington, D.C., andvolunteer for a political campaign of their choosing. Theyalso spend a summer studying in Rome, London or Paris.(Apply by March 15.) TO KNOWBrenda RatemoBrenda Ratemo was a junior at Xavier when she received a BrueggemanFellowship—a University program in which students study a topic of theirchoosing for a semester, and then spend the summer in another countryconducting on-the-ground research. Brenda studied the health care systemin her native Kenya.Brenda was so affected by the experience that when she graduated fromXavier in 2010, she enrolled in Dartmouth Medical School to become adoctor herself. She hopes to return to her country and use her training tohelp fix the health care problems she witnessed during her research.

GET alifeResidence LifeXavier’s newest residence hall opened for business in fall 2011. Fenwick Place houses 535 students infour connected towers. It includes two-, three- and four-bedroom suites with common areas, one ortwo full baths, tile floors and walk-in showers. It has first-floor laundry open 24 hours a day, with TVmonitors and vending machines.Xavier dining is award-winning, too. In fact, it was just served up a gold medal dining award by theprestigious (especially to those hard-working souls who wear really tall chef hats) National Associationof College and University Food Services. The Hoff Dining Commons seats approximately 725 peoplein seven different seating arrangements, ranging from lounge-style on black leather sofas (chic), tobar stools (social), to standard tables and chairs (posture-correcting). Students find food aplenty, andthere’s something for everyone, including a Coke Freestyle machine, vegan and non-vegetarian delis,omelets to order, a bistro grill serving up toasted paninis, a salad bar, a stone hearth pizza oven, afull-service bakery and, for the true gourmet, a cereal station.Greencampus,gettinggreenerXavier’s colors are blue andwhite. But we’ve got a whole lotof green, too. Take, for example,the green roof on top of ournew dining commons. Not onlyis it a place for students to strollin the grass and pretend tostudy, it also absorbs pollutants,manages storm water and keepsthe building cooler in the summerand warmer in the winter.Xavier’s Physical Plant uses these solar-poweredLow-Speed Vehicles to get around campus. They’repedestrian-friendly, quiet and they run on sun.

GETINTOitLife is what you make it,and at Xavier you’ll haveplenty of material to getstarted. Do what youlove or learn somethingnew with more than 145student clubs: everythingfrom fencing to football,theater to theology.Life is here for themaking. So make it.This guy, Adam Sokolowski, was eventually ableto remove enough of the blue paint from his bodyto land a job interview. He is now a successfulsalesman for an IT company in Denver.

Get outon thetownHow do you spell that?C-I-N-C-I-N-N-A-T-I and it’s a city worth exploring. We’llget to that. But first let us pay a visit to Rome in the5th century B.C., for a note on our namesake:All Cincinnatus wanted to do was workhis fields in peace. Then the Aequianshad to invade, and suddenly messengersarrived to tell our noble farmer that hehad just been named dictator (surprise!), andwould he mind dropping his plough, taking this axeand vanquishing the enemies of the Roman Empire?“Field’s not going to till itself,” Cincinnatus is thoughtto have grumbled, but he left the farm to lead hispeople. Two weeks later, when his patria was freeagain, he told his fans to keep their axe, allhe wanted was to go back to his farmand retire to a rocking chair on theporch with grass in his teeth, predictingstorms with his arthritic shoulder.With this guy as your namesake, coolis inherent. But don’t expect delusions ofgrandeur. Cincinnati may be every bit as epicas Cincinnatus, but it’s retained his unpolishedcharm, too. Here are 10 things to do in the city thatCincinnatus would’ve loved. (If he hadn’t kicked thebucket in 430 BC.) There’s something for everyone,from sports nuts to urban garden green thumbs, fromfoodies to fitness freaks.CincinnatiBucket ListRun the Flying Pig Marathon. (If you’re not up for afull marathon quite yet, there’s also the half-marathon,a 10K, a 5K and a one-mile fun run.)Go to Opening Day. (The Reds are America’s firstprofessional baseball team. 1869. A Long Time Ago.)Put some pep in your step with free salsa dancinglessons every Thursday night in the summer onFountain Square,in the heart of downtown.Eat a plate of gravy cheese fries at Pleasant RidgeChili. (If you’ve just run the Flying Pig, you’ve earned it.Open until 4:30 a.m., it’s a Xavier institution.)View the history, present and future of art at theCincinnati Art Museum, the Taft Museum ofArt and the Contemporary Arts Center.Ride The Beast roller coaster at night. At King’sIsland you’ll find America’s longest wooden rollercoaster. Crazy fun by day, crazier funner by night.Spend a Saturday morning at Findlay Market. Buy aBelgian waffle, from a real Belgian!Stock up on hot sauce at Jungle Jim’s InternationalMarket. (They have 1,400 varieties, including some soscorching they come with medicinal warnings.)Cruise the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail—78 leafymiles of old railroad turned into a peaceful path alongthe Little Miami River.Take a ghost tour at Spring Grove Cemetery—seethe tombs of Procter, Gamble, Kroger, Prosser andFleischmann (that guy who packaged yeast).

getlostYou can learn a lot on campus, but noteverything. There’s a world out there,and we’ll help you explore it. You’ll seeand do things that will change your life.And you’ll have a lot of fun, too.Study abroadWe encourage students to get lost at least once while they’re at Xavier.We offer study abroad opportunities of all types: short term, long-term,direct exchanges and programs sponsored by other universities andproviders. Education is a journey, so get packing.Alternative BreaksWhat says college more than spring break? A studentstarted Xavier’s Alternative Break program 12 years ago.The program gets together groups of students to spendtheir spring breaks doing worthwhile things right here inCincinnati, or as far away as Vologda, Russia.Some trips visit the Everglades to help conserve animportant ecosystem (mind the crocodiles), othersbuild wheelchair ramps for people with cerebral palsyin Nashville. Some trips don’t even tell the studentswhere they’re going—it’s called the Mystery AlternativeBreak. All you know is whether to pack for warm or coldweather. Then you meet at the airport at the selectedtime, and fly into the great unknown.Students participate in programs around theworld in more than 20 different countries,from France to Japan, Argentina to Australia.

give alittleService Learning semestersThe Musketeers’ motto is “All for one and one for all.” Xavier’s academic service learning semesterstrain students to become men and women for others through a combined 12-15 credit hours ofacademic study with community service. Service learning semesters enhance academic study with theexperience of service. Students learn about the culture, religion, history, government and economics ofthe area they visit. Programs have been offered in Nepal, Ghana, India, Nicaragua and urban Cincinnati.GET YOUR SERVICE ONThe Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ) X-Change is a great place tostart. It’s Xavier’s weekly service program that provides an actionorientedentry point for students to engage in the Cincinnaticommunity. CFJ X-Change works in partnership with communityorganizations to arrange for students to serve weekly at the samesite throughout the semester. It’s a great opportunity to helpothers, learn about the city, make new friends and have fun.GET TO KNOWr.j. thienemanEven when the Conan O’Brien show takes a week off over the Fourth of July holidays, for R.J. Thieneman,it’s show business as usual. “I work for his development company and we never stop. It’s a smallcompany and very hands-on. I can do anything— listen to pitches or pitch ideas myself. It’s a greatplace to be and it’s a great place to meet people.”True to that Hollywood cliché, R.J. paid his dues while he kept up with studies at Xavier. “At Xavier Ihad a TV show for three years and I played the Comedy Caravan in Louisville.” These days he’s doingless stand-up and focusing more on writing and developing a podcast, website and blog.R.J. also offers this surprisingly simple formula for success in Hollywood, or anywhere. “Be in theright place at the right time while still continuing to hone your skills.” And for him, Xavier was one ofthose right places.

get itdoneAt Xavier, we don’t separate passion from profession.We equip students to do what they love. That couldmean becoming a teacher, a nurse or a businessperson.Or it could mean doing stand-up comedy, starting anurban garden, driving in NASCAR or writing poetry. Weall have our passions. We’ll help you get paid for them.GET TO KNOWDanielle DiBenedettoInspiration for Danielle DiBenedetto’s casual fashion line came from an unlikelysource: Victorian Era tea etiquette. Danielle was fascinated by the proper attirerequired at these functions, so when she launched her business, she had a name: “Idecided on Proper Tea because in my generation, proper attire is a T-shirt,” she says.Within six months of graduating, 93 percentof Xavier grads are either employed, volunteeringwith a non-profit service organization or continuingtheir studies in grad school.She soon moved on to designing hoodies, scarves, dresses and camisoles for hercomplete clothing line. Danielle was an art major at Xavier, so the fashion industryis the perfect outlet for her talents. Her creations can now be found in more than220 stores in 35 states and Canada.“The best thing about running my own business is the creative freedom,” she says.“It is amazing to create a label and see it in stores the way you envision it.”

GetyourX OnApplyWe start accepting applications the fall of your senior year and admit students until the class is full. Like theeducation you’ll receive at Xavier, our admission process is a personalized experience focused on getting toknow the whole you. Your academic achievements are important, but so are the extra things you do that completeyou as a person. Because we review your application individually, we’ll learn just how well-rounded you are.• Complete the (free) Common Application at• Apply the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper, at the cost of $35.• Apply online for free at AidWhat’s better than going to college? Getting a dealon college. Last year, every Xavier freshman receivedsome form of scholarship or financial aid. College canbe expensive, but we have the flexibility, resourcesand sound advice to help you pay for, there’s moreOther financial aid is based on a student’s familycircumstances. Fill out the Free Application forFederal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the priority deadlineof Feb. 15 to determine your eligibility.fafsa.ed.govScholarshipsThis part is easy. Every applicant is automaticallyconsidered for merit-based scholarships and awards.But students are also eligible to receive scholarshipsfor their musical talent, commitment to social justice,major, areas of interest, community service and more.Dozens of unique scholarships are available, rangingfrom $1,000 to full tuition. Go online for a full listing,including applications and deadlines, and to use ournifty net price Tuition,Room and BoardFull-time tuition:$32,070 ($33,070 for business majors)Stop by and say heyDouble room, typical meal plan:$10,520Students tell us all the time that once they visited Xavier, they knew this was the collegefor them. There’s something special about this place, its friendly atmosphere and invitingcampus. Stop by the Office of Admission for a tour of residence halls, classrooms andpopular student hangouts. You just might get

a Bettereducationfor abetterworldThat’s the power of xAt Xavier, a great education comes with a supportivecampus and a city full of opportunity. It’s where memories aremade and futures are formed. But don’t take our word for it.Stop by and see us, and we’ll show you why.

Office of Admission3800 Victory ParkwayCincinnati, Ohio 45207-5131when to applyDECEMBER 1, 2013Admission and scholarship application deadline to beconsidered for our top competitive awards.FEBRUARY 1, 2014Admission application deadline to be considered forall other merit-based scholarships and awards.FOR MORE INFORMATIONTo learn about Xavier University and to plan your visit,please contact the Office of Admission:Phone 513-745-3301877-XUADMIT (982-3648)Fax 513-745-4319EmailWebxuadmit@xavier.eduxavier.eduAddress 3800 Victory ParkwayCincinnati, Ohio

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