10 - Franklin Township Public Library

10 - Franklin Township Public Library

10 - Franklin Township Public Library


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Page Four THE RECORD Friday, December 10, 1954J II Ill j II I I I Ii Open Every Nite~+. planatlon of what Communists but + a moment’s distance from a~l"mean bY ttLe word ’freedom.’ part of the world as far as talk~"@+~,~.they Ineatl ’freedom to choose.’ turthe~ under water, we can goi,. ’Make the By contrast, the Cummunist defini- higher in the air than ever before,¯°" " + " tion is:-"Preedom from having we can fly swiftly to any point,o +o+ + + o,+vices, inventions, and opportuniwhyth*, C+,mmtmists can boastThat explains a lot. It explainsmost ~;~~1~ husband forties, we still live on the brink ofworld ehao$~I~ abt~tl[ "free" elcctx.,ns when there¯ ¯ *this .....,ever.one Ix +,.,.,,.oo0+,,,. o..+..oo ,.+.,.=..o.o,.+¯ .~---r-. .fftee By their definition, a freeSsugertles, N~w York:, No matter~leetam is one in which the v.terswhat the orgeney, there will al-~ are spared the pr)biem of chaos,ways be some,-includJng our mostJag the car,dida;e they preferrespected citizens, who wIU leaveWe ,~P, meri,:ans +’an be gratefultheir purchases until so late theythat we d,, ,!oi have this Commuarenear|y crushed and trampledrest brand ,)r "freedom." We areto death in the stores In their end’{given the right and the duty of~.-.:_"~"-;.-’~..~:~tl]i(,avor to get the right thing fori~/. ¯ choosin~l ¯ our elected officials.’, t|ncle and aunt and little :}unior.II is a privilege that carrms with¯ 4+’+ Remember that early shoppingit a great responsibility. Forgives an opportunity’to male a]+we gi’.’en are obliged the opp+rttnity to use to that chon,qe. right more careful selection aqd to getbetter clerk service. Early mail-Intelligently.i lng is Imperative. with the ’~19 not" " " !open until Christmas" advice, on¯ ~ From the Norborne Democrat- the package. The benefits o! debugLeader. Norborne. Missouri: To an early and thorough Job arethose who gave their lives, we are versal. YOU are not so rushed¯ ~ miserable failures If In this atomic stores are not so rushed, the postal~ HASSOCKS t¯ ~dTHEreloxes his ner’ves "rests hlSbeautlflesheOrf..., .your. home, -3.75 to 17.85age man cannot work out some: workers are not SO rushed, a.dplan for world-wide peace and there is better feeling and goodmake it profitable. We are no Christmas spirit all around. -,i¯ r.+. +...,,+ ~ g,,t o, .ood .o0,th 0. w o,.. +smart chair for your home. Because it adjusts ~sautomatically and easily to any position this chairIdeal for resting and relaxing--perfect for theI weary.¯ man returning home after a hard day’s work!LANEHe’ll truly appreciate your thoughtfulness~JCEDAR CHESTSif this Barcalounger is his gift... ,, ,ow. S109 49.95 to "19.95~ ~ likes fo be your Santo. ,’.,jj~~~JeasyIIIii Iterms... PAY’NEXT YEARi i,=~ ISoowTAILORED TO ’-~TASTETen excitin.~ colors in,~+...~0. ~,~+z~~.^ND^~o~,,oFrom the Garden ofLAMPSstron,~est. Ionsest wearing of all textileh~rs . . ¯ defies wear and moths, YOU will find just the lampresists wlter, rat=ins its fresh coh,r yOu want to give at the|llano N~LON ~hcther you ,kc to sit quietly *oc b or enjoy price yOU want to payGiftsBoyslike to get...llU-lhe-way-r,+)und Smivel ~cliorl... whethe, you’re Ilk ¯ to Wear10 beautiful i~Ol~C or tall . . . ~-hether you prefer modern Icolo+s period. 0¢ tr~di~,io,91 decor . . . THE I.I’.k’UR’CPI+ATI"()KM R’X.K[R IS MADE FOR YOU!~, u, .,,,.,,,,,.o,,..,,.k~,,,,.,.,, x, .,. ~n _,.eciaJ.~ and just likeBoys’ wear all 9ear long, ChristmasBt~lL’f for beauty, comft)rt and durabihty.;~ Regu: .... ~’" ~’" ~. ~+~+nafrom Wolfson’s will please the young men.aS I~1~1~ 05base+ w t~ fi e s.~ shad.s--3way llte socket Limited|OW ¯ suppl f./Y.)(IS O,’ferweor Socks Gloves .¢(.cusmommo wlth Shirt,8,85Underweor ,.ts’~ ~OOD~IEAII~.+~ Ties Suits $porl~wear"l"~"" easy terms!~ Boy Scout Uniforms and Equipment +1 I r#l 1 ¯ + .+++ ,I + """"" Ia¯ m+: I~i+o;;,~’+,: I +.am - ,~P : flFlJ,’~.;r++vj~i++ :- ~.+(ol~ilte ou~ store) ,+++’I +"’ "+" l, ~+~:v+w,.o,m’,,~ailK/[.~¢IIBpresent~ =~0,=u,.,t+s,,,,~, ... =,u-,,,,k .:ill.a" stumps mmm" m~ --umwmm:+4~wo .oo,-, .ore , ’ n m ..... ’ "+ ~)~n +n¯ ~- our Itorel . . ~+~’ ’U + ’ ~ ...... + l ............ * ..... ~ ’ --: 4111 :ltl

Page SixFriday, December I0, 195q THE RECORD Friday, December I0, ]95-t. Page Seveh,’,r’- FUlZ AtONnlSUP orpOl.ICYU}: 67"’ 18L, ~..G-E AUTOMATICi ELECTRIC DFSHWASHER ~ AUTOMATIC WASHER .~BIG HOLIDAY SAVINGS!¯ Deluxe L; ,~.~r Gounter Model~ NORGE PUSH BUTTON ~ 3-Speed PortableRated ..m~.,~ ~; Webcor "Midge"in tJ:: NORGE RATED ~, ~ - ADMIRA|. Z," ’~__ ~_ sellout price on SU,ER ..,.,..,ELECTRIC DRYER .~ BIG SCREEN TV ~¯ -- - " ,*s o* 230 v. ~ SUPER " -,mAnn ~~ s,Ec,.,, 14Y66Reg.11m~l~l~$29.95 ii~rj~ 3-Way Portable RadioGENERAL ELECTRIC ~ MODERN DINETTE SETS ~ Ac-pc-¯ --,~-~o, ~ .~o.s,. _ ___ ~ ~°-~ 1695!_~~ ~ ~~)Refrigerator or Ice Box:’"!’-"i?’’’’~.......’ ~’~ I I:~T4:~..o~::~,...,.I°°T ’tl7’1"i~~:~r~.~?,~ ,"m. m. ~,..,.., ~.. -- .w.~ ~.~ .~, ~:’AYNOTHtN’,G, "TIL FEBRUARY,r . , .IReg. 2 r,,~ FI~ Fu,! Freezer~¯ Any Style~~~t ~REFRIGERATOR ..,,>° ...FREEZER Combination o.,,,e o,,, o,2 .e,ts , ¢oo~,COMB,.,A’,’,O~ RANG" ~ WOO° ~ ~ Q’""’ . 7""~g..T,39.,.~ WROUGHT IRON 5 From SADOr CHROME Pcs. ~lPJClock Radioswith’Revolving Shelvess 15988 ~Save Today! Any Size! Any Model!,~ ou. o,,~ o, ~OWE, ~-oo, ~ :’~.~. 1995WASHER ~Aluminum Tub, Aluminum AgitatorADM’ RAL DUAL-TEMPJ DOUBLE T"ADE"N I ,,.,. , . RE,RrGERATOR ~. Electric Food ’Mixer’¯ ~ 12 Cu. Ft., 2-Door Refrigerator-Freezer. Auto. Defrost.I for your Old I $199.9S13988 ,.~,.-,.,. .MAGICHEF GA.~-ANDGAs COMBINATION ]~ $$49.95O~luxe;lr"cl~pr°~eatsLi#h~°~sd"T:’er’ ~’Reg. .18988 ~3-’PEEDPORTABLE~o,m. ~o.o~,~,. ~~II"IQU, $:.9$ . .|O’’~’ ,ro|l-,ulkRohsserie.,,.,oI.. :;~;~. ....1495 ~ "~.. 1850" - - Amazing Low Gift Price On New 1955 - -1’~. ,buys this21"BIG LOOK" 114o¯ BIGGER, BRIGHTER SCREEN¯ ¯ BI~=GER, BRIGHTER P|(:TUREPO’W’ERFUL CHASIS m I _ ..~,~11~ .-~OWn| "Money w,,Bigi Trade-in Allowanw.,,.. GIFT EVERYONETVSATISFACTION GUARANTEED at TOPS7-Day Exchange PrivilegeNO SALE IS FINAL . - - UNTIL YOU’RE.SATISFIED !’r), ":~: .~ . : ..:.. ...:.:’~OPTELEVISION& APPLIANCE CO. ~. .EVERY NIGHT TIL CHR ISTMAS , AIbany Str~=t CH 7-7834 New Brunswick "~~’~ " ~ . " s’~r ~ :L’ .....I

Fridoy, December 10, 1954 THE RECORD page Nine ’Pictures of theD SANTA phons CLAUS in Germany. BECOMES The gaily U.S. decorated ARMY TANKER tank, to complete make with his peppermint annual visit stick to cannon, or-CA][~URE HOPALONG . , .gives Kris Kringle more speed and mobility than his traditional deer-drawn sleigh.William Boyd, famous Hepninng One-.Jdy of movies and TV. was mobbed by crowd of 20,000 at Sydney, .Australia, forcing postponement of stings appearance."~’1Trademark Against TB !INSPECT MISSILEg.., Jn U. S, tnr #our n! oar guided missileplants are R. O. Campney (left), Clutndlan minister of defense IcudC. D. Howe, Canadian minister of trade, commerce and defenseproduction,WA~.shown being greeted by be. of DefonJe Charles B. FREE AT LAffr . . . Red Hun.gary announced release of &merlenaNoel Field (above) and his.. ~:. , ; ....-~ ,.~ ~ ~, ~ ..... wife, Herin. who spent five years¯ ~,~.~-~ ,- ~" ~+ .>~. "~ ¯ In prison on "spy" elmrgos, now~ . y -The Double-Barred Cross Is Just & plaything to four-year.old/~:~*~/i~ ~.~’~:~. /~ . " called "line.tiffed.’) ~ommy recovering In the hosptt~l from tuberculosis of the spin&~ ~+ ~" ’*’ When he~s older he’ll know I.t as the trademark of the National’l’ubercnlosls hAsnoclation and /,is 3.000 afl~llnted associations wh~econduct the annual Chrlstmes Seal Bale to raise funds to ~ht YR..@Railroad Tax Day in New Jersey,MARINES HAVE LANDED ¯ . ¯ More than ~0 U. 8. ships with25.0~ combat-equipped lentherneeks engage in gigsntic mock invauien"Limtttex" at Onslo Bench, N. C.f.’ ’ M188 FdJ~,18 ¯ ¯ . Mlle. Cntho.. ~, ~ erine, I|. poses ag~J$ l~i~el~,~j-~Tower ~ackiO’ound after she won~" " w. "MIss "Fnrls" bennty title..pretty ~no b entrant in "Miss~ .... ~onm qV~-N . . . ~CUr.~ra .ornL FgW, NDS... Nn~u~ mud , ,i~e.~-s~_ ::.-,~,~’ .:~S~r6u~e, ~, ot WenS Psalm IS6~h, Nuel4e, li~monm41d ehtmpsn. :of..urn euee~, t~_ Un~. SS%~S~’/~,Sd ~ro~. ~’m_t~ T.’, ,~.,t~%? ,~ ~1.... ~jma~smnof the Assoe~ted KUUrO~S ot New aen~y~ on m~ur.o~ ~1~. "_~,~b,, wu..ebo~,t ~Je:~ Ml. .sees, ,~mnr_see. ,~.. ,Jdr 4UzM " . ¯ ¯ ¯ , .(he~rsUt~u~-ope~ttng.Jn the 8late. ,Oe. remOn~too.kpla.~u~iny...~,~l,:’~ ’~’#,;"l;~;.~.’...~ ~ ,.~(,~: ~. ,,-,-~...:..~...,..,~i..;.,,,/ .,:~.,~.~.. /, .., :.,,.,.;,, . .~.- . . ~,... .. ~. ., ~, C...>~-_,~:,; ; .-,.:,~-.~,.-:.~;j.,.-.,~.~, -,,. .~ ,--.,,~::;¢.~.,+.~...,,~):~.,~)~:~F~’,.~,~,%~1

----I . . ~ ....’ Page Ten THE RECORD Friday, December 10, 1954¯ |p/easure RoundfupIt’s "S-D Day’ NRA to InstructNext Wednesday Young GunnersBy ~ILLER SANDERSONAn appeal that began with theMcCarter Theatre. Prl,,r-ton. b~ IJnn all ~Pt in th- c~r,.l~’al atmos- President and was re-echoed over The State Division of Fish and~ecn chosen for the American pre- phere of a French circus¯ and over until it reached you Is GJune today ennotmeod It has demlereof "Tonight In Samarkand."* * * * by LYN CONNELLYaimed at keeping you clive, slgnated the National Rifle AssotheJacques Deval ¯Parisian hit. It Especially next Wednesday. To elation of America as the officialwill starC,ouls Jourdan. the French "CARMEN night at JONES" the RKO opened State last! and they ¢’~OME ~ with vocalists a I~Uowin¢~ have bass to compete or even focus the public’s attention on agenoy- to promote the New Jetstarof last season’s "The framer- d dn t need the furnace to heat too much brass, b~t lovely Betty the number of persons killed on ~ey Hunter Safety Traladng Proallst"and Mai Zetterllng. The pla~j highways throughout the nation ,~ram. effecUve Jan. I, lg55.a ranking success for two’years in the place. Despite the 14-degree Mattson, who recently recorded and state each year, next Wed- The 1954 Leg~ tt~e enacted a,PaRs. will usher In the New Year and Harry cold outside, Belafonte, Dorothy in the Dandridge, JaT.zed ,,,,,.,., ,.,, ..... Ī orcls~ "h’ad"-"wh’o]’e,.-....,oa..~.., "ba"z’~’a’rd ~.,. "me~ nesday has been proclaimed law w~ich pro~ldes that noopening Jan. 6 for a showing lira- up version of the classic oncelnationally as S-D Day, for "Safe .~oz’, between’ 14 and 21 ;:arsPitted to four performances only:, ,4rafte, ~ ¯ , ., .~.~..~ --.~ by Riz,.t ,.=.,~atc c-,,-¢h I nager.e .o con.en., w~ ..... when Driving." age, u.nle6s .he can produee a pre-Thursday and Friday evenings, to make your tootsies tingle. Also Betty waxed I m In Love, Cer- President Dwight Eisenbower vtous h~ting license, e~n secureSaturday.matinee and evening, Jan. made the first appeal, it was a current hunting license withoutstarred in the picture, which is an men DeUo s newest hit, she thought¯ 6, 7 and 8.all-negro production with an ultra- it wsa a sweet end simple unen- repeated by Governor Robert B. furnishing a certificate showk~g heJag staged by Herman ShumlJn, modern twist 1< Pearl "It Takes cumbered "Up-Tune’ w;th no com. Meyner, Then Freeholder Dlrec- has successfully completed awho directed such memorable hits Two to Tango" . - Bailey. , Itcationa . . . It tells the story of tor Robert Hale at a meeting of .’oun.e Lr~ gun safety gtve~ by anas "The Corn is Green," "The the Middlesex County body last individual duly desLE~n~ecL hy thelove in Its various interesting as.Chtldren’~ Hour," "Grand Hotel." week repeated it. Lastly, area Division of Fish and Game.* * * * pects among the cows, chickens,"’Watch on the Rhine" and the LOVE THOSE FABULOUS Dot- dogs, cats and other assorted doit.E. MoLean, Comfi~issloner of themayors issued proclamations of With the approval of Dr. Josephcurrent "Wedding Breakfast." scys. Tommy and Jimmy, the mestlc species . . . It looked like¯ Bruce Becket and ~tobert ~llis brothers, visited the Liberty Ball- this petite and attractive aupber All they want you to do is to Department of Conservation anddrive more carefully and stay"Tonight in Samarkand" is be- room Sunday night and packed club stager who has been in showEconomic Development, such" in*~tller are presenting the Deval- them aboard ship. Also featuredalive. There should be no sc- structlol~ will be based oa thebusiness since she was five. badSemple play, which calls for four was Buddy Rich, the drummer whocidents at all next Wednesday, Hunter Safety Course of the Na-a modest hit on her hands, they say.scenes and an elaborate preduc- made "Not So Quiet. Please," a Uol~al Rifle .~’~-’iaflo~ ofdrumming classic tn 1936 or there-But unbeknown to her, someonei Amedca, Certified Hunter Safelyat the record company had aabouts----- ,- * s o *b.i.-storm"dubbed =" Has Hea Disease l.st ors of ,he N o=l R flereal animal sound ~/ecte behindr~ Asseclatlen of Amerlc~, located in;every eounty.-of New Jersey, areReliableLock & Gun BRUNSWICKSunday night.DRIVE-INLike Dodgerclosedfan,s,the vocals . The masters were¯ " ButSewsBasketsauthorized to l~ue the re

I- "=----It Eq..+!_:o_ . Girt ,,tMidd hush Ii Carncross :ruem--.,. Predicts ’5 5...,.ui.elntnm"" 1955m,, o.,Registr°fi°n . o,| M~. R. B. "arnhamt I F, arnings of New Jersey farmers April milk price~ decrea.~ed ...... "bush met W~__n~Klay in the ehtwehto me e~e. m spite of these 9rograms, with bliss June Rabel, dist~et,;! t OIc~ tt St, ! in 1955 are likely to be about " the! mw~t ~Int for nnv " Ant In a farm prices have fallen sharply inI Iox 41 I I same as they .were In 195L accord- : ".---~" ~i.’:" ..... ehah-man, speaking.."~+".- .... the last two to three years.In, g to John W. Cameron. agrieu]- o, eeaae, t’rzces reeeweo for eggs~/Iias Rabe] pl:esented the¯ Mr. and Mrs. George Mndsen re- tural economist at Rutgers Uni- I last month were the lowest for aboutNationally.20 per centfarmbelowpricesthenowlevelare registration certificates for 1ffi5.turned today from Atlantic City, versify,"Miss D. J. Wafers, senior scoutwhere they spent the week attendffarmearnings were not highany October since 1940. Milk and o’f "all commodities other than farm from New Brunswick, showed 91e-log the State Grange Convention. this year. he hastens to add. New eggs account for two-thirds of the products" on a 1947-49 .base. In ef-] tures of her two weeks at the sumrepresentingSomerset Grange No. feet. farmers earnings both in I mar GirL Scout camp in Cody, Wyo.Jersey farmers, nn the average, total receipts from farm marketing New Jersey and nationally have ! She told ~.bout ~elng chosen as7"~Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Kilns at- have suffered a severe cost-price In NewJersey. fallen sharply while industratlrepresentative of senior scodloftended the ?Sth anniversary ban- malnedsqueeze.at theCostssameoflevelproductionin 1954rewasNationally,only dbout 2termperoutputcent .belowfor 1954recordprosperitylevels. Professorhas continuedCarncrossat pearJthlsgirls fromarea,all overand beingthe nationtbe~q~tbandquet of the Farmers’ Reliance In- as In 1953, while prices for farm the record high stimulated’ by asserts. [F,n~land.~urance Company. held at the products declined an average ot World War It and the Korean sit- High industrial prosperity will The girls made winter bouquets-H, ote[ Morton In Atlantic CityTuesday evening. ,Mr. Kllne has 10 per ~ent. uation. ¯ be favorable for the demand for from collection of field flowers and"taken over the agency for the com- The level of farm prices In Oc- i AGRICULTURAL EXPORTS t~grlcultura[ products in 1955. A leaves to give to old people’s:pany, which "was held for many low tober point was of almost 1950 the when, same prior as the to] I have overs been from declining the large a,d carry- high level of farm prodtlctlort an- homes.production tlcipated for 1955 and the large The Troop Committee met Wed-~,earsKline.by his father, the late H. W. the outbreak of the Korean War [ year after .sear havebeen increas- carryovers, of certain products will nesday night In the home of bits.a depression threatened oar agri- log. The Commodity Credit Corpo- likely add up to little price change. Norman Beecher.culture, Carneross stated, ration, in carrying out farm price This national picture s~-lll be re-’r"wns L’e~I~ [~[p Talk Nationwide duction increases of milk In and the eggs. pro-support two of large programs, quantities has of purchased certain commod- fleeted price in the situation. New Jersey Carneross farm believes CommitteeNew Jersey’s principal farm prod- |ties in an effort to stabilize prices, that substantial farm price ln-(Contlnue~ tram Page 1) nets, have caused much of the de- This government corporation now creases are unlikely until down- (Continued front Page 1)¯ crease In the average level of farm holds large quantities of such itemsl ward production adjustments aredance Tuesday night they held to )rices. Carneross explained. In a~ wheat, cotton. ~outter. cheese, made or until demand increases, pearanee ot these places, in a,benefit the Children’s Christmas ............................. Grade-A zone, was handicappingu s s,BOWLING~arty.in thethecorridors.Li°ns werecasWOrkingcalvo said.hard rges eel o ¯ he had to abide by the zoning orashe carried some rt~bSish outside.dinance and feels that others"’When they built this p|acc they O [1 A nniversary ,,o,m be ,eaulred to do so. Hemade the hauls too lone."was told by .Mayor StaudJ that efforts,; On the anniver~rv of the blrth’~ Millstone No. 1 cauRttt us to COMMUNITY No. IBut the last laugh is on the of the -American Chrl.~tmas Seal, J Second District this week and took] BasoeHe ........ 143 121 161 the offendersare beingtomadecleartouppursuadethe oh-,Lions. ¯ At a recent meeting, the148 years ago today, a report on I two st three games from the; T. ,Lupo ........ 140 131 177 JeeUonable apperance of .their;)resident annour~ed they would the current Christmas Seal sale in i league , title leaders narrowlngI ¯ J. H Thompson . 188 140 145 properties and that the municipalsing the National Anthem.’And out Somerset County was made by the District s lead to a single game as] J E. ThomPsO ~ 140 1.54 14~ government prefers notcame "My Country ’tls of Thee."l Somerset County TubePcu|osis andJ the first half of Hte Franklin Town- to putJi Pancza ....... 149 143 145 I,¯ship Firemens League draws to a__pressure on ,people unless IsMRS. I i:MILY BURKE reported"" I-IS I IS Fi g Ilt /D ""¯ship ~ in the New Jersey F.ducaliOPl! close 760 639 77t;, necessary.Iwo from Community 2: East Frank. + J. Bobal ........ 188 162 . ;Association for Franklin Townshl ]in swept Comrntmlty 1, and I D. Hudasko .... 131 __. 199! McCARTER~eachers. Franklin I Park dumped ,Middle- F. Wilhelm ..... 166 167 1~6, THEATRE PRINCETON¯ * * * bush twice to stay In reach of the, Win. Cook ...... 156 168 1611 z.o~[s SIAlHENRY P. 8RAUNER, son of league lead. D. Lockwood . 193 144 JOURDAN ZETTERLING’.~r. and ~drs. Henry Bra.ner ofO. Wegner ......... 146 16]Scores:I, IPermn In,~velyn~ Ave., Franklin Park, Is a¯ nembet" of the Rutgers University Buy Christmas 5eolsMILLSTONE VALLEY No. I 834 78;"ToniGht In S~markand"822Glee Club. He is also nn the staffz;. s. ipp.j~m or cn~ z’.t~ls iz~Health AssOCiation to Mrs. Richard I J. Karuzas ...... 156 148 I46 MIDDI.EBUSHof "Jet Gazette." publication ofb~ ~,e~u~ Ik,~,l -- I,*~,mze Semis. ~+B. Farnham. Mldd|ebush chalrman. I W. Paris ...... 93 146 136 J. Nowalk ...... 15,) 169 139. Dl~ete,I b~ llera~m SkumUa.th# .ROTC Air Force undergrads. Fewer I than half o! the residents J. Hart ......... 189 139 146 "B. Lawson ...... 125 151 1.361 4 TIMES ONLY !~ned sinps In the University Choir. of ~he county who received Christ-~ C.R. Laziclcy .... 183 12q 191 N. Kilns ........ 145 186 157Is’studying busine~ admlnls- J~x. s ~ ~ eve s matmas Seals In the mail have sent in’ G. Paris ........ 19~ 156 196 W. ’McKinley ..+ 153 150 145 e~tration, their contributions. It was revealed. ; - Cunningham .... 10~ 153 144 : ~zcr.s: (~ ~aet)¯ * * Early in November approximately 815 ?17 815 ! sv’gs: I~m. ~a~ O~ot~ ts.~a, ts.~ I~.’"AT THE DEC. 20 MEETING of 28,0~0 letters went out to /amlliesl SECONDISTRICT 680 809 721i NAH. Ckeek~ ml~alfle MeOnele¢the ,Board of Education. ’Dr. in every community, the ehalrma.* [.. (’~gDrJ.-t...... 129 |52 Theatre, ~qrlneeten, NJ.James I,ynch will report that Dr. explained, and to date Just ll.000j J. Ganlm ....... 159 187STANDINGSGilpin Eael~el~lB~4t~4111111NNI.fII. I~lt[’lM~l~fll~a4NI;bZauHce W. Rowland, sunerintend, replies I have been received. The C. Tanora ...... 16.-3 121 lb’2]" 139 W t.eat of New .Brun.~wlck schools, has remaining individuals are asked to,~ow ~,,ur ¢~*t~etl*,.A. Albert ....... 142 150 168 XJecond District ...... 28 14 SlPl~r~l.~been authorized ,by the Board of send I In their contribution without E Hoarier ................ 195 166 171 ’Millstone 1 27 15 s~&~s AT sex OVr[C~Education in the city to conclude deta¥, using the return envelope] V. Lmvrenee 124 Franklin Park 25 17 Dvmo ~m.~OL~ SNOW.,~ 10-year arrangement for receiv-................. DE¢~, I), le, IIIf possible. I . Millstone 2 .......... 24 18 ~ICXZT sEItWC~S:l".g Franklin Township pupils in I 790 758 292 q~Iiddlebush ........... 20t~ 21!~ ia latin,el,m: ¢ul~tt~ St*m.,+ O’t,CO..,,.,." No. 2 Community 1 ........ ’ 20 22The city currently reeelves ~bout B azoar T ues d Qy Mento .......... 177 I.V/ 143 "East Franklin IT*.~ 24%a.ommm~,.sm.,, +t ,~ ~:=f;0 per cent of the township l~uplls Cnt~e.(Contlm, ed from Page l~ Melynk ......... 144 132 120 Community 2 ......... 6 36 Ia l~.ntn: C~m’~ Ticket Mimerin ~rades 10-12 and has already Mrs. Florence Schofleld. Mrs. 125 125 12.5 z, .~e,~ u~,a,met, I’..t It*,a~’, ,sm,I l~r,agreed to accept as many a~ ap. i Frank Dagllardl..Mrs. John Braldo, THE PEIU~CT C~llltll~l~ GIFTC. Yllkohazi .... 138 173 126; The Na ......~proxlmately 66 ,per cent. Their con- "~ "h .... ’- ~ P~llt or CUOlt’~ ttr..¢rs t~ YmI Mrs. William ,Bodala, and ,Mrs. A. Fllkohazi .... 136 l&~leern ts for an additional 11 q)er John Kaull, .Mrs. J. B. Burke, ~Mra.127 40 roll: .a~.~’ruu~._ es mgn agora ._+t ~ do.Gap.ere. toe :~ort .. z SHOWlNO...mruffiv.or....... "~ Tm~ ~"~ ~[ rI~.llltO.t~w&t~’~L~ m~m Twocent who might some day. be re.IThaddeus TuleJa. Mrs. Joseph Ter- 720 750 841 Pole for Information on cosmic rt..ta~ z.~ t,~utzs -- zou~to~..,~ ~ Tin.[used by another receiving district, i isinotto, ,Mrs. Httbert Woodyard, MILLSTONE No. 2 ~ rays. t’omrt;~.~n~M.n ~T~Lt z~ z,ov~Warn A SEOUC-tIvE I"IOZlt-T&~ZZ~The number represented by’ I1 Mrs. Zygmunt Jodzlewic-z and g. LaTJcky ...... 124 15,5 l.t9 ...._ .. -- vou’v~ ~ TI ON ~,,~ 8(’m~r_-~~per cent is at present 33; but this Mrs. R. W. Glynn. C.J. Lazleky .... 125 147 126xne .~avy cares for almost 18,- -- xow st~ ~l~r.~ is I,~smm.,q ar¯ rtlght tnerpas~, in later years to as i This will replace the regular A. Staslek ...... 143 134 167 000 Patients a day in 29 hosni, t.m~ct"ro~:e~tar,,y as f~. The board feels that meeting. R. Lafleky ...... 167 109"12¢1’ tals.it ~ill q~e ~ble to absorb this num- _ ..... B. Scheer ...... 200 181 171 [~.. " --,bar.Sunday. Holy communion v.*as alsoThe Women’s League of the EM 759 726 239East A4illstone ""’+ +" "’° " +- .,s, ...K-,. congregation. Toth ............ 148 145 189TelephoneKI..r 5-! 100received t)y the new members and ’Poblas .......... 180 131 159........,.,+0.. JAMES; MAHER~ual Christmas party Wednesday .hess ~Market, 4-7 p.m. .Papp ............ 172 154 200In the schoolhouse. A covered dish ’Maurtce Warburton has returned Kokal ........... 158 150 150cent gifts will +"’" be exehanged, + A+ "* hunting in Muney, ’Pa. 794 700 812 " ¯ * CI~Ib~iness meeting will .be held at The Womens ,League of the EM’SON8 p.m. Reformed Church held Its annual ’ ’The Ladies Aid of the ~ Math- Christmas ~arly yesterday at the FUNERAL DIRECTORSodt.gt Church ,#ill ~ponsor a bake of of the ~resldent, ~Mrs. JohnSeheerer. T~e Ladles Aid Society ~Itttilli~I~l~4*Tp.mtle todaYm, in Voorhees ~Market wilt .be guests.The Ladies Aid 8Gaiety ot th~ William Hart is a ~atlent in~fV25 Emton Avenue New Brunswlck, H. J.:Reformed Ci~ureh held its annual Somerset HospJta|. II I II II I III I I I¯ Christmas party luncheon at .thehome of Mrs. J..B. Culver. Gifts George Rie¢k+were exchanged among the mere- Funeral services were held Wed- J" J.nesday for George Rieck of High- Peele, Ltd. WHEN YOU SHOP AT HOME [!, .Mr. and ~rs. Alex Dusky and way 27, ~rankll~ Park. In the Sixsons have moved to ’Weston. ,Ml|e ~tun Reformed Church with Optlcian~ YOU Get Sad, ice As Well As ~vingl ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯~r& John Spies and daughter~ the Rev. Leonard Jones officiating, ~ o¢ Coil Then Merchants For Big Money-SeeingImported ..a¯hve moved to Ell~’abefh Ave. ~vith Interment In .Elm Ridge Ceme.: -MISS MARGARET DUNN and tery. Dome,tic Fm~,, BUys . . . Super Service !¯ IM|gs Eleanore Men’ell attended Mr. fleck died Saturday In St. ~lal/~,*Lent~ ...... ,-- ’:tHe Lecturers’ Conference o! the! Peter’s ,Hospital after illness of ~" ; . . ¯ FARM SUPPLIES II$’rov|$,~tate Grange tn Atlantic City. I several months. ’He leaves his Cue~ulF~thaz$ " I .....¯ ~f.r. and Mrs. Thomas Huie. %frs. wife. Katherine Wens Rteck; a son, , ~.,.~,,e , ~..¯~)el~ of the .l~.M Reformed Church wos 60 years old. " ’ FEEO -- SE[D -- FERTILIZERS I e,t. II11q l.~-- +l [ --~----~:IJ’I--~ ~l~ ........... l~ .... Free Delivery | Monogram Comb nation Stem¯ , Tappan Gal Rangel¯ The RECORD]t L*mO ,,,, , ,,,.. I.~;-,.- i "..,k,,. V.w.,.m’ o.. It llll~t’)/ll~.l_jLl-ll~ll|llrlql~II It u.,.,. .**.... I Youngsl0wn KItchlnl .; Newsp~lper ¯ ¯ + """~ , " Publlshed Friday by Franklin J [ Fe~hl,zer, Lime, Forum ,~nd - { I . . : 8.$ I Fr#rtch _. St+ New Bru"+~P ’ To~msblp Publllhln8 Co I +"-’"~. 4~-el~ I I~ "|’r + " ""I, ~,, PI~to?e Kl[mlr ~0~IIo ,

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