The Post Office Greenock Directory - National Library of Scotland

The Post Office Greenock Directory - National Library of Scotland

The Post Office Greenock Directory - National Library of Scotland


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Digitized by the Internet Archivein 2011 with funding from<strong>National</strong> <strong>Library</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>http://www.archive.org/details/post<strong>of</strong>ficegreeno185556uns


^°l I ' ,-

;ADDKESS<strong>The</strong> Publishers, in presenting a New Issue <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Post</strong>-<strong>Office</strong><strong>Greenock</strong> <strong>Directory</strong>, avail themselves <strong>of</strong> the opportunity toexpress their grateful acknowledgments to the Merchants, Shipowners,Shopkeepers, and the Public generally, for the kind assistancewhich has been received in procuring the various detailsand it is hoped the work will be found, on perusal, as free fromerrors as any <strong>of</strong> a similar kind.<strong>The</strong> Publishers feel confident that the <strong>Directory</strong> could begreatly improved, and rendered more useful to the Public, wereit issued annually, instead <strong>of</strong> every alternate year as at present; and, in compliance with a very generally expressed desire,it is their intention to spare neither labour nOr expense insupplying the desideratum. By availing themselves <strong>of</strong> everydescription <strong>of</strong> local and general information likely to prove usefuland interesting, they confidently hope that the future issues<strong>of</strong> the <strong>Directory</strong> will obtain the continued support <strong>of</strong> the community.<strong>Post</strong>-<strong>Office</strong>,j<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855. J


CONTENTS.Address.Calendar.Stamp Duties.Tide Table.Street <strong>Directory</strong>, 1<strong>Post</strong>-<strong>Office</strong> <strong>Directory</strong>, 5Trades and Pr<strong>of</strong>essions, 172APPENDIX.Adjuster <strong>of</strong> Imperial Weights and Measures ... ... 5Advertisements, (see end <strong>of</strong> Appendix,) —Banking Houses, 19Baptist Chapel, West Burn street, 84Burgh and Police Court, ... 21Caledonian Railway Company, 16Carriers, 44Cartsdyke Mechanics' <strong>Library</strong>, 14Charity School, ... 15Churches, Ministers, and Presbyteries, . 27Clyde Shipping Company's Towing Vessels, 47Commissioners <strong>of</strong> Supply for the Lower Ward, 22Commissioners on the Harbour, 4Commissary Court, 21Conveyances, 44Consuls at <strong>Greenock</strong>, 16Courts, 21Customhouse, ... 17Deep Sea Pilots, (licensed), 51Deep Sea Pilots' Rates, 50Engines for extinguishing Fire, 5FerryBoats, 44Fishery <strong>Office</strong>, 18Glasgow Pilots at the <strong>Greenock</strong> Station, 50<strong>Greenock</strong> Railway Guaranteed Company, 16<strong>Greenock</strong> Census Returns, 2<strong>Greenock</strong> Cemetery, Wellington Park, and Well Park,... 6<strong>Greenock</strong> Chamber <strong>of</strong> Commerce, 4<strong>Greenock</strong> C<strong>of</strong>fee Room, 14<strong>Greenock</strong> Exchange Buildings and Assembly Rooms, ... 14<strong>Greenock</strong> Hospital and Infirmary, 13<strong>Greenock</strong> <strong>Library</strong>, 13<strong>Greenock</strong> Mechanics' Institution, 14<strong>Greenock</strong> Parochial Board, 6<strong>Greenock</strong> Prison, 5<strong>Greenock</strong> Shipping List, ••• 55

'..CONTENTS.Harbour Police, 5Harbour Regulations, 47Income Tax Commissioners, 22Inland Revenue <strong>Office</strong>, (late Excise) ... ]8Inland Revenue <strong>Office</strong>, (Stamps and Taxes) 18Insurance <strong>Office</strong>s and Agents,Inverkip and Duncan Street Burying Grounds,2511. . . . .Justice <strong>of</strong> Peace Court, 21Lieutenancy <strong>of</strong> Renfrewshire, 22Lighters carrying Goods between Glasgow and <strong>Greenock</strong>daily, 47Local Marine Board. 20Lower Ward Committee <strong>of</strong> Renfrewshire Prison Board,. . 5List <strong>of</strong> Porters and their Numbers, 55List <strong>of</strong> Bonded Warehouses in <strong>Greenock</strong>, 18Lunatic Asylum, (Hill-end).. 13Magistrates and Town Council, ... .. ... ... 3Markets,ttm .]. ... 6Marine Board and Shipping <strong>Office</strong>, ,.! 84Mills on Shaws Water Falls, 15Omnibuses, ... 44Parliamentary and Municipal Boundaries,' ... ... 1Physicians and Surgeons, .... ,23'.'.'. .'.'.'<strong>Post</strong> <strong>Office</strong>, ... ...60Public <strong>Office</strong>s, "] ... ... 23Quarter Sessions, ... c /, 22Registrars <strong>of</strong> Births, Deaths, and Marriages, ... ... 26Regulations for Carters, 51Regulations for Porters and Barrowmen, ... ... ... 52Regulations for Steam Vessels, •... ... 47River Pilotage Rates, ... ... 49Sailing Vessels, '. ,'. 44Schools and Teachers, 36Shaws Water Company, ... ., 15Sheriff Court, '"\21Sheriff Small Debt Court, .....'. 21Societies, 38Steam Vessels, ;> ... 45Town Police, 5Trustees on the Harbours, 4Water Commissioners, 4Water Trustees, 4Writers, . . •23Wellington Park Bowling and Quoiting ciubs, ... ... 84ADVERTISEMENTS.Thomas Shirley & Co., earthenware manufacturers.Honeyman & Campbell, general ironmongers, &c.J. & U. M'Gregor, funeral undertakers.Stephenson, Johnston & Co., furnishing ironmongers.D. & G. Brymner, coal, lime, and brick merchants.

CONTENTS.Peter Dillon, cheap book establishment.Archibald Dow, wine and spirit dealer.William Innes, bookseller, stationer, librarian, and news agent.Neil Livingston, wine and spirit merchant.John M'Naught, painter and paper hanger.John Lawson & Sons, home and export nurserymen, &c.John Coyle, tinsmith and gas-fitter.James M'Lintock, boot and shoe maker.Robert Cunningham, cabinetmaker and upholsterer.James Gallacher, fruiterer and poulterer.Daniel M'Crae, sheep smearing grease manufactory.George Nisbet, hair cutter, peruke maker, and perfumer.Neil M'Donald, tailor.J. Milne, boot and shoemaker.W. F. M'Chlery, hotel keeper.John Quin, umbrella and parasol maker.Edward Douglas, watchmaker and jeweller.J. G. Alexander, chemist and druggist.<strong>The</strong> Times Insurance Companies.<strong>The</strong> Standard Life Assurance Company.Glasgow and West <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong> Guardian Society for theProtection <strong>of</strong> Trade.Lancashire Insurance Company.North British Insurance Company.North <strong>of</strong> England Insurance Company.Globe Insurance Company.London Assurance Corporation.Northern Assurance Company.Imperial Foreign and British Fire Insurance Company.Imperial Life Assurance Company.Alan Ker, patent hair felt.<strong>Greenock</strong> Gas Works.J. Bowman, photographic establishment.J. Taylor, photographic rooms.Gray, Dunn & Co., biscuit bakers.Charles Doig, hat manufacturer.Adamson's photographic establishment.John Blackhall, comb manufacturer.Robert Greig, wright, mangle maker, and bowl turner.Coulthard, Royal Albert hotel.Gray, Dunn & Co., ship biscuit bakers.Ferguson, Miller, & Co. patent smoke consumers.Robt. Wotherspoon & Co.. Glenfield patent starch manufacturers.William M'Farlane, wright and mangle maker, &c.Finlay & Neilson, travelling bag makers.William Howie, practical consulting engineer and valuator.John Balfour, furniture warehouse.Messrs White & Co,, photographic portrait gallery.Robert Watson, cabinet and upholstery warehouse.James Allan, sen., lamp, grate, and stove show rooms.John Finlay, furnishing ironmonger.

CONTENTS.John Herriot & Son, auctioneers and appraisers.Charles Stevenson, sculptor and photographist.D. Johnston, medical botanist, public baths.Alexander M'Master, tailor and clothier.John Lauder; brick, coal, and lime merchant.M'Intyre & Campbell, house and ship joiners.United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution.Adam & Hall, smiths and boiler makers.James G. Alexander, chemistGeorge Augustus Cole, British wine agentJames MacFarlan, hat manufacturer.Joseph Crookshanks, coach proprietor and livery stable keeper.Dr Hume, herbalist.John Cameron, auctioneer and appraiser.William Johnston, bookseller, stationer, and lithographer.Robert Macausland, furnishings, hosiery, &c.Daniel Crombie, plasterer."William Innes, fire-pro<strong>of</strong> safes, &c.A. Patrick & Co., boot and shoe makers.Robert B. Finlay, tailors and clothiers.John Foster, plasterer.Ellard & Co., tailors, clothiers, and outfitters.Urie's American photographic gallery.John Graham, Scotia Distillery store.Gatenby's infallible hair restorative, &c.Forrest & Barr, engineers and millwrightsMrs John Hastie, carving and gilding establishment.Joseph Blair, <strong>Greenock</strong> Herald printing <strong>of</strong>fice.R. & J. Martin, bread, biscuit and pastry bakers.Honeyman & Campbell, general ironmongers.Adam Mitchell, bookbinder.Adams & Handyside, slaters.Burwell's promenade bazaar.

—STAMP DUTIES, &c.Affidavits For every sheet or piece <strong>of</strong> paper, parchment, orvellum, on which the same shall be written or printed, 2s 6d. Affidavitsauthorized to be made before Justices <strong>of</strong> Peace, exempted.Agreement, or Minute or Memorandum <strong>of</strong> Agreement without aclause <strong>of</strong> registration (not charged otherwise than under the head'agreement' in the schedule to the Act 55 Geo. III. c. 184, nor expresslyexempted from duty), where the matter is <strong>of</strong> the value <strong>of</strong> £20or upwards, whether the same is evidence <strong>of</strong> a contract, or obligatoryupon the parties from its being a written instrument, together withevery schedule, receipt, &c, endorsed or annexed, 2s 6d. Progressiveduty on words, 2s 6d.Exemptions Agreements for the hire <strong>of</strong> any labourer, artificer,manufacturer, or menial servant.Memorandum or agreement for or relating to the sale <strong>of</strong> any good*,wares, or merchandize.Agreements entered into in the United Kingdom for or relatingto the service in the colonies <strong>of</strong> any person as an artificer, clerk, domesticservant, handicraftsman, mechanic, gardener, servant in husbandry,,or labourer, 17 and 18 Vict, c 83, § 21.Aggreements in compliance with or under the provisions <strong>of</strong> theMerchant Seaman's Act, 7 and 8 Vict. c. 112, or the MercantileMarine Act, 13 and 14 Vict., c 93.Note. <strong>The</strong> agreement, if liable to one duty <strong>of</strong> 2s 6d, may bestamped if brought to the Commissioners at London, or their <strong>of</strong>fice atEdinburgh, or lodged with the distributors <strong>of</strong> stamps in the country,within fourteen days after being made. If after, at London or Edinburgh,on a penalty <strong>of</strong> £10. 7 and 8 Vict., c. 21, § 5.Apprenticeship Indentures.— If no premium, 2s 6d.Indentures <strong>of</strong> clerks or apprentices to writers to the signet, solicitorsor agents in the Supreme Courts <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>, £60; in InferiorCourts, £30.Exem.— Indentures <strong>of</strong> apprentices for sea service, and poor children.Award or Decreet-arbitral.When less than 2160 words £115s.(Inland Bill) Draft or Order, after 10th October, 1853, for thepayment <strong>of</strong> any sum <strong>of</strong> money to the bearer, or to order, on demand Id.Promissory No'ie payable to bearer on demandA b. £100 & not ab. £200, 2s I Ab £1000 & not ab. £1500, las1500 " 2000, 20s2000 " 3000, 30s3000 " 4000, 40s200 300, 3s300 400, 4s400 500, 5s500 750, 7s 6d750 1000, 10s4000 & upwards, 45siV. B.— Promissory Notes for £100 or under are not to be drawn tobearer on demand, except bankers reissuable notes, which require adifferent stamp ; and only such notes <strong>of</strong> bankers and no others can bereissued after being once paid.Foreign Bills drawn in but payable out <strong>of</strong> the United Kingdom,

—STAMP DUTIES.and also drawn out and payable out <strong>of</strong> the United Kingdom,but endorsed or negotiated within the United Kingdom, if drawn insets <strong>of</strong> three or more, for every bill <strong>of</strong> each setSum payable not above £25, Id Ab £200 & not ab. £800, IsAbove £25 and not ab. 50, 2d 300 " 400, ls4d50 « 75, 3d 400 " 500, ls8d75 " 100, 4d 500 ' 750, 2s 6d100 " 200, 8dInland Bill, Draft, or Order for the payment <strong>of</strong> any sum <strong>of</strong>money, though not made payable to the bearer, or to order, if thesame shall be delivered to the payee, or some person on his or her behalf,the same duty as on a bill <strong>of</strong> exchange for the like sum, payableto bearer or order.Inland Bill, Draft, or Order for the payment <strong>of</strong> any sum <strong>of</strong>money, weekly, monthly, or at any other stated periods, if made payableto the bearer, or to order, or if delivered to the payee, or someperson on his or her behalf, where the total amount <strong>of</strong> the moneythereby made payable shall be specified therein, or can be ascertainedtherefrom, or shall be indefinite, the same duty as on a bill payableto bearer or order on demand.Promissory Note for the payment <strong>of</strong> any sum <strong>of</strong> money by instalments,or for the payment <strong>of</strong> several sums <strong>of</strong> money at different daysor times, so that the whole <strong>of</strong> the money to be paid shall he definiteand certain, the same duty as on a promissory note, payable otherwisethan to the bearer on demand, for a sum equal to the wholeamount <strong>of</strong> the money to be paid.Bills <strong>of</strong> Lading, 6d.Bond (personal) given for any certain sum <strong>of</strong> money not exceedings. d. s. d.£50 1 3 Exc. 150 not exc. 200 5Exc. £50 not exc. £100 2 6 200 250 6 3100 ... 150 3 9 250 300 7 6And where the same shall exceed £300, then for every £100, and als<strong>of</strong>or any fractional part <strong>of</strong> £100, 2s 6d.Heritable or Personal Bond, <strong>of</strong> any kind whatever, not otherwisecharged nor expressly exempted from all stamp duty, £1 15s.Charter, Disposition, or Contract (after 10th October, 1854),containing the first original constitution <strong>of</strong> feu and ground-annualrights in <strong>Scotland</strong> (not being a lease or tack for years), in consideration<strong>of</strong> an annual sum payable in perpetuity, or for any indefiniteperiod, whether fee farm or other rent, feu-duty, ground annual, orotherwise :—Where annual sum shall not exceed£5 £0 6 1 Exc. 20 not exc £25 £1 10Exc. £5 not exc. 10 12 j 25 50 310 15 18 50 75 4 1015 20 1 4 0| 75 100 6And so on for every £50, and also for any fractional£3 0—and 18 Vict. c. 83.part <strong>of</strong> £50,Charter <strong>of</strong> resignation, confirmation, novodamus, upon apprising,or decreet <strong>of</strong> adjudication or sale, <strong>of</strong> heritable subjects holden <strong>of</strong> asubject superior, 5s. Progressive duty <strong>of</strong> 5s.

—STAMP TUTIES.Charter-party, 5s.Composition- deed with Creditors, £1 15s.Conveyances, whether grant, disposition, assignment, transfer, renunciation;or <strong>of</strong> any other kind whatsoever, upon the sale <strong>of</strong> anylands, tenements, rents, annuities, or other property, heritable ormoveable, or <strong>of</strong> any right, title, interest, or claim in, to, out <strong>of</strong>, orupon any such, that is, for the principal or only deed, instrument, orwriting, whereby the lands or other things sold are granted, assigned,transferred, renounced, or otherwise conveyed to or vested in thepurchaser, or any other person, by his directionWhere the purchase or consideration money expressed shall notexceed £25 £0 2 6 Exc. 225 imt exc 250 £1 5?25 not exc. 50 5 250 275 1 7 650 75 7 6 275 300 I 1075 100 10 300 350 1 15100 125 12 6 350 400 2125 150 15 400 450 2 5150 175 17 6 450 500 2 10175 200 1 500 550 2 15200 225 1 2 6 550 600 3And where the purchase or consideration money shall exceed £600,then for every £100, and also for any fractional part <strong>of</strong> £100> 10s.Copies or Extracts from the public register, or from books <strong>of</strong>any Court <strong>of</strong> record, 2s. 6d. And where the same shall containmore than 600 words, any less quantity <strong>of</strong> words over and above thefirst 600 words, or above any second, third, or other full quantity <strong>of</strong>600 words, a further duty <strong>of</strong> 2s 6dCopy attested <strong>of</strong> any agreement or deed for the security or use <strong>of</strong>a person not being a party or taking benefit under it, Is.Progressive duty for every 720 words, Is. Copy attested <strong>of</strong> a will,testament, or codicil, or <strong>of</strong> a confirmation <strong>of</strong> a testament, testamentaryor dative, same duty as above.Debentures, or Certificate for receiving back duties <strong>of</strong> Cus^toms or Excise on goods exported after the 10th October, 1853.Where the drawback to be received shall wot exceed £10, Is. Od.Where the same shall exceed £10, and not exceed £50, 2s. 6d.And where the same shall exceed £50, 5s. 16 and 17 Vict. c. 59.Insurance Policies.life.Where the sum insured shall not exceed £500,<strong>The</strong>n for every £50, and any fractional part <strong>of</strong> £50 £0 6Where it shall exc. £500, and shall not exc. £1000,<strong>The</strong>n for every £100, and any fractional part <strong>of</strong> £100,— 1Where it shall exceed £1000,<strong>The</strong>n for every £1000, and any fractional part <strong>of</strong> £1000, 1016 and 17 Vict. c. 59.fire.Duty on each policy -— —— £0 1Besides 3s per cent, per annum on every insurance made or renewed.Exemptions.— Public hospitals; also agricultural produce, farmingstock, and implements <strong>of</strong> husbandry, provided the insurance shall beeffected by a separate and distinct policy.

—Exc.—STAMP DUTIES.Policy <strong>of</strong> insurance upon any voyage whatever, for every £100, orfractional part <strong>of</strong> £100, charged according to the rates <strong>of</strong> premiumon the sums insured, viz :s. d.|s. d.Not exceeding 10s per cent 3 Exc. 30s and not exc. 40s.. .2Exc. 10s and not exc. 20s.. .0 6 40s and not exc. 50s..I.3J1.XC. 20s and notexc 30s.. 1 j Exceeding 50s per cent 4But if the separate interests <strong>of</strong> two or more distinct persons shallbe insured by one policy or instrument, then the said respectiveduties, as the case may require, shall be charged thereon, in respect<strong>of</strong> each and every fractional part <strong>of</strong> £100, as well as in respect <strong>of</strong>every full sum <strong>of</strong> £100, which shall be therefore insured upon anyseparate and distinct interest.Policy <strong>of</strong> insurance, for every £100, or fractional part <strong>of</strong> £100,insured for any certain teim or period <strong>of</strong> time :s. d.Not exceeding six calendar months , 2 6Exceeding six calendar months , 4Policy <strong>of</strong> mutual insurance upon any voyage whatever, and not fora period <strong>of</strong> time, for tvery £100, or fractional part <strong>of</strong> £100, therebyinsured to any person or persons 2s. 6d.Leases or Tacks <strong>of</strong> Lands or Heritable Subjects.Rent not exceeding £5Above £5 and not above £10„ 10 „ 15„ }5 „ 20„ 20 „ 25„ 25 „ 50„ 50 „ 75„ 75 „ 100Where the same shall exceed £100,then for every £50, and for anyfraction part <strong>of</strong> £50As to the duties in the first column, if the reut be under £20, andif a sum <strong>of</strong> money, by way <strong>of</strong> fine, premium, or grassum, shall bepaid, the same duty as on a conveyance <strong>of</strong> sale ; if the rent be above£20, both the lease duty and conveyance on sale duty. In the case<strong>of</strong> a lease, to which the second and third columns apply, where thereis a fine, premium, or grassum, and whatever the amount <strong>of</strong> rent,both the ad valorem lease duty and conveyance on sale duty.— 13 &14 Vict, c. 97; and 17 & 18 Vict, c 83.Lease or Tack made for any term or period less than a year, at arent reserved or payable for the same, shall be chargeable with thesame ad valorem duty as a lease or tack, at a yearly rent <strong>of</strong> the sameamount as the sum so reserved or payable.—17 & 18 Vict. c. 83, § 23.Lease or Tack, <strong>of</strong> any kind, not otherwise charged, £1, 15s.# Term not exceeding 35 years. f Above 35, but not above 100 years.$ Exceeding 100 years.

STAMP DUTIES.Assignment surrender <strong>of</strong> a lease or tack upon any other occasionthan a sale or mortgage,— duty equal to the ad valorem duty withwhich a similar lease or tack would be chargeable under 13 and 14Vict., c. 97; but where a similar lease would be chargeable undersaid act with any stamp duty amounting to £1 15s or upwards,such assignment or surrender shall be chargeable with a duty <strong>of</strong> £1 15s.And no stamp duty, except the ad valorem duty, shall be chargeablefor any lease, expressed to be granted in consideration <strong>of</strong> the surrender<strong>of</strong> an existing lease and also <strong>of</strong> a sum <strong>of</strong> money.Letter or Power <strong>of</strong> Attorney, or Commission or Factory,£1 10s.Letter <strong>of</strong> Attorney for Sale or Transfer <strong>of</strong> Stock, £1 0sAnnual License to bankers issuing notes, £30. Appraisers, £2.Pawnbrokers, £7, 10s. Admitted and practising attorneys, &c, ifresident in city or county <strong>of</strong> Edinburgh, and in possession <strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong>ficethree years or upwards, £9; if not so long, £4 10s. If resident elsewhere,and admitted for three years or upwards, £6; if not so long,£3. To dealers in gold and silver plate, above 2 oz. gold or 30 oz,silver, £5 15s. Do. under do., £2 6s.Mortgages, Heritable Bonds, &c.Wadset, an heritable bond, disposition, assignation, or tack insecurity affecting propertj heritable or moveable; also infeftment <strong>of</strong>annual rent, but without any personal bond or obligation thereincontained for payment <strong>of</strong> the money secured; also letter <strong>of</strong> reversionor back bond, for qualifying absolute conveyance <strong>of</strong> any property, andalso any deed whereby a real burden shall be created on lands orheritable subjects, as a security for any definite and certain sum <strong>of</strong>money not exceeding. s. d.£50 1 3Exceeding 50 and not exceeding £100 2 6100 „ 150 3 9150 „ 200 5200 „ 250 6 3250 „ 300 7 6And where the same exceeds £300, for every £100, and fractionalpart <strong>of</strong> £100, 2s 6dIf the total amount <strong>of</strong> the money secured or to be ultimately recoverableU limited not to exceed a given sum,—<strong>The</strong> same duty as ora wadset for such limited sum.And if the total amount is uncertain and without any limit, thenthe same shall be available as a security or charge for such an amountonly as the ad valorem duty denoted by the stamp will cover.And where the same respectively shall be made, as a security for thepayment <strong>of</strong> a sum <strong>of</strong> money, and also for the transfer or retransfer <strong>of</strong>a share in any <strong>of</strong> the said stocks or funds, the said ad valorem dutyshall be charged in respect <strong>of</strong> each.And in case the same respectively shall be made, as a security forthe payment or transfer, to different persons, <strong>of</strong> separate and distinctsums or shares,—<strong>The</strong> ad valorem duty shall be charged for eachseparate and distinct sum or share therein specified and secured, andnot upon the aggregate amount.And where any such deed or instrument shall be made respectivelyas a security for the payment <strong>of</strong> any annuity, or any sum by way <strong>of</strong>b2

——STAMP DTTflES.repayment, or in satisfaction or discharge, or in redemption <strong>of</strong> anysum lent, advanced, or paid, as or for or in the nature <strong>of</strong> a loan intendedto be repaid, discharged, or redeemed, in manner aforesaid,-—<strong>The</strong> same duty as on a mortgage or wadset for the sum <strong>of</strong> money solent, advanced, or paid.Transfer, disposition, or assignation <strong>of</strong> any wadset or other suchsecurity, &cWhere no further sum or stock shall be added to the principalalready secured, if such principal shall not exceed in the whole£1400, the same duty as on a wadset, &c, for the total amount orvalue <strong>of</strong> such principal.And if such principal shall exceed in value in the whole the sum <strong>of</strong>£1400, £1 15s.And where any further sum or stock shall be added to the principalalready secured,—<strong>The</strong> same duty as on a wadset, &c, for such furthermoney or stock only.And in every other case not expressly provided for £1 1 5s.Such instrument is not chargeable with further duty (except progressiveduty) by containing any further or additional security forthe payment, transfer, retransfer <strong>of</strong> such money, stock, interest, ordividends, or any new covenant, proviso, or other matter whatever inrelation to such money or stock, interest, or dividends.Any deed made for the further assurance only <strong>of</strong> any propertyalready constituted a security, by a deed which has paid the ad valoremdutyAlso any deed made as an additional or further security for anysum, &c, already so secured.Where the total amount or value already secured does not exceed£1400,— <strong>The</strong> same duty as on a wadset for the amount.And in any other case, ,£1 15s.If any further sum be added to the principal, the deed is chargeableonly (exclusive <strong>of</strong> progressive duty) with the ad valorem dutywadsets, &c, in respect <strong>of</strong> such further sum.onReconveyance, surrender, discharge, or renunciation <strong>of</strong> any wadset,or other such security, or <strong>of</strong> the benefit there<strong>of</strong>, or <strong>of</strong> the money orstock secured.Where the total amount <strong>of</strong> the principal shall not exceed £1400,the same duty as on a wadset for the amount.And in any other case, £1 15s.Legacy Duty. Legacies, Annuities, Residues, &c.To children or their decendants, or lineal ancestors,Brother or sister, or descendant,Uncle or aunt, or their descendant, rGranduncle or aunt, or descendant,All other relations or strangers, .<strong>The</strong> husband or wife <strong>of</strong> the deceased is not chargeable withyp. ct.£135610duty.If the legatee's husband or wife is <strong>of</strong> nearer consanguinity than thelegatee, duty is pa/able according to such nearer relationship.—16and 17 Vict, c 51, § 11.

CALENDAEJune, 1855.December.Sunday, 3 10 17 24 Sunday, 2 9 16 23 30Monday, 4 11 18 25 Monday, 3 10 17 24 31Tuesday, 5 12 19 26 Tuesday, 4 11 18 25Wednesday, 6 13 20 27 Wednesday, 5 12 19 26Thursday, 7 14 21 28 Thursday, 6 13 20 27Friday, 1 8 15 22 29 Friday, 7 14 21 28Saturday, 2 9 16 23 30 Saturday, 1 8 15 22 29July. January, 1856.Sunday, 1 8 15 22 29 Sunday, 6 13 20 27Monday, 2 9 16 23 30 Monday, 7 14 21 28Tuesday, 3 10 17 24 31 Tuesday, 1 8 15 22 29Wednesday, 4 11 18 25 Wednesday, 2 9 16 23 30Thursday, 5 12 19 26 Thursday, 3 10 17 24 31Friday, 6 13 20 27 Friday, 4 11 18 25Saturday, 7 14 21 28 Saturday, 5 12 19 26August.February.Sunday, 5 12 19 26 Sunday, 3 10 17 24Monday, 6 13 20 27 Monday, 4 11 18 25Tuesday, 7 14 21 28 Tuesday, 5 12 19 26Wednesday, 1 8 15 22 29 Wednesday, 6 13 20 27Thursday, 2 9 16 23 30 Thursday, 7 14 21 28Friday, 3 10 17 24 31 Friday, 1 8 15 22 29Saturday, 4 1 1 18 25 Saturday, 2 9 16 23September.March.Sunday, 2 9 16 23 30 Sunday, 2 9 16 23 30Monday, 3 10 17 24 Monday, 3 10 17 24 31Tuesday, 4 11 18 25 Tuesday, 4 11 18 25Wednesday, 5 12 19 26 Wednesday, 5 12 19 26Thursday, 6 13 20 27 Thursday, 6 13 20 27Friday, 7 14 21 28 Friday, 7 14 21 28Saturday, 1 8 15 22 29 Saturday, 1 8 15 22 29O CTOBER.jApril.Sunday, 7 14 21 28 Sunday, 6 13 20 27Monday I 8 15 22 29 Monday, 7 14 21 28Tuesday 2 9 16 23 30 Tuesday, 1 8 15 22 29Wednesday, 3 10 17 24 31 Wednesday, 2 9 16 23 30Thursday, 4 11 18 25 Thursday, 3 10 17 24Friday, 5 12 19 26 Friday, 4 11 18 25Saturday, 6 13 20 27 Saturday 5 12 19 26November.May.Sunday, 4 11 18 25 Sunday, 4 11 18 25Monday, 5 12 19 26 Monday, 5 12 19 26Tuesday, 6 13 20 27 Tuesday, 6 13 20 27Wednesday, 7 14 21 28 Wednesday, 7 14 21 28Thursday, 1 8 15 22 29 Thursday, 1 8 15 22 29Friday, 2 9 16 23 30 Friday, 2 9 16 23 30Saturday, 3 10 17 24 Saturday, 3 10 17 24 31

TIDE T .A. IB ZQ. IE ,From June, 1855, till June, 1856.<strong>The</strong> daily rising and falling <strong>of</strong> the waters <strong>of</strong> the ocean are, in general,denominated Tides. <strong>The</strong> rising is called the Flood, or Flux ; and, when itceases to rise, High Water. <strong>The</strong> falling is called the Ebb, or Reflux ; and,when it ceases to fall, it is said to be Low Water. <strong>The</strong> interval betweenthe times <strong>of</strong> High and Low Water is called a Tide.<strong>The</strong> Tides are produced by the attraction <strong>of</strong> the sun and moon, principallythat <strong>of</strong> the latter object. <strong>The</strong> cohesion <strong>of</strong> fluids being much less thanthat <strong>of</strong> solid bodies, they more easily yield to the power <strong>of</strong> gravity ; in consequenceol which the waters immediately below the moon are drawn up ina protuberance, producing a full tide, or what is commonly called HighWater, at the spot where it happens. According to this theory, you wouldimagine that we should have full tide only once in twenty-four hours, thatis, every time that we were below the moon ; while we find that we havetwo tides in the course <strong>of</strong> twenty-four hours, and that it is High Water withus and with our antipodes at the same time.<strong>The</strong> influence <strong>of</strong> the sun on the tides is less than that <strong>of</strong> the moon ; for,observe, that the rise in consequence <strong>of</strong> the moon attracting one part <strong>of</strong> thewaters more forcibly than another part. It is this inequality <strong>of</strong> attractionwh ch produces full and ebb tides. Now, the distance <strong>of</strong> the sun is so great,that the whole globe <strong>of</strong> the earth is comparatively but as a point; and thedifference <strong>of</strong> its attraction for that part <strong>of</strong> the waters most under its influence,and that part least subject to it, is but trifling. No part <strong>of</strong> the waterswill be much elevated above, or much depressed below, their general surfaceby its action. <strong>The</strong> sun has, however, a considerable effect on the tide9 ;and increases or diminishes them as it acts in conjunction with, or in oppositionto the moon.<strong>The</strong> mean duration <strong>of</strong> the ebb and flow is about 12 h. 25 m., that 19 halfthe lunar day <strong>of</strong> 24 h. 50 M.<strong>The</strong> following Tide Table is constructed on strict scientific principles, andwill be found to be as correct as the position <strong>of</strong> our river, with regard to itslocality, the influence <strong>of</strong> the winds, and other diversified circumstances,either hasten or retard its natural current.<strong>The</strong>se Tables are calculated for mean time, or the time shown by awell-regulated clock, reckoning from noon <strong>of</strong> each day. <strong>The</strong> Moon'sPhases are calculated to civil time. <strong>The</strong> civil day begins at midnight.ECLIPSES IN 1856.In the year 1856 there will be two Eclipses <strong>of</strong> the Sun and two <strong>of</strong> theMoon.1.—A total Eclipse <strong>of</strong> the Sun, April 5tb, 1856, invisible at Greenwich.Begins on the Earth generally, April 5, 3h. 44m, a.m., mean time atGreenwich. Ends on April 5th, 8h. 16m. a.m.2.—A partial Eclipse <strong>of</strong> the Moon, April 19tb, invisible at Greenwich.3 An angular Eclipse <strong>of</strong> the Sun, September 28th, invisible at Greenwich.4. A partial Eclipse <strong>of</strong> the Moon, Oct. 13, visible at Greenwich. Firstcontact with the penumbra, 8b. 23m. p.m. ; last contact with the penumbra,lh 26m. a.m., on the 14th October, mean time at Greenwich.

TIDE TABLE FOR 1855.JUNE. JULY. AUGUST.D.High\*rater at D.High Water at D.High Water atGree nock.<strong>Greenock</strong>,<strong>Greenock</strong>.<strong>of</strong><strong>of</strong><strong>of</strong>M.M.Mor. Even. Mor. Even. Mor. Even.___H. M. H. M. H. M. H. M. H. M. H. M.1 24 45 L 51 1 16 1 2 18 2 412 1 6 1 26 2 1 42 f 55 2 3 4 3 283 1 47o 10 3 2 30 2 55 3 3 52 4 134 2 34 2 58 4 3 19 3 45 4 4 35 4 585 3 22 3 49 5 4 10 4 38 5 5 22 5 466 4 18 4 47 6 5 5 5 30 6 6 12 6 437 5 18 5 50 7 6 6 30 7 7 20 7 568 6 25 7 2 8 6 59 7 33 8 8 35 9 169 7- 38 8 9 9 8 2 8 32 9 9 55 10 3010 8 38 9 12 10 9 8 9 41 10 10 32 10 5911 9 42 10 9 11 10 12 10 30 11 11 27 ll 5012 10 30 10 39 12 10 42 11 8 12 11 3013 11 I 11 25 13 11 53 11 58 13 48 1 6U 48 10 14 20 40 14 1 20 1 3815 31 53 15 1 1 1 20 15 1 52 2 816 1 13 1 32 16 1 38 1 55 16 2 22 2 3717 I 50 2 9 17 2 14 2 30 17 2 52 3 518 2 28 2 47 18 2 47 3 2 18 3 23 3 3719 3 4 3 24 19 3 20 3 38 19 3 54 4 1220 3 44 4 4 20 3 54 4 14 20 4 30 4 4921 4 28 4 48 21 4 32 4 51 21 5 10 5 3422 5 10 5 52 22 5 12 5 32 22 6 6 3923 6 6 28 23 5 58 6 22 23 7 18 8 I24 7 2 7 30 24 6 55 7 30 24 8 45 9 3025 8 7 28 25 8 2 8 35 25 10 12 10 3026 8 56 9 26 26 9 12 9 50 26 10 42 ll 1427 9 55 10 22 27 10 23 10 30 27 11 42 628 10 43 10 48 28 10 54 11 22 28 30 5429 11 37 11 40 29 11 52 19 29 1 18 1 3930 2 25 30 43 1 8 30 1 59 2 2031 1 32 1 50 31 2 41 3 2PHASES OF THE MOON AT GREENOCK—JUNE.Last Quarter, 7th, 48m past 7 a.m.New Moon, 14th, 29m past 2 p.m.First Quarter, 22d, 52m past 4 p.m.Full Moon, 29th, 14m past 11 p.m.Perigee, ~~»~~~ 4th, p.m.Apogee, .~~~19th, 6 p.m.JULY.| |Last Quaiter, 6th, 28m past 1 pm. IFirst Quarter, 22d, 50m past 7 a.m.New Moon, 14th, lin past 4 a.m. Full Moon,|29th, 20m past 6 a.m.30th, m.Perigee, 1st, 7 p.m Apogee 17th, 9 a.m. Perigee, i aLast Quaiter, 4th, 21m, past 9 p.m. I Full Moon, 27th, 21in past 1 p.m.New Moon, Pith, 52m, past 6 p.m. Apogee, 13th, 4 p.m.First Quir., 20th, 36m past 8 p.m. jPerigee, -27th, 1 a.m.1

TIDE TABLE FOR 1855.SEPTEMBER. OCTOBER. NOVEMBER.D. Hi gh Watei at<strong>of</strong>3ree lock.D. High Water at<strong>of</strong> Green ock.D. High Water at<strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>.M. M. M.Mor. Even. M sr. Even. M or. Even.1H. M. H. M. H. M. H. M. H. M. H. M.3 21 3 41 3 28 3 49 4 34 52 4 I 4 2212 4 9 4 33i2 5 33 6 143 4 42 5 5 3 4 59 5 30 3 6 58 7 414 5 80 6 1 4 6 4 6 54 4 8 20 8 585 6 37 7 21 5 7 38 8 25 5 9 30 9 306 8 7 8 51 6 9 10 9 4« 6 10 20 9 587 9 36 10 16 7 10 19 10 30 7 10 40 10 308 10 30 10 45 8 10 43 11 2 8 11 10 10 589 II 8 11 32 9 11 20 11 38 9 11 4710 11 53 11 10 11 53 8 10 18 3611 26 41 11 20 36 11 50 1 712 57 l 10 12 50 1 3 12 1 26 1 4213 1 23 l 40 13 114 1 52 2 6 14 1 50 2 4 14 2 39 315 2 20 2 66 15 2 20 2 36 15 3 22 3 4016 2 48 3 4 16 2 54 3 13 16 4 13 4 4417 3 18 3 36 17 3 33 3 55 17 5 18 5 5618 3 52 4 14 18 4 17 4 46 18 6 42 7 2219 4 86 5 19 5 18 6 19 8 3 8 4220 5 SO 6 8 20 6 50 7 40 20 9 15 9 4321 6 57 7 44 21 8 28 9 12 21 10 9 10 3022 .8 33 9 24 22 9 45 10 14 22 10 34 10 5723 10 2 10 30 23 10 30 10 39 23 11 22 11 4424 10 35 U 3 24 ll 3 11 25 24 6 2625 11 26 11 48 25 U 44 4 25 46 1 626 10 31 26 27 45 26 1 28 1 4727 52 1 12 27 1 6 1 27 27 2 7 2 2728 1 32 1 52 28 1 45 2 5 28 2 47 3 729 2 12 2 30 29 2 24 2 43 29 3 30 3 5030 2 50 3 9 3031334463424830 4 13 4 37PHASES OF THE MOON AT GREENOCK—SEPTEMBER.Last Quarter, 3d, 24m past 8 a.m. |Full Moon, 25th, 26m past 9 p.m.New Moou, 11th, 52 past 10 a.m. Apogee,~~- 9th, 7 p.m.First Quarter, 19th, Irn past 7 a.m. | Perigee,.*. „~~ 24th, 10 p.m.Last Quarter, 2d, 4m past 11 p.m.New Moon, 1 1th, 24m past 3 a.m.First Quarter,! 8th, 38m past 3 p.m.Full Moon, 25th, 27m past 7 a.m.Apogee,^. ,~~.~~~7th, 5 p.m.Perigee, ~~. 23d, 2 a.m.NOVEMBER.Last Quarter, 1st, 17m past 5 p.m.New Moon, 9th, 31m past 7 p.m.First Quart., 16th, 15m past 1 1 p.m.Full Moon, 23d, 51m past 7 p.m.Apogee, . „3d, 10 p.m.Perigee, „~*.~~—,«wl9th, 11 a.m.

10:2,TIDE TABLE FOR 1855-56.DECEMBER. JANUARY. FEBRUARY.D.Hij,h Water atD.High Water at D. Hi ?h Water atGreeni<strong>of</strong>ck.<strong>Greenock</strong>.<strong>of</strong><strong>of</strong><strong>Greenock</strong>.M. M. M.Mor. Even. Mor. Even. Mor. Even.|H. M. H. M. H. M. H. M. H. M H. M.5 5 28 5 30 6 24 6 44 7 201 1 12 5 58 6 35 2 6 £9 7 29 2 8 8 383 7 10 7 46 3 8 8 30 3 9 22 10 34 8 18 8 47 4 9 3 9 36 4 10 30 10 385 9 16 9 43 5 10 6 10 30 5 11 8 11 346 9 10 30 6 10 33 11 6 2 267 10 30 10 49 7 11 25 11 50 7 50 1 138 11 30 8 13 36 8 1 35 1 57i8 1148 8 9 1 9 11 1 1 23 9 2 17 2 3930 50 10 1 46 2 8 10 3 3 20;1011 1 8 1 30 11 2 30 2 54 11 3 43 4 5!12 1 52 2 14 12 3 16 3 41 12 4 25 4 4513137 2 59 13 4 5 4 28 13 5 6 5 3014 3 22 3 49 14 4 53 5 10 14 5 58 6 2615 4 1ft 4 44 15 5 42 6 10 15 7 7 7 48i6 5 12 5 33 16 6 40 7 14 16 8 34 9 1917 6 15 6 50 17 7 48 8 25 17 10 4 10 3018 7 25 7 57 18 9 2 9 43 18 10 43 11 1219 8 32 9 5 19 10 20 10 30 19 11 38 — —20 9 38 10 7 20 10 49 11 16 20 19 3821 10 30 10 34 2i 11 42 9 21 55 1 1322 24 22 30 50 22 1 30 1 4412 1 28 23 1 57 2 1210 58 U23 11 49 14 23 124 36 57 24 1 48 2 3 24 2 26 2 411 1 25 17 39 25 2 21 2 30 25, 2 55 3 826 1 58 2 17 26 2 50 3 8 26 3 23 3 3727 2 37 2 54 27 3 23 3 40 27 3 52 4 828 3 13 3 32 28 3 55 4 13 28 4 22 4 4129 3 51 4 12 29 4 28 4 45 29 5 2 5 2430 4 30 4 51 30 5 6 5 2231 5 11 5 34 3! 5 45 6 10PHASES OF THE MOON AT GREENOCK—DECEMBER.Last Quarter, 1st, Um past 2 p.m. |Last Quarter,New Moon, 9th, 18m past 10 a.m. Apogee, -~~ ~~.~~Jst, 7 p ra.First Quarter, 16th, 57m past 6 a.m. Perigee, I4th,4a.m.Full Moon, 23d, 39m past 10 a.m. Apogee, 29th, 4 p.m.New Moon, 7th, 17m past 11 p.m.First Quarter, 14th, 43 past 3 p.m.Full Moon, 22d, 29m past 3 a.m.Last Quarter. 30th, 35m past 8 a.m.Perigee,10th, 8 a.m.Apogee, ,~~~.~.~~.~.~. 26th, 8 a.m.FEBRUARY.New Moon, 6th, 36m past 10 a.m. | Last Quarter, 29th, 42m past 1 a.m.First Quarter, 13th, 12m past 2 a.m. Perigee,—.7th, 1 p.m.Full, 20tb, 40m past 9 p.m. Apogee,.22d, 7p.m.|

TIDE TABLE FOR 1856.MARCH. APRIL. MAY.D. Hi gh Water atD.High Water at D. Hi#h Water at<strong>of</strong>jrreenock.<strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>. <strong>of</strong>jrreenock.M. M. M.>r. Even.M or. Even. Mor. Even. MH. M. H. M H. M. H. M. H. M. H. M.5 52 6 27 9 2 9 22 9 32 101 1 12 7 12 8 2 10 1 10 30 2 10 28 10 303 8 48 9 38 3 10 32 10 59 3 10 52 11 144 10 22 10 30 4 11 23 11 46 4 il 37 11 585 10 52 11 20 5 5 25 5 19 426 11 46 10 6 46 1 6 6 1 3 1 247 32 54 7 I 28 1 49 7 1 46 2 68 1 16 1 35 8 2 6 2 28 8 2 28 2 489 1 56 2 15 9 2 46 3 8 9 3 10 3 3310 2 36 2 58 10 3 28 3 50 10 3 56 4 2011 3 17 3 SO 11 4 13 4 37 11 4 48 5 1612 3 54 4 15 12 5 6 5 37 12 5 50 6 2513 4 38 1314 5 28 5 56 14 7 48 8 32 14 8 19 8 5215 6 34 7 24 15 9 15 9 50 15 9 25 9 5016 8 12 9 16 10 20 10 30 16 10 15 10 SO17 9 45 10 20 17 10 44 11 4 17 10 35 10 5318 10 30 10 55 18 11 22 11 40 18 11 11 11 2919 11 20 11 40 19 11 56 10 19 11 48 520 11 59 16 20 23 36 20 22 3821 30 43 21 52 1 8 21 66 1 1222 1 1 13 22 1 22 1 38 22 1 30 1 4823 1 28 I 40 23 1 52 2 8 23 2 6 2 2724 1 54 a 8 24 2 23 2 40 24 2 46 3 825 2 22 2 37 25 2 58 3 16 25 3 31 3 5626 2 50 3 4 26 3 36 3 58 26 4 22 4 5227 8 19 3 37 27 4 22 4 50 27 5 20 5 5528 3 5J 4 13 28 5 22 6 28 6 32 7 1429 4 35 5 29 6 45 7 30 29 7 48 8 2030 5 30 6 5 30 8 15 8 54 30 8 52 9 2031 6 51 7 42 1 31 9 50 10 17PHASES OP THE MOON AT GREENOCK—MARCH.New Moon, 6th 39m past 8 a.m. I First Quarter, 29th, 31m past 2 p.m.First Quurter, 13th, ,36m past 2z p.m. p Perigee, ~v~~~»~~..v,~~v. 7th, 1 a.m.jFull Moon, 21st, 5m past 4 p.m. Apogee,20th, 8 p.m.|New Moon, 5th, 53m past 5 a.m.First Quarter, 12th, 52m past 4 a.m.Full Moon, 20th, 14m paBt 9a.m.MAT.Last Quarter, 27th, 26ra past 11 p.m.Perigee, ,~~~*~.~~„,.~~ 4th, p. m.Apogee, ~~»~~,~~»„.~~17th, 3 a.m.New Moon, 4th, 42m past 2 p.m. I Full Moon, 19th, 57m past 1 1 p.m.First Quarter, 1 1 th, 45m past 8 p.m. |Last Quarter, 27tb, 33m past 5 a.m.Perigee, ,~~2d, 7 p.m. |Apogee,«~~14th, 6 p.m. |Perigee, ,~~30th, p.m.

STKEET DIKECTOKY.To avoid jostling in meeting—Passengers should observe thegeneral rule, " keep to the right," that is, allow those you meetto pass on your left hand.Abbotsford place, Roxburgh streetAnn street, from Buccleuch street, southward to Cotton millAntigua street, from Bogle street, running southwardsArdgowan street, from Nelson street to Bedford streetArdgowan street (Glebe), from Crawfurd street to Clarence st.Ardgowan square, Union streetArgyle street, from West Blackhall street to George squareArmadale place, head <strong>of</strong> Bank streetArthur street, from St Lawrence street to Cartsburn streetBank street, from Cathcart (street to Dempster streetBaker street, from Drumfrochar road to Dellingburn squareBearhope street from Roxburgh street to Tobago streetBedford street, from Newark street to GlenBell entry, from Dalrymple street to West breastBelville place, head <strong>of</strong> Ratho street, westwardBlackhall street (East), from Rue-end street to Deer parkBlackhall Street (West), from Hamilton street to Grey placeBogle street, from Rue-end street to Regent streetBoyd place, 27 to 37 West Blackhall streetBoyd street, from Ker street to Clarence streetBreast (East), from East Quay lane to foot <strong>of</strong> William streetBreast (West), continuation <strong>of</strong> East breast to West quayBrisbane street, from Nelson street to Bedford streetBroad close, from Cathcart street to Shaw streetBrougham street, from Grey place westward to Jardine's burnBruce street, from Inverkip street to Roxburgh streetBuchanan's close, 9 Dalrymple streetBuccleuch street, from Vennel to Ann streetCampbell street, from Clyde crescent to old Lime quarryCaptain street, from Sir Michael street to Wellington streetCarnock street, from St Andrew square to Dellingburn streetCartsburn street, from Rue-end street to Upper InglestonCathcart square, head <strong>of</strong> Hamilton, William, and CathcartstreetsCathcart street, from Cathcart square to East India breastChurch place, from Cathcart square to Market streetC

STREET DIRECTORY,Chapel street, from Bogle street to Dellingburn streetClarence street, from Roslin street to Old West manseCharles street, from Vennel to Dalrymple streetClyde crescent, from East Clyde street to Forsyth streetCowgate street, from Vennel to Market streetCrawfurd street (East), head <strong>of</strong> Ratho street southwardCrawfurd Street (West), from Charles street to Boyd streetCross-shore street, from Cathcart street to Mid breastCustomhouse place, back <strong>of</strong> Customhouse, and foot <strong>of</strong> East QuaylaneDalrymple street, from Shaw street to Nicholson streetDellingburn street, from Rue-end street to Baker streetDellingburn square, foot <strong>of</strong>Baker streetDempster street, from Bank street running westwardDock breast, from Customhouse place to East India breastDonald's court, near East India breast, east end <strong>of</strong> Cathcart si.Drummer's close, 5 Dalrymple streetDrumfrochar road, from Baker street to DrumfrocharDuncan street, from Roxburgh street to East Shaw streetEast Clyde street, from Ropework street to Clyde crescentEast India breast, from Dock breast to East India quayEast India quay from Rue-end street to East harbourEast Quay lane, from Cathcart street to East breastEldon street, from Jardine's burn, running westward to GourockroadFactory lane, from Kirk street to Ropework streetFinnart street, from Nelson street to Bedford streetForsyth street, from Clyde crescent to FinnartFox street, from Seafield to Finnart roadGarvel park, East Hamilton streetGeorge square, head <strong>of</strong> Kilblain streetGipsy lane, from Brougham street to Union streetGrey place, west end West Blackhall streetHamilton street, from Cathcart square to West Blackhall streetHamilton street (East), from Main street, Crawfordsdyke, toPort-Glasgow roadHarvie lane, from Hamilton street to Dalrymple streetHighland close, from Cathcart street to Shaw streetHill street, from Regent street to Drumfrochar roadHillend street, from Thomas street to Belville placeHolmscr<strong>of</strong>t street, from Williamson street to Trafalgar streetHope place, Lyle streetHouston street, from West Stewart street to Campbell streetHyde park, Belville placeIngleston (Upper), at head <strong>of</strong> Cartsburn streetInverkip street, from Vennel to Williamson streetJamaica street, from West Blackhall street to Union streetJane place, north and south side <strong>of</strong> Thomas streetJohn street, from Stanners street to St Lawrence streetJohnstone street, from Union street to West Clyde streetKelly street, from West Stewart street to Ford

STREET DIRECTORY.Ker street, from West Blackhall street to Boyd streetKilblain street, from Vermel to George squareKirk street, from Roslin street to "West Church burying-groundLaird street, from West Blackhall street to West burying-groundLindsay's lane, from West Quay lane to VennelLongwell close, from 44 Cathcart street to Shaw streetLyle street, from Lynedoch street running eastwardLynedoch street, from Waterloo place to Drumfrochar roadMacknight street, continuation <strong>of</strong> St Lawrence street from RathostreetMadeira street, from Brisbane street to Eldon streetMain street, Crawfordsdyke, from Rue-end street to East HamiltonstreetManse lane, from Hamilton street to Market streetMansion-house lane, from Cathcart street to Lynedoch streetMargaret street, from Seafield to Union streetMarket street, from Church place to Tobago streetMaxwell street, from Newark street to Eldon streetMearns street, from Regent street to Dempster streetMelville court 31 Hamilton streetMount lane, from Regent street to Wellington streetMount Pleasant street, west end <strong>of</strong> Inverkip street southwardNelson street, from George square to Brachelston tollNelson street (Glebe), from Crawfurd street to Clarence streetNewton street, from Nelson street eastwardNew Dock lane, from East Quay lane to Dock breastNewark street, from Jardine's burn to Drums braeNicholson street, from Nelson street to Ropework streetOpen shore, from Shaw street to New Dock headPatrick street, from Finnart street to West Clyde streetPort-Glasgow road, from East Hamilton street to Port-GlasgowPrinces street, from Inverkip street to Nelson streetRatho street, from East Hamilton street to Belville streetRegent street, from Dellingburn square to Ann streetRobertson street, from Brougham street to Finnart streetRoseneath street, from Clyde street towards Mariners' AsylumRopework street, from Dalrymple street to Clyde streetRoslin street, from Crawfurd street to Clarence streetRoxburgh street, from Bank street to Inverkip streetRue-end street, from Cathcart street to Cartsburn bridgeSt Andrew street, from Rue-end street southwardSt Andrew square, from Springkell street to Carnock streetSt Lawrence street, from John street to Ratho streetSalmon street, north-west side <strong>of</strong> Inverkip street (No. 32.)Shannon's close, from Shaw street to East breastShaw street, from Dalrymple street to Rue-end streetShaw street (East), from Ann street to Nelson streetSir Michael street, from Vennel to Captain streetSmith's lane, from Watson's lane to Market streetSpringkell street, from Cartsburn to St Andrew squareS tanners street, from Main street, Cartsdyke, to John street

STREET DIRECTORY.Steamboat Quay, east and west <strong>of</strong> Customhouse and ExciseBuildingsStewart street (East), from Rue-end street to Iron founderyStewart street (West), from West Burn street to Houston st.Sugarhouse lane, from Vennel to Dalrymple streetTaylor's close, from Hamilton street to Dalrymple streetThomas street, from East Hamilton street westwardTobago street, from Inverkip street to Market streetTrafalgar street, from Shaw place to Roxburgh streetUnder crescent, from John street to St Lawrence streetUnion court, 43 Dalrymple streetUnion street, from George square to Newark streetVennel, from Inverkip street to West breastVictoria place, 7 West Blackhall streetVirginia street, from Chapel street to East India breastWaterloo place, west <strong>of</strong> Mansion-houseWatt street, from Nelson street to Kelly streetWatt place, south side <strong>of</strong> Cathcart streetWatson's lane, from Hamilton street to VennelWellington court 8 Cathcart squareWellington street, from Williamson street to Ann streetWest Burn street, from Kilblain street to Dalrymple streetWest Clyde street, from Clyde crescent to Whitforeland pointWest Quay lane, from Dalrymple street to West quayWest quay, from foot <strong>of</strong> West quay lane eastwardWilliam street, from Cathcart square to East and West BreastWilliamson street, from head <strong>of</strong> Inverkip street, southwardWhiteforeland point, near the BatteryYork street, from Crawford street to Clarence street

POST-OFFICEGREENOCK DIRECTOR Y.ADAM Alexander, cooper, 21 Ann StreetAdam Archibald, merchant and shipowner, 1 Cathcartstreet. House, 28 Eldon streetAdam David, watchman, 3 Arthur streetHouse, 43 Crawfurd stAdam Donald, <strong>of</strong> Adam & HallAdam George, measurer, 1 Cathcart street. House, 2Shaw placeAdam & Hall, smiths and boilermakers, 19 Cathcart stAdam James, grocer, 7 East Shaw streetAdam John, chamberlain, Town Hall Buildings, 6Hamilton street. House, Holljbank, Eldon streetAdam John, cutler, 2 Sir Michael streetAdam John, labourer, OvertonAdam Robert, carpenter, 7 John streetAdam Robert, mason, 97 Regent streetAdam William, mason, 23 East Shaw streetAdam William & Co., plumbers and coppersmiths, 3Dock breastAdam William, <strong>of</strong> William Adam & Co, House,Mount PleasantAdam Miss H., grocer, 20 Ann streetADAMS Alexander, labourer, 13 John streetAdams James, slater, 4 Sir Michael streetAdams John, accountant, Provident Bank. House,7 Kelly streetAdams William D., saddler, 19 Cathcart st. House,13 Hope place, Antigua streetAdams William, deep sea pilot, 65 Rue-end streetc2

DIRECTORY.Adams Mrs John, saddler, 19 Cathcart street.13, Hope place, Antigua streetEfouse,ADAMSON William, boot and shoe maker, 7 Westbreast. House do.ADVERTISER <strong>Office</strong> (<strong>Greenock</strong>), 29 Hamilton stCRATED Water Co., 6 Charles street, and 5 KilblainstreetADDIS James, mariner, 14 East Shaw streetAGNEW Alexander, joiner and house factor, 15 Crossshorestreet. House, Mount ParkAgnew Alexander, joiner, 18 Cathcart streetAgnew Anderson, mason, 20 Hamilton streetAgnew Robert, carpenter, 13 St Lawrence streetAIKENHEAD John, labourer, 15 Stanners streetAIKMAN Thomas, engineer, Mount place, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>tstreetAIRD John, smith, 7 Nicholson streetAITKEN Andrew, watchmaker and jeweller, 3Hamiltonstreet. House, 13 Brougham streetAitken James, <strong>of</strong> Lang & Aitken. House, 23 LynedochstreetAitken James, carpenter, 7 East Quay laneAitken J. & J., hosiers, 30 West Burn streetAitken John, pie baker, 15 Tobago streetAitken John, bleacher, M'Kelvie's buildings, Duncan stAitken Robert, candle manufacturer, 15 Charles street.House, 31 Brougham streetAitken Thomas, timber merchant, 62 Regent streetAitken William, mason, 7 Sir Michael streetAitken Miss Janet, dressmaker, 28 West Blackhall stAitken Mrs John, 28 West Blackhall streetAitken Mrs Janet, 13 Hope place, Antigua streetAitken Mrs Peter, 11 West Stewart streetALEXANDER Alexander, pilot, 1 Ardgowan street,GlebeAlexander Angus, sailmaker, 11 Antigua streetAlexander Archibald, shipmaster, 13 Mearns streetAlexander D. C. watch and clockmaker, jeweller andengraver, 22 Sugarhouse lane. House, do.Alexander James, carter, 9 Crawfurd streetAlexander James, merchant and commission agent, 1Union court, West Quay head. House, 2 Patrick st

DIRECTORY.Alexander James G. , druggist, 9 West Blackhall street.House, above shop, 23 Nicholson streetAlexander James, boilermaker, 3 Arthur streetAlexander John, labourer, 42 Innerkip streetAlexander John, carpenter, 16 Bearhope streetAlexander Matthew, 43 Crawfurd streetAlexander Matthew, labourer, 8 Ann streetAlexander Matthew, sugar baker, 6 Bruce streetAlexander Robert, joiner, 7 Under crescentAlexander Robert, sailmaker, 23 Sir Michael streetAlexander Robert, engineer, 17 Bearhope streetAlexander William, cooper, 1 Regent streetAlexander William, brassfounder, 66 Roxburgh streetAlexander William, mariner, 5 Cowgate streetAlexander Miss Agnes, dressmaker, 13 West BlackhallstreetAlexander Miss Margaret, 33 Brougham streetAlexander Mrs, grocer, 1 1 Main street, CartsdykeAlexander Mrs John, 2 Jamaica streetAlexander Mrs John, feuar, 33 Brougham streetAlexander Mrs William, lodgings, 33 Cathcart streetAlexander Mrs, farmer, BogstonAlexander Mrs, dealer, i Crawfurd streetAlexander Mrs Thomas, 33 Ann streetALGIE Andrew, grocer, 12 Hamilton streetAlgie James, grocer, 7 East Quay lane and 24 Shaw stAlgie Matthew, grocer, 17 Cathcart street. House,1 Roxburgh streetALLAN Alexander, carpenter, Lyle'sland, Back walksAllan Arthur P., shipmaster, E wing's buildings, RueendstreetAllan Edward, fishmonger, 25 Charles streetAllan George, jr., smith and brassfounder, 12 Springkellstreet. House, 1 St Andrew's squareAllan George & Sons, iron manufacturers, Clyde forge,Port-Glasgow roadAllan George, <strong>of</strong> George Allan & Sons. House, OakfieldAllan George, tobacconist, 23 Dalrymple street. House,4 Mearns street.Allan, George, smith, 55 Shaw streetAllan James, clerk, <strong>Post</strong> <strong>Office</strong>Allan James, carpenter, 44 Inverkip street

DIRECTORY.Allan James, sailmaker, 13 Nicolson streetAllan James, foreman smith, Gas Works, 22 WestBlackhall streetAllan Neil, sailmaker, 39 Ann streetAllan J. & Laurie, carvers and gilders, 54 Rue-end st.House, 56 Shaw streetAllan James, farmer, LadjburnAllan Robert, tobacconist, 23 Dalrvmple street. House4 Mearns streetAllan Robert, <strong>of</strong> George Allan

DIRECTORY.AMOS Mrs, 37 West Blackhall streetANDERSON Alexander, grocer, 34 Hamilton street.House, 13 West Stewart streetAnderson Andrew, agent for Union Bank <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>.House, 8 George squareAnderson Archibald, carpenter, 7 Market streetAnderson Daniel, joiner 9 7 Bruce streetAnderson David, engineer, 7 West BreastAnderson David, carter, OvertonAnderson George, carpenter, BogstonAnderson Henry, engineer, Ingleston roadAnderson Hugh, hosiery, glove and trimming warehouse,38 Hamilton street. House, 23 BroughamstreetAnderson James, watchmaker, 20 Ann streetAnderson James, engineer, 12 Springkell streetAnderson James, carter, Lyle's land, Back walksAnderson James, engineer, 6 John streetAndersen James, joiner, 76 Roxburgh streetAnderson James, shopman, 38 West Burn streetAnderson John, mariner, Lyle's land, Back walksAnderson John, joiner, 3 Cowgate streetAnderson John, carpenter, 2 Union court, DalrymplestreetAnderson, John, labourer, 6 Smith's laneCartsdykeAnderson John, smith, 59 Main street,Anderson John, engineer, 11 St Andrew streetAnderson Matthew, boiler maker, 9 Arthur streetAnderson Neil, grocer, 44 Inverkip street. House, do.Anderson, Orr & Co., sugar refiners, Berry-yards, head<strong>of</strong> Lynedoch streetAnderson Peter, joiner, 94 East Hamilton streetAnderson Peter, cabinetmaker, 3 Salmon streetAnderson Quintin L., <strong>of</strong> Scott & Anderson, House,28 Nelson street, westAnderson Richard, shipmaster, 3 East Stewart streetAnderson Thomas, slater and slate merchant, 7 EastIndia breast. House, 1 Regent streetAnderson William, grain merchant and wholesale grocer.Ofiice, Watt place. Stores, Customhouseplace. House, 4 Mearns streetAnderson William, carpenter, Lyle's land, Back walks

10 DIRECTORY.Anderson William, general grocer, 29 Cathcart streetand 68 Vennel. House, 4 Mearns streetAnderson William, sharper, Drumfrochar roadAnderson William, engineer, 43 Ann streetAnderson William, hosier, 40 Cathcart streetAnderson William, smith, 13 Charles streetAnderson Miss, lodgings, 33 Cartsburn streetAnderson Miss, lodgings, 11 Market streetAnderson Miss, 32 Nicholson streetAnderson Mrs A,, 6 Watt streetAnderson Mrs, 9 Crawfurd streetAnderson Mrs John, feuar, 3 St Andrew streetAnderson Mrs John, spirit dealer, 9 Rue-end streetAnderson Mrs, 28 Nelson street, westANDREW David, engineer, Ingleston roadAndrew James, rigger, 20 Cathcart streetAndrew James, 65 Roxburgh streetAndrew John, ropespinner, 4 Tobago streetAndrew John, flesher, 13 Cathcart street. House, do.Andrew John, smith, 51 Main street, CartsdykeAndrew Robert, carpenter, 6 Ann streetAndrew Robert, baker, 47 Ann streetAndrew Thomas, ropemaker, 10 East Shaw streetAndrew Thomas, carter, 22 Cartsburn streetAndrew William, baker, 31 Sir Michael streetAndrew Misses, dressmakers, 36 West Burn streetANGUS Duncan, painter, 35 Cathcart streetAngus Mrs, egg dealer, 13 Charles streetAngus Mrs George, spirit dealer, 4 Shaw streetAngus Robert, <strong>of</strong> Ewing, Angus & Co. House, 8Brougham streetAPOTHECARIES' Hall (<strong>Greenock</strong>), 28 Hamilton stApothecaries' Hall (New), 18 Hamilton streetARBUCKLE G. & M., fleshers, 1 Albert place, WestBlackhall streetArbuckle George, <strong>of</strong> G, & M. Arbuckle. House, 23Clarence streetArbuckle James & Co., tanners, 5 Cartsburn streetArbuckle James, <strong>of</strong> James Arbuckle & Co. House, 6East Blackhall streetArbuckle John, grocer and spirit- dealer, 34 Shaw st.House, do.

DIRECTORY. 11Arbuckle James, letter-carrier, P O., 18 Market stArbuckle Matthew, <strong>of</strong> G. & M. Arbuckle. House, 14Kelly streetARBUTHNOT Mrs Elizabeth, flesher, 1 Stanners st.House, 2 Rue-end streetARCHIBALD Alexander, shipmaster, 20 Mearns stArchibald & Crawford, cabinetmakers and upholsterers,2 West Blackhall streetArchibald William, <strong>of</strong> Archibald & Crawford. House,21 Sir Michael streetArchibald Mrs, oufittter, Anderson place, Cathcart stArchibald Mrs, 8 Inverkip streetARKLEY Arthur, cooper, 32 Regent streetArkley Arthur, tidewaiter, 32 Regent streetArkley David, deep-sea pilot, 3 Shannon's closeArkley James, boat builder, 37 Rue-end streetArkley Miss, lodgings, 13 Hamilton streetArkley Mrs, 1 Dellingburn streetArkley Mrs Robert, lodgings, 3 Bank streetArkley Mrs Thomas, 38 West Stewart streetARMITAGE William, wool sorter, Broomhill, Ann stARMOUR Alexander, shoemaker, 4 Sir Michael stArmour Duncan, shoemaker, 6 West Stewart streetAmour George, shoemaker, 36 Hamilton street. House,25 Crawfurd streetArmour John, joiner, 13 East Quay laneArmour Joseph, labourer, 30 Sugarhouse laneArmour Matthew, shoemaker, 11 Charles streetArmour William, sawyer, 48 Nelson street, westArmour William, coppersmith, 28 Charles streetArmour Mrs, 25 Charles streetARMSTRONG John, joiner, 59 Rue-end streetArmstrong Walter, smith, Drumfrochar roadARNOT Andrew, lodgings, 24 Market streetARROL William, provision dealer, 58 VennelArrol William, grocer, 5 VennelArrol Mrs, lodgings, 19 Shaw streetARTHUR Robert, joiner, 40 Dalrymple streetArthur Thomas, manager <strong>of</strong> Poynter's works, 17 BakerstreetArthur William, carter, 4 Watt streetASH George, sheriff-<strong>of</strong>ficer, 1 Bank street. House, do.

ASSEMBLY Booms, 29 Cathcart streetATKINS Robt., depute harbour master, 20 Mearns stAtkins Mrs T., mangier, 30 West Blackhall streetATKINSON John, coachman, 1 York streetAUCHINLECK & Chalmers, smiths and bell hangers,51 High VennelAULD Charles, physician, 3 Bank street. House, 512 DIRECTORY-Houston streetAuld Hamilton, shipmaster, 5 Abbotsford place, RoxburghstreetAuld Josiah, teacher, class rooms, 20 West Stewart st.House, 24 Nicholson streetAuld Mrs, lodgings, 6 West Stewart streetBBAILLIE James, clothier and oilskin maker, 42 ShawstreetBaillieWilliam, mariner, 62 VennelBAIN George, market gardener, 3 Ann streetBain James, joiner, 21 Main street,CartsdykeBain James, gardener, East Blackhall streetBain John, boilermaker, 9 Arthur streetBain John, flesher, 8 East Shaw streetBain John, cooper, 4 Factory laneBain Thomas, sawyer, Lyle's land, Back walksBain Walter, cooper, 13 Bearhope streetBain William, joiner,19 Shaw streetBain Mrs, 38 Sir Michael streetBain Mrs James, feuar, 1 Duncan streetBain Mrs, lodgings, 1 Kilblain streetBAINE & Johnston, merchants, 5 West Blackhall st.Baine William, foreman ropemaker, 10 Laird streetBaine William, tailor, 13 Bearhope streetBAIRD Adam, labourer, 2 Cowgate streetBaird James, surveyor <strong>of</strong> buildings, 25 West Burn st,Baird James F,, boot and shoemaker, 12 Tobago streetBaird John J., <strong>of</strong> Robert Baird & Son. House, 84Regent streetBaird Robert A., bookseller and stationer, 41 Cathcartstreet. House head <strong>of</strong> Ann street

DIRECTORY. 13Baird Robert, gardener, 13 West Blackhall st.House,do.Baird Robert & Son, iron, coal, and lime merchants,56 Rue-end streetBaird Robert, brassfounder, 7 Under CrescentBaird John, gardener, 7 Eldon streetBaird William, <strong>of</strong> Robert Baird & Son. House, 21Patrick streetBaird Mrs, lodgings, 32 Sugarhouse laneBAKERS' House <strong>of</strong> Call, 8 Market streetBakers' Mill Co., millers and flour merchants, BakerstreetBaker Vashon Capt., R.N., inspector commander coastguard, 13 Union streetBALDERSTON David, merchant, 69 Regent streetBALFOUR John, spirit dealer,13 Cartsburn streetB ALLANTINE George, spirit dealer, 33 VennelBallantine James, <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> Distillery Co. House,7 Houston streetBallantine William, carter, 13 John streetBALLING ALL Peter, Armadale place, Mount parkBANK <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>, 47 Cathcart streetBANKS Alexander, carpenter, 30 Market streetBanks John, missionary, 32 Inverkip streetBanks Mrs John, milliner, 32 Inverkip streetBanks Mrs Thomas, spirit dealer, 55 VennelBAMBOROUGH Thomas, smith, 12 Inverkip streetBANNATYNE Robert, spirit dealer, 10 RopeworkstreetBannatyne Miss, 11 Grey PlaceBANNIGAN John, general dealer.street.House, 42 do.Store, 45 ShawBAPTIST Chapel, 35 West Burn streetBaptist Chapel, Mechanics' Hall, 11 Sir Michael st,BARBOUR Archibald, boatman, 7 West breastBarbour Ephraim, weigher, 7 Bearhope streetBarbour John, farmer, DrumfrocharBarbour Thomas, skipper, 4 Mansion house laneBarbour Mrs Thomas, keeper, 1 Duncan streetBARCLAY John, <strong>of</strong> Blair So Barclay. House, 4Tobago streetBarclay John, plumber, 58 Vennel

14 DIRECTORY,Barclay John, shoemaker, 28 Inverkip streetBarclay Robert, tanner, LadyburnBarclay William, ropemaker, 5 Bearhope streetBarclay Mrs Alexander, clothes dresser, 58 VennelBARNES Charles, broker, 2 Taylor's closeBARNARD James, contractor, 18 Union streetBARR Alexander, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksBarr Alexander, brassfounder, 5 Lynedoch streetBarr Archibald, sawyer, 9 John streetBarr Charles, shooting saloon keeper, Harvie laneBarr Charles, riveter, 56 Dalrymple streetBarr James, carter, Lyle's land, Back walksBarr James, cooper, 18 Sir Michael streetBarr James, farmer, East Berry-yardsBarr James, gardener, 41 Union streetBarr John, cooper, 39 Hamilton streetBarr John, gardener, 25 West Blackball street. House,48 Nelson street, westBarr Robert, gardener, 48 Nelson street, westBarr Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, 12 East India breast.House, do.Barr Mrs, lodgings, 10 St Andrew's streetBarr Mrs James, lodgings, 1 Stanners streetBARRIE John, boatman, 16 Cathcart streetBASKFIELD Josiah, potter, Clyde PotteryBARRON Philip, painter, 50 Shaw streetBARWICK Henry, 19 Sugarhouse laneBATHGATE Charles, char burner, 72 Roxburgh st.BAXTER Alexander, 4 Smith's laneBaxter Archibald, blacksmith, 39 Dalrymple streetBaxter David, engineer, 4 John streetBaxter Duncan, feuar, 22 Market streetBaxter John, labourer, 17 Tobago streetBaxter Malcolm, carpenter, 2 William streetBaxter Robert, fish curer and feuar, 6 Kilblain streetBaxter William, grocer, 11 Market streetBaxter Mrs Duncan, lodgings, 63 Rue-end streetBaxter Mrs E., spirit dealer, St Andrew squareBaxter Mrs Grace, lodgings, 41 Main street, CartsdykeBaxter Mrs, 69 VennelBEAR George, weigher, 3 Bruce streetBE A TIE Charles, boiler maker, 5 John street

DIRECTORY. 15BEATON Alexander, sugar baker, 2 Oawfurd streetBeaton Alexander, labourer, 5 Ardgowan street, GlebeBeaton Archibald, carpenter, 3 Salmon streetBeaton John, labourer, 41 Hamilton streetBeaton John, gardener, 50 Eldon streetBeaton Peter, carter, 4 Sugarhouse laneBEATSON John, nailmaker, 5 Market streetBEGG Miss J., 8 Ardgowan streetBEITH Duncan, sailmaker, 97 Regent streetBeith James, flesher, 17 Hamilton street. House, 22Sugarhouse laneBeith James, foreman cooper, 35 Nicholson streetBeith Thomas, grocer, 1 1 Gartsburn street. House, 25Arthur streetBeith Miss Jean, tailoress, 6 Dalrymple streetBELL Alexander, spirit dealer, 34 Dalrymple streetBell Archibald, labourer, 3 Shannon's closeBell Duncan, ropespinner, 20 Inverkip streetBell Francis, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Hamiltonstreet. House, 79 Roxburgh streetBell Hugh, grocer, 55 Shaw street,House, 43 Ann stBell James, mariner, Highlanders' AcademyBell James, teacher, 8 Smith's laneBell James, plumber, 8 Antigua streetBell John, baker, 36 Dalrymple street. House, do.Bell John, teacher, 8 Broad closeBell John, grocer and provision merchant, 13 WestBlackhall street. House, do.Bell John, labourer, 8 Market streetBell John, sawyer, 32 Inverkip streetBell Peter & Co., plumbers, 10 East India breast.House, 4 Lyle streetBell Robert C, physician, 38 Eldon streetBell Robert, labourer, 26 Cartsburn streetBell Mrs George, 6 Trafalgar streetBENHAM James, agent for steamers " Lady Brisbane,"and " Lady Kelburne," 22 Shaw streetBENNET James, brassfounder, 19 Arthur streetBennet Thomas, engineer, 16 Roxburgh streetBENisON John, seamen, 10 West breast.Benson Robert, rigger, 1 Lyle streetBenson William, shipmaster, 4 Lyle street

16 DIRECTORY.Benson William, rigger, 17 Lynedoch streetBENZIE J., clothier and outfitter, 19 Cathcart streetand 6 East breast. House, 2 Mearns streetBEVELL James, smith, 6 Smith's laneBEVE RIDGE James, cooper, 9 Argjle streetBeveridge James, gardener, 17 Nicholson streetBeveridge James, smith, 15 Baker streetBeveridge William, labourer, Watt streetBeveridge William, smith,Armadale buildings, BackwalksBIGHAM David, spirit dealer, 32 Charles streetBINNIE Alexander, carpenter, 11 St Lawrence streetBinnie Robert, <strong>of</strong> M* Arthur & Binnie, Ralston, nearPaisleyBIRNIE Mrs, 63 Regent streetBIRKMYRE Henry, clerk, 13 Lynedoch streetBirkmyre William, engineer, 10 Baker streetBLACK Alexander L„ shipmaster, 9 Antigua streetBlack & Anderson, joiners, 21 West Blackhall street,and 24 West Stewart streetBlack Andrew I., <strong>of</strong> P. & A. Black. House, 1 MearnsstreetBlack Allan, porter, 57 Shaw streetBlack Archibald, carpenter, 11 Nicholson streetBlack Angus, carpenter, 34 Dalrymple streetBlack Archd., cattle dealer, OvertonBlack Daniel, grocer, 35 Shaw streetBlack Daniel, carpenter, 19 Sir Michael streetBlack Daniel, cabinetmaker, 33 East Shaw streetBlack Daniel, boilermaker, Ingleston roadBlack Dugald, watchman, 4 Factory lane, GlebeBlack George, carpenter, Lyle's land, Back walksBlack James, carpenter, 63 Main street, CartsdykeBlack James, engineer, 22 Cartsburn streetBlack James, <strong>of</strong> Black & Anderson. House, 13 WestStewart streetBlack John, queen's porter, 29 Market streetBlack John & Sons, writers, Anderson place, CathcartstreetBlack John, <strong>of</strong> John Black & Son. House, 1 MearnsstreetBlack John, grocer, 10 Cross-shore street

.DIRECTORY. 17Black John, jun., <strong>of</strong> John Black & Son. House, 4Trafalgar streetBlack John^ mariner, 45 Cathcart streetBlack P. & A.., brewers and maltsters, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>tbrewery, Captain streetBlack P. M., <strong>of</strong> P. & A. Black. House, 1 MearnsstreetBlack Robert, 1 Main street, CartsdykeBlack William, clerk, 9 Bruce streetBlack Miss Jane, lodgings, 2§ Charles streetBlack Miss, feuar, 2 Buceleuch streetBlack Mrs James, librarian <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Greenock</strong> <strong>Library</strong>,Watt monument, 9 Union streetBlack Mrs, 39 Ann streetBlack Catherine, huckster, 47 Dalrymple street^Black Mrs, lodgings, 20 Sugarhouse laneBlack Mrs, lodgings, 5 Dellingburn streetBLACKSTOCK James, labourer, 3 Bruce streetBLAKE John, engineer, Upper crescentBLACKWBLL A. W., tide waiter, Armadale buildings,Back WalksBL&IKIE William, engineer, Ingleston roadBLACKBURN Miss, 7 Brisbane streetBLACKLOCK Mrs, 13 West Stewart streetBLACKWOOD John, carter, 21 Lynedoch streetBLAIR Alexander, watchmaker and jeweller, 14Hamilton street. House, 12 Bogle streetBlair Alexander, spirit dealer, 12 Bogle street.Housedo.Blair Archd., governor, Poor-house, Captain streetBlair & Barclay, joiners and glaziers, 10 Cross-shorestreetBlair Archibald, <strong>of</strong> Blair & Barclay, 3 Market streetBlair Archibald, painter, 30 Inverkip streetBlair Archibald, labourer, 9 Under crescentBlair & Allison, linen and woollen drapers, clothiers,&c, 6 Hamilton streetBlair David, baker, 45 Cathcart street.House, do.Blair George, merchant, Ford cottage, Patrick streetBlair Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Bell entry.House, 21 Lynedoch streetBlair Hugh, shoemaker, 33 Cathcart streetd2

18 DIRECTORY.Blair Hugh, slademan, 66 VermelBlair James, carter, Ingleston roadBlair James & Son, wine and spirit merchants, 5 Customhouseplace. House, 2 Watt place.Blair John, rigger, 16 Tobago streetBlair John, tailor, 24 Tobago streetBlair John, carter, 15 Arthur streetBlair John, baker, 34 East Shaw streetBlair John, tinsmith, 7 Broad closeBlair John, joiner, 34 Regent streetBlair Joseph, printer, and publisher <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Greenock</strong>Herald and General Advertiser newspaper, 40 Cathcartstreet. House, 2 Watt placeBlair Matthew, potato merchant, 7 Market streetBlair Peter, 38 Eldon streetBlair, Reid & Steele, sugar refiners, InglestonBlair Richard, engineer, 7 Tobago streetBlair Robert, cabinetmaker upholsterer, and housefactor, 7 Victoria Buildings, West Blackhall street.House, 25 Kelly streetBlair Robert, <strong>of</strong> Blair, Reid & Steele, House, 42Union streetBlair Robert, joiner, 23 Ljnedoch streetBlair Robert, writer and procurator fiscal for thecounty, 5 Hamilton street. House, 81 Rpgent stBlair Thomas, bootmaker, 26 West Burn st. House,28 do.Blair Thomas, smith, 7 Under crescentBlair Thomas, plumber, 25 VennelBlair Miss, teacher, 11 Cartsburn streetBLANKIN Mrs, lodgings, 4 St Andrew's squareBLENC H John G., <strong>of</strong>ficer <strong>of</strong> Inland Revenue, 1 1BearhopestreetBLUE Alexander, labourer, 3 Crawfurd streetBlue Dugald, labourer, 13 Ropework streetBlue James, engineer, Lyle's land, Back walksBlue John, spirit dealer, 8 Charles streetBlue Neil, carpenter, 19 Shaw streetBlue Donald, cooper, 42lnverkip streetBO AG Andrew, cooper, 15 Kilblain streetBoag Andrew, writer, 8 Cathcart square, House,Holland cottage, 12 Jamaica street

DIRECTORY. 19Boag James, brassfounder, 1 Regent streetBoag James, slater, 7 Market streetBoag John, plumber, 3 Hamilton streetBoag Peter, millwright, 5 Lynedoch streetBoag .Robert, smith, tool and sugar mould manufacturer,Golden Bull entry, 55 Shaw street. House,12 Jamaica streetBoag Thomas, smith, ironmonger, and grate maker, 7West Blackhall street. House, 16 Kelly streetBoag Walter, late shipmaster, FinnartBoag Mrs John, feuar, 12 Jamaica streetBoag Mrs, farmer, Craigie KnowesBOGAN Bernard, wire worker, 71 VennelBOLL John, mason, 13 Nicholson streetBOLTOF Thophius, school master, 14 Cathcart streetBONE James, carter, 36 Sir Michael streetBone William, <strong>of</strong> Foulds & Bone. House, 15 WestStewart streetBONAR Rev, J. J., minister <strong>of</strong> St Andrew's FreeChurch.House, Ardgowan streetBonnar & Cameron, house painters, 2 Watt placeBonnar Dundas, <strong>of</strong> Bonnar & Cameron, House, 6Nelson streetBORLAND David, turner, Brachelston tollBorland John, town missionary, 6 Antigua streetBorland J. C, temperance hotel keeper, 24 Cathcartstreet. House do.BORTHWICK William, joiner, 30 Sir Michael stBorthwick Mrs John, gardener and fruiterer, 10 Hamiltonstreet. Garden and nursery, 45 Regent stBOSWELL James, potter, Clyde PotteryBOUCKLES Thomas, Customhouse boatman, 27VennelBOURNE John & Co, iron shipbuilders, Port-GlasgowroadBOWERS Alexander, carpenter, 63 Rue-end streetBowers Andrew, flesher, 9 Cowgate streetBowers John, joiner, 14 John streetBowers William, mariner, 9 Cowgate streetBowers Mrs, 9 Cowgate streetBOWERBANK John, basket maker, 65 Dalrymple stBOWIE Robert, labourer, 1 Arthur street

20 DIRECTORY.BOWLING Green and curling dam, Ardgowan squareBOWMAN John, shoemaker, 53 Inverkip streetBowman Peter, 9 Crawfurd streetBowman Misses, teachers, 9 Crawfurd streetBOYCE Edward, spirit dealer, 31 Shaw streetBOYD Andrew, late shipmaster, 41 Union streetBojd Daniel, engineer, Lyle's land, Back walksBojd David, labourer, 6 Roslin streetBojd James, labourer, 7 Smith's laneBojd James, carpenter, 3 East Stewart streetBojd James, labourer, 32 Ann streetBojd John, ginger beer brewer, 5 Ann streetBojd Jchnston, 12 Nicholson streetBojd Richard, smith, 7 Under crescentBojd Robert, weaver, 17 Bearhope streetBojd Robert, carpenter, 10 William streetBojd Robert, captain, 82 Regent streetBojd William, joiner, 28 Roxburgh streetBojd Win., grocer and provision dealer, 28 Tobago stBojd Miss, 6 Bruce streetBojd Miss, dressmaker, 13 West Blackhall streetBojd Miss, feuar, 4 Smith's laneBojd Mrs, 6, Roslin streetBojd Mrs, 5 William streetBOYLE Alexander, carpenter, 17 John streetBojle David, tidewaifer, 2 Tobago streetBojle James, butter and eggmerchant, 26 Market st.House, do.Bojle William, boilermaker. 4 Manse laneBojle Mrs James, grocer, 5 VennelBojle Mrs, lodgings, 29 VennelBOYS Lieut. George S., Commander H.M. ship Athol,Naval rendezvous 5 West breastBRADLEY George, hatter and cap manufacturer, 31Cathcart streetBradlej Mrs, 2 Tobago streetBRADSHAW Miss, sempstress,11 York streetBRAMER Samuel, moulder, Cljde PotterjBRANNAGAN John, grocer and provision store, 32VennelBRECKENRIDGE Thomas, cabinetmaker, 15 WestBlackhall street. House, do.

DIRECTORY. 21BRECKEY John, mariner, 35 VennelBRBNNAN John, broker, 1 Sir Michael street.House, do,BRIDIE James, shipmaster, 12 Brisbane streetBRISBANE Mrs Thomas, Lillybank cottage, 2 Foxstreet,Low Gourock roadBRISLAN Peter, boilermaker, Upper crescentBRITISH Telegraph Company, 32 Cathcart street.Head <strong>of</strong>fice, 43 Regent Circus, Piccadilly, LondonBROADFOOT James, <strong>of</strong> Douglas and Broadfoot.House, 8 Ardgowan streetBroadfoot William, farmer, High and Low CraigsBroadfoot Robert, druggist, 29 Sugarhouse laneBroadfoot Mrs Hugh, 4 Nelson street, GlebeHo., do.BRODLEY John, spiritdealer, 9 East breast.BROABLEY William, broker, 12 VennelBROCK Archibald, engineer, InglestonBRODIB Archibald, joiner, 40 Inverkip streetBrodie Crawford, railway porter, 7 Cathcart streetBrodie Daniel, painter, 23 VennelBrodie Dugald, tailor, 1 Charles streetBrodie George, coal merchant, 28 Vennel. House, 22Cathcart streetBrodie James, turner, 2 John streetBrodie John, skipper, 37 Crawfurd streetBrodie John, baker, 45 Hamilton street. House, do,Brodie John, tailor and clothier, 22 Cathcart street.House, do.Brodie John, boot and shoemaker, 8 William street.House, do.Brodie Robert, police <strong>of</strong>ficer, 7 Market streetBrodie Samuel, smith, 22 Cathcart streetBrodie Mrs Isabella, lodgings, 19 Shaw streetBrodie Mrs John, 23 VennelBROGAN James, huckster, 26 VennelBROTCHIE Donald, chaplain to seamen, Seamen'schapel. House, 24 Bank streetBROTHERS Mrs Samuel, spiritdealer, 2 East breastBROUN Neil, merchant, 2 Cathcart street. House,2 Ardgowan squareBROWN Alexander, hairdresser and perfumer, 2Cathcart square

22 DIRECTORY.Brown Angus, carpenter, 12 St Lawrence streetBrown Archibald, carpenter, 39 Main street, CartsdykaBrown Archibald, <strong>of</strong> Macfarlane, Brown fy Co. House,23 Lynedock streetBrown Daniel, carpenter, 44 VennelBrown Daniel, foreman tinsmith, 45 Cathcart streetBrown Duncan, candlemaker, 9 Orawfurd streetBrown Duncan, Garrick Tavern, 42 Cathcart street.House do,Brown Duncan, clerk, <strong>Greenock</strong> Felt Work Company.House, 23 Lynedoch streetBrown Edward, boilermaker, 1 Main street, CartsdykeBrown Rev. James R., D.D., (<strong>of</strong> the Middle Parish).House, the Manse, 1 Houston streetBrown James & Co, linen and woollen drapers, &c, 15Hamilton streetBrown James, ropemaker, 39 Ann streetBrown James, potter, Clyde PotteryBrown James, <strong>of</strong> James Brown & Co. House, 3 ForsythstreetBrown James, stockingmaker, 39 Main street, CartsdykeBrown James, collector Shaws Water Co. House, 49Rue- end streetBrown James, grocer, 20 West Blackhall streetBrown James, grocer and provision merchant, 94 EastHamilton street. House, 23 Lynedoch streetBrown James, carpenter, 34 Charles streetBrown John, <strong>of</strong> Fish, Brown & Co. House, 20 NicholsonstreetBrown John, mariner, 3 Crawfurd streetBrown John, carter, 2 Kirk streetBrown John, labourer, 40 Inverkip streetBrown John, cotton spinner, Drumfrochar roadBrown John, labourer, 3 Market streetBrown John, feuar, Clydesdale cottage, 3 Forsyth stBrown John, joiner and glazier, 13 Charles streetBrown Matthew, sugar refiner, 3 Captain st. House,10 Ardgowan squareBrown Matthew, smith, 12 St Lawrence streetBrown Michael, huckster, 1 Carnock streetBrown Peter, cooper, 16Bearhope street

DIRECTORY. 23Brown Robert, baker, 48 Shaw street. House, 5 CrossshorestreetBrown Robert, ropemaker, 24 Kelly streetBrown Robert, seamen, 7 Nicholson streetBrown William, joiner, Drumfrocher roadBrown William, carpenter, 51 Main street, Carts dykeBrown William, slater, 10 East Shaw streetBrown William, mason, I William streetBrown William, nailer, 8 Cartsburn streetBrown Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 35 Cathcart streetBrown Miss 7 Nicholson streetBrown Miss, dressmaker, 17 Roxburgh streetBrown Miss, teacher <strong>of</strong> sewing, 45 Hamilton streetBrown Mrs Alexander, huckster, 32 Sir Michael streetBrown Mrs Duncan, lodgings, 29 Nicholson streetBrown Mrs Henry, 31 Charles streetBrown Mrs James, grocer, 19 VennelBrown Mrs James, 6 West Blackhall streetBrown Mrs John, lodgings, 10 East Shaw streetBrown Mrs, 37 Crawfurd streetBrown Mrs, feuar, 10 Broad closeBrown Mrs, lodgings, 71 VennelBrown Mrs, lodgings, 20 Market streetBrown Mrs, Lyle street cottageBrown Mrs William, 21 Nicholson streetBrown Mrs, 17 Roxburgh streetBROWNING John, clothier, 5 Hamilton st. House,35 East Shaw streetBrowning Thomas, labourer, 17 Arthur streetBrowning Mrs James, sewer, 95 Regent streetBROWNLIE, Buchanan & Co., tinsmiths, coppersmithsand plumbers, 6 West BreastBrownlie James, accountant, Royal Bank, 38 Cathcartstreet. House, do.Brownlie, James, shoemaker, 32 Dalrymple streetBrownlie Robert, 38 Cathcart streetBrownlie Miss, Hillside, 1 St Lawrence streetBrownlie Mrs William, feuar, Hillside cottage, 1 StLawrence streetBRUCE Abram, shipmaster, 29 Nicholson streetBruce Archibald, feuar, 79 Roxburgh street

24 DIRECTORY,Bruce G. & J., clothiers and hatters, 46 Hamilton st.House, 32 Inrerkip streetBruce Magnus, mariner, Kerr's land, Longwell closeBruce Mrs A., tobacconist, 40 Hamilton streetBRYCE David, shipmaster, 18 Kelly streetBrjce James, boilermaker, 12 Nicholson streetBryce Mrs James, lodgings, 4 Watt streetBEYDEN James, carpenter, 15 Arthur streetBRYEN John 0-, earthenware dealer, 61 VennelBRYMNER Alexander, carpenter, 53 Crawfurd streetBrymner Alexander, 47 Crawfurd street, GlebeBrymner D. & G. coal, coke, lime, and brick merchants,15 East quay lane. Lime yard and store, head <strong>of</strong>New Dry DockBrymner Douglas, <strong>of</strong> D. & G. Brymner. House, 18Bogle streetBrymner Graham, <strong>of</strong> D. & G. Brymner. House 47Crawfurd streetBrymner George, 16 Ann streetBrymner, John, accountant, <strong>Greenock</strong> Bank.House,47 Crawfurd streetBRYSON James H., surgeon, 67 Rue-end streetHouse, do.Bryson Mrs James, lodgings, 8 Manse laneBuclian Thomas, joiner 38 Sir Michael streetBrysland Peter, boilermaker, Upper crescentBUCHANAN Archibald, labourer, 3 Salmon streetBuchanan Archibald, night turnkey, 76 Roxburgh st.Buchanan Daniel, joiner, 3 Salmon streetBuchanan Humphrey, carpenter, 8 Manse laneBuchanan James C-, Bagatelle, 23 Eldon streetBuchanan James, wine and spirit merchant, 8 EastIndia breast. House, Mount parkBuchanan James, painter and paper-hanger, 44 Shawstreet, and 29 Rue-end street. House, 65 RueendstreetBuchanan John, brassfounder, gasfitter, and inspectorand adjuster <strong>of</strong> imperial weights and measures, 18Cathcart st. House, 76 Regent streetBuchanan John, porter to Clyde Shipping Company,16 Bearhope street

DIRECTORY. 25Buchanan John, brass-founder, 14 Stanners streetBuchanan John, carpenter, 3 Salmon streetBuchanan John, policeman, 3 Bruce streetBuchanan Malcolm, leather merchant, and boot andshoe maker, 40 Cathcart street. House, Abbotsfordplace, 7 Roxburgh streetBuchanan Matthew, <strong>of</strong> Gray & Buchanan. House, 84Regent streetBuchanan Robert M ,cooper, 18 Charles street, House,Mount parkBuchanan Robert, teacher, 24 Sir Michael streetBuchanan Walter Washington, M.D., Bagatelle, 23Eldon streetBuchanan Miss Catherine, Hjde Park cottageBuchanan Miss Janet, feuar, 9 Broad closeBuchanan Miss Margaret, Hyde Park cottageBuchanan Misses, 84 Regent streetBuchanan Mrs Alexander, 38 Eldon streetBuchanan Mrs Charles, 2 Buccleuch streetBuchanan Mrs Colin, feuar, 24 Sir Michael streetBuchanan Mrs, lodgings, 40 West Burn streetBuchanan Mrs John, feuar, 84 Regent streetBuchanan Mrs Neil, feuar, 76 Regent streetBUIE Archibald, policeman, 4 Wellington streetBuie, M. & H. plumbers, 7 Dock breastBuie Hugh, <strong>of</strong> M. & H. Buie. House, 19 BroughamstreetBuie Malcolm, <strong>of</strong> M. & H. Buie.streetBULLIONS Thomas, engineer, 1BUNTAIN William, 16 East Shaw streetHouse, 19 BroughamRegent streetBUNTING James, grocer, 1 Stanners streetBunting William, chemist 1 Springkell streetBUNTEN William, baker, 24 Tobago streetBunten Mrs Thomas, hotel keeper, White Hart Hotel,50 Cathcart streetBURGESS Jchn, tobacconist, 3 Dalrymple street.House, 7 Shaw placeBURN3T William, hammerman, 1 York streetBURNS Alexander, fruit dealer, 2 William streetBurns Daniel, feuar, 24 Tobago streetBurns Hugh, spirit dealer, 2Q Market street

26 DIRECTORY.Burns John, gardener, 37 Crawfurd streetBurns John B , shipmaster, 19 Bank streetBurns James, labourer, 4 Smith's laneBurns William, shoe maker, 5 Market streetBurns Mrs, 34 Dalrjmple streetBurns Miss Helen, 19 Bank streetBURTON Thomas, collector <strong>of</strong> Poor Rates, Captainstreet. House, 31 Sir Michael streetBurton Mrs John, remnant and stay warehouse, 19Cathcart streetBurton William, porter, 17 Shaw street. House, 8Bogle streetBURT James, timekeeper, 6 Antigua streetBURWELL Lazarus, importer and dealer in fancygoods, Bazaar, 14 Cathcart street. House, 18 do.BUTT Diederick, sugar boiler, Ingleston roadBUTTERLY Nicholas, farrier, 30 Sugarhouse laneBY RN Mrs, 34 Dalrymple streetCAB BEL George, mariner, 30 Inverkip streetCADENHEAD Mrs Margaret,spirit dealer, 45 Dalrymplestreet.House do.CAIN Charles, labourer, 4 Smith's laneCAIRD & Co., engineers, iron shipbuilders and founders,8 Arthur street and 14 Main street, CartsdykeCaird Colin S. <strong>of</strong> DuncanWeir

DIRECTORY. 27CALDWELL John, mason, 12 John streetCaldwell Samuel, carter, 34 Charles streetCaldwell William, carter, 7 East Shaw streetCaldwell Mrs William, 3 Ann streetCALEDONIAN Railway Co.'s <strong>of</strong>fice, 25 Cathcart st.CALLANDER Alexander, smith, Highlanders' AcademyCallander Thomas & Co,, ship chandlers, tin smiths,and compass makers, 11 West breastCallander Thomas, <strong>of</strong> Thomas Callander & Go. House,11 Forsyth streetCALLAWAY Henry, assistant paymaster, H.M. shipAthole, Naval rendezvous, 5 West breastCALL1GAN Michael, broker, 4 VennelCAMERON Alexander, letter carrier, P. 0.Cameron Alexander, mason, 4 Sir Michael streetCameron Alexander, boat builder, 1 Carnock streetCameron Alexander, sawyer, 2 Market streetCameron Allan, wood merchant, G St Andrew's street.House, 11 Antigua street.Cameron Allan, mariner, 7 Broad closeCameron Angus, labourer, OvertonCameron Angus, smith, 53 Main street, CartsdykeCameron Archibald, spirit dealer and cabinetmaker, 6East Shaw street. House, 4 Bearhope streetCameron Archibald, sailmaker, 1 Kilblain streetCameron Archibald, carter, 4 Watt streetCameron Charles, cabinetmaker, 42 Inverkip streetCameron Daniel, mariner, 67 VennelCameron Donald, sawyer, 3 Manse laneCameron Donald, carpenter, 69 VennelCameron Donald, joiner, M'Kelvie's land, DuncanstreetCameron Donald, innkeeper, Gardeners' Arms, 10 Marketstreet, and 5 Manse laneCameron Donald, sexton, 40 Inverkip streetCameron Dugald, mate, Lyle's land. Back walksCameron Duncan, late policeman, 36 Crawfurd street,.Cameron Duncan, boatbuilder, 4 East Blackhall stree .House, 3 St Andrew's streetCameron Duncan, porter, 35 Roxburgh streetCameron, Henry, moulder, 32 Dalrymple street

128 DIRECTORY.Cameron Hugh, policeman, 71 VennelCameron Hugh, porter, 37 Crawfurd streetCameron Hugh, feuar, Mount PleasantCameron Hugh, pilot, 50 Shaw streetCameron John, gardener, Chapelton, KingstonCameron John, night watchman, 24 Inverkip streetCameron John, labourer, 5 West Quay laneCameron John, boatman, 18 Crawfurd streetCameron John, auctioneer and valuator, 10, 12, and 14Cross-shore street. House, 15 do.Cameron Kenneth, grocer, 7 Dalrymple street. House,7 William streetCameron Murdoch, carpenter, 2 John streetCameron Peter, gardener, 29 Charles streetCameron Patrick, feuar, 6 Trafalgar streetCameron Robert, policeman, 5 Cowgate streetCameron William, labourer, 3 Smith's laneCameron William, cotton spinner, BroomhillCameron William, <strong>of</strong> Bonnar & Cameron. House, 1Antigua streetCameron Flora, huckster, 46 VennelCameron Mrs, dressmaker, 30 Sugarhouse laneCameron Mrs, 15 Crawfurd streetCameron Mrs Hugh, 5 Ardgowan street, westCAMPBELL Alexander, sanitary inspector to ParochialBoard, M'Kelvie's land, Duncan streetCampbell Alexander, carpenter, 8 Cathcart streetCampbell, Anderson & Co., merchants and shipowners,2 Shaw streetCampbell Angus, engineer, 27 Charles streetCampbell Alex., carpenter, 11 Main street, CartsdykeCampbell Alex., smith, 33 Regent streetCampbell Alex., stationer and bookbinder, 9 HamiltonstreetCampbell Archd., cotton spinner, Drumfrochar roadCampbell Archd., carpenter, 1 Regent streetCampbell Archd., huckster, 8 Sir Michael streetCampbell Archd., watchman, 30 Sugarhouse laneCampbell Archd., boot and shoemaker, 47 Main street,CartsdykeCampbell Colin, collector <strong>of</strong> inland revenue, Customhouse.House, 48 Brougham street

DIRECTORY. 29Campbell & Gillespie, messengers at arms, 3 Bank st.Campbell Daniel, joiner, 56 Roxburgh streetCampbell David, police <strong>of</strong>ficer, 13 VennelCampbell Daniel, mariner, 28 Cathcart streetCampbell Daniel, smith, 7 Arthur streetCampbell Donald, spirit dealer, 48 Shaw streetCampbell Donald, joiner,13 John streetCampbell Dugald, pilot, 1 Ardgowan street, GlebeCampbell Duncan A., <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> Distillery Go. Ho.17 Ardgowan squareCampbell Duncan, gabbartman, 12 Ropework streetCampbell Duncan, coppersmith, 49 Roxburgh streetCampbell Duncan, joiner, 6 Ann streetCampbell Duncan, policeman, 69 VennelCampbell Duncan, grocer, 37 Hamilton street. Ho.,Boyd placeCampbell, Duncan, shipmaster, 12 Watt streetCampbell Duncan, hosiery and remnant warehouse, 13Tobago streetCampbell Duncan, carpenter, 13 East Quay laneCampbell Edward, currier, 21 Ann streetCampbell Hugh, pattern maker, 16 Antigua streetCampbell James, builder, 30 Crawfurd street. House,6 Watt streetCampbell James, moulder, 27 Charles streetCampbell James, shipmaster, 13 Hope place, AntiguastreetCampbell James, shipmaster, 24 Ann streetCampbell James, tidewaiter, Lyle's land, Back walksCampbell James, joiner, 7 West Stewart streetCampbell James, tailor, 25 VennelCampbell James, gardener, Newark streetCampbell John, clothier and outfitter, 14 Hamilton st.House, 44 Ann streetCampbell John, mariner, 15 Crawfurd streetCampbell John, labourer, 11 Duncan streetCampbell John, baker, 3 Manse laneCampbell John, boilermaker, 11 Cowgate streetCampbell John, currier, 9 West breast. House, 39Ann streetCampbell Jchn, <strong>of</strong> Honeyman & Campbell. House, 21Sir Michael streete2

30 DIRECTORY.Campbell, John, Capt,, 27 Roxburgh streetCampbell John, steamboatman, 10 Shaw streetCampbell John, carpenter, 10 Shaw streetCampbell John, law clerk, 9 Captain streetCampbell John, mariner, 6 Nelson street, GlebeCampbell John, policeman, BrachelstonCampbell John, currier, 39 Ann streetCampbell John, sailmaker, 28 Ann streetCampbell John, carter, 11 Main street, CartsdykeCampbell John, blacksmith, 43 Cathcart streetCampbell John, carpenter and feuar, 17 Brougham st.Campbell John, shipmaster, 21 Sir Michael streetCampbell John, broker, 5 Taylor's closeCampbell John, coal merchant, Arthur street. Ho.,6 Stanners streetCampbell John, boilermaker, 57 Main st., CartsdykeCampbell John, carpenter, 2 East Blackhall streetCampbell John, jr., & Co., ship smiths, 9 West breastCampbell John, <strong>of</strong> John Campbell, jr. & Go. House,2 Crawfurd streetCampbell John, carpenter, 19 Sir Michael streetCampbell John, gardener, 43 Crawfurd streetCampbell Neil, merchant, Greenbank mills. House,20 Margaret streetCampbell Neil, shoemaker, 11 St Andrew's streetCampbell Neil, shoemaker, 5 Market streetCampbell Norman, coal merchant, Harvie laneCampbell Matthew, engineer, 21 Bearhope streetCampbell Peter, grocer, 12 Dalrymple street. House,22 Bank streetCampbell Peter, boot and shoemaker, 5Q VennelCampbell Robert N., hardware and general house furnishingmerchant, 7 Cathcart street. House, 30East Regent streetCampbell Robert, policeman and bellringer, 56 VennelCampbell Robert, flesher, 36 VennelCampbell Robert, teacher, session clerk and registrar<strong>of</strong> births, deaths and marriages, Middle parish, 9Ann street. House, 1 1 Bank streetCampbell Ronald, catechist, 4 Nelson street, GlebeCampbell Thomas, <strong>of</strong> Campbell & Gillespie. <strong>Office</strong>, 4Moss street, Paisley. House, 2 Caledonia st., do.

DIRECTORY. 31Campbell Thomas, stevedore, 20 Cathcart streetCampbell Thomas, spirit dealer, 13 VennelCampbell Walter, feuar, 2 West Burn streetCampbell William, printer, 49 Cathcart street, and 1Bank street. House, 13 Mearns streetCampbell William, shipmaster, 4 Salmon streetCampbell William, cutler and gun and fishing rod maker,32 Cathcart street. House, 29 do.Campbell William, feuar, 28 East Shaw streetCampbell William, joiner, 14 East Shaw streetCampbell William, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksCampbell Miss Elizabeth, 1 Stanners streetCampbell, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 9 Cowgate st.Campbell Miss Margaret, feuar, 33 Hamilton streetCampbell Miss M., tobacconist, 16 Hamilton streetCampbell Miss, 9 Captain streetCampbell Miss, 12 St Lawrence streetCampbell Mrs Alexander, steamboat tavern, 2^EastbreastCampbell Mrs Catherine, lodgings, 10 Cartsburn streetCampbell Mrs Duncan, 1 Harvie lane, DalrymplestreetCampbell Mrs Duncan, feuar, 7 Duncan streetCampbell Mrs D., feuar, Mount parkCampbell Mrs John, 15 Crawfurd streetCampbell Mrs John, 8 Dalrymple streetCampbell Mrs John, carter, 14 St Andrew streetCampbell Mrs John, lodgings, 2 L Arthur streetCampbell Mrs John, 14 Princes streetCampbell Mrs John, grocer, 45 Main street, CartsdykeCampbell Mrs John, grocer, 27 Market streetCampbell Mrs, basket warehouse, 20 Charles streetCampbell Mrs, 3 Cowgate streetCampbell Mrs, 10 Charles streetCampbell Mrs, 49 Inverkip streetCampbell Mrs, 5 West Quay laneCampbell Mrs Margaret, grocer, 3 Manse laneCampbell Mrs Neil, Mount place, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetCampbell Mrs William, lodgings, 7 Tobago streetCANNING George,engineer, 8 Manse laneCANNON Michael, carter, 62 VennelCARCHKIE James, provision dealer, 40 Shaw street

32 DIRECTORY,CARBERY Charles, tailor and clothier, 14 Williamstreet. House 7 do.CARD ALLS James, cotton spinner, Drumfrochar roadCARLIN William, rafter 5 Shannon's closeCARMALT Mrs, 14 Kelly streetCARMICHAEL Andrew, merchant, <strong>of</strong> JohnHaddow& Co. House, Banktop.Carmichael Archibald, spirit dealer, 8 Manse laneCarmichael Charles, shoemaker, 5 West Quay laneCarmichael Daniel, carpenter, 29 Charles streetCarmichael Donald, grocer, 4 Kilblain streetCarmichael Dugald, smith, Lyle's land, Back walksCarmichael Dugald, labourer. 27 Lynedoch streetCarmichael James, <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> Brewery Co. House,1 1 Ardgowan squareCarmichael Hector, labourer, 7 Under crescentCarmichael John H., merchant. House, BanktopCarmichael John, shipmaster, 13 Mearns streetCarmichael John, shoemaker, 13 Cartsburn streetCarmichael John, riveter, 19 Shaw streetCarmichael Malcolm, carpenter, 1 VennelCarmichael Malcolm, feuar, Upper crescentCarmichael Joseph, labourer, 17 Arthur streetCarmichael Michael, spirit dealer, 35 Dalrymple streetCarmichael Peter, smith, 1 Manse laneCarmichael William, engine-fitter, 3 Bruce streetCarmichael & Young, coopers, Arthur streetCarmichael Mrs, 19 Arthur streetCarmichael Miss, Banktop, Regent streetCartsdykeCarmichael Mrs, lodgings, 49 Main street,Carmichael Mrs, eating-house, 7 Buccleuch streetCARREY James, labourer, 4 Stanners streetCARRICK Miss, furnishing shop, 38 Hamilton streetCarrick Mrs, lodgings, 2 Rue-end streetCARRIGAN Edward C, labourer, 33 Hamilton streetCARREN John, coal merchant, Smith's laneCARROL Henry, labourer, 9 Under crescentCarrol William, coal merchant, 10 Longwell closeCARR William, potter, Ladyburn, Port-Glasgow roadCARRON Mrs John, lodgings, 15 Hamilton streetCARS ELL Mrs, teacher, 6 Trafalgar streetCARSTAIRS Grace, huckster, 4 Springkell street

DIRECTORY. 33CARSILL Mrs Robert, lodgings, Lyle's land, BackwalksCARSON Henry, ropemaker, 28 Crawfurd streetCarson Mrs, cook, 21 Crawfurd streetCARSWELL Edward, dealer, 39 Dalrymple s treetCarswell John, measurer, 22 Mearns streetCarswell James, skipper, 19 Bearhope streetCarswell Mrs, lodgings, 12 Inverkip streetCARTS DYKE Catholic Chapel, 1 Rue-end streetCartsdyke Mechanics' <strong>Library</strong>, 5 East Blackhall streetCARRUTH John, cartwright, Lyle's land, Back walksCARRUTHERS William, carpenter, Lyle's land,Back walksCARTY Mrs, spirit dealer, 24 Dalrymple streetCASSELS L. S., tea dealer and grocer, 19 HamiltonstreetCassels Robert, India and China tea warehouse, 26Hamilton street. House do.Cassels Mrs, lodgings, 10 East Blackhall streetCASSIDY Mrs William, huckster, 64 VennelC ATHAR John, broker, 9 Dalrymple street.Ho., do.CHALMERS Alexander, wholesale and retail grocer,grain dealer, &c, 67 Rue-end street. House, 76Regent streetChalmers Alexander, tide waiter, Lyle's land, BackwalksChalmers Archibald, feuar, Flower bank, Eldon streetChalmers Archibald, blockmaker, 44 Inverkip streetChalmers Hugh M., joiner and glazier, 14 Ann street.House, 21 Bearhope streetChalmers James, cabinetmaker, 38 West Burn streetChalmers John, clerk, 8 Watt streetChalmers John, yan driver, 5 Mearns streetChalmers John, pensioner, 4 Inverkip streetChalmers Robert, late bank porter, 4 Mansion-houselaneChalmers William, shipmaster, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetChalmers Miss, lodgings, 29 Regent streetChalmers Miss, dressmaker, 8 Watt streetChalmers Mrs Alexander, feuar, Port- Glasgow roadCHAMBERS Robert, ship master, 16 Antigua streetChambers Mrs, Port- Glasgow road

34 DIRECTORY.Chambers Mrs William, 30 Market streetCHALMERS Mrs R., 8 Buccleuch streetCHARLES & Co., underclothing establishment, 8 W.Blackhall streetCHARTERS James, moulder, 8 St. Lawrence streetCHERRY Richard, boilermaker, 22 John streetCHISHOLM & Co,, coopers & fish curers, 12 CharlesstreetChisholm Archd., <strong>of</strong> Chisholm & Co. Ho., 21 NicholsonstreetChisholm William, carpenter, 18 William streetChisholm Miss, 21 Nicholson streetCHORLEY Robert S., anchor smith, 52 Dalrymple st.CHRISTIAN Daniel, smith, Ingleston roadChristian John, foreman smith, 30 Regent streetCHRISTIE D. G„ painter, Lyle's land, Back walksChristie Peter & Co., carvers, Shaw placeChristie Peter, <strong>of</strong> P. Christie

VDIRECTORY. 35Clark John, joiner, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetClark John, coal merchant, 38 Inverkip streetClark John, umbrella maker, 30 Sugarhouse laneClark John, joiner, 35 Cathcart streetClark Lachlan, boatbuilder, Clyde street. House, 54West Blackhall streetClark Neil, watchman, Lambs' cottages, KingstonClark Patrick S. painter, Id Main street, CartsdjkeClark Peter, cooper, 28 Nicholson streetClark Peter, labourer, 10 Baker streetClark Peter, grocer, Drumfrochar road. House, 43Ann streetClark Samuel, cooper, Drumfrochar roadClark Swain, blacksmith, 3 VennelClark Thomas, boilermaker, 19 Shaw streetClark William, marine painter, 2 Cross-shore streetClark William, smith, 7 Bruce streetClark William, engineer, 21 Ann streetClark Mrs, grocer, 9 Kilblain streetClark Mrs Andrew, Mount parkClark Mrs George, lodgings, 25 West Burn streetClark Mrs James, lodgings, 9 Laird streetClark Mrs, patent mangle keeper, 9 Sir Michael streetClark Mrs, 13 Ropework streetClark Mrs Janet, spirit dealer, 49 Dalrymple streetClark Miss, dressmaker, 32 Regent streetClark Miss, dressmaker, 29 Brougham streetClark Miss Catherine, 26 Sir Michael streetCLE LAND John, searcher,landing and coast waiter,Customhouse. House, 9 Laird streetCLINK William, deep sea pilot, 10 East Blackhall st.Clink J. D., shipmaster, 7 Brisbane streetClink Miss, embroiderer, 10 East Blackhall streetCLUBB George, locker, 23 Clarence street, GlebeCLYDE Shipping Co. <strong>Office</strong>, Excise buildingsClyde Towing Co., New, 10 West breastClyde Pottery, Port- Glasgow roadCLYDESDALE Banking Co. <strong>Office</strong>, 7 HamiltonstreetCOATS Archibald, tailor, 15 Inverkip streetCoats Dugald, huckster, 33 Main street, CartsdykeCoats John, spirit dealer, 18 Sir Michael street

36 DIRECTORY.Coats Mrs, lodgings, 35 West Blackhall streetCOCH Andrew, moulder, 6 West Stewart streetCOCHRANE Andrew, hair-dresser, 27 SugarhouselaneCochrane John, shipmaster, 5 East Blackhall streetCochrane Robert, labourer, 22 East Shaw streetCochrane Thomas, spirit dealer, 31 Market streetCochrane Mrs Robert, 11 Dalrymple streetCochrane Mrs, 27 Sugarhouse laneCochrane Mrs, spirit dealer, 11 Dalrymple street.House, 1 Watson's laneCOFFEE Room (Exchange), 27 Cathcart streetC<strong>of</strong>fee Room (<strong>Greenock</strong>), 2 Cathcart squareCOLE George Augustus, British wine agent, 4 Boglestreet. House, Ardgowan squareCole John, timekeeper, 6 Nelson street, GlebeCole Rev. Charles, incumbent <strong>of</strong> St John's Episcopalchurch. House, Ardgowan squareCole Peter, carpenter, 46 Main street, CartsdykeCOLLIE John, printer 89 Regent streetCOLLINS James, tailor, 33 Hamilton streetCollins Charles, mariner, 19 Hamilton streetCollins David M., 41 Hamilton streetCollins James, printer, LadyburnCollins Peter, huckster, 38 VennelCollins William, CowdenknowesCOLLIN vSON John, engineer, 25 Lynedoch streetCOLQUHOUN & Ainslie, smiths, Melville court, 31Hamilton streetColquhoun Dugald, sexton, 1 Nicholson streetColquhoun John, clerk, 28 Crawfurd streetColquhoun John, carpenter, 1 Cowgate streetCOLSTON Mrs, 49 Roxburgh streetCOMRIE William, tidewaiter, 32 Hamilton streetCONGREGATIONAL Chapel, George squareCONNACHER Peter, inland revenue clerk, 16 RoxburghstreetCONNAL Andrew, engineer, 2 John streetConnal Ebenezer & Co., merchants and commissionagents, 2 Shannon's closeConnal E., <strong>of</strong> E. Connal & Co.House, 50 Eldon streetCONNALY'S Mrs, lodgings, 2 Highland close

DIRECTORY.SJOONNELL Alexander, carpenter, 3 Cowgate streetConnell Alexander, sawyer, 40 Inverkip streetConnell Alexander, labourer, 13 Inverkip streetConnell Alexander, clerk, 13 Hope place, Antigua streetConnell Archibald, carpenter, 57 Shaw streetConnell John, carpenter, 22 John streetConnell Richard, boilermaker, 63 Main st.,CartsdykeConnell Richard, boilermaker, 20 Ann streetCONNELLY John, 6 Watson's laneCONWAY Francis, painter, 4 Bruce streetConway Matthew, painter, 16 Sir Michael streetConway Mrs, 37 West Blackhall streetCONNOR Phillip, smith, East Shaw streetCOOK Duncan & Archibald, smiths and chainmakers,4 Charles street. House, 4 Laird streetCook Duncan, rigger, 6 Crawfurd streetCooke James E., station clerk, railway <strong>of</strong>fice. House,4 Antigua streetCook Robert, broker, 29 Market streetCook William, boilermaker, 10 Shannon's closeCook Mrs, spirit dealer, 10 East India breastCook M., 2 William streetCook Mrs, boarding house keeper, 8 East Quay laneCOOPER Archd. engineer, 57 Main st., CartsdykeCooper James, joiner, 4 Salmon streetCooper Robert, rivetter, M'Kelvie's land, Duncan st.Cooper Thomas, shipmaster, 7 Kelly streetCooper Thomas, smith, 55 Shaw streetCOPELAND John, shoemaker, 7 Cartsburn streetCopeland John, millwright, 27 Roxburgh streetCORBETT John, boilermaker, 3 John streetCorbett Matthew, tailor, 28 West Burn streetCORE Adam, millwright, 7 John streetCORNWALL Mrs, lodgings, 15 Kelly streetCOTTER Mrs, matron, Infirmary, Inverkip streetCOUGAN Patrick, labourer, 15 East Quay laneCOUPER Andrew, customhouse boatman, 20 TobagostreetCouper James, cooper, 28 Crawfurd streetCouper Margaret, grocer, 5 Main street, CartsdykeCOUSINS Thomas, smith, Lyle's land, Back walksCOVERDALE Norris, 5 Shaw street

38 DIRECTORY.COWAN" & Dick, coopers and provision merchants, \Bogle streetCowan Archibald, <strong>of</strong> Cowan & Dick. Ho , 5 Lyle st.Cowan Daniel, provision merchant, 43 Hamilton* streetHouse, 11 Kelly streetCowan & Lawrie, drapers, 4 Hamilton street and 1(Cathcart squareCowan Robert, <strong>of</strong> Cowan & Laurie, Ho., 64 Union stCowan Miss Christian, 9 East Shaw streetCowan Mrs A., lodgings, 3 West Stewart streetCowan Mrs Gilbert, 13 West Stewart streetCowan Mrs John, mangier, 13 Sir Michael streetCOYLE Edward, slater, 7 Cowgate streetCoyle James, baker, 22 Cathcart street. Ho., 21 do.Coyle John, tinsmith and gasfitter, 2 and 14 Willianstreet. House, FordCoyle John, provision merchant, 21 Cathcart st. HodittoCoyle Mary, washer, 8 Manse laneCRABB William B,, mason, 30 Ann streetCRAIG George, hatter, 40 Cathcart streetCraig John, labourer, 63 Main street, CartsdykeCraig Robert, baker, 27 Roxburgh streetCraig Robert, labourer, 28 Charles streetCraig Samuel, smith, 15 Arthur streetCraig Thomas, coal merchant, 8 Hamilton street. Ho.,Hope place, Antigua streetCraig William, tide surveyor. House, 5 Mearns st.Craig Mrs Walter, grocer, 43 Inverkip street Ho., do.CRAIGIE George, shipmaster, 8 Chapel streetCRAM & Taylor, builders, 60 Roxburgh streetCram Peter, builder, <strong>of</strong> Cram & Taylor, 60 RoxburghstreetCRAMB William, joiner,18 Duncan streetCRANE James, tanner, 12 John streetCrane James, mariner, 6 Nelson street, GlebeCrane William, engineer, Ingleston roadCRANSTON Thomas, teacher <strong>of</strong> navigation and nauticalastronomy, 65 Rue-end street. House, do.CRAWFORD Alexander, cooper, 55 Shaw streetCrawford ;Alex., <strong>of</strong> Allison & Crawford. House, 3Kelly street

DIRECTORY. 39Crawford Alexander, spirit dealer, 60 Dalrymple st.Crawford Andrew, joiner, blockmaker and house-factor,22 West Burn street. House, 44 Inverkip streetCrawford Bryce, carpenter, 4 John streetCrawford Conrod, coppersmith, 28 Tobago streetCrawford Daniel, clerk, 3 Kelly streetCrawford David, writer, Mansion-house. House, ForsythstreetCrawford David Rose, writer, Mansion-house. House,Forsyth streetCrawford & Fulton, joiners and glaziers, 16 Bogle st.Crawford Henry, labourer, 15 Inverkip streetCrawford James, contractor, 8 Virginia street. Ho.,13 Lynedoch streetCrawford James, carter, InglestonCrawford John, woodmeasurer, Lambs' cottages, KingstonCrawford John, carpenter, 52 Dalrymple streetCrawford John, watchman, 2 Dellingburn streetCrawford John, carter, 14 St Andrew's streetCrawford John, mariner, 4 Ann streetCrawford John, tailor and clothier, 35 Cathcart street.House, 23 Lynedoch streetCrawford John M., North British Daily Mail, Glasgow.House, 14 Cathcart streetCrawford John, sawyer, 42 Inverkip streetCrawford M. & Son, clothiers and outfitters, 30 Cathcartstreet. House, 5 Lyle streetCrawford Teter, carpenter, 3 Under crescentCrawford Robert, labourer, Upper InglestonCrawford Kobert, spirit and cattle dealer, WhiteHorse Inn, 6 Market streetCrawford William, shipowner, Q6 Union streetCrawford William, carter, 8 St Lawrence streetCrawford William, carter, 7 Under crescentCrawford William, grocer, 1 6 West Blackball street.House, 9 Brougham streetCrawford Miss, cowfeeder, Gipsy laneCrawford Miss, Mansion-houseCrawford Mrs, feuar, 53 Inverkip streetCrawford Mrs, 13 Inverkip streetCrawford Mrs A., spirit dealer, 3 West breast

40 DIRECTORY.Crawford Mrs Daniel, 28 Cartsburn streetCrawford Mrs John, lodgings, 1 Regent streetCrawford Mrs, mangle keeper, 21 Tobago streetCrawford Mrs, mangle keeper, 2 Delliagburn streetCrawford Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, 23 Main street,CartsdykeCRIGHTON Archibald, lathsplitter, 35 West Burnstreet. House, 6 Kilblain streetCrighton Henrj, baker, 5 Bruce streetCRONE Matthew, engineer, 7 West breastCROOK Robert, pilot, 1 Ardgowan streetCROOKSHANKS James, sheriff <strong>of</strong>ficer, 3 Bank st.House, 32 Charles streetCrookshanks John, carpenter, 9 Under crescentCrookshanks Joseph, coach proprietor, 41 West Blackhallstreet.House, 32 Charles streetCROMBIE Daniel, plasterer, 58 VermelCROSS Henry, painter, 6 Trafalgar streetCROW Mrs, grocer, 31 Charles streetCROWN William, carter, 22 Shaw streetCRUDEN Alexander, tailor, 2 Tobago streetCRUTHERS William, broker, 30 Dalrymple streetCULL Robert, mariner, 25 VennelCULLEN Mrs, 30 West Blackhall streetCUM MING David, carpenter, 20 West Blackhall st.Gumming John, joiner, 5 Rue-end streetGumming John B., surveyor, for Lloyd's registry <strong>of</strong>shipping, 2 West quay, House, 22 Margaret st.Gumming Thomas, gardener, 42 Crawfurd streetCumming Mrs, huckster, 4 Manse laneCUNNINGHAM David, book agent, 30 Sir MichaelstreetCunningham Isaac, joiner, 7 Sugarhouse laneCunningham John & Co., merchants and shipowners,16 William streetCunningham John, <strong>of</strong> John Cunningham & Co. House,SeafieldCunningham John, mason, 53 Roxburgh streetCunningham John, carpenter, 23 Arthur streetCunningham Robert, upholsterer, cabinetmaker andpaper hanger, 16 West Blackhall street. House,12 Watt street

DIRECTORY. 41Cunningham Peter, accountant, Clydesdale bank. Ho.7 Hamilton streetCunningham William, labourer, 6 Roslin streetCunningham Miss, 21 Sir Michael streetCunningham Miss, 18 Kelly streetCunningham Mrs, 38 West Burn streetCunningham Mrs, washer and dresser, 28 Charles st.Cunningham Mrs W T m., lodgings, 7 Lynedoch streetCunningham Mrs Charles, 18 Patrick streetCURRAN Edward, labourer, 29 VennelCurran Mrs, lodgings, 15 Hamilton streetCURRIE Alexander, sugar refiner, 10 Union streetCurrie Alexander, clerk, 22 Mearns streetCurrie David, crane master, East India breast. House,46 Main street, CartsdykeCurrie David, painter, 4 Smith's laneCurrie David, storekeeper, Caledonian railway stores,10 Bruce streetCurrie Gavan, cowfeeder, Mount pleasantCurrie Hugh, labourer, 16 Inverkip streetCurrie James, carpenter, 5 Market streetCurrie James, baker, 27 Market street. House, do.Currie John, joiner, 28 Sir Michael streetCurrie Malcolm, labourer, 10 Shannon's closeCurrie Neil, ropespinner, 7 Market streetCurrie Peter, foreman smith, Lyle's land, Back walksCurrie William, butler, 19 Brougham streetCurrie Miss, lodgings, 12 West Blackhall streetCurrie Mrs John, wine and spirit dealer, 30 WestBurn streetCurrie Mrs Matthew, provision dealer, 35 Cathcart st.Currie Mrs, coal yard, 30 East Shaw streetCurrie Mrs Peter, lodgings, 1 Open shoreCurrie Mrs 4 Nicholson streetCurrie Mrs 3 Manse lane.Currie Mrs, 6 Shaw streetCurrie Mrs D., eating house, 16 Shaw streetCurrie Mrs D., cook, 67 VennelCurrie Mrs, 13 Ropework streetCurrie Mrs, huckster, 53 Roxburgh streetCURTIS William, <strong>of</strong> Thome & Curtis. House, Greenbank.f2

42 DIRECTORY.CUSTOMHOUSE, Customhouse buildings, SteamboatquayCUTHBERT Alexander, carpenter, 10 Bogle streetCuthbert Robert, merchant and shipowner, I Wattplace. House, 13 Eldon streetCuthbert William, carpenter, 19 John streetCUTHBERTSON D.& T.. confectioners. 44 Hamiltonstreet. House. 6 Nelson street, GlebeCuthbertson James, boilermaker, 9 Broad closeCuthbertson W. C., joiner, 14 St Andrew's street.House, 27 Ljnedoch streetDAIR William, engineer, 1DCarnock streetDALGLE1SH George, merchant, 10 Trinidad place,Eldon streetDalgleish James, porter, 6 Buccleuch streetDALE Mathew, brassmoulder, Hyde Park Cottage,St Lawrence streetDALZIEL John, mariner, Lyle's land, Back walksDALLAS James, store-keeper, 16 Antigua streetDallas Matthew, cooper, 15 Bearhope streetDallas R., joiner. 39 Hamilton street. House. 36 SirMichael streetDARROCH Alexander, labourer, 40 Main street,CartsdykeDarroch Archibald, vintner and carpenter, 48 DalrymplestreetDarroch Dugald, cabinetmaker, 6 Boyd streetDarroch Donald, labourer, 9 East Shaw streetDarroch Duncan, boilermaker, 27 Roxburgh streetDarroch John, coal merchant, 44 Dalrymple streetDarroch Malcolm, steamboat harbour master, 6 CrossshorestreetDarroch Neil, cooper, 9 East Shaw streetDarroch Mrs Daniel, lodgings, 24 John streetDarroch Mrs, 9 Bruce streetDarroch Mrs James, feuar, 49 Shaw streetDarroch Mrs, sick nurse and lodgings, Lyle's land,Back walksDASKIN & Co., gasfitters, 27 Hamilton street, House,4 Nicholson street

DIRECTORY. 43DAVEY William Cumming, Lloyd's surveyor, 2 Westquay. House, 7 Brisbane streetDAVIDSON Andrew, gardener, 3 Rue-end streetDavidson Archibald, <strong>of</strong> Brownlie, Buchanan & Go.House, Mount parkDavidson David, grocer, 19 Sir Michael streetDavidson David, engine keeper, Caledonian saw mills,Port- Glasgow roadDavidson James, joiner, 44 Inverkip streetDavidson Gilbert, slater, 10 East Shaw streetDavidson James, carpenter, 1 Under crescentDavidson John, slater, 1 Regent streetDavidson John, carpenter, 16 Stanners streetDavidson John, steward, 1.2 Bogle streetDavidson Peter, sawyer, Caledonian mills, KingstonDavidson Robert, tailor and clothier, 14 Hamilton stDavidson Thomas, slater, 1 Regent streetDavidson Thomas, huckster, 53 Main street, CartsdykeDavidson William J., foreman painter, 49 Roxburgh stDavidson William, M.D., Dhufield, Gourock roadDavidson Annabella, boot binder, 25 Charles streetDavidson Mrs William, tea dealer and general grocer,5 Hamilton street. House, 89 Regent streetDAVIE George, baker, 23 Dalrymple street, and 11Hamilton streetDavie James, labourer, 4 Sir Michael streetDavie James, mariner, 63 Main street, CartsdykeDavie John, labourer, 33 Roxburgh streetDavie Robert, captain, Clyde Vale, Port- Glasgow roadDavie Mrs Thomas, remnant warehouse, 27 HamiltonstreetDAVIE S Arthur, Albion tavern, 4 William streetDavies David, rigger, 7 Bearhope streetDavies James, tailor, 26 East Siiaw streetDavies Thomas, ship master, 1 Carnock streetDAVIS William, engineer, 7 Under crescentDAW Alexander, deep sea pilot, 1 Lyle streetDAWSON George, slater, 23 Sir Michael streetDawson James, sugar boiler, 41 Nicholson streetDawson Jonathan, 6 Chapel streetDawson John, carpenter, 30 Nicholson streetDawson John, steamboat agent. Ho., 17 Lynedoch st

44 DIRECTORY.DEALY John, labourer, 7 Smith's laneDEANS Mrs Robert, lodgings, 32 Cathcart streetDEER Park Mills Co., grain merchants and millers,Deer park mills, 7 Baker streetDEMPSTER George, shipmaster, 5 Kelly streetDempster Duncan F., sugar refiner, Dellingburn street.House, Mount parkDempster Hugh, writer, 20 Cathcart street, House,Waterloo cottage, Mearns streetDempster James, architect, 4 Mansion-house lane. Ho.4 Antigua streetDempster William, joiner, Ingleston roadDENHAM William, smith, 5 Lynedoch streetDENHOLM James, shipmaster, 9 Captain streetDenholm Mrs James, 54 West Blackhall streetDENNISTON Archibald, writer, <strong>of</strong> Denniston andM'Donald, 49 Cathcart street.Ho., Willow park,Forsyth streetDenniston & M'Donald, writers, 49 Cathcart streetDenniston John, gutta percha boot and shoemaker, 13Charles streetDenniston Mrs John, lodgings, 65 Rue-end streetDenniston Mrs John, 12 Bogle streetDENNY John, grocer, 35 Main street, CartsdykeDenny Miss, dressmaker, 33 East Regent streetDEVINE Charles, shoemaker, 38 VennelDevine James, shoemaker, 5 Dalrymple streetDevine John, green grocer, 7 Sir Michael streetDevine John, labourer, Union court, Dalrymple streetDevine William, spirit dealer, 29 Dalrymple streetDEVLIN Francis, cabinetmaker, 21 Ann streetDevlin James, labourer, 4 Smith's laneDevlin John, mariner, 27 Nicholson streetDEWAR Duncan, huckster, 13 Market streetDewar James, tin and basket shop, 26 VennelDIAMOND, Andrew, boilermaker, LadyburnDICK Andrew, boilermaker, 51 Main st., CartsdykeDick Andrew, joiner, 9 Bearhope streetDick Boyd, joiner, 9 Bearhope streetDick David, slater, 33 Nicholson streetDick George, cooper, 22 East Shaw streetDick Hector, mason, Highlanders' academy, Roxburghstreet

DIRECTORY. 45Dick James, platelayer, 47 Ann streetDick John, flesher, 18 VennelDick John labourer, 69 VennelDick Peter, steamboat master, 5 Dellingburn streetDick William, <strong>of</strong> Cowan & Dick. Ho., 62 RoxburghstreetDick Mrs John, feuar, 24 Hamilton streetDick Mrs, Lyie's land, Back walksDICKIE Adam, joiner, 26 Dalrymple streetDickie Alexander, carpenter, 5 Springkell streetDICKSON Benjamin, goods superintendent Caledonianrailway. House, 7 Lyle streetDickson David, sugarboiler, 58 West Blackball streetDickson Geo., smith, Armadale buildings, Back walksDickson James, smith, 6 Carnock streetDickson James, letter carrier, <strong>Post</strong>-<strong>of</strong>fice, House, 28West Blackball streetDickson John, sugarbaker, 3 Bearhope streetDickson Miss, 21 Nicholson streetDILKS Thos. T., Wesleyan minister, Mount PleasantDILLON Patrick, shoemaker, 27 VennelDillon Peter, bookseller, 32 Hamilton streetDIMOND Charles, flesher, 15 VennelDIXON Henry, joiner, 15 John streetDOCHERTY Daniel, flesher, 47 Shaw streetDocherty Edward, lumper, 12 VennelDocherty Hugh, lumper, 7 Broad closeDocherty James, egg dealer, store, 9 Highland closeDocherty John, cowfeeder, 36 Inverkip streetDocherty M. & N., egg merchants, 4 Sir Michael st.Docherty Thomas, rafter, 7 Shaw streetDODD M. A., tide waiter, 9 Bearhope streetDODDS William, storekeeper, 21 John streetDodds William, carpenter, 13 West Stewart streetDodds, William, carpenter, 20 West Blackhall streetDOIG Alexander, hairdresser, 11 East breastDoig William, boilermaker, 6 John streetDON James, porter, badge 16. House, 16 East QuaylaneDONAGHY Charles, gardener, 8 Sir Michael streetDONALD John, tobacconist, 10 Hamilton street. Ho.,19 Brougham street

46 DIRECTORY-Donald Miss, FinnartDonald Mrs John, feuar, 19 Brougham streetDonald Mrs John, biscuit baker, 6 Stanners streetDonald Mrs William, innkeeper, Capielow, Port-GlasgowroadDONALDSON, Mrs, grocer, 18 Mearns streetDONNELLY Charles 0., smith, 32 Sugarhouse laneDonnelly John, labourer, 67 VennelDonnelly Peter, tailor and clothier, 12 Hamilton street.House, 26 do.Donnelly T. H., M.D., 27 Nicholson streetDOOLY Michael, dealer, BrachelstonDOUGALL Neil, teacher <strong>of</strong> music, 6 Manse laneDougall Mrs, milliner and dressmaker, 45 Hamilton st.DOUGLAS Edward, watchmaker and jeweller, 59Rue-end streetDouglas Frederick, labourer, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetDouglas & Broadfoot, plumbers, 2 West breastDouglas James, carpenter, 1 Under crescentDouglas John, watchmaker and jeweller, 9 East breastDouglas John, <strong>of</strong> Douglas & Broadfoot. House, 8 Ard»gowan streetDouglas John, joiner, 55 Main street, CartsdykeDouglas John, grocer, 57 Main street, CartsdykeDouglas John, joiner, 5 East Blackhall streetDouglas & Son, watchmakers, jewellers and engravers,9 Hamilton streetDouglas John, <strong>of</strong> Douglas & Son. House, 7 Clarencestreet, GlebeDouglas Malcom, provision merchant, 37 Cathcart st.House, 7 Abbotsford place, Roxburgh streetDouglas Thomas, painter, Lyle's land, Back walksDouglas Thomas, <strong>of</strong>ficer <strong>of</strong> inland revenue, 35 Ann st,Douglas William, grocer, 17 Ann streetDouglas Miss Annabella, grocer, 48 Shaw streetDouglas Mrs, 13 West Stewart streetDouglas Mrs Robert, lodgings, 26 Ann streetDouglas Mrs W., lodgings, 18 Tobago streetDOW Archibald, railway wine and spirit store, 26Cathcart street. House, do.X>ow Miss Cameron, spirit dealer, 3 Under crescentpOWIE E. T., surgeon dentist, 6 West Blackhall st.House, 21 Kelly street

DIRECTORY. 47DOWNIE Andrew, joiner, 21 Lynedoch streetDownie & M'Aulay, coopers, 20 Vennel, and workshop,19 Harvie laneDownie & M'Aulay, spirit dealers, 8 West breastDownie David, seaman, Lang's land Longwell closeDownie John, pointsman, 4 Smith's laneDownie John, wright, 5 Dellingburn street. House, do.Downie Malcolm, tailor, 39 Hamilton streetDownie William, joiner, 7 Lynedoch streetDownie William, late joiner, 35 East Regent streetDownie William, dresser, 1 2 John streetDownie Mrs, lodgings, 9 Cathcart streetDRAIN Allan, painter and paper hanger, 30 WestBurn street. House, 36 Crawfurd street, GlebeDRUMMOND Andrew, slater, 19 Cathcart streetDrummond John, porter, 7 Cathcart streetDrummond Neil, carman, 23 East Shaw streetDrummond Robert, grocer, 26 Ann streetDrummond William, coal merchant, 5 New Dock lane.House, 1 Watson's laneDrummond Miss, dressmaker, 1 Watson's laneDRYBURGH Robert, pansman, 16 Bearhope stDRYSDALE Allan, engineer, 54 West Blackhall stDrysdale John, labourer, 27 Hamilton streetDrysdale Thomas, carpenter, 11 John streetDrysdale Miss, 40 Inverkip streetDrysdale Mrs, lodgings, 13 Cross-shore streetDrysdale Mrs David, Ardgowan tavern, 20 SugarhouselaneDUCKER Edward, basket maker, 44 Dalrymple st.DUFF Archibald, farmer, FencewoodDuff David, 84 West Regent StreetDuff James, brassfounder, gasfitter, and ironmonger,47 Rue-end street. House, 20 Forsyth streetDuff James, jr., brassfounder, 47 Rue-end street. Ho.6 Chapel streetDuff Patrick, labourer, 32 Sugarhouse laneDuff Robert, carpenter, 13 Rue-end streetDuff William, spirit dealer and feuar, 17 Bearhope stDuff William, labourer, 3 Smith's laneDuff William, farmer, BridgendDUFFY Anthony, rag store, 2 Vennel

48 DIRECTORY.Duffj John, rag store, 7 Shaw streetDuffy Mrs Catherine, lodgings, 8 Highland closeDUNBAR Alexander, shoemaker, 4 East Shaw streetDunbar James, shoemaker, 4 Manse laneDunbar John, sawyer, 53 VennelDunbar Mrs, 8 Kelly streetDUNCAN Alexander, plasterer, 6 "West Stewart st.Duncan Archd., mate, Armadale buildings, Back walksDuncan Colin, Rothesay tavern, 11 East breastDuncan Daniel, carpenter, 97 Regent streetDuncan Daniel, joiner, 3 Salmon streetDuncan George, boilermaker, Ingleston roadDuncan Henry, carpenter, 30 Nicholson streetDuncan James, ship carpenter, 65 Rue-end streetDuncan James, joiner, 18 West Blackhall streetDuncan John, house factor, 2 Church place. Ho., do.Duncan John, 18 Bogle streetDuncan John, porter to Shaws Water Co., 3 VirginiastreetDuncan John, pattern maker, Lyle's land, Back walksDuncan Peter, policeman, 49 Shaw streetDuncan Robert, shipmaster, 2 Wellington streetDuncan Robt. F., painter, and paperhanger, 26 Charlesstreet. House, 95 Regent streetDuncan Samuel, mariner, 7 Market streetDuncan William, joiner, 60 Roxburgh streetDuncan Mrs Alexander, 9 Duncan streetDuncan Mrs, 95 Regent streetDuncan Mrs Robert, 6 Carnock streetDuncan Mrs Robert, grocer, 16 Cathcart streetDUNLEAVY James, dealer, 31 Dalrymple streetDUNLOP James, farmer, StroneDunlop James, carter, Ingleston roadDunlop Robert, merchant, 11 Sugarhouse lane. Ho.85 Regent street.Dunlop Robert, joiner, 1 Springkell streetDunlop Robert, shipowner, 38 West Blackhall streetDunlop Thomas, smith, 3 Arthur streetDunlop Mrs Captain John, lodgings, 2 Watt placeDunlop Mrs Captain, 9 Argyle streetDUNN Andrew, grocer, 25 Rue-end street. House, 2St Andrew's street

DIRECTORY. 49Dunn Archibald, cooper, 5 West Stewart streetDunn John, slater, 31 Charles streetDunn John, brassfounder, 1 Dellingburn streetDunn Mrs Robert, 20 West Stewart streetDUNNING John, carpenter, 8 Baker streetDunningMatthew, carpenter, 17 John streetDUNSMORE John, spirit dealer, 24 Arthur streetDURINGER Conrad, sugar baker, 18 Duncan streetDURWARD Gr.,sewed muslin agent, 6 William street.House, Church street, Port- GlasgowDYER Hugh M., chemist and druggist, 6 Inverkip st.Dyer John, cabinetmaker, 30 Nicholson streetEAGLE SHAM JohD, shoemaker, Kilbirnie cottageEEaglesham, Mrs James, 35 East Shaw streetEARTHENWARE Manufacturers, Thomas Shirlej& Company, <strong>Greenock</strong> potteries. Earthenwarewarehouse, 22 Shaw streetEASON Miss, feuar, 21 Nicholson streetEason Mrs, midwife, 67 Rue-end streetEAST Parish Church, Regent streetECCLES, Templetou & Co., merchants, 4 ChurchplaceEDDINGTON & Hunter, joiners and glaziers, 5 InverkipstreetEDMISTON Alexander, ropemaker, 24 Tobago streetEDGAR Maxwell, labourer, 48 Ann streetEDGER James, boilermaker, 20 Ingleston roadEGGERT William, sugar baker, 3 Bearhope streetEggert Mrs, washer and dresser, 3 Bearhope streetEDNAY James, brass moulder, 1 Dellingburn streetshipmaster, 82 Regent streetEDWARDS John J.,Edwards Thomas, woolcomber, 6 E%t Shaw streetEdwards Wm„ packer, LadyburnELDER William, ropespinner, M'Kelvie's land, DuncanstreetELK IN Thomas, engine driver, LadyburnELLARD & Co., tailors, clothiers, and outfitters, 16William streetEllard G. W., <strong>of</strong> Ellard % Co. House, 13 Mearns st.

50 DIRECTORY.ELLIOTT George, shopman, 8 Watt streetElliot John, shoemaker, 42 Crawfurd streetElliot James, cooper, 20 Inverkip streetElliot William Scott, landing waiter, Customs. J$$E[p.9 Laird streetELLIS John, carpenter, 3 Jamaica streetELVIN Robert, painter and glazier, 43 Cathcart streetEL WARD James, huckster, 4 East Quay laneEPISCOPAL (St. John's) Church, 8 Union streetERSKINE David, auctioneer and appraiser, Crownsale rooms, Wellington courtErskine John, spirit dealer, 32 Dalrymple streetErskine Jn., felt manufacturer, <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> Felt WorkGo. House, 3 Roxburgh streetErskine John, slater, Lyle's land, Back walksErskine William, painter, 10 East Shaw streetErskine Misses, 72 Union streetETTLES John, mariner, 43 Crawfurd streetEVANGELICAL Union Chapel, 1.5 Sir Michael st.EVANS Thomas, mariner, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetEvans, William, shipmaster, 10 Laird streetEWING, Angus & Co., merchants, 4 Bogle streetEwing James, grocer, 32 Dalrymple street. Ho., do.Ewing John, engineer, M'Kelvie's land, Duncan streetEwing Robert, sugarbaker, 14 Market streetEwing Robert & Co., merchants and general agents, 4Bogle streetEwing Robert, <strong>of</strong> Robert Ewing & Co. Ho.^ 35 WestStewart streetEwing Mrs William, 21 Ann streetFAIRBAIRN James, 69 Roxburgh streetFAIRGRIEVE Andrew, <strong>of</strong> Brownlie, BuchananCo. House, 7 West Stewart streetFairgrieve James, plumber, 37 Nicholson streetFAIRLIE James, 3 Kelly streetFairlie John, cabinetmaker, 58 VennelFairlie Robert, labourer, 28 West Blackhall streetFairlie & Moore, Dyewood mill, 16 Baker streetFairlie Misses, feuars, 30 Regent street

DIRECTORY. 51Fairlie Mrs John, French polisher, 58 VermelFAIRRIE James & Co., sugar refiners, 3 Ker street,GlebeFairrie Thomas, <strong>of</strong> James Fairrie & Co.. House, 46Union streetFairrie John, labourer, 41 VennelFairrie Mrs. 1 1 Ardgowan squareFALCONER Mrs James, huckster, 17 John streetFARIE James, <strong>Greenock</strong> Potceries. House, Main'scottage, HillendFARMER Hugh, tailor, 50 Shaw streetFARQUHAR George, wholesale and family grocer,41 Hamilton street. House, SpringfieldFarquhar Mrs James, spirit dealer, 53 RoxburghstreetFARRENS Edward, potter, Clyde PotteryFAULDS James, shopman, 21 Bearhope streetFAUSET Mrs Thomas, spirit dealer, 32 Cathcart st.House, 7 Lynedoch streetFAWCETT Samuel, broker, 1 Broad closeFAY Arthur, spirit dealer, 12 VennelFEILDING John, sawyer, 45 Main street,CartsdykeFERGUS James, jr., coal agent, 9 West breast. Ho.,Henry's cottage, Shaw placeFergus James, coal merchant, 9 West breast. House,lido.FERGUSON & Co., merchants and sugar refiners, 50Inverkip street. House, AuchneighFerguson Alexander, chemist and druggist, 18 Hamiltonstreet. House, Mount pleasantFerguson A. & Co., sailmakers, 5 East breastFerguson A., <strong>of</strong> A. Ferguson & Co. House, 43 AnnstreetFerguson Alexander, sailmaker, 13 Ropework streetFerguson Alexander, mariner, 3 Salmon streetFerguson Alexander, sladesman, 40 Inverkip streetFerguson Andrew, engineer, 16 Arthur streetFerguson Archibald, feuar, 6 Ann streetFerguson Charles, Drumfrochar roadFerguson Charles, carpenter, 26 Sugarhouse laneFerguson Charles, grocer, 21 Market streetFerguson Daniel, watchman, 18 Ingleston road

52 DIRECTORY.Ferguson D & Co., hoop merchants and commissionagents, 6 Charles street. House, 21 Nicholson st.Ferguson Duncan, gardener, 20 Hamilton streetFerguson Georg9, carpenter, 29 Roxburgh streetFerguson George, gardener, 38 Brougham streetFerguson James, cooper, 7 Tobago streetFerguson John, grocer, 31 Dalrjmple streetFerguson John, tailor, 3 Charles streetFerguson John, sailmaker, 37 Nicholson streetFerguson John, tinsmith, 43 Ann streetFerguson John, lodgings, 4 Kilblain streetFerguson John, mariner, 36 Westburn streetFerguson John, wright and smith, 3 Virginia street.House, 8 Chapel streetFerguson John, carpenter, 43 Crawfurd streetFerguson John, coach driver, 9 Highland closeFerguson Peter, feuar and spirit dealer, 8 Baker streetFerguson Robert, bank porter, 4 Mansion-house laneFerguson Robert, baker, 43 Crawfurd streetFerguson Robert, 36 Inverkip streetFerguson Robert, carpenter, 9 East Shaw streetFerguson Mary, lodgings, 6 Shaw streetFerguson Miss W.., dressmaker, 33 Hamilton streetFerguson Mrs Jamesj gardener, 21 Charles streetFerguson Mrs John, 12 Inverkip streetFerguson Mrs John, ironmonger, ship chandler, seedand general merchant, 5 West breast. House, 1Shaw placeFerguson Mrs William, grocer, 28 Shaw streetFerguson Mrs William, 23 Kelly streetFerguson Mrs, I Arthur streetFerguson Mrs, mangle keeper, 60 Main street, CartsdykeFERNIE George, joiner, 5 Bearhope streetFERRIER George, smith, 4 John streetFINNINGHAM Miss Ann, 32 Sugarhouse laneFINE John, labourer, Finnieston, Port-Glasgow roadFINLAY Hugh, baker, 44 VermelFinlay Robert B. & Co., clothiers, 10 West BlackhallstreetFinlay Robert B., <strong>of</strong> Robert B, Finlay & Go.3 Eldon streetHouse,

DIRECTORY. 53Finlay Robert, <strong>of</strong> Boss, Corbett & Co. House, 15Roxburgh streetFinlay Thomas, carpenter, 9 Cartsburn streetFinlay Thomas, engineer, Port -Glasgow roadFinlay William, carpenter, 39 Main street, CartsdykeFINDLAY Robert, gardener, 35 Nicholson streetFINN IE John, working men's refreshment rooms, 17Main street, CartsdykeFINLAYSON Alexander, seaman, 2 Tobago streetFINNIGAN James, shoemaker, 37 Rue-end streetFinnigan Patrick, <strong>Post</strong> <strong>of</strong>fice Gourock runner.22 Inverkip streetFISH, Brown & Co., sailmakers, Bast breastFISHER James, cabinetmaker, 9 Laird streetFisher Peter, sawver, IRegent streetFisher Robert, joiner, 27 VennelFisher Thomas, shipmaster, 2 Salmon streetFISHERY OFFICE, 3 Bank streetFL ANN AG AN James, tailor, 6 Dalrymple streetFlannagan John, labourer, 4 Watt streetHouse,FLEMING Alexander, Armadale placeFleming's, late M'Culloch's Temperance Hotel, 8 Cathcartsquare. House do.Fleming Alexander, spirit dealer, 16 VennelFleming Alexander, draper, 2 Hamilton street. House,17 Roxburgh streetFleming Andrew, boatman, 5 Kilblain streetFleming Daniel, <strong>of</strong> Laurie & Fleming. House, 3 TrafalgarstreetFleming Dugald, joiner, 18 VennelFleming James, engineer, 17 Arthur streetFleming James, flesher, 23 Arthur streetFleming John, <strong>of</strong> Fleming, Beid & Co, House, Armadaleplace, Mount parkFleming John, engineer, 16 Arthur streetFleming John, policeman, 13 I nverkip. streetFleming Leonard, <strong>of</strong>ficer Inland Revenue, 9 Roxburgh st.Fleming Matthew, ship master, 4 George squareFleming, Reid & Co., merchants and worsted spinners,Shaws Water Worsted MillFleming, Ross & Co., straw hat makers and milliners,4 West Blackhall streetq2

254 IRECTORY,Fleming Robert, baker, 43 Rue-end streetFleming Mrs John, 15 Tobago streetFleming Mrs John, 8 West Stewart streetFleming Mrs Robert, lodgings, 29 NicholsonstreetFleming Mrs Thomas, 9 Arthur streetFleming, Mrs, washer and dresser, 5 Kilblaiu streetFLESHMARKET, 17 Market streetFLETCHER Duncan, carpenter, 6 Dalrymple streetFletcher Daniel, cooper, 12 Tobago streetFletcher William, carpenter, 28 Sir Michael streetFletcher Mrs Angus, lodgings, 33 Nicholson streetFletcher Mrs, 4 Dalrjmple streetFLIGHT John, 28 Crawfurd streetFLOOD Edward, labourer, 4 Smith's laneFLUCKER Isaac, weigher, 43 Cathcart streetFlucker James, spirit dealer, Harvie lane. House, 1Market streetFORBES Andrew, gardener, 16 Forsyth streetFORD Joseph, watchman, 5 Nicholson streetFord John, tidewater, 24 Ann streetFORREST John, engineer, 47 Ann streetForrest Robert, feuar, 7 West Stewart streetForrest William, feuar, 9 Roslin streetFORRESTER David, carpenter, 15 Tobago streetFORSYTH Alexander, engineer, 56 Roxburgh streetForsyth David, cabinetmaker, 34 East Shaw streetForsjth John, missionary, 9 Antigua streetForsyth Samuel, carpenter, 2 John streetForsyth Miss Janet, dressmaker, 10 Kilblain streetFOSTER Duncan, tailor, 4 William streetFoster John, grocer, 53 Vennel. House, 37 Ann streetFoster Edward, carpenter, 68 VennelFoster John, mariner, 1 East Shaw streetFoster John, plasterer, 39 Hamilton street. House, 40Inverkip streetFOULDS & Bone, commission agents and provisionmerchants, 11 Sugarhouse laneFoulds Samuel, <strong>of</strong> Foulds & Bone. House, OrangefieldplaceFOWLER David ;late captain, 6 Chapel streetFOX John, M.D., M.R.C.S. London, physician andsurgeon, 15 William st. House, 13 Roxbourgh st.

DIRECTORY, 55FRAME John, joiner, 25 Sir Michael streetFRASER Alexander, joiner, 11 Cross-shore streetFraser Alexander, engineer, 33 Hamilton streetFraser A. C, grocer, 21 Main street, CartsdjkeFraser, Campbell & Co., ironmongers and nail manufacturers,10 William street. House, 77 RegentstreetFraser James, joiner, 60 Main street, CartsdjkeFraser James, cooper, 20 Ann streetFraser James, gardener, I York streetFraser James, tailor, 33 Hamilton streetFraser John, sugarboiler, 23 Main street, CartsdjkeFraser John, joiner, 20 West Stewart streetFraser John, commercial teacher, 7 West Stewartstreet. House, Yew cottage, 3 Eldon streetFraser Thomas, police-sergeant, 59 Rue-end streetFraser William, engineer, Ljle's land, Back walksFREE Church Schoolroom, St Andrew squareFREDERICK Charles, sugar worker, 5 Duncan st.FRY Robert, tidewater, 16 Sir Michael streetFrj Samuel, letter-carrier, P.O., 69 VennelFrj William, slater, 14 Tobago streetFULTON Andrew, engineer, 3 Arthur streetFulton Andrew, labourer, 9 Under crescent,Fulton James, gardener, Kilbirnie cottageFulton James, hat and cap merchant, 10 William streetFulton James, joiner, 15 Bearhope streetFulton James, clerk, Ladjburn, Port-Glasgow roadFulton John, tanner, 12 St Andrew street. House, 11Bank streetFulton John, joiner, <strong>of</strong> Crawford & Fulton, Ljle'sland, Back walksFulton Lawrence, pattern maker, Ljle's land, BackwalksFulton Thomas, carpenter, 8 Manse laneFulton William, coach driver, 69 VennelFulton Miss M., straw-hat-maker, 20 Cathcart streetFulton Mrs James, feuar and lodgings, 3 Kellj streetFULLARTON Robert, measurer, 9 East India breast.House, Mount PleasantFullarton Robert, provision merchant, 19 Market streetFullarton Miss, dressmaker, 4 Kilblain street

56 DIRECTORY,Fullarton Mrs John, 4 Kilblain streetFYFB James, joiner, 16 Tobago streetFyfe James, moulder, 1 Carnock placeFyfe James, weaver, 5 Sir Michael streetFyfe Mathew, ropespinner, 9 Tobago streetFyfe Samuel, manager <strong>of</strong> paint mill. House, 1 CarnockstreetFyfe & Yeo, ship chandlers, ironmongers, and paintmanufacturers, 5 William street, and 4 East breastFyfe W. H., <strong>of</strong> Fyfe & Yeo. House, 4 Shaw placeFyfe Mrs James, dressmaker, 16 Tobago streetGGAELIC Chapel, 32 West Burn streetGaelic Free Church, 14 Jamaica streetGAFF William, joiner and wood merchant, 5 Argylestreet. House, Mount park cottageGAGE John, carpenter, 9 Cross-shore streetGALBRAITH Angus, caulker, 7 Sir Michael streetGalbraith Duncan, carpenter, 1 Harvie laneGalbraith John, mariner, 9 Cowgate streetGalbraith John, mariner, 13 West Stewart streetGalbraith John, joiner, 5 West Stewart streetGalbraith John, senr., 28 Charles streetGalbraith John, sugar sampler, 11 West breast. Ho.,9 Brisbane streetGalbraith John, baker, 26 Charles street. House, do.Galbraith John, druggist, 63 Rue-end street. House,12 Tobago streetGalbraith John, pilot, 6 West Burn streetGalbraith Lachlan, labourer, 21 East Shaw streetGalbraith King, machine worker, Caledonian saw millsGalbraith Wm. engine keeper, Finnieston, Port- GlasgowroadGalbraith, Thomas, grocer, 25 East Shaw streetGALE Mrs Henry, lodgings, 28 Cartsburn streetGALL David, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Sir MichaelstreetGall John, grocer, 31 Roxburgh streetGall Thomas, shipmaster, CowdenknowesGALLACHER Andrew, shoemaker, 53 Vennel

DIRECTORY. 57Gallacher Charles, tanner, 12 Ropework streetGallacher Edward, labourer, 10 Highland closeGallacher John, poulterer, 12 Highland closeGallacher John, spirit dealer, 8 Dalrymple streetGallacher James, fruiterer and poulterer, 2 Albertplace, West Blackball street. House, do.Gallacher James, labourer, 92 East Hamilton streetGallacher Torrence, dealer, 30 Dalrymple streetGallacher William, fishmonger, Fishmarket, and shop,35 Hamilton street. House, 2 William streetGallacher William, labourer, 8 Dalrymple streetKelly streetGALLOWAY David, shipmaster, 7Galloway, George, salesman, 46 Cathcart streetGalloway Hugh, shipmaster, 6 Chapel streetGalloway John, shipmaster, 8 Kelly streetGalloway W. C., music teacher, 1 Ardgowan squareGalloway Mrs E., lodgings, 10 Baker streetGalloway Mrs, matron, House <strong>of</strong> RefugeGALT Robert, farmer, Burn braeGait Peter, cook and confectioner, 13 Hamilton street.House, do.Gait Mrs Catherine,19 Hamilton streetGARDNER, James, watchmaker, jeweller, and chronometermaker, 8 Hamilton street. House, 19Brougham streetGardner James, working jeweller, 17 William streetGardner James, boilermaker, 3 John streetGardner John, mariner, 34 Dalrymple streetGardner John, japanner, 45 Cathcart street. Housa,17 Roxburgh streetGardner John, mate, 34 Dalrymple streetGardner John, grocer, 34 Vennel. House, 3 WestStewart streetGardner Peter & Son, tailors, clothiers, and outfitters,4 William street and 2 Dalrymple street. House,8 William streetGardner Mrs, sempstress, 23 Nicholson streetGardner Mrs George, 19 Brougham streetGardner, Mrs John, 4 Kilblain streetGAS Works, 27 Crawfurd streetGAUDIE Duncan, engineer, 1 Carnock streetGAVAN Robert, carter, 29 Charles street

58 DIRECTORY,GAY Peter, carpenter,23 Arthur streetGEBBTE James, boilermaker, Lyle's land, BackWalksGELLATLY Mrs J., 33 West Blackhall streetGEM MILL Alexander, carpenter, Lamb's cottages,KingstonGemmill John, 9 Shaw placeGemmill Joseph, broker, 20 Dalrjmple streetGemmill William F., mechanic, 16 Ann streetGemmill William, labourer, 92 East Hamilton streetGemmill Mrs Samuel, 9 Shaw streetGEEREKES Augustus, clothier and outfitter, 27 ShawstreetGeerekes Augustus, seamen's boarding house, 6 EastQuay laneGIBB Alexander, tailor, Clyde Pottery, Port- GlasgowroadGibb George, carpenter, 7 William streetGibb John, joiner, 9 Bruce streetGibb John, spirit dealer,62 VennelGibb John, gasfitter, 31 Hamilton st. Ho. 62 VennelGibb John, grocer and feuar, 21 Lynedoch streetGibb John, shipmaster, 5 Lyle streetGibb Miss Mary, grocer, 8 Antigua streetGIBSON Alexander, dyer, 14 West Burn street.House, 9 Crawfurd streetGibson Duncan, carpenter, 61 Main street, CartsdykeGibson James, tailor, Lang's land, Longwell closeGibson James, tanner, LadyburnGibson John, engineer, 43 Ann streetGibson Richard, mariner, 10 Baker streetGibson Robert, carpenter, 2 Cartsburn streetGibson Thomas, mason, 7 Tobago streetGibson William, labourer, 31 Regent streetGibson Miss, 5 Lynedoch streetGibson Mrs, lodgings, 58 VennelGibson Mrs, ladies' keeper, 30 Ann streetGibson Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, 14 Sir Michael streetGibson Mrs, lodgings, 13 Bank streetGILCHRIST James, Superintendent Railway Station.House, 13 Bogle streetGilchrist James, shipmaster, Lyle's land, Back Walks

DIRECTORY. 59Gilchrist John, mariner, 9Ann streetGilchrist Peter, grocer, 35 Shaw streetGILFILLAN Robert, rigger, 46 Dalrjmple streetGilfillan Mrs, lodgings, 17 Shaw streetGILKISON James, deputy shipping master, 5 Virginiastreet. House, 1 Clyde streetGILLENDER, Robert, mariner, 7 West breastGILL John, sugar boiler, 3 Bruce streetGill Joseph, joiner, I Lyie streetGILLESPIE John, <strong>of</strong> Campbell & Gillespie, assessor<strong>of</strong> income tax, &c, 3 Bank street. House, 8Jamaica streetGillespie John, lumper, 3 Shannon's CloseGillespie John, labourer, 25 VennelGillespie Peter, smith, 28 Roxburgh streetGILLGOUR Joseph, painter, Lyle's land, Back walksGILLIES Alexander, inn-keeper, Rose and Thistletavern, 5 West breastGillies Duncan, porter, 57 Main street, CartsdykeGillies James, moulder, 57 Main street, CartsdykeGillies John, feuar, 13 St Lawrence streetGillies John, joiner, 21 Bearhope streetGillies Neil, baker, 60 VennelGillies Robert, cooper, 2 Crawfurd streetGillies Thomas, mate, 50 Shaw streetGillies Thomas, moulder, 2 John streetGillies Mrs Daniel, 31 Westburn streetGILLON Alexander, joiner, 15 Cross-shore streetGillon Daniel, hawker, 38 VennelGillon Francis, shoemaker, 32 Sugarhouse laneGillon Michael, smith, 1 Cowgate streetGillon Mrs, teacher, Charity School, 24 Ann streetGILMOUR Rev. Andrew, Martha brae cottage, LowGourock roadGilmour James, mason, 3 Bearhope streetGilmour James, carpenter, 4 John streetGilmour James, night watchman, 26 Inverkip streetGilmour Robert, gardener, 50 Eldon streetGILRAY Josiah, brassfounder, Lyle's land, BackwalksGIL ROY William, brass finisher, Ingleston roadGIRDWOOD James, smith, Lyle's land, Back walks

60 DIRECTORY.Girdwood Mrs, 6 West Stewart streetGLACKEN James, teacher, 18 East Shaw streetGLASSFORD David, <strong>of</strong> Williamson & GlassfordHouse, Mount park, Bank streetGLASGOW River Pilot <strong>Office</strong>, Foot <strong>of</strong> Patrick streetGLEN James, tailor, 32 Hamilton streetGlen James, 39 Hamilton streetGlen Peter, mason, 21 Sugarhouse laneGlen Miss, feuar, FordGlen Mrs Hugh, 52 Dalrjmple streetGlen Mrs William, spirit dealer, 4 Broad closeGlen Mrs, 11Cathcart streetGLOVER John, cook and confectioner, 37 Hamiltonstreet. House do.Glover Johm, labourer, 41 VennelGlover Robert, dresser, 17 Arthur streetGLENCROSS John, engineer, 3 St Andrew's streetGOLDIE John, coach driver, 7 Highland closeGOODSHAW Mrs, Rosebank, 25 Forsyth streetGOOLD Henry, spirit dealer, 25 VennelGORDON James, coppersmith, 7 Lynedoch streetGordon John, mason, 30 Inverkip streetGordon John, policeman, 76 Roxburgh streetGordon Moses, shoemaker, M'Kelvie's land, Duncan sGordon Rev. William, Roman Catholic clergyman, 2rEast Shaw streetGOSLAND David, coppersmith, 35 Cathcart streetGosland Thomas, rigger, 35 Cathcart streetGOUDIE Hugh, heckler, 33 Regent streetGOUDY James, spirit dealer, 1 Open Shore streetGOUROCK Ropework Co.'s warehouse, 12 Crossshore street, and 8 East breastGOVAN Coal Depot, 5 Chapel street. David Riddel)agentGovan Andrew, sheriff <strong>of</strong>ficer, 14 Market streetGovan George, mate, 9 Crawfurd streetGovan John, smith, 7 St Lawrence streetGovan Robert, carter, 29 Charles streetGovan Solomon, labourer, 7 Highland closeGOW David, curator Mechanics' Institution, 11 SirMichael streetGow George, carpenter, 40 Ann street

DIRECTORY. 61Gow James, gasfitter, 15 Market streetGRAHAM Alexander, carter, Finieston, Port-GlasgowroadGraham Alexander, carpenter, 1 Clarence streetGraham Archibald, plasterer, 24 Ann streetGraham Charles, spirit dealer, 5 Dalrymple streetGraham David, joiner, 9 Duncan streetGraham Donald, carpenter, 7 St Lawrence streetGraham Donald, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksGraham Duncan, spirit dealer, 4 Watson's laneGraham James, turner, Lamb's Cottages, KingstonGraham John, labourer, 14 Market streetGraham John, huckster, 21 Charles streetGraham John, wine and spirit merchant, $ Sir Michaelstreet. House, 12 Tobago streetGraham William, labourer, 11 Cowgate streetGraham William, carpenter, 16 St Andrew's streetGraham Samuel, huckster, 7 Sir Michael streetGraham Miss, 5 Kelly streetGraham Miss, 11 Grey placeGraham Mrs, cowfeeder, 5 Kilblain streetGraham Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, 24 Dalrymple streetGraham Mrs, lodgings, 18 Sir Michael streetGraham Mrs John, feuar, 12 Tobago streetGraham Mrs John, feuar, 11 Grey placeGraham Mrs, washer and dresser, 31 Ann streetGraham Mrs, huckster, 66 VennelGraham Mrs, grocer, 10 East Quay laneGRANT John, watchmaker, 43 Cathcart street, andspirit dealer, 9 Arthur streetGrant Robert, pilot, 6 East Blackhall streetGrant Thomas, carpenter, M'Kelvie's land, Duncan st.Grant Mrs Lewis, lodgings, 6 East Blackhall streetGRAVES Thomas, painter, 18 William streetGRASSIE Mrs William, spirit retailer, 31 VennelGRAY Andrew, ropemaker, 17 Bearhope street'Gray David, grocer, LadyburnGray David W., coachman, 48 Nelson street, westGray Daniel, boiler maker, Armadale buildingsGray & Rodger, coopers, 52 Rue-end streetGray & Buchanan, ship and insurance brokers, andcommission merchants, 24 Bogle street

62 DIRECTORY.Gray Donald, carpenter, 1 1 Cartsburn streetGray Dugald, cooper, 2 Mearns streetGray Duncan, sailmaker, Lyle's land, Back walksGray James, tanner, M'Leish's land, Port- Glasgow rd.Gray James, joiner, 13 Sir Michael streetGray James, labourer, 61 Main street, CartsdykeGray James & Co., paper makers, Overton paper millsGray John, shoemaker, Middle Church beadle, andPresbytery <strong>of</strong>ficer, 38 Hamilton streetGray John Kerr, town clerk, Council Chambers, 6Hamilton street. House, 11 Ardgowan squareGray John, labourer, 22 Inverkip streetGray John, <strong>of</strong> Gray & Buchanan. House, 14 Union st.Gray John, sawyer, 7 Ardgowan streetGray Malcolm, labourer, 8 Cartsburn streetGray Matthew, bottler, 32 Inverkip streetGray Neil, locker, 2 Mearns streetGray William, carpenter, Lyle's land, Back walksGray Miss A gnes, dressmaker and milliner, 32 InverkipstreetGray Miss, feuar, 14 Kelly streetGray Mrs, lodgings, 31 Charles streetGREY Charles, feuar, 3 St Lawrence street, PlantationcottageGREEN William B., manager Pottery, 6 Carnock st.Green Thomas, potter, LadyburnGREENBANK Mills Co., Drumfrocher road. NeilCampbell, managerGREENLEE $ Robert, carter, 27 Main st., CartsdykeGreenlees Robert, boilermaker, 17 Arthur streetGREENOCK Advertiser and Clyde Commercial Journal,published every Tuesday and Friday morning,at No. 29 Hamilton street<strong>Greenock</strong> Apothecaries' Co., 28 Hamilton street<strong>Greenock</strong> Bank Co., 29 Cathcart street<strong>Greenock</strong> Brewery Co., 39 Nicholson street<strong>Greenock</strong> Distillery Co., 27 Tobago street<strong>Greenock</strong> Felt Work Co., Works, East Hamilton street,<strong>Office</strong>, 4 Customhouse place. J. Erskine, manager<strong>Greenock</strong> Gas Works, 27 Crawfurd street<strong>Greenock</strong> Grain and Flour Mills, Bogle street andPrinces street

DIKE C TORY. 63<strong>Greenock</strong> Herald and General Advertiser. <strong>Office</strong>, 40Cathcart street<strong>Greenock</strong> Iron Co., iron merchants, 6 and 7 Customhouseplace<strong>Greenock</strong> <strong>Library</strong>, Watt monuments 9 Union street<strong>Greenock</strong> Mechanics' Institution, II Sir Michael street<strong>Greenock</strong> Provident Bank, 3 Church place<strong>Greenock</strong> Potteries, Port-Glasgow road<strong>Greenock</strong> Ropework, Ropework street<strong>Greenock</strong> Saw Mill Co., Saw mills, Kingston, Port-Glasgow road<strong>Greenock</strong> Spinning Co., Drumfrocher road, and 83 Hutchisonstreet, GlasgowGREENSHIELLS James, gardener, 17 Arthur st.GREIG David, carpenter, 4 Tobago streetGreig William, smith, 3 John streetGreig Mrs E., spirit dealer, 19 Tobago streetGRIEVE Andrew, engineer, 6 Lyle streetGrieve James, joiner, 8 Chapel streetGrieve James J., <strong>of</strong> Baine fy Johnston. House, 9 JamaicastreetGrieve William, porter, 21 Shaw streetGRIEVES William, shoemaker, 1 Inverkip streetGRIERSON Mrs, 35 West Blackhall streetGRIFFITH Patrick, bookseller, 4 East breastGriffith William, smith, 15 Ropework streetGROVES James, plasterer, 24 Tobago streetGroves Steven, rigger, 20 Ann streetGRUBB James, sugar boiler, 29 Lynedoch streetGRUER John & Sons, coopers. Warehouse, 13 Taylor'sclose. Cooperage, 21 Harvie laneGruer John, jun., <strong>of</strong> John Uruer

64 DIRECTORY.GUY James, carter, 3 East Stewart streetGWINN Wm., mariner, 7 Market streetHACKETT Peter, labourer, 7 Union courtHADDOW Andrew C, <strong>of</strong> John Haddow & Co.HHouse,21 Union streetHaddow John, <strong>of</strong> John Haddow & Co.. House, 11Springkell streetHaddow John & Co., wood merchantsand shipowners,62 Main street, CartsdykeHaddow Mrs John, feuar, 11 Springkell streetHAGGARTY Connell, tailor, 50 Shaw streetHaggarty James, clerk, 35 Hamilton streetHAIR Ivie, farmer, GarvockHair James, farmer, GarvockHair James, grocer, 5 Cowgate streetHair John, carter, 15 Bearhope streetHair John, feuar, 48 Nelson streetHair Robert, mashman, 8 Inverkip streetHair William, cowfeeder, 11 Inverkip streetHair William, pawnbroker, 29 Hamilton street. House,63 Orangefield placeHair William, carter, 7 Under crescentHair Mrs, baker, 16 Cathcart streetHALBERT Miss, 42 Eldon streetHALDEN Mrs John, dressmaker, 12 West Blackhallst.HALL Archibald, <strong>of</strong> Adam & Hall, 26 Sir Michael st.Hall Robert, carter, 12 St Andrew's streetHall Thomas, labourer, 2 John streetHall William, rope maker, 6 Roslin streetHall Mrs Alexander, 7 Springkell streetHall Mrs A., grocer, 3 Manse laneHall Mrs Dugald, 3 Bearhope streetHALLIBURTON Miss, 9 Crawfurd streetHALLIDAY George, joiner, 4 Watt streetHAMILTON h Adams, sailmakers, 21 Shaw streetHamilton Henry, spirit dealer, 10 Sir Michael streetHamilton James, under clothier, 14 Market streetHamilton Captain James, shipowner, Shipbank, 43East Regent street

House,DIRECTORY. 65Hamilton John, night watchman, 3 Bearhope streetHamilton John, shipowner, Villa Marina, 18 EldonstreetHamilton Gavin, classical master, 15 Kelly streetHamilton Thomas, labourer, 22 East Shaw streetHamilton William, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksHamilton William, shoemaker, Drurnfrochar roadHamilton Miss, milliner, 25 Westburn streetHamilton Mrs George, 6 Antigua streetHamilton Mrs Robert, feuar, 65 Union streetHAMLIN Thomas & Co., merchants and shipowners,2 West quayHamlin Thomas, <strong>of</strong> Thomas Hamlin & Co. ' 6George squareHAMMOND Mrs David, 27 Roxburgh streetHANDY SIDE George, slater,9 Tobago streetHandyside George, boot and shoe maker, 13 HamiltonstreetHandyside Robert, slater, 24 Ann streetHANNA William, sugar boiler, Cappielow, Port-Glasgow roadHANLEY Edwin, tide surveyor, 11 Bearhope streetHanley Peter, ship master, 3 East Stewart streetHANSEY Joseph, mariner, 15 Ropework streetHANSON James, mariner, 4 Westburn streetHARD IE James, confectioner, 67 Rue-end streetHardie Mrs Robert, Lyle's land, Back walksHARDY Mrs John, grocer, Ingleston road. House,8 Chapel streetHARDISTY James, tailor, 38 Hamilton streetHARE William, woolcomber, Springhill cottage, AnnstreetHARGEN Bernard, carpenter, 11 Arthur streetHARK IN Mrs, lodgings, 33 Hamilton streetHARLEY Allan, cabinetmaker, 63 Ann streetHarley Edward, plasterer, 20 VennelHarley Martin, carver, <strong>of</strong> Peter Christie & Co., 42 InverkipstreetHarley Mrs James,63 Ann streetHARPER Alexander, shipmaster, 65 Roxburgh streetHarper Alexander, cooper, 14 Bearhope streetHarper Hugh, sawyer, 44 Dalrymple streeth2

IitECfOftt.Harper John, shipmaster, 72 Roxburgh streetI] ARRIS Mrs Thomas, innkeeper, Museum Tavern,9 William streetHARRISON William, basket maker, 15 Crawfurd st.HARROW John, labourer, 7 Union courtHARROWER John, joiner, 4 St Andrew's squareHarrower, John, engineer, 11 St Lawrence streetHART Alexander, clerk, 22 Inverkip streetHart Duncan, pensioner, 22 Inverkip streetHart Peter, mate, 6 Chapel streetHARVEY Francis, shipmaster, 15 Kelly streetHarvey John, broker, 49 Shaw streetHarvey Thomas, railway guard, 33 Regent streetHarvey Nathaniel, carpenter, 52 Dalrymple streetHarvey John, smith, Duncan streetHarvey Robert, baker,3 3 Inverkip streetHarvey &> Watson, ship chandlers and ironmongers,65 Rue-end streetHARVIE Alexander, pansman, Ingleston roadHAS TIE John, engineer, smith and brassfounder, 6East Stewart street House, 12 Springkell streetHAY George, tailor, 37 Nicholson streetHay William, mariner, 3 West Quay laneHAYWOOD William, boiler maker, Lyle's land, BackwalksHE AT ON Thomas, eating house, 29 Shaw streetHECTOR James, miller, 8 East Stewart street. Ho.7 Springkell streetHEELY John, labourer,3 Cowgate streetHeely Robert, painter, 15 Sugarhouse laneHELLEY David, mariner, 2 Hamilton streetHEMPSEED James, cabinetmaker, Lyle's land, BackwalksHempseed James, carpenter, 11 St Andrew's streetHENDERSON Alexander, shoemaker, Kerr's land,Long well closeHenderson Alexander, baker, 33 Nicholson streetHenderson James, nailer, 54 Dalrymple streetHenderson James, cooper, 12 Bogle streetHenderson John, shoemaker, 5 West Stewart streetHenderson John, sawyer, 5 Bruce streetHenderson Peter, joiner, Port- Glasgow road

DIRECTORY. 67Henderson Robert, grocer, 69 Roxburgh streetHenderson Robert, mason, 31 Hamilton streetHenderson Robert, joiner, 11 Kelly streetHenderson Robert, gardener, Caddie hill cottageHenderson Thomas, rector and commercial teacher,Highlanders' Academy, Roxburgh street. House,Mount PleasantHenderson William, carpenter, 1 Springkell streetHenderson William, engineer, 25 Arthur streetHenderson William, tailor, 32 Hamilton streetHenderson Miss Ann, huckster, 19 John streetHenderson Mrs A., 8 Baker streetHenderson Mrs George, feuar, 26 Charles streetHENDRY Charles, labourer,51 Main street, CartsdykeHendry Duncan, joiner, and blockmaker, 5 Dock breast.House, 26 Hamilton streetHendry James, engineer, 15 Stanners streetHendry James, boilermaker, 1 Main street, CartsdykeHendry J. & R-, tailors and clothiers, 24 Hamilton st.House, 16 William streetHendry John, steamboat agent, 2 West breast. House,43 Ann streetHendry John, spirit dealer, 57 Rue-end streetHendry John, spirit merchant, 63 Main street, Cartsdyke.House, 61 do.Hendry John, coachmaker, 33 Roxburgh streetHendry Nathaniel, 34 Main street, CartsdykeHendry Thomas, labourer, 13 John streetHendry William, tailor and clotbier, 17 William streetHENNY Dennis, spirit dealer, 10 East breastHENRY Alexander, cabinetmaker, 20 Inverkip streetHenry Barclay, medical practitioner, 4 Shaw placeHenry Daniel, mariner, 16 East Quay laneHenry Daniel, engineer, Ingleston roadHenry Duncan, shipmaster, 1 William streetHenry James, feuar, 1 1Ann streetHenry James, carter, 23 Ann streetHenry James, brassfounder, 21 Ann streetHenry John, shipmaster, 43 Ann streetHenry Robert, coal merchant, 35 West Blackhall streetHenry Mrs J., confectioner, 5 West Blackhall streetHEPBURN Thomas, porter, 4 Watt street

68 DIRECTORY.Hepburn Mrs, lodgings, 5 Union streetHERALD (<strong>Greenock</strong>,) and General Advertiser, <strong>Office</strong>,40 Cathcart streetHERCUS Mrs John, 18 Kelly streetHercus Peter, provision merchant, commission, andshipping agent, 2 West Quay lane. House, 48Brougham streetHERON James & Co., watch and clockmakers, 3 CowgatestreetHeron William, engineer, 7 Under crescentHERRIOT John & Son, auctioneers and appraisers,79 Regent street and 26 Charles streetHerriot John, <strong>of</strong> John Herriot

DIRECTORY. 69Hill Mrs Matthew, 8 Inverkip streetHINDMARSH John, currier, 40 Inverkip streetHINMERS George, clothier, silk mercer, and milliner,5 Cathcart square. House, 15 Jamaica streetRegistrar <strong>of</strong>HISLOP John, bookseller and stationer,births, deaths, and marriages West Parish, 29Cathcart street. House, 24 Eldon streetHODGE Samuel, labourer, 41 VennelHODGERT James, joiner, 26 Tobago streetHODSON Adam, steward, 58 VennelHOGG John D., accountant, Chamberlain's <strong>Office</strong>.House, Holmcr<strong>of</strong>t streetHOG GEN Mrs James, 12 Tobago streetHOLBURN Robert, cowfeeder and carter, Green braecottage, Captain streetHOLMES Hugh, carter, 11 East Quay laneHolmes William, joiner, 5 Rue-end streetHOLMS John, joiner, 27 Lynedoch streetHolms Mrs, toy shop, 1 Inverkip streetHolms Mrs Robert, 13 Sir Michael streetHolms Mrs William, 23 Sir Michael streetHOOD George, sugar baker, 18 Tobago streetHood William, teacher, 64 Roxburgh streetHood William, law clerk, 5 Hamilton streetHood William, spirit dealer, 22 Vennel. House, 24Hamilton streetHONEYMAN & Campbell, wholesale and retail ironmongers,2 Cathcart squareHoneyman Robert, <strong>of</strong> Honeyman & Campbell.House,5 Brisbane streetHOPE William, carpenter, 3 Shaw placeHORN James, painter and paperhanger, 11 West brst„House, 13 Nelson street westHorn Miss C, mangier and dresser, 42 West Burn st.HORNBY James, engineer, 7 Lindsay's laneHouston Fleming, cooper, 23 Sir Michael streetHouston George, brass finisher, 1 Carnock streetHouston Hugh, watchman, 1 Springkell streetHouston James, carter, 7 John streetHouston James, spirit dealer, 10 Baker streetHouston Robert, grain and spirit merchant, 38 Inverkipstreet

70 DIRECTORY.Houston Robert, dyer, 7 Sugarhouse laneHouston Robert, hosier, 16 Cartsburn street. House,2 Springkell streetHouston Robert, dyer and woollen manufacturer, 34Hamilton street. House, Rockbank cottage,{Shaws WaterHouston William, labourer, 2 Bearhope streetHouston Mrs William, dyer, 41 Ann streetHouston Mrs Archibald, 2 Watt placeHouston Mrs P., 15 Kelly streetHouston Mrs Wm., Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetHouston Mrs, 43 Crawfurd streetHouston Mrs, 6 William streetHOWATSON Samuel, boot closer, 4 Sir Michael stHOWIE Andrew, carter, 14 St Andrew streetHowie Hugh, carpenter, 12 Bogle streetHOWIE SON James, printer, 10 East Shaw streetHowieson William, deep-sea pilot, 2 Broad closeHowieson Mrs William, 3 Bank streetHOY John, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksHOYLE, Martin, & Co., sugar refiners, 29 SugarhouselaneHUD LE SON Robert, labourer, 15 Ropework streetHUDSON Adam, engineer,15 Arthur streetHudson Charles, labourer, 47 Ann streetHUGHES Charles, labourer, 7 Cowgate streetHughes Robert, carpenter, 1 Regent streetHughes Mrs George, 20 Sugarhouse laneHUGHSON Thomas, ship keeper, i William streetHughson Thomas, tobacconist, 39 Cathcart streetHUME William, herbalist, 27 Sugarhouse lane.HUMPHREYS George, printer, Clyde potteryHUMPHREY Joseph, cabinetmaker, 13 West StewartstreetHUNTER Adam, sawyer, 15 Market streetHunter Alexander, mate, 26 Sir Michael streetHunter Charles P., <strong>of</strong> Baine & Johnston. House, 24Forsyth streetHunter David, slater, 1 Regent streetHunter David, pattern maker, 22 Cartsburn streetHunter Douglas, baker, 2 Bruce streetHunter James, smith, 60 Main street, Cartsdyke

DIRECTORY. 71Hunter James & Co., merchants, 41 Rue -end streetHunter John, rigger, 16 Cross-shore streetHunter John C, <strong>of</strong> Orr, Hunter & Co. House, 1Forsyth streetHunter John, broker, 39 VennelHunter John, carpenter, 17 .Roxburgh streetHunter John, fish merchant, 17 Charles street. House,InnellanHunter John, shoemaker, Cartsburn cottageHunter John, 13 Lynedoch streetHunter Malcolm, gardener, 14 Inverkip streetHunter Morrison, joiner, Mount place, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t stHunter Robert, boilermaker, 2 John streetHunter T. 0., merchant and commission agent, andLloyd's agent for Clyde, 10 William st. House,24 Forsyth streetHunter William, <strong>of</strong> Edington & Hunter. House, 1Salmon streetHunter William, ropemaker, 13 Lynedoch streetHunter William, wine and spirit merchant, 40 Cathcartstreet. House, 22 Mearns streetHunter William, tanner, LadyburnHunter William, joiner, 49 Inverkip streetHunter Miss, dressmaker, 39 Ann streetHunter Miss M., muslin agent, 4 Tobago streetHunter Misses J. & C, CustomhouseHunter Mrs John, 9 Argyle streetHunter Mrs Janet, vintner, 7 Shaw streetHunter Mrs Robert, feuar, 5 Cowgate streetHunter Mrs, 89 Regent streetHunter Mrs, 28 Charles streetHunter Mrs, lodgings, 3 East Stewart streetHURLEY Thomas W., electric telegraph clerk, Railwaystation. House, 5 William streetHUTCHESON George, grocer, 63 Main street, Cartsdyke.House, Springfield cottageHutcheson Rev. James, minister <strong>of</strong> East Parish. Ho.,Campfield, Gourock roadHutcheson James, dyer, 5 Crawfurd streetHutcheson James, salesman, Gourock Ropework Co.,5 Cross-shore streetHutcheson John, carpenter, 19 Hamilton street

72 DIRECTORY.Hutcheson John XL, clerk, 1 Patrick streetHutcheson William, engine-keeper, 7 Lynedoch streetHutcheson William, labourer, 5 West Stewart streetHutcheson Misses, dressmakers, 1 Nicholson streetHutcheson Miss, furnishing shop, 95 Regent streetHutcheson Mrs R., feuar, I Patrick streetHutcheson Mrs Thomas, feuar, 22 Bank streetHUT TON Mrs Isabella, 2 John streetHYDE Norman, boilermaker, 14 St Andrew streetHYNDMAN James, coal merchant, 46 Vennel. Ho.31 Charles streetHjndman John, labourer, 26 Dalrymple streetHyndman Joseph, carter, 10 Roslin streetHyndman Joseph, late shipmaster, 12 Brougham streetHyndman Miss, feuar, 22 Crawfurd streetHYSLOP Edward, wholesale and retail glass, china,and earthenware merchant, 28 Hamilton street.House, do.IMRIE Richard, seaman, 5 West Stewart streetINFIRMARY, Inverjdp streetINGLIS Andrew, foreman cooper, 6 Nelson street,GlebeInglis Andrew, manager, Caledonian Saw Mills, Port-Glasgow roadInglis James, teacher <strong>of</strong> music, piano-forte and musicseller, 14 West Blackhall street. House, 1 LairdstreetInglis James, Sheriff clerk depute, and also deputeclerk <strong>of</strong> the peace, 2 Bank street. House, MelitaCottageInglis James, engineer, 25 Lynedoch streetInglis Barnes, carpenter, 18 Duncan streetInglis Robert, gardener, BarnhillInglis Robert, joiner, 15 West Stewart streetInglis Thomas, labourer, 9 John streetINNES A. C, landing waiter, Customs, Seafield House,Eldon streetInnes John, late landing surveyor, Customs, SeafieldHouse, Eldon street

DIRECTORY. 73Inues William, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 40Hamilton street. House, 21 Sugarhouse laneIRELAND William, mason, BroomhillIRVINE Alexander, ship master, 6 Nelson st., GlebeIrvine John, tailor, 36 Westburn streetIrvine John, pastry baker, 12 Bogle streetIrvine Samuel, shoemaker, 69 VennelIrvine Miss Janet, lodgings, 36 Westburn streetIrvine Mrs Matthew, 3 Shaw placeIRVING Mrs John, feuar, 32 Regent streetIRWIN Foster, tidewaiter, 18 William streeISAAC Robert, engineer, Lyle's land, Back walksJACK Edward, spirit dealer, 3 Highland closeJack Hugh, railway guard, 12 Bogle streetJack James, tanner, 7 John streetJack Samuel, locker, 10 Antigua streetJACKSON Abram, wood hoop and basket maker, 22West Stewart street. House, 10 Watt streetJackson William, painter, 71 VennelJACOB SON Mrs, 4 Nicholson streetJAFFREY John, chainmaker, 13 Charles streetJAIL and Bridewell, 1 Market streetJAMES John, missionary, 6 Watt streetJames Mrs Mary. Glasgow tavern, 8 East breastJAMIESON A. & R., joiners and glaziers, 10 NicholsonstreetJamieson Alexander, <strong>of</strong> A. & R. Jamieson. House, 12Watt streetJamieson Archibald, mason, 28 Sir Michael streetJamieson Arthur, cooper, 24 Crawfurd streetJamieson James, gardener, 5 Sir Michael streetJamieson John, grocer, 21 Dalrymple street. 'House,9 Nicholson streetJamieson John, huckster, 29 Charles streetJamieson John, mason and spirit dealer, 5 York streetJamieson John, mariner, 15 Ropework streetJamieson Norman, 2 Rue-end streetJamieson Robert, distributor <strong>of</strong> stamps and collector <strong>of</strong>taxes, 23 Cathcart streeti

74 DIRECTORY.Jamieson Robert, sen , gardener, 2 Newark streetJamieson Robert, <strong>of</strong> A. & R. Jamieson. House, 3 KellystreetJamieson Robert & Co., commission merchants, snipingagents, and agents for the Royal Fire and LifeInsurance Co., 23 Cathcart streetJamieson Robert, civil engineer, land surveyor, andmeasurer, 46 Cathcart st. House, 7 Newark st.Jamieson William, feuar, 31 Sir Michael streetJamieson William, seaman, 4 Watt streetJamieson William, gardener, 2 Newark streetJamieson Miss, 9 Kelly streetJamieson Elizabeth, tobacconist, 28 Cathcart streetJamieson Mrs Thomas, spirit dealer, 15 West BlackhallstreetJamieson Mrs William, spirit dealer, 15 Rue-end st.JANNION John, boilermaker, 10 Baker streetM,, 12 Brisbane streetJARVIE Rev. J.JARVIS Alexander, tailor, 37 Nicholson streetJarvis James, tailor, 1 Bruce streetJEFFREY Alexander L., painter, 6 Nelson St.,GlebeJeffrey Samuel, labourer, 14 St Andrew streetJENKINS David, broker, 17 Dalrymple streetJenkins Peter, mariner, 20 West Blackhall streetJESSAMINE Alexander, agent, 9 West Stewart st.,Jessamine Alexander, boilermaker, 12 Bogle streetJessamine James, bootmaker, 2 Tobago streetJessamine Miss C, milliner, 13 Hamilton streetJessamine Mrs John, 11 Ardgowan squareJOHNSTON A. & W., engineers, Eagle foundryBaker streetJohnston Alex. Rankine, merchant, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t houseJohnston Angus, paper maker, OvertonJohnston Daniel, medical botanist, 3 Kilblain st. Ho.,4 Inverkip streetJohnston Daniel, smith and beam maker, 20 Cathcartst. and 19 Shaw st. House, 4 Cross-shore st.Johnston David, merchant, <strong>of</strong> Gourock Bopework Co,House, Oak Bank, 44 Union streetJohnston Gregor, carpenter, 5 Bruce streetJohnston Henry, mate, 1 Watson's laneJohnston James, tanner, 39 Hamilton street

DIRECTORY. 75Johnston James, joiner, 44 Inverkip streetJohnston John, hair dresser, 42 VennelJohnston John, lithographic printer, 8 Hamilton street.House, 30 Nicholson streetJohnston John, tidewaiter, 6 Westburn streetJohnston John, banker and insurance broker, <strong>Greenock</strong>bank. House, 18 Kelly streetJohnston John, moulder, Upper crescentJohnston Samuel, shipkeeper, 28 Shaw streetJohnston Thomas, tailor, 4 Sir Michael streetJohnston William, OrangefieldJohnston William, bookseller, stationer and lithographicprinter, 46 Hamilton st House, 2i Ann streetJohnston Miss, lodgings, 2 Crawford streetJohnston Miss, 1 Regent streetJohnston Mrs, 5 Dellingburn streetJohnston Mrs, 11 Nicholson streetJohnston Mrs, 19 John streetJohnston Mrs Archibald, spirit dealer, 20 West BlackhallstreetJohnston Mrs Edward, lodgings, 8 Ann streetJohnston Mrs Jas., grocer and spirit dealer, 21 Annst.Johnston Mrs Peter, lodgings, 23 VennelJohnston, Mrs Peter, lodgings, 4 Ann streetJONAS Rev. Edward James, Episcopal clergyman, 11Union streetJONES Richard, weigher, 16 Sir Michael streetJones Richard, engineer, 1 Regent streetJones Thomas, carpenter, Kerr's land, Longwell closeJones Mrs Thomas, 30 West Blackhall streetJORDAN William, brass finisher, 69 Roxburgh streetJUSTICE Mrs William, lodgings, 2Q Charles streetJustice <strong>of</strong> Peace Clerk's <strong>Office</strong>, Sheriff Clerk's <strong>Office</strong>,2 Bank streetKAMES' Gunpowder Co.'s <strong>Office</strong>, 1 West Quay.Arch. Mackenzie, agentKAY Lawrence, shoemaker, 21 Ann streetKay William, carter, 3 VennelKEAN John, lathsplitter, 21 Ann streetK

76 DIRECTORY.Kean Francis, broker, 43 Dalrymple streetKean James, broker, 8 VennelKean Mrs Charles, lodgings, 4 Tobago streetKean Miss, huckster, 46 VennelKEITH Alexander, engineer, Lyle'sland, Back walksKeith, Campbell & Co., general grocers, 63 Rue-end st.House 22 Ann streetKeith Colin, smith, 3 Arthur streetKeith James, boiler maker, 28 Cartsburn streetKeith John, baker, 3 Manse laneKeith Mrs spirit dealer, 3 Market streetKELLY John, slater, 16 Tobago streetKelly John, fruit and fish dealer, 40 Cathcart streetKelly John, huckster, 27 East Shaw streetKelly Peter, labourer, 14 Tobago streetKelly William, grocer, 9 William street. House, Elmbank,Eldon streetKelly William, fishmonger, Fish market, and 41 Hamiltonstreet House, 1 William streetKelly William, Tailors' house <strong>of</strong> call, 16 Market streetKelly Mrs H., staymaker, 3 Tobago streetKelly Mrs William, lodgings, 8 Chapel streetKELSO Alexander, surgeon, 45 Vennel. Ho., 1 CowgatestreetKelso Daniel, <strong>of</strong> M. & D. Kelso. Ho. 8 Kelly streetKelso James, 13 Union streetKelso M. & D., coopers and fish curers, 6 New Dock bst.Kelso Matthew, <strong>of</strong> M. & D. Kelso. Ho. 1 York st. GlebeKelso Robert, provision merchant, 31 Shaw streetKelso Mrs, lodgings, 3 Market streetKEMP John, carter, 71 VennelKENNEDY Alex., miller, Cartsburn Mills. Ho. do.Kennedy Allan, mariner, 42 Crawfurd streetKennedy Charles, spirit dealer, 17 Dalymple streetKennedy Charles, carpenter, 3 Manse laneKennedy David, carpenter, 18 John StreetKennedy Duncan, blacksmith, 45 Shaw streetKennedy Gilbert, dresser, Ingleston roadKennedy Henry, labourer, 7 Cowgate streetKennedy Hugh, tea merchant and grocer, 42 Cathcartstreet. House, 16 William streetKennedy John, labourer, 8 Manse lane

DIRECTORY. 77Kennedy Jas., gatekeeper on the railway, and remnantwarehouse, 28 Ann streetKennedy Robert mason, 48 Nelson street, westKennedy William, dealer, 19 Dalrymple streetKennedy William, shipmaster, 6 Watt streetKennedy Miss Mary Anne, dressmaker, 1 Manse laneKennedy Mrs, lodgings, 8 Baker streetKennedy Mrs, eating house, 28 Dalrymple streetKennedy Mrs, lodgings, 1 Watt placeKENSLEY Samuel, customhouse <strong>of</strong>ficer, 18 AntiguastreetKENYON William, mate, 3 3 West Stewart streetKenyon Mrs William, lodgings, 21 John street19 Dalrymple streetKERNEY William, dealer,KER Alan, merchant, commission agent, and agentfor City <strong>of</strong> Glasgow bank, 46 Cathcart Street.House, 1 Grey PlaceKERR Alexander, soda water maker, 46 Inverkip st.Kerr Alexander, 72 Union streetKerr Archibald, merchant, West breast. House, 5Bogle streetKerr Daniel, feuar, Longwell closeKerr Duncan, policeman, 43 Crawfurd streetKerr James, farmer, GlenbraeKerr James, 1 Patrick streetKerr James, spirit dealer 10 West breast. House, 46Cathcart streetKerr John, clerk, 9 West Stewart streetKerr John, commercial traveller, 6 Manse laneKerr John, shipmaster, 27 Roxburgh streetKerr John, watchman, 5 West Quay laneKerr John, merchant and shipowner, 4 West Quay.House, 5 Abbotsford placeKerr John, brassfinisher, Lyle's land, Back walksKerr John, carpenter, 1 Regent streetKerr John, dealer, 6 VennelKerr John, mason, 1 Bruce streetKerr Peter$ carpenter, 3 John streetKerr Peter, engineer, 29 Charles streetKerr Patrick, huckster, 16 Market streetKerr Robert, West harbour master, <strong>of</strong>fice, East breast.House, 24 Nicholson streeti2

78 DIRECTORY.Kerr Robert, joiner, 22 John streetKerr Robert, brassfounder, M' Donald's land, BackwalksKerr William, feuar, 19 Hamilton streetKerr William, flesher, 51 Inverkip streetKerr Miss, 20 Mearns streetKerr Miss, feuar, 5 Longwell closeKerr Miss, dressmaker, 12 Tobago streetKerr Miss, 62 Roxburgh streetKerr Misses, 28 West Stewart streetKerr Mrs James, 9 West Stewart streetKerr Mrs John, spirit dealer, 18 Duncan streetKerr Mrs John, 33 Nicholson streetKerr Mrs John, 19 Hamilton streetKerr Mrs, 32 Eldon streetKerr Mrs, lodgings, 12 Sir Michael streetKerr Mrs, feuar, 2 Duncan streetKERRS & M'Bride, merchants and shipowners, WestQuay headKERRY Henry, huckster, 10 East Quay laneKEYS William, sugarboiler, 25 Baker streetKETTERER, Currie, & Co., clock manufacturers, 26Crawfurd streetKIDD John, shoemaker, 9 Cowgate streetKIDSTON A. G. & Co., iron and metal merchants,Virginia streetKIELT Henry, broker, 10 Taylor's closeArthur streetKILGOUR John, boilermaker, 21KILLOCH Robert, carpenter, 6 East Blackhall streetKILLAN Andrew, shoemaker, 8 Sir Michael streetKillan Robert, smith, 8 Ann streetKILLIN Samuel, potato merchant, 25 Bearhope st.gardener, 26 West Burn st.KILPATRICK, James,Kilpatrick Daniel, sugarbaker, Finieston, Port-GlasgowroadKINCAID John, ropemaker, 15 West Stewart streetKincaid Thomas, shipowner, Quarry bank,KING Alexander, carter, 22 Cartsburn streetKing David, carter, 3 fennelKing Gilbert, pastrybaker, 17 Cathcart streetKing James, gardener, GlenKing James, baker, 32 Sugarhouse lane

DIRECTORY. 79King John, ropespirmer, 3 Crawfurd streetKing John, labourer, 4 Watt streetKing Lindsay, Glasgow carrier, 35 Hamilton streetKing Ross, huckster, 1 Rue-end streetKing Thomas, Customs, 7 Kelly streetKing Thos., writer, 2 Watt place. Ho , Brigend houseKing Wm., coach proprieter, <strong>of</strong> M'Connell & King.House, 9 William street.King William, engineer, 23 East Shaw streetKing Miss, dressmaker, 4 Nicholson streetKing Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, 69 Main st., CartsdykeKINLOCH Mrs Archibald, 34 Ann streetKINNAIRD William, cooper, 28 Roxburgh streetKINNI BURGH James, carpenter, 14 Market streetKINNELL James, warehouseman, 4 Watt street11 Ardgowan squareKIPPEN Miss Mary,KIRK Adam & Co., tanners and curriers, 7 Harvielane and 3 Dalrymple street. House, 15 HopeAntigua streetplace,Kirk Robert, druggist, 57 Shaw street.Kirk Robert, mason, 76 Roxburgh streetKirk Thomas, shipmaster, 6 West Blackhall streetKIRKCALDY William, merchant, 34 Eldon streetKIRKMAN John, engineer, Armadale buildings,Back walksKIRKWOOD Alexander, mason, 7 Bruce streetEirkwood James, spirit dealer, 10 East breast.Kirkwood James, builder, Lyle's land, Back walksKirkwood John, joiner, 3 Bearhope streetKirkwood Mrs, huckster, 48 Inverkip streetHo., do.KNAGGS George, porter, 7 New Dock laneKNOX Alexander, carpenter, 10 Cathcart streetKnox Robert, jun., merchant, Glasgow. House, Westbank, 2 Margaret streetKnox Robert, joiner, 35 R oxburgh streetKnox Thomas, carpenter, 7 Under crescentKYLE Henry, broker, 3 VennelLADYBURN pottery, Port-Glasgow roadLAFFERTY Henry, boilermaker, 44 Ann street

80 IRECTORY.LAING Andrew, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder,49 Cathcart street. House, 34 Ann streetLAIRD Alexander & Sons, shipping agents, 2 CrossshorestreetLaird Alexander, carter, 10 Baker streetLaird Alexander, kilnman, 16 Bearhope streetLaird George R., clerk, 37 Ann streetLaird David, sladesman, Highlanders' academyLaird James, shoemaker, 4 Sir Michael streetLaird John, farmer, Bow, Inverkip roadLaird John, boilermaker, 8 Cross-shore streetLaird Thomas, shoemaker, 4 Nelson street, GlebeLaird William, clothier, 16 William street. House, 7Lyle street.Laird Miss, feuar, 48 Inverkip streetLaird Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 39 Cathcart streetLaird Mrs Archibald, lodgings, 2 Rue-end streetLaird Mrs John, lodgings, 19 Tobago streetLaird Mrs Sarah, spirit dealer, 6 Ann streetLAMB George, <strong>of</strong> Thomas Lamb & Sons. House, 5Trafalgar streetLamb Lawrence, assistant inspector <strong>of</strong> the fisheries.<strong>Office</strong>, 3 Bank street. House, 12 Brisbane streetLamb Thomas & Sons, joiners, glaziers, blockmakers,turners, and ship carpenters, 30 Market streetLamb William L., <strong>of</strong> Thomas Lamb & Sons. House,8 Shaw placeLamb Mrs Thomas, 5 Trafalgar streetLAMBIE John, carpenter, 41 Ann streetLAMBERT Francis, fireman, 3 Union courtLAMOND Duncan, carpenter, 7 Market streetLAMONT Alexander, carpenter, 97 Regent streetLamont Angus, carpenter, 7 Market streetLamont Colin, jr., banker, Union bank, 1 Hamilton st.House, 36 Eldon streetLamont C. D., accountant <strong>of</strong> Union bank <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>.House, 36 Eldon streetLamont Daniel, engineer, 33 Regent streetLamont Duncan, joiner, 69 Main street, CartsdykeLamont James, carpenter, 32 Cathcart streetLamont James & Co., stationers, 7 Cross-shore streetLamont James, shipmaster, 32 Dalrymple street

DIRECTORY. 81Lamoat John, labourer, 72 Roxburgh streetLamont John, carpenter, 8 Shaw streetLamont John, carpenter, 3 Manse laneLamont Neil, clothier, 19 Hamilton street. House, 9Captain streetLamont Peter, pensioner, 48 Charles streetLamont Miss, tailoress, 2 Clyde streetLamont Mrs Mary, lodgings, 7 John streetLamont Mrs Sarah, 22 Stanners streetLANCASHIRE Charles, coach trimmer, 10 Bruce st.LANDLES William, joiner, 8 East Shaw streetLANG- Alexander, carpenter, 14 Cross-shore streetLang Alexander, boilermaker, 34 Main st., Cartsdyke.Lang Archibald, bookseller, 9 John streetLang Daniel, sailmaker, 6 Chapel streetLang Duncan, engineer, 22 Mearns streetLang Gabriel, coachman, Garvel park, Port- GlasgowroadLang & Aitken, wrights, 15 Bogle streetLang James, <strong>of</strong> Lang & Aitken. Ho., 13 Lynedoch st.Lang James Innes, merchant and shipowner, 10 Broughamstreet. House, 7 Brougham streetLang John, blockmaker, 8 Ann streetLang John, grocer, 25 Dalrymple st. Ho., 22 Bank st.Lang John, moulder, 59 Main street, CartsdykeLang Matthew, carter and cowfeeder, 51 Roxburgh st.Lang Robert, mason, 5 Tobago st. Ho., 39 Ann st.Lang Robert, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 1 Bank st.Lang Robert, labourer, 22 Cathcart streetLang Samuel, cooper, 6 Kilblain streetLang Miss Janet, grocer, 6 Chapel streetLang Mrs, lodgings, 19 Cathcart streetLang Mrs, 27 Hamilton streetLang Mrs Thomas, 7 Brougham streetLang Mrs William, straw bonnet maker, 25 Charles st.LANGWILL Archibald, searcher, Customs. House,Orange fieldLangwill Archibald, jun„ writer, 8 Hamilton street.House, OrangefieldLangwill John, shipmaster, 4 Lyle streetLARKIE Mrs James, lodgings, 57 Shaw streetLASSEY James, carpenter, 1 Stanners street

82 IRECTORT.LATHAM David M., SeafieldLAUDER Mrs John, huckster, 3 John streetLAUGHTON Rev. Wm., <strong>of</strong> St Thomas' Free Church,10 Forsyth streetLAURIE Alexander, cooper, I Lynedoch streetLaurie Alexander, superintendent <strong>of</strong> Sailors' Home,Dock Breast. House, do.Laurie David, watchman, 3 Ardgowan street, GlebeLaurie Donald, porter, 36 Hamilton streetLaurie Duncan, carpenter, Ingleston hillLaurie Edward, boilermaker, 3 John streetLaurie & Fleming, carvers and gilders, 1 Bank streetLaurie James, <strong>of</strong> Laurie & Fleming. Ho., 41 Ann st.Laurie John, <strong>of</strong> Cowan & Laurie. Ho., 5 Roxburgh st.Laurie John, carpenter, 7 St Lawrence streetLaurie Neil, blockmaker, 5 Roxburgh streetLaurie W. L., M.D., physician. Consulting rooms, 27Hamilton street. House, 8 Ardgowan squareLAVENS Robert, carpenter, 13 Hamilton streetLAW Charles, pattern maker, 9 Under crescentLaw Mrs Archibald, 28 Dalrymple streetLaw Mrs James, 33 Nicholson streetLAWS ON David, carpenter, Armadale buildings,Back walks.Lawson Edmund, <strong>of</strong> John Lawson 8? Sons. House, 5Watt streetLawson John, <strong>of</strong> John Lawson & Sons. Ho., 5 Watt st.Lawson John & Sons, seedsmen, nurserymen, andflorists, 47 Hamilton street. Nurseries, Nelsonstreet west, Patrick street, and Robertson streetLawson John, joiner, McDonald's land, Back walksLawson Robert, mate, 4 Hamilton streetLawson William, <strong>of</strong> John Lawson & Sons. House, 5Watt streetLawson William, labourer, 1 Stanners streetLawson Mrs John, feuar, 6 East Shaw streetLEARY James, engineer, 92 East Hamilton streetLECKIE Archibald, painter, 3 Salmon streetLeckie, Mrs John, 13 Hope place, Antigua streetLEE Robert, pilot, Mount place, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetLEES Robert, engineer, 17 Brougham streetLees Thomas, joiner, 48 Nelson street west

DIRECTORY. 83Lees Mrs Agnes, 19 Shaw streetLEITCH Alexander, steamboat master, 45 Rue-end st.Leitch Angus, pilot, 7 West Stewart streetLeitch Angus, cooper, 30 Dalrymple streetLeitch Angus, spirit dealer, 26 Dalrymple streetLeitch Archibald, coachman, 1 West Stewart streetLeitch Arthur 0., bonded warehouse keeper and agent,4 West quay. Ho., Madeira lodge, Newark streetLeitch Charles, joiner, 13 Sir Michael streetLeitch Daniel, law clerk, Sheriff clerk's <strong>of</strong>ficeLeitch Daniel carpenter, 32 Ann streetLeitch Dougal, carter, Cartsburn cottageLeitch Duncan, mate, 5 West Quay laneLeitch Duncan, coachman, 7 Highland closeLeitch John, painter and paper-hanger, 10 West breastHouse, 13 Hope place, Antigua streetLeitch John, joiner, 15 Baker streetLeitch John, grocer, 41 Ann streetLeitch John, ropespinner, 51 Roxburgh streetLeitch, Neil, searcher and landing waiter, Customs.House, Mount parkLeitch Neil, steamboat master, Armadale buildings,Back walksLeitch Patrick, shipmaster, 13 Ardgowan squareLeitch Quintin & Co., ropemakers, 11 West breastLeitch William, <strong>of</strong> Quintin Leitch & Co. House, MadeiraLodge, Newark streetLeitch William T. shopman, 5 Lynedoch streetLeitch William, smith, 22 Ann streetLeitch Mrs John, 13 Ardgowan squareLeitch Mrs, 5 Buccleuch streetLeitch Mrs, 31 Dalrymple streetLeitch Mrs William, Madeira lodge, Newark streetLENANS Robert, carpenter, 13 Hamilton streetLENARD James, cooper, 36 West Burn streetLenard James, lathsplitter, 14 Inverkip streetLenard Alexander, labourer, 9 Highland closeLENNON Mrs P. grocer, 22 Tobago streetLENNOX Archibald, smith, 23 East Shaw streetLennox Charles, joiner, 33 Regent streetLennox Hugh, pattern maker, M'Donald's land, Backwalks

84 DIRECTORY.Lennox John & Co., felt manufacturers, 29 Main street,CartsdykeLennox John, <strong>of</strong> John Lennox & Co. House, 6 EastBlackhall streetLennox Mrs John, Ford, Finnart roadLESLIE, James, boiler maker, 15 John streetLESTER James, sawyer, 23 VennelLETHAM, William, clerk, 35 East Shaw streetLetham Mrs Robert, 35 East Shaw streetLEVANS John, potato dealer, 10 Inverkip streetLEWIS, William, rigger, 4 Smith's laneLIDDELL William J, grain merchant, 1 East Quaylane. House, Berryburn, GourockLiddell Mrs, 8 Trafalgar streetLILLEY John, labourer, 33 East Shaw streetLINDSAY Andrew, <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> Spinning Co.House,Prospect hill.Lindsay Luke, watchmaker, Mount viewLindsay Robert, mason, 42 Inverkip streetLindsay William & Co., merchants, ship brokers, andcommission agents, Excise buildingsLindsay William, <strong>of</strong> William Lindsay & Co. House,Mount parkLISTON Robert, grocer, 38 Shaw streetLITTLE James, wine and spirit dealer, 1 East breast.House, 17 Lynedoch streetLittle James, customhouse clerk, 6 Brougham streetLittle James & Co., merchants and commission agents,Excise buildingsLittle Robert, merchant. Excise buildings. House,Finnart CottageLittle Mrs James, 6 Brougham streetLittle Robert, tinsmith, 11 East Quay laneLIVERPOOL Traders' <strong>Office</strong>, I West Quay. Archd.M'Kenzie, agentLIVINGSTON Alexander, boilermaker, 31 Charles st.Livingston Angus, joiner, 10 East Shaw streetLivingston Donald, late leather merchant, 6 WestStewart streetLivingston John, gardener, 26 VennelLivingston Neil, spirit, wine, and ale vaults, 2 Mansionhouselane. House, do.

DIRECTORY. 85Livingston Robert, blacksmith, 92 East Hamilton st.Livingston Miss, lodgings, 31 Charles streetLivingston Mrs Jane, 11 John streetLOAN John, soapboiler, 17 Tobago street9 Crawford streetLOCHHEAD Mrs James,Lochhead Mrs Matthew, 33 West Blackhall streetLOGAN John, potato dealer, 25 VermelLogan Steven, grocer, 45 Shaw streetLogan Miss, sempstress, 37 Nicholson streetLogan Mrs William, grocer, 22 Dalrymple streetLogan Mrs, dealer, 1 VennelLONG & Barwick, hoop manufacturers, 18 West Burnstreet, and 35 Centre street, GlasgowLong Nicholas, <strong>of</strong> Long & Barwick. Ho., 5 Watt st.LONGWILL Robert, copper and tinsmith, 9 Hamiltonstreet. House, 7 Mearns streetLongwill Mrs, 20 West Blackhall streetLONGAN William, labourer, 13 Cartsburn street14 Dalrymple streetLOUGHRAN Peter, dealer,LOUDOUN Alexander, clerk, <strong>Post</strong> <strong>of</strong>fice. House, 29Roxburgh streetLOVE Andrew, smith and farrier, 50 Rue-end street.House, 59 do.Love James, joiner, 5 Market streetLove John, governor <strong>of</strong> prison, 1 Market street. House,Bank streetLove John, session-clerk, and registrar <strong>of</strong> births,deaths, and marriages, for East parish. Musicand piano-forte warehouse, 11 Cathcart street.House, do.Love Robt., nautical instrument maker, 64 Roxburgh stLove Mrs A., huckster, 3 John streetLove Mrs John, gardener, 2 Newark streetLove Mrs, 3 Hamilton streetLOW Alexander, manager Kingston sawmills. Ho.,Inch bank cottage.Low Andrew, agent to Seamen's chapel. House, 28West Blackhall streetLow Mrs, sempstress, 6 Bruce streetLUMSDEN Miss, mangier, 12 Inverkip streetLUSK Robert, wholesale grocer, 14 Charles street.House, George square

86 DIRECTORY.LYALL Alexander, Campfield, GourockLyall James, refreshment rooms, east end <strong>of</strong> Victoriaharbour, Rue end streetLYGGAT James, shoemaker, 35 Cathcart streetLyggat John, tailor, 34 Sir Michael streetLYLE Abram & Sons, coopers and stave merchants, 6Nicholson streetLyle Abram, <strong>of</strong> Abram Lyle fy Sons. House, 15 KilblainstreetLyle Alexander, moulder, Lyle's land, Back walksLyle David, carter, Bruce street cottageLyle Duncan, cooper, 4 Nicholson streetLyle George, carter, 5 Shaw streetLyle John, wine and spirit merchant, 4 West Quay laneHouse, 2 Shaw placeLyle John, spirit dealer, 18 Invsrkip streetLyle Matthew, shipmaster, 4 Hamilton streetLyle Robt., <strong>of</strong> Abram Lyle & Sons. Ho. 4 Nicholson st.Lyle Thomas, boatbuilder, 35 Rue-end street. House,32 Regent streetLyle William, comb, brush, and basket shop, 14 WilliamstreetLyle Mrs John, 5 Kelly streetLYNCH Mrs William, lodgings, 2 Highland closeLYNN Michael, mason, 8 Tobago streetLynn Thomas, labourer, 3 Under crescentLYON David, farmer, Cartsburn houseLyon James, mariner, 6 Nelson street, GlebeLyon James, locker, 8 Chapel streetLyon John, joiner, 10 Antigua streetLyon John, brassfounder and gasfitter, 2 East Blackhallstreet. House, 8 Baker streetLyon Malcom, carpenter, 4 Tobago streetLyon William, cooper, 6 Roslin streetLyon William, toy and basket warehouse, 12 WestBlackball streetLyon Miss, 8 Kelly streetLyon Mrs Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer,streetLyon Mrs Robert, 54 West Blackhall streetLyon Mrs, 12 Bogle streetLYONS Patrick, 4 Bearhope street2 Tobago

DIRECTORY. 87MADDEN William, labourer, 9 Broad closeMAGNETIC Telegraph Co., 8Cathcart squareMAIN Duncan, smith, 8 East Shaw streetMain Hugh Capt., 11 West Stewart streetMMain Robert, tidewaiter, 28 West Blackhall streetMain Mrs Robert, 18 Kelly streetMAINS James, ropemaker, Lyle's laud, Back walksMAITLAND Henry, joiner, 26 Sir Michael streetMaitland John, watch and clockmaker, 11 Market st.Maitland John, timekeeper, 44 Inverkip streetMALCOLM Andrew, labourer, 44 VennelMalcolm & Co., coopers and fishcurers, 3 East Shaw st.Malcolm Daniel, weaver, 53 VennelMalcolm Rev. James, Baptist minister, 7 Brisbane st.Malcolm John, cooper, 29 Sir Michael streetMalcolm Walter, <strong>of</strong> Malcolm & Go. House, 9 LynedochstreetMALCOM John, inspector <strong>of</strong> poor. <strong>Office</strong>, Captainstreet. House, 56 Ann streetMANEU William, labourer, 23 Ann streetMANN Alexander, superintendent <strong>of</strong> police. <strong>Office</strong>,6 Hamilton street. House, 15 Nelson streetMann Charles, shipmaster, East Regent streetMann & Sutherland, merchants and agents, 1 and 3East Quay laneMann James W., <strong>of</strong> Mann

88 DIRECTORY.Marshall Robert, shoemaker, 25 Ann streetMarshall William & Son, tanners, skinners, and woolmerchants, Ladjburn, Port-GlasgowMarshall William, grocer, 27 Hamilton street. House,39 Ann streetMarshall W T illiam, boilermaker, 56 VennelMarshall Miss, 56 Roxburgh streetMarshall Miss Catherine, Ladjburn houseMarshall Mrs James, 34 Ann streetMARTIN Alexander, bootcloser, 20 Ann streetMartin & Co., shipowners, 8 William streetMartin Daniel, sailmaker, 1 East Shaw streetMartin David, engineer, 12 Bearhope streetMartin David, carpenter, Lyle's land, Back walksMartin James, cabinetmaker, 64 Roxburgh streetMartin James, engineer, 16 Cross-shore streetMartin John, smith, Ingleston roadMartin John, cutler, 37 Shaw st. Ho., 15 Baker st.Martin John, labourer, 9 East Quay laneMartin John, <strong>of</strong> Hoyle, Martin & Go. House, Rosebank,25 Forsyth streetMartin Neil, carpenter, 13 Cross-shore streetMartin Neil, labourer, 35 Cathcart streetMartin R. and J., bakers, 31 Hamilton streetMartin Robert, baker, 31 Hamilton streetMartin Robert, pansman, 6 Nelson street, GlebeMartin Robert, steward, 16 Cross-shore streetMartin Thomas, shipmaster, 29 Sir Michael streetMartin William, <strong>of</strong> Martin & Co. Ho., 18 Patrick st.Martin Mi*s, 11 Market streetMartin Mrs, lodgings, 12 Cross-shore streetMartin Mrs Joseph, 4 Dalrymple streetMartin Mrs Thomas, 29 Sir Michael streetMASON Hall, 17 Charles streetMason Henry, moulder, 34 Dalrymple streetMason John, grocer and mason, 49 Roxburgh streetMason Mrs, lodgings, 40 West Burn streetMASTER Wrights' Society's Hearse House, 12 BearhopestreetMASTERSON Edward, mariner, 1MATHIE John, carter, 23 Main street,Mathie Margaret, 20 West Blackhall streetClarence streetCartsdyke

DIRECTORY. 89MATHIESON Neil, boot & shoemaker,31 Cathcartstreet. House, 2 Watt placeMathieson Robert, smith, 9 Arthur streetMathieson Robert, joiner, 5 Bruce streetMathieson Roderick, joiner, Armadale buildingsMathieson Mrs Angus, 23 East Shaw streetMathieson Mrs Edward, 12 Market streetMAUM Mrs, huckster, 7 Sir Michael streetMAXTON Mrs Peter, 19 Patrick streetMAXWELL James, smith, I East Shaw streetMaxwell John, engineer, 43 Ann streetMAY Archibald, baker, 38 VennelMAYS Robert, clothier, pawnbroker, and auctioneer,10 and 12 Dalrymple street, and 1 Bell entry.House, Bell entryMEIKLEJOHN Alexander, shopman, Lyle's land,Back walksMeiklejohn Robert, engineer, 9 John streetMECHANICS' <strong>Library</strong> and Reading-Room, Mechanics'Institution, 1 1 Sir Michael streetMEHAR Thomas, tailor, 13 Highland closeMECHAN Thomas, carpenter, 20 Stanners streetCartsdykeMELROSE William, cooper, 60 Main st.,MELVIN Alexander, blacksmith, 2 John streetMelvin William & Co., commission agents, 5 Marketstreet. House, Ashton, GourockMENZIES Alexander, sailmaker, 2 Virginia street.House, 35 Regent streetMenzies James, feuar and gardener, 20 Hamilton st.Menzies John, working silversmith and jeweller, 5Hamilton st. House, 12 West Blackhall streetMenzies William, cooper,15 Baker streetMenzies William, tailor, 8 Hamilton streetMenzies William H., shipmaster, 11 Antigua streetMenzies William, watchmaker, 5 Hamilton street.House, 8 do.Menzies Mrs, midwife, 7 Duncan streetMETHODIST Chapel, 11 Tobago streetMEWETT John, mariner, 43 Crawfurd streetMIDDLE (Free) Church, West Burn streetMiddle Parish Church, Cathcart squareMiddle Parish School, 9 Ann streets2

90 DIRECTORY.MIDDLETON James, engineer, 6 Ljle streetMILLAR Alexander, pawnbroker, 31 Vennel. House,35 Ann streetMillar Andrew, carpenter, 15 John streetMillar Andrew, cowfeeder, 5 Bearhope streetMillar Archibald, blockmaker, 23 East Shaw streetMillar Charles, gardener, AuchindarrochMillar David, carter, East Hamilton streetMillar David, smith, 5 John streetMillar Duncan, shoemaker, 15 Inverkip streetMillar Hugh, carpenter, 1 Carnock streetMillar James, late farmer, 49 Inverkip streetMillar James, joiner, 72 Roxburgh streetMiller James, <strong>of</strong> Caird & Co., 9 Forsyth streetMiller James, jun., engineer, <strong>of</strong> Caird & Co., 6 St Andrew'ssquareMiller John & Co., general agents, 5 West quayMiller John, <strong>of</strong> John Miller & Co. House, 22 PatrickstreetMillar John, baker, 3 Hamilton street, and 12 Ann st.House, do.Millar John, harbour master, East breast. House, 31Rue-end streetMillar John, carter, 2 Springkell streetMillar John, labourer, 38 VennelMillar John, smith, 37 Crawfurd streetMillar John, cooper, 5 Factory laneMillar Joseph, carter and keeper <strong>of</strong> washing-green,Nelson streetMillar Joseph, labourer, 2 Cowgate streetMillar Robert, baker, 5 Hamilton street. House, do-Millar Robert, bottler, at Geo. Todd & Co.-> 5 Bruce at.Millar Robert, shipowner, 41 Union streetMillar Robert, joiner, 8 Ann streetMillar Robert, smith, 12 St Lawrence streetMillar Thomas, inn-keeper, George Hotel, 3 East breastMiliar Thomas, railway guard, 1 Bearhope streetillar William, blacksmith, 1Arthur streetMillar W. & A., fleshers, 16 Cartsburn street. House,25 Arthur streetMillar William, roller coverer, Drumfrochar roadMillar William, farmer, Bhawhirly

DIRECTORY. 91Millar William, moulder, 5 Cowgate streetMillar William, shipmaster, 35 Crawfurd streetMillar William, spirit dealer, 42 Cathcart streetMillar William & Co., drapers, 38 Hamilton streetMillar Misses, teachers, 38 Sir Michael streetMillar Miss, 2 Jamaica streetMillar Miss, dressmaker, 16 Sir Michael streetMillar Miss, lodgings, 45 Rue-end streetMillar Mrs Agnes, spirit dealer, 38 Ann streetMillar Mrs John, lodgings, 1 Stanners streetMillar Mrs John, huckster, 29 Charles streetMillar Mrs John, lodgings, 17 Nicholson streetMillar Mrs Thomas, grocer, 40 Crawfurd streetMillar Mrs William, 16 Sir Michael streetMillar Mrs, 46 Dalrymple streetMILLARD Mrs, sausage maker, 2 Tobago streetMILLIG AN John, flesher, 49 Main street,Milligan William, clerk, 95 Regent streetMILLS Benjamin, carpenter, 37 Rue-end streetMills Charles, clerk, 82 Regent streetMills Robert, blacksmith, 5 Lyle streetMills William, mariner, 4 Sir Michael streetMills Mrs, 29 Hamilton streetCartsdykeMILNE David P., shoemaker, Lyle's land, Back walksMilne Edward, smith, 58 VennelMilne James, boot and shoemaker, 45 Cathcart street.House, 3 Tobago streetMilne James, jun., teacher and accountant/ 37 West-House, 4 Kilblain streetburn street.Milne Richard, mason, 48 Inverkip streetMINNAS Hugh, carter, 11 St Andrew's streetMINTO George, grocer, 8 East Shaw streetMITCHELL Adam, bookbinder, 41 Cathcart street.House, 32 Ann streetMitchell James, Leith and Kincardine tavern, 7 EastbreastMitchell John, foreman, Western Saw Mill, 38 WestStewart streetMitchell John, smith, 7 Sir Michael streetMitchell Matthew, <strong>of</strong> Thomson & Mitchell. House, 8Ardgowan street westMitchell Robert, sawyer, 3 Hamilton street

92 DIRECTORY.Mitchell Robert, carpenter, Ingleston roadMitchell Thomas, mason, 4 Sir Michael streetMitchell William, joiner, Ingleston roadMitchell William, boilermaker, 9 Main st., CartsdykeMitchell William, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksMitchell Miss, 23 Nicholson streetMOFFAT George, superintendent <strong>of</strong> fire engines,flesh and other markets. House, 11 Charles st.M<strong>of</strong>fat James, painter, 62 VennelM<strong>of</strong>fat Mrs William, lodgings, 22 Cartsburn streetMOLE James, tailor, 27 East Shaw streetMOLLAND Miss, dressmaker, 51 Rue-end streetMolland Mrs Capt., 51 Rue-end streetMOLLOY Duncan, mariner, 9 East Shaw streetMolloy George, bag dealer, 15 Crawfurd streetMONTGOMERY Donald, baker, 12 West Blackhall stMontgomery John, labourer, 13 Clarence streetMontgomery Robert, carpenter, 27 Hamilton streetMontgomery Robert, cooper, Ingleston roadMontgomery Mrs, farmer, Low CowdenknowesMOODY Allan, grocer, 42 Main street, CartsdykeMoody James, mate, 5 Cowgate streetMoody James, huckster, 47 Main street, CartsdykeMoody M. & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 18 Hamiltonstreet. House, 46 Cathcart streetMoody William, shoemaker, 46 Cathcart streetMoody William, sawyer, LadyburnMOONEY Daniel, huckster, 4 Manse laneMooney Henry, sharper, Drumfrochar roadMooney Richard, labourer, Drumfrochar roadMOORE John, boarding house, Shannon's closeMORE Andrew, causeway contractor, 1 William st.More Mrs Andrew, feuar, 3 Bearhope streetMore Mrs James, 65 Roxburgh streetMore Mrs James, 8 Chapel streetMORGAN George, sailmaker, 26 VennelMORNING John, potter, Clyde PotteryMORIES & Nicol, coal merchants, 5 East India breastMories John & Co., timber measurers and merchants,10 East India breastMories John, <strong>of</strong> John Mories & Go.streetHouse, 62 Regent

6DIRECTORY. 93Mories Miss Janet, milliner and straw-hat maker, 1Cathcart streetMORREN Mrs Nathaniel, 29 Brougham streetMorris Hugh, spirit dealer, 27 VennelMORRIS John, spirit dealer, 33 Dalrjmple streetMorris John, feuar, 8 West Burn streetMORRISON Alexander, blacksmith, 20 Market streetMorrison Allan, smith, 13 John streetMorrison, Archd., <strong>of</strong> Morrison & Son, 44 Eldon streetMorrison Duncan, cartwright, 13 Sir Michael streetMorrison George, grocer, 39 Hamilton street. House,6 West Stewart streetMorrison George, joiner, 49 Inverkip streetMorrison Hugh, maltman, 35 Nicholson streetMorrison James, flesher, 7 West Blackhall street. Ho.,21 Nicholson streetMorrison James, moulder, 3 John streetMorrison James, <strong>of</strong> J. Morrison & Sons, 7 Kelly streetMorrison James, agent, 2 East Blackhall street.Morrison John, engineer, 17 John streetMorrison John, sawyer, 11 Arthur streetMorrison John, skipper, 30 Nicholson streetMorrison John, shoemaker, 32 Sugarhouse laneMorrison John & Sous, booksellers, binders, paperrulers, manufacturing stationers, and librarians,6 William street, 67 Rue-end street, and 21 HamiltonstreetMorrison John, <strong>of</strong> John Morrison & Sons, 38 Sir MichaelstreetMorrison John, jun., <strong>of</strong> John Morrison & Sons, Cappielowcottage, Port-Glasgow roadMorrison Malcolm, joiner and glazier, 30 West Blackhallstreet. House, 50 Eldon streetMorrison Norman, shoemaker, 2 Buccleuch steetMorrison Peter, carpenter, 32 Tobago streetMorrison Peter, superintendent <strong>of</strong> Shaws Water Company'sWorks, Overton cottageMorrison Robert, landing waiter, Customs, 50 Eldon stMorrison Robert, blacksmith, 5 Bruce streetMorrison & Smith, clothiers and outfitter, 7 William st.Morrison William, collector <strong>of</strong> harbour dues, 11 WestStewart street

94 DIRECTORY.Morrison William, smith, 35 Nicholson streetMorrison Miss Elizabeth, mangier, 6 West Stewart st.Morrison Miss, lodgings, 8 Shaw streetMorrison Mrs Neil, 43 Crawfurd streetMORTON Rev. Andrew, Fox streetMorton & Young, tea dealers, 30 Hamilton streetMorton James, <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> Iron Go., 11 Ardgowan sq.Morton John, 5 Wellington streetMOSSMAN James, joiner, 2 Bruce streetMossman John, joiner, 5 Market streetMossman William, joiner, 56 Roxburgh streetMOTION Robert, mariner, 12 Sprinkell streetMOULD William, tailor, 16 Cross-shore streetMOUNT Peter, labourer, 6 Smith's laneMOWAT Daniel, pilot, 39 Crawford streetMUIR Alexander, mate, 5 Lynedoch streetMuir Allan, sen., grain merchant, 15 Kelly streetMuir Allan, jun., baker, 19 Hamilton st. Ho., 27 do.Muir Archibald, spirit dealer, 45 Shaw streetMuir Charles, nail maker, 4 East Shaw streetMuir Crawford, writer, 5 Hamilton street. House, 32West Blackball streetMuir David, baker, 15 Market streetMuir Duncan, porter, 23 Charles streetMuir Hugh, smith, 14 St Andrew streetMuir James, precentor and gas inspector, 1 Bruce stMuir James, joiner, 10 Baker streetMuir James, joiner, Kingston Sawmills, Port- GlasgowroadMuir James, boilermaker, 32 A nn streetMuir John, baker, 28 West Blackhall streetMuir Joseph, mason, M'Kelvie's land, Duncan streetMuir Mathew, porter, 9 Argyle streetMuir Neil, baker, 5 William street. House, do.Muir Richard, merchant, 16 Kelly streetMuir Robert, baker, 26 Shaw streetMuir Robert, shoemaker, 3 Tobago streetMuir Robert, provision merchant, 25 Vennel. House,Mount place, Ann streetMuir Robert, mason and precentor, 41 Ann streetMuir Samuel, steamboat pilot, 15 Cross-shore streetMuir Thomas, engineer, Lyle's land, Back walks

DIRECTORY.Muir William, sawyer, Kingston Sawmills, Port-Glasgow roadMuir William, porter, 5 Shaw streetMuir William, locker, Customs, 9 Captain streetMuir William, carpenter, 11 Arthur streetMuir William, boot and shoemaker, 33 Cathcart street.House, 15 Lynedoch streetMuir William, carpenter, Lyle's land, Back walksMuir Isabella, sempstress, 4 East Shaw streetMuir Miss J., lodgings, Armadale buildings, Back walksMuir Miss, 13 West Stewart streetMuir Mrs, huckster, 8 Cross-shore streetMuir Mrs, 1 Cowgate streetMuir Mrs, Eosehill cottageMuir Mrs, lodgings, 16 East Quay laneMuir Mrs George, Mount park cottage, Bank streetMULHERN Charles, 12 Hamilton streetMulhern James, stevedore, 10 West breastMulhern Thomas, 28 Dalrymple streetMULLEN James, shoemaker, 29 VennelMullen Patrick, labourer, 12 Inverkip streetMUNDAY Peter, cooper, 31 Hamilton streetMUNN Duncan, porter, 23 Charles streetMunn James, 11 West breastMunn John, shipmaster, 11 West breastMunn Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Smith's laneMunn Miss Janet, dressmaker, 1 Manse laneMUNRO Alexander, brass founder, 39 Ann streetMunro Alexander, shoemaker, 3 Cowgate streetMunro Alexander, labourer, 28 Crawfurd streetMunro Andrew & Co., agents and commission merchants,5 West quayMunro Andrew, <strong>of</strong> Andrew Munro 6s Go. House, 19Ardgowan street westMunro Andrew, carpenter, 47 Dalrymple streetMunro Angus, 18 VennelMunro Angus, railway clerk, 10 Bruce streetMunro Donald, carpenter, 7 Mearns streetMunro James, labourer, 27 Roxburgh streetMunro John, shoemaker, 38 Ann streetMunro M., grocer and provision merchant, 10 and 20Cartsburn street. House, 25 Arthur street

96 DIRECTORY.Munro Robert, tinsmith, 5 Cowgate streetMunro William, spirit dealer, 53 Main street, Cartsdyke2 Open shoreMURCHIE Alexander, deep sea pilot,Murchie James, slater, 8 Cartsburn streetMurchie James, policeman, 8 Shaw streetMurchie Mrs, lodgings, 8 Cross-shore streetMURDOCH Duncan, blanket warehouse, 14 TobagostreetMurdoch John, boilermaker, 23 Arthur streetMurdoch John, watchman, 10 Shaw streetMurdoch Mrs Robert, lodgings, 16 Hamilton streetMurdoch Mrs William, feuar, 12 Bank streetMURPHY A. & W., shoemakers, 3 Dalrymple streetMurphy John, dealer, 3 Taylor's closeMurphy Paul, shoemaker, 16 Dalrymple streetMURRAY Alexander, ropemaker, 9 Tobago streetMurray Alexander, patternmaker, 7 Cathcart streetMurray George, delp and toy shop, 18 Tobago streetMurray Hugh, moulder, 1 Springkell streetMurray James, watchman, 9 Duncan streetMurray James, rope and rag dealer, 3 Lindsay's laneMurray James, labourer, 49 Inverkip streetMurray James, joiner, 65 Roxburgh streetMurray James, turner, 31 Charles streetMurray James, smith, 9 Cowgate streetMurray James, basket maker, 3 Cowgate streetMurray John, smith, 15 John streetMurray John, butler, 40 Eldon streetMurray John, labourer, 15 Stanners streetMurray John, boilermaker, 3 Cowgate streetMurray Peter, teacher, 17 East Shaw street. House,5 Trafalgar streetMurray Robert, spiritdealer, 71 Main street, CartsdykeMurray Robert, engineer, 25 Lynedoch streetMurray William, joiner, 18 Hamilton streetMurray William, huckster, 36 VennelMurray William, carpenter, 7 West Stewart streetMurray William, smith, 11 Arthur streetMurray Mrs George, feuar, 5 Union streetMurray Mrs Robert, ladies' seminary, 2 York streetMurray Mrs Robert, lodgings, ll Arthur street

DIRECTORY. 97Murray Mrs, 46 Cathcart streetMUSHET John, boilermakor, 13 Rue-end streetMYETT John, potter, Clyde PotteryM

98 DIRECTORY.M'ANULTY Michael, lodgings and eating house, 9East Quay laneM'ARA & Stark, clothiers and tailors,Buildings,29 Cathcart street<strong>Greenock</strong> BankM'Ara Eenton, <strong>of</strong> M'Ara & Stark, 9 Trafalgar streetM'Ara Mrs James, lodgings, 2 Cartsburn streetM'ARTHUR & Binnie, merchants and ship brokers,23 Cathcart streetM'Arthur Alexander, carpenter, 11 Arthur streetM' Arthur Archibald, skipper, 97 Regent streetM' Arthur Andrew, carpenter, 3 Cowgate streetM' Arthur Andrew, carpenter, 8 Antigua streetM'Arthur Alexander, carpenter, 11 Arthur streetM'Arthur Chas., coppersmith, Lyle'sland, Back walksM'Arthur Coll, lodgings, 3 Shannon's closeM (Arthur Daniel, ropemaker, 31 Charles streetM'Arthur Donald, carpenter, 28 Shaw streetM'Arthur Donald, tailor and clothier, 42 Shaw streetM'Arthur Dugald, spirit dealer, 8 Broad closeM'Arthur Duncan, sawyer, 5 Cowgate streetM f Arthur Duncan, stationer, Anderson Place, Cathcartstreet. House, 5 East Blackhall streetM'Arthur Duncan, tailor, 16 Antigua streetM'Arthur Duncan, labourer, 62 VennelM'Arthur George, police <strong>of</strong>ficer, 3 Ann streetM'Arthur Hugh, grocer, 35 Hamilton street. House,13 West Htewart streetM'Arthur James, clothier, 23 Arthur streetM'Arthur James & Co., tailors and clothiers, 42 Shawstreet. House, 10 Shannon's closeM'Arthur James, mariner, 46 Cathcart StreetM'Arthur James, spirit dealer, 40 Dalrymple streetM'Arthur John, spirit dealer, 12 East breast. House,1 William streetM'Arthur John, carter, 13 John streetM'Arthur John, shipmaster, 3 Tobago streetM'Arthur John, tinsmith, 64 Roxburgh streetM'Arthur Malcom, labourer, 1 Springkell streetM'Arthur, Peter, wheelwright, 24 East Shaw streetM'Arthur Peter, seaman, 33 Hamilton streetM'Arthur Peter, shipmaster, 23 Sir Michael streetM'Arthur Robert, potato dealer, 47 Inverkip street

DIRECTORY. 99M' Arthur William, Ml<strong>of</strong> Arthur & Binnie. House,Seafield cottage, Eldon streetM* Arthur William, provision dealer, 13 VennelM'Arthur William, labourer, 9 Under crescentM'Arthur Miss, feuar, 7 Brougham streetM'Arthur Mrs, lodgings, 32 Inverkip streetM'Arthur Mrs, matron, Poor house, Captain streetM'Arthur Mrs, lodgings, 14 St Andrew streetM'Arthur Mrs, 18 Duncan streetM'Arthur Mrs, spirit dealer, 24 Dalrymple streetM cArthur, Mrs, milliner, 21 Tobago streetM'Arthur Mrs A., 23 Lynedoch streetM'Arthur Mrs Daniel, 10 Trafalgar streetM'Arthur Mrs Daniel, 9 East Shaw streetM'Arthur Mrs Lachlan, 3 Bearhope streetMACAULAY John, Bellevue, 17 Eldon streetMacaulay Thomas, merchant, Bellevue, 17 Eldon streetM'AULAY & Downie, spirit dealers, 8 West breastM'Aulay & Downie, coopers, 20 VennelM'Aulay Aulay, locker, Customs, Mount place, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>tstreetM'Aulay Peter, smith, 1Arthur streetM'Aulay Miss, 31 West Blackhall streetMACAUSLAND Robert, hosiery and furnishing warehouse,4 Albert place, West Blackhall streetM'AUSLAND Archibald, boilermaker, 3 Under crest.M'Ausland Charles, labourer, 38 VennelM'Ausland David, currier, LadyburnM'Ausland John, grocer, 7 Tobago streetM'Ausland Robert, tide waiter, 28 Sir Michael streetM'Ausland Mrs George, 22 Crawfurd streetM'Ausland Elizabeth, lodgings, 3 Inverkip streetMACBAY Thomas, leather merchant, 4 Dalrymple st.MACBETH Norman, artist, 28 Eldon street, LowGourock roadM'BREARTY Dennis, boot and shoe maker, 16 Hamiltonstreet. House, 16 Dalrymple streetM'BRIDE Alexander, shipmaster, 3 2 Brisbane streetM'Bride Alexander, steamboat porter, 55 Shaw st.M'Bride Archibald, pilot, 2 VennelM'Bride Charles, huckster, 36 VennelM'Bride Daniel, smith, 40 West Burn street

100 DIRECTORY.M'Bride Hugh, carpenter, 18 Tobago streetM'Bride James, smith, 8 St Lawrence steeetM' Bride James, carter, 28 Tobago streetM'Bride Peter, <strong>of</strong> Kerrs & M'Bride, Seafield, MargaretstreetM'Bride William, labourer, 35 VennelM'Bride Mrs Neil, 41 VennelM'Bride Mrs, dressmaker, 6 Antigua streetM'CAFFERTY Daniel, labourer, 8 Bearhope streetM'Cafferty Peter, cooper, 2 Crawfurd streetM'CALL Archd., wholesale and retail grocer and baker,23 Hamilton street. House, 24 do.M'Call Duncan, grocer, 24 Tobago streetM'Call Dugald, grocer, 9 Cathcart street.Ho., 16 do.M'Call David, miller, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Call, Miss Margaret, lodgings, 9 Argyle streetM'Call Mrs, druggist, 2 Rue-end streetMACCALL Thomas Smith, M.D., Fellow <strong>of</strong> the RoyalCollege <strong>of</strong> Physicians <strong>of</strong> Edinburgh, 42 WestBlackhall streetM'CALLUM, Alexander, flesher, 31 Roxburgh street.M'Callum Allan, porter, 19 Hamilton streetM'Callum, Archibald, writer and procurator fiscal <strong>of</strong> thetown <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, 6 Hamilton street. House, 8Kelly streetM'Callum Daniel, smith, Chambers' land, Port GlasgowroadM'Callum Daniel, spirit dealer and eating house keeper,7 East breastM'Callum Donald, labourer, 29 Charles streetM'Callum Donald, gardener, Drumfrochar roadM'Callum Dugald, mariner, 32 Dalrymple streetM'Callum Dugald, feuar, 1 West Stewart streetM'Callum Duncan, captain, 17 Roxburgh streetM'Callum Duncan, captain, 82 Regent streetM'Callum Hugh, labourer, 5 Shaw streetM'Callum James, iron merchant, nail and rivet manufacturer,55 Shaw street. House, 5 Springkell st.M'Callum John, engineer, 5 Kilblain streetM'Callum John, engineer, Iugleston roadM'Callum John, warehouseman, 36 Sir Michael streetM'Callum John, ropemaker, 82 Regent street

DIRECTORY. 101M' Galium Malcolm, carpenter, Cartsburn house.M'Callum Niel, labourer, 40 Inverkip streetM'Callum Neil, carpenter, 4 Dalrymple streetM'Callum Neil, eatinghouse keeper, 4 East breastM'Callum Norman, coal agent, Harvie lane. House, 12VennelM'Callum Thos. P., 5 Springkell streetM'Callum William, carpenter, 21 Crawfurd streetM'Callum Miss, lodgings, 4 Inverkip streetM'Callum Miss Catherine, grocer, 10 East Shaw st.M'Callum Mrs Margaret, lodgings, 3L Regent streetM'Callum Mrs Donald, spirit dealer, 12 Market streetM'Callum Mrs John, 28 Crawfurd streetM'Callum Mrs, lodgings, 35 VennelM'Callum Mrs, 6 Ann streetM'CAMBRIDGE Mrs James, spirit dealer, 10 VennelM'CAMMOND David, innkeeper, Wheat Sheaf Inn,4 Church placeM'CANN Charles, flesher, 16 Hamilton street. House,14 do.M'Cann John, eating-house, 6 East Quay laneM'CARTNEY David, carter, 3 Captain streetM'CARRAL Bernard, nail maker, 31 VennelM^CA SKILL Archibald, labourer, 34 Charles streetM'Caskill Kenneth, late <strong>of</strong> Customs, 21 Nicholson st.M'Caskill Kenneth, jun., <strong>of</strong> Clyde Shipping Co., 8Trafalgar streetM'CAW John, brewer, 34 East Shaw streetM'CHLERY William Fredrick, hotel keeper, 29 CathcartstreetM'Chlery James, pilot, 35 Crawfurd streetM'CLURE William, writer, 40 Cathcart street. Ho.49 Brougham streetM'CLOY Joseph, labourer, 2 Duncan streetM'CLEMENT James, joiner, 1 Springkell streetM'COLL Duncan, gardener, 17 Brougham streetM'Coll Donald, joiner, 23 Charles streetM'Coll Duncan, joiner, 23 Charles streetM'Coll Hugh, labourer, 56 Dalrymple streetM'Coll James, nail maker, 62 VennelM'Coll James, railway porter, 33 Regent streetM'Coll James, mariner, 76 Roxburgh streetk2

102 DIRECTORY.M'Coll James, carter, Drumfrochar roadM'Coll John & Co., smiths and sugar mould manufacturers,13 Chapel street. House, Alma cottageM'Coll Malcolm, gate keeper, 33 Nicholson streetM'Coll Mrs Duncan, 7 Ardgowan Street, GlebeM'Coll Mrs, lodgings, 14 Hamilton streetM'Coll Mrs, 15 Main street, CartsdjkeMACCONNELL & King, coach proprietors, WhiteHart stables,Cathcart squareMacconnell James, <strong>of</strong> Mac. & K., 5 Hamilton streetM'CONNELL Archibald, sawyer, 8 Manse laneM'Connell Miss, 17 Brougham streetM'Connell Mrs, poulterer, 31 Hamilton streetM'CONNOCHIE Alexander, carpenter, 9 East ShawstreetM'Connochie Archibald, carpenter, 27 Lynedoch streetM'Connochie Hugh, labourer, 33 Cathcart streetM'Connochie Mrs, 4 Lyle street11 Charles streetM'COftMICK Daniel, pilot,M'Cormick Donald, shoemaker, 11 Broad closeM'CORQUODALE Allan,M'Corquodale Edward, smith, OvertonM'Corquodale John, shoemaker, 32 Ann streetcarpenter, 15 Crawford st.M'Corquodale John, mariner, 18 Inverkip streetM'Corquodale John, spirit dealer, 8 West breastM'Corquodale John, labourer, 4 East Quay laneM'Corquodale Mrs Duncan, 8 Trafalgar streetM'Corquodale Mrs, lodgings, 11 Main street, CartsdykeMCRACKETT Peter, teacher, Rue-end School.House, tlolmscr<strong>of</strong>t CottageM'CRAE Angus, mason, 32 Inverkip streetM'Crae Daniel, sheep smearing grease manufacturer, 44Dalrymple street. House, Mount PleasantM'Crae James, shoemaker, 44 Inverkip streetM'Crae Murdoch, mariner, 38 West Burn streetM'Crae Robert, labourer, 3 Cowgate streetM'CRAIN Murdoch, mariner, 36 West Burn streetM'CRADIE John, mate, 3 Manse laneM'CUAIG Peter, joiner, 56 VennelM'CRONE John, baker, 15 Bearhope streetM'CUALISKY John, Lyle's land, Back walksM'CUE James, huckster, 61 Vennel

DIRECTORY. 103M'CULLOGH Alex. G. S., steam packet agent, Excisebuildings. House, Viewbank cottage, HillendroadM'Culloch Rev. James Melville, D.D., minister <strong>of</strong> WestParish, 20 Patrick streetM'Culloch John, engine driver, 21 Ann streetM'Culloch John, mason, 8 Ann streetM'Culloch John, storekeeper, 18 Duncan streetM'Culloch Mrs, lodgings, 59 Main street, CartsdykeMACC JNN John, merchant, shipowner, and agent,Excise buildings. House, 37 Union streetM'CUNN James, spirit dealer, 14 East Shaw streetM'Cunn Mrs John, 17 Union streetM'CURDY Angus, carpenter, 23 Dalrymple streetM'Curdy James, labourer, 25 VennelM' Curdy John, carpenter, 32 Dalrymple streetM'Curdy Michael, labourer, Union court, Dalrymple st.M'Curdy Neil, carpenter,15 Ropework streetM'Curdy Neil, carpenter, 56 Dalrymple streetM'CUTCHEON Hugh, grocer, 20 Arthur st. House,19 John streetM'Cutcheon James, 18 Market streetMACDERMOTT Alexander, grocer, 11 Rue-end st.House, 2 Cartsburn streetM'DERMOTT William, dock keeper, 2 Open shoreM'DEAD Henry, painter, 2 Sir Michael streetM'DIARMID Donald, labourer, 94 East Hamilton st.M'Diarmid John, mason, 3 Bearhope streetMAC DONALD Alexander, writer, <strong>of</strong> Denniston andMacdonald. House, Shore street, Port-GlasgowMacdonald F. P., teacher, 18 Kilblain streetMacdonald James, Tontine hotel, 34 Cathcart streetMacdonald John, boat builder, Virginia street. House,Armadale buildingsM'DONALD Alexander, smith, 53 Shaw streetM'Donald Alexander, boiler maker, 16 Stanners streetM'Donald Alexander, smith, 19 Arthur streetM'Donald Alexander, labourer, 35 Hamilton streetM'Donald Allan, mariner, 6 West Stewart streetM'Donald Allan, shopman, 8 Manse laneM'Donald Andrew, hatter, 26 Charles streetM'Donald Angus, labourer, 61 Main street,Cartsdyke

104 DIRECTORY.M'Donald Angus, Queen's porter, 42 Inverkip streetM'Donald Archibald, joiner, 40 Cathcart streetJVT Donald Archibald, labourer, 1 East Shaw streetM'Donald Colin, carpenter, 4 John streetM'Donald Daniel, blockmaker, 1 New Dock lane. Ho.Lyle's land, Back walksM'Donald Daniel, painter, 26 East Shaw streetM'Donald Donald, joiner, 5 Arthur streetM'Donald Donald, merchant, 21 Ardgowan squareM'Donald Donald, seaman, 1 Union court, Dalrymple st.M'Donald Duncan, shoemaker, 4 Mansion-house lane.House, 39 Crawfurd streetM'Donald Duncan, carpenter, 2 William streetM'Donald Duncan, blockmaker, 9 East Quay laneM'Donald Duncan, carpenter, 34 Charles streetM'Donald Duncan, engineer, Kingston sawmills, Port-Glasgow roadM'Donald George, carpenter, 32 Dalrymple streetM'Donald Hector, carpenter, 20 West Blackhall streetM'Donald Hector, builder, 5 Kelly streetM'Donald Hugh, carpenter, 2 William streetM'Donald Hugh, labourer, 57 Main street, CartsdykeM'Donald James, lodgings, 2 St Andrew streetM'Donald James, mason, 7 Smith's laneM'Donald James, smith, 3 John streetM'Donald James, mate, 26 VennelM'Donald John, tailor, 12 Tobago streetM'Donald John, Queen's porter, 10 Watt streetM'Donald John, carpenter, 1 Manse laneM'Donald John, fireman, M'Kelvie's land, Duncan st.M'Donald John, watchman, 19 Cathcart streetM'Donald John, porter, 43 Shaw streetM'Donald John, carpenter, 16 Ann streetM'Donald John, labourer, 7 Cowgate streetM'Donald J. F,, smith, 49 Shaw streetM'Donald Malcom, carpenter, 40 Shaw streetM'Donald Murdoch, labourer, 5 Cowgate streetM'Donald Neil, tailor, 2 Hamilton streetM'Donald Robert, flesher, 33 Hamilton street. House,21 Nicholson streetM'Donald Robert, engineer, 29 Regent streetM'Donald Robert, tailor, 3 Ann street

DIRECTORY. 105M'Donald Ronald, spirit-dealer, 37 Rue-end streetM'Donald William, baker, 56 VennelM'Donald William, shoemaker, 69 Roxburgh streetM'Donald William, labourer, 53 VennelM'Donald Miss, straw hatter, 42 Dalrymple streetM'Donald Miss, sempstress, 30 Nicholson streetM'Donald Mrs Allan, spirit dealer, 11 Ann streetM'Donald Mrs John, lodgings, 12 Inverkip streetM'Donald Mrs, 2 Boyd street, GlebeM'Donald Mrs, 42 Dalrymple streetM'Donald Mrs, 59 Dalrymple streetM'Donald Mrs, 1 Charles streetM'Donald Mrs, lodgings, 28 Shaw streetM'Donald Mrs, lodgings, 37 Cathcart streetMACDOUGALL John, writer, 1 West Blackhall st.House, 22 Union streetM'DOUGALL Alexander, carpenter, 7 East Quay laneM'Dougall Allan, carpenter, 32 Inverkip streetM'Dougall Allan, spirit dealer, 23 Charles streetM'Dougall Archibald, carpenter, 35 Nicholson streetM'Dougall Charles, cowfeeder, 5 Kilblain streetM'Dougall Daniel, musician, 31 Hamilton streetM'Dougall David, carpenter, 2 East Blackhall streetM'Dougall Dugald, joiner, 23 East Shaw streetM'Dougall Duncan, cooper, 41 Rue-end streetM'Dougall Hugh, labourer, 3 Smith's laneM'Dougall Isaac, coal dealer, 1 Bearhope streetM'Dougall James, smith, 15 Hamilton streetM'Dougall James, spinning master, Flax mill, LynedochstreetM'Dougall James, baker, 33 Regent streetM'Dougall John, railway porter, 14 Market streetM'Dougall John, superintendent <strong>of</strong> lockers, Customs.House, 36 Sir Michael streetM'Dougall John, agent, 70 Roxburgh streetM'Dougall John, carpenter, 17 John streetM'Dougall John, cooper, Longwell closeM'Dougall John, joiner, 5 Rue-end streetM'Dougall John, fireman, 15 Cross-shore streetM'Dougall John, policeman, 69 VennelM'Dougall Lachlan, gardener, 65 Ann streetM'Dougall Mrs A., 31 West Burn street

*Q@DIRECTORY.M'Dougall Mrs D., 67 Regent streetM'Dougall Mrs Donald, 80 Regent streetM'Dougall Mrs Hugh, cowfeeder, 39 West Blackball st.M'Dougall Mrs, huckster, 19 Shaw streetM'DOWALL Miss, Armadale place, Bank streetM'E ACHERN Donald, rivetter, 22 East Shaw streetM'EACHRAN Donald, spirit dealer, 3 Shannon's closeM'EWAN Charles, draper, 7 Market streetM'E wan Hugh, carpenter, 11 Duncan streetM'Ewan John, brewer, 71 VennelM'E wan Robert A ., 26 Nicholson streetM'Ewan Margaret, sempstress, 3 Buccleuch streetM'Ewan Mrs James, 30 Nicholson streetM'Ewan Mrs John, 64 Roxburgh streetM'Ewan Mrs Robert, feuar, 26 Nicholson streetM'Ewan Mrs, 52 Dalrymple streetM'FADYEN Angus, tailor, 25 VennelM'Fadyen Archibald, caulker, 7 Under crescent^'jen Donald, spirit dealer, 4 West breastwit j Jen Hugh 'car P en ter, 10 Sir Michael streetM'Fadyen Hugh, lodgings, 4 East Quay laneM'Fadyen James, spirit dealer, 39 VennelM'Fadyen James, moulder, 55 Main street, CartsdykeM'Fadyen John, painter, 73 Main street, CartsdykeM'Fadyen John, labourer, 4 Smith's laneM'Fadyen John, feuar and spirit dealer, 18 VennelM'Fadyen John, rope and rag store, 12 Shaw streetM'Fadyen Mrs Dugald, grocer, 6 West Stewart streetM'Fadyen Mrs John, huckster, 15 Inverkip streetM'Fadyen Mrs,24 Tobago streetMACFARLANE, Brown & Co., general merchantsand commission agents, 4 Customhouse PlaceMacfarlane Daniel W., <strong>of</strong> /Salmon & Macfarlane, 12Brisbane streetMacfarlane John A., grocer and wine merchant, 8 WestBlackhall street. House, do.MAC FAR LAN James, hatter, sign <strong>of</strong> the CockedHat, 26 Hamilton street. House, Ford,Macfarlan Thomas M , tanner and skinner, 17 Cartsburnstreet House, 8 East Blackhall streetM'F ARL AN & Co., hat manufacturers, 49 Cathcart st.M'Farlan Andrew, <strong>of</strong> M'Farlan & Co., 14 Kelly street

DIRECTORY. 107M'Farlane Alexander, carpenter, 28 West Blackhallst.M'Farlane Archd., railway porter, 23 Dalrymple st.M*Farlane Daniel, joiner and feuar, 29 Brougham st.M'Farlane Daniel, joiner, 25 Lynedoch streetM'Farlane Donald, coach proprietor, 1 Jamaica street.House, 27 West Blackhall streetM'Farlane Donald, labourer, 32 Inverkip streetM'Farlane Dugald, carpenter, 3 Market streetM'Farlane Dugald, feuar, 11 Duncan streetM'Farlane Dugald, carpenter, 12 Bogle streetM'Farlane Duncan, tinsmith, 55 Inverkip streetM'Farlane Edward, dyer, 39 Ann streetM'Farlane George, clerk, 17 Cathcart streetM'Farlane George, carpenter, 4 John streetM'Farlane Graham, <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> Brewery Co. House,Holly lodge, Gourock roadM'Farlane Humphrey, shoemaker, 53 Inverkip streetM'Farlane James, upholsterer, 61 VennelM'Farlane James, boilermaker, LadyburnM'Farlane Rev. John, <strong>of</strong> Free Middle Church, 29 WestStewart streetM'Farlane John, hawker, 36 West Burn streetM'Farlane John, commercial traveller, 33 Ann streetM'Farlane John, ironmonger, 16 Cathcart streetM'Farlane John, sen., 29 Brougham streetM'Farlane John G., merchant, Buchanan street, Glasgow. House, 29 Brougham streetM'Farlane John, Gas works. House, 3 Salmon streetM'Farlane Malcom, cotton spinner, Drumfrocher roadM'Farlane Peter, tide waiter, 4 Nelson street, GlebeM'Farlane Peter, shoemaker, 42 Crawford streetM'Farlane Peter, mariner, 30 Dalrymple streetM'Farlane Robert, tanner and skinner, 16 Cartsburn st.House, 3 St Andrew's square.M'Farlane Rev. Robert M., 15 West Stewart streetM'Farlane William, mechanic, Lyle'sland, Back walksM'Farlane William, grain merchant, 23 Tobago streetM'Farlane William, shoemaker, 39 West Blackhall st*M'Farlane Agnes, lodgings, 41 VennelM'Farlane Mary, grocer, 8 Ann streetM'Farlane Miss, boys' dress maker, 6 West Stewart stM'Farlane Miss, 1 Salmoa. street

108 DIRECTORY.M'Farlane Mrs Duncan, 8 Baker streetM'Farlane Mrs James, 28 Sir Michael streetM'Farlane Mrs John, linen dresser, 36 West Burn st.M'Farlane Mrs Robert, lodgings, 13 Gross-shore streetM'Farlane Mrs Robert, 21 Sir Michael streetM'Farlane Mrs, tobacconist, 65 Rue-end streetM'Farlane Mrs, furnishing shop, 51 Roxburgh streetM Farlane Mrs, lodgings, 2 Tobago streetM'Farlane Mrs, 3 York streetM'Farlane Mrs, lodgings, 4 East Quay laneM'FEAT, Mrs Janet, lodgings, 10 Cartsburn streetMAC FIB, Graham & Co ,export and family grocers,12 William stroetMacfie Grace, vintner, 2 William streetMacfie Mrs William, 57 Regent streetM'FIE Archibald, cooper, 21 Nicholson streetM'Fie Daniel, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Fie, Daniel, mason, 9 Nicholson streetM'Fie James, mason, 11 Stanners streetM'Fie James, blacksmith, 26 Hamilton streetM'Fie James, smith, 2 East Shaw streetM'Fie John, coal merchant, 6 Buccleuch streetM'Fie John, cork cutter, 15 William streetM'Fie John, baker, 12 Bogle streetM'Fie Joseph, cooper, 29 Regent streetM'Fie Matthew, tinsmith, 44 Ann streetM'Fie Neil, labourer, LadyburnM'Fie Christina, cowfeeder, 22 East Shaw street15 Dalrymple streetM'FILLAN Joseph, dealer,M'GARVIE Henry, shoemaker, 13 Highland closeM'Garvie James, mariner, 45 Cathcart streetM'GAUVERN Peter, basket maker, 28 Market streetM'GEACHIE James, mason, 72 Roxburgh streetM'Geachie Peter, baker, 6 West Stewart street32 Sir Michael streetM'GEACHIN William, mason,M'GHIE Gavan, book keeper, 17 Roxburgh streetM'Ghie William, moulder, Ingleston roadM'GIBBON Charles, tailor, 6 Manse laneM'GILCHRIST Mrs, spirit dealer, 14 Market streetM'GILL Alexander, late shipmaster, 18 Union streetM'Gill James, joiner, Highlanders' academyM Gill James, joiner, 22 John street

DIRECTORY. 109M'Gill John, maltster, 21 East Shaw streetM'Gill John, carpenter, 29 Roxburgh streetM'Gill John, labourer, 47 Ann streetM'Gill Mrs A., 11 Bank streetM'Gill Mrs James, lodgings, 1Lyle streetM'GILP Archibald, labourer, 62 VennelM'Gilp Elizabeth, grocer, 66 VennelM'Gilp Mrs Finlay, lodgings, 6 Shaw streetM'GILVRAY Alexander, porter, 6 Watson's laneM'Gilvray Alexander, Queen's porter, 16 Ann streetM'Gilvray Alexander, tidewaiter, 29 Roiburgh streetM'Gilvray Allan, tailor, 26 VennelM'Gilvray John, labourer, 5 West Stewart streetM'Gilvray William, Queen's porter, 12 Bogle streetM'Gilvray Margaret, lodgings, 7 Cathcart streetM'Gilvray Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, 51 Rue-end streetM'Gilvray Mrs, 26 VennelM'GINNES John, rope and rag store, 19 Shaw streetM'Ginnis Patrick, rope and rag dealer, 1 East Shaw st.M'GINNIS William, rope and rag dealer, 20 and 12Shaw street.House, 20 do.M'GLASHAN Archibald, farmer, BarnhillM'Glashan Archibald, carter, 38 Sir Michael streetMACGOUN" Miss Jane, feuar, 20 Union streetM'GOVERN Patrick, tailor and clothier, 11 Williamstreet*M'GOWAN Duncan, feuar,19 John streetM'Gowan John, feuar, 26 Cartsburn streetM'GOWN John, steward, 23 Main street, CartsdykeM'GOUGAN Richard, shoemaker, 9 Cartsburn streetM'GR-KGOR J. & D., funeral undertakers, Cathcartsquare. Entrance by 17 William streetM'Gregor Alexander, grinder, M'Kelvie'sland, DuncanstreetM'Gregor Alexander, carpenter, 20 Ann streetM'Gregor & Donald, glaziers, 15 Charles street. Ho.2 Crawfurd streetM'Gregor Daniel, mariner, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Gregor Duncan, manufacturer <strong>of</strong> nautical and opticalinstruments, chronometers, and watches, 8William street. House, 19 Bank streetM'Gregor Gregor, store keeper, 10 Baker street

110 DIRECTORY.M'Gregor Hugh, feuar, 10 Union streetM'Gregor John, fauar, 5 St Lawrence streetM'Gregor John, cooper, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Gregor John, carpenter, 18 .William streetM'Gregor John, cotton spinner, Drumfrochar roadM'Gregor John, skipper, 1 Nicholson streetM'Gregor John, wholesale and retail wine and spiritmerchant, 23 and 25 Shaw street, and 9 East Quaylane. House, 23 Shaw streetM'Gregor, Nicol & Robert, boat-builders, 17 Rue-endstreetM'Gregor Peter, smith, 24 John streetM'Gregor William, engineer, Ingleston roadM'Gregor Miss E., furnishing shop, 24 Hamilton streetM'Gregor Mrs, midwife, 11 Cross-shore streetM'Gregor Mrs, 12 Dalrymple streetM'Gregor Mrs, lodgings, 16 Hamilton streetM'Gregor Mrs John, 32 Dalrymple streetM'Gregor Mrs R., 32 Sir Michael streetM'GROUTHBR Robert, gardener, OvertonM'GUCKIN John, pawnbroker, 73 Main street,Cartsdyke.House, 5 St Andrew's squareM'GUIRE Bernard, watchman, 19 Arthur streetM'Guire John, broker, 51 Shaw streetM'lLLRAY John, boilermaker, 2 Open ShoreM'lLLROY Mrs, 2 Nelson street, westM'lLVAIN John, shipping master for the ports <strong>of</strong><strong>Greenock</strong> and Port- Glasgow, 5 Virginia street.House, 27 Kelly streetM'lLWRAlTH Adam, baker, 6 Bruce streetM'llwraith & Swan, writers, 4 Hamilton streetM'llwraith David, grocer, Orangefield placeM'llwraith Hew, writer, <strong>of</strong> M' Ilwraiih 8? Swan. House,Elmbank, Eldon streetM'llwraith James, feuar, Mount Pleasant streetM'llwraith John, mariner, 59 Dalrymple streetM'llwraith William, hosier, glover, and shirt maker, 6West Blackball street. House, 15 Nicholson st.M'llwraith Miss A., 12 Watt streetM'llwraith Miss, hosier, 23 Hamilton street. House, do.M'INDOE Mrs James, 28 Ann streetM'INNEB Angus, flesher, 10 East Quay lane

DIRECTORY. 11!M'Innes Charles, carpenter, 8 Manse laneM'Innes Daniel, tailor, 23 VennelM'Innes Daniel, carpenter, 12 St Lawrence streetM'Innes Donald, carpenter, 34 Main street, CartsdykeM'Innes John, grocer, 29 Regent streetM'Innes Murdoch, 3 Charles streetM'Innes Neil, watchman, 49 Main street, CartsdykeM'Innes William, <strong>of</strong>ficer <strong>of</strong> Inland revenue, 68 RoxburghstreetM'Innes Mrs, grocer, 12 West Blackhall streetM'Innes Mrs, clothier, 11 William streetM'Innes Mrs, 2 Broad closeM'Innes Mrs, 52 Dalrymple streetM'INROY George, boilermaker, Lyle's land, BackwalksMACINTOSH Alexander K, clerk, <strong>Post</strong> <strong>of</strong>ficeM'Intosh Archibald, labourer, Drumfrochar roadM'Intosh Duncan, boilermaker, 11 Cowgate streetM'Intosh John, clerk, Kingston Sawmills, Port- GlasgowroadM'Intosh Neil, smith, 20 Cathcart streetM'Intosh Rev. Patrick, 7 Ardgowan street, westM'Intosh William, engineer, 15 Baker streetM'Intosh William, engineer, 15 Hope place, Antigua stM'Intosh William, cooper, 42 Inverkip streetM'Intosh Mrs, lodgings, Longwell closeM'Intosh Mrs, 4 John streetM'INTYRE Adam, carpenter, 5Q VennelM'Intyre Alexander, spiritdealer, 7 Rue-end streetM'Intyre Alexander, joiner, 22 Cartsburn streetM'Intyre Alexander, watchman, 4 Laird streetM'Intyre Andrew, corkcutter, 23 VennelM'Intyre Archibald, cooper, 32 Ann streetM'Intyre Archibald, mariner, 1 VennelM'Intyre Archibald, shipmaster, 7 Lyle streetM'Intyre Archibald, cooper, 5 Duncan streetM'Intyre & Campbell, joiners, 15 Arthur streetM'Intyre Daniel, grocer, 42 Dalrymple street. House,Church place, GourockM'Intyre Donald, french polisher, 6 Smith's laneM'Intyre Donald, porter, 9 East Quay laneM'Intyre Duncan, gardener and cowfeeder, 44 Ann st

112 DIRECTORY.M'Intyre Duncan, cooper, 4 West Quay laneM'Intyre Duncan, pilot, 7 William streetM'Intyre Duncan, shoemaker, 14 Cartsburn streetM'Intyre Duncan, police <strong>of</strong>ficer, 29 Shaw streetM'Intyre Jas., railway steamboat agent, Railway stationM'Intyre Jas., <strong>of</strong> M'Intyre

DIRECTORY. 113M'Kay George, blacksmith, 9 Roxburgh streetM'Kay J-, grocer, 29 Vermel. House, do.M'Kay James, policeman, 4 East Quay laneM'Kay John, barber, 1 Charles streetM'Kay John, engineer, 5 Hamilton streetM'Kay Neil, tailor,16 Tobago streetM Kay William, mason, 45 VennelM'Kay William, smith, 1Arthur streetM'Kay Mrs Alexander, huckster, 47 Shaw streetM'KEAN James, broker, 8 VennelM'Kean John, carpenter, 1 Stanners streetM'KECHNIE Alexander, flesher, 12 Bogle streetM'Kechnie Allan, flesher, 16 West Blackball street and53 Rue-end street. House, 9 Laird streetM'Kechnie Archibald, late shipmaster, Glen houseM'Kechnie Archibald, shipmaster, 22 Mearns streetM'Kechnie Dugald, sladesman, 18 Sir Michael streetM'Kechnie Hugh, joiner, 20 John st. House, 24 do.M'Kechnie John, builder, 8 Watt streetM'Kechnie John, policeman, 20 Ann streetM'Kechnie Neil, baker, 1 William streetM'Kechnie Peter, labourer. 20 West Blackhall streetM'Kechnie Robert, mate, 16 Antigua streetM'Kechnie William, brassfounder, 11 St Andrew st.M'Kechnie Mrs Duncan, 16 Shaw streetM'Kechnie Mrs, 42 Crawfurd streetM'Kechnie Mrs, 42 West Burn streetM'KEITH Lachlan, clerk, Gasworks, 6 Ardgowan st.westM'KELLAR Alex., cooper, Lyle'sland,M'Kellar Andrew, carter, 34 W T est Burn streetM'Kellar Archibald, smith, 9 Bearhope streetM'Kellar Archibald, cooper, 40, West Burn streetBack walksM'Kellar Archibald, baker, 30 Sir Michael streetM'Kellar Archibald, carpenter, 5 Bearhope streetM'Kellar Archibald, writer, 2 Church place. House,1 1 Margaret streetM'Kellar Archibald, plasterer, 28 Tobago streetM'Kellar Archibald, carpenter, 2 John streetM'Kellar Colin, carpenter, 3 John streetM'Kellar Daniel, cooper, 40 Inverkip streetM'Kellar Daniel, carpenter, 12 Nicholson streetl2

114 DIRECTORY.MfKellar Daniel, spirit dealer, 4 Dalrymple streetM'Kellar David, pattern maker, Alma cottageM'Kellar Duncan, coachman, 9 West Stewart streetM'Kellar Duncan, clothier and outfitter, 3 William st.House, Scott's cottage, Dempster streetM'Kellar Duncan, smith, 26 Tobago streetM'Kellar Duncan, agent, Belville placeM'Kellar Duncan, mariner, 15 Kilblain streetM'Kellar Duncan, shipmaster, 6 Lyle streetM'Kellar James, labourer and spirit dealer, 6 Smith'slaneM'Kellar James, shipmaster, 14 Hamilton streetM'Kellar John, carter, 35 Hamilton streetM'Kellar John, cooper, 28 West Burn streetM'Kellar John, smith, 26 Cathcart streetM'Kellar Neil, spirit dealer, 22 Hamilton st. Ho., do.M'Kellar Peter, carman, 94 East Hamilton streetM'Kellar Miss, 10 Ropework streetM'Kellar Janet, lodgings, 19 Hamilton streetM'Kellar Mrs A., 6 Kilblain streetM'Kellar Mrs Gilbert, washer and dresser, 9 Argyle st.M'Kellar Mrs John, feuar, 33 Dalrymple streetM'Kellar Mrs Peter, 11 Ann streetM'Kellar Mrs William, 15 Tobago streetM'Kellar Mrs, spirit dealer, 40 West Burn streetM'Kellai' Mrs, spirit dealer, 29 Sugarhouse laneM'KELVIE James, bookseller and stationer, 7 Hamiltonstreet. House, 15 Roxburgh streetM'Kelvie John, gardener, 8 Cathcart streetM'Kelvie John, pilot, 35 Crawfurd streetM'Kelvie Wm. R., superintendent <strong>of</strong> Cemetery, Wellpark, and Wellington park. House, 8 Ardgowanstreet, westM'Kelvie William F-, innkeeper, 12 Hamilton streetM'Kelvie Miss M. 5grocer, 39 Ann streetM'Kelvie Mrs John, feuar, 49 Roxburgh streetM'KENDRICK James, labourer, 11 Cowgate streetM'Kendrick Henry, shoemaker, 3 Sir Michael streetM'Kendrick Miss, 28 Nicholson streetM'KENDRY Miss Margaret, lodgings, 6 Chapel st.MACKENZIE Alexander, <strong>of</strong> A. Mackenzie & Co.House, 2 Grey place

DIRECTORY. 115Mackenzie A. & Co., printers and newspaper proprietors,29 Hamilton streetMackenzie Archibald, merchant and commission agent,1 West quay. House, 37 Boyd placeMackenzie John, writer and depute town clerk, 6Hamilton street. House, 2 Brougham st.Mackenzie & Weir, wholesale wine and spirit merchants,West Quay head, 38 Dalrymple st.M'KENZIE & Brodie, remnant and stay warehouse, 22Cathcart streetM'Kenzie Alexander, joiner, 30 Nicholson streetM'Kenzie Alexander, baker, 12 West Blackball streetM'Kenzie Archibald, blockmaker, 9 Argyle streetM'Kenzie Colin, cooper, 18 Ingleston roadM'Kenzie Colin, smith, 6 John streetM'Kenzie Donald, spirit dealer, 35 VennelM'Kenzie Donald, carpenter, 19 Shaw streetM'Kenzie James, baker, 55 VennelM'Kenzie & Walker, grain merchants, millers andbakers, Shaws Water Grain Mills, Dellingbumsquare. Shops, 46 Hamilton street, and 63 RueendstreetM'Kenzie Duncan, labourer, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Kenzie Duncan, sailmaker, 16 Bearhope streetM'Kenzie Henry, cooper, 24 Ann streetM'Kenzie John, mariner, 62 VennelM'Kenzie John, <strong>of</strong> M'Kenzie

116 DIRECTORY.M'Kenzie, Thomas, gasman, 45 Inverkip streetM'Kenzie William, mariner, 56 VennelM'Kenzie William, gardener, Bogston, Port-GlasgowroadM'Kenzie William, edge tool maker, 20 John st. Ho.,36 West Burn streetM'Kenzie Mrs Hugh, lodgings, 33 Hamilton streetM'Kenzie Mrs James, spirit dealer, 24 Bast Shaw st.M'Kenzie Mrs John, spirit dealer 4 Bearhope streetM'Kenzie Mrs Peter, 5 Dellingburn streetM'Kenzie Mrs, spirit dealer, 57 Dalrymple streetM'Kenzie Mrs, 9 Argyle streetM'Kenzie Mrs, 34 West Burn streetM'Kenzie Mrs, boys' dressmaker, 12 Tobago streetM'Kenzie Mrs, 13 West Blackhall streetM'KERACHER Donald, maltster, 4 East Shaw st.M'KERROW George, pawnbroker, 48 Shaw st.Ho.,10 Antigua streetMACKIE David, engineer, 1 Regent streetMackie George, night watchman, 71 VennelMackie James, M.D., physician. Consulting room, 28Hamilton street. House, 6 Ardgowan squareMackie James, draper and clothier, 27 Cathcart street.House, 31 Brougham streetMackie John, spirit dealer, 36 Shaw St., and 6 Crossshorestreet. House, 50 Eldon streetMackie William, mason, 30 Inverkip streetMackie William, carpenter, 4 St Andrew's squareMackie Misses, 6 Ardgowan squareMackie Miss, 20 West Stewart streetMackie Mrs, lodgings, 60 VennelMACKILL Wm., printer, M'Donald's land, Lyle st.'M'KILLOP Duncan, joiner, 15 Market streetM'Killop Miss, teacher, 22 Ann streetM'KIMMIE Robert, miller, 4 John streetM'KIMM Mrs, grocer, 7 Smith's laneM'KINNIS Donald, carpenter, I Arthur streetM'KINLAY Alexander, carpenter, 5 Bearhope streetM'Kinlay Archibald, carpenter, 39 Main street, CartsdykeM'Kinlay Archibald, tobacconist, 18 Low VennelM'Kinlay Duncan, carpenter, 6 West Stewart street

DIRECTORY. 117M'Kinlay Duncan, feuar, 36 VennelM'Kinlay Duncan, shipmaster, 21 Ann streetM'Kinlay Peter, feuar, 6 Trafalgar streetM'Kinlay Peter, cooper, 19 Bearhope streetM'Kinlay William, labourer, 6 Buccleuch streetM'KINNON Alexander, gate keeper, 5 Dellingburn st.M'Kinnon Allan, clerk, 2 Newark streetM'Kinnon Angus, tripe shop, 50 VennelM'Kinnon Archibald, writer, 46 Cathcart street. Ho.22 Bank streetM'Kinnon Archibald, seaman, 3 Charles streetM'Kinnon Archibald, moulder, Armadale building?,Back walksM'Kinnon Charles, labourer, 6 Smith's laneM'Kinnon Daniel, boilermaker, 2 Springkell streetM'Kinnon Donald, joiner, 49 Shaw streetM'Kinnon Duncan, mate, 10 Shaw streetM'Kinnon Edward, labourer, 17 Arthur streetM Kinnon Hugh, labourer, 7 Arthur streetM'Kinnon Hugh, smith, 27 Charles streetM'Kinnon John, boilermaker, 16 Arthur streetM'Kinnon John, labourer, 13 John streetM'Kinnon John, labourer, 37 Rue-end streetM'Kinnon Lachlan, policeman, 1 Manse laneM'Kinnon Malcolm, carpenter, 33 West Burn streetM'Kinnon Robert, carpenter, 3 East Stewart streetM'Kinnon Catherine, 7 Cowgate streetM'Kinnon Christina, huckster, 9 Kilblain streetM'Kinnon Miss, feuar,13 Market streetM'Kinnon Mrs John, 1 VennelM'Kinnon Mrs, 4 William streetM'Kinnon Mrs, lodgings, 1 Stanners streetM'Kinnon Mrs, Longwell closeM'KIRDY Alexander, porter andboatman, badge No.24, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Kirdy John, mason, 72 Roxburgh streetM'Kirdy John, grocer, 62 Main street, Cartsdjke. Ho.8 Antigua streetM'Kirdy Neil, carpenter, 15 Ropework streetM'Kirdy Mrs William, 13 Brougham streetM'KIVER John, inspector <strong>of</strong> fisheries, 3 Bank street,House, 8 Kelly street

118 DIRECTORY.MACLACHLAN Andrew, shoe manufacturer forwholesale, 35 Cathcart street. House, 7 Lyle st.Maclachlan Donald, joiner, glazier, and undertaker, 8Tobago street. House, 30 Nicholson streetM'LACHLAN Alexander, labourer, 9 Under crescentM'Lachlan Archibald, boatman, 8 Watt streetM'Lachlan Colin, porter, 2Q East Shaw streetM'Lachlan Donald, labourer, 40 West Burn streetM'Lachlan Dugald, skipper, 8 Watt streetM'Lachlan Francis, broker, 4 Smith's laneM'Lachlan Henry, shoemaker, 8 Sir Michael streetM'Lachlan John, tobacconist, 20 West Blackball streetM'Lachlan John, engine driver, 22 Stanners streetM'Lachlan John, carpenter, 10 Ropework streetM'Lachlan John, fireman, 7 Cowgate streetM'Lachlan Kenneth, labourer, 63 Inverkip streetM'Lachlan Lachlan, carpenter, 34 Sir Michael streetM'Lachlan Robert, smith, 7 Arthur streetM'Lachlan Robert, labourer, 50 West Blackhall streetM'Lachlan William, boilermaker, 15 St Lawrence st.M'Lachlan Miss, poulterer, 39 Hamilton streetM'Lachlan Miss, tobacconist, 33 Hamilton street*M'Lachlan Miss, huckster, 33 Charles streetM'Lachlan Mrs J„ broker, 41 VennelM'Lachlan Mrs Robert, lodgings, 8 Manse laneM'Lachlan Mrs, furnishing shop, 5 East Shaw streetM'Lachlan Mrs, 4 Dalrymple streetM'Lachlan Mrs, lodgings, 6 Ardgowan street westM'LAGGAN George, tailor, 13 West Blackhall streetM'LAREN Angus, joiner, 6 West Stewart streetM'Laren Duncan, warehouseman, Drumfrochar roadM'Laren William, labourer, 4 Bruce streetM'Laren Mrs F., huckster, 16 Inverkip streetM'Laren Mrs, 1 West Stewart streetM'LARTY Alexander, carpenter, 28 Nicholson streetM'Larty Donald & Co., merchants, shipowners, andsteamboat agents, Excise buildingsM'Larty Donald, <strong>of</strong> D. M'Larty & Co, Ho. 1 Trinidadplace, Eldon streetM'Larty Dougald, feuar, 7 Arthur streetM'Larty James, pattern maker, 5 Arthur streetM'Larty John, carpenter, 14 market street

DIRECTORY. 119M'Larty John, mariner, 4 Nelson street, GlebeM'Larty John, moulder, 5 Arthur streetM'Larty Mrs, 11 Nicholson streetM'Larty Mrs, feuar, 7 Arthur streetM'LATCHIE Matthew, carter and cowfeeder, 3 StAndrew streetM'Latchie Mrs, grocer, 42 Inverkip streetMAOLAURIN & Co., painters and paper hangers, 1Watt placeMaclaurin Mrs lodgings, 6 Shaw placeM'LAURIN Mrs Robert, 33 West Burn streetM'LAWRIE Thomas, labourer, 6 Main street, CartsdykeM'LAY Joseph, throssel foreman, Drumfrochar roadM'Lay Mrs, lodgings, 2 Highland closeM'LEA Kenneth, 5 Nelson street westM'Lea Miss, 9 Grey placeMACLEAN Archibald, ship chandler, 4 West breast.House, 35 Crawfurd streetMaclean Daniel, writer. 41 Cathcart street. House,12 Brisbane streetM'LEAN Alexander, spiritdealer and mason, 34 InverkipstreetM'Lean Alexander, painter, 28 Cathcart streetM'Lean Alexander, mariner, 4 East Quay laneM'Lean Alexander, mason, 34 East Shaw streetM'Lean Alexander, carpenter, 3 Salmon streetM'Lean Allan, carpenter, 8 Baker streetM'Lean Allan, billposter, 6 Buccleuch streetM'Lean Allan, cooper, 46 Dalryraple streetM'Lean Angus, carpenter, 2 Open shoreM'Lean Angus, mate, 37 Ann streetM'Lean Archibald, carpenter, Armadale buildings,Lyle streetM'Lean Archibald, mariner, 37 Nicholson streetM'Lean Charles, shipmaster, 8 Antigua streetM'Lean Daniel, mate, 16 Tobago streetM'Lean Daniel, leather merchant, 3 Manse laneM'Lean Daniel, kilnman, Clyde potteryM'Lean Donald, carpenter, 3 Salmon streetM*Lean Dugald, gardener, 15 Lynedoch streetM'Lean Dugald, joiner, 1 Manse lane

120 DIRECTORY.M'Lean George, sailmaker, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Lean Hector, queen's porter, 1 Lyle streetM'Lean Hugh, clerk, 2 St Andrew street,M'Lean Hugh, gardener, 51 Roxburgh streetM'Lean James & Co,, timber merchants, 22 and 64Main street, Cartsdyke, and Patent sawmills, 8Dellingburn streetM'Lean Jas„ <strong>of</strong> J, M'Lean & Go., 12 East Blackhall stM'Lean James, carpenter, 9 Crawfurd streetM'Lean James, carpenter, 8 Market streetM'Lean James, joiner, 9 East Shaw streetM'Lean James, moulder, 18 Ingleston roadM'Lean John & Co., coopers & fishcurers, 16 Charles stM'Lean John, <strong>of</strong> John M'Lean

DIRECTORY. 121M'Lean Ronald, smith, Armadale buildings, Back walksM'Lean William, smith, 19 Bearhope streetM'Lean William, shoemaker, 61 Dalrymple streetM'Lean William, joiner, 1 Duncan streetM'Lean Miss Janet, 15 Sugarhouse laneM'Lean Miss Sarah, milliner, 6 Kilblain streetM'Lean Misses, lodgings, 14 Kelly streetM'Lean Mrs A., Lyle's land, Back walksM'Lean Mrs Daniel, 5 Lyle streetM'Lean Mrs Daniel, 12 St Andrew streetM'Lean Mrs John, lodgings, 8 St Andrew squareM'Lean Mrs John, 54 West Blackball streetM'Lean Mrs William, 82 Regent streetM'Lean Mrs, lodgings, 12 St Andrew streetM'LELLAN Archibald, miller, 23 Charles streetM'Lellan Archibald, mariner, 10 Charles streetM'Lellan Archibald, mariner, 12 Inverkip streetM'Lellan Duncan, shipmaster, 3 Charles streetM'Lellan James & Co., commission agents and shipbrokers, 14 Cathcart streetM'Lellan James, <strong>of</strong> J. M'Lellan & Go., 6 Trafalgar st.M'Lellan James, coach driver, 9 Highland closeM'Lellan Misses, dressmakers, 12 Tobago streetM' Lallan Mrs, 20 Sugarhouse laneMLEAREN John, vintner, 34 Charles streetM'LELLAND James, watchman, Mansion-houseM'Lelland Robert, law clerk, Mansion-houseM'LEITCH Mrs, lodgings, 2 Springkell streetM'LEISH John, letter carrier, 10 West breastM'LENNON Donald, gardener, 6 Nelson St., GlebeM'LEOD Alexander, joiner, 8 Ann streetM'Leod Aulay, accountant, 9 Crawfurd streetM'Leod Colin, shipmaster, 9 Trafalgar streetM'Leod Daniel, labourer, 13 Ropework streetM'Leod D. & Co., joiners, carvers, and blockmakers, 9West breastM'Leod Donald, labourer, 13 Ropework streetM'Leod Duncan, spiritdealer, 28 Shaw streetM'Leod Duncan, steward, 5 Crawfurd streetM'Leod Finlay, carpenter, 1 Nicholson streetM'Leod George, joiner, Cartsburn houseM'Leod John K# , lathsplitter, 8 Chapel street

122 DIRECTORY.M'Leorl John, tidewaiter, 4 Mansion-house laneM'Leod Neil, painter, 1 Clarence streetM'Leod Neil, Queen's porter, 3 Kelly streetM'Leod Miss, lodgings, 16 Sir Michael streetM'Leod Mrs, lodgings. 15 Lynedoch streetM'Leod Mrs, washer and dresser, 29 Charles streetM'Leod Mrs, lodgings, 26 VennelM'Leod Mrs, 12 Inverkip streetM'Leod Mrs Alexander, remnant warehouse, 31 WestBurn streetM'Leod Mrs Norman, 4 West Burn street3 Manse laneM'LENNEY John, tailor,M'LINTOCK James, boot and shoemaker, 33 Hamiltonstreet. House, 37 Ann streetM'LUCAS John, smith, Drumfrochar roadM LUKE James, cooper, 9 East Shaw streetM'LUSKEY John, huckster, 36 VennelM'Lusky Neil, joiner, 20 Inverkip streetM'Luskey Mrs, boardinghouse, 9 East Quay laneM MASTER Alexander, tailor and clothier, 40 Cathcart street. House, 49 do.M'M ASTER David W., tidewaiter, 1 Carnock streetM' Master James, tea dealer, 5 John streetM'Master Peter, foreman, Patent Saw mills, 29 RegentstreetM 'ME NOMY Daniel, boilermaker, 11M'MEIKAN John, carpenter,Cowgate street15 Bearhope streetMAC MILL AN Hugh, provision merchant, 28 Hamiltonstreet. House, 1 Watson's laneM'MILLAN Alexander, porter, 18 Sir Michael streetM'Millan Alexander, policeman, 5 Ann streetM'Millan Andrew, baker, 6 West Stewart streetM'Millan Archibald, carpenter, 10 Ropework streetM'Millan Colin, tailor and clothier, 43 Cathcart street.House, Newark streetM'Millan Daniel, carpenter, 3 Inverkip streetM'Millan Donald, labourer, 12 Inverkip streetM'Millan Dugald, carpenter, 29 Cathcart streetM'Millan Duncan, carpenter, Charles streetM'Millan Duncan, Gas Works, 20 Hamilton streetM'Millan Hugh, tailor, 21 East Shaw streetM'Millan Jas. & Son, shipbuilders, Albert building yd.

DIRECTORY. 123M'Millan James, shipbuilder, <strong>of</strong> Jas. M'Millan & Son,Bay <strong>of</strong> Quick cottageMMillan John, hairdresser, 6 Watson's laneM'Millan John, carpenter, 13 Sir Michael streetM'Millan John, Parochial Board <strong>of</strong>ficer, 66 Roxburgh stM'Millan John, tailor, 5 Smith's laneM'Millan John, engineer, 10 St Andrew streetM'Millan John, mariner, 23 East Shaw streetM'Millan Lachlan, sawyer, I Stanners streetM'Millan Malcolm, mason, 83 Regent streetM'Millan Neil, corkcutter, 30 West Blackhall streetM'Millan Peter, flesher, 3 Bearhope streetM'Millan Peter, baker, 6 West Stewart streetM'Millan Robert, carpenter, 9 East Quay laneM'Millan Thomas, postmaster, <strong>Post</strong> <strong>Office</strong>. House, 7Lyle streetM'Millan Thomas, mariner, 46 Dalrymple streetM'Millan William, police sergeant, 76 Roxburgh streetM'Millan William, shoemaker, 29 VennelM'Millan Catherine, cowfeeder, 1 Bearhope streetM'Millan Miss, grocer, 19 Arthur streetM'Millan Mrs John, 23 Market streetM'Millan Mrs John, mangier, 34 West Burn streetM'Millan Mrs Neil, lodgings, 2 Cross-shore streetM'Millan Mrs, huckster, 63 Ann streetM'MORLAND Robert S., commission agent, 19 Cathcartstreet. House, 48 Ann streetM'Morland Mrs Peter, 48 Ann streetM'MUNIGALL James, dealer, 17 VennelM'MURCHIE William, iron dresser, 33 Main street,CartsdykeM'MURTHIE Henry, mercantile clerk, 8 Antigua st.M'Murtrie John, joiner, 3 St Andrew streetM'Murtrie Mrs Thomas, spirit dealer, 61 Rue- end st.House, 1 Bogle streetM'MURRICH Matthew, joiner and grocer, Armadalebuildings, Back walksMACNAB & Clark, engineers, &c, Shaws Waterfoundry, Ingleston RoadMacnab William, <strong>of</strong> Macnab '& Clark, 9 Shaw placeM'NAB Daniel, smith, 20 VennelM'Nab Donald, labourer, 28 Cathcart street

124 DIRECTORY,M'Nab Duncan, baker, 5 Bearhope streetM'Nab Duncan, farmer, GlenM'Nab John, dyer, 30 Inverkip streetM'Nab John, pattern maker, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Nab John, carpenter, 7 St Lawrence streetM'Nab Robert, moulder, 9 Roxburgh streetM'Nab William, plasterer, 2 Market streetM'Nab William, pensioner, 26 Cartsburn streetM'NAIR Archibald, porter, Ingleston roadM'Nair Duncan, cooper, 26 Tobago streetM'Nair John, optician, 27 Lynedoch streetM'Nair Peter, turner, 9 Arthur streetM'Nair Thomas, labourer, 27 VennelM'Nair William, iron founder, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Nair Mrs James, 36 Crawfurd streetM'Nair Mrs, 10 Kelly streetM'NALLY John, delphdealer, 41 VennelM'Nally Patrick, broker, 8 Manse laneMACNAUGHT John, painter and paper hanger,Union Bank buildings, Church place. House, 20M'NAUGHT Alexander, feuar, 13 VennelM'Naught Alexander, mariner, 35 East Shaw streetM'Naught Duncan, mate, 18 Antigua streetM'Naught James, joiner, 6 Lyle street. House, 12Tobago streetM'Naught John, family grocer, Victoria buildings, 7West Blackhall street. House, 12 do.M'Naught Peter, foreman sailmaker, 41 Cathcart st.M'Naught Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 6Albert place, West Blackhall street. Ho. 12 do.M'Naught Miss Jane, feuar, 5 West Stewart streetM'Naught Mrs, 12 West Blackhall streetM'Naught Mrs M., 1 Cowgate streetMACNAUGHTAN Peter, merchant, Glen park, 19Eldon streetMacnaughtan Mrs, Glen park, 19 Eldon streetM'NAUGHTAN Duncan, shoemaker, Lyle's land,Back walksM'Naughtan John, provision dealer, 53 VennelM'Naughtan Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 28 Nicholson st.M'Naughtan Mrs, 3 Wellington street

DIRECTORY. 125M'Naughtan Mrs, furnishing shop, 30 Ann streetM'NEIL Alexander, upholsterer, 30 Nicholson streetM'Neil Archibald, sawyer, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Neil Duncan, labourer, 71 VennelM'Neil Hector, cooper, 13 West Blackhall streetM'Neil James, joiner, 4 Tobago streetM'Neil James, mariner, 53 VennelM'Neil James, wool washer, BroomhillM'Neil John, shipmaster, 35 East Shaw streetM'Neil John, flesher, 7 Ann streetM'Neil Lachlan, pilot, 18 Sir Michael streetM'Neil Lamont, huckster, 4 Inverkip streetM'Neil Samuel, shipmaster, 2 Lyle streetM'Neil Walter, spirit dealer, 13 Shaw streetM'Neil Sarah, lodgings, 7 Arthur streetM'Neil Miss, dressmaker, 60 Roxburgh streetM'Neil Mrs Dugald, 33 East Shaw streetM'Neil Mrs John, clothier, 52 Shaw streetM'Neil Mrs, 12 Inverkip streetM'Neil Mrs, lodgings, 14 Stanners streetM'Neil Mrs, 32 Dalrymple streetM'Neil Mrs, lodgings, 24 Inverkip streetM'NEIL AGE Alexander, shoemaker, 28 Sir MichaelstreetM'Neilage George, spirit dealer, 3 Shannon's closeM'Neilage James, shipmaster, 18 Kelly streetM'Neilage John, superintendent <strong>of</strong> streets, 6 Lyle st.M'Neilage Mrs George, 30 Sir Michael streetM'Neilage Mrs John, 3 Bearhope streetM'NICOLL Donald, 34 Crawfurd street, GlebeM'Nicoll Donald, eatinghouse, 33 Rue-end streetM'NICOL Dugald, 8 Watt streetM'Nicol Mrs A , 8 Watt streetM'Nicol Mrs M., 6 Watt streetM'NISH Mrs, Armadale buildings, Lyle streetM'NIVEN William, engineer, Highlanders' academyM'ONIE William, engineer, 15 Main Street, CartsdykeM'PHAIL Archibald, 8 Inverkip streetM'Phail Colin, porter, 6 Shaw streetM'Phail Duncan, labourer, 6 Shaw streetM'Phail John, cooper, 24 East Shaw streetM'Phail Lachlan, tailor, 11 Dalrymple streetm2

126 DIRECTORY.M'Phail Stephen, sugar baker, 13 Inverkip streetM'Phail Mrs Hugh, 5 West Stewart streetM'Phail Mrs, 50 West Blackhall streetM'PHEDRAN Alexander, joiner, 8 Ann streetM'Phedran John M'C, agent, Excise buildingsM'Phedran Dugald, police <strong>of</strong>ficer, 35 VennelM'Phedran Neil, smith, Finnieston, Port- Glasgow roadM'PHEE Archibald, cooper, 21 Nicholson streetM'Phee Archibald, fireman, 4 Roslin streetM'Phee Daniel, mason, 9 Nicholson streetM'PHERSON Alexander, sawyer, 9 Dalrymple streetM'Pherson Alexander, ropespinner, 82 Regent streetM'Pherson Charles, locker, 61 Ann streetM'Pherson & Co., ship chandlers, 3 East breastM'Pherson Daniel, pilot, 4 Market streetM'Pherson Duncan, carpenter, 35 Hamilton streetM'Pherson Duncan, teacher, 9 Bruce streetM'Pherson Duncan, cooper, 3 Nicholson streetM'Pherson James, shipmaster, 7 Kelly streetM'Pherson James, sawyer, 8 Chapel streetM'Pherson J., grocer, 34 Dalrymple streetM'Pherson James, carpenter, 25 Lynedoch streetM'Pherson John, <strong>of</strong> M'Pherson & Co., II Antigua st.M'Pherson John, joiner and grocer, 44 Inverkip streetM'Pherson John, sailmaker, 30 Nicholson streetM'Pherson John, shoemaker, 35 VennelM'Pherson John, joiner, Armadale buildings, Lyle st.M'Pherson John, mariner, 4 East Shaw streetM'Pherson John, engineer, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetM'Pherson John, lathsplitter, 14 Market streetM'Pherson John, ropemaker, 83 Regent streetM'Pherson John, carpenter, II East Shaw streetM'Pherson John, refreshment rooms, West Quay headM'Pherson Malcolm, joiner, 22 Tobago streetM'Pherson Peter, boilermaker, 15 Baker streetM'Pherson Peter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 30West Burn street. House, 24 do,M'Pherson Mrs Daniel, 9 Bruce streetM'Pherson Mrs Daniel, 9 Antigua streetM'Pherson Mrs Hugh, Rosehill, 25 Roxburgh streetM'Pherson Mrs, shoemaker, 13 Hamilton streetM'Pherson Mrs, 53 Vennel

DIRECTORY. 127M'Pherson Mrs, 30 Nicholson streetM'QUARRIE Donald, carpenter, 20 Cathcart streetM'Quarrie Donald, sailmaker, 76 Roxburgh streetM'Quarrie Hector, carpenter, 69 Main st., CartsdykeM'Quarrie John, mariner, 33 East Shaw streetM'Quarrie Mrs, mangier and dresser, 7 Market streetM'QUEEN Daniel, grocer, 2 Dalrymple street. Ho.,55 Shaw streetM-Queen James labourer, 24 Tobago streetM'Queen James, optician, 8 Tobago streetM< Queen John, carpenter, 25 VennelM'Queen John, brewer, 71 VennelM'Queen Thomas, upholsterer, 30 Nicholson streetM 'Queen Mrs Kenneth, wine and spirit merchant, 24Charles streetM'QUISTAN Findlaj, confectioner, 31 Cathcart st.M'RAE Duncan, late letter carrier, 11 Bearhope streetM'Rae Duncan, mariner, 7 Sir Michael streetM'Rae James, labourer, 15 Ropework streetM'Rae James, shoemaker, 44 Inverkip streetM'Rae Rev. John, <strong>of</strong> Free Gaelic Church. House, 7Ardgowan street, westM' RONALD Alexander, carpenter, 4 John streetM'SHANE James, sawyer, 56 Dalrvmple streetM'SKIMMING, Miss E., milliner, Q West Stewart st.M'SPORAN Mrs, straw hat maker, 5 John streetM'SWEEN Mrs William, lodgings, 71 VennelM'Sween Mrs, 46 Dairymple streetM'TAGGAR Alexander, coal dealer, 28 VennelM'TAGGART, Archibald, sawyer, 7 Under crescentM'Taggart John, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksM'Taggart John, porter, 7 New Dock kneM'Taggart, Neil, shoemaker, 2 Sugarhouse laneM'Taggart William, brewer, 11 East Shaw streetM'TEAGUE Maurice, porter, 12 East Quay laneM'VEY Dixon, mason, 44 Inverkip streetM'Vey James, joiner, 19 Charles streetM'Vey Samuel, mason, 76 Roxburgh streetMAC VICAR Neil, writer, Mansion house. Hous®,29 Nicholson streetMacvicar Robert, jr., smith, 3 Shaw street. House,28 Regent street

128 DIRECTORY.M'VICAR Alexander, policeman, 8 West Burn streetM'Vicar Archibald, carver and gilder, 15 Roxburgh stM' Vicar Donald, spiritdealer, 14 Shaw streetM'Vicar John, spiritdealer, 50 Shaw streetM'Vicar Peter, van driver, 76 Roxburgh streetM'Vicar Robert, labourer, 9 Bearhope streetM'Vicar William, ship-smith and screw bolt manufacturer,7 East Stewart street. House, 6 Chapel stM'WALTER John, carter, 37 Main street, CartsdykeM'Walter John, railway porter, Lyle'sland, Back walksM'Walter Mrs John, farmer, Upper InglestonM'WATT Francis, spiritdealer, 57 Dalrymple streetM'WATTY John, joiner, 21 Bearhope streetM' WILLIAM John, smith, 5 Springkell streetM< WRAITH Thomas, bundler, Drumfrochar roadNNAISMITH Alexander, carpenter, 3 Manse laneNaismith Ebenezer, teacher, Glen bridge, Port- GlasgowroadNAPIER Archibald, labourer, 6 John streetNEILL Alexander, pansman, 3 Arthur streetNeill Alexander, cooper, 44 Inverkip streetNeill & Dempster, sugar refiners, Dellingburn streetNeill James, farmer, Chapelton, Port-Glasgow roadNeill James, mariner, 17 Tobago streetNeill John, farmer, South HillendNeill John, <strong>of</strong> Neill & Dempster. House, 33 WestStewart streetNeill John, assistant collector <strong>of</strong> town assessment, 44Inverkip streetNeill John, smith, BroomhillNeill Robert, writer, 16' William street. House, 8Shaw placeNeill Thomas, ship-builder, 30 Market street. House,24 Nicholson streetNeill William, farmer, West Chapelton, Port- GlasgowroadNeill William, shipmaster, 34 Crawfurd streetNeill Mrs Thomas, 36 Crawfurd streetNEILSON Andrew, smith, 19 Bearhope street

DIRECTORY. 129Neilson James, farmer, Berry-yardsNeilson John, hatter, 43 Cathcart street House, 29Brougham streetNeilson John, smith and nail manufacturer, 10 TobagostreetNeilson John Finlay, 38 Eld on streetNeilson Samuel, farmer, MaukinhillNeilson William, sawyer, 4 Union streetNeilson William, cabinetmaker, 4 West Quay laneFree West Church, 30 EldonNELSON Rev. John, <strong>of</strong>streetNESS William, carter, 29 Charles streetNEW Clyde Towing Company, 10 West breastNEWAL Charles, engineer, 3 Under crescentNEWLANDS Peter, lathsplitter, 8 Hamilton streetNEWMAN Mrs, 19 Brougham streetcommission agents, 2 OpenNEWTON James & Co.,shoreNewton Mrs James, SeafieldNIBLO William, engine keeper, 49 Roxburgh streetNICOL & West, silk mercers and drapers, 3 WestBlackhall streetNicol Charles, mason, 36 Crawfurd streetNicol David, watchman, 12 Bogle streetNicol Duncan, <strong>of</strong> Movies & Nicol, Mount parkNicol James, earpenter, Lyle's land, Back walksNicol James S., <strong>of</strong> Nicol & West. House, OrangefieldplaceNicol John, baker, 7 Broad closeNicol John, engineer, 13 St Lawrence streetNicol John, carpenter, 51 Main street, CartsdykeNicol John, shipmaster, 3 Roxburgh streetNicol Thomas, carpenter, 5 East Blackhall streetNicol Mrs, 13 Hamilton streetNicol Mrs, 28 Sir Michael streetNICOLL Mrs Thomas, 3 East Stewart streetNICHOLSON John, joiner, 49 Inverkip streetNicholson John, sawyer, 2 Sugarhouse laneNicholson Samuel, boilermaker, 17 Main street, CartsdykeNicholson Mrs Robert N,, 65 Union streetNicholson Mrs, 5 Mearns street

130 DIRECTORY.NIMMO Andrew, collector <strong>of</strong> town, road, and prisonassessments, 20 Cathcart street. House, 1 RoxburghstreetNimmo Mrs John, spirit dealer, 4 East Quay laneNINIAN Mrs, 32 West Blackhall streetNISBET George, hair cutter and perfumer, 13 Williamstreet House, 1 1 do.Nisbet John, storekeeper, 51 Roxburgh streetNIVEN James, boot and shoemaker, 11 Charles street.House, do.Niven James, carpenter, 30 Nicholson streetNiven James, joiner, 35 Nicholson streetNiven Thomas, grain merchant, 17 East Quay lane.House, Finnart roadNiven W T illiam, carpenter, 2 Watt placeNiven Miss, lodgings, 3 St Andrew streetNiven Miss, lodgings,19 Ann streetNiven Mrs Walter N, 67 Union streetNIVISON Mrs, matron, Ragged school, 1 FactorylaneXIXON Henry, missionary, 1 Duncan streetNOBLE Benjamin, 68 Union streetNoble James, lath splitter, Union court, Dalrymple st.Noble John, labourer, Finnieston, Port-Glasgow roadNoble Robert, dealer, 36 VennelNoble Thomas, boilermaker, Upper crescentNoble Mrs George, 68 Union streetN ORRIS Mrs John, lodgings, 33 West Burn streetNORTH <strong>of</strong> England Insurance <strong>Office</strong>, 49 Cathcart st.NUGENT Margaret, huckster, 1 Kilblain streetODGER John, mate, Union court, Dalrymple streetOGILVIE James, cabinetmaker, 46 Cathcart streetOgilvie John, clerk, 21 Ann streetOgilvie Thomas, tidewaiter, 36 Crawfurd streetO'BRIAN Hugh, travelling merchant, 26 Tobago st.O'Brian John, huckster, 63 VennelOLDHAM Mrs, Rose Bank, 25 Forsyth streetO'DONNELL James, flesher, 49 Shaw streetO'Donnell, Patrick, flesher, 49 Shaw street

DIRECTORY.\^\O'LEARY William, tea dealer, 18 William streetO'NEILL James, bundler, EroomhillO'Neill John B., pawnbroker, 6 Low Vennel.Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetHouse,O'Neill John, labourer, 35 VermelO'Neill John, mason, 10 East Shaw streetO'Neill Patrick, pawnbroker, 29 Shaw street. House,9 Trafalgar streetORKNEY Alexander, mate, 3 Manse laneORR Andrew R., <strong>of</strong> Orr, Hunter $ Co.House, 5 WestBlackhall streetOrr Daniel, baker, 21 Arthur streetOrr Duncan, labourer, Lyle's land, Back walksOrr Erskine, feuar, 46 Crawfurd streetOrr, Hunter & Co., rope and sailmakers, 2 West QuaylaneOrr James, feuar and spiritdealer, 34 Sir Michael streetOrr James, engineer, 55 Main street, CartsdykeOrr John, baker, 27 Rue-end streetOrr John, weigher, Customs, 57 Shaw streetOrr John, joiner, 15 Lynedoch streetOrr John, mariner, 46 Crawfurd streetOrr John, jr„ baker, 5 Rue-end street, and 61 Mainstreet, Cartsdyke. House, 5 Rue-end streetOrr John, law clerk, 10 Bruce streetOrr John, labourer, 5 Shaw streetOrr Joseph, blockmaker, joiner and glazier, 37 Dalrymplestreet. House, 35 East Shaw streetOrr Robert, grocer, 65 Main street, CartsdykeOrr Thomas, boatbuilder, St Andrew street. House,1 Carnock streetOrr Thomas, cooper, 1 Stanners streetOrr WiHiam> merchant, 8 Cross-shore street. House,Q2 Union streetOrr William, engine keeper, 31 Regent streetOrr William, sugar refiner, Bernard's sugar refinery.House, Shipbank, Regent streetOrr William, joiner, 1 Carnock streetOrr Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 32 Tobago streetOrr Miss, grocer, 5 York streetOrr Miss, 12 Union streetOrr Miss, feuar, 2 Buccleuch street

132 DIRECTORY.Orr Mrs A., furnishing warehouse, 16 West BlackhallstreetOrr Mrs John, straw hatter and dressmaker, 46 CrawfurdstreetOrr Mrs James, feuar, 87 Regent streetOrr Mrs James, lodgings, 32 Ann streetOrr Mrs Matthew, Matilda cottage, Eldon streetOrr Mrs, 35 Shaw streetOrr Mrs Margaret, 13 Cathcart streetOSBORNE Thomas, landing surveyor, Customs. Ho.,Mount Park cottageOSTLER Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 7 Inverkipstreet. House, 6 do.OUGHTERSON George, metal merchant, 17 Cathcartstreet. House, 38 Union streetOughterson Mrs James, 38 Union streetOWEN Mrs James, stationer, 30 Cathcart st.Ho., do.PAPER MILLS, Overton, Shaws Water falls, No. 18PARIS Lewis, mariner, 2 Sugarhouse lanePARK Boyd, boilermaker, 30 Union streetPark James, tug steamboat agent, 4 West quay.4 Nicholson streetPark James, river pilot, 28. West Blackhall streetHo.,Park John, joiner, 8 Manse lanePark Magnus, river pilot, 39 Crawfurd streetPark Matthew, carter, 43 Main street, CartsdykePark Matthew, joiner, Mount Place, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetPark Robert, 65 Regent streetPark Robert, optician and nautical instrument maker,17 William street. House, 97 Regent streetPark William, draper, 7 Hamilton street. House, 5East Blackhall streetPark William, joiner, 97 Regent streetPark Miss, 13 West Stewart streetPark Mrs Robert, 97 Regent streetPARKER Augustus, clerk, 5 Mearns streetParker George, carpenter, 24 John streetParker, James L., missionary, 12 Watt streetParker Peter, carpenter, 18 Ingleston road

DIRECTORY. 133Parker Miss E., 18 Ingleston roadPARKHILL William, labourer, 6 Buccleuch streetPATERSON Alexander, glazier, crown glass warehouse,15 Cathcart street. House, do.Paterson Charles, shoemaker, 31 Cathcart st. House,77 Regent streetPaterson Daniel, clothier, 8 Hamilton street. House,9 Laird streetPaterson David, sailmaker, 27 Nicholson streetPaterson Donald, joiner, 7 Bruce streetPaterson Duncan, fireman, 4 Watt streetPaterson Duncan, carpenter, 11 Cathcart streetPaterson Edward, broker, 6 Dalrjmple streetPaterson George, mason and spirit dealer, 1 Regent stPaterson George, boilermaker, 7 Arthur streetPaterson George, plumber, 36 West Burn streetPaterson James, clerk, Clydesdale bank. Ho., 9 GreyplacePaterson James, beadle, East Parish Church, 24 HamiltonstreetPaterson James, currier, 39 Ann streetPaterson James, smith, 14 Stanners streetPaterson James, 5 Kelly streetPaterson John, land surveyor and joiner, 14 St AndrewstreetPaterson John, carpenter, 3 Manse lanePaterson John, grocer, 18 Tobago streetPaterson John, labourer, OvertonPaterson John, spiritdealer, 29 VennelPaterson John, glazier, 2 Buccleuch streetPaterson John, gas inspector, 24 Ann streetPaterson John B., 9 Grey placePaterson Malcolm, bricklayer, 5 M earns streetPaterson Malcolm, mate, 24 Kelly streetPaterson Malcolm, carpenter, 6 East Blackhall streetPaterson Peter, cooper, 3 Salmon streetPaterson Robert, poulterer, 15 Market streetPaterson Samuel, enginekeeper, Lyle's land, Back walksPaterson Thomas, carpenter, 46 Shaw streetPaterson Thomas, baker, 7 Bearhope streetPaterson William, leather pipe maker, 24 East Shaw stPaterson William, joiner, 2 Bearhope street

134 DIRECTORY.Paterson William, plumber, 17 Shaw streetPaterson William, traveller, 34 Sir Michael streetPaterson Miss Elizabeth, milliner, 21 Cathcart streetPaterson Mrs Archibald, grocer, 5 East Shaw streetPaterson Mrs David, lodgings, 15 Stanners streetPaterson Mrs, lodgings, 10 William streetPaterson Mrs, 27 Nicholson streetPaterson Mrs, midwife, 8 Tobago streetPaterson Mrs Robert, 5 Mearns streetPaterson Mrs Samuel, 9 Grey placePATON Allan Park, writer and land-factor, 65 Rueendstreet. House, Pmalder cottage, Low GourockroadPaton Archibald, cashier, 76 Regent streetPalon James, gardener, Bogston, Port-Glasgow roadPaton James Fraser, M.D. Consulting rooms, 16 Williamstreet. House, 12 Margaret street, Low GourockroadPaton Miss, lodgings, 5 Shaw streetPATTON George R., printer, 6 Inverkip streetPATTEN & Marshall, writers, 8 Cathcart squarePatten Henry Tower, writer, <strong>of</strong> Patten & MarshallHouse, Robertson streetPatten Hugh M'C, <strong>of</strong> Pattens & Co.House, RobertsonstreetPatten James, <strong>of</strong> Pattens & Co. House, Robertson at.Pattens & Co., sugar refiners and ship owners, Baker st.PATRICK Adam & Co., boot and shoemakers, 6Cathcart squarePatrick Adam, <strong>of</strong> A. P. & Co., 62 Roxburgh streetPatrick Andrew, engineer, 11 John streetPatrick David, fireman, 30 Sir Michael streetPatrick David, porter, at Macfie, Graham 6s Co.'s, 12William streetPatrick David, spirit dealer, 2 Charles streetPatrick John, engineer, 12 John streetPatrick John, mason, 11 Cowgate streetPatrick William, engine driver, Ingleston roadPATTISON James, clothier and outfitter, 14 CathcartstreetPattison John, mason, 9 Nicholson streetPattison Robert, 1 Crawfurd street

DIRECTORY. 135PAUL Colin, plasterer, 1 Springkell street. House, 9Lynedoch streetPaul David, wine and spirit merchant, 43 Shaw street,and 6 Cross-shore streetPaul James, spirit dealer, 6 Bast breastPaul James, smith, 43 Main street, CartsdykePaul John, watchman, 15 Arthur streetPaul John, wine and spirit merchant, 3 VennelPaul John, engineer, Lyle's land, Back walksPaul Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Charles street.House, 19 Brougham streetPaul Thomson, cooper, 20 Ingleston roadPaul William, huckster, 9 Longwell closePaul William Boag, sugar refiner, <strong>of</strong> Anderson, Orr &Co. House, 29 Brougham streetPaul Misses, dressmakers, 21 Sugarhouse lanePaul Mrs Edward, 29 Brougham streetPaul Mrs Robert, 77 Regent streetPEACE James, spirit dealer, 43 Ann streetPeace James, grocer, 35 Nicholson streetPEARSON James, lath manufacturer, St Andrew sq.Pearson Thomas, engineer, 28 East Shaw streetPearson Mrs, lodgings, 42 Shaw streetPEAS TON Alexander, slademan, 35 Nicholson streetPeaston William, flesher, 35 Nicholson streetPeaston Mrs Gilbert, 12 West Blackhall streetPEAT IE Miss, missionary, 13 West Blackhall streetPEDDIE John, pointsman, 19 Arthur streetPENNELL Joseph, sailmaker, 1 East Quay lane.House, 9 Sugarhouse lanePERCEVAL Joseph, forger, Sinclair's land, LadyburnPERRY Hugh, cooper, 32 Inverkip streetPETERS James S., wine and spirit merchant, 39Shaw street.House, 3 Lyle streetPETTIGREW James, spirit dealer, East Hamilton st.Pettigrew James, builder, 1 Lyle streetPettigrew John, porter, 5 Cross -shore streetPettigrew Matthew, joiner, 7 Bruce streetPettigrew Samuel, labourer, 32 East Shaw streetPettigrew Mrs, 3 West Quay lanePettigrew Mrs, 36 Crawfurd streetPHILLIPS James, cooper, 8 Manse lane

136 DIRECTORY.Phillips Patrick, labourer, 8 Manse lanePhillips Robert, smith, 3 Arthur streetPhillips William, miller, 12 Baker streetPhillips Miss, feuar, 7 East Shaw streetPhillips Mrs, 13 West Stewart streetPICKLES Cornelius, wool sorter, 27 Roxburgh streetPickles Joseph, labourer, 47 Ann streetPICKET Adam, shoemaker, 6 Watson's lanePICKEN John, sawyer, Caledonian Saw-mills, PortGlasgow roadPILOT <strong>Office</strong> Deep Sea, Albert quayPINKERTON John, carter, 3 Inverkip streetPIRRIE George, gardener, Brachelston tollPirrie James, toll keeper, Brachelston tollPLATT Alexander, labourer, 3 Nicholson streetPOLICE <strong>Office</strong>, 6 Hamilton streetPOLLOCK David L., bookbinder, 16 Tobago streetPollock James, mason, 76 Roxburgh streetPollock John, smith, 15 John streetPollock Robert, book agent, 16 Tobago streetPollock Waiter, carter, Sinclair's land, LadyburnPollock Wright, plumber, 7 Duncan streetPollock Misses, dressmakers, milliners, and furriers,16 Tobago streetPollock Mrs James, farmer, GibbshillPollock Mrs John, feuar, 35 Roxburgh streetPOLSON David, Customhouse boatman, 37 NicholsonstreetPoison Miss, dressmaker, 27 Nicholson streetPOOR'S Rate <strong>Office</strong>, Captain streetPORTER Mrs Robert, coal merchant, 4 Springkell st.House, 34 Regent streetPorter Miss, dressmaker, 3 Tobago streetPORTERFIELD Charles, shoemaker, 71 VennelPOST <strong>Office</strong>,3 Church placePOTTER Miss E., milliner and lodging-house keeper,29 Nicholson streetPOTTS Captain Joseph, Inchbank, Port-Glasgow roadPOYNTER John, chemist and drysalter. Works, 18Baker streetPRATT Alexander, joiner, 25 Arthur streetPratt John, smith, Upper crescent

DIRECTORY. 137Pratt "William, carpenter, 9 East Shaw streetPratt William, carpenter, 29 Hamilton streetPRENTICE John and Thomas, wholesale and retailwine and spirit merchants, 17 Nicholson street.House, 9 Argyle streetPRESTON John, wine and spirit merchant, 39 RueendstreetPreston Richard, umbrella and parasol manufacturer,14 Hamilton streetPRIMROSE Mrs, lodgings, 13 West Stewart streetPRINGLE James, smith, 15 Baker streetland, Back walksPRITCHARD Hugh, mason, Lyle'sPritchard Mrs, 31 West Blackhall streetPROVAN James, labourer, 16 Ann streetPROVIDENT BANK, 3 Church placePROWS E Samuel, shipmaster, 7 Antigua streetQQUARRIER John, miller, Shaws Water Mills, 1Regent streetQUIN Edward, shoemaker, 15 Market streetQuin James, sugar baker, 24 Tobago streetQuin John, spirit dealer, 26 West Burn street. House,6 West Stewart streetRRAE John, tinsmith, 9 Market streetRae William, engineer, 29 Sir Michael streetRAFF George, accountant, house factor, coal and insuranceagent, 41 Cathcart street. House, 12West Blackhall streetRAILWAY Goods Depot, Chapel streetRailway Station House, 25 Cathcart streetRALSTON Alexander, shoemaker, 33 Cathcart streetRalston James, shoemaker, 3 Buccleuch streetRalston James, labourer, 7 Cowgate streetRAMAGE Robert, engineer, 13 Bogle streetRAMSAY Alexander, tailor, 5 Bruce streetRamsay Andrew, 14 Clarence street, GlebeRamsay Andrew, shoemaker, 36 Shaw streetn2

138 DIRECTORY.Ramsay David, sawyer, 46 Cathcart streetRamsay Hope S ., clerk, I Carnock streetRamsay James, engineer, 8 Baker stroetRamsay John late joiner, 13 West Stewart streetRamsay John, tidewaiter, Lyle's land,Back 'walksRamsay William, gardener, 15 Brougham streetRamsay Mrs John, 5 Carnock streetRANDALLS Andrew, carpenter, 17 Cathcart streetRANKIN Alexander, grocer and carpenter, 26 EastShaw streetRankin Alexander, carpenter, 18 West Blackball streetRankin Alexander, watch and clockmaker, 5 Williamstreet. House, 6 Manse laneRankin Andrew, mason, 16 John streetRankin David, cabinetmaker, 23 Lynedoch streetRankin Finlay, engineer, 15 Hope place, Antigua st.Rankin George, cooper, 25 Baker streetRankin John, shopman, 49 Shaw streetRankin John, brassfounder, 18 Bogle streetRATH GEN Henry, sugarboiler, Under crescent .RATTRAY William, cooper, 1 York streetREDHEAD William, steamboat master, 1 William stREDONDO Peter, interpreter, 14 East Quay laneREEVES James, labourer, 92 East Hamilton streetREFRESHMENT Rooms, 12 East Quay laneRefreshment Rooms, 6 West Quay laneRefreshment Rooms, east side Victoria harbour, RueendstreetREFORMED Presbyterian Church, West Stewart st.RE ID Arthur, boilermaker, 8 John streetReid Rev. Charles, R.C.C., 20 East Shaw streetReid Duncan, engineer, 9 Main street, CartsdykeReid Duncan, tea dealer and general grocer, 42 Hamiltonstreet. House, 31 Boyd placeReid Francis R., <strong>of</strong> Blair, Reid,

DIRECTORY. 139Reid John, clerk, Stamp <strong>of</strong>fice. House, 35 Ann streetReid William, cooper, 29 Hamilton streetReid Miss R., lodgings, 29 Regent streetReid Mrs James, lodgings, 34 East Shaw streetReid Mrs James, 36 Union streetRE ILLY James, rope and rag store, 22 Shaw streetReilly Peter, railway guard, 17 Shaw streetRENNIE Thomas, labourer, 6 Shaw streetRennie Mrs James, Upper crescentRESIDE William, joiner, Alma cottageReside Mrs, lodgings, 12 East Quay laneREYBURN Robert & Co., iron merchants, 5 BellingburnstreetReyburn Robert, <strong>of</strong> Bobert Beyhurn 8? Go., OrangefieldWest breastRHODES Charles, painter, IIRhodes John, shipmaster, 20 West Blackball streetRICHARDS Thomas, mariner, 28 Shaw streetRICHARDSON James, moulder, 7 St Lawrence st.Richardson James, shipmaster, 12 West Blackhall st.Richardson John G. C, shipmaster, 5 Lyle streetRichardson Mrs, 35 West Blackhall streetRICHMOND Alexander, engineer, 44 Crawfurd streetRichmond Archibald ¥., M.D., 28 Hamilton street.House, 9 George squareRichmond Hugh, draper, 24 Cathcart street,House,8 Shaw streetRichmond Hugh, brewer, 49 Inverkip streetRIDDER Thomas, labourer, 37 Main st., CartsdykeRIDDEL David, coal agent, Govan coal depot, 5 Chapelstreet. House, 6 do.RIDDICH James, foreman tailor, 27 VennelRiddich Miss, 12 Nicholson streetRINTOUL John, vintner, 8 Inverkip streetRITCHIE Alexander, manager <strong>of</strong> Gas works.House,33 Crawfurd streetRitchie Andrew, labourer, 3 John streetRitchie David, mariner, 50 Shaw streetRitchie Hugh, grocer, 35 Cathcart street. House, 1Roxburgh streetRitchie Hugh, grocer, 42 Inverkip st. Ho., OrangefieldcottageRitchie H., tidewaiter, Armadale buildings, Back walks

140 DIRECTORY.Ritchie James, smith, 2 John streetRitchie John, clothier, 5 William st. Ho., 5 Lyle st.Ritchie Robert, smith, 66 VennelRitchie William, ropespinner, 36 West Burn streetRitchie William, mason, 16 Bearhope streetRitchie Miss M., 13 St Lawrence streetRitchie Mrs Robert, feuar, 32 Inverkip streetRitchie Mrs, lodgings, 30 Sugarhouse laneROBB Alexander, smith, 24 Tobago streetRobb Daniel, feuar, 11 Brisbane streetRobb David, rigger, 22 Sugarhouse laneRobb John & Co., timber merchants, Caledonian sawmills,Port- Glasgow roadRobb Mrs John, 7 Tobago streetROBERTS Elias, spiritdealer, 53 Rue-end streetRoberts George, baker, Armadale buildings, Back walksROBERTSON Adam, gardener, 15 Brougham streetRobertson Alexander, carter, LadyburnRobertson Andrew, gatekeeper, Clyde potteryRobertson Andrew, labourer, 12 Inverkip streetRobertson Charles, stoker, 8 Sir Michael streetRobertson Donald, cabinetmaker, 6 Watt streetRobertson Douglas, sugar baker, 17 Sir Michael streetRobertson Duncan, shoemaker, 36 West Burn streetRobertson Duncan, 19 Clarence streetRobertson James, carpenter, 7 Under crescentRobertson James, tidewaiter, 14 Tobago streetRobertson John, gardener, 38 Inverkip streetRobertson John, slater, 33 Regent streetRobertson John, Golden Bull inn and hotel, 55 Shaw stRobertson John, draftsman, 5 Lyle streetRobertson John, carpenter, 19 Sir Michael streetRobertson Lachlan, pilot, 57 Shaw streetRobertson Neil, shipmaster, 46 Crawfurd streetRobertson Robert, moulder, 3 Duncan streetRobertson Robert W„ merchant and commission agent,Anderson place, 14 Cathcart st. Ho., Craigend,GourockRobertson Robert, joiner, 5 Dellingburn streetRobertson Simeon, logwood miller, 16 Bearhope streetRobertson Thomas, rigger, 11 Cathcart streetRobertson Wellwood M., spiritdealer, 2 Buccleuch st.

DIRECTORY. 141Robertson William, boilermaker, 3 John streetRobertson William, carpenter, 44 Shaw streetRobertson William, flaxdresser, 12 Market streetRobertson Mrs Captain, 27 Brougham streetRobertson Mrs John, 23 Brougham streetRobertson Mrs William, lodgings, 22 Inverkip streetRobertson Mrs, 3 West Burn streetROBINSON" Alexander, veterinary surgeon, 37 WestBurn st. and 60 Vennel. House, 6 Inverkip st.Robinson Archibald, smith and farrier, coach builder,cart and plough factory, 40 Vennel, and 3 Cartsburnstreet. House, 6 Inverkip streetRobinson Daniel, wine and spirit merchant, railway wineand spirit store, 11 Highland close. House, do.Robinson & Niven, drysalters and soap manufacturers,<strong>Greenock</strong> soap works, 31 Market streetRobinson Richard, picking master, Drumfrocher roadRobinson Wm., <strong>of</strong> Robinson & Niven. Ho., SpringfieldRODGER Alexander, joiner, 24 East Shaw streetRodger Alexander, merchant, 4 Brougham streetRodger Alexander, banker, Clydesdale bank. House,Newton streetRodger Alexander, ploughman, FordRodger Hugh Blair, <strong>of</strong> Blair & Allison, House, 21Lynedoch streetRodger James, sailmaker, 6 West Stewart streetRodger James, shopman, 2 Sir Michael streetRodger John, cooper, 6 Nicholson streetRodger John, carpenter, Upper crescentRodger John, shoemaker, 3 Inverkip streetRodger John, juu., merchant, 35 West Stewart streetRodger Matthew, carpenter, 16 Sir Michael streetRodger Peter, shipmaster, 21 Sir Michael streetRodger Thomas, railway policeman, 39 Cathcart streetRodger William, feuar, Mount PleasantRodger Mrs James, 1 Roxburgh streetRodger Mrs, delph dealer, 60 VennelROGERS Anthony, supervisor inland revenue, Mountparkcottage, Mearns streetRogers David, accountant, Mount Pleasant cottageROE W. S., collector <strong>of</strong> Custome. Ho., 50 Eldon st.ROMAN Catholic Chapel, 18 East Shaw street

142 DIRECTORY.RONALD Robert, grain merchant, Customhouse placeHouse, Hope placeRORRISON Mrs John, lodgings, 10 East Shaw st.ROSE Alexander, carpenter, 1 Clarence streetRose Donald, Queen's porter, 11 Charles streetRose Hugh, tailor and oilskinmanufacturer, 44 ShawstreetROSS Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 31 Cathcart st.Ross Angus, engineer, 2 John streetRoss, Corbett & Co., merchants and agents, 2 Shannon'scloseRoss David, carpenter, 5 Ardgowan street, GlebeRoss Hector, Queen's porter, 28 Tobago streetRoss Hugh, grain merchant, 4 Shaw streetRoss James, skinner, 28 Cartsburn streetRoss Robert, mason, 42 Inverkip streetRoss T. B., <strong>of</strong> Boss, Corbett & Go. Ho. 2 Jamaica st.Ross William, brassfounder, Lyle's land, Back walksRoss William, roadman, M'Leish's land, Port-GlasgowroadRoss Mrs John, 8 Cross-shore streetRoss Mrs William, 3 Shaw placeRoss Mrs William, 23 Lynedoch streetRoss Mrs, 6 William streetROUGVIE James, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and funeralundertaker, 12 Bearhope streetRougvie John M'D,, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, andfuneral undertaker, Melville court, Hamilton st.House, 30 West Blackhall streetROWAN David, engineer, 3 Shaw placeRowan Thomas B., wholesale wine and spirit merchant,6 Cartsburn streetRowan Thomas B, & Co., wholesale wine and spiritmerchants, 9 Inverkip streetRowan Mrs John, 18 Duncan streetROWELL William, labourer, 47 Ann streetROXBURGH James, carpenter, 12 Inverkip streetRoxburgh Mrs William, 2 Springkell streetROY Miss, straw bonnet maker, 15 Inverkip streetROYAL Bank <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>, 38 Cathcart streetRUSSELL Alexander, shipowner, 44 Brougham st.Russell David M'L,, accountant, 6 Nelson St., Glebe

DIRECTORY. 143Russell Edward, boilermaker, 17 Arthur streetRussell James, blacksmith, 60 Roxburgh streetRussell John, clerk, Lloyd's register <strong>of</strong>fice. House, 3Bank streetRussell John, carpenter, 41 Hamilton streetRussell Robert, labourer, Longwell closeRussell Wallace, 71 Crown street, Glasgow. House,Home cottage, Eldon streetRussell Mrs, 17 Roxburgh streetRUTHERFORD George, sawyer, 32 Sugarhouse laneRutherford Mrs James, 4 Ann streetRYAN Michael, broker, 3 William streetSSABISTON Miss Jane, dressmaker, 34 Crawfurd st.SAILORS' Home, Dock breastSALMON & Macfarlane, writers «& insurance agents,2 Church placeSalmon James, feuar, 29 Brougham streetSalmon Robert, <strong>of</strong> Salmon & Macfarlane. House, 9Antigua streetSAMSON Mrs William, lodgings, 63 Rue-end streetS ANDIEL ANDS Miss, milliner and straw hat maker,12 West Blackhall street. Ho., 34 Crawfurd st.SANDEMAN John, accountant at James Fairrie &Co.'s, House, 10 Eldon streetSAUNDERS James, spirit dealer, 8 Shaw street. Ho.,61 Rue-end streetSAVAGE Peter, ropemaker, 15 Ropework streetSavage Robert, blacksmith, 43 Cathcart streetSAYERS Mrs James, 8 Sir Michael streetSCHOOL Industrial, 1 Factory laneSCOFFIELD Charles, machine keeper, 33 RoxburghstreetSc<strong>of</strong>field Mrs, 28 Tobago streetSCHULTZ Ralph, sugarboiler, 3 Captain streetSCOTT Alexander, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksScott Alexander, gardener, 50 West Blackhall streetScott Alexander, boiler maker, 9 Bruce streetScott Alexander, sugarboiler, 4 Lyle streetScott Alexander, farmer, Knocknair hill

144 DIRECTORY.Scott & Anderson, silk mercers, 2 West Blackball st.Scott Archibald, smith, 7 Under crescentScott Arthur, labourer, 40 Cathcart streetScott & Co., shipbuilders, Garvel park building yardScott Charles C, <strong>of</strong> Scott & Co., Garvel parkScott David, carter, 69 VennelScott Edward, shipmaster, 42 Eldon streetScott George, labourer, 59 VennelScott Henry, draper, 8 Hamilton street. Ho., 6 WestBlackhall streetScott Ivie, grocer, 9 West Blackhall street. House, 15Kilblain streetScott James, tobacconist, 36 Hamilton streetScott James, sawyer, 15 Main street, CartsdykeScott James, farmer, MainsScott James, engine driver, 47 Ann streetScott James, smith, 4 East India breastScott James, cabinet-maker, 12 Inverkip streetScott James, spiritdealer, 44 VennelScott James, blacksmith, Ingleston roadScott James, shoemaker, 13 East Shaw streetScott John, flesher, 37 Cathcart street. House, Abbotsfordplace, Roxburgh streetScott John H,, <strong>of</strong> Wm< Scott & Co., 28 Nicholson st.Scott John, carter, 12 Inverkip streetScott John, carman. Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetScott John, <strong>of</strong> John Scott db Sons. House, FinnartScott John & Sons, shipbuilders, 50 Dalrymple streetScott John, shipmaster, 36 Hamilton streetScott John, farmer, HoleScott John, farmer, FerguslandScott John, baker, GQ VennelScott John, cowfeeder, 5 Union streetScott Joseph, boatman, 9 Broad closeScott Matthew, 19 Bearhope streetScott Matthew, shoemaker > 9 Cross-shore streetScott Matthew, shoemaker, 8 Tobago streetScott Peter, <strong>of</strong> Scott & Anderson. Ho., 12 Brisbane stScott Peter, grocer, 12 Sir Michael streetScott Peter, mason, LadyburnScott Robert, pansman, 12 Bogle streetScott Robert, clerk, 48 Nelson street, west

DIRECTORY. 145Scott Robert, huckster, 2 YennelScott Robert, smith, 16 Market streetScott Robert, saddler, 36 Cathcart streetScott Robert, grocer, 2 Inverkip st. Ho., 4 Kilblain stScott Robert, carter, LadjburnScott, Sinclair & Co., engineers and brassfounders,<strong>Greenock</strong> foundry, East Stewart streetScott William & Co., ship-chandlers 2 West QuayScott William, late grocer, Harvie laneScott Thomas, labourer, , -32 Ann streetScott Thomson, flesher, 43 Hamilton st. Ho., 4 AnnstScott Miss, grocer and spiritdealer, 4 Cowgate streetScott Miss B., millinery and furnishing shop, 39 CathcartstreetScott Mrs James, 72 Union streetScott Mrs James, grocer, 3 West Stewart streetScott Mrs James, feuar, 21 Bearhope streetScott Mrs Joseph, lodgings, 6 Roxburgh streetScott Mrs Peter, Abbotsford place, 7 Roxburgh streetScott Mrs Robert, 4 Tobago streetScott Mrs William, 27 Patrick streetScott Mrs William, 4 Kilblain streetScott Mrs William, 5 Springkell streetScott Mrs, grocer, 18 Dalrymple streetScott Mrs, 32 Sugarhouse laneScott Mrs, feuar, 33 Roxburgh streetScott Mrs, farmer, AuchmountainScott Mrs, 12 Brisbane streetSCOTTISH Provident Insurance <strong>of</strong>fice, 49 Cathcart stSCRYMGEOUR David, clerk, <strong>Post</strong> <strong>of</strong>ficeScrymgeour, John, mason, 40 West Burn streetSEAL John, wool comber, BroombillSCULLEN James, shoemaker, Drumfrochar roadScullen John, cooper, Drumfrochar roadJohn, smith, 49 East Shaw streetSEAT IISEARGEANT Thomas, steward, 10 Cross Shore st.Seargeant Thomas, labourer, 41 VennelS EATON Robert, manager, New Clyde Towing Company,10 West breastSEILING John, pansman, 69 Roxburgh streetSELLEY John, shoemaker, 10 Manse laneSELLARS Andrew, clerk, 6 Chapel street

146 DIRECTORY.Sellars Daniel, mariner, 7 Sugarhouse laneSellars Quintin, joiner, 5 Bearhope streetSellars Robert, 25 Roxburgh streetSEMPLE William, shoemaker, 27 Lynedoch streetSERVICE Archibald, cabinet maker, and upholsterer,24 Hamilton street. House, 4 Kilblain streetService John, miller, Deer Park mills, 15 Baker streetService Walter, baker, 8 West Blackhall street, andmiller, Deer Park mills, Baker street. House, 19Nicholson streetService William, engineer, Drumfrochar roadSHAND David, late <strong>of</strong> Customs, 16 Arthur streetShand Miss E., grocer and spirit dealer, 17 StannersstreetSHANKLAND D. & Co., merchants and agents, 21Cathcart streetShankland D., <strong>of</strong> D. Shankland & Co.Ho., 24 KellystreetShankland John, wright, 49 Shaw street. House, 46Cathcart streetShankland Robert, ship agent, 1 Watt placeShankland Thomas, cooper, 13 Nicholson streetShankland Mrs D., 24 Kelly streetShankland Mrs, grocer, 9 Kilblain streetSHANNON Archibald, collector <strong>of</strong> harbour dues. Ho,SeafieldShannon Michael, labourer, 32 Sugarhouse laneShannon Patrick, sugarbaker, 4 Bruce streetShannon Miss, 25 Brougham streetSHARP Donald, carpenter, 32 Ann streetSharp James, joiner, 44 Inverkip streetSharp John, carpenter, 25 Lynedoch streetSharp Lawrence, ropespinner, M'Kelvie's land, DuncanstreetSharp Samuel, tailor, 2 Cartsburn streetSharp William, glass and china merchant, 46 Cathcartstreet, and 86 Bath street, GlasgowSharp William, shoemaker, 9 Cowgate streetSharp William, cooper, 31 Ann streetSharp Mrs James, lodgings, Lyle's land, Back walksSharp Mrs, lodgings, 41 Hamilton streetSHAW Alexander, sailmaker, 69 Vennel

DIRECTORY. 147Shaw Archibald, carpenter, 42 Inverkip streetShaw Archibald, carpenter, 55 Inverkip streetShaw Archibald, carter, 59 Dalrymple streetShaw David, carding master, Drumfrocher roadShaw Henry, wool spinner, BroomhillShaw Duncan, shoemaker, 1 Bruce streetShaw Jas., jun. & Co., joiners and funeral undertakers,6 Charles streetShaw James, sailmaker, 69 VennelShaw James, cabinetmaker, 6 Kilblain streetShaw James, policeman, 34 Charles streetShaw James, blacksmith, 3 Hamilton streetShaw James, mate, 24 Inverkip streetShaw James, carpenter, 26 Cathcart streetShaw John, carpenter, 35 Nicholson streetShaw John, carpenter, 4 Union streetShaw Neil, grocer, 43 Dalrymple streetShaw Neil, van driver, 47 Ann streetShaw Robert, joiner, 3 Hamilton streetShaw Thomas, tin and copper smith, Shaw st. and NewDock lane. House, Old Manse, GlebeShaw William, carpenter, 26 VennelShaw William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 14 Hamiltonstreet. Workshops, 4 Watson's lane. Ho.,9 Brisbane streetShaw William, mariner, 4 Tobago streetShaw Miss, 6 Brougham streetShaw Miss, feuar, 18 Market streetShaw Mrs Angus, 72 Roxburgh streetShaw Mrs Archibald, spiritdealer, Port-Glasgow roadShaw Mrs Donald, 69 VennelShaw Mrs Mary, spiritdealer, 59 Rue-end streetSHAWS Water Joint Stock Company. <strong>Office</strong>, 39Rue-end streetSHEARER Alexander, ironmonger, 9 William streetHouse, 26 Ann streetShearer Alexander, grocer, 52 Shaw street. House, 29Cathcart streetShearer Daniel, painter, 16 Sir Michael streetShearer John, carter, 63 Ann streetShearer Ninian, carter, 14 Bogle streetShearer Thomas, carpenter, 7 Shaw street

148 DIRECTORY.Shearer William, spiritdealer, 39 West Blackball streetShearer William, messenger-at-arms and sheriff-<strong>of</strong>ficer,49 Cathcart street, Ho., Mount place, <strong>of</strong>f Ann st.Shearer Mrs William, feuar, 13 Market streetSHEDDAN Mrs Robert, lodgings, 8 Shaw streetSheddan Mrs, grocer, 36 Shaw streetSHEPHERD George, brassfounder, Lyle's land, BackwalksSHERIFF Court Hall, County buildings, 4 Bank st.SHERIDAN Joseph, gardener, 18 Antigua streetSheridan Robert, gardener, Mount Pleasant streetSHERKY James, hawker, 4 VermelSHIELDS James, carpenter, 45 Shaw streetShields John, tailor, 2 Bruce streetShields Thomas, shoemaker, 8 Smith's laneSHIRLEY Thomas & Co., earthenware manufacturers,<strong>Greenock</strong> potteries, Port- Glasgow road. (See Advertisement.)Shirley William, <strong>of</strong> T. Shirley & Go. House, Clydepottery*SHORTRIDGE Saml., M.D., physician, 7 Shaw placeSIMM George, plumber, 41 TennelSimm William, police sergeant, 48 Inverkip streetSIMPSON" Adam, cooper, 35 East Shaw streetSimpson Alexander, smith, 3 Arthur street(Simpson Douglas, gardener, 2 East Shaw streetSimpson James, engineer, 17 John streetSimpson James, miller, 6 Antigua streetSimpson James, weaver, 30 Tobago streetSimpson John, sanitary inspector, 11 Cross-shore st.Simpson John, smith, Lyle's land, Back walksSimpson John, ropespinner, 32 Ann streetSimpson John, carman, 21 Bearhope streetSimpson Robt, spiritdealer, 20 Cathcart st. Ho., 16 do.Simpson Thomas, shipmaster, 4 Trafalgar streetSimpson William, boilermaker, 7 Tobago streetSimpson William, wool sorter, BroomhillSimpson Mrs Walter, 5 East Blackball streetSimpson Mrs, 3 Crawfurd streetSimpson Mrs, lodgings, 3 East Stewart streetSimpson Mrs, huckster, 15 Arthur streetSINCLAIR Angus, smith, 18 Cathcart street

DIRECTORY.H9Sinclair & Co., cork cutters, 8 Manse laneSinclair, Hendry & Co., painters and paperhangers, 5West Blackhall streetSinclair James, hammerman, 28 East Shaw streetSinclair John, stay warehouse, 20 Cathcart streetSinclair, John, joiner, 6 Roslin streetSinclair John, grocer and spirit dealer, 44 Shaw streetSinclair Malcom, carpenter, 2 Rue-end streetSinclair Neil, labourer, 14 St Andrew streetSinclair Neil, labourer, 10 East Shaw streetSinclair Rev. Sutherland, 38 Eldon streetSinclair Peter, cowfeeder, Drumfrochar roadSinclair Miss, 8 Manse laneSinclair Mrs D., feuar, Bank house, 13 Bank streetSinclair Mrs, 14 Bearhope streetSinclair Mrs, 10 Watt streetSinclair Mrs, 29 Charles streetSinclair Mrs, 3 West Burn streetSINNOT Richard, painter, 30 Ann streetSKINNER Thomas, gardener, Port- Glasgow roadSkinner Mrs George, fruiterer, 28 Cathcart st. House,5 Lynedoch streetSKIRV ING Miss, milliner, 5 Albert place. House, 29Nicholson streetSkirving Mrs, 29 Nicholson streetSKIVINGTON Arthur, spiritdealer, 53 Shaw streetSLATER James, teacher, 10 Tobago street House,53 Inverkip streetSLIMMOND John, spinning master, Drumfrocher roadSLOAN Hannibal, deep sea pilot, 40 Dalrymple streetSMALL Robertson, storekeeper, 27 Mainst, CartsdykeSmall Mrs Charles, grocer, 5 York streetSMILLIE James, cabinetmaker, 1 Cartsburn streetSMITH Alexander, teacher, East Episcopal school, 29Lynedoch streetSmith Alexander, mason, 2 John streetSmith Alexander, flesher, flesh market.Ho., 4 BearhopestreetSmith Alexander, cartwright and smith, 25 Crawfurd^^; street and corner <strong>of</strong> Laird streetSmith A.|& Co., corkcutters, 8 Cross-shore streetSmith Andrew, carpenter, 11 Nicholson streeto2

«150 DIRE C TORYSmith Charles, bricklayer, 12 Hamilton streetSmith Daniel, painter, Lyle's land, Back walksSmith David A., <strong>of</strong> Morrison & Smith. House, 12Nicholson streetSmith Donald, gardener, 69 VennelSmith Dugald, tailor and church <strong>of</strong>ficer, 26 Nicholson stSmith Duncan, engineer, Ingleston roadSmith Edward, boilermaker, 4 St Andrew squareSmith George, smith, 6 West Stewart streetSmith George, brassfounder, 9 Kilblain streetSmith George, carpenter, 12 Bogle streetSmith George, furnishing shop, 38 Ann streetSmith Henry, mariner, 28 Charles streetSmith James, 32 Eldon streetSmith James, carter, 29 Regent streetSmith James, sheriff <strong>of</strong>ficer, 3 Bank streetSmith James, gardener, 10 Ardgowan squareSmith James, labourer, 63 Main street, CartsdykeSmith John, boilermaker, 23 Lynedoch streetSmith John, engineer, 9 Cathcart streetSmith John, blacksmith, 52 Dalrymple streetSmith John, cotton spinner, Drumfrochar roadSmith John, boilermaker, 11 Cathcart streetSmith Rev. John B , 9 Ardgowan squareSmith John, boot and shoemaker, 26 Charles streetSmith John, lodgings, 11 Dalrymple streetSmith John R., labourer, 4 Nelson street, GlebeSmith Matthew, shoemaker, 5 John streetSmith Neil, carpenter, 5 West Stewart streetSmith Owen, tailor, 1 Cowgate streetSmith Robert, boilermaker, 29 Charles streetSmith Robert, cooper, 11 Nicholson streetSmith Robert, tinsmith, 18 Antigua streetSmith Robert, builder, 10 Watt streetSmith Robert, carpenter, 28 Crawfurd streetSmith Robert, cooper, 95 Regent streetSmith Robert, tailor, 22 Sugarhouse laneSmith Robert, <strong>of</strong> W. & R. Smith & Co. House, 2Watt placeSmith Samuel, joiner, Lyle's land, Back walksSmith Thomas, assistant collector <strong>of</strong> Poor Rates*Fletcher's cottage, Mearns street

[DIRECTORY. 15Smith Thomas, Customhouse boatman, 3 Ann streetSmith Thomas, blacksmith, 69 VennelSmith Thomas, char-burner, 72 Roxburgh streetSmith W. & R. & Co., drapers and outfitters, 6 Cathcartsquare, and 18 William streetSmith William & Co., engineers and founders, 94 EastHamilton streetSmith William, labourer, 13 Ropework streetSmith William, mariner, 1 West Burn streetSmith William, labourer, 14 Market streetSmith William, <strong>of</strong> W. & B. Smith & Co. House, 18William streetSmith William, <strong>of</strong> William Smith & Co., House, 15Main street, CartsdykeSmith William, spirit dealer, 2 Clyde crescentSmith Miss, 21 Sir Michael streetSmith Miss, 6 Ardgowan street, westSmith Miss, teacher, 3 Market streetSmith Mrs A., boot and shoe warehouse, 4 WestBlackhall street, House, 28 West Burn streetSmith Mrs Andrew, 28 Dalrymple streetSmith Mrs Alexander, 1 2 West Blackhall streetSmith Mrs A., feuar, 69 Roxburgh streetSmith Mrs Alex., 3 Hamilton streetSmith Mrs David, 33 West Blackhall streetSmith Mrs George, mangle keeper, 1 1 East Shaw stSmith Mrs James, 37 Ann streetSmith Mrs James, SeafieldSmith Mrs John, 2 Mearns streetSmith Mrs Neil, lodgings, 7 West Stewart streetSmith Mrs Samuel, lodgings, Lyle's land, Back walksSmith Mrs William, lodgings, 23 VennelSmith Mrs, 12 West Blackhall streetSmith Mrs, 22 Sugarhouse laneSmith Mrs, 3 Union court, Dalrymple streetSmith Mrs, 2 Charles streetSmith Mrs, grocer, 9 Kilblain streetSOLOMON Mrs, lodgings, 45 Rue-end streetSOMERVILLE James, residenter, 4 Union streetSomerville James, shoemaker, 30 Sugarhouse laneSomerville John, tailor, 27 Hamilton streetSomerville John, labourer, 4 East Quay Ian©

ft152 DIRECTORY.Somerville Robert, engineer, 2 Springkell streetSonierville William, joiner, 49 Main street, Cartsdyke.House, 11 Rue-end streetSomerville William, labourer, 40 Shaw streetSomerville Mrs A., lodgings, 69 VennelSomerville Mrs, SeafieldSOUTAR William, shoemaker, 60 VennelSOUTHERN Medical Hall, 6 Inverkip streetSPARKS Robert, joiner, 1Watson's laneSPEEDYMAN Andrew, engineer, .Lyle'sland, BackSPEIRS James, sugar-refiner, East H&milton street.<strong>Office</strong>, Anderson place, Cathcart street. House,Oakfield, Ratho streetSpeirs John, joiner, 4 Sir Michael streetSpeirs John R., M.D., physician. Consulting rooms,30 Hamilton street. House, 7 Grey placeSpeirs William, labourer, 39 Main street, CartsdykeSpeirs Misses, SeafieldSpeirs Mrs John, 63 Regent streetSPENCE Alexander, carpenter, 11 Bank streetSpence David, engineer, Armadale buildings, Back wksSpence David, carpenter, 6 Main street, CartsdykeSpence Robert, pansman, Ingleston roadSpence Mrs, lodgings, 37 Nicholson streetSpence Mrs, 8 Boyd streetSPROUL Joseph, labourer, 5 Market streetST ANDREW'S Free Church, 18 West Stewart stST JOHN'S Episcopal Church, 8 Union streetST THOMAS' Free Church, 41 Dalrymple streetSTABLES Mrs A., lodgings, 7 West Stewart streetSTARK Archibald, tanner, 21 Arthur streetStark James, <strong>of</strong> M'Ara & Stark. Ho., 37 Regent stStark Rev. James, minister <strong>of</strong> Well Park Free Church.House, Wood cottageStark Thomas, banker, 47 Cathcart streetSTEEL Alexander, porter, 28 Crawfurd streetSteel H. & W., wholesale and retail grocers, 27 CathcartstreetSteel Hugh, <strong>of</strong> E. & W. Steel, 22 Mearns streetSteel Hugh, engineer, 1 Carnock streetSteel William, <strong>of</strong> E. & W. Steel, 22 Mearns street

DIRECTORY. 153STEELE James, sugar-refiner, <strong>of</strong> Blair, Beid, & Steele.House, 73 Regent streetSteele Robert & Co., shipbuilders, 4 Rue-end street,and 62 Main street, CartsdykeSteele Robert, <strong>of</strong> Bolt. Steele

154 DIRECTORY.Stewart Alexander, provision dealer, 65 Vennel.Ho.,60 do.Stewart Andrew, feuar, 44 Eldon streetStewart Andrew, <strong>of</strong> Andrew Stewart & Co., 18 MargaretstreetStewart Andrew, carpenter, 35 East Shaw streetStewart Andrew, seaman, 21 Nicholson streetStewart Andrew & Co., merchants and shipowners, 55Rue-end streetStewart Archibald Dunlop, surgeon, 44 Vennel. Ho.,31 Sir Michael streetStewart Colin, printer, 13 Nicholson streetStewart Denniston, spirit dealer, 24 Cathcart st. Ho.,17 do.Stewart Daniel, carpenter, 48 Nelson street westStewart David, sailmaker, 33 East Shaw streetStewart George, manager, Overton paper mills, OvertonStewart George, smith, 11 St Andrew streetStewart Hugh, optician, broker, and dealer in gold andsilver plate, 14 Dalrymple st. Ho., 55 Shaw stStewart James & William, merchants, 12 West Burn st.Stewart Rev. James, 6 Carnock streetStewart James, smith, 8 Watt streetStewart James, engineer, 35 Nicholson streetStewart James, huckster, 15 Market streetStewart James, Vine Tavern and Reading room, 7Vennel. House, 13 Clarence streetStewart James, broker, 12 Taylor's closeStewart James, Clydebank, 16 Eldon streetStewart James, seaman, 34 Dalrymple streetStewart John M., merchant, 55 Rue- end street. Ho.,Trinidad place, 12 Eldon streetStewart John R., 19 Clarence streetStewart John, clothier, 8 Cathcart streetStewart John, carpenter, 22 Crawfurd streetStewart John, pilot, 1 Harvie laneStewart John, late shoemaker, 82 Regent streetStewart John, Inland Revenue <strong>of</strong>fice, 10 Watt streetStewart John, 35 East Shaw streetStewart Robert, printer and stationer, 38 Hamilton st.House, 10 Watt streetStewart Robert, sailmaker, 30 Inverkip street

DIRECTORY. 155Stewart Robert, candlemaker, 15 Charles streetStewart Robert, land <strong>of</strong>ficer to Sir M. R. S. Stewart,Mansion-houseStewart Samuel, spirit dealer, 59 Main st., CartsdykeStewart Thomas, spirit dealer, 14 John streetStewart Walter, joiner, 26 Sir Michael streetStewart William, <strong>of</strong> J. Sf W. Stewart. Ho., St Fillans,LargsStewart William, engineer, M'Kelvie's land, Duncan stStewart William, labourer, 25 Sugarhouse laneStewart William, feuar, 5 St Andrew squareStewart Mrs Andrew, Trinidad place, 12 Eldon streetStewart Miss, 9 Lynedoch streetStewart Miss, dressmaker, 13 Nicholson streetStewart Miss, dressmaker, 32 Hamilton streetStewart Mrs James, pawnbroker, 49 VennelStewart Mrs J., 19 Clarence streetStewart Mrs M. C-, late <strong>of</strong> Stewart hall, boardinghousekeeper, 15 Kelly streetStewart Mrs Robert, 2 Charles streetStewart Mrs, 3 Ardgowan street, GlebeStewart Mrs, 35 East Shaw streetStewart Mrs, 4 Lyle streetStewart Mrs, 13 Nicholson streetSTIRRAT James, smith, Finnieston, Port-GlasgowroadSTIRRUP Thomas, engineer, Ingleston roadStirrup, William, engineer, 2 John streetSTIRLING Andrew, skipper, 21 Charles streetStirling John, joiner, OvertonStirling Robert, millwright, 3 St Andrew streetStirling Thomas, skipper, 2 Open shoreStirling Miss, teacher, 65 Roxburgh streetStirling Mrs James, spiritdealer, 11 John streetStirling Mrs Robert, 21 Charles streetStirling Mrs, 3 Salmon streetSTITT John, engineer, 12 St Lawrence streetSTOCKS James, clerk, 3 Ker street, GlebeSTORREY James, labourer, 29 VennelSTORMS Alexander, mariner, 32 Dalrymple streetStorms David, steamboat master, 8 Chapel streetSTOVE Mrs Robert, lodgings 27 Vennel

156 DIRECTORY.STRAIN Robert, mason,M'Kelvie's land, Duncan stBack walksSTRACHAN John, labourer, Lyle's land,STRONG Nicholas, 36 West Blackhall streetStrong Joseph, shipmaster, 3 Trafalgar streetStrong Thomas, pilot, 30 Dalrymple streetStrong William, engineer, 5 Clarence streetSTUART Alexander, merchant and insurance agent,] Shaw street. House, 3 Eldon streetStuart Thomas, sheriff <strong>of</strong>ficer, 49 Cathcart streetSUMMERS John, late locker, 18 Tobago streetSUNTERS Mrs, lodgings, 3 York streetSUTHERLAND Alexander, joiner, 7 John streetSutherland Alexander, engineer, 2 John streetSutherland Alexander, hatter, 40 Cathcart street. Ho.Lyle's land, Back walks.Sutherland Daniel, steamboat master, 32 Regent streetSutherland Daniel, steersman, 19 Shaw streetSutherland John, <strong>of</strong> Mann

DIRECTORY. 157Sweeney Michael, huckster, 30 Inverkip streetSWIN" John, 15 Ropework streetSWORD Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 20 WestBurn street, and 11 Shaw street. House, 26 EldonstreetSword James, shoemaker, 15 Shaw streetSword John, mason and spirit dealer, 69 Vennel. Ho.69 Roxburgh streetSword William, shopman, 29 Hamilton streetSYMON & Crombie Misses, milliners and dressmakers,58 VennelSYMINGTON John, wright, 16 Sugarhouse lane.House, 68 Roxburgh streetTAGGART Neil,TAILORS' House <strong>of</strong> Call, 16 Market streetTAIT Alexander, lateshoemaker, 4 Buccleuch streetshipmaster, 5 Captain streetTait John, engineer, 8 Baker streetTait Robert, shipmaster, 5 Captain streetTait Robert, tailor, 4 Kirk street, GlebeTANNOCK Quintin, plasterer, Harvie lane. House,4 Bearhope streetTARBET William, joiner, 3 Bruce streetT ASKER Andrew, <strong>of</strong> James Hunter & Co. House, 40Union streetTasker James, <strong>of</strong> James Hunter

158 DIRECTORY.Taylor James, mason, 1 Arthur streetTaylor John, labourer, 15 Clarence streetTaylor John, lighterman, 4 Watt streetTaylor John, carpenter, 18 Antigua streetTaylor John, shipmaster, 35 Crawfurd streetTaylor John, 42 Eldon streetTaylor Malcolm, corkcutter, 55 Shaw street.House,Fancy Farm cottageTaylor R&D., fleshers, 47 Hamilton streetTaylor Robert, <strong>of</strong> R. & D. Taylor, fleshers, 21 Ann stTaylor Thomas, joiner, 3 Cowgate streetTaylor Miss, teacher, 27 Lynedoch streetTaylor Louisa, Western Educational Establishment, 1Ardgowan squareTaylor Mrs Angus, lodgings, 7 Broad closeTaylor Mrs Angus, lodgings, 9 Roxburgh streetTaylor Mrs A., feuar, 40 Eldon streetTaylor Mrs A,, 60 Roxburgh streetTaylor Mrs William, 7 Nicholson streetTaylor Mrs William, lodgings, 8 Shaw streetTaylor Mrs, hotel keeper, Commercial Hotel, 2 EastQuay laneTaylor Mrs, lodgings, 18 Inverkip streetTaylor Mrs, 6 Crawfurd streetTELFER James, cowfeeder, BrachelstonTelfer Miss Agnes, 1 Bearhope streetTelfer Mrs Colin, 9 Bearhope streetTENNANT Mrs John, spirit dealer, 28 Market street.House, 3 Tobago streetTEULON James, shipmaster, 11 Mearns streetTeulon John H., 2 Cathcart square. House, 6 RoxburghstreetTeulon Mrs, lady's nurse, 22 Ann streetTHE 4TRE, 3 Mansion-house laneTHINE John, joiner, OvertonTHOBAVEN John, sugarboiler, 29 Sugarhouse laneTHOM Charles, grain weigher, and wine and spiritdealer,3 West Quay laneThom James, labourer, 32 Ann streetand oil merchant, 20 Hamilton stTbom William, fishTHOMSON Adam, teacher, 36 Sir Michael streetThomson Alexander, banker. House, Caddlehill

DIRECTORY. 159Thomson Alexander, blacksmith, 43 Ann streetThomson Andrew, engineer, 6 John streetThomson Archibald, joiner, Under crescentThomson Charles, clerk, 8 Watt streetThomson Donald, <strong>of</strong> Thomson & Mitchell. House, 6Ardgowan street westThomson Donald, carter, Salmon streetThomson Duncan, joiner, 4 Watt streetThomson Edward, night watchman, 34 Inverkip streetThomson George, engineer, 10 St Andrew streetTliomson Henry, cotton spinner, Drumfrochar roadThomson James, engineer, 1 Arthur streetThomson James, carpenter, 3 Tobago streetThomson James cooper, 4 Nelson street, GlebeThomson John, accountant, 23 Kelly streetThomson John, cashier <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Greenock</strong> Bank. Ho.,Watt placeThomson John, labourer, 15 Hamilton streetThomson John, feuar, 57 Shaw streetThomson John, clothier, 4 West Blackhall street. Ho.,10 Laird streetThomson John, sawyer, 7 Under crescentThomson Lachlan, sawyer, 30 Dalrymple streetThomson & Mitchell, wrights, 3 Tobago streetThomson, Peter, sugarboiler, 1 Sugarhouse laneThomson Robert, watchmaker, 1 William streetThomson Robert, mariner, 20 West Blackhall streetThomson Robert, joiner. Observatory, FinnartThomson Robert, manager, Hillend Lunatic Asylum,HillendThomson Samuel, builder and feuar, Mount pleasantThomson Samuel, carpenter, Upper crescentThomson Samuel, joiner, glazier, and funeral undertaker,51 Vennel. House, 33 Ann streetThomson Swan, smith, 46 Inverkip streetThomson Thomas, contractor and builder, 4 KilblainstreetThomson Thomas, smith, 12 John streetThomson William, shipmaster, 10 Watt streetThomson William, forger, Chalmers' land, Port-GlasgowroadThomson William, sawyer, 32 Sugarhouse lane

160 DIRECTORY.Thomson V\ illiam, mason, 42 Inverkip streetThomson William, engineer, 22 John streetThomson William, mason, 4 Bruce streetThomson William, labourer, 4 Bearhope streetThomson William, boilermaker, 5 Market streetThomson Miss, 24 Bank streetThomson Miss, 10 Kelly streetThomson Mrs Alexander, feuar, 30 Sir Michael streetThomson Mrs Hugh, eatinghouse, 32 Main St., CartsdykeThomson Mrs James, 35 Nicholson streetThomson Mrs Neil, 23 Brougham streetThomson Mrs Thomas, feuar, 7 Brisbane streetThomson Mrs William, 60 Roxburgh streetThomson Mrs, 15 Sugarhouse laneThomson Mrs, 59 Dalrymple streetThomson Mrs, 4 West Burn streetTHORBURN James, carpenter, 21 John streetThorburn Samuel, moulder, 19 Main street, CartsdykeTHORNE & Curtis, Distillery stores, 6 Manse laneThorne Robert, <strong>of</strong> Thorne & Curtis. Ho , GreenbankThorne Thomas M., <strong>of</strong> Wrede & Co., 5 Shaw placeT1ERNEY John, boot and shoemaker, 49 Cathcart st.House, 24 Bank streetTierney Mrs William, Mount Pleasant streetTILLERY Andrew, gardener and botanist, 16 EastQuay laneTODD Alexander, bank messenger, 2 Church placeTodd George & Co., merchants and agents, 21 Shaw stTodd George, <strong>of</strong> George Todd and Co. House, 29 BoydplaceTodd John, cooper and fishcurer. 16 West Burn street-House, 2 Patrick streetTodd John, engineer, Kingston saw mills, Port-GlasgowroadTodd John, mason, 42 Inverkip streetTodd Robert, carter, 2 Laird streetTodd Miss Margaret, grocer, 5 Dellingburn streetTodd Mrs George, 28 Ann gtreetTOUGH Alexander, & Son, rope manufacturers, ClydeRopework, Regent st. Store, George Inn buildings,head <strong>of</strong> Steamboat quay

DIRECTORY. 161Tough Alexander, <strong>of</strong> Alexander Tough and Son. Ho.,7 Lyle streetTough Alexander, cooper, 30 Sugarhouse laneTough John, ropemaker, 1 Lyle streetTough William, carpenter, 36 Hamilton streetTough Miss Isabella, dressmaker, 36 Hamilton streetTough Mrs Berry, feuar, 15 Hope place, Antigua streetTOY James, labourer, 32 Sugarhouse laneTRAIN Robert W., clerk, Inland Revenue <strong>of</strong>fice, 79Regent streetTRAPPS William, locker, 2 Lyle streetTRAVERS James, rag merchant, 27 VennelTRENCH Mrs George, 37 Nicholson streetTRUELOVE Miss, 18 Cathcart streetTUCKER John, moulder, 19 Main street, CartsdykeTucker William, moulder, 2 John streetTULLOCH Robert H., shipmaster, 8 West BlackhallstreetTulloch Robert, carpenter, 16 St Lawrence streetTulloch William, rope spinner, 10 East Shaw streetTULLY Patrick, pansman, 25 Baker streetTULLEY James, mariner, 63 Main street, CartsdykeTURNBULL James, carpenter, 1 Under crescentTurnbull Jonathan, blockmaker, 97 Regent streetTurnbull Mrs, 71 VennelTURNER Alexander, spirit dealer, 16 Stanners streetTurner Andrew, carpenter, 9 Kilblain streetTurner Archibald, clerk, Mount place, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t st.Turner Coll James, merchant, 15 West Blackhall st.House, 1 Ardgowan street westTurner Douglas, wine and spirit merchant, 18 NicholsonstreetTurner Duncan, labourer, 2 Bruce streetTurner Hector, baker, 21 VennelTurner James, shipmaster, Lynedoch streetTurner James, jun., writer, 27 Hamilton street.32 Eldon streetTurner John, baker, 24 John streetHouse,Turner M„ baby linen warehouse, 12 West BlackhallstreetTurner Robert, labourer, 10 Sir Michael streetTurner Samuel, shoemaker, 31 Main street, Cartsdykep2

162 DIRECTORY.Turner Thomas, agent for Royal Bank. House, Beltrees,Union streetTurner Mrs Ann, spirit dealer, Royal Oak Tavern, 2Cross-shore streetTurner Mrs John, Mount place, Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t streetTurner Mrs, lodgings, 3 Hamilton streetTWEDDLE James, draper, 6 Lyle streetTWIGG Edward, gunmaker, 33 Hamilton street.Mount pleasantTYRE John, labourer, 42 West Burn streetTyre Robert, plumber, 6 Kilblain streetUHo.UNION Bank <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>, 1 Hamilton streetUNITED Presbyterian Church, George squareUnited Presbyterian Church, 22 Nicholson streetUnited Presbyterian Church, Sir Michael streetUnited Presbyterian Church, 3 Union streetURIE Hugh, porter, 22 Cathcart streetURQUHART Lewis C., M.D., surgeon, H.M. ReceivingShip Athol, Naval Rendezvous, 5 West breastUrquhart Robert, shoemaker, 8 Cartsburn streetUrquhart Mrs James, 33 Cathcart streetVERNON Canton, potter, Clyde Potteries, Port- GlasgowroadVIRTUE Alexander, ropespinner, 18 William streetVirtue Alexander, labourer, 47 Ann streetVIVIAN & Sons, copper stores, 41 Rue-end streetWWADBY William, fireman, 3 VennelWADE Robert, mariner, 25 VennelWALES Robert, chain maker, 4 Manse laneWAILES Mrs John, 15 John streetWALKER & Co., spirit dealers, 8 East breastWalker Andrew, spirit dealer, 21 Rue-end streetWalker Daniel, carpenter, 29 Regent street

DIRECTORY. 163Walker David, flesher, 33 West Burn streetWalker Hugh, <strong>of</strong> John Walker & Go. House, 4 GeorgesquareWalker James, labourer, 12 Bogle streetWalker James, smith, 1 Main street, CartsdykeWalker James, grocer, Finnieston, Port- Glasgow roadWalker John, sen., contractor and ballast master, 2 LairdstreetWalker John, clerk, 13 East Quay laneWalker John, cooper, Ingleston roadWalker John, carter, 8 Buccleuch streetWalker John & Co., sugar refiners, 41 Nicholson streetWalker John, <strong>of</strong> John Walker and Co, House, 3 GeorgesquareWalker Robert, smith, Drumfrochar roadWalker Robert S., flesher, 6 Sir Michael street, and 39Shaw streetWalker Thomas, labourer, 6 Smith's laneWalker Thomas, carpenter, 4 Ann streetWalker William, spirit dealer, 45 Inverkip streetWalker William, cartwright, 8 East Shaw streetWalker Miss, 4 George squareWalker Miss, lodgings, 20 Ingleston roadWalker Miss, semptress, 18 VennelWalker Miss, 3 York streetWalker Miss Margaret, milliner, 29 Nicholson streetWalker Mrs David, lodgings, 51 Rue-end streetWalker Mrs George, spirit dealer, 27 Rue-end street.House, 3 East Stewart streetWalker Mrs James, 29 Nicholson streetWalker Mrs, 56 Dalrymple streetWALLACE James, M.D., physician, 3 Hamilton st.House, 80 Regent streetWallace Robert, smith, 3 York streetWallace Samuel, carpenter, 28 Cartsburn streetWallace William, carpenter, 3 Shaw placeWallace William, shipmaster, 24 Bank streetWallace William, shipmaster, 29 Lynedoch streetWallace William, carpenter, 29 Charles streetWallace William, labourer, InglestonWallace Mrs William, baker, 3 West Blackhall street.House, 28 West Burn street

164 DIRECTORY.Wallace Mrs William, innkeeper, Buck Head Inn, 25Hamilton streetWallace Mrs, furrier and crape dresser, 16 Cross-shorestreet and 36 Cathcart streetWALLS Thomas, seaman, 43 Cathcart streetWALSH Mrs N., 87 West Regent streetWALTON Ulrick, <strong>of</strong> Customs, 48 Brougham streetWARD Cornelius, tailor, 30 Sugarhouse laneWard James, labourer, 32 Sugarhouse laneWard John, carpenter, 2 Rue-end streetWard John, green grocer, 42 VennelWard William, shoemaker, 32 Sugarhouse laneWARE Courtney, spirit merchant, 7 East breast.House, 40 Shaw streetWARDEN Isaac, smith and farrier, 1 Dellingburn st.House, 8 Baker streetWarden James, produce broker, 16 William st. Ho.,Rahaine, RoseneathWarden Ninian, shipmaster, 10 Antigua streetWarden Peter, farmer, MurdiestonWarden Robert, baker, 30 Cathcart streetWarden William, coal agent, and vegetable pill maker,22 Cathcart streetWarden Mrs Ivie, farmer, FinnartWarden Mrs, farmer, MurdiestonWARNOCK Andrew, stoker, 89 Regent streetWarnock A rchibald, feuar, 32 Charles streetWARRLY John, labourer, Finnieston, Port- Glssgow rdWAS SON Thomas, mason, 1Open shoreWasson Mrs, lodgings, 40 West Burn streetWATSON Alexander, hammerman, 8 East Shaw stWatson Alexander, engine driver, 6 Lyle streetWatson Brown, stevedore, 41 VennelWatson Charles, mariner, 6 Watson's laneWatson David, carpenter, 18 John streetVatson Frederick, hairdresser, 30 Dalrymple streetWatson James, <strong>of</strong> Harvey and Watson, 15 Kelly stWatson James, watchman, Ingleston roadWatson James, pansman, 50 West Blackhall streetWatson John, retailer <strong>of</strong> spirits, 4 Wellington court,Cathcart squareWatson John, carpenter, 21 Nicholson street

DIRECTORY. 165Watson Matthew, druggist, 27 Hamilton street. Ho.,20 Mearns streetWatson Robert, mariner, 14 East Quay laneWatson Ronald, Lang's land, Port- Glasgow roadWatson Thomas, mason, 60 Roxburgh streetWatson Thomas, jun., boot and shoe maker, 7 Cathcartstreet. House, 20 Mearns streetWatson Thomas, sailmaker, 13 Inverkip streetWatson Miss, feuar, 13 West Stewart streetWATT John, painter, M'Kelvie's land, Duncan streetWatt William, carrier, 6 Buccleuch streetWatt William, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Cathcartstreet, and 27 Main street, Cartsdyke. House, 55Regent streetWatt Miss, 55 Regent streetWatt Misses, Ardgowan street, westWATTERS Alexander, mason, 38 Inverkip streetWAT TON Mrs, huckster, 7 Market streetWEBSTER Andrew, baker, 6 West Stewart streetWEDDELL Miss, confectioner and dealer in wine,Steamboat QuayWeddell Mrs John, 19 Roxburgh streetWEIR Alexander, ropeinaker, 28 Crawfurd streetWeir Allan, writer, 7 William street Ho., 4 Lyle stWeir Archibald, clerk, 18 William streetWeir Archibald, boiler maker, 53 VennelWeir Donald, spirit dealer, 12 Ropework streetWeir Duncan, carpenter, 17 Bearhope streetWeir Duncan, carpenter, 10 Shannon's closeWeir Duncan & Co., merchants, 67 Rue-end streetWeir George, millwright, Armadale buildings, Lyle stWeir James, smith 21 John streetWeir James, feuar, 1 West Burn streetWeir James, joiner, 18 West Blackhall streetWeir John, watchman, 13 West Stewart streetWeir John, smith, 22 John streetWeir John, labourer, 20 Cathcart streetWeir Malcolm, spirit dealer, 41 Shaw streetWeir Thomas, plumber, 26 Ann streetWeir William M. G., clerk, <strong>Post</strong> <strong>of</strong>ficeWeir Miss, muslin agent, 13 West Stewart streetWeir Mrs Archibald, 2 Dellingburn street

166 DIRECTORY.Weir Mrs Duncan, baker, 11 Cartsburn street. Ho.,25 Arthur streetWeir Mrs John, 8 Kelly streetWeir Mrs Thomas, lodgings, 12 St Lawrence streetWeir Mrs, lodgings, 28 Cathcart streetWELL Park Promenade, entrance, Regent St., Bankstreet, and Lynedoch streetWell Park Free Church, 3 Lynedoch streetWELLINGTON Park Pleasure Grounds, entrance,head <strong>of</strong> Baker streetWELLS Mrs Richard, boardinghouse, 9 Cross Shore stWELSH Alexander, smith 15 St Lawrence streetWelsh Andrew, engineer, 11 St Andrew streetWelsh Andrew, shipmaster, 6 Watt streetWelsh James, accountant and general agent, 18 Cathcartstreet. House, 29 Brougham streetWelsh James, rope and rag dealer, 45 Shaw streetWelsh James, engineer, 18 Bogle streetWelsh John, sergeant <strong>of</strong> police, 2 Buccleuch streetWelsh John, smith, 7 Cowgate streetWelsh Robert, joiner,15 St Lawrence streetWESLEYAN Methodist Chapel, 11 Tobago streetWESTERN Saw Mills, Bay <strong>of</strong> QuickWEST Benjamin, <strong>of</strong> Nicol & West. Ho., 15 Kelly stWest Parish Church, Nelson street westWest Blackhall Street Chapel, Grey placeWest Free Church, Ardgowan street westWESTON Robert, cartwright, 22 Tobago streetWHARTON Mrs, 4 Boyd streetWHITEFORD Edward, joiner, 4 Ann streetWhiteford John, labourer, 26 Cartsburn streetWhiteford Robert, baker, 9 Under crescentWhiteford Robert, grocer and spirit retailer, 13 RueendstreetWhiteford Mrs Wm., 63 Dalrymple streetWHITEHILL Daniel, carpenter, 3 Under crescentWhitehill Mrs Matthew, lodgings, 3 Kelly streetWHITE Alexander, tailor, 5 Cowgate streetWhite Archibald, carpenter, 10 Baker streetWhite Edward, labourer, 6 Watson's laneWhite George G., baker, 31 Vennel. House, 44 do,White James, 17 Brougham street

DIRECTORY. 167White James, teacher, 11 Bearhope streetWhite John, chemist and druggist, 30 Hamilton street.House, 4 Inverkip streetWhite John, labourer, 9 Highland closeWhite Peter, coal merchant, 5 Shannon's close. House,Hunter's land, Mount placeWhite Mrs Andrew, 34 Ann streetWhite Mrs, 4 West Quay laneWhite Mrs, straw hat maker, 36 Hamilton streetWHIT HAM James, foreman wool sorter, BroomhillWIGGINS James, tailor, 8 Manse laneWIGHT Robert, sheriff <strong>of</strong>ficer,11 VennelWight Mrs, 13 VennelWILKIE David, spirit dealer, 9 Cross-shore streetWilkie John, engineer, 13 East Quay laneWilkie John, seaman, 14 William streetWilkie Mrs Archibald, lodgings, 46 Cathcart streetWilkie Mrs, lodgings, 11 Cathcart streetWILKINSON George, labourer, BroomhillWilkinson William, currier, 71 VennelWILL Robert, engineer, 92 East Hamilton streetWILLIAMS Charles, seaman, 1 William streetWilliams John, spirit dealer, 1 East breast. House 7East Quay laneWILLIAMSON & Glassford, writers, 48 Cathcart st.Williamson David, teacher, 1 Union streetWilliamson George, <strong>of</strong> Williamson

J6SDIRECTORY.WILLS Charles, painter, Ljle's land, Back walksWILLIS Mrs David, greengrocer, 9 Bearhope streetWILSON A. D., shipmaster, 13 Mearns streetWilson Alexander, boilermaker, 7 L T nder crescentWilson Andrew, shopman, 36 West Burn streetWilson Rev. Archibald, Episcopal clergyman, 52 UnionstreetWilson Archibald, joiner, 30 Nicholson streetWilson Charles, pointsman, 1 Arthur streetWilson David, farmer, CornhaddockWilson Edward, grocer, and saltHouse, 28 Ann streetmerchant, 13 Marketstreet.Wilson Gabriel, mason, 1 Bruce streetWilson George, 36 Sir Michael streetWilson James, cooper, 27 West Burn street. House, 8Kelly street.Wilson James, moulder, 17 Arthur streetWilson James, shoemaker, 11 East Shaw streetWilson James, joiner, 4 Nelson street, GlebeWilson James, paper maker, OvertonWilson James, gardener, LadyburnWilson John, hair cutter and wig maker, 7 Vennel.House, 38 West Burn streetWilson John, brass-finisher, 6 West Stewart streetWilson John, spirit dealer, 13 Cathcart streetWilson John, cooper, Lyle's land, Back walksWilson John, baker, 16 Ann street. House, do.Wilson John, mason, 36 Nicholson streetWilson John, shipping agent, 13 Trafalgar streetWilson John, smith, 5 Ann streetWilson John, grocer, 15 Hamilton street. House,Mount place, <strong>of</strong>f Ann streetWilson Joseph, engineer, 2 John streetWilson Richard, labourer, 7 Cowgate streetWilson Rev. Robert, A.M., D.D., 2 Nelson street, <strong>of</strong>fGeorge squareWilson Robert, brassfounder, 17 Sir Michael streetWilson Robert, smith 56 John streetWilson Robert, mariner, 4 Dalrymple streetWilson Thomas, policeman, 9 Under crescentWilson Thomas, steamboat pilot, 12 Bogle streetWilson William, shipmaster, 1 Carnock street

DIRECTORY. 169Wilson William, joiner, 57 Shaw streetWilson William, 1 Regent streetWilson William, shoemaker, 6 Taylor's closeWilson William M., merchant, 52 Union streetWilson William, carpenter, 1 1 St Lawrence streetWilson Miss, salt merchant, 59 VennelWilson Misses, confectioners, 12 Ann streetWilson Mrs A., shipowner, 10 Laird streetWilson Mrs Archibald, 52 Union streetWilson Mrs A., 36 West Burn streetWilson Mrs James, 30 Inverkip streetWilson Mrs John, 17 Jamaica streetWilson Mrs William, 10 Bruce streetWilson Mrs, 38 VennelWilson Mrs, 20 Inverkip streetWINGATE A. & Co., chemical manufacturers, BakerstreetWingate Alexander, chemical manufacturer, Baker st.House, Armadale place, BanktopWingate Gabriel, labourer, 9 Under crescentWINNING Thomas, detective <strong>of</strong>ficer, 23 Ann streetWINTTON Robert, James Watt Inn, 6 William streetWinton Mrs James, 3 Bearhope streetWISH ART James, engineer, 8 Cross-shore streetWishart Thomas, hairdresser, 2 Cross-shore streetWishart William, miller, 1 Springkell streetWishart Mrs Daniel, lodgings, 3 Under crescentWishart Mrs John, lodgings, 11 Cross-shore streetWOOD Alexander, engineer, 34 Charles streetWood Jn., millwright, 1 Regent st. Ho., lOAntiguastWood John, gardener, 13 East Quay laneWood John, farmer, Bogston, Port- Glasgow roadWood Joseph, weaver, (H Roxburgh streetWood Robert, sculptor, opposite Cemetery gateWood Thomas, sculptor, 9 Bruce streetWood William, labourer, 6 Shaw streetWood William, mate, 24 Tobago streetWood Miss, feuar, 7 George squareWood Miss, 3 Trafalgar streetWood Mrs William, lodgings, 17 Ann streetWOODWARDS Richard, boilermaker, 55 Main street,Cartsdyke

170 DIRECTORY.WRAY William, mariner, 8 Chapel streetWREDE & Co., sugar refiners, CartsburnWrede Lear, <strong>of</strong> Wrede & Co. House, SouthhillWRIGHT Archibald, baker, 35 Nicholson streetWright John, shoemaker, 5 Ardgow can street, GlebeWright John, feuar, 25 Arthur streetWright Robt., writer, 18 Cathcart st. Ho,20Bank stWright William, chimney sweeper, 7 Cowgate streetWright Miss, 35 Ann streetWright Mrs Daniel, lodgings, 7 Lynedoch streetWright Mrs James, 5 Captain streetWYLIE Claud, smith, 3 Arthur streetWylie James, mason, 32 Ann streetWylie John, criminal <strong>of</strong>ficer, 1 Salmon streetWylie John, river pilot, 28 West Burn streetWylie Robert, cowfeeder,5 Kilblain streetWylie William, labourer, 2 St Andrew's streetWylie Mrs John, 5Q Roxburgh streetWYSE Alexander, confectioner, 29 Hamilton streetWyse James, confectioner, 62 Roxburgh streetWyse James & Son, confectioners, 29 Hamilton streetYAWN David, cabinetmaker, 5 Bruce streetYEATS John & Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers,Ewing's buildings, 65 Rue-end streetYeats Mrs James, 7 Arthur streetYEO D. D., <strong>of</strong> Fyfe & Yeo, 4 Shaw placeYORKSTON William, boatbuilder, 1Duncan streetYOUNG Alexander, smith, 19 Shaw streetYoung Alexander, mason, 22 Bank streetYoung Donald, boatman, 19 Tobago streetYoung Hugh, chain warper, Drumfrochar roadYoung James, heckler, 27 Roxburgh streetYoung James, boilermaker, 2 John streetYoung John, carter, 42 Cathcart streetYoung Thomas, clerk, Port-Glasgow roadYoung Thomas, sawyer, 6 Nicholson streetYoung William, spirit dealer, 10 Ann streetYoung William, sen., grocer, 43 Hamilton street. House,28 West Blackhall street

DIRECTORY. 171Young Miss B., feuar, 66 VermelYoung Miss, huckster, 2 John streetYoung Mrs A., spirit dealer and eating house keeper, 8East breastYoung Mrs Alexander, 4 Lyle streetYoung Mrs Thomas, 7 New Dock laneYoung Mrs William 4 Bearhope streetYoung Mrs, lodgings, 24 Tobago streetYOUNGER Thomas, joiner, 8 Ann streetYUILL Archibald, writer.<strong>Office</strong>, 46 Cathcart street.House, 21 Union streetYUILLE John, smith, 3 Arthur streetYURRIE Robert, painter, 32 Inverkip streetNAMES TOO LATE FOR INSERTIONIN THEIR PROPERORDER.Adams & Handy side, slaters, 14 Kilblain streetCalder Hubert, shoemaker, 28 Roxburgh streetCampbell Daniel, <strong>of</strong> M'Intyre & Campbell. House, 56Roxburgh streetCampbell Alexander, commission agent, 2 West Quaylane. House, 48 Brougham streetDonald William & Co., boot and shoe makers, 29 HamiltonstreetCollins John, confectioner, 36 Cathcart street. Ho.,CowdenknowesEwing William, grocer, 8 Inverkip streetGilchrist Miss M., refreshment rooms, Railway stationLauder John, brick, coal, and lime merchant, 3 DellingburnstreetM' Arthur Hugh, spirit dealer, 61 Main st., CartsdykeM'Nicol John, smith, 1 Charles street. House, Unioncourt, Dalrymple street

172 DIRECTORYTRADES AND PROFESSIONS,CIASSIFIED AND ARRANGED IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER.ACCOUNTANTS.Duncan John (and house factor), 2 Church placeMilne James, jun., 37 West Burn streetM'Leod Aulay, 9 Crawfurd streetRaff George (and house factor), 41 Cathcart streetRussell David M'L., 6 Nelson street, GlebeThomson John, 23 Kelly streetWelsh James, 18 Cathcart streetAGENTS.Durward G. (sewed muslin), 6 William streetHunter Miss M., muslin agent, 4 Tobago streetJessamine Alexander, 9 West Stewart streetMorrison James, 2 East Blackhall streetM'Dougall John, 70 Roxburgh streetM'Kellar DuDcan, Belville placeM'Phedran John M'C, Excise buildingsARTISTS.Clark William, 2 Cross-shore st.Macbeth Norman, 28 Eldon streetAUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISERS.Cameron John, 10 and 12 Cross-shore streetErskine, David, Crown Sale-rooms, Wellington court.Herriot John & Son, 79 Regent st, and 26 Charles st.BAKERS.Bell John, 36 Dalrymple streetBlair David, 45 Cathcart streetBrodie, John, 45 Hamilton street

DIRECTORY. 173Brown Robert, 48 Shaw streetCoyle James, 22 Cathcart streetCurrie, James, 27 Market streetDavie George, 23 Dalrymple street and 11 Hamilton st.Galbraith John, 26 Charles streetHair Mrs, 16 Cathcart streetMartin R. & J., 31 Hamilton streetMarshall Daniel, 39 Hamilton streetMillar John, 3 Hamilton street and 12 Ann streetMillar Robert, 5 Hamilton streetMontgomery Donald, 12 West Blackhall streetMuir Allan, jr., 19 Hamilton streetMuir Neil, 5 William streetMuir Robert, 26 Shaw streetM'Kenzie & Walker, 46 Hamilton street and 63 RueendstreetM'Kenzie Alexander, 12 West Blackhall streetM'Kenzie James, 55 VennelM'Kenzie Robert, 38 Shaw streetM'Allister Andrew, 25 Hamilton streetOrr John, 27 Rue-end streetOrr John, jun., 5 Rue-end street and 61 Main street,CartsdykeService Walter, 8 West Blackhall streetTurner Hector, 21 VennelTurner John, 24 John streetWhite George G., 31 VennelWallace Mrs William, 3 West Blackhall streetWarden Robert, 30 Cathcart streetWeir Mrs Duncan, 11 Cartsburn streetWilson John, 16 Ann streetBANKERS.See Appendix.BASKET AND TOY WAREHOUSE KEEPERS,Campbell Mrs, 20 Charles streetDewar James, 26 VennelHolms, Mrs, 1 Inverkip streetLyle William, 14 William streetLyon William, 12 West Blackhall streetq2

174 DIRECTORY.BLACKSMITHS.Adam & Hall (and boilermakers), 19 Cathcart streetAllan George, jun, (and brassfounder), 12 Springkell stAuchinleck & Chalmers (and bellhangers), 51 VennelBoag Robert (and tool and sugar mould manufacturer),Golden Bull entry, 55 Shaw streetBoag Thomas (and grate maker), Victoria buildings,7 "West Blackhall streetCampbell John, jun., & Co., 9 West breastCook Duncan & Archd. (and chain makers), 4 Charles stColquhoun & Ainslie, Melville court, 31 Hamilton st.Johnston Daniel, (and beam maker) 20 Cathcart streetand 19 Shaw streetLove Andrew (and farrier), 50 Rue-end streetM'Coll John & Co., (and sugar mould manufacturers),13 Chapel streetM'Donald J. F., 49 Shaw streetM'Vicar Robert, jun., 3 Shaw streetM 'Vicar William, 7 East Stewart streetNeilson John, (and nailer), 10 Tobago streetRobinson Archibald (and farrier and cartwright, coachbuilder, and plough factory), 40 Vennel and 3Cartsburn streetScott James, 4 East India breastSmith Alexander (and cartwright) 25 Crawfurd streetand corner <strong>of</strong> Laird streetStephenson, Johnston & Co., (and grate makers and bellhangers,) 32 Hamilton streetSuttie Thomas (and bell hanger and grate maker), 18Cathcart streetWarden Isaac (and farrier), 1 Dellingburn streetBOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS.Baird Robert A., 41 Cathcart streetCampbell Alexander (and bookbinder), 9 Hamilton st.Dillon Peter, 32 Hamilton streetGriffith Patrick, 4 East breastHislop John, 29 Cathcart streetInnes William, (and librarian), 40 Hamilton streetJohnston William (and lithographic printer), 46 HamiltonstreetLaing Andrew (and bookbinder), 49 Cathcart street

DIRECTORY. 175Lamont James & Co., 7 Cross-shore streetMorrison John

176 DIRECTORY.M'Farlane Humphrey, 53 Inverkip streetM'Garvie Henrj, 13 Highland closeM'Gougan Richard, 9 Cartsburn streetM'Intyre Duncan, 14 Cartsburn streetM'Kendrick Henry, 3 Sir Michael streetMaclachlan Andrew (for wholesale), 35 Cathcart streetM'Lintock James, 33 Hamilton streetM'Neillage Alexander, 28 Sir Michael streetM'Pherson Mrs, 13 Hamilton streetNiven James, 11 Charles streetPaterson Charles, 31 Cathcart streetPatrick Adam & Co., 6 Cathcart squareRalston Alexander, 33 Cathcart streetRalston James, 3 Buccleuch streetRamsay Andrew, 36 Shaw streetRodger John, 3 Inverkip streetRoss Alexander, 31 Cathcart streetScott Matthew, 9 Cross-shore streetSelley John, 10 Manse laneSmith John, 26 Charles streetSmith Mrs A., 4 West Blackhall streetSweeney Hugh, 6 Taylor's closeSword James, 15 Shaw streetTierney John, 49 Cathcart streetTurner Samuel, 31 Main street, CartsdykeUrquhart Robert, 8 Cartsburn streetWatson Thomas, jun., 7 Cathcart streetWestern Boot and Shoe Warehouse, 38 Hamilton stWilson James, 11 East Shaw streetBOATBUILDERS.Cameron Duncan, 4 East Blackhall streetClark Lachlan, Clyde streetLyle Thomas, 35 Rue- end streetMacdonald John, Virginia streetM'Gregor Nicol & Robert, 17 Rue-end streetOrr Thomas, St Andrew streetBRASSFOUNDERS.Buchanan John (and gasfitter), 18 Cathcart streetDuff James (gasfitter and ironmonger), 47 Rue-end stLyon John (and gasfitter), 2 East Blackhall street

DIRECTORY. 177BRAZIERS, COPPER AND TIN-PLATE WORKERS.Brownlie, Buchanan & Co. (and plumbers), 6 West bstCoyle John (and gasfitter), 2 and 1 4 William streetDaskin &> Co., (and gasfitters), 27 Hamilton streetGibb John, 31 Hamilton streetLittle Robert, 1 1 East Quay laneLongwill Robert, 9 Hamilton streetShaw Thomas, Shaw street and New Dock laneBREWERS.Black P. & A. (and maltsters) Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t Brewery,Captain street<strong>Greenock</strong> Brewery Co , 39 Nicholson streetBUILDERS AND MASONS.Campbell James, 30 Crawfurd streetCram & Taylor, 60 Roxburgh streetLang Robert, 5 Tobago streetM'Donald Hector, 5 Kelly streetM'Kechnie John, 8 Watt streetNicol Charles, 36 Crawfurd streetTaylor James, 1 Arthur streetThomson Thomas, 4 Kilblain streetThomson Samuel, Mount Pleasant streetBRICKLAYER.Paterson Malcolm, 5 Mearns streetCABINETMAKERS AND UPHOLSTERERS.Archibald & Crawford, 2 West Blackhall streetBlair Robert, Victoria buildings, 7 West Blackhall stBreckenridge Thomas, 15 West Blackhall streetCameron Archibald, 6 East Shaw streetCunningham Robert (and paper hanger), 16 WestBlackhall streetLang Robert, 1 Bank streetM'Naught Thomas, 6 Albert place, W%pt Blackhall stM'Pherson Peter, 30 West Burn streetRougvie Jas. (and funeral undertaker), 12 Bearhope stRougvie John M'D. (and funeral undertaker), Melvillecourt, Hamilton streetService Archibald, 24 Hamilton streetShaw William, 14 Hamilton street

H178 DIRECTORY.CARVERS AND GILDERS.Allan J. & Lawrie, 54 Rue-end streetChristie Peter & Co., Shaw place*Lawrie &> Fleming, 1 Bank streetCHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS.Alexander James, 9 West Blackhall streetBroadfoot Robert, 29 Sugarhouse laneDyer Hugh M., 6 Inverkip streetFerguson Alexander, IS Hamilton streetGalbraith John, 63 Rue-end street<strong>Greenock</strong> Apothecaries' Co. (and aerated water manufacturers),28 Hamilton streetKirk Robert, 57 Shaw streetM'Call Mrs, 2 Rue-end streetWatson Matthew, 27 Hamilton streetWhite John, 30 Hamilton streetCHIMNEY SWEEPER.Wright William, 7 Cowgate streetCHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHENWARE DEALERS.Bryen John 0-, 61 VennelHyslop Edward, (and wholesale), 28 Hamilton streetSharp William, 46 Cathcart streetCIVIL ENGINEER.Jamieson Robert, (land surveyor and measurer), 46Cathcart streetCLOTHIERS AND OUTFITTERS,Archibald Mrs, Anderson place,114 Cathcart streetBaillie James (and oilskin maker), 42 Shaw streetBenzie James, 19 Cathcart street, and 6 East breastCampbell John, 14 Hamilton streetGeerekes Augustus, 27 Shaw streetLaird William, 16 William streetMoody M. & Co., 18 Hamilton streetMorrison & Smith, 7 William streetM' Arthur James, 23 Arthur streetM'Kinnis Mrs, 11 William streetM'Kellar Duncan, 3 William street

DIRECTORY. 179M'Neill Mrs John, 52 Shaw streetPattison James, 14 Cathcart streetRitchie John, 5 William streetCOACH AM) HORSE HIRERS.Crookshanks Joseph, 41 West Blackball street^acconnel & King, White Hart stables, Cathcart sq.Macdonald James, Tontine Hotel, 34 Cathcart streetM'Farlane Donald, I Jamaica street.COAL MERCHANTS AND AGENTS.Baird R. & Son (iron and lime), 56 Rue-end streetBrodie George 28 VennelBrjmner D. & G. (coke, brick, and lime), 15 East Quaylane. Lime yard, head <strong>of</strong> Dry dockCampbell John, coal depot. Arthur streetCampbell Norman, Harvie laneCarron John, Smith's laneCarrol William, 10 Longwell closeClachar Thomas, 42 Main street, CartsdykeClark John 38 Inverkip streetCraig Thomas, 8 Hamilton streetCurrie Mrs, 30 East Shaw streetDarroch John, 44 Dalrymple streetDrummond William, 5 New Dock laneFergus James, 9 West breastFergus James, jun., 9 West breastGovan Coal depot, 5 Chapel street. David Riddell, agtHenry Robert, 35 West Blackhall streetHyndman James, 46 VennelLauder John (and brick and lime), 3 Dellingburn stM'Dougall Isaac, 1 Bearhope streetM'Callum Norman, Harvie laneMories & Nicol, 5 East India breastM'Fie John, 6 Buccleuch streetPorter Mrs Robert, 4 Springkell streetRaff George, 41 Cathcart streetWarden William, 22 Cathcart streetWhite Peter, 5 Shannon's closeCONFECTIONERS AND PASTRY BAKERS.Collins John, 36 Cathcart street

J80DIRECTORY.Cuthbertson D. & T.. 44 Hamilton streetGait Peter, (and cook,) 13 Hamilton streetGlover John, (and cook), 37 Hamilton streetGilchrist Miss Margaret, Railway stationHardie James.. 67 Rue-end streetHenry Mrs J., 5 West Blackhall streetHiggins A., 11 Cathcart streetM'tyuistan Findlay, 31 Cathcart streetWeddell Miss, Steamboat quayWilson Misses, 12 Ann streetWyse James & Son, 29 Hamilton streetCONTRACTORS.Barnard James, 18 Union streetCrawford James, 8 Virginia streetMoore Andrew, 1 William streetWalker John, sen., 2 Laird streetCOOPERS.( Those marked thus * are also Fish- Curers. )Baxter Robert, 6 Kilblain streetBuchanan Robert M., 18 Charles streetCarmichael & Young, Arthur street*Chisholm & Co., 12 Charles streetCowan & Dick (and provisions), 3 Bogle streetDownie & M'Aulay, 20 Vennel, and 19 Harvie laneGray & Rodger, 52 Rue-end streetGruer John & Son, 13 Taylor's closeJamieson Arthur, 24 Crawfurd street*Kelso M- & D., 6 New Dock breastLyle Abram & Sons (and stave merchants), 6 NicholsonstreetMalcolm & Co., 3 East Shaw street*M'Lean John, & Co., 16 Charles street*Todd John, 16 West Burn streetWilson James, 27 West Burn streetCOPI'ER MERCHANTS.Vivian & Sons, 41 Rue-end streetCORK CUTTERS.M'Fie John, 15 William street

DIRECTORY. 181M'Intyre Andrew, 23 Venn elSinclair & Co., 8 Manse laneSmith A. & Co., 8 Cross-shore streetTaylor Daniel, 55 Sbaw streetTaylor Malcolm, 55 Shaw streetCUTLERS AND GUNSMITHS.Adam John, 2 Sir Michael streetCampbell William (and fishing rod maker), 32 CathcartstreetMartin John, 37 Shaw streetTwigg Edward, 33 Hamilton streetDRAPERS, &c.Blair & Allison, (and clothiers), 6 Hamilton streetBrown James, jr., & Co., 15 Hamilton streetCowan & Laurie, 4 Hamilton street, and 10 Cathcart sq.Fleming Alexander, 2 Hamilton streetHinmers George (and clothier and milliner), 5 CathcartsquareMackie James (and clothier), 27 Cathcart streetMillar William & Co., 38 Hamilton streetM'Ewan Charles,7 Market streetNicol & West, 3 West Blackhall streetPark William, 7 Hamilton streetRichmond Hugh, 24 Cathcart streetScott & Anderson, 2 West Blackhall streetScott Henry, 8 Hamilton steeetSmith W. & R. & Co., 6 Cathcart squareDRESSMAKERS.(See also Milliners and Dressmakers.)Aitken Miss Janet, 28 West Blackhall streetAlexander Miss Agnes, 13 West Blackhall streetAndrew Misses, 36 West Burn streetBoyd Miss, 13 West Blackhall streetBrown Mrs Margaret, 35 Cathcart streetCampbell Miss Elizabeth, 9 Cowgate streetChalmers Miss, 8 Watt streetClarie Miss, 35 Hamilton streetClark Miss, 32 Regent streetClark Miss, 29 Brougham street

182 DIRECTORY.Denny Miss, 33 East Regent streetDrurnmond Miss, 1 Watson's laneFerguson Miss W., 33 Hamilton streetForsyth Miss Janet, 10 Kilblain streetFullarton Miss, 4 Kilblain streetFyfe Mrs James, 16 Tobago streetHaldane Mrs John, 12 West Biackhall streetHunter Miss, 39 Ann streetHutcheson Misses, I Nicholson streetKennedy Miss Mary Anne, 1 Manse laneKerr Miss, 12 Tobago streetKing Miss, 4 Nicholson streetMillar Miss, 16 Sir Michael streetMolland Miss, 51 Rue-end streetMunn Miss Janet, 1 Manse laneM' Bride Mrs, 6 Antigua streetM'Kenzie Mrs (boys'), 12 Tobago streetM'Lellan Misses, 12 Tobago streetM'Neil Miss, 60 Roxburgh streetPoison Miss, 27 Nicholson streetPaul Misses, 21 Sugarhouse lanePorter Miss, 3 Tobago streetSabiston Miss Jane, 34 Crawfurd streetStewart Miss, 13 Nicholson streetStewart Mrs, 32 Hamilton streetTough Miss Isabella, 36 Hamilton streetDYERS AND RENOVATORS.Gibson Alexander, 14 West Burn streetHouston Robert (and woollen manufacturer), 34 HamiltonstreetENGINEERS, MACHINE MAKERS AND FOUNDERS.Caird & Co., 8 Arthur st., and 14 Main St., CartsdykeHastie John (and smith), 6 East Stewart streetJohnston A. & W , Baker streetMacnab & Clark, Shaws Water foundry, Ingleston rdScott, Sinclair & Co- (and brassfounders), East StewartstreetSmith William & Co., 94 East Hamilton streetFELT MANUFACTURERS.<strong>Greenock</strong> Felt Work Co., East Hamilton street

DIRECTORY. 183Lennox John & Co., 29 Main street, CartsdykeFISH AND OIL MERCHANTS.Hunter John, 17 Charles streetThorn William, 20 Hamilton streetFISHMONGERS.Allan Edward, 25 Charles streetGallacher William, fish market, and 35 Hamilton stKelly William, fish market, and 41 Hamilton streetFLESHERS.Andrew John, 13 Cathcart streetArbuckle G. & M., 1 Albert place, West Blackhall stArbuthnot Mrs Elizabeth, 1 Stanners streetBeith James, 17 Hamilton streetBain John, 8 East Shaw streetBowers Andrew, 9 Cowgate streetDimond Charles, 15 VennelDocherty Daniel, 47 Shaw streetFleming James, 23 Arthur streetMillar W. & A., 16 Cartsburn streetMilligan John, 49 Main street, CartsdykeMorrison James, 7 West Blackhall streetM'Callum Alexander, 31 Roxburgh streetM'Cann Charles, 16 Hamilton streetM* Donald Robert, 33 Hamilton streetM' Isaac Alexander, 13 West Blackhall streetM'Innes Angus, 10 East Quay laneM'Kechnie Allan, 16 West Blackball street, and 53Rue-end streetO'Donnell James, 49 Shaw streetScott John, 37 Cathcart streetScott Thomson, 43 Hamilton streetSmith Alexander, flesh market, Market streetSweeney Ambrose, 5 William streetSweeney Charles, 25 Rue-end streetTaylor, R. & D., 47 Hamilton streetWalker David, 33 West Burn streetWalker Robert S., 6 Sir Michael st. and 39 Shaw stFRUITERERS.Burns Alexander, 2 William street

184 DIRECTORY.Skinner Mrs George, 28 Cathcart streetFURNISHING WAREHOUSE KEEPERS.Carrick Miss, 38 Hamilton streetHutchison Miss, 95 Regent streetM'Gregor Miss E., 24 Hamilton streetMacAusland, Robert, (and hosier), 4 xllbert place, WestBlackhall streetM'Kenzie Roderick, 25 East Shaw streetM'Lachlan Mrs, 5 East Shaw streetM'Naughtan Mrs, 30 Ann streetOrr Mrs A., 16 West Blackhall streetScott Miss E., 39 Cathcart streetGARDENERS.Allan Robert, 41 VennelBain George, 3 Ann streetBaird Robert, 13 West Blackhall streetBan* James, 41 Union streetBarr John, 25 West Blackhall streetBorthwick Mrs John, 10 Hamilton streetBurns John, 37 Crawfurd streetCampbell James, L Newark streetFerguson Mrs James, 21 Charles streetFulton James, Kilbirnie cottageJamieson James, 5 Sir Michael streetJamieson Robert, senior, 2 Newark streetJamieson William, 2 Newark streetKilpatrick James, 26 West Burn streetLivingstone John, 26 VennelLove Mrs John, 2 Newark streetMillar Charles, AuchindarrochM'Dougall Lachlan, 65 Ann streetM'Intyre Duncan, 44 Ann streetM'Kelvie John, 8 Cathcart streetM'Kenzie Wm, Bogston, Port- Glasgow roadPaton James, Bogston, Port-Glasgow roadSheridan Joseph, 23 West Burn streetTillerj Andrew (and botanist), 16 East Quay laneWood John, 13 East Quay laneGLAZIERSM'Gregor & M'Donald, 15 Charles street

DIRECTORY. 185Paterson Alexander, 15 Cathcart streetGRAIN MERCHANTS.Anderson William, (and wholesale grocer), Watt placeStores, Customhouse placeChalmers Alexander, 67 Rue-end streetLiddell William J., 1 East Quay laneMuir Allan, sen., 15 Kelly streetM'Farlane, Wm., 23 Tobago streetNewton & Co., Customhouse placeNiven Thomas, 17 East Quay laneEonald Robert, Customhouse placeGROCERS.Adam James, 7 East Shaw streetAdam Miss H., 20 Ann streetAlexander Mrs, 11 Main street, CartsdykeAlgie Andrew, 12 Hamilton streetAlgie James, 7 East Quay lane and 24 Shaw streetAlgie Matthew, 17 Cathcart streetAnderson Alexander, 34 Hamilton streetAnderson Neil, 44 Inverkip streetAnderson William, 29 Cathcart street and 68 VennelArrol William, 5 VennelBaxter William, 1 1 Market streetBell Hugh, 55 Shaw streetBell John, (and provision), 13 West Blackhall streetBeith Thomas, 11 Cartsburn streetBlack Daniel, 35 Shaw streetBlack John, 10 Cross-shore streetBoyd William, 28 Tobago streetBoyle Mrs James, 5 VennelBrannagan John, 32 VennelBrown James, 20 West Blackhall streetBrown James, 94 East Hamilton streetBrown Mrs James, 18 VennelBunting James, 1 Stanners streetCalder Mrs, 13 Tobago streetCameron Duncan, 24 Tobago streetCameron Kenneth, 7 Dalrymple streetCampbell Duncan, 37 Hamilton streetCampbell Peter, 12 Dalrymple street

186 DIRECTORY.Campbell Mrs John, 45 Main street, CartsdjkeCampbell Mrs John, 27 Market streetCampbell Mrs Margaret, 3 Manse laneCarmichael Donald 4 Kilblain streetCassels L. S., 19 Hamilton streetCassels Robert, 26 Hamilton streetChalmers Alexander, (and wholesale), 67 Rue-end streetClark Archibald, 6 Crawfurd streetClark Peter, Drumfrochar roadClark Mrs, 9 Kilblain streetCouper Margaret, 5 Main street, CartsdjkeCraig Mrs Walter, 43 Inverkip streetCrow Mrs, 31 Charles streetCrawford William, 16 West Blackhall streetDarroch Dugald, 19 Brougham streetDavidson David, 19 Sir Michael streetDavidson Mrs William, 5 Hamilton streetDenny John, 35 Main street, CartsdjkeDonaldson Mrs, 18 Mearns streetDouglas John, 57 Main street, CartsdjkeDouglas William, 17 Ann streetDouglas Miss Annabella, 48 Shaw streetDrummond Robert, 26 Ann streetDuncan Mrs Robert, 16 Cathcart streetDunn Andrew, 25 Rue-end streetEwing James, 32 Dalrjmple streetEwing William, 8 Inverkip streetFarquhar George (and wholesale), 41 Hamilton streetFerguson Charles, 21 Market streetFerguson John, 31 Dalrjmple streetFerguson Mrs William, 28 Shaw streetFoster John, 53 VennelFraser A. C, 21 Main street, CartsdjkeGall John, 31 Roxburgh streetGalbraith Thomas, 25 East Shaw street-Gardner John, 34 VennelGibb John, 21 Ljnedoch streetGibb Miss Mary, 8 Antigua streetGilchrist Peter, 35 Shaw streetGraham Mrs, 10 East Quaj laneGraj David, LadjburnHardj Mrs John, Ingleston road

DIRECTORY. 187Hair James, 5 Cowgate streetHall Mrs A., 3 Manse laneHenderson Robert, 69 Roxburgh streetHutcheson George, 63 Main street, CartsdykcJamieson John, 21 Dalrymple streetKeith, Campbell & Co., 63 Rue-end streetKelly William, 9 William streetKennedy Hugh, 42 Cathcart streetLang John, 25 Dalrymple streetLang Miss Janet, 6 Chapel streetLeith John, 41 Ann streetLusk Robert (wholesale), 14 Charles streetLennon Mrs P., 22 Tobago streetListon Robert, 38 Shaw streetLogan Steven, 45 Shaw streetLogan Mrs William, 22 Dalrymple streetMarshall William, 27 Hamilton streetMason John, 49 Roxburgh streetMacfie, Graham & Co., 12 William streetMillar Mrs Thomas, 40 Crawfurd streetMinto George, 8 East Shaw streetMoody Allan, 42 Main street, CartsdykeMorrison George, 39 Hamilton streetMunro M., 10 and 20 Cartsburn streetM'Allister William, 17 Shaw streetM'Arthur Hugh, 35 Hamilton streetM'Ausland John, 7 Tobago streetM'Call Archibald (and wholesale and baker), 23 HamiltonstreetM'Call Dugald, 9 Cathcart streetM'Call Duncan, 24 Tobago streetM'Callum Miss Catherine, 10 East Shaw streetM'Cutcheon Hugh, 26 Arthur streetMacdermott Alexander, 1 1 Rue-end streetM'Fadyen Mrs Dugald, 6 West Stewart streetM'Farlane John A. (and wine merchant), 8 WestBlackhall streetM'Farlane Mary, 8 Ana streetM'Gilp Elizabeth, 66 VennelM'Innes John, 29 Regent streetM'Innes Mrs, 12 West Blackhall streetM'Intyre Daniel, 42 Dalrymple street

188 DIRECTORY.M'lver Robert, 46 Shaw street, and 44 Hamilton st.Mackail James, 45 Hamilton streetMackail Thomas, 28 Dalrymple streetM'Kay J., 29 VennelM'Kelvie Miss M., 39 Ann streetM'Kinnon Mrs, 7 Smith's laneM'Kirdy John, 62 Main street, CartsdykeM'Latchie Mrs, 42 Inverkip streetM'Lean John, 22 John streetM'Millan Miss, 19 Arthur streetM'Pherson J., 34 Dalrymple streetM'Murrich Matthew, Armadale buildings, Back walksM« Naught John, Victoria Buildings, 7 West BlackhallstreetM'Pherson John, 44 Inverkip streetM'Pherson J., 34 Dalrymple streetM'Queen Daniel, 2 Dalrymple streetOrr Robert, 65 Main street, CartsdykeOrr Miss, 5 York streetPaterson John, 18 Tobago streetPaterson Mrs Archibald, 5 East Shaw streetRankin Alexander, 26 East Shaw streetReid Duncan, 42 Hamilton streetReid John, jun., 59 Venne 1Ritchie Hugh, 42 Inverkip streetRitchie Hugh, 35 Cathcart streetSheddan Mrs, 36 Shaw streetSmall Mrs Charles, 5 York streetSmith Mrs, 9 Kilblain streetScott Ivie, 9 West Blackhall streetScott Peter, 12 Sir Michael streetScott Robert, 2 Inverkip streetScott Mrs James, 3 West Stewart streetScott Mrs, 18 Dalrymple streetShankland Mrs, 9 Kilblain streetShaw Neil, 43 Dalrymple streetShearer Alexander, 52 Shaw streetSteel H. & W., 27 Cathcart streetTodd Mrs Margaret, 5 Dellingburn streetWalker James, Finnieston, Port-Glasgow roadWilson Edward (and salt merchant), 13 Market streetWilson John, 15 Hamilton street

DIRECTORY. 189Young William, sen., 43 Hamilton streetGROCERS AND SPIRIT DEALERS.Arbuckle John, 34 Shaw streetGall David, 6 Sir Michael streetJohn Mrs James, 21 Ann streetJohnston Mrs James, 21 Ann streetLjon Mrs A., 2 Tobago streetMunn Robert, 8 Smith's laneShand Miss E„ 17 Stanners streetScott Miss, 4 Cowgate streetSinclair John, 44 Shaw streetWhiteford Robert, 13 Rue-end streetHAIR-DRESSERS.Brown Alexander (and perfumer), 2 Cathcart squareCochrane Andrew, 27 Sugarhouse laneDoig Alexander, 1 1 East breastJohnston John, 42 VennelM'Kay John, 1 Charles streetM'Millan John, 6 Watson's laneNisbet George (and perfumer), 13 William streetWatson Frederick, 30 Dalrymple streetWishart Thomas, 2 Cross-shore streetWilson John, 7 VennelHATTERS.Bradley George (and cap manufacturer), 31 Cathcart stCraig George, 40 Cathcart streetFulton James, 10 William streetMacFarlan James, 26 Hamilton streetM'Farlan & Co., 49 Cathcart streetNeilson John, 43 Cathcart streetSutherland Alexander, 40 Cathcart streetHOSIERS.Aitken J. &> J., 30 West Burn streetAnderson Hugh (and glover), 38 Hamilton streetAnderson William, 40 Cathcart streetBrown James, 39 Main street, CartsdykeCampbell Duncan, 13 Tobago streetHouston Robert, 16 Cartsburn street

190 DIRECTORY.M'llwraith William (and shirtmaker), 6 West BlackhallstreetM'llwraith Miss, 23 Hamilton streetINN AND HOTEL KEEPERS.Bunten Mrs Thomas, White Hart inn, 50 Cathcart stMiller Thomas, George Inn, 3 East breastMacdonald James, Tontine hotel, 34 Cathcart streetM'Cammond David, Wheat Sheaf inn, 4 Church placeM'Chlery William F., Railway hotel, 29 Cathcart stRobertson John, Golden Bull inn, 55 Shaw streetWallace Mrs Wm , Buck Head inn, 25 Hamilton streetINN AND TAVERN KEEPERS.Brown Duncan (Garrick), 42 Cathcart streetCameron Donald (Gardeners' Arms), 14 Market street,and 5 Manse laneCampbell Mrs Alexander (Steamboat), 2 East breastDavies Arthur (Albion), 4 William streetDonald Mrs Wm. (Cappielow inn), Port-Glasgow roadDrysdale Mrs David (Ardgowan), 20 Sugarhouse laneDuncan Colin (Rothesay), 11 East breastGillies Alexander (Rose and Thistle), 5 West breastHarris Mrs Thomas (Museum), 9 William streetJames Mrs Mary, (Glasgow,) 8 East breastMitchell James, (Leith and Kincardine), 7 East breastM'Fie Grace (Buteshire), 2 William streetM'Kelvie W. F., (Burns), 12 Hamilton streetPreston John, (Eagle inn), 39 Rue-end streetStewart James, Vine tavern and reading room, 7 VennelTurner Mrs Ann, (Royal Oak), 2 Cross-shore streetTaylor Mrs, (Commercial inn), 2 East Quay laneWinton Robert, (James Watt inn), 6 William streetINSURANCE AGENTS.( See Appendix. )IRON MERCHANTS.Allan George & Sons, Clyde forge, Port-GlasgowBaird Robert & Son, 56 Rue-end street<strong>Greenock</strong> Iron Co , 6 and 7 Customhouse placeKidston A. G., Virginia streetroad

)DIRECTORY. 191M'Callum James (and nail manufacturers), 55 Shaw st.Reyburn Robert & Co., 5 Dellingburn streetIRONMONGERS.Boag Thomas, Victoria buildings, 7 West Blackhall st.Campbell Robert N., (and general house furnishings), 7Cathcart streetFerguson Mrs John (and ship chandler), 5 East breastFraser Campbell & Co. (and nail manufacturers), 10William streetFyfe & Yeo (and ship chandlers), 5 William street, and4 East breastHoneyman & Campbell (and wholesale), 2 Cathcart sq.M'Farlane John, 16 Cathcart streetShearer Alexander, 9 William streetLATHSPLITTERS.Crichton Archibald, 35 West Burn streetPearson James, St Andrew's squareM'Pherson John, 14 Market streetMANUFACTURERS (MISCELLANEOUS.i£ rated Water Company, 6 Charles st. and 5 Kilblain stAitken Robert (candle), 15 Charles streetAllan George & Sons (iron), Clyde Forge, Port-GlasgowroadFairlie & Moore, Dyewood Mill, 16 Baker streetFleming, Reid & Co., Shaws Water worsted millGray James and Co., paper makers, Overton paper mills<strong>Greenock</strong> Spinning Company, Drumfrochar road, and83 Hutcheson street, GlasgowKetterer, Currie and Co. (clock), 26 Crawfurd streetM'Crae Daniel (sheep smearing grease), 44 Dalrymple stPoynter John, chemist and drysalter, 18 Baker streetRobinson & Niven, drysalters and soap manufacturers,<strong>Greenock</strong> Soap works, 31 Market streetShirley T. & Co. (earthenware), <strong>Greenock</strong> potteries,Port-Glasgow roadWilliamson William (currier, machinery belt and enginehose), Harvie laneWingate & Co. (chemical), Baker street

192 DIRECTORY.MEDICAL BOTANISTS.Allen J R , 31 Charles streetHume William, 27 Sugarhouse laneJohnston Daniel, 3 Kilblain streetMERCHANTS, SHIPOWNERS, COMMISSION & SHIP AGENTS.( See also Steam Packet Agents. )Adam Archibald, 1 Cathcart streetAlexander James, 1 Union court, West Quay headBaine & Johnston, 5 West Blackhall streetBalderston David, 69 Regent streetBlair George, Ford cottage, Patrick streetCampbell Alexander, 2 West Quay laneCampbell Anderson & Co., 2 Shaw streetCampbell Neil, Greenbank MillsCarmichael Andrew, <strong>of</strong> John Haddow & Co., Bank topCarmichael James, <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> Brewery Co., 39 NicholsonstreetCarmichael John H., Bank topConnal Ebenezer, & Co., 2 Shannon's closeCrawford William, 66 Union streetCumming J. B., 2 West quayCunningham John & Co., 16 William streetCuthbert Robert, 1 Watt placeDalgleish George, 10 Trinidad place, Eldon streetDunlop Robert, 1 1 Sugarhouse laneDunlop Robert, 38 West Blackhall streetEccles, Templeton & Co., 4 Church placeEwing, Angus & Co., 4 Bogle streetEwing Robert & Co., 4 Bogle streetFerguson & Co., 50 Inverkip streetFerguson D. & Co., 6 Charles streetFoulds & Bone (and provision merchants), 1 1 SugarhouselaneGray & Buchanan, 24 Bogle streetGrieve James J., 9 Jamaica streetHaddow John & Co. (and wood merchants), 62 Mainstreet, CartsdykeHamilton Capt. Jas.,Ship bank, 43 East Regent stHamilton John, Villa marina, 18 Eldon streetHamlin Thomas & Co., 2 West QuayHercus Peter (and provision), 2 West Quay lane

DIRECTORY. 193Hunter James & Co., 41 Rue-end streetHunter Thomas 0., and Lloyd's agent for Clyde, 10William streetJamieson Robert & Co., 23 Cathcart streetJohnstone A. R., Holmscr<strong>of</strong>t houseJohnston David, <strong>of</strong> Gouroch Bopework Co., 44 Union stKer Alan (and agent for City <strong>of</strong> Glasgow Bank), 46Cathcart streetKerr Archibald, West breastKerr John, 4 West QuayKerrs & M'Bride, West Quay headKincaid Thomas, Quarry bank, 5 Eldon streetKircaldy William, 34 Eldon streetKnox Robert, jun., Glasgow. House, West Bank, 2Margaret streetLang James Innes, 10 Brougham streetLeitch Arthur 0. (and bonded warehouse), 4 West qyLindsay Andrew, <strong>Greenock</strong> Spinning Co., Prospect hillLindsay William & Co., Excise buildingsLittle James & Co., Excise buildingsLittle Robert, Excise buildingsMann & Sutherland, 1 and 3 East Quay laneMartin & Co., 8 William streetelvin William & Co., 5 Market streetMiller John & Co., 5 West quayMillar Robert, 41 Union streetMuir Richard, 16 Kelly streetMunro Andrew & Co., "5 West quayMacaulay John, Bellevue, 17 Eldon streetMacaulay Thomas, Bellevue, 17 Eldon streetMacCunn John, Excise buildingsMacfarlane, Brown & Co., 4 Customhouse placeMackay J. F., 2 Open shoreM* Alpine Duncan, 4 Forsyth streetM'Donald Donald, 21 Ardgowan squareM'Farlane John G , 29 Brougham streetM'Farlane Graham, <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> Brewery Co. t39 NicholsonstreetMacfie, Graham & Co., 12 William streetM'Intyre William, 7 East quay laneM*Iver Alexander, RosemountM'Kenzie Archibald, 1 West quay

194 DIRECTORY,M'Larty Donald & Co., Excise buildingsM'Lellan James & Co., 14 Cathcart streetM'Millan Colin, 43 Cathcart streetM'Morland Robert S., 19 Cathcart streetMacnaughtan Peter, Glen park, 19 Eldon streetNewton James & Co., 2 Open shoreOrr William, 8 Cross-shore streetOughterson George (metal), 17 Cathcart streetPattens & Co., Baker streetRobertson Robert W., Anderson place, 14 Cathcart stRodger Alexander, 4 Brougham streetRodger John, jun.", 35 West Stewart streetRoss, Corbett & Co., 2 Shannon's closeRussell Alexander, 44 Brougham streetScott John & Sons, 50 Dalrymple streetShankland D. & Co., 21 Cathcart streetShankland Robert, 1 Watt placeStewart Andrew & Co., 55 Cathcart streetStewart James & William, 10 and 12 West Burn stStewart John M., 55 Rue-end streetStuart Alexander, 10 Shaw streetTodd George & Co., 21 Shaw streetTurner Coll James, 15 West Blackhall streetWeir Duncan & Co., 67 Rue-end streetWilson John, 3 Trafalgar streetWilson William W., 52 Union streetMESSENGERS-AT-ARMS.Campbell and Gillespie, 3 Bank streetShearer William (and sheriff <strong>of</strong>ficer), 49 Cathcart stMIDWIVES.Calder Mrs, 56 VennelEason Mrs, 67 Rue-end streetMenzies Mrs, 9 Duncan streetM'Gregor Mrs, 11 Cross-shore streetPaterson Mrs, 8 Tobago streetMILLERS.Deer Park Mill Co. (and grain merchants), Deer ParkMills, 7 Baker streetGreenbank Mills Co. (rice), Drumfrochar road—NeilCampbell, manager

DIRECTORY. 195Hector James, 8 East Stewart streetHill Matthew (and grain merchant), Bogle street andPrinces streetKennedy Alexander, Cartsburn millBrodie John (and grain merchant), Bakers' Mill,Baker streetM'Kenzie and Walker (and grain merchants), DellingburnsquareService Walter, Deer Park Mills, Baker streetMILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS.( See also Dressmakers. )Banks Mrs John, 32 Inverkip streetDougall Mrs, 45 Hamilton streetGray Miss Agnes, 32 Inverkip streetHamilton Miss, 25 West Burn streetJessamine Miss Catherine, 13 Hamilton streetM' Arthur Mrs, 21 Tobago streetM'Lean Miss Sarah, 6 Kilblain streetM* Skimming Miss E., 6 West Stewart streetMories Miss Janet, 16 Cathcart streetOrr Miss, 32 Tobago streetPaterson Miss, 21 Cathcart streetPollock Misses, 16 Tobago streetPotter Miss E., 29 Nicholson streetSymon & Crombie Misses, 58 VennelWalker Miss Margaret, 29 Nicholson streetNURSERY AND SEEDSMEN.Lawson John & Sons, 47 Hamilton streetOPTICIANS AND NAUTICAL INSTRUMENT MAKERS.M'Gregor Duncan (and watches), 8 William streetPark Robert, 17 William streetPAINTERS AND PAPER-HANGERS.Buchanan James, 44 Shaw street, and 29 Rue-end st,Bonar & Cameron, 2 Watt placeDrain Allan, 30 West Burn streetDuncan Robert F., 26 Charles streetFyfe & Yeo (and paint manufacturers), 5 William st.,and 4 East breastHorn James, 11 West breast », u;-'J,

196 DIRECTORY.Leitch John, 10 West breastMacalister Daniel, 24 West Burn streetM'Laurin & Co., 1 Watt placeM'Naught John, Union Bank buildings, Church placeSinclair Hendry & Co., 5 West Blackhall streetPAWNBROKERS.Cairns John, 6 Market streetHair William, 29 Hamilton streetMays Robert, 10 and 12 Dalrymple streetMillar Alexander, 31 VennelM'Guckin John, 73 Main street, CartsdykeM'Kerrow George, 48 Shaw streetO'Neill John B., 6 VennelO'Neill Patrick, 29 Shaw streetStewart Mrs James, 49 VennelPHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS.( See Appendix. )PLUMBERS.Adam William & Co. (and coppersmiths), 3 Dock breastBell Peter & Co., 10 East India breastBuie M. & H., 7 Dock breastDouglas and Broadfoot, 2 West breastPOTATO MERCHANTS.Killin Samuel, 25 Bearhope streetLevans John, 10 Inverkip streetM'Arthur Robert, 47 Inverkip streetPRINTERS (LETTER-PRESS.)Blair Joseph, 40 Cathcart streetCampbell William, 49 Cathcart street and 1 Bank st.Johnston John (lithographic), 8 Hamilton streetMackenzie A. & Co., 29 Hamilton streetStewart Robert, 38 Hamilton streetPROVISION DEALERS.Arroll William, 58 VennelBannigan John, 45 Shaw streetBoyd William, 28 Tobago streetBoyle James, 26 Market streetCarchrie James, 40 Shaw street

DIRECTORY. 197Cowan Daniel, 43 Hamilton streetCoyle John, 21 Cathcart streetCurrie Mrs Matthew, 35 Cathcart streetDouglas Malcolm, 37 Cathcart streetFullarton Robert, 19 Market streetKelso Robert, 31 Shaw streetMuir Robert, 25 VennelM' Arthur William, 13 VennelM'Millan Hugh, 26 Hamilton streetM'Naughton John, 53 VennelStewart Alexander, 65 VennelPLASTERERS.Crombie Daniel, 58 VennelFoster John, 39 Hamilton streetPaul Colin. Yard, 1 Springkell streetTannock Quintin, Harvie laneM* In tyre James, 58 Dairymple streetPOULTERERS.Gallacher James, (and fruiterer), 2 Albert place, WeslBlackhall streetGallacher John, 12 Highland closePaterson Robert, 15 Market streetM'Connell Mrs, 31 Hamilton streetM'Lachlan Miss, 39 Hamilton streetRIGGERS.Andrew James, 20 Cathcart streetBenson Robert, 1 Lyle streetBenson William, 17 Lynedoch streetGroves Stephen, 20 Ann streetROPE AND TWINE MAKERS.Brown Robert, 24 Kelly streetGourock Ropework Company (and sail cloth manmfacturers),12 Cross-shore street, and 8 East breastLeitch Quintin &> Co., 11 West breastOrr, Hunter & Co., 2 West Quay laneTough Alexander & Sons, 3 East breastSADDLERS,Adams William D., 19 Cathcart streetAdams Mrs John, 19 Cathcart streetScott Robert, 36 Cathcart street• 2

198 DIRfcCfOIllSAILMAKERS.Ferguson A. & Co., 5 East breastFish, Brown & Co., East breastHamilton & Adams, 21 Shaw streetOrr, Hunter & Co., 2 West tyuay laneMenzies Alexander, 2 Virginia streetPennel Joseph, 1 East Quay laneSCULPTORS.Stevenson Charles, (and photographer), Cemetery gateWood Robert, Cemetery gateSHERIFF-OFFICERS.Ash George, 1 Bank streetOrookshanks James, 3 Bank streetGovan Andrew, 3 Bank streetSmith James, 3 Bank streetWight Robert, 1 1 VennelSHIP-CHANDLERS.Callander Thomas & Co., (tinsmith and compassmakers), 11 West breastFyfe & Yeo, 5 William streetFerguson Mrs John, 5 West breastHarvey & Watson, (and ironmongers), 65 Rue -end st«Mac Lean Archibald, 4 West breastM'Pherson & Co., 3 East breastScott William and Co., 2 West quaySHIP-BUILDERS.Bourne John and Co (iron), Port-Glasgow roadCaird and Co. (iron), 14 Main street, CartsdykeHill Lawrence and Co. (iron), Port* Glasgow roadM'Millan James and Son, Albert Building yardScott & Co. (iron), Garvel Park building yardScott John & Sons, 50 Dalrymple streetSteele Robert and Co., 4 Rue-end street, and 62 Mainstreet, CartsdykeSICK NURSES AND KEEPERS.Darroch Mrs, Lyle's land, Back walksTeulon Mrs, 22 Ann street

DIRECTORY.SLATERS.Adams and Handyside, 14 Kilblain streetAnderson Thomas (and slate merchant), 7 East IndiabreastHandyside George, 9 Tobago streetM'Kay Peter (and slate merchant), 41 Hamilton streetSwan William (and slate merchant), 5 Sir Michael st.SPIRIT DEALERS.( See also Grocers and Spirit Dealers and Inn and Tavern Keepers.)Allan Mrs, 46 Inverkip streetAllison Mrs E., 31 Regent streetAnderson Mrs John, 9 Rue-end streetAngus Mrs George, 4 Shaw streetBallantine George, 33 VennelBalfour John, 13 Cartsburn streetBanks Mrs Thomas, 55 VennelBannatyne Robert, 10 Ropework streetBarr Mrs Robert, 12 East India breastBaxter Mrs E., St Andrew's squareBell Alexander, 34 Dalrvmple streetBell Francis, 11 Hamilton streetBigham David, 32 Charles streetBlair Alexander, 12 Bogle streetBlair Hugh, 3 Bell entryBlair James, and Son, 5 Customhouse placeBlue John, 8 Charles streetBoyce Edward, 31 Shaw streetBradley John, 9 East breastBrothers Mrs Samuel, 2 East breastBurns Hugh, 26 Market streetCadenhead Mrs Margaret, 45 Dalrymple streetCameron Archibald, 6 East Shaw streetCampbell Donald, 48 Shaw streetCampbell Thomas, 13 VennelCarmichael Archibald, 8 Manse laneCarmichael Michael, 35 Dalrymple streetClark Donald, 30 Shaw streetClark Mrs Janet, 49 Dalrymple streetCoats John, 18 Sir Michael streetCochrane Thomas, 31 Market streetCochrane Mrs, li Dalrymple street

200 DIRECTORY.Cook Mrs, 10 East breastCrawford Alexander, 60 Dalrjmple streetCrawford Robert (and cattle dealer), 6 Market streetCrawford Mrs A., 3 West breastCrawford Mrs Eobert, 23 Main street, CartsdjkeCurrie Mrs John, 30 West Burn streetDarroch Archibald, 48 Dalrjmple streetDevine William, 29 Dalrjmple streetDow Archibald, 26 Cathcart streetDow Miss Cameron, 3 Under crescentDownie and M'Aulaj, 8 West breastDuff William, 17 Bearhope streetDunsmore John, 24 Arthur streetErskine John, 32 Dalrjmple streetFarquhar Mrs James, 53 Roxburgh streetFauset Mrs Thomas, 32 Cathcart streetFaj Arthur, 12 VennelFerguson Peter, 8 Baker streetFleming Alexander, 16 VennelFlucker James, Harvie laneGallacher John, 8 Dalrjmple streetGibb John, 62 VennelGibson Mrs Robert, 14 Sir Michael streetGlen Mrs William, 4 Broad closeGoold Henrj, 25 VennelGoudj James, 1 Open shoreGraham Charles, 5 Dalrjmple streetGraham Duncan, 4 Watson's laneGraham John, 9 Sir Michael streetGraham Mrs Robert, 24 Dalrjmple streetGrant John, 9 Arthur streetGrassie Mrs William, 3t VennelGreig Mrs E., 19 Tobago streetHamilton Henrj, 10 Sir Michael streetHendrj John, 57 Rue-end streetHendrj John, 63 Main street, CartsdjkeHennj Dennis, 10 East breastHood William, 22 VennelHouston James, 10 Baker streetHouston Robert (and grain merchant), 38 Inverkip stHunter William, (wholesale), 40 Cathcart streetHunter Mrs Janet, 7 Shaw street

DIRECTORY. 201Jack Edward, 3 Highland closeJamieson John, 5 York streetJames Mrs Thomas, 15 West Blackhall streetJohnston Mrs Archibald, 20 West Blackhall streetKeith Mrs, 3 Market streetKennedy Charles, 17 Dalrymple streetKerr James, 10 West breastKerr Mrs John, 18 Duncan streetKing Mrs Robert, 69 Main street, CartsdjkeKirkwood James, 10 East breastLaird Mrs Sarah, 6 Ann streetLeitch Angus, 26 Dalrymple streetLittle James, 1 East breastLivingston Neil, 2 Mansion-house laneMackie John, 36 Shaw street, and 6 Cross-shore streetMillar William, 42 Cathcart streetMillar Mrs Agnes, 38 Ann streetMorris Hugh, 27 VennelMorris John, 33 Dalrjmple streetMuir Archibald, 45 Shaw streetMunro William, 53 Main street, CartsdykeMurray Robert, 71 Main street, CartsdykeM'Anish John, 34 VennelM'Arthur Hugh, 61 Main street, CartsdykeM' Arthur James, 40 Dalrymple streetM

202 DIRECTORY.M'Fayden John, 18 VermelM'Farlane Alexander, 38 Dalrymple street AM' Gilchrist Mrs, 14 Market streetM'Intyre Alexander, 7 Rue-end streetM'Kay Donald, 19 Charles streetM'Kellar Daniel, 4 Dalrymple streetM'Kellar James, 6 Smith's laneM'Kellar Neil, 22 Hamilton streetM'Kellar Mrs, 29 Sugarhouse laneM'Kellar Mrs, 40 West Burn streetM'Kenzie Donald, 35 VennelM'Kenzie Mrs James, 24 East Shaw streetM'Kenzie Mrs John, 4 Bearhope streetM'Kenzie Mrs, 57 Dalrymple streetM'Lean Alexander, 34 Inverkip streetM'Lean Lachlan, 22 Market streetM'Laren John, 34 Charles streetM'Leod Duncan, 28 Shaw streetM'Murtrie Mrs Thomas, 61 Rue-end streetM'Neill Walter, 13 Shaw streetM'Neilage George, 3 Shannon's closeM'Queen Mrs Kenneth, 24 Charles streetM'Vicar Donald, 14 Shaw streetM'Vicar John, 50 Shaw streetM'Watt Francis, 57 Dalrymple streetNimmo Mrs John, 4 East Quay laneOrr James, 34 Sir Michael streetPaterson George, 1 Regent streetPaterson John, 29 VennelPatrick David, 2 Charles streetPaul David, 43 Shaw street, and 6 Cross-shore streetPaul James, 6 East breastPaul John, 3 VennelPaul Robert, 3 Charles streetPeters James S., 39 Shaw streetPeace James, 43 Ann streetPettigrew James, East Hamilton streetQuin John, 26 West Burn streetRintoul John, 8 Inverkip streetRobertson Wellwood M., 2 Buccleuch streetRobinson Daniel, Railway store, 1 1 Highland closeSaunders James, 8 Shaw street . ~M»

DIRECTORY. 203Scott James, 44 VennelShaw Mrs Archibald, Port-Glasgow roadShaw Mrs Marj, 59 Hue-end streetShearer William. 39 West Blackhall streetSimpson Robert, 20 Cathcart streetSkivington Arthur, 53 Shaw streetSmith William, 2 Clyde crescentStevenson David, 55 Main street, CartsdykeStewart Denniston, 24 Cathcart streetStewart Samuel, 59 Main street, CartsdykeStewart Thomas, 14 John streetStirling Mrs James. 11 John streetSutherland Susan, 1 Springkell streetSword John, 69 VennelTaylor Alexander, 8 Cathcart streetTennant Mrs John, 28 Market streetThorn Charles, 3 West Quay laneTurner Alexander, 16 Stanners streetWalker Andrew, 21 Rue-end streetWalker Mrs George, 27 Rue-end streetWalker William, 45 Inverkip streetWalker and Co., 8 East breastWare Courtney, 7 East breastWatson John, 4 Wellington courtWeir Malcolm 41 Shaw streetWeir Donald, 12 Inverkip streetWilliams John, 1 East breastWilkie David, 9 Cross Shore streetWilson John, 13 Cathcart streetYoung William, 10 Ann streetYoung Mrs A., 3 East breastSTAY AND UNDER-CLOTHING WAREHOUSE KEEPERS,Burton Mrs John, 19 Cathcart streetCharles and Co., 8 West Blackhall streetHamilton James, 14 Market streetKelly Mrs H., 3 Tobago streetM'Kenzie and Brodie, 22 Cathcart streetSinclair John, 20 Cathcart streetTurner M., 12 West Blackhall streetSTEAM PACKET AGENTS.Benham James, 22 Shaw street

204 DIRECTORY.Dawson John, 17 Lynedoch streetHendry John, 2 West breastLaird Alex, and Son, 2 Cross-shore streetLindsay William and Co., Excise buildingsLittle James and Co., Excise buildingsM'Allister Archibald, 1 East Quay laneM'Culloch Alexander G. S., Excise buildingsM'Intyre James, Railway stationM'Larty Donald and Co., Excise buildingsMann and Sutherland, 1 and 3 East Quay laneNew Clyde Towing Co., Robert Seaton, managerPark James, (tug), 4 West QuaySTRAW-HAT MAKERS.Fleming, Ross and Co. (and milliners), 4 West BlackhallstreetFulton Miss M-, 20 Cathcart streetLang Mrs William, 25 Charles streetM' Donald Miss, 42 Dalrymple streetM'Sporan Mrs, 5 John streetMories Miss, (and milliner), 16 Cathcart streetOrr Mrs John (and dressmaker), 46 Crawfurd streetSandielands Miss 12 West Blackhall streetRoy Miss, 15 Inverkip streetWhite Mrs, 36 Hamilton streetSUGAR REFINERS.Anderson, Orr & Co., Berry-yards, head <strong>of</strong> Lynedoch stBlair, Reid & Steele, Ingleston roadBrown Matthew, 3 Captain streetFairrie James & Co., 3 Ker street, GlebeFerguson and Co., 50 Inverkip streetHoyle, Martin and Co., 29 Sugarhouse laneNeill and Dempster, Dellingburn streetPattens and Co., Baker streetSpeirs James, East Hamilton street. <strong>Office</strong>, Andersonplace, 14 Cathcart streetWalker John and Co., 41 Nicholson streetWrede and Co., CartsburnTAILORS.Coates Archd., 15 Inverkip streetCruden Alexander, 2 Tobago street

DIRECTORY. 205Davis James, 26 East Shaw streetFoster Duncan, 4 William streetFraser James, 33 Hamilton streetGlen James, 32 Hamilton streetHardisty James, 38 Hamilton streetHenderson William, 32 Hamilton streetHendry J. and ft., 24 Hamilton streetHiggins Thomas, 21 Hamilton streetKelly William, (house <strong>of</strong> call), 16 Market streetMenzies William, 8 Hamilton streetM'Donald Neil, 2 Hamilton streetM'Donald John, 12 Tobago streetRose Hugh, (and oilskin manufacturer), 44 Shaw streetSharp Samuel, 2 Cartsburn streetSmith Dugald, 26 Nicholson streetSmith Robert, 22 Sugarhouse laneSomerville John, 27 Hamilton streetStewart Alexander, 2 Hamilton streetTAILORS AND CLOTHIERS.Baillie James (and oilskin manufacturer), 42 Shaw stBrodie John, 22 Cathcart streetBrowning John, 5 Hamilton streetBruce G. and J. (and hatters), 46 Hamilton streetCarbery Charles, 14 William streetCrawford M. and Son, (and outfitters), 30 Cathcart st.Crawford John, 35 Cathcart streetDavidson Robert, 14 Hamilton streetDonnelly Peter, 12 Hamilton streetEllard and Co. (and outfitters), 16 William streetFinlay Robert B. and Co., 10 West Blackhall streetHendry J. and R., 24 Hamilton streetHendry William, 17 William streetGardiner Peter and Son, 4 William street and 2 DalrymplestreetLamont Neil, 19 Hamilton streetM'Ara and Stark, <strong>Greenock</strong> Bank buildings, 29 CathcartstreetMfArthur Donald, 42 Shaw streetM' Arthur James & Co., 42 Shaw streetM'Govern Patrick, 1 1 William streetM'Master Alexander, 40 Cathcart street

}206 B-IRECTORT,McMillan Colin, 43 Cathcart streetFatersou Daniel, 8 Hamilton streetStewart John, 8 Cathcart streetThomson John, 4 West Blackhall streetTANNERS AND CURRIERS.Arbuckle James & Co., 5 Cartsburn streetCampbell John, 9 West breastKirk Adam & Co., 7 Harvie lane, and 3 Dairymple st,Marshall William & Son, Ladjburn, Port-Glasgow roadM'Farlane Thomas M., 17 Cartsburn streetTEACHERS.( See Public Schoo Is and Teachers hi Appendix.TEMPERANCE COFFEE HOUSE KEEPERS.Borland J. C., 24 Cathcart streetFleming's, late M'Culloch's, 8 Cathcart squareTIMBER MERCHANTS.Aitken Thomas, 62 Regent streetBroun Neil, 2 Cathcart streetCameron Allan, 6 St Andrew streetMories John & Co., 10 and 22 East India breastM'Lean James & Co., 64 Main street, Cartsdyke, and8 Dellingburn streetRobb John & Co., Caledonian Saw Mills, Port-GlasgowroadTOBACCONISTS.Allan George, 23 Dalryrnple streetBruce Mrs A., 40 Hamilton streetBurgess John, 3 Dalryrnple streetCampbell Miss M., 16 Hamilton streetDonald John, 10 Hamilton streetJamieson Elizabeth, 28 Cathcart streetM'Alister Archibald, 1 East Quay laneM'Farlane Mrs, 65 Rue-end streetM'Kinlay Archibald, 18 VennelM'Lachlan John, 20 West Blackhall streetM'Lachlan Miss, 33 Hamilton streetScott James, 36 Hamilton streetYeats John &Co., 65 Rue-end street

DIRECTORY. 207UMBRELLA MAKERS.Clark John, 30 Sugarhouse lanePreston Richard, (and parasol), 14 Hamilton streetQuia John, 26 West Burn streetWATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS.Aitken Andrew, 3 Hamilton streetAlexander D. C, (clockmaker and engraver), 22 SugarhouselaneBlair Alexander, 14 Hamilton streetClark John & Son, 43 Cathcart streetDouglas Edward, 69 Rue-end streetDouglas John, 9 East breastDouglas & Son, (and engravers), 9 Hamilton streetGardner James, (and chronometer maker), 8 HamiltonstreetHeron James & Co., (and clockmakers), 3 Cowgate st.Maitland John, (and clockmaker), 11 Market streetMenzies William, 5 Hamilton streetRankin Alexander, (and clockmaker), 5 William streetThomson Robert, 1 William streetWHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS.Allison William & Co., 57 VennelBuchanan James, 8 East India breastCole George Augustus, British wine agent, 4 Boglo st°Hunter William, 40 Cathcart streetLyle John, 4 West Quay laneMackenzie & Weir, West Quay head, 38 Dalrymple sfcM'Gregor John, 23 and 25 Shaw street, and 9 EastQuay laneOstler Andrew, 7 Tnverkip streetPrentice John and Thomas, 17 Nicholson streetRowan Thomas B. & Co., 9 Inverkip street, and 6Cartsburn streetSword Archibald, 20 West Burn street and 11 Shaw st.Thorne & Curtis, Distillery stores, 6 Manse laneTurner Douglas, 18 Nicholson streetWatt William, 22 Cathcart street, and 27 Main street,Cartsdyke

208 DIRECTORY.WOOD MEASURERS.Adam George, 1 Cathcart streetFullarton Robert, 9 East India breastWRIGHTS.Agnew Alexander (and house factor), 15 Cross-shore stAllison Stewart, 30 Crawfurd streetBlack and Anderson, 21 West Blackhall street, and 24West Stewart streetBlair and Barclay (and glaziers), 10 Cross-shore streetBrown John (and glazier), 13 Charles streetChalmers Hugh M. (and glazier), 14 Ann streetCrawford Andrew (and blockmaker and house factor),22 West Burn streetCrawford and Fulton (and glaziers), 16 Bogle streetCuthbertson W. C, 14 St Andrew streetDallas R., 39 Hamilton streetDempster William, Ingleston roadDownie John, 5 Dellingburn streetEddington & Hunter (and glaziers), 5 Inverkip streetFerguson John (and smith), 3 Virginia streetGaff William (and wood merchant), 5 Argyle streetHendry Duncan (and blockmaker), 5 Dock breastJamieson A. & R. (and glaziers), 10 Nicholson streetLang & Aitken, 15 Bogle streetLamb Thomas & Sous (and blockmakers and ship carpenters),30 Market streetMaclachlan Donald (and glazier and undertaker), 8Tobago streetMorison Malcom (and glazier), 30 West Blackhall stMossman John, 5 Market streetM'Donald Daniel (and blockmaker), 1 New Dock laneM'Intyre & Campbell, 15 Arthur streetM'Kechnie Hugh, 20 John streetM' Leod D. & Co. (carvers and blockmakers), 9 WestbreastM* Naught James, 6 Lyle streetOrr Joseph (and blockmaker), 37 Dalrymple streetShankland John, 49 Shaw streetShaw James, jun., and Co. (and undertakers), 6 Charlesstreet

DIRECTORY. 209Somerville William, 49 Main street, CartsdykeSymington John, 16 Sugarhouse laDeThomson and Mitchell, 3 Tobago streetThomson Samuel, (and funeral undertaker), 51 VennelWeir James, 18 West Blackhall streetWRITERS.(See Appendix.)MISCELLANEOUS.Burwell Lazarus, fancy bazaar, 14 Cathcart streetDowie E. T., surgeon dentist, 6 West Blackhall streetDempster James, architect, 4 Mansion-house laneDucken Edward, basket maker, 44 Dairymple streetGalbraith John, sugar sampler, 11 West breastGardner James, working jeweller, 17 William streetGardner John, japanner, 45 Cathcart street<strong>Greenock</strong> Distillery Co., 27 Tobago street<strong>Greenock</strong> Saw Mill Co., Kingston, Port-Glasgow roadHarrison William, basket maker, 15 Crawfurd streetMenzies John, working silversmith and jeweller, 5 HamiltonstreetJackson Abram, wood, hoop, and basket merchant, 22West Stewart streetMitchell Adam, bookbinder, 41 Cathcart streetMuir Charles, nail maker, 4 East Shaw streetM'Bay Thomas, leather merchant, 4 Dairymple streetM'Gauvern Peter, basket maker, 28 Market streetM'Gregor J. & D., funeral undertakers, Cathcart squareM'Kenzie Wm., edge tool maker, 20 John streetM'Lean Daniel, leather merchant, 3 Manse laneBobinson Alexander, veterinary surgeon, 37 West Burnstreet and 60 VennelStevenson Alexander, leather merchant, 4 Dairymple atStewart Hugh, optician, broker, and dealer in goldand silver plate, 14 Dairymple streetWarden James, produce broker, 16 William streetWestern Saw Mills, Bay <strong>of</strong> QuickWood John, millwright, 1 Regent street

APPENDIXPARLIAMENTARY AND MUNICIPAL BOUNDARIES.FIRST WARD.That part <strong>of</strong> the Burgh comprehended within a line commencingat the point where Ladyburn joins the River Clyde, and runningwestward along the margin <strong>of</strong> the said River to the point whereCartsburn joins the Clyde; thence up the said Burn till it is crossedby Rue-end Street ; thence along the centre <strong>of</strong> the said Street tillthe same joins Cathcart Street ; thence along the centre <strong>of</strong> the saidStreet to the foot <strong>of</strong> Bank Street ; thence along the centre <strong>of</strong> thesaid Street to its southren extremity ; thence in a straight line to theParliamentary boundary at the upper east Reservoir, and from thenceeastward and northward, along the Parliamentary boundary, to thepoint first described.—Electors, 254.SECOND WARD.That part <strong>of</strong> the Burgh comprehended within a line commencingat the point where Cartsburn joins the Clyde, thence up the saidBurn to the point where it is crossed by Rue-end Street; thencealong the centre <strong>of</strong> Rue-end and Cathcart Streets to the centre <strong>of</strong>Cathcart Square; thence to the head <strong>of</strong> William Street; thencealong the centre <strong>of</strong> the said Street to the Mid Quay; thence alongthe said Mid Quay to the Clyde; and thence south-eastward alongthe margin <strong>of</strong> the said River to the point first described.—Electors,176.THIRD WARD.That part <strong>of</strong> the Burgh comprehended within a line commencingat the north-east extremity <strong>of</strong> the Mid Quay, and running along thesaid Quay to the foot <strong>of</strong> William Street ; thence along the centre <strong>of</strong>the said Street to the centre <strong>of</strong> Cathcart Square ; thence along thesaid Square to Hamilton Street ; thence along the centre <strong>of</strong> HamiltonStreet to Sugarhouse Lane; thence down the said Lane to the pointwhere Crawfurd Street crosses the West Burn ; thence down thesaid Burn to where it enters the Clyde; thence along the margin <strong>of</strong>the said River to the extremity <strong>of</strong> the Mid Quay, being the pointfirst described.— Electors, 171.

APPENDIX.FOURTH WARD.That part <strong>of</strong> the Burgh comprehended within a line commencingat the centre <strong>of</strong> Cathcart Square; thence proceeding to HamiltonStreet, and along the said Street to the point where it joins SugarhouseLane ; thence southward along the centre <strong>of</strong> said Lane; thencealong the centre <strong>of</strong> Sir Michael Street to Roxburgh Street ; thencealong the centre <strong>of</strong> said Street in a straight line to the West Burn;thence up the West Burn to the Parliamentary boundary ; thencealong said boundary to the Upper East Reservoir; thence along thewest boundary <strong>of</strong> Ward First to the point first described Electors246.FIFTH WARDAll the remaining parts <strong>of</strong> the Burgh—Electors, 328.GENERAL DECLARATION.All the boundaries <strong>of</strong> the Wards shall be understood to run alongthe centre <strong>of</strong> the Streets, Roads, Lanes, Streams, and Closes by whichthey are described to be bounded, except where the contrary is particularlyprovided.Any Streets, Grounds, Houses, and places situated within theboundaries, and not included in the description <strong>of</strong> the several Wardsbefore mentioned, shall be held as belonging to the Ward to whichsuch Streets, Grounds, Houses, and places are severally next adjacent,unless where otherwise specially provided.Constituency,— 1169—returning one Member to Parliament.ALEX. MURRAY DUNLOP,Member <strong>of</strong> Parliament for the Town <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>.GREENOCK CENSUS RETURNS FOR 1851.Males. Females. Total.East Parish, 3637 3407 7044Mid Parish, 4493 4879 9372West Parish, ... — 8902 10621 19523On board <strong>of</strong> vessels in the harbours androadstead, 380 5 385Public Institutions, 163 228 391Beyond the Parliamentary Boundary, 335 406 741Seafaring and other persons absent fromhome, ..l\ 1485 450 193519,395 19,996 39,391Census <strong>of</strong> 1841, ... :.. 38,846Total Increase, ... 545Those persons living beyond the Parliamentary Boundary, butreturned in schedules from <strong>Greenock</strong>, and also sea-faring personsand others absent from home, were included in the census <strong>of</strong> 1841 ;they are added in the above table as on that occasion, the whole exhibitingan increase in the population <strong>of</strong> 545.

——APPENDIX. 3<strong>Greenock</strong> was erected into a Burgh <strong>of</strong> Barony in the year 1635.First Magistrates and Council elected in the year 1751.<strong>Greenock</strong> <strong>Library</strong> begun in 1783.<strong>Greenock</strong> Chamber <strong>of</strong> Commerce, incorporated 1813.Shaws Water introduced in the year 1827.<strong>Greenock</strong> Gas Works erected 1828.Railway to Paisley and Glasgow opened in the year 1841.Victoria Harbour opened on 17th October, 1850.Foundation Stone <strong>of</strong> Sir Gabriel Wood's Mariners' Asylum laid onthe 17th October, 1850.James Watt born here 19th January, 1736. Died 25th August,1819.Sacramental Fast Days—Thursday before fourth Sunday <strong>of</strong> March,and fourth Sunday <strong>of</strong> September.Fairs— First Thursday in July, and 4th Tuesday in November.AGISTRATES AND TOWN COUNCIL.Provost—John Martin.Hew M'llwraith.James Speirs.Bailies.Treasurer- -James Duff.Robert Sellers.Charles Grey.1st Ward.James T. Caiid.Jame9 Speirs.James Duff.2d Ward.Robert Steele, jun.Charles Grey.Councillors.Hugh Dempster.3d Ward.John Martin.Thomas Shaw.Andrew Stewart.4th Ward.Hew M'llwraith.Robert Sellers.Charles P. Hunter.5th Ward.James Ballantine.Neil Campbell.Thomas Kincaid.John Gray.Ordinary Meetings, first Tuesday <strong>of</strong> every month.<strong>Office</strong>-Bearers.Town Clerk—John Kerr Gray. Dep. Harbour Masters—R. Kerr,Depute Town Clerk—John Mackenzie.Collector <strong>of</strong> Town's Assessmentand Robert Atkins.Chamberlain—John Adam.A. Nimmo.Proc. Fiscal— Archd. M'Callum. Collector <strong>of</strong> Harbour and AnchorageDues— A. Shannon.Superintendent <strong>of</strong> Public WorksWm. Allison.Superintendent <strong>of</strong> Town and QuayHarbour and Dock Master—John Police—Alex. Mann.Millar.Steamboat Harbour Master— MalcomDarroch.Assessor— Alexander Murray Dunlop, M.P., Advocate, Edinburgh.

——APPENDIX.TRUSTEES ON THE HARBOURS.By Acts <strong>of</strong> Parliament, the Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council,who are, with the following gentlemen, elected annually inNovember, by the Shipowners <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>Robert Cuthbert.Robert Steele.James Hamilton.Duncan A. Campbell.Archibald Sword.COMMISSIONERS ON THE HARBOURS.Clerk- -John Kerr Gray.Alex. Russell.Duncan M'Alpine.Duncan Hoyle.John H. Carmichael.WATER TRUSTEES.<strong>The</strong> Trustees for paving, lighting, cleansing, and watching thetown, and supplying the same with water, in terms <strong>of</strong> the Act <strong>of</strong>Parliament, are the Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council, alongwith nine persons elected by the feuars, householders, and ratepayers,three <strong>of</strong> them in November annually, viz. :Hugh Ritchie.James Lang.Robert Blair.George Allan.Robert Cowan.Matthew Mitchell.Wm. Curtis,Robert Forrest.Robert Houston.John Kerr Gray, Clerk—A. Nimmo, Collector.Superintendent <strong>of</strong> Street Cleaning—John M'Neilage.water commissioners—(Elected annually in November.)Andrew Sillers.Robert Allan.William Robinson.John A. Macfarlane.George Raff.John Kerr Gray, Clerk.James M'Lellan.Duncan Henry.Andrew R. Orr.John Black, jun.GREENOCK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.Andrew Lindsay, Chairman.Colin S. Caird, Treasurer.directors.John Neil.Andrew Munro.David Johnston.Robert Macfie.Robert Cuthbert.Thomas King,Matthew Brown.Andrew Stewart.Robert Binnie.C. P. Hunter.James Morton.Secretary.

APPENDIX.ADJUSTER OF IMPERIAL WEIGHTS & MEASURES.Dry Measures, andlLiquid Measures, JJohn Buchanan, Inspector and Adjuster,18 >Cathcart bcreet.TOWN POLICE— <strong>Office</strong>, 6,Hamilton Street.Alexander Mann, Superintendent <strong>of</strong> Town Police,—House, 15,Nelson Street. One Day Sergeant, One Day Corporal, One NightSergeant, One Night Corporal, Two Detectives by Day and Oneby Night, Nine Day <strong>Office</strong>rs, and One Day Turnkey, 21 NightWatchmen, One Night Turnkey. Charles 'Auld, M.D., PoliceSurgeon,— House, 5, Houston Street, Consulting Rooms, 3, BankStreet.HARBOUR POLICE.Alexander Mann, Superintendent <strong>of</strong> the Quay and Harbour Police,—House, 15, Nelson Street,—with Eleven Day <strong>Office</strong>rs, FourSteamboat do , and Twelve Night Watchmen,QRffPWOnV T3 0TCOTVTl.f,

APPENDIX.MARKETS.Fish Market, opposite 1, West Breast.Flesh Market, Market Street—George M<strong>of</strong>fat, Inspector andSuperintendent, at the Market. Besides a Weekly Market held onFriday, Fairs, each <strong>of</strong> three days' duration, annually begin on thefirst Thursday <strong>of</strong> July, and fourth Tuesday <strong>of</strong> November ; and aHorse and Cattle Market, which is held on the Friday before GlasgowWhitsun Monday Fair, and on the Friday immediately preceedingKilbarchan Fair.GREENOCK PAROCHIAL BOARD— Rooms, CaptainStreet.Bailie M'llwraith, Chairman <strong>of</strong> the Board.<strong>The</strong> Management is vested in a Committee—sub-divided into Committees«forthe despatch <strong>of</strong> business—Hugh Ritchie, Chairman.Thomas Burton, Collector—John Malcom, Inspector.DISTRICT SURGEONS.A. D. Stewart. j J. H. Bryson.Alexander Kelso. j James Wallace.John M'Millan, <strong>Office</strong>r.Archibald Blair, Governor, and Mrs M'Arthur, Matron <strong>of</strong> Poor House.

GREENOCK HOSPITAL AND INFIKiviaki,Invebkip Street— Established 1819-Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, Baronet, President.<strong>The</strong> Provost <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, Messrs Adam Fairrie, and Robert Macfie,Vice-Presidents.Mr Alexander Rodger, (Banker,) Treasurer.Mr George Williamson, Secretary.COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT.Robert Millar, Chairman— Robert Blair, Deputy-Chairman.<strong>The</strong> Provost <strong>of</strong> Port- Glasgow Robert Cowan.John Mackenzie.William M'Artbur.James Innes Lang,James Miller, jun.Robert Forrest.William Lindsay.D. A. Campbell.Hugh Cameron.James Stewart.James Arbuckle.Alan Ker.Robert Macfie.Andrew Tasker.MEDICAL DEPARTMENT.Drs Wallace, Henry, Speirs, and Fox.James Macintyre, House. Surgeon— Mrs Cottar, Matron.LUNATIC ASYLUM, HILLEND.Robert and James Thomson, Managers.James Mackie, M.D., Physician,GREENOCK LIBRARY—Watt Monument, Union Street.Instituted 1783.<strong>The</strong> management is vested in a Committee, who are elected annuallyin January. <strong>The</strong> annual payment for proprietors is 13s., and forothers one guinea.Thomas Stark, Treasurer and Secretary.—E. C. Black, Librarian.In 1807 a collection <strong>of</strong> Foreign Literature was commenced, whichcollection, now greatly enlarged, was in 1834 added to this <strong>Library</strong>,and is free to all the subscribers without any additional charge. TenPounds annually from the general funds are applied to the purchase<strong>of</strong> foreign books. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Library</strong> contains upwards <strong>of</strong> 10,000 volumes,and has above 200 subscribers. Attached to the Institution is ah

^u.^un i.i -menage, President— William M'llwraith, Treasurer.Robert Hendry, Secretary— David Gow, Curator and Librarian.<strong>The</strong> Institution comprises a <strong>Library</strong> <strong>of</strong> upwards <strong>of</strong> 5000 volumes;a Reading Room, containing almost all the Metropolitan and an extensiveselection <strong>of</strong> the Provincial and Local Newspapers, and nearlythe whole <strong>of</strong> the popular Periodicals, Magazines, and Reviews <strong>of</strong> theday—accessible to Mechanics and others on the following terms, viz.,Reading Room, Is 6d per quarter; <strong>Library</strong>, Js per half-year.CARTSDYKE MECHANICS' LIBRARY.5, East Blackhall Street.—Instituted 1830.<strong>The</strong> annual payment is Two Shillings. <strong>The</strong> management is vestedin a Committee <strong>of</strong> 21.Duncan M'Arthur, Librarian.<strong>The</strong> <strong>Library</strong> contains nearly 3000 volumes, and has upwards <strong>of</strong>600 readers. Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, fromhalf-past 7 till 9 o'clock.GREENOCK COFFEE-ROOM—2 Cathcart Square.Opened in 1820. Terms, .£1 10s yearly, paid in advance. Strangersresiding in the Town for not more than six weeks, admitted gratis.committee.Samuel FouldsJames SpeirsNeil LeitchCharles P. HunterAndrew Stewart James Wallace, M.D.Henry ErskineJames MaclellanAllan SwanAllan Swan, Treasurer.J. H. Teulon, Keeper.—House, Redbarn Cottage, 6 Roxburgh Street.GREENOCK EXCHANGE BUILDINGS AND ASSEMBLYROOMS—i>9 Cathcart Street.COMMIITEE.Robert EwingRobert SteeleJohn Macaulay C. C. ScottJames OughtersonH. T. PattenJames TaskerJohn ScottAndrew Tasker, Treasurer and Secretary.Robeit Allan, Keep?r— House, 53 Shaw Street.

APPENDIX. 15CHARITY SCHOOL—Ann Street.COMMITTEE.Robert ParkAlex. M'GillWilliam MartinAlexander StuartDonald M DonaldArchd. PatonRobert Miller — James I. LangArchd. DennistonCharles MillsThomas Fairrie, Treasurer. John Hutcheson, Secretary.Thomas Kay, Teacher.SHAWS WATER JOINT STOCK COMPANY.Constituted by Act <strong>of</strong> Parliament, 16th June, 1825.DIRECTORS.Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, Baronet, Chairman.James Ta>ker, Vice Chairman.Andrew Lindsay, Robert Steele, J. C. Buchanan, A. Anderson, aodJohn Rodger, jr.David Crawford Clerk— Peter Morison, Superintendent.James Brown, Collector.MILLS ON THE SHAWS WATER FALLS.Saw Mill (fall No. 1, old line,) descent 26 feet, 46 horse power.Barley, Corn, and Flour Mills, (fall No 2, old line,) descent 24 feet,43 horse power— M'Kenzie & Walker.Flour Mill, (fall No. 3, old line,) descent 17 feet, 30 horse power-Bakers' Mill Company—Muir & Brodie.Logwood Mill, (fall No. 4, old line,— Robert Reyburn.Foundry, do. do. —A. & W. Johnston.Chemical Work, do. do. —John Poynter.Paint Mill. do. do. Fyfe-Descent 26 feet, 46 horse power.Chemical Works, (fall No. 5, old line,) descent 22 feet, 39 horse power—John Poynter.Rice Mill, (fall No. 6, old line,) descent 19 feet, 34 horse power-Neil Campbell, Manager.Sail Cloth Mill, (fall No. 7, old line,) descent 28 feet, 50 horsepower— Gourock Ropework Company.Shaws Water Cotton Spinning Company, (falls Nos. 8, 9, and 10,old and new lines,) descent 87 feet, 314 horse power.Dyewood Mills, (fall No. 11, old line,) descent 23 feet 6 inches, 42horse power—David Ramsay & Co.Dyeing, Ccrding, and Milling Mills, (fall No. 11, old line,) descent10 feet, 18 horse power— Robert Houston.Worsted Manufactory, (fall No. 12, old line,) descent 29 feet 6 in.53 horse power— Fleming, Reid & Co.

16 APPENDIX.Paper Mill, (fall No 18, old line,) descent 20 feet, 54 horsepower—J. Gray & Co.Flour Mill, &c. (fall No. 1, new line,) descent 14 ft., 29 horse power— George Allan, jun.Foundry, &c. (fall No. 2, new line,) descent 45 feet, 81 horse power—Scott, Sinclair & Co.Flour and Corn Mills, Deer Park, (fall No. 3, new line), descent 18feet, 32 horse power— W. Service & Co.Sugar Refinery, (fall No. 4, new line), descent 21 feet, 38 horsepower— Blair, Reid & Steele.Sugar Refinery, (fall Nos. 5 and 7, 12 feet, 2li horse power, newline,) descent 47 feet, 38 horse power— Pattens & Co. iFoundry, (fall Nos. 5 and 6, 12 feet, 21^ horse power, new line,)descent 47 feet, 26 horse power— M'Nab & Clark.Sugar Refinery, 12 feet fall, 21| horse power— Anderson, Orr &Company.<strong>The</strong> Shaws Water Company has two lines <strong>of</strong> falls, their descent beingeach 512 feet (or 1824 feet), with 1200 cubic feet <strong>of</strong> water perminute— is equal to 1843 horse power, <strong>of</strong> which 1051 are occupied,and 792 are still unlet.CALEDONIAN RAILWAY COMPANY.William Johnstone, Banker, Glasgow, Chairman.William Fenton, Banker, Rochdale, Deputy- Chairman.DIRECTORS.William Baird, <strong>of</strong> Elie, Glasgow.Thomas Price, 11, Langham Place, London.Thomas M'Micking, Merchant, Glasgow.John Copland, jun., the Grove, Hackney, Middlesex.Alexander M'Gregor, Liverpool.Douglas Campbell, Edinburgh.Archibald Glen Kidston, Merchant, Glasgow.Thomas Dundas Speirs, Houston, Johnstone.GREENOCK RAILWAY GUARANTEED COMPANY.DIRECTORS.Robert Steele, E*q., Chairman.William Wbitemore, Archibald Glen Kidston,James Tasker,Thomas Turner.Archd. M'Kellar, Secretary— <strong>Office</strong>, 2, Church Place.CONSULS AT GREENOCK.Austrian and Sardinian, John Neill.Swedish and Norwegian, T. O. Hunter.

APFENDIX. 17CUSTOMHOUSE— Steamboat Quay.Collector, W. S. Roe— Comptroller, Robert Willingale.Long- Room Clerks—Thomas King, Uttrick Walton, James Little,Stewart Macalister, Hugh Macgregor, Duncan M'Intyre.Duncan M'Farlane, Messenger.Thomas Osbourne, Landing Surveyor and Surveyor <strong>of</strong> Warehouses.Searchers, Landing Waiters, and Coast Waiters, A. Langwill, NeilLeitch, Robert Morison, John Clelland, A. C. Innes, Win. S.Elliot, Hugh S. Mann, and John Ritchie.Medical Superintendent <strong>of</strong> Quarantine, Charles Auld, M.D.Tide Surveyors, Edwin Hanley and William Craig.Superintendent <strong>of</strong> Lockers and Weighers, John M'Dougall.Lockers— Samuel Jack, Aulay M'Aulay, Robert Kerr, Neil Gray,William Muir, George Clubb, Robert Tyre, William Trapps,Peter M'lntyre, Charles M'Pherson, and James Lyon.Weighers—John Orr, Malcom M'Larty, Richard Jones, IsaaeFlucker, William Macfie, Ephraim Barbour, George Bear, andWilliam Poison.M. A. DoddJohn FordRobert MainTIDEWAITERSE. W WardJohn. RamsayJas. JohnstonFIRST CLASS.D. W M'Master.SECOND CLASS.Thos. OgilvieWm. ComrieP. M'FarlaneR. M'AuslandA. W. BlackwellA. ArkieyA. ChalmersJames GilchristAlex. M'GilvrayJames CampbellFoster IrwinJ. M'LeanHugh RitchieJohn CalderNicol M-IntyreR. FyfeJ. RutherfordR. FryR. SmithR. BoucklesJ. ClarkJ. KingJ. BlairBOATMEN FIRST CLASS.Donald Poison, Andrew Coupar, Thomas Bouckles, and SamuelKemsley.SECOND CLASS.H. E. Hanley, David Poison, Jas. Callighan, T. Griffiths, JohnM'Lean, and R.M' Arthur.House-keeper, Ann Stevenson.Hours <strong>of</strong> attendance for the despatch <strong>of</strong> Public Business— In-doorDepartment, from Ten till Four ; Out-Door and Warehouse Department,from 1st April to 30th September, from Six to Ninea.m., and from Ten a.m. till Four p.m. ; during February, March,October, and November, from Nine a.m. till Four p.m. ; and duringJanuary and December, from Nine a.m. till Three p.m. <strong>The</strong>following Holidays are observed :— Christmas Day, Good Friday,and the Anniversary <strong>of</strong> the Birth-day <strong>of</strong> Her Majesty.b 2

18 APPENDIX.INLAND REVENUE OFFICE (STAMPS AND TAXES).23, Cathcart Street.Robert Jamieson, Distributor <strong>of</strong> Stamps, and Collector <strong>of</strong> Assessedand Income Taxes for the Counties <strong>of</strong> Renfrew and Bute.Clerks, John Reid, John Hunter, and Hugh Fyfe.Open from 10 till 3, and from 7 till 8 evening, and on Saturdaysfrom 10 till 1.INLAND REVENUE OFFICE (LATE EXCISE),Customhouse Buildings.Colin Campbell, Collector.Peter Conacher, and Robert W. Train, Clerks.<strong>Greenock</strong> District.Antony Rogers, Supervisor.Out-door <strong>Office</strong>rs—William M'Innes, Leonard Fleming, JohnStuart, John G. Blench, Thomas P. Douglas, and James R. Taylor.House Keepers—Janet and Catherine Hunter.Open every lawful day from 10 morning till 3 afternoon.FISHERY OFFICE— Bank Street.Local Inspector Johr M'Kiver.Inspector, Laurence Lamb.LIST OF BONDED WAREHOUSES IN GREENOCK.And where respective!; situated.Nos. Where Situate. Nos Where Situate.1 West Quay. 45 Cartsburn Street2 Do. 5 Rue-end Street.3 Do. 17 Do.4 Do. 18 Do.22 Do. 19 Do.24 Do. 20 Do.29 Do. 32 St. Andrew Street.31 Do. 14 Timber Pond, Port- Glasgow34 Do. Road.6 Charles Street. 38 Virginia Street.7 High Vennel. 12 Chapel Street.30 Do. 16 Bugle Street.8 Crawfurd Street. 1.1 Do.40 Nicholson Street 28 Do.41 Do. 10 Mansion-House Lane.25 West Blackhall Street. 23 Do.35 Do. 9 Vaults, Assembly Room,36 Do. Cathcart Street.27 Clarence Street, Ardgowan 37 Shaw Street.Street, Glebe. 13 Customhouse Buildings.39 Do. 33 Do.42 Chapel Street. 21 Excise Buildings.44 East Stewart Street.John M'Dougall, Superintendents

APPENDIX. 19B A N K 1 N G-H U S E S.GREENOCK BANK—29, Cathcart Street.Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon—shuts at 12 on Saturdays.Draws on Bank <strong>of</strong> England, and branches Union <strong>of</strong> London; Jones, Lloyd & Co., London ; Liverpool Boro' Bank,Liverpool ; Belfast Bank and Branches ; Bank <strong>of</strong> Ireland, andBranches; and all the principal towns in Britain, Canada, andAustralia.Alexander Thomson, Manager.John Thomson, Cashier—and John Johnstone, Deputy Cashier.John Brymner, Accountant.Robert Ferguson, Porter— House, Mansion-house Lane.UNION BANK OF SCOTLAND— 1,Hamilton Street.Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon—shuts at 12 noon onSaturdays. Draws on Glyn & Co., London ; Union Bank <strong>of</strong><strong>Scotland</strong>, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and all their Branches; onCommercial Bank <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>, and all the principal towns inEngland and Ireland.Agent, Andrew Anderson— Cashier, Colin Lamont, jun.Accountant, C. D. Lamont.Alexander Todd, Porter— House, 2, Church Place.BANK OF SCOTLAND—38, Cathcart Street.Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon—shuts at 12 onSaturdays. Draws on Smith, Payne & Smiths, London ; Bank<strong>of</strong> England and Branches; Bank <strong>of</strong> Ireland and Branches; Manchesterand Liverpool District Bank, and Provincial Bank <strong>of</strong>Ireland; and on all the principal towns in Britain and ForeignParts.Agent, Thomas Stark.Teller, Peter Ballingall— Clerks, John Ferguson, John Atkins, andR. W. G. Shortridge.ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND— 38, Cathcart Street.Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon—shuts at 12 on Saturdays.Draws on Coutts & Co., London ; on the Bank <strong>of</strong> Englandand Branches ; the Bank <strong>of</strong> Ireland and Branches ; and on all theprincipal towns in Britain.Agent, Thomas Turner— Accountant, James Brownlie.Teller, Robert Burrell— Clerk, Ebenezer Macrae.CLYDESDALE BANK— 7,Hamilton Street.Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon—shuts at 12 onSaturdays. Draws on Barnett, Hoares& Co., London; Clydes-

20 APPENDIX.dale Bank, Glasgow and Edinburgh ; on the principal towns inBritain ; and on the Commercial Bank <strong>of</strong> the Midland District,Canada.Agent, Alexander Rodger.Accountant, Peter Cunningham. Teller, A. M. Humphreys.Clerks, W. H. Smith, and Colin Thomson.Alexander Stewart, Porter—House at the Bank.CITY OF GLASGOW BANK—46,Cathcart Street.Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon—shuts at 12 onSaturdays. Draws on Smith, Payne & Smiths, London ; andgrants Letters <strong>of</strong> Credit on the principal towns in <strong>Scotland</strong>, England,and Ireland. Has a Savings Bank in connection with theBranch, in which sums <strong>of</strong> one shilling and upwards are received.Agent, Alan Ker.Accountant, William Morrison— Clerk, James Dick.PROVIDENT BANK-3, Church Place.Open every day from 12 till 3 o'clock p.m., and on Saturday from 12lo 1 o'clock, and on the evenings <strong>of</strong> Monday, Wednesday, andSaturday, from half-past 6 till 8 o'clock.Alexander Murray Dunlop, Esq., M. P., President.Messrs John Duncan.James M'Lean.Matthew Brown.William Orr.George Lamb.William Lindsay.William Steele.James Duff, Esq., Chairman.directors :Messrs CHI Jas. Turner.,, Colin Cjird.„ William Kelly.„ Mate. Buchanan.,,Andrew Laing.„ John M'Naught.„ J. C. Buchanan.Colin Lamont, jun., Cashier—Thomas King, Secretary.Accountant, John Adams— Clerk, John Robinson.LOCAL MARINE BOARD.Provost <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, (for the time) Chairman.Messrs Robert Cuthbert.,, Andrew Stewart.,, Archibald Adam.„ John Haddow.,, Robert Steele.„ Alex. Russell.Thomas King, Secretary.Messrs Thomas Hamlin„ Charles C. Scott„ T. O. Hunter„ Robert Miller,, John Martin

APPENDIX. 21COUHTS.SHERIFF COURT.Bank Street, every Friday duringHeld in the County Buildings, 4,Session, at 11 o'clock forenoon.Sheriff— Robert Macfarlane.Sheriff-Substitute— Claud Marshall.Sheriff- Substitutes— David Crawford and A. M'Kellar, in absence<strong>of</strong> Chud Marshall.Procurator- Fiscal— Robert Blair.Clerk— Peter Henderson. Depute- Clerk—James Inglis.Depute-Clerk— Archd. M'Callum, in the absence <strong>of</strong> James Inglis.Auditor—James Inglis.Bar-<strong>Office</strong>r—James Crookshanks.SHERIFF SMALL DEBT COURT.Held in the County Buildings, 4, Bank Street, every Monday, athalf-past 10 o'clock.— Continued cases are disposed <strong>of</strong> after thenew cases.Sheriff— Robert Macfarlane. Sheriff-Substitute— Claud Marshall.Clerk— Peter Henderson. Depute-Clerk—James Inglis.Bar-<strong>Office</strong>r—James Crookshanks.BURGH AND POLICE COURTS.Held in the Town Hall, 6, Hamilton Street, every lawful day, exceptTuesdays and Fridays, at 10 o'clock.Judges— <strong>The</strong> Sheriff, Provost, and Bailies. Assessor—Town Clerk.Prosecutor— Procurator Fiscal, Archibald M'Callum.Surgeon— Charles Auld, M.D.JUSTICE OF PEACE COURT.Bank Street, every ThursdayHeld in the County Buildings, 4,Balderston, DavidBrown, MatthewCampbell, NeilDarroch, MajorDuff, JamesFail lie, ThomasFleming, JohnHamlin, ThomasJUSTICES OF THE PEACE.Hunter, Thomas O.Jamieson, RobertJohnston, DavidMacfie, RobertMartin, JohnMacnaughtan, P.Park, RobertRobertson, Wm.Stewart, Sir M. R. S.Stewart, Wm. M. S.Walker, JohnSheriff-SubstituteProvost and Bailiesex <strong>of</strong>ficiis.Clerk— Alexander Gibson. Depute-Clerk—James Inglis.Procurator- Fiscal— Daniel M'Lean.Bar-<strong>Office</strong>r—James Crookshanks.Small Debt Court held every Thursday, at 11 o'clock forenoon.COMMISSARY COURT.Held at Paisley every Thursday, at 11 o'clock forenoon.Commissary— Robert Macfarlane.Depute— R. Robertson Glasgow. Clerk— Robert Wylie.

22 APPENDIX.QUARTER SESSIONS.Held at <strong>Greenock</strong> first Tuesday <strong>of</strong> May and last Tuesday <strong>of</strong> Oct.Meetings for licensing Publicans for the parishes <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, Port-Glasgow, Kilmalcolm, and Invcrkip, first Tuesday <strong>of</strong> May, andlast Tuesday <strong>of</strong> October. Appeal Court held on the 15th <strong>of</strong> May.Applications for licenses (printed forms <strong>of</strong> which may be had <strong>of</strong>John Hislop, R. A. Baird, and Robert Stewart, booksellers), mustbe lodged at least ten days previous to the day <strong>of</strong> meeting.INCOME TAXCOMMISSIONERS.<strong>The</strong> Sheriff <strong>of</strong> the County.Duncan Darroch, <strong>of</strong> Gourock.Sheriff Substitute at <strong>Greenock</strong>. Robert Macfie, <strong>of</strong> Airds.|Sir Michael R. S. Stewart, Bart.Robert Salmon, Clerk. John Gillespie, Assessor.LIEUTENANCY OF RENFREWSHIRE.Right Hon. the Earl <strong>of</strong> Glasgow. Lord Lieutenant.Colonel William Mure, <strong>of</strong> Caldwell, Vice-Lieutenant.Alexander, Boyd, <strong>of</strong> Ballochmyleand Southbar.Blantyre, Lord.Campbell, Archd. , <strong>of</strong> Blythswood.Darrooh, Major, <strong>of</strong> Gourock.Graham, R. C, <strong>of</strong> Gartmore.<strong>Greenock</strong>, Provost <strong>of</strong>Henderson, John, <strong>of</strong> Park.Houston, Ludovic, <strong>of</strong> Johnstone.Harvey, John, <strong>of</strong> Castlesemple.Maxwell, Sir John, <strong>of</strong> Pullok, Bart.Maxwell, Jchn Hall, <strong>of</strong> Dargavel.DEPOT? LIEUTENANTS.Macdowall, Colonel D. H. <strong>of</strong> Garthland.Napier„Sir R. J. M. <strong>of</strong> Napier, Bt.Paisley, Provost <strong>of</strong>Porterfield, J. C. <strong>of</strong> Portertield.Richardson, James, <strong>of</strong> Ralston.Renfrew, Provost <strong>of</strong>Speirs, Thomas, <strong>of</strong> Blackston.Stewart, Sir Michael R. S. Bart.,<strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> and Blackhall.Stirling, Capt. James, <strong>of</strong> Glentyan,R.N.Clerk <strong>of</strong> Lieutenancy— Robert Rodger.COMMISSIONERS OF SUPPLY AND ASSESSED TAX COM-MISSIONERS FOR THE LOWER WARD OF THE COUNTY.<strong>The</strong> Sheriff <strong>of</strong> the County.Claud Marshall, Sheriff Substitute<strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>.Duncan Darroch <strong>of</strong> Gourock.Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart.Admiral Houston Stewart, R.N.Wm. M. S. Stewart ol Lochnagar.James C. Porterfield <strong>of</strong> Porterfield.James Caldwell, Clerk <strong>of</strong>Robert Cunningham CunninghamGraham <strong>of</strong> Gartmore.Win. Cunningham Graham Bontine<strong>of</strong> Ardoch, Finlaystone.Jamts Scott <strong>of</strong> Kelly.James Anderson <strong>of</strong> Highholm.<strong>The</strong> Provost <strong>of</strong> Port- Glasgow.<strong>The</strong> Provost <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>.Supply, Paisley.David Crawford, Clerk <strong>of</strong> Assessed Taxes, <strong>Greenock</strong>.

APPENDIX.2'SWRITERS.David Crawford, Dean <strong>of</strong> Faculty.David Glassford, Treasurer.—John Black, Fiscal.A. Denniston, Secretary.1825 r Robert Blair. 1845 *p Archibald M'Kellar.1821 *p John Black. 1850 p Alexander MacDonald.1849 p John Black, jun. 1848 *p John Macdougall.1815 *p David Crawford. 1849 P Daniel Mrclean.1S53 p Djvid R. Crawford. 1850 p Archibald M'Kinnon.1838 *p Hugh Dempster. 1854 p Daniel W. Macfarlane.1840 *p Archibald Denniston. 1846 p Robert Ncill.1821 *p David Glasslord. 1841 * Allan Park Paton.1839 p Join Kerr Gray. 1829 *p Henry T. Patten.1853 p James Inglis. 1850 p Robert Salmon.1838 *p Thomas King. 1849 p Allan Swan.1846 *p Archd. Langwill, jun. 1819 *p James Turner, London.1824 *p Crawford Muir. 1822 *p James Turner, jun.1854 *p Claud Marshall, jun. 1854 p Allan Weir.1849 p Archibald M'Callurn. 1844 p George Williamson.1837 r William M'Clure. 1846 p Robert Wright.1835 p Hew M'llwraith. 1821 p Archibald Yuill.Those marked thus (*) are Notaries—those marked thus (p) areProcurators. <strong>The</strong> years opposite the Procurators' names are thosein which they became Procurators.182918361844182518351836183318141845PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS.(For addresses, see General <strong>Directory</strong>.)Auld Charles, M.D.Bell Robert C., M.D.Bryson James H.Davidson William, M.D.Donnelly T. H., M.D.Fox John, M.D.Henry Barclay, M.D.Hill Ninian, M.D.Kelso Alexander,1836 Laurie W. L., M.D.1831 Mat-Call T.S., M.D.1820 Mackie James, M.D.1810 M'Lean L.1842 Richmond A. ¥., M.D.1831 Shortridge Samuel, M.D.1832 Speirs John R., M.D.1833 Stewart Archd. D., M.C.Wallace James, M.D.<strong>The</strong> figures opposite the names denote the year in which they werelicensed.PUBLIC OFFICES.Assembly Rooms, 29 Cathcart Street— Robert Allan, Keeper.Baron Bailie's <strong>Office</strong>, Mansion House.Caledonian Railway Company's <strong>Office</strong>, 25 Cathcart Street,

—24 APPENDIX.Clerk to Commissioners on Property and Income Tax, Union BankBuildings, 2 Church Place, Robert Salmon Assessor <strong>of</strong> IncomeTax, John Gillespie, 3 Bank Street.Chamber <strong>of</strong> Commerce <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, incorporated by Royal Charterin 181 3— Andrew Lindsay, Chairman— Thomas King, Secretary.C<strong>of</strong>fee Room (Exchange), Assembly Room Buildings, 29 CathcartStreet— Robert Allan, Keeper.C<strong>of</strong>fee Room, 2 Cathcart Square—John H. Teulon, Keeper.Collector <strong>of</strong> Harbour Dues, &c, Customhouse Buildings— ArchibaldShannon, Collector.Customhouse, Steamboat Quay.Fishery <strong>Office</strong>, 3 Bank Street— Inspector, Lawrenee Lamb ; LocalInspector, John M'Kiver.Gas Works, 27 Crawfurd Street— Instituted 1828 — A. Ritchie,Manager.<strong>Greenock</strong> Advertiser and Clyde Commercial Journal <strong>Office</strong>, 29, HaihonStreet.<strong>Greenock</strong> Herald and General Advertiser <strong>Office</strong>, 40 Cathcart Street.Harbour Masters' <strong>Office</strong>, 11 East India Breast—John Miller, HarbourMaster; Robert Kerr and Robert Atkins, Depute HarbourMasters.Inland Revenue <strong>Office</strong>, (late Excise), Customhouse Buildings.Inland Revenue <strong>Office</strong> (Stamps and Taxes), 23 Cathcart StreetRobert Jamieson, Distributor <strong>of</strong> Stamps, and Collector <strong>of</strong> Assessedand Income Taxes for the Counties <strong>of</strong> Renfrew and Bute.Justice <strong>of</strong> Peace Clerk's <strong>Office</strong>, County Buildings, 2 Bank StreetJames Inglis, Depute Clerk.Lloyd's Register <strong>of</strong> British and Foreign Shipping, 2 West QuayHead—John Barr Cumming, Surveyor ; Thomas O- Hunter,Agent, 10 William Street.Master <strong>of</strong> Works' <strong>Office</strong>, 1 East India Breast—William Allison,Master <strong>of</strong> Works.Parochial Board Rooms, Poor-house, Captain Street—John Malcom,Inspector.Police <strong>Office</strong>, Town Buildings, 6 Hamilton Street— AlexanderMann, Superintendent <strong>of</strong> Town and Harbour Police.Poor Rates <strong>Office</strong>, Parochial Board Rooms, Captain Street—ThomasBurton, Collecter.<strong>Post</strong> <strong>Office</strong>, 3 Church, Place—Thomas M'Millan, <strong>Post</strong>master.Procurator Fiscal's <strong>Office</strong> (Burgh), 3 Hamilton Street— Archd.M'Callum^Fiscal.Procurator Fiscal's <strong>Office</strong>, (Lower Ward <strong>of</strong> the County), 4, HamiltonStreet— Robert Blair, Fiscal.

——APPENDIX. 25Registrars <strong>of</strong> Births, Deaths, and Marriages— West Parish, JohnHislop, Cathcart Street—Middle Parish, Robert. Campbell, BankStreet— East Parish, John Love, Cathcart Street,Register <strong>Office</strong> for Seamen, Virginia Street—John M'llvain, ShippingMaster.Shaws Water Joint Stock Company's <strong>Office</strong>, 49 Rue-end StreetJames Brown, Collector; Peter Morison, Superintendent.Sheriff Clerk's <strong>Office</strong>, County Buildings, 4 Bank Street—JamesInglis, Depute Clerk.Sheriff Court House, County Buildings, 4 Bank Street.Town Assessment <strong>Office</strong>, 20 Cathcart Street— Andrew Nimmo,Collector.Town Clerk's <strong>Office</strong>, Town Buildings, 6 Hamilton Street— JohnK. Gray, Town Clerk.Town Chamberlain's <strong>Office</strong>, Town Buildings, 6 Hamilton StreetJohn Adam, Chamberlain.INSURANCE OFFICES AND AGENTS.Atla3 Fire and Life— John Johnston.British Guarantee— David Crawford.Caledwnian Fire and Life— William M'Clure, Archibald M'Kellar, andWilliam T. Templeton.Church <strong>of</strong> England Fire and Life—John Black, jun.Colonial Life—Eccles, Templetoa, and Co.County Fire— George Todd.Defender Fire and Life— Alexander Stuart.Edinburgh Life— C. D. Lamont and Archibald M'Kinnon.English and Scottish Law Life— Thomas King.Fire Insurance Company <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>— James Welsh, Thomas King, andJohn Johnston.General Fire and Life— R. S. M'Morland.Globe Insurance Company—Andrew Ta>ker.Guardian Fire and Life—R. W. Robertson.Hope Mutual Life and Guarantee Society— John Duncan.Industrial and General Deposit—Allan Weir.Imperial Fire and Life— John Graham.Kent Mutual Fire and Life— Archibald M'Kellar.Lancashire Insurance Company Resident Law Agent. D. R. Crawford.Agents, Neil M'Vicar ; Alexander Miller; Allan Swan, writer; JohnBrymner, accountant, <strong>Greenock</strong> Bank ; and J. F. Mackay.Leeds and Yorkshire Fire and Life—James W. Mann.Life Association <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>— D. Maclean.London Indisputable Life— John Macdougall.C

APPENDIX.London Assurance Corporation Fire and Life— Eccles, Templeton, and Co.Liverpool and London Fire and Life— E. Conn*l and Co.Manchester and Star United Fire—Thomas King.Monarch Fire and Life—James Brownlie.Norwich Union Fire— Alexander Stuart.Norwich Union Life— Alexander Stuart.<strong>National</strong> Fire and Life—R. Wright and Andrew Stewart and Co.North British—John Black, Thomas O. Hunter, John Johnston, andThomas Stark.Northern—R. W. Robertson, Salmon and Macfarlane, James AlexanderJames Turner, jun., and A. Rodger.North <strong>of</strong> England— Archibald Denniston and C. D. Lamont.Palladium Life—David Crawford.Promoter Life— William M'Clure.Phoenix Fire—J. Miller, J. Macdougall, and A. Ker.Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Life—John H. Teulon.Plate-Glass Universal Fire—J. Morrison and Sons.Railway Passenger Life—Allan Park Paton.Royal Farmers' General Fire and Life and Hail Storm Insurance Institution—ArchibaldM'Callum.Royal Insurance Fire and Life—R. Jamieson and Co. and M'Arthur andBinnie.Scottish Amicable Life— Allan Park Paton.Scottish Equitable Life— Alexander Rodger.Scottish Union Fire and Life Insurance Company—Robert Little and AllanPark Paton.Scottish Widows' Fund— Archibald M'Kellar.Scottish Provident Institution— Archibald Denniston.Scottish Provincial Fire and Life—Williamson and Glassford.Solvency Mutual Guarantee Company— Archibald M'Kellar.Standard Life—James Miller, and D. & G. Brymner.Sun Fire and Life—John Gray.Times Fire and Plate Glass Assurance Society— John Duncan.United Guarantee and Life Assurance—James Inglis.West <strong>of</strong> England Fire and Life—H. T. Patten and George Raff.Yorkshire Fire and Life—Mann and Sutherland.TRADE PROTECTION SOCIETY.Resident Solicitor,D. R. Crawford.REGISTRARS OF BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.West Parish—John Hislop,Cathcart Street.Middle Parish— Robert Campbell, Bank Street.East Parish—John Love, Cathcart Street

li-gOW.:ander1'oo1Hutcht>int.linton.Kinross,M'LareAPPENDIX. 27CHURCHES, MINISTERS,AND PRESBYTERIES,o5©x i",2a..33 c «f« r? S HJp2u • u o2 c E g .§i05 £-o02 £ Oan<strong>of</strong>SAndeShawShawncii, ncilncil4S % . 3 3r.Q CiD 3i>-hoo.h°awjM&-r-c»a:wahsa.s Kl M O) ^"^(N (M«MI>•># -* Ol C-) •* "N 1"iQfflpa ooooaocoaoao oo ao ao«>Idi:fl !:^Q:1"3=T : JO •-B :3 B 5 '„£ oTO & 8 a ISC OMa M' Bro MBrowM'KM. R.masmases es eslirO.rge— xj 5 S- «" "Sog K) r^ co ao co «* soys"S1* CO«-H «— — A— C -^ CO — TT iOrC tP 00 00 CO O «*«-"* «: : :: : sTi S : '. cto a,Mp-ii 15&r g s 6l a> O^Kwrawg

28 APFENDIX.WEST OR OLD PARISH.Rev. J. M. M'Culloch, D. D— Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Patron.John Hislop, Session-Clerk.James Inglis, Precentor—John Mlntyre, Church <strong>Office</strong>r.BOUNDARIES.From the Old Dock running up Vennel taking the west sidethere<strong>of</strong> to Cow-gate, up said street taking west side there<strong>of</strong> to Marketstreet, round the westmost corner <strong>of</strong> Market street, along the PolicyBoundary line to Bo

APPENDIX. 29II. <strong>The</strong> Middle Parish Congregational <strong>Library</strong>— Commenced in1836, and consists <strong>of</strong> about, 1000 volumes, acquired either by donationor purchased with occasional collections. Subscriptions, 6d perquarter. Open in the Session-house on Wednesday evenings from8 till 9.III. <strong>The</strong> Middle Church Female Clothing Society—For affordingcheap apparel and Christian counsel to the poor. Treasurer, MrsMartin. Secretary, Mrs Brown. Twelve Lady Directors andtwenty-five Lady Assistants meet every alternate week.IV. <strong>The</strong> Sessional Day School— In Ann Street. Robert Campbell,teacher.V. <strong>The</strong> Middle Parish Sabbath Evening School— Comprisingabout 300 children, and 22 teachers.VI. Dr Brown has classes for religious Instruction every Tuesdayevening for part <strong>of</strong> the year.EAST PARISH.Rev. James Hutcheson— Chosen by Town Council and Committee<strong>of</strong> Proprietors.John Love, Precentor and Session Clerk.BOUNDARIES.James Paterson, <strong>Office</strong>r.From Shore at Rue-end up to Cathcart street, taking south sidethere<strong>of</strong> to Rue-end street, along Rue-end street taking east side there<strong>of</strong>to Bogle street, up Bogle street taking east side there<strong>of</strong>, along Regentstreet taking south side there<strong>of</strong> to Lynedoch street, up Lynedochstreet taking south side there<strong>of</strong>, crossing Drumfrocher Road, takingin Berry-yards, to the Boundaiy Line, along the Boundary Line tothe Parishes <strong>of</strong> Kilmalcolm and Port-Glasgow, down Devol's Burnto the shore, along the shore to the point first described.In connexion with this Church there is a society called the <strong>Greenock</strong>East Parish Society, managed by the Minister as President, aTreasurer, Secretary, and twelve Directors, the Funds <strong>of</strong> whichare devoted to Religious objects, Parochial or Congregational ; andare apportioned at the discretion <strong>of</strong> the Directors at the Annual Meeting.<strong>The</strong> Minister has a Bible class for the young <strong>of</strong> the congregation,which meets on Tuesday evenings. <strong>The</strong>re is also a SabbathSchool, with an average attendance <strong>of</strong> 200 children, conducted by 28teachers ; and a Church <strong>Library</strong> open every Friday evening from 7till 8 o'clock.<strong>The</strong>re is a weekly Prayer Meeting held on the Thursday eveningsin the East Parish Church, at which the Minister delivers a lectureon a passage <strong>of</strong> the Scriptures.GAELIC CHAPEL WEST BURN STREET.Rev. Robert M. Macfarlane,Session Clerk, Allan M'Kinnon.<strong>Office</strong>r, Duncan M'Donald.Precentor, James M'Kenzie.<strong>The</strong>re is a Sabbath School Society composed <strong>of</strong> all the teachers.<strong>The</strong> Sabbath School is well attended by between 100 and 200 scholars,c2

30 APPENDIX.conducted by 20 teachers. A weekly Prayer Meeting every Tuesdayat half-past 7 o'clock ; English and Gaelic alternately. A YoungMen's Association for religious, moral, and intellectual improvement,meets every Monday night, at half-past 7, in the session-house. President,Rev. Mr Macfarlane. A Ladies' Association for charitableand religious purposes. A Congregational <strong>Library</strong> <strong>of</strong> nearly 300volumes.NORTH CHURCH, GREY PLACE.Vacant.FREE CHURCH MINISTERS AND CHURCHES.FREE CHURCH PRESBYTERY OF GREENOCK.Wednesday <strong>of</strong> every alternate month in the SessionMeets on the lastHouse <strong>of</strong> the Free Middle Church.PLACE. MINISTER. ORDINATION. POST-TOWN.Cumbraes, James Drummond, 1830 Largs.... Robert Steel, helper,and successor, 1852Erskine, R. R. Caldwell, 1845 Paisley.Fairlie, John Gemmell, A.M. 1835 Largs.Gourock, William Fraser, 185D <strong>Greenock</strong>.<strong>Greenock</strong>, Middle, John M'Farlan, 1854Do. West, John Nelson, 1846Do. St Andrews, John James Bonar, 1835Do. Gaelic, John M'Rae, 1833 ..Do. St Thomas, William Langhton, 1«39Do. Well Park, James Stark, 1834Inverkip, Peter Douglas, 1851Largs. D. B. D.uie, A.M. 1831 Largs.Port- Glasgow, John Henderson, A.M. 1848 Port- GlasgowRev. James Stark, Presbytery Clerk.WEST FREE CHURCH-4, Ardgowan Street.Rev. John Nelson, chosen by Male Members <strong>of</strong> the Church.Robert Muir, Precentor.John Buchanan, Session Clerk.James Welsh, Clerk to Deacons' Court.Peter Murray, Treasurer <strong>of</strong> Deacons' Court.John Johnston, Treasurer for Sustentation Fund.Alexander Agnew, jun., Treasurer <strong>of</strong> Schoolmasters' Fund,Matthew Muir, <strong>Office</strong>r.

APPENDIX. 31A Prayer Meeting is held in the Church every alternate Thursdayevening, at 8 o'clock. <strong>The</strong>re are connected with this Churchfive Sabbath Evening Schools, average attendance 820 children, with64 teachers. Bible classes, taught hy Mr Nelson, meet in the Vestryon Tuesday evenings, from 7 till 9 o'clock.In connexion with this Church and St Thomas' Church, and alsosupported by Members <strong>of</strong> other Churches, there is a society calledOld and St Thomas' Work Society, conducted by a Committee <strong>of</strong>Ladies, consisting <strong>of</strong> a President, three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary,Treasurer, 18 <strong>of</strong> a Committee, and four Collectors. <strong>The</strong> object <strong>of</strong>this Society is to give work to poor women in making clothes, whichthe Committee sell at their Repository, Cameron's Land, head <strong>of</strong>Jamaica Street. This Society does much good to the industriouspoor who receive aid from its funds, however small the sum given,accompanied as it is by the distribution <strong>of</strong> Religious Tracts.MIDDLE FREE CHURCH—West Burn Street.Rev. John M'Farlan, chosen by the Members <strong>of</strong> the Church.Charles M'Bride, Precentor—Dugald Smith, Church <strong>Office</strong>r.Andrew M'Farlan, Session Clerk.Alexander Rodger, Treasurer to Deacons' Court.Alexander Ritchie, Treasurer to the Sustentation Fund.Andrew M'Farlan, Treasurer to the Foreign Missions.William Crawford, Treasurer to the Children's Contributions to theSchemes cf the Free Church.A Prayer Meeting is held in the Church every Thursday evening,at 8 o'clock ; also a Sabbath Evening School—average attendance180 children, with 24 teachers.ST.ANDREW'S FREE CHURCH—West Stewart Street.Rev. John James Bonar, Chosen by Male Members <strong>of</strong> the Church.John Muir, Precentor—John Galbraith, Church <strong>Office</strong>r.Robert Shankland, Clerk to Deacons' Court.James Alexander, Treasurer.John Fleming, Treasurer to Missionary Association.ST. THOMAS' FREE CHURCH—Dalrymfle Street.Rev. William Laughton, chosen by Male Members <strong>of</strong> the Church.J. C. Watson, Precentor—James Boag, Church <strong>Office</strong>r.Robert Blair, Clerk to Deacons' Court.Thomas Fainie, Treasurer <strong>of</strong> Deacons' Court.Henry M'Murtrie, Session Clerk and Treasurer to SustentationFund.

;32 APPENDIX.FREE GAELIC CHURCH—JamaicaStreet.Rev. John M'Rae, chosen by the Members <strong>of</strong> the Church.John Cameron, Precentor— Duncan M'Kinlay, Church <strong>Office</strong>r.Hugh Buie, Session Clerk and Treasurer <strong>of</strong> Deacons' Court.John Bruce, Treasurer <strong>of</strong> Sustentation Fund.Neil Gray, Treasurer <strong>of</strong> Schoolmasters' Fund.Matthew Buchanan, Clerk <strong>of</strong> Deacons' Court.A Prayer Meeting is held in the Church every Thursday evening,at Half-past 7 o'clock ; also, a Sabbath evening School, attendance1 10 children, with 12 teachers ; and a missionary school in the OldSeamen's Chapel.WELL PARK FREE CHURCH—Lynedoch Street.Rev. James Stark, chosen by the Members <strong>of</strong> the Church.John Fullarton, Precentor— Alex. Cooper, Church <strong>Office</strong>r.James M'Kelvie, Clerk to Deacons' Court.Malcolm Turner, Session Clerk, and Treasurer to Deacons' Courtand Sustentation Fund.Malcolm M'Larty, Librarian to Sabbath School <strong>Library</strong>.Day School in connexion with this Church—John Cook, Teacher.A Prayer Meeting is held in the Church every Thursday evening,at a Quarter-past 8 o'clock. Also, a Sabbath Evening Schoollikewise, Four Sabbath Evening Schools, under the superintendence<strong>of</strong> the Session—average attendance about 200.ST.JOHN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH-Union Street.<strong>The</strong> Rev. Charles Cole, Incumbent; chosen by the Patron, SirMichael Robert Shaw Stewart, Bart.<strong>The</strong> Rev. Edward Jonas, Curate.Andrew Wingate and Robert Thorne, Church Wardens.George Bradley, Beadle—William Beveridge, Door-keeper.Miss E. Collins, Organist.In connexion with the above Church, and under the inspection <strong>of</strong>the Incumbent, are the Day and Sunday Schools for youth <strong>of</strong> bothsexes, both here and in Port-Glasgow.Teachers in <strong>Greenock</strong>, Mr and Mrs Smith; Mr and Mrs Bolton.

—»APPENDIX.UNITED PRESBYTERIAN MINISTERS ANDCHURCHES.UNITED PRESBYTERIAN PRESBYTERY OF PAISLEY ANDGREENOCK.Meets alternately at Paisley and <strong>Greenock</strong>.PLACES. MINISTERS. ORDINATION. POST-TOWN!Alexandria, Wi'liam Sprout, AlexandriaBeith,—Head Street, James Martin, 1843 BeithMitchell Street, James Meikle, 1812 ~v~Bonhill, John R. Swan, 1833 DumbartonDumbarton,High Street, William M. Halley, 1835 pw-Bridge-end, Wyville S. Thomson, ls-^s *~~Dunoon, William Turner, 1834 DunoonGourock, George Sandie, <strong>Greenock</strong><strong>Greenock</strong>,George Square, Sutherland Sinclair, 1830 <strong>Greenock</strong>Nicholson Street, R.Wilson, A.M., D.E»., 1828 rr—mSir Michael Street, Andrew Morton, 1850 ~~,Union Street, John B Smith, 1848 m*rm*Helensburgh, Alexander M'Ewan, 1845 HelensburghInverary, Gilbert Meikle, InveraryJohnstone,First Congregation, James Inglis, 1850 PaisleyEast, George Brooks, 1833 ~N~»Kilbarchan, George Alison, 1842 •MMKilmaronock, 1845 AlexandriaLargs, William Steven, 1830 LargsLochwinnoch, James Monteith, 1843 FaisleyPaisley,—Abbey Close, Andrew Hendeison, 1855 ~—Canal Street, George Hutton, ~~»George Street, Robert Ctiirns, 1828 ~w»Oakshaw Street, William France, 1833 ~~.St James Street, Archd. Baird, D.D., 1817 ~~*Thread Street, William M-Dougall, 1823 ~v~Port-Glasgow, William Louder, 1842 Port-GlasgowRothesay, Samuel M'Nab, 1815 RothesayClerk— Rev. Robert Cairns, Paisley.UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-Union Street.Rev. John B. Smith, Pastor, chosen by Church Members.George Elliot, Precentor— Robert M'Kenzie, Church-<strong>Office</strong>r.In connection with this Church there is a Missionary Society-Rev. J. B. Smith, President; John M'Pherson, Treasurer; AlexanderShearer, Secretary. A weekly Female Class, taught by theMinister on the Tuesday evenings." A Sabbath School, averageattendance about 150 scholars, conducted by the Minister and 18Assistants.

—34 APPENDIX.UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH—George Square.Rev. Sutherland Sinclair, Pastor, chosen by Church Members.Thomas Higgins, Precentor— Robert Kennedy, Church-<strong>Office</strong>r,INSTITUTIONS IN CONNECTION WITH THIS CONGREGATION.Sabbath School, taught hy the Minister, assisted by upwards <strong>of</strong> 50teachers, and attended by 330 scholars.Two Maternal Societies, which hold monthly meetings on Mondaysand Thursdays.Missionary Society, for Home and Foreign Missions.Juvenile Missionary Society for general Missionary purposes.Christian Instruction Society,— the members <strong>of</strong> which visit thehouses <strong>of</strong> those who do not attend any church, for the purpose <strong>of</strong>distributing religious tracts, reading the Scriptures, and holdingmeetings for prayer and explanation <strong>of</strong> the Word <strong>of</strong> God.Juvenile Total Abstinence Society, consisting <strong>of</strong> children connectedwith the Congregation and Sabbath School.Congregational <strong>Library</strong>, consisting <strong>of</strong> 300 volumes. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Library</strong>is free to all the members and seat-holders in the congregation, andis open in the Session-house every Monday night, from 9 till 10.Sabbath School <strong>Library</strong>, consisting <strong>of</strong> 400 volumes, from whichthe children in the Sabbath School receive books weekly.UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH— Sir Michael Street.Rev. Andrew Morton, Pastor, chosen by Church Members.Robert Watson, Precentor— George M'Laggan, Church-<strong>Office</strong>r.In connection with this Church are the following Societies:Society for Religious Purposes— the Minister, President; JohnHunter and James Duff, Vice-Presidents; James Morrison, Secretary;Daniel Marshall, Treasurer.Junior Society for Religious Purposes—the Minister, President;James Broadfoot and Thomas Henderson, Vice-Presidents; JohnCampbell, Treasurer ; William Marshall, Secretary.A Congregational Prayer Meeting, held every Tuesday evening,at 8 o'clock.A Congregational Sabbath Evening School—average attendance,upwards <strong>of</strong> 200; taught by teachers appointed from the congregation,and superintended by the Minister.A Teachers' Weekly Meeting.A Young Men's Class meets every Sabbath evening ; and a FemaleBible Class every Monday evening—both taught by the Minister.A Missionary in connection with this congregation.Two Ragged Schools, conducted by Members <strong>of</strong> the Churchaverageattendance about 200; and a Dorcas Society, carried on bythe Ladies <strong>of</strong> the congregation.Congregational <strong>Library</strong>, containing about 1050 volumes—theMinister, President; James Morrison, Treasurer: James Kelso,Secretary ; Neil M'Leod, Librarian.

APPENDIX. 35UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH—Nicholson Street.Rev. R. Wilson, A.M., D.D., Pastor, chosen by Church Members.David Gow, Precentor— WilliamMorrison, Church-<strong>Office</strong>r.In connexion with this Church there is a Missionary SocietyRev. Dr Robert Wilson, President; Wm. Henderson, Vice-President;Alexander Fleming, Treasurer ; David Bryce, Secretary, with15 Members <strong>of</strong> Committee, and 30 Collectors. Also, a SabbathSchool, conducted by the Minister, with the assistance <strong>of</strong> 27 Teachers,male and female—average attendance about J 50 Scholars. <strong>The</strong>re isalso a <strong>Library</strong>, containing about 300 volumes, conducted by a Committee,and distributed by the Teachers among the Sabbath SchoolChildren.CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL— George Square.Rev. J. M. Jarvie, Pastor.— Isaac, Precentor— William Neilson, <strong>Office</strong>r.Institutions connected with this Chapel— A Society for religiouspurposes, instituted 1837. A Dorcas Society for the benefit <strong>of</strong> thepoor connected with the Church, and also Foreign Missionary Stations.A Sabbath School, average attendance, 100; and a BibleClass for the Young Men on Sunday evenings, and for Young Womenon Friday evenings. Also, a Mission Station in connection withthe Church holds its meetings on Sabbath, in the old Seamen's Chapel,Dock Breast, conducted by the Minister and Me mbers <strong>of</strong> the Church ;and on the evenings <strong>of</strong> Tuesday and Friday, a Class is held for Readingand Writing, the children attending being instructed gratuitously.REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH—West StewartStreet.Rev. Andrew Gilmour, Pastor, chosen by Church Members.James Reid, Precentor— Alex. Laird, Church <strong>Office</strong>r.EVANGELICAL UNION CHURCH— Sir Michael Street.Rev. John Guthrie, A.M., Pastor, chosen by Church Members.Robert Mills, Precentor—James Sharp, Church <strong>Office</strong>r.INSTITUTIONS in connection with this congregation.1. Sabbath School, superintended and assisted by qualified Teachers,Members <strong>of</strong> the Church.2. Tract Society for the purpose <strong>of</strong> distributing religious tracts,reading the Scriptures, and holding meetings for prayer and explanation<strong>of</strong> the word <strong>of</strong> God.3. Total Abstinence Society, for the purpose <strong>of</strong> encouraging andhelping forward the cause <strong>of</strong> Total Abstinence from all intoxicatingdrinks.4. Sabbath School <strong>Library</strong>, from which the children <strong>of</strong> the SabbathSchool receive books weekly.5. A Bible Class for advanced pupils, taught by the Minister <strong>of</strong>the Church.

36 APPENDIX.SIR MICHAEL STREET BAPTIST CHURCH.MEETS IN MECHANICS' HALL.James Malcolm, Pastor.A Sabbalh School connected with the Church, and a Bible Classfor advanced pupils, conducted by the Minister.METHODIST CHAPEL— Tobago Street.Rev. T. T. Dilks, Pastor, appointed by Conference.Duncan Murdoch, <strong>Office</strong>r.SEAMEN'S CHAPEL— East Breast.Donald Brotchie, Chaplain— Andrew Low, Agent.<strong>The</strong>re is attached to this Chapel a Sabbath School— average attendance100.ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL— East Shaw Street.Rev. William Gordon, Pastor.Daniel M'Cafferty, <strong>Office</strong>r.Sabbath and Week-day Schools in connection with the above Chapel.CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH—Nelson Street.SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS.Cartsdyke School— English Grammar, Composition, Latin, Writing,Arithmetic, and Mathematics—John Cook, St Andrew's Square.Cotton Mill School— English Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic-John Hart, teacher,Female School <strong>of</strong> Industry, 25, Sir Michael Street—Miss Stirling,Teacher.George Square Academy— English Reading, Grammar, Composition,and History Classes— David Williamson and Assistant Masters.Writing, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Mathematics, andDrawing—W. Taylor and Assistant.<strong>Greenock</strong> Charity School, Ann Street—Thomas Fairrie, Treasurer;John Hutcheson, Secretary; Thomas Kay, Teacher.Highlanders' Academy, Roxburgh Street— Commercial Department:Writing, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Geography, Mathematics,and Latin— Thomas Henderson; Gilbert Eaglesome, Assistant.English Department: English Reading, Composition,Grammar, Geography, &c — Duncan M'Pherson ;James Wallace,Assistant. Infant: Moral Training, Religious Instruction, Lessonson Objects— Miss Taylor. Music, theory and practice,James Inglis.

APPENDIX. 37Masons' Hall School, 17 Charles Street—English Grammar, Geography,Arithmetic, Writing, History, Composition, and ScripturalKnowledge— George S. Bain.Middle Parish School, 11 Ann Street— English Reading, Bookkeeping,&c.— Robert Campbell, Teacher and Session Clerk.Roman Catholic School, 18 East Shaw Street— General branches <strong>of</strong>Education—James Glacken.St. John's Episcopal Chapel Schools, Union Street, and Rue-EndStreet—English Grammar, Geography, and Writing—Mr Boltonand Mr Smith, Teachers.English Reading, Grammar, History, and Geography— A. Thomson,36 Sir Michael Street.English Reading, Grammar, History, and Geography— P. Murray,17 East Shaw Street.English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, andSewing— Miss E. S. Campbell, 9 Nicholson Street.English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, Mathematics,Algebra, Latin, &c—John Bell, 8, Broad Close.English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Grammar,Geography, French, and the elements <strong>of</strong> Latin—James Slater, 10,Tobago Street.English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, Latin,and Greek, Drawing, &c Duncan M'Phail, 18, St John Street.English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography,Composition, Latin, &c.— Stewart S. Kerr, 40, Main Street,Cartsdyke.English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, and Geography.—James Milne, 39, West Burn Street.English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geograhy, Bookkeeping,Composition, and the Elements <strong>of</strong> Latin.—John C.Watson, 2, Union Street.Writing, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, and Drawing—John Fraser,7, West Stewart Street.English and French— Josiah Auld, 20, West Stewart Street.Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, Mathematical Natural Philosophy,&c. &c.—Thomas Cranstoun, 65, Rue-end Street.English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, French, Music, Drawing,&c— Misses Gunn, 7, Union Street.English Reading, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, use <strong>of</strong> theGlobes, History, French, Plain and Ornamental NeedleworkMrs Carsell, 6, Trafalgar Street.English Reading, Mr Fairrie's School, Harvie Lane.Writing, Arithmetic, and Geography—H. M'K. Melville.English Reading, and Sewing— Miss Wallace, 2 East BlackhallStreet.<strong>Greenock</strong> Academy, Nelson Street— Robert Buchanan, Rector-Gavin Hamilton, Classical Master.d

38 APPENDIX.SOCIETIES.RELTGIOUS.<strong>Greenock</strong> United Bible Society and Association, instituted 1842—William Mai tin, President; Rev. John M'Rae and ThomasFairrie, Vice-Presidents; Rev. J. J. Bonar and Hugh Buie,Secretaries; George Blair and William Park, Treasurers; JamesM'Kelvie, Stationer, Depositary ; with a Committee <strong>of</strong> 26 Members.<strong>Greenock</strong> Town Missionary Society— Rev. S. Sinclair, President ;D. Paterson, Treasurer; Uttrick Walton, Secretary. This Societyis supported wholly by the Evangelical Dissenting Churches, andhas been productive <strong>of</strong> much good, especially through the poorerdistricts <strong>of</strong> the town, by the labours <strong>of</strong> the Society's missionaries.<strong>Greenock</strong> Seamen's Friends' Society, instituted 1820—WilliamMartin, President; Thomas Hamlin, Treasurer ; John M'llvain,Secretary; Andrew Carmichael, Assistant-Secretary; Capt. D.Brotchie, Chaplain; Andrew Low, Agent. This Society has forits object the promotion, as far as possible, <strong>of</strong> the temporal andspiritual interests <strong>of</strong> seamen trading to or connected with the port,by furnishing them with Bibles and Religious Tracts, by establishingand encouraging Prayer Meetings on board ships in theharbour, by soliciting clergymen to preach occasionally on shipboardand in places <strong>of</strong> worship on shore, and by supporting aChaplain, who preaches the gospel regularly every Sabbath, and onWednesday evenings, in the Seamen's Chapel, at Sailors' Home,Dock Breast.<strong>Greenock</strong> Female Association for Promoting Christianity among theJews—instituted 1824. No return given in.BENEVOLENT.St John's Penny Clothing Club—managed by a Committee <strong>of</strong> Ladies<strong>of</strong> the Congregation <strong>of</strong> St John's Episcopal Church—Secretary,Mrs Cole ;Treasurer, Mrs Thorne. Weekly payments receivedin the School-room, at the Church, every Monday evening, at 7o'clock.Committee meets first Monday <strong>of</strong> each month, at 7 o'clock.<strong>Greenock</strong> Female Benevolent Society— Instituted 1811. No return<strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong>fice-bearers given in. <strong>The</strong> indigent and afflicted females <strong>of</strong>the town have been much benefitted by this Societv.<strong>Greenock</strong> District Committee <strong>of</strong> the Society for Promoting ChristianKnowledge—Joint Presidents and Patrons, the Right Rev. theBishop <strong>of</strong> Glasgow and Galloway, the Right Rev. the Bishop <strong>of</strong>Argyle and the Isles; Vice-Presidents, Sir M. R. S. Stewart,Bart., the Hon. G. F. Boyle; Secretary and Treasurer, B. Noble.Object—the publication, at a cheap rate, <strong>of</strong> Bibles, Common PrayerBooks, and other useful religious books and tracts.

APPENDIX. 3$EDUCATIONAL.GREENOCK ACADEMY.DIRECTORS.John Martin, Esq., Provost,"JH. M'llwraith, Esq., ~|James Speirs, Esq., J... }•fiRobert Sellars, Esq., ° 3n,es >|f Council.Charles Grey, Esq.,JAndrew Stewart, Esq., Councillor,Claud Marshall, Esq., Sheriff. Substitute.Rev. J. M. M'Culloch, D.D., "]Rev. William Laughton,| Directors from the TownSir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., }» Directors from the Subscribers.Thomas Fairrie, Esq ,Robert Macfie, Esq.,JD. A. Campbell, Esq., Treasurer— Archd. Denniston, Esq., Clerk.Robert Buchanan, Esq., Rector.Gavin Hamilton, Esq., Classical Master.Association for the Establishment <strong>of</strong> Industrial or Ragged Schoolsin <strong>Greenock</strong>— George Blair, Treasurer ; Claud Marshall, jun.,Secretary. It is the object <strong>of</strong> this Association to reclaim theneglected and destitute children <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, by affording themthe benefit <strong>of</strong> a good common and Christian education, and bytraining them up to habits <strong>of</strong> regular industry, so as to enable themto earn an honest livelihood, and fit them for the duties <strong>of</strong> life.<strong>The</strong> general plan upon which the schools are conducted is as follows,viz. :— <strong>The</strong> children receive an allowance <strong>of</strong> food for theirdaily support; are instructed in reading, writing, and arithmetic;trained in habits <strong>of</strong> industry, by employing them daily in such sorts<strong>of</strong> work as are suited to their years; and taught the truths <strong>of</strong> theGospel, making the Holy Scriptures the groundwork <strong>of</strong> instruction; and on Sundays, the children receive food as on other days,and suitable religious instruction.<strong>Greenock</strong> Gaelic School Society— 1 nstituted 1820—William Martin,Preses; Donald M'Dcnald, Vice-President; George Blair, Treasurerand Secretary ; Committee— Alexander Ritchie, Hugh Buie,Donald Thomson, Hugh M'Arthur, William Crawford, and J.Simpson.Ladies' Association in aid <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Greenock</strong> Gaelic School SocietyInstituted 1827— Mrs Darroch. <strong>of</strong> Gourock, President ; Mrs DrLaurie, Secretary— with 12 Collectors.Highlanders' Academy, Roxburgh Street— Erected 1836— Alex.Murray Dunlop, Esq., M.P., Preses; David Crawford, AlexanderThomson and Robert Wright, Vice-Presidents; John Johnstonand John Hunter, Treasurers; Archd. M'Kinnon and JamesM'Kelvie, Secretaries— with a Committee <strong>of</strong> 27 members. Tbos.Henderson, F.E.I. S., Rector, &c. ; Duncan M'Pherson, EnglishMaster; James Inglis, Teacher <strong>of</strong> Music; Miss Taylor, InfantSchool Mistress. <strong>The</strong> object <strong>of</strong> the Institution is to give a good

40 APPENDIX.English and Commercial Education to the children <strong>of</strong> respectabletradesmen at a moderate charge. <strong>The</strong> following is the scale <strong>of</strong>Fees per Quarter : English Reading, 3s 6d ; Reading and Writing,4s 6d; Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, (with or withoutEnglish Grammer and Geography), 6s; any one <strong>of</strong> the above;classes alone, 3s 6d ; Latin or Geometry, alone, 4s. All the classescombined, 9s. Infant School, 2s 6d. Sewing, plain, Is 6dfancy, 2s 6d.MENTAL AND PHYSICAL.Medical and Chirurgical Association— Instituted 1818—For promotingPr<strong>of</strong>esssional Intercourse and Improvement— Dr Crawford<strong>of</strong> Gourock, Preses ; Dr Mackie, Vice-Preses ; Dr BarclayKenry, Treasurer ; Dr Laurie, Secretary.<strong>The</strong> Watt Club—Instituted 1813— Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart.President ; Archibald Denniston, Treasurer ; John Gray, Secretary.<strong>Greenock</strong> Book Club— Instituted 1849— For the purchase <strong>of</strong> NewBooks in General Literature, which are sold annually. AnnualSubscription, £1 Is—Treasurer and Secretary, Robert A. Baird,Bookseller.Ardgowan Club— For Bowling, Curling, and Quoiting— Sir MichaelR. Shaw Stewart, Baronet, Patron; Thomas Stark, President;Duncan A. Campbell, Vice-President and Treasurer; AlexanderRodger, Secretary.<strong>Greenock</strong> Total Abstinence Society—William Campbell, President;James M'Allister, and James M'Lintock, Vice-Presidents; Wm.Bunting, Secretary ; Thomas Craig, Treasurer—with a Committee<strong>of</strong> 17. <strong>The</strong> Society meets every Monday evening in the Masons'Hall, and the Committee meets every Tuesday evening in the TownHall, for transacting business.Cartsdyke Working Men's Total Abstinence Society— Rev. T. T.Dilks, President; James M'Pherson, Vice-President; RobertHarvie, Secretary; Archibald Bell, Corresponding Secretary;David Taylor, Treasurer— with a Committee <strong>of</strong> 16. <strong>The</strong> Societymeets every Monday evening in the New School-room, StAndrews Square.<strong>Greenock</strong> Branch <strong>of</strong> the Edinburgh Free Church Total AbstinenceSociety— Robert Brownlie, President; Charles Mills, Treasurer;Archibald M'Kinnon, Secretary— with a Local Committee <strong>of</strong> 10.<strong>The</strong> object <strong>of</strong> the Society is promoted by distributing the AnnualReports <strong>of</strong> the Edinburgh Society, and other Tracts and information.This is the third year <strong>of</strong> the Society's organization, and 112<strong>of</strong> the Clergymen <strong>of</strong> the Free Church are enrolled as members,with a large proportion <strong>of</strong> Divinity Students and lay members.MUSICAL.<strong>Greenock</strong> Philharmonic Society— Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart.,President; Thomas King, Chairman; John Scott, yst., Secretary;James Steele, Treasurer.

APPENDIX. 41<strong>Greenock</strong> Musical Association—James Inglis, Conductor ; JamesFyfe, President; Snmuel M Cuaig, Treasurer; — Fairlie, Secretary—Meet for practising in the Highlanders' Academy, on Thursdayevenings at Half-past Eight o'clock.<strong>Greenock</strong> Thistle Instrumental Band—24 Members— Meets everyMonday and Thursday evening, for practising, in the CharitySchool, Ann Street— Benjamin Mills, Treasurer; Chas. M'Ewan,Secretary; James Campbell, Leader; John Dougall, Teacher.St Patrick's Instrumental Band—24 Members— Meets every Monday,Wednesday and Friday, for practising, in the WellingtonCourt Hall—return not given in.HORTICULTURAL.Society— His Royal High-Royal West Renfrewshire Horticulturalness Prince Albert, Patron ; Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart, Bart.,President; D. M. Latham, and John Beaton, Vice-Presidents;John Barr, Treasurer; John Wilson, Secretary— Meets for competitionon the 15th July, and 15th September.AGRICULTURAL.Lower Ward <strong>of</strong> Renfrewshire Agricultural Society— Established1849— Annual Exhibition <strong>of</strong> Live Stock and Dairy Produce inJune. Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart, <strong>of</strong> Ardgowan and Blackhall,Bart., Patron ; Major Duncan Darroch, <strong>of</strong> Gourock andDrums, President ; Mr Walter Chalmers, Majeston, Vice-President; Mr John Laird, Bow, Treasurer ; Mr Peter Warden, Murdiestone,Secretary.BENEFIT AND FRIENDLY.<strong>Greenock</strong> Master Wrights' Society— Instituted 1731— Samuel Thomson,Deacon ; James Campbell, Treasurer; David Crawford, Secretary;Stewart Allison, and Peter M'Pherson, Key-keepers;Matthew Mitchell, and Arcnd. Service, Assay Masters; WilliamHunter, and Robert Lang, Trades' Assistants; James Rougvie,<strong>Office</strong>r.<strong>Greenock</strong> Master Coopers' Friendly Society— Instituted 1744—JohnTodd, Deacon ; John M'Lean, Treasurer; William Curtis, SeniorKey-keeper ; Joseph Pennel, Junior do. ; Alexander Tough, OldSenior, do. ; Robert M. Buchanan, Old Deacon ; William Scott,Robert Thome, and Robert Baxter, Directors ; Joseph Mac-fie,and Archibald Macfie, Auditors; Archibald Langwill, jun., Secretary.<strong>Greenock</strong> and Inverkip Farmer and Agricultural Friendly Society— John Hair, Preses ; William Downie, Treasurer; WilliamRitchie and James Matthie, Key-keepers ; Daniel Orr, RobertWarden, James Shearer, John Barclay, John Scott and WilliamDouglas, Managers; A. Langwill, jr., Secretary.<strong>Greenock</strong> Gardeners' Society—John Clark, Lord Chancellor; MalcolmKeith, Depute-Chancellor; David Balderston, Deacon ; Jas.d2

42 APPENDIX.Macdonald, Treasurer ; Alexander Rodger and Robert Blair, Keykeepers;Robert Cowan and Robert Jamieson, Examiners ; DavidCrawford, Clerk.<strong>Greenock</strong> Shipwrights' Provident Union Society— Instituted 1824David Kennedy, President; William Fletcher, Treasurer; DugaldCrawford, Secretary ; Archd. Dnnlop Stewart, Surgeon ; and Jas.Peace, <strong>Office</strong>r. General Meetings on the second Wednesday <strong>of</strong>January, May, and September, in the Mechanics' Hall, 11," SirMichael Street. Committee meetings on the first Thursday <strong>of</strong>each month, and Sub- Committee meets every Saturday Eveningat 8 o'clock, in the Committee Rooms, 46, Cathcart Street.<strong>Greenock</strong> Friendly Funeral Society— Instituted 1824— R. 3. Chorley,Preses; Robert Munn, Treasurer; James M'Neil, Clerk;Alex. Cruden, <strong>Office</strong>r.<strong>Greenock</strong> Trades' Funeral Society—David Ramsay, Preses ; Wm.Burton, Treasurer: Thomas Smith, Clerk; James Peace, <strong>Office</strong>r.<strong>Greenock</strong> Trades' Friendly Society— Instituted 1834— David Lawson,Preses ;Peter Crawford, Treasurer; James Peace, <strong>Office</strong>r ;Thomas Smith, Clerk.<strong>Greenock</strong> Weavers' Society— Instituted 1745— Robert Allan, Deacon;Arch. Clark and Robert Boyd, Key-keepers ; D. Crawford,Clerk ; Daniel Malcome, <strong>Office</strong>r.<strong>Greenock</strong> Funeral Association— Instituted 29th Oct., 1827—JohnDavidson, Preses; James Milne, sen., Treasurer ; Lindsay King,Clerk ; Duncan Morrison, <strong>Office</strong>r and Morlcloth Keeper.<strong>Greenock</strong> Shoemakers' Friendly Society—Instituted 8th August,1842—James Milne, sen., Preses; Robert Muir, Treasurer— <strong>The</strong>reare 7 <strong>of</strong> a Committee, and the town divided into 6 districts, Port-Glasgow being one, which is represented by Wm. Duff.Hamilton and Cathcart Streets Yearly Society— Instituted 9th April,1855—John Davidson, Preses; James Milne, sen., Treasurer;Lindsay King, Clerk ; John Lafferty, <strong>Office</strong>r.ODD-FELLOWS.Meets in their Hall, Charles Street. <strong>The</strong> District <strong>Office</strong>rs are-John Brash, Prov. G.M. ; Peter M'Gregor, Prov. D.G-M. ; JohnM'Dougall, Prov. C.S. and Treasurer; Archd. Dow, Examining<strong>Office</strong>r ; John Quin, Relieving <strong>Office</strong>r.Banks <strong>of</strong> Clyde Lodge—John Wylie, G,M. ; Charles Auld, N. G. >James Martin, V.G. ; John Quin, Secretary ; Charles Auld, M.D.'Surgeon ; John Tierney, Treasurer.James Watt Lodge— Henry Carson, G.M. ; George Weir, N.G. ;Adam Hunter, V.G.; Peter M'Gregor, Secretary; Archd. Dow'Treasurer; Charles Auld, M.D., Surgeon,Highland Mary Lodge—William Brown, G.M.; John M'Dougall,N.G. ;William Gallacher, V.G. ; Archd. Stark, Secretary ; Bar-

APPENDIX. 43clay Henry Surgeon and Treasurer. Hugh Rose, Guardian tothe three Lodges.<strong>The</strong> Independent Order <strong>of</strong> Odd-Fellows, M.U., extends to SouthAustralia, Canada, United States, New Zealand, West Indies, France,Cape <strong>of</strong> Good Hope, Calcutta, Pacific Ocean, &c, and is composed<strong>of</strong> 423 Districts, 3219 Lodges, and 240,000 Members. <strong>The</strong> wholefunds are estimated at .£1,000,000. <strong>The</strong>y are all nearly legalised,being enrolled under the late Friendly Societies Act.FORESTERS.<strong>Greenock</strong> District <strong>of</strong> the Ancient Order <strong>of</strong> Foresters comprises threeCourts—meets in their Hall, 26 Hamilton Street—District <strong>Office</strong>rs: Matthew M'Murrich, D.C.R ; James M'Farlan, D.T. ;James M'Neill, D.S.Court Banks <strong>of</strong> Clyde, No. 1109—John Yuille, OR.; David M'Dougall,S C.R.; Lachlan M'Lean, Treasurer; and John Crookshanks,Secretary.Court Caledonia, No. 1275— Charles Symon, C.R ; John Holmes,S.C. R.; Alexander M'Lean, Treasurer; James Hempsead, Sec.Court Royal Archer, No. 1544—Wm. M'Kinnon, C.R.; MatthewDale, S.C.R.; John Love, Treasurer ; James Hendry, Secretary.FREEMASONS.Provincial Grand Lodge <strong>of</strong> Freemasons for West Renfrewshire, instituted7th February, 1739— Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart,R.W. P.G. Master; John Scott, Esq., Depute P.G. Master;Robert Steele, Esq., Subst. P.G. Master; Robert Ewing, Esq.,P.G. Senior Warden; Arch. M. Burrel!, Esq., Acting P.G.Junior Warden; Rev. Charles Cole, B. D.,P. G. Chaplain; DavidCrawford, Esq, P.G. Treasurer; Donald M'Nicoll, Esq., P.G.Secretary and Director <strong>of</strong> Ceremonies; John Scott, Jun., Esq.,P. G. Senior Deacon; , Esq., P.G. Junior Deacon; —M'Master, Esq., and Archibald M'Callum, Esq., P.G. Stewards;John M'Rae, Tyler.Lodge <strong>Greenock</strong> Kilwinning, No. 11, instituted 27th December,1728—John Scott, jun., R.W. Master; Donald M'Nicoll, DeputeMaster and Secretary ; James Stewart, Senior Warden ; FrancisR. Reid, Junior Warden; Rev. Chas. Cole, B.D., Chaplain;Andw. Stewart, Senior Deacon ; John F. Mackay, Junior Deacon ;Adam Leitch, Inner Guard ; Daniel S. Stewart, Duncan M'lntyre,James H. Crawford, James Newton, and James Little, Stewards; John M'Rae, Tyler.<strong>Greenock</strong> St John's, No. 175, instituted 1776— Alexander M'Master,R.W. Master; John Cleland, Past Master; Alexander Clark,Depute Master; Malcolm Buie and Robt. Morison, Old Masters;John Black, Secretary; John Herriot, Treasurer; John Preston,Senior Warden ; Alexander Connell, Junior Warden ; WilliamTough, Senior Deacon ; John Mackerzie, Junior Deacon ; JohnM'Kenzie, Peter Warden, John Lyon, and Dugald Ferguson,Stewards ; James Don, Tyler.

—;44 APPENDIX.<strong>Greenock</strong> Royal Arch Chapter, No. 17— <strong>Office</strong>-Bearers : John Preston,M.E.Z. ; Alexander M. Clark, 2d P.H.; Rohert Morison,3d P.J. ; Alexander M'Master, 1st P.S. ; William Tough, 2d do.;Dugald Ferguson, 3d do.; John A. Herriot, Scrihe E ; ArchibaldLongwill, Scribe N.; John Herriot, Treasurer ; James Buchanan,M. 1st V.; John M'Gregor, M. 2d V.; Colin M,Millan, M. 3d V.;William Bone, Chaplain; Neil Livingstone, Standard Bearer;James Don, Janitor ; William Gaylor, Prox. Z.<strong>Greenock</strong> Grand Encampment <strong>of</strong> Knights Templars and Knights <strong>of</strong>Malta (No. 20)—Dormant.CONVEYANCES.OMNIBUSES.Omnibuses leave the <strong>Greenock</strong> Railway Station on the arrival <strong>of</strong>every Passenger Train from Glasgow, and also leave Gourock intime for the departure <strong>of</strong> every Passenger Train for Glasgow.Robert Clark, Proprietor.CARRIERS.Glasgow— Lindsay King, Hamil.on Street, departs every day at halfpast10, arrives every evening at 8 o'clock, per Railway.Gourock and Cloch—N. & R. Shearer, arrives and departs daily.Inverkip— Alexander W. Morris, arrives and departs daily,Largs—William Crawford, White Horse Inn. Market Street, arrivesand departs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.Port- Glasgow— John Hall and — Crawford, arrives and departsdaily.FERRY BOATSSail from the Mid Quay and East India Harbour occasionally ToCardross—John Fraser. To Helensburgh—Malcolm M'LeodRobert Barr, Dock Breast and East India Breast, agent. ToHill Ardmore Munro. To Portkill—James M'Farlane—Duncan Douglas, William Street, agent.SAILING VESSELS.Regular Traders between <strong>Greenock</strong> and Leith, calling at Port-Dundas.— A, 100 tons, Lorn, master ; B, 100 tons, Westcott, master ;C, 100 tons, J. Fraser, master; D, 100 tons, M'Gregor, master ; E,100 tons, R. M'Leod, master; F, 100 tons, C. Thomson, masterG, 100 tons, J. Cunningham, master— Sail every week— AlexanderLaird & Sons, agents, 2, Cross-shore Street.For Dublin every Monday—Screw steamer Irishman, 186 tonsper register, T. Morrison, master— Alex. Laird & Sons, agents.

—APPENDIX. 45Regular Traders between Glasgow, <strong>Greenock</strong>, and LiverpoolVixen, 296 tons, William M'Bride, master ; Gipsy Queen, 226 tons,James M'Bride, master ; Gipsy, 221 tons, Archd. M'Bride, master ;Gipsy King, 217 tons, Archd. Govan, master ; Columbine, 186 tons,William Borland, master; Anna Dixon, 174 tons, Govan Jones,master; Grimaldi, 162 tons, W T illiam M'Dowall, master ; Portland,131 tons, James Black, master—Three <strong>of</strong> the above sciiooners sailweekly from each port— William Lindsay & Co., Excise Buildings,agents.Regular Traders between Glasgow, <strong>Greenock</strong>, and Bristol—<strong>The</strong>screw-steamers Corsair, 300 tons, Nathaniel May, master; Brigand,300 tons, Hugh Primrose, master—One <strong>of</strong> the above vessels sailevery alternate Wednesday—William Lindsay & Co., Excise Buildings,agents.Regular Traders betwixt <strong>Greenock</strong>, Lancaster, and Preston—W T oodbine, 94 tons, S. Nicholson, master; Oriental, 93 tons, R.M'Kinnell, master; Bloomer, 142 tons, J- Gornell, master; MaryJane, 170 tons, J Williamson, master. One <strong>of</strong> the above vesselssails from <strong>Greenock</strong> every other week James Alexander, agent,1 Union Court, West Quay Head.Regular Traders between Glasgow, <strong>Greenock</strong>, and LiverpoolThree vessels sail weekly from each port— Onyx, 350 tons, P M'Arthur,master; Opal, 200 tons, John Munn, master; Sapphire, 230tons, John Campbell, master; Topaz, 178 tons, John M'Diarmid,master ;Chrysolite, 370 tons, Peter Cumming, master ; Mersey, 220tons, A. M'Neil, master— Arch. M'Kenxie, 1 West Quay, agent.STEAM VESSELS.To Belfast— Six timesa-week— Stork, 258 tons, A. W T hite, master ;Elk, 351 tons, John Boyd, master; Stag, 351 tons, William Stewart,master; Lynx, 351 tons, James Hardie, master; Beaver, 265 tons,William Bryce, master— A. G. S. M'Culloch, agent.To Campbelton— Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and leaveCampbelton the same days, except during summer, when they leave<strong>of</strong>tener— Duke <strong>of</strong> Cornwall, 105 tons, M'Lean, master ; Celt, 153tons, Napier, master— Mann and Sutherland, agents, 1 East QuayLane.To Port- Rush and Londonderry—Three times a-week, and toSligo occasionally— Londonderry, 277 tons, M'Laughlan, master;Shamrock, 421 tons, Stewart, master; Thistle, 376 tons, Turnbull,master; Rose, 290 tons, M'Diarinid, master— Mann & Sutherland,agents, 1 East Quay Lane.To Dublin and Cork— Every Tuesday and Friday—Vanguard,366 tons, Samuel Ward, master; Ariel, 284 tons; John Byrne, master;Herald, 283 tons, W. Stokes, master—James Little & Co., ExciseBuildings, agents.To Dumbarton and Glasgow— Twice a-day — (see boards for hours<strong>of</strong> sailing) —Premier, 85 tons, Robert Lang, master ; Chancellor, 108

— —46 APPENDIX.tons, J. Wilson, master; Queen, 90 tons, Banie, master—JamesDarroch, Steamboat Quay, agent.To Ayr and Girvan— Every Tuesday; andTo Girvan and Stranraer—Every Friday— Aryshire Lass, 69 tons,Love, master— Mann and Sutherland, agents, 1, East Quay Lane.To Girvan and Stranraer— Every Thursday—Albion, 156 tons,Captain Haswell— A. Laird & Sons, agents, Cross-shore Street.To Helensburgh, Roseneath, Gareloch-head and Glasgow— Daily—(For hours <strong>of</strong> sailing see boards)— Emperor, 62 tons, M'Ewen,master; Gem, — tons, M'Aulay, master; Sovereign, 76 tons,M'Kinlay, master— Archd. Ivl'Nair, Steamboat Quay, agent.To Glasgow, Helensburgh, and Gareloeh-head— Duchess <strong>of</strong>Argyle, 50 tons, A. M'Pherson, master; Victoria, 66 tons, Campbell,master— Archd. M'Nair, porter.To Rothesay, Kirn, Dunoon, and Tnnellan—Vulcan, — tons.Campbell, master ; Ruby, — tons, Bryce, master ; Invincible, 78tons, Chambers, master.To Inverness—Every Monday and Thursday— Cygnet, 68 tons,Campbell, master; Lapwing, 68 tons, Rankine, master— WilliamLindsay & Co., agents. Maid <strong>of</strong> Lorn, 71 tons, M-Taggart, master— A. M'Allister, agent.To Dunoon, Rothesay, Kyles <strong>of</strong> Bute, Ardrishaig, Oban, Fort-William, and Inverness— During the months <strong>of</strong> May , June, July,August, September, and October— Iona, — tons, M'Gown, master—William Lindsay & Co., agents, Excise Buildings.To Oban, Tobermory, Portree, and Stornoway— Every Thursdayafter July— Clansman,, —tons, M'Donald, master William Lindsay& Co., Excise Buildings, agents. Once a week— Dunoon Castle, —tons, Galloway, master— A. M'Allister, agent. 'Jo above Ports, andPortgellen, and Portaiskaig, the steamer Islay, — tons, Kerr, master—John Dawson, agent.To Oban, Tobermory, Loch Suinnart, Coll, Tiree, and Bunessan— <strong>The</strong> Maid <strong>of</strong> Lorn, 71 tons, M'Taggait, master— A. M'Allister,agent.To Largs, Milport, Arran, and Ardrossan— Daily— Lady Brisbane,84 tons, M'Taggart, master ; Lady Kelburne, 90 tons, Houstonmaster—James Benham, Steamboat Quay, agent. Star, — tons,M'Kellar, ; Venus, — tons, M'Kellar, master ; Vesta, tons,Gillies, master— A. M'Allister, agent, Steamboat Quay.To Liverpool— Three days a-week— Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday—Princess Royal, 446 tons, M'Chlery, master— DonaldM'Larty, & Co., Excise Buildings, agents. Lynx, 351 tons, JamesHardie, master. Btaver, 265 tons, William Bryce, master— Carryingcargo and steerage Passengers only— A. G. S. M'Culloch, agent.To LochgoiKiead— Daily— Lochgoil, — tons, M'Intyre, masterA. M'Millan, Steamboat Quay, agent.

APPENDIX.To Kilmun and Strone, Dunoon and Kirn— Three times a-day.<strong>The</strong> Wellington, — tons, M'Coll, master. New steame«-— tons, Barrie, master— A. M'AMister, agent.To Strone, Dunoon, InnelUn, Rothesay, Tarbert, and Ardrishaig— 6 days a week, at 7 a.m., and 8 a.m. in winter ; returning at 5. 15p.m. <strong>The</strong> Royal Mail Steamer Rothesay Castle, tons, M'Gill,master— John Dawson, agent, Steamboat Quay.For Gourock, Kirn, Dunoon, Rothesay, Kyles <strong>of</strong> Bute, Tarbert,Lochgilphead, Inverary. <strong>The</strong> Castle Company's Royal Mail SteamPackets— for Hours, see the Boards.CLYDE SHIPPING COMPANY'S LIGHTERS CARRYING GOODSBETWEEN GLASGOW & GREENOCK DAILY.Ann, M'Dougall master, 53 tons-Friend, M'Lachlan, 50 tons-Betty,M'Larty, 53 tons— Clyde, Gibb, 59 tons— Kelvin, M'Gregor, 74tons— Newark, Campbell, jun., 63 tons— Bowling, Campbell, senr.63 tons— Laurel, Taylor, 78 tons— <strong>Office</strong>, Excise Buildings- A.M'AUister, Agent.CLYDE SHIPPING COMPANY'S TOWING VESSELS.To and from Glasgow—Every lawful day— Conquerer, 86 tons ;Thomas Barbour, master; Gulliver, 57 tons, D. Sutherland, master ;Wizard, 21 tons, David Storm, master; Sir Isaac Newton, — tons,Archibald, master; Nimrod, — tons, Leitcb, master.Luggage Steamboats, carrying Goods between <strong>Greenock</strong> andGlasgow— Sail Daily— Glasgow, 63 tons, M'Callum, master ; <strong>Greenock</strong>,73 tons, Leitch, master; Industry, 55 tons, John Munn, master— <strong>Office</strong>, Excise Buildings.HARBOUR REGULATIONS.STEAM VESSELS.I. All steam vessels resorting to the port <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> shall haveon board a captain or sailing master, who is an experienced seaman ;and shall also have a sufficient number <strong>of</strong> able-bodied and experiencedseamen, for the safe navigation <strong>of</strong> the vessel under a penaltynot exceeding Five Pounds for each <strong>of</strong>fence, to be paid by the personin command or charge <strong>of</strong> the vessel. And no steamboat whatevershall be manned with less than a master, two deck men and a pilot,exclusive <strong>of</strong> the engineer and fireman, under the like penalty <strong>of</strong> FivePounds,II. <strong>The</strong> Steamboat Harbour master shall have the sole and exclusivepower <strong>of</strong> assigning berths to steam boats <strong>of</strong> all denominationsat the portion <strong>of</strong> the Customhouse Quay alloted for the use <strong>of</strong> thatdescription <strong>of</strong> vessels ; and no steam vessel shall be entitled to a quay

48 APFENDIX.berth thet has not pot proper gangways in her bulwarks cut down tothe deck, either fore or aft the paddle boxes, which gangways shallbe <strong>of</strong> sufficient width to admit passengers, luggage, coals, ashes, &c,to pass in safety to and from steam vessels lying outside there<strong>of</strong>.Masters or others in charge refusing or delaying to attend to thisregulation shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds.In stormy weather steamers may he allowed to occupy such berthsinside the harbours as the Harbour master may point out ; but whilethe fires are burning steam vessels n.ust be kept as much separatefrom other vessels as possihle.HI. <strong>The</strong> master or other person in charge <strong>of</strong> every steam vesselshall, within 200 yards <strong>of</strong> any <strong>of</strong> the quays or any works <strong>of</strong> the HarbourTrustees, slow the engines, and keep at a slow rate, until suchsteam vessels shall have passed the qunys er other works at least 200yards, under a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each neglect.And all steam vessels shall, when a red flag is hoisted on board <strong>of</strong> anyvessel in the river opposite the harbours, also slow their engineswithin 200 yards <strong>of</strong> the vessel where such flag is hoisted, under thelike penalty not exceeding Five Pounds, to be paid by the master orother person in command or charge <strong>of</strong> such steam vessel, besidesbeing liable in all damages incurred by neglect.IV. No ballast, earth, dross, ashes, or other kind <strong>of</strong> rubbish, shallbe thrown or put overboard from any sailing or steam vessel into theriver opposite the harbours, under a penalty not exceeding FivePounds for each <strong>of</strong>fence.V. All steam vessels, whether entering or leaving the port or harbours,shall pass outside <strong>of</strong> the warping buoys, when ships or rafts arewarping either into or out <strong>of</strong> the harbours, and in every case mustavoid coming in contact vith the warps <strong>of</strong> ships so situated, under apenalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each <strong>of</strong>fence, besides beingliable in damages.VI. No forge bellows, lighted candies, lamps, or fires shall be allowedon board <strong>of</strong> any steam vessel, or other vessels whatever, in theharbour, after eight o'clock in the evening, or before six o'clock inthe morning, except the vessel has just arrived, under a penalty not.exceeding Five Pounds sterling for each transgression ; and the forgebellows, lights, or fires on board <strong>of</strong> any such vessels throughout theday, shall be carefully attended and watched by some person on board,under the like penalty. But upon applying to the Harbour Master,and sufficient cause being shown that the use <strong>of</strong> forge bellows onboard during the night is absolutely necessary to enable the vessel toproceed on her next voyage at the time originally announced, it shallbe allowed under the special care <strong>of</strong> an extra police watchman ; theparties claiming the privilege paying for the watchman ;and thatseveral buckets <strong>of</strong> water shall be kept in readiness to quench any firewben danger is apprehended.VII. All masters or other persons in charge <strong>of</strong> steam vessels plyingto the port shall, immediately on fixing the hours <strong>of</strong> sailing <strong>of</strong>the said vessels from <strong>Greenock</strong>, intimate the same in writing to theSteamboat Harbour Master, at his <strong>of</strong>fice ; and they shall upon noaccount, either upon the pretence <strong>of</strong> not arriving in due time orotherwise, alter the period fixed, but shall depart punctually at thetimes <strong>of</strong> sailing originally announced, under a penalty not exceeding

APPENDIX. 49Five Pounds sterling for each <strong>of</strong>fence, excepting always cases <strong>of</strong>accidents happening to the vessels or machinery; in which eventsthe time for sailing announced on the boards shall be immediatelyaltered or suspended. <strong>The</strong> sailings shall be regulated by the publicclock placed on the Steamboat Quay. Vessels engaged in the foreignor coasting trade may remain at the quay until they take on boardall goods that may have been laid down from such vessels, whichthose in charge must do as speedily as possible; but so soon as thegoods are on board the vessel must be backed outside another vessel.Masters or others in command refusing or delaying to comply withany part <strong>of</strong> this regulation, will be liable in a penalty not exceedingFive Pounds.VIII. All passenger steam vessels shall, when it is dark, on theirarrival at, or departure from the quays, have and use sufficient lights,consisting in no case <strong>of</strong> less than two hand lanterns, so as to enablepassengers to get on board or to land with safety ; and all steamvessels, when passing up or down, shall, at least within 200 yards <strong>of</strong>the quays, reduce their speed, so as the loading or unloading <strong>of</strong> thevessels at the piers or quays may not be interrupted, or in any manner<strong>of</strong> way sustain damage. All steam vessels shall, when leaving thequay, observe the like precaution <strong>of</strong> steaming slowly, until they havepassed all the vessels lying at the outer piers, under a penalty notexceeding Five Pounds.IX. <strong>The</strong> masters and crews <strong>of</strong> all steam vessels lying nearest thequay shall give free access over the decks <strong>of</strong> their vessels to all partiesgoing to or from the steamers lying at the outside berth, andalso free access for the conveyance <strong>of</strong> luggage, goods, coals, &c. , toand from the said steamers : and all steam vessels shall, when notloading or unloading, have their hatchways and scuttles covered over.<strong>The</strong> master or other persons in charge <strong>of</strong> the vessel, neglecting any<strong>of</strong> these orders shall be liable in a penalty not exceeding Forty Shillingsfor each <strong>of</strong>fence.X. All steamers shall have a bowline hitch upon their hawsers orfastening lines, that the lines may be easily thrown over the palls,and which shall be so fastened as not to trip or interfere with thepassengers. Masters or others in charge <strong>of</strong> steam vessels neglectingto comply with this regulation, shall forfeit and pay a penalty notexceeding Five Pounds.XI. All masters, crews, and other persons, are prohibited interferingwith or interrupting passengers going to the steam boat, byendeavouring to induce them to take the passage by their respectiveboats; but the masters and crews are required to remain either onboard their respective boats, or at their gangways, previous to thehour <strong>of</strong> sailing ; and masters and others shall not allow horns orbugles to be sounded until within five minutes <strong>of</strong> the hour <strong>of</strong> sailing<strong>of</strong> the respective boats. Any person neglecting any part <strong>of</strong> thisregulation, shall be liable in a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds.TABLE OF RIVER PILOTAGE RATES.From <strong>Greenock</strong>, or <strong>of</strong>f <strong>Greenock</strong>, or the Tail <strong>of</strong> the Bank, toGlasgow ; or from Glasgow to <strong>Greenock</strong>, or <strong>of</strong>f <strong>Greenock</strong>,or the Tail <strong>of</strong> the Bank, for all vessels under 10 ft. draught6

SOAPPENDIX.<strong>of</strong> water, ... ... ... .. ...per ft. Is 6ciVessels with 10 feet draught <strong>of</strong> water and under 12 feet,2s OdVessels with 12 ft. draught <strong>of</strong> water and not exceeding 15 ft. 2s 6dAll vessels exceeding 15 feet draught <strong>of</strong> water, ... 3S OdVessels to and from Bowling Bay, or Dumbarton, to be chargedat two-thirds <strong>of</strong> the above rates ; and vessels to or from Renfrew orDalmuir to <strong>Greenock</strong> or Port-Glasgow, or from the last-mentionedports to Dalmuir and Renfrew, to be charged the same rates as fromGlasgow.Odd inches to be charged and paid in proportion.Two-thirds only <strong>of</strong> the above rates, exigible in respect <strong>of</strong> vesselstowed by steam.GLASGOW PILOTS AT THE GREENOCK STATION FORTAKING VESSELS UP THE RIVER.Duncan M'Intyre.Rohert Crooks.Magnus Park.Alex. Alexander.James Park.Dugald Campbell.Daniel Mowet.James Higham.James M'Chlery.John M'Kelvie.DEEP SEA PILOTS' RATES.1. From any place betwixt the Cumbrae Light and the ClochLight, or from the anchorage at Fairlie Roads, Rothesay Bay, orQuarantine Station, Holy Loch, to <strong>Greenock</strong> Roads, and Mooring,or to the Quay and berthing, one penny half penny per ton register.2. When a vessel, inward bound, is boarded outside <strong>of</strong> the SouthEntrance <strong>of</strong> Lamlash Harbour, the Pilot to receive one half-pennyper ton additional.3. From any place inside <strong>of</strong> the Cloch Light, or from the anchorageat Gourock Roads, or Tail <strong>of</strong> the Bank, to <strong>Greenock</strong>, one penny.4. Vessels, inward bound, not boarded until nearer <strong>Greenock</strong> thanthe Bay <strong>of</strong> Quick, one penny per ton.5. From <strong>Greenock</strong> to Port- Glasgow, one penny per ton*6. From <strong>Greenock</strong> Roads, unmooring, and bringingthe Haibours or Docks— a Ship, 5s; a Brigantine, 4s.into any <strong>of</strong><strong>The</strong> same rates chargeable for like distances outwards, with theexception <strong>of</strong> the charge under Article II., which is levied on outwardbound vessels only, in the event <strong>of</strong> the Pilot being required toproceed with the vessel so far as the south entrance <strong>of</strong> Lamlash harbour.All vessels sailing under Foreign Flags to pay one-half morethan the above rates.Any vessels anchoring at the Tail <strong>of</strong> the Bank, outward bound,the Pilot, if required, is afterwards to go and assist her out to anydistance the master may require, betwixt the Cloch and the Cumbrae,without any additional charge to the three half-pence per tonfailing the Pilot's attending, another may be;hired in his stead, whois to have one penny per ton for taking the vessel from the Tail <strong>of</strong>

APPENDIX. 51the Bank out, leaving one half-penny per ton as the allowance forpiloting from the Quay to the Tail <strong>of</strong> the Bank.Any Pilot going on board ship (liable to quarantine), at the request<strong>of</strong> the owner or master, is to be paid, in addition to his pilotage,is 6d per day <strong>of</strong> 24 hours, for every day he may be detained onboard.Richard AdamsWilliam AdamsDavid K. ArkleyRichard BlackneyHugh CameronJame^ CrawfordWilliam ClankAlexander DiWJohn FosterJohn GalbraithDavid GuthiieWilliam HowiesonAlexander MurchieArchibald M 'BrideDEEP SEA PILOTS (Licensed).Diniel M'CormickJohn M'CorquodaleDonald M KinlayJohn M'LeanLachlan M'NeillRobert M'NeillHannibal SloanJohn StewartDaniel TaylorHugh TurnerJohn TurnerWilliam DuncanRnbeit LeeRobert GrantCARTERS.I. No carter, carman, barrowman, or porter, shall be permittedto ply for hire, on or around the quays or piers, without beinglicensed, by and under authority <strong>of</strong> the Provost and Bailies, undera penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each <strong>of</strong>fence.II. Carters and carmen shall have their name and number markedin legible characters on their respective carts or cars, under a penaltynot exceeding Five Pounds for neglect there<strong>of</strong>.HI. Carters and carmen must have at all times a sufficient numberor quantity <strong>of</strong> waterpro<strong>of</strong> covers, for the protection <strong>of</strong> goods ontheir carts or cars, and every carter or carman neglecting to have thenecessary quantity <strong>of</strong> covers, shall forfeit and pay a penalty not exceedingFive Pounds.IV. All fines, forfeitures, penalties, damages, and expenses, mentionedin the preceding regulations, shall (when not otherwise directed)be sued for and recovered at the instance <strong>of</strong> the Procurator-Fiscal <strong>of</strong> the Police Court <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, before the Provost or anyone <strong>of</strong> the Bailies <strong>of</strong> the said Town; and upon conviction <strong>of</strong> any<strong>of</strong>fender, it shall be lawful for the said Provost or any one <strong>of</strong> theBailies to pronounce sentence, subjecting such <strong>of</strong>fender to imprisonmentin the Prison or Bridewell <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, or to fine, or to suchlesser punishment as may be deemed adequate to the <strong>of</strong>fence committed.Extracted from the Minutes <strong>of</strong> the Parliamentary Trustees <strong>of</strong> thePort and Harbours <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>.JOHN KERR GRAY,Clerk to the Trustees.

52 APPENDIX.<strong>The</strong> preceding Regulations Confirmed and Approved in terms <strong>of</strong> theStatute 5 Vict., Session 2d, Cap. 54, Section CLXXX.November 25, 1850.H. J. ROBERTSON, Sheriff.REGULATIONS FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THEPORTERS OF GREENOCK,<strong>The</strong> Provost and Bailies <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, the Town Council there<strong>of</strong>,and the Trustees <strong>of</strong> the Port and Harbours <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, repeal allformer Rules, Regulations, and Bye-laws, enacted for the government<strong>of</strong> the Porters, and the Table <strong>of</strong> Rates or Fares appointed tobe exacted by them ; and do hereby, in virtue <strong>of</strong> the Acts <strong>of</strong> Parliament3d Vict. cap. 27, and 5 Vic. cap. 54, enact and ordain the followingRegulations and Table <strong>of</strong> Rates or Fares, to be strictlyobserved and enforced:1st. No person shall be permitted to ply for hire as a Porter withinthe Town <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, or on the Quays and Breasts there<strong>of</strong>, withoutbeing licensed by authority <strong>of</strong> the Provost and Bailies, he havingfirst found caution faithfully to observe and fulfil these Regulations,and observe the Table <strong>of</strong> Rates hereto annexed ; and each Porter shallhave constantly affixed to his breast a Badge, specifying his number.All persons contravening this regulation, shall forfeit and pay a sumnot exceeding Two Pounds for each <strong>of</strong>fence. All licenses previouslygranted to Porters and Barrowmen are hereby withdrawn and cancelled.2d. All Porters shall with diligence and expedition perform theservices for which they are engaged, and shall not soil or injure theproperty entrusted to their charge ; and shall conduct themselves withcivility and discretion, under a penalty not exceeding Five Poundsfor each <strong>of</strong>fence, besides being liable for damages to the party injured.3d. When a Steam Vessel, just arrived at the Quay, has taken aberth at the outside <strong>of</strong> another Steam Vessel, the Porters shall notstand on the paddle-box or on the side <strong>of</strong> the inside Vessel, butarrange themselves in the middle <strong>of</strong> the inside Vessel; and if theVessel just arrived occupies an inside or Quay berth, they shall thenarrange themselves on the Quay, at least four feet from the edgethere<strong>of</strong>, till called to be engaged, and permitted to pass on board bythe <strong>of</strong>ficer attending for that purpose; nor shall any Porter, uponbeing engaged to carry Luggage or other Goods in the Town <strong>of</strong><strong>Greenock</strong>, or from or to the Quays and Breasts there<strong>of</strong>, attempt totransfer such Luggage or other Goods to another Porter, but shallhimself fulfil his engagement, and, when required, accompany hisemployer ; and all Porteis contravening any part <strong>of</strong> this Regulation,shall be subjected in a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each<strong>of</strong>fence.4th. No Porter shall embark the Luggage <strong>of</strong> Passengers going onboard <strong>of</strong> any Steam Vessel until all the Passengers intending to landshall have first landed with their Luggage, under a penalty not ex.ceeding Five Pounds for each <strong>of</strong>fence.5th. Porters shall not, when unengaged, refuse employment when<strong>of</strong>fered ; and if any Porter allege previous employment, he shall*

APPENDIX. 53when required, specify the nature and time <strong>of</strong> bis employment, andby whom engaged.6th. For the better security <strong>of</strong> Property and mere faithful discharge<strong>of</strong> his duty, any Porter asking or taking employment when ina state <strong>of</strong> intoxication, shall be liable to a penalty <strong>of</strong> Forty Shillings,besides being subject to dismissal from his <strong>of</strong>fice as Porter by any <strong>of</strong>the Magistrates.7th. All Porters shall, when requested by a Magistrate or Police<strong>Office</strong>r, assist him in apprehending persons accused <strong>of</strong> assaults orbreaches <strong>of</strong> the peace, committed in any <strong>of</strong> the public Streets <strong>of</strong> theTown, or on the Quays or Breasts or the Harbours. A refusal onthe part <strong>of</strong> the Porter to render such assistance shall, when provedagainst him, be a sufficient cause for the Provost or any one <strong>of</strong> theBailies to deprive him <strong>of</strong> his license.8th. <strong>The</strong> Wheel Barrows belonging to the Porters shall bearranged and stationed, each with the number <strong>of</strong> its owner's Badge,and his name legibly painted thereon, in a situation to be fixed bythe Steamboat Harbour Master or the <strong>of</strong>ficers under him, under apenalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each <strong>of</strong>fence.9th. Porters plying on the Steamboat Quay shall be careful not topermit boys or other idlers to go on board any <strong>of</strong> the Steam Vessels,and, if necessary, they shall call for assistance on the <strong>Office</strong>r on thestation, and on tl e Masters and Crews <strong>of</strong> the Steam Vessels, to aidthem. Persons contravening this Regulation, shall pay and forfeit asum not exceeding Forty Shillings for each <strong>of</strong>fence.10th.—No Porter shall demand or take a higher sum for his servicesthan the Rates or Fares stated in the Table annexed to theseRegulations, and each Porter shall, when plying, have in his possessiona copy <strong>of</strong> these Regulations and the Table <strong>of</strong> Rates or Fares,and shall at all times produce the same to the person employing himwhen required, and that under a penalty not exceeding Five Poundsfor each <strong>of</strong>fence.11th. Any one <strong>of</strong> the Magistrates sitting in the Police Court, onsufficient cause shown to him, may declare the Bond <strong>of</strong> Cautiongranted for any Porter forfeited, and deprive the <strong>of</strong>fender <strong>of</strong> his Licenseand Badge.12th. All fines and penalties incurred under the preceding Regulations,shall he sued for before the Magistrates, in the Police Court,and recovered, at the instance <strong>of</strong> the Procurator Fiscal <strong>of</strong> the Town<strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> ; and upon the conviction <strong>of</strong> the <strong>of</strong>fender, it shill be lawfulfor the Magistrate, as presiding Police Judge, to pronounce sentence,subjecting such <strong>of</strong>fender to imprisonment in the Bridewell orPrison <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, for any period not exceeding sixty days, unlesspajment <strong>of</strong> the fine inflicted be sooner paid.13th. A Printed Copy <strong>of</strong> these Regulations, and the Table <strong>of</strong>Fares annexed, shall be placed in the Cabin and Steerage <strong>of</strong> eachSteam Vessel, for the information and guidance <strong>of</strong> the Public.JOHN KERR GRAY, Town Clerk.FARES.A parcel 7 lbs. weight or under, from any place in <strong>Greenock</strong>, notbeyond Cartsburn, Westburn, or Shaw Place, ... £0e2

54 APPENDIX.A parcel above 7 lbs. and not exceeding 56 lb9., within the placesjust mentioned, ... ... ... ... ... 3A parcel above 56 lb*, and not exceeding 1 12 lbs., ... 4Any Loid on a Wheelbarrow exceeding 112 lbs., ... 6A leiter or parcel not exceeding 7 !bs. from any place in the Town<strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>, not beyond R itho Street on the East, CampbellStreet on the West, and Wellington Street on the South 4A parcel above 7 lbs., and not exceeding 56 lbs., within the placesnow mentioned, ... ... ... ... ... 5A pucel above 56 lbs., and not exceeding 1 12 lbs., ... 6Any load on a Wheelbarrow exceeding 1 12 lbs.,... ... 8A parcel 7 lbs. weight or under, from any place in <strong>Greenock</strong> notbeyond Ladyburn on the East, Martha Brae on the West, andthe Cotton Mill on the South, ... ... ... 6A pai eel above 7 lbs., and not exceeding 56 lbs., within the placesnow mentioned, ... ... ... ... ... 7A parcel ubnve b6 lbs., and not exceeding 1 12 lbs., ... 8Any load on a Wheelbarrow exceeding 112 lbs., ... 10A parcel 7 lbs. weight oi under, from any place in <strong>Greenock</strong>, notbeyond Fort Matilda, ... ... .. ... 7A parcel above 7 lbs. and not exceeding 56 lbs., within the placenow mentioned, ... ... ... ... ... 8A parcel above 56 lbs. and not exceeding 112 lbs., ... 9Any load on a Wheelbarrow exceeding 112 lbs., ... 10A parcel 7 lbs. weight or under, from any place in <strong>Greenock</strong> toBerryburn, ... ... ... ... ... 9A parcel above 7 lbs. and not exceeding 56 lbs., within the placenow mentioned, .. ... ... ... ... 10A parcel above 56 lbs., and not exceeding 112 lbs., ... 10Any load on a Wheelbarrow exceeding 1 12 lbs., ... 13When detained more than a quarter <strong>of</strong> an hour at loading or unloading,for every additional quarter <strong>of</strong> an hour, ... 2One-half more to be charged after 8 o'clock evening in thewinter season, and 10 o'clock in the summer.Assisting at loading or unloading Carts, weighing Goods, &c, notincluded in the above Fares—For the first hour,For every other hour,Watching during the night—For the first hour,For eveiy other hour,Acting generally as a Porter for a whole day <strong>of</strong> 10 hours,For a week,For these Rates or Fares, Porters are bound, when required, toput the Goods, Parcels, or Luggage on board <strong>of</strong> the Steam Vessels,or place them on the platform <strong>of</strong> the Railway, or take the same out<strong>of</strong> the Steam Vessel, or down from the Railway platform, or to orfrom a House or other place or building.JOHN KERR GRAY, Town Clerk.Town- Hall, 12th June, 1854.11 1s664 6<strong>The</strong> preceding Regulations and Table <strong>of</strong> Rates or Fares Allowed,Approved, and Confirmed, in terms <strong>of</strong> the Statutes 3 Vict. cap. '27,and <strong>of</strong> 5 Vict. cap. 54.CLAUD MARSHALL, Sheriff"- Substitute.Grkjsnock, 18th July, 1854.

APPENDIX. 55LIST OF LICENSED PORTERS AND THEIR NUMBERS.NO.NO.William Milligan, 1 Martin M'Neilage, 31Morris M'Teague, 2 William M'Arthur, 32John Telfer, 3 D. Carmichael 33James Wilson, 4 Peter Clark, 38Alexander Clark, 5 Hector M'Allister, 40George Knaggs, 6 Allan Black, 41Charles M-Lachlan, 7 Donald Laurie, 42John Drummond, 8 Hugh Gillan, 43Edwaid Jack, 9 Robert Miller, 45John Moody, 10 John M'Taggart, 46John M'Callum, 11 Colin M'Phail, 51John Orr, 12 Allan M'Kinnon, 53Archd. M'Allister, 13 Thoma3 Aird, 54Neil M'Callum, 14 Thomas Hepburn, 55Archd. M'Farlane, 15 James Benham, 56James Don, 16 William Greaves, 57John Blair, 17 Archd. Grierson, 68William Blair, 18 Allan MCallum, 59Matthew Muir, 19 Robert Campbell, 60Alex M'Millan, 20 John Pettigrew, 62John M'Farlane, 21 Archd. Wright, 63William Muir, 22 Michael Brown, 64A. M'Kirdy, 24 James Darroch, 65James Dilgleisb, 26 Duncan M'Alpine, 66Archd. M'Nair, 27 Peter Strathern 67Donald M'Intyre, 28 Henry M'Garvie, 68Alex M Gilvrary, 29 John Payne, 69Angus Johnstone, 30 John M-Dougall, 72GREENOCK SI1IPPING LIST.VESSELS MARKEDBk ,~~Barque 1 S ~Ship I Sp~-~— Sloop I Lr~~-~~.LighterBg Brig Sk ~Sniack1 |Sr~«>~— Schooner j Cr CutterVessels.Tons.AMasters. Owners. Trade.Abyssinia, bk 399 Evans John Kerr ForeignAgnes, Ir 46 Miller R. & P. Barr CoastAgnes Taylor, s 471 Lyle John Kerr ForeignAim, lr 28 P. Sincla ir Mories & Nicol CoastAlberta, bk 600 Cameron Erskine & Buchanan ForeignAlexander, lr 40 Sinclair D. & G. Brymner CoastAmerica, s 430 Guthrie W. On- ForeignAnnabella, bk 199 R. Paul Macfarlane doAnne M'Lean, bk 318 P. M'Gaw Hamlin & Co. doAnn Hall, bg 172 Dempster Dempster & others doAnn Johnston, bg 198 Pattersor i Baine & Johnstone doArchd. M'Millan, s 498 Gallowa; John Kerr doAssaye, s 847 M'Kenzi ; J. & W. Stewart doAtalanta, bg 182 Wood D Wilson do

56 APPENDIX.B"Vessels. Tons. Masters. Owners. Trade.Balclutha, bg 241 Hart J. & W. Stewart ForeignBalmoral, bg 114 King King doBannockburn, s 7ao Biuce Russell & others doBanshee, lr 36 Stirling Mories & Nicol CoastBarbara, sr 325 Stevenson Stevenson & Co. ForeignBirkby, bg 324 Thomson G. Turnbull & Co. doBlack Diamond, h 80 M'Alpine Mories & Nicol CoastBorneo, bk 460 Sutherland Martin & Co. ForeignBrenda, bk 299 M'Lean Pattens & Co. doBrook»,by, s 500 Clark C. M'Millan and others doBrownie, lr 40 M'Millan Mories & Nicol Coastc.Carntyne, s 886 Carlyle Lang and Co. ForeignCatherine, sr 45 Gibb J. Gibb CoastCharles, lr 38 Livingstone Mories and Nicol doCharlotte Harrison, bk 575 A. Welsh A. R. Johnston ForeignChase, bk 286 Kiik Baine and Johnstone doCherokee, bk 278 Irvin J. and W Stewart doChevalier, br 253 Fleming G. Turnbull and Co. doChieftain, bk 389 M'Millan D. M'Larty doClara, be; 174 Hutcheson J. Hunter and Co. doClydesdale, bk 250 Aitken J. G. Macfarlane doCommerce, lr 21 Scott Mories and Nicol CoastCorio, s s !53 Brown J. F. Mackay ForeignCopia, bk 300 Craigie Pattens and Co. doCres6ida, s 587 M'Fee Campbell, Anderson and Co. doCuldee, bk 3S7 Chambers J. Cunningham and Co. doCulloden, s 908 Machean Hamilton, Adams and othen doCuthberts, bk 776 Nixon R. Cuthbert doDante, bg 189Davidsons, bg 218Demerara, s 488Druid, bk 358Duke <strong>of</strong> Portland, s 533Breakenridge Baine and Johnstone ForeigHenderson Patcens and Co. doD. Galloway John Kerr doT. Donnelly doSeymour Thomas Hamlin and Co. doEarl <strong>of</strong> Lonsdale, bk 350 Rutter John Kerr ForeignElf, lr 40 Cavins Mories and Nicol CoastElizabeth, lr 30 Weir Mories and Nicol doElizabeth, lr 44 Campbell D. and G. Brymner doEliza Grieve, bg 149 Brien Baine and Johnstone ForeignEliza Stewart, s 524 Baird J. and W. Stewart doEllen, bn 94 Campbell John Campbell CoastEllen Forrestal, bg 189 M'Millan Macfarlane ForeignEnglishman, bn 165 Ross Whitehead doEmelyn, bk 293 Toogood M'Arthur and Binnie doErromango, br 351 Leckie J. Kelso doEydent, lr 39 Gibson R. and P. Barr Coast

APPENDIX. 57Vessels.Tons.FMasters. Owners. Trade.Fairy, lr 35 Gardner Mories and N'col CoastFriends, sr 75 M'Callum D. and G. Brymner doGGartsherrie, bk 252 Chine Andrew Stewart ForeignGlasgow, lr 28 M'Ewen Mories and Nicol CoastGlaucus, bg 256 Duncan J. and W. Stewart ForeignGrange, bk 275 Morrison Thomas Shaw doHHazard, bg 115 Banks Davidson CoastHebe, sr 103 Dovling Baine and Johnstone ForeignHope, lr 30 M'Pherson D. and G. Brymner CoastHound, sr 132 Walters Kerrs and M'Bride ForeignIIceni, bg 269 Steele Kerrs and M'Bride ForeignIndia, s 573 Kennedy John M'Cunn doInnellan, bk 7P2 Clark M'Millan and others doIsabella, bg 280 Cowan John Kerr doIsabella Kerr, bk 442 Clark John Kerr doIsle <strong>of</strong> France, bk 338 Neill M'Arthur and Binnie doJJacatra, s 348 Aiton D. M'Gregor ForeignJamaica, bk 355 Ferguson John Kerr doJames Campbell, bk 325 Campbell John Kerr doJames Russell, s 801 Muir A. Russell and others doJames Stewait, bg 240 Taylor J. and W. Stewart doJane Brown, bk 281 Stevenson J. B. Paterson and others i doJanet, sp 39 Wilson John M'Lean and Co. CoastJanet, lr 29 Sinclair D. and G. Brymner doJanet Wilson, bk 279 Edwards Mrs Janet Wilson ForeignJean, lr 30 M'Pherson R. and P. Bdir CoastJean, lr 39 MPherson Mories and JNicol doJessie, sp 50 Morrison John M'Lean and Co. doJessie Catherine, sp 32 M'Coll John MLean and Co. doJohn Ferguson, s 499 Galloway John Kerr ForeignJohn Hamilton, s 942 Sillars Hamilton, Adam and othi;rs, doJohn M'Kenzie, s 904 Tilly Andrew Stewart doJuliet, bk 444 M 'In tyre J. Rodger, jr., and others doKKirkman Finlay, s 439 M'Kirdy Shankland ForeignKohinoor, bk 323 Rhodes Andrew Stewart doLLady Octavia, s 1312 WelshHamilton, Adams k others For.Lewis, lr 28 Tawells Thomas Potter CoastLivonia, bg 161 M'Millan — Thomson do

53 APPENDIX.Vessels. Tons. Masters.Lord <strong>of</strong> the Isles, s 691 MaxtonLord Harris, str 164 DowLord Warriston, s 1144 RobertsonLotus, bk 369 RitchieOwners.Trade.Martin and Co.Foreign— Templeton doThos. Hamlin and Co. doCampbell, Anderson & Co. doMarchss. <strong>of</strong> Ailsa, bkMargaret Smith, bkMarion Dick, srMarion Hendry, srMartaban, sMary, IrMary, bgMary Ann, bgMary Campbell, srMary Fclker, si-Mary Stewart, bkMeg Merrilies, sMenam, bkMeteor, sMeteor, bkMoria, bgMonsoon, sMoselle, bkMooltan, sMountstewart, sr3352924991851302183505477316315472754°9324385597161157Andrew John Kerr ForeignFleming John Kerr doMorrison J. and J. Dick CoastHendry Hendry and others doBrown Orr and others ForeignGardner R. and P. Barr CoastMuoro J. Kelso ForeignLeitch P. W. Leitch doM'Lean M. and D. Kelso CoastChampion Thos. Hamlin and Co. ForeignM'Neill A. Aitken and others doM'Kellar J. Jackson doAndrew Martin and Co. doAlexander M'Arthur and Binnie doBoyd J. and W. Stewart doSloane J. F. Mackay doPoison Orr and others doThomson J. F. Mackay doRodger Wm. Crawford and Cf doD. and G. Brymner CoastNative Lass,Neptune, bkNiagara, bkNorvaL bk116343422245NGirr D. $• G. Brymner, Co. §• For.Dunlop J. Cunningham and Co. For.Buchanan Dunlop and others doWallace Baine and Johnston doOnda, bkOthello, bn376155NairnRobertsonOrr and othersBaine and JohnstoneForeigndoPeerless, bgPriam, bkProgress, s sPursuit, bg177659316226M'LellanMacfarlaneDokeMackieD. SteeleM'Arthur and BinnieMones and NicolJohn KerrForeigndododoQuintin Leitch, s 643 Warden A. Russell and others ForeignRoderick Dhu, bkRoger Stewart, sRosina, bkRosina, bg376 M'Intyre364 Morrison450 Broadfoot159 MannD. M'Alpine and Co. ForeigiAndrew StewartdoD. M'Gregor doJ. Hunter and Co. do

APPENDIX. 5©Vessels.Royal Oak, lrRunnymede, bgTons.•26236Masters.ScottProwseOwners.Mories and NicolKerrs and M 'BrideTrade.CoastForeignSalween, bk 307 White F. White ForeignSapho, bk 446 Hildreth D. Bilderston and others doSatisfaction, lr 40 Paul Mories and Nicol CoastSt Fillans, bg 193 Daviea J. Hunter and Co. Foreign<strong>Scotland</strong>, s 388 Davie John MacCunn doShooting Star, bk 291 Johnston Wm. Lindsay and Co. doSir R. Campbell, bg 178 Dunn J. Hunter and Co. doSolway, sk 41 M'Arthur M. and D. Kelso CoastSomnauth, s 670 Lawson Hamilton, Adams & others.For.Spartan, s 796 Barclay, Hamilton, Adams & others, doSpray, bg 241 Roper Kerrs and Al 'Bride doSpectator, bk 332 Neill Dunlop and others doStirling, bk 430 Jamieson J. F. Mackay * ; oTamerlane, s 427 Caldwell J. and W. Stewart ForeignTartar, s 670 Guthrie Hamilton, Adams and others,doTbalestris, bg 165 Hanley Pattens and Co. doThomas Fielden, s 904 Coupar Thomas Hamlin and Co. doThomas Hamlin, s 831 Pole Thomas Hamlin and Co. doTrinidad, s 524 Dunlop John Kerr doUlysses, 934 Chivas W. Crawford and Co. ForeignVestal, bg 161 Leitch Kerrs and M'Bride ForeigiWalter Baine, bg 257 ClearyWilliam Gibson, s 592 AlexanderWilliam Stewart, s 576 RichesWilling Lass, bn 115 AitonBaine and Johnstone ForeignJames M'Millan and Son doJ. and W. Stewart doThorne and Co.doTrca, 1374 Hamilton, Adams ^ others F«r.[<strong>The</strong> publishers desire to return their thanks to the Merchants and others,for the valuable assistance afforded them in making up and completing thisList.]

60 APPENDIX.GREENOCK POST OFFICE— 3,CHURCH PLACE.June, 1855.THOMAS M'MILLAN, <strong>Post</strong>master.Alexander. Loudoun, Alex. R. Macintosh, David Scrymgeour,William M. G. Weir, and James Allan, Clerks.James Dickson, Alex4nder Cameron, James Arbuckle, JohnM'Leish, Samuel Fry, and John M'Lean, Letter Carriers.George Stewart and William Buntain, Railway and SteamboatMessengers.Patrick Finnigan, Gourock Runner.Archibald Crawford, Kihnun Messenger and Letter Deliverer.Robert Morrison, Cove and Kilcreggan Messenger and Letter Deliverer.<strong>The</strong> Paid Letter Window is open at 7 a.m., and shut at 10 p.m. ;and on Sundays is only open to the public from 8 till 9 a.m.Money Orders are granted and paid from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. OnSundays and Fast-days no business <strong>of</strong> this description is done.DELIVERY OF LETTERS.First delivery at 7 a.m., with the correspondence from England ;Continent <strong>of</strong> Europe ; Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Grangemouth, Bathgate; Ireland, Portpatrick, Stranraer, Cairnryan, Ballantrae, Girvan,Maybole, Ayr, Kilmarnock, Cumnock, Mauchline, Fenwick, Newton,Auchinleck, Symington, Ardrossan, Beith, Dairy, Irvine, Kilwinning,Lochwinnoch, Monkion, Saltcoats, Stewarton, Troon;Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth; Stirling, Callander, Alloa, Denny,Kilsyth, Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs ; Inverary ; Fort-William,Strontian, Appin, Oban, Bonaw, Dalmally, Cairndow, Arrochar,Luss, Dumbarton, Helensburgh ; Glasgow, Paisley, Renfrew, Bishopton,Port- Glasgow. Town's letters in time for this delivery till6.30 a.m.Second delivery at 10.30 a.m., with the correspondence from London,Liverpool, Manchester, Dublin, Edinburgh, East <strong>of</strong> England,South East <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>, Berwick, and towns on the North British,and Edinburgh and Glasgow Railways ; Glasgow, Paisley, Port-Glasgow, Largs, Millport, Rothesay, and Dunoon. Town's lettersin time till 10 a.m.

APPENDIX. 61Third delivery at 1.30 p.m., with the correspondence from Glasgow,Paisley, Port-Glasgow and Helensburgh. Town's letters intime till 1 p.m.— for Private Boxes only.Fourth delivery at 4.30 p.m., with the correspondence from Edinburgh,Glasgow, Paisley, Port- Glasgow, Denny, Ardentinny, Lochgoilhead,Cove, and Kilcreggan. Town's letters in time till 4 p.m.Fifth delivery at 7.20 p.m., with the correspondence from Edinburgh,Glasgow, Paisley, Port- Glasgow, Perth, Brechin, Montrose,Stirling, Alloa, Inverness, Rothesay, Dunoon, Campbelton, Lochgilphead,Tarbert, Clachan, Tayinloan, Ardrishaig, Innellan, Kilmun,Millport, Largs, Fairlie, West Kilbride, Wemyss Bay, and Inverkip.Town's letters in time till 6.50 p.m.On Sundays, on being called for at the General <strong>Post</strong> <strong>Office</strong>, 3,Church Place, from 8 till 9 a.m.On Fast-days on being called for at the <strong>Office</strong>, 3, Church Place,from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.RECEIVING HOUSES.<strong>The</strong> Letter-boxes at the three Receiving Houses, West BlackhallStreet, Rue end Street, and Steamboat Quay, shut on week days atthe following hours, viz., 11.20 a.m., 2.20 p.m., 6.20 p.m., and 9.20p.m.. On Sundays at 2 p.m.LETTER-CARRIERS'DISTRICTS.(Arranged as the Letters are delivered.)1st District— Rue-end street, Bogle street, Virginia Street, Chapelstreet, Baker street, Dellingburn street, East Blackhall street, Carnockstreet, St Andrew's square and street, Springkell street, EastStewart street, Cartsdyke, Cartsburn street, St John Street, St Lawrencestreet, Under Crescent, Stanners street, Arthur street, Hillend,Main street, East Regent street from Lynedoch street, Bogle street,Back Walks, Lyle street, Antigua street—John M'Leish.2d District'— Church place, Hamilton street, West Burn street,(upper part), No. 25 to 42, Nicholson street No. 23 to 41, Charlesstreet No. 21 to 32, Sugarhouse lane No. 25 to 32, Cowgate street,Smith's lane, Buccleuch street, West Stewart street, Kilblain street,George's square, Nelson street, Union street, Kelly street, Patrickstreet, Brisbane street, Finnart, Ford, and Brachelston toll, HighVennel, Watson's lane, and Manse lane—James Dickson.3d District— Cathcart square, William street No. 6 to 18, Charlesstreet No. 1 to 17, Sugarhouse lane No. 7 to 21, Crawfurd street,West Burn street No 14 to 22 (lower part), West Blackhall street,Brougham street, Houston street, Elcion street, Margaret street,West Stewart street, west from Bonar's church, Patrick street, Shorestreet, ending at Lower Fergusland, East and West Clyde streets, andJamaica street— Alexander Cameron.9

62 APPENDIX.4th District— Cathcart street to Mansion-house lane, from Lynedochstreet, Roxburgh street, Inverkip street, Mount Pleasant,Orangefield, and Cowdenknowes, Bank street, Shaw place. Regentstreet (west), Mearns street, Trafalgar street, Ann street, Drumlrocharroad, Sir Michael street, East Shaw street, Duncan street, Tobagostreet, and Market street— James Arbuckle.5th District— From Mansion-house lane down Cathcart street toEast India breast and quay, Custom-house place, East, Middle, andWest breasts and quays, Ropework street, to M'Millan's yard, WestBurn street No. 1 to 12, Low Sugarhouse lane, No. 1 to 4, Taylor'sclose, Shaw street, New Deck lane, Dalrymple street, Shaw street,East quay lane, Low Vennel, Harvie lane, and low part <strong>of</strong> Williamstreet, Highland close, Broad close, Longwill close, and Cross-shorestreet—Samuel Fry.6th District— From Garvel Paik Lodge, along East Hamiltonstreet to Hillend Works, Cappielow and Toll Cottages, Ladyburn,Clyde Pottery, Caledonian Saw Mills, Inch Works, and along thePort-Glasgow Road to the Kingston Saw Mills—John M'Lean.As the system <strong>of</strong> paying InlandPOSTAGE STAMPS, &c.Letters has been done away with,the public must use <strong>Post</strong>age Stamps.Stamps may be procured at the General <strong>Office</strong>, 3 Church Place,the Stamp <strong>Office</strong>, and the Two Receiving- Houses.<strong>The</strong> Penny Labels, ~-~ ,~~. at Id. each<strong>The</strong> Twopenny Labels, „~» „~- ~~* at 2d. „<strong>The</strong> Sixpenny Labels, ^~. ^^ at 6d. „<strong>The</strong> Tenpenny Labels, at lOd. „<strong>The</strong> Shilling Labels, ~~, at Is.„<strong>The</strong> Penny Envelopes,24 for 2s. 3d., or 2 for 2£d.When the value <strong>of</strong> Stamps on a Letter is less than the amount <strong>of</strong>the postage to which it is liable, the Letter will be charged doublethe amount <strong>of</strong> such difference on delivery.Stamps may be used for Printed Votes and Proceedings in Parliament,and on Foreign Colonial, and Ship Letters, outwards. Lettersfor parts abroad posted with Stamps <strong>of</strong> less value than the fullamount <strong>of</strong> <strong>Post</strong>age, if addressed to places to which prepayment is notcompulsory, will be forwarded, charged with only such amount <strong>of</strong><strong>Post</strong>age as shall be equal to the difference between the value <strong>of</strong>Stamps and the proper rate <strong>of</strong> <strong>Post</strong>age ; but letters addressed toplaces abroad, to which prepayment is compulsory, if posted withStamps <strong>of</strong> less value than the full amount <strong>of</strong> <strong>Post</strong>age, will be sent tothe Dead-Letter <strong>Office</strong>, to be returned, in all practicable cases, to thewriter. Stamps are not permitted to be used on Letters arriving inthe United Kingdom from the Colonies or Foreign Countries.<strong>The</strong>se Regulations are applicable to newspapers in those caseswhere they are liable to postage.If the Stamps affixed to letters are mutilated or defaced, the letterswill be liable to the unpaid rate.

APPENDIX. 63A Stamp which has been cut from an envelope and affixed to aletter, entitles it to pass free <strong>of</strong> charge.Redirected letters are charged an additional postage for each redirection,according to the Prepaid Scale,—except those addressed to anyTown and redirected to any place subordinate to,livery <strong>of</strong> that Townor within the de-;Letters addressed to any subordinate Town and redirected to anyother subordinate Town, both being under the same <strong>Post</strong> Town.Letters addressed to a subordinate Town and redirected to its principal<strong>Post</strong> Town, provided they are redirected by an <strong>Office</strong>r <strong>of</strong> the<strong>Post</strong> <strong>Office</strong>.Letters to Warm Climates should be sealed with wafers, as waxdestroys the letters by melting, causing them to adhere to oneanother.No letter, when once posted, can be given up to any but the personto whom it is addressed, neither is any person allowed to alter theaddress <strong>of</strong> a letter after being posted.Adhesive Stamps should be placed on the right-hand corner <strong>of</strong> theupper side <strong>of</strong> the letters, above the superscription. <strong>The</strong> most effectualplan is to dip the label wholly in water, to shake <strong>of</strong>f the waterimmediately, and to press the label upon the letter with a piece <strong>of</strong>clean blotting paper. When the gum is dull in appearance, it willrequire rather more time and moisture to make it stick firmly, thanwhen it is glossy. <strong>The</strong> purpose <strong>of</strong> wetting the label wholly, is toconteract the tendency it has to curl up from the letter, when oneside only is wetted, a tendency caused by the expansion <strong>of</strong> that sideas it imbibes the moisture.PREPAID RATES OF POSTAGE.Letters not exceeding Half an Ounce in weight, Id; One Ounce,2d ; Two Ounces, 4d ; Three Ounces, 6d, and so on, two rates beingadded for every ounce. Inland letters or packets put unpaid intothe letters-boxes, are charged double the prepaid rates <strong>of</strong> postage.Letters having an insufficient amount <strong>of</strong> stamps are charged withdouble the amount <strong>of</strong> the difference between the stamps affixed andthe prepaid rates.LIMITATION OF WEIGHT.A letter to pass unpaid by the post must not exceed Four Ounces.In the event ot any unpaid letter above the weight <strong>of</strong> four ouncesbeing posted, it will be charged with double the prepaid rate <strong>of</strong> postage; if insufficiently paid, it will be charged with double the amount<strong>of</strong> the difference between the stamps affixed and the prepaid rates,and thus charged, " shall and may be detained and opened, and, atthe option <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Post</strong>master- General, shall be either returned orgiven up to the sender there<strong>of</strong>, or be given up to the person to whomit shall be addressed, or be forwarded to the place <strong>of</strong> its destination."— Treasury Warrant, 22d Oct., 1847.

64 APPENDIX.LIMITATION OF SIZE.A letter to pass by the post, either paid or unpaid, must not exceedthe dimensions <strong>of</strong> twenty-four inches in length, or breadth, orwidth, or depth. Any letter above these dimensions may, if fullypaid, be detained and opened, or forwarded at the option <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Post</strong>master-General.Any letter unpaid, or insufficiently, will be taxedprecisely after the scale <strong>of</strong> charges mentioned in the preceding paragraph,as applicable to unpaid letters exceeding four ounces weight,and thus charged, be either detained and opened, and returned to thesender, or forwarded, at the option <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Post</strong>master- General. <strong>The</strong>only exception to the foregoing regulations as to size and weight arein the case <strong>of</strong>,— 1. Parliamentary proceedings or addresses to herMajesty. 2 Petitions to either Houses <strong>of</strong> Parliament, forwarded toany Member <strong>of</strong> such House. 3. Printed votes or proceedings <strong>of</strong> Parliament.4. Letters or packets to or from public departments orpublic <strong>of</strong>fices in her Majesty's service. 5. Letters, &c, to or fromplaces abroad.All persons sending letters by the <strong>Post</strong> unpaid, which, from anycause whatever cannot be delivered to the parties to whom they areaddressed, are liable to pay the postage charged thereon, which maybe recovered, with costs, by summary proceedings before a magistrate.REGISTRATION.Letters, whether containing Coin or not, can be registered on payment<strong>of</strong> a fee <strong>of</strong> 6d, in addition to the Rates <strong>of</strong> <strong>Post</strong>age, Inland,Colonial, or Foreign. On those to France, or passing throughFrance, at double the usual rates <strong>of</strong> <strong>Post</strong>age. On those to Prussia,or passing through Prussia, the Prussian Registration Fee <strong>of</strong> 3dmust be paid in addition to the British. On those to Russia andPoland, via Belgium, an additional rate <strong>of</strong> 3gd under ^ oz., 7d underoz., the charge will be1 oz., &c. Thus, for a letter not exceeding Jordinary <strong>Post</strong>age, UJd; additional <strong>Post</strong>age, 3|d ; British RegistrationFee, 6d ; Prussian do., 3d; total, 2s. A printed acknowledgmentwill be given to any person registering a letter. Registeredlettars will be taken at the Bar Window and the Receiving-houseswithin half an hour <strong>of</strong> the closing <strong>of</strong> the Box for the particular Mailby which they are to be despatched. Letters for Registration addressed to places within the United Kingdom, must be paid by affixinga sufficient number <strong>of</strong> Stamps, and the Registration Fee must bepaid in Stamps ; when addressed to parts abroad, they may be paideither in money, or by means <strong>of</strong> postage stamps.In cases <strong>of</strong> Foreign, Colonial, or Ship Letters, it must be clearlyunderstood that Registration can only extend to the port <strong>of</strong> shipment.Letters, however, addressed, to France, and letters passing throughFrance, are exceptions to this rule, the French <strong>Post</strong>-Othce undertakingto provide for their security till they shall have been deliveied,if addressed, to France, and as long as they remain in the Frenchterritory, if passing through France.<strong>The</strong> arrangements for carrying out the system <strong>of</strong> registration havebeen made with the view <strong>of</strong> insuring the safe delivery <strong>of</strong> Registered

APPENDIX. 65On their delivery, the parties to whom they may have beenLetters.addressed will be required to acknowledge, in writing, their receipt.Parties transmitting Bank Notes, Bank <strong>Post</strong> Bills, Drafts, Jewellery,&c, should invariably secure their transmission by Registration ; andpersons having occasion to send by post small sums, are recommendedto make use <strong>of</strong>THE MONEY ORDER OFFICE,which is open every week-day, fast-days excepted, from 9 a.m., to 6p.m. <strong>The</strong> charge for such orders is 3d on sums not exceeding twopounds, aud 6d on sums between two and five pounds. No Orderwill be given for sums beyond this amount; but if the sum to betransmitted exceeds five pounds, as many Orders may be taken outas will make up the sum to be sent.In cases where the personal attendance <strong>of</strong> the party to whom anOrder is payable is inconvenient, if the Order is receipted (his or hername written in full), and the person presenting the Order be able togive full information as to the Christian name, surname, address, andoccupation <strong>of</strong> the person who transmitted the money, payment willbe made, but not unless these conditions are complied with. Orderswill not be granted in favour <strong>of</strong> any person unless the Christian name<strong>of</strong> such person can be given by the party obtaining the Order.Orders cannot now be granted in favour <strong>of</strong> the " Secretary " <strong>of</strong> anySociety, the "Publisher" <strong>of</strong> a paper, &c. In cases <strong>of</strong> Firms theinitials only are required.A Money Order must be presented for payment before the end <strong>of</strong>the Second Calendar Month after that in which it was issued (forinstance, if issued in January, it must be presented before the end <strong>of</strong>March), otherwise a new order will be necessary, for which a SecondCommission must be paid ; and if it be not presented for paymentbefore the end <strong>of</strong> the Twelfth Calendar Month after which it wasissued, the money will not be paid at all,After an Order has been once paid, by whomsoever presented, the<strong>of</strong>fice will not be liable to any further claim.COLONIAL AND FOREIGN MAILS.A single rate <strong>of</strong> <strong>Post</strong>age is given for each country.<strong>The</strong>re being no bags despatched for London on Saturday till 10p.m., when any <strong>of</strong> the dates for the London, Southampton, or DoverPackets fall upon that day, reference must be made to the AlphabeticalList for information whether the letters should be posted onthe previous Friday, or on the ensuing Sunday.Letters for Foreign Countries, the prepayment <strong>of</strong> which is required,when put into the unpaid box, or left at the <strong>of</strong>fice with less than thefull postage, are sent to the Dead Letter <strong>Office</strong>, and returned to thewriter, when his address can be ascertained.FOREIGN MAILS.FROM LIVERPOOL TOBritish North America and United States, made up at <strong>Greenock</strong>every alternate Friday, 6.50 p.m.

,66 APPENDIX.FROM DOVER TOCalais, France*Ostend, Belgium,Indian, closed Mail,seiiles,MAILS MADE UP IN GREENOCK.{ Daily, except Saturday, 2.50 p.m.I and 6.50 p.m.Daily, except Saturday, 6.50 p.m.Mar- J8th and 24th <strong>of</strong> each Month, 6.50( p.m.PROM SOUTHAMPTON TOLisbon, Spain, and Gibraltar, | 6th, 16th, and 26th <strong>of</strong> everyMonth, at 2. 50 p.m.Gibraltar, Malta, Egypt, Ceylon, ( 3d and 19th <strong>of</strong> every Month, 2.50and India, ( p.m.(I) British Colonies in West In-")dies (except Honduras), ForeignColonies in West Indies|(except Havana), Venezula, ^California, New Granadaand 16th <strong>of</strong> every Month,2.50 p.m.Chili and Peru, Grey Town,(San Juan de Nicaragua J,(2) Mexico and Havana, . 1st <strong>of</strong> every Month, 2.50 p.m.(3) Honduras and Nassau, . 16th <strong>of</strong> every Month, 2.50 p.m.Lisbon, Madeira, Brazil, Buenos ) a . c ,,, ,n rnAyres, and Falkland 8th <strong>of</strong> ever Isles, \ y Month ' 2 50 p. m.Madeira, Teneriffe,Coast <strong>of</strong> Africa,FROM PLYMOUTH TOand West22d <strong>of</strong> every Month, 6.50 p.m.TABLE OF DEPARTURE OF FRENCH MEDITERRANEANPACKETS.Line <strong>of</strong> Packets,Proceeding to andCalling atDays <strong>of</strong> Departurefrom Marseilles.Due at Marseilleson return.Genoa, Leghorn, CivitaItalian Line,. Vecchia, Naples, Messina,Every MondayEvery Wednesdayand Malta......Levant Lina(Ordinary)nMalta, Syra, Smyrna, Mytelene,Dardanelles,Gallipoli,Constantinople..Every Thursday \ Every Saturday.Levant Line,.... Messinap, Pirseus, Gallipoli,Constantinople.,(Supplementary)Every MondayEvery Tuesday.nEgyptian Line ,. ,. Malta and Alexandria. .,Every alternate "1 Sunday <strong>of</strong> everyThursday J ternate Week.al-5,10, 25, 15,20, and 30th '2, 7, 12, 17, 22, andAlgiers Line, Algiers<strong>of</strong> each Month27th <strong>of</strong>eachMon.Orran Line..Tunis Line,.OraDStora, Bona, and Tunis3d, 13th, and 23d <strong>of</strong> eachMonth8th, 18th and 28th <strong>of</strong> eachMonthI, 11, and 21st <strong>of</strong>each Month5, 15, and 25th <strong>of</strong>each Month,Letters, &c, intended to be forwarded by these Packets, must beposted in Greenoek three clear days before the date <strong>of</strong> departure from

APPENDIX. 67Marseilles:—thus a letter for the Packet proceeding to the ItalianCoast and Malta, leaving Marseilles on Monday, must be posted in<strong>Greenock</strong> before 6.50 p.m. on the preceding Thursday, and Lettersfor the ordinary Levant line, leaving Marseilles on Thursday, must beposted before 2.30 p.m. on the preceding Sunday.MAILS BY PRIVATE SHIPS.Ship Letters.—<strong>The</strong> rate to Foreign Countries, when conveyed byprivate ship, is 8d under half an ounce ; and to our own Colonies6d under half an ounce.Letters for any Foreign Port or Country, to which there areRegular Packets, will not be forwarded by Merchant Vessels, unlessso directed.Owners, Consignees, or Charterers (resident in the United Kingdom),and the Owners, Consignees, and Shippers <strong>of</strong> Goods on boardvessels inward bound, are entitled to receive their letters free fromsea postage, to the extent <strong>of</strong> six ounces. In case <strong>of</strong> vessels fromCeylon, Mauritius, the East Indies, and the Cape <strong>of</strong> Good Hope,the privilege extends to twenty ounces in weight. <strong>The</strong> Owner*Charterer, or Consignee, must be described as such in the address ;and in case <strong>of</strong> Owners, Shippers, or Consignees <strong>of</strong> Goods, it mustappear by the ship's manifest that they have goods on board.A penalty <strong>of</strong> Ten Pounds is incurred by parties falsely superscribinga letter as Owner, Shipper, Charterer, or Consignee.ALPHABETICAL LIST OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES,WITH THE TIME OF DESPATCH FROM GREENOCK, RATES OF POSTAGE ANDROUTES OF MAILS.For General Abstract <strong>of</strong> the Foreign Packet Stations, see previouspage.Abyssinia, no regular mails.an agent at Malta or Aden.Letters should be sent to the care <strong>of</strong>Africa. To places not mentioned in this list there is no regularconveyance. Letters are forwarded as opportunities <strong>of</strong>fer by privateships. <strong>Post</strong>age, 8d under £ oz., Is 4d under 1 oz., &c.Africa, West Coast <strong>of</strong>, except Madeira and Teneriffe, which see;payment obligatory, via Plymouth on the 22d <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50p.m., Is under ^ oz., 2s under 1 oz„ &c.Alabama, North and South States <strong>of</strong>. See America, UnitedStates <strong>of</strong>.Algeria, postage same as to France, through which country lettersare forwarded.Alexandria, via Marseilles, unless otherwise addressed, 8th and24th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50 p.m., unless these days fall upon aSaturday, in that case the mails are made up on the following day, Is

68 APFENDIX.under \ oz., 2s under ^ pz., &c. ; or via Southampton, 3d and 19th<strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., except when the 3d and 19th falls on aSaturday, and in that case thay are despatched from <strong>Greenock</strong> on theprevious day, Is under £ oz., and so on ; or hy French packet,via Marseilles, every alternate Sunday, 2.30 p.m., Is under \ oz., 2sunder | oz. Prepayment optional by all the routes.Astrakhan. See Russia.America, United States <strong>of</strong>, payment optional, by British andUnited States Mail Steam Packets from Liverpool, every Friday6.50 p.m., the British steamer proceeding to Boston and the UnitedStates steamer to New York. <strong>The</strong>se packets return at similar periodsfrom Boston and New York ; Is not exceeding ^ oz., and so on ;or by United States Packet, via Southampton, at the same rates.Letters addressed " By Private Ship," may also be sent by any outward-boundvessel ;postage 8d not exceeding \ oz. All lettersfor Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, will besent in the Regular Mails to Halifax by the Packets proceeding fromLiverpool, via Halifax, to Boston. <strong>The</strong> United States Mall Packetswill convey closed mails for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PrinceEdward Island, and letters will be forwarded in such closed mails, ifspecially addressed "via New York," or " via United States," or by** United States Packet." Letters, &c, for Bermuda and Newfoundland,will be forwarded only by the Packets proceeding to Boston.Letters, &c , for Canada—see Canada.Antigua.Arabia.Arequipa.See Indies, British West.See Indies, East.See Peru.Archipelago, East Indian, Sumatra, Borneo, the Molucca orSpice Islands, and Philippines, no regular conveyance ; sent bymerchant vessels, 8d under ^ oz., &c ; by the Indian mails, if so addressed,2s 2d by Marseilles, and Is 4d by Southampton.Australia, South Victoria, and New South Wales, payment optional,on the 4th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50 p.m., 6d under ^ oz., &c, orby private ship, if so addressed, 6d under | oz., &c.Austrian Dominions (except Lombardy and the Venetian Provinces,which see). Payment optional, via Belgium and Prussiadaily, 6.50 p.m., unless otherwise addressed, 8d under £ oz., Is 4dunder 1 oz., &c. ; or to destination, via France, Is Id under £ oz.,2s 2d under £ oz., &c.Azores, prepayment required, 6th, 16th, and 26th <strong>of</strong> each month,2.50 p.m., via Lisbon, unless otherwise addressed, Is 9d under J oz.,3s 6d under 1 oz., and so on j or by Brazil Packet, 8th <strong>of</strong> eachmonth, Is lOd under \ oz., 3s 8d under 1 oz., and so on.Baden, daily, 6.50 p.m., by France, unless otherwise directed, 8dunder 3 oz., Is 4d under £ oz., &c. : via Belgium, 6.50 p.m., 8dunder % oz., &c.Bahamas, <strong>The</strong>, the 1st <strong>of</strong> every month, 2.50 p.m., except whenthe 1st falls on a Saturday. In such case the mail is despatched thefollowing day. Payment optional, via Southampton, 6d under J oz.,Is under 1 oz., &c.

APPENDIX. 69Bahia Hondu.See Brazil.Balearic Islands, letters prepaid, forwarded daily through France'>or, if so addressed, sent by Southampton.Baltic, <strong>The</strong>. Mails for the British fleet in the Baltic are madeup on the departure <strong>of</strong> ships <strong>of</strong> war, or other vessels in H.M. service.Letters are also sent by the route <strong>of</strong> Kiel or Dantzic, via Ostend,daily. All letters for commissioned, non-commissioned, and warrant<strong>of</strong>ficers, soldiers and seamen, forwarded, via Kiel or Dantzic, arecharged 3d under ^ oz , 6d under J oz.,&c. , 3d being charged for eachadditional ^ <strong>of</strong> an oz. <strong>The</strong> same rates will be charged on letters forcommissioned or warrant <strong>of</strong>ficers conveyed by Queen's ships or transports; those for soldiers and seamen at Id under I oz. <strong>The</strong> postagein all cases must be paid in advance.Baranquilla.Barbadoes.See Carthagena.See British West Indies.Barbary, opportunities by merchant vessels very rare ;sent to an agent at Malta or Gibraltar.should beBavaria, daily, 6.50 p.m., by France, unless otherwise directed,8d under \ oz., Is 4d under i oz., &c, by Belgium, daily, 6.50 p.m.,payment optional, 8d under ^ oz., &c.Belgium, by the daily packets to Ostend, unless otherwise addressed,payment optional, 6.50 p.m., 6d, 8d, Is 2d, Is 4d, and 2s 2d,under |, J, \, I, and lg ozs., &c. ; and if addressed via France, paymentoptioual at the same rates.Belgrade, payment obligatory, viu Belgium, daily, unless otherwiseaddressed, paid to Austria, 8d under £ oz., &c. ; or via France,payment optional, Is Id under i oz., &c.Belize.Berbice.See Honduras.See Indies, British West.Bermuda, payment optional, every fourth Friday, via Halifax, 6dunder J oz., Is under 1 oz., &c.Bessarabia.Government <strong>of</strong> Russia, which see.Beyrout, via Marseilles, by French packet, payment optional, Isunder ^ oz., 2s under 3 oz., &c, or via Belgium, Is Id under i oz., &c.Birkenfeld.See German states.Black Sea, <strong>The</strong>. Letters for the British forces in Turkey and theBlack Sea are sent by French packet, via Marseilles, every Sundayat 2.30 p.m., and Thursday, 6.50 p.m., payment obligatory, 3d under£ oz., 6d under £ oz.. Is under 1 oz., 1 s 2d under 2 oz., Is 4d under 3oz., Is 6d under 3£ oz.,2s4d under 4 oz., &c. Letters for soldiers andseamen may be forwarded for a penny under J oz., by British packet,via Southampton and Malta, and thence by a vessel <strong>of</strong> war, but theseopportunities will necessarily he uncertain- Letters for the LandTransport Corps serving in Turkey or the Black Sea charged at thesame rates as those for soldiers and seamen in Her Majesty's service.

70 APPENDIX.Letters, &c, for invalid <strong>of</strong>ficers and soldiers in the British hospital atSmyrna—see Smyrna. See Greece for the British forces servingthere. Letters addressed to the <strong>of</strong>ficers, seamen, and other personsemployed on board transport ships engaged in Her Majesty's serviceare despatched at the same time, payment obligatory, Is under £ oz.,2s under | oz., 3s under £ oz., 4s under 1 oz., &c.Bohemia.See Austrian dominions.Bolivia, State <strong>of</strong>, Western South America, payment obligatory,via Southampton, ist and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., 2s under Joz., 4s under 1 oz., and so on.Bombay.Borneo.See India, East.See Archipelago, India.Botuschany, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed, paymentobligatory, 8d under ^ oz., &c. ; or via France, payment optional, Is7d under £ oz., &c.Bourbon, Isle <strong>of</strong>. See Africa, and by the Overland Mail, paymentobligatory, Is 4d under £ oz., via Southampton, on the 19th <strong>of</strong>each month, and 2s 2d on the 24th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50 p.m., viaMarseilles, under ^ oz.Brazil, payment obligatory, via Southampton, the 8th <strong>of</strong> eachmonth, 2.50 p.m. When the 8th falls on a Saturday, letters may beposted till 10 p.m. on that day, Is under ^ oz., 2s under 1 oz , &c.Bremen, Free City <strong>of</strong>, payment optional, via Belgium daily(closed mail), unless otherwise addressed, 8d under ^ oz., Is 4d under1 oz., &c. ; or via France, 8d under \ oz., Is 4d under £ oz., &c.British West Indies.See West Indies, BritishBrunswick, payment optional, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed,8d under i oz., &c. ; via France, Is Id under \ oz., 2s 2dunder | oz., &c.Bucharest, via Beigium, unless otherwise addressed, paymentobligatory, 8d under $ oz., &c. ; or via France, payment optional,Is 7d under i oz., &c.Buenos Ayres, or any other part <strong>of</strong> the Argentine Republic, paymentobligatory, via Southampton, 8th <strong>of</strong> each month, Is under £ oz.,2s under I oz., &c.Cadiz, payment obligatory, via Southampton, unless otherwise addressed,6th, 16th, and 26th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., 2s 2d underi oz., &c. ; or via France, daily, lOd, Is 3d, 2s Id, 2s 6d, 3s 9d, under4» §» §> I, and \\ oz. respectively.California, payment obligatory, via Chagres, unless otherwiseaddressed, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2 50 p.m., 2s 4d under £ oz.,&c. ; or via United States, every Friday, at 6.50 p.m., Is 2|d underJ oz., &c.Canada, payment optional, by British and United States packets,via United States, every Friday, 6.50 p.m. All unpaid letters not

,APPENDIX. 71specially addressed, '« By British packet," or by " United StatesPacket," will be forwarded by the first packet leaving, whether Britishor United States. With regard to paid letters, as the postage by thetwo lines <strong>of</strong> packets is different, being 8d under £ oz. by British, andIs 2d under £ oz. by the United States packet, the sum prepaid willbe regarded as an indication <strong>of</strong> choice on the part <strong>of</strong> the sender, andletters will be forwarded by the United States packet only when paid,Is 2d under $ oz. ;or via Halifax, if so addressed, 6d under | oz.,&c. ; or by Private Ship, 6d under £ oz., &c.Canary, or Fortunate Islands, payment obligatory, on the 8th<strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., Is lOd, under £ oz., 3s 8d under 1 oz.&c ; or via Portugal, if so addressed, 6th, 16th, and 26th <strong>of</strong> eachmonth, 2.50 p.m., Is 9d under £ oz., &c.Cape de Verde Islands, by packet, payment obligatory, 8th <strong>of</strong> eachmonth, 2.50 p.m., Is lOd under ^ oz., 3s 8d under 1 oz., &c.Cape <strong>of</strong> Good Hope, payment obligatory. Private Ship, 8d under^ oz., Is 4d under 1 oz., &c.Cape Town.See Cape <strong>of</strong> Good Hope.Cape Hatien. See Indies, Foreign WestCarthagena, South America, Is under £ oz., prepaid, 1st and 16th<strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m.Carolina, North and South States <strong>of</strong>. See America, UnitedStates <strong>of</strong>.Caucasus.Government <strong>of</strong> Russia, which see.Ceylon, Island <strong>of</strong>, payment optional, 3d and 19th <strong>of</strong> each month2.50 p.m., by Southampton, 6d under £ oz., &c. ; by Marseilles, payment obligatory, 8th and 24th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50 p.m., lid unde5 oz., Is 4d under £ oz., &c. All Letters, if prepaid, unless otherwiseaddressed, are sent via Marseilles.Chagres, payment obligatory, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50p.m., vin Southampton, Is under $ oz-, 2s under 1 oz., &c.Chili, State <strong>of</strong>, Western South America, payment obligatory, 1st,and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month, 250 p.m., 2s under £ oz., 4s under 1 oz.&c. ; or by Private Ship, 8d under J oz., &c.China, except Hong Kong, which see, payment obligatory, byMarseilles, unless otherwise addressed, on the 8th <strong>of</strong> each month,6.50 p.m., lid under £ oz., Is 4d under J oz., &c. ; or via Southampton,3d <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., 6d under $ oz., etcCircassia. Government <strong>of</strong> Russia, which see.Civita Vecchia. See Papal States.Coburg (Saxe). See German States.Columbia, (Republic), divided into Equador,Venezuella. See New Granada and Venezuela.New Grenada, and

APPENDIX.Columbia River and Hudson's Bay. No Regular Mails. Letters,etc, by private ships, or, if specially addressed and prepaid, theyare sent by New York.Coquimba.See Chagres.Connecticut, State <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Constantinople, by French Mediterranean packet, unless otherwiseaddressed, payment optional, every Sunday, at 2.30 p.m., andThursday 6.50 p.m., Is under ^ oz. , 2s under \ oz., etc. ; via Belgium,daily, payment optional, Is Id under J oz., 2s 2d under 1 oz,etc. ; or via France, payment optional, Is 7d under ^ oz., etc. ; andby Southampton, 3d and 19th <strong>of</strong> each month 2-50 p.m., paymentobligatory, I Id under £ oz., Is lOd under I oz., etc.; or by directBritish Packets, at same rates ; or by Britjsh Packet via Marseilles,8th and 24th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50 p.m., payment obligatory, Is 4d,Is 9d, 3s Id, 3s 6d, 5s 9d, under g-, $,£ , 1, and I5 oz., respectively.CorsicaSee France.Cossacks <strong>of</strong> the Black Sea and Don. Government <strong>of</strong> Russia,which see.Cracow.See Austrian Dominions.Costa Rica, payment obligatory, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2 50p.m., 2s 3d under \ oz., &c.Cuba, payment obligatory, 1st <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., via Southampton,2s 3d under 1 oz., 4s 6d under 1 oz., &c. ; and if so addressed,via United States, Is 2|d under i oz., &c.Curacoa.See Indies, Foreign West-Cuxhaven, payment optional, via Belgium, 8d under 1 oz., &c. ;or via France, 8d under \ oz.Dardanelles, <strong>The</strong>. See Smyrna.Dalmatia.Daughistan.See Austrian Dominions.Government <strong>of</strong> Russia, which see.Demerara. See Indies, British West.Denmark, payment optional, via Belgium, daily, 6-50 p.m., unlessotherwise addressed ; 10id, under £oz., etc. Printed British PricesCurrent, Commercial Lists, and Course <strong>of</strong> Exchange may be sent ifprepaid, and open at the sides, and printed in the English Language,Id each.Dominica. See Indies, British West.East Indies.See Indies, East.Ecuador, State <strong>of</strong>, Western South America, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> eachmonth, 2-50 p.m., payment obligatory, 2s under J oz., 4s under 1 oz.Egypt (except Alexandria, which see), payment obligatory, by theBritish Closed Mail, on the 8th and 24th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6-50 p.m.,unless otherwise addressed, Is under g- oz., 2s under I oz., &c. ,• via

APPENDIX. 73Southampton, on the 3d and 19th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6,50 p.m., Is notexceeding J oz. ; or via Belgium, Is under J oz., &c.Ekaterinoslaw.Government <strong>of</strong> Russia, which see.Falkland Isles. By the Brazil Packet, 8th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50p.m., payment obligatory, Is under J oz., 2s under 1 oz., &c.Florida, East and West Territories <strong>of</strong>. See America, UnitedStates <strong>of</strong>.France, daily, by morning and evening mails (Saturday excepted)'unpaid or paid to destination ; when the postage is paid in advance'4d under \ oz., 8d under £ oz , Is under £ oz., Is 4d under 1 oz.,&c. Double these rates will be charged on all letters to or fromFrance posted unpaid; or by Private Ships at same rates.Frankfort, Free City <strong>of</strong>.Galatz.Galicia.See Turkey.See Silesia.See German States-Gallipoli, payment optional, by French Packet, via Marseilles,Is Id under ^ oz., 2s 2d under $ oz., &c. ; or via Belgium, Is Idunder $ oz., &c.Gkelong, See Australia.Georgia. Government <strong>of</strong> Russia, which see.Georgia, State <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.German States, <strong>The</strong>, are Bremen, Hamburg, and Lubec, whichsee.— Frankfort, Lippe-Detmold, Hesse (Electoral ), Hesse Dramstadt,Hesse Homberk, Hohenzollern, Birkenfield, Anhalt, Hildburgh,Hausen, Nassau, Reuss, Saxe Altemberg, Saxe Coburg Gotha,Saxe Meiningen, Saxe Weimar, Schwartzburg, Rudolstadt. Lettersfor these States are sent (unless otherwise addressed) through Prussia,via Belgium, payment optional, 8d under J oz., Is 4d under 1 oz.,&c. ; or via France, 8d under | oz., Is 4d under ^ oz., &c.Gibraltar, via Southampton, on the 6th, 16th, and 26th, 2.50p.m. ; and when these days fall upon a Saturday, the mails are madeup on the same evening at 10 p.m. ; and by the Indian mail on the3d and 19th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2 50 p.m., payment optional, 6d under^ oz. ,&c. ; or via France, if so addressed, lid, Is 4d, 2s 3d, under £,|, f oz., &c.Gold Coast, <strong>The</strong>. See, St Helena.Greece, daily, by French Packet, unless otherwise addressed, paymentoptional, Is Id under ^ oz., 2s 2d under \ oz., &c ; or paid toTrieste at same rates ; or via Belgium, daily, Is 2Jd, under £ oz., &c.Letters for the British forces in Greece, payment obligatory, everyThursday, 6.50 p.m., by French Packet, via Marseilles, 3d, 6d, Is,Is 2d, Is 4d, under |, £, 1, 2, and 3 oz.Grenada. See Indies, British West.Greytown. Payment obligatory, 1st and I6tb <strong>of</strong> each month,2,50 p.m., via Southampton, 2s 3d under £ oz., &c.h

74 APPENDIX.Guadaloupe. See Indies, Foreign West.Guatemala.See Honduras.Guayaquil, payment obligatory, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2 50p.m., 2s under ^ oz., &cHalifax, Nova Scotia.See Nova Scotia.Hamburgh, payment optional, via Belgium (in closed mail), unlessotherwise addressed, 8d under ^ oz., &c. ; or via France, morning,and evening, 8d under \ oz., Is 4d under |oz. , &c, or by PrivateShip, via London, or Hull, if so addressed, 8d under £ oz., and soon. Printed British Prices Current, Commercial Lists, and Courses<strong>of</strong> Exchange, if prepaid and open at the sides, Id each, when stamped ;no postage charged in this country, if sent (in closed mail) via Belgiumand Prussia.Hanover, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed, payment optional,under ^ oz., &c, ; or via France, Is Id under £ oz., 2s 2d under| oz., &c.Havanna, payment obligatory, on the 1st <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50p.m., via Southampton, 2s 3d under ^ oz., 6s 7d under 1 oz., and soon; and, if so addressed, via United States Packet, every Friday, 6.50p.m., Is 2|d under $ oz., 2s 5d under 1 oz., &c.Haytl. See Indies, Foreign West.Heligoland, payment obligatory, by private ship, or via Cuxhaven,6d under ^ oz.Hesse, Electoral, Hesse Dramstadt, and Hesse Homberg. SeeGerman States.Hindostan. See India, East.Hohenzollern. See German States.Holland, payment optional, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed,daily, 6.50 p.m., 8d under $ oz., &c. ; or via France, 8d under£ oz.,ls 4d under ^ oz., &c.Honduras, payment optional, on the 16th <strong>of</strong> every month, 2.50p.m., via Southampton, 6d under i oz., Is under 1 oz., and so on.Hong Kong, payment optional, via Southampton, on tbe 3d <strong>of</strong>each month, 2.50 p.m., 6d under £ oz., Is under 1 oz. : Marseillesroute, on the 8th, 6.50 p.m., lid under ^ oz., Is 4d under £ oz.All paid letters are sent via Marseilles, unless otherwise addressed-Hungary. See Austrian Dominions.Ibriala, payment optional, via Belgium, Is Id under j oz., &c. ;or via France, Is 7d under 5 oz., &c.Illinois, State <strong>of</strong>.Illyria.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.See Austrian Dominions.India (East) by Southampton, payment optional, on the 3d and39th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2 50 p.m., unless either <strong>of</strong> these days fall upon.Saturday, when the Mail will be made up in <strong>Greenock</strong> on the pre-

APPENDIX. 75vious Friday, 6-50 p m., Is under \ oz., 2s under 1 oz., 4s under 2oz., &c. ; and on the 8th and 24th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50 p.m., pay.ment obligatory, ''via Marseilles by British Packet;" unless either<strong>of</strong> these days fall upon Saturday, then the Maii will be made up in<strong>Greenock</strong> on the following day, 2 30 p.m., Is lOd under J oz., 2s 3dunder J oz , 4s Id under \ oz., 4s 6d under 1 oz., 7s 9d under \\ oz.,&c. All paid letters are sent by Marseilles, unless otherwise addressed.Printed votes and proceedings <strong>of</strong> the Imperial Parliament,and <strong>of</strong> the Colonial Legislature, may be sent at the following rates,for any weight under 4 oz., Id, under 8 oz., 2d, under 12 oz., 3d, under16 oz., 4d, &c.Indies, British West (except Nassau, Honduras, Bermuda, andTurk's Island, which see), via Southampton, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> eachmonth, 2 50 p.m. When the 1st and 16th falls on a Saturday, themails are made up that evening at 10 p.m.. Payment optional, 6d,under £ oz., Is under 1 oz , &c.Indies, Foreign West (except Havanna and the Danish, whichsee.) <strong>The</strong> Mails are made up at the same time as those for " Indies,British West." Payment obligatory, Is 5d under £ oz., 2s lOd under1 oz.Ionian Islands, payment optional, via Ostend, daily, unless other'wise addressed, Is under $ oz., 2s under 1 oz., &c. ; or via Francepayment obligatory, Is Id under £ oz., 2s 2d under ^ oz., &cIsle <strong>of</strong> France.See Mauritius.Jamaica, payment optional, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50p.m., 6d under £ oz., &c.Jassa, payment obligatory, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed,8d under i oz., &c, or via France, payment optional, Is 7d under ^oz., &c.Java, or any other <strong>of</strong> the Dutch possesions, payment obligatory,via Marseilles, unless otherwise addressed, on the 8th and 24th <strong>of</strong>each month, 6 50 p.m., Is lOd, 2s 3d, 4s Id. 4s 6d, 7s 9d, under \,^, J. 1 and i^ oz. respectively ; and if addressed via Southampton, onthe 3d and 19th, 2 50 p.m., Is under | oz ., &c.Kentucky, State <strong>of</strong>. See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.La Guara. See Venezuela.La Plata. See Buenos Ayres.Lauenburg, payment optional, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed,lOd under £ oz., &c. ; or via France, Is Id under ^ oz., &c.Leeward Islands, payment optional, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month,2.50 p.m., via Southampton, Is under ^ oz., &c.Leghorn, Tuscany, which see.Lippe Detmold, payment optional, via Belgium, daily, 6.50 p.m.,unless otherwise addressed, 8d under i oz., &c. For other routes,see Frankfort.Lombardy, and the Venetian Provinces, via France, unless otherwiseaddressed, payment optional, Is Id under ^ oz., 2s 2d under ^oz. , &c , or via Belgium and Switzerland, iOd under \ oz., &c.

76 APPENDIX.Lubec, Free City <strong>of</strong>, payment optional, via Belgium and Prussia(in closed mail), daily, (except Saturday), unless otherwise addressed,8d under i oz , Is 4d under I oz., &c. ; or via France, 8d under | oz.,Is 4d under $ oz., &c. Printed votes and proceedings <strong>of</strong> Parliament,at the rate <strong>of</strong> Id under 2 oz., 6d under 3 oz , 8d under 4 oz., and soon to 16 oz. Printed British Prices Current, Commercial Lists,Courses <strong>of</strong> Exchange, if paid, Id each.Lublin, Government <strong>of</strong>.Lucca.See Poland.See Tuscan) and Lucca.Luxemburg, Grand Duchy <strong>of</strong>, payment optional, daily, via Ostend,unless otherwise addressed, 8d under i oz., Is 4d under 1 oz.,&c ; or via France, 8d under \ oz., Is 4d under £ oz., &c.Madagascar, payment obligatory, via India, Southampton Packet,Is 4d under ^ oz. ; Marseilles, 2s 2d under | oz., 2s 7d under i oz.,and so on. Private ships, as opportunity <strong>of</strong>fer, 8d under I oz.Madeira, payment obligatory, via Southampton, 8th <strong>of</strong> each month,2.50 p.m., and via Plymouth, 22d <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50 p.m. Is lOdunder $ oz-, &c ; or by Private Ship, 8d under £ oz., &c.Maine, State <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Malta, payment optional, via Marseilles, 8th and 24th <strong>of</strong> «wcbmonth, 6.50 p.m., unless otherwise addressed, lid, Is 4d, 2s 3d, 2s8d, and 4s Id, or via Southampton, 3d and 19th, 2.50 p.m., 6d under^ oz., &c, or by the French packets, via Marseilles, every Sunday,6.50 p.m., at Is Id, Is 9d, 2s lOd, 3s 6d, and 5s, under £, }, J, 1, and1^ oz. respectively.Marseilles.See France.Martinique. See Indies, Foreign West.Maryland, State <strong>of</strong>. See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Massachusetts, State <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Mauritius, payment optional, via Marseilles and Ceylon, on the24th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6-50 p.m., lid under £ oz., Is 4d under £ oz-,&c. ; or via Southampton, on the 19th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m.,6d under J oz., &c, or by Private Ship, 8d under | oz., &c.Mediterranean.See Malta, Greece, or Ionian Islands.Mecklenburg Schwerin, payment optional, via Belgium, 8dunder 1 oz., &c- ; via France, daily, Is Id under £ oz, 2s 2d under £oz., &c.Mecklenbcrgh Strelitz.See Mecklenburg Schwerin.Mexico, payment obligatory, via Southampton, on the 1st day <strong>of</strong>every month, 2-50 p.m., 2s 3d under £ oz., 4s 6d under I oz., &c, orif so addressed, via United States, Is 5d under \ oz., &cMichigan, State <strong>of</strong>.Mississippi, State <strong>of</strong>.Missouri, State <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>,

APPENDIX. 77Modena, via France and Austria, payment obligatory, Is Id under1 oz., 2s 2d under $ oz., &c. ; or via Sardinia, payment optional, atsame rates ; or via Belgium, 9£d under ^ oz., &c.Moldavia, via Belgium, daily, 6.50 p.m., unless otherwise addressed,payment obligatory, 8d under i oz., &c. ; or via France,payment optional, Is 7d under 3 oz. ; 3s 2d under £ oz., &c.Molucca Isles.See Archipelago, Indian.Monte Video, 8th <strong>of</strong> 3ach month, 2.50 p.m., payment obligatory,Is under i oz., 2s under 1 oz., &c. ; or by Private Ship, 8d under ^oz., &c.Montreal. See Canada.Montserrat.See Indies, British West.Moravia. See Austrian Dominions.Morocco.See Barbary.Mosquito Territory.See Grey Town.Naples, via France, payment optional, Is Id under £ oz., 2s 2dunder $oz., &c. ; or via Marseilles by French packet, at same rates;or via Belgium, payment obligatory, 8d under £ oz., &c.Nassau.Germany see Frankfort.Nassau. New Providence. <strong>The</strong> Bahamas.Nevis. See Indies, British West.New Brunswick. See Nova Scotia.New England. See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Newfoundland, payment optional on every second Friday, 6.50p.m., 6d under i oz., &cNew Granada, payment obligatory, 1st and 16th day <strong>of</strong> everymonth, 2.50 p.m., via Southampton, Is under i oz., 2s under 1 oz.,and so on.New Hampshire, State <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.New Jersey, State <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.New Orleans. See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.New Providence. See Indies, British West.New South Wales, Colony <strong>of</strong>. See Sydney.New York, State and Town <strong>of</strong>. See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.New Zealand, payment obligatory, by Merchant Vessels, 8d under$ oz., Is 4d under 1 oz , etc. ; or if addressed via Melbourne or viaSydney, by the Australian Packet, 6d under \ oz.Norway, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed, paymentoptional, Is 5d under £ oz., etc.; or via France, Is Id under \ oz,,2s 2d under ^ oz.Nova Scotia, via Halifax, unless otherwise addressed, paymentoptional, on every second Friday, 6.50 p.m., 6d under J oz., Is under1 oz., etc. ; or via United States (closed mails), Is 2d under i oz., 2s4d under I oz., etc. ; or by Private Ship, 6d under i oz., and so on.h2

78 APPENDIX.Nubia, no regular mails; letters should be sent to an agent at Maltaor Aden.Ohio, State <strong>of</strong>. See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Oldenburg (except the Principality <strong>of</strong> Birkenfield, which see),payment optional, via Belgium, 8d under \ oz., etc. ; or via France)Is Id under \ oz„ 2s 2d under \ oz., etc. Prices Current, CommercialLists, and Courses <strong>of</strong> Exchange, Id each, if addressed byPrivate Ship, direct.Oregon. See California.Pacific. Any place, ma Southampton, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month2.50 p.m., payment obligatory, 2s under \ oz., etc., or by PrivateShip, 8d under \ oz., etc.Panama, 1st and 16th day <strong>of</strong> every month, 2.50 p.m., via Southampton,payment obligatory, Is under 1 oz., 2s under 1 oz., etc.Papal States, payment optional, via France, or by French Packet,via Marseilles, Is Id under | oz., 2s 2d under I oz., etc.,; viaBelgium, paying obligatory, lid under I oz., Is lOd under 1 oz., etc.Parma. See Modena.Penang. See Singapore.Pennsylvania, State <strong>of</strong>.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Persia. See Turkey in Asia.Peru, must be paid, via Southampton, on the 1st and 16th day <strong>of</strong>each month, 2.50 p.m., 2s under J oz., 4s under 1 oz.Placentia, payment optional, via France and Austria, Is Idunder 1 oz., 2s 2d under h oz., etc. ; or via France and Sardinia,must be sent unpaid ; or via Belgium, 9|d, under £ oz., etc.Poland. See Russia.Port Essington. See Australia.Porto R-ico. See Indies, Foreign West.Porto (Puerto) Cabello, same rates, etc, as Venezuela, whichsee.Port Natal.Port Philip.See Cape <strong>of</strong> Good Hope.See Australia.Portugal, payment obligatory, via Southampton, 6th, 16th, and26th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., and when these days fall on a Saturdaythe mails are made up the sameevening at 10 p.m., Is 9d underA oz'., 3s 6d under 1 oz., or daily, through France, if so directed, lOd,Is 3d, 2s Id, 2s 6d, and 3s 9d, under |, $, J,1, and l\ oz. respectively ;or by Brazil Packet, 8tb <strong>of</strong> each month, Is 9d under h oz., etc.Prince Edward's Island.Prince <strong>of</strong> Wales Island.See Nova Scotia.See India, EastPrussia, daily, payment optional, via Belgium, unless otherwisespecially addressed, 8d under J oz., Is 4d under 1 oz., etc. ; or viaFiance, 8d under \ oz., Is 4d~ under $ oz. ; or by Private Ship, viaHull, Is under £ oz., etc. Letters for Prussia, containing enclosures'other than paper, and above the weight <strong>of</strong> 1£ oz., are subject todetention, and a further charge beyond the postage, being sent to the

APPENDIX. 79Custom-house for delivery as freight.Puerto Cabello. See VenezuelaQuebec.See Canada.Reuss. See German StatesRhode Island, State <strong>of</strong>. See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Russia, payment optional, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed,ll|d under 2 oz., etc. ; and via France, Is Id under 5 oz., 2s 2dunder J oz. , etc.Russia, Southern, comprising the Governments <strong>of</strong> Atkhas, Astrakhan,Bessarabia, Caucasus, Circassia, Cossacks <strong>of</strong> the Black Sea andDon, Daughistan, Ekaterinoslaw, Georgia, Imeritia, Kiew, Koursk,Mingrelia, Nicolay, Podolia, Poltowa, Schirwan, Taurida, Tchernigow,Ukraine, Volinia, and Voroney, payments optional, sent throughBelgium, and Prussia, unless otherwise addressed. See Russia.St Croix. See St Thomas-St Domingo, payment obligatory 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> every month,2.50 p.m., via Southampton, Is 5d under ^ oz., 2s lOd under 1 oz.St Helena, payment optional, by Private Ship, 6d under ^ oz., &c.St Juan de Nicaragua. See Grey Town.St Kitt's. See Indies, British West.St Lucia.See Indies, British West.St Martin's, by West India Packet, payment obligatory, 6d under% oz , &c.St Thomas, or any Danish Colony in the West Indies, paymentoptional, on the 1st and 16tb <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., via Southampton.When these dates fall on a Saturday, the mails are made upthe same evening at 10 p.m., 6d under £ oz., Is under 1 oz., &c.St Vincent.See Indies, British West.Salonica, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed, payment optional, Is Id under J oz., &c. ; or via France, Is 7d under 4- oz., &c.Sandomier, Government <strong>of</strong>. See Poland.Sandwich Islands, by the West Indian Mail on the 1st and 16th<strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., payment obligatory, 2s 4d under ^ oz., 4s8d under 1 oz., &c.Santa Anna. See Carthagena.Santa Cruz. See Indies, Foreign West.San Francisco. See California.St Juan de Nicaragua, payment obligatory, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> eachmonth, 2.50 p.m., via Southampton, 2s 3d under $ oz.Sardinia, daily, unpaid or paid to destination, through France,unless otherwise addressed, lOd under \ oz., Is 8d under £ oz., &c. ;or by French Packet, via Marseilles, at same rates; or via Belgium,payment optional, Is under £ oz., &cSaxe Altenburg, Saxe Coburg Gotha, Saxe Meiningen, andSaxe Weimar. See German States,Saxony, payment optional, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed,

80 APPENDIX.8d under $ oz., Is 4d under 1 oz., &c ; or via France, Is Id under ^oz., 2s 2d under Joz., &c.Shaumburg-Lippe, payment optional, via Belgium, unless addressedotherwise, 8d under £ oz. &c. ; or via France, 8d under \ oz. etc.ScHARTZBURG RuDOLSTADT, and ScHWARTZBURG SoNDERHAUSEN.See German States.Scutari, in Asia (Town), payment obligatory, via Belgium, unlessotherwise addressed, Sd under | oz., etc. ; or via France, paymentoptional, Is 7d under ^ oz., etc.; or by French Packet, via, Marseilles,Is Id under ^ oz., etc.Seres.See Scutari.Servia, via Belgium, unless addressed otherwise, payment obligatory,8d under £ oz. etc ; or via France, payment optional, Is Idunder ^oz , etc-Siberia.See Scutari.Sicily, payment optional, via France, or by French Packet, viaMarseilles, Is Id under £ oz. ; or 2s 2d under $ oz., etc. ; or via Belgium,daily, payment obligatory. 8d under $ oz.,etc.Sierra Leone, payment obligatory, via Plymouth, 22d <strong>of</strong> eachmonth, 6.50 p.m., Is under J oz. ; etc. By Private Ship, 8d under\ oz., and so on.Silesia and Galicia.See Austria.Singapore, payment obligatory, via Marseilles, unless otherwiseaddressed, 8th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50 p.m., Is lOd under ^ oz., 2s 3dunder \ oz , etc. ; or via Southampton, on the 3d <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50p.m., Is under \ oz., etc.Smyrna, by French Packet, via Marseilles, payment optional,every Sunday, 2. 30 p.m., Is under \ oz., 2s under £ oz., etc. Lettersfor invalid <strong>of</strong>ficers and soldiers in the British hospital at Smyrna, sentat same time, at the following rates, which mnst be prepaid, 3d, 6d,Is, Is 2d, Is 4d, and Is 6d, under \, £, 1, 2, 3, and 3Joz. respectively.Letters, &c. must be specially addressed " British Hospital, Smyrna."For other routes see Constantinople.South Australia. See Australia.Spain, payment obligatory, by Southampton, 6th, 16th, and 26th<strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., and when any <strong>of</strong> these days fall upon aSaturday, the mails are made up on the following morning, 2s 2dunder ^ oz , 4s 4d under 1 oz., and so on ; or daily by Calais, lOd, Is3d, 2s Id, 2s 6d, and 3s 9d, under ^ J, |, 1, and 1| oz. All letters,except for Cadiz and Vigo, are sent via France, unless addressed «• byPacket from Southampton."Styria.Se Austrian Dominions.Sumatra. See Archipelago, Indian.Surinam, payment obligatory, 1st and 16th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50p.m., 6d under f oz., Is under 1 oz., etc.Swan River. See Western Australia.Sweden, payment optional, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed,Is 2d under i oz. , etc. ; or via Grimsby every Friday evening ; or

APPENDIX. 81via France, daily, Is Id under | oz., 2s 2d under $ oz. , etc. ; or byprivate ship, 6d under £ oz., etc.Switzerland, daily, payment optional, unless otherwise addressed,via France, 8d under \ oz., Is 4d under $ oz., etc. ; or via Belgium,10|d UDder i oz. etc.Sydney, New South Wales. See Australia, South.Syua.Syria.See Greece.See Beyrout.TahaIti, payment obligatory, by Private Ship, unless otherwiseaddressed, 8d under J oz., etc. ; or via Panama, 2s under i oz. etc.Tampico.See Mexico.Tenedos, payment optional, via Belgium, Is Id under £ oz., etc.Tennessee, State <strong>of</strong>.Texas.Tchesme.See America.'See Tenedos.Tobago. See Indies, British West.Translvania.Trebizond.Trinidad.Tripoli.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.See Austrian Dominions.See Tenedos.See Indies, British West.See Barbary.Tunis, payment obligatory, by French Packet, via Marseilles, unlessotherwise addressed, Is under ^ oz., 2s under £ oz., etcTurkey, except Constantinople, Smyrna, Gallipoli, Mytilene, andthe Dardanelles (which see). Payment obligatory, via Belgium,daily, except Saturday, unless otherwise addressed, 8d under J oz.,etc. ; or via France, paid or unpaid to destination, Is 7d under ^ oz ,8s 2d under J oz., etc. ; or by French Packet, via Marseilles, paymentoptional, every Sunday at 2.30 p.m., and Thursday, 6.50 p.m.,Is under ^ oz., 2s under £ oz., etc. ; or via Marseilles, by BritishPacket, 8th and 24th <strong>of</strong> each month, 6.50 p.m., payment obligatory,Is 4d, Is 9d, 3s Id, 3s 6d, 5s 9d, under £, h §, 1, and 1| oz. respectively; or via Southampton, payment obligatory, 3d and 19th <strong>of</strong>each month, 2.50 p.m., lid under £ oz., Is lOd under 1 oz., etc. ; orby direct British Packet. Note — All letters addressed " BritishFleet," or to the " Land Forces <strong>of</strong> her Majesty serving in Turkev,"must be prepaid. See Black Sea.Turk's Island, 16th <strong>of</strong> each month, 2-50 p no., payment obligatory,Is under $ oz., etc.Tuscany and Lucca, unpaid or paid to destination, by way <strong>of</strong>France, daily, unless otherwise addressed, Is Id under £ oz., 2s 2dunder $ oz., etc. ; or by the French Packet, via Marseilles, everyMonday, at the same rates; or via Belgium, daily, 10id under | oz.,etc.

82 APPENDIX.Tyrol, Northern and Southern. See Austrian Dominions.Ukraine. Government <strong>of</strong> Russia, which see.United States. See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Valparaiso.See Chili.Van Diemen's Land, payment obligatory, on the 4th <strong>of</strong> eachmonth, 6.50 p.m., 6d under £ oz., etc. ; or by Private Ship, letters, 6dunder ^ oz.Vancouver's Island, payment obligatory, by Private Ship, unlessotherwise addressed, 8d under J oz., etc. ; or via Panama, 2s 4d under£ oz., etc.Venezuela, payment obligatory, via Southampton, on the 1st <strong>of</strong>every month, 2-50 p.m., Is under ^ oz., 2s under 1 oz., etc. ByPrivate Ships, letters, 8d under i oz.Venetian Lombardy.Vermont, State <strong>of</strong>.Victoria.See Australia.See Lombardy.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.Vigo, payment obligatory, via Southampton, 6tb, 16th, and 26th<strong>of</strong> each month, 2.50 p.m., 2s 2d under I oz., 4s 4d under 1 oz., etc.Virgin Islands, payment optional, via Southampton, 6tb, 16th,and 26th <strong>of</strong> each month, Is under 1 oz., &c.Virginia, State <strong>of</strong>.Vera Cruz.See Mexico.Wallachia. See Moldavia.See America, United States <strong>of</strong>.West Indies, British and Foreign. See Indies, British andForeign West.Western Australia, payment obligatory, by private Ship, 8dunder $ oz., &c ; or if so addressed, by the Australian Packet, 6dunder \ oz.,White Sea, <strong>The</strong>. Letters for the British Squadron in the WhiteSea, upon which the requisite postage is paid, are sent by PrivateSteamers, which leave Hull every Friday evening for Christina, for<strong>of</strong>ficers' letters, Is under \ oz., 2s under 1 oz., 3s 6d und.er 1^ oz., 4sunder 2 oz. ; for seamen's letters, under \ oz. , 9d. Letters will alsobe sent by Ships <strong>of</strong> War, or Vessels in H.M. Service, for <strong>of</strong>ficers'letters, payment obligatory, 6d under \ oz. ; for seamen's, Id under2 oz -Wurtemburg, payment optional, *ia France, daily, unless otherwiseaddressed, 8d under 4 oz., &c. ; or via Belgium, 8d under £ oz ,&c.

AERIVALS AND DISPATCHES OF MAILS Af AND GREENOCK.Mails.BoxCloses atId StampExtraup tillMailArrives atArdentinny, Cove, and Kilcreggan ")by steamer, „~~ »^, JCampbelton, by steamer,Do., Carridle and Lochranza,")Tuesdays, Thu^days, and Sa- Vturdays, ^^. jDunoon, Innellan, and Rothesay, 1st,Do., Do., Do., 2d,Edinburgb, 1st, ~~*. ,~~DoDo.,Do.,2d,3d,4th,Gourock, ist, By foot messengerDo2d,'8Do.,Glasgow,Paisley,& Port- Glasgow 1stDo., Do., Do., 2d,Do., Do., Do., 3d,Do., Do., Do., 4th,Do., Do., Do., 5th,Helensburgh, Row, Roseneath, and\Gareloch-head, Ist, .^ fDo., 2d, _reland, ^^. ^_Letters for Dublin and towns")south <strong>of</strong> that city are sent via >Holyhead, ^*, ^^. JLargs, Inverkip, Wemyss Bay, 1Fairlie, and West Kilbride,Millport, 1st, ^^,JDo., and Largs, 2d,Ayrshire,1stDo., 2d,Lochgilphead,Tarbert, ArdrishaigTayinloan, Clachan, Wh"house, and Kilmun, ^.London and English, 1st, ^,Do., Do., 2d,North <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>, 1st,Do., Do., 2d,Stornoway and Pertree, Monday,Do-,'Do., Thursday,Islay, by steamer, on Monday,10 a.m. 10.10 A.M.6.30 a.m.11.30 a.m. 11.40 a.m.6.30 a.m.4.30 p.m.9 A.M.12 Noon.6.50 p.m.10 p.m.5,30 a.m.I P.M.9 A.M.12 Noon.2.50 p m.6.50 p.m.10 p.m.4.30 p.m.6.50 p.m.7.30 p.m.2.50 p.m.3 A.M.9.30 a.m.3.30 p.m.2.50 p.m.6.50 p.m.6.30 a.m.2.50 p.m.6.50 p.m.5 A.M.6.50 p.m.4.30 p m3.30 p m.4.30 p.m.6.40 a.m.6.40 a.m.4.35 p.m.9.5 A.M.12.10 p.m6.55 p.m.10.10 p.m.5 40 a.m.1.10 P.M.95 A.M.12.10 p.m.2.55 p.m.6.55 p.m.10.10 P.M.4.35 p.m.6.55 p.m.7.35 p.m.2 55 p.m.4 A.M.9.40 a.m.3.35 p m.2.55 p.m.6.55 p.m.6.40 a.m.2.55 p.m.6 55 p.m.5 5 A.M.6.55 p.m.4.35 p.m.3.40 p m.4.35 p.m.35.309 A.M.5.30 p.m.3 A.M.1 P.M.4 P.M.7 P.M.11.50 A.M.6.40 p.m.3 A.M.9.50 a.m.P.M.P.M.P.M.A.M.Noon.A.M.9.50 • M.5.30 p.m.9 A.M.5 P.M.3 A.M.9.50 a.m.5.30 p.m.3 A.M.9.50 a.m.3 A.M.7 P. M.Wednesday.Friday.Friday.Deliveries by Letter Carriers take place at 7 a.m., 10.30, a.m., 4.30, andLetters from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paisley, and Port-Glasgow, by Trainat 1 p.m., will be delivered to the Holders <strong>of</strong> Private Boxes only ' at 1.20p.m.Oc Sundays the <strong>Office</strong> is open for the delivery <strong>of</strong> Letters, from 8 till 9a.m., and the Mails are despatched at 3. 15 p.m. Box Closes at 2.30.s.r 7~ LlSt Wlli be Corrected and Pnnced, in Slips,', I Monthly, witha Calendar <strong>of</strong> the Dispatch and Arrival <strong>of</strong> Foreign Mails ; Copies <strong>of</strong> whichmay be had from the Letter Carriers, or at the Bar Window <strong>of</strong> thePosfc<strong>Office</strong>, at One Halfpenny each.<strong>Post</strong> <strong>Office</strong>,<strong>Greenock</strong>, 1st June, 1855.

84 APPENDIX.][<strong>The</strong> following have been accidentally omitted to be inserted intheir proper places: —MARINE BOARD AND SHIPPING OFFICE—Virginia StreetJohn M'llvain, Shipping Master.James Gilkison, Deputy Shipping Master.Robert Longwell and John Cameron, Clerks.<strong>The</strong> Examinations <strong>of</strong> Masters and Mates, in Seamanship and Navigation,are held here every alternate Thursday and Friday.Andrew Small, Glasgow, Examiner in Navigation.Robert Dunlop, Examiner in SeamanshipBAPTIST CHAPEL, WESTBURN STREET.Pastory Vacant— Rev. L. Mackintosh, Minister, pro tern.William Muir,Precentor.WELLINGTON PARK BOWLING CLUB.Archibald M'Kinnon, Chairman.D. Spence, Treasurer—James Somerville, Secretary,With a Committee <strong>of</strong> Four, elected annually.WELLINGTON PARK QUOITING CLUB.James Whitham, Chairman.William Phillips, Treasurer—James Smith Secretary.With a Committee, elected annually.

—'—APPENDIX. 85RATES OF FARES TO BE EXACTED BY BOATMEN.<strong>The</strong> following regulations and tables <strong>of</strong> rates or fares allowed, approved,and confirmed in terms <strong>of</strong> the statute 5 Victoria, cap. 54.CLAUD MARSHALL, SberhT-Substitute.Town Hall,<strong>Greenock</strong>, 12th June, 1855.}1. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore to anyship or vessel lying in the Roadstead, between the Tail <strong>of</strong> the BankBuoy on the west, and Garvel Point on the east :If one passenger,. . m . Is OdTwo passengers,. , , . Is 6dThree passengers, . . . . 2s OdEvery additional passenger, # . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to waitthirty minutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to waitmore than thirty minutes, one-half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be chargedin addition.2. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays, harbours, or shore to any shipor vessel lying at the anchorage termed the Tail <strong>of</strong> the Bank :—If one passenger, . . . . Is 9dTwo passengers, . . . . 2s 6dThree passengers, . . ; . 3s OdEvery additional passenger, . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shallbe obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged inaddition.3. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore aforesaidto the Hill <strong>of</strong> Ardmore :If one passenger . . . .. 3s OdTwo passengers . . . . . 4s OdThree passengers . . . . . 5s OdEvery additional passenger . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged in addition.4. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore aforesaidto the south side <strong>of</strong> Roseneath shores, from Kilcreggan to the Point<strong>of</strong> Roseneath :—If one passenger . . .3s 6d•.Two passengers . . . . . 4s 6dThree passengers . . . . 5s 6dEvery additional passenger . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged in addition.

.——86 APPENDIX.5. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore aforesaidto Helensburgh or Row :If one passenger . .•. . 4s 6dTwo passengers . . . . . 6s OdThree passengers. . . . 7s OdEvery additional passenger . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one-half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged in addition.6. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore aforesaidto any ship or vessel lying in Gourock Bay :If one passenger, . . . . . 3s 6dTwo passengers, . . . . . 5s 6dThree passengers, . . • . • 7& OdEvery additional passenger, . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengeis. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one-half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged inaddition.<strong>The</strong> above rate or fares shall include luggage, if under two hundredweight ; but all luggage above that amount shall be charged atthe rate <strong>of</strong> 6d per cwt. for first cwt., and for every additional cwt., 3d.In the event <strong>of</strong> coarse weather, or where expedition is indispensablyrequisite, the boatmen, if required, shall furnish each boat with fouroars and four men for the above rates.JOHN KERR GRAY, Clerk to the Trust.Council Chambers,<strong>Greenock</strong>, 1st May, 1855.

———APPENDIX. 85RATES OF FARES TO BE EXACTED BY BOATMEN.<strong>The</strong> following regulations and tables <strong>of</strong> rates or fares allowed, approved,and confirmed in terms <strong>of</strong> the statute 5 Victoria, cap. 54.CLAUD MARSHALL, Sheriff-Substitute.Town Hall, ><strong>Greenock</strong>, 12th June, 1855. $1. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore to anyship or vessel lying in the Roadstead, between the Tail <strong>of</strong> the BankBuoy on the west, and Garvel Point on the east :If one passenger, . . . .Is OdTwo passengers, . , . Is 6dThree passengers, . . . . 2s OdEvery additional passenger, . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to waitthirty minutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to waitmore than thirty minutes, one-half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be chargedin addition.2. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays, harbours, or shore to any shipor vessel lying at the anchorage termed the Tail <strong>of</strong> the Bank :If one passenger, . . . . Is 9dTwo passengers, . . . • . 2s 6dThree passengers, . . : . 3s OdEvery additional passenger, . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged inaddition.3. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore aforesaidto the Hill <strong>of</strong> Ardmore :If one passenger . . . . . 3s OdTwo passengers . . . . . 4s OdThree passengers . . . . . 5s OdEvery additional passenger . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged in addition.4. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore aforesaidto the south side <strong>of</strong> Roseneath shores, from Kilcreggan to the Point<strong>of</strong> Roseneath :—If one passenger . . .. 3s 6d•Two passengers . . . . . 4s 6dThree passengers . . • . 5s 6dEvery additional passenger . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one-half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged in addition.

.—86 APPENDIX.5. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore aforesaidto Helensburgh or Row :—•If one passenger . .. . 4s 6dTwo passengers . . . . . 6s OdThree passengers. . . . 7s OdEvery additional passenger . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengers. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one-half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged in addition.6. Boat hire from any <strong>of</strong> the quays or harbours or shore aforesaidto any ship or vessel lying in Gourock Bay :If one passenger, . . . . . 3s 6dTwo passengers, . . . . . 5s 6dThree passengers, . . . . 7s OdEvery additional passenger, . . . Os 3dFor these rates or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait thirtyminutes, and bring back the passengeis. If required to wait morethan thirty minutes, one-half <strong>of</strong> the rate or fare to be charged inaddition.<strong>The</strong> above rate or fares shall include luggage, if under two hundredweight ; but all luggage above that amount shall be charged atthe rate <strong>of</strong> 6d per cwt. for first cwt., and for every additional cwt., 3d.In the event <strong>of</strong> coarse weather, or where expedition is indispensablyrequisite, the boatmen, if required, shall furnish each boat with fouroars and four men for the above rates.JOHN KERR GRAY, Clerk to the Trust.Council Chambers, LMBERS, 1<strong>Greenock</strong>, 1st May, 1855. $55. J

ADVERTISEMENTS.€n Hmjumte irafr J^jjtpjirrs.THOMAS SHIRLEY & GO.HAVEalways on hand a Large Stock <strong>of</strong> EARTHENWARE,suitable for Export, <strong>of</strong> the Newest Patterns and BestQuality. Assortments for any Foreign Market can be packed at aday's notice, and delivered free on board Ship at <strong>Greenock</strong>, Port-Glasgow, or Glasgow.<strong>Greenock</strong> Potteries,Port-Glasgow Road, June, 1855.Important to SjipMIkrs, S||<strong>of</strong>etafs, &t.BEGrespectfully to announce that they have been appointedAgents for IMPROVED PATENT TARRED HAIRSHEATHING FELT for Ships; IMPROVED PATENTDRY HAIR BOILER FELT (non-conducting); IMPROVEDPATENT ROOFING FELT, Tarred and Sanded, ready for use,which they can supply in any quantities to those who may favourthem with orders. <strong>The</strong> Hair Sheathing Felt has been used by severalShipbuilders and Owners in town and neighbourhood, who havinggiven their unqualified approbation as to quality, H. & C. can confidentlysolicit the patronage <strong>of</strong> those requiring it.H. & C have always on hand a well assorted Stock <strong>of</strong> GeneralIronmongery suitable for Joiners, Cabinetmakers, Shipbuilders, &c,&c, and in addition to Brass and Iron Furnishings they have alsobest proved Short Link Rigging Chain, Vulcanized India Rubber inSheets and Washers, &c, &c.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.da

ADVERTISEMENTS.FUNERALUNDERTAKIN6ESTABLISHMENT,CATHCART SQUARE,Entrance by William Street.EVERY appliance is at hand for conducting FUNE-RALS on the Shortest Notice, at the above Establishment.INTIMATION CAEDS MADE UP,SEALED, ADDRESSED, AND FORWARDED.FUNEEAL LETTEES,300 <strong>of</strong> which can be prepared and delivered in 3 hours.COFFINS OF ALL SIZES,In Various Mountings, kept in Readiness.HEARSES, MOURNING COACHES, MORT-CLOTHS, SHROUDS, &C.Parties waited upon at their residences, and all necessarypreparations made as to opening ground for Interments;and, indeed, everything required for a Funeral, and to anypart <strong>of</strong> the country, thus saving relations trouble andanxiety.. .... GhUNDERTAKERS<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.

ADVERTISEMENTS.STEPHENSON, JOHNSTON & CO.WOULD respectfully direct the attention <strong>of</strong> Parties Furnishing,to their present Stock <strong>of</strong> FURNISHING IRON-GRATES,MONGERY, REGISTER AND KITCHENNICKEL SILVER and ELECTRO PLATED GOODS,TABLE CUTLERY, DISH COVERS, &c, which will befound complete in every department. As a criterion they submitthe following prices:—Nickel Silver Tea Spoons, plain, ... from 4s per Do„ Dessert Spoons and Forks, plain, 10s „Table „ „ „ 13s „Toddy Ladles; Egg, Salt, and Mustard Spoons; Sugai,Tongs; Soup Ladles; Fish Slices, at equally Moderate Prices.<strong>The</strong>y would beg to direct the attention <strong>of</strong> the Public particularly totheir assortment <strong>of</strong> REGISTER GRATES, which they can <strong>of</strong>ferat prices from 15s to .£10.£ST"ZP-A-TIEIlSri?M^IsTO-IILIES.Bell-Hangers, Tinsmiths, Coppersmiths, and Blacksmiths.Terms, Cash.All Goods marked in plain figures, and No Abatemtnt.STEPHENSON, JOHNSTON & CO.,FURNISHING IRONMONGERS,%% 9iHAHiaiL'ifdDH sirmiBBir.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.HAVEalways on hand a large supply <strong>of</strong> every description <strong>of</strong>COALS, for Household and Furnace use, and exportation ;COMMON AND FIRE BRICKS, and DRAIN TILES, &«.,for Home and Export use; and Best IRISH LIME, for Agricultural,Building and other purposes.GOAL YARD—15, East Quay lane, and Railway DepotLIME AND BRICK YARD-Open Shore.15, East Quay Lane, )<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855. J

ADVERTISEMENTS.ALARGE and WELL-SELECTED STOCK <strong>of</strong> VALU-ABLE BOOKS, both Old and New, are daily Bought, Sold,and Exchanged, atPETER ZDIULXjOHSTS©leap Mw?k ©staMWratrnt,32, HAMILTON STREET, GKEENOCK.RAILWAY WINE & SPIRIT STORE,26, CATHCART STREET,Opposite the Railway Station.INReturning his sincere thanks to his numerous friends and thepublic generally for the very flattering support received since hecommenced business in the Garrick Tavern, begs respectfully to intimatethat he has Removed to those commodious premises so longoccupied bv Mr Robinson, where he will always have on hand achoice Stock <strong>of</strong> WINES <strong>of</strong> the Finest Vintage, FOREIGN andBRITISH SPIRITS <strong>of</strong> the best quality, PORTER, ALES,&c, from the most esteemed Brewers, and hopes by the superiorarrangements <strong>of</strong> his house and unremitting attention to business, tomerit a continuance <strong>of</strong> Public favour.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.WILLIAM INNES,jnntalte, #tatnraer, (tirntlutittg Itorian, indt%tm agent,INsoliciting the favours <strong>of</strong> his Friends and the Public, in the variousBranches <strong>of</strong> his Business, assures them that the utmostattention will be given to all orders entrusted to his care.40, Hamilton Street, June, 1855.

ADVERTISEMENTS.GREENOCK BOTTLING STORES,ill! m?titiftil,WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT,€mmk 33ank akilftragH, Btoiaa Sara* tnt 7(Opposite the<strong>The</strong>atre),RESPECTFULLY returns his sincere thanks to his numerousFriends and the Public, for the liberal support he has receivedsince occupying the above Premises, and begs to assure them that hehas always on hand a Select Stock <strong>of</strong> FOREIGN and BRITISHSPIRITS, WINES, GLENLIVAT, CAMPBELTON, andISLAY WHISKY, ALLSOPP'S EAST INDIA ALE, COR-DIALS, &c, all <strong>of</strong> the First Quality ; and MALT LIQUORS fromthe most esteemed Breweis, and in fine condition for immediate use.ALES AND TABLE BEER.Ales— Quarts, 4s, 5s, 6s, and 7s per dozen.Do. Pints, 2s, 2s 6d, 3s, and 3s 6d per dozen.Table Beer— Quarts, 2s per dozen.Table Ale— Quarts, 3s per dozen.BONBON PORTER.Quarts, 4s, 5s, and 6s per dozen.Pints, 2s 3d, 2s 6d, and 3s per dozen.DUBLIN POUTER.Quarts, 5s and 6s per dozen.Pints, 2s 6d and 3s per dozen.From his long experience in the above trade, N. L. will guaranteethat his Stock will be <strong>of</strong> the most approved quality.Country Orders punctually attended to.N.B-— Ships and Families supplied on liberal terms,2, Mansion House Lane,<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.aa2

ADVERTISEMENTS.CA-ZRHD,.BEGSPAINTER AND PAPER-HANGER,most respectfully to return his sincere thanks for theliberal patronage he has received since commencing Business,and imforms his Friends and the Public generally, that he has nowremoved to that Shop,Union Bank Buildings,No. 2, CHUECH PLACE,where, by strict attention and moderate charges, he hopes to merit ashare <strong>of</strong> public favour.He has always on hand a Choice Selection <strong>of</strong> Cheap PAPER-HANGINGS. IMITATIONS <strong>of</strong> WOODS and MARBLESexecuted with great care, and at very moderate prices.Town and Country Orders punctually attended to.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.HOME AM) EXPORTHTOSE1I1IM, iSIIttra, MS K.0BI8T8.IN47, Hamilton Street,returning thanks for past favours, beg to acquaint their Friendsand the Public generally, that they have always on hand a choiceselection <strong>of</strong> Fresh Agricultural, Garden, and Flower Seeds, and ageneral assortment <strong>of</strong> Garden and Farm Implements by the bestmakers.<strong>The</strong>y solicit an inspection <strong>of</strong> their Nursery Grounds at PatrickStreet, Robertson Street, and Nelson Street, in which will be foundcollections <strong>of</strong> Fruit and Forest Trees, Evergreens, Flowering Shrubs,Greenhouse and Herbaceous Plants, Roses, Dahlias, Pansies, Carnation,and other Florist Flowers.Priced Lists <strong>of</strong> the above may be had gratis on application. Alsotheir Annual Importation <strong>of</strong> Hyacinths, and other Dutch Flowerrootsin September.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.

ADVERTISEMENTS,C-A.E/3D.TINSMITH AND GAS-FITTER,2, AND 14, WILLIAM STREET,GRATEFUL for the very liberal patronage he has received theseseveral years, would still solicit a share <strong>of</strong> public favour, andhis endeavour will be to give satisfaction in the respective departments<strong>of</strong> his Business.Repairs Neatly Executed, and on Moderate Terms,JAXI8 H'lcIITOCK,Boot and Shoe Makek,33, HAMILTON STREET, GREENOCK,GRATEFULfor the very liberal patronage he has received theseseveral years, would still solicit a share <strong>of</strong> public favour, andhis endeavour will be to give satisfaction in the respective departments<strong>of</strong> his business.Repairs Neatly Executed, and on Moderate Terms.Gutta Percha Boots and Shoes Made and Repaired-is,CABINETMAKEK & UPHOLSTEKEK,wjist Mmmmmh st„o-ieasiEisroaiEC-ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.

INADVERTISEMENTS.JAMES GALLACHER,PHHTISS a AHl P®ULTS&BBk,returning his sincere thanks to his Friends and the Publicgenerally for the liberal patronage bestowed on him for manyyears at II, William Street, begs to intimate that he has removedto those Commodious Premises,2, ALBEBT PLACE,West Blackhall Street,where he will carry out the FRUIT andPOULTRY TRADE inall its branches, in a maimer which, he trusts, will merit the continuance<strong>of</strong> that extensive support which he has so long enjoyed.<strong>Greenock</strong>. June, 1855.SHEEP S11MI GRffl MANUFACTORY,BEGSDANIELM'CRAErespectfully to intimate that he has commenced Businessin the above line, and that he will always have on hand a largeStock, and trusts by strict attention to business, combined with moderatecharges, to receive a share <strong>of</strong> public support.Country orders punctually attended to.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, J 855.G-EOEG-E USriSZBET,HAIR CUTTER, PERUKE MAKER,Ail P3BF021BE,No. 13, WILLIAM 8TEEET, GKEENOCK.Every Article for the Toilet.Select English and Foreign


ADVERTISEMENTS.IMLWIf MtM39, Cathcart Street, <strong>Greenock</strong>.¥ • BS ^ H s» E B YProprietor,RESPECTFULLY returns thanks to the Nobility, Tourists, andCommercial Gentlemen generally, for the very liberal supportreceived by him since opening the above Commodious and CentralHotel, and begs to assure them that nothing shall be wanting on hispart, by studying the comfort and convenience <strong>of</strong> bis visitors, to merita continuance <strong>of</strong> public favour.WELL-AIRED BED-ROOMS.Breakfasts, Dinners, Suppers, &c, on the Shortest Notice.Soups, Steaks, Chops, Luncheons, served in the Public Room,Daily, on the Lowest Terms.Wines, Spirits, Porters, and Ales <strong>of</strong> the Finest Quality.London, Glasgow, <strong>Greenock</strong>, and Provincial Papers, Daily.Phaetons,Harringtons, Cabs, &c, on the Shortest Notice.^^* <strong>The</strong> Hotel is situated in the immediate vicinity <strong>of</strong> the RailwayStation, and within three minutes' walk <strong>of</strong> the Steamboat Quay.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.C-AJRJD.JOHN QUIIT,amtorilo unit pranl BJutor,26, WEST BUEN STEEET, GEEENOCK,GRATEFUL for the very liberal patronage he has receivedthese several years, would still solicit a share <strong>of</strong> public favour,and his endeavour will be to give satisfaction in the respective departments<strong>of</strong> his Business.Repairs Neatly Executed,<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.and on Moderate Terms.

ADVERTISEMENTS.GREAT BARGAINS OF WATCHES.:e:dw.a.:r,:didotjo-l^s,No. 59, EUE-END STREET, GREENOCK.HASon Hand a Large Stock<strong>of</strong> WATCHES, CLOCKS, andJEWELLERY, by the 6rst Makers in London, which he iiSelling at and below Cost Price.As the whole must be converted into Cash immediately, early applicationis necessary.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, ]S55.HEARTBURN TABLET,A NEVER-FAILING REMEDY.6d IPIEIR, OTJITCE.SOLD BYJ. G. ALEXANDER, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST,<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.9 West Blackhall Street.THE TIES INSURANCE COMPANIES.Chief <strong>Office</strong>s :—32, Ludgate Hill, London.Local <strong>Office</strong>:— 77, St. Vincent Street,Glasgow.LOCAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS.John Taylor, Esq., Manager <strong>of</strong> the Western Bank <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>,Chairman.James S, Black, Esq., <strong>of</strong> Craipmaddie, Merchant, Glasgow.Wm. Jas. Davidson, Esq., <strong>of</strong> Ruchill, Merchant, Glasgow.Wm. Logie, Esq., Writer, Glasgow.Archd. Robertson, Esq., Banker, Glasgow.Guarantee to Employers. Plate Glass Insured against Damage.Fire Insurance. Life Insurance. Rates Moderate. Settlementsprompt.Agent :~J0HN DUNCAN, 2,Church Place.

THEADVERTISEMENTS.STANDARDLondon :—82, King William Street.Edinburgh:— 3, George Street, (Head <strong>Office</strong>).Dublin :—66, Upper Sackville Street.Governor.His Grace the Duke <strong>of</strong> Buccleuch and Queensberry.Deputy-Governor.<strong>The</strong> Right Honourable the Earl <strong>of</strong> Elgin and Kincardine.EDINBURGH.Ordinary Directors.Andrew Blackburn, Esq., Banker.Thomas Graham Murray, Esq., W.S.James Veitch, Esq. <strong>of</strong> EliockWilliam Wood, Esq., Surgeon.Alexander James Russell, Esq., C.S.William Moncreiff, Esq , C.A.George Patten, Esq., Advocate-John Robert Tod, Esq., W.S.Charles Pearson, Esq., C.A.James Condie, Esq , Perth.James Robertson, Esq ,W. S.James Hay, Esq., Merchant, Leith.George Moir, Esq., Advocate.Harry Maxwell lnglis, Esq., W.S.LONDON.Chairman <strong>of</strong> the Board.<strong>The</strong> Right Honourable the Earl <strong>of</strong> Aberdeen.Ordinary Directors.John Lindsay, Esq., 26 Lawrence Pountney Lane.Thomas H. Brooking, Esq., 14 New Broad Street.John Griffith Frith, Esq ,Austin Friars.Alexander Gillespie, Esq., 3 Billiter Court.Alexander Macgregor, Esq., Arlington Street.John Scott, Esq., 4 Hyde Park Street.Sir Anthony Oliphant, C.B.GREENOCK BOARD OF MANAGEMENT.ANDREW TASKER, Esq., Merchant.JOHN MILLER, Esq., Merchant.HUGH DEMPSTER, Esq., Writer.Agent :-JAMES MILLER, 9,Forsyth Street.

ADVERTISEMENTS.GLASGOW AND WEST OF SCOTLAND1FOB THE PEOTECTION OF TEADE.OFFICES :-57, VIRGINIA STREET, GLASGOW.ADAM PR1NGLE, Esq.President:(<strong>of</strong> Messrs Thomas Chalmers & Co.)Vice-President :SAMUEL M'CULLOCH, Esq. (<strong>of</strong> Messrs S. & W. M'Culloch.)Treasurer:ROBERT WYLIE, Esq. (<strong>of</strong> Messrs Wylie & Lochhead.)THISSOCIETY, which has been in operation since August,1852, is composed <strong>of</strong> Bankers, Manufacturers, Merchants, andTraders in Glasgow and elsewhere throughout the United Kingdom,associated together for Mutual Protection.<strong>The</strong> Society's objects are :—1. To enable Members to obtain authentic information as to thestanding and trustworthiness <strong>of</strong> persons proposing to trade, which, bythe co-operation <strong>of</strong> between forty and fifty similar Societies, can beprocured from nearly 1000 different places, both at home, in thecolonies, and abroad.2. To protect Members from the designs <strong>of</strong> the fradulent, by extensivelycirculating information regarding the operations <strong>of</strong> suchparties.3. To recover for the Members, in the cheapest and most expeditiousmanner outstanding over-due debts, which is done for a Commissionon the amount recovered, or for a subscription, according tothe number <strong>of</strong> debts handed in for recovery, irrespective <strong>of</strong> theiramount.4. To originate and support improvements on the laws affectingTrade and Commerce, and on the Constitution <strong>of</strong> the Courts <strong>of</strong> Law.<strong>The</strong> Executive Committee <strong>of</strong> this Society have for some time beennegotiating with the other Trade Protection Societies in <strong>Scotland</strong>,in order to effect a weekly issue to the Members, at the lowest possiblecharge, <strong>of</strong> the recorded Protests on Bills and Promissory Notes,and the Decrees in absence in the Court <strong>of</strong> Session and the Sheriff"Courts, their arrangements for which are now completed.<strong>The</strong> attention <strong>of</strong> the Mercantile community is specially directed to thefact, that, although the <strong>Office</strong>s <strong>of</strong> the Society are in Glasgow, its mem.bership and operations extend throughout the United Kingdom.Full information as to the Society's objects and operations may beobtained on application to Messrs Peter W. Dixon and Jas. Riddell,Glasgow; or here, toJoint Secretaries,D. R. CRAWFORD, Writer,Resident Law Agent for the Society.Mansion House, )<strong>Greenock</strong>, April, 1855. Jbb

ADVERTISEMENTS.€\i taaajifa StirawtireCnrapnj.OFFICES IN SCOTLAND.GLASGOW, 4, Hanover Street.GREENOCK, <strong>The</strong> Mansion House.'WEST OF SCOTLAND BOARD.Sir Michael Robert Sbaw Stewart, <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> and Blackhall, Bart.,Honorary Chairman.Directors.W. F. Burnley, Esq., Chairman at Glasgow.Robt. Steele, Esq., Chairman at <strong>Greenock</strong>.Matthew Brown, Esq., <strong>Greenock</strong>, j Jas. Reid Stewart, Esq., Glasgow.John Monteith, Esq.. Glasgow.j W. B. Huggins, Esq., Glasgow.Thos. Richardson, Esq., Glasgow. I Join Dunbar. E*q, Glasgow.David Crawford, Esq. , <strong>Greenock</strong>. James Stewart, Esq., <strong>Greenock</strong>.JMedical Referee for <strong>Greenock</strong>.3. R. Speirs, Esq., M.D.This <strong>Office</strong>, with a large and influential Proprietary in Glasgowand <strong>Greenock</strong>, is theOnly Fire and Life Company under Local Management.INLIFE DEPARTMENT.80 PER CENT. BONUSES.SPECIAL ZTnTOTICIEJ.this Department, this <strong>Office</strong> <strong>of</strong>fers advantages to Insurers unsurpassedby any other Company, while the Premiums charged arelower than the majority <strong>of</strong> other Companies, as may be seen by a comparison,while the great extent <strong>of</strong> the Fire Business <strong>of</strong> the Companyenables the Directors so to apportion the expenses <strong>of</strong> management, as tocharge the Life Department with its proper costs only, thus givingAssurers with <strong>The</strong> Lancashire Insurance Company all the realbenefits <strong>of</strong>fered by a Mutual <strong>Office</strong>, without any <strong>of</strong> its drawbacks.Medical Fees— All Medical Fees and other Charges paid by theCompany.Stamp Duties —<strong>The</strong> Lancashire was one <strong>of</strong> the first <strong>Office</strong>s toannounce to the Public that it does not charge the Stamps on Policies,which are issued FREE OF ANY EXPENSE WHATEVERbeyond the Premium.Days <strong>of</strong> Grace—-Thirty Days <strong>of</strong> Grace allowed for the Renewal<strong>of</strong> Policies, and Claims admitted for Deaths occurring during thosedays, provided the Premiums be paid before their termination.Policies can be Revived within Three Calendar Months <strong>of</strong> the Premiumbeing due, on pro<strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong> health, and payment <strong>of</strong> such fine as theBoard <strong>of</strong> Directors may think reasonable.Surrender <strong>of</strong> Policies.—A liberal Allowance will be made for theSurrender <strong>of</strong> Policies no longer required to be kept in force, or new

ADVERTISEMENTS.Policies for equivalent amounts, free from future Premiums, will b«substituted when Assurances have been in force three or more years.Policies Indisputable — Policies will never be disputed on the ground<strong>of</strong> mere informality, nor in any case except that <strong>of</strong>fraud.Non- Forfeiture <strong>of</strong> Policies.—Policies will not be forfeited in theevent <strong>of</strong> the Assured committing suicide, dying by his own hands, orby duelling, or the hands <strong>of</strong> justice, in cases where they have beenbona fide assigned to third parties for a valuable consideration, and <strong>of</strong>which assignment notice shall be given at the <strong>Office</strong>, and duly admittedby the Company, not less than one month previous to thedeath ; nor in the case <strong>of</strong> one person insuring the life <strong>of</strong> another.LOANS ON PERSONAL SECURITY.An important feature in Life Assurance is, that it can be madeavailable for the present benefit <strong>of</strong> the Assured. It frequently happensthat a person requires a temporary advance, which this Companyis prepared to grant on the party effecting a Life Assurance withthe <strong>Office</strong> for double the sum to be borrowed, and obtaining two ormore responsible persons to join him in a bond for the due re-payuient<strong>of</strong> the principal and interest and the premiums on the LifePolicy, by annual or half-yearly instalments, in a period not exceedingfive years.FIRE DEPARTMENT.50 PER CENT. BONUSES.This <strong>Office</strong> undertakes to Insure all kinds <strong>of</strong> Properly at the lowestrates commensurate with the nature <strong>of</strong> the risk.Rates Mercantile.— Sugar House, Iron and Wooden Shipping,and other Rates according to the latest tariffs.Gas Explosion—Losses occasioned by Gas Explosion settled.Lightning — Losses by Fire occasioned by Lightning will be paid.Dags <strong>of</strong> Grace.—Fifteen Days <strong>of</strong> Grace for Renewal <strong>of</strong> Policies,with all the other facilities, will be granted.Losses promptly and liberally settled.Prospectuses, Forms <strong>of</strong> Proposal, and every other information willbe afforded at the <strong>Office</strong>s and Agencies <strong>of</strong> the Company.Agents in <strong>Greenock</strong>.N. MACVICAR, Esq., Writer, Mansion House.J. F. MACKAY, Esq., Merchant.Esq., Forsyth Street.JOHN BRYMNER, <strong>Greenock</strong> Bank.ALLAN SWaN, Esq., Writer, <strong>Greenock</strong>.ALEXANDER MILLER,Agent in Port-Glasgow.A. MACDONALD, Esq., Writer.Agent in Lochgilphead.D. M'LACHLAN, Esq., Writer.By order.D. R. CRAWFORD,Resident Law Agent.Company's <strong>Office</strong>s,Mansion House, <strong>Greenock</strong>, April, 1855.

ADVERTISEMENTS.Established in 1809.INCORPORATED BY ROYALCHARTER.Capital, One Million.Head <strong>Office</strong>,64 PRINCES STREET, EDINBURGH.THEPr<strong>of</strong>its are allocated on the Life Insurance principle,—eachPolicy drawing in proportion to the sura Insured, and thenumber <strong>of</strong> annual Premiums paid during the period <strong>of</strong> Division.When it is remembered that the Bonus is declared as an addition tothe sum Insured, payable when the Policy becomes a cluim, it is seenthat the Age <strong>of</strong> the Assured is taken into account, for the presentvalue <strong>of</strong> the Bonus varies with the age <strong>of</strong> the party.For Example:— A Bonus addition <strong>of</strong> «£100 to the Policy<strong>of</strong> a person now aged 30, is worth, in cash, or presentvalue, £31 6 8Whilst a like addition to the Policy <strong>of</strong> a person now aged60, is worth, in cash, or present value, 58 19 2By this mode <strong>of</strong> allocation, therefore, each one draws exactly thesum due to the Premiums he has paid, and gets the full and fairadvantage <strong>of</strong> his longevity, at whatever age he insures, and to whateverage he may attain.<strong>The</strong> Bonus declared for the Septennial Period ending 31st December,1851, was at the rate <strong>of</strong> one and a quarter per cent perAnnum on the sums Insured, and on the previous Bonus additions,with a prospective Annual Bonus <strong>of</strong> one per cent.<strong>Office</strong>s that divide their Pr<strong>of</strong>iit on the Tontine principle, may holdout the promise <strong>of</strong> larger Bonuses, but the chance <strong>of</strong> attai«ing themis, <strong>of</strong> course, proportionally less.<strong>The</strong> Premiums are moderately rated at all ages, and may be soadjusted as to suit the objects and convenience <strong>of</strong> parties.

ADVERTISEMENTS,SPECIMEN TABLEFor the Assurance o/£lOO on a Single Life.Age Whole or Life. Age Whole <strong>of</strong> Life.nextnextbirth Without With birth Without Withday. Pr<strong>of</strong>its. Pr<strong>of</strong>its. day.Pr<strong>of</strong>its. Pr<strong>of</strong>its.£ a. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.20 1 12 11 1 18 2 40 2 17 3 3 525 1 17 6 2 3 5 43 3 2 6 3 10 227 1 19 8 2 6 45 3 6 5 3 1430 2 3 2 9 10 47 3 11 3 18 533 2 6 5 2 13 10 50 3 19 9 4 735 2 9 2 2 17 55 5 5 6 1037 2 I'i 2 3 60 6 3 1 6 13 2<strong>The</strong> sums Insured may be made payable to the Party himself onhis attaining a Specified age, or to his Heirs or Assignees at hisDeath ; or, alternatively, to himself on attaining the Specified Age,or to his Heirs or Asignees, if he should die earlier.Example.Annnal Premium.To secure £100 to the Assured, aged 30, on attainingthe age <strong>of</strong> 50, £3 5To secure £100 to his Heirs at his Death, ... 2 3To secure £100 to himself if he attains the age <strong>of</strong> 50,or to his Heirs or Assignees if he die earlier, ... 4 13 7Forms <strong>of</strong> proposal, Prospectuses containing Tables <strong>of</strong> Rates, andevery information, may be had on application at the Head <strong>Office</strong>, orat any <strong>of</strong> the Company's Branches or Agencies.Edinburgh, 1855.BORTHW1CK, Manager.J AS.JOHN OG1LVIE, Secretary.GLASGOW,^,LONDON,LIVERPOOL,.NEWCASTLE,Branches.—8 ROYAL EXCHANGE SQUARE.4 NEW BANK BUILDINGS..~~1 INDIA BUILDINGS.~~14 SANDHILL.Agents.<strong>Greenock</strong>,—Mr JOHN BLACK, Writer.THOMAS O. HUNTER, Agent.„ JOHN JOHNSTONE, Banker.THOMAS STARK, Banker.662

ADVERTISEMENTS.NOKTH OF ENGLANDEstablished pursuant to Act <strong>of</strong> Parliament.FOR GRANTING ASSURANCES ON LIVES,THE SALE & PURCHASE OF ANNUITIES & REVERSIONS,AND INSURANCE AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE.Capital, .£500,030.TRUSTEES.<strong>The</strong> Right Hon. Earl Fitzwilliam.<strong>The</strong> Right Hon. Lord Wharncliffe.<strong>The</strong> Hiyht Hon. Lord Viscount Milton.B. B. Pegge Bnrnell, E«q.John Parker, Esq., M.P.Henry George Ward, Esq., M.P.Corden Thomson, Esq.John Cair, Esq.DIRECTORS.W. J. Bagshawe, Esq. <strong>of</strong> the Oaks, Derbyshire, Chairman.John Carr, Esq., Deputy Chairman.Joseph Ward, Esq.John Tillotson. Esq.Charles Sheldon, Esq.G. Wilton Chambers, Esq.Thomas Wheatly, Esq.John Brown, Esq.Lieut. J. Roberts, R.N.Henry Wilkinson, Esq.George Wall, Esq.John Hall, Esq.Solicitors—Messrs Wilson, Younge, and Pierson.Secretary and Actuary— T. Bell, Esq.Chief <strong>Office</strong>, Norfolk Street, Sheffield.LONDON BRANCH OFFICE, 11, CHEAPSIDE.PHYSICIAN.T. K. Chambers, M.D., 1, Hill Street, Berkeley Square.SURVEYOR.J. Young, Esq., 35, King Street, Cheapside.SOLICITOR.W. Wilmer, Esq., 4, Elm Court, Temple.BANKERS.Messrs Glyn, Halifax, Mills, and Co.Resident Secretary and Accountant—W. Goodchap, Esq.FIREINSURANCE.<strong>The</strong> Moderate Premiums <strong>of</strong> Is 6d 2s 6d, and 4s 6d, are taken for Common,Hazardous, and Doubly Hazardous Risks.Warehouses and their Contents, and other Property <strong>of</strong> a Special nature,may be insured at a Premium commensurate with the Risk.Farming Stock insured (free <strong>of</strong> duty) under one Sum, on one Farm.

—ADVERTISEMENTS.A Discount <strong>of</strong> 10 per Cent, on payment <strong>of</strong> the first Premium is alloweon Policies transferred to this <strong>Office</strong>.Rates <strong>of</strong> Discount on payment <strong>of</strong> several Years together:7 Years. ..One Year's Premium and Duty 4 Years. ..6 per Cent.6 Years.. .10 per Cent. 3 Years.. 4 per Cent.5 Years... 8 per Cent. 2 Years.. 2 per Cent.<strong>The</strong> Directors are at all times desirous to give effect to aprompt and liberal adjustment <strong>of</strong> Claims for Losses.Forms <strong>of</strong> Proposal, and relative information, may be obtained atany <strong>of</strong> the Company's Agencies, established in the principal Townsthroughout the kingdom.CHIEF AGENCIES:— Dublin, 28, Eustace Street; Edinburgh,11, Royal Exchange; Glasgow, 86, Miller Street, and 125,Buchanan Street; Liverpool, 55, Church Street; Manchester, 2,Pail-Mall, and 22, Charlotte Street; Hull, 8, Parliament Street;Birmingham, Union Passage, and 39, Cherry Street; Bristol, 2,Dolphin Street.C. D. LAMONT, Accountant, Union Bank <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>,ARCHIBALD DENNISTON, Writer,Agents at <strong>Greenock</strong>.GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY.FIBB, LIFB, AHB AHUITIBS*PALL-MALL AND COENHILL.1803.CAPITAL, ONE MILLION STERLING, the whole paid upand invested, thereby affording to the Proprietors securityagainst further calls, and to the Assured an immediate available Fundfor the payment <strong>of</strong> the most extensive Losses ; and therefore no personinsured by this Company is liable to be called upon to contributetowards the Losses <strong>of</strong> others, as with Societies established on theprinciple <strong>of</strong> Mutual Insurance.FIREINSURANCE.Policies are allowed in all cases where the Annual Premiumamounts to Six Shillings.Insurances for Seven Years are charged only Six Years' Premiumand duty.Losses from Fire by Lightning are made good.FOREIGN INSURANCE.Merchandise and other Property in Foreign Countries may beinsured upon moderate terms, to be obtained on application at the<strong>Office</strong>.ANDREW TASKER, Agent for <strong>Greenock</strong>.

ADVERTISEMENTS.THELONDON ASSURANCE CORPORATION,Established by Royal Charter, A.B. 1720.FOE THE ASSUEANCE OF LIVES,FOE THE ASSURING HOUSES, GOODS, &c,Jfrom gamagt hg $\xtLESTOCK PEACH WILSON, Esq., Governor.WILLIAM KING, Esq., Sub-Governor.ROBERT COTESWORTH, Esq.,Robert Allen, E«q.John A. Arbuthnot, Esq.George Barnes, Esq.Henry Blanshard, Esq.J. W. Borradaile, E>q.Edward Burmester, Esq.Henry Cayley, Esq.Aaron Chapman, Esq.Charles Crawley, Esq.William Dallas. E«q.Bonamy Dobree, jun., Esq.Jame9 Dowie, Esq.Deputy- Governor.DIRECTORS.John Furse, E*q.Edwin Gower, Esq.Samuel Gregson, Esq., M.P.David C. Guthrie, Esq.John Alex. Hankey, Esq.Edward Harnage, Esq.Charles Kerr, Esq.John Ord, Esq.George Probyn, Esq.John Rees, Esq.P. F. Robertson, Esq.Thomas Weeding, Esq,First Class, Second Class, I Third Class,Is 6d per Cent. 2s 6d per Cent. 4s 6d per Cent.^J^ttMLTJSTGr STOCK.With the average clause,Without the average clause,2s 6d per Cent. 3s per Cent.Special Risks taken on liberal terras.Persons Assuring, in advance, for Seven years, will be chargedpremium and duty for Six years only.IiIZFIE.A.SSUIE£-A.:DsrC:ES-Pr<strong>of</strong>its added as a bonus to Policies.An annual abatement <strong>of</strong> premium after Five years' payment.A Lower fixed Rate without abatement.<strong>The</strong> Assured are exempt from all liability <strong>of</strong> Partnership and thecharges <strong>of</strong> Management.MESSRS. ECCLES, TEMPLETON & CO.,<strong>Greenock</strong> Agents.

—ADVERTISEMENTS.i! Itartytra %MttMt Ctratpnmj.INSTITUTED 1836.INCORPORATED BY SPECIAL ACT OF PARLIAMENT.WESTEBlsT ZB^-^ZDsTCIEa:.HEAD OFFICE IN GLASGOW, 19, ST. VINCENT PLACE.AT the Two last Investigations into the affairs <strong>of</strong> this Corporation,Large Additions were made to the Policies then in force : forexampleA Policy for £1000, current 30th April, 1837, was increased to£1202 6s lid,with right to prospective additions at the rate <strong>of</strong> £1 7s 6d per cent.,per annum, should the Policy hecome a Claim before 30th April,1856.<strong>The</strong> Next Investigation will be made at 30th April, 1856, so thatPolicies taken out now will be entitled to rank for one year's bonusthen to be declared.Life Assurances, without participation, effected ; and Fire Insurancesundertaken on very favourable terms.Prospectuses, with Tables <strong>of</strong> Rates and Forms <strong>of</strong> Proposal, will befurnished at the Head <strong>Office</strong> or undernoted Agencies.JAMES SMITH, Manager.Glasgow, April, 1855.<strong>Greenock</strong>,AGENTS.SALMON & MACFARLANE, Writers.„ „~.~~JAMES TURINER, Jun., Writer.„ JAMES ALEXANDER, Merchant.„ ~R. W. ROBERTSON, Merchant.Dunoon, J. C. Turner, Dunlt^kin.Rothesay, ».D. Munn, Clydesdale Bank.Locbgilpbead,~~..«.Wiliiam Fraser, Western Bank.Largs, .~~,~~.w».»,Robers Glen, Ironmonger.

ADVERTISEMENTS.I JS/L & JEi Sj X A. TjraiSlli All 8EIT1S1FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY,FOR1, Old Broad Street, and 16, Pall-Mall London-Hq-STITTTTIED 1S03.Insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Wares,Merchandise, Manufacturing and Farming Stock, Ships inPort, Harhour, or Dock, and the Cargoes <strong>of</strong> such Ships ; also, ShipsBuilding and Repairing; Barges and other Vessels, on NavigablaRivers and Canals, and Goods on board such Vessels, throughoutGreat Britain and Ireland, and in FOREIGN COUNTRIES,FROM LOSaiOR DAMAGE BY FIRE. Subscribed and InvestedCapitalONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS.FARMING STOCK Insured generally at TWO SHILLINGS.N.B.— Policies transferred from other <strong>Office</strong>s without expense tothe Assured.IMPERIAL LIFE ASSUBAH8EFOR INSURANCE OFLIVES & ENDOWMENTS OF CHILDKEN,1, OLD BROAD STREET, LONDON.Instituted A.D., 1820, by De«d <strong>of</strong> Settlement, and further Empowered by Act <strong>of</strong> Parliament4 and 5 Victoria, Cap. 94, 1841.Persons insuring in this <strong>Office</strong> will derive two important advantages.First, the most effectual security is provided for payment <strong>of</strong>Losses. Not only will the premiums received upon Policies be carefullyinvested and accumulated for that purpose, but a Capital <strong>of</strong>j6750,000 has been subscribed to answer any possible deficiency.Secondly, upon every Policy effected for the whole term <strong>of</strong> life, theinsured will participate in the Pr<strong>of</strong>its <strong>of</strong> the Company, by havingperiodical additions made to the sums insured to the amount <strong>of</strong>Four-fifth Parts <strong>of</strong> such clear Gains and Pr<strong>of</strong>its. At the same timethey will be protected by the ample Capital above mentioned fromany chance <strong>of</strong> loss.

ADVERTISEMENTS.Life Assurance is admitted to be an object <strong>of</strong> great importance toevery class <strong>of</strong> Society, but more especially to persons in Pr<strong>of</strong>essionsand Trades, or having <strong>Office</strong>s, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes,which may cease or terminate with their lives, since it enablesthem, out <strong>of</strong> their annual income, to secure a capital at their deceaseto their Families and Representatives, which, owing to the uncertainty<strong>of</strong> life, they might not be enabled to realise by industry oreconomy. A fund for a Marriage Settlement may thus be insuredby those who are not possessed <strong>of</strong> independent property. Finespayable on Leases or Copyholds for Lives, may be provided for byinsurance. Persons entitled to Reversions upon the contingency <strong>of</strong>surviving others, may secure the value <strong>of</strong> the contingency. Creditorsmay secure debts by insuring the life <strong>of</strong> the Debtor. And variousother benefits are derived from the Insurance <strong>of</strong> Lives. Endowmentsfor Children, on their attaining a given age, may be purchased<strong>of</strong> the Company, either by gross or annual payments.If any Person should become desirous <strong>of</strong> discontinuing an Insuranceeffected at this <strong>Office</strong> for the whole term <strong>of</strong> Life, the Companywill purchase the interest in such Policy at a fair price. All claimsupon Policies will be paid within three months after satisfactory pro<strong>of</strong>shall havebeen produced <strong>of</strong> the death <strong>of</strong> the Person upon whose lifeInsurance has been effected. No Entrance-money nor Fine <strong>of</strong> Admissionis charged, except in the case <strong>of</strong> non-appearance at entry.Consulting Physician fob <strong>Greenock</strong> and Neighbourhood :DR MACKIE.Printed Proposals may be had, gratis, <strong>of</strong> their appointed Agentsfor <strong>Greenock</strong>, &c,MACFIE, GRAHAM & CO.,12, William Street.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.THE OEIGINAL AND ONLY GENUINE9Manufactured by WHITING & Co,, Successors to BORRADAMTHEWHITING HO., thePatentees.Subscbibeb begs to intimate that he has always on hand aStock <strong>of</strong> the above Celebrated FELT, which is composed entirely<strong>of</strong> Hair, and is well known as being much Superior to anrother in use, for Covering Ship's Bottoms, and for Engineering andRailway purposes. °ALAJST KEE,46, Cathcart Street, <strong>Greenock</strong>,Agent for the Clyde Porte.

—ADVERTISEMENTS.REGULATIONS for CONSUMERS <strong>of</strong> GAS by METER.WHENGas is supplied by measure, the charge will be 5s.per 1000 cubic feet; payable on the \5th November, \bthJanuary, and \bth May, <strong>of</strong> each year, subject to the undernoted graduatingscale <strong>of</strong> Discounts, which will be deducted from the payment in May,viz. :When the Gas passing through any one Meter per annum amounts to2\ per cent£1, and is under £10510, „ „ 3030, „ » 60n >»10 „60, „ „ >00.15100, „ „ 150,„150, and upwards, ~~-~ 20 ,,No discount to be allowed, unless the first payment be made on or before*v,» lVh November, the second on or before the 15th January, and the^ rd on or before the 15th May, OR AT THE FIRST CALL THERE-AFTER- and if the accounts are not paid within a reasonable time aftereither <strong>of</strong> the aforementioned dates, the Committee may order the supplyto be turned <strong>of</strong>f until payment be made. <strong>The</strong> Committee likewise reservepower to demand security, or to exact payment in advance, whenever theythink necessary.TT _\ service-piDe will be laid at the expense <strong>of</strong> the Works, from themain pipe to line <strong>of</strong> 'street, and if necessary to continue it farther, it will beoptional to consumers, either to pay for the same, or 7* per cent, annuallyon the co9t.TIT —All interior fittings <strong>of</strong> every description to be done at the expense„f fV,;*Prnnrietor, bv gas pipe fitters alone, who have been duly authorisedt 12Xthe° CommitteV<strong>of</strong> Management. <strong>The</strong> gas pipe fitters, on no'„f tn moceed to fit up meters, or to make any alteration in theirSSuspecial Ler from the Manager. <strong>The</strong> fittings to beannroved <strong>of</strong> before the gas is let on, and subject at any after period to theSection <strong>of</strong> the Manager, or any other person appointed by him for thatpurpose, who is to have access at all reasonable hours.be used but such as are furnishedTV _No gas meters will be allowed tohv the Works; the expense <strong>of</strong> fitting them up in all cases will have to beborne by the consumer. It will be optional for consumers e.ther to pur-V «rr«.t the meter • if purchased, it will be given at prime cost, and allt" rs and^cleansbg will h'ave to be borne by the Proprietor. When re-6s.!!no 5, 7s—all per annum ; in this latter case the cleaning and repairswill be at the expense <strong>of</strong> the Works.

VADVERTISEMENTS.No transference <strong>of</strong> meters can take place until the amount <strong>of</strong> gas usedby the previous occupant be paid for, at least to the extent <strong>of</strong> the value <strong>of</strong>the meter, when it belongs to the consumer.V].<strong>The</strong> Manager, or any other person appointed by him, to have freeaccess at all reasonable hours to ascertain the quantity <strong>of</strong> gas consumed ; tosupply the meter with water ; to examine the 9ame, and, if necessary, removeand cleanse it at the expense <strong>of</strong> the owner. No person will be allowed,on any account, to remove or disconnect the meter but the servants in theemployment <strong>of</strong> the Works.t VII.—If at any time it be ascertained that the meter has not registeredhe quantity <strong>of</strong> gas consumed, or from any other cause it may be foundn ecessary to supply gas temporarily without meter, the Manager to have thepower to charge for the gas consumed during the time it was supplied, andnot correctly registered, in the same proportion as the consumption waseither before or after that time.VIII<strong>The</strong> Committee <strong>of</strong> Management will not hold themselves responsibleto consumers for loss arising from suspension <strong>of</strong> the supply <strong>of</strong> gas,whether such suspension is occasioned by accident to the Works, or fromany other unavoidable cause.IX.— <strong>The</strong> Committee reserve power, in case <strong>of</strong> fraud by consumers, todiscontinue the supply <strong>of</strong> gas, without any previous intimation being given.INSTRUCTIONS TO CONSUMERS.N.3. During the continuance <strong>of</strong> severe frost, all meters placed in exposedsituations should be wrapt round with a piece <strong>of</strong> flannel or woollencloth, to prevent the water in the meter from freezing, and in order toinsure a supply <strong>of</strong> gas.All burners should be cleaned once every month, in order to preserveequality in the height <strong>of</strong> flame, and to prevent smoke. Argands, union, andsingle jets may be cleaned with a piece <strong>of</strong> strong bristle, batwings with apiece <strong>of</strong> watch spiring or cut paper. When a burner becomes enlargedthrough length <strong>of</strong> use or frequent cleaning, it should be removed and replacedby a new one.—If these instructions are not attended to, much smokeand a useless expenditure <strong>of</strong> gas will be the consequence.It is particularly requested that when a smell <strong>of</strong> gas is felt, immediatenotice there<strong>of</strong>, verbally or in writing, should be left in the <strong>of</strong>fice at the GasWorks, 27, Crawfurd Street, Glebe, and every precaution should in themeantime be taken to prevent any one approaching with a light the situationwhere the gas is accumulating, especially if the smell arises from acellar or any other confined place.Consumers are specially requested to shut the Stop-Cock before the Meter when not using Gas.

;'ADVERTISEMENTS.POBTBAITS.RESPECTFULLY invites an Inspection <strong>of</strong> his PHOTO-GRAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT,65, JAMAICA STREET, GLASGOW.His Atelier is constructed on the most correct scientific principles,and so situated that Portraits can be taken in any state<strong>of</strong> the weather.His WAITING and DRESSING ROOMS are commodiousand comfortable; and his magnificent SALOON is adornedwith First-Class Portraits <strong>of</strong> many well-known citizens.Having availed himself <strong>of</strong> the most recent Improvements inthe Art, he is enabled to produce Likenesses which, for Beauty,Life-like Expression, and Harmony <strong>of</strong> Colouring, are not to besurpassed in Glasgow.Those who would preserve correct Likenesses <strong>of</strong> themselves, orsend family mementos to friends at a distance, can be suppliedwithGOOD PORTRAITS EROM Is 6d UPWARDS.J. BOWMAN, 65, JAMAICA 'STREET, GLASGOW,OPPOSITE THE COLOSSEUM.P»T©61APHIC PORTRAITS.JTAYLOR respectfully invites all who would like an accurate» LIKENESS <strong>of</strong> themselves or friends, to visit his Establish,ment, and inspect his numerous PORTRAITS taken in every branch <strong>of</strong> thePHOTOGRAPHIC ART.VBy the aids derived from recent improvements, J. T. guarantees to all wh<strong>of</strong>avour him with their patronage, PORTRAITS, which for Truthfulness<strong>of</strong> Expression and Artistic Finish, are unrivalled, and at the followingextremely low prices:—TAYLOR'S SUPERIOR STRIKING LIKENESSES.First Size, _ 2s 6dSecond Size, ^~» .^. „^, g s gjThird Size,5s 0dFourth Size, ~~~ ^„ „^. ^^ 79 gjGLASGOW PHOTOGRAPHIC ROOMS,57, Buchanan Street, and 46, Jamaica Street, Glasgow.

. (NearlyGADVERTISEMENTS.TO SHIPPERS.RAY, DUNN, & CO. call the attention <strong>of</strong> SHIPPERS totheir Celebrated BISCUITS, which are already favourablyknown in most <strong>of</strong> the British Colonies, and in every case which hascome to the knowledge <strong>of</strong> G., D. & Co , have given pr<strong>of</strong>itable returns.Parties will be advised with as to the best kinds to send tothe different markets, and all Goods will be carefully packed, so asto insure their keeping in perfectly good condition.Works— Morrison Street, Kingston, Glasgow.NEW SHAPES JUST RECEIVED.DOIG,TIR,-^185, TRONGATE, GLASGOW,FOR§ A IT II, S3 .12 &p;^ ,Which for Durability and Economy are not to be equalled in Town.An Immense Variety <strong>of</strong> Cloth and Tweed Caps, all Shapesand Prices.^T NOTE THE ADDRESS—«H4Si.iaHATTER,issi,185 TEONGATE, GLASGOW,AGENT FOR LINCOLN & BENNETT'S LONDON HATS.THE-A.lD_A.lVCSO^r 7SCelebrated Photographic Portraits Unsurpassed-Portraits are acknowledged by Connoisseurs to be far superiorto any yet produced, for their beauty <strong>of</strong> Outline, truthfulness<strong>of</strong> expression, superior Colouring, and Artistic arrangement.<strong>The</strong> Artist having bestowed much <strong>of</strong> his attention to the Copying<strong>of</strong> Oil Paintings, Sculpture and other Works <strong>of</strong> Art, feels assuredthat he can execute orders in this branch efficiently, the greatest carebeing taken <strong>of</strong> the Originals entrusted to him.For the convenience <strong>of</strong> Invalids and Elderly Persons, the Studiois on a level with the Ground, Floor, the faiigue <strong>of</strong> ascending severalflights <strong>of</strong> stairs is thus obviated.Price 2s 6d and Upwards.3, WINDSOR PLACE, SAUCHIEHALL STREET,GLASGOW.Opposite Wellington Arcade.)

;ADVERTISEMENTS.JOJEUST BLACKHALL,COMB MANUFACTUKER,6, dUEEN STREET, (Near Argyle Street), GLASGOW,RESPECTFULLY invites Visitors to inspect his Stock <strong>of</strong>Hair, Cloth, Hat, Tooth,Tortoiseshell and Horn COMBS ;Nail, Shaving, and other BRUSHES; PERFUMERY, in PlainStoppered or Cut Bottles ; TOILET SOAPS, loose or in boxesMARINE SOAP; Leather Dressing Cases, Porte-Monnaies,Travelling Bags (Ladies' and Gents'), and everything connectedwith the Trade, which, for Variety, Quality, or Cheapness,are Unapproached.COPY THE ADDRESS :6, QUEEN STREET, (Two Doors from Argyle Street,)iiSM m 111 filLDSD CS1IB, &LAS30V.H@©EHT GBEIG,WRIGHT, MANGLE MAKER, & BOWL TURNER,41, and 43, Renfrew Lane, Glasgow,RESPECTFULLY announces that since he removed from No.20, Greyfriar's Wynd, to those more Commodious andConvenient Premises, he is enabled to keep a more Extensive andvaried Stock <strong>of</strong> Mangles <strong>of</strong> the Newest Construction, and with thevery Latest Improvements, made <strong>of</strong> the best material, <strong>of</strong> the verybest Workmanship, and guaranteed for one year.

—ADVERTISEMENTS.ROYAL ALBSRT HOTJSL.m COMMERCIAL TISAVSLLEES, TOURISTS, &c.IN SCOTLAND.MRCOULTHARD respectfully thanks hisFriends for theliberal patronage he has received since he enlarged hisPremises, and invites Travellers to tryITSI'M aSTTSiL,63, Wilson Street, (adjoining the <strong>Post</strong>-<strong>Office</strong>), Glasgow.<strong>The</strong> Hotel is in a central, but quiet and airy situation. <strong>The</strong> BedRooms numerous, l<strong>of</strong>ty, and commodious.Hot, Cold, and Shower Baths.CHARGES:Bed and Attendance, Is 9d.Breakfast, Is to Is 6d.Luncheon, Dinner, &c, in the Restaurant, at the usualmoderate prices.Danish and German spoken in the House.*%* A Night Porter always in attendance.SHIP BISCUITSGRAY,DUNN, & CO. Manufacture all kinds <strong>of</strong> SHIPBISCUITS by Powerful Steam Machinery, which they warrantto keep for any length <strong>of</strong> Voyage.Works— Morrison Street, Kingston, Glasgow.c c2

ADVERTISEMENT.SMOKE COnSTSTTIIVrFTIOIN"-FERGUSON'S PATENT.reftSISSI.liilAEl * Z9.AREprepared to furnish Estimates for the Erection <strong>of</strong> everydescription <strong>of</strong> Steam Boiler, or other Furnace, to which thesePatents are applicable, and from their position as extensive Manufacturers<strong>of</strong> the Material required, they are enabled to <strong>of</strong>fer on the mostfavourable terms. Where time is an object, the necessary alterationson Furnaces now in use can be effected in a few hours.Glasgow, 206, Buchanan Street, ?June, 1855.S%z l$i%t\ibb sub j&jfijjptrs.THEGLENFTELD PATENT STARCH, Used in HerMajesty's Laundry. This Starch now brings the HIGHESTPRICE in all the Australian, Canadian, and American Markets,and has been pronounced by Her Majesty's Laundress, to be theFINEST STARCH SHE EVER USED.Packed in a very superior manner for immediate Exportation.ROBERT WOTHERSPOON & CO., 40 Dunlop Street,Glasgow.WOTHERSPOON, MACKAY & CO., 66 Queen Street,Cheapside, London.WTTTf


—WILLIAMADVERTISEMENTS.It|)rax,tial Consulting Engineer $ Dahtator,BEGS54, UNION STUEET, GLASGOW.to return his thanks to his Friends for the very liheralpatronage he has already experienced ; and, at the same time,he intimates that he has now removed to more commodious premises,No. 45, Union Street, directly opposite.W. H. continues to devote his attention to Valuing Stock, PreparingMechanical Drawings, Specifications, and Contracts forEngineers, Millwrights, Founders, Builders, &c, and from his longpractical experience, and strict attention to orders, trusts to merit thecontinued support <strong>of</strong> his friends and the public generally.• #* Agent for STEAM ENGINES and all kinds <strong>of</strong> Machinery.45, Union Street, Glasgow.THEIF'TJ-ZEfclSriTTTIE&IE]ATPOE S-A.X.SJOHN BALFOUR'SFUSNITUR2 WAREHOUSE,©@ 9MJVJSWHIL& iimilll^, ®MI(g-©W.ahove Warehouse contains Five Flats (each 100 by 40 feet),which is the Largest <strong>of</strong> the kind, and contains the greatestvariety <strong>of</strong> USED HOUSE and OFFICE FURNITURE to befound in any Furniture Warehouse in <strong>Scotland</strong>.List <strong>of</strong> a few Articles in the above Warehouse, for Dining Room,Drawing Room, Bed Room, and Parlour:1000 Chairs.30 Easy Chairs.200 Tables.50 Feather Beds and Hair Mattresses.100 S<strong>of</strong>as and Couches.100 Gasaliers (Two<strong>of</strong> them Crystal).100 Chests Drawers and Wardrobes. 30 Bookcases, with and without30 Sideboards and Chiffonnieres.Presses.20 Eight-Day Clocks & Timepieces. 300 Register and Kitchen Grates,100 Hearth Rugs and Carpets.Fenders, and Fire Irons.200 Gilt Mirrors & Dressing Glasses, 100 Double and Single Basin Stands.30 <strong>Office</strong> Desks and Tables.Piano-Fortes, Rosewood Commodes.100 Tester, French, <strong>Post</strong>ed, Portable. Fire-Pro<strong>of</strong> Safes, &c.and Box Beds.<strong>The</strong> above contains only a small List <strong>of</strong> Articles in the above Warehouse; and without paying a Visit, to inspect the great variety <strong>of</strong>Furniture for Sale, a very faint idea can be formed <strong>of</strong> the variety <strong>of</strong>Dining Room, Drawing Room, Parlour, and Bed Room Furniture,suitable for Town, Country, and Coast.

.ADVERTISEMENTSPOBTBAITS.MESSRSWHITE &CO.'S PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS,combining all the Improvements :— in the Art. Extremelymoderate Scale <strong>of</strong> Prices 1st size, 2s 6d ; 2d size, 3s 6d ;3dsize, 5s ; 4th size, 7s 6d.MESSRS. WHITE & CO.,PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT GALLERY,14, BUCHAHAN STREET,(Right Hand Side from Argyle Street,) Glasgow.:DIR,.A.-WI2>rG-BOOM.Commodes, Pier Glasses, Oblong and Circular Tables, Settees,Couches, Lounge and Fancy Chairs, in Walnut and Rosewood.DiasriiETG-- irooim:.Telescope Loo Tables, on Pillar and Block ; Sideboards ; EasyChairs, Drawing-Room Chairs, in Morocco or Hair Cloth,ROBERT WATSON'SCABINET & UPHOLSTERY WAREHOUSE,22, UNION STREET, GLASGOW-:f.a.:r-:liOTt:R;-Loo Tables; Chiffonniers ; S<strong>of</strong>as and Chairs in Hair Cloth,&c, &c.ibzezd-zrooim:.Four-<strong>Post</strong>ed Tester and French Bedsteads ; Two and Three-DoorWardrobes; Toilet Tables; Basin Stands, with Marble Tops;Dressing Glasses.LOBBY ^TJE-IsriTXJIiB.Hat Stands, Tables and Chairs, in Oak, and Painted.R. W. would solicit attention <strong>of</strong> intending purchasers to hisStock <strong>of</strong> the above, Manufactured under his own personal inspection,with every regard to moderation and Economy in Price,consistent with Elegance <strong>of</strong> Desiga, and Durability <strong>of</strong> Materialand Workmanship.Inspection Invited.

1IsA3 8 aBOs§S3«m aO o•2sag!!"I8I0^4C9 Bt>><strong>of</strong>i I 1 °fth s §w "8P( flIPI5 sa «a3 8 3 * -csji i i ; s J i n.-1 l ^hl?fe

ADVERTISEMENTS.JTOHH FXNLAY,INVENTOR and PATENTEE <strong>of</strong> the IMPROVED RADIATING STOVE, &c.THEannexed sketch shows a sitting-room where one <strong>of</strong> thePatent Grates is fixed. <strong>The</strong> gentleman is in the act <strong>of</strong> adjusting the dooror damper. This is done by pushing the door back or drawing it forward,and thus opening or shutting proportionally, and with one movement, theupper and lower escape apertures for the products <strong>of</strong> combustion. <strong>The</strong>lower draught at c is wbat is technically called a back flue; from its positionit draws the disengaged gases either through or right over the burningfuel, which thereby become enflamed, making a cheerful blaze, and thusdispelling or consuming all smoke. From the powerful radiation <strong>of</strong> heatobtained by this grate, and the perfect command over the chimney draught,its economy follows as a matter <strong>of</strong> course.In summer, fire-places in general present a dreary forlorn aspect, by theirwide open appearance. Now, this grate is shut by simply drawing forwardthe back, making the fire-place look smaller and less empty ; and giving theapartment a finished appearance by its elegant and simple form. <strong>The</strong> firedraughtbeing thus easily shut, all currents down the chimney are avoided,and all dust, soot, or back smoke is confined within the vent. This featureis <strong>of</strong> the first importance where apartments are well furnished. And whereapartments are ventilated, this is the only grate with an open fire withwhich it can be accomplished in a scientific way, without producing coldcurrents or lessening the heat <strong>of</strong> the apartment. In the annexed sketch, thelady is shown adjusting the induction above the door. This inventionJ. Finlav has now extensively applied with perfect success, together withMoore's Patent Glass Inductions, for Stair Windows, Greenhouses, Conservatories,Churches, Chapels, and Public Buildings, for which he is the SoleAgent.

ADVERTISEMENTS.Auctioneers, and Appraisers, Commission andInsurance Agents,79 REGENT. STREET & 26 CHARLES STREET,GREENOCK.Orders Promptly Executed, and Business conducted on the mostEconomic Principles.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.H 1l?MWIpSCULPTOR AMD PHOTOGB&FHIST.©IHAIRILIBSTHANKFULLYCemetery Gate,acknowledges the liberal encouragementgiven him since he commenced "business,and respectfully intimates that he has always on handa variety <strong>of</strong> MONUMENTAL DESIGNS, which heexecutes, to order, in Granite, Marble, or Stone.Old Monuments Cleaned and Repaired, and Inscriptionsrenewed at Moderate Prices.C. S. begs also to state that his Photographic Roomsadjoining, have recently been neatly fitted up, andbeino- situated in a clear and quiet locality, free fromthe smoke and haze <strong>of</strong> the town, they are well adaptedfor securing clear and truthful likenesses. From theexperience C. S. has had in this wonderful art, andfrom his adaptation <strong>of</strong> the latest scientific improvements,he is enabled to take single Portraits, FamilyGroups, or copy Paintings, Busts, &c &c, with thegreatest accuracy, in every style <strong>of</strong> the art, and atPrices from 2s. 6d. upwards.<strong>The</strong> Rooms are open from 6 a.m. till 6 p.m., and thePublic are respectfully invited during these hours tovisit and view his gallery <strong>of</strong> Portraits.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.

ADVERTISEMENTS.MRBAIRD begs to intimate that he has completed arrangementsfor supplying all the FIRST CLASS NEWS.PAPERS <strong>of</strong>' the Day, and respectfully requests the support <strong>of</strong> hisFriends and the Public.From the complete and efficient Town Delivery now organised inconnection with the New Paper " THE DAILY BULLETIN,'1Subscribers for any Newspaper may depend on the greatest Regularity.ze^oibzeze^t jl; b.a.i:r,:d 7Wholesale Agent for " <strong>The</strong> Daily Bulletin.'41, Cathcart Street,<strong>Greenock</strong>, 28th June, 1855}JOHN SMITH, JfCINL,CKUCIBLE, MELTING-POT & METALEEEINIM WORKS,Elliot Street, Cranstonhili, Glasgow,RESPECTFULLY informs his numerous Customers and thePublic, that he now ManufacturesCRUCIBLES, OR BLUE MELTING-POTS,and has always a large Stock on hand. <strong>The</strong> QUALITY is theMOST DURABLE made, and they are now extensively used byall the PRINCIPAL FOUNDERS in and around Glasgow,giving the highest possible satisfaction, while the Prices are asmoderate as are charged by others for an article far less durable.J. S. will supply Pots on contract, and take Brassfounders' Ashesv,Dust, Skimmings, Sweepings, &c.,in exchange.<strong>The</strong> HIGHEST MARKET PRICE also given for BR ASS-FOUNDERS' MATERIALS, such as BRASS DUST, BRASSASHES, BRASS SKIMMINGS, SWEEPINGS, &o.CASH ON RECEIPT OF GOODS.J. S. would respectfully solicit a continuance <strong>of</strong> past favours, andan enlarged share <strong>of</strong> Public patronage.ELLIOT STREET, CRANSTONHILL, GLASGOW.

ADVERTISEMENTS.TO EAItWAYS,STEAM PACKET COMPANIES, AND OTHERS.ICOTTON AND ENGINE WASTE WORKS,44 WEST COLLEGE STREET, GLASGOW,BEGSrespectfully to intimate that he has on hand a superiorquality <strong>of</strong> WHITE, GREY, and COLOURED ENGINEWASTE, <strong>of</strong> his own Manufacture.AND ALSO,Superior Patent Prepared COTTON (highly recommended forlightness, elasticity, and durability), for Beds, Mattresses, and GeneralUpholstery use.Terms Moderate.ESTABLISHED 1820.BUILDINGS VENTILATEDBYCHABL1S WAT80H,OPKING-CROSS STREET, HALIFAX, YORKSHIRE,AND 65 OLD VENNEL, GLASGOW,BY HISPATENT SEXi^.-^CTIlsrca- IDOTJBXiE.CTJILILEIsrTVENTILATOR.Letters for Mr Watson to be addressed to Halifax. When thereare Agents in a Town, please apply to them.JAMES W. GATHEEAL, 93Ageht fob Glasgow and Vicinity.Virginia Street,

.—ADVERTISEMENTS.public :b_a_t:e3:s„MEDICAL IB O TRUSTIES T,RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public,that, in order to carry out more extensively than formerlyBaths <strong>of</strong> every description, he has leased those commodiouspremises,No. 3, KILBLAIH STREET, (Head <strong>of</strong> West Burn St.),where Medicated Baths, &c, Fume, Plunge, Douche, andShower Baths, can be given Salt, Fresh, Cold, Warm or Tepid,at the following Prices which have never been equalled :Medicated Vapour Bath, withFirst Class. Second Class,WarmTepid, or Cold Shower, ... IsOd 0s9dTickets for Twelve Do-, 9s 6d 7s 6dVapour Bath9, with Do-, ... 0s9d 0s6dTwelve Do., ... ... ... .. 7s 6d 5s OdPlunge Baths, Warm or Tepid 0s9d 0s6dTwelve Do , ... .. ... ... 7s 6d 5s OdPlunge Baths, Cold, 0s6d 0s4dTwelve Do., ... ... 4s 6d 3s OdPlunge Baths, Salt, Warm, or Tepid, IsOd 0s 9dTwelve Do., ... ... ... .. 9s 6d 7s 6dPlunge Baths, Salt or Cold, ... 0, 9d 0s6dTwelve Do., 7s 61 5s OdWarm or Tepid Shower, ... 0d3d 0s 2±dTwelve Do ... 2s 6d 2s OdCold Shower Bath «... 0s2^d 0s2dTwelve do., ... 2s Od IsOdFume Baths according to Ingredients used for influencing theSystem, and the degree <strong>of</strong> Strength required.As D. J. superintends these Baths himself, parties may relyupon receiving every manner <strong>of</strong> attention. First Class Bathswith three clean towels, and Second Class with two.N.B.— Should the above Prices not be within the reach <strong>of</strong>the Working Classes, and a desire evinced on their part for theenjoyment and benefit <strong>of</strong> them, Third Class Baths will be erected,at a Considerable Reduction.In the mean time, should a number <strong>of</strong> Friends form themselvesinto a club, for the Baths, D. J. will study to meet their viewsas to charges.Ladies ate attended by a Female, but are at perfect liberty tobring a Friend with them.Baths from 7 a.m., till 10 p.m. and on Sabbaths from 8 till 10a.m., and from 5 till 8 p.m.Bach Door to Baths in the Close*


ADVERTISEMENTS.AL1XA11I1 M'M ASTIR,TAILOR AND CLOTHIER,4 0, CATHCAET STREET,BEGSrespectfully to intimate that he has removed to the ahoveCommodious premises, where he will carry on his Businessiu all its departments.In the new premises every facility will be given to his numerousCustomers for inspecting a Varied Stock <strong>of</strong> Fabrics in Gentlemen'sDress, adapted to the seasons.A. M'M, hopes from the increased accommodation and arrangement<strong>of</strong> bis new premises, and strict attention to Business, he maycontinue to receive a share <strong>of</strong> Public favour.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.LAUDER,CTOZHUsTBRICK MANUFACTURER,FAULSHEAD, RENFEEW,RESPECTFULLY intimates to the Shippers, Builders, andPublic <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> generally, that he has Opened that Yard,No. 3, BELLINGBURI STREET,where he will carry on Business as aBRICK, GOAL, AND LIME MERCHANT;and, by keeping on hand the best description <strong>of</strong> Articles, strict attentionto Orders, and Moderate Prices, he trusts to receive a share<strong>of</strong> Public support.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.BEGHOUSE AND SHIP JOINERS,leave to intimate that they have commenced Business at15, ARTHUR STREET CARTSDY&E,and, trust from their experience in the above branches, to obtain ashare <strong>of</strong> public support, which it will be their endeavour to merit bythe moderation <strong>of</strong> their Charges, as well as the prompt execution <strong>of</strong>any Work entrusted to them.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.

;"CTIEsrXTIEIDZKZrZETGKDOIM:€twpx&m mtft§mml ^nraitat Sttatihttitm,17, George Street, Edinburgh ; 160, Hope Street, Glas-1, Adelaide Place, London Bridge, Londongow ;FOR MUTUAL ASSURANCE ON LIVES, ANNUITIES, &c.Established 1840.Board for <strong>Scotland</strong>.Dr W. P. Alison, Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> tb R< v. Thomas M'Crie, D.D., LL.D.Practice <strong>of</strong> Medicine in the University,Robert Schaw, Esq., Director <strong>of</strong> theEdinburgh.<strong>National</strong> Bank <strong>of</strong>" Sc itland.Andrew Buchanan, M.D-, Pr<strong>of</strong>essoi John Wigham, Jun., Esq.<strong>of</strong> the Institute <strong>of</strong> Medicine in the Edward Woodford, LL.D., H.M. InspectorUniversity, Glasgow.<strong>of</strong> Schools for <strong>Scotland</strong>.Robert K. Greville, LL.DCharles W. Wright, Esq.Secretary—J. G. Harrison, 17 George Street, Edinburgh.Bankers—<strong>The</strong> <strong>National</strong> Bank <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>.<strong>Office</strong> in Edinburgh— No. 17 George Street.Agent for Glasgow and Neighbourhood—James Robertson, <strong>Office</strong>, 160Hope Street.Medical Referees— Andrew Buchanan, M.D., Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> the Institute <strong>of</strong>Medicine in the University.James Gray, M.D. , 8 Newton Street, <strong>of</strong>f Sauchiehall Street.Extracts from Report <strong>of</strong> the Directors to the FourteenthGeneral Meeting <strong>of</strong> Members." We have now been established above fourteen years, and in orderto show the rapidity <strong>of</strong> our progress during the latter half <strong>of</strong> thatperiod, it may be well to observe, that the average number <strong>of</strong> Policiesissued during the first seven years was 375 per year ; and the amountassured, in round numbers, ,£37,000 per year. In 1851, 731 Policieswere issued, assuring £130.000. In 1852, 1177 Policies weregranted, covering risks to the amount <strong>of</strong> £180,000. In 1853, thenumber <strong>of</strong> Policies issued was 1815, assuring £198,000; and in1854, 1336 Policies were completed, assuring no less than £227,000." Thus far the Report applies exclusively to the year ending the20th <strong>of</strong> November, 1854, since which we have completed exactlyanother half year, and your Directors have the pleasure to announcethat the business <strong>of</strong> this period has been very far in excess <strong>of</strong> eventhat <strong>of</strong> any part <strong>of</strong> the previous twelve months. To this day no lessthan 905 Policies in the Temperance and General Sections have beencompleted, covering assurance to the amount <strong>of</strong> £136,755, and producingannual premiums to the amount <strong>of</strong> £4819, 6s 7d. la theWorking Man's Section, 452 Policies have been issued, assuring£6198; making a iotal <strong>of</strong> 1357 Policies, and <strong>of</strong> £142,973, in assuranceswithin the six months. <strong>The</strong> present Income <strong>of</strong> the Associationmay be set down at £45,000 per annum, and its accumulated Capital,being the entire property <strong>of</strong> the Members, at upwards <strong>of</strong> £131,000."GREENOCK:Agent forTHOMAS CXtAIG, 8, Hamilton Street.MEniCALReferee :—A- F. RICHMOND, M.D.Agent for Paisley:— J. R. PARLANE.Medical Referee :— D. RICHMOND, M.D.

ADVERTISEMENTS.WASHINGTON WASTE MILLS;WASHINGTON STREET, GLASGOW.GENERAL MERCHANT, VALUATOR,CONTRACTOR OF SUPPLIES, & FOREIGN IMPORTER,BEGS leave respectfully to inform his Patrons and the Publicthat he has always in Stock, Oakum Rope, Coir Rope, OakumJunk, Tarpaulins, White and Coloured Engine- Waste, Anti- FrictionGrease, White and Red Lead, Flake Litharge, Muriates, Sulphates,Chemical Manures, Copperas, Oils, Vulcanized India.Rubber inSheets and Piping, Hose Piping, Tin Plates, Brass and CompositionTubing, Shot, Export Cutlery in variety, Ro<strong>of</strong> Sheathing, &c, whichhe <strong>of</strong>fers <strong>of</strong> good quality, and at moderate prices. He begs furtherto observe that he purchases Damaged Goods in Printing, Bleaching,&c, Damaged Woollen and Cotton Yarns, Damages in Flax, Hemp,Linen, and Cotton; also, all kinds <strong>of</strong> Mill Wastes, Bale Sheets, BaleRopes, Gutta Percha and Leather Bands, Coal-Pit Tows, Old LocomotiveSteam Engines, Old Steamboats, Old Wrecks, Chain Cables,Anchors, Cranes, Chains, and Pulleys, Old Steam Boilers, Old Cisterns,Steam- Piping, Shafting, Gearing, Old Machinery, &c. ; Copperin Cake and Tile, Brass and Copper Turnings, Iron and Metal Scraps,Steel in Bars, Spindles, Files, &c. ; Old Rails, Tin, Pewter, Lead,Ivory, Zinc, Home, African, and Indian Deer Horns, Shanks,Ho<strong>of</strong>s, &c.Parties in want <strong>of</strong> Second-hand Steam-Engines, Boilers, Machineryor any description <strong>of</strong> Job Goods, will find it their interest to consultthe Advertiser, with whom such articles are or will be found at advantageousrates, and who continues to attend, for a moderate com.mission, the London, Liverpool, and other Sales where the interests<strong>of</strong> his employers demand his care and attention.To Insurance Companies, Railway Companies, Lloyd's Agents,Brokers and others, J. L. appeals with confidence to his correctvaluations (which are founded on actual observation and general experience)<strong>of</strong> Properties entrusted to his management, and hopes byunceasing exertions to merit a repetition <strong>of</strong> past favours.Advertiser continues as usual to contract, for periods <strong>of</strong> six ortwelve months, for the regular supplies <strong>of</strong> any description <strong>of</strong> Goods inhis various departments.American Vulcanized India- Rubber, India Coir, imported direct,and <strong>of</strong>fered at prices which defy competition.Commands will be esteemed, and have prompt attention.OFFICE: — 60,WASHINGTON STREET,House— 58, Washington Street, Glasgow.

ADVERTISEMENTS.oo*£UJomOftaT x < »£w> en3«?.COcOu «.~t*a» D.S 2 E.S•-?&js © ^ o- (N u> c\ O b£s =W j- •3 "S og..SP** cu•&**8.3 ^ "3 fti.co C3 fc.rH 2 ~ a uS *O CD 1 >bfi*;H »-be co2^O Wi»1°le 3 "3 ^si-3 a)tostonX es,3 2•gw 1iSo^S

ADVERTISEMENTS.3>SMITHS AND BOILEKMAKEKS,No. 19, CATHCART STREET,RESPECTFULLY intimate that they have CommencedBusiness in those Premises, No. 19, Cathcart Street,(formerly occupied by Messrs J. & J. Brownlie, tinsmiths,) wherethey will be happy to receive orders in the various branches <strong>of</strong>their Business, and trust, by strict attention and moderatecharges, to receive a share <strong>of</strong> public patronage.Ships' Water Tanks, and Boilers <strong>of</strong> all kinds, Made and Repaired,Bailings, Grates, Beams, &c., Fitted Up.J*ELL HANGUP m ALL ITS DEPARTMENTS,<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.SAVESBOND'S FURNITURE POLISHall Labour, by producing an Immediate and BrilliantPOLISH on every description <strong>of</strong> Cabinet and French-polishedGoods.A few applications make a surface equal to French Polish, and notliable to be affected by moderate heat.On trial it will be found to be the most easily applied <strong>of</strong> any Preparationyet <strong>of</strong>fered to the Public.Sold in Bottles, at 6d, Is, and 2s each, byJAKES § aklEKkMWEE,CHEMIST,9, WEST BLACKHALL STREET, GREENOCK.MRGEORGE AUGUSTUS COLE, British Wink Agent,begs to announce that he has on hand a Large Supply <strong>of</strong>BRITISH WINES, peculiarly adapted to the present season, andto which he solicits the attention <strong>of</strong> his Friends.Champagne, 2&s I Green Ginger, 21sChampagne Ginger, ... 26s Lime Ginger,16sSparkling Hock, ...J28s JGinger 16sWith other Wines equally rich, excellent in flavour, and reasonable inPrice4, Bogle Street, ?<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855

ADVERTISEMENTS.COOL 3^ZLsTID SOFT, J^ISTID LIGKHCTETOP COVERINGS,XTENSIVE in Quantity, Superior in Quality, Various Styles,Textures, and Colours, are waiting Public Inspection at theSIGNOF THE COCKED HAT,26, Hamilton Street, <strong>Greenock</strong>.JAMES MACFARLAIV, Proprietor.w 'jmL ac-. •<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.J0S1PHCoach ProprietorCR00K8HAHKS,and livery Stable Keeper,BEGS to intimate to the Public that he has REMOVED tothose Commodious Premises, No. 41, WEST BLACK-HALL STREET, (Corner <strong>of</strong> Grey Place),lately occupied by MrJames Fisher as a Cabinet Workshop, where, from the great additionalaccommodation, he will be enabled to carry on his Business ina style which he trusts will give general satisfaction, and secure tohim a continuance <strong>of</strong> Public Patronage.Harringtons, Cabs, Mourning Coaches, Box Noddies, &c, onHire. Roomy Loose Boxes and other accommodation for Horsestaken in at Livery.DB. S TJ ^ IE,<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.2 7, SUGA E-H OUSE LANE,BEGSmost respectfully to intimate to the Inhabitants <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong>and vicinity, that he has been successful in curing thefollowing Diseases by the sole Agency <strong>of</strong> Herbs, without any mineralingredient whatever; viz:—Consumption, Piles, Burns,Shortness <strong>of</strong> Breath, Sore Legs, Gravel,Rheumatism, Venereal, Scurvy,Fevers, Coughs, Whittle,Sore Eyes, Nerves, King's Evil,Sore Breasts, Dropsy, Cholera,And Skin Eruptions <strong>of</strong> eviry kind.Dr H. has every confidence in the healing properties <strong>of</strong> the Herbshe uses, and in general cases, a single trial will convince the mostsceptical <strong>of</strong> their efficacy, and guarantees a perfect cure <strong>of</strong> what hestates, let others boast <strong>of</strong> themselves as they may

ADVERTISEMENTS.mAUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER,10, 12, 14, and 15, Cross-Shore Street, <strong>Greenock</strong>,BEGSmost respectfully to return his sincere thanks to thosegentlemen <strong>of</strong> the Legal pr<strong>of</strong>ession, and the Public, who have sokindly favoured him for the last seven years with their spontaneouspatronage, and trusts to receive as formerly a still further share <strong>of</strong>their liberality ;and to those who may yet honour him with theirsupport, he flatters himself to give his undivided and strict attentionto the conducting <strong>of</strong> Sales with the utmost despatch and promptitude,and taking <strong>of</strong> Inventories, with prudence and care. Sales <strong>of</strong> Propertyand Furniture <strong>of</strong> every description effected either in his own Premises,which are large and commodious, or in Town and Country, on theshortest possible notice.Ample Storage accommodation for Furniture sent in for sale, orunder sequestration. All matters entrusted to the care <strong>of</strong> J. C. areexecuted under his own and family's immediate superintendence,therefore the strictest privacy is maintained.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.WflLLBAH JOHSBST1IH,Bookseller, Stationer, and Lithographic Printer,THIRD SHOP FROM WEST BURN STREET.INVOICES, BUSINESS AND VISITING CARDS, CIR-CULARS, FUNERAL LETTERS, and all work inLithography, executed with despatch, and at Moderate Prices.Specimens can be seen on Application.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.SilBlT HASAIIftLAHD7~West Blackhall Street, Geeenock.njBNssmxss, wmm, m§m & niii,SHIRTS, HECK-TIES, AND HANDKERCHIEFS;FLANNELS, LINENS, AND COTTONS.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June> 1855.

ADVERTISEMENTS.D AH IBL I1S1I1S »PLASTEEEE,YARD:— 33, SCGARH0U8E LANE,BEGSHouse :— 58, Vemel,to return his sincere thanks to his Friends and the Publicfor the extensive support he has received since commencingbusiness.D. C. takes this opportunity <strong>of</strong> intimating that he has Removedto the above commodious premises, where he will continue to carryon the Plastering business in all its branches ; and trusts, by his longexperience in the trade, and attention to orders entrusted to him, tomerit a continuance <strong>of</strong> their favour.Country Orders punctually attended to.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855,SHPET¥FROMFIREZMTIILjIfcTIEIR/SFIRE-PROOF SAFESAND DEED BOXES,Of all Sizes, at Maker's Prices.Agent jWILLIAM INNES,48, HAMILTON STREET,GREENOCK.BBOOT AND SHOE MAKERS,EG to intimate that they have REMOVED to that Old EstablishedBoot and Shoe Shop,, IT §(RHJ A{Lately occupied Mr John Stewart),Where they will always have in Stock a Large Assortment <strong>of</strong> Ladies'and Gentlemen's BOOTS and SHOES, <strong>of</strong> superior quality, at verymoderate prices. Those parties preferring their Boots or Shoes madeto Order, may rely on receiving a first-class article, and an excellentfit.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.

ADVERTISEMENTS.ROBERT B. ITNLAY & CO.,NEWEST FABRICS FDR PALETOTS.Morning Coats, Vests, and Trousers.HATS, DRESS AND COLORED KIDS, TIES, SCARFS,STOCKS, AND NECKERCHIEFS.Water-Pro<strong>of</strong> and Air-Pro<strong>of</strong> Garments,AND FLOATING BELTS.Cushions,Travelling Cases, Carriage and Railway Wrappers, tbc. dc.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.PLASTERER,41, HAMILTON STEEET, GBEENOCKJobbing Carefully Attended to.WXST1RH CLOTlIlfi DIPOT,SIGN OF THE GLOBE,IE L Xj ^ IR, ID Sd CO.,EA23L©5&©, ©£©TI!S2E2imi

;ADVERTISEMENTS.URIE'S3 5, BUCHANAN STREET,GLASGOW,ISthe largest and most complete Establishment in thiscountry, having four separate Glass Houses, largeGallery, Dressing Rooms, and Work Rooms, and everyother convenience for producing first-class Pictures complete,in a few minutes, in any weather. Mr U. has alsoengaged eminent Artists for the Colouring and Chemicaldepartments.PO E,TE,AITS,FROM 2s 6d, 5s, 7s 6d, AND UPWARDS.OATJTIOIT.Mr Urie having obtained her Majesty's Royal LettersPatent for Improvements in Photography on Glass, &c,&c, hereby Cautions all parties against future interferencewith his inventions.THE PERFECTION OFPHOTOGRAPHY.Not many years ago, twenty or thirty minutes were required,in the brightest sunshine, without ever moving theeyelids, to obtain even an ordinary daguereotype portraitwhereas now, by the vast improvements Mr Urie has recentlyaccomplished in his extensive photographic establishment,35 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, he is producingexact likenesses almost instantaneously, in any kind <strong>of</strong>weather. Mr Urie has evidently watched with the eye <strong>of</strong>a genius every movement in the progress <strong>of</strong> the art inAmerica, France, and Britain and appears to have sparedno expense or exertion in having superior appliances, andevery chemical improvement, for maintaining the pre-eminencehe has justly acquired in his pr<strong>of</strong>ession. <strong>The</strong> lifelikeappearance <strong>of</strong> his patent glass portraits is exquisite.All who desire to see the superiority and perfection <strong>of</strong> MrUrie's performances should visit his splendid saloons,Glasgow paper.{^^F^S^^^S^^S'

ADVERTISEMENTS.©SSCOTIA DISTILLERY STORE, §INJOil 6IAHAI,Wine and Spirit Merchant,returning his sincere thanks to hisFriends andthe Public generally for past favours, begs mostrespectfully to intimate that he he has always on handa Large and Choice Stock <strong>of</strong>WIITBS,FOREIGN & BRITISH SPIRITS,CORDIALS, &c.LONDON AND DUBLIN PORTER,BBiraWMB

—ADVERTISEMENTS.1 1 W ALLI ft LE.RESTORATION <strong>of</strong> the HAIR in the Course <strong>of</strong> a FEWDAYS, when suddenly lost from Illness or any other cause, isensured by the use <strong>of</strong>GATENBY'S EXELCIOB DETERGENT,ANDMEDICATED COLD CEEAM,<strong>The</strong>reby avoiding the trouble <strong>of</strong> Shaving the Head.In using the Detergent, the head must be washed with water.that is not agreeable, the free use <strong>of</strong>WhereGATENBT'S THISTLE EXTRACTWill more slowly but surely effect a complete Restoration <strong>of</strong> the Hair.In bringing these articles before the notice <strong>of</strong> the public, WilliamGatenby, as a guarantee <strong>of</strong> their utility, would respectfully refer tohis successful and never-failing treatment in the Restoration <strong>of</strong> theHair wlipn lost from Tllness <strong>of</strong> any sort, as also SCALD HEAD,RINGWORM, and other External Diseases, while resident in theWest <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scotland</strong>.All <strong>of</strong> Gatenby's other Preparations for theToilet are made fromthe Best and Purest Materials, and are most effectual for the variouspurposes intended. <strong>The</strong> following are especially recommended:PRINCE ALBERT'S AMBROSIAL SHAVING CREAM,For rendering the operation <strong>of</strong> Shaving agreeable.<strong>The</strong> Queen <strong>of</strong> Beauty's Golden Balsam <strong>of</strong> Meroli,For dressing the Hair, assisting it to curl and keep in curl duringexercise or damp weather ; it is also very effectual for preventing theHair falling <strong>of</strong>f or turning grey till the latest period <strong>of</strong> life, andremoves all manner <strong>of</strong> dandriffor other impurities from the roots.Pure Marrow Oil, and Castor Oil Pomade,For Nourishing and Beautifying the Hair. Excellent for using inthe Nursery.Of A TENBY'S HAIR BYE.For changing the colour <strong>of</strong> the Hair to a Beautiful Glossy Brown orBlack, by an easy and simple process, which will instantly producethe colour required in one preparation. In cases at 3s, 5s, 9s, and 16s.GATENBY'S COURT DEPILATORY,For Removing Superfluous Hair in less than Ten Minutes, withoutthe least pain or injury to the skin.G. NISBET, PERFUMER, 13, WILLIAM STREETANDGREENOCK APOTHECARIES' COMPANY,

ADVERTISEMENTS,to> Builders, Ironfonnders, and others using Cranes.FORREST &©Jlllfl,ENGINEERS A IM D MILLWRIGHTS,7 and 9, Canal Street, Port-Dundas,BEGto call attention to the PATENT SAFETY DERRICKCRANES, recently Patented, and <strong>of</strong> which they aie theSole Proprietors.<strong>The</strong> Patent Safety Derrick Cranes possess many very importantadvantages over those constructed upon the old principle ; and fromthe simplicity <strong>of</strong> the improvement, it can easily be applied, at a comparativelytrifling cost, to Cranes constructed upon the old principleby F. & B. 's predecessors in Business, Wm. Forrest & Co.Patents may be seen in operation at Forrest & Barr's Works, 7and 9, Canal Street, Port-Dundas, Glasgow.CO00nMQi0000RE-GILDING AND CLEANING.PIER TABLES,MIRRORS, ANDPICTURE FRAMES, RE-GILDED,ANDOTL PAINTINGS CLEANED ANDVARNISHED,On the most Moderate Terms,ATMRS JOHN HASTIE'SCARVING AND GILDINGESTABLISHMENT,88, STOCKWELL STREET,GLASGOW.o oWfIt*HIQO 3

\m50&o Eh O£g&,CQfii< PR194feE350P oM©Eh50PftCQPh 6EHH!>enijHip4HHMHObnJJM 3 < fe»NaitsCQ50HI Bft3I l

ADVERTISEMENTS.IR/. &c J". DVE^k-IR/riEIEsr,mim, rnmu &m m&wi mims,31, HAMILTON STREET,(South Side, Rear Corner <strong>of</strong> Charles Street, Opposite Mason lodge),GREENOCK.BEGHONXTMAW & CAMPBltLrespectfully to intimate to the inhabitants <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greenock</strong> andneighbourhood that their Stock <strong>of</strong> GENERAL IRON-MONGERY is very complete.<strong>The</strong>y especially beg to call attentionto their Stock <strong>of</strong> HOUSE FURNISHINGS, including Tea andC<strong>of</strong>fee Pots, <strong>of</strong> the Newest and Neatest Patterns ; Tea and C iffeeTrays, <strong>of</strong> the most Fashionable Shape and Designs,; and Cutlery,from the most Celebrated Manufacturers.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.BOOKStaken out in Parts or Numbers, such as Brown's andScott's Bible, &c, Bound with Neatness, Cheapness andDespatch.Books forivarded from the Country for Binding punctuallyattended to.SLATERS,YARD:-No. 14, KILBLAIN STREET,BEGHouse:— Allison's Land, 4, Sir Michael Street,to intimate they have commenced business on their ownaccount at the above premises, where they hope to merit ashare <strong>of</strong> public patronageA. & H. takes this opportunity <strong>of</strong> informing the inhabitants <strong>of</strong> theTown and neighbourhood that, from the long experience bothpartners have had in the pr<strong>of</strong>ession, and by extremely moderatecharges, they trust to be able to execute all orders entrusted to themto the entire satisfaction <strong>of</strong> their employers.Country Orders punctually attended to.<strong>Greenock</strong>, June, 1855.

ADVERTISEMENTS.SUPERB NOVELTIESBURWELL'S PROMENADE BAZAAR,14, Anderson Place, Cathcart Street, <strong>Greenock</strong>.ANinspection <strong>of</strong> the BRILLANT AND VARIED STOCKcollected and displayed by L. Burwell will really suggestsomething suitable for their object, whether designed for use oornament— the economical or luxurious—the old or young. HTrecent purchases in London and Birmingham, and his importation<strong>of</strong> all the meritorious Fancy Productions <strong>of</strong> Foreign Countries, exhibita multifarious Collection <strong>of</strong> Novelties but rarely found in aRetail Establishment.IN THE FRENCH DEPARTMENTArticles <strong>of</strong> taste and refinement are displayed in great pr<strong>of</strong>usion.ISfiifSIj&i®L46^<strong>of</strong> the most Choice and Rare Descriptions, in every variety <strong>of</strong> Shadeand Colour, and <strong>of</strong> most elaborate Workmanship.FROM ITALYExquisite Specimens <strong>of</strong> Carving in Alabaster; Figures modelledfrom the Originals by the Great Masters; Vases, Baskets, Jugs,&c. , adapted for Wax Flowers ; Clocks, Time Pieces, Letter Weights,Baskets <strong>of</strong> Flowers, Feather Flowers, &cOF BRITISH MANUFACTURE<strong>The</strong>re an almost unlimited supply <strong>of</strong> CABINET GOODS, <strong>of</strong> everydescription and <strong>of</strong> the most elegant designs, consisting <strong>of</strong> PortableWriting Desks, all sizes; Dressing Cases, superbly fitted with Silverand other fittings; Work Boxes, Tea Chests and Caddies, NettingBoxes, Jewel Cases, Watch Stands, &c. ; Papier Mache Tables, TeaTrays in Sets, Portfolios, Writing Desks, &c. An immense variety <strong>of</strong>beautiful Stuffed Birds. A choice collection <strong>of</strong> Paintings and Engravings,framed. Best London-made Jewellery— Brooches, Pins,Rings, Lockets, Seals and Keys, Guards, Pencil Cases, &c. SilverButter and Fruit Knives, Pickle Forks, Thimbles, Tea, Sugar andSalt Spoons, Silver-plated Tea Kettles, Cruet Stands, &c. BritanniaMetal Tea and C<strong>of</strong>fee Pots, &c. Japanned Tea Trays, &c, &c.<strong>The</strong> best and most approved Perfumery.CUTLERY FROM THE MOST CELEBRATED SHEFFIELD MAKERS.Dressing, Side, Pocket, and Back Combs ; Fancy Bellows,Ostrich Feather Brooms, Mirrors, an immense variety <strong>of</strong> Dresden,French and English China Ornaments, Real German and HornCombs, Ivory do. ; Silk, Beaded and Leather Purses ; Fancy, Hair,Cloth, Hat, Crumb, Shaving and Tooth Brushes, Coral and otherBeads, &c.an importation <strong>of</strong> NEW TOYS has been made— Games <strong>of</strong> the mostamusing and instructive kind, Puzzles, Dissected Maps?&c.Licensed Dealer in Gold and Silver Plate.


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