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COUNCIL09/2013 1MinutesDate Wednesday 25 September 2013TimeVenuePresentApologiesIn AttendanceCONFLICTS OFINTERESTMINUTESMATTERS ARISING3.00pmOkeover Room, Okeover HouseDr John Wood (Chancellor), Ms Sue McCormack (Pro-Chancellor),Professor Ian Town (Acting Vice-Chancellor), Ms Jo Appleyard, MrPeter Ballantyne, Judge Colin Doherty, Ms Catherine Drayton, MrBruce Gemmell, Mr Tony Hall, Mr David Ivory, Ms Erin Jackson,Professor Simon Kemp, Mr Warren Poh, Dr Andy Pratt, Mr MichaelShurety, Dr Duncan Webb.Dr Rod Carr (Vice-Chancellor).Mr Jeff Field (University Registrar, Secretary to the Council)Mr Bruce White (Deputy Registrar)Mr Keith Longden (Chief Financial Officer)Ms Alex Hanlon (Director, Learning Resources)Professor Steve Weaver (Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Research)No conflicts of interest were declared.The minutes of the meeting of Wednesday 28 August 2013 wereapproved and signed as a correct record.UC Council ConstitutionFormer Chancellor Dr Robin Mann and Mr Don McBeath of MDS Lawjoined the meeting. Dr Mann said he would take the paper as read, asCouncil members were well aware of the extent of consultation andworkshop development process which had led to the recommendation toadopt the amended Constitution, comprising twelve members within theexisting Act. Dr Wood raised two issues:• whether the incumbent members, whose positions were to bedisestablished, should be grand-parented until the end of theirterm, and• whether there should be a recommendation to the Minister thatpayments to members should remain at the same collective total,but be divided between the smaller number of members, as therewould remain as much work as there had been for the previouslarger Council.

09/2013 2His own preference in respect of grand-parenting was to leave thedecision to the individual as to whether they wished to resign orserve out their term.Discussion of the proposed amended constitution included:• Whether there should be a delay in adoption given thepossibility of the Minister changing the legislation.• That the consultation process and the rationale of Councilremained valid, and that the reduction in size was being donefor sensible reasons and hence should be proceeded with.• That the Minister had encouraged UC to proceed.• That the Minister had told chancellors that his intention was todownsize university councils to between 8 and 12 members andhence an option of 12 within the current legislation might meanno need to review the Act.• That other universities were looking to move to a similar,smaller structure, within the existing Act.• Whether a review period should be specified to check whetherthe smaller Council had led to the intended higher performanceoutcomes that were desired.• That a review was a sensible concept that should be consideredin terms of implementation of the change once the Minister hadgazetted it.MovedThat: Council adopts the amended constitution and refers itto the Minister for Tertiary Education for gazetting inaccordance with the provisions of S170 of the Education Act1989.CarriedDr Wood then tabled a draft letter to the Minister he proposed to sendthe following day, with the amended Constitution and a request that itbe gazetted by the Minister. Dr Wood said that he would also adviseother Chancellors of the change. He also proposed a formal vote ofthanks to Dr Mann.MovedThat: Council acknowledge the guidance and wisdom of DrRobin Mann in leading the University through a carefulprocess of consideration and consultation in respect of therevised Council constitution.CarriedFROM THECHANCELLORDr Wood welcomed the 2014 UCSA President-Elect Sarah Platt, whowas in attendance at the meeting.Chancellor’s MeetingsThe report was noted.2013 Workshop ScheduleThe workshop schedule for 2013 was complete. The 2014 budgetworkshop on 30 October will be held at 3pm with the Council meeting

09/2013 3starting at 4pm. On 27 November, the Council meeting will start at 3pmto allow the Emeritus Professors’ function to start at 5pm. TheChancellor invited suggestions for 2014 workshops to be forwarded tothe Registrar.Chancellor’s AbsenceDr Wood was visiting the UK and had delegated to Ms McCormack theduties and responsibilities of the Chancellor for the period 26 Septemberto 13 October. Any issues should be raised either with Ms McCormackor the Registrar.FROM THE VICE-CHANCELLORThe written report, prepared by the Vice-Chancellor, covered:• Introduction• Strategic matters• Staff matters• Financial outcome• AppendicesIn addition, Professor Town emphasised the effort that was going in torecruitment of students, with enrolments opening on October 1.Discussion of the report included:• The changes in respect to the PBRF; Professor Weaver said the2018 round would be similar to 2012 but with a greater emphasison new and emerging researchers, the inclusion ofcommercialisation income in external research income, and thedeletion of special circumstances but the maintenance ofearthquake circumstances.• The issues to do with the cost, scope and timeline ofimplementation of the new Student Management System werediscussed; the 3½ week delay was noted and was to be the subjectof further discussion in the public excluded section of the meeting.• The very positive feedback from the I-Grad survey was noted andalso efforts that were being put into addressing some of thenegative feedback received in respect of food on campus,accommodation, Wi-Fi and the Recreation Centre.• That the increase in fundraising income reflected a greateremphasis and resourcing of the area.• Dr Wood also noted the very successful 50 th AnniversaryCelebration of the first award of Honorary Doctorates at theUniversity and the establishment of a Scholarship Fund as a resultof that event.MovedThat: the Vice-Chancellor’s report be received.CarriedFROM THEFINANCE, PLANNINGAND RESOURCESCOMMITTEEDr Wood introduced Ms Drayton as the new Chair of the FinancePlanning and Resources Committee following election by members atthe previous meeting. Ms Drayton introduced the items.

09/2013 4Borrowing Approval ProcessMovedThat: the Minister’s letter advising changes to the process ofobtaining approval to borrow be noted by Council.CarriedCAPEX Quarterly ReportMs Drayton highlighted three issues:• The $14M underspend to date related largely to delays in theRegistry Project. The History and Law Projects were onschedule.• The need for expenditure on the Oracle upgrade, which wasforeshadowed as the next major capital business case, and• The desire of the Committee to have better insight into thephilosophy and practice in relation to contingency componentsof capital funds. Ms Hanlon was taking a memo to the Finance,Planning and Resources Committee meeting in October on thatsubject.MovedThat: the CAPEX quarterly report be noted by Council.CarriedInvitation to attend major UC Futures presentationsAt the Monday 21 October meeting of the Finance, Planning andResources Committee, two major presentations would be made on theRegional Science and Innovation Centre and the CanterburyEngineering the Future Projects. The presentations would last 30minutes each, with time for questions in each case. All members of theCouncil were invited to attend what would be a major presentation andan opportunity for all members to have input.Dr Webb joined the meeting.FROM THE ACADEMICBOARDThe Chair of the Academic Board, Professor Ian Town, provided thereport. Members discussed the Academic Freedom Policy which was amatter for approval by the full University Council and would beconsidered at the meeting of October 30.MovedThat: the Academic Board Report be noted.CarriedPUBLIC EXCLUDEDMEETINGMovedThat: in terms of Section 48 of the Local Government OfficialInformation and Meetings Act 1987, the public be now excludedfrom this part of the meeting because the Council wishes todiscuss –10.1 Apologies10.2 Register of Interests

Moved09/2013 510.3 Conflicts of InterestEvery Member has an obligation to declare anymaterial interests relevant to any University ofCanterbury activities and to ensure that any conflictarising from the material interests is noted andmanaged appropriately10.4 Minutes of the meeting held on 28 August 201310.5 Matters Arising10.6 From the Chancellor10.7 From the Vice-Chancellor10.7.1 Risk Update10.8 From the Finance, Planning and ResourcesCommittee10.8.1 Movements in Year End Forecast10.8.2 UC Futures Update10.8.3 UCDC Update10.8.4 Insurance Renewal Update10.9 2013 Innovation Medal10.10 Emeritus Professor Appointmentand for the reason that in terms of Section 7 of the LocalGovernment Official Information and Meetings Act 1987discussion of these matters in public would be likely to inhibitthe effective conduct of Council business and infringe theprivacy of an individual or prejudice the University’s carryingout of its commercial activities.CarriedThat Professor Town, Mr White, Mr Longden, Ms Hanlon andProfessor Weaver be in attendance.CarriedRETURN TOPUBLIC MEETINGMembers returned to public meeting at 4.45pm and confirmeddiscussion of items 10.1-10.10.The meeting closed at 4.46pm.The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 30 October 2013 at 4.00pm.SIGNED AS A CORRECT RECORD:___________________________________DATE:___________________________________

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