ICEHOTEL 13/14 Guest designers - Kiruna

ICEHOTEL 13/14 Guest designers - Kiruna

ICEHOTEL ART SUITEGUEST DESIGNERS2013/14Illustrator: Ingemar AlmerosBACKGROUNDIn April, ICEHOTEL made an open call for art suite design proposals for nextrendition of the hotel. About 200 applications were submitted. These are the selected10 who are invited to join the art symposium in November and create their designs usingonly Torne River ice as their material.

ART SUITE: MIND THE GAPMarcus DillistoneABOUT THE ARTISTMarcus Dillistone is a Royal PremieredBritish film director who produced his firstfilm at the age of 12. But to his CV he canalso add Associate Producer Music for theAthens 2004 Olympic Opening and ClosingCeremonies. In 2011 he built thehumorous suite Frigid Dare at ICEHOTEL.

ART SUITE: UP THERELuc Voisin & Mathieu BrisonABOUT THE ARTISTSLuc Voisin, landscape architect andinterior designer, loving every aspect of thecreative jobs, he successfully worked as alandscape architect, interior designer andset designer for events. Recently hereceived his education as an animal trainerfor movies and in 2012 came his firstSébastien Lastyear Voisin cowithMarie Debloq.After a law degree in a Lyon university,Mathieu Brison studied at the SpecialSchool of Architecture in Paris. Brison hasbeen working many years with Set Designand events and in 2008 he was the projectmanager for the exhibition TEAM 10 at theCité de LÁrchitecture & du Patrimoine inParis.

ART SUITE: WHISPER INTO THESOLID LENSEMark Szulgit & Brooke ErdmanABOUT THE ARTISTSMark Szulgit is an architect and designer from New York. He believes in andfully supports the legitimacy of snow and ice as building materials. This pastyear he celebrated his ninth straight Christmas in Jukkasjärvi.

ART SUITE: YOUR GLANCEJosé Carlos Cabello MillánABOUT THE ARTISTWith a background in fine artsand specialism within sculpting,Millán is a multi-award winningartist and has been participatingin exhibitions and internationalart symposiums globally since1994. Last winter Millan builtthe art suite Rain of Memories atICEHOTEL.

ART SUITE: BEFORE THE BIG BANGRob & Timsam HardingABOUT THE ARTISTSRob Harding and Timsam Harding are thedynamic father-son team from Malaga, Spain.Rob, originally from England, has had a lifelongcareer as an accomplished sculptor. This is nothas participated in snow sculpture competitionsin Japan, Finland, Italy, Germany and Sweden.Timsam recently finished his studies majoring inart and film. This will be their third suite atICEHOTEL.

ART SUITE: POLE DANCINGChristine & Natalie CloseABOUT THE ARTISTSHaving initially trained in photography,Christine Close started sculpting many yearsago. She is now established as a figurativesculptor working mainly with animal forms.Close portrays the character of each animaland transforms it into clay. The sculpturecan then be cast in bronze, resin, cement,glass or whatever best fits the form. Close iscurrently working from France andundertakes commissions privately or forpublic places. She has sculptures onpermanent display in the UK and in privatecollections worldwide.Natalie Close is a qualified VisualAnthropologist living and working in Tokyo,Japan. She has conducted several researchprojects on the art of East Asia, SoutheastAsia and West Africa. She is also engagedin making a film about a local communityfestival, which she hopes to enter into filmfestivals upon completion.

ART SUITE: TIME WARPSJens Dyvik & Yoad David LuxembourgABOUT THE ARTISTSJens Dyvik is a designer specialized in global collaboration and localmanufacturing. He works with emotional connections between people andproducts, and aims to create services and products that help make thoseconnections meaningful. In April 2013 Dyvik concluded a two year research worldtour, where he worked at open collaborative workspaces on all corners of the world.He is currently establishing a FabLab in Oslo, which he will run next to his designstudio.Yoad David Luxembourg places hisattention on crossing disciplinaryborders and engaging boundaries.His work, interdisciplinary, is anelaborate mixture of philosophy,psychology, photography and themany fields of art and design.Graduating with honors in 2004,with his pioneering approach todesign, followed by master studies,Luxembourg is one of Holland'smost promising design/fashiontalents. Currently a PhD student atthe faculty of Fine Arts in Porto,David is researchingmultidisciplinary activity anduniversal structures in design.

Karl-Johan Ekeroth & Christian StrömqvistABOUT THE ARTISTSEkeroth is a Swedish artist based inGothenburg and with a background inSwedish and Japanese design studies.Ekeroth has been involved with ICEHOTELfor several years and has also doneexternal projects in the past with JensThoms Ivarsson, Director of Design andStrategy at ICEHOTEL. Recently Ekerothhas worked with concept design for IKEAand Röhsska Museet in Gothenburg.Strömqvist and Ekeroth met during theirstudies at Högskolan för Design ochKonsthantverk (HDK) in Gothenburg,Sweden. With a background in broaderdesign studies, Strömqvist specialises inchild culture design and has together withEkeroth seen through various projects andproducts. Strömqvist has also spent sometime in Japan and together with Ekerothand Thoms Ivarsson he took home silver inthe prestigious Sapporo InternationalSnow Sculpture Contest in 2012.

ART SUITE: FROZTY FLOWERNatsuki Saito & Shingo SaitoABOUT THE ARTISTSNatsuki Saito is a designer and architectwho first came across working with ice asan art material 14 years ago in Hokkaido,Japan. Today, Saito is the creativedirector for Lake Shikaribetsu IglooVillage, and continues to challenge andstretch the limits of the possibilities andexpressions of ice.Shingo Saito is an ice sculptor andexperience, now chief builder at LakeShikaribetsu Igloo Village, Japan.Natsuki and Shingo designed The Flower

ART SUITE: ICED ORIGAMIGretchen Alexander & Melanie PetersABOUT THE ARTISTSContemporary architect GretchenAlexander runs her own design firmNDesign GmbH with offices in Italy andAustria. Originally from California, shedraws inspiration from having lived abroadfor many years.Architect and interior designer MelaniePeters was born in NRW, Germany, but nowwork with Alexander on projects in Austriaand Italy. Their projects involve everythingfrom hotels and private villas torestorations of listed buildings andmonuments.

ART SUITE: CLASSICALLena Kriström & Camilla BergmanABOUT THE ARTISTSLena Kriström is a Swedish sculptor andhave worked with ICEHOTEL on variousprojects over the years. Kriström usuallysculpts in stone or magnetite, some ofwhich are displayed in and around thehotel. She has studied Italian sculptingtraditions, which has been the inspirationfor this classical roman suite.Kriström and Camilla Bergman met duringtheir design studies. Bergman is based insouthern Sweden, but her work isdisplayed in various places around thecountry. Her work spans sculpting in stoneand concrete, through to ceramics anddrawings - but she is new to ICEHOTEL.When Kriström, who was on the lookout fora partner for her design idea, calledBergman up one day this spring, sheimmediately accepted the opportunity tomake a classic roman art suite atICEHOTEL.

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