Perceived landscape values in four Baltic Sea countries

Perceived landscape values in four Baltic Sea countries

Measuring landscape valuesPerceived values should be included in the planningprocess (according to ELC)Perceived values – diffuseHow to measure?2 methods:Focus groups interviews – 5-6 groups/countryQuestionnaire – total 900 replies (4 countries)

Different landscapesOne area chosen in each country:Sweden and Denmark – wetlands, flat land, biodivetc.Poland and Lithuania – forest, ponds, biodiv, oldbuildings etc.

Sweden - Vombsänkan

Sweden - Vombsänkan

Denmark - Tudeå

Denmark -Tude å

Poland - Tolkmicko

Poland Tolkmicko

Lithuania - Zemaitija

Lithuania - Zemaitija

Participants – questionnaire study900 people replied – in total* Which country do you think collected mostquestionnaires?Choose between:1=Poland, 2=Lithuania, 3=Sweden, 4=Denmark

Number of responsesPoland = 341 (81 %)Lithuania = 269 (68 %)Sweden = 175 (34 %)Denmark = 115 (16 %)CongratulationsPoland!!!

Gender – Age – Education(all countries together)46 % men51 % women(3 % missing)34 % below 4063% over 40(3 % missing)12 % elem. School41 % sec. School39 % university(8 % missing)Living within the areas:Sweden: 25 %Denmark: 10 %Lithuania: 36 %Poland: 87 %

Question 1: The area is important to me because…

Question 1:The area is important to mebecause…. all four countries together (900 replies)1. It is beautiful2. It has open water3. There is a variation in the landscape4. The area includes flora/vegetation5. I feel good (relaxed and calm) when I visit the area6. There is a birdlife7. It includes meadows8. There are wild animals9. It is quiet and peaceful10. The area is good for human health

Question 1: The area is important to me because…..(19 statements) SimilaritiesRank Poland Lithuania Sweden Denmark1 There is a variation inthe landscapeIt has open water It is beautiful There is a birdlife2 It is beautiful There is a variation inthe landscapeThere is a birdlifeIt includes meadows3 It has open water It is beautiful The area includesflora/vegetationThere are wildanimals4 I feel good (relaxed andcalm) when I visit theareaThe area includesflora/vegetationIt has grazing animalsIt is beautiful5 There are old buildings(e.g. wind mills andfarmhouses)The area is good forhuman healthThe area is good forhuman healthIt is quiet andpeaceful

Important factors in the landscape - DifferencesFactor 1. (Priority 2)Social/Personal valuesI feel I am a part of nature whenvisiting the areaI feel good (relaxed and calm)when I visit the areaI have a personal connection to theareaIt is quiet and peacefulI have the possibility to visit thearea with my friendsThe area is good for human healthThere is a variation in thelandscapeI can perform activitiesMore important in PolandFactor 2. (Priority 3)Natural/cultural valuesIt has grazing animalsIt includes fieldsThere are wild animalsThere is a birdlifeIt has old treesThe area includesflora/vegetationThere are old buildings (e.g.wind mills and farm houses)More important in SwedenFactor 3. (Priority 1)Space/Aesthetic valuesIt is available for everyoneIt is beautifulIt has open waterIt includes meadowsImportant in all countries

Question 2: The following is important topreserve in the area of….(15 statements) – all countries1. Flora/vegetation2. Quietness and peacefulness3. Old trees and forest4. Wild animals5. Birdlife*Which country gave highest priority to preservation of wildanimals?Choose: 1=Poland, 2=Lithuania, 3=Sweden, 4=Denmark

Question 2: The following is important to preserve inthe area of….. Similarities?Rank Poland Lithuania Sweden Denmark1 Quietness andpeacefulnessFlora andvegetationThe wetlandsWild animals2 Old buildings Birdlife Flora andvegetationFlora andvegetation3 Paths and tracks Fish Public accessibility Birdlife4 Old trees and forest Wild animals Grazing animals Fish5 Bird watching places Grazing animals Quietness andpeacefulnessThe wetlands

Factors – Important to preserveFactor 1 (Priority 1)Natural valuesBirdlifeWild animalsWetlandsFlora/VegetationFishBird watching placesMore important inDenmark, Lithuania,SwedenFactor 2 (Priority 2)Social and cultural valuesOld buildingsPaths and tracksPublic accessibilityOld trees and forestQuietness andpeacefulnessPlaces for public activitiesBeautiful areas forrecreationMore important inPolandFactor 3 (Priority 3)User values (cultivation)Grazing animalsFarmingMore important inSweden and Lithuania

Choose:1=Natural values*Which factor didwomen prioritizehigher than men did?(Important to preserve)2=Social/cultural values3=User values

Question 3: (22 statements)I would like to see the following be developed in the area…1. More nature conservation/preservation2. Resoration of natural values (e.g. species, habitats)3. More quiet areas4. Better cooperation between stakeholders5. More facilities (e.g. toilets and shelters)6. Better roads7. More information signs in the area8. Reconstruction of old buildings9. Better involvement of the public in planning processes* Which issue above was among the five most important to developin all countries?

Question 3: I would like to see the following be developedin the area… similaritiesRank Poland Lithuania Sweden Denmark1 Better roads Better roads More facilities (e.g.toilets and shelters)More natureconserv./preservation2 Reconstruction of oldbuildingsMore facilities (e.g.toilets and shelters)More natureconserv./preservationMore wild animals3 More quiet areas Restoration of nat.values (e.g. species,habitats)4 Restoration of nat.values (e.g. species,habitats)Restoration of nat.values (e.g. species,habitats)More quiet areasMore quiet areas More quiet areas Restoration of nat.values (e.g. species,habitats)5 More facilities (e.g.toilets and shelters)More areas for relaxing More wild animals Better cooperation

Not very important to develop in the areasRestaurant/cafePaths for horse ridingCleaning up more

ParticipationStatements Rank M (all) Moreimportant inPeople living close to the area (within 10 km) shouldbe more involved in the planning processPeople living in the area should decide about the useof the area and what to preserve1 4.22 Poland2 4.01 PolandParticipation increases if people can profit from it 3 3.94 PolandExperts (decision makers and planners) should decideabout the use of the area and what to preserve4 3,73 Poland andLithuaniaI would like to be involved in the planning processof ….5 3.64 PolandI have been involved in the planning process of …. 6 2.77 Sweden (feltleast involved)

Question 5: The following actions increase publicparticipation i decision making and planning… (18 statements)1. Nature guidance in schools2. Information in schools about flora and fauna3. Explanation on how different activities impact nature4. Websites with information about the area5. More cooperation with local people6. More education about the area7. Local press coverage8. Communication through all stages of the planning process9. Free excursions for local people/guided tours10. Information signs within the area

Question 5: The following actions increase publicparticipation i decision making and planning - similaritiesRank Poland Lithuania Sweden Denmark1 Information in schools Explanation on howdifferent activitiesimpact natureNature guidance inschoolsWebsites withinformation about thearea2 Nature guidance inschoolsFree excursions for localpeople/guided toursInformation inschoolsInformation in schools3 Websites withinformation about theareaWebsites withinformation about theareaMore educationabout the areaNature guidance inschools4 Local press coverage Nature guidance inschoolsMore cooperationwith local peopleMore cooperationwith local people5 More education aboutthe areaMore education aboutthe areaMeetings in smallgroupsMeetings in smallgroups

Factors – Information Dialogue EducationFactor 1Information (Priority 2)Factor 2Dialogue (Priority 3)Factor 3Education (Priority 1)Local TV Meetings in small groups Nature guidance at schoolsInformation signs Collecting ideasWeb sitesLocal pressInformation brochuresCommunication throughthe whole processActivity dayInformation in schoolsLarge informationmeetingsExplain how activitiesaffect natureAn office to visitInvolved form thebeginningPoland Poland and Lithuania Poland and Lithuania

ConclusionsDifferent areas - different values - differences in planning structuresImportance: Space/aesthetic values important in all countriesPreservation: Flora/vegetation, birdlife, quietnessDevelopment: More quiet areas, restoration of natural valuesParticipation: Important to involve people within and close to the area– few felt involvedStrategies to increase public participation: Education most important

Thank you for your cooperation!For more detailed result – please visit our workshop later this afternoon!;

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