Art Workshops

Art Workshops

Editor’s NoteSince time runs and past fades away, editing an album for this first edition of the FestivalAnamesa was an inner wish to save vividly in our memories the spirit of the Festival as aproof of what can be achieved “when only Art comes between us”.By turning these pages, there is the hope that every single participant of this Festivalwill be gratified for the inspiring moments he has offered to us all, either through anindividual or a collective artistic work.It shall also be the opportunity to thank all the contributors and volunteers for theirprecious presence and for reminding us that there is no creation without cooperation.May this magazine highlight the strongest moments and emotions of a deeply creativeand human dialogue between people without any culture and social boundaries orprejudices!Evangelia Ntziounifor the Festival AnamesaPublisherFestival AnamesaEditorEvangelia NtziouniCreative Art DirectorDemetrios TzavarasCover and Back cover -Graphic DesignerDimitris KleomvrotosFestival LogoDimitris KleomvrotosCover PhotoMaria ChristiText EditorsSophie BulbulyanEvangelia NtziouniLanguage EditorRoula MargaritiPhotographersMaria ChristiManon PapaioannouMargi RentisPhoto EditorsSophie BulbulyanEvangelia NtziouniMontage and PrintingDHM Printing & AdvertisingLiviu Gebeanu, Romaniawww.dhmprint.roPrinting & PublishingContributorMaria BobeicaCreation ContributorColette VerachtenFinancial ContributorsVincent BesnardVictor Artant Association

Edition 2013SurrealismBetweenDali and“A Dadaism spawn, surrealism originatedin 1924 in Paris. André Breton was the firstto give a description of this movement in hisManifest of Surrealism as a pure psychic automatism,by which one proposes to express,either verbally, in writing, or by any othermanner, the real functioning of thought. Theart of surrealism introduced new techniquesuch as automatic drawing. Surrealism alsowaded into group expression and in consequencereevaluated primitive art, such asthat of cavemen, children, of people withinsanity and the civilized people.”Montse Aguer, Le Monde de Dali, EditionsLarousse, 2010.Surrealism

Who is Dali ? Why Dali ?“Born in 1904, this productiveand multitalented artist,the provoker and visionaryservant of fantasy and surrealism,was a talented creatorwith exceptional techniquesand broad art knowledge.Due to his judgmental andparanoid interpretation methods,he boldly decoded theintimate and obscure aspectsof human thought and distortedreality for himself andothers. He himself classifiedhis paranoia as follows: “anemotional delusion of interpretationthat forms a baseof the artistic phenomenon aswell as of my genius to transformreality into somethingunique”. Dali worked on allfields starting with the mostclassical such as paintings,drawings, sculpture and etching,to the most avant-gardesuch as facilities, happeningsand performances. One of Dali’scharacteristics is that hesharply describes what existson the collective underlyingunconscious, our dream andour instincts. Dali repeatedlystated that “The scenery is anemotional state”. His sceneryis something broader than aplain, picturesque landscape.It is a life scene, a personalexperience.”Montse Aguer, Le Mondede Dali, Editions Larousse,2010.“His work can be interpretedin many ways”, reflecting in asense the way Dali also did,according to his mood, his visions,his obsessions and thethrills of each moment. Themultiple ways of expressionhe used simply depicts his innermostworld.Dali was obsessed with thebody decay as time passes.Consequently emerges thewell known melting clocks,as well as the conception ofdecayed bodies and faces. ForDali, body matter will meltwith time. He consideredthis as a threat. He felt thateven time itself may thaw thespiritual dimension and thisscared him.Dali’s contemplations arewhat interested us and ledus to dedicate this 1st editionof the Festival Anamesato surrealism and draw inspirationfrom his work forthis Festival’s art workshops.We believe that the values ofthis festival form a link withDali:The contact with the body,with ourselves and with eachother. The desire of recognitionand the zest for creativitythrough dialogue, in orderto draw closer the humanitymay prevail among us.

12/01/2013Visit at Pompidou Center“In 1969, President Pompidoutook a decision to dedicatethe Plateau Beaubourg areaof Paris to the construction ofa multidisciplinary culturalcentre of an entirely newtype, injecting new impetusto a series of projects thathad hitherto failed to cometo fruition: the plan to builda major public reading libraryin Paris.And beyond that, the rehabilitationof the National Museumof Modern Art, […]The1970s saw the addition of acenter for music.”www.centrepompidou.fr21/11/2012 - 25/03/2013Dali exhibition“The Centre Pompidou paystribute to one of the most complexand prolific great figuresin 20th century art, SalvadorDalí, more than thirty yearsafter the retrospective that theinstitution devoted to him in1979-1980. Often criticisedfor his theatricality, his likingfor money and his provocativestance on political issues, Dalíis both one of the most controversialartists and one of themost popular.This unprecedented exhibitionsets out to throw light on thefull power of his work and thepart played in it by his personalityand his strokes of geniusas much as his outrageousness.”

Art Workshops«And who am I?»The Anamesa meeting in Paris has been based on the conceptof identity with central idea the following question:“Who am I?” inspired by Dali.The main idea is to learn how to talk about his own personin an artistic way, to make “his inside visible” to the othersand in the same time, learn to be receptive to the humanenvironment. Everything leads to learn how to compose collectivelyby respecting his own particularities and those ofhis fellows.This issue has been treated during 3 days in Paris and Pantinthrough related exhibitions, workshops and performances.WorkshopsClown workshop instructedby the dancers “Stevin andKeven”.Dance workshop given byClaire De Montclin, dancerand choreographeraccompanied by Willy Lainé,Laura Khizar (DK-BEL) andMagalie Doyon, dancer.Percussion workshopby musician Erwan Loeffel.Theater workshop withactress Cécile Vernet andJoey Konhke.Applied Arts workshopinstructed by Muriel Venetand Stefanos Souvatzoglou.

“Par Nature”Visit of the exhibitionA creation space of humanexperiences and innovativeprojects absorbing the vibrationsof the contemporaryworld. The CENTQUATREfeels as a space that has tobe the crossing road betweenlife and conviviality open toall artists and art lovers. Itseeks to host the actual formsof art and culture as well asthe spontaneous expressionforms. This old restored funeralhome offers spaces likepublic squares, workshopsrooms and performancesstages in order to give voiceand body to artistic expression.www.104.frWith Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, Moataz Nasr, Hema Upadhyay,Zimoun, Gu Dexin, Christophe Beauregard and JoanaVasconcelosLike a path where we cross monumental, organic and conceptualart works, this exhibition “Par Nature” gives us a contemporaryinterpretation of our eternal desire for nature.

12&13/01/2013Applied Arts WorkshopPompidou Center//Antenne Jeunesse CourtillièresApplied Arts Workshop atthe Pompidou Center bysculptor Muriel Venet, whois in the educational departmentof the Pompidou Centerand the sculptor StefanosSouvatzoglou, student at theAthens School of Fine Arts.www.asfa.grThe conclusion of the final result was impressive; the childrenmanaged to express themselves using correctly the techniquesof Surrealism and at the same time enjoyed the creative environmentof the workshop.Both Muriel Venet and Stefanos Souvatzoglou performedworkshops with teens and children on Surrealism and Dali. Incollaboration with the artist Myriel Venet at the premises ofthe Pompidou Center in Paris the workshop started and continuedin the suburb of Paris, Pantin. The presentation of theworks took place at the Courtillières of Pantin.The main parts of the project were based on a collage of humanfigures and a totemic animal that children had to chooseout of a magazine and then compose them together with colorson paper.

Antenne Jeunesse Courtillières 13/01/2013Dance, Theatre, Clown and Percussion workshopsat the Antenne Jeunesse Courtillières in PantinA meeting point for young people and a space of educativeactivities. The Antenne Jeunesse Courtillières and his socialworkers support projects which are proposed by young peopleimpulsing innovative ideas.The aim: help teenagers to learn how to organize creativelythemselves their leisure time after school and during the weekendby becoming autonom citizens.Cécile Vernet is currentlyprofessional actress and theatredirector with the artisticensemble of the Comédie deSt Etienne in France. Since1998, she has also innovateda number of community educationprojects and has directedand trained youth andamateur theatre groups.Cécile studied at the Ecolede Passage school of actingdirected by Alexandre desPerrugia and Niels Arestrup.www.aoicollectif.comJoey Kohnke is an australianprofessional theatre performer,clown and directorbased in Montreuil, France.She works in contemporaryprofessional and communityarts and dance projects,teaches theatre, gives workshopsand masterclasses andencourages budding artists toexpress their creativity. Sheoften works with Cie ACTAAgnès Desfosses in Villiersla Bel. Here, she met withCie DK bel…

Public performances upon completion of the workshopsErwan LoeffelComposer and musician percussionistof BZK companywhose motto is: “we enrichour mutual differences”,Erwan Loeffel transmits hismusic passion with a positiveenergy and undeniable pedagogicalskills.

January & Februaryin AthensDali is watching us

Art Workshopsat the French-Hellenic School Eugène DelacroixCulture and Sport Center of the Municipality of Agia ParaskeviThe French-Hellenic School Eugène Delacroix collaboratesfor his educational programs regularly with the Culture andSport Center of the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi.For the realization of the Festival Anamesa, the Municipalityof Agia Paraskevi contributed by offering its locations for thedance workshops.www.agiaparaskevi.grThe French-Hellenic SchoolEugène Delacroix is composedby the French Section(kindergarten, primaryschool and high school) andthe Hellenic section constitutedof a high school.The French-Hellenic SchoolEugène Delacroix is one ofthe School Authorities of theAEFE Network of Schoolsfor Teaching French Abroad,which is placed under the patronageof the French Ministryof Foreign Affairs, activein more than 130 countries,with 430 schools and morethan 240 000 pupils. TheAEFE placed the FestivalAnamesa under the umbrellaof his world wide pilot

Photography WorkshopDali is a very noteworthysurrealist artist, who greatlyexperimented with photographyalso. Through vision andgatherings he gave us a realitythat we have been analyzingfor years. His concernfor time surpasses him whilepainting his melting clocks.His interviews were alwayseccentric. Next to him was amodel of Venus also depicting:a perished body playingwith time, and the youthfulnessof the adolescent withhim.Photography flirts with time.This way the surrealists’ wayof living and their work relatesto photography. Thedream becomes reality andthe reality a dream.A work on portraits inspiredby Dali and Surrealism. 25young photographers had theopportunity to work under theguidance of photographersMaria Pavlaki and BorisKirpotin, with the help ofEvangelia Ntziouni.The photography workshoptook part during the FestivalAnamesa in January 2013.The photos that the new photographerssuggest, has beenexhibited at the openingGala of the Festival and atthe French-Hellenic SchoolEugène Delacroix.The 25 young artists haveworked with digital camerason black and white photographytouching on the mainideas of the Festival and followingDali’s steps, since oneof Surrealism’s main ideas isthe body’s aging with time.

02&03/02/2013Graffiti workshop under the guidance of SONKEA team of pupils have workedwith the Graffiti artist Sonkewww.sonke.grThey have completed acollective work they havesprayed on a 12 meter wall ofthe French-Hellenic SchoolEugène Delacroix.Paricipants:Laurence BauzaVassilis TokasDimitri DurandAlexis ReyreFivos FoukasAlexandre SkouriasEvangelia Ntziouni

Theatrical Improvisation WorkshopPercussion WorkshopIntroduction into the theaterprocedure with the improvisationtechnique for the pupilsof the French-HellenicSchool Eugène Delacroix.The general themes of theimprovised sketches werebased on the paintings of SalvadorDali.Elika CompanyThe founder members ofElika Company, Elise Apostolouand Karine Papin,met in Marseille thanks totheir common passion.The theatrical improvisation,which they export all aroundthe world.Production assistance givento the pupils involved in theFestival in order to improvetheir own productions showedduring the Festival either atthe Culture Center “Melina”or at the Michael CacoyannisFoundation.The aim of this workshopwas to initiate the teens intothe brazilian percussion inorder to train them for theparticipation to the big carnivalparade of the Festival inthe center of Athens.17 teenagers, who discoveredfor the first time the brazilianpercussions, have participatedduring two sessions of3 hours by accomplishing thefollowing necessary steps:• Get familiar with therhythm and then express therhythm first by using the appropriatebody language.• Discover the traditionalinstruments: sourdo, agogo,caixa, tambourin, rocar.• Learn to combine the playof the instrument and thebody language• Work on the specific partitionsfor the festival parade:« Coco » and « Iparho », whoare based on simple sambavariations.Stefanos Korakas has studiedsocial anthropology and worksactually in a specialized unitfor Addiction (18 Άνω) of theMental Clinic of Attiki.In 1999, he first started withpercussions as a hobby. Gainingin experience, he incorporatedpercussions in his workingfield as a mean of therapyfor expressing emotions andfeelings. Finally he decidedalso to develop it in a moreprofessional level and foundedwith some fellows the Quilombo,the house for cultural andartistic events.

Dance WorkshopWilly Lainé and LauraKhizar, two dancers fromDK-BEL team have devoteda weekend focusing on thestudy of the dance language,Dali’s work as well as thespirit of surrealism in orderto use it later for their owncreativity.

March in AthensDali is among usPhotography: Margi Rentis

10-17/03/2013FESTIVAL OFFArt WorkshopsWorkshop “Vivre Ensemble”The second grade of the elementary school of the French section of the French-Hellenic SchoolEugène Delacroix and the respective classes, from special education school “Open Door” andthe “Special Elementary School for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing of Likovrisi-Pefki”, have helda workshop searching for a mutual form of communication with body language through dance.The workshops have been directed by Sophie Bulbulyan and Pavlina Tsiatsiou.These six planned workshops took place from December 2012 to March 2013.Artwork: Demetrios TzavarasPhotography: Margi RentisOpen DoorThe Association for Protectionof Spastic People wasfounded in 1972 in order tocover a lack of services forpeople suffering from cerebralpalsy in Greece. The aimhas always been based on thewish to develop a variety ofactivities for the promotionof people with motor disabilities.The association hadalways as a target to build abridge with people who donot have a disability for a betterintegration into society ofthose who have to deal withdisability in their daily life.Open door also seeks fora regular collaboration betweenadults and childrenwith disability.www.eps-ath.grSpecial Elementary Schoolfor the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing of Likovrisi-Pefki.In 1973 the private School forthe Deaf & Hard-of-Hearingis founded by the Club ofProvidence of the Deaf &Mute of Greece with the significanthelp of Mrs. SofiaStaroyanni, the mother oftwo deaf children.In 1982 the school becomespublic, named as “SpecialElementary School for theDeaf and Hard-of-Hearingof Athens” and also becomessubordinate to the Ministryof Education.In 1987 the school is foundat Filothei and remains thereuntil the April of 2010. Atthat time the school is transferredto Pefki.In 2011 the school changes itsname to “Special ElementarySchool for the Deaf & Hardof-Hearingof Likovrisi-Pefki”.The new name of theschool has been a very importantstep for its essentialinclusion in the respectivecommunity.The main handicap of all studentsis deafness/poor hearing.The students follow thecurricula of the general publicschools, slightly modified inorder to address their needs.Moreover, a percentage of10% of the students have additionalhandicaps includingautism, ADHD, dyspraxia,mental retardation, and, as aresult, a special and personalizedcurriculum is offered

Workshop “Dali d’ Klic”At Technopolis City of AthensThe dance companies “AggeloSkoni” and “DK-BEL” willjointly form a new Greek-French performance titled “Dali d’Klic” within the ESPA program New Generation – Youth Exchange.The project Dali d’Klic is a meeting of two new European(French and Greek) dance groups. Each team will consistof young people with and without disabilities. It has been financedby the program “New youth in Action” principles have been based on a combination of the educationaland artistic approach of each educator and choreographer.A common objective of the workshops was to introduceyoung people to creativity by the way of improvisation.They’ve learned to be spontaneous, while learning to guidetheir imagination within some limitations such as time, spaceand energy. They’ve also learned how to compose individuallyas well as a collective group.The workshop took place from 10th to 17th March 2013 at theSchool for Fine Arts Athens, at the 3rd High School of NeaSmyrni, at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and at TechnopolisCity of Athens.Photography: Margi Rentis Design: Demetrios Tzavaras«To σχέδιο αυτό χρηματοδοτήθηκε με την υποστήριξητης Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής.Η παρούσα δημοσίευση [ανακοίνωση] δεσμεύει μόνοτον συντάκτη της και η Επιτροπήδεν ευθύνεται για τυχόν χρήση των πληροφοριών πουπεριέχονται σε αυτήν.»Photography: Maria Christi

School of Fine Arts AthensPhotography: Maria Christi

Workshop “Street Art Performance”Workshop “Barima’s Style”3rd High School of Nea SmyrniPierce-The American College of GreeceShared between the dancersof DK-BEL and the studentsof The American College ofGreece. The workshop willfocus on the choreography ofthe “Street Art Performance”.The 13th March, Barima Oseiand Philippe Nomeynio, havelead a dance workshop wherethey’ve worked with abouttwenty pupils of The AmericanCollege of Greece in order toprepare the artistic parade ofthe Festival which took placeon the 15th March in the centerof Athens.Pierce, The AmericanCollege of GreeceThe mission is to provide itsstudents with a complete education-intellectual,social andspiritual background throughits system of instruction, tomold self-disciplined andindependent-minded personalitieswho are conscious ofa responsibility to others, feelrespect, love, and ethos forthemselves and their fellowhuman beings.www.acg.eduDancers of DK-BEL and of AggeloSkoni worked with pupilsof the 3rd public High School of Nea Smyrni who had neverbeen initiated in the dance field. For the first time they discoveredhow to improvise in dance and to dance also with disableddancers.Photography: Maria ChristiPhotography: Maria Christi

13-17/03/2013FESTIVAL INPerformances//Exhibitions//Art Workshops//Artistic Parade13/03/2013Opening Gala at Melina Cultural CenterMELINA Culture CenterThe center belongs to the organisationfor Culture, Sportsand Youth of the City of Athensand is home of two permanentexhibitions:• A Journey through Athens,on the first floor, where one canview 19th-century Athens andelements of the 20th centuryvia reproductions of buildings,houses, stores and people.• The Haridimos ShadowPuppet Museum – Theatre.The center also has two exhibitionspaces. The 220-squaremeter Melina room, whichhosts exhibitions and is suitablefor seminars, conferences,speeches, and a 380-square metre space whichcan host large-scale projects.AEFE, Mrs. GraftoUNESCO, Mrs. DigoniDirector of elementary school of Lfhed,Mrs. JuvenalAmbassador of FranceMr. Kuhn DelforgeDirector of Greek section of Lfhed,Mrs. PolymeropoulouVice President of OPANDA,Mrs. GennimataEconomic Vice President of AttikiRegion, Mrs. VasilakouGeneral Director of Lfhed,Mr. LuyckxDesign: Dimitris KleomvrotosArtistic Director of Festival Anamesa,Mrs. BulbulyanCulture executive manager ofFestival Anamesa, Ms. NtziouniGeneral Director of Pernod-Ricard,Mr. LemariéGeneral Director of Timac Agro,Mr. BesnardPhotography: Maria Christi

“MA ROUTE…”Michée QUENUMOriginal extract read by Thibault Naman & Alexandre Pantazis“ Je m’appelle Franck Quenum,plus connu sous le nom de Michée.Je vais vous raconter monhistoire qui a commencé le 2janvier 1988 au Congo (Brazzaville).Lors de ma venue aumonde, j’ai manqué d’oxygène,c’est ce qui fait que je suis infirmemoteur cérébral. Etantbébé, j’ai passé beaucoup detemps à l’hôpital.J’ai vécu jusqu’à mes 11 ansau Congo entouré de mesparents, de mon frère et messœurs. Ma vie là bas était trèsagréable. Je sortais beaucoup,m’amusais avec ma famille etmes amis. Pas un jour où je nerigolais pas. Mais à cause del’évolution de mon handicap, lemanque de connaissances desgens face à mes différences etleur compassion malsaine, mesparents ont préféré m’envoyerchez ma tante à Villiers le bel.Villiers le bel une des villesdu Val d’Oise très connuepour ses origines multipleset un accroissement de difficultésdes jeunes, a été unsecond tournant de ma vie.Comme tout un chacun, j’aimis du temps à m’adapter auchangement et à intégrer lasociété. Mais très vite ma facilitéà m’ouvrir aux autres etma joie de vivre m’ont permisde faire de belles rencontres.De là, j’ai rencontré mesmeilleurs amis qui ont sum’apprécier pour ce que jesuis. Ils m’ont accepté en tantqu’être humain et non en tantqu’invalide. (….)J’ai commencé très jeune àdanser au sein de la CompagnieDK-bel. Au début j’avaispeur de m’exprimer en dansant,car c’était nouveau pourmoi. Plus le temps passait etplus je me sentais à l’aise.J’aime faire le clown pouramuser le monde. (…)Mes amis danseurs sontdrôles et me font rire.Quand on fait un spectacle, lesspectateurs viennent me voirà la fin, et sont étonnés de ceque j’ai pu faire. Souvent ilsme disent qu’ils ne pensaientpas qu’une personne en fauteuilroulant pouvait faire ça.Ils me demandent si ça nem’a pas fait peur de melancer dans cette aventure;aujourd’hui je peux dire non,je n’ai pas peur, je fonce.Je ris avec eux. Ils pensaientque la danse n’était possibleque pour les personnes quipeuvent marcher, mais onleur prouve que non.Ils changent d’avis sur lespersonnes en fauteuil et nousestiment plus.Ils crient « DK-BEL!!! », ennous applaudissant. Certainspleurent.« Mais pourquoi ? Souris !Prends un mouchoir et sourisà la vie, comme nous ».Quand on est sur scène, toutela salle est silencieuse. Leshommes, les femmes, les enfantsnous regardent sans direun mot.On est comme des éclairs quiles scotchent dans leur fauteuilet les laissent bouchebée.Sur scène, nous « Sommes »,on existe, on est d’autres personnes.On saute, on danse, on bouge,comme si le fauteuil n’existaitpas. “Photography: Maria ChristiPhotography: Margie Rentis

Performance“Pame Paidia”Performance“Tableau perdu”Go forward together in positive vibes facing each other,in contact with each other, for each of us.Come on! with strength and energy !!!“Tableau Perdu”Melina GontikakisChryssi DogasWhen one belongs to Greece,this wonderful country, sometimesthe emotion becomesso strong that it comes to anoutburst : overcomes itselfin order to be transformedin something new. The text“Tableau Perdu”, talks aboutGreece and the Greeks, justas it, finally, talks about usall. We hope that we wereable to transmit and to sharewhat many among us have intheir heart, even if it is difficultto transform imagesinto words and words intoimages.Original extract of “Tableau Perdu”:Moment Héllénique[...]Performers:Irini Kourouvani with the kidsDanae Gkouskos, AristotelisMarinopoulos, Jules Bulbulyanand some dancers fromDK-BEL Company: CheiknaWaguey, Sarah Méchédal,Yamina Boutchich, SabrinaDehac, Kenza Belmouloud,Dylan Poupeville, VincentDi Salvatore, Tanguy Ruiz,Aidan Aird, Alexis Zajac,Anaëlle Couasnon, AxelleSchouman, Melvin Gaspard,Bryan Lainé, Yoni Halimi,Jean- Michel Muretti, WilsonDe Almeida Ramos, MarwinFlocan, Anton Kessler, WarrenM’Bembe, Charlène Tougard.Choreographers:Corinne Faure-GriseSophie BulbulyanPhotosgraphy: Margi Rantis[...] C’est peut-être les derniers reflets d’un soleil prêt à abandonnerle ciel, comme le disait une chanson, oh, je ne sais plus,quelle importance? Les chansons se répètent toutes de toutemanière. Elle regarde fort loin devant elle, ses yeux sont noirs.Pas de reflet eu eux. Voit-elle seulement ? [...]Jetons un coup d’œil sur tes enfants. Oui, ceux qui gisent sansle savoir, endormis sous le mur des temps passés, à moitiémorts dans leur chimères et dans leur orgueil. Ils ont les yeuxfermés, ils ne te voient plus. Je crois qu’ils ont abandonné. Ilsne voient plus ta robe bleue et blanche. La paresse ne leur vapas. Est-ce le temps qui les a couché contre le mur, ou bien lesurplus de sang qui les a traversés les empêche-t-il de se leverune nouvelle fois ?[...]N’abandonne pas.Tu ne peux pas abandonner.Tu es lié à moi pour toujours.Je t’en prie. Je te l’ordonne.Essaye. Trouve un moyen.Toi qui a toujours su.Toi qui n’a jamais rien vu,mais qui m’a parée de bijouxsans égal,Sauvez-moi.Enfants.Sauvez-vous…Photosgraphy: Margi Rantis

Photography: Margi RentisPhotography: Margi Rentis

Photography ExhibitionDans’cap//Hand&Roll//NafsikaIn three series of photos Evangelia Ntziouni treated the issueof Disability wanting to show the positive energy that peoplewith disability carry inside of them and their ability to openup by transmitting this positive attitude and their need to communicatetheir feelings to their fellows.

Photography Dali Workshop Exhibition25 young artists, 130 black and white photographs.One source of inspiration: Dali.One main idea: Surrealism and the body.Photographers:Ilias PapalambrouAhmad KhalilAlexandra RigaArgyri TassopoulouCharissi ElliDionisis TselentisElektra PeelMaria DeligianniEllie FischerErgina MissiakouEvanthia AdamouGkikas JeanHaris NikolaidisKaterina SardiKiara PolychroniadisKonstantin RaphaelKonstantaras KostisLena KalabalikiLydia RoubopoulouMatina NikologianniRacil HaddadSofia BennetteSpiliopoulos CassandreTatiana RagusaValérie Roumeliotis

“At the beginning, there was Dali…”Photography ExhibitionStarting from this painting of Dali, the photographer Maria Pavlaki and the modelEvangelia Ntziouni have worked together investigating the relation we have to ourbody accordingly to the wear of the body through time. They wanted to give theirinterpretation on how to build the life dream which consists at recovering and findingan intact body after an accident.

“Dali by Margi Rentis”Photography ExhibitionMargi RentisSimilar to how Dali had extensive and repetitive symbolism in his work, with objects suchas clocks, elephants, and snails, the photos in my exhibition specifically show the balance ofhumans and nature with models interacting with butterflies, leaves, and flowers. Letting theaudience take a peek to an ideal surreal world was my main

14/03/2013Performances at the French-Hellenic School Eugène Delacroix“Pyramides”« Debout ! » DK-BEL Company & ACTA CompanyCreated with the residents of Villiers-le-Bel.Author: Carole Thibaut, Compagnie SambreAbout twenty pupils workedon the placement of body inthe space by building humanpyramids and by trying tofind the balance between allhuman elements through acollective work.Teacher:Yvette StathopoulosPeople’s point of view concerningVilliers-le-Bel doesn’treflect how its residents experienceand feel about theircity. Working, and living inVilliers-le-Bel, has generatedindividual attachments to theCity.Photography: Manon PapaioannouAS Sportive GymParticipants:“Foreverfour”Makri MeliaReyre ElisaSpiropoulos MathildeGabilloux PénélopeKonstantelos KiaraParementier DanaeEconomou DanaeStathopoulos AnaisDargonakis ChloéKyrimi PascaliaChaikali NathalieCattiaux SherleyDantzer AiméePsaroudakis MyrtoBased on their favourite song, 4 girls have made up a new choreography where they wanted totransmit to the audience their joy of life. Energy and joy were what we felt indeed!Dancers:Eliana Savaricas , Anna Anagnostopoulou, Katia Rombopoulou, Athina GiassisTassiou KalliopiVogel AlexilaLytras HélèneRubin IrèneSardi AikateriniPhotography: Margi RentisChoreographers:Corinne Faure-GriseSophie BulbulyanPerformers:Joey Konkhe (Acta Company)and Barima Osei, MichéeQuenum, Alexandre Alves,Willy Lainé, Williams Bouton,Cheik Kante, PhilippeNomenyo, Yoni Halimi,Jean- Michel Muretti, WilsonDe Almeida Ramos, DylanPoupeville, Marwin Flocan,Anton Kessler, Vincent DiSalvatore, Tanguy Ruiz, AidanAird, Alexis Zajac, MelvinGaspard, Bryan Lainé.Photography: Manon Papaioannou, Margi Rentis

“Souffle de soi(e)”“Le retour de la suite de la revanche qui contre-attaque”Company Stevin et Keven“Souffle de soi(e)” is a reproduction of the Greek silk road history:In 1880 and 2013, two main characters from Soufli startseeking the secret that will save their village and Greece. Theytravel all over the world until one day, some distinguished poetsreveal to them the secret of silk production: the thread thatlinks us with others is also the guide to our inner world.Young dancers from the National Conservatory of Paris, theseartists have their own universe that mixes in their duets, excellentquality of moving to optimal mind crazy from clown.This duet is based on movies and comics of childhood.A Street Theater show which will also be the red line of theartistic parade performed in Athens the 15th March.Theater Teacher:Joëlle MontechPhotography: Manon PapaioannouAuthors and Directors:Joëlle Montech, H.Journeaux, J-C. Van de Goor, K.Papin,E.ApostolouActors:Melle Saria Albahri, Melle Danaé Andreadis, Melle AngéliqueBantikos, Melle Elisa Bulbulyan, Melle Thalia Dimitrakopoulos,Melle Teresa Efremidis, Melle Salma Farran, MelleAngelica Kakridas, M. Ahmad Khalil, Melle Angeliki Constantopoulos,Melle Vasiliki Malouchou-Kanellopoulou, M.Alexandre Mitsis, Melle Lydia Roubopoulou, Melle CassandreSpiliopoulos, M. Yann Vogel, Melle Athina Wasila.Scenography:P. Bossu, M. Gaslais, M. J.C. Van de GoorPhotography: Manon Papaioannou

“Un rêve”“Roue Cool“DK-BEL CompanyA youth team from the Greekhigh school section has presenteda work based on Dali.Based on 6 different fairytales, each one of the 6 youngactors has given freely hisproper interpretation. The finalaim is to match all 6 fairytales and individual performancesto a collective newtale.Teachers:Nicole Garcia, Ioanna Spiliopoulou,Areti DoukaActors:Danae Panagi, MargueriteGritzella, Eva Adamou, CorinaNoussi, Marianne Spinou,Théodore SpinosOur wish is to leave a mark or impression on other’s bodies, the environment around us, history and our memories.The dancers appear unexpectedly and spin on their wheels, either their wheelchairs or their roller skates.Choreographers: Corinne Faure-Grise, Sophie BulbulyanPerformers: Steffi Kiamuini, Laura Khizar, Laetitia Jarry, Sophia Ait Hadj Ali, Débi Koueté, Steven Vincent Nanette,Alexandre Alves, Melvin Gaspard, Michée QuenumPhotography: Margi RentisPhotography: Margi Rentis

Photography: Margi RentisPhotography: Margi Rentis

Parade Dance WorkshopThe Greek dancer PavlinaTsiatsiou and the Frenchdancer Magalie Doyon collaboratedfor the choreographycreated on the partitionof percussions. They’veworked with about 30 peoplecoming from all over Europein order to prepare the artisticparade of the Festival whichtook place the 15th March inthe center of Athens.Photography: Margi RentisPhotography: Margi Rentis

Clown WorkshopStevin and Keven have continued their work that originated in Paris. They have pursuit theirwork with a larger group of participants coming from all participant schools of the festival.Photography: Margi RentisPhotography: Margi RentisPhotography: Margi Rentis

Percussion Workshop2 Percussionists, 2 workshopsTheater WorkshopErwan Loeffel and Stefanos Korakas ledtwo workshops teaching to the participantsthe meaning of identity and moreover howto coordinate the artistic parade which tookplace 15th March in the center of Athens.Photography: Maria Christi, Margi RentisPhotography: Maria ChristiPhotography: Maria Christi

Applied Arts WorkshopStefanos Souvatzoglou performeda workshop with about20 teens, children and peoplewith disability in the space ofTechnopolis in Athens. Forthe fine art workshop he optedfor the mean of sculpture.The participants had to createindividually a dancing figuresculpture with clay. Thenthey continued by workingin teams, trying to composetheir figures together to createa synthesis.This workshop was very successfuland all the participantsshowed great creativityand teamwork sharing ideasand techniques with eachother.Finally, the works were presentedto the public at theworkrplace that was turnedinto an exhibition room afterthe completion of the workplace.Photography: George SouvatzoglouPhotography: George Souvatzoglou

14 & 16 /03/2013Exhibitions & Performancesat Michael Cacoyannis FoundationExhibitionsSculpture//Stefanos SouvatzoglouMichael Cacoyannis set up the non-profit making foundation“Michael Cacoyannis” Foundation in 2003. His ambition wasthe creation of a modern cultural institution with its own distinctiveidentity, which would engage in the study, support andpromotion of the Performing Arts, particularly Theatre andCinema. It would embrace modern technology and developnew ideas, breaking new ground without ever compromisingthe principles of artistic integrity to which Michael Cacoyannishimself has been faithful throughout his career.MCF aims also to support young talent by awarding scholarships,not only to benefit their own artistic development, butalso as means nurturing the nation’s potential. Michael Cacoyannishad always been sharing the values and aspirationsof the young, he fought by their side for the principles of truthand authenticity in the Arts, and through the MCF he wantedto help them never forget how to enjoy Arts.www.mcf.grThe sculptures represent a cloud of abstract forms that at firstglance resemble to be moving and developing in space. Theprocess of transforming a waxy material into something solidemphasises the contrast between the soft wax and the bronzethat were used in the evolution of the pieces throughout itscreation.The abstract nature of the pieces gives the viewer the freedomto develop his own senses in order to understand a 3 dimensionaldepiction of a form that uses camouflaged real life elements(human heads, a female torso, a bird,masks) resemblingcomplex bone structures and a surreal synthesis.These abnormal plastic bone structures leave the viewer withno clear understanding of the pieces thus allowing them to describeit of their own leaving no room for errors and providinga wider range of possible interpretations.In the spirit of the same vision, MCF has both set and accomplishedits first goal: the construction of it’s Cultural Centre, a6,810-square-foot facility in Piraeus Str, home of the foundation’sactivities.MCF is already putting together an ambitious programmeworthy of its founder. Working together with like-mindedGreek and foreign institutions, it will bring to fruition excitingcultural projects, put together challenging educationalprogrammes, organise seminars and workshops, and give assistanceand voice to promising young artists.Photography: George Souvatzoglou

ArchitectureVideo InstallationChicken man//Philippos VassiliouIn collaboration with the FestivalAnamesa, Very YoungContemporary Art - VYCApresented the exhibition “Me- You - Anamesa” at MichaelCacoyannis Foundation.Curated by VYCA.Exhibition design:Leonidas Papalampropoulos(architect, Phd Candidate ofNTUA) .An exhibition of works bygraduates of Greek Schoolsof Architecture (NTUA, Universityof Thessaly, DemokritionUniversity of Thrace)Through architectural interventionand visual experimentation,twelve groups ofyoung designers highlight theidea of cultural regenerationas a tangible design tool forreshaping the urban context.Τhe show featured architecturalprojects that respond tothe needs of housing, socialinteraction and play in publicspaces (open & enclosed), aset of innovative proposalsthat envision new architecturalpossibilities and practicalsolutions for deprivedcommunities living in urbanareas.Architecture seen from a‘sensitive’ and socially-awareperspective.Participating architects:• Alexandros Kitriniaris,Emmanouil Lekkas: ‘’Newurban landscapes. NationalEarly Intervention Center forHearing-Impaired Children”• Aliki Gkika, Dafni Lada,Natalia Michailidou:“Nomadic n stallations”• Amalia Vogiatzi,Eri Dimitriadi: “Subsumingtrashes center ‘’• Vogiatzi-Tamba Anna,Zali Pagona, TheodorouAlexandra:“Urban Guideof Hospitality”• Kontopoulos Giorgos,Tsekouras Vassilis:“Detoxification Centerin Vravrona”• Elena Andreou,Konstantina Georgoula,Evdoxia Papageorgiou:“Monads for (n) omads”• Eleni & Stella Azariadi:“Vertebrae:Play installations”• Irini Koubarouli:“The children’s ombudsmanhouse’’Video installation by performance artist Philippos Vassiliou“Chicken man” (2012) (video 10’ )“Chicken man” portrays the insecure and greedy nature ofmodern man through the eyes of a likeable human-like creaturewho traverses the familiar urban landscape trapped in ahypertrophic, cumbersome body receptable.Pilippos Vasileiou is becoming a part of his structures, a partof his art. He is the engine himself. based on the theory ofHeraclitus. “The contrary converges, and from the differencesis born the most beautiful harmony”, he makes cumbersomeobscuremachines which tend to train the human body andmind.What is not favorable brings us closer. It is for our own interest.But even when we are near, it is not certain that we willbe bonded in harmony. The condition for a harmonic blendand a harmonious cooperation is to contribute to everyone’sindividuality.PhotographyΑrt photography by teenagers from Secondary Art School of Gerakas Teenagers from Secondary Art School of Gerakas display15 self-portraits. Their photographs negotiate the phenomenon of physical (people with mobility disabilities) and socialexclusion (people in a situation of poverty, homeless, immigrants) and send a powerful message of support to vulnerable socialgroups facing negative or aggressivebehaviour from others.Collaborating Art Teachers:• Kratimenou Irene,Markantonatou Aliki,Tzolou Alexandra:‘’Assistance and creativeoccupation centre forchildren’’• Evangelos Zouglos:‘’Residence for semipermanentpopulations’’• Katerina Galaktiou,Efilena Mpaseta:“Urban Hardboard”• Tereza Galatoula:‘’Transportable andtransformable house’’Varvara SpyrouliTzimis EfthimiouTeenagers:Artemis KaklamaniYiannis TovasEleonora KaklamaniIoli KarykaKyriaki MavroudiLena PlataniaMandalena TigkiliΝassia MandrekaOdysseas AvgeasChristina-Ιrini Preka

Music Performances“Take the music out”Guitarfor Students: N.Giannakakis//L.Chrisomalides//A.VlahouGuitarfor is an alternativespace for teaching and learningmusic. […]It offers thefollowing music educationprogrammes – work shops,which have been designedand organized by an experiencedteam of musiciansteacherswho have had a lastingpresence in our country’smusic field:Guitar lessons, music production,group playing lessons,popular music theory, dramatherapy, alexander technique,open jam sessions, guest artistseminars.“Let me imagine”A Tragin, N.ConquesoWe are lost in a world wherethere is no time for thinking,and we are overwhelmed bythe speed of transactions andinformation. Our song withtitle “Let me Imagine” is amedley of three songs thatyou will easily recognise.Photography: Margi Rentis

“Better Days”C.Deleplanque//E.Bulbulyan//L.Deleplanque“Le tourbillon de la vie”Angelaliah“Still believe in better days” Ayo. The choice of this song performed by Elisa Bulbulyan, Leoand Cecile Deleplanque accompanied by the dancer Barima Osei shares the ideology ofFestival Anamesa that is to give hope even when life is difficult to smile.“Alcatraz”J-C. Hannouche//A. Spyropoulos//N.MakryyiannisAlcatraz is a hip-hop group consisting of three MC’s: Aker,Trinox and l’Alchimiste. They write lyrics in French andGreek, and the music is produced by l’Alchimiste.Their first songs appear on the Internet around 2007 and arefollowed by music videos in 2008 and 2010. In 2012 theypublished their first complete work entitled “Aux Hommesla Reconnaissance”. The title is a pun on a phrase inscribedon the Pantheon in Paris. After a yearlong collaboration withproducer Mr. Johnson, in 2013, they published their secondalbum entitled “The Lost Tapes”. All recordings are made ina home studio.www.alcatraz-tbe.orgPhotography: Margi RentisPhotography: Margi Rentis“Shades of Blue”P. Liakopoulos//E.Thome//M. Polichronaki//A. HarrakaPhotography: Manon Papaioannou Photography: Manon Papaioannou

Dance & Theater Performances“Dali D’Klic”//DK-BEL//AggeloSkoni“Dali d’ KLIC”a performative project elimanatingthe boundaries ofcultural, racial and bodilydiversity.Dali d’KLIC initially startedfrom the wish for a collaborationbetween two dancecompanies, DK’BEL and Aggeloskoni,from France andGreece. Young dancers anddancers with special needscoming from different culturesand backrounds workedtogether allowing their commonlanguage of body movementto help them overcometheir differences towards acommon outcome.The result of this mergance isa multi cultural 8 min performance.Multiple colours, differentbody expressions and diversemovement qualities, boundtogether into a harmoniousindividual interpretation ofthe themes inspired fromDali and his work.Surrealism and the conceptsof the expanding time andspace combined to the movementdynamics of meltingdown and recovering createda free flow of continuousmovement.The cultural exchange is constantlymanifested throughoutthe piece through the rhythm,the spatial tensions, the bodyrelationships enhanced withthe elements of surprise,emotions and originality.The dance group AggeloSkoniwas founded in 2003, witha goal to create dance formulascombined with otherart forms. An important partof the work is exploring differentmovement vocabulariesand dynamics, includingdancers with variable movementtraining and with structurallydifferent bodies. Thecompany works towards thepromotion of the benefits ofthe Performing Arts in society.Up to today, AggeloSkoniDa.Co has presented ten productions,as well as being involvedin other socioculturalprojects.Aggeliki-MagioulaPapadatos, choreographer.www.aggeloskoni.grEcole LABEL DK-BELA school for the new generationof DK-BEL, a placewhere one can learn the processof creation, by combininghis desires and his musts.The focus is put on the personalengagement of eachmember, either in the bodylevel or in the fact that onehas to pursuit his project tillit is accomplished.One of the priorities is totransmit the pleasure of dancingand of the performing onthe Margi RentisPhotography: Margi Rentis

“It’s dalicious!”,Stevin et Keven Company“Ensemble”I.Kourouvani//I.Tsibragou//V.S.A.Inspired by Dali’s personalitymore than his work, thetwo dancers/clownsbring us into their world withhumor and fantasy.…two bodies with the samename: Irini, meaning tall the other short, onehas wheels the other haslegs…Choreography:Irene KourouvaniEirini TsibragouDancers:Irene KourouvaniEirini Tsibragou,members of VSA HellasPhotography: Margi RentisPhotography: Margi Rentis

“Béquilles et Tiroirs”French School of ViennaThe young dancers are lookingfor the absolute aestheticfollowing the steps of Dali.Dancers:Petrini Charlotte, Gincu Délia,Pirker Philo, D’yachkovaMary, Presa Adèle, GalichetFaustine, Millon Marie, BarthelCharlotte, Descamps-Caprioli Pieri, BerchtoldFlora, Ugo Mélissa, OberreiterLéon, Wallner Leila,Parte Sara Baroin MarineTeachers:Pascale RoyAngélika Casset“Comme Unique”DK-BEL CompanyAn encounter, a challengeand a desire to create a humanexperience together.Choreography:Sophie BulbulyanCorinne Faure-GrisePerformers:Debi Kouete, Laura Khizar,Céline Coppry, Slim Lotfi,Williams Boutons, AndréMackiesse, Willy Lainé, AlexandreBatilly-Alves, BarimaOsei, Miché Quénum“Trois petits points”George Brassens School High School of ParisPerformance upon completionof the Dali Art Workshopof High School Georges Brassensin partnership with theCentquatre and the CompanyPierre Rigal.Choregraphy:Corinne Faure-GrisePerformers:Kenza Brahimi, QuentinChan, Guillaume Marquet,Kassimi Fofana, CoumbaKanouté, Junior Kouadio,Maïna Gosh,Gabriel Feldmann,Kevin Dang, SaliouDiagne, Mathilde Brémond,Lucie Latrive, Théo Masbahi,Léna Kosseleff, Clément Bocquier,Alexandre Martinez,Elodia MaratonPhotography: Margi Rentis Photography: Margi RentisPhotography: Margi Rentis

“Vivre Ensemble”Special Education School for the Deaf (Pefki)French-Hellenic School Eugène Delacroix“Entre-nous”D-Klic of DK-BEL CompanyIn a constant search for contact with the other, the two projectgroups « Let’s live together » worked on the concept of language,particularly mixing deaf language with body language.They worked also in the notion of « soft watch » inspired byDali’s work.Youngest dancers in thegroup talk to us about humanrelationships and abouta world that we all share…“Χέρι με χέρι”Open Door//French-Hellenic School Eugène DelacroixIn a constant search for contactwith each other, the twoproject groups « Let’s livetogether » worked on theconcept of looking at yourpartner (be in the eyes ofothers, and not lose them).They worked also in the notionof « window » inspiredby Dali’s work.Choreographers: Corinne Faure-Grise, Sophie BulbulyanPerformers: Cheikna Waguey, Kenza Belmouloud, Vincent Di Salvatore, Tanguy Ruiz, Aidan Aird, Alexis Zajac, AnaëlleCouasnon, Axelle Schouman, Melvin Gaspard, Bryan Lainé, Michée Quenum“Αγάπη είναι...”Open DoorThe performance Αγάπηείναι with the themeof love through the eyes ofteam members.Choreography, directingand music: Eleni FortosiPhotography: Manon PapaioannouPhotography: Manon Papaioannou

“Θέση- Αντίθεση- Σύνθεση”3rd High School of Pallini“Athinas”Greek Section of the French-Hellenic School Eugène DelacroixTHESISStereotypes – ClansIt’s difficult to accept other people’s status when your prejudicesare built based on ignorance. In that case stereotypesbecome a vicious circle.IncorporationEven when you try to stay impartial, the others are seekingfor convincing you to join them in their group.Around you, nothing but strangers.All of us consider the unique and different person with denyand simplified prejudices.Here’s your world!Some, even more powerful, are happy to see you losing yourtarget. They are happy to indicate to you the path you haveto take by leading you to wrong perceptions and influencingyou with their own ideas. Because according to them: whateveris different, it is also dangerous!ANTITHESISEverybody ?Fortunately not ! Some dare ! They dare to discover, theydare to try showing the way also to the others by using themost important weapon they dispose: ART !! Art in everyform : Book, Music, Fine Arts….Photography: Manon PapaioannouConsciousness-AcceptanceThey try to show to everybodythe beauty of variety, ofdifference, of collaboration,of altruism, of fellowship.They achieve it with some ofus!SYNTHESISThat’s how the new generationappears. That one whois conscious that it has to actby itself, that has to controlfuture by its own, that has toescape from bounding stereotypes!That generation that wantsto be guided by that naturewhich despite of all, is stilltrying to show us the beautyof the contrast of the colour.Photography: Manon Papaioannou

“BRIDGE”RAZINA CompanyRAZINA is a dance group created in Athens, in October 2012.The main objective of the group is to create dance and dancetheatreperformances, video art, performances and contemporarydance workshops for people with disabilities in collaborationwith standing dancers. The group anticipates to work,also, with other art forms in order to present specialized andquality shows, to evolve and to discover new novelties to itscredit both for its own benefit and for the public’s benefit whowill follow in Greece and abroad. Through dance we highlightemotional states of human behaviour, social or political issuesbut also internal issues associated with the search of ourselvesor how we perceive the world around us. The viewer is free tofeel, see and understand numerous times her/his own uniquetruth...“Humanit”Magalie Doyon“ _ M _ O _ I _ , __H_U_M_A_N_I_T_”_ _A direct affinity links theorigins and human values inall the elements of Saturn andEarth:-_ _S_k_y _ _-_ _T_h_e_ _O_c_e_a_n_s_-_ _E_a_r_t_h_ _-_ _S_o_c_i_e_t_y_-_ _A_n_d_ _M_e_ _These are the interlinkedelements that create our existenceand humanity. Thehuman being has a direct affinitywith all these elementsthat unite us.Today’s society seems to haveforgotten all of that becausevalues have been neglectedby many. By trying to incorporatea hollow speck, thenobserve it and in the end bypassit, I am presenting myselfas who I am.Born in France and havingroots from the Antilles (owingthis to parents born inGuadeloupe of African heritage).This long and opulentjourney enabled me to acceptwho I am and reclaim the valuesthat I had forgotten.An idea based on the acceptation of diversity, in a balance thatindicates the potential coexistance between all through thedance... An opportunity for the public to discover the balanceof dancers with disabilities and standing dancers ...There where the balance meets the mindand the excess meets the bodyis where our dance group was born.RAZINAPhotography:Maria Christi, Manon Papaioannou, Margi RentisPhotography:Maria Christi, Manon Papaioannou, Margi Rentis

“Anamesa mas”DK-BEL//Tryfon Koutsourelis//Pantelis GertsosThe production focuses on 2012 with Greece’s youth, the deprivedFrench suburbs and on young people with disabilities.The purpose of this production is to elevate the spirit of humanvalues in order to give people courage, hope and a positiveattitude. This allows for these groups to face their tough,daily routine. Those young people have the opportunity toshare their inner world with us as they experience it.www.anamesamas.comDirection:Corinne Faure-Grise, SophieBulbulyan, Pantelis GertsosChoreographers:Corinne Faure-GriseSophie BulbulyanMusic Composition:Triphon KoutsourelisMusicians:Triphon Koutsourelis (keyboard),Pantelis Gertsos(guitar)DK-BEL dancers:Michée Quenum, André Makiesse,Ahmed Osman, WillyLainé, Barima Osei, CélineCoppry, Laura Khizar, SaloméLorgnet, Leithan Setodji, DebiKoueté, Stéphane Mulatu, AlexandreAlves, Cheik Kanté,Slim Lotfi, Philippe Nomenyo,Williams Bouton, YoniHalimi, Raymond Siopathis,Gwendoline Spiliopoulos,Cassandre SpiliopoulosTechnicians:Costums: Anne Yarmola,Graphistics: Céline Canéparo,Scenography:Liam Dunn, Léonidas TzianikasDigital Design FrédericLiver, Light Creation: PantelisPetrakisPhotography:Maria Christi, Manon Papaioannou, Margi RentisThe Dance company DK-BEL is born in Villiers-le-Bel (95),France, in 2004 with the desire to build common paths of livewhere Art would be the main point. The desire to create an artisticspace, where the common language between its membersis only Art, is the reflection of a Villiers le Bel that shines andtravels in the spirit of sharing and acceptance of everybody.DK-BEL has its own evolution, writes its own history, by tryingto make prejudices evolve. In 2004, DK-BEL had 10 members.Today more than 65 dancers of various ages, are part ofit, which some of them are disabled. Every dancer participateseither in the Dance Company DK-BEL, in the creation and thepromotion of the performances, or in the school of DK-BELaiming younger population, LABEL Koutsourelis is a musician, composer, songwriter andproducer, born in 1975, in Athens, Greece. His first close contactwith music was at the age of six on a piano, where he wasinstinctively attracted to what would since then be the love ofhis life. The most important and influential part of his musicalstudies was the lessons that he looks from the world knownsoloist and conductor George Hadjinikos. He has been continuouslyworking as a freelance musician, composing musicfor films, theatrical plays and dancing performances, mediaand TV, as well as a songwriter, programmer, arranger andproducer in collaboration with companies, such as EMI, Universal,Sony, Music, Heaven Music, and as a contributor of 23gold, platinum and multi- platinum albums. He occasionallylectures on music technology and production at SAE Athens,London College of Music Examinations and Guitar For.Photography:Maria Christi, Manon Papaioannou, Margi RentisPantelis Gertsos is a musician and guitar teacher. Not onlyplaying with his own band but he works for several and differentGreek singers as a recording session musician. He isthe representative of University of West London Registry ofGuitar Tutors in Greece. He has worked as scientific consultantand examiner for postgraduate students scholarshipsat state scholarships foundation and as Director Of ModernMusic Studies - Music Teacher at several Conservatoriesaround Greece (National Conservatory, Sybelious Conservatory,Kentriko Conservatory, M. Spoudi Conservatory, MusicalPraxis Conservatory, Sinhrono Conservatory, AlkyonioConservatory,Olympiako Conservatory, Sihrono Odeio Korinthou,Municipality of Haidari & Kiato, Nea Techni Conservatoryand others.He is the founder and director of Guitarfor.

15/03/2013Artistic Parade and Street Art Performancesin the City of AthensThe artistic parade has beenpart of the official program ofthe Athenian Carnival organizedby the Organisation forCulture, Sport and Youth ofthe City of Athens. It has beenco-organized with OPANDA,the Organization for Culture,Sport and Youth of the City aim of this parade was tobring culture and the FestivalAnamesa Spirit to the Atheniancitizen through street artperformances and a choreographyspecially made up forthis event.Another target was to showthat Athens can be a publicspace where positive and creativethings happen. Till now,the media used to stigmatizethe principal squares of Athensby focusing only on thedifferent demonstrations andprotest actions against the political,social and economicsituation of Greece.Photography: Manon Papaioannou, Margi RentisThe will of Festival Anamesawas to counterbalancethose prejudices and to bringpeople to an open dialoguethrough art and culture.The 500 participants at theparade came from art associationsand mostly fromschools:French-Hellenic School EugèneDelacroix, 3rd HighSchool of Pallini, 3rd HighSchool of Nea Smyrni, VSAHellas, Open Door, Angelo-Skoni, 41th High School ofAthens, 2nd General HighSchool of Halandri.Photography: Manon Papaioannou, Margi Rentis

The whole parade has beencoordinated from StefanosKorakas and his associationthe Quilombo, as well asErwan Loeffel, percussionistof the BZK-Company.The choreography speciallymade up for this parade followedthe rhythm of thepercussions and coordinateby the Greek dancer PavlinaTsiatsiou and the Frenchdancers of DK-BEL.Photography: Manon Papaioannou, Margi RentisPhotography: Manon Papaioannou, Margi Rentis

Syntagma Square“Another kind of Athens”VSA HellasSyntagma SquareGreek: Πλατεία Συντάγματος - English: Constitution Square.The Square is named after the Constitution of Greece” Constitution that “Otto of Greece” King Otto was obliged to grant, aftera popular and military uprising on September 1843 Revolution” September 3, 1843. It is the oldest and socially most importantsquare of modern Athens […]Between 2010 and 2012, the Square was the site of Greek protests, including an occupation of the square with tents and otherprovisions due to the worsening economic situation because of the Greek government debt crisis.Dance Company of MovementImprovisation “AndWhat if I Fall? - You willstand up Again.”Which are those picturesof Athens that make us appreciatethe city that we livein? Which aspects of Athenswould we change and intowhat would we transform it?Moving bodies and changingmaterials bring to life imagesand sounds of our city. Bybringing them to life on thestage they trigger our memoryand awaken our hope fora multi-cultural, accessible,social, clean, friendly, humancity.Artistic Director:Aggeliki PapadatouChoreography:Εirini TsibragouAggeliki PapadatouSet design:Denia Tsekoura, Vaia Papanikolaou,Polyanna VlatiPerformers:Alexandros Antonopoulos,Marios Apostolidis, TzortzinaDermani, Zoe Themelarou,Antonis Themelaros,Afroditi Kapsi, Maria Kapsi,Maria Kontova, Daniel Liatsis,Menelaos Nikolaou, PersaOikonomou, Alekos Papakostas,Denia TsekouraPhotography: Manon Papaioannou

Monastiraki SquareKotzia SquareKotzia SquareGreek: Πλατεία Κοτζιά is a square in central Athens, Greece. The square retains several charactertics of 19th century local“neoclassical architecture”, such as the City Hall of the Municipality of Athens and the National Bank of Greece CulturalCenter.MonastirakiGreek: Μοναστηράκι (litterally little Monastiraki) is a fleamarket neighborhood in the old town of Athens, Greece, andis one of the principal shopping districts in Athens. The areais home to clothing boutiques, souvenir shops, and specialtystores, and is a major tourist attraction in Athens and Atticafor bargain shopping. The area is named after MonastirakiSquare, which in turn is named for the Pantanassa churchmonastery that is located within the square.City of Athens and OpandaOffering quality entertainment with events of a high standard for all residents. Educating childrenand youth through activities related to the arts, environmental awareness and new technologies.Putting Athens on the international cultural map by upgrading its role on a global level.Serving as a cultural umbrella which supports initiatives and movements in Athens organisedby individuals and“Chorus”Open DoorPhotography: Manon PapaioannouPhotography: Manon Papaioannou, Margi RentisPhotography: Maria Christi

Omonoia SquareNational Archaeological MuseumOmonoia square (Concordesquare) has been in the pastthe gate to the city for themigrants from the rest ofGreece and foreign migrantsarriving in Athens duringall three major urbanizationphases (the beginning, themiddle, and the end of 20thcentury).In 1922 the official recordstalk of 246.000 refugees fromAsia Minor arriving and settlingin Athens, this has beenthe first unexpected urbanizationof the Greek capital.It is in the 1990s that Greeceand Athens were included inthe migration map; this signifiedthat for the first time inthe history the country andits capital were receiving fiscalimmigrants and refugeescoming from neighbouringand far away countries. The“foreigners” dispersed in thecity but still they concentratedaround omonoia squarewhere it was and is easier tofind jobs and dwellings.The square itself has a longand glorious history withmany ups and downs; it is establishedas the most famousSquare in all the country. It isthe most known, talked about,depicted, used and abusedpublic space of Greece.Photography: Margi RentisThe National ArchaeologicalMuseum of Athens isthe largest archaeologicalmuseum in Greece and oneof the most important museumsin the world devoted toancient Greek art.It was founded at the end ofthe 19th century to house andprotect antiquities from allover Greece, thus displayingtheir historical, cultural andartistic value.Its abundant collections, withmore than 11,000 exhibits,provide a panorama of Greekcivilization from the beginningsof Prehistory to LateAntiquity and houses fivelarge permanent collections:• The Prehistoric Collection,• The Sculptures Collection• The Vase and MinorObjects Collection• The Metallurgy Collection• The only Egyptian and NearEastern Antiquities Collectionin Greecewww.namuseum.grPhotography: Margi Rentis

Pedion tou Areos Park“Cris”French School of BudapestThe Pedion tou Areos (230hectars) is the biggest gardenof the Center of Athenswhere art and nature coexistin harmony. It was built in1934 in order to honour thenational heroes of the Greekrevolution of 1821. The parkis provided with two churches,three playgrounds, themain building of the AlosTheater and the open amphitheaterthat can be used forevents such as performancesand concerts.Photography: Manon PapaioannouA theatrical piece inspired bythe novel of Laurent Gaudé,“Cris”. The story relies on thetestimony of a soldier talkingabout the traumatism,the pain and the internal warcoming to the surface troughthe procedure of verbalizinghis emotions.“Mάχη”French Hellenic School Eugène DellacroixPupils coming from Angola,Taïwan, Moldavia, Switzerland,Congo or Serbia, alllearning French but all havingthe same mean of expression,of imagination, of creation:their body.Teachers:C. PinonF. BessièreActors:Bavay Jeremy, Godard Nicolas,Godsave Annie, Gray Nicole,Grebot Titouan, HavasBalint, Hochart Valentine,Nalcakar Ekin, Poiron Marvin,Popovic Nikola, RichardsonPaula, Walther Benjamin,Wyatt Christopher, KeszöczeKitti, Warsmann BenjaminTeachers:Michel LevaiThierry FouilleulPhotography: Manon Papaioannou Photography: Margi Rentis

“Anamesa Graf”Sonke//LFHED//Etudiants ErasmusSONKE and KIKE, two artists in the graffity field have worked with young graffiti artistspainting 4 walls in the Pedion tou Areos Park…Kike, young Spanish artistrepresents“ESN TEI PIRAEUS,GROUP ERASMUSLORCATHENS” sharesmulticultural way of thinkingby Art.Participants:Vassilis TokasDimitri DurandAlexis ReyreFivos FoukasAlexandre SkouriasYassine MzaitiPhotography: Manon Papaioannou and Margi RentisPhotography: Manon Papaioannou and Margi Rentis

A Huge Thank You to AllVolunteers andAll Contributorsfor their Unique Help!Photography: Manon Papaioannou

A huge Thank You to All Volunteers for their Great Help!Volunteers:Mira Angeles, GérardMaurin, Elli Sfika,Dorothee Klee, IsabelleCanellis, Marie-Christine Dereu, CécilePelletier, Anne Debaillon,Nathalie Spigolis,Nathalie Gabilloux,Nicole Garret, SophieRousselot, SandrineLuyckx, Catherine Vallet,Nadine Mas, VincentBesnard, NathalieFouilly, Nikos Papailioy,Eleni Gonidaki, TasosMpampas, XrysoylaPoylasixidoy, NikiRarra, Eleni Bitoratoy,Nikos Asimakopoylos,Menia Mayraki, DespoinaTsoxatzi, MariaKikilia, Basia Papailioy,Margarita Zoylaki,Alexandra Karakosta,Agapi Iordanidoy,Kalliopi Kallinika,Ntina Deklemente,Baso Proioy, RolandAbissi, Elena Ksyda,Christophe Lemarie,Lykoyrgos Karabitis,Alexandros Koyranos,Xristos Morakos, FaniKoytroymanoy, SofiaNikolaidi, Spigolis, Debaillon,Vasiliki, Vallet,De Marcellus Pauline,Mas, Garret Nicole,Harouni Magali,Dereux M.Christine,Pelletier Cecile,Tsaoussis Menelaos,Lasvaladas, RousselotSophie, GabillouxNat, Christos Ntziounis,Fouilly Nathalie,Dafflon-Arvanitou,Debaillon Anne, Irene,Maria Mermigki,Rania Kartaki, DimitraMitsoskoyra, NatasaPanagiotou, KlairiXarogianni, DespoinaAggelaki, AlexisLaugel, Jean-JacquesAsvaladas, ChristopheNaman, Nicole Garcia,Claire Lebon, AlainBulbulyan, ArnaudMérienne

A huge Thank You to Athens Municipal Police!

Special Thanks to All Pernod-Ricard Smiling Peoplefor their Precious help!Christophe LemarieElena XydaDespoina TsochatziMaria KikiliaVassia PapailiouMargarita ZoulakiMaria MermiggiFani KoutroumanouRania KartakiKalliopi KallinikaAntonia KokkinouVasso ProiouDina DeklementeAlexandra KarakostaDimitra MitsoskouraNatassa PanagiotouKlairi HarogianniAgapi IordanidouRoland AbissiLykourgos KaravitisAlexandros KouranosChristos MorakosPhotography: Manon Papaioannou

Victor Artant-NIKI AssociationOur Actions%.(01&+-,()-0 "'*&1()-0 02,$%0+-0./-0"/+-0+%,3, $/"01&/(-1&13,"Victor Artant" – ,()&The association was created in 1998. Our identification number is 6450/1998. We are membersof the Pan-Hellenic union of parents and guardians of people with disabilities, membersof the Pan-Hellenic athletic confederation of people with disabilities and members of theinternational organization for the rights of the disabled F.T.I.- EP@78E?BD 7:?BDF:D .4@8>>M@BD F:D .4@8>>M@N?BG «"=FLD T>8JH. .BE8:>4!CBE5KE

“Ανάμεσα θε να ζήσωΤίποτε από σέναΔεν θα ξεχωρίσωΑνάμεσα θα αναζητήσωΤον κόσμο όλοΝα αναζωογονήσω.”“I want to live betweenNothing of youWill be seenI want to seek betweenA whole new worldShall be seen.”

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