The Beacon April 2011 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...

The Beacon April 2011 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...

DIRECTORYVicar:The Revd David WallisThe Vicarage, 2 Charlton Gardens, (01273) 843165Lewes Road, Ditchling, BN6 8WAChurchwardens: Geoffrey Heath(01273) 845134St Margaret’sAndrew Martin(01273) 846123Mike Sewell Streat Church (01273) 890366Mark Moody-Stuart(01273) 846525St Martin’sDoreen Kallman(01273) 844743Readers:Richard AllenColyeen Blanchard(01273) 84291901444 246186Hon Treasurer: Mark Moody-Stuart (01273) 846525Bookkeeper: Sue Sewell (01273) 890366Hon Secretary: Margaret Bovill (01273) 845319Stewardship Officer: Rodney Dodd 01444 250753Organists and Nick Hancock(01273) 841980St Margaret’sChoirmasters: John Sandford07855 957644Hon Organists:Lynette Walker Streat Church (01273) 891005Lynn BondSt Martin’s (01273) 842387The BeaconEditor: Graham Sharpless (01273) 845368AdvertisingManagers:Sue & George Hancock (01273) 890298DistributionManagers:Jenny BellMargaret MooreDitchling(01273) 843194(01273) 843805Paul Charman Streat & Westmeston (01273) 844743Full membership of the PCC can be found on the website at:www.BeaconParishes.orgThe Revd David Wallis’s day off is FridayThe Beacon Parish is a registered charity, number 1132488Front cover: Window in south wall of chancel, Streat Church

The Beacon Churches Calendar April 2011Monday - Friday: Morning Prayer at Ditchling 9.00am2 Sat The Wedding of Rosie Corless and Richard Hewitt 3.00pm3 Sun MOTHERING SUNDAYBCP Easter Eucharist Ditchling 8.00amFamily Mothering Sunday Eucharist Ditchling 9.45amMorning Prayer Westmeston 9.45amPilgrimage Preparation Evening Ditchling 6.00pm6 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 10.30am7 Thu ‘Sing God’s Praises’ Ditchling 7.00pm10 Sun FIFTH SUNDAY OF LENTSussex Guild Craft Fair at St Margaret’sBEACON EUCHARIST Streat 9.45am13 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 10.30am17 Sun PALM SUNDAYTHE BEACON EUCHARIST beginning with a Ditchling 9.45amprocession from the Vicarage in Charlton Gardensfollowed by breakfast and worship at the Village Hall18 Mon Stations of the Cross Ditchling 7.00pm19 Tue Stations of the Cross Ditchling 7.00pm20 Wed Stations of the Cross Ditchling 7.00pm21 Thu Maundy ThursdayThe Last Supper followed by an hour’s vigil Ditchling 7.00pmin the Garden of Gethsemane22 Fri Good FridayMeditation on the Cross Ditchling 11.00am23 Sat Easter Saturday Vigil Ditchling 7.00pm24 Sun EASTER SUNDAYBCP Easter Eucharist Ditchling 8.00amFamily Easter Celebration. At this service we look Ditchling 9.45amforward to a visit from the lamb, the chicks andthe ducklings plus an Easter egg hunt!Easter Eucharist Streat 9.45amEaster Evensong Westmeston 6.00pm27 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 10.30am29 Fri The Wedding of Heather Poole and Aidan Smith 1.30pm1

Fr David WritesIn last month’s magazine I wrote about the seven Christianvalues of Reverence, Forgiveness, Thankfulness,Perseverance, Compassion, Trust and Koinonia that wehave adopted at St Margaret’s School and focused inparticular on Reverence. This month, in the run up to GoodFriday and Easter, we are looking more closely atForgiveness and Thankfulness. This is particularlyappropriate as the Cross of Good Friday is the place whereChrist wins our forgiveness and Easter is the day above alldays where we thank God for his goodness and the gift ofnew life.ForgivenessForgiveness is fundamental to the character of God. Throughout the Bible, God isdescribed as slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin (Numbers 14).Jesus was uncompromising in his command to forgive. ‘Forgive’, he said,‘seventy times seven’ (Matthew 18). In other words, forgive and keep onforgiving without limit. Forgiveness was at the heart of everything he did and isat the heart of the Lord’s Prayer.When Jesus declared a person’s sins to be forgiven, it often aroused the anger ofthose who were less willing to forgive than he was and yet a prayer for theforgiveness of his persecutors was on Jesus’ lips as he died.“Forgiveness can be truly liberating both for the personwho is forgiven and for the person who forgives”The parable of the Unjust Steward tells of a servant who was forgiven his largedebt only to then refuse to forgive a small debt owed to him by another servant.For this he was condemned.Forgiveness cannot be given or received unless it is asked for, and the askingmust be genuine and from the heart. Too often ‘sorry’ is said very easily,implying: ‘All I need to do is say I’m sorry and everything will be OK’. Realrepentance demands that we take what we have done wrong with the utmostseriousness and have a deep desire not to do it again. This can be described asoffering our hearts and sins as a sacrifice to God. The whole sacrificial system inthe Law of Moses was based on the principle that forgiveness requires sacrifice.Of course, animal sacrifices are no longer offered, but the truth remains thatforgiveness is costly to all involved. So costly, that it could only be bought withthe life of the Son of God. Once we understand that, forgiveness can be trulyliberating both for the person who is forgiven and for the person who forgives.2

ThankfulnessIn the Old Testament there are numerous accounts of people praising God withthankful hearts. In 2 Chronicles we read that the trumpeters and singers joinedin unison, as with one voice, to give praise and thanks to the Lord. Accompaniedby cymbals and other instruments, they raised their voices in praise to the Lordand sang: ‘He is good; his love endures forever.’‘Songs of thankfulness and praise’ are at the heart of Christian worship and thatis because thankfulness is very important. If we really are forgiven of all that wehave done wrong when we confess it to God, then we have a great deal to bethankful for.“So thankfulness involves a degree of discipline”Luke tells the story of the ten lepers who were healed and is challenging hisreaders to examine themselves when he tells of the amazement of Jesus thatonly one, a Samaritan, came back to thank him. (Luke 17). In other words, it canbe easy to take God’s gifts for granted and even easier to forget to thank him forthem. So thankfulness involves a degree of discipline. We need to make a Godlyhabit of thanking the Lord for all the blessings of life. When we remember tothank God for one thing, almost immediately we are minded to thank him foranother and yet another. In doing this, even in the most difficult of life’ssituations, we are reminded that we are blessed by a God who loves us, forgivesus and is with us.For Christians the greatest of all acts of worship is simply called ‘thanksgiving’ -eucharistia in Greek - thanksgiving for the death and resurrection of God’s Sonand the way of forgiveness that is opened up.Thanks be to you O Lord our GodFor the gift of ForgivenessThe blessings of lifeAnd the joy of EasterWith every blessingFr DavidSING GOD’S PRAISESSometimes it’s really good to blow away thecobwebs and sing God’s praises at the top ofyour voice! So, why not come along to anevening of Hymn Singing on Thursday 7 th Aprilat 7pm at St Margaret’s, Ditchling.3

In Memory ofDeparted Loved onesYou are warmly invited to a Bereavement Serviceon Sunday 1 st May at St Margaret’s Ditchling at 3pmAt the service there will be an opportunityfor departed loved ones to be prayed for by name.All are welcome whether you come to church regularlyor not and prayers will be offered not only for thosewho have died recently but for anyone that you missand once knew.The service will be followed by tea and cakefor which I very much hope you will be able to stay.Fr DavidIn April we remember:In Memoriam1 st Josephine Myrtle Crofton 10 th Peter KingKelly Truran 13 th Rebecca Skelton2 nd Pauline Thaw 17 th William (Bill) TaylorThelma Shirley CoomberMabs Clifton8 th Bertha Mary Laker 27 th Harry AgerWilfred Hanchant (no day)The Beacon Churches “100 Club” 2011The winners of the February Draw were Ivor Blomfield and Tony Allen, bothreceiving a prize of £20.Pam Gaskin4

St Peter & St James HospiceAnother very enjoyable Quiz Night, with Henry Upshall as MC, was held in theDitchling Village Hall on Friday, 25 th February and raised the splendid sum of£1,136 for the Hospice. The Ditchling Support Group warmly thanks all thosewho took part and generously contributed to achieve this result.Keith CourtSt Margaret's Flower GuildWe will be decorating the church for Easter on Saturday 23 rd April between 9and 11 am.Jenny BellBeavers at St Margaret’sDitchling Beavers recently visited St Margaret’s to receive their Faith Badges. Wehad a brilliant evening doing ‘brass rubbing’, building hassock towers andhearing the story of the Good Samaritan. A few of the Beavers also wrote someexcellent prayers.5

Beacon Parish Church Duties April 2011Time Church Service Lessons Readers Prayers Sidesmen3 4th Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday8amDitchling9.45am Ditchling9.45am10 5th Sunday of LentEucharistBCPAll-AgeEucharistMorningPrayer1 Samuel 16: 1 - 13John 9:tbaColossians 3: 12 - 17John 19: 25 - 27Jenny BelltbaJennyBainbridgeCaroleBurgon9.45am Streat Eucharist John 11: 1 - 45 Sally Heine17 Palm Sunday9.45amDitchlingVillageHall21 Maundy Thursday7pm22 Good Friday11am23 Easter Eve7pmEucharist Narrated Gospel tbaDitchling Eucharist and VigilDitchling Good Friday MeditationDitchling Easter VigilDoreenKallmanLynetteWalkerJenny BellCarl BelfieldPenny TyasBrenda HallSue SewellPaulCharmanJoan StylesJane Roberts24 Easter Day Flowers: Volunteers please for Streat & Westmeston8amDitchlingEucharistBCPtbatba9.45am Ditchling Eucharist tba tba9.45am Streat Eucharist6pmWestmestonWestmestonEvensongJeremiah 31: 1 - 6John 20: 1 - 18Solomon 3: 2 - 5, 8: 6 - 7John 20: 11 - 18tbaPam AllenDoreenKallmanCanonJohnFr DavidTonyBlanchardIan BerillSue SewellPaulCharman7

Prayer Diary – April 2011Feast DaysPrayer for the worldchurch & this diocese1 Frederick Denison Muhabura (Uganda)Maurice, 1872Rural deanery ofMidhurst2 Mukono (Uganda)Cocking3 4 th SUNDAY OF LENT Multan (Pakistan)(Mothering Sunday) Angela Sibson, DiocesanRichard 1253Secretary4 Mumbai (North India)Easebourne5 Ethelburga of Lyming,Abbess, 647Mumias (Kenya)Fernhurst6 Mundri (Sudan)HartingPrayer TopicRosie and Richard beingmarried tomorrowFor ParentsJohn, Bishop ofChichesterFor Lennie Beard whosefuneral is todayGod’s guidance in theappointment of a newdeputy head at StMargaret’s SchoolThanksgiving for music7 Heyshott United Nations WorldHealth Day8 Muyinga (Burundi)LinchThe Sussex Guild CraftFair in Ditchling9 George Bell, Bishop ofChichester, 1958; DietrichBonhoeffer, 1945Mytikyina (Myanmar)LynchmereFor reconciliation10 5 th SUNDAY OF LENT(Passiontide begins)11 George Selwyn, Bishop,1878Nagpur (India)The ArchdeaconsNairobi (Kenya)Midhurst12 Nakuru (Kenya)Woolbeding13 Nambale (Kenya)Rogate14 NamibiaStedham with IpingThat the Cross of Christmay never be hiddenThanksgiving for all thathelps us understand theBibleMissionariesToleranceForgiveness8

Feast DaysPrayer for the worldchurch & this diocese15 Namirembe (Uganda)Rural deanery ofPetworth16 Isabella Gilmore,deaconess, 192317 PALM SUNDAYJerusalemNandyal (India)BarlavingtonPrayer TopicThankfulnessUnity over the issue ofWomen BishopsThose who preach18 Monday of Holy Week God’s blessing upon HolyWeek19 Tuesday of Holy WeekThe DioceseBlessing of Oils,Chichester Cathedral20 Wednesday of Holy Week Those who are obliviousto the story of Holy Week21 Maundy Thursday Jerusalem22 Good Friday For all who awaitexecution23 Holy Saturday For missing loved ones24 EASTER SUNDAY Resurrection of our Lord,Alleluia25 Monday in Easter Week Ndokwa (Nigeria)Bury with Houghton andColdwaltham andHardham26 Tuesday in Easter Week Nebbi (Uganda)Duncton27 Wednesday in EasterWeekNebraskaGraffham28 Thursday in Easter Week Nelson (New Zealand)Kirdford29 Friday in Easter Week NevadaNorth Chapel withEbernoe, Lurgashall30 Saturday in Easter Week New Busa (Nigeria)PetworthFor restYoung ChristiansThe BereavedAnimal companionsFor Heather and Aidanbeing married todayPatience9

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Edward King 1829-1910The last in this series of outstanding Christian figures of the last century brings usto one of the least well known – Edward King. Hardly a household name to us,but in the last years of the 19 th century, it was a name known to every memberof the Church of England and still remembered each year by the Church onMarch 8 th . Born in London of a church family, Edward King was educated atOxford and trained for the priesthood at Cuddesdon College – where,incidentally, our Father David was trained. Later, after serving as a much lovedPrincipal of Cuddesdon, King was appointed Regius Professor of PastoralTheology at Oxford University. Known for his ‘High Church’ views, it was asurprise that in 1885, he was appointed Bishop of Lincoln, known then as a ‘LowChurch’ diocese. But Edward King welcomed his appointment to the diocesewhence John Wesley came and in the next 25 years won the respect andaffection of all he met of whatever tradition within his diocese.He lived a simple life, he spurned the trappings of his bishopric, both in dress andin forms of travel, and he left the grandeur of Bishop’s Palace for the dilapidatedOld Palace in the centre of Lincoln. Whenever possible, he undertook the role ofprison chaplain and wherever he went and whatever he did was marked by thetwo characteristics associated with him -‘gentle’ and ‘holy’. In 1893 he preacheda sermon on the gentleness of God encouraging his listeners to follow God’sexample of patience and long suffering. Quoting the psalmist who wrote of Godthat ‘Thy gentleness hath made me great’, so Edward King pleaded thatChristians ‘do to others as God has done to us and by gentleness to lead them onand make them great’.“He was charged with ‘ritual acts contraryto the Prayer Book’”All Edward King’s patience and longsuffering were put to the test when he wasbrought to trial before the Archbishop of Canterbury. Suddenly, the Bishop ofLincoln was a public figure. He was charged with ‘ritual acts contrary to thePrayer Book’, which extremists associated with Popery. He faced eastward whenhe celebrated, he allowed lit candles on the altar, he mixed water with the wine,he allowed ‘O Lamb of God’ to be sung, and he gave the absolution and theblessing using the sign of the Cross. After some years of trial and deliberationthe decision was reached that all that Bishop King did was permissible apart fromhis facing eastward and his using the sign of the Cross – although both thesepractices continued to be widely used. None of these practices would seem at allunusual to us in the Beacon Parish of 2011!11

But it was said that it was Edward King’s simplicity and gentleness in confrontingthe Archbishop and his colleagues that resulted in most of his practices beingupheld – a more combative defence might have been more costly. His practicewas really following his preaching. He himself advised his candidates forordination, that their preaching would never be effective or worthwhile unless itwas firmly rooted in a life of prayer and a love for their parishioners.Richard AllenBible NotesWe hear of the Church being persecuted in so many countries and now recentlyeven more in Egypt. Even in this country, we are finding rights and legalities areso contrary to our beliefs and what we feel is the truth. Jesus warned us in hisconversation with the disciples in St John 15: 18-19 “If the world hates you, keepin mind it hated me first. If you belonged to the world it would love you as itsown. As it is you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of theworld.”And Jesus goes on in Ch 16: 1-4 saying that when these persecutions occur wewill remember that Jesus warned us.“It is what the Church has been callingfor … for 2000 years”So the Bible Society is encouraging people, especially those in politics, to leadthe charge to change the nation’s values, to rethink their habits in the light ofthe economic crisis. Bestselling author and political campaigner at a prayerbreakfast said “We need a moral recovery to accompany an economic recovery …we don’t need business as usual. We need a new way of operating on a personallevel and on economic and national levels”; to which David Burrons MP said “It iswhat the Church has been calling for … for 2000 years”.Some Nigerian representatives at the Westminster Prayer Breakfast said it wasan important step in encouraging Nigerian leaders to turn to God’s work in thechallenges they face. So this year they held their first ever Prayer Breakfastwhere a Kenyan speaker quoting Jesus’ teaching on servanthood, he asked “Howmuch space have we dedicated to God to enable him to influence our decisions?”Proverbs 4:4-5 “Lay hold of my words with all your heart; keep my commandsand you will live. Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words orswerve from them.”12

An advance notice:- there will be a talk on the History of the King James Bible bya Bible Society representative on May 4 th at the United Reformed Church,Hassocks.Jill VenessMalawi Association for Christian Support (MACS)MACS was able to send 9,400 impregnated mosquito nets to Malawi before therains started in the autumn. The total cost was £24,500 and we were verygrateful to all who supported us in this venture, especially the Ditchling Cubswho did a sponsored walk for us. The good news is that the nets have beenextremely well received. These are the comments of Henry who heads up theorganization distributing the nets.“The areas we distribute nets, everybody is complementing the strong functionof nets, no presence of cockroaches, even rats, and no noise of mosquitoes. Weare the first organization to distribute the nets of such best quality and still ondemand in other areas outside our catchment area. All beneficially has killedtwo birds with one stone, meaning to say that these nets are strong indeed asother houses has no store room, we saw that they sleep with bags of maizeand also lots of mice which destroys clothes and the food, the nets hasalleviate such problems by killing all insects and rats resulting to experience ofdecay dead rats.”There has since been an independent visit to the area by a group which includeda doctor. The really wonderful news is that she has reported a 95% decline incases of malaria in the area. So thank you all so much for your help.Sally Huband, Secretary of MACSSt George's Day LunchThe Royal British Legion Women's Section - Ditchling Branch - will be holdingtheir St George's Day Lunch on Saturday 23 rd April, 2011, at Ditchling VillageHall, from 12 noon onwards.Tickets £7.50p to include a glass of wine, available on the door (no need to bookin advance). Great Raffle. All proceeds raised will go to Poppy Appeal andWelfare Fund. Do come and join us for a lovely lunch - you do not need to be amember. For more information please contact Margaret Bovill, Hon Sec, on01273 845319.13

Mothering Sunday 3 rd AprilTwo services will be held in the ParishAll age Eucharist 9.45 am at St Margaret’sfollowed by refreshmentsMorning Prayer 9.45 am at St Martin’sfollowed by coffee & Simnel cakeBunches of flowers will be handed out to all mothers.Celebratory Concert in Aid of the Ruth FundSaturday 14 th May 2011 at 7pmSt Margaret's Church, DitchlingProgramme to include Opera, singers from Vivace! and the SussexHarmonisers and music from the African Cultural Development.Tickets £10 to include a glass of wine and Canapes,available from Sue Hancock 01273 890298.We hope this will be as an enjoyable and well supported event as last year.Encouraging Rural MinistryChurch and Countryside Conference 2011Exploring the key challenges and opportunities with layand ordained ministry in the countryside todayThursday 12 th May, 10 am to 4 pmSussex Rural Business Centre, Plumpton College, BN7 3AEKeynote speaker: Tim Gibson, author of Church andCountryside: Insights from Rural Theology.Cost £5.00 per person, bring your own lunch.For more information or to book a place, pleasecontact Helen Swyer 01273 421021,

The Sussex Historic Churches Trust AwardsDitchling wins Team Walkers TrophyOn the second Saturday in September 2010 the annual Fundraising “Ride &Stride” event for this charity took place as usual and a notice was put in TheBeacon advertising this.On the day a group from St Margaret’s Church met on a damp, dreary morningto start their walk. They had to think of a name and decided on “The DitchlingDawdlers”, but dawdle they did not, visiting seven churches and collecting thehighest number of points to win the Team Walkers Trophy!“It was learnt that almost £55,000 had beenraised in Sussex”Jasper Bell collected the trophy on behalf of the group on Saturday March 5 th atthe Awards Ceremony at All Saints, Crowborough, with presentations made byMr Peter Field, Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex.At this event it was learnt that almost £55,000 had been raised in Sussex andthat the county had come seventh out of the 31 counties taking part, althoughDorset was hot on our heels. Seventy-four under 16s had raised large sums ofmoney, and several of them were at the ceremony to receive their certificatesand trophies. The largest sum raised by one individual was £1,600.The Sussex Historic Churches Trust has been generous to St Margaret’s Churchrecently giving funds both for the re-shingling of the tower and the re-pointingwork and we will hope to support this very important charity again this year bytaking part in the ‘Ride & Stride’ event on September 10 th .Janet CraggStreat Barn GardenWake Up the Garden for Spring 2011Saturday 16 th April 9.30amPlease come and help get Streat Barn Garden ready for the new season.All help very welcome and refreshments will be provided. Please bringany tools you have with you.16

Westmeston ParishCouncil Annual GeneralMeetingThe Annual Parish Meeting will beheld in the Parish Hall,Westmeston, on Tuesday 19 thApril 2011.All Residents of the Parish arewarmly invited to attend and tojoin councillors for lightrefreshments at 7pm.WHIST DRIVETuesday 26 th April 2011Westmeston Parish Hallstarting at 7.15pmEveryone is welcome to join thefriendly team of players.The next whist drive will be held onTuesday 31 st MayFor more details contact DoreenKallman on 844743.The Sussex Guild Contemporary Craft ShowDitchling Village Hall and St Margaret's ChurchSat 9 th & Sunday 10 th April, 10.00 am - 5.00 pmAdmission £1.50 includes both venues - children freeEASTER Music Express runs music and drama workshops for childrenaged 7 to 12.A 3 day workshop is being held at Great Walstead School from 12 thto 14 th April. If you wish to be on our mailing list to receive moreinformation or would like an application, please ring John Sandfordon 07855 957644.The April workshop will include the usual mix of activities includingsongs, drama and percussion work. The cost of the 3 day workshopis £75. Please book early to avoid disappointment.The Music Express Team17

What’s On in April 2011Brighton Festival Chorus Concert Eternal Light, St1 - 2Bartholomew’s Church, Brightonp 31 7.30 pm1 FriDitchling Downs WI meeting, Friends MeetingHouse, East Gardens, Ditchlingp 20 7.30 pm2 SatBurgess Hill Choral Society concert, St Andrew’sChurch, Junction Road, Burgess Hillp 31 7.30 pmMothering Sunday All age Eucharist, St Margaret’s3 SunMothering Sunday Morning Prayer, St Martin’sp 15 9.45 amDitchling WI meeting, Ditchling Village Hall p 20 2.30 pmSing God’s Praises, St Margaret’s, Ditchling p 3 7 pm7 ThuDitchling Film Society film The Secret in Theirp 25 8 pmEyes, Ditchling Village HallThe Sussex Guild Contemporary Craft Show,9 - 10Ditchling Village Hall and St Margaret's Churchp 17 10 amDitchling Museum’s ‘Redevelopment Fundraising9 Sat Shop & Garden Sale’, Ditchling Museum, Church p 23 10 amLane, DitchlingThe Passion of Christ by Arthur Somervell, Holy10 SunTrinity Church, Hurstpierpointp 19 6 pmDitchling Village Hall Annual General Meeting,11 MonDitchling Village Hallp 24 8 pm12 - 14 Music Express Workshop, Great Walstead School p 17Newick Decorative and Fine Art Society lecture12 TueThe Luttrell Psalter, Plumpton Village Hall p 26 2.15 pm13 Wed Frugal Lunch, The Old Meeting House, Ditchling 12.30 pm16 SatWake Up the Garden for Spring 2011, Streat BarnGardenp 16 9.30 amSussex Chorus Handel Extravaganza, LancingCollege Chapelp 31 7.30 pmDitchling History Project Talks: Ditchling18 Mon Characters, Old Meeting House, The Twitten, p 25 7.30 pmDitchlingDitchling Village Association Coffee Morning,p 26 10 amDitchling Village Hall19 TueWestmeston Parish Council Annual Generalp 17 7 pmMeeting, Parish Hall, Westmeston18

What’s On in April 2011 (cont’d)Women’s Fellowship meeting p 20 7.30 pm19 TueStreat Parish Meeting, Streat Rectory Barn p 24 8 pm23 SatSt Margaret's Flower Guild will be decoratingthe church for Easterp 5 9 amSt George's Day Lunch, Ditchling Village Hall p 13 12 noon26 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 17 7.15 pmDitchling Film Society film I am Love, Ditchling28 ThuVillage Hallp 25 8 pmWhat’s On in May 20111 Sun Bereavement Service, St Margaret’s Ditchling 3 pmBible Society Talk on the History of the King James4 WedBible, United Reformed Church, HassocksChurch and Countryside Conference 2011, Sussex Rural12 ThuBusiness Centre, Plumpton College, BN7 3AE10 amRSCM Sussex Area Festival, Chichester Cathedral 5.30 pm14 Sat Celebratory Concert in Aid of the Ruth Fund, StMargaret's Church, Ditchling7 pm18 - 21 The Ditchling Story, Ditchling Village Hall31 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall 7.15 pmThe Passion of ChristBy Arthur SomervellHoly Trinity Church, HurstpierpointSunday 10 th April, 6 pmwith the combined choirs of Holy Trinity Church,Hurstpierpoint and St Margaret’s Church, Ditchlingand soloists Nicolas Chisholm – tenor, Roger Green - Pilate,Claire Levin – soprano and Fran Dowsett - alto19

Ditchling Women’s GroupsDitchling Downs WI‘Pictures from the Past’ was the subject of John Davey’s very entertaining talk forour March meeting. John’s father was known as ‘Mr. Lewes’ and John hasinherited from his father over 1000 photos of Lewes during the Victorian andEdwardian period, the earliest being circa 1853. It was interesting to see Lewesas such a centre of industry in the late 19 th and early 20 th century with shipbuilding, iron and steel works and of course the brewery. Lewes in those daysboasted of 70 inns. Water then wasn’t clean enough for drinking so men,women and even children found it healthier to drink a mild form of ale.We are delighted to welcome for our April meeting Romy McCabe who had tocancel her talk on ‘I Married the Vicar’ earlier in the year due to illness. Themeeting will be on Tuesday 1 st April, at the Friends Meeting House, EastGardens, Ditchling, 7.30pm for 8pm. For enquiries please ring Barbara Dollingson 01273 843892Barbara DollingsDitchling WIWe held our monthly meeting on Thursday March 3 rd . Our speaker was MrGraham Smith who gave us a talk on ‘ 4 Cities’, Hong Kong – Zanzibar- Paris-New York. He showed us wonderful photos of each of the cities. It wasthoroughly enjoyed by all. We had our regular Flower of the Month, raffle andtea and biscuits. Then we had the result of a photo competition.Our Easter meeting will be held on Thursday April 7 th in Ditchling Village Hallstarting at 2.20 pm, when Jonathon Fryer will entertain us with a talk entitled‘Humorous side of Acting’. We will then have our Easter Tea. Visitors will bewelcome.Joan Sayer, 01273 845255Women’s FellowshipLast month Belinda Brittain hosted our annual Corporate Communion at TheQuaker Meeting House. Once again we were pleased to welcome Father David.He led the service, introducing a new hymn, and spoke about the recent terribledisasters and conflicts overshadowing the world.Next month our meeting will be hosted by Jenny Beck on Tuesday 19th April at7.30 pm. Fred Asbury will be returning to talk about “Outdoors”. Please phoneJenny (846555) if you are able to attend.Pam Burr20

1 st Ditchling Scout GroupBeavers – This month the Beavers completed their requirements for the FaithBadge with a visit to St Margaret’s Church. Another badge that the boys areeager to complete is for Pet Care and we had a visit from a Vet to tell everyoneabout how to look after their pets and to identify symptoms of commonailments.Very much enjoyed was a Treasure Hunt in the Village finishing up with a searchfor chocolate eggs in the Headquarters.Cubs – This is a time of year for gaining badges indoors so the Cubs have beenbusy with map and compass for their Map Reader’s Badge. On another eveninga circular hike was held starting at Streat Church. We congratulate FreddieStuart on gaining his Chief Scout’s Silver Award.Scouts – Taking part in the Mid Sussex District Ten-pin Bowling Competition,we are pleased to announce that our Troop gained first place again in the face ofa greater number of competitors than before now that the District has increasedin size.Other evenings were devoted to problem-solving activities and rifle shooting. Atthe beginning of the month our annual Masterspy Incident Hike was held withtwo patrols taking part. It followed a similar theme to previous years but with adifferent storyline and fresh incidents. Starting at Streat Church, the teams hadto deal with avoiding a “police patrol” by hiding in ditches, disarming a“minefield”, decoding a message hidden under a bridge, digging up a buried“gold bar” in a field using only a compass bearing to locate it, gift wrapping thesaid “gold bar” and after ordering eats and drinks at the “Le Chateau Rouge”(using their best French only), presenting the “gold bar” to the “President ofNeuf Briesac”, saving him once again from disgrace among his own citizens afterhe had been accused of putting it in his own Safe Deposit. All this was done inthe dark using map references to find friendly contacts. Without following thecorrect route it was impossible to find where the hike would finish. Unusuallythe weather was fine and both teams successfully completed their assignments.Our thanks to all the parents and leaders who were involved in the evening’sactivities and members of the District Team who also entered into the spirit ofthe night. Special thanks to Dick and Jean Morley who enabled us to use theirhome as the “Le Chateau Rouge” and added colour to the storyline.Alec Gaskin, Group Chairman22

Ditchling Museum‘Redevelopment Fundraising Shop & Garden Sale’Saturday 9 th April - 10am to 4pm,Ditchling Museum, Church Lane, DitchlingDitchling Museum will be holding a massive sale on some of their shop items,such as books, cards, gifts, children’s toys, tea towels, and ceramics and on ourgarden plants.The Museum’s garden contains a real serendipity of old cottage garden plants –and they will all be up for sale! Mostly herbaceous they range from tallperennials such as bears’ breeches (acanthus), scarlet crocosmia, red-hot pokers,shasta daisies, golden rod, day-lilies, peonies and mallow to the smaller andcreeping kinds – variegated ivies, sedum, golden creeping jenny and goldenoregano, lily of the valley, primulas, periwinkle, hellebores, bergenia,pulmomaria and veronica. There will be a few shrubs too such as mock orange(choisya), wall germander, climbing golden hop and a few roses, plus no doubt afew surprises we had forgotten about!As the garden is small there will only be a few of some species. And don’t expectgarden centre packaging! We will pot up as much as we can – including ourbigger-than-the-garden-centre’s box balls - but much of the stock will be freshlydug and sold in that old fashioned method wrapped (carefully) in newspaper.Bring plastic bags for your swag if you can!The Ditchling Story - 18 th to 21 st MayFollowing on from my piece in the January issue about the auditions for thisproduction I'm pleased to say that we had a good attendance at the end ofJanuary and the show was successfully cast. It's heartening to see not only someof the 'regular' members of the Players but also some new faces who we arevery pleased to welcome.Rehearsals are now well under way and everyone is working hard to bring yetanother excellent production to the Ditchling stage. There has been a lot ofinterest in the production not only from people within the village but outsidetoo, so we're looking forward to some good audiences.Tickets are £7.00 (Wednesday) and £8.00 (Thursday to Saturday) and go on saleon Monday 25 th April at Clifford Dann, High Street, Ditchling, tel 01273 843344.We look forward to seeing you in May.David Tettersell23

Ditchling Village HallWhether a Ditchling resident or not, or a current user of Ditchling Village Hall ornot, you are invited to attend the Hall’s Annual General Meeting on MondayApril 11 th 2011, at 8.00pm in the upper hall. We can tell you about all the thingsthat have taken place over the last year, during which I am pleased to report wehave sustained a high level of utilisation.The ‘activities’ or objects we pursue under our charitable status are “Theprovision and maintenance of a village hall for the use of inhabitants of Ditchlingand the surrounding area without distinction of political, religious or otheropinions, including use for a) meetings, lectures and classes and b) other forms ofrecreation and leisure-time occupation, with the object of improving theconditions of life for the inhabitants”.We’d like to hear whether you think we are meeting those objects and just asimportant, you can give us your ideas on how we can develop the service wegive. So please come along. We will also offer you a glass of wine or soft drink.There are no tickets – just come!Tom Dufty, Chairman of the Hall TrusteesStreat Parish MeetingThe AGM and Ordinary Meeting of Streat Parish Meeting will take place onTuesday 19 th April at 8pm in Streat Rectory Barn – all residents are welcome andrefreshments will be served afterwards.Tony Gedge and Philippa Rowling offer themselves for re-election to thecommittee. Brian Clifford, who was co-opted onto the Committee in Decemberto replace Kate Allisat, offers himself for election.Work has started on the Wastewater Treatment Works just south of StreatChurch and representatives from Four-D Ltd, the construction company, will begiving a presentation at the meeting.Anyone wishing to add items to either agenda must send their request, inwriting, to the Clerk by 12 th April. Copies of unapproved minutes and accountswill be made available in Streat Rectory Barn ten minutes before the meetingstarts or the Clerk is happy to email a copy to you.Karen Pritty, Clerk & RFO, Streat Parish Meeting, k.pritty@fsmail.net24

Ditchling Characters”Once again the Ditchling History Project is mounting a repeat of one of the seriesof talks given on ‘Ditchling Characters’. We know that many people could notattend this series first time round mainly because they were held on a weekdaymorning.So, by popular demand, the second in the series on ‘Ditchling Characters’ will berepeated on Monday, April 18 th at 7.30pm in the Old Meeting House in TheTwitten.The characters have been selected as much on their contribution to village life,in the broadest sense, as on their lifetime achievements. Some you may neverhave heard of, or are names that you have heard but know little about. All arecolourful and interesting. Be prepared for surprises and for amusing anecdotes.The characters covered in this repeat talk are Joy Sinden, Mime Artist; FredWood, Countryman and Bill Kenning, an Eccentric.Sixty tickets are now on sale for £4, including a glass of wine or soft drink, fromParkers, the Post Office and the Village Hair Studio, or by phoning Janet Cragg,845383 Roma Leon, 843113 or Tom Dufty, 844110.Tom DuftyDitchling Film SocietyOn Thursday, 7 th April 2011 we shall be showing The Secret in Their Eyes. Thefilm is set in contemporary Argentina with flashbacks to the 1970’s when thecountry was descending into a military dictatorship. In the late 1990’s a retiredCriminal Court Investigator (Darin) decided to write a novel based on an old caseabout the tragic murder of a young woman in 1974 which had haunted him for25years. Having approached his old supervisor, Irene (Vilamil) with whom hehad enjoyed an unconsummated but palpable attraction, this gets rekindledwhilst investigating the crime. Unpredictable and rich with symbolism, thisArgentinian murder mystery with its engrossing plot and witty dialogue, lives upto its Foreign Film Oscar.Director: Juan Jose Campanella. Argentina 2009. 127 min.On Thursday, 28 th April 2011 – (please note the change of date) our film will be Iam Love, which sweeps us inside the world of a wealthy Milanese family. TheRecchis are Italian aristocracy ensconced in an opulent mansion under the ironhand of Emma(Tilda Swinton) and her father in law, patriarch, Edoardo Snr.Here they are gathered to celebrate Edoardo’s birthday and hear the successionplans that will determine so many destinies. With a mesmerizing score, the film25

is an epic of great subtlety and dazzling power which enthrals right up to itsdramatic climax.Director: Luca Guadagnino. Italy 2010. 119 min.The films will be shown in Ditchling Village Hall. Films start at 8.00 pm. Doorsopen at 7.30 pm. Free coffee and biscuits beforehand and ample free parkingbehind the hall. Guests and temporary members are welcome for a small chargepayable at the door.Rowena Cager and Melanie SamuelNewick Decorative and Fine Art SocietyTuesday April 12 th at Plumpton Village Hall 2.15 pmThe Luttrell Psalter is one of our most important and earliest illuminatedmanuscripts. Dating from 1320 it is not only a religious document but itcontains, in its illustrations, an extraordinary picture of everyday life in Englandin the Middle Ages. Life perhaps not so different from now, fighting, farming,cooking, domestic squabbles, doctoring and music, all are richly displayed! Thelecturer Imogen Corrigan is a specialist in Anglo Saxon and Mediaeval Art andshe will be telling you all about the Psalter and her talk is accompanied, as usualwith an excellent digital presentation.We look forward to seeing you, £5 on the door for non-members. Any furtherinformation required please ring Carole Burgon on 01273 890301 or MarjorieBlunden on 01825 723250.Annette ShelfordDitchling Village AssociationWe held a very successful Newcomers party on Friday 18 th March. There werearound 30 new residents. I hope they will be very happy in our lovely, friendlyvillage. I would like to thank all clubs and associations for the wonderful foodthat they supplied, very scrumptious! We also had a collection for Red Nose Day;thank you all who donated.The Coffee Morning on April 19 th will be run by The Ditchling Players. Pleasenote that in future the times for the coffee morning will be 10 am to 11.30 as wehave to ensure that we vacate the village hall by 12 noon.Catharine Robinson26

A Short Winter’s Walk in Lodge Hill LaneIn snow I trudge up West Street. Vengeful carsClip my heels as I cross towards the WarMemorial, where poppies flare like stars,And where we lately stood arraigned beforeThe unimaginably brave –Their names so many in a place so small -Weighing our lives against the lives they gaveAnd wondering whether we were worth it all.St Margaret, coy amidst her pines, looks downOn the whitening Green, remembering Antioch:Dry dusty streets policed by a pagan sun,And soft beguiling words that broke the lockTo martyrdom. Yet she survivesIn this remote unlikely sanctuaryAbove a Sussex village, guarding livesOf mothers giving birth - or soon to be.Around the pond, the ducks of Ditchling waddleSmugly, proprietorially almost,All heedless to the swooping snarled arrivalOf strutting fascist raiders from the coast.Farther out, the ice elaboratesIts patterns, and there, before the final freeze,A sentry heron, hunched and patient, waitsFor gleams of gold beneath frost-silvered trees.I pass the big-eyed cottage by the bendWhere a supplicant magnolia gamely liftsIts tight-wrapped buds in prayer for winter’s end.Ahead, a tracery of branches siftsThe brightening glow that lights my pathBetween the littered banks; though nothing willRedeem the forlorn handrail, epitaphFor all attempts to colonise the Hill.The top is slow in coming but when at lastI’m there, the snow has eased and a sudden sunIlluminates a slide-show from the past,Bright Breughel figures crowding a toboggan run,As if the scene were staged to pleaseThe Jack and Jill, and ghosts of Oldland Mill,Played out against a Downland masterpiece,The God-drawn line of Wolstonbury Hill.Gerry Hinckley28

Burgess Hill Choral Society: Mozart and SalieriOur concert on Saturday 2 nd April features Requiems by Salieri and Mozart.Antonio Salieri’s compositions were hugely popular during his lifetime and hehas enjoyed a resurgence of interest since his dramatic and fictionalisedappearance in the film ‘Amadeus’. His Requiem is a fine work which contrastswith that of his younger contemporary Mozart, whose intense and movingRequiem was composed shortly before his own death.The concert takes place at St Andrew’s Church, Junction Road, Burgess Hill at7.30 pm. Advance tickets are available from members of BHCS, the Town CouncilHelp Point, 96 Church Walk, or by telephoning the Ticket Secretary on 01444831161.Sussex Chorus Handel Extravaganza, 16 AprilSussex Chorus presents a concert of music by Handel including Concerto forOrgan and Strings No 4 in F; Chandos Anthem No 9, 'O Praise the Lord with OneConsent'; Coronation Anthem: Zadok the Priest and Ode for St Cecilia's Day.This concert will take place on Saturday 16 April, at 7.30 pm in Lancing CollegeChapel.Artists will include Helen-Jane Howells, Nicholas Pritchard, Christopher Breedsand the Sussex Classical Players and will be conducted by Neil Jenkins.Tickets are £15, concessions £12, children under 16 free, available from theDome Box Office 01273 709709 and Sussex Chorus Ticket Manager 01273273333.Brighton Festival Chorus Fundraising ConcertEternal Light, Friday 1 st April & Saturday 2 nd April, 7.30 pmSt Bartholomew’s Church, BrightonBrighton Festival Chorus and Brighton Festival Youth Choir perform anenlightening concert of some of the most ethereal music of all time. From thehaunting sounds of Barber’s Adagio and Lauridsen’s mystical Lux Aeterna toTavener’s radiant Two Hymns to the Mother God, sit back and let the entrancingharmonies of these choral masterpieces seep into your soul.Tickets at £18 and £12 are available from the Dome Box Office, 29 New Road,Brighton, BN1 1UG. Book online at or phone01273 709709.31

Upwardly MobileIf I had a penny for every time someone says, “My garden is packed, I can’t fitany more plants in”, I would be very rich. And my answer is always the same –“Of course you can!” Firstly, be ruthless. Get rid of the non-performers or thoseplants that only flower if they have had their hands held for 11 months. It ismadness to give space to needy and nervous plants.Once the horticultural editing is complete, replacements must be found. Shrubsand perennials spring to mind, however do not forget about a very useful groupof plants that supply vertical interest, climbers. They require support - so thatoffers up an interesting choice of shapes and materials. Bamboo canes areacceptable for your annual sweet peas, but for plants of greater permanence it ismore fitting to give them the gravitas of metal or timber frames. Whateverdecorative shape you favour, the support must capable of bearing the weight ofa mature climber. Do remember that if your plant is deciduous, the support willbe on show for up to 5 months a year, so it needs to be attractive.Avoid rampant climbers, such as Climbing Hydrangea, Virginia Creeper and someVines. The evergreen star jasmine or Trachelospernum jasminoides (doesn’t itjust roll off the tongue?!) loves a sunny spot and will reward you with a mass ofsnow white, highly scented flowers in summer. Its rich green foliage turns brightred in the winter. Clematis montana varieties are too vigorous, but a framelooks wonderful with an early and late flowering Clematis viticella and hybridvariety clambering up it. Spanish flag or Ipomoea lobata is a frost tender climberthat is usually grown as an annual. It has wonderful foliage with flowers thatstart off scarlet, turning orange and then cream as they mature.Forget about thinking laterally … think vertically!Karoline Baird, 07742 731967Nature NotesAs I write this about half way through March, There are some signs of Spring inthe countryside. The wild plum trees on the Lewes Road are now in flower, laterthan in some years but hopefully for that reason will not catch any late frostsand there will be enough insects to pollinate and set the fruit. Already on theodd bright sunny days we have had among the gloomy ones, Peacock, Brimstoneand Small Tortoiseshell butterflies have emerged from hibernation and what ajoy they are.33

I saw a female Blackbird carrying nest building material on March 2 nd which Ithought to be an early date for this year. Whereas during the height of thebreeding season, nests are constructed over a period of only a few days, theearly ones often take a couple of weeks and on completion there may be severaldays before eggs are laid if weather conditions are poor.By the time this is published we should have had the joy of seeing severalmigrant species returning to Britain to breed. There is often an overlap as somewill arrive while some of the winter visitors are still with us. I have often foundChiffchaffs singing in the woods at the same time as Redwings are foragingamongst the leaf litter. It is also quite possible that some of our early breedingSong thrushes and Blackbirds could have fledged young out of the nest beforethe Fieldfares and Redwings, with similar food requirements have departed tothe east and north.A species that does need a lengthy period to complete its most wonderful nest isthe Long-tailed Tit. Unlike the others of that family that breed in holes or nestboxes, these birds make an elaborate nest, often in a well protected bush ofBlackthorn or one with similarly spiny wood. It is made and the first eggs are laidoften before the leaves emerge on the bush, so for a time it is exposed thoughquite well camouflaged. The nest is a marvellous work of art made of moss andcovered in lichens that give it the appearance of a log that has fallen into thehedge and contains many hundreds of feathers. The entrance hole is high up onthe side of the nest facing away from the prevailing wind, thus affordingprotection from the elements. Up to a dozen young and often both adults usethe nest which has to be a very strong and enduring construction.A feature of recent years has been the number of Buzzards in the area. Twentyyears ago they were hardly ever seen around Plumpton but this week, on abright morning seven were soaring together high in a thermal. I wonder if inyears to come the Red Kite, that has been re-introduced into the Home Countieswill also colonise these parts. They are already occupying parts of Sussex. Mydaughter lives in Maidenhead and they fly over the garden daily and on puttingmeat scraps and bacon rinds on the lawn, has encouraged them to swoop downto collect them. Then you get the full appreciation of their wingspan.34

The Beacon in the PastBelow are excerpts from previous issues of the Ditchling Beacon.40 years agoEaster was on 11 April, 1971 and the Vicar, Tony Way, wrote in his letter thatservices would remain as in previous years except for the “Hour’s Devotion” onGood Friday “which I firmly believe should be kept during the last of the threehours Our Lord was on the cross .. we will therefore keep it from 2-3 pm”.The Vicar also reminded parishioners “whose names appear on the Electoral Rollof their duty to attend” the Annual Church Meeting.The Mothers’ Union was active 40 years ago and a recent talk was on the IndianJungle. The April meeting was to be a talk on the Bible in Braille.Under ‘CHOIR NOTES’ congratulations were given to Alan Bickers, Senior SingingBoy, “who is the first choirboy to qualify for the award which was formed by Mrs.Marjorie Read in memory of her late husband”. The choir included a number ofboys and “Keith Morris had been appointed Head Decani Choirboy” there beingalso a “Head Cantoris”. It was also mentioned that two new tenors had joinedthe choir making a total of six.20 years agoIn April 1991, Holy Communion was celebrated on Tuesdays, Wednesdays andon Sundays at 8 am and 10 am. There was an Evensong service every Sunday at4.30 pm.In his letter the Vicar said that the Eucharist was instituted at the first of twomeetings of the disciples mentioned in the New Testament. “The mention of theupper room in Scripture reminds us of the place which the church buildings wherewe worship regularly hold in our hearts … A church should be dear to us, not onlybecause we know it well, but because it is there that we pray to God”.A reminder was included in this issue of the Ditchling Beacon that “ALL Hassocksnumbers quoted in the Beacon should now be prefixed with 84 for calls within thelocality. For STD calls, telephone numbers should be prefixed 0273-84 followedby the local four figure number.”A prayer for the end of the Gulf War included the words “We pray that theceasefire will give way to peace between nations, with safety, freedom andjustice for all”.Graham Sharpless35

DITCHLINGPOST OFFICENewsagents & Stationers1 Lewes Road, DitchlingTel: 01273 842736ConfectioneryNewspapers TobaccoIce cream PostcardsGreetings cards StationeryMaps Parking vouchersGifts36

For practical servicesfrom friendly peopleWills & EstatesProperty Sales & PurchasesPersonal injuryInheritance tax planningFamily mattersServices for businesses32-34 Keymer Road, Hassocks01273 by the SolicitorsRegulation AuthoritySpecialists in Landscape PlanningGarden Construction Waterscape Landscape& Waterscape Maintenance ServiceASHDOWN COTTAGEUNDERHILL LANE, DITCHLINGSUSSEXTEL: (01273) 843283, FAX: 842335Directors: A L Standen & S M MayCom p a n y Re g . N o . 8 1 4 630 Re giste r e d a tA sh d o w n Co tta g e , U n de r hill L a ne ,Ditchling, Sussex, BN6 8XE37

If you would like to contribute to our magazine on church and villagecommunity matters, or receive further copies, please get in touch with:Graham Sharpless, 23 North Court, Hassocks, BN6 8JSTel: 01273 845368 E-mail: sharpless@btinternet.comwww.BeaconParishes.orgCopy deadline for the May 2011 edition isFriday 15 th AprilContributions should, where possible, be sent by email to the emailaddress above either in the body of the email or as a Microsoft Wordfile. For events please ensure that all necessary details are included,such as title, venue, date, time, ticket prices and availability.Printed by DPS Ltd, Burgess Hill38

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