FertilMARQ™ Package Insert - Embryotech Laboratories

FertilMARQ™ Package Insert - Embryotech Laboratories

FertilMARQ™ Package Insert - Embryotech Laboratories


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Important Facts about Semen Collectionand PreparationWhen to Collect Your Semen:You must wait three days after your last ejaculation before youcollect a sample for testing.How to Collect Your Semen:Your semen sample may be collected in one of three ways:1) by masturbation, directly into the Liquefaction Cup;2) by masturbation, using the supplied condom; or3) during intercourse using one of the supplied condoms to collectsemen.IMPORTANT: Only the condoms provided with the kit should beused to collect semen. Other types of condoms could affect testresults.Semen Sample PreparationFreshly ejaculated semen is gel-like in consistency. Over time(normally one hour or longer), the sample thins to a liquidconsistency. Only semen that is thinned (liquefied) should be usedTMfor testing with the FertilMARQ Home Diagnostic Screening TestKit.The kit contains two Liquefaction Cups (see Test Kit Contents onpage 7) to make the semen liquefy faster. The semen sample mustbe added to the Liquefaction Cup for at least 15 minutes beforetesting starts. You may store the semen sample in the LiquefactionCup for up to 12 hours before you begin testing.If the semen sample is not liquefied, the test results may beincorrect. If the semen sample has not been tested within 12hours, discard the sample, wait 3 days or more, and obtain a freshsemen sample.Page 6

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