Download our Corporate Brochure here for more ... - Pricing Prophets

Download our Corporate Brochure here for more ... - Pricing Prophets

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About Pricing Prophets“The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power” Warren BuffetYour products and services are not the same as your competitors and neither are your costs, your channels tomarket, or your customers. So if you’re wondering why your Pricing isn’t different, maybe it’s time you spoketo a different sort of Pricing consultancy: is more than just a world-first website where you can ask a panel of global pricing expertsand thought-leaders what price to charge and why. It is an innovative, strategic pricing consultancy that providescustomised technology solutions, strategic consulting, mentoring, executive education and training, all in thefield of Pricing.From our base in Melbourne, Australia, services are provided to clients all around the world. With over three decadesof global pricing experience, we help companies, large and small, monetise the value of their products and serviceswith smarter, value-based pricing strategies.And just like our clients’ products and services, their competitors, costs and customers, we treat all our clientspricing challenges as unique, applying rigorous, proven and innovative techniques in the provision of globalpricing solutions.This brochure provides an introduction to PricingProphets and its main practice areas, its personnel and howto get in touch with us.Pricing ResearchMost people in business frequently talk to an accountant and a lawyer,but why don’t they talk to a Pricing expert? One reason is that they don’tknow Pricing experts exist and another is that they don’t know there arealternatives to the ‘traditional’ cost-plus approach to Pricing.With so many of todays challenges and problems now being solved online,we asked ourselves “...why not solve Pricing problems online?” and setabout building a solution that is affordable, accessible, egalitarian andtimely.“The experts clearly know what they aretalking about and obviously put seriousconsideration into their detailed andeducated responses. It exceeded myexpectations”.David Mackay,Lottimont, Sydney, AustraliaAt, we’ve assembled a global panel of Pricing expertsand thought-leaders who will tell you not only what price you shouldcharge, but more importantly, why you should charge that price. Clientscan upload their pricing challenge by themselves, or with our assistance.We then send it to the most relevant experts, all of whom we’ve verifiedas experts in their field. Then, in about seven days time, clients receive anemail telling them to log in to their secure workbenchand see what the experts had to say about their pricing challenge.”After using Pricing Prophets, anextremely difficult decision around thepricing of our product was made simple”Gabrielle Dolan, OneThousandandOneWords,Melbourne, Australia

Strategic Pricing ConsultancyUnfortunately, many companies still fall into thetrap of using “bon voyage, cost-plus pricing”.They work out their costs, add on a desiredprofit margin and then hope for the best.We view pricing more holistically than that.Although we specialise in the most importantand the most powerful of the 4 P’s ofMarketing, our consulting work with clients ontheir value-based pricing strategies focusesnot only on what the customer pays, but whatthe customer gets, namely the benefits clients’products and services provide.We treat each and every client’s needs andchallenges differently, and have helped togenerate millions of dollars in incrementalrevenue for clients in industries as diverse as:financial services, caravanning & camping,print, online & mobile advertising, thefuneral industry, social media, fresh flowerwholesaling, satellite telecommunications,protective coatings, wine accessories, carsharing, printed & online travel guides andvarious technology products & services.Mentoring, Executive Education and TrainingWe recognise that there is a global shortageof seasoned pricing professionals, as well aslittle in the way of formal pricing training andeducation. A one-on-one mentoring programfrom PricingProphets is the ideal way totransfer knowledge to your newly appointedpricing staff.But if you want to create an organisation-wideculture of price optimisation and revenuemaximisation, our executive education andtraining programs are the answer. Over theyears, we have conducted dozens of openenrolmentworkshops, as well as co-presentingthe “Pricing Strategy & Revenue Management”Executive Education Programme at LancasterUniversity Management School in the UK.We have also conducted numerous shorttalks, business breakfasts, webinars andcustomised, in-house workshops forcorporate clients.Because our workshop material is constantlybeing added to and kept up-to-date, no twoworkshops are alike, which is why we’vespoken to audiences from all around theworld in a wide variety of industries:“Pricing is a rather new disciplineso be prepared for a long searchif you’re trying to find a top-notchcandidate. In all probability youwont find someone with the“perfect skillset”Calogridis, M (2005)“What is the minimum requirements toenable a successful pricing strategy”Journal of Revenue & PricingManagement, Vol. 5.3 pp184-187We’ve Conducted Workshops in:Melbourne | Geelong | Sydney | Singapore | Kuala Lumpur | Manila | Bangkok | Shanghai | Dubai | Mumbai | Delhi | Lancaster | London| Manchester | Chippenham | NottinghamWhich Have been Attended by Delegates from:Manufacturing | Telecommunications, Media & IT | Travel, Transport, Tourism & Leisure | Financial Services | FMCG | Business Services| Automation | Utilities | Retail | Oil, Gas & Chemicals | Electrical & Electronics | Healthcare | Building & ConstructionTechnology SolutionsImagine if you could unlock the data hidden deep within your organisation and turn it into actionable information? Traditionally, this hasonly been possible for big organisation’s, who can implement large-scale business intelligence has the skills and experience to help you unleash such power in a cost-effective way, creating modest solutionsthrough to enterprise-wide analytics.Our focus is to help you understand your business vision, needs and challenges, and what you need to make better business decisions,and then provide you with technology solution(s) that achievethose objectives.TechnologiesMicrosoft Office (Access, Excel and VBA macros) | Visual Basic.NETJava / Eclipse Web (HTML, CSS, MySQL)| Android OSApplicationsDatabases & Spreadsheets | Bespoke Client Pricing Tools | Patented Modelling Techniques |Data-Driven Websites | Android Smartphone Apps

Who Are We?JON MANNING, the founder and Managing Director ofPricingProphets, has over two decades of pricing experiencein a wide variety of industries, in both Australia and overseas.He is also the Principal Consultant at Sans Prix Pty Ltd which,over the last 10 years, has completed over two dozen majorconsulting projects for companies in the Dow Jones IndustrialAverage, the Fortune 100, the FTSE100 and the CAC Next20stock market indices. Jon has generated millions of dollars inincremental revenue for clients in places such as the UK, USA,India, & Australia.Increasingly in demand as both a speaker and educator,Jon has spoken at over sixty conferences, workshops,educational institutions and other events across theAsia-Pacific, the Middle East and the UK. Between 2007and 2009, he co-presented the “Pricing Strategy & RevenueManagement” Executive Education Programme at LancasterUniversity Management School, whose MBA programmeis ranked 22nd in the world and whose PhD programme isranked 2nd in the UK, according to The Financial Times.Jon holds a Bachelor of Business (Applied Economics) fromDeakin University (Australia), a Graduate Diploma of Business(Management) from Monash University (Australia) and aMaster of Arts (European Studies), from the University ofWest London (formerly Thames Valley University) in the UK.He is a member of the Australian Institute of Management,the Economic Society of Australia and the Professional PricingSociety. His articles have been published in The Journal ofProfessional Pricing, The Journal of Revenue and PricingManagement, The Pricing Advisor, The Wiglaf Journal and theANZ Small Business Hub. He also writes a fortnightly columnfor of expertise:Service Industries | Media | Internet & Online PricingExecutive Education | Asia-Pacific | UK & EuropeGREG EYRES is the chief technologist behindPricingProphets. In a 15 year career in the IT Outsourcingindustry, Greg has developed a unique ability to not onlyunderstand and articulate business needs and problems,but also identify and deliver technology solutions to solvecomplex business challenges.Over the years, as more and more of these complex businesschallenges related to Pricing, Greg found himself becominga ‘Pricing Subject Matter Expert’ for his employers, whichincluded blue-chip companies such as IBM.Over the course of his distinguished career (which has seenhim present at INFORMS Operations Research Conferences,as well as developing patented processes), Greg has acquiredan in-depth knowledge and understanding of developingpricing technology solutions using a wide range of softwarepackages and platforms.Prior to entering the IT industry, Greg worked as anaccountant for companies like CSC and Motorola. In additionto his Economics degree and his Graduate Certificate inInformation Management & Systems (both from Melbourne’sMonash University), he is also a member of the Institute ofChartered Accountants.Areas of expertise:Pricing Technology | Financial Modelling | Decision SupportData Mining & Analytics | Database DevelopmentGreg EyresConsulting DirectorPO Box 533, Ascot Vale, Vic 3032 Australia+61 (0) 400 394 635 (AU)greg@pricingprophets.comskype: support.pricingprophetsJon ManningManaging DirectorPO Box 533, Ascot Vale, Vic 3032 Australia+61 (0) 405 629 141 (AU)+44 (0) 7857 655 828 (UK)jon@pricingprophets.comskype: PricingProphetsTestimonials“Jon provided specialist pricing consultancy as welaunched a new business. His strategic viewpoint,combined with years of real experience andpragmatism, enabled him to help us define a market-entrystrategy combining pricing with other elements of themarketing mix that had immediate results. Jon challengedour thinking and brought insights from other marketsectors that had strong applicability in our market. I haverecommended Jon to other business contacts and wouldbe happy to do so again.”“Supportive and considered is Jon’s approach to Pricing. Heis able to translate his deeply technical knowledge base intounderstandable concepts and great results. I would only hesitatein recommending Jon on the basis that you might get him towork for you when I want him.”“…probably the best technical course I have been on and reallysupplemented my previous studies (ACA, Marketing, MBA).”

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