to download the catalog - Dawson Food Products

to download the catalog - Dawson Food Products

Because the right mix matters.Product Catalog

Quality In, Delicious Out.Irresistible fudge brownies. Golden tempura with house seasonings. What is yourdefinition of “just right?” Dawson Food Products gets you there with over 700 qualitydry mixes and starters, plus endless opportunities for proprietary blends. We remove theguesswork and add state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D. You get customer-pleasingresults every time.Private LabelingYou’ve likely tasted our workbefore – our products areassociated with many of thetop brands in the country.That’s because we havethe fl exibility to meet thefl avor profi le, price point andpackaging needs of anyprivate-label programwith ease.Custom Blends: To TasteThink of Dawson’s R&D as anextension of your culinaryteam. Challenge us with anyrequirement, and we’ll providea solution. Or if you choose,come and work directly withour experts to create your newformula. Hands-on or handsoff,we will ensure that yourspecifi cations are met.Family-owned. World class.Dawson Food Productshas earned the trust ofindependent and chainoperators alike through anunwavering commitment toquality, service and innovation.Paul and Dorothy Dawsonfounded Dorothy Dawson FoodProducts in 1954, specializingin batters and breadings.Today Dawson Food Productsproduces over 700 items frombread mixes to marinades plusany number of custom blends.CUSTOMERS RELY ON YOU.YOU CAN RELY ON US.The performance and consistency of our productsis apparent bite after bite. We have rigorous qualitycontrols and checks in place at every step of ourprocess, from raw materials to final packing. Employinga “just-in-time” production philosophy, we assure foodsafety and product integrity with every shipment.

BreadingsA0200 All Purpose BreadingA0375 Basic Breading - No seasoningA0100 Breading - Seasoned & Blended Cracker MealA0305 Chicken Fry MixA3030 Clam Fry BreaderA0195 Golden Brown Chicken BreadingA0350 Italian BreadingA0385 Old South Fish FryA2500 Pressure Fry CoatingA0171 Qwik-Fry BreadingA2000 Southern Style Poultry & Fish BreadingA2826 Spicy Cornmeal BreadingOven BreadingsA0320 Deluxe Seasoned Oven BreaderT4310 Lemon Crunch BreadingA0472 Reduced Fat Bakeable CoatingBattersB6410 Cajun BatterB0525 Corn Dog BatterB0310 Fish & Chip BatterB0210 Flowering Onion CoatingB0200 Gold’n Crispy BatterB0400 Onion Ring & Vegetable BatterB1000 Pre-Dip BatterB4502 Tempura Batter - Moderately SeasonedB4503 Tempura Batter - Traditional WhiteB4501 Tempura Batter - Well SeasonedBread Crumbs & Cracker MealsC0715 Fine Bread CrumbsC0716 Medium Bread CrumbsC0700 Extra Fine Cracker MealC0701 Fine Cracker MealC0702 Medium Cracker MealC0730 Graham Cracker CrumbsC0500 Italian Bread CrumbsC0721 Japanese Panko Bread Crumb Toasted FineC0720 Japanese Panko Bread Crumb Toasted CoarseC0722 Japanese Panko Bread Crumb WhiteBrownie & Cookie MixesG5000 Basic BrownieG0600 Cake Style BrownieG4502 Deluxe Fudge BrownieG0390 Chocolate CookieG0230 Dark Cookie BaseG0380 Oatmeal CookieG0220 Sugar CookieComplete Cake MixesClassic Cake MixesE0235 Chocolate CakeE0230 Devil’s Food CakeE0295 German Chocolate CakeE0200 White CakeE0220 Yellow CakeE0240 Spice CakeE0400 Pound CakeE0500 Carrot CakeE0550 GingerbreadE0600 Angel Food CakePremium Cake MixesE0030 Chocolate CakeE0029 Yellow CakeE0028 White CakeE2092 Spice CakeE0011 Devil’s Food Crème Cake*E1620 Crème Cake & Muffi n Base*E7325 Red Velvet CakeFlavored Cake Mixes afE0270 Orange CakeE0275 Lemon CakeE0280 Cherry CakeE0285 Strawberry CakeE0290 Banana CakeHigh Altitude Cake MixesE0600 Angel Food CakeE2050 Dark Chocolate CakeE2060 White CakeE2048 Yellow Cake

FrostingsF0800 Creamy White FrostingF0801 Chocolate Frosting afF2893 Strawberry Frosting afPancake & Waffle MixesD0600 Buckwheat PancakeD3001 Classic Buttermilk PancakeD0210 Country Buttermilk PancakeD0301 Golden Egg PancakeD4175 Maple Buttermilk PancakeD0495 Multi Grain PancakeD0492 Oat Bran PancakeD0365 Potato PancakeD0775 Red Velvet PancakeD4500 Sweet Buttermilk PancakeD8200 Sweet Potato PancakeD0330 Pancake & Waffl e MixD0620 Belgian Style Waffl e*D6000 Belgian Style Waffl e CompleteD0602 Waffl e Mix Traditional StyleBiscuit MixesK0176 Complete Baking & Biscuit MixK0177 Buttermilk BiscuitK0300 Deluxe Buttermilk BiscuitK0500 Country Biscuit Mix (add milk)Muffin MixesJ0480 Apple & Cinnamon Muffi nJ0300 Basic Muffi n Base MixJ0425 Blueberry Muffi n afJ0450 Bran Muffi nJ0200 Harvest Corn Muffi nJ0490 Oat Bran Muffi nJ0250 Corn Bread Mix(*) add oil and egg(af) artifi cially fl avoredYeast Dough MixesI0250 Hot RollI0266 White BreadI0270 Whole Wheat BreadI0275 Sweet DoughI0400 Seven Grain BreadI0600 Oat Bran BreadI0350 Pizza DoughI3600 Soft Pretzel DoughT2100 Sweet Pretzel DoughH0250 Yeast Raised DonutGravy Mixes & MarinadesL0535 Biscuit Gravy & Cream SauceL0525 Beef Flavored GravyL0500 Chicken Flavored Gravy12284 Country Gravy12286 Peppered GravyB0550 Mild Marinating MixB0560 Hot Wing MarinadeT5610 Rotisserie Herb MarinadeT5650 Rotisserie Herb SeasoningStuffing MixesL2425 Country Herb Stuffi ngL2455 Chicken Flavored Stuffi ngL2530 Cornbread Stuffi ngL2550 Apple Herb Stuffi ng (Low Sodium)Donut MixesH0360 Apple Crisp DonutH0230 Carrot Cake DonutH2685 CoffeebreakH0240 Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake DonutH0200 Lemon & Vanilla DonutH0325 Peach Donut afH0205 Spice Cake DonutH0220 Whole Wheat DonutH0250 Yeast Raised Donut

Pie Crust MixesL0601 Complete Pie CrustL0625 Graham Cracker Pie CrustSide Dish & Dessert MixesL0200 Corn FritterL0225 Fruit FritterL0290 Hush Puppy MixL0175 Hush Puppy Mix with OnionL0365 Potato PuffL5000 Bread Pudding Sauce MixL2902 Kustard Kwik VanillaWhip ‘N Serve Mousse Mixes afL2889 Chocolate Mousse MixL2888 Strawberry Mousse MixL2890 Vanilla Mousse MixCarnival MixesB0525 Corn Dog BatterL0900 French Waffl eL0925 Elephant EarL5200 Vanilla ConeL5300 Chocolate ConeZ0615 Funnel CakeWhole Grain MixesAW700 Whole Grain All Purpose BreadingBW700 Whole Grain Golden BatterDW700 Whole Grain Pancake & Waffl eGW700 Complete Brownie Mix with Whole GrainGW730 Whole Grain Cookie BaseGW780 Whole Grain Oatmeal CookieJW700 Whole Grain Basic Muffi nKW700 Whole Grain Classic Baking & Biscuit MixKW710 Whole Grain BiscuitKW720 Whole Grain Buttermilk Biscuit

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