Volume 24 Issue 2 - July, 2013 - Higgins Beach Association


Volume 24 Issue 2 - July, 2013 - Higgins Beach Association

Higgins Beach Associationlyuslligh fidel*Volume ?4 Issue ?Boord of DirecforsAfficersPresicient:Roger Chobof 12 Houghton 5tI Vica President:Borbora Bomboci 22Bayview AveTreosurer:Phil Conley 39 Pearl 5t.Secretory:Liso Jesmain 23 Peorl Sf.Boord Mernbers.A4ouro 6wyer 26 Qcean AveSuson Noiden 17 ShipwreckBorbqro O'Brien 28 Morning St.6iff Reed 23 Houghton 5tJohn Veltri 39 Morning 5f.www.hbomoine.com July 2013Clownin' Around on the Fourth of JulyLadias ond gentlemen, boys ond girls, children of oll oges. welcome fo theGreatest Porode on Eorthl (And we NEVER exaggerate.) The High Tidegives o big round of opplouse to oll of you who stepped right up to thjsyeor's morvelous porode theme of Circus Time Under the Big Top. Wespotted leopords, giraffes, beors, ring mosfers, ocrobqts, jugglers,clowns and even a unicyclist who delighted the crowd by riding "underthe big top". We would be remiss if we did not mention the beorded lodies, the strong men ondwomen with their dumbbells ond the Cincus Troin with its iiny porticipont snoozing on ond offthroughout thru his f inst Higgins porode. And where but Higgins would you see wolking popcorn,peonuts and pretzels? 6ood job everybodyl Andhere are lhejudges' choices:fndividuol3rd Ploce Skip It Clown: Adrionno ond Anthony Gen'tile2nd Ploce Circus Train: Andrew Skilling1si Ploce Circus Tickets For Sola: 6rocie Wood6roup3rd Ploce Cirgue De Higgins: Olivio Smith ond Meggie Wong?nd Place Life fs Sweet: Mor?. Koty ond Steven Hogcn; Don, Emmo ond Henley LondryCornmittee ChcirsMembership:Sfeve SeoburyHigh Tide Editors:Becco ond Melisso Carifio31 Morning 51."ln every curving beach,in every grain of sand,there is the story of the- Rachel Carsonlst Ploce Circus Food: Kiernon ond Ashlin Holey, Abby ond Mollie 6ibbons, Jessicq Jocqueline ondMichoel Leone: Soro ond Ryon Rigozzio, tlotty ond Kote Rigozzio , Owen, Ryon, Coitlyn ond KerrinNorfon, The Mqnnion KidsFloqt3rd Ploce Shork Tonk: Jacob ond Comeron Beoudoin?ndPloce John Deere: Molio ond Nothon Lewis Colign Horridenlst Ploce Higgins Beoch Presents Modogoscor Express: Lucos, Egozarion, Troutt ond Kellehen Fonri_liesJudge's Choice3rd Ploce clowns Uncier "Big Top" Bikini: Nofhon, stephen qnd Jonathon Mitchell?ndPlace Higgins Becch BBQ crew: cqroline, peter ond Kothy o'Brien Moyne, Mouro, Drew ondMick 6wyer Annemorie ond Kote ?riffin1st Ploce Send In The Clowns: Colelle, Ali cnd V Bernier Evie ond Declsn rlicloughlin itox Shippen

Page 2 High Trde Volume 24Issue 2We Want Your Scoop!Hang on to your Ben & Jerry's, buf give us allyour stories! Send all the news thaf's fit toprint to rllelissa ond Bacco Carifio,3l Morning51., Scorborough ME 04074 or hbohightide@vahoo.com.The Most Importont Meol of the DoyBeoch to BeaconThe 16th onnuoi Beoch to Beocon 10Kwill be held in neighboring CapeElizabethon August 3th, 2C13. Storf time is8AM. Registrotion is closed, but fans arewelcone!Cheer ot the f inish line ot Fort Willioms. We at theHigh Tide recommend arriving eorly as this is o populorevenl, ond porking is limited.Feeling Crofty?The iiiggins Beoch Arts ondCroft Show will be held on Fridoy,August 9th from 9:00 o.m.to 3:00 p.m.,Made even befter! Join us at club-,h Trqsh Tolkin'house every Wednesday morning at9AMfor coftee or juice, ond o donut ..t-J7,or q muff in for only $1! ffiSoturday, August 10th and Sundoy, August 1lth from9:00 o.m. to 2:00 p.m. Per reguast from the exhibitors,we are trying Sundoy this yeor on o triol bosis. Wa willhcve cpprox. 25-30 axhibifors, somenew from last year.Twice os NiceJune wos o month of double celebrotion in the fselbornhousehoici...Congrefulotions fo Lizo Iselborn, doughter of Lindoand Chcrlie Iselborn of Vesper Slreet, who graduotedfrom Moss College of Phormacy ond Heolth Sciences inBcston. Sister Lucy graduoted with honors from ScorboroughHigh School. Lucy hosbeen occapfed to the',n"ffiHonors Colffi:;:1,)Til::::il;:l'Y-7Y''@A reminder fhct tha trash borrels plocedolong Boyview ore meont to collect beach,iU!!!!J not household, trosh. Household trashbelongs in the town provided barrels (withthe green covers) of eoch cottage.Space Forecost: Showers Aheod!Here's our qnnuol reminder thotthePerseid mef eor shower will i.,.:paok in the hours before dawn S:""''on August 12th. This shower,considered one of the best of the year, is onticipotedto be pariiculorly spectoculor this yeor becouse themoon will set bef ore the best viewing time. Spactotorsshould expect to see up to 80 meteors per hour-rnorethon 1 per minute. 6et o blonket, and enjoy the showlOuch! Need A Sunburn "Cure"?&fifilfiiffiburn with black teo! Tha ontioxidonts ond herbs in thetac con soothe and help hecl the burn. Simply opplycltilledblack feo to the affected area with o rog youdon't mind getting dirty. Let it obsorb into the skin for"scme much needed reliefl

It's Those Dog Doys of SummerEver wonder where the expression "dog days" comes from? The dog doys of summen ore the hottast,most sweltering doys, beginning in early July ond continuing until early Septernber. Thename dog doys comes from the Romans, who believed thot it wos the olignment of the summersun ond Sirius (the "Dog Stcr" or thebrighle.st stor in Canis Mojor, the dog constellotion) thotcaused the sultry weather.BRRRRIN6.....Believe it or not, it's time to updote the Higgins Beach Phone Directory. Lucky f or us, Corol Turnerond John Veltri hove stepped up to help out. ff you would like to be listed, f ill ouf the form below,teor it out, ond drop it in the box ot the clubhouse:NACOTTAGE ADDRESSLCCAL PHONE NUMBER-SI6NATURE

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