Welcome Booklet For New Families - Lycée français de Singapour


Welcome Booklet For New Families - Lycée français de Singapour

Welcome BookletFor New FamiliesLYCEE FRANÇAIS DE SINGAPOURJUNE 2013Commission Parents d’ElèvesLycée Français de SingapourVersion française disponible en ligne:http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/services/com_parents/livret_accueil201314.pdf

Commission Parents d’elèves(Parents Committee)Lycée Français de Singapour 2013Reproduction is forbidden without prior consentTranslated into English by Lycée Friends2

Welcome to the LFS!On behalf of the entire educational community, administrativestaff, parents and students of LFS, a warm welcome to you!As new parents, you will undoubtedly have numerousquestions on how things work at LFS: what time do classesbegin? Is there a uniform? What is the sportswear? How doesthe canteen function? Do the children need to bring snacks?Etc.This guide was created by parents for parents, bringingtogether a wealth of practical information regarding daily lifeat LFS. It includes a map of the school and information onschool hours, transportation, the canteen, snacks & drinks, howto manage the heat, the lost and found, and many otherthings.If, however, you find that your questions are not answeredhere, please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be happy tohelp you. Moreover, your questions will help us add to thisguidebook and improve it year on year!With regard to all questions related to pedagogy andadministration, we ask you to either contact the school directlyor consult the school’s website at www.lfs.edu.sgLFS Parents CommitteePLEASE NOTE : terms and acronyms followed by an asterisk * aredefined in the glossary at the end of the booklet.3

SUMMARY1. LFS School Hours ................................................................................... 6 2. Who to contact regarding ABSENCES .............................................. 7 3. Students leaving LFS premises during School Hours ........................ 9 4. The use of MOBILE PHONES .............................................................. 10 5. How to cope with the HEAT ............................................................. 11 6. Where to find SCHOOL STATIONERY ................................................ 12 7. Mandatory SCHOOL UNIFORM at LFS ............................................. 15 8. LFS SPORTSWEAR ................................................................................ 18 9. LFS Students LOCKERS ....................................................................... 20 10. The LFS LOST & FOUND .................................................................... 21 11. The LFS HEALTH Service ................................................................... 21 12. The LFS CANTEEN/CAFETERIA ......................................................... 24 13. The canteen and SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS .................... 27 14. SNACKS ............................................................................................. 27 15. ACCÈSS to LFS .................................................................................. 30 16. Transport options to LFS .................................................................. 32 17. EXAMINATIONS taken at LFS ........................................................... 35 18. LFS School HOLIDAYS ...................................................................... 37 19. Extra Curricular Activities (AES) ...................................................... 38 20. Parents at LFS .................................................................................... 41 21. Meeting the TEACHING STAFF of LFS ............................................. 43 22. COMMUNICATING with LFS ............................................................ 44 23. The need for INSURANCE at LFS ..................................................... 45 4

24. INSURANCE policies taken out by LFS ........................................... 45 25. Glossary of LFS terms (in alphabetical order) ............................... 47 26. Acronyms ......................................................................................... 59 27. Contacts............................................................................................ 60 28. Classes and Age Groups ................................................................ 64 29. Personal Notes ................................................................................. 65 5

1. LFS School Hoursa. Ecole Maternelle (Kindergarten)• MONDAYS, TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS: from 8:15am to 3:15pm(all students eat at the canteen between 11:25am and12:45pm) – Teachers are present to receive students from8:05am.• WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS: from 8:15am to 12:15pm (a lightmeal is served at the end of the morning) – Teachers arepresent to receive students from 8:05am.b. Ecole Elémentaire (Elementary School)• MONDAYS, TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS: from 8:15am to 3:15pm(all students eat at the canteen between 11:05am and12:45pm depending on level).• WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS: from 8:15am to 12:15pmc. Collège (Middle School)• MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS & FRIDAYS:From 8:20am to 4:30pmd. Lycée (High School)• MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS & FRIDAYS:From 8:20am to 5:30pmPlease note: School homework sessions are organised for1ère and Terminale classes according to an annualtimetable. The time slots scheduled for these sessionsare noted in students’ timetables.6

2. Who to contact reagarding ABSENCESAbsences should be communicated by email to the addressesas follows, relevant to the child’s class. Indicate in the emailthe reason for the absence and the expected date of return.In case of a contagious illness or disease, inform the schoolHealth Services (school nurses) by telephone:• 6488 1106 (Kindergarten)• 6488 1179 (Ang Mo Kio Elementary Campus)• 6488 0592 (Serangoon Elementary Campus)• 6488 1179 (Middle/High School)a. Ecole Maternelle (Kindergarten)• Email to absence_mat@lfs.edu.sg• Telephone to 6488 1190 (Reception/Secrétariat)b. Ecole Elémentaire (Elementary School)• Email to absence_ele@lfs.edu.sg• telephone to:• 6488 1192 (AMK Reception/Secrétariat CE2 to CM2)• 6488 1109 (Serangoon Reception/Secrétariat CP-CE1)c. Collège & Lycée (Middle & High School) : to ‘viescolaire’• Email to lst-viescolaire@lfs.edu.sgd. Extra Currlcular Activities (A.E.S.)• Email to aes@lfs.edu.sg• Telephone to 6488 11047

3. Students leaving LFS premises during SchoolHoursa. In Maternelle & Elémentaire (Primary School)• No student is allowed to leave the school premises fromtheir arrival in the morning to the end of the school day.b. Collège (Middle School: 6 e to 3 e )• The times that a student is allowed to leave the schoolpremises will depend on one of 2 EXIT options chosen byparents at the start of the school year:Option 1Entry and exit in line with normal school hours (8:20am –4:30pm).Option 2Entry and exit in line with the a student’s individualtimetable; late entries and early exits are authorised in caseof absence of a teacher and the cancellation of the class.Middle School students who do not have a class musteither join a supervised study group (Permanence) or leavethe school premises. They are not allowed to remainanywhere in the school other than in supervised study or atthe Library (CDI) after they have signed in to Permanence.A Middle School student who has left the school premisesearly is not allowed to return to school in order to take theschool bus home. Students who wish to use school transportservices must either remain in supervised study(Permanence) or in the Library (CDI).9

• Any changes to the exit option chosen during the yearmust be requested in writing and submitted to the ‘VieScolaire’ office.• Whichever exit option is chosen, it is strictly prohibited toleave LFS premises during breaktimes.c. Lycée (High School: 2 nde to Terminale)• Option 2 applies to High School students, with additionalauthorisation to leave LFS premises during lunch breaks, inline with their official timetable. It is strictly forbidden tohave takeaway food delivered to school.• High School students whose teacher is absent during theirfirst classes of the day, will be authorised to leave LFSpremises and return for their next class.4. The use of MOBILE PHONES• The use of mobile phones is strictely prohibited on LFSpremises. Mobile phones must, therefore, be kept switchedoff. If necessary, students may ask the ‘Vie Scolaire’ forpermission to switch on his/her phone to make a call.• Please note: There is no pubIic payphone on the LFS site. Incases of emergency, students may use the phone at the‘Vie Scolaire’ office.10

• The list of school stationery supplies and prices are foundat: http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/viescolaire/boutique.htmc. Other stationery Stores in Singapore:• Popular Bookstore: various outlets, addresses can be foundon the website: http://www.popular.com.sg• Art Friend : for art supplies, fountain pens, ink, erasers, etc.Outlets at Bras Basah Complex or Ngee Ann City, addressesto be found at: http://www.artfriend.com.sg• MAPED brand school supplies are available from theEvergreen Group, addresses to be found at:http://www.evergreen.com.sg/ebiz-online/OutletInfo.do• Quartier : 23 Lichfield Road (Serangoon Gardens area);supplier of Oxford, Pelikan and Canson brands.http://www.quartier.sg/stationeryd. Calculators for Collège & Lycée (Middle & HighSchool) (list non-exhaustive)Before any purchase, it is adviseable to find out the teacher’spreference.• Learning Interactive Pte Ltd (Bras Basah Complex, 231 BainStreet, #04-09, Tél 6333 4838)• LUV Pte Ltd (Peninsula Hotel Shopping Centre, 3 ColemanStreet, #02-29)• Mustafa Centree. Chemistry Lab Coats for Lycée (High School)students• Weektek Garment Co (629 Aljunied Road, #04-21 CititechIndustrial Building, Tel: 6746 3191, weektek@singnet.com.sg)13

f. Books and Textbooks used at LFS• From Elémentaire to Collège (Elementary to MiddleSchool): Textbooks are provided by the school on loan atthe start of each school year. Families are required tocover each book with a protective clear, non-adhesivecover. All textbooks are to be returned at the end of theschool year. N.B.: A fee of S$40 will be charged for eachbook that is returned in a worse condition compared towhen it was issued at the beginning of the school year.• Lycée (High School): Textbooks ARE NOT provided by LFS.A complete list of required textbooks is available on the LFSwebsite from late June for the start of the followingacademic year in September. A textbook exchange isorganized by the Parents Committee each year at the endof June. Detailed information is available online:http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/services/com_parents/index.htm• Collège & Lycée (Middle & High School): Required reading(in French and other languages) and dictionaries ARE NOTprovided by the school. A complete list of required readingand recommended dictionaries is available on the schoolwebsite from late June for the start of the followingacademic year in September. The Parents Committeeorganises, at the end of June, online purchases via LDE*with direct delivery to the Lycée.All textbooks, past examination papers, books anddictionaries may also be ordered at the bookstoreKinokuniya, Ngee Ann City (on Orchard Road -www.kinokuniya.com.sg), The French Bookshop (55 TiongBahru Road, #01-53C) - www.the-french-bookshop.com) or14

on www.amazon.fr, www.fnac.com (list non-exhaustive) orother online bookstores.Tip to note: On Amazon France or Fnac, the VAT isautomatically deducted for overseas shipments which willcover all or part of the applicable shipping cost and thebooks always arrive in good condition.7. Mandatory SCHOOL UNIFORM at LFSa. The LFS UniformThe LFS uniform is mandatory at LFS from the start of the2013-2013 academic year for all students fromKindergarten (from petite section) to Elementary School (toCM2).• In Maternelle (Kindergarten), students are required to wearthe school uniform every day of the week.• In Elémentaire (Elementary School), students are requiredto wear the school uniform every day of the week, exceptfor the days when they have sports.15

For days with sports, the new T-shirt from Bibi&Baba must beworn. A pair of dark sports shorts (in black or marine blue)of the parents’ choice should be worn to complete theoutfit. No specific design/model is imposed so eachstudent can chose one of their choice.• For Collège & Lycée (Middle & High School), the LFS PoloShirt is compulsory when students go on official schooloutings.On a daily basis except for those days when there is anofficial school outing, students are free to dress accordingto their tastes within the limits of decency and in line withthe LFS school rules.For days with sports, the new T-shirt from Bibi&Baba must beworn. A pair of sports shorts (in black or marine blue) of theparents’ choice should be worn to complete the outfit. Nospecific design/model is imposed so each student canchose one of their choice.16

Les tee-­‐shirts de sport sont disponibles chez BIBI&BABA. b. Where to purchase the LFS Uniform & the Sports T-shirt:• The uniform is available at the boutique “Chateau deSable” at the following address:Tanglin Mall Boutique163 Tanglin Road #02-13Singapore 247933Tel : (65) 6836 9170Opening hours :Weekdays 9:30 am-9:00 pmWeekends 10:00 am - 9:00 pm• The sports T-Shirt from BIBI&BABA:545 Orchard Road, #02-28Far East Shopping CentreSingapore 238882Tel : (65) 6732 7022Opening hours :Weekdays 10:00 am-19:30 pmWeekends 10:00 am - 6:00 pm17

c. For Lycée (High School) Science Laboratory Work• In technology class and science laboratory sessions,students may be required to wear a specific outfit (a whitelab coat) by the teacher according to the activitiesperformed. The LFS has a number of lab coats left byformer students which may be available. Students shouldcheck with their teachers at the beginning of theacademic year whether they need to have their own labcoats.• White lab coats are available for purchase at WeektekGarment Co, 629 Aljunied Rd, #04-21 Cititech IndustrialBuilding, SGP 389838, Tél 6746 3191.8. LFS SPORTWEARa. Swimming• Swimming is part of the Physical Education Programmefrom Kindergarten (from Petite Section) through to the lastyear of High School (Terminale). The continunity in traininggives students an edge in completing their BAC EPS in thissport.• Students should wear a simple swimsuit or a fitted“shorty” (Speedo) variety. Bermudas should be avoideddue to performance, safety and hygiene reasons. Swimgoggles and swimcaps are recommended as is sunscreenfor UV protection.18

. Sports T-shirt for all students from Elémentaire(Elementary) to Secondaire (Middle & HighSchool)• From Elementary school upwards, students must wear thesports T-shirt on the days they have sports (cf.7 UNIFORM).They must also wear a pair of dark sports shorts (in black ormarine blue). No specific design/model is imposed so eachstudent can chose one of their choice.• In Elementary school, a hat/cap is mandatory (for anyoutdoor activites) as well as a water bottle.• Sunscreen and mosquito repellant are also recommended.c. Sports Shoes• For all sports classes, from Maternelle (Kindergarten) toLycée (High School), it is necessary to have two pairs ofgym shoes: one for outdoor sports and one for indoor sports(as the Singapore climate is very rainy!). To avoid any injury,going barefoot is not permitted.d. Personal Belongings/Jewellery• Bringing personal items of value or money should beavoided on days with sports activities to reduce anypossibility of theft or loss. Students’ personal belongingscannot be monitored during sports class.• Reminder: Wearing jewellery in high risk sports activities isstrictly prohibited.e. Changing Rooms• Changing rooms are assigned according to where thesports activity will take place and what sport is to bepractised. They are only to be used for the minimum19

amount of time to change one’s clothing before and aftersports class.• The changing rooms will be opened and locked under thesupervision of a sports teacher. Students are expected tospend no more time than necessary in the changing roomsand to conduct themselves respectfully when using them.• The teachers responsible for student behaviour in thechanging rooms are permitted to intervene at any time(male or female) in strictest compliance with safety andprivacy procedures.9. LFS Students LOCKERSa. Maternelle (Kindergarten) and Elémentaire(Elementary School)• Each class has open storage (or shelves) which aremonitored by the teacher. School textbooks are arrangedthere.b. Collège (Middle School)• Lockers are assigned to students at the start of the schoolyear if they have made a request to “Vie Scolaire”. Theyare located along the stairways and hallways of building E,on levels 3, 4 and 5.• To lock his/her locker, each student should bring his/herown padlock.c. Lycée (High School)• Students may ask for a locker.20

10. The LFS LOST AND FOUNDItems found will be placed in a large box:• For Maternelle (Kindergarten): located opposite theDirector’s office.• For Elémentaire (Elementary School)Ang Mo Kio Campus: (CE2 – CM2), level 2, buliding G,opposite the Elementary Director’s office.Serangoon Campus: (CP – CE1), in the administrationbuilding C, near the entrance on the Serangoon side.• For Collège & Lycée (Middle & High School)Found items will be deposited at Vie Scolaire (building E,level 2).11. The LFS HEALTH SERVICE• The Health Service of the LFS is made up of a team of 5nurses (graduates and certified in France and subscribedto the “Nursing Board of Singapore”) and one psychologist.• During school hours, a minimum of one nurse will be onduty at all times:• Maternelle (Kindergarten)Located next to the Director’s office, building CHours: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:45am - 3:30pmWednesdays & Fridays 7:45am - 12:30pmTel : 6488 1106Email: sante@lfs.edu.sg21

• Elémentaire (Elementary School)Ang Mo Kio Campus (CE2, CM1 & CM2) : Ground floor ofBuilding E, next to the Bus and Transportation office.Hours: Mondays to Fridays: 8am - 6:30pm.Tel : 6488 1179Email: sante_c3-sec@lfs.edu.sgSerangoon Campus (CP & CE1) : Ground Floor next to theSecrétariat (Reception).Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 7:45am - 5pmWednesdays & Fridays: 7:45am - 2 :30pmTel : 6488 0592Email: sante5@lfs.edu.sg• Secondaire (Middle & High School)Ground Level of Building E, Next to the TransportationOffice.Hours: Mondays to Fridays: 8am - 6:30pm.Tel : 6488 1179Email: sante_c3-sec@lfs.edu.sg• In accordance with French law, the nurse is authorised toadminister a limited amount of medication (listed on theQuestionnaire de Santé = Health Questionnaire), providedthat the parents have given written consent. No othermedication can be given, except with a medicalprescription, or in the case of a PAI* (Protocole d”AccueilIndividualisé = Individualised Care Plan).• An updated Health Questionnnaire must be filled out at thestart of each academic year.22

• Parents of children requiring their medication to bemonitored (for example: for allergies, asthma, diabetes…)must make this known to the nurse at the start of eachacademic year.• No student is permitted to bring medication of any kind toschool, except in the case of a medical prescription or aPAI which must be given to and administered by theattending nurse. No transport of medication in a student’sbag is permitted. Furthermore, Bus Mothers on school busesare not authorised to accept or transport medication.• The nurse is not authorised to exempt a student from sportsclass.• In order to keep parents informed of visits to the nurse, thenurse will send home a note with details for parents ofPrimary School sudents to sign and return to schoolpunctually. A letterbox is outside the nurse’s office. Forstudents in Middle & High School, the nurse uses theCorrespondence Book to record all students’ visits.• In the case of a medical situation requiring a doctor’sconsultation (for example for X-ray or stitches) the HealthServices, after evaluating the situation and providing firstaid, will contact a parent to collect the child and takehim/her to the medical service of their choice. In case ofserious or life threatening injury, the health services willcontact the Singapore emergency services (Ambulance995) to take the student to the nearest hospital. Parents willbe contacted simultaneously.• It is strongly recommended to inform the Health Services ofyour child’s absence, whether it is due to a contagiousillness or not.23

• The LFS has a psychologist present at school every day. Herrole is to listen to parents, students and teaching staff andprovide students in need with psychological support(several weeks). Should further follow-up be required thepsychologist may recommend a specialist in the fieldoutside of school.The psychologist may be reached at 6488 1158 or by e-mail: psy@lfs.edu.sg12. The LFS CANTEEN/CAFETERIAa. Organisation• The cafeteria is mandatory for students in Maternelle(Kindergarten), Elémentaire (Elementary), and Collège(Middle School). The cost is billed directly to families and ispayable quarterly in advance.• At the Ang Mo Kio campus, there is a canteen forMaternelle (Kindergarten) and another canteen forstudents from CE2 to 3ème. The Lycée (High School)students have their own cafeteria. The Serangoon campushas a canteen for CP and CE1 students.• The meals are prepared in the Ang Mo Kio kitchen. Theservice provider is Sodexo (the chef is French!)• The menus are approved by a dietician and posted onlineeach month on the LFS website.http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/viescolaire/cantine/cantine.htm24

. Maternelle (Kindergarten)Students are served at the table under the surveillance ofKindergarten assistants.There are 3 lunch services:MS : 11:25amPS : 11:55amGS : 12:10pmc. Elémentaire (Elementary School)• Ang Mo Kio Campus:Students are served at the table or on the ramp,depending on their year, under the surveillance ofElementary School supervisors. Lunch is followed by breakin the playground.There are 3 lunch services:CE2 : 11:05am – 11:35amCM1 : 11:30am – 12:00pmCM2 : 12:00pm – 12:30pm• Serangoon Campus:Students are served at the table under the surveillance ofElementary School supervisors. Lunch is followed by breakin the playground.There are 4 lunch services:CP : 11:05am – 11:35am11:25am – 11:55amCE1 : 11:55am – 12:25pm12:15pm – 12 45pm25

d. Collège (Middle School)• All students must eat at the canteen.• The school canteen is open from 11:30am to 2:00pm.• Students may choose between a Western or Asian dish.There are no carbonated drinks for sale; water is freelyavailable.e. Lycée (High School) Cafeteria• Lycée students have their own dining space with a suitableselection of food. Eating at the cantine is optional forLycée students; they may eat outside of school if they wish.As a guideline, a balanced meal (main course, drink anddessert) costs around S$6, or about S$3 for fried rice.• To pay for their meals students need a prepaid card whichcan be topped up at the cafeteria in Building D, oppositethe Elementary School playground. The card can betopped up with a minimum of S$20 payable either in cashor by cheque. The dishes on offer cost up to S$10. The costof replacing a lost or damaged card cost S$15.• Lycée students may also order in the morning one or moresandwiches at the LFS Snack Cafeteria for lunch (see thesection on Snacks).26

13. The canteen and SPECIAL DIETARYREQUIREMENTSa. Children with Food Allergies• If a child has food allergies and has special dietaryrequirements, the family should communicate this to theLFS health services so as to draw up a PAI* (Protocoled”Accueil Individualisé = Individualised Care Plan)• Under the PAI*, children with allergies must bring their mealin a lunch box which is given each morning to the lunchmonitor so it can be placed in a fridge and be reheated ifrequired at lunch time.b. Pork-free Diet• For student on a pork-free diet there is an option to havechicken instead. This request must be made at thebeginning of the year and submitted to Health Services(Service Santé).14. SNACKSa. Maternelle (Kindergarten): Wednesday & Fridaysnacks• Mid-morning, the children are given a small snack.Therefore, it is not permitted to bring snacks from home.• At the end of the morning on “short days” (Wednesdays &Fridays), a light snack is served to the children before theyleave school to sustain them on their journey home.27

• This snack consists of either a sandwich (for example:ham+cheese or just cheese) or a cheese toasty and/or ayoghurt drink, and/or a piece of fruit, and/or a fruit juiceand water. It is served between 11:45am and 12pm.• It is delivered to the classroom and served to the children.b. Elémentaire (Elementary School)• CP & CE1: Children are provided with a snack midmorning.Therefore, it is not permitted to bring snacks fromhome.• CE2, CM1 & CM2: students may bring in a light healthysnack to be eaten during break. They may not use thesmall cafeteria on the ground floor of Building D. For thosechildren who take their lunch at 11:05am, it isrecommended they keep their snack for the afternoonbreak.• Attention: please do not give children foods that (may)contain peanuts or other nuts as to avoid allergic reactionsshould the children swap snacks with their friends.c. The LFS Snack Cafeteria• There is a small cafeteria on the ground floor of Building Dfor Lycée (High School) & Collège (Middle School) studentsand LFS staff; it offers sandwiches, hot dishes, salads, cakesand drinks. It is open in the morning and it is advisable tomake a lunch order in the morning.• For Lycéens (High School students), the opening hours(subject to change) are:Mondays to Fridays:7:45am - 1:30pm2:30pm - 3:45pm28

For Collégiens (Middle School students), access to thecafeteria is limited to:Mondays to Fridays:10:10am - 10:30am3:15pm - 3:35pmAt lunchtime, the snack cafeteria is strictly reserved for LFS staffonly.ATTENTION : Access to this cafeteria is forbidden to studentsfrom CP to CM2, unless accompanied by an adult afterschool hours.d. Drink Vending Machines at the LFS• There is a vending machine near the infirmary. It is onlyavailable to Collège (Middle School) and Lycée (HighSchool) students.• Primary School students may not carry cash to school and,therefore, are not allowed to use the vending machine.• There are drinking fountains throughout the school fromwhich the students can fill their water bottles.e. The Lycée (High School) Cafeteria• The Lycée cafeteria is only open to serve Lycée students; itis located in the foyer.• Collège (Middle School) students may not use this cafeteriaat any time.• Lycée students may go to the Primaire/Collège canteenfrom 1:15pm onwards, if they so wish.f. Snacks and Class Parties• For health reasons (hygiene and students with allergies), it isstrictly forbidden to bring any homemade snacks, birthdaycakes or any other foods into class.29

• Only commercially packaged or store-bought productsand items from approved bakers or shops are allowed.15. ACCESS to LFS Campusesa. Strict Security• Security is a major concern for the LFS, in line with thesecurity instructions in force in France and abroad foreducational establishments.• To this end, access is restricted to certain vehicles withinschool grounds.b. The Ang Mo Kio CampusAng Mo Kio Avenue 3 side:• Only a limited number of LFS staff and members of theExecutive Committee are authorised to park within theschool grounds during the day.• A quick drop off zone exists for older students (Elementary,Middle School, High School). This zone is on the left side ofthe service road, so as to leave the rest of the service roadfree for the school buses which have priority. Drivers mustnot leave their vehicles, in accordance with the SingaporeHighway Code (double yellow lines prohibit parking at alltimes but permit dropping off of passengers).• No vehicle is permitted on school grounds until the end ofregular school hours at 5:30pm.30

Hythe Road side:• Only pedestrians and cyclists may use this entrance. Thereis no parking and it is not possible to enter the dead endarea for drop off.If these security rules are not adhered to then this secondaryaccess will be permanently closed to all, even forpedestrians and cyclists.c. The Serangoon CampusAng Mo Kio Avenue 3 side:• It is strictly forbidden to park in the service road. It isimportant that everyone complies with this rule in the areaso as not to hinder the movement of the school buses.Kensington Park Road side:• Kensington Park Road will become the principal entrancewhen the work for the extension starts (further informationwill be circulated later).• Only pedestrians and cyclists may use this entrance. Thereis no parking. Vehicle access is restricted to LFS staff only.• To avoid congestion and inconvenience for residents, it isnot possible to park on neighbouring streets. Use insteadthe public car parks available outside LFS.d. Ease of access for School Buses• Priority is given to the Woodlands Transport buses in themornings and afternoons: vehicles must remain stationarywhile the school buses are in movement. As soon as thebuses start driving off, the traffic in the service road isblocked and other vehicles must wait until the last busleaves.31

• Please note that only Woodlands Transport buses areallowed into the lycée at the start and end of school.• Access to the school is restricted for visitors (they mustreport to reception area at each campus). Visitors mustpresent their passport or resident card.• For more information visit the LFS website:http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/etablissement/pas.htm#deposee. Parking in the vicinity of the LFS• The service road in front of the LFS has double yellow lines.It is forbidden to park at any time but the pick up and dropoff of passengers is allowed. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO PARK INTHE SERVICE ROAD in front of the LFS; vehicles contravening thisrule may be fined by the Singaporean authorities.• Public car parks are located behind the LFS AMK andprovide easy access (e.g. on Serangoon North Avenue 1).Do not forget to display parking coupons (at theappropriate rate, 50 cents per ½ hour).16. TRANSPORT options to LFSa. Public Transport• The LFS is served by city buses n° 25 ; 55 ; 73 ; 74 ; 76 ; 132 ;165. Bus stops are located on either side of the LFS, a fewminutes’ walk from the main entrance on Ang Mo Kio av 3.• On the side of the Serangoon campus, bus n° 137 goes onKensington Park Road.• The closest MRT station is Ang Mo Kio (on the red line thatgoes through Orchard). To get from Ang Mo Kio MRT station32

• Please note that some bus routes can be long. Certainroutes can take up to 50 minutes, with pick up as early as7:15am. The time taken is not only dependant on thedistance from school but the number of stops en route.• All registered users of WT must respect the charter oftransportation, available in the “Livret Transport Scolaire2013-2014” (on the LFS website). This charter wasdeveloped in order to establish the rules and regulations inregards to safety and behaviour of all users of the schoolbus.• In the event of an incident, please contact:WT by telephone at 6488 1152 or by email at:lfs@woodlandstransport.com.sg (written in English)The LFS Transport Coordinator by telephone at 6488 1214 orby email at: transport@lfs.edu.sgYoon-Shin 10/3/13 4:45 PMFormatted: Book Title1, Font:Arial, 9.5 pt,English (US)Give precise details of the bus number, the date and timeand short description of the incident.• For all information related to WT, consult the LFS website(Transport section) or contact WT or the LFS TransportCoordinator (see above for contact details)34

17. EXAMINATIONS taken at LFSa. Le Diplôme National du Brevet D.N.B. (Thenational “Brevet” diploma)Issued by a jury, the diplôme national du brevet (DNB) is adiploma that attests to the acquisition of the knowledgeand skills required for the end of collège (3ème). The Brevetdoes not guarantee passage to the next grade at the endof 3ème; these two decisions, awarding of the diplomaand moving up a grade, are independent of each other.Students in the International Section, enrolled in thebilingual classes, will also take the “l’Option Internationaledu D.N.B.”b. Le Baccalauréat Français (French Baccalauréat)• Created in 1808, the baccalauréat is a diploma under theFrench education system that has the dual distinction ofgranting an end to secondary level studies and offeringaccess to higher education. It constitutes the first grade ofuniversity. Only the L, ES and S streams are taught at theLFS.• Please Note: Starting June 2015, students may take theBaccalauréate with the “option international dubaccalauréat” (British English).• VERY IMPORTANT : French students to be registered at theFrench Consulate as French nationals abroad.• ATTENTION : All French students who sit the Baccalauréatmust have been registered to be included in the nationalcensus in the year of their 16 th birthday.35

This registration is automatique for those students who areregistered as a French national abroad at the FrenchConsulate in Singapore. To avoid any problems, parentsare strongly recommended to register their children asFrench nationals living abroad at the Consulate withoutwaiting until the time of the enrolment of exams.c. Foreign Examinations• In 2 nde : The International General Certificate of SecondaryEducation (IGCSE). This exam is compulsory for studentswho have taken the Option SI and the registration fee isincluded in the school fees. This exam is optional for others.Students may sit “English Language” and “EnglishLiterature” or “English as a Second Language” accordingto their level of proficiency in the language. (Attention: theexam dates may fall on Singaporean national holidays).• In 1ère and Terminale: all students study for both theBaccalauréate and for the Cambridge Certificates, theycan choose to sit the “First Certificate”, the “Certificate inAdvanced English” or the “Certificate of Proficiency”,according to their level. In 2012-13, a special preparatoryclass was proposed to the Terminal class in A.P.*(Personalised Study Support).• Preparation for the Test of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL) is offered in 1ère as part of A.P.* (AidesPersonnalisées = Personalised Study Support) session. TheTOEFL is an American language test required for enrolmentin English language universities and is also used in some ofthe top schools (“grandes ecoles”) in France. The testresults are valid for two years and is generally sat bystudents at the end of Première, depending on their needs(attention: some universities outside of France have36

deferred enrolments – at the end of 1 ère or at the start ofTerminale). If a student in Middle School needs thiscertificate, he/she will receive assistance from the Englishteachers. The students do not sit the TOEFL at the LFS but invarious examination centres in Singapore; please refer tothe LFS website:http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/enseignement/structures/angsec_faqsAttention : Be sure to register early as obtaining a date to sitthis exam may take time.• Preparation for the DELE (Diploma de Espanol comoLengua Extranjera) at the Cervantès institute is offered tostudents in 3 ème and 2 nde . The relevant documents are sentdirectly to the families. The enrolment fee for the exam ispayable by the families.• Preparation for the FIT in DEUTSCH and the ZERTIFIKATDEUTSCH FUR JUGENDLICHE at the Goethe Institut is offeredto students. The relevant documents are sent directly to thefamilies. The enrolment fee for the exam is payable by thefamilies.• Preparation for the H.S.K, certification in Mandarin, isprovided in 2 nde . This test, administered under the authorityof the Chinese State Commission for Education, can be satat 4 different levels.18. LFS School HOLIDAYSa. Public Holidays• The LFS has the same public holidays as the Singaporeanpublic holiday calendar.37

• There are 11 days: 1 st January, Chinese New Year (1-2 daysin January or February), Good Friday, Labour Day (1 stMay), Vesak Day (variable date), Singapore National Day(9 th August), Hari Raya Pusa (variable date), Deepavali(variable date), Hari Raya Haji (variable date), Christmas(25 th December).b. The School Calendar• In terms of school holidays, the LFS does not follow anyparticular national academic calendar, meaning it doesnot follow any of the 3 zones (A, B or C) for school holidays.• As in France, the school calendar stretches fromSeptember to June, with a rhythm of approximately 7weeks of school alternating with 1 to 2 weeks of schoolholidays.• The calendar is adopted each year for the following yearduring Conseil d’Etablissement* (the EducationalCommittee) meeting in the first trimester, then validated bythe AEFE* during the second trimester before beingcommunicated to families.• School Holiday dates can be downloaded from the LFSwebsite at the following address:http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/enseignement/calendrier.htm19. Extra Curricular Activities (AES)a. Physical, Cultural and Artistic Activities• With more than 1,200 participating students, the AES(Activités Extra Scolaires) offers more than 70 differentactivities for all ages ranging from Maternelle38

(Kindergarten) to Lycée (High School). Just a fewexamples: roller blading, rock climbing, rugby, touch rugby,football, swimming, athletics, dance, circus, theatre, choir,photography, chess, art and many more…b. Where do AES Activities take place?• Activities take place within the school premises (the exactlocation will be communicated before the start of the AESsession).• Attention : at the end of their AES activities, parents mustbe punctual in picking up their children in Kindergarten, CP& CE1 from where the activity takes place. OtherElementary School students (CE2 - CM2) should be pickedup promptly in the entrance of the Lycée.c. Some Practical Information• Elementary School students participating in AES onWednesday or Friday afternoons will lunch at the schoolcanteen. Maternelle (Kindergarten) students will lunch intheir classroom.• The cost of AES can only be paid by cheque in Singaporedollars.• Depending on the AES activity, parents may need to investin some equipment (climbing shoes for rock climbing,badminton racquets, crampons, rugby shoes and shirts,etc.)d. Who to Contact• Person in charge of AES: Anne JakobsenTelephone: 6488 1255 Email: respaes@lfs.edu.sg39

• Details of AES activities on the LFS website:http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/viescolaire/aes/aes.htm• AES Coordinatrices (Coordinator):Ang Mo Kio : Hélène MercierTelephone: 6488 1104 Email: aes@lfs.edu.sgSerangoon : Lily LeffTelephone : 6488 1256 Email: aessrg@lfs.edu.sgMobile : 8188 3076• AES Surveillants (Supervisors):Ang Mo Kio : position open. In the meantime, pleasecontact Hélène Mercier.Telephone : 6488 1104 Email : aes@lfs.edu.sgSerangoon: Vandna BinwaniMaternelle : Cecilia OzilTelephone : 8333 6275 Email : aesmat@lfs.edu.sg• N.B. : Please do not forget to communicate to the personresponsible (via email or telephone) should your child beabsent from any AES activity.e. Carpooling• The Parents Committee has implemented a car poolingsystem for picking up and driving your child home afterAES. This system is aimed at parents with cars as well asfamilies normally using taxis. It is a means for families to helpeach other and is on a voluntary basis. Sign-up for carpooling is done at the same time as signing up to the AES.40

20. PARENTS at LFSa. La Commission Parents (Parents Committee)• The Conseill Exécutif* of LFS is a member of the FAPEE*(Fédération des Associations de Parents d’élèves desEtablissements d’enseignement français à l’étranger =Federation of Parents Associations in French EucationalEstablishments Abroad). The Parents Committee is also amember.• The Parents Committee is represented at strategic andoperational levels of LFS.• At the operational level, the Parents Committee is theinterface between the LFS management and parents ofthe student body. It represents the parents on several levelsat the LFS (Conseil d’Etablissement*, Conseil d’Ecole*,Conseil du 2 nde degré*, C.E.S.C.* etc.), coordinates theFestivities Committee and organises the management ofparent representative teams.• At the strategic level, the Parents Committee is representedby 5 parents who sit on the Conseill Exécutif* (ExecutiveCommittee) and participate in the process of decisionmaking. They are elected to serve at the General Assemblyof the LFS which meets during the month of October and ofwhich a third is up for re-election every year.• The Parents Committee can be contacted at:comparents@lfs.edu.sg• You can consult the LFS website:http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/services/com_parents/index.htmb. Parents Délégués de Classe (Parent ClassRepresentatives)41

• At the start of each year, all parents, with the exception ofthose working at the LFS, may put themselves forward as aclass representative of one of their children’s classes; it is agood way to discover LFS and to meet other parents. Thelist of Parent Representatives is available online at:http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/services/com_parents/index.htm.The list is also available in the Annuaire du LFS (LFSDirectory)(distribution in mid-November).c. Lycée Friends• “A Community within a community”, Lycée Friends is anEnglish speaking social group open to all LFS parents. Wehost regular coffee mornings and other social eventsto bring parents together in an informal social setting. Ournetwork includes parents of over 30 different nationalities.We have coffee mornings every 3 weeks and organizeseveral evening drinks. All are welcome to our growinggroup of bilingual Lycée families. If you would like to learnmore or be added to our mailing list please go to ourwebsite http://www.lyceefriends.comd. Commission Festivités (Festivities Committee)• The festivities Committee is in charge of the preparationand organisation of the school fair (“La fête de l’ecole”)which takes place on the first Saturday of June.• For all enquiries, please contact the Festivities group at:comparents@lfs.edu.sg42

21. Meeting the TEACHING STAFF of LFS(L’ÉQUIPE PÉDAGOGIQUE)• Parents are regularly invited to information meetings duringthe school year.a. In Maternelle (Kindergarten) and Elémentaire(Elementary School)• Meeting in September for the start of the academic year(Introduction of teachers, school life, programmes andprojects).• Specific meetings organised throughout the year for schooltrips or projects.• Individual meetings to discuss a student’s performance andhis/her work and general attitude in class can be arrangedby teachers as and when required.b. In Collège and Lycée (Middle & High School)• Information on classes, programmes and projects inSeptember.• Parent-teacher meetings in December (these will bepresented in the students’ correspondence book forspecific times and dates).• Information sessions for the 6eme, 3ème, 2nde, 1ère andTerminale will take place from October to March.• Specific meetings may be held for communicating detailssuch as for school trips. The dates of these meetings will becommunicated by email to the parents.43

22. COMMUNICATING with LFSa. Communication via email• Each member of LFS personnel, administration or teachers,has an LFS email address. All the addresses follow the samelogic: there are no uppercase letters, no dots, no hyphens,and no spaces: First initial of the staff member followed bythe surname followed by @lfs.edu.sgEg. for Mr Jean Dupont : jdupont@lfs.edu.sgb. With other students’ parents• Each year a directory is printed and distributed during thefirst half of November. It pulls together information whichyou will have already agreed to have published i.e. homeaddress and telephone number. You will also find thename of teachers, useful for email communication, as wellas the list of students in each class.Please Note : This directory may not be used for commercialpurposes under any circumstancesc. The publication of the Newsletter• This is a monthly newsletter, written and circulated by theLFS for all parents.• It is distributed electronically in PDF format to the emailaddress which you have provided to the school.• This newsletter summarises all future events and projects.d. The LFS Website• The LFS has an internet site www.lfs.edu.sg, a source ofinformation on numerous aspects of school life. Werecommend you to visit it regularly.44

For Secondaire (Middle & High School), a lot of informationcan be found by going daily to the Pronotes section“Agenda de Pronote*”.23. The need for INSURANCE at LFSLFS strongly reccomends families to have their own civilliability and medical insurance and recommends thatparents check whether they are covered for civil liability interms of:a. Public Liability Insurance• This insurance is usually (but not always in Singapore) partof a home insurance package. This Policy is mandatoryand covers any damage caused by a child to otherstudents or to LFS property in everyday life.• NB : LFS request that you provide them with the insurancepolicy number at the start of each academic year.b. Personal Accident Insurance• This insurance covers personal accidents. It is sometimesincluded in parents’ work insurance policies. It proves veryuseful should the cost of an accident exceed S$10,000 (notcovered by LFS). It also allows faster reimbursement of anyexpenses incurred by parents.24. INSURANCE Policies taken out by LFSa. Public Liability Insurance• This covers the risks from all parties, students included, incase of injury or material damage when the LFS is45

eponsible for these accidents. For example, an incidentbetween two students would not be covered unless it wasclearly identified as the responsibility of the LFS in theaccident.Attention: When it is not the civil liability of LFS, it becomesthe civil liability of the head/parents of the student’s family.b. Personal Accident Insurance• This policy covers for all LFS students against the risk ofaccidents: on their way to and from school, on the schoolpremises during school hours, during break time or duringafter school extra-curricular activities (AES) – the maximumcoverage is S$10,000. This insurance is offered by the schoolbut attention, It serves only as an addition to the medicalinsurance subscribed to by each family.46

25. GLOSSARY of LFS TermsAEFE(in alphabetical order)“Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger”. Agency for theteaching of French Abroad according to the curriculum laid out bythe Ministry of Education (Authority for education at LFS, administeredby the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)ASSR (Collège)“Attestation Scolaire de Sécuritié Routière” ; Road Safety CertificateAES“Activité Extra Scolaire”; Extra-Curricular Activities (see thecorresponding section)AMKThe LFS campus next to ANG MO KIO Avenue comprising of classes ofMaternelle (Kindergarten), Elémentaire (Elementary school classesCE2 to CM2, Collège (of Middle School: 6 ème to 3 ème ) and Lycée(High School: 2 nde to terminale).BCD (Ecole Primaire)“Bibliothèque et Centre de Documentation”; Library andDocumentation Centre for Kindergarten & Elementary school.CDI (Collège & Lycée)“Centre de Documentation et d’Information” (Centre forDocumentation and Information). Previously known as the Library,students will find, in addition to books, publications or magazines,computers, etc. Students may come here to work in small groupsdepending on availability of space. For Middle and High School.LE CLUB LFS47

The LFS Club proposes to parents and LFS personnel, the use of LFSsports amenities in a convivial atmosphere. The various differentsections are overseen by parents or LFS personnel on a voluntarybasis.Any material necessary for the sessions are to be brought in by theindividual user for each session. The equipment available at theschool is strictly for the use of LFS PE activities. It would be adviseableto invest in material depending on the activity chosen (e.g. rockclimbing shoes, badminton raquet, crampons, balls, shuttlecocks,etc.)The list of available activities, relevant costs and times can be foundon: http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/services/clublfs/index.hmFor further information contact the email address below:respaes@lfs.edu.sgCOMITE D’EDUCATION A LA SANTE ET A LA CITOYENNETE (C.E.S.C.)(Committee for Health Education & Citizenship) The CESC, governedby numerous laws and legislation since 1998, seeks to preventinappropriate behavior: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, diet andpsychological issues. It relies on the partnership of several agenciesand ministries.Within the establishment, its role is to establish a team comprised ofparents, teaching staff and health service team.At LFS, the team meets once every trimester involving all levels fromkindergarten to high school.The team consists of:- The Direction Pédagogique (School Manaegment)- The C.P.E.* (Principal Education Counsellor)- Enseignants (teaching staff)- Service infirmerie (school nurses)- The Psychologue (the school psychologist)- Parent representatives- student representativeshttp://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/actualite/cesc/index.htmlCONSEIL DE CLASSE (COLLÈGE ET LYCÉE)(Source: Excerpts from Decree n°2005-1145 of 9 September 2005Article 22 - JORF of 11 September 2005)48

(Class Committee for Middle & High School) For each class, under thechair of the Principal or his designated representative, the “Conseil deClasse” brings together the class teachers, the 2 parentrepresentatives and the 2 student representatives of the class and the“Conseiller Principal d’Education*” (Principal Education Counsellor).It meets at least 3 times a year to discuss issues and topics relevant tothe educational life of the class, including the organisation ofindividual students’ work. It also examines the progress of eachstudent to provide guidance for his/her work and subject choices.The “Conseil de Classe” decides on the conditions under which thestudent continues his education.CONSEIL DE CYCLEIn Maternelle (Kindergarten), this Cycle Committee meets regularly todiscuss educational issues, organisation as well as the progress ofstudents.CONSEIL D’ECOLE (Ecole Elementaire & Maternelle)(School Committee for Elementary School & Kindergarten) The“Conseil d'Ecole” is composed of the following members:• The School Director, Chair;• The teachers of the school and their substitutes at the school atthe time of the board meetings, 2 per level;• A special needs teacher, who is chosen by the Conseil desMaîtres* (Teachers Committee);• The parent representatives, 2 parents per level.This Committee is consulted on all matters relating to the operationand life of the school, notably on:• The educational structure and the composition of classes• The organisation of school hours and the school calendar• The School Project for the Primary school with recommendationsfrom the Conseil des Maîtres*• Specific actions to ensure better use of resources allocated to theschool and a good adaptation to the environment• Schooling for children with special needs taking into accountlocal constraints• Extra-curricular activities• Projects and organisation of school trips• Questions related to hygiene, health and security of the studentsduring and after school hours• School cantine49

• The choice of materials and teaching tools• Ongoing personnel training• Questions regarding welcoming of parents, information availableand their participation in school lifeIt validates its own school rules and regulations.http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/etablissement/organisation.htmCONSEIL D’ETABLISSEMENT(The Education Committee) The Conseil d’Etablissement is composedof the following members:• Counsellor for Cultural Cooperation and Action;• Chair: Le Proviseur (The Principal);• Proviseur adjoint (The Vice-Principal);• Directeur Elémentaire (The Director of Elementary School)• Directeur Maternelle (The Director of Kindergarten)• Directeur Exécutif (Executive Director &/or his chosenrepresentative)• Conseiller Principal d’Education* (Principal Education Counsellor);• 1 representative of non-teaching staff;• 5 representatives of teachers or supervisors (surveillants)• 3 representatives of the Commission Parents d’élèves (ParentsCommittee);• 2 elected parents of the Assemblée Générale (GeneralAssembly);• 2 student representatives;• Le Consul de France (The French Consul)• 2 representatives of the Conseil Exécutif (Executive Committee);• 3 representatives of the French Community in Singapore (AFS/Alliance Française / French Chamber of Commerce).Le Conseil d’Etablissement meets at least once a trimester at thebehest of the Principal. It represents the whole school and addressesthe topics and proposals raised by the Conseils d’Ecole* and Conseildu Second Degré*.It is within the Conseil d’Etablissement that are adopted the following:• The School Project;50

• The school rules and regulations after consultation with therelevent bodies (Conseil d’Ecole* and Conseil du SecondDegré*). These are voted each year.• The calendar of the school year and school hours/schedule incompliance with the current legislation.The Conseil d’Etablissement will give its opinion on:• Proposals for changes to the school structure.• The activities of associations and clubs that operate within theschool previously proposed by the Conseils d’Ecoles* and theConseils du Second Degré*.http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/etablissement/organisation.htm (French)http://www.lfs.edu.sg/en/presentation/organisation.htm (English)Conseil Exécutif(The Executive Committee) The Conseil Exécutif comprises of thefollowing members:• Le Président (Elected by the members of the Conseil Exécutifcoming from the pool of corporate members)• Elected members (5 representatives of corporate members, 6parent representatives)• The Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of France (advisorycapacity)• Substitute members with advisory capacity (1 representative ofcorporate members, 1 parent representative)Also invited are:• Proviseur (The Principal)• Proviseur Adjoint(The Vice-Principal)• Director of the Elementary School• Coordinator of Cycle2• Director of the Kindergarten• Directeur Exécutif (Executive Director)Its objectives:• Define broad strategic guidelines• Take key / important decisions51

• Propose and monitor the annual budget approved by theAssembly GeneralThe Conseil Exécutif meets at least once every trimester.http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/etablissement/organisation.htm (French)http://www.lfs.edu.sg/en/presentation/organisation.htm (English)CONSEIL DES MAITRES (ECOLE ELEMENTAIRE & MATERNELLE)(Teachers Committee) The Conseil des Maîtres of Elementary Schooland Kindergarten meet 3 times a year to advise on the pursuit ofschooling for each student.« Au terme de chaque année scolaire, le Conseil des Maîtres seprononce sur les conditions dans lesquelles se poursuit la scolarité dechaque élève, en recherchant les conditions optimales de continuitédes apprentissages, en particulier au sein de chaque cycle » (source :Décret n°90-788 du 6 septembre 1990)CONSEIL PÉDAGOGIQUE(Teaching Committee) Chaired by the Vice-Principal and composedof Secondary School teachers (Disciplinary coordinators and C.P.E.*),it meets every trimester to address issues relevant to the educationand teaching at the Collège and the Lycée. (e.g. Educationalinnovations, inter-disciplinary projects, organisation of teaching, mockexams, etc.)CONSEIL DU SECOND DEGRE (COLLEGE & LYCEE)(Secondary School Committee for Middle & High School) The Conseildu Second Degré meets on the initiative of the Principal once a termbefore the Conseil d’établissement (Educational Committee).It is composed of :• The Administration:Le Proviseur (the Principal)Le Proviseur adjoint (the Vice-Principal)The C.P.E.* (Principal Education Cousellor)The Executive Director &/or his chosen representative52

• Teaching, administrative and service personnel :2 teachers2 members of non-teaching staff• From the Conseil d’Etablissement*:2 parent representatives2 student representativesIt advises on the operation and on all questions affecting life in thesecond degree (Collège & Lycée).Conseil de Vie Lycéenne (CVL)(Lycée Student Committee) The Conseil des Délégués pour la VieLycéenne is comprised of 10 elected Lycée and Collège students, 10adults from the educational community. The meeting is chaired bythe school Principal.Members of CVL are:• 10 Lycée and Collège students, elected for 2 years by the studentbody of whom half are voted in every year• 5 teachers or educational staff (CPE*, surveillants)• 3 members from the administration, social, health, technical andsupport staff• 2 parent representativesCOP (Lycée) / PRIO“Conseiller d’Orientation Psychologue” (Higher Education Counsellor).Based in Paris at the head office of the AEFE, (service : SORES) thiscounsellor works with PRIO* and may be contacted to answerquestions of students, parents and staff members.Within the LFS, Higher Education counselling is provided throughoutthe year by a teacher, Mr Didier Delcassé - (emailorientation@lfs.edu.sg). This counsellor, named PRIO (PersonnelRessource pour l’Information de l’Orientation) can be found at the VieScolaire.An English speaking teacher will advise students who are looking atfurther study outside of France.53

CPE“Conseiller Principal d’Education” for Collège and Lycée (PrincipalEducation Counsellor for Scondary & High School)The CPE participate in the teaching activities of Middle & High Schoolwithout teaching themselves.Their responsibilties can be divided into 3 principle areas as follows :• The functioning of the establishment : organisation of dailycommunal life outside the hours of class.• Working with teaching staff: to ensure proper follow up ofstudents’ work and participation in Conseil de Class* (ClassCommittees)• Educational events: facilitation of conditions within whichdialogue can take place in the educational sphere, on both thecollective and individual levels, organising partnerships between,and participation of different parties to school life within theestablishment.Contact : cpe@lfs.edu.sgECOLE ELEMENTAIREElementary School. Encompasses classes from CP to CM2 level.Ecole PrimairePrimary School. Encompasses all classes from “Très Petite Section”(TPS) in Maternelle (Kindergarten) to CM2 level in Elémentaire(Elementary School).EMILE”Enseignement d’une Matière Intégré à une Langue Etrangère”Teaching of a subject in a foreign languageDNB (collège)“Diplôme National du Brevet”. Compulsory examination taken in 3 èmeconsisting of continuous assessment throughout the academic yearand written exams at the end of 3 ème . From June 2012, studentsenrolled in the bilingual class, International section will take the DNBwith an ‘option internationale’.54

DNLDiscipline Non Linguistique.languageTeaching of a subject in a foreignFAPEE“Fédération des Associations de Parents d’élèves des Etablissementsd’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger” (Federation of ParentsAssociations in French Educational Establishments Abroad)FLE: Français Langue EtrangèreA class that is designed for students that are not proficient in or havelittle French.FLSCO: Français Langue de ScolarisationA special class that focuses on helping the student aquire necessarydaily academic vocabulary (eg. Understanding of class instructions,rules, etc.)GAIN“Groupe d'Accompagnement et d'Intégration”. Specialists thatprovide extra support to students in their PPS* (personalisedprogramme) for children with special needs from PS to Terminale.LE GROUPE HUMANITAIREThe Humanitarian Group "A Lycée for Hope" gives aid each year tovarious associations helping children in need in Southeast Asia.Consisting of personnel, parents and students of LFS, the HumanitarianGroup organises events and projects within the school in order to raisefunds to finance specific humanitarian projects and help studentsunderstand the role of humanitarian asociations.All details can be found on the LFS website:http://www.lfs.edu.sg/fr/services/humanitaire/index.htm55

For any information, please contact the group at the following:humanitaire@lfs.edu.sgHDA“Histoire des Arts” (History of Art)LIVRET PERSONNEL DE COMPÉTENCESThe Personal Skills Booklet is a tool to validate and monitor the skills ofeach student. It will follow the student throughout his compulsoryschool years. It is also used as a standard tool to discuss the child’sprogress with his/her parents. It will be presente to parents at the endof CE1, CM2 and 3 ème . Having been in use in primary schools since2008, it has been rolled out to all secondary students” since thebeginning of the 2010 academic year.Cf: "socle commun de connaissances et de compétences”* in theglossaryLvLangue Vivante (Foreign Languages for Collège & Lycée)The French School System requires students to learn at least 2 foreignlanguages as part of their school curriculum:• LV 1 : the first foreign language is taught from 6 ème , English and inthe bilingual stream, Mandarin is offered at LFS.• LV2 : The 2 nd foreign language is taught from 5 ème . German,Spanish, or Mandarin is offered at LFS. To note: Students enrolledin the bilingual stream start LV2 (in actuality, their 3 rd foreignlanguage) in 4 ème .• LV3 : The 3 rd foreign language is taught from 2 nde . Mandarin isoffered at LFS.PAI: PROTOCOLE D’ACCUEIL INDIVIDUALISÉ(Individualised Care Plan) For students who have a medical conditionrequiring special attention during school hours (children with allergies,medical treatment to be administered during school hours)56

PERMANENCE (Collège et Lycée)Should there be an empty slot in the student’s timetable, studentsstudy autonomously, supervised by a member of “vie scolaire”.This is also the case when a teacher is absent.PRIO”Personnel Ressource pour l’Information et l’Orientation”Within LFS, Higher education counseling is provided throughout theyear by Mr. Didier Delcassé (orientation@lfs.edu.sg). This cousellor,called PRIO (Personnel ressource pour l’Information et l’Orientation)can be found at the “Vie Scolaire”.PRONOTEAn application containing information such as grades, homework,absence of teachers and late arrival or absences of students.At the beginning of the academic year, parents receive a passwordto access Pronote of their child/children. This password is valid for theduration of the enrollment of the children at LFS.PPRE“Projet Personnalisé de Réussite Educative”. This is a personalisedprogramme agreed and signed by the relevant parties: teachers,parents and the student to define remedial actions for the student.PPS“Projet Personnalisé de Scolarisation”; A personalised programme forchildren with special needsREGIMES DE SORTIE (Collège and Lycée)This relates to students having permssion to leave the school premisesduring school hours.There are 2 different Exit Options (1 & 2) which are explained in thisguide (Section 3).57

RETENUE (Collège and Lycée)Detention. A sanction imposed by LFS which requires additional timeat school to do a piece of schoolwork or service in the generalinterest. Held on Saturday marnings 9am to 11am.SOCLE COMMUN DE CONNAISSANCES ET DE COMPÉTENCESThis refers to the ‘common core knowledge and competencies‘ thata student must know and master by the end of his compulsoryschooling. It comprises: knowledge, 7 competencies, values andattitudes necessary to succeed in school, his individual life and as afuture citizen.A report of personal competencies will be maintained to track theprogress of each student.Since the start of the 2010-2011 academic year, mastering of the 7competencies is required to obtain the “diplôme national du brevet”.For further information, please consult the following website:http://www.education.gouv.fr/cid2770/le-socle-commun-deconnaissances-et-de-competences.htmlSRGRefers to the LFS Serangoon campus where CP and CE1 classes arecurrently located.VIE SCOLAIRE (Collège & Lycée)“Vie Scolaire” encompasses the overall experience of school life forstudents within the establishment.School life for students is characterized by different time periods(classes, break time, rest time, etc.), by places, (the cafeteria, theclassroom, etc.), by meetings (with form teachers, the CPE*, schoolmonitors etc.), and by different activities (eg. studies, sport or freeperiods, etc.)It is also about learning to live collectively with others, helping andcooperating, and teaching students about their responsibilities andinvolvement; it’s a resource to help students develop and grow.58

26. ACRONYMS• APC (en primaire) : Activités Pédagogiques Complémentaires /complimentary pedagogic activities• AP (secondaire) : Accompagnement Personalisé / personalisedstudy supportAE (secondaire) : Accompagnement éducatif – Collège / studysupport for Middle School• Colle: Detention, Saturday mornings• CVL: Conseil de Vie Lycéenne / Lycée Student Committee• DM: Devoir Maison / Homework• DS: Devoir sur Table / Test done at school• ECJS: Education Civique Juridique et Sociale / Civic, Legal andSocial Education• EDD : Education au Développement Durable / SustainableDevelopment Education• EPS: Education Physique et Sportive / Physical Education• JDC: Journée Défense et Citoyenneté / Day of Defence &Citizenship (French)• OIB : Option Internationale du Baccalauréat / InternationalOption for Baccalauréat (not to be confused with IB :International Baccalauréat)• Perm: Permanence / Supervised autonomous time at school• PP: Professeur Principal / form teacher or principal teacher• SES: Sciences Economiques et Sociales / Economic and SocialSciences• SI : Section Internationale / International Section• SPH: Sciences Physiques / Chemistry and Physics• SVT: Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre / Earth and Life Sciences• TP: Travaux Pratiques / Experiments• TPE: Travaux Personnels Encadrés (classe de 1 ère ) / supervisedpersonal projects59

27. CONTACTSLFS Internet site: www.lfs.edu.sgAdministration :Accueil LFS / Secrétariat Général(LFS Reception)(65) 6488 1160 (Tel)(65) 6487 2821 (Fax)administration@lfs.edu.sgProviseur(Principal)(65) 6488 1160 (Tel)administration@lfs.edu.sgService Inscription(Admissions/Registration Dept)Directeur Exécutif(Executive Director)(65) 6488 1164 (Tel)inscription@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1160 (Tel)administration@lfs.edu.sgService Comptable / Facturation(Accounting Dept / Billing)Service Comptable /Autres demandes(Accounting Dept / Others)Service Ressources Humaines(Human Resources Dept)(65) 6488 1173 (Tel)(65) 6487 2823 (Fax)facturation@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1282 (Tel)gestionaf@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1160 (Tel)rh@lfs.edu.sg60

Service Santé (Health Services) :Infirmerie Elémentaire(CE2, CM1,CM2) et Secondaire (Infirmary forElementary (CE2, CM1, CM2),Middle & High School)Infirmerie Elémentaire((CP, CE1)(Infirmary for Elementary School(CP, CE1))Infirmerie Maternelle(Infirmary for Kindergarten)Psychologue Scolaire(School Psychologist)(65) 6488 1179 (Tel)sante_c3-sec@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 0592 (Tel)sante5@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1106 (Tel)sante@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1158 (Tel)psy@lfs.edu.sgMaternelle (Kindergarten) :Secrétariat (Reception)Direction Maternelle(Administration for Kindergarten)(65) 6488 1190 (Tel)(65) 6284 4550 (Fax)secprim2@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1189 (Tel)dirmat@lfs.edu.sgElémentaire (Elementary School) :Secrétariat (CP – CE1)(Reception for CP, CE1)Secrétariat (CE2 – CM2)(Reception for CE2, CM1, CM2)Direction Elémentaire (ElementarySchool Administration)(65) 6488 1109 (Tel)secprim3@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1192 (Tel)secprim1@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6487 2827 (Fax)(65) 6488 1192 (Tel)direle@lfs.edu.sg61

Coordinatrice Cycle 2(Cycle 2 Coordinator)(65) 6488 1109 (Tel)dirsrg@lfs.edu.sgSecondaire (Middle & High School) :Secrétariat (Reception)Proviseur Adjoint(Vice Principal)Conseiller Principal d’Education(Principal Education Counsellor)Vie ScolaireService des Examens(Examination Dept)(65) 6488 1156 (Tel)secsecondaire @lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1160 (Tel)adjoint@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1169 (Tel)cpe@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1168 (Tel)(65) 6488 1181 (Tel)examens@lfs.edu.sgAutres Services (Other Services) :AES (Extra Curricular Activities)Coordinatrice AES Ang Mo Kio(AES Coordinator, AMK)Coordinatrice AES Serangoon(AES Coordinator, SRG)Surveillante AES Ang Mo Kio(AES Supervisor, AMK)Surveillante AES Serangoon(AES Supervisor, SRG)Surveillante AES Maternelle(AES Supervisor, Kindergarten)(65) 6488 1104 (Tel)aes@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1256 (Tel)aessrg@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1104 (Tel)aesamk@lfs.edu.sg(65) 8188 3076 (Tel)aessrg@lfs.edu.sg(65) 8333 6275 (Tel)aesmat@lfs.edu.sg62

Responsable AES(person in charge of AES)Woodlands TransportTransport ManagerService Communication(Communication Services)Commission Parents(Parents Committee)Groupe Humanitaire(Humanitarian Group)(65) 6488 1255 (Tel)respaes@lfs.edu.sg(65) 6488 1152 (Tel)lfs@woodlands.edu.sg(65) 6488 1214 (Tel)transport@lfs.edu.sgcommunication@lfs.edu.sgcomparents@lfs.edu.sghumanitaire@lfs.edu.sg63

28. Classes and Age GroupsThe indicated age is that which a child attains during thecourse of the calendar year in which he enters his class inSeptember. The month of birth is not relevant.Thus, a child that is 8 years old during the year 2008, enters intoCE2 in September 2008. A child who attains the age of 3 yearsbetween 1 January and 31 December, 2008 can enter into thePetite Section of Maternelle (Kindergarten) in September 2008.Maternelle /KindergartenAcronym Class Name AgePS Petite section 3MS Moyenne Section 4Elémentaire /ElementarySchGS Grande Section 5CP Cours préparatoire (learning to read) 6CE1 Cours élémentaire 1 ère année 7CE2 Cours élémentaire 2 ème année 8CM1 Cours Moyen 1 ère année 9Collège /MiddleSchoolCM2 Cours Moyen 2 ème année 106 ème 115 ème 124 ème 13Lycée / HighSchool3 ème (brevet des collèges) 142 nde 151 ère 16T Terminale (baccalauréat) 17A student who has not lengthened his years of schooling,passes his baccalaureate in the calendar year of his 18 thbirthday.64

29. Personal Notes

We would like to remind you that thisdocument was prepared by parents ofstudents of LFS and was published under theresponsibility of the authors.It cannot be attributed to the Lycée Françaisde Singapour.All information contained herein is subject tochange.Please consult the LFS Website regularly:www.lfs.edu.sgA big thank you to all the parents whocontributed to the creation of this WelcomeBooklet.Our thanks to the teaching and administrativestaff of the Lycée Français de Singapour whohave supported this project and made itpossible.©Commission Parents d’élèves Lycée Français de Singapour 2013Reproduction forbidden without prior consent`.

©Commission Parents d’élèves Lycée Français de Singapour 2013Reproduction forbidden without prior consent`.

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