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Youth Community - Holy Blossom Temple

F i r i n g U p T h e ( Yo u t h f u l )I m a g i n a t i o nRabbi John Moscowitzjmoscowitz@holyblossom.org4At The OutsetIn essence, parents have only one obligation withregard to their children at Pesach: “V’higadetahL’vincha”; once at the Seder table, parents mustconvey (convincingly!) the story of the Israeliteexodus from Egypt to the next generation.What must the parents tell the children? That inliberating the Jews, God took them fromslavery to freedom, from degradation todignity; that knowing your past you cantransform your future; that God is essential toall of this – freedom, dignity, the possibility oftransformation.“our children must knowwho they are and howthey got there”Why impress these ideas upon young people(told in an understandable manner)? Because adeep knowledge of one’s personal and communalstory is essential to a solid Jewish identity.Hence the starting point of the parentalnarrative on Seder evening: our children mustknow who they are and how they got there –and that God is a part of how freedom comesabout.Still, the evening is not simply a quick historylesson – it’s far more than that, far moreimportant. A story is no story without drama,tension and an able story-teller! Don’t stick tothe book, otherwise you’ll go flat and yourchildren (and others) will grow bored.Be daring, be prepared, be unpredictable. Don’tbe as enslaved to the haggadah as the Jews wereto Egyptian bondage! Understand what fires theimagination of those at your table – and thentell the story so as kick up their curiosity, to ginup their excitement. And your own.Which – and now to this special bulletin onthe engagement and education of youngermembers of Holy Blossom – is what we aim toaccomplish in our youth programming. All ofit: what happens in the classroom and in shul;what happens in youth group and at camp; whathappens at Holy Blossom and at home.For our Holy Blossom Temple community ourtask is to excite our youth about Judaism andwhat it means to be a Jew. As with Pesach, ourresponsibility and privilege is to cultivate a senseof identity in our children toward securing theirfuture -- as individuals, as part of their People.Here then, this special issue of the Bulletin, andhow we engage and educate our youth: fromclasses to youth groups; from Camp (George) toConfirmation; from Toronto to Israel – and agood deal more!“our task is to excite our youthabout Judaism and what itmeans to be a Jew”Rabbi Moscowitz, in his childhood, particularlyenjoyed reading: To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee;Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens; The Yearling, MarjorieKinnen Rawlings; Giants in the Earth, O. E. Rolvaag;The Hardy Boys Series. Other books in his home, onhis parents’ shelves actually, drew his wanderingeyes -- books about the Holocaust, Israel, andJewish History. He didn’t read them, he wasn’tready for them at that time, but he knew one dayhe would be. Their very presence in his home alsoshaped him.Holy Blossom Temple

Growing up at HBTas a Youth LeaderMark S. Anshanpresident@holyblossom.orgMy life as a committed Jew and becoming aleader in the Reform movement evolved from myyears as a student and active member of the youthprogram at Holy Blossom Temple. Our Directorof Education, Heinz Warschauer z’l was a visionaryJewish educator and one of my mentors growingup at HBT, who promoted the integration offormal and informal Jewish education. Heunderstood the importance of Jewish campingand in those early years created the campscholarship program that sent many of us to“ (my) early formativeexperiences instilled in me adeep sense of the importance ofconnecting to one’s Judaism”Reform Jewish camps in the United States. I wassent to the Eisner Camp (1964) in Massachusettsand the Kutz Camp in New York (where I spentthe summers 1967-1975 as a camper, staffmember, youth leader and on faculty). Heinzspent his summers with us on faculty. He alsoinitiated the student teacher and after school clubprograms that provided wonderful opportunitiesfor us to remain involved with HBT.Many of us became leaders of the youth programunder the direction of Gordy Wolfe z’l whotaught us leadership. Gordy had a significantimpact on all of us and the bond we formedremained until he sadly left us. In 1965 I wasPresident of the Junior Youth Group. Years later Iassumed various positions (including President ofthe NFTY region, NELFTY in 1968, NFTY FirstVice- President in 1969 and NFTY Presidentin 1970). As the first Canadian elected NFTYPresident, I deferred my entry to university,moved to New York and served full time asBulletin • April 2012President at the URJ (then UAHC) headquarters.These early formative experiences instilled in mea deep sense of the importance of connecting toone’s Judaism and assuming leadership positionsin the Reform movement throughout my adultlife.I had many experiences through my involvement,including meeting Abie Nathan, an Israeli peaceactivist who established the Peace Ship radiostation anchored off the Israeli coast. The firstNFTY delegation to a URJ Biennial tookplace in Miami in 1969. Rabbi MauriceEisendrath z’l, UAHC President made a point ofhaving the NFTY leadership assume a prominentrole at that convention. We were part of theearly demonstrations in Ottawa, New York andWashington to free Soviet Jews.Brenda and I met as teenagers in a youth regionalprogram. Our sons, Micah and Adam wereconfirmed at HBT and attended Camp Georgeas campers. Adam continues as a staff member atcamp.The recent decision of the Board of Directorsto adopt the youth engagement strategy isrecognition by our Temple leadership of thepriority that we must place on the ongoingdevelopment of our youth program. The future ofHoly Blossom is dependent, in large measure,on the success of engaging our youth with thesupport of all our members.Mark, NFTY President 1971From the Board5

Our Hearts are in the Eastarticle by EmilyAfter what has been, for some of us, twelve years of religiouseducation at Holy Blossom, this year’s confirmation classembarked on our long awaited journey to Israel. Thirteen of uswere able to go: ten senior school students, a CHAT student,and two students from a Reform congregation in Ottawa.Despite our pre-existing friendships, we all grew much closer,and left no longer just friends, but family.We began the week with a simulation of the declaration ofindependence, standing in the places of Israel’s founders, singingHatikvah. From then on, the excitement was nonstop. Fromdipping our toes in the Mediterranean and Dead Seas, to hikingthe up the snake path at Masada, to flea markets, producemarkets, and artists’ markets, we were exposed to authenticIsraeli culture and were able to visit many historical andmeaningful sites.We also volunteered at Save a Child’s Heart, and spent time withthe pre and post-op patients, singing, dancing, playing games,and teaching one another our languages. A fifteen-year-oldEthiopian girl was going into surgery that night after we left, sowe sang Misheberach for her, an experience that really resonatedwith us.At the end of the week, we spent a relaxing Shabbat inJerusalem, which allowed us to reflect upon our past week’sexperiences, and we took in the complex, yet beautiful historyand importance of Jerusalem.From the special bonds we formed with the kids at SACH, tothe powerful emotions invoked at Yad Vashem, each experiencebrought us closer to one another, and enabled us to betterunderstand ourselves and our surroundings. Israel and Judaismcan be extremely complex subjects, but this trip helped me torealize that it is okay to wrestle with understanding it all. Wewill question things at times, but regardless, we shareunconditional love with this place and people. The trip deeplyconnected us to each other, to Holy Blossom, and to Israel.It truly solidified and made relevant the countless hours ofreligious school, and has inspired and motivated us to continueour Jewish learning. Moving forward, we have decided to havea grade 11 group meet once a month. This experience, and ourConfirmation, will not mark the end of our Jewish education,but the beginning or renewal of a special bond with Israel, andwith the Holy Blossom community.Emily is 16 years of age and attends Northern Secondary School.2012 Confirmation Class Trip to Israel, with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat6Holy Blossom Temple

The study of Torah leads to them all:Tanach Team Nightarticle by LiamFFor over nine years myfamily and I have beengoing to Shabbat FamilyMorning Services. Whenthe Torah is read I havealways been curious aboutthe parasha (Torah portion)that has been read. WhenI was invited to join theTanach (Hebrew Bible)team in Grade Five, I wasinterested in learning moreabout Torah and havingthe opportunity to learnmore with a teacher whomade Torah a little easier tounderstand. We discuss theparasha and what we thinkit means as compared to theliteral meaning.I enjoy it because I studywith friends and talk aboutthe parasha and how itrelates to our world. I havemade new friends and havehad the chance to learnwith kids my age about thelessons of Torah. We have fun and always have lots to say. Ateach Tanach study, we get to eat lunch, have a snack and relax.Our coach makes it easier to understand. Happy Iscove is theTanach coach and I have to say that she is very patient andvery nice. She is my favorite Torah teacher. Torah study can befun!Now in Family Services at Holy Blossom, being part of theTanach team has allowed me to understand the parasha that isread on Shabbat. It really gives me something to think about.It makes me think about the possibilities and so much more. Ithink that the Tanach team is a way to learn about Torah andto use your knowledge to challenge yourself to see what youknow.Last year we studiedfor the Tanachtournament andcompeted againstother synagogues.At the end of everytournament, everyonewho participated feltreally proud of whatwe achieved and whatwe gained as studentsof Tanach. I learnedto work with a teamand learned aboutsupporting your teammembers. Everyonewho participated alsoreceived some greatlittle prizes that weregiven to everyone.That was really cool.At Camp George thissummer I am hopingto be able to have abetter understandingTanach Teamof Torah and will beable to learn morewith the Rabbis who teach us. I am looking forward to havingan amazing summer.I like being on the Tanach team. I am having an amazingtime.Liam is 11 years old and attends J R Wilcox.Liam’s favourite book of the Bible is Genesis.7Bulletin • April 2012

Monday Mondayarticle by Gabriel,and his parents Heather and LarrySomething revealing happened to us a fewMondays ago. That Monday, we got into a bitof a tussle with our son Gabriel over whetherhe should go to religious school that evening.Many might assume that it was the childresisting attending religious school while theparents pushed. In our case, however, despitebeing sick and in need of sleep it was thechild insisting that he not miss Mondayevening religious school and the parentsasserting that his health had to take priority.This episode confirmed to us that religiousschool was an experience that our Grade 7child very much wanted to experience.Why is that? Gabriel will tell you that he looksforward to being with his friends on Mondayevenings. Gabriel’s parents will tell you that itis more than the bonds of friendship thatkeep the kids wanting to congregate at HolyBlossom. It is also the depth of programmingand nurturing by teachers and the Rabbis thatkeep them engaged and wanting to come back.parents could choose from. We learned thattzitzit on a tallit are more than a fidget toy. Welearned that there are many views on whyJews have, and do wear kippot.Gabriel’s Grade 7 year of becoming a BarMitzvah began roughly 13 years ago when hewas born midway through his mother’s AdultB’nei Mitzvah class at Holy Blossom. He wasless than a week old when he began attendingthe classes with her. She has a clear memoryof Gabriel being held and comforted by thewomen around the Boardroom table duringthe weekly learning sessions. He was passedfrom one loving embrace to the next.And he continues to be.Gabriel is 13 and attends Montcrest School.Heather and Larry are the proud parents of fivechildren.8The Grade 7 program is much more thansenior religious school on Monday evenings.For sure, it is a special year that draws inparents and families. In September, forexample, there was a special Kabbalat Shabbatservice followed by a pot luck dinner whichincluded families and extended families. At thedinner, grade 7 students are each presentedwith their own Plaut Torah Commentarywhich is a very generous gift from HolyBlossom Temple Brotherhood. Each book isindividualized by a book plate that cites thechild’s Torah portion. We all were reminded ofthe precious legacy of learning that ourRabbi Plaut left us. For many of the childrenand the families this Torah Commentarybecomes a very tangible symbol of the monthsof study ahead. More recently there was afamily education symposium with a varietyof seminars that Grade 7 students and theirHoly Blossom Temple

Shofar Blowing 101article by ZachFor the past three years I have been one of the Shofar blowers during theHigh Holy Days. I am honored and very grateful that I get this opportunityto perform such a majestic task.Rabbi Thomashow and Cantor Maissner originally presented theopportunity to me after attending a Shofar-blowing workshop at thesynagogue. I was originally excited by the workshop. However, I mustadmit that I was somewhat tentative on the day of the workshop. I am verythankful that my parents “strongly encouraged” me to attend.Standing up on the bima in front of the congregation is a very humblingexperience. While it is somewhat nerve-wracking as you only get oneshot to do it right, you experience a sense of comfort as you can feel thateveryone wants you to do a good job.I would never have had this experience if I didn’t risk trying somethingnew. If you can take anything away from this article, I hope it is that youshould take advantage of as many opportunities as possible, because younever know what you might gain!Yay for YEAHI am in grade six and have been going to YEAH programs for two years.YEAH is a youth group for boys and girls in grades four to six. I absolutelylove it! We have done many cool andinteresting programs, including The Wave Pool, E-Zone, Two MomsBakery, Chocolate Tales, and Dinner and a Movie. My favorite thing thatwe’ve done is Two Moms Bakery. I loved it so much because I love food!Zach is 16 years old and attends UCC.Zach’s favorite Jewish food is the latke.article by AveryThe YEAH events are a great way to meet kids from Holy BlossomReligious School and Leo Baeck Day School in a non-classroom environment.The programs are one Sunday a month. Many of the programs areat 12:15pm or later in the afternoon. If the program starts at 12:15, weeat lunch (pizza, bagels, etc.) before we go to the activity.YEAH is also great because you can bring friends. I have broughtmy cousin many times and she loves it! Now she comes to everyone! The supervisor and organizer is named Karen. She is nice,friendly, and has great ideas. At YEAH programs we always have a greattime and loads of fun!9Avery is 11 years old and attends Cedarvale Elementary School.Her favorite Jewish holiday is Purim.Bulletin • April 2012

George is N(i)FTYarticle by SophieTThe Jewish components of childhood vary in every situation.For me, the Judaism of my upbringing mostly consisted ofthe Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) Camp George and theNational Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY).I have been going to George since I was nine in the summer of2003. That will make this upcoming summer my tenth year.Scary how time flies when you’re having fun. It is something Ilook forward to all year, and then it passes too quickly. Why?Because camp is my second home. There is a true sense ofbelonging at camp, especially at Camp George. It changeswho you are, and I have seen this first hand. I really do thinkthis experience (and others like this) changes who you are as aperson. It makes you confident and shapes you as you grow.Now that I have been a counselor in training (CIT) and a staffmember, I have the opportunity to reflect on my experiencewith a Jewish summer camp. I can truthfully saythat without this experience I would not be as connected,knowledgeable, and happy. The way camp is structured mademy Judaism something that interested me, because I related itto the close community that I felt there. I had the opportunityto make life-long friends who share my enthusiasm. We findwe enjoy the services and the music now, even though whenwe were kids it was tedious. But things grow on you, and nowcamp wouldn’t be the same without the melodies we are sofamiliar with. I wanted to be involved in my religion there.Eventually, these summers changed my nine-year old mind,and I wanted to be more involved at home as well. I am nowon the Camp George steering committee - talk about comingfull circle. This, and being staff, allows me to give back tocampers the way I want to. I want them to have the sameJewish experience I had – in their own way.I later got involved with NFTY as a high school student whichadded another level to my Jewish involvement. I love it almostas much as I love camp for these same reasons. Elements ofthe relaxed and comforting atmosphere that surround the URJare ever present. It truly is comforting to have this relationshipwith my community as a teen. This year I am now a regionalsong leader and loving it. It is nice to share what you knowand love with younger kids and this community. Ironically, mylast NFTY event will be held at Camp George in April. WhenI venture off to university next year, I will have these thingsbehind me. They will guide me, even though I won’t be asinvolved anymore. Camp George, and NFTY, reflect who I amnow and who I will be for the rest of my life.Sophie is 18 years old and attends William Lyon Mackenzie.Sophie was formerly on the board of HABSTY and currently studentteaches in the JK Taste of Temple program once a month.Sophie at Camp10

Tot Shabbat andTeen VolunteerismMy brother Ben and I have been very involved in the TotShabbat services. I became involved because I needed a way ofgetting community service hours for high school. I chose tohelp with the Tot Shabbats over other options, because I used tohelp out in these services with my sister, and I love the kids.Coming into Tot Shabbat is exciting. Ben and I are there early,before the kids arrive. We love to see them come all dressedup. We usually help to set up the craft, as the service starts.After the formal part of the service, our role of helping reallycomes into play, because the kids have trouble getting started.The crafts are always interesting, though, and the kids makesomething they can take home with them and be proud of.It is a privilege to do this for my Jewish community, andto help these children learn about Shabbat and connect withother Jewish families. I love helping out because it is such apositive and happy event, which I can share with my brother.It also keeps me connected with Holy Blossom and my ownJewish roots, as a fourth generation Temple member..Charlie is 15 years old. He has connected with many youngpersons in his Temple community.Tot Shabbat Chanukah volunteerJoanna with Totarticle by CharlieReflection onhosting a Shinshinarticle by NoahI would like to share with you my experience of hosting aShinshin (an Israel emissary). Last year, my family and Idecided to have a Shinshin live with us for three months. Alonwas our Shinshin and he would be working at the Leo BaeckDay School, where I attend school, and at Holy Blossom, whereI attend shul.I was very excited to hear that the Shinshin living with uswas an 18-year-old boy -- another brother for me. Living withAlon was actually like having another brother; we would walkto and home from school together, we would watch TV andplay video games together, and I would try to convince himwhy hockey is a better sport then soccer or basketball. As if thatwasn’t enough, he was also a very reliable source to help mewith my Hebrew homework!At first I was nervous that maybe we wouldn’t share anyinterests or that it wouldn’t be a good experience. Now, I am soglad my family and I decided to do this because it was a greatexperience and I really enjoyed the time Alon spent with us. Ican’t wait to see him next time I am in Israel and to meet hisfamily.I sincerely suggest to any family to take advantage of thisexperience – it’s an opportunity that you will gain so muchfrom.Noah is 13 years of age and attendsLeo Baeck Day School.The best Jewish place he has evervisited is Jerusalem.12At home with our Shinshin AlonHoly Blossom Temple

Holy BlossomCongregational AppealAlison SchwartzIIt has become abundantly clear thatsynagogues of every denominationface immediate and particular financialchallenges. Keeping membershipcontribution rates affordable,continuing to offer comprehensiveand high-quality programming, andwelcoming all members regardless offinancial circumstance are three toppriorities which can not be achieved bymembership dues alone.Article by: Alison SchwartzWith Co-chairs:Gladys FoglerVanessa YakobsonGladys FoglerAs part of the strategy to meet their goals,most synagogues have initiated annualcampaigns, as we have done at HolyBlossom Temple. Our annual campaignhas been renamed this year as we launchthe Holy Blossom Congregational Appeal2012 (formerly the Annual ContributionCampaign).The name of the campaign now betterreflects the unchanged purpose behindthis effort: sustaining our community.14Vanessa YakobsonThere are many among us, about 40% infact, who are unable to make membershipcontributions at the standard rate. Someare young and just starting out, and someare our seniors living on fixed incomes.Some are experiencing a temporaryfinancial setback, while others havelonger-term needs. The Holy BlossomCongregational Appeal seeks to bridgethis gap.In recent years, about 25% of our members have madeannual gifts to this campaign. In order to reach our2012 goal of $600,000, we need increased participation.It is that simple. We need your help.Our Temple is unwavering in its commitment toexcellence in worship, educational, social action andfamily programming. We strive to keep our membershipcontribution rates as low as possible. And ourcongregational philosophy continues to be that no oneshould be precluded from membership due to inabilityto pay our standard fees.Holy Blossom Temple

Supporting our Synagogue CommunityThis year I am so pleased to have two Co-chairs, Gladys Foglerand Vanessa Yakobson.Together we encourage every member of our congregation tomake a contribution to the Congregational Appeal 2012 atwhatever amount is appropriate for you. We thank you in advancefor considering your support for our community – we appreciateyour generosity.15If you would like to make your pledge, or for more information,we would be pleased to hear from you - contact our Director ofMembership, Loriellen Karam at or416.789.3291 ext.227.Bulletin • April 2012

Welcome to OurCongregational FamilyWelcomeWe are delighted to welcome thefollowing new members to HolyBlossom Temple:• Jill & Eric Kert, and Ashton• Erika Rubin & Adam Breslin, and Lauren,Ethan and HopeMazal Tov• Judy Winberg on her appointment as Chair ofJewish Family Services.Births• Leah & Ari Liederman on the birth of a daughter,Miriam Emma Liederman. Proud grandparents areDebbie & Peter Gingrich; Denise & Ivor Kavin andGloria & Joel Liederman. Proud great grandmotheris Edna Goldstein.B’nei Mitzvah• Janet & Michael Ryval on the birth of a grandson,Ethan Benjamin Applebaum. Proud parentsare Danielle & Heath Applebaum. Other proudgrandparents are Ruth Devor; Viviane & MartinApplebaum. Proud great grandfather is Gerry Sigler.• Mazal Tov to Rosalin Roseon the occasion of her specialbirthday – 100 years old.• April 21, 201229 Nisan 5772Gabriel Crawford-Ritchie, son ofHeather Crawford& Larry Ritchie• April 22, 201230 Nisan 5772Jamie Goldman,daughter of Jennifer& Jason Goldman• April 28, 20126 Iyar 5772Allison Hoffman,daughter of LeslieGiller & AndrewHoffman• April 28, 20126 Iyar 5772Spencer Atin, sonof Katie Hoffman& Jordan Atin• May 26, 20125 Sivan 5772Yasmin Rachlin,daughter of AnnRachlin and AlanRachlin• Sandy & Steven Moranis on the engagementof their daughter Jessica to Ira Goldstein son ofJanet and Howard Goldstein.• May 5, 201213 Iyar 5772Julia Duckman,daughter of Nancy& Owen Duckman• May 5, 201213 Iyar 5772Joshua Kazman,son of Marla Tennenand Andy Kazman• May 10, 201218 Iyar 5772Danny Silverstein,son of Shari & RonSilverstein• May 12, 201220 Iyar 5772Bram Cole, son ofDianne & Jeff Cole• May 26, 20125 Sivan 5772Elliot Fish, son ofValerie & Joel Fish16In Memoriam• Rose Freedman, mother of Norma Teitler,sister of Syd Levy• Margaret Hart, wife of David Hart, mother ofMurray Hart, Ron Hart and Alan Hart• Burtha Liss, wife of Henry Liss, mother ofHoward Liss, Alan Liss and Mark Liss• Bob Mornington, husband of Francoise Stark-Mornington, brother of Elisabeth Jaye, father ofAlicia Mornington and Anne-CharlotteMornington• Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut, father of Judith Plautand Rabbi Jonathan Plaut• Trudy Shain, mother of Michael Shain, SheilaBuckstein and sister of Dr. Fred Harris• Mildred Simkins, mother of Joan Simkins, SariSimkins and Howard Simkins• Betty Skolnik, mother of Robert Skolnik, BillSkolnik and Susan Rose• Sybil Stulberg, mother of Jay Stulberg,Howard Stulberg, Andrea Iceruk and Stuart Stulberg• Goldie Swartz, mother of Jay Swartz• Leonard Whyne, husband of Gilda Whyne,brother of Helen Mosoff, Selina Appleby and JackWhyne, father of Faith Whyne, Mitchell Whyne,Stacey Berman and Cari WhyneHoly Blossom Temple

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Helen Fogel, Yahrzeit: Rosie & JohnUster and FamilyPercy Freedman, Yahrzeit: MarlaPowersDavid Gold, Yahrzeit: Esther & Dr.Marvin TileEsther Gorlicky, Yahrzeit: Frances &Murray EllisPhillip Gorlicky, Yahrzeit: Frances &Murray EllisIssie Guberman, Yahrzeit: JudithWilanskyW. Bernard Herman, Yahrzeit: SharonHerman and Leslie SalmonsMollie Hoffman, Yahrzeit: Bernice &Yitz PencinerZeilig Leibovici, Yahrzeit: MartinLeibovici and FamilyHarry S. Mandell, Yahrzeit: Patty &Marcel Himel and FamilyAudrey Markle, Yahrzeit: Julie Markle& Joel Mickelson and FamilyDr. Jacob Markowitz, Yahrzeit:Melodie Hebscher & Tom MarkowitzDobra Penciner, Yahrzeit: Bernice &Yitz PencinerBlanche Posen, Yahrzeit: Joy &Charles CohenIra Ruderman, Yahrzeit: Marlene &Dr. Robert RudermanAmanda Schwartz & JonathanLapidus, Mazal Tov: Anita & LeonLapidus and FamilyJoel David Schwartz, Yahrzeit: Julie &Lawrence Schwartz and FamilyMax Shrier, Yahrzeit: Joni & Dr. EricEisenberg and FamilyWilliam Shoichet, Yahrzeit: Shirley &Leon TesslerBetty Skolnik, In Memory: BobSkolnik and FamilyMorey Ira Speigel, Yahrzeit: SaraSpeigelL. William Spiegel, Yahrzeit: Joy &Charles CohenLeonard Stern, Yahreit: Martin SternRebecca Stern, Yahrzeit: Martin SternHarry Uster, Yahrzeit: Rosie & JohnUsterJulius Zweig, Yahrzeit: David ZweigStagecraft FundJanet & Michael Ryval, Mazal Tov:Susanne Egier; Ellen Karabanow;Annalee & Brian SchnurrLeonard Wolfe MemorialEducational FundFrances Basen, In Memory: CarolDale; Honey WolfeYouth Awards FundGeneral Donation: Family and Friendsof Kassy Clodman z”lHilliard Conway, In Memory: Joanna& Mort PragerMargaret Hart, In Memory: EdithKirznerLeah & Ari Liederman, Mazal Tov:Myrna RossSuzie Lyon & Jack Kosoff, Mazal Tov:Helen LyonBoard ElectionsThe Directors and Officers of Holy Blossom Temple are committed and passionateabout the future of the Temple. The job of the Nominating Committee is toidentify a slate of members who can best serve the Temple on the Board asDirectors.18The names of the members of this year’s Nominating Committee are available seek members with a vision, commitment and involvement in Temple life.Candidates for any Office or Board position may be nominated by any memberof the Temple. Proposed nominations must be submitted in writing to theadministrative office at the Temple. Submissions should be sent in as soon aspossible. For copies of the nomination form, please call Shelly Berenbaum (ext.233), at the Temple or download a copy from our website at BabinsChair, Nominating Committee

Life at Holy Blossom For all programs between April 1 to May 31, 2012M o n d a yApril 2, 6, 23, 30 10:00 a.m. Mondays @ the TempleApril 23, 30, May 7, 14, 28 7:30 p.m. Sisterhood Zumba ClassesApril 16 7:30 p.m. Facing Dying and Death: A Journey of Discovery of Meaning andPurpose, Dr. Larry LibrachApril 23-May 14 7:30 p.m. Israel Seminar – Engaging Israel –Confronting Difficult QuestionsT u e s d a yWeekly 11:00 a.m. Advanced Hebrew Grammar,Rabbi Edward GoldfarbApril 3-May 1 7:30 p.m. Faith and Faithless: How Belief May Take YouBy Surprise, Rabbi John MoscowitzMay 8 8:00 p.m. Blanche and Harry Posen Memorial Lecture, Prof. Gabi Ben-DorW e d n e s d a yWeekly 9:30 a.m. Sisterhood Torah Study, Rabbi Edward GoldfarbWeekly 11:00 a.m. Yiddish Novel, Rabbi Edward GoldfarbApril 4 & April 11 7:30 p.m. Ethical Eating, Rabbi Yael Splansky (final two sessions)April 18 7:00 p.m. Yom Hashoah Commemoration, Speaker: Anci ShafranApril 25 6:00 p.m. Yom HaZikaron/Yom Ha’Atzmaut “Festivale”: A Real YomHa’Atzmaut Celebration.May 2 7:00 p.m. Maj Jongg Evening - Come play or learn how to play the gameand have funMay 9 8:00 p.m. Blanche and Harry Posen Memorial Lecture, Prof. Gabi Ben-DorMay 30 – June 27 7:30 p.m. Torah Lishma- Learn Torah for its Own Sake, May 30 – ParshatHashavua with Debbie SpiegelT h u r s d a yMay 17 10:00 a.m. Library Book Club, Dr. Janna NadlerApril 19-May 10 10:30 a.m. What I Believe, Rabbi Michael StrohMay 10 9:30 a.m. Sisterhood Kallah, The Spirit of the Mishnah: The Rabbis asRevolutionaries. Held at the Donalda Club!F r i d a yLittle Blossoms - Shabbat Prep for children 3 and underClasses 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. (Session runs till March 30)New Session runs from Friday, April 20 until June 22.Classes 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 12 a.m.Tot Shabbat - (For children 5 and under and their families)Hot Shot Shabbat (For children 5 & up and their families)No Pot Luck Dinner 1 week of April.April 20 5:30 p.m. (Service & Craft)May 4 6:00 p.m. (Service & Pot Luck Dinner)May 18 5:30 p.m. (Service & Craft)191950 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K9416.789.3291 • www.holyblossom.orgBulletin • April 2012

S a t u r d a yWeekly 9:00 a.m. The Wisdom of the Talmud, Torah Study, Rabbi John MoscowitzApril 28, May 26 10:15 a.m. Shabbat Meditation, Michelle KatzApril 21 1:00 p.m. Women’s Rosh Hodesh Beit Midrash, after KiddushMay 26 10:30 a.m. Confirmation service and celebrationMay 26 9:00 p.m. Tikkun Leil Shavuot, Prof. Clifford OrwinS u n d a yWeekly 10:00 a.m. Temple Singers, Cantor MaissnerApril 15, May 6 10:30 a.m. Sunday Book Club, Sharon SingerApril 15 9:30 a.m. Brotherhood Breakfast ClubD a i l y S e r v i c e sMon. to Fri. 7:30 a.m. ShacharitMon. to Thur. 6:00 p.m. MinchaSun. 9:00 a.m. ShacharitFri. April 6, Mon. May 21 9:00 a.m. ShacharitS h a b b a t S e r v i c e sFri. 6:00 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat ServicesSat. 10:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning ServiceSat. 10:30 a.m. Family Shabbat ServiceS h a b b a t F u s i o nApril 27, May 256:30 p.m.!1950 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K9416.789.3291 •

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