Appendix D - Government of Nova Scotia

Appendix D - Government of Nova Scotia

Appendix DSpecies at Risk and of Conservation ConcernCBCL Limited Land Use and Environment DivisionAppendices

Appendix DSpecies at Risk and of Conservation ConcernBIRDSScientific NameCommon NameSARA Status &ScheduleNSESAStatusNSDNRGeneralStatusACCDC Habitat RegionAccipiter gentilis Northern Goshawk Yellow S3B Woodlots, forested areas Scattered throughout NSAccipiter gentilis laingi Northern Goshawk ThreatenedAlca torda Razorbill Yellow S1B,SZNAmmodramus caudacutus Sharp-tailed Sparrow YellowAsio flammeusShort-eared OwlSpecial Concern,Schedule 3YellowAsio otus Long-eared Owl Yellow S1S2Branta bernicla Brant Yellow S2MBucephala islandica Barrow's Goldeneye Special Concern Yellow S1NCalidris canutus Red Knot Endangered Yellow S3MCalidris pusillaSemipalmatedSandpiperCatharus minimus Bicknell's Thrush Special ConcernSpecialConcernYellowYellowChaetura pelagica Chimney Swift Yellow S4BCharadrius melodusPiping PloverEndangered,Schedule 1S1S2BS4MSZNEndangered Red S1BChordeiles minor Common Nighthawk Threatened Threatened Yellow S4BContopus borealis Olive-sided Flycatcher YellowDolichonyx oryzivorus Bobolink Yellow S3BEgretta thula Snowy Egret Yellow SABEuphagus carolinus Rusty Blackbird Special Concern Yellow S3BFalco peregrinusPeregrine FalconThreatened,Schedule 1Threatened Red S1BFratercula arctica Atlantic Puffin Yellow S1BGavia immer Common Loon Yellow S4B,S4NOld growth of matureconiferous forests ordeciduous forests of maturetrees in age and structureOffshore shoals and ledges,nests on cliffs or rockyshorelines and on islandsSalt marshes and other salinehabitatsOpen areas, includinggrasslands, wet meadows,marshes, fields, airports,forest clearings, muskegs andopen bogsBreeds in dense coniferousmixed and riparian forests andareas with tall shrubs. Winterin woodlots dense riparianwoodlands and hedgerowsisolated tree groves inmeadows fields cemeteries,farmyards or parksCoastal bays, estuaries,shorelines and agriculturalfieldsSmall numbers breed andwinter in Maritimes, duringnon breeding may be found incoastal waters of Estuary andGulf, during later fall andwinter and early spring largenumbers are found in the St.LawrenceSandy beaches, with gentleslopes and minimal waveaction.Coastal mudflats, beachesand shorelines, spits andpondshoresBreeds in open and closedcanopy coniferous forestsmainly in darker moisterboreal forests. In migrationthey occur mainly in coastalshrub and tuckamore butoccasionally second-growthand overgrown gardensNest in chimneys or oldcabins in the forest, but mostnest in tree hollowsBreed on sandy beachesbacked by dunes and close toshallow tidal flats. Inmigration the are found onsandbars, beaches and mudflats rarely away from thecoastSparsely vegetated or bareground in open 'wastelands'such as pine barrens, forestcut-overs, or burns andsecondarily on flat roofs ofbuildings.Open woodlands and otherplaces where scattered treesremain and cutting or fire inforest regions.Tall grassy meadows andditches, hayfields and somecroplands; increasingly usescoastal meadowlands andsand dunes with wax myrtleand other low growthOpen edges of rivers, lakesand marshesBreeds in treed bogs fens,beaver ponds, wet meadows,and the shrubby shorelines oflakes, rivers and swamps. Inmigration and winter, theyoccur in marshes, open fields,feedlots and woodland edgesnear water and occasionallyat feeders in winter.Lake shores, river valleys,river mouths, urban areas,and open fieldsBreeds in inaccessible coastalcliffs and offshore islands withturf, coastal and offshorewaters. Migrate and winter inopen ocean and occasionallyinshoreLarge rivers and lakes, oftenwith islands that provideundisturbed shorelines fornesting. In migration andwinter they are found insaltwater bays andheadlands, occasionally onlakes and unfrozen openwaterRare throughout the province.Year round resident of NSScattered throughout NS coastalregionsScatter throughout NSScattered throughout NSYear round resident in DigbyCounty, migratory in Yarmouth,Shelburne, Pictou, Colchester,Cumberland Kings and Hantscounties, along the coastCoastal waters of the MaritimesRare throughout NS.Migratory along coast in NSCape BretonScattered throughout NSMigratory on the western side ofNS (including CB) summerbreeding on east side of provinceScattered throughout NSScattered throughout NSScattered throughout NSMigratory along coast inShelburne, Queens, Lunenburgand Halifax CountiesMore than 70% of the breedingrange of the species is inCanada’s boreal forestMigratory bird throughout NS,breeds around the Bay of Fundy,Minas Basin, Cumberland,Colchester, Hants, Kings, Victoriaand Inverness CountiesOn east side of NSScattered throughout NS1

Scientific NameCommon NameSARA Status &ScheduleNSESAStatusNSDNRGeneralStatusHirundo rustica Barn Swallow Yellow S4BHistrionicus histrionicus Harlequin Duck Special ConcernIcteria virens virensLoxia curvirostra percnaYellow-breasted ChatVirens subspeciesRed Crossbill, percnasubspeciesSpecial Concern,Schedule 1EndangeredSpecialConcern,Schedule 1RedAccidentalNumenius borealis Eskimo Curlew Endangered SXMNycticorax nycticoraxBlack-crowned Night-HeronYellowParus hudsonicus Boreal Chickadee YellowPasserculus sandwichensisprincepsSavannah (Ipswich)Sparrow, princepssubspeciesSpecial Concern,Schedule 1S2NS1BS1BACCDC Habitat RegionBreeds everywhere there arebuildings and other structuresthat provide sheltered, drynest-sites, even nesting onisolated cabins in deepwoodland and on fishingshacks on offshore islands.Nests built on ground ofislands or banks of fastflowing stream, favor marineenvironment, move inland tobreed. In winter occurs alongheadlands where surf breaksagainst rocks, feed close torocky shorelinesDense thickets, aroundwoodland edges, riparianareas and overgrownclearings or clear cuts.Coniferous forest includingmature black spruce andbalsam fir stands.Breeding habitat consisted oftreeless upland tundra withdwarf shrubs and grassytundra meadows. During fallmigration, the birds used avariety of coastal andterrestrial habitats. They fed inareas of crowberry, saltmarsh, meadows, pastures,old fields, intertidal flats andsand dunes.Shallow cattail and bulrushmarshes, lakeshores andalong slow riversConiferous forest, dominatedby spruceHayfields, dunes or grassierparts of bogs and barrens,just above the level of thehighest tide.Scattered throughout NSHarlequins winter along therugged coasts of southernNewfoundland, the Atlantic Coastof Nova Scotia, in the Bay ofFundy off New Brunswick, the Gulfof Maine to as far south as themouth of the Chesapeake Bay.Rare throughout the province.Rare throughout the province.Scattered throughout NSMigratory in all counties south andincluding Cumberland, Colchesterand Halifax to Yarmouth CountyScattered throughout NSNorthern Cape Breton and thelargest population located onSable Island.Perisoreus canadensis Gray Jay Yellow S4 Coniferous forest Scattered throughout NSPhalaropus fulicaria Red Phalarope YellowPhalaropus lobatus Red-necked Phalarope Yellow S3S4MPooecetes gramineus Vesper Sparrow Yellow S2S3BProgne subis Purple Martin Yellow S1BProtonotary citreaProtonotary WarblerEndangered,Schedule 1Sialia sialis Eastern Bluebird Yellow S2S3BSterna dougallii Roseate Tern Endangered Endangered Red S1BSterna hirundo Common Tern Not at risk Yellow S3BSterna paradisaea Arctic Tern Yellow S3BSturnella magna Eastern Meadowlark Yellow S1BPLANTSAdiantum pedatumNorthern Maidenhair-FernAlopecurus aequalis Short-Awn Foxtail Yellow S2S3Anemone canadensis Canada Anemone Yellow S2Anemone multifida Early Anemone Red S1Anemone parviflora Small-Flower Anemone Red S1Anemone quinquefolia Wood Anemone Yellow S2Lakes, large wetlands andsewage lagoonsWell out to sea, off headlandsand around areas of oceanupwellings in the Bay ofFundyOpen fields borders orinterspersed with shrubs,semi-open shrub lands andgrasslands, also in agriculturalareas, open, dry coniferplantations and scrubbygravel pitsSemi-open areas includinggardens and fields, almostalways near waterMigratory bird at sea and close toland in the Bay of FundyOut to sea and Bay of FundyVictoria, Inverness, Antigonish,Guysborough, Yarmouth, Digby,Annapolis, Shelburne and QueensCountiesScattered throughout NSAccidental Deciduous swamp forests Rare throughout the province.RedS1Cropland fencelines,meadows, fallow andabandoned fields, pastures,forest clearings and edges,golf courses, large lawns andcemeteriesCoastal areas of Nova Scotia.Common, Arctic and Roseatetern nest togetherBreeds in natural and humanmadeislands, breakwatersand beaches. Migratory alonglarge lakes, open wetlandsand slow-moving riversBreed on marshy tundra, sandand gravel bars, sandspits,barren islands, beaches androcky shorelines. In migrationon large lakes, rivers andwetlandsBreeds in grassy meadowsand pastures, also in somecroplands, weedy fields,grassy roadsides and oldorchards. During the winterthey are found in coastalbarrens and fields, croplandsand wastelandsIn fertile or alkaline soils, oak,birch, sugar maple, elm,shady moist soilsMuddy edges of rivers andshallow ponds and gravelmarginsDamp thickets, meadows andgravelly shores, oncalcareous or alluvial soilsShores and rocky banks oncalcareous soilWet limestone cliffs borderingwaterfalls and gravelly bluffsWooded riverbanks andshaded intervalesBreeding throughout northern andcentral NS and migratorythroughout southern NSConcentrated on a few islands offthe Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia.On coastal regions in NSNSBreeds along Bay of Fundy, and ismigratory throughout HalifaxCountyYarmouth to Northern CapeBreton, Meander River IntervaleTop of Cape Blomindon fromCumberland County to theMargaree in Cape BretonNear the sea at Cape Jack andHarve Boucher, AntigonishCounty. North of Cheticamp atPresquille, Cape North and BaySt. Lawrence, Cape Breton,Meander River , Hants County andQueens CountyOne colony found on the northface of limestone cliff below waterfall at Corney Brook gorge inInverness, CBICape Breton Island National Park,Inverness CountyNorth of Bridgetown, AnnapolisCounty; Newport Hants County;and Middle Stewiack, St. AndrewsRiver in Colchester County;Sherbrooke, Guysborough County;West Middle River in Cape Breton2

Scientific NameCommon NameSARA Status &ScheduleNSESAStatusNSDNRGeneralStatusAnemone virginiana River Anemone Yellow S1S2Arabis hirsuta Hairy Rock-Cress Red S1S2Betula glandulosa Swamp Birch YellowBetula pumila Dwarf Birch Yellow S2S3ACCDC Habitat RegionStreamsides, calcareous andslaty ledges, shores andthicketsDry cliffs and crevices,ledges, talus slopes andgravelsAcidic rock barrens crests andsummitsBogs and bog meadows,mixed with alders of the samesizeBidens hyperborea Estuary Beggar-Ticks Yellow S1 Estuaries on tidal mudflatsBotrychium lanceolatum Lance-Leaf Grape-Fern Yellow S2 Rich wooded hillsidesBotrychium lunaria Moonwort Grape-Fern Red S1Gravelly, slopes, shores,meadows, basic soilsBromus latiglumis Broad-Glumed Brome Red S1 Alluvial FloodplainsCalamagrostis strictaNew England NorthernReed GrassYellowCaltha palustris Marsh Marigold Yellow S2Campanula aparinoides Marsh Bellflower Yellow S3?Cardamine parvifloraSmall-Flower Bitter-CressYellowS1S2S2Around lakes and bogs andwet cliff facesSwamps, wet meadows andwet rocksMeadows, ditches and riverbanksDry woods, shaded orexposed ledges and in sandysoilsCountyMeander River, Hants County,Colchester and Pictou counties,Northern Cape Breton, Truro areaOn a small moist outcrop atRefugee Cove, on west side ofMoose Island , Colchester County,Indian Brook, Boularaderie Islandand Cape North, Victoria CountyBrier Island, Digby Co., ShingleLake Lunenburg Co. O'Hearn LakeHants Co., Bennery Lake HalifaxCo., Two Island Lake IngonishBarrens Victoria Co., CB Co.,Gaspereaux Guys Co., TwinIsland Lake, Ingonish BarrensTarbotville, Northern Victoria andInverness counties, Black River,Inverness countiesRiver Phillip, Oxford, CumberlandCounty. The estuaries atAntigonish and Margaree,Inverness CountyKentville Ravine, Kings County,Colchester and CumberlandCounties, Indian Brook CheticampRiver and Grand Anse in NorthernCape BretonHalifax County on Conrad's Beachand New Campbellton and IndianBrook in Northern Cape BretonIsland.Yarmouth to Northern CapeBreton Island and Sable IslandSome Lakes near Amherst,reported at Beacher Lake,Yarmouth County, a larch bog atBig Baddeck, CB, and LockhartBrook, Salmon River CBThe coastal plain of northernInverness County near Mabou,Northeastern Margaree, MargareeRiver, St. Joseph du Moine,Cheticamp, Grand Etang,occasionally near the mouth ofGrand Anse Brook, Pleasant Bay,Mergomish Island, Pictou CountyCumberland and Hants counties toAntigonish County, one location inCape Breton CountyThe Bay of Fundy from BrierIsland to Cape Blomindon andCape d'Or, Halifax County toVictoria County in NorthernCentral Cape BretonNorthern Cape Breton Gisborne,Carex castanea Chestnut-Colored Sedge Red S2Swamps, wet meadows, cliffcrevices and ledgesVictoria Co., expected elsewhereCarex dioica Northern Bog Sedge RedSphagnum bogs andSt. Paul Island, CB and bog atconiferous swampsBlack River, InvernessCarex lepidocarpa A Sedge Red Calcareous bogs and gravels Black River, Inverness on CBICarex livida Livid Sedge Red S1Carex rariflora Loose-Flowered Sedge Red S1Calcareous bogs andmeadowsFens, calcareous coastalheaths and bogsCarex saxatilis Russet Sedge Red Damp, peaty or gravelly soilsCarex tenuiflora Sparse-Flowered Sedge Red S1 Wet woods and bogsCarex tincta Tinged Sedge Red S1Carex viridula Little Green Sedge Red S4Caulophyllum thalictroides Blue Cohosh Red S2Chenopodium rubrumCoast-Blite GoosefootUndeterminedCinna arundinacea Stout Wood Reed-Grass Red S1Conioselinum chinense Hemlock Parsley Yellow S2S3S1?Rich soils at the edge ofmixed woodsSphagnum swales, gravelly,rocky shores, low pasturesnear coast or borders ofbrackish pondsDeciduous forests, intervaleforestsSaltmarshes, seashores,saline soilsMoist Woodlands, alluvialsoils, wet woodsSwamps, mossy coniferouswoods or swales and seepyslopes near the coastCrataegus flabellata A Hawthorn Yellow S? Hedgerows and thicketsCypripedium calceolusLarge Yellow Lady's-SlipperYellowCalcareous soils nearoutcrops of gypsum, orlimestone, occasionally indeciduous forestsCypripedium reginae Showy Lady's-Slipper Red S2 Alkaline bogs and swampsDesmodium glutinosum Large Tick-Trefoil Red S2 Rich deciduous forestsDraba glabellaNorwegian Whitlow-GrassRed S1 Cliff or talus slopeElymus wiegandii Wiegand's Wild Rye Red S1 Stream Banks and MeadowsEmpetrum rubrum Purple Crowberry Yellow Headlands, bogs and barrensEpilobium hornemannii Hornemann Willow-Herb Yellow S2S3Damp rocks, margins or rillsand similar locationsEpilobium strictum Downy Willow-Herb Yellow S3 Boggy areas and meadowsReported from Windsor, HantsCounty, collected at Louisbourg,Cape Breton County and some inMachaud, Richmond CountyScatterie Island and Baleine onCape Breton IslandCollected once in NS at WarrenLake, Victoria County, CBILittle Harbour, Richmond County,CBIWest of Bay Field in St. George'sBay, Inverness County AntigonishScattered throughout NSCambridge Kings County,Kemptown, Colchester County,Inverness, Brooklyn Corner, Hantsand Cumberland CountyScattered throughout NSDigby Neck, Digby Co., BroadRiver Queens County, SaltSprings Cumberland Co., PleasantBay Inverness Co. St. Paul Island,Victoria Co.Eastern NS and northern CapeBretonThe Windsor-Brooklyn area ofHants County sparingly west toKings County east to Cape BretonFrom Hants to CumberlandCounties to Northern Cape Bretonand central CBHalfway River in Hants County,Gaspereau River in Kings County,Kejimkujik National Park inQueens CountyCape Breton Highlands NationalPark, Big Intervale, MargareeInverness CountySydney, Cape Breton Co., Almaand River John, Pictou CountyHalifax County, northern CapeBretonNorthern Cape BretonScattered throughout CapeBreton, infrequent fromCumberland County to QueensCounty3

Scientific NameEremophila alpestris strigataCommon NameHorned Lark, strigatasubspeciesSARA Status &ScheduleEndangeredNSESAStatusNSDNRGeneralStatusFestuca rubra Proliferous Red Fescue Yellow S5Floerkea proserpinacoides False Mermaid-Weed Yellow S2S3Fraxinus nigra Black Ash Yellow S3ACCDC Habitat RegionSparsely vegetated habitatnear ocean. Habitatdominated by grasses andforbs with few or no trees andshrubs.Pastures, exposed situationsin sand and gravel alongbeaches and in upper zonesof salt marshesDeciduous ravine slopes rivermargins and intervale forestsLow ground, damp woods andswampsRare throughout the province.Throughout the provinceGlenora Falls and central CapeBreton, Antigonish County, Truroand Sheffield, Mills, Kings CountyDigby and central Lunenburgcounties to northern Cape Breton,scattered though northern part ofNSGentianella amarella Northern Gentian Red S1 Hillside and field meadows Meat Cove, Victoria County CBIGeocaulon lividum Northern Comandra Yellow S2S3Goodyera oblongifoliaGiant Rattlesnake-PlantainYellowS2S3Sterile soils and damp sandsin acid or peaty areasDeciduous climax forests,slopes in damp mixed forestsand ravinesHalenia deflexa Spurred Gentian Yellow S2S3 Exposed headlandsImpatiens pallida Pale Jewel-Weed Yellow S2Rich alluvial soils, dampthickets and along intervalesIris prismatica Slender Blue Flag Red S1 Wet ground near the coastIsoetes lacustris Lake Quillwort Vulnerable Yellow S3?Isoetes prototypus Prototype Quillwort Red S2Juncus bulbosus Bulbous Rush Yellow S1Juncus caesariensisNew Jersey RushSpecial Concern,Schedule 1Vulnerable Yellow S2Juncus stygius Moor Rush Yellow S1Laportea canadensis Wood Nettle Yellow S3Lilium canadense Yellow Canada Lily Yellow S2S3Listera australis Southern Twayblade Red S1Lobelia kalmii Kalm's Lobelia Yellow S1S2Cobbly margins and gravelbottoms of water bodies, deepwater of nutrient poor lakes inPrecambrian shieldDeep water lakes in nutrientpoor acidic waterThe borders of freshwaterponds, ditches, canals androadsides, especially inalkaline soilsBogs and fens along CapeBreton's southeastern coastalplainWet moss, bogs and bogpoolsAlluvial woods of mixed ordeciduous trees, floodplainson Cape Breton plateauIn meadows and streambanksSphagnum moss, bogs ordamp woods. Always nearsmall spruce or tamarackDripping cliffs, wet meadows,and bogs, usually incalcareous or marly locationsLuzula spicata Spiked Wood-Rush Red S1 Exposed headlandsOphioglossum pusillum Adder's Tongue Yellow S2S3Oryzopsis canadensisCanada Mountain-RicegrassYellowOxytropis campestris St. John's Oxytrope Red S1Pinguicula vulgaris Common Butterwort Red S1Platanthera orbiculataPolygonum scandensLarge Round-LeavedOrchidClimbing False-BuckwheatSterile meadows, grassyswamps and damp sandy orcobbly beaches of lakesDry sandy soilsExposed cliff crevices, rockyor gravelly scree andheadlandsMoist ledges, especially onlimestone shoresYellow S3 Damp woods in deep shadeYellowPolystichum lonchitis Northern Holly-Fern Yellow S2Ranunculus flammulaGreater CreepingSpearwortYellowRhododendron lapponicum Lapland Azalea Red S1S2S5Low thickets along riverintervales. Luxuriant afterground has been disturbedRhynchospora capillacea Horned Beakrush Red S1 Alkaline bogsAlkaline areas on or nearlimestone or gypsum in rockyareas and cool shaded placesSemi-aquatic in bogs and coldstreamsLocated on calcareous ledgesat one location in NSKingston and Auburn, KingsCounty, Cape Breton and Spicer'sCove Cumberland CountySouth Mt. South Harbour, LittleSouthwest Brook Vict. Co., NorthRiver, Rannies Brook, LakesO'Law Inv. Co. (Northern CapeBreton)Rare on the mainland, reportedonly from Hall's Harbour, KingsCounty and Sherbrooke,Guysborough County. Common innorthern Cape Breton andScatarie Island.Kings County to northern CapeBreton becoming more frequenteastwardDigby, Annapolis, Guysboroughand Inverness countiesScattered throughout NS; EthelLake on St. Paul Island CapeBretonSutherland's Lake in CumberlandCounty, Economy Lake inColchester County, Pottle Lake inNorth Sydney, Sandy Lake inAnnapolis County.Sable Island, near Sydney andLouisbourg National Historic Site,Cape BretonGracieville, Richmond County,Lower L'Ardoise to Gurchu, CBCounty, and inland to LochLomondGracieville, Richmond County, IsleMadame, and LouisbourgFrom Coldbrook, Kings County tonorthwestern Cape BretonKings and Cumberland counties toMiddle River and Margaree inCape BretonLower Frog Pond in Yarmouth,Mud Lake Bog Sheffield Lake,Kings County, between Hay'sRiver and Lake Ainslie Chapel,south of Inverness.Unsubstantiated report at HalifaxInternational AirportAlkaline bog at Black River,Inverness County, wet quakingbog near McAdam Lake, CapeBreton CountySt. Lawrence Bay north of CapeBreton IslandYarmouth and Digby counties eastto Halifax and Amherst, GeorgeRiver in Cape BretonCumberland and Colchestercounties, near Potters LakeHalifax county, near Jordan Falls,Shelburne CountySt. Paul Island and NorthernInverness County La GrandeFalaise and north of JumpingBrook in Cape Breton HighlandsNational Park, Cape D'or,Cumberland CountySt. Paul Island, Cheticamp RiverBig Southwest Brook, CorneyBrook Gouge Inverness, CountySouthwestern NS; coniferousforest of northern Cape Breton andAnnapolis CountyNorthern distribution from Digby toRichmond countiesCape North, Dingwall, Victoria Co.;Bay St. Lawrence south theWaycobah and River Denys,Whycogomagh Glencoe Mt. inCape Breton CountyAnnapolis to Cumberland countiesto northern Cape BretonCape Breton Highlands NationalPark, Inverness CountySouthern end of Lake Ainslie atBlack River, Smithville Invernessand in the Baddeck Bay region,Victoria Co.Rubus pensilvanicus Pennsylvania Blackberry Yellow S3?Thickets, the edge of woods Southwestern counties andand clearingsscattered eastwardRubus recurvicaulis a bramble Yellow S?Rough ground thickets, theSouthwestern areas, scatteredborders of woods and lakeeast to northern Cape BretonmarginsRumex salicifolius Willow Dock Yellow S2 Beaches and along rivers Sweets Corner, Hants County, and4

Scientific NameCommon NameSARA Status &ScheduleNSESAStatusNSDNRGeneralStatusACCDC Habitat RegionSalix candida Hoary Willow Red S1 Thicket and calcerous bogsSalix cordifolia Gray Willow Red Arctic and alpineSalix reticulata Net-Veined Willow Red S1 Calcareous barrens and cliffsSalix uva-ursi Bearberry Willow Red S1Sanicula gregaria Black Snake-Root RedSaxifraga oppositifoliaPurple MountainSaxifrageRedS1Barrens and subalpine areas,on calcareous areasRich alluvial woods alongintervalesSeepage area on partiallyshaded rock faceSenecio pseudoarnica Seabeach Groundsel Yellow S2 Gravelly seashoresShepherdia canadensis Canada Buffalo-Berry Yellow S2Sparganium hyperboreum Northern Bur-Reed Yellow S1S2 Peaty poolsStellaria longifolia Longleaf Stitchwort Yellow S3Gypsum or talus slopes, alongthe coast in the reach of saltspray, grows with ShrubbyCiniquefoil and SerecippuperculusDamp or wet grassy places insandy to mucky soilsStellaria humifusa Creeping Sandwort Yellow S2 Around salt marshesStellaria crassifolia Fleshy Stitchwort Red S1Suaeda calceoliformisAmerican Sea-BliteUndeterminedTeucrium canadense American Germander Yellow S2S3Tofieldia glutinosa Sticky False-Asphodel RedUtricularia resupinataNortheasternBladderwortVaccinium boreale Northern Blueberry Red S2Vaccinium cespitosum Dwarf Huckleberry Yellow S2Spring rills and the edges ofponds.River Inhabitants, InvernessCountyBlack River Bog, Cape St.Lawrence Inverness and HalifaxCountySt. Paul Island off CBI andNorthern InvernessOnly in Corney Brook gorge inInverness County, Cape BretonCape Breton Island, St. PaulIsland, Corney Brook Gorge, CapeBreton Highlands Park, InvernessCountyMeander River, Hants County,Cambridge, Kings County, MabouFalls, Inverness CountyCorney Brook Gorge, Cape BretonHighlands National ParkScattered along Atlantic coast toNorthern Cape Breton, SableIslandThe roadside between Windsorand Brooklyn and Northern CapeBretonScatarie Island, Fort LouisbourgCape Breton Co. Mabou, FrenchMt. Inverness Co., Drumhead,New Harbour, GuysboroughCountyThe meadow along the SalmonRiver, Truro and in neighbouringgardens, from Musquodoboit andStewiacke River valleys,Kemptown, Colchester County,Isle HauteCumberland, Colchester andGuysborough CountiesNot well known. Suspected to bescattered in the northern part ofthe province.S2S3 Saltmarshes, sandy beaches Rare throughout NS.Gravelly seacoasts the crestof the beach beyond thereach of the tideSwamp, bogs and rockybeachesRed S1 Ponds, lakes and rivershoresExposed headlands andbarrensRocky cliffs and crevices, dryor wet acidic sites from sealevel to 3800mVaccinium ovalifolium Oval-Leaf Huckleberry Red S1 Moist coniferous woodsVaccinium uliginosum Alpine Blueberry Yellow S2Veronica serpyllifoliaThyme-LeavedSpeedwellYellowViola nephrophylla Northern Bog Violet Yellow S2Woodsia alpina Northern Woodsia Yellow S1S2 Dry cliffsMAMMALSLasiurus cinereus Hoary Bat Yellow S2?Lynx lynx Lynx RedMyotis lucifugus Little Brown Bat Yellow S4Myotis septentrionalisNorthern Long-earedBatPipistrellus subflavus Eastern Pipistrelle Yellow S1?FISHAlosa pseudoharengus Gaspereau (Alewife) Yellow S4Anguilla rostrata American Eel Special Concern S5Morone saxatalis Striped Bass Red S1S5Dry or wet, organic orinorganic acid soils, tolerant ofhigh copper concentrationsMoist soils, pastures anddamp runs creeping on thegrassCool mossy bogs, borders ofstreams and damp woodsTrees along floodplainswooded areas, hang in treesForested wilderness areas,favours old growth borealforests with a denseundercover of thickets andwindfalls.Caves, mine tunnels, hollowtrees, buildings & dead treesclose to lakes and pondsScattered throughout NSBlack River Bog, and Cheticamp inInverness CountyDigby Neck, Barren Lake inRichmond County near ArgyleEastern Harbour Cape Breton Co.;Forchu Head Rich Co.; SundayLake Lockhart Brook Salmon RiverVictoria Co.Black River Gaspereau Valley,Newtonville, Kings County, IndianBrook, Middle Branch North River,Northern Victoria County andEverlasting Barrens, CheticampRiver, Inverness Counties, HalifaxCountyLockhart Brook, Salmon River,Glasgow Brook, Victoria Co.,Northern CBISt. Paul Island Lockhart BrookSalmon River, Ingonish ;BarrensAspy Bay Glasgow Lakes area,Grey Glen, Neils Harbour VictoriaCo.; Big Head Inv. Co.; ScatarieIsland, CB Co.; Portuguese Cove,Halifax and Brier Island, DigbyCountyScattered throughout NSWet woods north of Truro,occasionally in Cape Breton, alsoin Wolfville and Shelburne CountyNorth Aspy River, CB, CheticampRiver and Big Southwest Brook,Inverness County, Indian Brook,Victoria CountyScattered throughout NSCape Breton HighlandsScattered throughout NSYellow S2 Dense forest and caves Scattered throughout NSCaves, mine tunnels, crevicesin rocks, buildings woodedareas near waterRivers, freshwater lakes andponds rivers and lakes alongthe eastern coast of NorthAmerica, from Newfoundlandto North Carolina,Catadromous, spending mostof its time in freshwater.The Striped Bass is ananadromous and coastalspecies, inhabiting mainlyinshore waters. In Canada,spawning occurs in May andJune in fresh water, usuallyjust above the head of tidewhen sea water warms to 15-Scattered throughout NSMajor Canadian fisheries are onthe ShubenacadieFound in majority of the streamsand rivers in the Maritimes.Shubenacadie (annual spawning)(Inner Bay of Fundy Stock) andAnnapolis (extirpated) Rivers,Margaree River (MiramichiSpawning population)5

Salmo salarScientific NameCommon NameAtlantic Salmon(Anadromous pops.)SARA Status &ScheduleEndangered,Schedule 1NSESAStatusNSDNRGeneralStatusSalvelinus fontinalis Brook Trout (Char) Yellow S4INVERTEBRATESSomatochloraseptentrionalisMuskeg EmeraldRedYellowS2ACCDC Habitat Region18 °CFreshwater- clean coolflowing water free frompollution and natural streamswith rapids and pools and agravel bottom withtemperatures between 15-25Celsius.Spring fed springs with manypools and riffles It is found ina range of waters from tinyponds to large rivers, lakes,and salt water estuariesShallow and Sphagnumponds with bogsSalmon spawn in rivers of NS andNB that drain into the Minas Basinand Chignecto BayMaritime provincesCape Breton Highlands6

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