”Our aim is always to provide a safe butfun and adventurous tour experience.“Our GuidesIcelandic Mountain Guides is the leading company in Iceland when it comesto setting safety standards for outdoor adventure activities. We pride ourselvesin having a highly qualified team of guides, many of whom come from a mountainrescue background and all of whom are passionate nature lovers and travellers.For all glacier activities we have now introduced an award winning trainingprogram for all our guides, based on safety and training standards from NewZealand. Our guides in general carry the international Wilderness First Responderdiploma in first aid, Avalanche level 1 or 2 diplomas and various other courses thataim for better performance and increased security.Our aim is always to provide a fun, adventurous and diverse tour experience butalso a safe one so you can rest assured that with Icelandic Mountain Guidesyou are not only in good hands, we believe that you are in the best of hands.StefanJón YngviÍvarEnglish and German English English and DutchSigurðurBjörgvinGunnar AtliEnglish and GermanEnglishEnglishMaríaVédísMaxime2English and FrenchEnglish, Spanish, DanishEnglish, German, Slovakian,Czech and Polish

ICELANDIC MOUNTAIN GUIDESWelcomeLet us tell you a little about ourselves. Icelandic Mountain Guides is Iceland‘spremier adventure tour operator now in its 20 th year of operation. It‘s acompany we started because we wanted to share the spectacular Icelandic natureas we know it with travelers from all over the world. On our Outdoor Adventuresfrom Reykjavík we take you to locations where you can discover different sidesof Iceland, whether it is the unique icescapes of glaciers during a glacier walk, thewonders of geothermal activity on a hiking tour, impressive waterfalls, NorthernLights or the Icelandic underground! On your adventure our small groups willmake your experience all the more personal. Our team of highly trained guides willhelp you to enjoy and understand Iceland in a safe way. With Icelandic MountainGuides you will have a great day out in nature!Come Experience the Wonders of Iceland with us!Awards and RecognitionsIcelandic Mountain Guides has a distinct record in operating adventure toursin Iceland. We are the proud recipient of various awards and recognitions, for ourenvironmental policy, safety and training of guides and product innovation.These awards are a great recognition of our efforts. They are a motivation for us tocontinue to improve in all aspects of our operations and make us the most awardedadventure tour company in Iceland.The Most Awarded Adventure Tour Company in IcelandICELANDAIR PIONEER AWARD2006For designing and developingGlacier Walks.Ministry forthe Environment andNatural ResourcesEnvironmental award 2012We are proud of the reputation we have earned and we encourage you to share yourexperience with others on our website, Trip Advisor, Facebook or other media sites.Contact us:www.mountainguides.isinfo@mountainguides.isTel: +354 587 9999 or 899 99823

Take a Walk on the Ice SideGlacier Walk and Waterfalls Combo Tour IMG01Level: Easy. Duration: 9 - 10 hours total, 3 - 3h30 on the ice.1 2 3 4 5Glacier Walk on Sólheimajökull glacierA Glacier Walk is a great way to experience Icelandic nature and a tour to Sólheimajökullglacier tongue is an ideal way to spend the day. On the two hour drive fromReykjavík you will pass right under the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano that causedso much trouble in the spring of 2010. Just east of it lies Sólheimajökull an outlet glacierfrom Mýrdalsjökull Iceland’s fourth largest glacier. You will go on a safe and easyglacier walk on crampons up onto the ice field where you will explore a wonderlandof ice sculptures, ridges and deep crevasses, learn about the glacier and the effect of theeruption on it and its surroundings. Our experienced mountain guides will teach you howto use basic glacier equipment necessary for this tour. On the way back we stop at thepicturesque waterfalls Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss.Eiswandern auf dem Gletscher SólheimajökullEinfache Wanderung mit Steigeisen auf dem Eis. Faszinierende Welt aus Eisskulpturen undtiefen Spalten. Besichtigung der photogenen Wasserfälle Skógafoss und Seljalandsfoss.Marche sur le glacier SólheimajökullRandonnée facile avec crampons sur glacier. Paysage fascinant de glace sculptéepar les éléments et de crevasses profondes. Visite des pittoresques cascades deSkógafoss et Seljalandsfoss.4

“This tour was the highlight of my time in Iceland. Being upon the glacier and seeing the deep crevasses was fantastic.”Trip AdvisorThe most popular all yearGlacier Adventure Tour inthe book!IMG01. All year.Except December 24 th , 25 th and January 1 st .Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30Tour DetailsPick up: In Reykjavík from hotel orguesthouse from 08:30.Please note: Pick up is with aReykjavík Excursions bus.Included: Transport, guiding services,glacier gear and safety equipment.Not included: Lunch. Lunch can bebought on the way.Note: Bring warm clothing, rain gear andhiking boots. Boots can be rented and welend rain coats to those who need.Minimum age: 10 years.Price children: 10 - 15 years: 10.450 ISK.Price: 20.900 ISK.5

Walk through Ice and Fire IMG02Level: Easy to moderate. Duration: 10 - 11 hours total, 4 - 5 hours active.1 2 3 4 5Hot Springs Hike and Glacier WalkA tour that combines two of Iceland’s natural highlights, hot springs and glaciers!This day tour starts at Hengill geothermal area, located at the foot of an oldvolcanic cone. There you will take a 2-3 hour walk past a series of beautiful hotsprings to Reykjadalur valley where you can enjoy a bath in a beautiful warmstream. Depending on accessibility to Reykjadalur over the coldest winter monthsa visit to the hot springs of Grændalur valley is equally beautiful but without thebath. The tour continues by car towards the two waterfalls Seljalandsfoss andSkógafoss, taking you right past the Eyjafjallajökull volcano to the wonders ofthe Sólheimajökull glacier where a short and easy Glacier Walk between icesculptures, ridges and deep crevasses will complete your day. A tour that offers bothmagnificent nature and scenery.Wanderung auf Gletscher und durch ein Geothermalgebiet2 - 3 stündige Wanderung durch das Geothermalgebiet des Hengill. Erforschung desGletschers mit seinen Eisskulpturen und tiefen Spalten. Faszinierende Natur und Landschaft.Randonnée sur glacier et dans une zone géothermiqueRandonnée de 2 à 3 heures au cœur de la zone géothermique de Hengill. Exploration duglacier avec ses étranges formations de glace et crevasses. Nature et paysage fascinants.IMG02. June 1 st to September 30 thMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30IMG02. October 1 st to October 31 st andMarch 1 st to May 31 stMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30HengillSkógarTour DetailsPick up: In Reykjavík from hotel or guesthouse from 08:30.Included: Transport, guiding services, glacier gear and safetyequipment.Not included: Lunch. Lunch can be added or bought onthe way.Note: Bring warm clothing, rain gear and hiking boots,bathing suits and a towel. Boots can be rented and we lendrain coats to those who need.Minimum age: 8 years.Price children: 8 - 15 years:13.950 ISK.Price: 27.900 ISK.6

Horses and Glaciers IMG03Level: Easy. Duration: 10 - 11 hours total, riding 1h30 - 2 hours, glacier walk 2 hours.1 2 3 4 5Horse Riding and Glacier WalkThis tour starts with about a 1h30-2 hrs. horseback riding tour in the spirit of theVikings. Where we go depends on wind, weather and the participants´ riding experience.After a traditional meal that varies with the season, the tour continues right past theEyjafjallajökull volcano to the great Mýrdalsjökull glacier, one of Iceland’s largestglaciers. Here, on the Sólheimajökull glacier tongue, equipped with crampons and iceaxes, you will set forth on a Glacier Walk to discover a wonderland of ice sculptures,ridges and deep crevasses that will truly complete your day. Truly a great combination oftraditional horse riding, glaciers and fascinating natural surroundings.Reiten und Gletscher WanderungCa. 2 stündige Reittour auf den berühmten isländischen Pferden. TraditionellesEssen (saisonabhängig). Gletscherwanderung: Entdeckung der Wunderwelt vonEisskulpturen und tiefen Spalten. Einmalige Kombination von traditionellem Reitsportund überwältigender Natur.Randonnée à cheval et marche sur glacierRandonnée à cheval d’environ 2 h sur les célèbres chevaux islandais. Repastraditionnel (selon la saison). Randonnée sur glacier: découverte du monde magiquede la glace sculptée par les éléments et les crevasses. Une combinaison unique!IMG03. June 1 st to September 30 thMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun08.15 08.15 08.15 08.15 08.15 08.15IMG03. October 1 st to October 31 st andMarch 1 st to May 31 stMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun08.15 08.15 08.15 08.15Tour DetailsPick up: In Reykjavík from hotel orguesthouse from 08:20.Please note: Pick up is with Eldhestar minibus.Included: Transport, guiding services, glaciergear, riding gear, safety equipment and lunch.Note: Bring warm clothing, rain gear andhiking shoes. Boots can be rented and welend rain coats to those who need.Minimum age: 8 years.Price children: 8 - 15 years:13.950 ISK.Price: 27.900 ISK.HengillSkógar*Walk Through Ice and Fire and Horses and Glaciers unite for the glacier walk and the tours finish together.7

Special offer 2013, 29.900 ISK.Golden Circle and Glacier Walk IMG08Level: Moderate. Duration: 11h - 12 hours total, 3 - 4 hours active.1 2 3 4 58Þingvellir, Gullfoss Waterfall and Geysir, with a GlacierWalk on Langjökull GlacierThis amazing day tour allows you to discover the highlights of Icelandic nature on theGolden Circle route, participating in some exciting activities such as a boat touron a Glacier Lake and an easy Glacier Walk on Langjökull glacier. With a mix ofhistory, nature and action - this tour has it all! Þingvellir National Park, is our firststop before we head inland to visit the great Gullfoss waterfall. After a lunch breakat Gullfoss waterfall, we continue further into the Icelandic highlands, on the roughKjölur mountain road. There, a boat waits to take you over Hvítárvatn to the glacierwhere our highly trained mountain guides will take you on an easy Glacier Walk up tothe wonderland of ice and snow. On the way back we stop at the all mighty Geysirhot spring area where the reliable Strokkur erupts every few minutes, spouting hotwater up as high as 15-30 m. If the time is on our side we also do a short stop at thecrater Kerið. This is the ultimate all-in-one day tour.Der goldene Zirkel mit GletscherwanderungEin grossartiger Ausflug, der den Nationalpark Þingvellir, den berühmten Geysir “Strokkur”,den wunderschönen Wasserfall Gullfoss, eine Bootsfahrt auf dem See Hvítarvatn und eineunvergessliche Gletscherwanderung beinhaltet. Eine einmalige Kombination!Le Cercle d’Or, Le lac de Hvitárvatn etrandonnée sur GlacierSuperbe excursion combinant à la fois le Parc National de Þingvellir, le célèbre geyser“Strokkur”, la magnifique cascade de Gullfoss, une croisière sur le lac de Hvitárvatn etune inoubliable randonnée sur le glacier Langjökull. Une combinaison unique!

“We have traveled in many places, and would like you to know that yourcompany and guide are impressive! Thanks again for a wonderful time.”Bracha Krausz & friendssummercombo tourThis is the ultimate all-in-one summerday tour! Combine the Golden Circleand a Glacier Walk for a perfect day!IMG08. June 15 th to Agust 31 stMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30Tour DetailsPick up: In Reykjavík from hotel orguesthouse from 08:30.Included: Transport, guiding services, boatride, glacier gear, safety equipment andLunch.Note: Bring warm clothing, rain gear andgood shoes. Boots can be rented andwe lend rain coats to those who need.Minimum age: 12 years.Price children: 12 - 15 years: 15.450 ISK.Special offerPrice: 29.900 ISK.ÞingvellirGeysirGullfoss9

Hot Springs and Lava Cave IMG06Family friendly hiking and caving tour close to ReykjavíkLevel: Easy. Duration: 6 - 7 hours total. 4 hours hiking.1 2 3 4 5Hengill Geothermal Area and hidden Lava CaveOn this tour we take you to the famous Hengill Volcano and into the Icelandicunderground! The journey begins by exploring one of the many lava caves in theBláfjöll mountain range, just east of Reykjavík. You will find out how lava caves areformed and discover the beauty of stalagmites and stalactites. Having enjoyed thehidden beauties of the underground, we head out to the Hengill geothermal areawhere an easy hike in magnificently ethereal surroundings, dotted with hot springsand bubbling mud pools, awaits you. The hike continues down through Reykjadalur“the Smokey Valley” where it is possible to enjoy a natural bath in a warm stream.Heisse Quellen und LavahöhleErforschung einer typischen Lavahöhle in den blauen Bergen. Wanderung imGeothermalgebiet des Vulkans Hengill mit heissen Quellen und Lehmpfuhlen.Eventuel Bad im warmen Bach.Sources chaudes et grottes de laveExploration du mystérieux monde souterrain d’une grotte de lave typique dans lesBláfjöll (montagnes bleues). Puis randonnée facile dans la zone géothermique coloréedu volcan Hengill au milieu de sources chaudes, solfatares et mud pots bouillonnants.Baignade possible dans une rivière chaude à Reykjadalur (la “vallée des fumées”).IMG06. April 1 st to October 31 stMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun09.30 09.30 09.30 09.30HengillTour DetailsPick up: In Reykjavík from hotel or guesthousefrom 09:30.Included: Transport, guiding services, snow shoes(winter), helmets and headlamp for caving.Note: Bring warm clothing, rain gear, good shoes,bathing suit, towel and lunch. Boots can be rentedand we lend rain coats to those who need.Not included: Lunch. Lunch can be added orbought on the way.Minimum age: 8 years.Price children: 10 - 15 years:10.450 ISK.Price: 20.900 ISK.10

Reykjavík by Food IMG04NEWLevel: Easy, Duration: 3 hours (about 1h30 walking and 1h30 tasting).1 2 3 4 5Reykjavík down town tasting tourExplore the city, its food and restaurants and at the same time learn about Icelandicculinary traditions. The Reykjavik by food tour takes you around the streets and in torestaurants for a taste of some of our delicious and bizarre traditional Icelandicfood. While going between places, your host will introduce you to Icelandic traditionsand customs in food and point out different restaurants for you to try. We will stop atselected restaurants and cafés for a taste of the food we learn about. The tour startsfrom the ITM Information Centre in Bankastræti 2 at 12:00.A taste of the Icelandic food that you might have read about but have never tried before.Reykjavík DelikatessentourDieser kulinarische Stadtrundgang führt Sie durch die Strassen von Reykjavík undin Restaurants, wo Sie einige der isländischen Delikatessen serviert bekommen.Darüber hinaus erfahren Sie Interessantes über isländische Sitten und Bräuchedieser leckeren aber auch bizarren Küche und bekommen Tips, wo Sie ein köstlichesAbendessen geniessen können.Reykjavík GourmandeCette visite culinaire de trois heures vous emmène dans les rues et restaurants de lacapitale pour une dégustation de mets traditionnels islandais. Entre deux dégustations,votre guide vous expliquera les coutumes de notre délicieuse et étrange cuisine. Labalade lieu par tous les temps, équipez-vous en conséquence et… venez le ventre vide !Tour DetailsMeeting point: At ITM information centrein Bankastræti at 12:00.Included: Guiding and tasting.Note: Dress according to weather andplease come hungry.Minimum: 2 persons.Price children: 10 - 15 years: 5.950 ISK.Price: 11.900 ISKIMG04. From February 1 stMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun12.00 12.00 12.00Please visit our website for seasonal variations of this touri.e. Christmas special.11

winterGolden Circle and Magical Nights IMG09Level: Easy. Duration: 10h - 11 hours total. 1 - 2 hours activity1 2 3 4 5Gullfoss - Geysir, Relaxing Nature Bath, Dinnerand Northern LightsA tour that combines the famous Golden Circle with a visit to a geothermal spa,dinner and a chance to enjoy the natural magic of the Northern Lights! First we enjoythe landscape and nature on the Golden Circle route, beginning with the old Vikingparliament at Þingvellir National Park full of history and right on the volcanic rift.Next we visit the great Geysir and the reliable Strokkur that erupts with 3 to 7 minutesintervals, spouting hot water up as high as 15-30 m. The magnificent Gullfoss is not faraway and you will enjoy the sight of it cascading down the white colored Hvítá River.After enjoying these jewels of Icelandic nature it´s time to experience Iceland’s geothermalpower with a visit to Laugarvatn Fontana spa with its natural steam baths and openair hot pools. We continue to nourish our bodies with a dinner at the local restaurantLindin, known for its delicious chocolate mousse. After a delicious dinner it is time tostart searching for the spectacular phenomena that is the Aurora Borealis.Gullfoss - Geysir, enstpannendes Geothermal Spa, köstlichesAbendessen und mystische NordlichterZuerst besuchen wir Geysir und den grossartigen goldenen Wasserfall Gullfoss. Wirbesuchen das Fontana Spa (natürliche Dampfbad und Freiluft „hot pots“), danachgeniessen wir ein ausgezeichnetes Abendessen mit berühmten Schokoladenmousse. Alskrönender Abschluss machen wir uns auf die Jagd nach den spektakulären Nordlichtern.Gullfoss et Geysir, détente dans les bains thermaux,délicieux dîner et mystiques aurores boréalesD’abord, nous visitons Geysir ainsi que la cascade dorée Gullfoss. Nous visitons ensuiteles sources thermales de Fontana (bain de vapeur naturel et les “hot pots” en pleinair), puis bénéficions d’un excellent dîner avec une célèbre mousse au chocolat. Pourcouronner la journée, nous partons à la recherche des aurores boréales.14

„I would like to thank you for putting together a wonderful excursion“Erik & BobbieThe highlights of nature, with geothermalspa, delicious dinner and Northern Lights.IMG09. September 15 th to April 15 thExcept December 24 th , 25 th and January 1 st .Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30Tour DetailsPick up: In Reykjavík from hotel orguesthouse from 11:30.Included: Transport, guiding services,entrance and towel at Laugarvatn Fontana,today’s special and chocolate moussedessert at Lindin Restaurant.Note: Bring warm clothing, rain gear, goodshoes, swim suit and snack.Drinks are not included.Price children: 10 - 15 years:14.950 ISK.Price: 29.900 ISKÞingvellirGeysirGullfoss*Please note that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, therefore sightings cannot be guaranteed. Inspring the possibility of seeing the northern lights decreases with the longer days.15

WinterBest SellerGlacier Walk andNorthern Lights IMG07Level: Easy. Duration: 11h - 12hours total. 2 - 3 hours active.1 2 3 4 5Glacier Walk, Volcano Centre and Aurora AdventureThe best combo tour available!On this day tour we combine two amazing winter highlights, a Glacier Walk anda search for the spectacular Aurora Borealis with a visit to the EyjafjallajökullEruption center “Iceland Erupts“ and a traditional dinner all in the sameday. Driving towards Mýrdalsjökull glacier, we visit two impressive waterfalls,Seljalandsfoss and Skógarfoss. On Sólheimajökull glacier, a safe and easyGlacier Walk on crampons will take you up on to the ice field where you willdiscover the different features of the glacier such as water cauldrons, deep crevasses,ridges and waterways. Next our way lies to the Þorvaldseyri Eruption Centre run bythe local family. It tells the story of the 2010 eruption from their point of view andits effect on the region. We then have a delicious traditional Icelandic dinner. Aswe head back to Reykjavík, we will drive into the night looking for those magicalNorthern Lights.Gletscherwanderung und NordlichterKombinieren Sie zwei der grössten Winterhighlights! Eine einfacheGletscherwanderung und eine Jagd auf die einzigartigen Nordlichter! Danebenrunden ein Stop bei den Wasserfällen Skógarfoss und Seljalandsfoss, ein Besuch beimEyjafjallajökull Infozentrum und ein traditioneller isländischer Abendessen.Randonnée sur glacier et aurores boréalesLa meilleure combinaison! Dans ce programme à la journée, vous serez guidésà travers le labyrinthe de glace d’une langue glaciaire, vous vous régalerez d’unrepas traditionnel dans une ferme et, au retour, vous guetterez l’apparition desspectaculaires aurores boréales. Tout cela le même jour!16

“The glacier hike itself was incredible - it is unlike anything I haveever done before. It's definitely a must-do for anyone visiting Iceland.”Trip AdvisorThis tour combines two amazing winterhighlights: A Glacier Walk and a searchfor the magical Northern Lights.IMG07. September 15 th to April 15 thExcept December 24 th , 25 th and January 1 st .Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30Tour DetailsPick up: In Reykjavík from hotel or guesthouse from 11:30.Included: Transport, guiding service, glacier gear, safetyequipment, enterance to Þorvaldseyri Eruption Centre andlamb soup dinner (drinks not included).Note: Bring warm clothing, rain gear, good shoes andsnack. Boots can be rented andwe lend rain coats to those who need.Minimum age: 8 years.Price children: 8 - 15 years: 13.950 ISK.Price: 28.900 ISKSkógar*Please note that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, therefore sightings cannot be guaranteed. Inspring the possibility of seeing the northern lights decreases with the longer days.17

11Practical InformationPre-booking is necessary to guarantee your place.Clothing:Bring warm clothing for all our tours. For example a thick sweater, hat, gloves and awaterproof shell, and wear good hiking shoes. For those who need, we can provideraincoats and extra clothing, just ask us when booking the tour. We can also providehiking shoes for a small rental fee. All specific gear such as crampons and ice axes orother mountaineering equipment is always provided by Icelandic Mountain Guides.Departures:Departures dated in the brochure are guaranteed. All tours can be ordered fora minimum of 4 persons on any other weekday, or as a private tour.Security:The Icelandic climate is rough and variable, so is the terrain. We thereforereserve the right to alter and modify our program at any time during or beforethe trip to assure the safety of our clients and staff. Our well trained guides willdo their very best to assure you have a safe and pleasant journey.Languages:Languages: All Icelandic Mountain Guides day tours are conducted in English.Other languages are available upon request for private departures.Difficulty Levels1: EasyAccessible to all people in good health.2: ModerateAccessible to all those in good health, who do some sports regularly, and areused to all-terrain walks. 4 - 7 hours walking per day, without much carrying.3: ChallengingSuitable for people that are physically active and have some background in basictravelling in mountainous terrain with a backpack. 6 - 7 hours walking per day.4: DemandingDemands a considerable effort and endurance. Good health and hiking experienceis required. 6 - 8 hours walking per day. Often involves carrying your own gear.5: StrenuousOnly suitable for people physically and psychologically prepared for highlyengaging experience. Expedition level. Often involves carrying your own gear.1 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 5EasyDisclaimer:Be advised that participation in all activities is entirely at your own risk. Participantsmust at all times behave in a responsible manner and follow instructions and safetyguidelines given by our staff. Icelandic Mountain Guides does not accept anyresponsibility for accidents that are a result of the participant’s negligence, acts ofthird parties or other natural conditions beyond our control.Contact us:www.mountainguides.isinfo@mountainguides.isTel: +354 587 9999Difficulty levels1 2 3 4 5StrenuousAND OTHEREXCITING DAY TOURSGLACIER WALKSDAY TOURSSÓLHEIMAJÖKULL & SKAFTAFELLOUTDOORADVENTURESDAY TOURS FROM REYKJAVÍKSUPER JEEPADVENTURESDAY TOURS FROM REYKJAVÍKSpör ehf.18mountainguides.isCa l +354 587 9999mountainguides.is20131Ca l +354 587 9999icelandrovers.is2013Ca l +354 587 99992013

DAY TOURS 2013FROM REYKJAVÍKSummerMon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.Walk on the Ice Side IMG0108.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30Walk through Ice and Fire IMG0208.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30Horses and Glaciers IMG0308.15 08.15 08.15 08.15 08.15 08.15Golden Circle and Glacier Walk IMG08 8.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30Hot Springs and Lava Cave IMG06 09.30 09.30 09.30 09.30Fimmvörðuháls Volcano Hike IMG1407.00 07.00 07.00 07.00Skaftafell and Glacier Walk IMG20 07.00 07.00 07.00 07.00 07.00 07.00 07.00Reykjavík by Food IMG04 12.00 12.00 12.00WinterMon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.Walk on the Ice Side IMG0108.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30Walk through Ice and Fire IMG02 08.30 08.30 08.30 08.30Horses and Glaciers IMG0308.15 08.15 08.15 08.15Reykjavík by Food IMG0412.00 12.00 12.00Golden Circle and Magical Nights IMG09 11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30Glacier Walk and Northern Lights IMG07 11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30 11.30Book your tour now at +354 587 9999All tours have guaranteed departures on these selected dates. Although anytour can be operated any day upon request for a minimum of 4 persons.Prices are valid from November 1 st 2012 to September 30 th 2013HikingGlacier WalkIce ClimbingBathCavingHorse RidingBoat TourVolcano MuseumDinnerHot springWaterfallVolcanoINFORMATION ANDBOOKING CENTEROPEN:Summer: 08.00 - 21.00Winter: 09.00 - 19.00Bankastræti 2 - DowntownTel: 522 4979itm@itm.is - www.itm.isBOOK YOUR TOUR HEREBankastrætiSkólavörðustígurLaugavegur19

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