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Another Person At God’s TableWe need to introduce all of you to two people. One ofthem is Alex. Alex (19) and his parents have been goingto the Blackstone Valley Church of Christ (where we didan apprenticeship and still worship on Sundays) the vastmajority ofAlex’s life.Alex is now incollege. Hehas beencoming to ourAlpha Courseand BibleStudy. Backin the springhe began tobring Casy(18), hisgirlfriend,both toworship andto Feastevents. InJuly Casydecided to puton Christ inbaptism andwas baptized inthe Ocean at Narragansett State Beach. It was a greatday as members of Blackstone, the Bible Study groupthat is forming The Feast, and much of Casy’s family allmet for the baptism.THE INTERVIEWI asked Casy to share a bit of her experience thus far withThe Feast with all of you. Here is a little Q&A we did.Q: How did you become involved with the Feast?A: I became involved with The Feast after I beganattending Blackstone Valley Church of Christ in March of2013. Caleb invited me to attend the Alpha Group thatmet every Monday night. Having little knowledge ofChristianity, I thought it would be a great idea to getmore involved and learn more about Church and what itmeans to be a part of this community.Q: How has the Feast helped you grow spiritually?A: The Feast has helped me to grow spiritually in somany ways! The Feast has made learning about Godinteresting, and I look forward to Bible Study everyweek! The Feast continues to teach me what it means tobe a Christian, how to be an active part of the community,and most importantly how to love God. They have alwaysbeen there to give me advice and to answer everyquestion I have ever had. The Feast has alwaysencouraged me to further my relationship with God.Q: What areyou learningabout God?A: This is aneasy one!Every day Ilearn moreand moreabout God, towrite it allwould take allday. I amlearningabout prayer,faith, the lifeof Jesus, theway weshould act,why God doescertainthings or actsa certain way, and so on. All in all, the most importantthing I am learning is that God loves us!Q: What about your faith do you find exciting?A: I find faith very exciting! To me, it is like a treasurehunt, with the treasure being an unlimited amount ofknowledge to find. Every time I read or reread a book inthe bible I learn something new. I enjoy the challenge oftrying to understand the lesson behind every parable andapplying them to my personal life. I love having thisrelationship with God that was so foreign to me only ashort time ago, and I am eager to continue to grow as aChristian.It is our prayer that Casy’s story is the first of dozens(or hundreds) of similar stories. Many people willsuggest that New Englanders, particularly young NewEnglanders, are unresponsive to the Gospel. Casy is anexample of how this is patently untrue. Casy was aperson that God was searching for, someone he wassending his servants to invite to his feast. She heard theinvitation, responded, and now is learning how to live atthe Father’s table. All of you who support us financiallyand prayerfully need to know that your support made adifference in Casy’s life, and in more to come.

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