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Movies Contain the

Essence of Being Human

"Hairspray" is originally

based on the 1988 John

Waters comedy about starstruck

teenagers on a local

Baltimore dance show. The

new version of the film will

be based on New Line's hit

Broadway adaptation of the

film, which debuted in 2002,

and went on to win eight

Tony Awards including Best

Musical, Best Score, Best

Book and Best Director.

Travolta will play Edna

Turnblad and Queen Latifah

will play Motormouth

Maybelle in the film. Marc

Shaiman and Scott Wittman

will contribute new songs to

their Tony Award winning



The Cinematic Arts Have the

Power to Transform

The kids of the Corny Collins Council, including Zac

Efron (center left) as "Link Larkin", James Marsden

(center) as "Corny Collins", and Brittany Snow (center

right) as "Amber von Tussle"


Actors are

Liberators Unaware

Nikki Blonsky (center left) stars as "Tracy Turnblad",

Amanda Bynes (center) as "Penny Pingleton", and Elijah

Kelly (center right) as "Seaweed"


Our Artists Are

Our Liberators

Elijah Kelley (left) stars as

"Seaweed J. Stubbs" and Taylor

Parks (right) stars as "Little Inez"


John Travolta

has been honored twice

with Academy Award®

nominations, the latest

for his riveting portrayal

of a philosophical hitman

in Quentin

Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

He also received BAFTA

and Golden Globe

nominations for this

highly acclaimed role

and was named Best

Actor by the Los

Angeles Film Critics

Association, among

other distinguished


Actors help us: laugh, be happy, cry, get angry,

and even think. Can there be any better gifts?

Nikki Blonsky

Hairspray marks the professional

debut of eighteen-year-old Nikki

Blonsky, who was born and raised in

Long Island, New York. She received

all her dramatic and musical training

at Great Neck South High School,

which is a four-time Grammy

Foundation Signature School.


Filmmakers are Revolutionaries,

Not Just Entertainers


(Director, Choreographer,

Executive Producer)

Adam Shankman is a master of

comedy yet is still able to capture

the sensitivity of each story, thus

making him one of the most

loved and commercially

successful filmmakers of his


Shankman produced the Sandra

Bullock film, Premonition, as well

as Step Up for Walt Disney




Ricki Lake

as William Morris talent

agent at Miss Teenage

Hairspray 1963

John Waters

as "the flasher who lives

next door“

Jerry Stiller

as Mr. Pinky - the owner of

the Hefty Hideaway

Paul Dooley

as Mr. Harriman F. Spritzer -

the president of Ultra-

Clutch Hairspray


Stories are


In 1962 Baltimore, "pleasantly plump" teenager Tracy

Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) has only one passion – dancing.

Her dream is to appear on The Corny Collins Show,

Baltimore's hippest dance party on TV. Tracy seems a

natural fit for the show except for the problem that she

doesn’t fit in.


All Kids are Born Artistic

What is Natural is Essential

Her plus-sized figure has

always set her apart from

the cool crowd, which she

is reminded of by her loving

but overly protective plussized

mother, Edna (John

Travolta). That doesn’t stop

Tracy because if there is

one thing she knows, it's

that she was born to dance.

As her father Wilbur

(Christopher Walken) tells

her, "Go for it! You’ve got to

think big to be big."


Stories Embody the

Essence of Being Human

After wowing Corny

Collins (James Marsden)

at her high school

dance, Tracy wins a spot

on his show and

becomes an instant onair

sensation, much to

the chagrin of the

show’s reigning

princess, Amber von

Tussle (Brittany Snow),

and her scheming

mother, Velma (Michelle

Pfeiffer), who runs the

WYZT television station.



Cinematic Story Telling is a

Profoundly Humanizing endeavor.



Even worse for Amber is the fact that it's not just the

audience who loves the new girl in town; Amber's

sweetheart Link Larkin (Zac Efron) seems to be

smitten with Tracy's charms as well. This dance

party gets personal as a bitter feud erupts between

the girls as they compete for the coveted "Miss

Teenage Hairspray 1963" crown.


Penny Seaweed

Film making is a

Community Event.

At school, however, a short stint

in detention and raised-eyebrows

caused by the budding

relationship between her best

friend Penny Pingleton (Amanda

Bynes) and Seaweed J. Stubbs

(Elijah Kelley), opens Tracy's

eyes to a bigger issue: racial

inequality. Throwing caution to

the wind, she leads a march with

Motormouth Maybelle (Queen

Latifah) to fight for integration

and winds up with an arrest

warrant instead. Tracy is on the

run now and - literally - goes

underground to Penny’s



'Hairspray' is a lot more fun on

film than onstage.

David Ansen, Newsweek

Free Artistic Expression is

a Mark of a Free Society



Art is the Language

of Liberation

The story is set in 1962, the dawn of the civil-rights movement, and

interracial couple Penny Pingleton and Seaweed (Amanda Bynes and

Elijah Kelly) are faced with a racist “white only” world. The

prejudices of the day are masterfully embodied in very nasty, very

racist and very thin Velma Von Tussle (Michelle Pfeiffer) who, as the

TV station's manager, has a major problem with the one "Negro day"

allowed each month on “The Corny Collins Show” (Baltimore's

American Bandstand clone). John Travolta portrays the size 60 mom

of the hefty heroine, high schooler Tracy Turnblad (newcomer Nikki

Blonsky), whose dream is to dance on the Collins show.

Cultural change always begins on the outside and works its way to

the center. Here is a film that celebrates the outsiders of the

hairspray-era. It cheers those who dared to be who they were before

it was “okay”. The critics love it with a 97% approval. The film will

leave you smiling too, as you optimistically ponder who the outsiders

in today’s world might be. Even Jesus and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

were outsiders and cultural misfits. --David Bruce



Why does John Travolta play

the role of a woman?

Harris Glenn


-a true


Art is a

Liberating Force

Harris Glenn Milstead (1945 –

1988) was best known for his

drag persona, Divine. He

played the role of Edna

Turnblad in the original, but

died in a month after the film

opened. John Travolta

reprises Divine’s role as

Edna, as a salute to the late

cult icon.

It is another way that this

delightful film celebrates the


Society is only as free as its arts.

Art is the voice of human freedom.

“To me, the outsider is God, ... If

you take extreme fundamentalist

Muslims, who believe it's sent

down from Allah that destroying

the infidel is their duty, and then if

you take the extreme

fundamentalists on the Christian

right, God got disenfranchised

somewhere in that deal a long,

long time ago. The minute you

start saying 'I'm the only one

that's right,' you have lost it, as

far as I'm concerned.”

--Rodney Crowell, alternative

country musician.



To Restrict Creativity is to Restrict

the very Nature of the Creator

“For years, I felt miserable about being an outsider, but then I

suddenly embraced it, ... I saw the value of being an outsider. It was

liberating. You didn't have to worry about trying to fit in or losing

your insider status. It also encouraged you to challenge and

provoke the status quo.”

--Alex Kapranos, the guitarist and singer of the Scottish band Franz


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