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About Thicken It Studios

THICKEN IT STUDIOS and its #1 “Truly Seamless TM Hair Extensions” product has successfully been developed after 20

years of experience in the industry. Truly Seamless Hair Extensions TM are the first and only “Fully Seamless” hair extensions

on the market today using the highest quality hair available.

Truly Seamless TM uses a patented proprietary tape system that is like NO OTHER TAPE SYSTEM available ANYWHERE. The

Truly Seamless system offers full support from the top and bottom of the hair which ensures that no tension breakage occurs

with a method that lasts up to 3 months, is damage free, easy to remove and promotes healthy hair from start to finish.

What sets Truly Seamless TM Hair Extensions above the rest:

• Lasts for 12-14 weeks without having to replace them

• Truly Seamless Hair does NOT tangle, dry out or matte up

• Application requires NO TOOLS or HEAT

• 30 minute application time

• 20 minute removal (shampoo them out)

• 12 colors to choose from (view color gallery)

Thicken It Studios has also developed other products that have shown

great success:

Ultra Seamless Clip-On’s: great for fine and thinning people. Our “Ultra Seamless”

clip-on’s are fun and easy to apply,,, and are so thin, you cannot even feel them in your

hair. Just minutes to apply and you can cut them to match your own hairstyle.

In’Between: great for in between shampoos and for oily hair or after the gym, tanning

ect…plus add 10 times the volume to your hair.

Thicken It 100% Scalp Coverage: This product is great for covering unwanted bald

spots, thinning areas or 100% gray coverage for in between coloring.

Hair Now: Designed for those individuals that have thinning or balding hair.

Before After

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Ultra Seamless Clip-On’s (5 Piece Volume Packs)

For Fine or Thinning Hair

Truly Seamless Clip-On’s are for fine and thinning people. Our “Ultra Seamless” clip-on’s are

fun and easy to apply,,, and are so thin, you cannot even feel them in your hair. Just minutes to

apply and you can cut them to match your own hairstyle. These simple to use clip-on’s are perfect

for adding some volume to your hair or even building back your own hairline in seconds. The

micro-clips snap on and off making Truly Seamless Clip-On’s the sensible choice for women who

have fine and/or thinning hair.

Thicken It


Hair Volumizer/Deodorizer

In’Between is a hair shampoo that volumizes (without the wetness).

This product is great for fine hair, oily hair, gives 10 x’s the

volume and also serves as a hair deodorizer.

In’Between will give you that freshly showered look and smell, and it will also give your hair 10x’s the

volume. In’Between contains All Natural ingredients and In’Between does not contain


Contact Us Today to find out more about how In’Between can change the way you wash and maintain

your hair the healthy way.

100% Grey Coverage

More than 70% of the population is losing their head hair, and it’s not only men. Women lose hair on the top of their head as hair

thins out naturally. We now have a product that fills in those bothersome areas.

“Thicken It” is an all natural product for fine or thinning hair that helps cover the scalp. It is a cotton fiber that is infused with color

(pigment) that does not come out of the hair till you shampoo. Thicken It is talc-free and gives 100% gray coverage. It is great for

filling in calics, or perfect for those in between color times.

Thicken It is like nothing you have ever used, simple, fast, and undetectable. Thicken It

gives great 100% gray or unwanted color between coloring your hair.

Does not come off on your pillow, able to swim and no crayons or mascara style covering

that simply does not do the trick. And Thicken It never looks like the spray on hair that

you have seen on TV and other products on the market, it is very natural. Great to fill in

those unwanted calics (separation in the hair )


For less of application use a dry sponge, for more coverage dampen the sponge and apply

to scalp or hair.

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Thicken It Application

How Thicken It works...

Hair thickeners... Thicken It colors your scalp to match your hair color. It also coats and thickens thin hairs, making them stand up and spread

out for maximum fullness. No product in the world can make your hair look this thick and full. Thicken It works instantly for men and women of any skin

color, hair color or hair type...

Safe for hair growth... Thicken It is loaded with emollients and botanicals. Emollients are moisturizers that soften and protect your skin. Botanicals

are natural ingredients derived directly from plants. Thicken It contains only safe colorants and no hair dye. The topical formula will never interfere

with your hair’s growth and you can use Thicken It with Rogaine, Propecia or transplanted hair.

Easy application... Just rub it on. Thicken It is applied with a damp applicator to color the area quickly and evenly. Brush it through to coat thin

hairs with thickening agents. Let it dry. Give a good thorough brushing and watch your hair puff up thick and full. You get step by step instructions and free

replacement applicators whenever you need them.

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Thicken It Application

Natural hairline... The EZ Grip, EZ Reach applicators give you precise control. If you’re thin along the front hairline, apply the color back behind

the hairline and use a dry applicator to fade the color forward. This gives you a perfect, natural hairline. Dry application can also give you the “5 o’clock

shadow” look for super-short hair, beards and bald areas.

Swim, sweat or brush... Thicken It stays on so well you can scuba-dive. The diver shown here is wearing Dark Brown. Don’t try this with

sprays or sprinkle concealers. They can come right off if you brush or bend over. All cosmetics transfer if you rub directly into them. Thicken It launders off

linens if needed. A color coordinated, satin pillow case works great with Thicken It. Any shampoo removes it completely.

Costs you less money... Thicken It is a solid, hard-packed powdered formula that lasts a long time. On average, our customers order one disc

every 8 months. Spray, sprinkle and cream concealers don’t last nearly as long and they will cost you much more to use.

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Patent # 6161554

Full Stiched Wigs:

Brown Eyebrows:

Light Neiffi - 001

Shannell brow - 002

Blonde Eyebrows:

Ginger brow- 003

Diara brow - 004

Light Brown Eyebrows:

Light Simone - 005

Elaine brow - 006

Dark Eyebrows:

Dark Sophia - 007

Angela brow - 008

Brows Fly Girl

Megan - 011

Alburn Eyebrows:

Trinity brow - 009

Gina brow - 010

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Patent # 6161554

Full Stiched Wigs:

TIS Eyebrows are removable tattoos applied to the skin with water in about 60 seconds. They are semi-permanent, can last for days and are mad

with safe vegetable dyes. TIS Eyebrows are an innovated and affordable product that is designed to replace eyebrow pencils and powders.

Application Instructions:

1. Cut and Separate on pair of tattoo eyebrows. Then

remove the transparent film.

3. Once eyebrows are in desired position, press firmly

with a wet washcloth or sponge for 60 seconds.

2. Position both tattoos on the brow area with the tattoos

against the skin; using the reverse side image as a guide.

4. Peel transfer paper away, let dry and gently wash brows

with soapy water to remove any excess adhesive.

To remove eyebrows, you can use baby oil or makeup removal pads.

For more information & products, please visit

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Hair Now

For thinning or balding clients

Hair Now is Thicken It Studios’ line of hair solutions for men and women alike. Hair Now was

designed for those individuals that have thinning or balding hair and the hair is re-useable.

Hair Now is great for achieving that coverage for men in the widow’s peak area or the thinning

or bald areas on the back of the head. When used in conjunction with our Truly Seamless

Extensions line, Hair Now can give you long healthy beautiful looking hair today. Hair Now is

Re-usable up to 3 applications.

Hair Now comes in several styles and colors and is applied to the scalp and then cut to fit your style, lasting 6-8 weeks. Contact Us

Today to find out more about how you can achieve long healthy looking hair in less than 30 minutes!!!

10” Large Topper - Silky Straight

Our large closures, designed to be clipped or weaved onto the top portion of the

head, are made from 100% high-quality human remi hair.

The skin base is see-through, breathable, and 5”X6” size in oval shape. It can be

used as a side part, on the crown, cover thin areas, or to make bangs. The parting

area blends in with the rest of the hair extensions to add ability to wear parts, so

that increases the number of hairstyles possible.

Silky Straight texture is ideal for those who desire a sleek, straight look. It is a

very low maintenance style. It can also be curled for more body or for a different


• Large topper is used for full coverage for the top of the head, the front,

can be clipped on or bonded to the scalp.

12”-14” Small Lace Front Topper - Silky Straight

Our closures, designed to be clipped or weaved onto the top portion of the head,

are made from 100% top quality human remi hair.

3”x4” oval shape base with optional clips on.

• Small topper can be used anywhere on the head, mainly to fill in the

crown area. This can also be clipped on or bonded to the scalp

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Hair Now

For thinning or balding clients

Mens Unit

Lace Front Wig

7”x9” Men’s Unit

Our men’s stock units are designed to have an undetectable natural hair line,

while having numerous attachment options ensuring a secure long lasting system.

Men’s systems consists of a variety of color and grey blends.

• Men’s unit is used for top coverage and usually applied to thinning or

balding men. This application doesn’t require shaving. Bonded to the scalp.

14” Lace Front Wig

*Interchangeable extra lace included

• Chemo cap this is used when someone is losing their hair or heavy thinning

hair full coverage

Tomorrows Hair Solutions Today!

Hair Now


Application for Hair Now

The Toppers:

Do Not Shave Clients hair for this Process:

1. Clarify the clients hair and dry completely

2. Cut excess lace away from the top piece

and make sure not to cut into the lace

that the hair is attached to on the topper,

it will shed. Hair Now comes 3 inch, 4

inch, and 5 inch diameters. Hair Now is

great for thinning clients who need hair

on the top of the head. This allows the

client to feel as though it’s NOT like a

toupee or wig and is reusable and weight


3. Using the double sided tape, remove one

side and apply to the underneath of the

topper. Once applied, remove the other

side of the tape and using the UltraBond

Liquid Tape, apply generously to the

tape and topper.

4. Place front into place or where ever application


a. if the crown area, start either with the front down and press into place.

5. Hair Now will last for 6 weeks and can be reused and charged for replacement time.

Removal of Hair Now:

1. Spray a generous amount of remover to the edge of the tape system, starting in the front of the hairline and peel

back slowly until removed.

2. then shampoo both the client and the topper. Dry both and follow the application process to re-apply.

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“Fully Seamless”

Hair Extensions

Tomorrows Hair Solutions Today!






“Fully Seamless”

Hair Extensions

Tomorrows Hair Solutions Today!


Make sure that hair is clean and

free from oils and conditioner at the scalp.

1. Make a clean part and clip the loose hair above the part using a clip.

2. Remove liner from the side you want to face down , if using a mix color, make

sure to have the correct color facing outward.

3. Place onto hair about 1/8” below the part(KEEP OFF HAIRLINE AND EARS), for

mobility. Squeeze hair into place.

4. Remove second liner, holding the edge of the tape, press up with your finger

in the center and peel off liner from the center outward. NOTE: if using the

liquid tape, paint directly on the tape then drop a small amount of hair over

the tape and press together firmly.

5. Follow steps 1-4 around the head.

6. You can cut the 3” pieces into halves and use to even fill in your bang area.

7. Cut and style


Cutting and Blending


1. Start by spraying on the top and bottom of

the extensions. Allow the solution to stay on

hair for at least 20 minutes then slide extension

strip out of the hair.

2. If sticky after shampoo, add more remover

and squeeze the residue out apply as much as


Use a sharp hair razor, this is great for blending. If doing a blunt cut with scissors, chip into the ends

for a more natural look.

Tomorrows Hair Solutions Today!

Q & A

Q. How long will the extensions last?

A. 8 to 12 weeks (3months) we recommend our liquid tape for extra hold. This product is latex free. It is the same as our tape, but a

true liquid version. Damage Free.

Q. What type of shampoo and conditioner do I use?

A. We recommend salon products, if store purchased, try Infusium 23. DO NOT apply conditioner directly on the tape. Condition

from mid-shaft to ends.

Q. Will the extensions damage my hair?

A. No. This system put no stress on your hair, it is supported from the top and the bottom of the extension with mobility, it is not

stuck to your scalp.

Q. Will I feel them in my hair?

A. No. The extensions are completely seamless, that means no top or any type of backing.

Q. Does this hair show, if I have thin hair?

A. No. You can fill in your bang area or almost to the top of the head without showing and completely weightless.

Q. What if my hair is broken from highlights?

A. These are great for highlights, let your hair grow out and stay in Great condition.

Q. What if I have healthy hair and doing this for length and color?

A. This is a great way to highlight your hair, place a few foils through the top of the head and use the hair extensions that are the

mixed, closest to your color.

Q. What if I have a blunt cut?

A. Texturize ends before applying Truly Seamless Hair Extensions.

Q. What if after I remove my extensions and shampoo, my hair is a little bit “sticky”?

A. Use the Solvent provided with the extensions and wash your hair with it “squeezing” your hair from the base outward to remove

any of the left excess.

Tomorrows Hair Solutions Today!

Truly Seamless Hair

Extensions Application/Removal

Truly Seamless is now currently comprised of (15) – 3 inch strips per pack with a liner that has no shine. The tape is Thicken it Studios’ patented system and

used with the no shine liner. Each package contains 4oz of hair.

Instructions for applying the Truly Seamless Hair Extensions:

1. Clarify Hair

2. Completely dry hair and flat iron near scalp for clean application

3. Remove any blunt hairlines by using texturizing shears so that when the system is applied the extensions fall and blend with the clients natural


4. Section Hair For the placement desired, ie.

a. If going for length

i. Doubled low below the occipital bone

b. If going for volume

i. Placement of 3 pieces, 1 on each side and one in the back

5. Each part must be a straight part that goes with the natural growth of the hair. (Horizontal)

6. Remover liner from one side of the tape

7. Place strip sticky side towards the head, one-half inch below the horizontal part.

8. Press down into the hair. DO NOT PULL ON HAIR. PRESS INTO HAIR

9. Remove second liner, apply Liquid Tape (moderate amount across the tape).

10. Take a one-half inch section of hair that is clipped up and place over (drop down over) the Tape.

11. Make sure to keep/leave at least 1 inch in between sections to maintain comfort for the client.

12. Always star 1 inch above the ears, and 1 inch back from around the hairline.

13. If building a hair line, do the placement up higher in singles only.

14. For a thicker look around the bottom (base),

a. Double, which is when you place two strips on top of each other together. Place one strip slightly below the other then stick together and

follow the same instructions. Keep the double part below the occipital bone area around the head

Removal of Truly Seamless Extensions:

1. Section hair off and apply solvent to the top and bottom of the taped areas

2. Allow to stay on the hair for 20-25 minutes to break down bond

3. Go back over each tape piece with the solvent and peel off or use a comb and remove the hair away from the tape.

4. Each Pack of hair comes with a 4 oz solvent. This is for removal and cleansing the after residue.

5. After the removal. Apply the rest of the Solvent through the hair and use a clarify shampoo and squeeze residue from hair. Rinse and one more


Tomorrows Hair Solutions Today!



Truly Seamless

Hair Extensions









Mixed Blends

Fun Colors

1” Wide Clip-On’s







Solids Colors

Color Collection




Helpful Hints for Salons

Prepping the hair for your client:

• Remove hair from the package.

• Place your hand under the tape system to ensure that no water penetrates the tape when washing the hair.

• Choose your shampoo or color, whichever one you are doing first.

• Shampoo hair extensions with regular shampoo in lukewarm water, rinse and condition mid-shaft to ends. If coloring is

needed do at this time.

Removal of the extensions system:

• Using the remover/solvent, saturate both the top and bottom of the taped area generously.

• Allow to sit on the hair for a minimum of 20 minutes. After 20 minutes go back and re-saturate the hair again at the tape

system,,, and begin massaging your fingers at the tape.

• When ready, you will be able to massage the hair off of the tape.

• By using a rattail comb, it makes it easier to lift the hair off of the tape and to remove the clients hair from the tape fast and

easy. Also using your fingers to massage the hair and tape will assist you in removing the extension.

• Depending on how long the client has worn the system, you can also slide the system directly out of the hair once the tape

has been broken down enough.

• Once all the hair extension is removed, using the rest of the remover in the hair and using your hands to literally

“SQUEEZE” out any leftover residue from the base of the clients hair to the end.

• It is important to remove all of the residue from the clients head so that the hair will not be sticky. We recommend that you

use the CLEANER which you would apply directly over the remover and use the “SQUEEZE” method.

• Lastly do two (2) clarifying shampoos with either method and be sure to comb any of the hair that was trapped in the taped

area out, condition, dry and reapply.

Tomorrows Hair Solutions Today!

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