view the list of accepted abstracts and Paffenbarger Award finalists

view the list of accepted abstracts and Paffenbarger Award finalists

60. Effect Of Root Anatomy And Periodontal Ligament Simulation On Full Crown FractureResistance. R.N. Tango* 1, R.F. Carvalho 1, E.T. Kimpara 1, E.T.C. Yamamoto 2, C. Pagani 1,A.L.S. Borges 1 (1 Universidade Julio De Mesquita Filho, São José Dos Campos, Brazil; 2University Nove De Julho, São Paulo, Brazil)61. Critical Firing Temperature Of Dental Ceramics – Preliminary Results. M.J. Tholey* 1, B.A.Just 1, M.V. Swain 2, N. Thiel 1, J. Fischer 3 (1 VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany; 2University Of Sydney, Australia, 3 University Of Basel, Switzerland)62. The Effect Of Mixing Techniques On The Physicochemical Propreties Of Pattern Resins. E.Vendrame* 1,2, L.O.F. Araujo1,3, P.F.D. Silva1,4, R. Todescan 1, R. França 1 (1 University OfManitoba – UOFM, Winnipeg, Canada; 2 Universidade Federal Rio Grande Do Sul – UFRGS,Brazil; 3 Universidade Federal Sergipe – UFS, Brazil; 4 Universidade Federal Alagoas – UFAL,Brazil)63. Effect Of Duty Cycle On Crystallinity And Nanopore Formation On Anodized CommerciallyPure Titanium. R.S. Williamson* 1, J. Disegi 2, J.A. Griggs 1, M.D. Roach 1 (1 University OfMississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS, USA; 2 Depuy-Synthes, West Chester, PA, USA)64. PLLA Associated With Amoxycillin - An Alternative To Systemic Antibiotics In Dentistry.T.G. Carnaval*, C.A. Adde, M.M. Romano, M.S. Soares, F. Gonçalves, G.C. Santos, V.E. Arana-Chavez, L.H. Catalani, A.C. Nishida (University Of Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil)65. Tramadol Loaded PLGA-Microparticles For Potential Use In Dentistry: Formulation AndCharacterization. A. Garrocho-Rangel, B.I. Cerda-Cristerna*, J.Pérez-Urizar, A. Pozos-Guillén(Universidad Autónoma De San Luis Potosí, Mexico)66. Myofascial Pain Treatment: Botulin Toxin Type A X Low Intensity Laser Therapy. E.Dall'Magro* 1, B.M.G. De Carli 1, A. Kuhn-Dall' Magro 2, J. De Carli 1 (1 Passo FundoUniversity, Brazil; 2 São Vicente De Paulo Hospital, Brazil)SESSION 2 - FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1167. Description Of Six Nanofilled Composite Resin According To Degree Of Conversion, ContactAngle, XPS. O. Aires* 1,2, P.F.D. Silva 1,3, F.R.S. Nunes 1,4, V.C. Jesus 1,5, R. França 1 (1University Of Manitoba – Uofm, Winnipeg – Manitoba (MB), Canada; 2 Universidade Federal DaParaíba – UFPB, Brazil; 3 Universidade Federal De Alagoas – UFAL, Brazil; 4 UniversidadeFederal Do Maranhão – UFMA, Brazil; 5 Universidade Federal Da Bahia – UFBA, Brazil)68. Depth Of Cure Of Bulkfill Composites - ISO 4049 Vs. Vickers Hardness Test. S. Singhal, D.E.Antonson*, S.A. Antonson, C.A. Munoz (State University Of New York At Buffalo, NY, USA)69. Antioxidant Potential Of 10% Sodium Bicarbonate On The Bond Strength After BleachingWith 38% HP. F.M. Darzé 1, F.L.B. Amaral 1, F.M.G. França 1, C.P. Turssi 1, R.T. Basting* 1(Dental School And Research Center São Leopoldo Mandic, Campinas, Brazil)70. Effects Of Bleaching Concentrations And Number Of Application On Enamel Mineral Content.S.B. Berger* 1, A.A. Ozelin 1, L.E.S. Soares 2, A.A. Martin 2, G.M.B. Ambrosano 3, C.P.M.Tabchoury 3, M. Giannini 3 (1 University Of North Paraná, Brazil; 2 University Of Vale DoParaíba, Brazil; 3 University Of Campinas, Brazil).

71. Color Stability Of Infiltrant Resin Exposed To Different Staining Solutions. A.B. Borges*,T.M.F. Caneppele, M.A. Luz, C.R. Pucci, C.R.G. Torres (Univ. Estadual Paulista – UNESP, Brazil)72. Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/Nylon-6 Nanofiber-reinforced Dental Composite. A.L.S.Borges* 1, A.C. Souza 1, T.J.A. Paes Junior 1, T. Yoshida 2, M.C. Bottino 2 (1 Univ. Est. Paulista– UNESP, Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil; 2 Indiana University, IN, USA)73. Effect Of Nylon-6 Nanofibers On The Flexural Strength Of An Experimental Resin-BasedSealant. M.F. Hamilton 1, A.L.S. Borges 2, A. Otte 3, R. Pinal 3, M.T. Carvajal 3, A.F. Zandona 1,M.C. Bottino* 1 (1 Indiana University School Of Dentistry, Indianapolis, USA; 2 FOSJC-UNESP,Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil; 3 Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA).74. Effect Of Glass Fillers On Ion Release From Composites Containing Amorphous CalciumPhosphate. M.C. Rodrigues, M.D. Chiari, A. Simões, D.N. Souza, R.R. Braga* (University Of SãoPaulo, Brazil)75. Anatomy Of Secondary Caries: The Early Stages. C.M. Carey*, S.S. Coleman (University ofColorado, USA)76. Clinical Evaluation Of Composite Restorations In Smoking And Non-Smoking Patients. L.D.Carvalho*, G.C. Lopes, R. Gondo, F. Lauer, V.C. Ruschel (Federal University Of Santa Catarina,Florianópolis, Brazil)77. Color Alteration And Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Of High-Concentrated BleachingAgents On Enamel. V. Cavalli* 1, F.C. Marson 2, S.B. Berger 3, M. Giannini (1 State UniversityOf Campinas, Piracicaba Dental School, Piracicaba, Brazil; 2 University Of Ingá, Maringá, Brazil;3 University Of Northen Parana, Londrina, Brazil).78. Degree Of Conversion And Flexural Properties Of Composites Containing Amorphous CalciumPhosphate. M.D.S. Chiari*, M.C. Rodrigues, R.R. Braga (University Of São Paulo, São Paulo,Brazil).79. Effect Of A Novel Light-Cured MTA-Like Material On Direct Pulp Capping Outcome. A.Comba*, F. Petrolo , M. Scansetti, M. Alovisi, D. Pasqualini, E. Berutti, N. Scotti (University OfTurin, Turin, Italy)80. Analyse Of The Physico-Chemical Properties Of The Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Cements.T.F. Dantas 1,2, V. Cruz de Jesus* 1,3, P.F.D. Silva 1,4, O.V. Aires 1,5, R. França 1 (1 UniversityOf Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada; 2 Universidade Federal Do Ceará - UFC, Brazil; 3 UniversidadeFederal Da Bahia - UFBA, Brazil; 4 Universidade Federal De Alagoas - UFAL, Brazil; 5Universidade Federal Da Paraíba - UFPB, Brazil)81. The Mechanical Properties Of Dental Composite Resin Incorporated Silver Zeolites. P.Ekworapoj (Srinakarinwirot University, Thailand)82. Effect Of Training For Undergraduate Dental Students On Curing Technique. G. De Souza, W.El-Badrawy*, L. Tam (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)

83. Comparative Evaluation Of Polymerization Stress With Two Different Testing Systems. K.Esquibel* 1, A.P. Fugolin 2,3, C.S. Pfeifer 2, M. Kumor 1, N. Elmogtaba 1, C. Bracho-Troconis 1,M. Trujillo-Lemon 1 (1 Septodont, Colorado Research Center, Louisville, Colorado, USA; 2Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR, USA; 3 UNICAMP, Piracicaba, SP, Brazil)84. Pulp-Chamber Temperature Rise During Polymerization Of Commercial And ExperimentalComposites. M. Genet*, L. Randolph, G. Leloup, J.G. Leprince (Universitè Catholique DeLouvain, Belgium)85. Micro-Hardness And Contraction Stress Evaluation Of Bulk-Fill Resins Composites. C.Giuliano* 1, E. Manzon 1, M. Alovisi 1, D. Pasqualini 1, M. Cadenaro 2, L. Breschi 2, E. Berutti 1,N. Scotti 1 (1 University of Turin, Turin, Italy; 2 University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy)86. Influence Of Diabetes Mellitus On Endodontic Materials Tissue Response. J.E. Gomes-Filho*,I.O.A. Queiroz, L.T.A. Cintra, E. Dezan-Junior, C.S. Lodi, E. Ervolino (Univ. Estadual Paulista,Brazil)87. Influence Of Application Of Nd:YAG Laser with Adhesive System on Intrapulpal Temperature.S.E.P. Goncalves*, T.M. Silva, L.L. Goncalves, B.M. Fonseca, S.R.M. Esteves, M.A.R.L. Esper,D.C. Barcellos, M.F.R.L. Huhtala, A.P.M. Gomes, E. Bresciani (UNESP- Univ. Estadual Paulista,Brazil)88. Degree Of Conversion, Flexural Modulus And Polymerization Stress Of "Bulk Fill"Composites. T. Guimaraes*, N.O. Gushiken, R.R. Braga (University Of São Paulo, Brazil)89. Polymerisation Kinetics In Bulk-Fill Resin-Based Composites. N. Ilie*, J. Durner (LudwigMaximilians University, Munich, Germany)90. Efficacy Of Mouthwashes On Cellular And Extracellular Biofilm Components Grown On ResinComposite. S.S. Khajotia*, K.H. Smart, H.D. Muckelrath, D.M. Thompson (University OfOklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, USA)91. Degree Of Conversion Of Resin Cements Under A Clinical Simulate Setting. M.D.S. Lanza* 1,M.R.B. Andreeta 2, R.M. Carvalho 3, L.F. Pegoraro 4 (1 University Of British Columbia,Vancouver, BC, Canada; 2 Federal University Of São Carlos, Brazil; 3 University Of BritishColumbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 4- University Of São Paulo, Bauru, SP, Brazil)92. Trapped Radicals In Lucirin-TPO Vs Camphorquinone-Based Dental Composites. L. Randolph1, G. Leloup 1, W.M. Palin 2, J.G. Leprince* 1 (1 Université Catholique De Louvain, Belgium; 2University Of Birmingham, UK)93. Resin Composite Flexural & Fracture Toughness Performance After Long-Time Water Storage.H. Lu*, D. Reid, X. Jin, B. Koltisko (DENTSPLY/Caulk, Milford, DE, USA)94. Marginal Adaptation Of Different Adhesive Systems To Dentin By Optical CoherenceTomography. P. Makishi* 1,2, S. Thitthaweerat 3, A. Sadr 2, Y. Shimada 2, M. Giannini 1, J.Tagami 2, Y. Sumi 4 (1 State University Of Campinas, Piracicaba, Brazil; Tokyo Medical AndDental University, Tokyo, Japan; Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand; 4 National Center ForGeriatrics And Gerontology, Obu, Aichi, Japan).

95. Deep Margin Elevation Of CAD/CAM Crowns Using Resin Composite. G. Marchesi* 1, R.Spreafico 2, A. Frassetto 1, M. Cadenaro 1, L. Breschi 1 (1 University Of Trieste, Italy; 2 PrivatePractice Busto Arsizio Varese, Italy)96. Inorganic Composition And Filler Particles Morphology Of Bulk Fill Composite. B. MarinFronza* 1, R.R. Pacheco 1, A.P.A. Ayres 1, A.L. Martins 1, F.A. Rueggeberg 2, M. Giannini 1 (1State University Of Campinas, Brazil; 2 Georgia Regents University, USA).97. Polymerization Shrinkage Of Dual-Cure Core Build-Up Resin Composites. T. Maseki*, S.Ogawa, T. Yamada, Y. Nara (Department Of Adhesive Dentistry, School Of Life Dentistry AtTokyo, The Nippon Dental University, Tokyo, Japan)98. Effect Of Polishing Systems And Staining Solution On Surface Gloss Of Restorative Materials.F.S. Naufel*, A.B. De Paula, L.T. Inagaki, M. Cardoso, L. Correr-Sobrinho, R.M. Puppin-Rontani(Piracicaba Dental School, University Of Campinas, Brazil)99. Analysis Of Enameldentin Permeation Of H 2 O 2 By Electrochemical Methods. A.C. Nishida*,C. Francci, P.S. Castro, M. Bertotti, T.G. Carnaval (University Of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil).100. Comparison Of Seven Flowable Resin Composites: Degree Of Conversion, Wettability AndRoughness. F.R.S. Nunes* 1,2, M.A. Atmanspacher 1,3, V.C. Jesus 1,4, É. Vendrame 1,5, R.França 1 (1 University Of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada; 2 Universidade Federal Do Maranhão –UFMA, Brazil; 3 Universidade Paulista – UNIP, São Paulo, Brazil; 4 Universidade Federal DaBahia – UFBA, Brazil; 5 Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul – UFRGS, Brazil)101. Synthesis And Development Of New Root-End Filling Materials. R.P. Vitti, F.G. Pappen*,M. A.C. Sinhoreti, M.G. Gandolfi, C. Prati, M.G.S. Silva, F. A. Ogliari, C.H. Zanchi (FederalUniversity Of Pelotas, Brazil)102. The Effect Of Coffee Solutions On Tooth Color During Two Bleaching Strategies. C. PariseGré*, D. P. Lise, L. N. Baratieri, G. G. M. Chraim, V. C. Ruschel, F. R. Nardelli (FederalUniversity Of Santa Catarina, Department Of Operative Dentistry, Florianópolis, Brazil)103. Comparison Of Two Non-Destructive Evaluation Methods For Evaluating Internal AdaptationOf Composite. S. Park*, S.Han (Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea)104. Mechanical/Physical Properties Of A Composite With An Antimicrobial-Based TriclosanMonomer. A.B. Paula* 1, J.R. Taparelli 1, R.C.B. Alonso 2, L. Mei 1, R.M. Puppin-Rontani 1 (1University Of Campinas, Brazil; 2 University Bandeirante De Sao Paulo, Brazil)105. Influence Of Enamel Acid Etching On Mechanical Properties After Thermo-MechanicalAging. L.A.M.S. Paulillo* 1, E.K. Coppini 1, D.C.R.S. Oliveira 1, L.T. Prieto 1, C.T.S. Dias 2,G.D.S. Pereira 3, C.T.P. Araujo 1 (1 State University Of Campinas, Brazil; 2 São Paulo University,Brazil; 3 Federal University Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil).

106. Curing Mode And Aging Affect Monomer Conversion And Tensile Strength Of Dual-CuredResin-Cements. T.A. Pegoraro* 1, L.E. Butignon 1, W.B. Filho 1, L.F. Pegoraro 2, R.M. Carvalho3 (1 University Of Sagrado Coração, Bauru, Brazil; 2 University Of São Paulo, Bauru, Brazil; 3University Of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)107. Crown Discoloration After Use Of Different Pulp Capping Materials. K.J. Pilownic*, A.B.Kodama, L.H.S. Almeida, N.G.S. Leonardo, A.S. Masotti, F.G. Pappen. (Federal University OfPelotas, Brazil)108. Effect Of Accelerated Aging On Color Stability And Nanoleakage Of Resin Cements. L.T.Prieto* 1, D.C.R.S. Oliveira 1, C.T.P. Araujo 1, E.K. Coppini 1, C.T.S. Dias 2, L.A.M.S. Paulillo 1(1 University State Of Campinas, Brazil; 2 University Of São Paulo, Brazil).109. Fracture Resistance Of Endodontically Treated Teeth Restored With Multiple Fiber Posts. U.Puengpaiboon*, P. Padipatvuthikul, N. Vetviriyakul 2 (1 Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok,Thailand; 2 King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand)110. Behavior Of Resin Composites Subjected To Different Mechanical Tests. H. Quiles*, V.P.Feitosa , C. Pomacóndor-Hernandez, G. Abuna, M.A. Sinhoreti (State University Of Campinas,Piracicaba, Brazil)111. Ion Release And Titration Curves Of MTA, Calcium Hydroxide And A Dentin ReplacementMaterial. M.C. Rodrigues*, L.C. Natale, D.N. Souza, A. Simões, R.R. Braga (University Of SãoPaulo, São Paulo, Brazil).112. Effect Of Autoclaving On Action Of Polishing Systems On The Surface Roughness Of AComposite Resin. V.C. Ruschel*, H.P. Maia, S. Shibata, L.D. Carvalho, C. Gutiérrez, C.P. Gré,Lise D (Federal University Of Santa Catarina, Brazil)113. Comparison Of Tomographic Techniques For Assessment Of Marginal And InternalMicrogaps Of Composites. A. Sadr* 1, Y. Shimada 1, B. Bista 1, P. Makishi 1, Y. Sumi 2, J.Tagami 1 (1 Tokyo Medical And Dental University, Japan; 2 National Center For Geriatrics AndGerontology, Japan)114. The Effect Of Fibers Length On The Fracture Tougness Of Short Fiber ReinforcedComposites. E.S. Säilynoja* 1, L. Lassila 2, S. Garoushi 1,3, P.K. Vallittu 2 (1 Stick Tech Ltd.,Finland; 2 University Of Turku, Finland; 3 Libyan International Medical University, Libya)115. Restorative System And Thermocycling Effect On Tooth/Class V Interface Gaps: OCTEvaluation. C.S. Sampaio* 1, R.M. Puppin-Rontani 1, R.V. Rodrigues 1, Pascon F.M 1, G.M.B.Ambrosano 1, L. Correr-Sobrinho 1, E. Souza-Junior 1, A.Z. Freitas 2 (1 State University OfCampinas, Brazil; 2 Lasers And Applications Center, São Paulo University, Brazil).

116. Water Sorption Of Flowable Bulk Fill Versus Conventional Resin Composites. J.D.Satterthwaite*, R. Alshali, N. Silikas (The University Of Manchester, Manchester, UK)117. Interaction Between Nanofilled Composites And Polywave Multiled Curing Lamps: An InVitro Study. N. Scotti* 1, E. Bergantin 1, V. Battaglia 1, D. Paolino 3, F.A. Coero Borga 1, M.Cadenaro 2, L. Breschi 2, E. Berutti 1 (1 University of Turin, Turin, Italy; 2 University of Trieste,Trieste, Italy; 3 Polytechnical School, Turin, Italy)118. In Vitro Bioactivity Of New Fast Setting And Injectable Calcium Silicate-Based Cement.H.M. Setbon*, A. Iserentant, G. Leloup, J. Devaux, J.G. Leprince (Universitè Catholique DeLouvain, Belgium)119. Accelerated Fatigue Resistance Of Large Direct Fiber-Reinforced Composite ResinRestorations. S.B. Silva* 1, P. Magne 2, M.A.C. De Andrada 1, H.P. Maia 1 (1 Federal UniversityOf Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil; 2 University Of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA).120. Effect Of Oral Environment On New Fiber-Reinforced Composite System. W.Siswomihardjo*, S.Sunarintyas 1, M.K. Herliansyah 1, J.P. Matinlinna 2 (1 Universitas GadjahMada, Indonesia; 2 University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong).121. Effect Of Temperature And Humidity On Mechanical Properties Of Posterior CompositeRestorations. C.J. Soares* 1, A.A. Bicalho 1, R.A.S. Pereira 1, S.J.B. Sousa 1, A.D.C.M. Valdivia1, A. Versluis 2. (1 Federal University Of Uberlândia, Uberlândia, Brazil; 2 University OfTennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, USA.)122. Aesthetic Effectiveness And Cytotoxicity Of A New Tooth Bleaching Therapy. D.G. Soares*,J. Hebling, C.A. De Souza Costa (Univ. Estadual Paulista, Brazil)123. Formulation Of Dental Composites To Include A Nanogel-Modified Resin Phase. S.H. Lewis,S. Kheirieh, M.D. Barros, J. Liu, J.W. Stansbury* (University Of Colorado, USA)124. Cytotoxicity Evaluation Of New Resin Matrix System On Fiber-Reinforced Composites. S.Sunarintyas* 1, W. Siswomihardjo 1, H. Suwarsohartono 1, J.P. Matinlinna 2 (1 UniversitasGadjah Mada, Indonesia; 2 University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong).125. Edge Chipping Test On Microhybrid And Nanocomposites. C.B. Tanaka* 1, R.Y. Ballester 1,G. De Souza 2, Y. Zhang 3, J.B.C Meira 1 (1 University of São Paulo, Brazil; 2 University ofToronto, Canada; 3 New York University, USA).126. The Effect Of 38% Hydrogen Peroxide On The Fracture Toughness Of A Composite Resin.L.Teodoro De Castro Cassanta* 1 , G.A. Borges 1, M.M. Shimano 2, B.A.S. Miranzi 1, G.M.Santos E Souza 1, A.M. Spohr (1 Uberaba University, Brazil; 2 Federal University Of TrianguloMineiro, Uberaba, Brazil; 3 Pontifical Catholic University Of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil).127. An Experimental PVAc Nanofiber: Electrospinning And Characterization. H.A. Vidotti* 1, V.Leoung 2, A.L. Valle 1, F. Ko 2, R.M. Carvalho 2 (1 University Of São Paulo, Bauru, Brazil; 2University Of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)

128. Inhibition Of Enamel Demineralization By Pit And Fissure Sealant Containing 45S5Bioactive-Glass. S.Y. Yang*, J.S. Kwon, K.N. Kim, K.M. Kim (Yonsei University College OfDentistry, Seoul, Korea)129. In-Vitro Dimensional Changes Of Self-Adhesive And Conventional Resin Cements. J.Zorzin*, L. Rödel, R. Belli, A. Wagner, A. Petschelt, U. Lohbauer (University Of Erlangen,Germany)130. Evaluation Of The Biocompatibility Of DPSCs Into Functionalized 3D Polymeric Textile. M.Ortiz* 1, H. Flores 1, C.H. Grandfils 2 (1 Universidad Autónoma De San Luis Potosí, San LuisPotosí, México; 2 Université De Liège, Beligum).131. Study Of A New Titanium Alloy For Orthodontic Applications. M.R. Seixas*, R.T. Konatu,A.L.R. Rangel, G.O.R. Hilsdorf, A. Pereirajr, A.P.R. Alves Claro (UNESP-Univ. Estadual Paulista,Guaratinguet, Brazil)SESSION 3 - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12132. Insight Into Bioactive Principles Of Proanthocyanidins On The Dentin Matrices. T.R.Aguiar*, C. Vidal, R.S. Phansalkar, J.W. Nam, J.G. Napolitano, S.N. Chen, G.F. Pauli, A.K.Bedran-Russo (University Of Illinois At Chicago, IL, USA)133. Effects Of Different Prophylactic Pastes On The Shear Bond Strength Of OrthodonticBrackets. A.M. Aljobair*, H.M. Alkawari (King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)134. EDC Stabilize The Adhesive Interface Over Time. V. Angeloni* 1,2, A. Mazzoni 1, A.Frassetto 1, M. Cadenaro 1, M. Falconi 2, L. Manzoli 2, D.H. Pashley 3, L. Breschi 1 (1 UniversityOf Trieste, Trieste, Italy; 2 University Of Bologna, Bologna, Italy; 3 Georgia Health SciencesUniversity, Augusta, GA, USA)135. Influence Of Des-Remineralization Process On The Bond-Strength Of One-Step Self-EtchingTo Enamel. C.R. Pucci 1, D.P. Antunes* 1, C, C. Pagani 1, C.R.G. Torres 1, A.B. Borges 1, F.R.Tay 2 (1 Science And Technology Institute – UNESP; Brazil, 2 Georgia Regents University, USA)136. Effect Of Solvent Volatilization Temperature On The Stiffness Of Adhesive Systems. L.S.N.Araujo* 1, A.A. Leme 1, T.R. Aguiar 2, G.M. Marchi 1, A.K. Bedran-Russo 2 (1 Piracicaba DentalSchool, University Of Campinas, Brazil; 2 University Of Illinois, Chicago, USA)137. Physicochemical Characterization Of Orthodontic Bonding Resins. L. Araujo* 1,2, M.A.Atmanspacher 1,3, T.F. Dantas 1,4, O. Barreto 1, R. França 1 (1 University Of Manitoba,Winnipeg, Canada; 2 Universidade Federal De Sergipe, Brazil; 3 Universidade Paulista, Brazil; 4Universidade Federal Do Ceará, Brazil,)138. Adhesion Of HEMA-Free Adhesive Systems To Dentin. R. Bacelar-Sá* 1, E.F. Soares 1,A.K. Bedran-Russo 2, T. Nikaido 3, J. Tagami 3, G.M.B. Ambrosano 1, M. Giannini 1 (1 CampinasState University, Brazil; 2 University Of Illinois, Chicago, USA; 3 Tokyo Medical & DentalUniversity, Japan)

139. Effect Of pH And UTS On Micro-Shear Bond Strength Of Two Self-Adhesive Resin Cements.J. Bauer* 1, L.A. Costa 1, K.K. Carneiro 1, A. Tanaka 1, D.M. Lima 1, C.N. Carvalho 2 (1University Federal Maranhao, Brazil; 2 University Of Sao Paulo, Brazil)140. New Strategies For Adding Rhodamine B Into Non-Simplified Adhesive Systems. O. BimJunior* 1, M.A. Cebim 2, M. Graeff 1, R.M. Maenosono 1, P.H.P. DíAlpino 3, M.T. Atta 1, L.Wang 1 (1 University Of São Paulo, Bauru, Brazil; 2 UNESP, Araraquara, Brazil; 3 UNIBAN, SãoPaulo, Brazil)141. Do Dural-Cure Adhesives Need To Be Light-Cured? H. Shen, L. Chen*, B. I. Suh (Bisco Inc,Schaumburg, IL, USA)142. Shear Bond Strength To Lithium Disilicate After Thermocycling. L. Chen, H. Shen, P.L.Child Jr.*, B.I. Suh (Bisco Inc, Schaumburg, IL, USA)143. Long-Term Evaluation Of Ethanol Wet-Bonding To Different Dentin Substrates. A.R. Costa 1,L.Z. Naves 1, L. Raposo 2, A.B. Correr* 1, M.A.C. Sinhoreti 1, L. Correr-Sobrinho 1, F. Garcia-Godoy 3, R.M. Puppin-Rontani 1 (1 State University Of Campinas, Brazil; 2 Federal University OfUberlândia, Brazil; 3 University Of Tennessee, USA)144. Effects Of Doxycycline And Adhesive Systems On Irradiated Dentin. L. Correr-Sobrinho* 1,E.F. Soares 1, L.Z. Naves 1, A.B. Correr 1, A.R. Costa 1, M.A.C. Sinhoreti 1, C.J. Soares 2, F.Garcia-Godoy 3 (1 State University Of Campinas, Brazil; 2 Federal University Of Uberlândia,Brazil; 3 University Of Tennessee, USA)145. Effect Of MDP-Based Materials On Bond Strength To Zirconia. D. Hennig, A. Aggarwal, L.Tam, G. De Souza* (University Of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)146. Fracture Toughness Of Ceramic-Composite Resin Adhesive Interface. A. Della Bona*, Y. DalBello (University Of Passo Fundo, Passo Fundo, Brazil)147. Push-Out Bond Strength Of Resin Materials To Different Thirds Of Dentin Post Space. P.H.Dos Santos* 1, T.Y. Suzuki 1, J.E. Gomes-Filho 1, W.G. Assunção 1, S. Pavan 2, A.L. Briso 1 (1São Paulo State University - UNESP, Brazil; 2 Adamantina College, Brazil)148. The Effect Of Surface Treatments On The Bond Strength Between CAD/CAM Blocks AndComposite Resin. M. Duzyol*, O. Sagsoz, N. Polat Sagsoz, N. Akgul, M. Yildiz (AtaturkUniversity, Erzurum, Turkey)149. Dentin Matrix Components Extracted With Phosphoric Acid Enhance Cell Proliferation &Mineralization. J.L. Ferracane*, S. Salehi (Oregon Health And Science University, Department OfRestorative Dentistry, Division Of Biomaterials And Biomechanics, School Of Dentistry, Portland,OR, USA)

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171. Effect Of Cements ZOE On Bond Strength Self Adhesive Resin Cements. M. Schroeder* 1,E. Carvalho 2, C.N. Carvalho 3, W.L. Souza 2, A.D. Loguercio 4, J. Bauer 2 (1 UFRJ, Rio DeJaneiro, Brazil; 2 UFMA, São Luis, MA, Brazil; 3 USP, São Paulo, Brazil; 4 Universidade EstadualDe Ponta Grossa, Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brazil)172. Microtensile Bond Strength Of Self-Etching Adhesives On Caries Affected Dentin AndNormal Dentin. S. Shibata* 1, L.N. Baratieri 1, L.C.C Vieria 1, J. Fu 2, S. Hoshika 2, Y. Matsuda2, H. Sano 2 (1 Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil; 2 Hokkaido University, Japan).173. Bond Strengths Of Universal Adhesives On Overly-Etched Dentin. H. Shen, B.I. Suh*, L.Chen (Bisco Inc, Schaumburg, IL, USA)174. Influence Of Carbodiimide Cross-Linking On Bond Strength To Radicular Dentin. R.Tempesta* 1, R. Rota 1, A. Mazzoni 2, L. Breschi 2, D. Paolino 3, E. Berutti 1, N. Scotti 1 (1University Of Turin, Turin, Italy; 2 University Of Trieste, Trieste, Italy; 3 Polytechnical School OfTurin, Turin, Italy)175. MMPs Activity In Dentin Collagen: Static And Dynamic Investigation. G. Turco* 1, A.Frassetto 1, A. Mazzoni 1, M. Cadenaro 1, D.H. Pashley 2, L. Breschi 1 (1 University Of Trieste,Trieste, Italy; 2 Georgia Regents University, Augusta, GA, USA)176. Effect Of Laser, Ultrasound And Irrigation Solutions On Bond-Strength Of Fiberglass-Posts.C.R. Pucci, C.A.T. Carvalho, R.A. Vasconcelos*, A.J.F. Lacerda, M. Gullo, A.C.C. Xavier, S.E.P.Gonçalves, H.M.C. Rêgo (Universidade Estadual Julio Mesquita Filho, São Jose Dos Campos, SãoPaulo, Brazil)177. Dentin Biomodification And MMPs Inhibition By Catechins. C. Vidal*, T.R. Aguiar, R.Phansalkar, J.W. Nam, J. Napolitano, S.N. Chen, G.F. Pauli, A.K. Bedran-Russo (University OfIllinois At Chicago, Chicago, USA).178. Dentin Adhesion Of Universal Bonding Agents In Different Etching Modes. A. Wagner*, R.Belli, J. Zorzin, A. Petschelt, U. Lohbauer (University Of Erlangen, Germany)179. Interference Of Rhodamine-B To Non-Simplified Adhesives On Bonding To Dentin. L.Wang* 1, O. Bim Junior 1, L.F. Francisconi 1, L.C. Casas-Apayco 1, C.M. Machado 1, P.H.PD'Alpino 2, H.M. Honório 1, M.T. Atta 1 (1 University Of São Paulo, Brazil; 2 Anhanguera-UnibanUniversity, São Paulo, Brazil)180. Physical Properties Of A Self-Etch Adhesive Containing Catechin. J.R. Neri 1, M. Yamauti*1, A. Pires 2, R. Araujo 2, S. Santiago 1 (1 Federal University Of Ceara, Brazil; 2 Federal InstituteOf Education, Science And Technology Of Ceara, Brazil)

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Francischone 1, R.F.L. Mondelli 1 (1 Bauru School Of Dentistry, University Of São Paulo, Bauru,Brazil; 2 Western University, London, Canada)P8. Streptococcus Mutans Biofilm Formation On Chlorhexidine-Containing Dentin BondingAgents. A Ionescu* 1, E Brambilla 1, M Cadenaro 2, F Tay 3, D Pashley 3, L Breschi 2 (1University Of Milan, Milan, Italy; 2 University Of Trieste, Trieste, Italy, 3 Georgia RegentsUniversity, Augusta, GA, USA)P9. Dentin Mineralization Using DMP1-Derived Synthetic Peptides. J.D. Padovano*, S.Ravindran, A. Ramachandran, A.K. Bedran-Russo, A. George (University Of Illinois At Chicago,USA)P10. Ultra-Fast Light Curing Dental Composites With Minimal Monomer Elution. L. Randolph*1, G. Leloup 1, W.M. Palin 2, J.G. Leprince 1 (1 Universitè Catholique De Louvain, Belgium; 2University Of Birmingham, UK)P11. Surface Modification Of The Ti-15Mo Alloy By Tio2 Nanotubes Growth For DentalApplications. A.L.R. Rangel*, A.L.A. Escada, A.P.R. Alves Claro (UNESP - Univ. EstadualPaulista, Guaratinguet, Brazil)P12. Improved Response Of The Ti30ta Experimental Alloy After Surface Treatment For DentalApplications. M.A. Souza 1*, M.I.E. Kimaid 1, P. Capellato 1, R.T. Konatu1, M.C.R. Rezende 2,K.C. Popat 3, A.P.R.A. Claro 1 (1 Univ Estadual Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil; 2 Univ EstadualPaulista, Faculdade De Araçatuba, Brazil; 3 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA)

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