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Download - The Links at Stono Ferry

PRE SORTEDSTANDARDUS POSTAGEPAIDPERMIT NO485CHARLESTON, SC4812 Stono Links DriveHollywood, SC 29449www.StonoFerryGolf.comLearning CenterThe Stono Ferry Learning Center is available to you. Please takeadvantage of the great range or the state of the art hitting bays.Members are allowed to hit down on the far side of the range anytime of day excluding Monday-Friday from 1-5pm when it is reservedfor the College of Charleston practices.Couples GolfAttention all members interested in Couples Play...... Couples golf for March and April is set for every Sunday morning at 10:00 am.Keep in mind that couples play is open to whomever would like to partner together to play with the group. You don’t have to playwith a spouse or significant other to be a “couple.” If you’re interested, call the pro shop directly at 763-1817 ext.1 to sign up. If youhave any questions please contact members John or Jane Craig @ 557-1839. Come out and have some fun!Check Your Calendar...The following dates and times are blocked for outside golf outings. Please remember to book your tee timesaccordingly. Also, these times are subject to change, so remember to check with the staff in the pro shop.Thank you.August 26 & 27- CPGA TournamentSAVE THE DATE!2nd Annual Teachers’ Supply Closet Golf Benefit!Sept. 20, Friday, 1:30 Tee offLet’s do it again! You are invited to play in the 2nd Annual Teachers’ Supply Closet Golf Benefit on Friday, Sept. 20 at 1:30. Theformat is Captain’s Choice with estimated handicaps. Come off the course and enjoy beer, wine and heavy hors d’oeuvres. Youcan win a prize in the raffle while out golfing! You can be a winning bidder and claim a golf weekend, new golf clubs or restaurantcertificates in the silent auction! You can also become a Hole Sponsor or Business Sponsor for the event. Get your team together andhelp the children in the tri-county area learn by giving them basic school supplies. Registration prior to Sept. 4 is $100. After Sept. 4 thefee is $125. Information available in the pro shop, online at or from Marilyn Schnitz @ 852-4995.Volume 11, Issue 4 July - August 2013Charles Koci, a long-time member, died whileplaying the course on June 18. It was adevastating event for those present, includingfellow members, staff, and me. I haveknown him so long that I cannot recall whenwe first met. He played the course for a longtime but was very careful in his decision asto whether or not he should join the club. Hemade the plunge to join in May of 2005 andbecame part of the Stono family. I got to know him fairly well. Itwas hard not to know him because he played so much golf. Hewas very involved at the course with his time and support. I couldalways count on him for words of encouragement and sage advice.His generosity, kindness, devotion to his family, and sense of humorwere very special. To whom much is given much more is expected,is a truth I believe, and Charlie was one of those special individualswho lived up to the expectations. It was very easy to like him as aperson. We shared the same obsession. Was it politics or cars? No,it was the endless quest known as golf. He would play five times aweek and he would still take time to work on his game on the range.Every time he would buy a driver he would come in the shop andtell me how he had found more distance with his new purchase. Hebought a lot of drivers over the years, and if my math is correct thedistance gained from all of those purchases should have added up tohim hitting 350 yard drives!With the job I have you meet a lot of people, and not all of them havea great appreciation or joy for each moment given to them. They areworried about all of the negatives of life when they should be takingadvantage of the gifts given to them. I truly believe Charlie was notone of those people. He enjoyed all aspects of life. He understoodhis mortality and wanted to enjoy the time he had left on this planet.I am honored he wanted to spend a lot of it with his Stono Ferryfamily. If you did not know Charlie, you missed out on knowing agreat guy.Rest in Peace Charlie. I hope they have a golf course on the otherside, because it would be great to see you again to play a round ofthe game we both love.Greg WoodGeneral ManagerA Message From Greg ... Membership Info ...Hello Members,We have had a very exciting summer sofar around the club. From the women’sand men’s member guest tournaments, weddings,the summer social, junior golf camp,and divots and dinner, we have been busy!Whether you have been a member of StonoFerry for 10 years or just joined last week, I encourage you to takeadvantage of all the wonderful events we offer, including becominga part of the men or women’s golf association, participating incamps and clinics, and attending after hours social events. If youever want more information about any of the activities going onaround the club, never hesitate to stop in my office and ask!We hosted a beautiful wedding out on hole #14 at the beginning ofJune. The bride was actually a good friend of mine from college,so the day was not only a business deal but personal attachmentwas involved as well. No pressure, right?! One thing I learnedis that executing an event of that caliber is hard work, but in theend it always pays off. Their day was nothing short of perfect andeveryone has a lifetime of memories to show for it. Stono Ferry isthe perfect venue for all types of events, including anything fromdinner parties and luncheons to wedding ceremonies and receptions.If you are interested in hosting any sort of event at the club,big or small, just let me know!Our 100 for $100 membership drive is coming to an end. Pleasespread the word to any interested friends or family members totake advantage of this special offer before it runs out!If you are not getting mail or emails from Stono Ferry or wouldlike your monthly statement sent to you by email, please give me acall at 763-1817 ext.3 or email me at so I can update your information. We also offer automaticdraft to your credit card so you do not have to worry about payingmonthly bills. Please feel free to stop in my office at any time. Iam always up for hearing new ideas and suggestions!Erica DickinsonDirector of SalesDon’t Forget…July 19- Divots and Dinner August 2- Summer Social August 23- Divots and •

Club ContactsGreg WoodGeneral Manager& PGA Professional(843) 763-1817 ext. 5gwood@stonoferrygolf.comPatrick BrownHead Golf Professional(843) 763-1817 ext. 4pbrown@stonoferrygolf.comErica DickinsonDirector of Sales& Membership(843) 763-1817 ext. 3edickinson@stonoferrygolf.comGolf Pro Shop(843) 763-1817 ext. 1Michael EargleGolf Course Superintendent(843) 556-3006BOB OLINFood and Beverage(843) 763-1817 ext. 6The Stono Ferry Newsletterwill be distributed six times in2012. The editions for 2012are January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August,September/October, andNovember/December. If you haveany information you would liketo add relating to membership feelfree to contact Erica Dickinson @763-1817 ext.3.Women’s Golf Association Updates...Greetings,At this writing we have been deluged with rain.Fortunately the course had handled it well andwe have been able to keep playing on those dayswe had some sun. It has been an odd weatheryear!Since the last newsletter we have been busywith events. Our annual WGA cocktail partyand Member/Guest tournament were held April3 and 4 to the theme of “Call of the Wild.” WeWGA Member GuestWGA Member GuestWGA Member GuestOverall Champions- Helen Freeman andJane Craigwere fairly wild – with great food and decorationsFriday night and the usual dancing. AndeSavana and her committee did a wonderful job.Karla Abbott and Kathy Lawrence chaired thetournament, complete with great prizes, foodand fun.Overall Champions- Helen Freeman and JaneCraigWe were hosted by Seabrook on May 15. It wasa glorious spring day. We had an excellent turnoutand enjoyed the gracious hospitality of ourSeabrook neighbors. We will be returning thefavor on September 23. Our thanks to DonnaHill for arranging these outings.On June 8 we held the second annual MGA/WGA Event – the “yellow ball” tournament. Wehad 48 players this year, an increase for this funevent. Some teams rose to the occasion and didnot let that yellow ball intimidate them. We hopeto continue this event annually as we so enjoythe company of the men on our teams.1st Place-Wally West, Millie Kennedy, LynRundbaken, David Schofield2nd Place- Jon Hufnagle, Linda Britton,Elizabeth Kralik, Darryl Verdeck3rd Place- John Craig, Barb Bryden, GailArendsen, Randy WithrowThere are a lot of activities coming up: We hopeto see all of you participating!July 16: CALGA at StonoSeptember 7 & 8: Member/MemberSeptember 17: SCWGA at StonoSeptember 23: Seabrook at StonoOctober 5 & 6: Club ChampionshipThe Board has been working with the staff on astudy of the handicapping of each of our holes.That work is near completion and we will sharemore of the results with you soon. We havebeen successful in getting two new benches tobe placed on the tee at #13 and #17. They are onback order, but hopefully we will see them soon.We have also discussed the tee beds with Gregand hope to see improvements to #10 and #14soon. We also asked that the weeds on #11 and#12 be cut back.Thank you for being the best group of womengolfers and friends! We are blessed.Valerie T. West, President, WGATip of the MonthGetting to your left side!!Recently, I have had many questions abouthow you should get your weight to yourleft side. Due to flexibility issues and otherphysical limitations, most people find themselvesdoing more of a slide through impactthan a turn. I recommend everyone takesome time and practice the proper turn in agolf swing. Your goal should be to have all of your weight on yourlead side at impact. However, the only way that this can happenWomen's NightCALLING ALL WOMEN!!Whether you play every day, once in a while or not at all wewould love for you to come out to Women’s Night at StonoFerry! Each month we pick a new topic to discuss and work on.From drivers to putters, course management and club fittings weare sure to discuss a topic of interest for you. With 90 minutes ofinstruction the first Tuesday of every month, we are sure to helpyou improve your game or get you started. Here are the dates forthe next two months:Rules QuizPace of PlayAs the temperatures rise, pace of play becomes and immediateconcern for everyone on the golf course. A 4 and half hour roundwill feel like an all-day event in temperatures that exceed 90degrees. As many people may have seen during the U.S. Open,the USGA and the PGA are really stressing pace of play and theTee it Forward initiative. This is an issue at almost every golfcourse in the country. We at Stono Ferry would like for everyoneto try the Tee it Forward initiative at least once in the next coupleof months. You will be surprised how much more fun the gamewill be and also how much faster you will play. Along, with Tee itForward we would also appreciate everyone helping us with paceof play. Here are a few ways that each group can help out whileon the course.Always be prepared to start playing ready golf! Ready golffor those who are not familiar, basically means that instead ofthe player who has the honors playing the next shot, the personwho is ready to hit plays the next shot. This ensures that someoneis always hitting a shot and when the person is hitting theshot everyone else is getting ready to hit (deciding on the club,wind or direction). This will speed up the play of your groupdramatically.without hitting your shot fat would be to make sure that your hipsare slightly open at impact. If you get to where you are doing thiscorrectly you will start feeling like the golf swing has becomeeasier. This is the result of you using your lower body to hit theball rather than your upper body. If you can master this move thegame will become much easier!! Good Luck!Please feel free to contact me with any questions.Patrick Brown843-763-1817 ext.4pbrown@stonoferrygolf.comJuly 2: Clinic will begin at 5:00pm and will cover chippingand pitching.August 6: Clinic will begin at 5:00pm and will cover wedges.Cocktails and snacks will be served after the clinic. Sign up inthe Pro Shop. We can’t wait to see you there!We can’t wait to see you there!PatrickMake sure that you are keeping an eye on the group in front ofyou and that you always stay right behind them the entire round.If you are teeing off and there is no one in front of you, thentry to always stay comfortably in front of the group behind you.If looking for a lost ball for someone in your group and yourealize that there is a group waiting for you then you shouldalways go ahead and let the group play through. This willallow your group some extra time to look for the ball and alloweveryone to be ready to play when the group playing throughfinishes the hole.If you have a group that is in front of you causing a backup,please let us know as soon as possible.Pace of Play is always a major concern and we greatly appreciateall of your help!!Patrick Brown843-763-1817 ext.4pbrown@stonoferrygolf.comIf you ever have any Rules Questions please feel free to stop bythe Pro Shop for assistance or feel free to call the USGA Rulesstaff @ 1-908-234-2300 for emergencies!!

CALGAHi Ladies,The Links at Stono Ferry is hosting CALGA on July 16th 2013and I hope many of you sign up and play. Millie Kennedy is chairingthis event as I am away for most of the summer this year. Shewill be sending you an email with all of the information that youwill need to sign up. I hope we have a great turn out and show allof the local Charleston ladies how fun and gracious we are.August 20, 2013 CALGA will be held at Pine Forest Golf Club inSummerville and will start at 9:30 AM. The fee will be $25.00.It is easy to sign up!! Just send me an email and mail or leave acheck at the club if you are planning to participate.I am really happy that we had such great turn outs so far.Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns,Kathy Lawrence5389 5th Fairway DriveHollywood, SC 29449kathylawrence1@yahoo.comMember EventsPlease check our web site,, to see all of the picturesfrom our events. Follow these links: Members Only / PhotosHope to see many of you at the tournaments!!!News Fromthe Pro Shop ...Hello from the Pro shop. Well it has been an interesting springwith mild temperatures and lots of rain here of late. The proshop continues to be well stocked with some recent additionsto include a good selection of Adams Clubs. If we don’t havewhat you want, you can always order. We also have receivedsome Vineyard Vines and SanSoleil for the Ladies. We have agood assortment as always of clothing from Nike, Antigua andAshworth. Our shoes continue to sell well and we have a goodselection from Foot Joy, Nike and Ashworth.The Open Championship is next on the horizon for major tournamentsfor the professionals, on the local level we will have theStag Tournament on the 27th and 28th of July. We always enjoyseeing a friendly face, so stop in and say hello.The ardent golfer would play Mount Everest if somebodywould put a flagstick on top. -Pete DyeRemember:Members receive20% OFF all Non-Sale Items1st Place-Wally West, Millie Kennedy, Lyn Rundbaken, David SchofieldBridge At The ClubThe Women’s Bridge Club meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. The group starts playing at 1pm while some come outbefore to grab lunch or even play a round of golf. If interested, contact Marg Mills @ 843-795-6749.From the KitchenIt’s with very mixed emotions that I inform you of my retirementfrom Stono Ferry as of September 1. I have been in the food andbeverage business for the past 35 years and recently realized that itis time to hang up my apron for good. I will miss working with myextended family on a weekly basis, including all of the F&B staff,Greg, Erica, Michael, Patrick, and especially Pat!Nine and a half years ago I came to Stono Ferry looking to play alittle golf and make a couple of bucks after I retired from my ownrestaurant business. I should have known that it would becomemore than just a part time job that I could go home and forget aboutat the end of the day! As I became more and more involved withthe business I realized that there were a great bunch of folks whoreally wanted to make a difference. It was inspiring and I wantedto be a part of it!In there somewhere I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream to Captaina charter fishing boat for seven years thanks to Pat. However, astime passes and life changes, so have I. My youngest daughter willbe having our first grandchild in September. I’m sure my wife andI will be making many trips to the upstate to visit and I don’t wantthat to be a burden on anyone. While I still have my health I alsowant to enjoy what life has to offer including all of the outdooractivities I love so much, including golf, hunting and fishing.Thank you all for the memories, kindness, and appreciation. I stillplan to see all of you at Stono Ferry; however, I’ll be standing onthe same side of the bar as you!Captain Bob2nd Place- Jon Hufnagle, Linda Britton, Elizabeth Kralik,Darryl VerdeckIn Other NewsEast Coast Distribution Co. is a leading source of fine wines andcraft beers in South Carolina. We focus solely on “boutique”wines and small-batch breweries that strive for quality, notquantity, and family tradition while maintaining a very exclusiveportfolio of family-owned wineries and importers from both theOld and New worlds.We are proud to not only supply the club with its “19th Hole” andevent selections, but we are going to offer a “by the bottle” seasonallist to members of Stono Ferry. Consistent with other retailpurchases made at the club, members will receive a 20% discounton these wine purchases.How to order the selected wines (Minimum of 6 bottles per order):All orders must be placed each week by Thursday at 4:00pm.Call or email Erica to place your order.Your order will be available for pick up in the office on Friday,just in time for the weekend!3rd Place- John Craig, Barb Bryden, Gail Arendsen,Randy WithrowFor more information on East Coast Distribution Company, pleasevisit responsibly and happy golfing!Jeff WhitmanSummer SpecialsReds:Monte Maria Merlot IGT, 2011, Venezie Italy $10Clementine Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011, Languedoc France $14Taliano Langhe doc Nebbiolo, 2008, Piemonte Italy $18White and Sparkling:Clara C Fiore di ROSE Brut, Italy $14Baudron Torrontes, 2010, Mendoza Argentina, $10Branko Pinot Grigio doc Collio, 2011, Friuli Italy $24

Men’s Golf Association UpdatesTHE REAL ESTATE CORNER:“A Team Approach to a Single Objective”Poston Real Estate Group, LLCERA Tides RealtyBud Poston – 697-3786Broker In ChargeRob Sturm – 478-2404RealtorOverall Champions- David Manneraak andJeremy KirbyFlight 3 Champions- Ed Tamsberg andMark JacksonWe need your input! We would like to increase our participationlevels at the events we sponsor each year. We would like to knowthe things you would like to see and the things that hold you backfrom playing in our events. Your input is valuable and can beused to make our association more effective for all our members.Please submit all comments to I willcompile the data and report to the board ways to serve you better.• Do you favor 1 or 2 day events?• Is cost a factor in your decision to play?• What formats do you like to play in?• Are the events promoted effectively?Flight 1 Champions- Andy Shiels andErik WintlendFlight 4 Champions- Bubba Hill andCharlie TorrancePlease consider playing in the Stag Team Tournament on July 27or the Member Member Tournament on September 7 & 8. Wehave great sponsors who enable us to put on great events. Helpus make your membership more valuable! Thank you in advancefor your responses.Mike MetzMGA Board MemberFlight 2 Champions- Daniel Suggs andRobert BeilsteinFlight 5 Champions- Charles Cleaver andCharles KastelCharleston Area Home Sales Volume Up 21% From 2012Year-to-date prices up almost $20kCHARLESTON, SC—(June 10, 2013) Charleston-area homesales passed the 1,200 threshold in May, as 1,277 homes soldat a median price of $212,000, according to data released todayby the Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS® (CTAR).Last May, 994 homes sold at a median price of $200,000.Year-to-date figures show sales volume outpacing 2012 by nearly1,000 transactions—a gain of 21%—and median prices areabout $20,000 higher in the area. At this time last year, 3,941homes had sold at a median price of $181,000. Thus far in 2013,4,782 homes have sold at a median price of $200,000.Mortgage rates have begun to rise, which may encourage morebuyers to fulfill their dreams of owning a home while rates arestill at historic lows. “Mortgage rates have increased half a percentagepoint, from 3.5 on May 1 to 4.1% on June 7” said 2013CTAR President Owen Tyler. “While that’s not a huge jump, it’san indicator that the Fed is likely to allow rates to rise as oureconomy strengthens and the market can tolerate a slightly higherrate” he concluded.Inventory has yet to increase significantly this year, even as weapproach the busy summer season, when the number of homesfor sale typically goes up. There are just 5,614 homes for salein the Charleston region and some areas are beginning to experiencea more competitive marketplace as supply lags behindCLOSED:1052 Windward165 Evening Shadedemand.Homes are selling at a significantly faster pace this year aswell—data shows all three counties are reporting average dayson market of less than 90, for an average of 83 days in the tricounty.Homes in Berkeley County are selling in an average of74 days, 89 in Charleston County and 70 in Dorchester County.“Buyers are acting quickly, as the market gets more and morecompetitive. Banks are also processing short sales, specifically,much faster than they have in the past—the long, drawn out processof purchasing such a property is beginning to wane” saidTyler.From the peak days on market for short sales—165 days in January2010—the current average has fallen to 108 days in May2013.As we have stated before, referrals are always appreciated andthe Links at Stono Ferry along with the Real Estate Office wouldlike to show our appreciation for those referrals. Any referral,seller or buyer, given to the Real Estate Office that results in asuccessful closing will result in your account being credited thefollowing two (2) months after the closing your basic monthlydues.As always please stop by or call and we will be glad to assist youwith all of your real estate needs.4806 Stono Links1640 Dotterers Run5473 5th FairwayGrass ClippingsRAIN! RAIN! RAIN! And moreRAIN! RAIN! RAIN!During the month of June, as of todaywriting this newsletter, the golf coursehas seen 18 inches in just 16 days! Wow!With more in the forecast!!! Lately, themaintenance staff seems to be in constantclean up mode. However, we did catch some breaks and wereable to get some things accomplished. For instance, we increasedthe size of 14 and 15 greens by 2500 square feet, repaired strugglingareas on greens 1,2,11, and were able to aerify the tee tops.Hopefully, weather permitting our tree contractor can prune treesand cut back vegetation around number eleven green by the endof the month.The transition from winter grasses back to summer time grassesin the tees and fairways is complete and went very smooth. Thegreens are a different issue; they are a little behind due to thecooler temps, and as stated above the amount of rain and lack ofsunlight. Temperatures need to consistently be in the mid to upper70’s at night and mid to upper 80’s during the day with 8 to 10hours of direct sunlight to really get growing. Management practicesdesigned to encourage growth and cooperation from MotherNature, I am confident that playing conditions will improve as theseason progresses.During the months of July and August, the maintenance staffefforts will be daily grooming of the golf course for play, treatingsummer weeds and continuing to get the greens more consistent.Also, we will be leveling and enlarging number 14 ladies teeand number 10 tees, date to be determined. As always, may yourdrives be straight and your putts short!DATES TO REMEMBER:July 9th and 10th core aerification greensMichael EargleUnder Contract: 5461 5th Fairway 2244 Ashley Crossing 4651 Maybank Hwy.Current Listings:HOMES:710 W. Harrison-Remodeled 3 Bed 2 Bath 2 MinutesFrom Downtown $300,0005272 7th Green- 2495 sq. ft. Townhouse, FirstFloor Master $280,0005045 Hwy 162 -2 Houses- Over 4 Acres. MainHouse Custom w/ Pool- $795,0004908 Polo Ln. 4000 Sq. Ft. 5 Bed 4.5 Bath, Viewof Polo Field/ICW $700,000New MembersJohn and Joan GrecoMike and Mary Gene Ryan5445 5th Fairway Dr.- 3 Bed 3 Bathroom-All OneLevel on Golf Course $380,0004758 Marshwood Open Floor Plan UpgradedKitchen 3213 Sq. Ft. $495,000105 Surrey- 3 Bed 2.5 Bath in Summerville- GreatFloor Plan $145,000LOTS:Lot 19 Stono Links Dr. View of 18th Fairway.Cleared and Ready $65,000Lot 73 Marshwood-View Down 17th Tee andEric LozanoBob and Terry HuntleyLarry Owens and Judy GarvinFairway $79,000Lot 22 Stono Links Dr.-View of 18th Green andFairway $79,000Lot 17 Steeplechase Ln- 1.19 Acre Lot With PotentialWater Views From Back $190,0003 lots on Folly Beach One Quarter Acre Each. Oneis $199,000 and the Other Two $249,000Lot 11 Stablegate Ln. .24 Acres, Backs up to PoloField. $29,000Stono Ferry is excited to welcome our newest members:Drew and Jodi CarrollByron Jordan

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