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Castle Ford SiteFinal Plan of Remedial ActionMay 1995Department of Natural Resources and Environmental ControlSuperfund Branch


Castle Ford SiteFinal Plan of Remedial Action1. IntroductionThe Department ofNatural Resources and Environmental Control ("Department") issuesthis Final Plan ofRemedial Action under the provisions ofthe Delaware HazardousSubstance Cleanup Act ("HSCA") and the Delaware Regulations Governing HazardousSubstance Cleanup ("Regulations"). The Final Plan presents to the public, theDepartment's final selection of remedial activities to occur at the Castle Ford Site("Site"), New Castle, New Castle County, Delaware, see Figure 1.2. BackgroundIn April 1992, the Department reached an agreement with the potentially responsibleparty ("PRP") to perform a Remedial Investigation ofthe Site under HSCA. Theinvestigation concluded in March 1993.In accordance with the Regulations, the Department set remedial action objectives forland use, resource use, and cleanup levels that are protective ofhuman health and theenvironment for the Site. The following two (2) objectives were determined to beappropriate:• To continue to use the property as an industrial/commercial facility withsupplied public water for all purposes, and• To allow routine construction, excavation and maintenance activities withoutany special chemical hazard protection.These objectives are consistent with the value ofthe building structures (office,warehouse, and vehicle maintenance shop), the surrounding land use, county zoning, stateregulations governing water supply, and worker health and safety.A risk assessment ofthe site was performed based on data obtained during theinvestigation. A comparison ofthe results or the risk assessment with the remedialobjectives for the Site indicate that no further cleanup ofthe Site is required to complywith HSCA.3. Proposed Plan and Public ParticipationThe Department drafted a Proposed Plan ofRemedial Action for the Site recommendingfurther action limited to institutional controls and some minor site closure matters. Thenotice of Proposed Plan was published on 2 April 1995 and 9 April 1995 in the NewsCastle Ford HSCA SiteFinal Plan ofRemedial ActionPage I

Journal Newspaper, see Figure 2. A public meeting on the Proposed Plan was held on 12April 1995. During the public comment period, the Department responded to severalinquires, but there were no objections to or substantive comments to the Proposed Plan.4. Further ActionThe Final Plan is as follows for Parcels A and B ofthe Site, see Figure 3.Parcel AThe existing monitoring wells MW-l and MW-2 will be abandoned under the appropriateregulation.Parcel B• Since the risks associated with the Site are acceptable if the unconfinedaquifer is restricted from drinking water use, the Department restricteddrinking water access.• The PRP shall maintain the monitoring wells MW4, and MW5. Prior to anyproperty transaction, the seller shall sample the wells, which previouslyreported Trichloroethene ("TCE"), for TCE and report this information to theDepartment. Each subsequent, seller and buyer is obligated to maintain,sample, and report the levels ofTCE until TCE in groundwater reaches thetarget concentration of5 ugll in groundwater, (e.g. the MaximumContamination Level (MCL) for Drinking Water Supplies as amended by theEPA). When this target concentration is reached, the Owner can petition theDepartment and the Department may grant approval for the Owner todiscontinue the monitoring program and to properly abandon the well(s).• The monitoring well MW3 shall be abandoned properly under the appropriateregulations.• Approximately sixty (60) tons ofmixed paint stained and clean soil removedfrom Parcel A and stockpile and tarped on Parcel B properly shall be disposedof properly.• The investigation derived wastes shall be disposed ofproperly.• The vehicle bay floor drains through to the pass through separator shall becleaned properly and the contents emptied and the pass through separatorcleaned of any liquid/sludge. The liquid/sludge shall be disposed ofproperly.It shall be confirmed that the pass through separator and floor drains arefunctioning properly. And/or, the floor drains and separator shall bedecommissioned properly. Decommissioning of the floor drains and separatorshall include the removal and proper disposal ofany and all fluids, sludges,and/or residues contained there in prior to decommissioning ofthe floor drainsand the pass through separator.Castle Ford HSCA SiteFinal Plan of Remedial ActionPage 2

5. DeclarationThis Final Plan ofRemedial Action for the Castle Ford Site is protective ofhuman health,welfare and the environment and is consistent with the requirements ofthe DelawareHazardous Substance Cleanup Act.~~~--Nicholas A. D q uectorDivision ofAir and Waste ManagementfIp,,,..r,c",/,ifVJFBS/jfbs/mcb "1\A'Pt ~cY" -~w~f}l~ V"~. ~JFB95082.CFS l/S I CJ

Figure 3 - Site Sub Areas: Parcel A and Parcel BLEGEND- - ­ Property HneD BuildingNew Castle Board of Water and Ught! . I!~IIi!iIKnotts Bus CompanyCastle Ford HSCA SiteFinal Plan of Remedial Action

Figure 2 - News Journal Legal NoticesLegal Notices1a'pUBLIC HEARING\.The DelawareDepartment of NaturalResourcesand EnvironmentalControlAnnounces the Release ofthe Proposed Plan ofRemedial Action for theCastle Ford Sile,New Castle, DelawareIn April of 1992 the Departmentof Natural Resourcesand EnvironmentalControl (DNREC)reached an agreementwith Quill 800 Inc. to performa comprehensive environmentalinvestigationand risk assessment of theformer Castle Ford site locatedalong the west sideof Delaware State Route 9within the northern portionof the City of New Castle.New Castle County. Theinvestigation was performedunder the authoritygranted to the Secretaryof DNREC by theDe!aware Hazardous SubstanceCleanup Act. 7 Del.e. Chapter 91.For purposes of this investigation.the site has beendesignated Parcel A andParcel B. The results of theinvestigation concludedthat the Castle Ford Site. init·s present condition. doesnot present an unacceptablerisk to public health.welfare or the environment.According to the ProposedPlan of Remedial Action.the Department recommendsthat Quill 800 abandonthe existing monitoringwells on Parcel A of theproperty. With regard toParcel B. the Departmentrecommends the following:a) Groundwater withdrawalfrom the unconfinedaquifer be restricted;b) QUill 800 shall maintainthe monitoring wells locatedon Parcel B. In addition.prior to any propertytransaction the seller shallsample the wells. whichpreviously reported TCE(for TCE). and report thisinformation to the Department.Each subsequentseller and buyer is obligatedto maintain, sampleand report levels of TCEuntil the TCE in thegroundwater reaches thetarget concentration of 5Ug/l. When this targetconcentration is reached.the owner may petition theDepartment to grant approvalto abandon thewells.For more information onthe Castle Ford site or acopy of the Proposed Planof Remedial Action.please call Jane Biggs at(302) 323-4540. Writtencomments may be sent to:DNREC. SuperfundBranchAttn: Jane BiggS715 Grantham LaneNew Castle. De.19720-4801The report on the investigationon which this proposalis based may be examinedat the abovelocation. DNREC inviteswritten comments on theproposal. The public commentr:-eriod closes onApril 24. 1995.A Public Hearing on theproposed plan will be heldon Wednesday. April 12.1995 at 7 p,m. at the followingaddress:DNREC'sNew Castle Office715 Grantham LaneNew Castle. De. '19720-4801412/NJ 46648498066CORRECTION TO~/1195 Advertisementr~: Castle FordSuperfund SiteThe meeting on WedneS­day, April 12. 1995 will bean INFORMATIONALMEETING.The ad incorredly statedthat the meeting would bea public hearing.The public is invited to at­tend this informationalmeeting to discuss the Re­lease of the Proposed Planof Remedial Adion for theCastle Ford Site. New eas­tie. Delaware.For more information onthe Castle Ford site or a, COpy of the Proposed Planof Remedial Action.please call Jane Biggs at(302) 323-~5~0. Writtencomments may be sent to: IDNREC. SuperfundBranChartn: Jane Biggs715 Grantham LaneNew Castle, De.19720-~801The report on the investl.gation on which this pro­pOsal is based may be ex­amined at the abovelocalfon. DNREC inviteswritten comments on theproposal. The public com.ment period closes onApril 2~. 1995.An Informational Meetingon the proposed plan willbe held on Wednesday.April 12, 1995 at 7 p.m. atthe following address: "\DNREC'sNew eastle Office715 Grantham LaneNew Castle, De 19720-48014/9NJ1758SOl7S7Castle Ford HSCA SiteFinal Plan of Remedial Action

Figure 1 - Site LocationCastle Ford HSCA SiteFinal Plan of Remedial Action

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