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MIDDLE EASTJebel Ali, DUBAIEUROPELissone ( MB ) ITALYNORTH AMERICAMontreal Quebec - CanadaASIAWujiang Jiangsu - ChinaMario F. CiarlaChairmanMario Ciarla Chairman/Ciarla Group responsible forde ining the Group's strategic direction andorchestrating its Development and Expansion. MarioCiarla, began his career in Home Decor manufacturingfor major Hotels and their supplies..His business has been expanding since. Over the courseof 35 years Mario has acquired extensive experience inprivate sand acquisitions, Investments, structuredFinance and Project Financing across North America,Asia and Middle East.Mario provides Ciarla Group with strategic counselInterior Design SolutionsHotel apartment SuppliesReal EstateTextile - Home decorProperty Managementregarding its International expansion plans.He is unique and known for his Quality and Services inhis product.Together We 03

THE GROUPCiarla Group is currently active in the following sectors:Interior Design SolutionsTextile & Home DécorHISTORY Hotel Supplies & Amenities Real Estate Property Management Services.Members of a Real Estate associationrecognized worldwide since 1992.Our expertise includes Real EstateBrokering, Buy and Selling, negotiatingRenting or Investment on a scale of MainlyBulk and single units as well.We carry Real Estate portfolio of large andOUR ACTIVITIES Simple, Elegant, Natural, and Classy. We supply quality products and design to suit every need atfactory direct prices unbeatable in the industry. Our team of professionals are here to assist with the interiorand exterior design solutions with over 35 years throughoutrecognized Companies. Work very closely with GovernmentalInstitutions. Handles large portfolios of di erentEmbassies including serving the EmbassyAmbassador directly as well as theircommunity.the world. We are the complete hospitality source. We are specialists in complementary articles and Goods forHotels, Hospitals, Airlines, Railway, and Cruiser Companies,etc...We have our own factories with the capacity to produce andmanufacture all the articles organization would need. We Design, Develop and Manufacture these articles atcompetitive prices and in accordance with the speci icrequirements of each 04

Interior Design SolutionsCiarla group is offering creative and innovative approach in design,it-out, and refurbishment projects throughout the world .The Company consist of a dynamic group of professional InteriorDesigners as well as Urban planners with a unique hands-onapproach in all aspects of the business. All projects are carried outby a team of highly skilled professional; thus ensuring delivery ofinnovative and Economical Design & with quality Administration.Ciarla group provide a full range of services including:DesignDocumentationContract AdministrationInterior DesignGraphic & Multimedia DesignProduct design & manufacture supplyFurniture, textile ,hospitality & event equipmentOur philosophy is to:Develop Progressive | Cost Effective Ideas | Creative Design &Construction Solution | Detailed Documentation to High Standard |On time and to Budget | Create Best Value for our Clients.Ciarla group, offer experience and expertise across a variety ofMarket Sectors:.. Commercial | Showrooms and Of ices |Warehouse and of ice | Hospitality | Leisure and Sporting Facilities| Medium and High Density Residential | Retail | Private Residence|Hotels & Multiple 05

Accomplished ProjectsGOLDEN TULIPAbu DhabiFull furnishing Solutions Bedding, Towels, Amenities, Dinning andKitchen Furniture.PLASTIC BEACH CLUBAbu DhabiTurn key Project for External Club Beach area with Water Works such asFountain Jacuzzi, Flooring & Furnishing and Landscaping.MERIDIAN HOTELMontereal - CANADAFull Furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs ,Tables,Accessories Towels Amenities .VOGUE HOTELMontereal - CANADAFull Furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs ,Tables,Accessories Towels Amenities.HOLIDAY INOntario - CANADAFull Furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs ,Tables,Accessories Towels Amenities.FOUR POINTSMontereal - CANADAFull Furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs ,Tables,Accessories Towels Amenities.BEST WESTERNOntario - CANADAFull Furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs ,Tables,Accessories Towels Amenities Supply and Install.HYATT REGENCYVegas- USAFull Furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs ,Tables,Accessories Towels Amenities Supply and Install .MOVENPICKSaudi ArabiaFull Furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs, Tables,Accessories Towels Amenities Supply and Install .CONFIDENTIAL( Four Private Hotels Accomodation 5*Star Rate in Abu Dhabi )Turnkey Interior Projects & Full Furnishing Solutions, Beds, Curtains,Carpets, Chairs, Tables, Accessories Towels Amenities and Fullmanagement Hospitality Services, Food Catering.HILTON APPARTMENT M.RoomJbr - DUBAIFull interior t out and furniture accessories Bed, Lights CarpetsArtwork Ceiling Wall paper , Glass, Table Gadget suppliers , FF& 06

Golden TulipLoose Furniture & Fi ed joinery for 201 Rooms(Guest rooms, Suits, Villas, & Apartments) andPublic areas Including Lobby, Restaurants, Bar,Executive Lounge.Meridian HotelFull furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs,Tables, Accessories, Towels, Amenities 07

Vogue HotelFull furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs,Tables, Accessories, Towels, Amenities .Holiday InFull furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs,Tables, Accessories, Towels, Amenities 08

Four PointsFull furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs,Tables, Accessories, Towels, Amenities .Best WesternFull furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs,Tables, Accessories, Towels, Amenities Supply and Install 09

Hilton Apartments M. RoomFull interior fit out and Furniture Accessories Bed ,lights Carpets Artwork Ceiling Wall Paper ,Glass,Table Gadget Suppliers, FF&E ContractPlastic Beach ClubTurn key Project for external Club Beach Area with WaterWorks such as Fountain Jacuzzi’s Flooring and Furnishingand Landscaping 10

Hyatt RegencyFull furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs,Tables, Accessories, Towels, Amenities Supply and Install .Movenpick Hotel & ResortsFull furnishing Solutions Beds Curtains Carpets, Chairs,Tables, Accessories, Towels, Amenities Supply and Install 11

Property ManagementOur responsibilities vary from Community to Communitydepending on the services contracted.Property ManagementCiarla Properties provides a complete range ofResidential and Commercial Real Estate BrokerageServices for Tenants and Property owners. Supportedby superior Market Research & Analysis, and theindustry-speci ic Expertise of our speciality Servicesgroups, each transaction is approached strategically,combining local knowledge with global reach.Transaction Services lies at the Heart of CiarlaOur Facilities Management Team works closely with Clientswho own or lease the space they occupy to identify andimplement Strategic Solutions Designed to Streamline theOperation of their Facilities and improve Operational andProperties. Within this division, our Professionalsprovide property Owners, Occupiers and Investorswith Sales, Leasing, Marketing, disposition andconsulting Services for a full range of Real Estate Assets.Financial Performance. With dedicated Employees, thisGroup provides Facilities Management, Project Management,Transaction Management, Lease Administration, andAssociated Services on an outsourced basis to major Clients.We provide specialized expertise in speci ic Propertytypes including: Residential. Commercial and all typeson investment Properties in Locally and Globally.Supported by thorough market research and analysis,we offer clients unsurpassed insight into the RealEstate markets in which they operate. This knowledgebased,consultative approach adds value well beyondthe transaction process and contributes to our trackrecord of repeat 12

Wide Range of LinensS i m p l e , E l e g a n t , N a t u ra l , D e c e n t .These are the principles in designing theCiarla brand linen products, elaboratecutting, and exquisite needleworktechnology. every detail can re lect theaffection of Ciarla for the well being and ofits customers.P l a c e yo u r s e l f i n t h e c o m fo r t a b l eatmosphere of an any-star hotel, andappreciate the elegance of the Ciarla brandlinen products, your desire for elegant andimperial life will be fully excited. variousprinting designs and colors will make youfeel as if you were in the nature!Great work of masters, representing the top Quality! We areextraordinary critical about every product. Our Designers spendevery minute and second in making in initely innovations to makeFirst-Class quality just for irst-class people. Ciarla brand devotestheir persistence in perfection to every detail and take every demandof the your honor into 13

FurnitureWe pay attention to people’s life and Designmore and more modern Furniture of highQuality, Decompressing, Environmentprotection which can relieve people’s pressurebetter when they settle down at their desk andbeautify their work and living space.Form Design should not only considerpracticability, but the surprise brought byconceptual design which is now, through itsigure, drive the element of Fashion to itsextreme.High quality Material is used with classicalDesign, precise and elegantinlay skill, plusthe exquisite tailoring technique and deluxshape, make it uique to all.Full imaginational new technology , new design andnew Fashion, all this brings you professionalmaturity.You can be con ident that your custom piece offurniture is beautiful, classy and environmentallyfriendly.An individual craftsman works on each piece. Withhis signature on every piece he makes, he takes pridein making something 14

AmenitiesCiarla group offers a full range of personal careproducts, Dispensers, and Accessories. Our goal is toservice your Hotel, Spa, or Club's locker room withquality products at competitive pricing. we take theresponsibility of monitoring your needs, improvingyour amenities selections .We Ciarla group prides ourself on taking a uniqueapproach to each client brief, to deliver innovative,memorable Amenities: from conception, tomanufacturing, through to delivery – experiencedindustry professionals consult clients on their briefs todeliver exactly what their customers want.With thoughtful and tender care and affection, it comesinto close contact with every inch of your skin. with itswarmness, tenderness, and thoughtfulness, itaccompanies you into your sweet Dream. To perfect ourservice, we provide the products with the best quality atthe reasonable 15

Kitchen & DiningWe pride ourselves in creating high Quality and Innovative Products,supplying Caterers worldwide with every thing they need for theirCatering Business from pre and post sale Technical Support, to ourselection of Accessories and Supplies.With many years experience in the industry, we understand what’s mostimportant to our Clients and are recognized for our Market- leading , costef icient and reliable products that help build Business and offer aFantastic Catering Experience.As a result of continuos improvement in every aspect of Business,we have become one of the most reliable source of Quality products.both in Domestic as well as International Markets.Our team of Professionals keeps abreast with the latesttechnological achievements in the industry and changingcustomer’s requirements.Our Clients are spread across the Globe. The company Exports itsCold and Hot Chafing Dishproducts to North America, Europe, and Middle 16

Fresh Pasta Machine’sCiarla’s range includes Machines to produce FreshPasta, both combo and non-combo, ideal to producesmall quantities. This solution is suitable forRestaurants and Hotels that wish to guarantee thefreshness and quality of their Dishes.Small Pasta-producing workshops and CateringOperators can count on a wide range of Machines forDry, Fresh and Egg-pasta: Combo machines, machinesproducing special sizes, Ravioli and Cappellettimakers, cutters, presses and even Machines toproduces Frozen and ready 17

Professional Quality KnivesOur professional knives are packed with carton or pvcsafety Blade in order to respect basilar rules of securityagainst accidental cutting, needs of safe and functionalexhibition and last but not least the enhancement ofhigh quality level product. Use, maintenance and itemcode are all help full info wrote on each safety Blade.Our Knives designed for attentive professional people,realized by means of precise production Systems, whichhave the customer complete satisfaction as aimguaranteed also from NSF certi ication. Reliability, longduration, sturdiness, use easiness, maximum hygiene:thanks to these important features Valgobbia’s knivescan give a cut above to people that daily use these worktools. Their Blades are completely realized by means ofspecial steel, with a peculiar compositionNSF: NSF International, an independent, non pro itorganization of USA, helps protecting public health bycertifying products and writing standards for food,water and consumer goods. Founded in 1944, NSF is theleading agency in certifying the 18

Contact UsMIDDLE EASTJebel Ali, DUBAIPO Box #: 261476Phone #: +971 4 883 3576Fax # : +971 4 883 3577Email id : info@ciarlagroup.comEUROPECiarla Group Italia SRL,Via Palladio No 1,20851 Lissone ( MB ) ITALYPhone #: +39 039 2785089Fax # : +39 039 2780350NORTH AMERICA255 Boul. Cremazie Est.Suite 085, Montreal QuebecCanada, H2M 1M2Phone #: +1 514 789 1954Fax # : +1 514 789 1947ASIAIntl Plaza, Flr.29,Rm.101Shengze Town, WujiangJiangsu, China 215228Phone #: +86 5 126 353 8101Fax # : +86 5 126 353 19

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