Accreditation of Registrars - Afnic

Accreditation of Registrars - Afnic

GUIDE TO THE ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE3I. ForewordThis guidebook is intended to help Registrars fill in the application for accreditation andexplains how this procedure is linked to the Registration Contract offered by Afnic.II. Accreditation procedureA. Application for accreditationEach Registrar seeking Afnic accreditation must download the organisation’s officialapplication for accreditation from the following address: data provided must be verified and current.Answers may be directly entered onto the form, and then saved as a PDF. The complete Application Package (application for accreditation and attachments) mustbe sent:1. By e-mail to or2. By post to:AFNIC – Customer Service Department AC/ACImmeuble International -2 rue Stephenson78181 ST QUENTIN EN YVELINES Cedex In French or English Typed only In Times New Roman font, 12 point, or equivalent Maximum 30 A4 format pages (application and attachments combined)Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération | | contact@afnic.frTwitter: @AFNIC | Facebook:

GUIDE TO THE ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE4B. Review of the applicationThe application is reviewed in two phases: Phase one: the application is checked for proper form. Phase two: the application content is analysed.1. CHECK FOR PROPER FORMUpon receiving the application, Afnic checks that : The Accreditation Application Package is entirely filled in and signed, The Registrar identification form is entirely filled in and signed (the Registrars mustattach payment of the flat fee to their application and a certificate of incorporationor equivalent document proving their business activity), The cover letter outlining the reasons your organisation is applying for Afnicaccreditation is included, All documents that back or detail application answers are attached.After receiving the application for accreditation, Afnic contacts the applicant by e-mail atthe e-mail address provided in the application for accreditation for one of the followingpurposes, depending on which case applies:• Inform the applicant that the application is incomplete and ask them toprovided additional items. The application package including the specifieditems must be sent within 15 calendar days. It is very important to includethe application number found in the e-mail from Afnic requesting additionalinformation.• Inform the applicant that the application is complete and sendacknowledgement of receipt within 8 calendar days. Afnic starts theanalysis of content as soon as possible.• Send the applicant codes required for technical tests on the test bench.The Registrar then has 30 calendar days to perform the tests and send theresults to Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération | | contact@afnic.frTwitter: @AFNIC | Facebook:

GUIDE TO THE ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE5Technical tests required :• Provide a domain name for which both server names comply with ZoneCheck• Create a domain name and a contact (your choice of interface)• Perform an administrative and technical modification (your choice of interface)Afnic starts the analysis of content as soon as possible.2. ANALYSIS OF CONTENTThe criteria the Registrar must meet to obtain accreditation are defined by The FrenchElectronic Communications and Telecommunications Act.The Registrar applying for Afnic accreditation must demonstrate that it :1. Manages the principles and operating procedures for the domain namesystem,2. Manages the equipment and technical rules needed to register domainnames with the registry,3. Has set up a verification procedure for identification data provided by domainname applicants so that it may answer any questions of the Registry,4. Has the required human and technical resources to ensure the updating ofany administrative and technical data provided by domain name applicants foridentification purposes,5. Has the required computer equipment and software to ensure the security ofpersonal data provided by domain name applicants, and safeguards thesedata in compliance with the requirements of French Law 78-17 of 6 January1978,6. Provides suitable conditions for contact with the public.Upon receiving the complete application, Afnic examines the application for accreditation.The analysis is performed by the Customer Service department.The Customer Service department must ensure that the minimum requirements explicitlyidentified throughout the questionnaire are correctly handled by the Registrar.It must also read the explanations and diagrams attached to the questionnaire, and assessAssociation Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération | | contact@afnic.frTwitter: @AFNIC | Facebook:

GUIDE TO THE ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE6their relevance to the questions asked.Finally, it ensures that the application package is consistent.If there is any incomplete information or if the Customer Service Departement hasquestions, it sends an e-mail requesting additional information to the Registrar at the e-mailaddress provided in the application for accreditation.To facilitate processing, it is imperative that the entire package be returned along withthe additional information to Registrar has fifteen calendar days to provide this additional information.If all the above-mentioned criteria are met, Afnic sends an e-mail to the applicant Registrarinforming it that it is accredited. The e-mail also contains information on the Registrar’scustomer account.If the above-mentioned criteria are not met, or if the additional information is not sent withinthe allotted 15-day time period, Afnic sends a registered letter with acknowledgement ofreceipt to the Registrar explaining the reasons why accreditation has not been granted.The Registrar has 15 calendar days to appeal the decision.A refusal of accreditation does not preclude the Registrar from applying for accreditationagain in the future.For the first year, regardless of the date on which Afnic accredits the Registrar,accreditation is applicable for a period expiring on 31 December of the calendar yearunderway.In subsequent years, accreditation is automatically renewed each year from 1 January to 31December.IMPORTANTSub-contracting and recourse to resellers is not prohibited. However, it is theresponsibility of the Registrar that has obtained accreditation to ensure that itsintermediaries comply with its commitments and statements. If not, its accreditation maybe withdrawn.Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération | | contact@afnic.frTwitter: @AFNIC | Facebook:

GUIDE TO THE ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE7III. Updating accreditation itemsAccreditation is granted based on items mentioned in the accreditation application.Afnic contacts the Registrars every two years to remind them to update items of informationprovided in the application for accreditation.The Registrar agrees to keep all information provided to Afnic during the accreditationprocess up to date.If any items have changed or been modified, the Registrar must immediately notify Afnic by e-mail or post at the above-mentioned addresses, or through its account manager.Any modifications or changes require a re-examination of the application for accreditation.IV. Suspension/withdrawal of accreditationA. Suspension or withdrawal of accreditationAfnic can suspend or withdraw the accreditation granted to a Registrar in one of thefollowing scenarios: If Afnic has received erroneous or out-of-date data during the application foraccreditation ;If an Afnic check reveals that the accreditation criteria defined in theFrench Electronic Communications and Telecommunications Act isnot met ; If there are any changes or modifications to the accreditation data which resultin non-compliance with the accreditation criteria defined by law; In the case of infringement of Articles L. 45-1 to L.45-3 and L. 45-5; If the Registration Contract between Afnic and the Registrar is cancelled ornot renewed.B. Procedure for the withdrawal or suspension ofaccreditationIf the Registration Contract between Afnic and the Registrar is cancelled or not renewed,accreditation is automatically withdrawn.If the accreditation criteria are not respected, the decision to withdraw or suspendaccreditation depends on the seriousness of the negligence in question: If the negligence is minor or an isolated occurrence, a simple suspension ofaccreditation is appropriate; If the negligence is major or repeated, accreditation shall be withdrawn.Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération | | contact@afnic.frTwitter: @AFNIC | Facebook:

GUIDE TO THE ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE8If a Registrar no longer meets any or all of the accreditation criteria, its accreditation issuspended for a period that shall not exceed four months, or is directly cancelled.Afnic sends the Registrar in question notice of the planned suspension or cancellation ofaccreditation, along with its reasons. The Registrar has 30 calendar days to present its ownobservations.After receiving the Registrar’s observations, or if none are received, at the end of the periodof time the Registrar is given to answer, Afnic has 30 calendar days to take the decision tosuspend or withdrawn the accreditation.Afnic sends the Registrar notice of the final decision by registered mail withacknowledgement of receipt. The Registration Contract between Afnic and Registrar issimultaneously suspended or withdrawn.The decision to withdraw or suspend accreditation is taken by the Legal Affairs Director ofAfnic.V. ChecksAfnic may perform occasional checks on the information provided, of its own initiative orpursuant to a duly substantiated complaint by a third party.These checks may be performed on documents or on the premises of the Registrar.The check on documents is made if Afnic asks for further information on one or several itemsand/or documents.The Registrar communicates the items and/or documents requested within a maximum of 72hours, which may be decreased to 48 hours in an emergency.The check can be performed on the Registrar’s premises if 72 hours’ advance notice isgiven.VI. Accreditation and Registration ContractThe application for accreditation can only be made if the Registrar accepts the RegistrationContract binding it to Afnic.If accreditation is suspended or withdrawn, the Registration Contract between Afnic and theRegistrar is simultaneously suspended or withdrawn.On the other hand, temporary suspension of the Registration Contract between Afnic and theRegistrar has no impact on accreditation.VII.FeesThe Registrar accepts sole responsibility for all the costs incurred in preparing and sendingits application package and in maintaining its accreditation.VIII.Confidentiality of data providedAll the information submitted to Afnic by the Registrar with the accreditation applicationAssociation Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération | | contact@afnic.frTwitter: @AFNIC | Facebook:

GUIDE TO THE ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE9package is confidential.However, this obligation to maintain data confidential does not apply if: Afnic needs to disclose this data as part of legal proceedings of any kind, Afnic needs to substantiate financial records linked to accreditation to the taxauthorities, If a third party presents a substantiated request to access the file of a givenRegistrar (the Registrar is contacted before the file is sent so that it mayremove any items it deems confidential).Afnic publishes the list of accredited Registrars in a directory on its site.In the directory listing, Afnic also publishes information contained in the application foraccreditation. This information clearly identified as “for publication” in the application form.Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération | | contact@afnic.frTwitter: @AFNIC | Facebook:

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