LYCEE FRANÇAIS DE SINGAPOUR - Lycée français de Singapour

LYCEE FRANÇAIS DE SINGAPOUR - Lycée français de Singapour

LYCEE FRANÇAIS DE SINGAPOUR3000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Singapore 569928 No. of Company : 198004581HCP/CE1 / First Grade/Second Grade - InformationThere are two types of classes, depending on the languages offer:Bi-langue classes: French + English + 5 different subjects taught in English + 2 Mandarinlessons per week starting in CE2.English+ classes: 55% of the courses taught in French and 45% taught in English + 1Mandarin lesson per week starting in CE2.1. Size and Structure of Classes :From the start of the new school year 2013, the students will be split into 46 classes (20 CPand CE1 classes at Serangoon. 26 CE2, CM1 and CM2 classes at Ang Mo Kio):For all the “bi-langue” classes, the maximum size is 26 students per class.• 8 CP bi-langue and 2 CP English+ => 10 CP classes (1 st grade)• 8 CE1 bi-langue and 2 CE1 English+ => 10 CE1 classes (2 nd grade)• 8 CE2 bi-langue and 2 CE2 English+ => 10 CE2 classes (3 rd grade)• 7 CM1 bi-langue and 2 CM1 English+ => 9 CM1 classes (4 th grade)• 5 CM2 bi-langue and 2 CM2 English+ => 7 CM2 classes (5 th grade)The teachers list and their email addresses will be sent to you during the first week of term. Forany questions regarding how the class is run or a concern about your child, it is important tocontact their class teacher first and foremost.In the case that there is a change of bus, AES (after school activity)… do not forget to informthe Serangoon secretary: The location of the Primary School :In order to accommodate the influx of new students, the CP and CE1 classes have moved onthe LFS Serangoon campus, since September 2011.The CE2-CM1-CM2 students’ classes are in the Ang Mo Kio campus.The Elementary school classes are therefore split between the two campuses: Serangoon andAng Mo KioSerangoon Campus, CP and CE1(red building, Kensington Park Road side)20 homerooms1 language classroomIT/computing : 2 to 4 computers perhomeroom2 gymnasiums1 room for GAIN (learning difficulties) andFLSco (language difficulties)2 playgrounds1 staffroomAng Mo Kio Campus, CE2, CM1 and CM2(4th floor, buildings A+G)26 classrooms7 language classrooms1 computer room1 music room1 gymnasium + 1 dance studio1 room for GAIN (learning difficulties) and + 1room for FLE/FLSco (language difficulties)1 playground1 staffroomAll primary school classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards.At the back to school meetings, the teachers will be able to show you a little demonstration.3. Where to drop off my children the first day of school?You will be receiving you child’s class list by email the day before the first day ofschool, on Monday, September 2 nd , before 8pm, as well as a plan of where the classesneed to line up. Therefore, you will know where to find your child’s teacher on themorning of the first day back.CP and CE1, at Serangoon: From 7.50am to 8.15am, at the playground, then from 8.15am to8.45am in the home classroom.(CE2, CM1 and CM2 at Ang Mo Kio: from 7.50am to 8.15am, at the Elementary playground)

LYCEE FRANÇAIS DE SINGAPOUR3000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Singapore 569928 No. of Company : 198004581HYou will therefore have time, if you have children taught at both Serangoon AND Ang Mo Kio todrop off your child at Serangoon (CP/CE1) either before 8.05am at the playground, or to take themdirectly to class after dropping off their brothers or sisters at Ang Mo Kio, between 8:15 and 8:45.From the 2 nd day onwards, the drop off hours will remain the same (7.50am to 8.15am for bothcampuses)Attention!! The first day of school, even if it is a Tuesday will be a ½ day like a Wednesday orFriday. It means that this first day, the classes will finish at 12:15. The bus service will transportyour children at 12:15 also for this first ½ day.4. Where to drop off / pick up my children in the morning and evening?Two possible access for the CP and CE1 students:Starting Wednesday, September 4th, the CP and CE1 students will be welcome by themonitors at the entries of the school. The parents will not be authorized to enter the school, asit is difficult for the monitors and teachers to supervise safely the students in the middle ofmany traffics (parents, brothers and sisters…) inside the school. Therefore you will have todrop off your children:‣ Either by Kensington Park road (Serangoon Garden side at the gate), the monitors willmake sure the students go to the playground.‣ If you arrive by the Ang Mo Kio side, the information and details on the path to use willbe communicated before the back to school, as they will depend on the advancementof the construction for the new project.An access map will be communicated before the back to school, with an update on where todrop off your children in Serangoon and Ang Mo Kio, as well as where to pick them up in theevening.For children taking the bus:The buses make one stop: in the AMK bus bay. The students going to the Serangoon campuswill be accompanied by monitors. More details will be sent to you before the back to school.5. School Hours for the CP Classes:MONDAY, TUESDAY ANDTHURSDAYWEDNESDAY AND FRIDAYStart of Classes 8:15 (the school opens its doors at 7:50)(Reception at the gate if arriving at Kensington Park Road side, or atthe end of the covered walkway if arriving at AMK side)Morning BreakCanteen (4 services)Certain students who have foodallergies will have a lunch boxLunch is followed by a 20minute breakCP = 10:05am to 10:25amCE1 = 10:30am to 10:50amCPBetween 11:05am and 11.:55amCE1Between 11:55am and 12:45amNo canteenSnack provided for those doingextracurricular activitiesAfternoon BreakCP1:45pm to 2pmCE12:05pm to 2:20pm12:15End of Classes3:15pm(You can pick up your children upuntil 3:30pm, in the gymnasium)

LYCEE FRANÇAIS DE SINGAPOUR3000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Singapore 569928 No. of Company : 198004581H6. The hours of the different teaching areas :Languages for the bi-langue classes:English Classes: 3 x 1hr per week. The students are distributed into groups according totheir skills’ level. The average number of students in each group will be 8 to 16.CLIL (content and language integrated learning): 4 different subjects taught in English(math, Hit-Geo-Civic Educ, Sciences, Arts and History of Arts)Languages for the English+ classes:English: 45% of the lessons taught in English (so 55% taught in French)For all the classes: (Bi-langue AND English+)PE: 2 x 45 minutes per week. Taught in English by a PE teacher (English native speaker)Music lessons: 1hr per week with a music teacher, lasting half of the school year- fromSeptember to January for the CM1 and CM2 classes, then from February to June for CE2classes. (The rest of the time, the homeroom teacher will continue teaching the musiclessons).Complementary and pedagogical activities: learning assistance, projects, to learn moreand further… 1 x 45min per week in the ½ class during Mandarin (taught also in ½ class)

LYCEE FRANÇAIS DE SINGAPOUR3000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Singapore 569928 No. of Company : 198004581HPersonalized Learning Assistance: 40 minutes per week.Personalized Learning Assistance is organized at the end of the day, before 15.15pm, withworkshops and recreational activities for those children that are not going to PersonalizedLearning Assistance. The children in PLA are taken by their class teacher and those whoare not in PLA will be taken by the supervisors to classrooms that are free at the time tostart activities.Organisation of Personalized Learning Assistance : This will start mid-September.When the teacher wishes to take your child for PLA, they will inform you by email,letting you know:The subject area they will be working on (This can be on acquiring knowledge inFrench or Maths, on a particular skill, methodical skills (how best to learn alesson, look words up in a dictionary…). Also on things like attitude or abilities(remaining focused, working on memory…))Number of sessions anticipated: The number of sessions will be from 2 (2 weeks)to 8 in total (or an entire period between 2 school holidays).As soon as the teacher feels that your child no longer needs the extra help, theywill inform you by email. The help can stop in one subject area or with a certainskill, but continue in new area. You will equally be informed as soon as there areany changes in the content of the PLA.Personalized Learning Assistance is for all pupils, each can, at any moment during the school yearand depending on their progression, advance less quickly in one area whilst being totally at easein other areas. PLA allows the pupil to work on their knowledge (lessons to learn by heart),methods (eg calculations), concepts… or simply even working on improving and speeding upwriting (taking notes).Going to PLA is not seen as something negative on the part of the pupil, but more as anopportunity for a one-to-one with their teacher. When you talk to your child about the extra help, bepositive and at which point show them that you think it will allow them to learn even more and evenfaster!

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