Using the iPad

Using the iPad

Student iPad BootcampLesson 2: Using the iPad

Learning Target• I can learn tonavigate and usemy iPad.

The Basic Buttons• The home button isround and locatedon the face of thedevice.• The power button islong and thin, andlocated on the silvercasing.• The volume up anddown buttons areon the side silvercasing.• A switch to controlmute.

Switching On/OffTo powerdown:• Hold thepower buttonuntil the redsliderappears,swipe it• The screenwill go blackMost iPad users don’t switch them off daily. Power down if you won’t beusing your device for awhile or need to restart to troubleshoot an issue.

One finger:• Tap• Touch & hold• Drag• Swipe• FlickTwo fingers:• PinchMulti-finger gestures:• Up/down for task tray• Side to side for app• PinchTouchscreen

Numbers & Symbols

Taking a Screen Capture Want to take a photoof what’s on yourscreen?• Press the home andpower buttons at thesame time and ascreenshot will besaved to your PhotoLibrary.

Saving an ImageWant to save a picture from online?• Press and hold on the image• Select Save Image• It will now be saved in your Photos

Spotlight SearchStarting on themiddle of thehome screen,drag your fingerdown.

What if my iPad is uncooperative?If you have trouble with a specific app, manuallyclose it:1. Double click the home button to open or four fingerswipe up from the bottom.2. Hold and slide the app away toward the top of thescreen (you can hold and slide multiple at once)3. Click the home button once to return to your work4. Navigate to the app, reopen and see if the issue issolved

What if my iPad is uncooperative?If you have trouble with multiple apps,manually restart the iPad.

How can I download my own apps?Sorry, youcan’t.

How can I add my own music?Oh man,you can’tdo thateither.

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