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REVIEW - Slap Mag

Issue 29

WORCESTER MUSIC FESTIVAL SPECIALSATURDAY 31/08/13●●●●●Guitar set up/ re-string workshop, demosthroughout the day.FREE guitar check-over.Special offers on the day.Live Performances in store.10% off all Ukuleles, Banjos and Mandolins.All offers will only apply on Saturday 31/08/13 from 9:30-5:30.

Aug 2013SLAP MAGAZINEUnit 8, Lowesmoor Wharf,Worcester WR1 2RSTelephone: 01905 advertising enquiries, please contact:Paul Robinson on 07852 247 Mark HoganCONTRIBUTORS Andy O’HareKate CoxSteven GlazzardAnt RobbinsChris BennionMel HallSarah GandertonRichard ClarkeReg RichardsonWill MunnRalph TitleyAmy DolleryCorina HarperAbie BudgenDom BealeRay CathodeCaroline BoucherTom ParkerBaz BojakDelia WorcestershireRex RectumsHeatrher WastieBob JonesGraham MunnNaomi PreeceDesignSalesWeb & Social MediaCover ImageMark HoganRichard ClarkePaul RobinsonDave Marston‘Spurting Man’by Avanti Display for KAFALL RIGHTS RESERVEDReproduction in whole or part prohibited without permission.Artwork, prints or any pictorial media for this publication are sentat owners risk and whilst every care is taken, neither SlapMagazine or its agents accept liability for loss or damage.DISCLAIMERWhilst every effort has been made to ensure that adverts andarticles appear correctly, Slap Magazine cannot acceptresponsibility for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectlyby the contents of this publication. The views expressed in thismagazine are not necessarily those of its publisher or editor.Hello folks and welcome to another edition of SLAP.Events and festivals are coming at us thick and fast,starting with, as we go to press, our annual pilgrimageto Nozstock. This year holds a special interest as wepilot our first tentative steps into SLAP TV with aninterview with Noz and Ella, from surely the best lovedlocal camping festival. If you haven’t already had thepleasure, visit our website for a YouTube preview ofthings to come.In this issue we highlight two urban festivals righton your doorstep! Firstly, our centre spread maps outyour first weekend’s entertainment in the shape ofMalvern Rocks. Building on the huge success of lastyear’s inaugural event, it’s shaping up to be evenbigger and better this time round - all for a veryworthy cause. Be sure to pick up the very impressivetabloid style programme. The weekend after bringsLakefest, showcasing top quality acts just minutesdown the road at Croft Park near Tewkesbury.Later in the month, of course, we have the WorcesterMusic Festival which transforms the City into a hotspotof gigs, workshops and general entertainment ofthe highest standard. We are proud to be, once again,associated with this fine fund-raising event with aSLAP all-dayer at the Worcester Arts Workshop; justone of many attractions from the venues opening theirdoors all weekend for free.As well as looking back at events such as DroitwichMusic & Arts Festival, Upton Blues, The Fold, Minifestand West Fest, we look forward to the KidderminsterArts Festival, the subject of this month’s front coverwith the ‘Spurting Man’ no less.It has to be said, it’s getting harder to find space inour august publication to highlight the many excitingevents taking place around these parts. We still needmore advertisers to help us keep going and we alwayswelcome new contributers and new ideas, so pleasekeep in touch...- hectic Ed‘ L I K E ’ S L A PON FACEBOOKLISTINGS IN CONJUNCTION WITH:

SLAP SNIPPETS August 2013Ten out of ten for AndyWorking and playingin Southern Californiafor the last 18 monthshas helped AndyRobinson tap into thesoul of Americana forhis third albumWillamina Machine (outon September 8th) - 'across the pond' in LA he's workedwith Patrick Leonard (Madonna/Leonard Cohen) andDavid Kahne (Paul McCartney/Strokes/Lana Del Ray) The 10songs on the album were recorded in just 10 days - and he'srecently supported Laura Marling at several gigs in London!144 Beats per MinisterA government minister banged thedrum for Worcester during a flyingvisit to the city - CommunitiesMinister Don Foster picked up thedrumsticks as he took part in Our BigJam at Worcester Arts Workshop -as a keen ukelele player the formerbus conductor on the old 144 servicebetween Hereford and Worcester said that 'it was greatto be back - and it was fabulous to see people of all agesand musical abilities take part in the event' - one of 330Our Big Jams taking place across the country!Worcester Beer Fest - Line ‘em up - the 13th Worcester Beer, Cider & PerryFestival takes place in the middle of Pitchcroft Worcesterfrom Thursday to Saturday 8-10th August - with morethan 200 real ales and over 100 ciders and perries -plenty of great music to enjoy as well including Jasper InThe Company Of Others, Mark Leedham and SteveGibbons - co-organiser Bill Ottaway confidently expectsto break last year's record attendance of over 13000 - webelieve him!!Babajack Album Launch & TourAre they blues, jazz or folk? Maybe a bit of all three -but the newly beefed-up Babajack are still racking upindustry awards as theylaunch their forthcomingalbum Running Man with agig at The Grove in Malvernon September 21 - followedby a first show of a UK tourat iconic venue the 100Club in London on Tuesday24 September - more info at babajack.com4Blobbie’s Big Brother!Larger-than-life Take Fatmember Blobbie Williams AKATony James has started acampaign to get himself into theforthcoming Celebrity Big Brotherhouse to prove he really is a bigstar! Having recently won Channel4's Come Dine With Me - Tonyreckons that he's been on TV farmore than most people who seemto get invited onto the show - and could probably be thebiggest celebrity they've had in the house for some time...Kinrade gets his kit off for charityFrontman Kit Kinrade of Worcester rockers Ronin hasspoken about being born deaf -and only regaining his hearingwhen aged about five - so he wasvery happy indeed to get down tothe bare essentials for theWorcester Music Festival nakedband calendar, shot by SarahColquitt - as one of the twocharities they're supporting thisyear is Worcester Deaf Children'sSociety!!KAF - No holds BardThe Mouth and Music team is looking forward to theirspecial event during Kidderminster Arts Festival, anentertaining no holds "bard" battle of the sexes! OnTuesday 13th August at the Boars Head, WorcesterStreet, Kidderminster, Sarah Tamar, Heather Wastie andBobby Parker present “Gloves Off!”, a spoken word andmusic night with a difference. Also competing will beDdotti Bluebell, Maggie Doyle, Kate Wragg, Al Barz,Humdrum Express, Gary Longden and WilliamShatspeare. The audience picks the winning team. Theshow starts at 8.00 but get there early for a ring-sideseat! There will be limited open floor spots for peoplewishing to join the teams on the night. First come, firstserved. See pages 18 & 19 and pick up a Festival brochurefor full details.Moseley Folk 8th Year...Moseley Folk Festival returns for its 8th consecutiveyear! Taking place in the beautiful setting of MoseleyFolk it will see the likes of Ocean Colour Scene, EdwynCollins and The Dublin Legends (formerly The Dubliners)headlining the event whilst Lucy Rose, British Sea Power,The Leisure Society, Kate Rusby, The Be Good Tanyas,Efterklang and Goodnight Lenin plus many more makeup the rest of the line up!Promising to be the biggest to date, tickets are pricedbetween £35 and £85!

The Lamb& FlagThe Tything,WorcesterAugust 12th & 26thFolk SessionAugust 15thCris Tolley Trio (inaugural gig)With an eclectic mix ofMusicians, Poets, Artistsand either get it, or you don’t!

ARTS NEWSSummer! Woo Hoo.... SLAP on the suncream and getoutside but don’t forget to come see what we’re up to atthe Arts Workshop! Worcester Music Festival is the flavourof the month with lots of exciting things to take part inand loads of lovely live music to enjoy at the end of themonth.SUMMER HOLIDAY CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIESWe have some exciting activities for you and yourchildren to get involved with every week throughout August!Thurs 1st Aug Recycled Sculpture Workshopwith Claire Kennedy. For 5-11yrsThurs 8th Aug Drawing + Illustrationwith Claire Kennedy. For 5-11yrsTuesday 13th Aug Family Ceramicswith Kay Mullett. For all agesThurs 15th Aug Fancy dress life drawingwith Sian Hughes and Amy Birch. For all agesThurs 22nd Aug Mask makingwith Sian Hughes and Amy Birch. For all agesAll workshops cost £5 and run from 10am until 11.30am.Please book in advance by calling 01905 25053 or emailingus on for the Worcester Music Festival this month!Acting as the usual HQ and one of the venues, The ArtsWorkshop will have live music from Fri 30th August untilSunday 1st Sept. Friday night line up includes Babble 7pmtil 11pm, Saturday is taken over by SLAP magazine fromthe daytime through until midnight, see page 40-41 forfull details.Then come have a calm relaxing Sundayacoustic day from 2pm until 7pm. See the festival websiteor brochure for more details.Lazy Sunday on the 11th is being hijacked by the festivalalso, so we see Portia Reed; Jenna Varndell a seven piecesoul band as well as RajuMali and Eeek til 17th. There will be a collection of paintings byWilliam (Billy) Webber (kindly donated by Sue Toal,Williams sister), to be sold by closed auction to raisefunds for AIMs (ArtinMinds). There will be a private viewon Friday 9th August in the gallery upstairs in Cafe Blissat The Worcester Arts Workshop from 6pm til 8pm. Allwelcome. Contact 01905 619633 for more info or til 7th Sept. The Worcester Music Festival Openexhibition. There is still time for entries so get them inasap..... (See feature).During the festival month we will also have acollection of album covers for local bands beautifullydesigned by Worcester’s own, Richard Clarke.Clik Clik Collective galleries are open Wed to Sat 10amtil 3pm and during the music festival.MUSIC FESTIVAL OPEN EXHIBITIONAs the music festival draws near, The Worcester ArtsWorkshop will be showcasing an open exhibition as partof the Worcester Music Festival in August and we arelooking for your talents and inspirations to make ithappen! The exhibition will run from 21st August until7th September and we are calling for entries betweennow and the 15th August.Participants are asked to submit a non refundableimage in any medium providing that it fits in one of twosizes, CD size (12.5cm x 14 cm), or album size (31.5cmx 31.5cm). You can submit this on any backgroundmaterial: paper/plastic/3D/photo/wood etc though weask that the work is unframed. All images MUST beclearly related to music in some form: lyrics,photography, portraits, album covers, or any imagewhich is inspired by a song or touched by music.We ask for a small donation for all entries of £3 per CDsize and £5 per Album Size, with all proceeds from thisgoing to The Worcester Arts Workshop and TheWorcester Music Festival equally. All work will beauctioned off at the end of the exhibition and allproceeds from this will go to their designated charitiesof choice; Worcester Deaf Children’s Society and SightConcern Worcestershire.THE DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS THE 15TH AUGUST. Anywork submitted after this date will not be included.For info on how to enter check out the news sectionon our website or take a peek at our facebook page.Enquiries to: clikclikcollective@gmail.comaKate Cox6

Photograph by Richard ShakespeareREVIEW. Our Big Jam Fri 12th July.Our Big Jam was part of a nationwide music event calledOur Big Gig, encouraging music making within ourcommunities. The Arts Workshop organised a hugejamming session for all to get involved with and includedmusical input from Ed Steelefox, Philip Wilkins, RichardClarke, Perry Foster, Justin Bryant, members of theWorcester Music Festival team and many other faces. Wewere lucky to have a visit from the minister forcommunities Don Foster who came to open the event anddespite being late, stayed on at the workshop for an hourplaying not only the ukulele but also percussion with thechildren! This was a great family event with adults andchildren alike engaging in music participation. The sun wasshining and everyone had a lovely late afternoon and earlyevening singing, strumming, banging and shaking along tosongs we all know. It was good to feel a great communityvibe and this was just what we had hoped for witheveryone who came along contributing to this musicalmelee.REVIEWREVIEW. Kay’s at the Hive. Coach Tour. 20th July.Kay’s at the Hive was a day of performance andheritage based on Kay’s of Worcester founded in the late1890’s and well known for years of mail order, catalogueposes and 24p a week skirts throughout the decadeswhich sadly saw its last activity in Worcester in 2007.Directed by Stephen Wilson and managed by RachelBradley, this was a strange mix of entertainingperformance split into three very different styles andtaking a journey to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Thefirst one of these time warps was the coach trip.I have to say, when Steve told me that this performancewas set on a moving coach, despite my in built travelsickness, I knew I needed to give it go. So midday on thatscorching July day and there I was, ready and waiting likea keen Skegness day tripper. Once all of the passengershad boarded (including some of Kay’s former staff) weset off through the streets of our fair city with aninteresting lesson in Kay’s history architecturally andcreatively. I had no idea that they had their own theatrecompany creating pantomimes since the 50’s and wewere reminded of this in style by these very same actorsgetting on board at various locations and engaging us instrange ‘oh no she didn’t’ games which made you feellike you had not only stepped back in time but alsoaccidentally taken some hallucinogenic substance whichhad multi colour in full volume! Cliff Richard would havebeen proud as we all sang Summer Holiday and alongwith our cheesy sleazy tour operator and ex Kay’semployee of the month, Norman “The Rock” (played byStephan Bessant) heading up the tour, how could we gowrong? This was a unique day and well done to allinvolved for providing laughter, fun and learning all inone big catalogue!CLOD ENSEMBLE MALVERN FORUM THEATRE FRI 7TH JUNE.There had been talk of this performance for a while around and about the shire, partly due to Michelle Pogmoreand her avid passion for promoting cutting edge performance within the county (some of you may know what Imean when I say facebook promoting can work better than expected!...)! It’s always exciting when there is a buzz inWorcester about something creative so going to see Clod Ensemble’s performance, ‘Zero’ at Malvern Theatre was amust and faces were seen from all over the arts community in Malvern that sunny Friday evening.Offering up a back drop heavy with blues, swing and soul by acclaimed live musicians playing harmonica, trombone,cello and more, this show was dominated by ten dancers from a range of nationalities with slick movement; beautifulyet eerily contorted. Clod ensemble create performance work led by a duo of choreographer/director Suzi Wilson andcomposer Paul Clarke and like to push boundaries between the different art forms. In ‘Zero’, commissioned by Saddler’sWells and Brighton Festival, they fuse music, dance and visual effects to deliver a show which is truly hypnotic.Wearing a simplistic style, the performers draw you in and hold you there, visually stunning with juxtaposedconnection and mesmerising rhythms which seemed to come from another world.I’m not sure I know what the subject was and it didn’t matter, though the projections and movements seemed toimply turbulent times intertwined with personal relationships. As a viewer you felt engulfed in passion, intensityand darkness and my eyes flickered from dancer to musician and back again like a child in a sweet shop.Clod Ensemble have worked internationally collaborating with theatre practitioners, music, visual art, photography,film and poetry since 1995. All Clod Ensemble’s performances are produced in association with Fuel, who work withsome of the most exciting theatre artists in the UK to develop new work for all.www.clodensemble.comclodensemble#zero | www.fueltheatre.com7

David Rapheal BandClair Le BroqueREVIEW - Upton Blues Festival - 19th-21st JulyThe summer months see festival season swing by andlocally there's loads to be excited about from newcomerssuch as Malvern Rocks and Ringmaster to the establishedWorcester Music Festival and Nozstock, there's plenty onoffer in our fair county for every ardent gig goer and casuallistener alike. But for this aural fanatic there's one festivalthat always manages to bewitch and intrigue in equalmeasure, a festival that seems to grow yearly in stature,not only drawing some of the biggest named blues acts inthe country but also sees attendances topped on a yearlybasis. This years Upton Blues Festival again continued theastounding upward trajectory both with the bill andnumber of punters (just the sheer volume of campersastounded even the most optimistic of organisers!!!)Now, to truly do justice to such an incredibly organisedand professional festival I'd have to write reams, I couldwax lyrical on every act I caught and a few I didn't but theeasiest way to write something up is day by day and sowithout further ado:-Day OneThe main stage kicked off proceedings around 7.15pmwith the passionate, seasoned blues of the David RaphealBand, the group8delivered astunning set ofharp fuelledblues gatheringperhaps thebiggest openingact audience thatI can remember.Whilst on theacoustic stageClair Le Broque delivered an early highlight with herpowerful vocals backed with a sparse lonesome guitar, theaudience were left spell-bound by a truly jaw-dropping set.Former Robert Plant side maaan Innes Sibun (and band)closed the evening’sproceedings with adevastating display of guitargrappling, shape throwingfiery blues rock all toppedoff with a wonderful displayof gurning to go with it.Day TwoSaturday and the first full day and where do I start, wellThe Official Receiversappealed to the day'searly revellers withtheir ever likeable setof big soul standards,with horns ablazing,the crowd were ontheir feet, swaggering,swaying and evenThe Official Receiversdancing. A quick race down to the sports field for a bitof slide guitar genius Steve Morrison via the memorialhall for some acoustic rockabilly in Josie & TheOutlaw, before settling down to the pure pleasure thatis Sarah Warren & The Fabulous Boogie Boys, a bandguaranteed tomake you smile,make you sing andat the very leasthop on the spot.Sure enough weboogied, westomped and wehollered along asthe band captivatedthe spirit of theentire festival with a glorious set of rock n roll, blues,soul originals and sing-a-long standards. Back downto the Sports Field for the glorious rock groove of Willy& The Bandits, a band that lock into an inspired,original sound taking in elements of rock, blues,psychedelia, rocksteady and even Caribbean rhythmsto mesmerise a packed out field (by the way, trackdown their album, it really captivates the group'sunique vision). If that wasn't already enough the mainriverside stage served up a performance that tore theplace to pieces, The Revelator Band delivered a dark,almost feral take on the blues, laced it with with a doseof acidic post-punkattitude and thenthrew in a side orderof Beefheart for agloriously ramshacklecombination of piano,spiky guitar and gruffvocals deliveredtheatrically by a largerthan life swaggeringfront man that had tobe seen to be trulybelieved. It might beblues but not as youknow it.Day ThreeSarah Warren & The FabulousBoogie BoysThe Revelator BandIt was hard to believe that the second day could betopped for pure entertainment and diversity but youknow what, day three provided more thrills and spills,with the Shout choir opening proceedings withwonderful uplifting choral renditions of The Beatles,Elbow, U2, Take That and an audience assisted MovingOn Up (Primal Scream), that even saw a couple of dogshit the stage with Simon Kemp and guys and gals fora rousing rendition. The Swaps were the only band ofthe entire festival I deliberately caught twice bothelectric and acoustic as their combination ofmale/female vocals, lead harmonica (up there with the

est up and coming harmonica players out there right now)and drums simply blew me away, a beautiful set of originalblues and folk delivered with such passion and drive (hopethey book them again and again, having already beingpromoted from the pubs last year!!!). Duo with mostamount of balls award goes to Tommy Allen & JohnnyEarl Jackson BandTommy Allen & Johnny HewittHewitt, oh my god Tommy played guitar, drums and sangwhilst Johnny Hewitt blew up a storm on harmonica, bythe end of their set they were dripping , the audience weredripping, I had melted...primal rock n roll blues at it's best.Dessert Rock offered up a completely different vibecreating African blues fusion as Ramon Goose and cohortsdelivered a glorious percussion heavy set complete withAfrican sing-a-longs (particularly on the track, aptly namedtrack Africa!!!). Which brings me to to the one-two punchof the festival closers, firstly the gravelly, harmony fusedrock of WilyBo & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours andthe "let's have a big party finale" stunning Earl JacksonBand, who ended the night with rock n roll of the highestorder, searing riffs, behind the head fiddling, duck walking,you name it you got it.So it just leaves me to say congratulations to thecommittee, the volunteers, compères, medical team andeveryone that poured blood, sweat and hours intodelivering such an inspired and remarkable event, thebands were fantastic each and everyone (sorry I can'tmention you all!!) and the crowd responded in kind, assoon as they announce next years dates book it off and I'llsee you down there, mines a cider!!!Words: Will Munn Photography: Graham MunnREVIEW - Minifest - Crpplegate park, Worcester - 30th JuneMinifest, hosted by king local radio station YouthcommRadio, has made a name for itself over the last few yearsas a fantastic family based community event, that bringsevery background imaginable as one force, just for a day,and this year was no different. With a decent weatherforecast predicted days prior to the event, the sun starts toshine before the melancholy sets by the three acousticopeners Ollie Roberts, Tammy Down, and Charlie Boswell,sets that included covers of Pearl Jam and a medley ofearly Oasis tracks. As the sun hit heavier up to the longlasting peak of 24°, the music kept pace, as did the crowd.Up next was indie rockers Paradise Rhodes showcasingmaterial off their brand new EP, alongside funk rockers TheWarped and pop-punk duo Morning Glory not letting theabsence of drummer Harry Roberts and their usual threepiece dampen the spirits.After the break came cover act and one half of CharmAimee Vee playing tracks originally by Bruno Mars, RobbieWilliams, showcasing the most powerful voice of the day,followed by the second cover act and last minutereplacement, R3action. They were the first of many to playto screaming fans with their cheesy yet extremely tunefulpop covers, much like the next act The Pin Ups who haveto contend with announcement that Babycakes singers 3of a Kind had pulled out due to unknown reasons. They fitthe bill and warm up well for up and coming Radio 1 starLauren Wright who played to one of the biggest crowdsof the day with her easily accessible and fun pop singlessuck as Kiss Me and I.L.O.V.E.Y.O.U..Time of the MouthYeah after this the crowd slowly diminished to the truemusic fans, to the fans of headline acts Time of theMouth and Ronin, the spirit doesn’t stop increasing. Asthe former got their fans to simply dance over the illusivetape barriers to originals and covers of Green Day andBob Marley, right before the final set from Worcesterrockers Ronin blasting through their family friendly yetpowerful and intense tracks, including a selection fromthe new EP. They don’t stop for anything other than guitarchange due to broken strings and the occasional comedicchat. It’s a fantastic end to the best year for Minifest sofar. Roll on 2014? I think so!Dom Beale

Photograohy - Joe Singh - SnapRockandPopPREVIEW - Jinney Ring at Hanbury - August 9th to 11thAnother Local Blues and Beer festival on your doorstep.This is a ticketed event with fine beers and cidersaccompanying good food and some very goodentertainment. Friday evening sees a gentler start withMumbo Jumbo, some excellent ales and food, and specialoffers for CAMRA members.Saturday is a full on music fest with Dave Onions; jumpjiving Boperator; The wonderful voice of Sarah warrenand her band; The funk and jazz grooves of RobertHokum and the Guvnors; New Orleans style of Stomp &Holler; and Dr Teeth with larger than life front man,Steve Steinhaus. Sounds an unmissable day out.Sunday, starting at noon, local bands, a blues rockingRetrovibe; who are followed by the W factor winners,selected from 25 entries of Worcestershire bands. Toclose the proceedings The Reflections, who playFor about the last nine months there's been SHOUTEDcommuniqués emanating, it transpires, from the Tower(studios) in Pershore by HEY YOU GUYS! Amongst theno-nonsense nonsense and dubious pictures of latrines,there's some serious musicianship going on. It took justtwo rehearsals to get nine songs together!No surprises though when you know the line upconsists of Pete Adams, Dave Draper, Oly Edkins andBen Pemberton - four seasoned local musicians notcontent to trade on former glories but working hard tocraft an exciting future.10favourites from the 60's to date, Stones to the Killers,Beatles to Coldplay.Tickets are £13.50 for Saturday, and £21 for theweekend, check out the website for more MunnPREVIEW - HEY YOU GUYS! - Album Launch - August 17thHYG! have already released one single, Keston Villers'Investment Club, on white vinyl that garnered a ton ofradio play and put in some brilliant live shows all overBritain. Latest news is that they will be the officialsupport for [spunge] on their nationwide tour inNovember. (Wouldn't mind being a fly on the tour buswindow for that one!)Closer to home, the guys havean album in the bag and it's moreCaps Lock and exclamation marks.GASP! SHOCK! HORROR! (surely agreat title for a long player) is "13sonic shots to the scrotum thatyou’ll be begging to receive againlike a musical masochist". Withthe 'go to' producer Draper in theband it's a no brainer to have himat the controls and they've thecontacts to rope in some specialguests too - cameos includingvocals from Kerbdog, Dodgy, LesCarter ('Fruitbat' from CarterUSM), Stillbust, Fights & Firesand many more!The album is to be released on17 August so there's going to be abig GASP! SHOCK! HORROR!launch party at the Marrs Bar thatvery night! Entrance is free if youjoin the Facebook event (£3 on the door) and the albumwill be available at a very special price of £3 all night;support from This Wicked Tongue and Erica.For a laugh, get further info at: www.hygofficial.comGlazz

PREVIEW - Artrix, Bromsgrove in AugustRemi Harris Gypsy Jazz Project comes to ArtrixThe Remi Harris Gypsy Jazz Project, an excitingyoung contemporary gypsy jazz collective will beplaying at Artrix on 24th August 2013Performing an eclectic mix of hot club, jazz, swing,bepob blues, world music, original compositions, andpopular melodies, the band offer the audience asensational evening of outstanding chemistry andmusicianship.The Creators of “Acid Croft” shake up ArtrixShooglenifty the six man band, credited as being theoriginators of “Acid croft” plan to have Artrix on their feeton 25th August at 8pmFeaturing Remi Harris from Worcestershire, one of theUK's top virtuoso guitarists, and joined by top jazzviolinist, Matt Holborn, Ben Salmon on rhythm guitar,Birmingham's finest double bass player Mike Green andvocalist Deborah Rose, as heard on BBC Radio 2, it willbe a night of exquisite melodies sang with a world classband.Tickets are available at £12 from Artrix box office on01527 577330 or from in Edinburgh, Shooglenifty quickly drew a strongfan base for their energised, contemporary roots materialand fast became one of Scotland's most unique musicalexports.With their fiery and infectious blend of Celtic traditionalmusic and dance grooves that band members describe as"hypno-folkadelic ambient trad." This supremely dexterousand witty live band, who have given energetic liveperformances all around the world, guarantee to offer anamazing night of music and dancing.Tickets are available at £15 from the Box office on01527577330 or at - Chantel Mcgregor at Robin 2 - July 3rdA legend in her own lifetime, Chantel Mcgregor is ayoung blues rock guitarist with an enormous talent thatdefies her small stature. This comes with a bucketful ofcheeky Yorkshire humour. She also happens to havebeen a Blues Award category winner in 2011, 2012, andis nominated in 2013.......we will have to wait and seeabout that one.Touring with bassist Richard Richie and drummerKeith McParthing, from the same Northern region,there is a sense of fun throughout the gig. Caught Out;Free Falling; Voodoo Chile; and Disco Lover Suicide arepresented impeccably, no behind the back, above thehead stuff here, just quality guitar riffs.Outstanding for me was Chantel's short acousticsession, as the boys took a break at the bar. Sheperformed Stevie Nicks 'Rhiannon; Jewel's 'You WereMeant For Me' and a very nicely wrapped version ofBruno Mars 'Grenade', (have a look on YouTube)exceptionally good, it showcases Chantel's vocal talentswith the elctronicsout of the way.This was the lastUK session beforesailing for somedates in Belgium,I'm sure she willhave gone down aseasily as a goodBelgian beer. Anexcellent gig fromthis great talent, Iam sure we will allhear a lot more ofher in the future.Incidentally, if youwish to know moreabout this youngwoman, check out her web site:www.chantelmcgregor.comby Graham Munn

ANDY O’HARE - The History Of Rock - Part 1...A lot of people have asked me what my own taste in Bob Dylan who I'd missed firstmusic is - and to be honest it isn't that easy to explain in time round - for this I'm verythe 30 seconds relative quiet between numbers at gigs - grateful!!and in between sets I'm usually to be found outsideAnother mini-renaissance in thetopping up my nicotine levels - yes I know that's not good90s with Brit-Pop - at last some properbut those who've met me will usually agree that it's eithermusic again!! Also the first major challenge to the recordthat or elephant tranquillisers...companies' stranglehold with the new indie labels - butThe first band I ever really got 'into' was the Dave Clark the focus had forever switched - you didn't need to be inFive (!) - this was about the time the Beatles were also on London to get recognised, signed and played - thoughthe rise - but somehow I never really clicked with the 'Fab even today it's obviously still a totally unfair advantage!!Four' - and about that time (mid to late 60s) I tended toA few years later and then came the Bitchpups/prefer edgier outfits like the Stones and The Who. Yes IDandelion Killers/And What Will Be Left of Them?know that this is heresy to a whole lot of people out thereawakening that there was some pretty awesome music- and sure the Beatles produced some cracking songs - butbeing generated so close to the place I relocated to somethey just didn't seem to have the raw feel of Satisfactionthirty years before, mostly because it provided a centralor My Generation - and the Stones/Who didn't seem tolocation and easy access to the motorway network to gethave to try to be bad lads - they were just universallyto anywhere else in the UK relatively quickly - yep thatslated by parents/grandparents/media in general as beingjust about why I stuck around folks!!depraved and a corrupting influence on the 'youth of theday' - perfect!!But in hindsight - though for probably not very worthyand altruistic reasons - it was a great decision in the endI'd had a pretty standard Welsh school classical music- as without doubt the H&W music scene in the last teneducation - learning the basics on first the recorder andyears or so has and continues to consistently producethen violin until bafflingly choosing the bassoon to studyeasily the best music I've heard in all my time - and do Iat secondary school - I reached Grade 5 on this monstrousprefer a particular genre now by the way? Nope - if it'scontraption until giving it up in the Fourth Year after theplayed well it's pretty much all good...realisation that either blowing into the bloody thing orAOH (message me at it between orchestra practices and home wouldcause premature death - in hindsight a very wise move!But of course the classical music education hadsubliminally guided me towards prog rock in the early 70s- oh the horror - I'm sorry to the handful of adherents outthere but in hindsight listening to albums like 'BedsideManners Are Extra' by Greenslade simply robbed me of anhour of my life and the will to live for days after...The charts at this time were dictated and filtered by themajor record companies - rigging, illegal placement andnepotism was the norm and the Chapman/Chinn outfitsseemed to exercise a monopoly on TOTP - the Old GreyWhistle Test wasn't much better - though it did have anoccasional moment of brilliance such as when theSensational Alex Harvey Band were unaccountably invitedto perform...But the cobwebs were finally blasted away for me in1976/77 with the rise of punk/new wave/whatever -stunningly ushered in by the heroic efforts of pub-rockerssuch as Dr Feelgood and Eddie And The Hotrods in thiscountry - the Ramones/Television/CBGB experience in NewYork and then by being shouted into your face by the SexPistols/Clash - I'd been waiting for ten years to hear musiclike this and it really was a Road To Damascus feeling -which hasn't really gone away...The record companies moved swiftly to regain control -and for me the 80s were the bleakest period of my musicallistening - for me a cultural deadzone that gave me sometime to go through the back catalogue of the Doors and12

REVIEW - West Fest - MalvernCharming the Malvern masses on 6th July and since 2005,West Fest certainly had the weather on it's side this year.To be honest it didn't really matter what delightsawaited us entertainment-wise, as in this, the mostdelightfully bucolic of settings, we were gonna have agoood time just soaking up the rays'n'vibes.It wasn't difficult to enjoy the day with specially brewedale at 3 quid a pop, much needed water at 50p a bottleand a great selection of fairly priced grub (my tofu-wienerwas delish). No-one can accuse West Fest of being a ripoffin any way.Musically there was the main stage & the acoustic:these were run with military precision timing so there wasno noise crossover. This was typical of this brilliantly runone day event.And as you'd imagine and as should be at a fest, therewas the widest selection of musical marvellousness forour aural pleasure.Even at West the smallest of Fests, you manage to misssome of the acts, though this was due mainly to me &my assembled throngette, dancing like arses at SilentDisco. N.B. Dear Mr DJ, no-one wants to listen toanonymous techno/trance/dubstep at 6pm, especially atan event where there is a ratio of 1 copper to every 5people - if you get my drift! Most fun was had withcheesy anthems, thus watching/being watched aping thelikes of messrs Coverdale, Meatloaf & Nicks.So as I can't namecheck all the bands I won't single outany except a certain festival organiser's outfit whoinformed us repeatedly and in no uncertain terms, thatthey were indeed THE DOGS OF SANTORINI!!This was my 1st West Fest but like loads of otherblissfully smilin’ punters I'll be back next year.Let's just hope the sun returns also…Words by Ray CathodeLIVE MUSIC | GREAT SELECTION OF DRINKSSPECIAL OFFERS | ALL SPORTS ON TVOpenMon-Fri3-12Sat & Sun12-12Upper Tything | Worcester01905 2891413

Blues At The Fold - July 6thThis one day festival is now firmly established, andbrings quality bands to a great little venue each year.Following last years miserable weather, the action takesplace under a large roofed canopy, with hard standing.This year the canopy has served as shade to the excessesof heat and sunlight, should you have wanted to avoidthe wonderful spell of summer that has hallmarked July.Stage Host, as last year was local poet Theo Theobold,who introduced Sarah Warren to open proceedings.Sarah's acoustic set was country Americana in style,accompanied by Nick Lyndon on guitar and occasionaldouble bass. Frankie Miller's 'I Can't Change It', gave voiceto Sarah's deeper, mellowed blues side. 'Lovesick Blues',for me, also stood out, it was good comfortable listeningto start off a warm sultry afternoon.The Swaps upped thetempo, with a good mix ofblues and country.Outstanding vocals from Beth,and fine harmonica withTomo, marked this 5 pieceband from Leamington out.The pace is hotting up,passions rising, Wille and theBandits is a blast start tofinish. Gritty vocals, brilliant slide guitar, thumping greatdrums and head banging bass make for an unforgettableperformance. Elements of rock steady through to hardrock, pepper themusic of thisfantastic band;i n t o x i c a t i n grhythms, cryingchords. 'MoneyFor Nothing' isdefinitely not indire straits! Have apeek at their website, there are some very good videosthat demonstrate the band’s qualities.What do you do when you appear to have reached asummit, plant a flag? The flag is blues and Steve Ajaoand his Blues giants Mike on Bass, Pete on drum, take usback to the Mississippi Delta and the blues of the likes of14Hooker, Reed andKing. There is thelight hearted 'GiveMe Back My Wig',and diving down tothe depths of 'Evil'from Willie Dixon. Ifyou like your bluesdelivered wellcooked in a traditional style, Steve and the Giants willserve it up. Steve went walkabout around the assembledmass, serenading impassioned dancers on the way. PeteHammond showed us what a washboard was really for,but had to dispose of some ladies lingerie beforerhythmically beating up Hotpoint's ancestor.Stomp & Holler slotted in nicely to blend between theblues and the swing that was about to come. The bandnever fails to pullin the devotees,music lovers andfoot tappers.Though Oliverplays ringmaster,all have a slice ofthe pie. Chris,Abby, and Leealso have lead vocals. Martin drives them together withhis drums, and John, has an excursion into the audiencewith his sax, nobody complains. Mr Diddy, the latestband member, who resembles an old boot, broomstickand too many beers, has gone walkabout too, with asteady thump and clink as he disappeared into the crowd.Top billing was for Ricky Cool and his All Stars, thefirst blast from thehorn section hadeveryone up anddancing to theinfectious beat of thisswing band. Ricky isthe ringleader, he isgoing to make surenobody sits still as thelight fades on thiswarm hedonisticevening of musicalpleasure.Ricky is a phenomenon, he’s been around for ever insome form or other, he is the magnet for top drawmusicians, they play to the crowd and the crowd lovesthem. Bold brass, trixy harmonica, a lovely double base,guitar, keyboards and drums. What a way to close theday, everyone, young, and not so young, left with a smileon their face. Lovely weather, tasty food and drink,courtesy of The Fold, children's area, dog friendly? and awonderful line up. There are no real head liners here,every band brought a different turn to the music. If youmissed out, be sure to plan ahead next & Pics: Graham Munn

REVIEW - DROITWICH MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL - 29th JuneThe Grimaldi Jug Bang, a trio of two guitars and femalesinger, were a special treat for those of us who had not seenthem before. Their session abounded in fine singing andpicking, and sensational harmonies, in a well-chosen mixof originals and covers.collapse saga about his home town, in which his guitarsolos drew rapt attention and admiration.Stomping on Spiders opened the blues jam with aselection from their latest CD. Including, to everyone’sdelight, GT Jones’s composition Kuranda Brakes, his Ozthemedmasterpiece sung with great passion. And NoorAli’s magnum opus, Brasshouse Lane, a post-industrialFinally, Stripped Down Blues did our country bluesthing, featuring new member bassist Tonina Westlake.Her swinging rendition of Summertime drew greatapplause, during which a fascinated soundman shrewdlycommented that DJ Mather’s harmonica-playing was‘just like a clarinet’.by Bob Jones15

IT’S LIVE, IT’S ORIGINAL, IT’SFREE AND IT’S HERE!AUGUST is here and that can only mean one thing.Worcester Music Festival!A whopping 240 acts from the county and beyondare gearing up to take 32 venues across the city bystorm from August 30 – September 1 and this year’sline-up is an absolute corker.Adding even more genres to the mix to open up thecompletely free festival to even more live music fans,we are excited to welcome the likes of heavy dub,cosmic funk and dreamy trip-hoppers Mutant Vinyl fromLiverpool, whose fans include BBC Radio One's HuwStephens, Grammy winner Simon Gogerly, Tricky and FunLovin' Criminals.Representing psychedelia, we have Nottingham’s LunarPark, female vocals on top of loud fuzzy guitars,melodic bass and repetitive drums(one member used to be in Six BySeven), while flying the flag for jazz,blues and folk, we have the likes ofEstonia-born Triinu Tammsalu fromGloucester and Tequilla Mockingbirdfrom Bedfordshire.Bands and artists from the Woo andthe county, however, are why ourcelebration of original music cameabout in the first place and we’re super proud to welcome backthe likes of folk rocker Claire Boswell, teenage trio Granny’sAttic, Hitchhiker, Dryftwood, Vault of Eagles, Jasper In TheCompany Of Others, Stuart Woolfenden, Stompin’ On Spidersand many, many more, as well as scores of local newcomerswanting to showcase their own material.WONDERFUL WORKSHOPSAround 800 people took part in our workshops last year,from musicians hankering after a new skill or technique tothose who have never picked up an instrument in their life.From Soundscapes at Worcester Arts Workshop, givingparticipants the chance to create a colourful seascape,landscape or cityscape and produce sounds to accompanytheir work of art, to a masterclass in producing a radioshow with BBC Hereford and Worcester, this year’sworkshop programme has a host of new and excitingopportunities for all ages and abilities.16Pics: A small selection of acts at this years Worcester Music Festival.The Whole Caboodle Band; Nudybronque; Tom Forbes; Catherine Valve; Vault of Eagles; XOVA; Hey You Guys

There are 28 workshops this year, including dance tastersessions in everything from salsa to the can can, andwhile you can just turn up, it’s best to book beforehandto secure a place.DON’T MISS THE BOATEvery year, the festival gets better and, this year, it’s alsogetting wetter! We’re thrilled to introduce leisure cruiseboat The Pride of the Midlands to our venue line-up,which can accommodate up to 164 passengers and has afully stocked bar and bistro on board.There will also be a feast of live, original music in Music47 in Sidbury and Rise in Chapel Walk, Crowngate, thisyear, as well as workshops in Velvet Lounge nightclub inAngel Place.LET’S GET NAKED!Our naked band calendar in aid of our 2013 charities -Worcester Deaf Children’s Society and Sight ConcernWorcestershire – and the festival itself is now on sale forthe bargain price of a fiver at:www.worcestermusicfestival.bigcartel.comThe Session music studios, Worcester Arts Workshopand other venues to be confirmed. Please support us bybuying one.BUY SOME MUSIC ARTWorcester Arts Workshop is now ooh-ing and ah-ingover the entries submitted for a music-related open artexhibition taking place during the festival, witheverything being auctioned off in aid of our charities ofthe year, the festival and the workshop in Sansome Street.How wonderful would it be to get your hands on yourown lovingly-created piece of original art?PLAN YOUR ITINERARYWith all gig and workshop listings in, now is theopportune time to start planning your own personalitinerary for the festival with My Guide, where you can alsotap into our new accommodation finder. Our hard copyfestival guide containing all the listings will also beavailable in venues across the city from August 16th.Don’t forget to sign up to Facebook and Twitter for lineupupdates and previews and last, but not least, we hopeyou have the most amazing Worcester Music Festivalever!Melanie Hall

10th – 26thAUGUSTWWW.FACEBOOK.COM/KAF.ARTSWWW.TWITTER.COM/KAF_ARTSWWW.WYREFORESTDC.GOV.UK/KAFKAF is a 13 day festival now in its tenth year; the festival brings you some of the best of local and nationaltalent, mostly free, or under £5. Take a look at our program of workshops, shows, exhibitions and more.

ARTS FEATURE - Kdderminster Arts Festival - 10th-25th AugustKidderminster Arts Festival is now in its 10th year andis set to be bigger and better than ever before. There is aprogramme of events bursting at the seams with locallyand nationally renowned events that will be gracing thestreets, public spaces and venues of Kidderminster betweenthe 10th and 25th of August. This year is set to have themost ambitious and diverse range of arts that have everbeen attempted for KAF, which is extremely proud to bepresenting work that would usually be at home at thelarger national and international arts festivals.The backdrop to the festival will consist of a homage tothe carpet weaving history of Kidderminster. Both theinside and outside the town hall will be transformed intoa ‘Carpet Forest’. Inside will be carpeted trees that tellforgotten tales from the old factories whilst a kaleidoscopeof light floods through the canopy along with the soundsof looms and mythical birds. Leading into the forest willbe a carpet meadow surrounding the outside of the townhall, perfect for taking a little afternoon nap!Collective Unconsciousness will allow participants toexplore their own personal and social freedom, steppingoutside the constraints of reality to gain a higherunderstanding of who you are. Other highlights are‘Mash up a Masterpiece’ in which you can take alongan old tired piece of art work and give it a new lease oflife and also keeping with Kidderminster’s carpetheritage there is a ‘Weaving Workshop’ that is ran bythe Museum of Carpet.On the 17th of August the carpet meadow will form thesetting for a very special guest. A giant 30ft long pig willbe taking an afternoon nap on our carpet meadowbetween 11am & 1pm and also 2pm & 4pm. There is spaceon the underside of the pig for 10 members of the publicto act as little piglets and witness a show inside the bellyof our snoring friend.There are a wide range of other FREE street performancesto see too. You can quite literally soak up the sight of ‘TheSpurting Man’ in which a human water feature will gracethe centre of the town! There is also Kwabana Lidsayexploring the dizzying heights of Kidderminster on his slackrope.There are also a range of indoor activities for childrenand families that are all under £5. There is ‘Fireside Taleswith Granddad’ which combines exquisite puppets,captivating storytelling and an enchanting story line whichis guaranteed to captivate everyone from 4 – 104.The other cogs in the festival machine are made up ofthe large variety of workshops and interactive eventsrunning over the two weeks. Freedom – A workshop byThe venues and the events are now booked so all weneed now is ‘YOU’ to come along and make KAF’s 10thyear the biggest and best yet! However these events arejust the tip of the KAF13 iceberg as there is so muchmore going on than there is space on this page so makesure to keep your eyes and ears open for more KAFinformation. This and our online brochure which can befound by following the links on the poster opposite.Tom Parker19

REVIEW - Skinny Lister - Robin 2 - July 16thplus - 'Bethan And The Morgans' & 'The Bad Rats'A warm balmy evening and a sort of reluctance to jumpinto a hot car to travel up to Bilston and my second tripto Robin. Hell it was Skinny Lister; can't resist the force.all joining in. Colours shows a more subtle, melodicdescription of a day out in the summer. 17 Summers waltzus around the stage easing off from the polka whichLorna has just joined us for. The songs are a descriptionof life at the rusty jagged edge. Forty Pound Wedding,brilliant! The band is a collective of enthusiastic 'buskers'who have pulled us in off the streets to partake of someale and stay for the 'lock in'. There is no inoculationagainst the fever, no cure once contracted, you just haveto sweat it out. Nobody is complaining. Look out forthem, find the time, go join in, it will be unforgettable.Words & Photography: Graham MunnA moderate assembly for this capacious venue wereabout to get an all out assault from The Bad Rats. Theyare a 6 piece band from Cannock, styled as folk punk, butheavy on the punk. An extremely loud thrash from adrummer fronted by 5 sets of stringed weapons, guitars,mandolins and banjo. (thinks.....must get some earplugs....)The band share the vocals as they drove through thereset, 'Black Velvet Band Salty Dog and Irish Rover, finishingan enthusiastic performance. I'm sure we will hear morefrom this band........particularly if you’re within a 3 mileradius!Bethan Morgan, heads up the next band and a moremelodic softer feel to this folk/country styled band. Thiswas very pleasant easy listening stuff, Bethan has a finevoice well suited to the folk roots, but also capable oftaking us by surprise when called for. When it Falls IntoPlace showcased some nice harmonies with double bassistLauren and guitarist David. Something New, is distinctlyfolk on outset, breaking into a quick country lick as itmoves on, some nice subtle drumming from RobMcintosh sat in the shadows. I'm certain we will all hearmore of Bethan and The Morgans into the future. Herethey sit like an ice cream layer between two crispy wafers.Skinny Lister, was an absolute must following on fromWychwood were they had awoken the sleepy campers ofCheltenham. Folk is a completely inadequate description,think more the Pogues. Lorna stands between Dan1, Max,Sam and Dan2, large stone pitcher in hand, ready chargedfor tonight with Kentucky's finest. This is a party and weare all invited!Lorna flirts with the band and us as the band rollsthrough shanties, polkas, waltzs and jigs. Totallyinfectious, you cannot help being drawn in, and you willenjoy every second this band is on stage. If The Gaff Don'tLet Us Down is a more traditional dirge, Trawler stays withthe sea, John Kanaka, just a hard drinking shanty that hasTHE LION INNAUGUST BANK HOLIDAY WEEKENDReal ales - Traditional CidersShire Horse Rides - Face PaintingBouncy Castle - BBQLive music -FREE ENTRYFor more info call 018868129751 THE VILLAGE, CLIFTON-UPON-TEMEWORCESTER, WR6 6DH20

REVIEW - The Wonder Stuff - Stourbridge River Rooms - July 5thI can honestly say I never tire of The Wonder Stuff. Cynicsmay disagree, of course and, by nature, I am of that breed.But when the quality of the songs & live performance is soconsistent, I feel it’s a case of sod the ‘why’s’ & ‘what for’s’and just enjoy it for what it is, which is invariably a bloodygreat night out.Stourbridge will forever be linked with the band (thefamous ‘And on the eighth day God created Stourbridge’shirt saw to that one), and the fact that Miles Hunt (bornin Derby) is now the only original member no doubt grindssome gears. But, after the big split at The Phoenix Festivalin the 90’s, the brand has been a going concern for sometime now, releasing three albums of new material ‘EscapeFrom Rubbish Island’, ‘Suspended By Stars’ and this year’s‘Oh No! It’s The Wonder Stuff’ which (together with coversdisc ‘From The Midlands With Love’) has given them theirbest reviews for over a decade. And rightly so – it’s theirbest since the four in the original canon.And so, to one hell of a hot night in The Stour, at the fullto the rafters River Rooms. The boisterous crowd areawaiting a familiar opening track to get them going, but(and I fully admire them for this) The Wonder Stuff treat usto a duo from the new ‘Oh No!’ album, ‘Clear Through TheYears’ and ‘Right Side Of The Turf’, Miles commentingafterwards that they had “the sheer audacity” to open thegig with two new tracks. The faithful were then rewardedwith ‘Red Berry Joy Town’, ‘On The Ropes’ and ‘Here ComesEveryone’ in quick succession, plus stalwarts ‘Circle Square’,‘The Size Of A Cow’, ‘Mission Drive’ and ‘Caught In MyShadow’ following after.The new album is dipped into again with ‘Oh No!’ itself,new single ‘Friendly Company’ and what has generally beenreceived as the ‘best’ of the new tracks, ‘Be Thy Name’,surrounded by ‘Give Give Give …’, ‘Donation’, ‘A Wish Away’(with Miles plugging Hoseasons holidays as a ‘contractualobligation’ beforehand), ‘Golden Green’ and ‘Don’t Let MeDown, Gently’ so all concerned can hear a favourite. Mypersonal highlights were encores of ‘Can’t Shape Up’, ‘Room410’ and a final ‘Ten Trenches Deep’, leaving the crowdexhausted and exhilarated.It’s easy to pick on ‘missing’ songs from tonight’s set(‘Cartoon Boyfriend’, ‘Ruby Horse’, ‘It’s Yer Money …’,‘Goodnight, Though’, ‘Poison’ etc.) but the set list is neverthe same from show to show and that’s the main reason Istill look forward to every gig by The Wonder Stuff I attend.Miles and Erica are still on their ‘never ending’ tour,playing Wonder Stuff highlights in with their own material,Erica has her band ‘EN’ on the go too, with an albumreleased to great acclaim, and I also must honourablymention the support band tonight, a three piece called‘Nife’ featuring Erica’s guitarist Nicole Formio fronting athree piece outfit that, quite simply, ‘rock’ (don’t let thatput you off, please). I saw two songs, bought the album‘Chemicals’ and it’s an absolute stormer. Honest.Put your cynicism aside, kiddies – remember what youloved about The Wonder Stuff and go & see them. I defyyou to be disappointed.Baz BojakPREVIEW - Abie’s Miracle Tonic, Mellow Peaches, Glen Bartley - Artrix - Sat 7th Sep“It’s The Roots That Make The Fruits”Early next month the Artrix (Bromsgrove) will behosting an eclectic evening of acoustic music featuringthree acts who, as the title suggests play songs that drawinspiration from the past, but who are very much rootedin the now.This promises to be verymuch a triple bill of musicalcontemporaries, featuringthree local groups that havetaken influence from similarmusical traditions such asfolk, blues, ragtime, jazz,gospel & spirituals, but eachhas crafted their ownunique sound, taking adifferent focus.Starting the night andsetting the mood will beGren Bartley, a prolificsongwriter who toursrelentlessly, "Gren Bartley sits on the edge of the evergrowing link between English and American folk music .A songwriter who explores a wide range of styles fromtraditional English songs to the darkest American bluesballads. Gren's guitar playing is "effortlessly astonishing"and his lyrics serve perfectly to accompany the audiencethrough the spectrum of musical landscapes he visits."Next up will be the trail blazing duo Mellow Peaches,"Purveyors of rootsy stomps and gutsy grooves, theunassuming Mellow Peaches have long immersedthemselves in traditional, organic and freshlysourced American blues and roots, mixing it up withtheir own gumbo of exotic flavours to create awholesome dish that aids digestion. Mellow Peachesplay a whole host of folk styles with bluesyintensity, informed by pre-war country blues greatswith some contemporary quirk thrown in for goodmeasure."And the night will be capped off in style by Abie'sMiracle Tonic, "An effervescent… esoteric…energetic… and (occasionally) off-the-wall...”concoction of ragtime, blues, jazz, spirituals andnovelty songs on guitar, washboard, vocalharmonies and trumpet impersonations!Tickets are £7 or £5 concession available from theArtrix box office on 01527 577330 or online

REVIEW - Dan Owen & Sanjay Brayne - Katie Fitzgeralds - July 4thDan Owen was returning to Stourbridge for this gigafter the success of the recent Stourbridge BluesFestival.The setting in the cellar bar is intimate to say the least,but an enthusiastic crowd of blues lovers had crowdedin to see this talented young blues man fromShrewsbury. Another Blues Award Nominee, we seemawash with talented young artists in this genre; I amhappy to say.Dan writes andperforms some ofhis own songs, aswell as fitting inold favouritesfrom RobertJohnson, John LeeHooker, ElmoreJames, as well asBob Dylan and Willie Dixon. Dan having played with thegreat Willie Dixon in Nashville. Look on YouTube and youwill find a wonderful 'Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When IDie', which he played this evening acoustic guitar takingits usual bending and the box being well and trulystomped. Dan has an unusual, phenomenally wellsmoked voice, be sure to see him before his career risestoo high, a cellar bar seems eminently suitable for sucha blues performance.Accompanying Dan wasanother young Blues artist,similarly playing acousticguitar, but vocally entirelydifferent, more a subtlysmoked honeyed voice.Sanjay Brayne is 19 andrecently recorded his first CD.Sanjay is yet another awardnominee, this time it was theBBC young folk award. Hedraws influence from folk androots blues but is essentiallya blues acoustic guitarist andsinger. Unlike Dan he is not such an exponent on slide butrather depends on finger picking, playing with greatmaturity for his age. 'Fire Down Below' is his inauguralsingle release alongside a live recording of a session inKingswinford's Woodman Folk Club, 'One Night Only'.Though differing in there style, both Dan and Sanjay areskilled acoustic artists, both play with empathy for theblues. If you want a bit more fire and grit, then Dan is theman, Sanjay delivers a smoother, articulated, but stillpassionate package. Keep an eye out for both over thissummer, they will be playing somewhere in the region,and worth the effort of booking your Graham Munn22

REVIEW - Faster Pussycat at Moochers Jailhouse, Stourbridge - July 10thMoochers Jailhouse on the outskirts of Stourbridge wasa new venue for me, in fact the place has only been opensince October last year. As well as a couple of bars it hasa room set aside for the performing arts and tonight wewere to be entertained by US sleaze band Faster Pussycatwith supporting bands The Art, from Australia, and localfavourites Knock Out Kaine.We got underway withThe Art, a 4-piece out ofSydney that's receivedsome very good reviews,all of which seemed tobe fully justified. Acombination of Britrock,flavoured with bits ofREM and MarilynManson soon had thecrowd warming to them.Some of their songs canbe a bit 'poppy' butgenerally there is anedgy feel to the rockiersongs all of which weredelivered with someenergy by Azaria Byrne, the band’s vocalist. With supportfrom Kara Jayne on bass, Ronnie Simmons on lead guitarand Jordan McDonald on drums, the band were the idealopener.Local band KnockOut Kaine were next.I'd not seen these beforebut they're anotherband getting sometremendous reviewsparticularly followingtheir triumph. So manyinfluences, so littletime....some outrageousbehaviour, big riffs,loud vocals. They tookfive songs from theirmost recent album, House of Sins, and with Dean Foxxleading the way the rest followed in a raucous, irreverentset. 'Somebody Save Me' was performed by a cast ofthousands, well, about a dozen in reality, when KoK werejoined on stage by The Art and several members of FasterPussycat. There was actually a sixth song, a homage toAxl Rose, delivering 'Sweet Child of Mine' in the style ofLes Dawson, truly awful and truly funny in equal measures!So to the headline band, 1980's Hollywood legendsFaster Pussycat. What can I say, any band fronted bysomeone calling themselves Taime Downe (pronouncedtie-me-down for the uninitiated) wearing a pseudoGerman army uniform, sporting black lipstick and anelectronic cigarette, has to be worth seeing. Taime, who26 28was camper than a campervan full of camp blokes, poutedand strutted round the stage smoking his e-fag as he andhis cohorts performed a string of songs from all 4 of theirstudio albums, most coming from the 2006 release'ThePower and the Glory Hole'. They are an iconic band whoprovided us with some impressive and highly entertainingglam-rock in an extended set.As for the Jailhouse, it's a very good venue, one whichwill, I hope continue to attract some bigger names whowant to play small venues (the venue capacity is around220 bodies). They have a good sized, uncluttered stagewith a great sound system, well worth a visit if you wanta night out. Oh, and the beers pretty good too!Words & Pics: Reg RichardsonWORCESTERSHIRE BASEDBEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE TUITIONHAVE FUN AND LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACELEARN THE STYLES & SONGS THAT YOU WANTTO LEARNLEARN GOOD TECHNIQUE AND APPLICATIONON THE DRUM SETCAN TRAVEL TO YOU!CRB ENHANCED DISCLOSURE CHECKEDFOR MORE INFO CONTACT:07715

REVIEW - If Wet 3Looking at my notes and their own review (pls I still can't quite believe the breadthand quality of what was packed into just over 2 hoursat this event!Space here dictates a mere & insufficient overview,but really if you are interested in sonic experimentationand/or music in the widest sense of the word, read theirunexpurgated blog splurge (yum) and make sure youdiarise future events. (NB If Wet 5 - Sunday 25thAugust 2-4pm) You won't regret it I promise!Here is a teasing, free-form taster of what went on inCallow End Village Hall that fateful afternoon; the restis up to YOU!Requiem for a Foghorn -3D printed mouthpieces forsax and tuba - gather roundfor a clavichord recital/briefhistory - musical saw -theremin - ventriloquist'sdummy as vocalist - puppetpercussionist - the bells thebells - wax cylinderrecording for gramophone -mill clog dancing: the first techno - bizarre, self-madesynth - bass three-holed pipe...Look I even got to play the theremin and ALL this for 4 ofyour English pounds!I can't recommend If Wet enough: it's wonderfully curated& run by messrs Morton & Underwood and this is only thebeginning of what I'm sure will lead to even greater sonicadventures.Words by Delia Worcestershire Pics: Pete Ashton27

Feature - The Indigo Kings - When I Turn Out the LightIf you haven’t yet heard of The Indigo Kings, jigglearound a few memory cells and make room for thosethree words, as you might just hear them coming fromyour radio soon.Vintage pop band The Indigo Kings are proud to be local.They are based near Pershore, but this doesn’t meanthey’re only concentrating on the local music scene, farfrom it. They’ve set their sights on dizzy heights and thissummer they are performing at some of the UK’s mostprominent jazz, blues and vintage festivals includingCallander in Scotland and Twinwood, the UK’s number 1vintage and nostalgia festival.The really bignews though isthat they areo f f i c i a l l yreleasing their28debut single.The song, called‘When I turn outthe light’, is in avintage popstyle, similar tothe likes of CaroEmerald, AmyWinehouse andPaloma Faith;which essentially blends jazz, blues and a bit of classic1950s pop.For Caroline Boucher, one of the band’s lead singers,the most exciting part was filming the video for it. As thesong’s writer (along with Carl Ward-Brassington) it hasbeen her labour of love from its first creation andnaturally, when it came to making a music video for it,Caroline took the lead in producing and directing thevideo. “It was a fantastic experience but an exhaustingprocess!” says Caroline. “It took several months to get fromthe early days of getting funding and designing thestoryboard, to booking a film maker, hiring actors, findingfilming locations and props. On the day of filming we werethere for 15 hours! It was so tiring but immense fun and it’samazing to think that we made a professional music videothat will be on the music tv channels.”The song features a woman who is essentially searchingfor Mr Right and the lyrics tell of three possible suitors.Caroline explains the theme behind the video “We wantedsomething quirky and fun, vintage/retro in style and a littledifferent to the usual music videos, so we came up with theidea for a vintage ‘Blind Date’ parody called ‘Blind Fate’,complete with cheesy 1950s game show host and somehandsome young men to be the contestants. It came acrossbrilliantly on camera.”The song itself is being released to radio stations andwill have its live premiere at Lakefest (Bredon, nearTewkesbury) where The Indigo Kings are opening the mainstage on 9th August. ‘When I turn out the light’ is availablethrough iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all good onlineoutlets on 5th August.The video can be seen on the band’s YouTube channel(linked from their website keep up with the latest developments and to be firstto hear about band news, The Indigo Kings can be foundon facebook (theindigokings), twitter (@theindigokings)and YouTube (TheIndigoKingsBand).

TOWER STUDIOSHome of Drum MechanicsRock SchoolExam CentreChris HarveyT: 01386 555 655M: 07899 880 furnished rehearsal roomsavailable for hireFrom 10am-6pm, Mon - Fri £7 per hourFrom 6pm-Midnight £13 per hourRecording studio with in-houseengineer Dave Draper£200 per dayOpen 7 days a weekLessons in Drums, Guitar, Bass & Vocal2 minutes walk from Pershore railway 31b · PERSHORE TRADING EST · STATION RD · PERSHORE · WORCS WR10 2DD

MarkA Window on Our World: an exhibition at the Commandery by Sarah GandertonThe exhibition by Sight Concern of work by blind andpartially sighted artists was held at Worcester’sCommandery.The paintings are incredibly detailed, full of colour andlight that adds a lovely atmosphere to the paintings.Artists with little or no vision have created stunningeffects, with their detailed careful brushwork, use ofeffects to create light and colour and addition of effectssuch as sequins to make the piece more visible tothemselves as well as to express their imagination andcreativity on canvas.One of the artistssaid creating artwith this group hashelped her engagewith the world andkeep her visualmemory alive. Allthe artists havecreated either thetiniest details, withcareful strokes, orused bright coloursto create an abstractquality or delicatecontrasts to show abrilliant quality of light and atmosphere. Each piece is asindividual as the artist and their quality of sight, and eachis created to an incredible standard.Although the exhibition is now finished, originalpaintings by this group are available to buy for £45-£125and prints for a minimum donation of £20 and postcardsfor a donation of £3-£5, all from sight concern. Fordetails contact them on 01905 332914 or exhibition: The Gift of Colour with Origin Arts by Sarah GandertonAn exhibition by Origin Arts was held in the Dean’sChapel of Worcester Cathedral from 9th to 18th July.These paintings are the end result of classes aroundWorcester bringing together a diverse group of peoplein a social relaxed atmosphere.DougValThe paintings are full of light,atmosphere, imagination andmovement, and all the artistswhose work are displayed areThe themes depicted in the paintings range from fantasticalincredibly talented. For morepainting inspired by faith, to wildlife and farm animals.details about purchasing printsThere are scenes inspired by the colour and beauty of theor taking classes with Origincountryside in bright colours and full of light and thereArts, contact Rebecca Newellare some beautiful pictures from around Worcesteron 01905 355502 or emailincluding Worcester Cathedral in autumn and Powick bridgeBecky.newell71@btinternet.comPaintings by: Joan Hayes, Debbie Evans, Julie Harries, John E Price, Richard Newton30

Gazza goes back down underHeads up working and gigging bands and performers fromWorcestershire! Have any of you hard-working musosreleased any albums, EP’s or singles in 2013? If so, would youlike me to take your material over to Far North Queensland,Australia when I make my (now) annual pilgrimage to thecountry that is known as “God’s Own”?For the past four years, I have made the journey to thetropics of Queensland to have a bit of a holiday, to performa bit of live music and to help to spread the gospel that it’sNot Just Sauce that originates from Worcestershire! You seeI like to let the Aussies know that there is an awful lot ofgreat original music being produced in “The Shire” and theyactually allow me on to their radio stations to plugWorcestershire produced music and better still, to play it! OnMonday October 7th, I will be “on-air” with radio DJ SallyWeavers, to present the “Not JustWorcestershire Sauce” radio show onRadio Port Douglas. The show will bededicated to playing your originalmusic and we will be “talking up” theworking bands and performers from“The Shire”. The show is a prime-time/ drive-time broadcast across FarNorth Queensland and will beavailable around the planet viainternet radio via Tune-In Radio (8am in the UK). I will also be visitingradio stations in Cairns during mystay and I will hand over YOUR music and YOUR profiles tothe radio station play-list managers, who have promised methat they will listen to the material and if they like it, willplay it on their stations too.So if you are a gigging or working band/performer fromWorcestershire, writing and recording original songs and Istress original songs and not covers, you will need to get yourmaterial to me by Sunday 15th September. Your originalmusic should be in CD or downloadable MP3 or Wav formatsand must be accompanied with a comprehensive pressprofile of yourself or your band in a PDF format (not morethan 300 words with promotional photographs if you wish),with a current gig listing and contact details for the radiostations that like your material, to get in touch with you! Youcan contact me by e-mail ( andI’ll send you the details of where to send your material andprofiles. Now it is all up to you to get your music heard“down-under”….. so don’t miss out!Gazza Tee bookings ring01905 621842*New ChildrensPlay AreaOpen Tuesday - Sunday9am - 11.30pm32

PREVIEW - Kidderminster Stuff-Boar’s Head Gallery- 16th/17th AugMuseum of Carpet Writer in Residence, HeatherWastie, has teamed up with local singer/songwriter,Kate Wragg, to create an entertaining show aboutKidderminster past and present. The title of theshow,“Kidderminster Stuff”, refers to a heavy weight,multi-purpose cloth woven in the town until the1700s.For the past eighteen months, Heather has beeninterviewing people who once worked in the carpetindustry, turning memories into songs and poems. Oneof the songs is a blues inspired by local people’snostalgic fondness for the sound of Brinton’s Bullwhich once bellowed across the town five times a day.Nineteenth century poet Noah Cooke, known as theWeaver Poet, is also represented. Heather will performthe poem he wrote for the first edition of The Shuttlein 1870; she has also set his Weaver’s Song to music,accompanying herself on accordion. Kate’s songs focuson Kidderminster today and she too accompaniesherself, on guitar. The two singers will combine forsome pieces and there will be a few surprises!Kidderminster Stuff is at the Boar’s Head Gallery onFriday 16th August 7.30pm and the Museum of Carpeton Saturday 17th August 7.30pm. Tickets are limited sobooking is advised. For further information The event is funded byWyre Forest District Council and is part of KidderminsterArts Festival.Heather Wastie, Poet & MusicianWriter in Residence, Museum of Carpet, Kidderminsterhttp://www.weavingyarns1.wordpress.com courtesy of Kidderminster ShuttleUphampton AlesYour local award winning BreweryCannon Royall Brewery LtdUphampton LaneOmbersleyNr DroitwichWorcs WR9 0JWTelephone: 01905 62116133


REVIEW 11:11 at the Marrs Bar, supporting AC/DC tribute band Riff Raff - 22nd JuneThe last time I saw 11:11 they were a two piececonsisting of Benn Foster on guitar and Carl Sampsonon drums, not the ideal set-up for a rock band. Sincethen, however, the band has added two new members,Josh Gill on lead guitar and Rob Briggs on bass. Theseadditions have given the band a new depth and far morerocky sound than they could ever have achieved as a twopiece.Tonight's gig was assupport to local AC/DCtribute band Riff Raffwho always attract adecent sized, and veryenthusiastic, crowd.According to the lads of11:11 this was the biggestaudience they'd played tolive and they didn'tdisappoint. Benn Fosterhas a characteristicallypunky voice, supplyingstrong lyrics alongsidesome very good musicproduced by the band.This was an opportunity for 11:11 to promote theirrecently released EP, Chapter XI. The three songs from theEP, 'She's All Alone', 'Lovesick' and '6 Inch Heels' all got anairing and sounded extremely good. In addition the bandBuy Chapter XI jump andaround to this unabashedlyretro rock experience.Wonderfully screached 'n'screamed vocs join the joyousshredding & pounding tomake a deliciously deranged& demonic delicacy, toppedoff with a whipped portion ofsleaze.All four songs on this ep ripthrough your speakers withenergetic urgency and theBig Message here is FUCKING FUN!!! (Wilde is turning in his grave. Ed)These lads know how to enjoy themselves and they're dragging you along forthe helter-skelter ride whether you like it or not. So just give in - you know youwanna.Described rather politely but accurately as "charismatic & entertaining" bythe esteemed A O'Hare of this parish, you can however get no higher accoladeand that's good enough for little ole me.Turn it up to 11:11!Words by Rex Rectumsadded a few more of their own songs plus a couple of wellknown covers to round off a well executed support slot.The band make some high quality noise and have abright future, and maybe not just as a local band! They'llbe out and about again soon, returning to the Marrs Baras part of the Worcester Music Festival appearing withFortress, Hostile and Fury. Soon you will also be able tosee, quite literally, more of Benn Foster and Carl Sampsonin the WMF Naked Band Calendar (my eyes, my eyes!), acharity offering which will be available in July and costingjust a fiver, so put your hands in your pockets and supportthe good causes! for song details).Words & Pics: Reg RichardsonCD REVIEW 11:11 - Chapter XI

Tattoo The HopmarketWorcester WR1 1DL01905 73188436

REVIEW - Wooden Horse Passes Through The Gates At Symphony Hall - 27th JulyA lovely setting for any gig, the foyer of a prestigiousSymphonic Hall, opened to 'rush hour' sessions. This isthe last of the folk afternoons, which sort of positionsWooden Horse's style of blues, i’ts what I would termarmchair blues. I prefer a bit of raw grit as a choice, butthat is not to dismiss this very accomplished band. Theyhave many fine performances and resultant reviews fromfar more worthy people than I.Today they have brought along friend Stu to takeadvantage of the Grand Piano that sits demandingattention from all who pass by.CC Rider opens their set, an easy going, 'soft' blueswith Ben Church's slide and harp coming straight intoplay. 'Waiting On You' brings a bit more pace withJamie's stomp board coming through nicely.'All Prayed Up' is a full on gospel song with Benpicking up his electric and Stu's piano adding to thefeel. Roll back into the rocking chair on the cabinporch, for Robert Johnson's 'Hard Hearted Woman', alaid back country style blues, EC would be proud of.The rain continues relentlessly in the background asBirmingham passes by, the numbers inside are growing,the sound drawing in and warming dampened spirits.'Hell Aint Going Home' is a lively foot tapping countryblues, feeding in to the excellent 'Get It Right', takenoff the new Wooden Horse album. Another Johnsonstyle, but self penned country blues. 'In My Heart' is alsooff the album with Ben back on electric guitar andbottle neck slide, subtle but nicely done. We arenearing a short break, CD's and EP's are beingexchanged for coin, the CD has sold well and only a fewcopies remain, they will be gone by the close of set.The rain has subsided, but numbers continue to swellanyway as we move through the remaining songs. Fourparticularly stood out for me, 'Sitting On top Of TheWorld' has good solid rhythm and a nice bit of Stu'spiano sneaking in. 'Holler and Stomp' is a well paceddelta blues with Ben Back on his slide. Good strongvocals from Jamie, in 'Lonesome River' a slower ballad.We head towards closing with enthusiastic audiencesupport in the gospel styled 'Will The Circle Be Broken',excellent.All in all a good early evening was spent by all, meincluded. I may still have a leaning to the gritty, dirty endof blues, but I can appreciate the softer approachpresented by Wooden Horse. Some nice vocal harmonies,subtle slide and well crafted songs. Unsurprising that theCD is selling well and they have good support andfeedback from artists and media alike. After today’sperformance, they will have gained many moresupporters.Words & Pics: Graham Munn37

CIRCUIT SWEET HEREFORD SCENE with NAOMI PREECEJuly has been a fantastic & manic month for live music &Circuit Sweet here in Herefordshire + environs.Amongst other activities we've had multiple exclusivestreams on our website, an interview with a local artist (seebelow), an album launch at Rise Records in Cheltenham,covered local gigs such as Keygreen at a community basedevent & had a week working with local charity Music Poolresulting in two performances at this year's Nozstockfestival and at The Jailhouse.If that wasn't enough we've also been promoting our ownact Aulos' return to Worcester Music Festival and hit theairwaves again on The MJ Price moment on Purple Radio.Onto our exclusive interview with local act JenniferBooton, whom we mentioned last month.Having just released her debut EP 'Sirens', Jennifer is keento increase her live performances thus further expandingher fanbase. We caught up with Jennifer to ask her thefollowing Q's:-Circuit Sweet (CS) - Hi Jennifer how long have you beenplaying and performing live?I have been involved in music since a young age. I playedthe electone from the age of 7 to 14, I was also classicallytrained vocally as a teenager and finally picked up the guitarat 15 and pretty much taught myself the basics & continuedfrom there.CS - What was it that first got you to pick up a guitar, toput pen to paper and write your own songs, to get thecourage to sing those compositions and to direct yourcreativity?I was the kind of kid that wrotediaries & I suppose was just always alittle in tune with my artistic side. As achild I was busy performing in musicgroups, after school drama clubs andschool concerts.My initial songwriting was probablysomething very teenage-angst centric,but now hopefully my songs representthe type of music that influences me aswell as giving people an idea about me.It was initially extremely nervewrackingopening out to friends andfamily and letting them hear what Icreated, but I am very glad I did. Their support and kindnesshas probably been the most instrumental factor in to meexpanding my music into the public domain.CS - What outside influences trigger your creativity andcreate your unique sound?I guess a lot of influence and meaning behind the songsdeveloped upon graduating from University. I found thetransition from education to the 'real world' very hard, whichis why I think I chose to sing about it. Also I write fairly38vicariously: I see how things happen to those around me& this informs my songs. Obviously other musicinfluences me also & current faves include Ben Howard,Daughter and The National.CS - How would you personally describe your ownsound?I always find this the hardest question!! I guess it’s folk,perhaps contemporary pop-folk. It's melodic, quite easygoing. That’s the best I can do! You’ll have to listen anddecide for yourself…CS - With your upcoming EP do you have many liveshows planned to promote it?Definitely: I am opening the Main Stage at Nozstockfestival on Saturday morning and also playing lots oflocal festivals inc Ales N Bales in Little Dewchurch . Thegigs have been brilliant in the way I have expanded myband and experimented with the songs. I play with twoother guys at the moment who play lead guitar and bassand it’s very exciting to add new layers to the tracks anddevelop them.CS - What does the final finished product of your EPpersonally mean to you?I will treasure it because it is the first thing I didprofessionally to make myself heard. I have learnt a lotabout the recording process and myself through thisproject and have also got my name out there. It was allabout moving forwards, upwards and onwards. I feel thisEP really signifies that transition and progression.CS - At present you are anunsigned talent, but hopefully thiswon’t last long. Is there afavourite label you’d like to workwith?Loads! I always say Islandbecause a lot of my heroes were onit such as John Martyn, but also Iwouldn't mind Domino orParlophone.CS - What can we look forwardto from you in the future?Hopefully I will keep at it and beable to share more music with you:albums, EP’s, more & bigger gigs!There is so much I would like to do..CS - And finally any last words from you?Thank you for the interview and thanks again toeveryone for being so supportive! I’m very lucky.You can discover Jennifer's new EP 'Sirens' onSoundcloud and visit her of course on fbook.Finally, if you would like to know more then or visit us on face book ortwitter @circuitsweet.

PREVIEW SUPER SLAP SATURDAY AT WORCESTER ARTS WORKSHOP Sat 31st AugWith the wealth of homegrown talent (and those fromfurther afield wanting to get involved in our thriving scene),WMF presents its unique opportunity for SLAP to providethe most diverse musical discourse in the face of fierce butfriendly rivalry.Again we have teamed up with Worcester Arts Workshopand Café Bliss to bend and blend genres from folk to rock,pop to hip hop, blues to reggae, gypsy jazz to gypsy punkinto an event of epic extent - all stamped with the SLAP sealof approval.Kicking us off upstairs will be the enigma that is TheCollective. We can't reallydivulge too much at thisstage as this wouldhamper the spontaneitybut if you want to getinvolved, see that chapPhil with the huge horn!After such potentialmadness it'll be awelcome relief to settleinto the dulcet tones ofsinger/songwriter Jennifer Ludlow who has been championedby some Dodgy geezer who lives in's been an unexpected coup to secure the next act fromthe short distance up the M5 - that there Birminghamvillage - for their debut for SLAP and in the City. XOVA (orCrossover!) are a six-piece band of indie-reggae fusiliers whoreally deserve a wider audience. Having played up and downthe country, as well as in Europe, XOVA have supported suchBrummie legends as The Beat and Ali Campbell, so we'rereally looking forward to witnessing the band in such anintimate environment. Don't miss it! www.xovalive.comI was lucky enough toexperience local DjangoReinhardt acolytes, TrioRosbif's final gig at theLamb and Flag and leftamazed but wonderingwhy they were splittingup (and that I hadn'tlistened to mine host'srecommendation before).Fear not for from theashes comes The Cris Tolley Trio - Cris and doublebassist, Paul Smith, are joined by Shelley Trevelyan forsome stripped down, up tempo jazz.www.cristolleyguitar.comJuey is a guitar,banjo, mandolin andharmonica wieldingmusician and singerfrom over the borderin Gloucestershire.She has beendescribed as a finestoryteller in thetraditional style incorporating rock and roll, country,blue grass and cajun. Warning: hearing live may inducegoosebumps. www.iamjuey.comThe Machine Breakers are a powerful and passionatequartet comprising Julian Pollard on vocals andstrumming guitar, Simon Othen on lead guitar, JohnWilliams on bass and Jeremy Castle on drums. Theirwork is regularly played on radio throughout thecountry including The Mike Harding Show on BBC Radio2. www.themachinebreakers.comAnother major coup for SLAP is the serendipitousreturn from Melbourne of former local girl, RachelClutterbuck AKA Rachel by the Stream, to headlinethe afternoon session. Rachel and collaborator, Mattriks,play an innovative mash-up of live looping and multiinstrumentalismto present a fresh, fun and eclecticfusion of dub grooves, folk sensibilities and r’n’bflavours; where sparkle sweet melody meets a thumpingbottom end. RBTS have bookended their UK tour withGlastonbury and WMF so the Eavis family is in goodcompany there!

As evening draws in(and in the words of PaulWeller) we're goingunderground. Opening inthe theatre arePassengers, a three pieceindie rock band whobelieve in writing songswith very strongmelodies, catchy hooks,inventive structure, loudguitar and a backline thatdrives. All of this isdelivered with a performance full of energy and in the cellar in-between theatre acts for thewhole evening, Shambollix ARE NOTHING like any otherband THAT has EVER EXISTED. They bring a blend of comedypunk, performance art and genre mashups. Audienceparticipation is obligatory. up, Mr Shankly is a Ska/Reggae/World Music bandthat formed in 2009 in Birmingham UK. With members fromdifferent parts of England, Greece, Canada and Jamaica, MrShankly, mixes the Ska with musics from all other the worldin a dancing frame. www.mrshankly.comOne of the highlights ofWMF 2012 wereNudybronque - a crazy,interesting, and somewhatbizarre three piece from alittle further afield in Swindon.They had energy thatreminded me of early TheClash or The Jam mixed withthe quirkiness of XTC,delivering a strange, yetfascinating live performance.There wasn't much of anaudience last year so, come on, let's show the guys thevibrant scene that their performance band of the moment and another WMF debut,SLAP are proud to present The Rattlin Doors - a bitter,straight talking three-piece who enjoy purging darkthoughts on life from a farmhouse in the Worcestershirewilds. They play a caustic folk-rock, full of blunt wit,weighty riffs and galloping country rhythm; theirtainted tales of country life are sardonic and shortcomprising characters and places as bizarre as they arecomical. www.rattlindoors.comTo be bring the evening to a fitting close we haveagain chosen perennial favourites, Johnny Kowalskiand the Sexy Weirdos, to headline Super SLAP Saturdayat WMF. In a different world they would be playing atfunerals in New Orleans, wedding parties in the Balkansor the musical agitators of a runaway circus. Tuba ,fiddle, guitar, drums, trombone and trumpet blendEastern European melody with the fire of to play at:music cityRun BY musicians FOR musicians●●●GuitarsDrumsAmpsElectricGuitarPackagesDrumKitsWorcester’s largest PA dealersSolo artists our specialityStockists of:● PEARL DRUMS● IBANEZTel: 01905 2660052/53 Upper Tything, Worcester WR1 1JYWWW.MUSIC-CITY.CO.UK

earsgreatescapes ltdPurveyor of Fine Worcestershire Ice CreamBears Great Escapes Ltd bring you thedelight of our Ice Cream Tricycle.Our Cow Ice Cream Tricycle looksfabulous and is ideal for your event.We only use locally sourced ice creamand sorbets from Bennetts Farmwith an extensive choiceof flavours.We can cater for allsizes of events and weoffer tailor madepackages to suit yourpersonal requirements.Whether you areplanning a wedding,summer ball, fete,party or hospitalityevent let Bears GreatEscapes Ltd makeyour occasion amemorable experience.Please contact Bear on 07771 987 304 or 07989 130 139or email

Thursday 1 August 2013Hugh Cornwell (Former Stranglers Frontman)Moochers, StourbridgeOpen MicThe Boars Head, KidderminsterOpen Mic with Tyler MasseyWest Malvern Social Club, MalvernThe Laurence Jones BandHop Pole, BromsgroveLewis BoultonThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernPerry Foster's Open Mic NightThe Chestnut, WorcesterFriday 2 August 2013Malvern Rocks Festival (see centre spread)See Official Programme or visit: www.malvernrocks.comGravy TrainThe Millers Arms, PershoreGreen Bay (Tribute), The Bad RatsMarrs Bar, WorcesterLive/Wire The AC/DC ShowMoochers, StourbridgeSkabucksThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveMaid of Aces, Complete Dysfunction, Ross LomasAdam & Eve, BirminghamStill CrazyQueens Head, WolverleyThe QuikKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeStraight AcesBoars Head, KidderminsterJim FoxThe Chestnut, WorcesterAllstars Dub BandThe Cotswold Inn, CheltenhamNew Era Radio Live Dj’sEagle Vaults, WorcesterEddie Martin, Missin’ RosieCafe Rene, GloucesterAquariusCap 'n' Gown, WorcesterThe UnderdogsDrummonds, WorcesterGreen Bay, Bad RatsThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterHeroes Of HanoiMonroes Cellar Bar, WorcesterThe MagoosBar 12, WorcesterSaturday 3 August 2013Malvern Rocks Festival (see centre spread)See Official Programme or visit: www.malvernrocks.comAquariusThe Westcroft Arms, DroitwichDelray Rockets, Vincent Flatts Final Drive - 3pmThe Lower Lode Inn, Tewkesbury, GloucestershireThe John SteedsThe Oast House, Paper Mill Drive, RedditchRethink Mental Illness Charity Fundraiser -Goodnight, Lamplight, Wes Dance and VinceBallard & Marrsy's House BandThe Chestnut, WorcesterHigh VoltageStar Inn PershoreDave OnionsStoke Priors Sports & Social ClubKicks Summer BashAdam & Eve, BirminghamBlind LemonPavilion, WorcesterThe Notorious BrothersKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeGinaDroitwich Legion, DroitwichRed DogThe Cock & Magpie, BewdleyAllstars Dub BandPiesse of Piddle, Wyre PiddleThe Mock RockersYe Olde Black Cross, BromsgroveCracked Actors + SupportBoars Head, KidderminsterZeppelin 3The Hop Pole, BromsgroveDelray RocketsCallow End Social Club, Callow EndSugar MamaActress & Bishop, BirminghamWooden HorseThe Artrix, BromsgroveGazza Tee, From Reaching Distance, The Deathly PaleParty, Martin Thorne, Open MicThe Crown Inn, St. Johns, WorcesterSunday 4 August 2013Malvern Rocks Festival (see centre spread)See Official Programme or visit: www.malvernrocks.comThe Remi Harris Quartet - 5pmThe Chestnut, WorcesterWest Malvern Music SessionWest Malvern Social Club, MalvernThe Delray RocketsCallow End Social Club, Callow End, WorcesterJam night with CliveOast House, RedditchMonday 5 August 2013Open MicKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeTuesday 6 August 2013Open mic with EnzoThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernOpen Mic with Nigel Clark of 'Dodgy'Millers Arms, PershoreOpen Mic with Pete KellyQueens Head, WolverleyWednesday 7 August 2013Marzys' Jam NightThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterOpen MicRe-Con, Great MalvernMemphisCafe Rene, GloucesterIrish SessionKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeThursday 8 August 2013Open Mic with Tyler Massey43West Malvern Social Club, Malvern

Ruben SeabrightThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernHoneyboy HicklingThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveAcoustic Brew ShowcaseKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeWorcester Beer, Cider, Perry & Music FestivalPitchcroft, WorcesterFriday 9 August 2013Junction 7Cross Keys, Bredon Hardwick, TewkesburyThe John SteedsThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterWorcester Beer, Cider, Perry & Music FestivalPitchcroft, WorcesterLakefestCroft Farm Waterpark, Nr TewkesburyThe Delray RocketsThe Anchor, Tewkesbury, GloucestershireBlues and Beer Festival - Dave Onions; Boperator;Sarah Warren; Robert Hokum and the Guvnors;Stomp & Holler; Dr Teeth Steve SteinhausJinny Ring, HanburyLiquor & Poker BandMoochers, StourbridgeCome Up & See MeDrummonds, WorcesterOtis Mack & The Tubby BluestersQueens Head, WolverleyDj NightBoars Head, KidderminsterSoul StruttersCafe Rene, GloucesterPeatbog FaeriesThe Artrix, BromsgrovePaul White and Ray MyntonThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernNo ExitThe Millers Arms, PershoreThe Jam DRCAdam & Eve, BirminghamSaturday 10 August 2013Kaf & The Boars Head Present Kidderminster FringeFestival. with The Leah Cullem Band, Kate Wagg, TheBearded Ladies, Rustling, Paul Havard, 10:49, Vault ofEagles, Dale Von Minikar Band.Boars Head, KidderminsterThe HoopThe Dodford Inn, DodfordBlues & Beer festival - Including Retrovibe & ReflectionsJinny Ring, HanburyIdunnomate!Star Inn, PershoreThe Systematics, Supanaut + AfterpartyAdam & Eve, BirminghamWorcester Beer, Cider, Perry & Music FestivalPitchcroft, WorcesterNot So Merry MenYe Olde Black Cross, BromsgroveVue Bar Open Mic, Done By SunriseSevern View Hotel, WorcesterLakefestCroft Farm Waterpark, Nr Tewkesbury44HgglebagChestnut, WorcesterThe Gabbidon BandThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveHoughton WeaversHuntingdon Hall, WorcesterUnderdogsPavilion, WorcesterTower Studios Presents -Skewwhiff, Rattlin Doors, Richard Clarke & the RaftersThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterBon Jovi UKThe Swan Theatre, Worcester5:15Callow End Social Club, Callow EndMoochers House BandMoochers, StourbridgeTwo Dollar SaladRe-Con, Great MalvernAnt Cox and GuestsThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernSunday 11 August 2013The ReflectionsThe Jinney Ring, Hanbury Road, HanburyWest Malvern Music SessionWest Malvern Social Club, MalvernDead Like Me, Black VeinsThe Pig & Drum, WorcesterRemy Harris Trio & guestQueens Head, WolverleyLakefestCroft Farm Waterpark, Nr TewkesburyJam night with CliveOast House, RedditchKaf & The Boars Head Present Kidderminster Fringe Festivalwith Red Dog, Bo Pilar, Rubicava, Alex Round, Time of theMouth, Hyperreality & Sucio SuzieBoars Head, KidderminsterMonday 12th August 2013Folk SessionLamb and Flag, WorcesterDave OnionsCock & Magpie, BewdleyTuesday 13 August 2013Color ThreeRe-Con, Great MalvernOpen mic with EnzoThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernOpen Mic with Pete KellyQueens Head, WolverleyWednesday 14 August 2013Acoustic Music SessionThe Farriers Arms, WorcesterWill McNicolCafe Rene, GloucesterMarzys' Jam NightThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterOpen MicRe-Con, Great MalvernThursday 15 August 2013Fizzog Productions - May Contain Nutty BitsMoochers, StourbridgeOpen Mic with Tyler MasseyWest Malvern Social Club, Malvern

Replay, Dublin JacksThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernPerry Foster's Open Mic NightChestnut, WorcesterAcoustic Brew ShowcaseKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeDave OnionsDavid Murphy’s, StourbridgeBrothers GrooveThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveCris Tolley Trio (inaugural gig)Lamb and Flag, WorcesterFriday 16 August 2013XSLF Ex Stiff Little Fingers, Walter and the SofteesStarlite Rooms, Hereford United FC, HerefordAranka’s CackleCafe Rene, GloucesterSuzi & The BackbeatsQueens Head, WolverleyRock against CancerKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgePoetry NightBoars Head, KidderminsterVoice Of The Heart – The Music Of The CarpentersHuntingdon Hall, WorcesterA good old knees up and a sing along night..The Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernPlanet Rock UKThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveWill Kileen BandMillers Arms, PershoreBridget & The Big Girls BluesDroitwich Legion, DroitwichLisaWychbold Legion, Wychbold, BromsgroveSkin DeepCap n Gown, WorcesterSaturday 17 August 2013AquariusThe Wheelhouse, Upton upon SevernMother PopcornPavilion, WorcesterThree DThe Cock & Magpie, BewdleyLiquor & Poker BandKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeThe Emma Kotra BandCallow End Social Club, Callow EndFestivals ExperienceThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveDj NightBoars Head, KidderminsterThe Marabooboo All StarsStar Inn PershoreThe Infamous FiveYe Olde Black Cross, BromsgroveHEY YOU GUYS! LP Launch, This Wicked Tongue, EricaThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterRanagariHuntingdon Hall, WorcesterEnzo and Mark..The Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernDarklandsMoochers, StourbridgeExecutivesBidford Legion, BidfordSunday 18 August 2013AquariusThe Old Sticky Wicket, RedditchRio LaurentiGheluvelt Riverside Park, WorcesterRay StroudChestnut, WorcesterSteve Ajao JazzQueens Head, WolverleyWorcester Ukulele ClubGheluvelt Riverside Park, WorcesterHorizon Lights BandGheluvelt Riverside Park, WorcesterJam night with CliveOast House, RedditchWest Malvern Music SessionWest Malvern Social Club, MalvernMonday 19 August 2013Open MicKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeTuesday 20 August 2013Open mic with EnzoThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernOpen Mic with Pete KellyQueens Head, WolverleyWednesday 21 August 2013Marzy’s Jam NightThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterKris DollimoreCafe Rene, GloucesterOpen MicRe-Con, Great MalvernIrish SessionKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeThe Delray RocketsThe Masons Arms, Wichenford, WorcesterThursday 22 August 2013Open Mic with Tyler MasseyWest Malvern Social Club, MalvernClockwork RifleRe-Con, Great MalvernAcoustic Brew ShowcaseKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgePure InstinctThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveEmma WhiteThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernFriday 23 August 2013Sweet Fanny AdamsQueens Head, WolverleyUpton FestivalUpton Upon Severn, WorcestershireIsolated AtomsMoochers, StourbridgeStone FarmDrummonds, WorcesterAnesisThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveThe Delray RocketsThe Black Lion, Hereford45

SkabucksThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterAcoustic Brew Beer FresivalKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeSka Weekend. The Cabstars, StiffCrackBoars Head, KidderminsterLisaBidford Legion, BidfordHarriet AmosHuntingdon Hall, WorcesterFyltheMillers Arms, PershoreRoy Orbison & Friends with Barry SteeleThe Swan Theatre, WorcesterKarla Milton CollectiveRe-Con, Great MalvernThe WrensThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernSaturday 24 August 2013Stiff JointsBoars Head, KidderminsterRetroflectorThe Black Lion, HerefordOur Mutual FriendThe Dodford Inn, Whinfield Road, BromsgroveThe CoalitionCallow End Social Club, Callow EndAcoustic Brew Beer FestivalKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgePlum FestivalThe Angel, PershoreLion Beer & Music FestivalLion Inn, Clifton upon TemeAquariusThe Oak Apple, Spetchley Road, WorcesterHanncoxxPavilion, WorcesterSlowburnerThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveTerry Clarke BandStar Inn PershoreUpton FestivalUpton Upon Severn, WorcestershireThe Cross Keys Real Ale FestivalThe Cross Keys, Bredon's Hardwick, TewkesburyThe ReflectionsHanbury Village Hall, Hanbury Road, HanburyJim FoxThe Chestnut, WorcesterJunction 7The Castle, DoitwichBravo BoysThe Cock & Magpie, BewdleyRemi Harris Gypsy Jazz ProjectArtrix, BromsgroveThe Muffin MenThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterKinver EdgeYe Olde Black Cross, BromsgroveThe Film OrchestraThe Swan Theatre, WorcesterCabstarsCafe Rene, Gloucester46Gwyn AshtonThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernAllstars Dub BandThe Cotswold Inn, CheltenhamABBA Reunion ShowRoses Theatre, TewkesburySunday 25 August 2013If Wet No. 5 - Kathy Hinde, Nikki Pugh 2-4pmCallow End Village HallShoogleniftyArtrix, BromsgroveWest Malvern Music SessionWest Malvern Social Club, MalvernAcoustic Brew Beer FresivalKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeHop Pole Cider FestivalDan Greenaway, Stiff Joints, Dilema CouncilThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveGwyn Ashton Solo ShowThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterPlum FestivalThe Angel, PershoreJam night with CliveOast House, RedditchJazz TBCQueens Head, WolverleyMonday 26 August 2013Dave OnionsCock & Magpie, BewdleyAn Evening Of BurlesqueThe Swan Theatre, WorcesterAn Michael Law's Piccadilly RevellersHuntingdon Hall, WorcesterThe Delray Rockets - 4:00pmThe Prince of Wales, BirminghamBank Holiday MusicQueens Head, WolverleyFolk SessionLamb and Flag, WorcesterOpen MicKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeTuesday 27 August 2013Open mic with EnzoThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernFolk NightMillers Arms, PershoreOpen Mic with Pete KellyQueens Head, WolverleyWednesday 28 August 2013Gloucester Studio Presents ‘Best of Glos’ Music NightCafe Rene, GloucesterMarzys' Jam NightThe Marrs Bar, WorcesterOpen MicRe-Con, Great MalvernIrish SessionKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeThursday 29 August 2013Trio ValoreMoochers, StourbridgeOpen Mic with Tyler MasseyWest Malvern Social Club, Malvern

Perry Foster's Open Mic NightThe Chestnut, WorcesterTom WalkerThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveAmy SharpThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernAcoustic BrewKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeFriday 30 August 2013Worcester Music FestivalSee festival guide for more details or 7Cross Keys, Bredon Hardwick, TewkesburyJibbafishThe Hop Pole, BromsgroveThe Manc LadsBoars Head, KidderminsterFunkinsteinsCafe Rene, GloucesterBarrel House Blues BandThe Millers Arms, PershoreThe Delray RocketsThe Blue Bell Inn, Ryall, Upton Upon SevernMoseley Folk FestivalMoseley Park, BirminghamBethan & The MorgansKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeKillerstreamDrummonds, WorcesterJeff ClarkeThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernSaturday 31 August 2013Worcester Music FestivalSee festival guide for more details or Hill Club, Mayfield Road, WorcesterFinal MeasureThe Cock & Magpie, BewdleyBunter and The VibesMoochers, StourbridgeMods and SodsKatie Fitzgerald’s, StourbridgeMoseley Folk FestivalMoseley Park, BirminghamMusic For Myriad - Fundraiser - see ad (right)Pillar of Salt, DroitwichTwo Dollar SaladStar Inn PershoreThe FingersCallow End Social Club, Callow EndThe Acoustic Folkj/Jam SessionThe Farriers Arms, WorcesterThe WhollsThe Artrix, BromsgroveOver AtlanticOlde Black Cross, BromsgroveOn The House (House DJ's)Metro Bar, WorcesterAndre KanixThe Great Malvern Hotel, MalvernMissing LynxQueens Head, WolverleyListings in conjunction with www.notjustsauce.comA Fund rasing one night festival withBarkerBartlettAndy CasserleyDan GreenawayThe Kaleidoscope Theatre CoCuckoo’s NestA Merrie NoyseMoseley Village Band.Alex Rainsford. Asum Gras MollyChristenl Banacu. and many othersSuper Summer SelectionFriday 6th SeptemberTickets £15.0007930 557 MuseumStoke Heath Bromsgrove B60 4JR47.

Skabucks - Friday 23rd AugustAUG2013Friday 2ndGreen Bay (Green Day Tribute)supported by The Bad Rats£5.00 a ticket £7.00 on the doorSaturday 3rdWreckless Club Night (Indie/Rock)£2 between 11-12 or £3 12-4Saturday 10thTower Studios PresentsSkewwhiff, Rattlin Doors andRichard Clarke and the Rafters£3.00 door or £4.00 after 9pmSaturday 17thAlbum Launch - HEY YOU GUYSThis Wicked Tongue & EricaFREE ENTRY - If you join thisevent 0n facebook or £3.00 doorWreckless Club Night (Indie/Rock)£2 between 11-12 or £3 12-4Friday 23rdSkabucks£5.00 a ticket £7.00 on the doorSaturday 24thThe Muffin Men£8.00 a ticket £10.00 on the doorWreckless Club Night (Indie/Rock)£2 between 11-12 or £3 12-4Sunday 25thGwyn Ashton Solo Show£5.00 a ticket £6.00 on the doorFriday 30thWorcester Music FestivalHosted by FuryFury, Fortress, 11:11 and HostileFREE ENTRYSaturday 31stWorcester Music Festivalhosted by Task in HandRichard Clarke and the Rafters,The Joy of Sex, Stuntdog& Lunar ParkFREE ENTRYWreckless Club Night (Indie/Rock)£2 between 11-12 or £3 12-4Wednesdays - Jamming nightDates available for private 613336

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