New 2014 Spring-Summer Catalogue - Wilfrid Laurier University Press

New 2014 Spring-Summer Catalogue - Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Fiction in TranslationK.L. ReichJoaquim Amat-PiniellaRobert Finley and Marta Marín-Dòmine, translatorsAvailable in English for the first time, Joaquim Amat-Piniella’s searingCatalan novel, K.L. Reich, is a central work of testimonial literature of theNazi concentration camps. Begun immediately after Amat-Piniella’sliberation in 1945, the book is based on his own four-year internment atMauthausen.“When the war is over, remember all this. Remember me,” implores one ofthe book’s characters on his deathbed, and it is this call to bear witnessthat Amat-Piniella takes up in his account of the Spanish Republicanfighters who were exiled in France at the end of the Spanish Civil War in1939 and soon swept up into the German concentration camp system. Asan already organized anti-fascist army, they played an important role as anucleus of resistance within the camps, and their story is little known toEnglish-language readers.Because of the length of his internment, his decision to write his book asfiction, and his staggering powers of observation and recollection, Amat-Piniella’s portrayal of life in the camps is unmatched in scope and detail.It is also a compelling study of three powerful ideological movementsat work at the time: anarchism, communism, and fascism, all within thedesperate and brutal world of the camps.“My book does not seek to deepen wounds or differences, but to unitepeople before cruelty,” said Amat-Piniella. This is an essential text as weponder the twentieth century and its meaning to us today.PrintJune 2014235 pages6 x 9Memory and TestimonyStudies series978-1-77112-017-3paper $24.99Digital978-1-77112-019-7epub $17.99Joaquim Amat-Piniella (1913–1974) was born inManresa, Catalonia. In 1936, he enrolled as a volunteerin the Republican Army to fight against the fascists. In1939 he went into exile in France. After being capturedby the Germans he was sent to Mauthausen onJanuary 27, 1941. He returned to Catalonia in 1948.Robert Finley is the author of The Accidental Indies, abook of lyrical essays, and, with Patrick Friesen, AislinnHunter, Anne Simpson, and Jan Zwicky, of A RaggedPen: Essays on Poetry and Memory. He reads and writesin Nova Scotia and in St. John’s, Newfoundland, wherehe teaches literature and creative writing at MemorialUniversity.Marta Marín-Dòmine is an associate professor in theDepartment of Languages and Literatures at WilfridLaurier University. Her research is on the Spanishliterature of concentration camps and on the field ofmemory representation of past violent events. Sheis presently working on a collaborative project toelaborate a Dictionary of Memory in Europe and

The Great WarFrom Memory to HistoryJonathan F. Vance, Kellen Kurschinski, Matt Symes,Steve Marti, and Alicia Robinet, editorsHistoryJonathan F. Vance teaches history at WesternUniversity. He is the author of many works, includingMaple Leaf Empire: Canada, Britain and Two World Wars(2011).Kellen Kurschinski is a Ph.D. Candidate in historyat McMaster University and Editor of His research examines themedical and sociocultural impact of the Great War.Matt Symes is a Ph.D. Candidate in history atWilfrid Laurier University. He is the co-author of fivebattlefield guides, including 1812: A Guide to the Warand Its Legacy (2013) and Canadian Battlefields 1915-18:A Visitor’s Guide (2011).Steve Marti is a doctoral candidate at WesternUniversity. His dissertation examines the relationshipbetween identity and voluntary contributions to thewar effort in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.Alicia Robinet is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Departmentof English at Western University.The Great War: From Memory to History offers a new look at the multipleways the Great War has been remembered and commemorated throughthe twentieth century and into the twenty-first. Drawing on contributionsfrom history, cultural studies, film, and literary studies this collectionoffers fresh perspectives on the Great War and its legacy at the local,national, and international levels. More importantly, it showcases excitingnew research on the experiences and memories of “forgotten” participantswho have often been ignored in dominant narratives or nationalhistories.Contributors to this international study highlight the transnationalcharacter of memory-making in the Great War’s aftermath. No singlememory of the war has prevailed, but many symbols, rituals, andexpressions of memory connect seemingly disparate communities andwartime experiences. With groundbreaking new research on the roleof Aboriginal peoples, ethnic minorities, women, artists, historians, andwriters in shaping these expressions of memory, this book will be of greatinterest to readers from a variety of national and academic backgrounds.PrintSeptember 2014450 pages38 b/w illus.6 x 9978-1-77112-050-0paper $38.99Digital978-1-77112-052-4epub $26.99Table of ContentsSection 11. Canon Fodder | Zachary Abram2. Too Close to History | Thomas Hodd3. State Great War Histories | Kimberly J. Lamay4. The Great War in Popular Detective Fiction |Marzena Sokolowska-Paryz5. From “Backstabbing Arabs” to “Shirking Kurds” |Veysel Simsek6. Men of Suvla | Jane McGaughey7. History Trumps Memory | William StewartSection 28. “Kitchener’s Tourists” | Carol Acton9. “Loyal until Death” | Dan Bullard10. Remembered Soldiers and Forgotten Enemies |Mary Chaktsiris11. The Forgotten Few | Geoff Keelan12. The Names of the Dead | Bette London13. “Loyal and Civilized” | Brian MacDowallSection 314. The Battles of the Coronel and Falkland Islands(1927) and the Struggle for the Cinematic Image ofthe Great War | Mark Connelly15. “Can one grow used to death? It is unsafe to thinkof this…” | Alice Kelly16. Kitsch, Commemoration, and Mourning in theAftermath of the Great War | Mark A. R. Facknitz17. “Ask Him if He’ll Drink a Toast to the Dead” |Robert Morley18. Otto Dix and the Great War | MichelleWijegoonaratna19. (Re)Shaping the Picture of the “East” |Wolfram DornikSpring/Summer 2014 3

FictionThe Forest of Bourg-MarieS. Frances HarrisonAfterword by Cynthia SugarsIn The Forest of Bourg-Marie, originally published in 1898, Toronto authorand musician S. Frances Harrison draws together a highly mythologizedimage of Quebec society and the forms of Gothic literature that werealready familiar to her English-speaking audience. It tells the story of afourteen-year-old French Canadian who is lured to the United States bythe promise of financial reward, only to be rejected by his grandfatherupon his return. In doing so, the novel offers a powerful critique of thepersonal and cultural consequences of emigration out of Canada.In her afterword, Cynthia Sugars considers how The Forest of Bourg-Mariereimagines the Gothic tradition from a settler Canadian perspective,turning to a French-Canadian setting with distinctly New-World overtones.Harrison’s twist on the traditional Gothic plotline offers an inversionof such Gothic motifs as the decadent aristocrat and ancestral curseby playing on questions of illegitimacy and cultural preservation.PrintSeptember 2014150 pages5 x 7Early CanadianLiterature series978-1-77112-029-6paper $24.99Digital978-1-77112-031-9epub $17.99S. Frances Harrison (1859–1935) was a Toronto-basedauthor and musician. She was the author of a book ofpoems, a book of sketches, and two novels, includingThe Forest of Bourg-Marie (1898).Cynthia Sugars is a professor of English at theUniversity of Ottawa, where she teaches Canadian literature.She is the author of Canadian Gothic: Literature,History, and the Spectre of Self-Invention (2014) and isthe editor of numerous essay collections, includingThe Oxford Handbook of Canadian Literature (forthcoming2015); Canadian Literature and Cultural Memory(with Eleanor Ty, 2014); Unsettled Remains: CanadianLiterature and the Postcolonial Gothic (with GerryTurcotte; WLU Press, 2009); and the historical anthologyCanadian Literature in English: Texts and Contexts(with Laura Moss, 2009). With Herb Wyile, she is currentlythe co-editor of Studies in Canadian

The Seats of the MightyFictionGilbert ParkerAfterword by Andrea CabajskyFrom the pen of Gilbert Parker comes one of the most popular Canadiannovels of the late nineteenth century. First published simultaneouslyin Canada and the United States in 1896, The Seats of the Mighty is setin Quebec City in 1759, against the backdrop of the conflict betweenthe English and the French over the future of New France. Writtenand published after Parker’s move to England, the novel attempts toromanticize French Canada without alienating his English and Americanreadership. The novel’s enduring popularity led to a stage version in 1897and a silent film in 1914.PrintJuly 2014150 pages5 x 7Early CanadianLiterature series978-1-77112-044-9paper $24.99Digital978-1-77112-046-3epub $17.99Gilbert Parker (1862–1932) was born in Camden East,Canada West (Ontario). After his move to Englandin 1890, he began the two careers for which he isbest known today: the British director of Americanpropaganda during the Great War and the authorof thirty popular novels, most of them historicalromances, including The Seats of the Mighty (1896).Andrea Cabajsky is an associate professor ofcomparative literature and English at the Universitéde Moncton in New Brunswick. She is the editor ofthe Broadview edition of Rosanna Mullins Leprohon’sThe Manor House of de Villerai (forthcoming) and theco-editor, with Brett Josef Grubisic, of National Plots:Historical Fiction and Changing Ideas of Canada (WLUPress, 2010). Her recent publications have appeared inCanadian Literature, Novel: A Forum on Fiction, and theBlackwell Encyclopedia of the Novel.Spring/Summer 20145

Literary CriticismBlast, Corrupt, Dismantle, EraseContemporary North American Dystopian LiteratureBrett Josef Grubisic, Gisèle M. Baxter, and Tara Lee, editorsBrett Josef Grubisic teaches contemporary literatureat the University of British Columbia. He is the authorof Understanding Beryl Bainbridge as well as the novelThe Age of Cities. He is the co-author (with David L.Chapman) of American Hunks: The Muscular Male Bodyin Popular Culture, 1860–1970 and co-editor (withAndrea Cabajsky) of National Plots: Historical Fictionand Changing Ideas of Canada (WLU Press, 2010).What do literary dystopias reflect about the times? In Blast, Corrupt,Dismantle, Erase, contributors address this amorphous but pervasivegenre, using diverse critical methodologies to examine how NorthAmerica is conveyed or portrayed in a perceived age of crisis, accelerateduncertainty, and political volatility.Drawing from contemporary novels such as Cormac McCarthy’s TheRoad, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and the work of Margaret Atwoodand William Gibson (to name a few), this book examines dystopianliterature produced by North American authors between the signingof NAFTA (1994) and the tenth anniversary of 9/11 (2011). As the textsillustrate, awareness of and deep concern about perceived vulnerabilities—endsof water, oil, food, capitalism, empires, stable climates, ways oflife, non-human species, and entire human civilizations—have becomecentral to public discourse over the same period.By asking questions such as “What are the distinctive qualities of post-NAFTA North American dystopian literature?” and “What does thisliterature reflect about the tensions and contradictions of the inchoatecontinental community of North America?” Blast, Corrupt, Dismantle,Erase serves to resituate dystopian writing within a particular geo-socialsetting and introduce a productive means to understand both NorthAmerican dystopian writing and its relevant engagements with arestricted, mapped reality.PrintMay 2014450 pages2 b/w illus.6 x 9978-1-55458-989-0paper $48.99Digital978-1-55458-990-6epub $33.99Gisèle M. Baxter has taught in the EnglishDepartment at the University of British Columbiasince 1997. Her research interests include near-futuredystopias, the Gothic inheritance, children’s/YA literature,and British modernism. Her publications, talks,and media work address topics such as Spanish CivilWar narratives, vampires, zombies, Internet culture,women in music, and Peter Pan. She is writing a novel.Tara Lee teaches in the Department of English atthe University of British Columbia. Her teaching andresearch interests include media and technology,science fiction, critical race theory, and contemporaryminority Canadian literature. She also works as afreelance writer and broadcaster for a variety of localand national publications.Table of ContentsThe Apocalypse Industry Now | Gisèle M. Baxter, BrettJosef Grubisic, and Tara LeeThe Man in the Klein Blue Suit | Janine TobeckThe Cultural Logic of Post-Capitalism | Carl MillerPost-Frontier and Redefinition of Space in Tropic ofOrange | Hande TekdemirOur Posthuman Adolescence | Rick GoodingWoman Gave Names to All the Animals |Annette LapointeThe End of Life as We Knew It | Alexa Weik von Mossner“The Treatment for Stirrings”| Joseph CampbellBrown Girl in the Ring as Urban Policy | Sharon DeGrawArchive Failure? | Zac ZimmerLove, War, and Mal de Amores | Marie-Odette CanivellCulture of Control/Control of Culture | Lee SkallerupBessetteNeoliberalism and Dystopia in U.S./MexicoBorderlands Fiction | Lysa RiveraAmerica and Books are “Never Going to Die” |Marleen BarrIn Pursuit of an Outside | Thomas StubblefieldLost in Grand Central | Robert TallyWhich Way Is Hope? | Luis RomeroDystopia Now | Kit DobsonThe Romance of the Blazing World | Owen PercyAnother Novel Is Possible | Lee

Cultural StudiesMaterial Cultures in CanadaThomas Allen and Jennifer Blair, editorsThomas Allen is an associate professor of Englishat the University of Ottawa. He is the author of ARepublic in Time: Temporality and Social Imaginationin Nineteenth-Century America (2008). His researchconcerns the cultural history of time, especially inrelation to material culture.A specialist in Canadian literature, Jennifer Blairteaches in the Department of English at the Universityof Ottawa. Her research focuses on early Canadianliterature, with a special interest in architecture andthe circulation of information in colonial Canada. Shehas published essays in Studies in Canadian Literature,English Studies in Canada, and Feminist Media Studies.Material Cultures in Canada presents the vibrant and diverse fieldof material culture studies in Canadian literary, artistic, and politicalcontexts today. The first of its kind, this collection features sixteen essaysby leading scholars in Canada, each of whom examines a different objectof study, including the beaver, geraniums, comics, water, a musicalplaylist, and the human body.The book’s three sections focus, in turn, on objects that are persistentlymaterial, on things whose materiality blends into the immaterial, andon the materials of spaces. Contributors highlight some of the mostexciting new developments in the field, such as the emergence of “newmaterialism,” affect theory, globalization studies, and environmentalcriticism. Although the book has a Canadian centre, the majority of itscontributors consider objects that cross borders or otherwise resistnational affiliation.PrintAugust 2014325 pages27 b/w illus.6 x 9Cultural Studies series978-1-77112-014-2paper $42.99Digital978-1-77112-016-6epub $29.99Table of ContentsThe Work of the Beaver | Jody BerlandNight in a Box: Anne Carson’s Nox and the Materialityof Elegy | Tanis MacDonaldMaxims and Contraries: Notes from a Project inProcess | Alison CalderThe Geranium in the Window: One Plant’s LiteraryHardiness in the Canadian Imagination | ShelleyBoydIs It Still a Cinch? The Transformational Properties ofObjects in Guy Vanderhaeghe’s The Last Crossing |Susan BirkwoodObama’s Playlist: Materializing Transnational Desire atthe CBC | Mark SimpsonGrinning Things: Object Lessons in Violent Labour |Michael EppMoses Cotsworth and the Authenticity of Time |Thomas AllenMaterializing Climate Change: Images of Exposure,States of Exception | Nicole ShukinWaters as Potential Paths to Peace | Rita WongThe Biotopographies of Seth’s George Sprott (1894–1975) | Candida RifkindWoodrow: Memory and Nostalgia at Play | Jessa Alston-O’ConnorPlaques and Persons: Commemorating Canada’sAuthors | Carole GersonArchaeological Detritus and the Bulging Archive: TheStaging of He Named Her Amber at the Art Gallery ofOntario | May ChewPoetry and Globalized Cities: A Material Poetics ofCanadian Urban Space | Jeff DerksenThis collection will be valuable to readers within and outside of Canadawho are interested in material culture studies and, in addition, will appealto anyone interested in the central debates taking place in Canadianpolitical and cultural life today, such as climate change, citizenship, shiftsin urban and small-town life, and the persistence of imperialism.Spring/Summer 2014 11

Cultural StudiesCreating TogetherParticipatory, Community-Based, and Collaborative ArtsPractices and Scholarship across CanadaDiane Conrad and Anita Sinner, editorsCreating Together explores an emerging approach to research thatcombines arts practices and scholarship in participatory, communitybased,and collaborative contexts in Canada across multiple disciplines.Looking at a variety of art forms, from photography and mural paintingto performance art and poetry, the contributors explore how the processof creating together generates and disseminates collective knowledge.The artistic processes and works in an arts-based approach to scholarshipmake use of aesthetic, experiential, embodied, and emotional waysof knowing and creating knowledge in addition to traditional intellectualways. The anthology also addresses the growing trend in arts-basedresearch that takes a participatory, community-based, or collaborativefocus, and encourages scholars to work together, with other professionals,and with community groups to explore questions, create knowledge,and express shared understandings. The collection highlights threeforms of research: participatory arts-based research that engages participantsin all stages of the inquiry and aims to produce practical knowingto benefit the community; community-based arts research that hascommunity/public space at the heart of practice; and collaborative artsapproaches involving multi-levelled, multi-layered, and interdisciplinarycollaboration from diverse perspectives.To illustrate how such innovative work is being accomplished in Canada,the collection includes examples from British Columbia to Newfoundlandand across disciplines, including the fine arts, education, the healthsciences, and social work.PrintSeptember 2014250 pages55 b/w illus.6 x 9978-1-77112-023-4paper $38.99Digital978-1-77112-025-8epub $26.99Diane Conrad is an associate professor of drama/theatre education at the University of Alberta. Herparticipatory, arts-based research involves work withhigh-risk and incarcerated youth. She is the directorof the Arts-based Research Studio at University ofAlberta. Her recent publications include Athabasca’sGoing Unmanned: An Ethnodrama about IncarceratedYouth (2012).Anita Sinner is an assistant professor of art educationat Concordia University in Montreal. Her researchinterests include pre-service and in-service teachereducation, community-based art education, lifeand light writing, and digital media. She bringsinterdisciplinary perspectives to research involvingqualitative approaches and many forms of artsresearch in relation to curriculum studies and socialand cultural issues in

Moving EnvironmentsAffect, Emotion, Ecology, and FilmAlexa Weik von Mossner, editorMedia StudiesAlexa Weik von Mossner is an assistant professor ofAmerican studies at the University of Klagenfurt inAustria. She has published widely on cosmopolitanismand various ecocritical issues in literature and film.Her monograph Engaging the Other: AmericanLiterature, Emotion, and the Cosmopolitan Imaginationis forthcoming in 2014.In Moving Environments: Affect, Emotion, Ecology, and Film, internationalscholars investigate how films portray human emotional relationshipswith the more-than-human world and how such films act upon theirviewers’ emotions. Emotion and affect are the basic mechanisms thatconnect us to our environment, shape our knowledge, and motivate ouractions. Contributors explore how film represents and shapes humanemotion in relation to different environments and what role time, place,and genre play in these affective processes. Individual essays resituatewell-researched environmental films such as An Inconvenient Truth andMarch of the Penguins by paying close attention to their emotionalizingstrategies, and bring to our attention the affective qualities of films thathave so far received little attention from ecocritics, such as Kelly Reichhardt’sWendy and Lucy and Stan Brakhage’s Dog Star Man.The collection opens a new discursive space at the disciplinary intersectionof film studies, affect studies, and a growing body of ecocriticalscholarship. It will be of interest not only to scholars and students workingin the field of ecocriticism and the environmental humanities, but foreveryone with an interest in our emotional responses to film.PrintJuly 2014260 pages6 x 9EnvironmentalHumanities series978-1-77112-002-9paper $42.99Digital978-1-77112-004-3epub $29.99Table of ContentsSECTION I: General and Theoretical Considerations1. Emotion and Affect in Eco-films: Cognitive andPhenomenological Approaches | David Ingram,Brunel University, London2. Emotions of Consequence? Viewing Ecodocumentariesfrom a Cognitivist Perspective |Alexa Weik von Mossner, University of Klagenfurt,Austria3. Irony and Contemporary Ecocinema: Theorizing aNew Affective Paradigm | Nicole Seymour, Universityof Arkansas, Little RockSECTION II: Anthropomorphism and the Non-Human in Documentary Film4. On the “Inexplicable Magic of Cinema”: CriticalAnthropomorphism, Emotion, and the Wildness ofWildlife Films | Bart H. Welling, University of NorthFlorida, Jacksonville5. Emotion and Political Environmental Documentary:Darwin’s Nightmare and The Cove | Belinda Smail,Monash University, Melbourne, Australia6. Flipper? We Are Eating Flipper? DocumentingAnimal Rights and Environmental Ethics at Sea |Robin Murray and Joseph Heumann, Eastern IllinoisUniversity, CharlestonSection III: The Effects and Affects of Animation7. Animation, Realism, and the “Genre of Nature” |David Whitley, University of Cambridge, UK8. What Can a Film Do? Analyzing Avatar’s GlobalAffects | Adrian Ivakhiv, University of Vermont,Burlington9. Animated Eco-cinema and Affect: A Case Study ofPixar’s Up | Pat Brereton, Dublin City UniversitySECTION IV: The Affect of Place and Time10. Moving Home: Documentary Film and OtherRemediations of Post-Katrina New Orleans | JanetWalker, University of California, Santa Barbara11. (Re)presenting the Ecological Indian and Eco-Activism in Contemporary Native American Film |Salma Monani, Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania12. Affect and Environment in Two Artists’ Films anda Video | Sean Cubitt, Goldsmiths, University ofLondonSpring/Summer 2014 13

Laurier Poetry SeriesThe Order in WhichWe Do ThingsThe Poetry of Tom WaymanSelected with an introductionby Owen PercyPlans Derangedby TimeThe Poetry of GeorgeFetherlingSelected with an introductionby A.F. Moritz2012 · 82 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-631-8 paper $16.95978-1-55458-649-3 epub $11.99From Room to RoomThe Poetry of Eli MandelSelected with an introductionby Peter WebbAfterword by Andrew Stubbs2011 · 84 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-255-6 paper $16.95978-1-55458-818-3 epub $11.99The False Lawsof NarrativeVerse and WorseSelected and New Poems ofSteve McCaffery 1989–2009Selected with an introductionby Darren Wershler2010 · 90 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-188-7 paper $16.95978-1-55458-298-3 epub $11.99FierceDeparturesThe Poetry of Fred WahSelected with an introductionby Louis CabriThe Poetry of Dionne BrandSelected with an introductionby Leslie C. Sanders2009 · 102 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-046-0 paper $16.95978-1-55458-236-5 epub $11.992009 · 60 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-038-5 paper $16.95February 2014 · 112 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-995-1 paper $16.99978-1-55458-997-5 epub $11.99Please, NoMore PoetryThe Poetry of derek beaulieuSelected with an introductionby Kit Dobson2013 · 90 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-829-9 paper $16.99978-1-55458-857-2 epub $11.99Leaving the Shade ofthe Middle GroundThe Poetry of F.R. ScottSelected with an introductionby Laura Moss · Afterword byGeorge Elliott Clarke2011 · 96 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-367-6 paper $16.95978-1-55458-378-2 epub $11.99Mobility of LightThe Poetry of Nicole BrossardSelected with an introductionby Louise H. Forsyth2009 · 144 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-047-7 paper $18.95Blues and BlissThe Poetry ofGeorge Elliott ClarkeSelected with an introductionby Jon Paul Fiorentino2008 · 90 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-060-6 paper $16.95978-1-54458-684-4 epub $11.99All These RoadsThe Poetry of Louis DudekSelected with an introductionby Karis ShearerAfterword by Frank Davey2008 · 90 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-039-2 paper $16.95978-1-55458-785-8 epub $11.99The Crisp DayClosing on My HandThe Poetry of M. Travis LaneSelected with an introductionby Jeanette Lynes2007 · 102 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-025-5 paper $16.95978-1-55458-737-7 epub $11.99Earthly PagesThe Poetry of Don DomanskiSelected with an introductionby Brian Bartlett2007 · 78 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-008-8 paper $16.95978-1-55458-207-5 epub $11.99By Word of MouthThe Poetry of Dennis CooleySelected with an introductionby Nicole Markotić2007 · 84 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-007-1 paper $16.95978-1-55458-740-7 epub $11.99Children ofthe Outer DarkThe Poetry of ChristopherDewdney · Selected with anintroduction by Karl E. Jirgens2007 · 78 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-515-4 paper $16.95978-1-55458-715-5 epub $11.99Desire Never LeavesThe Poetry of Tim LilburnSelected with an introductionby Alison Calder2006 · 64 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-514-7 paper $16.95978-0-88920-540-6 epub $11.99The More EasilyKept IllusionsThe Poetry of Al PurdySelected with an introductionby Robert Budde · Afterword byRussell Morton Brown2006 · 96 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-490-4 paper $16.95Field MarksThe Poetry of Don McKaySelected with an introductionby Méira Cook2006 · 88 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-494-2 paper $16.95978-1-55458-658-5 epub $11.99Speaking of PowerThe Poetry of Di BrandtSelected with an introductionby Tanis MacDonald2006 · 72 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-506-2 paper $16.95Before the First WordThe Poetry of Lorna CrozierSelected with an introductionby Catherine Hunter2005 · 80 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-489-8 paper $16.95978-1-55458-711-7 epub $

RiveringPoetryThe Poetry of Daphne MarlattSelected with an introduction by Susan KnutsonOpening doors, dreaming awake, tracing networks of music andmeaning, Marlatt’s poetry stands out as an essential engagement withwhat matters to anyone writing with a social-environmental conscience.Rivering includes poems inspired by the village of Steveston where,before the war, a Japanese-Canadian community lived within therhythms of salmon on the Fraser River delta. Also gathered into Rivering:lesbian love poetry from Touch to my Tongue; a transformance of NicoleBrossard’s Mauve; passages from The Given, winner of the 2009 DorothyLivesay Poetry Prize; a traditional “Kuri” song from the Noh drama, TheGull; and an unpublished excerpt from the chamber opera “ShadowCatch.”Difficult, beautiful, heart-breaking realities of the twenty-first centuryare urgently immediate in selections from Liquidities: Vancouver PoemsThen and Now. All of the poems speak to Marlatt’s poetics of place andof language as passage between distant or disparate human beings,and between human beings and the more-than-human world. Theselections are framed by Susan Knutson’s deeply attentive criticalintroduction and by Marlatt’s “immediacies of writing,” a new lyricalessay investigating the act of writing. Closing with a walking meditationsituated by her Buddhist practice, Rivering is both a “pocket Marlatt” andan introduction to one of the best poets of our time.PrintApril 201480 pages6 x 9Laurier Poetry series978-1-77112-038-8paper $16.99Digital978-1-77112-040-1epub $11.99Daphne Marlatt, poet, novelist, essayist, oral historian,and Noh dramatist, has been writing and publishingfor four decades. Her many titles include VancouverPoems, Steveston, and most recently, Liquidities:Vancouver Poems Then and Now, as well as the novelsZócalo, Ana Historic, and Taken. Her novelistic longpoem The Given received the 2009 Dorothy LivesayAward. She was awarded the George WoodcockLifetime Achievement Award for her work in 2012.Susan Knutson was born in Vancouver but movedin 1988 to the francophone Acadian community ofClare, Nova Scotia, to teach at Université Sainte-Anne.She has authored numerous articles and one book,Narrative in the Feminine: Daphne Marlatt and NicoleBrossard (WLU Press, 2000), and has edited CanadianShakespeare (2010) and the interdisciplinary reviewPort Acadie.Spring/Summer 201415

Political ScienceThe Fence and the BridgeGeopolitics and Identity along the Canada–US BorderHeather N. NicolThe Fence and the Bridge is about the development of the Canada–USborder-security relationship as an outgrowth of the much lengthierCanada–US relationship. It suggests that this relationship has beenboth highly reflexive and hegemonic over time, and that such realitiesare embodied in the metaphorical images and texts that describe theCanada–US border over its history.Nicol argues that prominent security motifs, such as themes of freetrade, illegal immigration, cross-border crime, terrorism, and territorialsovereignty are not new, nor are they limited to the post-9/11 era. Theyhave developed and evolved at different times and become part of alarger quilt, whose patches are stitched together to create a new fabricand design.Each of the security motifs that now characterize Canada–US borderperceptions and relations has a precedent in border-managementstrategies and border relations in earlier periods. In some cases, thesehave deep historical roots that date back not just years or decades butcenturies. They are part of an evolving North American geopolitical logicthat inscribes how borders are perceived, how they function, and whatthey mean.PrintJuly 2014300 pages8 b/w illus.6 x 9978-1-55458-971-5paper $42.99Digital978-1-77112-059-3epub $29.99RelatedParallel Encounters: Cultureat the Canada–US BorderGillian Roberts and DavidStirrup, editors2013354 pages6 colour; 1 b/w illus.6 x 9Cultural Studies series978-1-55458-984-5paper $48.99978-1-55458-999-9epub $33.99See page 22 for moreinformation.Heather N. Nicol is a political geographer whosework explores the structure and operation of theCanada–US border, with special emphasis on theimpacts of security and sovereignty. Among herpublications are Beyond Walls: Reinventing the Canada–US Borderlands and Holding the Line: Border in a GlobalWorld. She is also interested in the circumpolar Northas a geopolitical space, and the relationship betweenthe interests of nation-states and indigenous peoplesin the

Surviving IncarcerationSocial SciencesInside Canadian PrisonsRose RicciardelliIs prison a humane form of punishment and an effective means of rehabilitation?Are current prison policies, such as shifting resources awayfrom rehabilitation toward housing more offenders, improving the safetyand lives of incarcerated populations?Considering that many Canadians have served time, are currently incarcerated,or may one day be incarcerated—and will be released back intosociety—it is essential for the functioning and betterment of communitiesthat we understand the realities that shape the prison experiencefor adult male offenders. Surviving Incarceration reveals the unnecessaryand omnipresent violence in prisons, the heterogeneity of the prisonerpopulation, and the realities that different prisoners navigate in order tosurvive.Ricciardelli draws on interviews with almost sixty former federal prisonersto show how their criminal convictions, masculinity, and sexualitydetermined their social status in prison and, in consequence, theirpotential for victimization. The book outlines the modern “inmate code”that governs prisoner behaviours, the formal controls put forth by theadministration, the dynamics that shape sex-offender experiences ofincarceration, and the personal growth experiences of many prisoners asthey cope with incarceration.PrintMay 2014250 pages6 x 9978-1-77112-053-1paper $34.99Digital978-1-77112-055-5epub $23.99RelatedFrom the Iron House:Imprisonment in FirstNations WritingDeena Rymhs2008162 pages6 x 9Indigenous Studies series978-1-55458-021-7hardcover $65.00978-1-77112-057-9epub $42.95Rose Ricciardelli is an assistant professor at MemorialUniversity. She has published in academic journalssuch as Sex Roles, Criminal Justice Review, QualitativeSociological Review, Journal of Crime and Justice, andJournal of Criminal Justice Education. Her researchexplores prisoner culture, wrongful conviction, desistance,and the coping strategies, gender identity, andrisk perception of prisoners and correctional officers.Spring/Summer 201417

Social SciencesWith Children and YouthEmerging Theories and Practices inChild and Youth Care WorkKiaras Gharabaghi, Hans A. Skott-Myhre, and Mark Krueger, editorsWith Children and Youth provides a snapshot of emerging theories andperspectives in the field of child and youth care across North America.Well-known scholars and researchers present new and innovative criticalperspectives, written in a provocative manner and reflecting outsidethe-boxthinking.The book examines from scholarly and practical viewpoints the purposeof child and youth care practice, relational practice, post-modernapproaches to thinking about theory and practice, and new and innovativethinking about the professionalization and accreditation of the disciplineitself. Some chapters merge thinking about child and youth carewith esoteric and literary prose; others use humour and satire as a way torepresent both foundational and entirely new directions in the field.With Children and Youth provides no set conclusions or findings about thefield; instead, it guides the reader to spaces of controversy, contention,and opportunities for innovation and change. Child and youth carepractice and theory, it is argued, is based fundamentally on engagementacross generations, cultures, and social positions, and this bookexemplifies precisely that.PrintAugust 2014220 pages6 x 9Studies in Childhood andFamily in Canada series978-1-55458-966-1paper $36.99Digital978-1-55458-968-5epub $36.99Kiaras Gharabaghi is an associate professor in theSchool of Child and Youth Care at Ryerson Universityand co-editor of the journal Child & Youth Services. Apractitioner for more than twenty years, he researchesin the areas of residential care, children’s mentalhealth, education and social pedagogy, policy andregulatory frameworks for youth services, and systemcollaboration and organizational change.Hans A. Skott-Myhre is an associate professor inthe Child and Youth Studies Department at BrockUniversity. He spent twenty-five years as a youthworker and family therapist working primarily withrunaway and homeless youth before entering academia.Research interests include radical and politicalapproaches to youth–adult relations, subcultures,critical disability studies and anti-psychiatry, postcapitalistsubjectivity, post-Marxist politics, undoingwhiteness, and political readings of popular culture.Mark Krueger is professor and founder of the YouthWork Learning Center, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, where he teaches and studies youth work.He has written several articles and twelve books aboutthe field and has consulted and spoken at numerousconferences and agencies in the United States,Canada, and

Canada and Africa in theNew MillenniumPolitical ScienceThe Politics of Consistent InconsistencyDavid R. BlackCanada’s engagement with post-independence Africa presents a puzzle.Although Canada is recognized for its activism where Africa is concerned,critics have long noted the contradictions that underlie Canadianinvolvement. Focusing on the period following 2000, and by juxtaposingJean Chrétien’s G8 activism with the Harper government’s retreat fromcontinental engagement, David R. Black’s Canada and Africa in the NewMillennium illustrates a history of consistent inconsistency in Canada’srelationship with Africa.PrintJuly 2014240 pages6 x 9978-1-77112-060-9paper $42.99Digital978-1-77112-062-3epub $29.99David R. Black is Lester B. Pearson Professor ofInternational Development Studies at DalhousieUniversity in Halifax, Canada. His research has focusedon Canada’s role in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa’splace within the continent , and sport in world politics.He is co-editor of A Decade of Human Security (2006)and The International Politics of Mass Atrocities: The Caseof Darfur (2008).Black combines three interpretive frames to account for this record: thetradition of “good international citizenship”; Canada’s role as a benignface of Western hegemonic interests in Africa; and Africa’s role as thebasis for a longstanding narrative concerning Canada’s ethical missionin the world. To examine Africa’s place in Canada’s foreign policy—andCanada’s place in Africa—Black focuses on G8 diplomacy, foreign aid,security assistance through peace operations and training, and theincreasingly controversial impact of Canadian extractive companies.Offering an integrated account of Canada’s role in sub-Saharan Africa,Black provides a way of understanding the nature and resilience ofrecent shifts in Canadian policy. He underscores how Africa—thoughmarginal to Canadian interests as traditionally conceived—has served asan important marker of Canada’s international role.Spring/Summer 201419

Recently Published/Previously AnnouncedThe Unwritten Diary of Israel UngerCarolyn Gammon and Israel UngerRevised editionRepresenting SoundNotes on the Ontology of RecordedMusical CommunicationsJay Hodgson with Steve MacLeodPrintNovember 2013240 pagesb/w illus.6 x 9Life Writing series978-1-77112-011-1paper $24.99Digital978-17112-013-5epub $17.99DigitalJanuary 2014114 pages100 colour illus.978-1-55458-970-8fixed-layoutepub $12.99Like Anne Frank, Israel Unger and his family hid for two years in anattic crawl space during the Second World War. Against all odds, theyemerged alive. The Unwritten Diary of Israel Unger is as much a Holocauststory as it is a story of a young immigrant making every possible use ofthe opportunities Canada had to offer.Representing Sound complicates common conceptions of sound toinclude different ontological states. This seemingly simple notion—that the acoustic phenomena we encounter in concert are, by nature,different from those we encounter when we listen to records—shouldhave profound consequences for the way everyone, from musicologiststo rock stars, considers recording practice.MotherlodeA Mosaic of Dutch Wartime ExperienceCarolyne Van Der MeerThis Awareness of BeautyThe Orchestral and Wind Band Musicof Healey WillanKeith W. KinderPrintJanuary 2014146 pages6 b/w illus.6 x 9Life Writing series978-1-77112-005-0paper $19.99Digital978-1-77112-007-4epub $13.99PrintJune 2014200 pages175 score excerpts6 x 9978-1-55458-960-9hardcover $85.00Digital978-1-55458-962-3epub $58.99Motherlode is a creative reinterpretation through short stories, poems,and essays of the experiences of the author’s mother and otherindividuals in Nazi-occupied Holland. The creative pieces exploreonderduik (going into/being in hiding), life in an occupied country, thework of the Dutch Resistance, liberation, collective and individual culturalmemory, and the way in which wartime childhoods shape adulthood.This Awareness of Beauty considers the orchestral and wind band musicof Canadian composer Healey Willan, who was known primarily for hischoral work. A succinct biography accompanies historical, analytical, andcritical investigations of Willan’s instrumental music, asserting Willan’sseminal place in Canadian music and the significance of his orchestraland wind band music both nationally and

Recently Published / Previously AnnouncedIndigenous Poetics in CanadaNeal McLeod, editorMap WorldsA History of Women in CartographyWill C. van den HoonaardPrintMay 2014382 pages6 x 9Indigenous Studiesseries978-1-55458-982-1paper $42.99Digital978-1-77112-008-1epub $29.99Print2013394 pages21 b/w illus., 10 tables6 x 9978-1-55458-932-6hardcover $59.99Digital978-1-55458-934-0epub $41.99Indigenous Poetics in Canada broadens the way in which Indigenouspoetry is examined, studied, and discussed in Canada. Breaking from theparameters of traditional English literature studies, this volume embracesa wider sense of poetics, including Indigenous oralities, languages, andunderstandings of place. The book features not only work by academicsin the field but also active Indigenous poets.Map Worlds plots a journey of discovery through the largelyunrecognized world of women map-makers. The author examineschallenges faced by women in the profession, sets out the situation ofwomen in technical fields and cartography-related organizations, andexplores their common goals of social justice and making maps work forthe betterment of humanity.The Eighteenth-Century WyandotA Clan-Based StudyJohn L. SteckleyPrintMarch 2014320 pagestables/charts6 x 9Indigenous Studiesseries978-1-55458-956-2hardcover $85.00Digital978-1-55458-958-6epub $41.99From Meteorite Impact toConstellation CityA Historical Geography of Greater SudburyOiva W. SaarinenPrint2013404 pages18 tables, 46 figures,3 maps7 x 9978-1-55458-837-4paper $39.99Digital978-1-55458-875-6epub $27.99The Wyandot were born of two Wendat peoples encountered by theFrench in the first half of the seventeenth century—the otherwise namedPetun and Huron—and their history is fragmented by their dispersalbetween Quebec, Michigan, Kansas, and Oklahoma. This book weavesthese fragmented histories together, with a focus on the mid-eighteenthcentury.“Oiva Saarinen’s broad painting of the area’s history engages, stimulates,provokes and instructs…. The reader is taken on an epic journey thatstarts with an event that took place eons ago but has had a profoundeffect on the area to this day.... Saarinen’s book, vast in scope, based onexhaustive research, and well written does justice to [this] history.”Oryst Sawchuk, Sudbury LivingSpring/Summer 201421

Recently Published / Previously AnnouncedWhen Technocultures CollideInnovation from Below and theStruggle for AutonomyGary GenoskoParallel EncountersCulture at the Canada–US BorderGillian Roberts and David Stirrup, editorsPrint2013222 pages5.25 x 8Cultural Studies series978-1-55458-897-8paper $29.99Digital978-1-55458-899-2epub $20.99Print2013354 pages6 colour; 1 bw/ illus.6 x 9Cultural Studies series978-1-55458-984-5paper $48.99Digital978-1-55458-999-9epub $33.99“Gary Genosko has written a book that is conceptually dense andexceptionally timely. When Technocultures Collide deals with the mostup-to-date subjects concerning technology, communication, andpolitics. Whoever wants to talk about these subjects must read it.”Franco Bifo Berardi, author of After the Future (2011) andThe Uprising (2012)The essays collected in Parallel Encounters offer analysis of an array ofcultural representations of the Canada–US border, in both site-specificityand in the ways in which they reveal and conceal cultural similaritiesand differences. Contributors examine a variety of expressive forms,including poetry, fiction, drama, visual art, television, and cinemaproduced on both sides of the 49th parallel.Blocking Public ParticipationThe Use of Strategic Litigation toSilence Political ExpressionByron SheldrickPrintMarch 2014184 pages2 tables6 x 9978-1-55458-929-6paper $29.99Digital978-1-55458-931-9epub $20.99Europe in Its Own Eyes, Europein the Eyes of the OtherDavid B. MacDonald andMary-Michelle DeCoste, editorsPrintApril 2014240 pages6 b/w illus.6 x 9Cultural Studies series978-1-55458-840-4hardcover $85.00Digital978-1-55458-867-1epub $42.99Strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPP) involves lawsuitsbrought by individuals, corporations, groups, or politicians to curtailpolitical activism. This book examines the dangers SLAPPs pose topolitical expression and to the quality and integrity of our democraticpolitical institutions, exploring the need to regulate SLAPPs in Canadaand assessing various regulatory proposals.This book offers a fresh perspective on the evolving concept ofEuropean identity. Expanding on existing literature, this interdisciplinaryvolume considers the political tensions and social implications of thedevelopment of European identity from the viewpoints of both insiderand other, as well as its literary, artistic, and cultural

Recently Published / Previously AnnouncedFound in AlbertaEnvironmental Themes for the AnthropoceneRobert Boschman and Mario Trono, editorsPrintAugust 2014398 pages19 b/w illus.6 x 9EnvironmentalHumanities series978-1-55458-959-3paper $42.99Digital978-1-55458-975-3epub $29.99Ecologies of the Moving ImageCinema, Affect, NatureAdrian J. IvakhivPrint2013432 pages9 b/w illus., 1 figure6 x 9EnvironmentalHumanities series978-1-55458-905-0paper $48.99Digital978-1-55458-907-4epub $34.99Found in Alberta is a collection of essays about the natural environment ina province rich in natural resources and aggressive in development goals.Since the actions of Alberta’s industries and government are currently atthe heart of a global environmental debate, this collection is valuable tothose wishing to understand the natural and commercial forces in play.“Ivakhiv, a leading light in the emerging eco-critical film studies, wrapstwo themes around each other, the cinema of and as ecology. Hisconcern is with how cinema produces worlds, lives, and human subjectsintricately implicated in the processes of Earth. Marrying Whitehead,Peirce, and Deleuze with eco-philosophy, Ivakhiv gives us a rich, eloquent,wide-ranging, and moving account of movement: as world, ascinema, and as hope.”Sean Cubitt, Goldsmiths, University of LondonSustaining the WestCultural Responses to WesternEnvironments, Past and PresentLiza Piper and Lisa Szabo-Jones, editorsAvatar and NatureSpiritualityBron Taylor, editorPrintAugust 2014365 pages28 colour illus.6 x 9EnvironmentalHumanities series978-1-55458-923-4paper $42.99Digital978-1-55458-925-8epub $30.99Print2013378 pages1 b/w illus.6 x 9EnvironmentalHumanities series978-1-55458-843-5paper $38.99Digital978-1-55458-881-7epub $26.99Western Canada’s natural environment faces intensifying threatsfrom industrialization in agriculture and resource development,social and cultural complicity in these destructive practices, and thenegative local effects of global climate change. In this book, arts andhumanities scholars and literary and visual artists tackle these pressingenvironmental issues in provocative and transformative ways.“The book’s contributors lead us on a compelling journey through acomplex cultural ecology of religion, politics, fan forums, ethics, ecotopianpromise, corporate violence, and troubling notions of the ‘native.’…Avatar and Nature Spirituality is just one of a new generation of booksthat are shifting the very way we conceive of religion.”Sarah McFarland Taylor, Associate Professor of Religious Studies andEnvironmental Policy and Culture, Northwestern UniversitySpring/Summer 201423

Recently Published / Previously AnnouncedThe Legacies of Jean-Luc GodardDouglas Morrey, Christina Stojanova,and Nicole Côté, editorsTwo BicyclesThe Work of Jean-Luc Godardand Anne-Marie MiévilleJerry WhitePrintJanuary 2014276 pages24 illus., 6 tables6 x 9Film and MediaStudies series978-1-55458-920-3paper $48.99Digital978-1-55458-922-7epub $34.99Print2013214 pages6 x 9Film and MediaStudies series978-1-55458-935-7paper $39.99Digital978-1-55458-937-1epub $27.99Re-assesses the career of filmmaker and multimedia artist Jean-LucGodard with a focus on the director’s influence over different fields ofknowledge and expression. Looking at the legacy of Godard in cinemaand his fertile interactions with other arts, this book considers hiscontributions to major debates in philosophy, politics, and history.Examination of the work that Jean-Luc Godard did with Anne-MarieMiéville, spanning films, television series, and videos. Special attentionis paid to the ways they used video equipment to explore a “workshop”idea for their production company, and the ways Swiss cultureinfluenced their collective project.Detecting CanadaEssays on Canadian Crime Fiction,Film, and TelevisionJeannette Sloniowski and Marilyn Rose, editorsReverse ShotsIndigenous Film and Media inan International ContextWendy Gay Pearson and Susan Knabe, editorsPrintFebruary 2014334 pagesb/w illus.6 x 9Film and MediaStudies series978-1-55458-926-5paper $39.99Digital978-1-55458-928-9epub $27.99PrintAugust 2014256 pages6 x 9Film and MediaStudies series978-1-55458-335-5paper $42.99Digital978-1-55458-426-0epub $29 .99Thirteen essays on many of Canada’s most popular crime writers,including Peter Robinson, Giles Blunt, Gail Bowen, Thomas King,Michael Slade, Margaret Atwood, and Anthony Bidulka. Also examinesthe esteemed 1960s’ television show Wojeck, as well as the morerecent series Da Vinci’s Inquest, Da Vinci’s City Hall, Intelligence, and thecontroversial Durham County.From the dawn of cinema, representations of Indigenous peoples havebeen dominated by stereotypes. With the advent of digital technologies,many are working to redress the imbalance in numbers and counterthe negativity. Chapters focus primarily on Canada, Australia, and NewZealand and include the use of digital technology, the healing effects ofNative humour in First Nations documentaries, and the representation ofthe

Recently Published / Previously AnnouncedCritical CollaborationsIndigenity, Diaspora, and Ecologyin Canadian Literary StudiesSmaro Kamboureli and Christl Verduyn, editorsTrans/acting Culture, Writing, and MemoryTrans/acting Culture, Writing, and MemoryEva C. Karpinski, Jennifer Henderson, Ian Sowton,and Ray Ellenwood, editorsPrintMay 2014350 pages6 x 9TransCanada series978-1-55458-911-1paper $42.99Digital978-1-55458-913-5epub $29.99Print2013394 pages13 b/w illus.6 x 9TransCanada series978-1-55458-839-8paper $42.99Digital978-1-55458-863-3epub $29.99This collection constitutes a call for collaboration across disciplinary,political, institutional, and community borders and a simultaneous callfor resistance—to Eurocentrism, corporatization, and rationalism—anda call for critical collaborations. Together, these essays reveal how thecritical methodologies brought to bear on literary studies can presentnew forms of strategic transdisciplinarity that expand the possibilities ofCanadian literary studies .Essays written in honour of Barbara Godard, one of the most originaland wide-ranging literary critics, theorists, teachers, translators, andpublic intellectuals Canada has ever produced. The contributors extendGodard’s work through engagements with her published texts in thespirit of creative interchange and intergenerational relay of ideas. Theessays venture beyond generic and disciplinary borders, zeroing in onGodard’s influential transdisciplinary practice.Catching the TorchContemporary Canadian LiteraryResponses to World War INeta GordonPrintFebruary 2014220 pages6 x 9978-1-55458-980-7hardcover $65.00Digital978-1-55458-986-9epub $44.99Producing Canadian LiteratureAuthors Speak on the Literary MarketplaceKit Dobson and Smaro KamboureliPrint2013220 pages6 x 9TransCanada series978-1-55458-355-3paper $29.99Digital978-1-55458-640-0epub $20.99Through a close analysis of the way sacrifice, service, and the commemorationof war are represented in literary works, Catching the Torchargues that iterations of a secure mythic notion of national identity workto counter current anxieties about the stability of the nation-state, inparticular anxieties about the failure of the ideal of a national “character.”Producing Canadian Literature: Authors Speak on the Literary Marketplacebrings to light the relationship between writers in Canada and themarketplace within which their work circulates. Through a series ofconversations with both established and younger writers from acrossthe country, Kit Dobson and Smaro Kamboureli investigate how writersperceive their relationship to the cultural economy—and what thateconomy means for their creative

Recently Published / Previously AnnouncedA Brief History of Women in QuebecDenyse BaillargeonW. Donald Wilson, translatorCanada the GoodA Short History of Vice since 1500Marcel MartelPrintJune 2014210 pages5 x 7Studies in Childhoodand Family in Canadaseries978-1-55458-950-0paper $24.99Digital978-1-55458-952-4epub $17.99PrintMarch 2014210 pages22 b/w illus., 2 tables6 x 9978-1-55458-947-0paper $29.99Digital978-1-55458-949-4epub $20.99A Brief History of Women in Quebec examines the historical experience ofwomen of different social classes and origins (geographic, ethnic, andracial) from the period of contact between Europeans and Aboriginals tothe twenty-first century to give a nuanced and complex account of themain transformations in their lives.Considers the debates and regulation that have conditioned Canadians’attitude towards vice, and demonstrates how moral regulation haschanged over time—how it has shaped Canadians’ lives, why somedebates have almost disappeared and others persist, and why someindividuals and groups tackle collective social issues.Ontario BoysMasculinity and the Idea of Boyhood in PostwarOntario, 1945–1960Christopher J. GreigPrintMarch 2014220 pages6 x 9Studies in Childhoodand Family in Canadaseries978-1-55458-900-5paper $39.99Digital978-1-55458-902-9epub $27.99Racisms in a Multicultural CanadaParadoxes, Politics, and ResistanceAugie FlerasPrintApril 2014450 pages6 x 9978-1-55458-953-1paper $44.99Digital978-1-55458-955-5epub $44.99Explores the preoccupation with boyhood during the immediatepostwar period in Ontario, 1945–1960. During this period adults beganto cast the fate of the postwar world onto children, particularly boys.Cultural commentators routinely produced public narratives thatnormalized boys who possessed a particular “ideal” masculinity. This“ideal” boyhood became a metaphor for the survival of the nation.In acknowledging the possibility that as the world changes so too doesracism, this book argues that racism is not disappearing. To the contrary,racisms persist by transforming into different forms whose intent oreffects remain the same: to deny and disallow and to exclude andexploit.Spring/Summer 201427

Florence NightingaleCollected Works of Florence NightingaleThe Complete SetLynn McDonald, editorDetailsCollected Works ofFlorence Nightingale:The Complete Set2013$1,200.0016 volumesall hardcover978-1-77112-000-5The Complete SetThe Collected Works of Florence Nightingale: The Complete Setcomprises all the surviving writing of Florence Nightingale, featuringoriginal material from over 150 archives and private collections worldwide.Known as the heroine of the Crimean War and the major founderof the modern profession of nursing, Florence Nightingale (1820–1910)is affirmed as a scholar, theorist, and social reformer of enormous scopeand importance. This series demonstrates her astute use of the politicalprocess; reports on her extensive correspondence with royalty, viceroys,cabinet ministers, and international leaders; and contains a great dealof previously unpublished material—Florence Nightingale is revealedas so much more than the “lady with the lamp.” The Collected Works ofFlorence Nightingale is indispensable to scholars, and accessible andrevealing to the general reader.The DealTo celebrate the release of the 16th and final volume of the series, we areoffering the Collected Works of Florence Nightingale: The Complete Setfor $1,200.00—a 50% discount!The EditorLynn McDonald, director of the Collected Works of Florence Nightingale,is university professor emerita at the University of Guelph. She is aformer member of parliament, a former president of the NationalAction Committee on the Status of Women, and a long-time activist onwomen’s issues. She has an honorary doctorate from York University.An active environmentalist, McDonald works on climate change withJustEarth: A Coalition for Environmental Justice and serves on the boardof directors of Climate Action Network Canada.The Reviews“This series is an essential addition to any serious nursing historycollection.”– Nursing Standard“This magnificent and devoted effort should be in every major researchlibrary or any library with collections on the changing role of women....Highly recommended.”– V.L. Bullough, CHOICE“The Collected Works will allow us to see for the first time the fullcomplexity of this extraordinary and multi-faceted woman. It will be atool of enormous value not only to Nightingale scholars and biographers,but also to historians of a wide variety of aspects of Victorian society: war,the army, public health nursing, religion, India, women’s issues and so on.”– Mark Bostridge, Times Literary SupplementAvailable Volumes1: Florence Nightingale:An Introduction toHer Life and Family2002 · Hardcover · $150.00928 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-387-72010 · Paper · $95.00928 pages · 6 x 9978-1-55458-231-02: Florence Nightingale’sSpiritual Journey: BiblicalAnnotations, Sermonsand Journal Notes2002 · Hardcover · $150.00608 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-366-23: Florence Nightingale’sTheology: Essays, Lettersand Journal Notes2002 · Hardcover · $150.00704 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-371-64: Florence Nightingaleon Mysticism and EasternReligionsGérard Vallée, editor2003 · Hardcover · $150.00584 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-413-35: Florence Nightingaleon Society and Politics,Philosophy, Science,Education and Literature2003 · Hardcover · $150.00896 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-429-46: Florence Nightingale onPublic Health Care2004 · Hardcover · $150.00728 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-446-17: Florence Nightingale’sEuropean Travels2004 · Hardcover · $150.00824 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-451-58: Florence Nightingaleon Women, Medicine,Midwifery andProstitution2005 · Hardcover · $150.001112 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-466-99: Florence Nightingale onHealth in IndiaGérard Vallée, editor2006 · Hardcover · $150.001048 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-468-310: Florence Nightingaleon Social Change in IndiaGérard Vallée, editor2007 · Hardcover · $150.00976 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-495-911: Florence Nightingale’sSuggestions for Thought2008 · Hardcover · $150.00816 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-465-212: Florence Nightingale:The Nightingale School2009 · Hardcover · $150.00952 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-467-613: Florence Nightingale:Extending Nursing2009 · Hardcover · $150.00968 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-520-814: Florence Nightingale:The Crimean War2010 · Hardcover · $150.001096 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-469-015: Florence Nightingaleon Wars and the WarOffice2011 · Hardcover · $150.001072 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-470-616: Florence Nightingaleand Hospital Reform2012 · Hardcover · $150.00992 pages · 6 x 9978-0-88920-471-3ebooks

JournalsCanadian Bulletin of MedicalHistory / Bulletin canadiend’histoire de la medicineISSN membership information: www.cshm-schm.caThe Canadian Bulletin of Medical History / Bulletincanadien d’histoire de la médecine is the official organof the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine /Société canadienne d’histoire de la médecine and isthe primary outlet in Canada for refereed scholarshipin the history of medicine. It presents articles, notes,review articles, and book reviews in French and inEnglish. Although the particular focus is on Canadianmedical history, no aspect of the general field isexcluded.Canadian Military HistoryISSN Military History is published by the LaurierCentre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies,Wilfrid Laurier University and features articles and bookreviews by leading scholars which appeal to both anacademic and popular audience. Co-published with theCanadian War Museum since 1992, Canadian MilitaryHistory is a core resource for students, practitioners, andthe informed general reader.Canadian Social WorkReview / Revue canadiennede service socialISSN membership Canadian Social Work Review / Revue canadienne deservice social is a bilingual journal published under theauspices of the Canadian Association for Social WorkEducation / Association canadienne pour la formationen travail social. Its purpose is to advance socialwork scholarship, practice, and education in Canadaby publishing original research and critical analysisthat enriches or challenges existing knowledge. TheCanadian Social Work Review reflects Canada’s culturaland regional diversity.FlorilegiumISSN membership information: www.csm.wlu.caFlorilegium, an annual publication devoted to studiesof Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, is the officialjournal of the Canadian Society of Medievalists /Société canadienne des médiévistes.Indigenous Law JournalISSN Indigenous Law Journal is the first and onlyCanadian legal journal to exclusively publish articleson Indigenous legal issues. The journal is dedicatedto developing dialogue and scholarship in the fieldof Indigenous legal issues both in Canada and internationally.Please visit our website at forjournal subscription rates, back issue prices, andmembership information.eBooksWilfrid Laurier University Press is pleased to announcethat ebooks can now be purchased by individualsdirectly from our website at www.wlupress.wlu.caIn addition, Wilfrid Laurier University Press has morethan 300 epubs available for purchase through severalebook vendors including:Amazon KindleApple iBooksBarnes & Noble’s NookBaker & Taylor’s BlioEbooks.comEbooks CorporationGoogle PlayKoboPaperC GMBSONY Readerand selected retail outlets.Over 350 of our ebooks and book chapters are availablein various formats through public and universitylibraries and are distributed to libraries via:Baker & TaylorEBSCOEBLEbraryCanadian Electronic LibraryOverdriveMyiLibraryScholar’s PortalUniversity Press Content Consortium (Project Muse)Course pack opportunities are available from:AcademicPub/SharedBookSymtextPaperC GMBIn addition to visiting our website or the vendorsmentioned above, you can also see descriptions of ourbooks on:The 49th ShelfCataListEdelweissAdvance e-galleys available on Edelweiss andNetGalleyFor more information about our ebooks, pleasecontact us at 201431

IndexAuthorsAlcalde 28Allen 11Amat-Piniella 2Arason 29Baillargeon 27Bartlett 14Baxter 8beaulieu 14Black 19Blair 11Boschman 23Bradford 10Brand 14Brandt 14Brossard 14Budde 14Cabajsky 5Cabri 14Calder 14Caragata 28Clarke 14Coleman 6Connor 6Conrad 12Cook 14Cooley 14Copp 29Copway 6Côté 24Crozier 14Davey 14DeCoste 22Devereux 6Dewdney 14Dobson 14, 26Domanski 14Dominic 1Dudek 14Elder 25Ellenwood 26Fetherling 14Finley 2Fiorentino 14Fleras 27Forsyth 14Fullerton 29Gammon 20Genosko 22Gharabaghi 18Gordon, C.W. 6Gordon, N. 26Greig 27Grubisic 8Harrison 4Hele 29Henderson 26Himelfarb, A. 28Himelfarb, J. 28Hodgson 20Hulan 6Hunter 14Ivakhiv 23Jirgens 14Kamboureli 26Karpinski 26Keelan 29Kilbourn 25Kinder 20Knabe 24Knutson 15Krueger 18Kurschinski 3Lai 7Lachance 29Lane 14Leavey 28Lee 8Lilburn 14Lynes 14MacDonald, D.B. 22MacDonald, T. 14Mackintosh 29MacLeod 20Mandel 14Mannik 25Marín-Dòmine 2Markotić 14Marlatt 15Martel 27Marti 3Mason 9McCaffery 14McClung 6McDonald 30McGarry 25McKay 14McLeod 21McWilliams 29Moritz 14Morrey 24Morton Brown 14Moss 14Mott 29Nicol 16Parker 5Pearson 24Percy 14Piper 23Plews 28Purdy 14Rak 25Reimer 10Ricciardelli 17Ripmeester 29Roberts 16, 22Robinet 3Rose 24Rymhs 17Saarinen 21Sanders 14Schmenk 28Scott 14Shearer 14Sheldrick 22Sinner 12Skott-Myhre 18Sloniowski 24Sowton 26Steckley 21Stirrup 16, 22Stojanova 24Stubbs 14Sugars 4Symes 3, 29Szabo-Jones 23Taylor 23Trono 23Ty 25Unger 20Vallée 30van den Hoonaard 21Van Der Meer 20Vance 3Vautour 9Verduyn 9, 26Wah 14Wayman 14Webb 14Weik von Mossner 13Werschler 14White 24Wilson 27Wunker 9Titles1812 29All These Roads 14Avatar and NatureSpirituality 23Before the First Word 14Blast, Corrupt, Dismantle,Erase 8Blocking Public Participation 22Blues and Bliss 14Boom! 25Brief History of Womenin Quebec 27By Word of Mouth 14Canada and Africa in theNew Millennium 19Canada the Good 27Catching the Torch 26Children of the Outer Dark 14Collected Works ofFlorence Nightingale 30Creating Together 12Crisp Day Closing onMy Hand 14Critical Collaborations 26DADA, Surrealism, and theCinematic Effect 25Desire Never Leaves 14Detecting Canada 24Earthly Pages 14Ecologies of the MovingImage 23Eighteenth-Century Wyandot 21Europe in Its Own Eyes 22False Laws of Narrative 14Fence and the Bridge 16Field Marks 14Fierce Departures 14Foreigner 6Forest of Bourg-Marie 4Found in Alberta 23From Meteorite Impact toConstellation City 21From Room to Room 14From the Iron House 17Girls, Texts, Cultures 10Great War 3Indigenous Poetics inCanada 21K.L. Reich 2Leaving the Shade of the MiddleGround 14Legacies of Jean-Luc Godard 24Living Recovery 28Map Worlds 21Material Cultures in Canada 11Memory Effect 25Mobility of Light 14More Easily Kept Illusions 14Motherlode 20Moving Environments 13Nature of Empires and theEmpires of Nature 29No Accident 29Not the Whole Story 28Ontario Boys 27Order in Which We Do Things 14Painted Fires 6Parallel Encounters 16, 22Plans Deranged by Time 14Please, No More Poetry 14Producing CanadianLiterature 26Public Poetics 9Queen of Peace Room 1Racisms in a MulticulturalCanada 27Reclaiming Canadian Bodies 25Representing Sound 20Reverse Shots 24Rivering 15Seats of the Mighty 5Slanting I, Imagining We 7Speaking of Power 14Street Angel 1Surviving Incarceration 17Tax Is Not a Four-Letter Word 28This Awareness of Beauty 20Traditional History andCharacteristic Sketches of theOjibway Nation 6Traditions and Transitions 28Trans/acting Culture, Writing,and Memory 26Two Bicycles 24Unwritten Diary ofIsrael Unger 20Verse and Worse 14When Technocultures Collide 22With Children and Youth 18World of Niagara Wine 29Cover photograph: Reproduced with permission of photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. Also used on the cover of Blast, Corrupt, Dismantle, Erase: Contemporary North American Dystopian Literature edited by Brett Josef Grubisic, Gisèle M. Baxter, and Tara Lee, with cover design by Martyn Schmoll. See page

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