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FRAN’SCORNERBEING AMOM OFTWOCHILDRENAND ALSO ASTAY ATHOME MOMHAS GIVENME MORECHANCES TO GET TOKNOW OTHER MOMS ANDI’M STARTING TO FEELCONNECTED WITHFAMILIES IN OURNEIGHBORHOOD. ANEXAMPLE OF THIS IS ONTHURSDAY NIGHTS ATTHE FARMERS MARKET.THIS IS ONE OF MYFAVORITE TIMES OF THEWEEK. WE GO DOWN TOTHE PARK TO PLAY ANDSEE ANYWHERE FROM3-10 FAMILIES FOR ACOUPLE OF HOURS. OURCHILDREN PLAYTOGETHER AND PARENTSGET TO TALK. IT IS AGOOD TIME OF SHARINGWHAT IS HAPPENINGAND FOR DEVELOPINGRELATIONSHIPS. THESERELATIONSHIPS ARESTARTING TO BE MORETHAN JUST SURFACELEVEL, AND WE AREBEGINNING TO BEINVITED TO MORE ANDMORE THINGS. WE HAVEWORKED OUR WAY INTO AGREAT GROUP OFFAMILIES.The Fall MenuMomentum is continuing to build here in Providence. Our Bible Study now has sevenregular participants, with several others who come in and out a bit. Anna has moved into thecity and is already doing well meeting new people. We should have another family with usaround the holidays, moving from elsewhere. In January we plan on running another AlphaCourse, which should lead to expansion of our core.Part of this growth process is diversifying the things that The Feast does. Thus far we havetried to be focused on a few things that we do really well. Our focus has been mostly on theinformal work of relationship building, not the formal events of a church. This is becomingless the case. This fall we have a slate of events all meant to diversify and expand what TheFeast does and looks like.When we talk about the pathways to discipleship at The Feast, we talk about it as a menu.Each course is part of a balanced spiritual meal. Our courses are, REFRESH-service andblessing the community, TASTE-outreach events, like Alpha Course, NOURISH-Bible Study,SAVOR-worship. We have events in each of these categories happening at least once this fall.Please be prayerful as we go about these new things. Pray that we will see new peoplebecome involved as we broaden the entry points to the community. Also pray that theincreased commitments that we are asking our people for help them to become betterdisciples, not encourage them to pull back. Finally, pray for us as we are changing the natureand pace of life we are growing into.SermonsAvailableFrom time to time Caleb preaches at theBlackstone Valley CofC. Generally he tries todo so with some thought toward preaching notjust to believers, but also speaking to thoselacking belief. If you ever want to hear one ofhis sermons, you can click here. Put “Caleb”into the search field and it will pull up all theavailable sermons from Caleb.Mid-South TourThe end of September and beginning ofOctober we will be traveling between Nashvilleand Searcy. We have already packed theschedule with many good things. If you are inthose areas and would like to see us, feel freeto drop us a note. Here are the more publicvenues we will be in:Sept. 29-Attending worship at the Church ofChrist at White Station in Memphis, TN.Oct. 1-Caleb giving a keynote lecture atHarding University Bible Lectureships inSearcy, AR.Oct. 2-Caleb speaking at CCSC in Russellville,AR.Oct. 6-Caleb preaching at the HermitageChurch of Christ in Nashville, TNAnna’s HereCaleb’s sister has arrived in Providence!We introduced you to Anna a newsletter ortwo ago (you can check the archives if youmissed it). For Anna, her journey with TheFeast is about growing in ministrycompetence and experience. She does nothave definite plans for the future, but likelywill be here at least until we launch worshipservices. Anna has found a great littleapartment in the heart of downtown. She isalso virtually living on the campuses ofBrown University and RISD. Already Annahas been doing a wonderful job connectingwith new people and sharing vision for TheFeast. Pray for Anna as she continues tosettle into a new job and apartment. Alsopray that many of the conversations she ishaving will result in people coming to knowChrist through The Feast.

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