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PORTFOLIOMarta Ostajewskawww.martaostajewska.commarta.ostajewska@gmail.com

Performance STOP-MOTIONPosiadlo Ksiezy Mlyn in Lodz,13.10.2012the concept and coordination:Marta OstajewskaSTOP-MOTION is a project which comeswithin the “Lodz – the transborder city, theart of transmedia” art festival (organizers:prof. Marek Wagner, ad. Bogdan Wajberg –Departament of Sculpture and Intermediaat Academy of Art in Lodz). This transmedialperformance is referring to the factoryatmosphere of Posiadlo Ksiezy Mlyn byusing found items and objects. During theperformance dance, image and sound arecrossing and mixing. The main mechanismis a repetition and loops. This operationin space is evolving in time, like a piece ofmusic, it has its rhythm, the prelude andfinal. It is built on the geometric relationshipsand connections between the individualimages. The creative activities generatea mechanical body which sometimes iscreaking, sometimes works smoothly as anold, oiled machine in the factory. During theperformance the internal dependence arisesbetween people and their projects. Theentangling cloth/bandage/thread bands themvery strong, almost tangible. It is growingduring the project, slowly transforming thevenue in a cocoon. The tissue is envelopingthem, on the one hand protecting andconnecting (spore form allows them to hatch),on the other separate them from thereal space, life. It is an entangling web, inwhich a slow vibration approximates thevictim to the inevitable end.STOP-MOTION is a combination of places,objects and people, it is a meeting. Itconsists of lost and found broken objectswhich have been thrown on shore by thedormant factory.The factory itself is a non-accidentalplace, a space in between, frozen betweenyesterday and tomorrow. It decays slowly,waiting for the transfiguration.

The curator: Marta OstajewskaParticipants: Justyna Apolinarzak,Agata Canert, Magdalena Czarnota,Suavas Levy, dr Beata Marcinkowska,Marta Ostajewska, Pawel Sych, KonradSzymanski

POZA – the surrealistic house, 2009Marta Ostajewska&Veerle Michiels&dog ZinaPresented at the festival MAYDAY MAYDAYCampo Victoria, Ghent in 2009.Performance „POZA – the surrealistic house”is a clash of two different worlds, drawn bystillness and body movement. The miniaturehouse, animal masks, dog, plastic ducks andworms crawling on the table are woven intoa series of poses and arranged in a poignantstory of loneliness, old age, everyday life andunobtrusive intimacy. This is a biographicalpainting with a dog in the background.

POSE & 5 minutes sculpture, 2008-2011My naked body is a clean piece of paper,found objects fill the frame. By using objectsand poses I create my own worlds whichbreak down and transform into a newexpression, lines and stories.POSE-photo’s made by Veerle Michiels5 minute sculptures-photo’s made by MariaDegrève

Group performance: ‘InternationalColloquium Skin/Huid/Peau/Hada’S.M.A.K., Municipal Museum ofContemporary Art, Ghent,4 December 2008Co-performers: Hans Beckers, VeerleMichiels, Rudy Lycke, Maggy Rustamova,Marta Ostajewska and dog Zina.The aim of this performance was to create ascientific atmosphere. We presented ourselvesas scientists, doctors and professors. As theaudience didn’t know what was really goingon, we manipulated them. We looked andtalked like scientists, but sometimes thespeaking became shouting or laughing, ourvoices changed and the environment wentfrom a simple reading to a terrifying warscene.

De houtzee (The wooden sea) V 2008,MAYDAY MAYDAY Festival inNieuwpoorttheaterPremiere 29.05.2008Director: Rene Van GijsegemCo-performers: Marta Ostajewska, MeggyRustamova, Carl von Winckelmann,Hiranyagarbha Terryn, Claire Stragier,Veerle Michiels, Sandrine Verstraete, SimonVanheukelom, Gwen Van Jole, JimmyHendrickx, Kristian Van der Heyden, HansBeckers, Bob Van de Putte, Annelien Vermeir,Wim Clapdorp, Sjoerd Paridaen, LaurensVan Lieshout, Maria Degrčve, Kelly VanderHaegenThe wooden queen - the heroine of„The wooden sea”Wooden queen has a double personality.She is an active, aggressive (soldier ina leather jacket, with a tie made from arusty blade) and passive, mechanical,contemplative (queen in a long dress,closed in a metal structure on wheels,pushed by a servant).The soldier and the queen interpenetrate,complete eachother. Their inherentattribute is a skull - Berta. It is boththe object and the subject, the only linkbetween yesterday and today. To theQueen this is the last importent piece ofthe world which is sliding down into thenothingness. Berta protects the Soldieragainst absorbing and destruction bythe Queen, against transfiguration /transformation and the final explosion.His / her existence is focused on internaland external transformation, smoothtransitions between the stereotypicalattributes of gender (feminine /masculine). This character focuses onthe intuitive response to the space andrelation with the objects: the thronefrom a metal trash can, shotgun, skull(attributes of death and violence).Performance ends with re-death, leaveand return. This is an infinitely repeatingcycle.

InstallationsI Lodzermensz!The place of the artistAalst - the story has been found, the wanderKamer 303

„I Lodzermensz!”, group exhibition,Manhattan Gallery, 12.2012The project aims to draw attention to the areaof Lodz, which seemingly dirty, shabby andruined, but is also a source of inspirationfor artists. The space in which we operateinfluences who we become, thus let’s shapeit in the right way. The project has a socialcharacter. The artists are looking for answersto several questions: What do I feel bywalking every day through Łódź? Do I feelthat I am a Lodzermensz? How I would likethis city to look? etc.Curators: The Resistance Group UtopIaParticipants: Justyna Aulak, JustynaApolinarzak, Artur Chrzanowski, MichalFryc, Justyna Jakobowska, SebastianKokoszewski, Ola Koziol, Anka Lesniak,Katarzyna Matoszko, Karina Madej, BarbaraOlejarczyk, Marta Ostajewska, robosexi,Katarzyna Ruszkowska, Joanna Szumacher,Piotr Slomczynski, Kamila Turkowska, KosmaWozniarskiLodzermensz, how can I help you?Installation, 2012In the nineteenth century Lodz drew peoplelike a magnet, it was seen as a true PromisedLand. Today also attracts - as one of the mostattractive locations for BPO industry in thecountry. Once it was a city where the soundof factory sirens marked the rythm of humanlife. Today, in the same factory walls isblaring sound of a thousand keyboards andmultilingual variation on the theme: „Howcan I help you?”.In Lodz operates 37 centers BPO(including Infosys BPO Poland, FujitsuTechnology, Nordea, Xerox, ABB andTate & Lyle), which places it among thetop five fastest growing outsourcingcenters in Poland. BPO in Lodz employ7.5 thousand. people. If we add theIT industry, the number of employeesincreased to more than 10 thousand.Analysts expect that soon next consortiawill locate the service centers in our city.The workforce for them are preparingPolish Universities. Very good workers inthis sector are also Polish immigrants.Shift work, pikacz (stamped card at thebeginning and end of the working day andduring breaks for a cigarette which arenot counted to the worktime), overtime,a mixture of languages, presenting thename of manufacturer / BPO companies,the old factory walls filled with hundredsvoices, computer cables - this is ourcontemporary Promised Land. Buildingsacquired the bankrupt factories,renovated, are populated by the newLodzermensz, who are flocking to thecity from the Polish, Dutch, Portugueseprovince. Lodz is populated again.Multicolored Infosys, Fujitsu, Xerox... Multicultural, multilingual, busy,blue bird jumping from BPO to BPO -contemporary Lodzermensz! Even in suchan impersonal space as corporation hedoes not allowed his personality to besuppressed by tangle of cables. He tameshis space daily, gives a personal touch toit.

The place of the artist, groupexhibition, The Free Space Gallery,11.2012What is the place and role of the artistin the modern world? Is the place of theartist predetermined or artists should set itthemselves? The coordinators of the projectare Michal Fryc and Justyna Jakóbowska.Participants: Marta Ostajewska, KamilaTurkowska, Justyna Aulak, KatarzynaRuszkowska, Karina Madej, JustynaJakóbowska, Michał Fryc.

Aalst - the story has been found, thewander, Croxapox Gallery in Ghent,2009“The city, as Emerson discerned, “lives by remembering”(...) The city as vibrant entity, aswell sprong for all sorts of imagination.”The project is inspirated by the argumentsof the article: Walking through the city frompractice to method. The authors assume that„by walking through them, places becomemeaningful„ and „walking becomes the wayof experiencing”. Essence of “Aalst - the storyhas been found, the wander” is relationshipbetween emotion and space. It is an annualphotographic record, the registrationof the road to / from the station-Academy ofFine Arts-the train station. The photographsare a record of perception, not a pure aestheticregistration. The pictures show my emotions,my way of seeing the world, as well asminor changes in reality (dilapidated buildings,the changing sky, the variable aura ofthe city). In addition to the images the projectincludes lost / found pieces of the day (a singleglove, shoe, jelly beans, yellow paddle forgottenon the sidewalk, etc..) and their imaginarystories.Buzz McCall, An Aesthetic Intent. The improvershed metaphorand the “Living City” [in: The Urban Era - Outer Horizons,No. 1/2008]A. Van De Vyvere, A. Daems, V. Clette, Walking through thecity from practice to method, [in: A Priors Making Sense inthe City#01, p. 79-87: “by walking through them, places becomemeaningful” […] „try to understand a lived space inperpetual movement and leave behind the interpretation ofwalking as a sheer locomotive aptitude; remember – walkingbecomes the way of experiencing”]

Kamer 303 - installation, 2008-2009Kamer 303 is an installation inspired by theprose of Bruno Szulz and Marcel Proust.The mix of memories, emanations of thespace, dug out, dusty objects and pluperfectemotions. The found / lost attic with stairsrising out of the hole in the ceiling, is filledwith dust and the life of wild pigeons. I havestretched through a small hole pieces offurniture and created the old, creaky roomwith a huge bed, lamp, chair, table, carpet,an old typewriter, Singer and the Czechbook with notes. The installation has beencreated for nine months. My attic was only alaboratory, not the final result of the project.I have mingled the various elements together,combined similar emotions: sadness, fear,loneliness, passion, melancholy. The finalform of the project is the story: Kamer 303.

Performance/theater playKAMER 303

KAMER 303NTGent basementRozentheater, AmsterdamFarbiarnia Scheiblera, Lodz, PolandPremiere: 13 June 2010, 20:00“Touch. Lay down on the broken bed. Letit embrace you with the shiver from a pastunknown. Let the rotten vail close itself like ablanket. Holes instead of breath.”Kamer 303, Marta OstajewskaA room is filled with voices, old furniture,and memories. A person gets lost betweenpast and present, between memories andthe objects. She never leaves the room. Inher solitude, she longs for love from the dayswhich past. The woman and the room melttogether. Space becomes shelter and prisonat the same time.Kamer 303 is a play about different moodsand emotional states, on the edge betweenphysical and psychological theatre. It isintimate art, requiring close contact with theviewer. The play is filled with melancholy,solitude, madness, passion and enduring lostlove.“…an intriguing, touching play by one ofthe most daring and fascinating youngtheatre makers this country has seen inlong time.” (Bruno Schulz, polish author)“… it is boring but good. The dog wasbrilliant” (Samb Ogaerts, Belgian director)“…Though it was an absolute pity theactress didn’t show more body, she didthe most fascinating insect dance I haveever seen. Five starts!” (www.lesbian.pl)director: Marta Ostajewskaactress: Nele Van den Broeck, Zinatext: Marta Ostajewskatranslation: Kris Van Heuckelommentors: Sam Bogaerts, Peter Verhelst,Wouter DecorteNTGent basement, Sint-Baafsplein 17, 9000 Gent:13/06 – 20:00.18/06 – 14:00 20/06 – 20:0026/06 – 14:00 28/06 – 20:00 (2010)Rozentheater, kleine zaal, Rozengracht 117, 1016LV Amsterdam:3/09 – 18:00 4/09 – 21:30 5/09 – 18:006/09 – 21:30 (2010)Farbiarnia Scheiblera 09/10 – 19:0010/10 – 19:00 11/10 – 19:00 (2011)

FilmA breath of cityLarvaBirds hunterTo nowhereThe process in Crombeen

Intermedia Seminar I, HERE AND NOW2012 „Lodz-Milano, correspondencecorrispondenze”The curator of the project is prof. JolantaWagner (Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz,Faculty of Visual Arts).of the transformer, handles, blades juttingfrom the wall. these objects, moments areoutside the known history, are commonto all cities. the energy of this place isas a vortex of water in the drain basins,spins and flattens, curves at the corners,straightens as crumpled tablecloth.The project was inaugurated on the 18th ofSeptember 2012 in the National Gallery inWarsaw and held in Warsaw, Lodz and Milan.The completion of the project is scheduledfor April 2013. Participants are creatingworks of art inspired by the theme „Lodz-Milano, correspondence-corrispondenze”. Theemphasis is put on relationships betweenpast and present of both cities. The works arepresented on local, national and internationalexhibitions.marta ostajewska, video 6:03 min.,a breath of city / miLanLodz hybrydahere and nowthe city is a stone-paved hybrid, is swallowingtime. hyperstimulation. momentum. energy.people who rush are growing into the streets.but there are places where the city breathes,freezes, contemplating the time, sand amongthe concrete fingers, the heat of the sun layson the train tracks. place-sanctuaries areappearing and disappearing on a map of thecity. islands of reverie and sleep breathing.in these areas there is a moment, there issilence, there is quotes. space in pursuit ofthe words in the wind flattened diluted storythat flits by without stopping. contemplation

larva [fiction DVD], 2008The desperate metaphor struggles withthe flesh. The abstract impression builton the absence, fascination, disgust.Transformation, metonymy parts of the body/ insects in electronic rhythm of dj shadow.The one-person crew, mini-DV.Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels.

The Bird Hunter [document Beta],2007Ludo, a nurse working in a psychiatrichospital, an amateur photographer,fascinated by the lives of birds, hunting forthe perfect shot. Minutes vary for hours,pours as tobacco patiently twisted in awooden shelter.The one person crew, equipment: mini-DV.

To nowhere [fiction DVD], 2006camera: Diederick Nuyttenscast: Philip BitrakovWhen dreams confront reality.A man smokes a cigarette in an empty room.He creates small airplanes, rides a bike onthe roof in the looped rhythm of trumpet. Hedraws a delicate woman’s face and touchesher cheek. The shadow of the bike is spinningin a circle. The man is making a plane fromthe drawing of the girl. The bike falls. Thewheel aimed at the sky revolves slowly. Theman gets up and lifts the bike. Journey tonowhere begins anew.We have been shooting in the rain. Thecameraman has jumped on the chimneywith an umbrella and has shot from the roof.The room was located in the squat of artists,inside of the old fire station. We have usedthe drawings of the actor. He is an architectfrom Bulgaria and a prototype of the maincharacter.

PhotosBoat - unfinished dreamCracks of existence

Boat – an unfinished dreamBulgaria, 2008The Bulgarian fisherman has been buildinghis dream boat for over twenty years. Heworks in every weekend, every spare momentand all his savings are dedicated to the boat.Empty metal hull is slowly covered with rust.The huge, awkward “Nymph” will probablynever flow. The fisherman knows it, but he istirelessly grinding the body of infinite dream.

Cracks of existence, 2007In the molecule of the matter, in the smallcracks of the floor, walls, the silence betweenthe words threw the gentle invisible webs,shines totally different world. The world ofcraters, whispering pieces of coal, lost pieceof crayon sunken in conversation with theend of fag. That’s the world full of life andmystery nooks. The world of particles, pieces,usually invisible, driven in pupils, during thelong minutes of contemplation. Discoversthe other bottom, the beauty of casualcompositions, inner harmony.(pictures made 19/11/2007 between8:17a.m. and 10:57a.m.)



Texts:Triptych: the landscape dreamed awayKamer 303

“Triptych:the landscape dreamed away”emerge from the dream. the breath – the mistyour thought cuts apartin to the pearl – greyamoebas of hands. splashed without the memorylike the soaked seaweedsthoughtsI melt at the dreaming nightmares of stagnancyslowly picking up deathly breathingsI open my empty handsthe border sobbingexplodeslike a bird.Kamer 303,vertaler: Kris Van Heuckelom,2008 (fragment)◙lucht doordrongen van de emanatie vanuitgedroogde vogelstront. het vonkt in delucht. stof en tranen. traagjes, opgerold ophet bed, ademt het, een en al gehoest. zelfs deverplante klimop, die traagjes de bloempottenoverwoekert, gaat dood aan gebrek. aantekort.een paar zorgvuldig gekozen meubelen,verminkt door een metaalzaag. onmagischmet elkaar vergroeid. een spijker en eente nieuwe plaat. een verbrijzelde kooi. eenomgegooide tafel. de vruchteloosheid vandeze plek wordt stilaan ingenomen door hetgefladder van vleugels. de vogelstront wordtweek na week groter. aan ziel wint ze niet.afwezige kleermakerspoppen, verkopersschuifelen met afgeleefde handpalmen temidden van herinneringen.ik zal je hier ’s nachts opsluiten en pas danzul je je herinneren dat je andermans wereldtrachtte in te palmen. het dode weer levend temaken. als in joodse legendes. een golem, teveel klei, te weinig woord.kakkerlakken tollen over de al te hete vloer.doordrongen van kool, met vertrokkengezichten.een straatorgel achter het raam. een vergetenvogelveer.ik zal je een sprookje vertellen over eenaloude spaanse krant en een tsjechisch boekmet partituren. over nodeloze zaken op eenonbestaande zolder. een verloren machine,van een nederlandse markt, en eenjoodse singer. met de al te zwartedraad van een slang in het midden.zelfs de zetel gaapt je aan met groteogen, en jij stampt zachtjes met je lageschoen op verbrijzelde platen en wil jeontrukken aan de doodsheid van nietmijn woorden, naar huis naar huis naarhuis. zo ver mogelijk weg van vervelingen onvervuldheid. van gebrokenwoorden en ongedroomde dromen. jeraakt niet aan, raakt niet aan. dompel jeonder.leg je op het gebroken bed. laat hetje omhelzen met de sidder van eenonbekend verleden. laat de aangerottesluier sluiten als een sprei. gatenin plaats van adem. voel. dompel jehanden onder in de gedroogde stront,als in woorden. onder de vingers eenspinnenweb. transfiguratie. van waterin wijn. van wijn in bloed. overwoekertde kamer. minuten gaan voorbij. uren.de kaarten van de wanden gaan over injouw verveelde blik. deze kamer zit injou. verveling. zit in jou. naar huis naarhuis naar huis. ongeduldig. zonder aante raken. zonder.

Participation in projects of others:Das Ist Doch Keine Art! SpatialCompositions - Kompozycje w przestrzeniLiaisons Denereuses/Zatruty przekazcreated by Marcelo Zammenhoff and MariaApoleikaCommon Task, Pawel AlthamerObsessive stories 7.1, Alvaro GuimarăesPhoto shoot by Michael Borremans&MarcHoflack

Das Ist Doch Keine Art!(an international artistic collective:Magdalena Frankiewicz&Yeal Sherill)Spatial Compositions - Kompozycje wprzestrzeniThe City Point of Culture Prexer, Łódź KaliskaRailway Station, 10.28.2012Das Ist Doch Keine Art! is an artisticcollective based in Berlin, working onthe border between performance art,experimental theater and activism. The groupcreate works in the changing internationalcomposition, mainly using various formsof urban intervention. It explores therelationship between conventional everydaytraffic and the physical organization of theurban environment. The group believes thatcreative interventions and introducing anelement of playful games in public spacestriggers the potential to challenge theinherent properties of these spaces and therules that govern them.In cooperation with StowarzyszenieTopografie and Miejski Punkt Kultury Prexer-UŁ, Das Ist Doch Keine Art! conducted thesecond part of social experiment ‚SpatialCompositions’ (performance in a publiclocation) on the 28th of October 2012 at theŁódź Kaliska Railway Station.Co-performers: Magdalene and JoannaFrankiewicz, Madejska Marta, MartaOstajewska, Yael Sherill

Liaisons Denereuses/Zatruty przekazcreated by Marcelo Zammenhoff and MariaApoleika.Participation in the video and performance -17 dec 2011 in Bajkonur in Lodz

Pawel Althamer, Common Task, 2009Polish Cultural Institute,18 Place Flagey, 1050 BruxellesMichael Borremans(photos, painting), 2009Pawel Althamer in 2009 created project“Common Task”, a documented groupactivity, social sculpture, and a documentaryin the convention of science-fiction On the4th of June over 150 participants of theproject arrived in Brussels on a golden Boeing737 designed by the artist. Their first stop inthe city was Expo 58. with the model of anatom as a starting point of the visit.Photos in dutch magazine „TicKL” 04.2009Painting in Zeno X Gallery, Antwerpen(exhibition 2010)

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