REVIEW - Lloyds TSB Foundation Northern Ireland

REVIEW - Lloyds TSB Foundation Northern Ireland


Cover photo: Ballymena Family and Addicts Support GroupThe Lloyds TSB Foundation for Northern Ireland isone of four independent Lloyds TSB Foundations, theothers being for England & Wales, Scotland and theChannel Islands. The Foundations were establishedat the time of TSB Group’s flotation in 1985 to preservein a lasting framework the TSB’s traditional role ofcontributing to life in the community.In January 2009, Lloyds TSB Group acquired HBOS resulting inthe enlarged Lloyds Banking Group. Following a far reaching andcomprehensive review of the financial and strategic arrangementswhich underpin our longstanding relationship, a new agreementwas reached.Fixed funding of £1.87 million for the years 2010-2013 was agreed.Annually, this exceeds the average payment received over theprevious three years and the provision of this more stable andsustainable funding arrangement will ensure continued supportfor the most vulnerable in society.The independent Board of Trustees, which meets on five occasionsthroughout the year, agrees on the Foundation’s strategic prioritiesand distributes the funding.CONTENTS01 Chairman’s Report04-0502 Executive Director’s Report06-0703 Grants Overview08-0904 Creating Change10-1305 International grant programme14-1506 THE MATCHED giving Programme16-1707 COLLABORATION GRANTS18-2108 Standard Grant Programme22-3509 COMMUNITY Grant Programme Process36-3710 Trustees of the Foundation38-3911 Trustees’ Statement, Auditors’ Report40-4112 Statement of Financial Activities42

01.Chairman’s reportFor the year ended 31 December 2012I am pleased to introduce this review on the work ofthe Lloyds TSB Foundation for Northern Ireland insupporting people who are disadvantaged to play afuller role in their local communities.During the year, the Foundation considered a totalof 743 applications for support from charitable andcommunity organisations and were able to assist565 with grants to a sum of £1,865,233. The Foundationis grateful to the Chairman, Directors and staff ofLloyds Banking Group who continue to supply ourfunding thereby demonstrating their focus onbuilding valuable relationships in communities.The Matched Giving Programme which supports LloydsBanking Group’s colleagues’ fundraising and volunteeringefforts continues to grow and this year, we receivedapplications from 172 individuals supporting 71 localcharities to the sum of £63,333 with staff raising anadditional £72,538.Under the Standard Grant and Special InitiativesProgrammes, the Foundation offered grants to 347 bodiestotalling £1,211,642. This programme remains thecornerstone of the Foundation delivering support tosmaller organisations aiding disadvantage and deprivationin our community. Whilst these figures are large, eachapplication is scrutinised thoroughly and challengedthrough the Foundation’s challenge process andBoard appraisal.The Creating Change Programme whilst in the finalphase of support from the Foundation continues toreceive guidance and practical help to assist in theirdevelopment. This has been a truly innovative andsuccessful approach to the capacity building of thesmaller charitable bodies.We were able to continue in our support of theInternational Programme this year with a poolof £104,000. Applications were received from 21organisations and grants were offered to 17 charitieswith international work schedules but a base inNorthern Ireland.Our collaborative ventures with Age NI and theNorthern Ireland Youth Forum have been exceedinglysuccessful and proved a vitally important aspect of ourwork highlighting the understanding, foresight andflexibility the Foundation has in meeting the needs ofcharitable organisations. Support of Giving NorthernIreland in collaboration with The Atlantic Philanthropiesshould also yield impactful results in the growth ofphilanthropy in Northern Ireland.With the allocation of grants comes responsibilityfor monitoring those funds and our Monitoring andEvaluation Committee has developed exceptionallysuccessful strategies for eliciting the required information.A remarkable 100% return of M&E forms has beensuccessfully achieved.The Foundation was delighted to be the regionalwinner of the UK Social Enterprise Awards 2012 in theSocial Enterprise Supporter category celebrating ourcommitment to and encouragement of this sector.Unfortunately, two Trustees resigned during thefinancial year – Angela Colhoun and Carmel McGuckianand we were very grateful for their contribution to theBoard during their service.We are very fortunate in having very talented andcommitted members of staff. I would like to express mythanks to Sandara and her team for their dedication inensuring the Foundation continues to be an efficient,effective and caring organisation. The team are highlyeffective in managing increasing workloads withmaximum efficiency and a genuine passion for thework of the Foundation.Finally, I would like to thank the dedicated Board ofTrustees for the commitment, varied skills and enthusiasmthey bring to the Foundation. In particular, I wouldthank Tony Reynolds, Deputy Chairman, for his generoussupport in time and wisdom – not to mention hisendless energy.We look forward to 2013 and the continuing contributionof the Foundation to the community and the Third Sector.Mrs Paddy BailieChairmanPhoto: Lisburn Downtown centreCHAIRMAN’S REPORT 05

02.Executivedirector’s reportIt is with great pleasure that I present my report for2012 which proved to be another highly successful yearfor the Foundation.I hope that having had the opportunity to reflect on theAnnual Review you will have gained an appreciation ofthe extent of support which the Foundation providesto the voluntary & community sector throughoutNorthern Ireland. The Foundation also works tirelesslywith non-NI based Trusts and Foundations to increasethe availability of funding and our attempts to encouragegreater measurement of impact amongst our fundedorganisations is having positive outcomes in terms ofsecuring additional, much-needed resources.Yet again we have been able to provide significantsupport for the most vulnerable in society and ourfinancial and non-financial contributions have madea significant difference in communities throughoutNorthern Ireland.Over the past year funding was awarded to a totalof 565 organisations, across all of our programmesthroughout Northern Ireland and indeed internationallyas demand for funds continues to grow.We continue to believe very strongly in the need tosupport core costs in order to enable such a largenumber of disadvantaged people to play a much fullerrole in their local communities and are aware of theimpact that modest funding can make. We recognisetoo, however the need for project and programmecosts and our collaborative funding programme hascontinued to develop to address newly emerging needs.As you read through the Annual Review, I hope you willget a flavour for the depth and breadth of theFoundation’s investment in the community. We areconstantly surprised by the desire for change on thepart of individuals who identify inequalities in their localareas and who are determined to make a difference forthose who are often unable to advocate for themselves.It is a privilege to work with the many thousands ofpeople throughout Northern Ireland who are at theforefront of delivering positive change and in a modestway, to be able to support the beneficiaries via themany organisations we are in a position to support.By highlighting each grant we made in 2012, we hopethat other organisations perhaps not familiar withthe Foundation will consider applying for financialassistance, consistent with our overall objective ofsupporting underfunded organisations for the benefitof people who are disadvantaged or disabled.Of course all of this work requires considerable energyand I would like to express particular thanks to MrsPaddy Bailie, the Foundation’s Chairman, for the timeand effort that she puts into the Foundation. As everthe highest levels of governance were adhered to by theBoard of the Foundation and their efforts are greatlyappreciated. The professionalism and enthusiasm of theFoundation’s Officers complemented that of the Board,ensuring that significant levels of funding were madeavailable to those who required it most.With the support of Lloyds Banking Group we havebeen able to effect real and positive change throughoutthis time and we look forward to continuing to do so inthe years ahead.Sandara Kelso-RobbExecutive DirectorPhoto: Alphabet Playgroupexecutive director’s report 07

03.GRANTS OVERVIEWIn 2012 the Standard Grant Programmereceived a total of 530 applications,346 of which were funded eitherpartly or fully. As always applicationswere received from across the sectorincluding older people’s groups,groups supporting those with adisability and youth organisations,to name but a few. The followinggives an overview of grants funded,with further information on eachprogramme outlined within the report.The Standard Grant Programme supported 346organisations in 2012 to a total sum of £1,206,642The Creating Change Programme funded 18 organisationsin year 5 of their 6 year programme to a total sum of£270,033The International Programme funded 17 organisationsa total of £104,000The Special Initiatives Programme funded1 organisation a total of £5,000Collaborative ProgrammesNorthern Ireland Youth Forum £35,695Age NI and CFNI £35,530Giving Northern Ireland £100,000Social Enterprise Programme funded 15 registeredcharities to support Social Enterprise to the valueof £45,000The Matched Giving Programme offers the opportunityfor employees of Lloyds Banking Group and Halifaxstaff based in Northern Ireland to claim matched fundingfrom the Foundation up to £1,000. This can be claimedagainst charity fundraising or volunteering time thatthey have given to Northern Ireland based charities.In 2012, the Foundation approved 165 Matched Givingapplications with a total of £63,333 being issued tocharities in Northern Ireland though the programme.Overall 565 grants were awarded across these 7 GrantProgrammes giving a grand spend of £1,865,233.The table shows the grants issued by geographic areaexcluding the 17 International Grants:Grants funded by Geograhic Area No. %Belfast 197 36Derry/Londonderry 34 6Co. Antrim 98 18Co. Armagh 30 5Co. Down 84 15Co. Fermanagh 10 2County Londonderry 26 5Co. Tyrone 36 7UK Based 33 6Total 548 1008 Standard grant programme process Photo: New Lodge Artsgrants overview 9

Ballymena Familyand Addicts Support GroupThe grant went towards the My Life Mattersprogramme for young people at risk ofbecoming involved in risk taking behaviouror young people from families experiencingproblems with addictions. The programme gavethe opportunity for young people to challengethemselves and to help build theirself-esteem and their resilience.Anne Henry, Centre Manager04.creating changeThe Creating Change Grant Programmewas designed by the Foundation inresponse to the sector’s needs. Manysmall charities and community groupshad found life quite difficult withthe reduction in European fundingin recent years and often short termfunding is insufficient if organisationsare to develop strategically and worktowards sustainability. This newprogramme was developed to addressthese issues.19 organisations received £1,880,479 over six yearscommencing in April 2008, which is the first time anindependent funding body in Northern Ireland hasoffered such widespread long term funding to thevoluntary and community sector. The organisations areapproaching the end of their fifth year of funding andsignificant outcomes have been achieved.Through the Creating Change Grant Programmethe Foundation has built strong relationships withthe organisations benefiting from this programme,providing financial and non-financial support includingtraining and networking opportunities to enable themto develop and achieve their full potential. It is envisagedthat this grants-plus approach will strengthen andenergise the remaining 18 organisations which are inreceipt of funding in this pilot programme and that theFoundation’s investment will impact positively uponfuture sustainability of those organisations and thecommunities they are established to serve.The Foundation’s grants-plus approach has enabledall of the Creating Change organisations to avail of thefollowing training programmes:• Monitoring and Evaluation(Tailored to the Creating Change requirements)• Income Generation and Fundraising• Developing a Communication Strategy• Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst –Public Expenditure Cuts• The Tendering Process• Social Return on Investment• Governance• Social Media• Creating a Future: Innovation, Strategy and ChangeThe Programme has been attracting local andinternational interest as funders look to new modelsof engagement with the organisations they wish tosupport and grow.10 Standard grant programme process creating change 11

Belfast South Community ResourcesYear 5 Grant £15,000To allow them to continue to provide training andeducational programmes and a range of communitysupport in the Sandy Row area.Cookstown and District Women’s GroupYear 5 Grant £15,000The grant supports salary costs to allow the delivery ofa range of training programmes to lone parents, adultswith learning disabilities and ex-offenders.The Educational Shakespeare Company LtdYear 5 Grant £15,000The grant allows the expansion of work with ex-offenders.This includes training in a range of arts but particularlythe medium of film.Kilkeel Parish Bridge AssociationYear 5 Grant £15,000The Project Leader’s post is supported by the grant toallow the continuation and development of their youthactivities in particular their youth outreach and crosscommunitywork.CAB StrabaneYear 5 Grant £15,000To support a Telephone Advice Worker and allow theincreased use of telephone based advice to the largelyrural community.Dundonald Family Community InitiativeYear 5 Grant £14,381The grant supports the Dads and Kids project in theBallybeen estate, to give opportunities for mostlynon-resident fathers to spend more quality time withtheir children along with other fathers and children.FAST Rural TransportYear 5 Grant £15,000The elderly and isolated of Irvinestown benefit from theChit Chat Worker funded through the grant, who callsthem each morning to check on their welfare while alsoarranging any transport needs they have.Learmount Community Development GroupYear 5 Grant £15,000To maintain the huge variety of volunteer led servicesnow established for the rural community of Park andits surrounding area.Photo: Alphabet PlaygroupCaring Breaks LtdYear 5 Grant £15,000To part fund the Service Manager to expand anddiversify the activities available to adults with a learningor physical disability, and to increase the respite offeredto their parents and carers.Cathedral Youth ClubYear 5 Grant £15,000The grant supports the Youth Worker who providesa range of programmes and activities for the youngpeople of the Fountain area.CO3Year 5 Grant £15,000To provide support, training and mentoring to ChiefOfficers in the third sector and in particular to thoseoverseeing smaller charities where less internal supportis available.Easilink Community TransportYear 5 Grant £15,000Easilift merged with Rural Link in 2012 and becameEasilink Community Transport. Easilink continued tobe funded for the lease of an additional minibus whichenables the group to provide regular transport todisadvantaged people in the Plumbridge andCastlederg areas.ECF LinksYear 5 Grant £15,000To support the development and expansion of youthactivities both within their centre and detached youthoutreach work on the streets in Lurgan.Photo: Donaghmore Open Door ClubHomestart AntrimYear 5 Grant £15,000The grant enables Homestart Antrim to delivergroup and one to one services in the Ballyclare andToomebridge areas, providing support to motherswith young children.Kids in ControlYear 5 Grant £15,000The Artistic Director and Assistant Director are bothpart funded through the Creating Change grant.Financial support for these two roles, has allowed KICto nurture and develop key programmes. KIC isa unique physical theatre and dance company in thatit is fully inclusive and cuts through traditionaldivisions of physical and learning ability.Newbuildings Community and EnvironmentalAssociationYear 5 Grant £15,000The Health and Promotion Officer is funded to deliver arange of programmes around health in the communityand to train and support Volunteer Health Workers.Off the Streets Community InitiativeYear 5 Grant £15,000The grant supports the Administration Worker to freeup development staff to develop the youth services andyouth outreach in the Galliagh area.Replay ProductionsYear 5 Grant £15,000The grant supports the post of the Executive Directorwho oversees the development of issue specificdrama productions which are delivered in schoolsand community settings.12 creating changecreating change 13

Fields of Life £6,600Fields of Life will use the grant to dig two borehole wellsin Northern Uganda. They try to ensure that each welldug will benefit at least 1,000 people. A hydro-geologistand drilling team work with the local people and elderson each project to identify the best location for the well,and to train a Water User Committee on hygiene andcleanliness issues and to ensure local ownership ofthe well.Meningitis Research Foundation £6,000Meningitis is 10 times more common in Africa thanin the West and can account for up to 5% of childdeaths. The grant will go towards an awareness raisingcampaign to increase knowledge of meningitis andenhance community awareness of severe childhoodillness through radio and theatre production. Thecampaign will highlight to parents the importanceof seeking prompt medical help when feverishillness occurs.SERVE in Solidarity Ireland £6,000This project is to extend a youth training facility inZimbabwe which would double the capacity to offer anadditional 140 training places per year. The extensionwill provide 3 workshops for carpentry, welding anddressmaking skills which will be run as franchises,offering accredited training for disadvantaged youngpeople. The centre is run by Youth Africa who meetswith both the students and franchisees frequently toensure high quality training is delivered.05.internationalgrant programme2012 saw the launch of the fourthInternational Grants Programme.Applications were invited fromNorthern Ireland charities whocarry out work in poor communitiesoverseas or in developing countries.Organisations could apply for grantsup to either £5,000 or £10,000. TheFoundation funded 17 organisationsa total of £104,000 for the oneyear programme.Abaana Ministires £5,000To support 38 boys who had previously been living on thestreets of Kampala, Uganda. The boys live in purposebuilt homes on the site of a school and are providedwith a home, education and support at least until theend of primary school. Rehabilitation with their parentsis also encouraged and staff work with both the boysand their families to help facilitate this where possible.Africare £4,000Africare provide mainly non-surgical bone manipulationand post-surgery support to children in Uganda. Theyreceived their grant to assist them with opening up anoutreach clinic in the North of Uganda to treat childrenin this area. The need for the outreach centre has becomeevident as increasing numbers of children are beingbrought down from the North of the country, which isboth impractical and unaffordable for most families.Children In Northern Ireland £8,000Children in Northern Ireland are working in partnershipwith National Network for Children (NNC) an umbrellaorganisation in Bulgaria. The grant will increase theskills and capacity of 10 rurally based NGO’s in Bulgariato enable them to develop children’s services in theirlocal area. NNC will deliver training and support to therural organisations who will in turn receive support andexpert advice from Children in Northern Ireland.Christian Aid Ireland £8,000The grant will provide training and support tostruggling Cambodian farmers, to enable them todiversify production and learn new farming techniques,to produce a better quality and quantity of crops forgreater food security. The project also will look ataffordable credit and micro finance for farmers whileconcentrating on sustainable farming. Local peoplewill be skilled up to provide local training.Emmanuel Church £6,000The grant is to build a boarding facility for 150 girlsat the Light for All secondary school in Uganda. Theschool was built by Fields of Life, funded by EmmanuelChurch in 2008 and this expansion would free upclassrooms currently being used as a dormitory. Thechildren from the poorest families who attend theschool, receive child sponsorship from Northern Ireland.Holy Innocent Children’s Hospital £5,000The hospital aims to meet the ever increasing demandfor specialist paediatric services in Uganda. Respiratorydisease is the main cause of admittance to the hospitaland therefore, oxygen is in high demand, with a 10 hourround trip required to collect oxygen cylinders fromKampala. The grant allows the hospital to purchase8 oxygen concentrators that convert room air intoconcentrated oxygen on site.Livability £6,400Many of the patients leaving the Spinal Injury ResearchCentre in Nepal are from poor farming families who livehigh up in the Nepalese mountains. The grant will helpsupport their discharge packages providing simple aidsuch as cushions, mattresses and catheters as well assimple home conversions to allow patients to be able tomove around their very basic homes by wheelchair.Livingstonia Hospital Partnership £4,000David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Malawi is supportedby Livingstonia Hospital Partnership. The hospitalserves around 60,000 people over a large rural areawhere there is no primary health provision. This projectis specifically to improve the care to pregnant womenand especially at the time of delivery. The grant willenable perinatal training for 15 nurses and to purchasea years supply of omni vacuum extractors to try toreduce the number of caesarean sections.Oxfam Ireland £8,000The grant will go towards a much larger livelihoodsdiversification programme with 12,000 households in4 rural and poor districts in Malawi. The project aims toreduce post-harvest losses and improve diversificationin both crops and farming techniques. It will also improveagribusiness skills amongst these impoverished andvulnerable farmers to enable them to get the mostprofit for their production.Reaching and Teaching Ministries £7,000Reaching and Teaching Ministries have built a home forstreet children in Boho Island in the Philippines. Thereare a high number of street children in the Philippineswith nowhere to go who are routinely thrown into jailalong with adults. The grant will enable them to extendtheir current home to accommodate an additional20 children.Romanian Partnership Committee £5,000Romanian Partnership Committee supports an organisationcalled SCUT (translated as Shield) in Romania whosupport young people both in, and leaving the caresystem in Romania. The grant will help with rent foraccommodation, medical costs and transport coststo allow these young people to begin their lives in theoutside world.War on Want £8,000War on want will work with 112 households from 3vulnerable groups in North East Uganda, to increasetheir agricultural outputs through irrigation, trainingand quality inputs. Hands on training and support willbe given to these vulnerable people as well as goodquality seed to improve the chances of a good harvest.They will also receive basic training on financial andmarketing skills.We Care Third World Charity £6,000This grant is towards the provision of vocational trainingin areas such as woodwork, electrics, IT and gaining adriving licence for boys who live at the Don Bosco boyshome in Chennai, South East India. There are currently60 boys aged 11-18 living in the home, all who havecome from the streets. They are provided with a sharedhome to live, education and accredited vocational skillstraining to give them a head start for independent living.Zomba Action Project £5,000Zomba Action Project plan to work with 200 farmersin Malawi living on a basic existence, to provide themwith treadle pumps and training on how to irrigatetheir land. They will also receive high quality seed andfarming techniques training to help them develop a20 hectares area into usable farmland. Village Headmenand Committees oversee the communal area of landand will allocate areas to individual farmers.14 international grant programmeinternational grant programme 15

06.The MatchedGiving ProgrammeThis scheme is open to any LloydsBanking Group employees based inNorthern Ireland, including groupsubsidiaries and it provides an excellentopportunity to increase funds forlocal charities from jumble sales toparachute jumps. group employeescan claim up to £1,000 a year to matchfunds raised or hours volunteeredfor registered charities that supportdisadvantaged or disabled peoplethroughout Northern Ireland.In 2012 there were 165 approved claims made withthe average claim being for £383.84 and thanks tothe energy and commitment of the staff of LloydsBanking Group £63,333 was given to a wide range oforganisations working throughout Northern Irelandincluding Lloyds Banking Group Charity of the Year,Save the Children.Fundraising• 129 approved claims were made by staff members fora variety of fundraising activities• £46,865 was given to charities by the FoundationVolunteering• 36 approved claims were made by staff memberswho volunteered their time• 2,058.5 hours were matched• £16,468 was given to charities by the FoundationAn additional £72,538 was raised by the employeesbringing the overall amount the organisations benefitedfrom to £135,871.Top Five Charities Supported through Matched Giving• Save the Children• Macmillan Cancer Support• NI Hospice Care• Marie Curie Cancer Care• Action Cancer16 The Matched Giving ProgrammePhoto: Donaghmore Open Door Club

New Lodge Arts‘We would like to thank Lloyds TSBFoundation NI for their recent grant. Thefunding supports our Youth Arts Worker to deliverprojects including the Young Leaders Programme,Event Management, Volunteer Development andYouth Advisory Group. These projects will benefityoung people from the Greater New Lodge andneighbouring communities, some of whom arenot in full time education or employment,as well as those in education.’Anne DelaneyArts Programme andOperations Manager07.CollaborationGrantsIn 2010 the Foundation received anunexpected additional income fromshares held with Lloyds BankingGroup. The Trustees wanted to usethis additional income to carryout additional work on top of theongoing grant programmes. TheTrustees and Officers consideredareas of work where there wasadditional need for support andFour distinct areas were identified:• social economy• lower capacity older peoples’ groups• youth participation• philanthropySocial EconomyLarne Enterprise Development Company- (Ledcom)works along with Invest NI to support new start upsocial economy projects. Only those social economyprojects which have an export element to their workare entitled to financial support from Invest NI. Thecollaboration grant has allowed those start up socialeconomy businesses that have a Northern Ireland onlyremit to apply for a start up grant of up to £3,000 tosupport their work. Applications are only received by theFoundation once the business plan has been reviewedand approved by Ledcom.During 2012 the second year of the programme,15 organisations from across Northern Ireland benefitedfrom this programme to the value of £45,000.The Foundation was awarded Winner of the SocialEnterprise Supporter of the Year Northern Ireland, ofthe Charity Bank Social Enterprise Awards 2012. Thiswas in recognition of the support given to fledglingsocial enterprises through the Foundation’s SocialEconomy Programme. The Foundation went on torepresent Northern Ireland in the UK finals.First Steps to Funding - Capacity Building for OlderPeoples’ GroupsThe quality of applications for funding received by theFoundation varies greatly. The Foundation staff agreedthat the sector most in need of additional support inunderstanding funding applications, was the moreinformal older peoples’ groups. These groups tend tobe voluntary run by older people, for older people andmany of the members of the Committees will have hadno previous experience with funding applications andeither miss out on funding due to poor applications orfear of funding applications.AgeNI supported by Community Foundation NI werefunded to deliver a 2 year training programme to reachthese lower capacity older peoples’ groups, to give themas the programme title suggests, their ‘First Steps toFunding’. The partnership was funded £72,905 over2 years to locate, recruit and provide training to thoseharder to reach older peoples’ groups across NorthernIreland. The training would be provided in three stages,and groups could come in depending on their level,1) Preparing and Planning for Small Grants2) Making the Approach – Taking the Fear out of Funding3) Understanding the Grant ApplicationCollaboration Grants 19

Lisburn Downtown CentreThe great support from Lloyds TSBFoundation has allowed our Co-ordinator tomanage our team of dedicated volunteers and providea variety of needs based, user friendly sessions for ourmembers. This work has helped to provide supportfor individuals who suffer from Mental Ill Health,learning disabilities, social exclusion as well as carerswho look after children with various disabilities. Thefunding helps us to give individuals the support anddevelopment opportunities which can helpthem transform their lives.Photo: Lisburn Downtown CentreBy the end of the programme, 57 courses will have beendelivered to 812 participants all representing olderpeoples groups with an income of less than £20,000.Ongoing evaluation has shown that a number of groupswho have gone through the training programmes havesubmitted successful funding applications for theirorganisations.In addition, a small number of Masterclasses will be heldfor Support Workers to give them the skills to work withlower capacity older peoples’ groups in their own area.‘Partners in Power’ collaboration with NorthernIreland Youth ForumIt was evident from our work with many youthorganisations over the years that there is varying levelsof commitment and knowhow in youth led projectsand youth participation. Some organisations have fullyestablished, effective youth committees and meaningfulrepresentation on organisational Boards, whereas othershave made only tokenistic efforts to include youngpeople in the management and development of theiryouth organisation.Northern Ireland Youth Forum (NIYF) were funded£71,390 to deliver a one year programme to a minimumof 12 organisations across Northern Ireland, providingbespoke training to staff, volunteers and young people togive them the knowledge and a development structurein how to implement inclusive youth participation intheir organisations. The programme would ensure theculture and operations of the organisations changeto ensure a legacy of youth participation beyond thecurrent staff, volunteers and service users. In addition,NIYF delivered a number of best practice seminarsat the end of the project to youth practitioners todisseminate the learning from the programme.The programme was a great success with 16 youthorganisations benefitting from the expertise andtraining provided by NIYF. An excellent resource,‘Partners Inspiring Youth Participation Power’ wasdeveloped as part of the programme to provide thetools for other youth organisations to truly explore thelevel of youth participation within their organisation.This resource is available on the Foundation’s websitewww.lloydstsbfoundationni.orgThe Development of PhilanthropyIn collaboration with The Atlantic Philanthropies,the Foundation awarded £100,000 to establish anew organisation, Giving Northern Ireland, in orderto develop the ethos of philanthropy in the midst ofdecreasing resources and increasing needs. GivingNorthern Ireland is the only organisation in NorthernIreland specifically dedicated to the promotionand growth of philanthropy. It aims to stimulate,encourage and support a higher level of giving by theindigenous giving base in Northern Ireland whichincludes individuals of high net worth, the corporatesector and the general public. Its vision is to establisha voice for philanthropy and to facilitate more effectivephilanthropic giving as well as a cultural change toencourage a new generation of givers.Many Thanks,Gavin Hughes, Project Co-ordinator20 COLLABORATION GRANTSCollaboration Grants 21

Alphabet PlaygroupThe grant has enabled the children to developtheir IT skills and discover light and shadowwith the light box. The Bee Bot promotestheir mathematical skills, positioningand programming skills.Noreen Atkins, Group Leader08.Standard GrantProgrammeThe Standard Grant Programme is the keygrant programme within the Foundation,with 4 closing dates in January, April, Julyand October. The Foundation received530 applications for the Standard GrantProgramme in 2012.A total of 346 organisations were funded across all areas ofSocial and Community Needs and Education and Training,totalling £1,206,642.The average grant in 2012 was £3,487.Standard Grants 2011 by Programme area No. %Community Service 149 43Advice Services 42 12Disability 41 12Promotion of Health 46 13Civic Responsibility 23 7Cultural Enrichment 28 8Education and Training 17 5Total 346 100Standard Grants 2011 by age No. %Mixed Age Groups 279 81Infants (0-4) 25 7Children (5-15) 16 5Young Adults (16-24) 7 2Adults (25-60) 0 0Ageing Population 19 5Total 346 100Standard grant programme 23

Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £(Cans) Metalbox Pensioners Club 700Towards trips, hall hire and stationery costs.The 1825 Project Ltd 5,000The Pathway to Leadership Project.ACCORD Catholic Marriage Service NI 1,250Towards core costs.The Active Group (TAG) 4,000Towards the Co-ordinator’s Salary.ADAPT NI 3,000Towards the ARTitude project.Adopt NI 5,000Towards the salary of an Administrator.Adoption UK 5,000Towards office rent.Age Concern Castlederg 1,500Towards transport costs and meals forthe summer outing.Age Concern East Belfast& Castlereagh (Independent) 2,400Towards rent costs.All Saints Caring Association 3,840Towards the Community Empowerment Project.All Set Cross-Cultural Project 4,000Towards artist fees and travel.Allergy NI 5,000Towards the salary of the Chief Executive.ALLY Foyle (Active Living in Later Years) 4,000Towards delivery of programmes and activitiesfor older people.Alphabet Playgroup 455To purchase a lighbox and Bee Bots.Ambassadors in Sport 2,436The Youth Football Engagement Project.Antrim Youth Information & Counselling Centre 4,000Towards the Emotional Crew project.Arbour House 4,000Towards the salary of a Manager.Ardaluin Regeneration Trust 5,000Towards the project management costs ofthe regeneration of Ardaluin House.Ardglass Development Association 3,500To provide Information Technology Classes forthe unemployed.Ardinariff Historical & Cultural Society 2,000To support the Ardinariff Activities Programme.Ardoyne Association 5,000Towards the post of the CommunityDevelopment Manager.Ardoyne Shankill Health Partnership 3,000Young Men’s Personal Development andHealthy Lifestyles Programme.Armagh Rural Transport 4,980Towards the Passenger Assistant’s salary.Armagh Traveller’s Support Group 5,000Towards the Family Support Service.Artability NI Ltd 2,900To support the Bridge Building project.Arthritis Care 4,230A contribution to salary and design costs.Arts Care Limited 4,000To provide the ClownDoctors service inSouth West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen.Arts for All 4,000Towards rent.Aware Defeat Depression 4,000Towards the cost of a CBT course for 30 peoplesuffering from mild to moderate depression.The Back-Up Trust 4,000Towards the Outreach & Support costsin Northern Ireland.Ballybogey Community Association 3,000Towards running costs.Ballymagroarty HazelbankCommunity Partnership 2,727‘Be Aware, Take Care’ Cancer Awareness Project.Ballymena Family & Addicts Support Group 5,000Towards the Community SupportWorker’s salary.Ballymena Inter Ethnic Forum 4,200Towards the Bi-Lingual Advocacy Project.Ballynahinch Senior Citizens Tuesday Club 3,000Towards transport and rent costs.Banagher Community Playgroup 1,000To enhance the outdoor area.Banbridge VIP Club 4,000Towards a respite break for blind peopleand their carers.Bangor and North Down Samaritans 3,900Volunteer recruitment and training.The Beat Initiative 3,000Towards the cost of the Business DevelopmentAssistant for 6 months.Belfast Butterfly Club 4,500Towards rent costs of the Lisburn premises.Belfast Carer’s Centre 4,944Update of IT and mobile technology.Belfast City Vineyard Church 3,500To provide Football for the Homeless.Belfast Eagle Unit (No 440)of the Sea Cadet Corps 1,500Towards the Cook Steward Skills course.Belfast Interface Project 4,000Towards a web based mapping application.Benbradagh Community Support 4,500Towards the salary of the Community andYouth Co-ordinator.Big Telly Theatre Company 3,000To support running costs of the new facilityin Portstewart.Biserica Penticostala Maranata Belfast 3,000To purchase music equipment and run workshops.Blackie Community Groups Association 4,500Towards the Youth Health, Education andParticipation Programme.Border Arts 2000 4,000To support the From Despair to Hope project.Boys Brigade - Belfast Battalion 5,000Towards the salary of the Manager and topurchase equipment.Brigh Senior Citizens Fellowship 1,280Towards venue costs, guest speakers,craft workshop and stew night.British Association forAdoption and Fostering Northern Ireland 2,870Towards a celebration event.Brittle Bone Society 3,800VOICE youth event 2013.The Buddy Bear Trust 5,000Towards the Conductive Education School.Bunnahone Bunnies Playgroup 500Towards rent.Bushmills Residents and Environmental Forum 3,600To provide activities and classes forBushmills residents.Bushmills Ulster Scots Heritage 2,000The Ulster Scots Empowerment project.The Bytes Project 4,000Towards the Youth Worker’s salary.CAB - Antrim District 6,000To support the Telephone Advice post.CAB - Armagh and District 5,000Towards the salary of the Telephone Advice Worker.CAB - Banbridge 5,000To increase both the Advisor and TraineeAdvisor’s hours.CAB - Carrickfergus 5,000Towards the salary of a Telephone Advisor.CAB - Down District 5,000Towards the salary of the Money Advisor.CAB - Fermanagh 5,000Towards the salary of the Disability Advocacy Officer.CAB - Newtownabbey 5,000Towards the salary of a Money Advice Worker.Cairde Teo 4,000Towards the Company Project Manager’s post.Cairn Lodge Amateur Boxing Club 4,400Towards running costs.Camowen Outreach 1,000To purchase equipment.24 Standard grant programmeStandard grant programme 25

Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £Donaghmore Open Door ClubThe majority of women who attend the Open DoorClub are widowed and live on their own. They reallylook forward to coming along to the club each weekand it provides them with the opportunity to havea good chat. The members all participate in each ofthe activities be it ‘Cooking for One’ or line dancing,they are keen to get involved.Kathleen DonaghyTreasurer, Donaghmore Open Door ClubCamowen Partnership Trust 4,000To purchase equipment and additional rent costs.Cara- Friend 5,000To support volunteer training costs.The Cara Rose Trust 5,000Towards an Administration Officer’s post.Carers UK (Carers Northern Ireland) 3,500Towards the cost of setting up an Advice Line.Carnlough Community Association 3,000Towards the salary of an Administration Assistant.Carrickfergus Community Drugand Alcohol Advisory Group 5,000Towards rent.Castle Community Association 2,500To assist with running costs and a fun day.Castle Kidz 1,000Towards rent, a visit to the fruit farm and equipment.Castlereagh Amateur Boxing Club 4,295To purchase equipment.Challenge for Youth 5,000Challenge for Youth core costs.Children with Cystic Fibrosis Dream Holidays 1,000Towards providing a 1 week respite break fora CF family from Northern Ireland.Church of Ireland Boardfor Social Responsibility 4,450To promote two of the services - Next Stepand Fertility Counselling Service NI.The Church’s Ministry of Healing: The Mount 2,500Towards the salary of the Counselling Manager.Cinemagic Limited 2,000Towards the Cine Belfast Jury Programme.Clogher Valley Rugby Football Club 2,000To purchase equipment.Cloona Child Contact Services 5,000Towards the Contact service.Clooney Soccer School 4,400Towards rent.Cloughskelt Rural & Cultural Association 982To purchase chairs, tables and a PA system.Club United 4,000Towards rent for the Out of Schools Club.Coleraine & District Samaritans 4,000Towards maintaining the current publicity andtraining programmes.Compassion Ministries 3,000Towards the course fees and tutor costsof the Transform project.The Compassionate Friends 3,000To provide counselling sessions for parents.Conway Education Centre 5,000Towards a server and computer maintenance costs.Corpus Christi Amateur Boxing Club 3,000To purchase equipment.Craigavon Travellers Support Committee 5,000To support the core costs of the FamilySupport Project.Creed Ireland Limited 5,000Towards core costs.Creggan Church of Ireland Parish 1,800Towards course costs.Crossfire Trust 4,000Towards respraying the Mega Mobile.Crown Jesus Ministries 2,000Towards the salary of the Klass Kids Co-ordinator.Cunamh 2,250To provide counselling.Damask Community Outreach 4,000Towards providing an Advice Drop-in service.Dennett Interchange 4,000Towards the salary of the Co-ordinatorof Older Peoples’ Services.Derry Healthy Cities (DHC) 4,200Mind Your Mental Health -Breaking Down the Barriers.Derrykeighan District Community Association 3,500To provide activities and support core costs.Standard grant programme 27

Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £Dialogue for Diversity 4,000To support the Migrant Support Service.Donagh ‘Wee Folk’ Playschool 1,000Towards rent, light and heat costs.Donaghmore Open Door Club 1,000To provide a dance tutor, refreshmentsand the end of programme live band.Dundrum Cross Community Playgroup 1,000Towards core costs.Dungannon and District Community Transport 5,000To support the costs of a Passenger Assistant.Dungoyne Boys Football Club 5,000To provide IFA coach training, equipment andfacility hire.Enagh Youth Forum 5,000Towards the salary of the Youth PeerSupport Worker.Engage With Age 5,000Towards running costs.Erne U3A 2,050To support the Erne U3A Choir.Galbally Youth & Community Association 3,600To provide weekly dance classes and monthlydance events.Gilford Community Club 3,500Towards refurbishment costs.Gingerbread NI 5,000Towards salary and core costs.GLOW 1,350For room hire, facilitation and refreshments.Goal Line Youth Trust 5,000Towards salary costs.GRACE Women’s Development Limited 3,330Towards the salaries of the AdministrativeAssistant and Childcare Assistant.Holy Trinity Centre 4,800Towards the Holy Trinity Counselling Service.Holywood Football Club 850Towards coach training costs.Home Start - Ards, Comber & Peninsula Area 4,000Family Groups at Jubilee Road, Newtownardsand Greyabbey.Dove House Community Trust 5,000Towards rent, heat and light.Down Community Arts 3,040To provide a facilitator and production costs.Downpatrick Group Scouting Ireland 4,000Towards the Development Officer’s post.Drake Music Project Northern Ireland 4,170Towards the full costs associated with one ensemblewithin the Tunes for Teens LIVE! programme.Drumduff & DrumnakillyCommunity Association 2,000To support tutor fee costs.Drumellan Community Association 5,000Towards the Development Officer’s salary.Drumgor Detached Youth Work Project 5,000Towards the salary of the FinancialAdministrative Support Worker.Dunclug Partnership 3,260Towards the community concert and dinner.Dunlewey Substance Advice Centre 2,658Printing of essential literature.Dunnaman Children’s Centre 3,500Towards the salary of the part-timeAfterschool’s Worker.East Belfast CommunityDevelopment Agency 3,000To provide 2 Preventing Suicide in theCommunity training programmes.East Belfast Partnership 3,000To provide arts activities to disadvantaged people.Ederney Community Development Trust 3,000Towards salary costs.The Edge 5,000Towards the salary of the Youth Worker.Elizabeth Finn Care 5,000The Turn2us Project.Employers for Childcare 4,000Towards staff costs for the outreach service.Enable NI 5,000Towards the Project Director’s salary.Eskra Childcare Ltd 2,500To install a CCTV System.Family Care Society 5,000Towards salary costs.Farranshane Community Trust 4,000Towards electricity costs.Feeny Community Association 3,000Towards the salary of the Project Co-ordinator.First Steps Women’s Centre 5,000To purchase computers.Fit 4 U Newry & Mourne Club 1,000Towards a team building day for Fit 4 UNewry and Mourne Club Committee.Foyle Down Syndrome Trust 4,000Towards the salary of the Administrator.Foyle Sign Language Centre 2,000Towards the drop in centre costs.Foyle Women’s Aid 4,300Towards the polytunnel project.Glasswater Pre-School Playgroup 500To purchase stationery and equipment.Glebe Cross CommunityDevelopment Association 3,500Towards the youth facilitator costs.Glenanne, Loughgilly and MountnorrisCommunity Development Association 720Towards carrying out a community audit.Glenariff Improvement Group 2,500Towards the Glenariff Out and AboutLuncheon Club Project.Glenarm Community Preschool 750Towards rent costs.Glengormley Amateur Boxing Club (ABC) 3,500To support the Junior Boxing Programme andclub development.The Glens Community Association 3,500Towards running and programme costs.Glenward CommunityDevelopment Association 5,000Towards the Administrators salary.Greater Shankill Sports Committee 4,380Towards the Kicking Together project.Greater Shantallow Community Arts 5,000‘Art Reaching Communities’ project forcommunity inclusion through the arts.Greysteel Community Association 4,000Towards the salary of the Centre Administrator.Greysteel Parent and Toddler Group 560Toward running costs.Grove Community Playgroup 1,000To purchase equipment.Headway Belfast 5,000Towards rent costs.Helping Hands Autism Support Group 3,000To purchase resources, books and iPad apps.Holy Family Golden GlovesAmateur Boxing Club 3,499To purchase equipment.Holy Family Youth Centre 4,000Towards the OCN Accredited Aspiration Project.Home Start - North Belfast 5,000To recruit and train volunteers and supportrunning costs.Home Start - Banbridge 5,000Volunteer recruitment, training and support.Home Start - North Down 5,000Towards the salary of the Outreach Worker’s salary.Homeplus NI Ltd 5,000To support core costs and sessional workers.Indian Senior Citizens Club 2,000For the ‘Stronger Links’ Project.Infertility Network UK 2,000Towards the Patient Information Dayin Northern Ireland.Jigsaw Community Counselling Centre 5,000To help deliver the mentoring project.Jigsaw Northern Ireland 2,753To support the Boccia Programme.Junction Club 2,545Towards tutor costs and materials.28 Standard grant programmeStandard grant programme 29

Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £Kabosh 3,000Towards the community engagement elementof the project.The Kairos Centre 3,000To support the Get Fit Get P.H.A.TGirls Programme.Kids Together West Belfast 4,000Towards the salary of a Support Worker.Kilcooley Allotments Ltd 5,089Towards the salary of the Horticulturalist.Kilcooley Women’s Education& Development Group 4,500To help provide the Life Skills Project.Kilcronaghan Community Association 4,000To purchase equipment for the community facility.Kilkeel Community Association 4,000Towards the salary of the CommunityDevelopment Co-ordinator.Killyleagh Early Years Parent/Toddler Group 1,000Towards rent of the Bridge Centre.Killyleagh Early Years Playgroup 1,000Towards rent of the Bridge Centre.Knockmore Community Association 4,000To support the Knockmore Community Initiative.Larne Inver Park Social Kids 800To deliver the arts project.Leafair Community Association 3,000Towards the Healthy Eating, Cook It andGrow Your Own programmes for men.Learning to Grow 4,500Towards the costs of a Horticultural Therapist.Ledley Hall Boys & Girls Club 3,000Towards the Leadership Training Programme.Lesbian Advocacy ServicesInitiative (LASI) 2,500To support the Lesbian and Bisexual Women’sMentoring Programme.Lettershandoney &District Development Group 5,000Towards gap salary costs for the Development Worker.Lifestart Foundation 5,000To purchase a photocopier and booklet maker.Ligoniel Amateur Boxing Club 3,500To provide the Fitness First project.Ligoniel Family Centre 4,974Towards the salary of the Youth SupportWorker for the 7-11 Project.Lincoln Court Youth andCommunity Association 5,000Towards the salary of the full time Youth Worker.The Link Family and Community Centre 4,000Towards the Director’s salary.Lisanally and Alexander Project 4,500Towards core costs.Lisanelly Regeneration Group 2,000Towards core costs.Lisburn Downtown Centre 5,000Towards the Co-ordinator’s salary.Listening And Talking Can Help (LATCH) 5,000The Youth Support Services.Little Orchids Childrens Centre 2,300To provide training, travel and supportsubsistence costs.Little Rainbows Early Years 400To purchase musical instruments andmusic resources.Little Rascals Playgroup 500To purchase art resources.Living Rivers Trust 5,500Towards the salary of the Kitchen Supervisor.Loughinisland Over 55 CrossCommunity Forum Committee 560Loughinisland older people social programme.Loughshore Care Partnership 3,000To provide volunteer training.Lower Castledawson Community Association 2,000Towards core costs.MACS Supporting Young People 5,000To support the MACS Mentoring programme.Maiden City Soccer Academy 3,000Towards facility hire.30 Standard grant programme processPhoto: Ballymena Family and Photo: Addicts Alphabet Support Playgroup GroupStandard grant programme 31

Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £ Organisation grant Amount £Maiden Voyage (NI) Ltd 3,000Towards the Plant & Hope YouthOutreach Programme.Mediation Northern Ireland 2,500Towards the employability skills project.Men’s Action Network 3,600To purchase new equipment.Millburn Community Association 3,400Towards the Millburn Intergenerational Project.Millisle Youth Forum 4,000Towards rent.Milltown Area Community Association 1,872Towards core costs and line dancing.Moira Friendship Group 2,000Towards the Support Worker’s salary.The Molly and Mia Foundation 4,000Towards an Administrative Assistant post.Moneyglass Community Centre 2,620To replace curtains.Moneyreagh Parent & Toddler Group 490Towards rent.Monkstown Village Initiatives 4,000Towards the Youth Development Worker’s salary.Mount Saint Catherine’s Out of School Club 3,000Towards the Assistant Leader’s salary.Movenis Area Community Association 1,925To purchase and install a gate.Moving on Music Ltd 2,500Towards the New Music for LondonderryBands project.Music Theatre for Youth 3,000Towards the Aim High Project.Mustard Seeds 2,010To support core costs, volunteer expenses andrefreshments.Myasthenia Gravis Association 5,000Towards the salary of the Regional Organiser.Naiscoil Neachtain Dungiven 1,000To purchase outdoor play equipment.National Deaf Children’s Society 4,043Towards the salary of the Family Officer.New Belfast Community Arts Initiative 5,000To support the community artsworkshop programme.New Horizons Partnership 5,000Towards the Growing and Healthy Eating project.New Lodge & Duncairn CommunityHealth Partnership 4,000To provide facilitation, venue and supporttransport costs.New Lodge Arts 5,000Towards salary costs for the YouthLeadership Programme.Newry & Mourne Carers Limited 4,000Strategic Planning and ManagementDevelopment Programme.Newry Muay Thai 3,500To purchase new equipment.Newry Rainbow Community 2,000Towards the Newry PRIDE parade, concert andfamily outdoor entertainment.Newtownabbey Senior Citizens Forum 4,000Towards the salary of the Administrator.Newtownabbey Women’s Group 3,581To support facilitation costs, materials anda residential.Newtownbutler Playgroup 1,500Towards core costs.NI Holistic Outreach Project 3,000Towards core costs.NICHS Limited 4,167To support the Cross Community Trainingand Social Project.North Belfast Interface Network 4,000Towards salaries and core costs.North Down Advice Centre 4,000To provide single identity workshops andsupport core costs.North Down and Ards Women’s Aid 5,000Towards the salary of the AssessmentSupport Worker.North Down Community Assistance 4,000Towards running costs.North West Play Resource Centre Ltd 2,000To support the cost of registration, OCNverification and performance direction costs.Northern Ireland Alternatives 5,000Towards core costs.Northern Ireland CommunityAddiction Services Ltd 5,420Towards administrative support.Northern Ireland Newpin 2,120To provide facilitation and course materials.Northern Ireland Unionof Supported Employment 5,000Towards the promotion of SupportedEmployment to Disadvantaged groups.Northern Walking Partnership 2,500Towards the walking project in West Belfast.Northstar Basketball Club 4,000To purchase equipment and support core costs.O4O Cookstown Ltd 4,500To install security lights and intercoms.Ocean Youth Trust Northern Ireland Limited 4,100The Sail to Success project.Omagh Ethnic Communities Support Group 2,500Towards the International Friendship Club.Omagh Forum for Rural Associations 2,252To provide training sessions.Omagh Volunteer Centre 4,500Shopmobility Omagh & District.Open Arts 4,000Towards the salary of the Development Officer.Oxford United Football Club 2,000Towards the Youth Development Programme.Paddington Playgroup 1,000To improve the outdoor play area.Patchwork (Ireland) 2,500Towards the core costs of the 2nd Chance project.Patrician Youth Centre 5,000Towards the Out of School Learning andHoliday Plus Programme and Late NiteDiversionary Programme.The PBC Foundation 3,000To cover venue hire for workshops and supportgroups in Northern Ireland and printing of literature.Phoenix ADHD Project 2,500To purchase and support a software package.Phoenix Basketball Club 3,000Towards rent.PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland 5,000Towards the Care Team service.Polish Association Northern Ireland 4,000To support the set up of the Polish Volunteer Centre.Pomeroy Preschool Playgroup 3,500Towards afterschool staff costs.Pomeroy Resource Group 5,000Towards the salary of a Development Worker.Portadown Elim Pentecostal Church 5,000Towards the Project Co-ordinator’s salary.Portglenone Enterprise Group 4,500To support the Portglenone Green Gym project.The Pregnancy Resource Centre 3,696Towards the Male Development Programme.Preventing Addiction Larne 3,100Towards the rent costs of a dedicated centrein Larne.Prison Arts Foundation 3,000Towards Visual Art Workshops for femaleson probation.Project Ballynahinch 5,000Towards the post of the Co-ordinator.Public Achievement 4,000To support the Beyond the Margins project.Race Against Multiple Sclerosis 5,000Towards the salary of the nurse.Rascals N’ Ruffians Playgroup 500To purchase new equipment.Rasharkin Community Playgroup 400To purchase a trike and double trike.32 Standard grant programmeStandard grant programme 33

09.Commmunity GrantProgramme process (Formerly known as the Standard Grant Programme)01. Pre-Application Phase02. Assessment Phase03. Decision & Post-Decision Phase04. Evaluation (12 months later)> From April 2013 all applications to theCommunity Grant Programme will bemade online. Supporting documentsto help you complete the form areavailable once you register or can bedownloaded from the CommunityGrant Programme section of ourwebsite. These include: Guidelinesfor Applicants, Advice on completingthe Form, Monitoring and EvaluationFactsheet and Supporting> For advice or assistance please callor email the Foundation Office.> Applications received are checkedfor completeness and eligibility.> The Assessor may contact you bytelephone or personal visit to discussthe application.> The Assessor’s report is presented tothe Assessment Team, including theExecutive Director.> The Team agrees a recommendation.> Three Trustees consider theapplications, along with TeamRecommendations at the pre-Board,Review Committee Meeting.> The applications and recommendationsare then considered at the BoardMeeting.> Letters advising of the applicationsoutcomes are sent to all groups within7 days.> Successful applicants will be asked tosubmit signed Terms and Conditions,upon which a cheque will be released.However, if the Trustees require youto meet a condition, payment will bedelayed until the requirement hasbeen satisfied.> You will need to submit anEvaluation Form.> You may receive an evaluationvisit from a member of theFoundation Team.> 12 months from the date ofapplication, you can re-applyto the Foundation.36 Standard grant programme processPhoto: Donaghmore Open Door ClubCOMMUNITY grant programme process 37

Lighthouse HostelPrimarily the Lighthouse is a temporarysupported accommodation for up to 20 men, mostof whom have mental health and addiction issues.It is important that our client base have the benefit ofnutritious and healthy food on a consistent daily basis.Funding from the Lloyds TSB Foundation has allowed usto have a trained chef in-house. As part of the fundingclients are taught basic food hygiene and preparationof healthy meals within a budget which will aidthem when they are living independently.I would like to thank the Lloyds TSB Foundationfor their support of our work.Mark Forsythe, Project Manager11.TRUSTEES’ STATEMENT &INDEPENDENT AUDITORS’ REPORTTrustees’ statement on the summaryfinancial statements for the year ended31 December 2012The summarised financial statements are not the fullannual report and financial statements but a summaryof information derived from both the Foundation’sStatement of Financial Activities and the Balance Sheet.The full financial statements, from which the summarisedfinancial statements are derived, were approved by theTrustees on 12 March 2013 and copies have been filedwith the Registrar of Companies.The independent auditors have issued an unqualifiedreport on the full financial statements and on theconsistency of the Trustees’ Report with those financialstatements.The full annual report and financial statements areavailable from the Company Secretary, Lloyds TSBFoundation for Northern Ireland, 14 Cromac Place,Gasworks, Belfast, BT7 2JB.By order of the BoardMrs Patricia BailieChairman12 March 2013Independent auditors’ report to Lloyds TSBFoundation for Northern IrelandWe have examined the summarised financial statementswhich comprise the Statement of Financial Activities(incorporating Income and Expenditure Account) andBalance Sheet.Respective responsibilities of trustees and auditorsThe Trustees are responsible for preparing thesummarised financial statements in accordance withapplicable United Kingdom law and in accordance withthe recommendations of the Charities SORP.Our responsibility is to report to you our opinion onthe consistency of the summarised financial statementswith the full annual financial statements and the Trustees’Report, and its compliance with the relevant requirementsof section 427 of the Companies Act 2006 and theregulations made thereunder.This statement, including the opinion, has beenprepared for and only for the trust’s members as a bodyin accordance with section 427 of the Companies Act2006 and for no other purpose. We do not, in givingthis opinion, accept or assume responsibility for anyother purpose or to any other person to whom thisstatement is shown or into whose hands it may comesave where expressly agreed by our prior consentin writing.We conducted our work in accordance with Bulletin2008/3 issued by the Auditing Practices Board. Ourreport on the trust’s full annual financial statementsdescribes the basis of our audit opinion on thosefinancial statements and the Trustees’ report.OpinionIn our opinion the summarised financial statementsare consistent with the full annual financial statementsand the Trustees’ Report of Lloyds TSB Foundation forNorthern Ireland for the year ended 31 December 2012and comply with the applicable requirements of section428 of the Companies Act 2006, and the regulationsmade thereunder.Martin Pitt (Senior Statutory Auditor)For and on behalf of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLPChartered Accountants and Registered AuditorsBelfast12 March 2013TRUSTEES’ STATEMENT & INDEPENDENT AUDITORS’ REPORT 41

photography: design: TSB Foundation for Northern Ireland2nd Floor, 14 Cromac Place, The Gasworks, Belfast BT7 2JBTel 028 9032 3000 Fax 028 9032 3200Email info@lloydstsbfoundationni.orgwww.lloydstsbfoundationni.orgStandard grant programme process 44

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