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Page 4Student Forumcontinued from page 2In response to the first two issues Dr. Elizabeth Ragsdale, Chair, Humanities/Learning Support,explained to the student that the committee a number of University System ESOL Programsand used the Georgia Perimeter and Gainesville College ESOL Programs as models for the Dartonprogram in order to ensure that the Regents' staff would approve the program. The ESOL Programsthat were reviewed at System institutions and the individuals responsible for ESOL Programs thatwere interviewed at these institutions recommended that a Writing Sample be included as a final exitrequirement. Darton used the Georgia Perimeter placement scores and exit requirements, whichincluded passing a Writing Sample, as our model which was submitted to the Regents' Office andwhich was approved.3. ESOL class passing rateWhen Dr. Ragsdale brought up "86% passing rate in the ESOL classes", the student mentionedthat he had a private tutor to work with him on essay writing and that was how he had passed theclass. He stated that he learned more from the tutor rather than the ESOL class.4. Student also wanted to know about college admissions requirements for International students.Dr. Ragsdale indicated that she was not the person to respond to admissions questions and thatsomeone from the admissions area would be better informed about the issues.There has been some disagreement with Student Activities fees paying for Faculty/Staff to participatein activities. Bengie Cravey announced that the Foundation would pay for the Faculty/Staffparticipation for now. The issue will be brought before the Student Services Committee to see ifthey are interested in changing the policy.Dr. Barnette informed the students on the status of the new PE complex. He told the students thatthe Student Services Committee had approved funds for the new complex. This will assure all feepaying students have access to the facilities.A student brought up that MLT students are taking Chemistry I and Chemistry II at other schoolsbecause they are unable to get in the classes here. Students have to take these classes at otherschools in order to graduate with their class. What can be done to offer more classes?Dr. Darden explained that Darton continues to advertise for faculty to teach these courses. It ishard to find qualified faculty to teach Chemistry. Faculty here is teaching overloads at this time.A student wanted to know if Darton will become a four year school.Dr. Sireno said Darton will not become a four year school.There being no further comments or issues, the forum was adjourned.The student forum is open to all students and staff and is the best way to have your opinionsheard by the President of Darton.Baseball Season OutlookBy Jamie CorrWith the graduation of eight starters from last season’s team, the 2004 Cavaliers will feature a newlook lineup consisting of several incoming freshmen and first-year starters. This year’s club will havemuch improved depth ensuring competition at every position.PitchersSophomore Nick Green returns to anchor the staff after a stellar freshman campaign in which he wastabbed in the 11 th round of the MLB Draft. Brandon McNamara joins Green as a returning sophomorestarter on the hill after going 6-6 as a freshman. Rounding out the conference rotation will be freshmanpitcher/infielder Justin Lamb. Sophomores Matt Marchant and Josh Wilson will once again becounted on to throw valuable relief innings on the weekend and spot start during the week. Also battlingfor the fourth starter position will be sophomore Brent Harmon, freshmen Matthew Nicholson,and pitcher/utility player Blake Wright. Freshmen Dustin Mendel (OF), Chris Hanney, Cody Green,and Daniel Dukes (1B) should also see time on the mound as the season progresses.CatchersFreshman Dustin Hatcher is set for his first season on the field after red-shirting last year. He will becounted on to do the lion’s share of duties behind the plate with only one other catcher on the roster.Power-hitting local product Chris Harris will also handle some of the catching duties when not in theoutfield or designated hitting.InfieldersThe entire starting infield from last year is gone leaving vacancies all around the horn. When notpitching, Justin Lamb will handle third base duties. Freshman Justin Huff takes over at shortstopalong with the lone sophomore infielder Jean Guzman. Huff will be counted on to set the table offensivelyin the leadoff spot. Second base should see a battle between freshmen Trammel Dukes andNick Phillips. Daniel Dukes’ glove will be counted on at first base, while his bat will be needed in themiddle of the lineup. Chris Leymeister and Jonathan Oliver are both freshmen that should see actionat several infield spots. Wright may also see time at all four infield positions.OutfieldersJuan Alonso returns as the lone starting position player from last year’s club and will make the transitionfrom leftfield to right this season. Centerfield will be manned by either sophomore Luke Forgioneor freshman Blake Wright. Chris Harris is slated to start the year in left while freshmen JustinWilliams and Jerrett Dunham will push for time at all three spots

Page 6China has the world's oldest living civilization and one of the largestcountries, where a fifth of the world’s people live. Its written historygoes back about 3,500 years. The Chinese people take great pride in theirnation, its long history, and its influence on other countries. China's land isas varied as it is vast. It ranges from subarctic regions in the north to tropicallowlands in the south and from fertile plains in the east to deserts in thewest.I have had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. May Liu a biology professorat Darton, who is from China and has lived in America for ten years.She lives here in Albany with her husband and little boy. Family life hasalways been extremely important in Chinese culture. Before 1949, someChinese lived in large family units. Some as many as 100 or more relativeslived together under the rule of the oldest male. The ideal was "five generationsunder one roof." Of course times change and today, the Chineselive in much smaller types of family units. In the past, only men were expectedto work outside the home. Today, almost all adults have a job. Inmany families, a grandparent looks after the house and children during theday. More and more children attend nursery school and kindergarten sothat both parents can be free to work. In China children who go to schoolhave two sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, witha couple of hours of break in between so they usually go home during thattime.Throughout the course of time long honored traditions change. Relationshipswithin Chinese families have become less formal and more democratic.Parents no longer expect their children to show unquestioningobedience. In the past, a father could legally kill his children if they disobeyedhim. Young people today generally chooses their own marriagepartners on the basis of shared interests and mutual attraction. However,parents still play a role in arranging some marriages, especially in rural areas.Any couple would at least consult their parents about such a majordecision.One of the qualities that I have always admired is how highly theChinese valued education and respected scholars. Before 1949, there weretwo major reasons for this high regard for education. (1) The Confuciansbelieved that people could perfect themselves through study. They madeno sharp distinction between academic education and moral education.They believed the function of all study was to build character. (2) The abilityto read and write and a knowledge of Confucian sacred writings pavedthe way to financial security and social position. Candidates for governmentjobs had to pass an examination based on the Confucian works. Sincethe mid-1900's, the Chinese have made great progress in providing educationfor their children. The number of children who attend elementaryschool and secondary school has increased sharply. China traditionally didnot require children to attend school. But in 1986, the government passeda law that required children to attend school for at least nine years.On the eastern edge of the forests of the Tibet Highland area shelterpandas, golden monkeys, takins, and other rare animals. Wild elephantsand gibbons dwell in the subtropical far southwestern uplands. A few Siberiantigers live in remote forests of Manchuria. That is just a taste ofwhat we don’t get here in America, unless you want to go to a zoo.China is an experience all in its own, from it’s richly cultural to exoticanimals. China being the oldest living civilization, it would be a pleasureto visit not only such a beautiful country, but to actually see that theyhave still held onto a lot of their traditions. Ms. May Liu has suggested thatany of the students who choose to go study abroad in China should makethe Chinese English Dictionary their new best friend.The Dental Hygiene Programat Darton Collegeprovides the followingservices FREE OFCHARGE to all DartonCollege students with avalid student ID.—Cleanings, X-Rays,Fluoride Treatments, PatientEducation, SealantsThese services are performed by Darton CollegeDental Hygiene students. Contact the DentalHygiene Department at 430-6840 or come bythe clinic located in B-104 to schedule an appointmentor for additional information.

Beautiful Home onLarge LotLooking for a new home? 201 LockettStation Road is selling for $149,900. Itis a well-kept home for a growing family.2483 sq.ft, 4bedrms, 3bths, eat-inkitchen,formal dining room, lots ofstorage, updated appliances, flooringand some carpet. Huge lots with lots ofstreet appeal. Call Gail Crowley at903-1202.Children’s Dental Health MonthBy Tran TongIn appreciation of Children's Dental Health Month,the Darton Dental Hygiene suggests the following for ahealthy smile to last a lifetime. Brush after meals,don't forget to floss daily, keep your sugar consumptionlow, and visit your dental hygienist regularly. Remembera healthy body does not exclude your mouth.Keeping Smiling!These applications are available inthe Financial Aid Office, Bldg A,Room 198.Applications are available for a scholarshipfor military and civilian family membersoffered by the Officers' Spouses'Club of the Marine Corps Logistics Command,Albany.Applicants must be a family member -child or spouse- of one of following:any active duty Marine stationed inAlbanyany retired service member residingin the areaany deceased military service memberfrom the areaany military service member on activeduty serving a tour whose last duty stationwas MCLC-Albanyany civilian employee currently a memberof the Officers' Spouses' Club,MCLC, Albany.Applicants must demonstrate scholarship,leadership, community serviceand/or work experience.Application deadline is April 1, 2004.Applications are available to students majoringin Horticulture, Floriculture,Landscape Design, Conservation, Forestry,Botany, Agronomy, Plant Pathology,Environmental Control, City Planning,Land Management and/or alliedsubjects at a college or university inGeorgia. Applicants must have been aresident of Georgia for the past fouryears. Eligibility is based on academicrecord, applicant's letter, listing ofhonor/extra-curricular activities/workexperience, financial need and recommendations.The scholarship is offeredby The Garden Club of Georgia,Inc. Applications are due March 1,Dear Cavalier Attitude,Page 7I wish address a major concern of mineconcerning the HELP THE FIGHT FOR THETUITION FREEZE TO SAVE THE HOPETUITION AND BOOK AND FEES. Myquestion is this. Who wrote the piece andwhose view are they representing? Upon seeingthe half page spread, the reader can nothelp to assume or be misled to believe that thisplatform is that of the Cavalier Attitude, theSGA, Darton students, faculty, and/or the collegeitself. Such a scare tactics are used by theleft wing to promote a political platform for thenext gubernatorial election. At least presentboth sides of the issue or give who the articlespeaks for. Higher tuition is not the reason forthe future shortfalls of HOPE funds. In regardsto the HOPE, we need to look at severalmoves toward fiscal responsibility, student accountability,and public school accountabilityto keep hope sovereign for students. Somemay be painful. This may mean looking atsome tough choices. One of the best motivationsto improve one's appearance to look inthe mirror and focus on problem areas. Do notblame the mirror, it can not help you looseweight.I wish to know whom the Article mentionedabove speaks for and I would also encouragethe Cavalier Attitude in the future to list suchviews with a disclaimer distancing itself fromthe institution. Promoting political agendasshould be limited to the political page whereopposing views can be given.JeffJeff Kluball, Ed. D.Cavalier Attitude StaffCavalier Attitude StaffManaging Editor:Lay-out Editor:Copy Editor:Sports Editor:Roger Marietta, Advisorrmarietta@yahoo.comGareth SheppardLiz SchilloMichael TysonDeena CheekCavalier ClassifiedsFor Those Who Want To Buy Or SellContact Roger Marietta at 430-6808or rmarietta@yahoo.comEditorial Staff:Becky GladneyLauren GlissonJames EnfingerLisa BurtonPam AmosBlake Sims

Page 8Softball TeamBaseball Team (story on page4Basketball Team (story on page 3)"Sophomore Lefty Price was named to theAll-Tournament team at the Faulkner State CC Classic."

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