Zurich Airport


Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport


Getting there

Access map

Airport overview

Special assistance


Public area:

Shopping and dining

Departure and security

Passenger area: Shopping,

dining and pleasure

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Getting there


At the center of Europe and in the heart of

Switzerland. Zurich Airport is one of the most

modern airports in Europe. Its central location,

excellent transportation links and great convenience

make it an ideal starting point for holiday

and business travel and city hops. Zurich

Airport also has much to offer as a destination

for daytrips and shopping, making it worth a

visit anytime.



2 hrs. 40 min.


1 hr. 30 min.

Geneva 3 hrs. 15 min.

Basel 1 hr.

Here in a fl ash and quickly

on your way: The times

listed are based on the most

rapid connection.



1 hr. 50 min.


4 hrs.

Stuttgart 2 hrs. 30 min.


1 hr.


2 hrs. 10 min.

St. Gallen

1 hr.


1 hr. 35 min.

Lugano 2 hrs. 45 min.




1 hr. 30 min.


3 hrs. 35 min.

Whether you travel with public transportation or arrive by car: Zurich

Airport is directly accessible from most regions in Switzerland. It is also

ideally situated for the bordering regions of Germany and Austria.

Begin your trip relaxed by starting from Zurich Airport.

Getting to the airport


Getting to the airport


Arrive with public transportation. The

best connections, from early morning

to late at night.

Train services: Trains run between Zurich main station

and the airport every 10 minutes during peak periods

(travel time: 10 minutes). There are regular direct intercity

and interregional rail connections to all the main towns in

Switzerland and neighboring countries.

• Information: www.sbb.ch, www.zvv.ch

Regional bus services: Thirteen bus lines connect

Zurich Airport to all towns in the surrounding region and in

Glattal (departures every 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes).

• Information: www.vbg.ch

Early buses during the summer season: Tickets for early

buses from Thun, Berne and Solothurn.

• Information: 031 985 13 13, www.sunrise-reisen.ch

Special winter season coaches:

Arlberg Express (Austria)

• Information: 0043 558 22 26, www.arlbergexpress.com

Davos Express Kessler Carreisen

• Information: 081 417 07 07

Parking tariffs can be paid at

cashiers and ticket machines

in Swiss francs and euros,

with most credit cards or with

a Maestro card or Postcard.

< Geneva



Arriving by car. Abundant parking

options from short and fast to long

and inexpensive.

There is plenty of parking available at Zurich Airport

if you arrive with your own car. Car parks P1 (Check-in 1/

Arrivals 1), P2 (Check-in 2/Arrivals 2) and P3 (Check-in 3)

are directly connected to the airport buildings. At CHF 2 for

15 minutes, the car parks offer the same rates as the shortterm

parking spaces along the driveway near the “Arrivals

and Departures”, but are not limited to 15 minutes.

If you plan to park your vehicle at the airport for a longer

period, then the P5 and P40 car parks or the open parking

spaces at the P60 long-term parking lot offer inexpensive


Parking options (see the access map on page 6/7)

• Information about parking facilities and rates:

043 816 86 00, www.zurich-airport.com/parking

Valet Parking

Europcar will collect your vehicle directly along the driveway

near “Departures” in front of Check-in 1.

• Information: 043 816 59 44, www.europcar.ch

Car rentals

All leading car rental agencies can be found in the car

rental center located on the upper fl oor of the Airport












Zurich Airport
















St. Gallen







Getting to the airport



Access map


Check-in 3

Train to/from Zurich


Gates B



Airside Center

Gates A


Car parks

A1/A20/A51 Zurich/Berne/

Basel/St. Gallen


to Gates E

Driveway departures

Driveway arrivals


Train to/from

Winterthur/St. Gallen

Cargo West

Airport Conference Center




Hotel bus

Railway station

Regional bus

Rental car center

Spectators’ terrace


Valet parking

Cargo East

A51 Bülach/


Access map



Welcome to Zurich Airport. It offers everything

to make your stay enjoyable. Just steps away

from spacious shopping, waiting areas and from

the gates, to help you begin your trip relaxed.

Gates B





Check-in SWISS

Gates E

Gates A

Check-in 2

to Gates E


Arrival 2


Check-in 3

Airside Center

SWISS Lounge


Check-in 1

Arrival 1



Airport Shopping




Passenger area

Check-in SWISS

SWISS Arrival Lounge

Airport Conference Center

Public area


There are three gates at Zurich Airport.

Gates A and B can be reached by foot.

The Skymetro departs in 3-minute intervals

to bring you to Gates E in just 2 minutes.

Times needed to reach the gates after the

passport control (Airside Center):

Gates A: 15 – 20 min.

Gates B: 5 – 10 min.

Gates E: 15 – 20 min.


All three Zurich Airport check-in zones can

be reached quickly and easily. Check-in 3

is located directly above the railway station

and below car park P3, enabling you to

check you luggage directly upon your

arrival. Check-in 1 and Check-in 2 are just

minutes from both the railway station and

the cark parks.



Passport and ticket control



Security check

Spectators’ terrace

Transfer desk

Shopping and dining

in the public area

Shopping and dining

in the passenger area

Airport overview


Special assistance


Always there to assist you. Travelers

with limited mobility receive competent

assistance and are accommodated

with wheelchair-accessible routes

throughout Zurich Airport.

Arrival by car: Specially designated parking spaces for the

disabled are available on the entry level of Car Parks P1, P2

and P3, right next to the elevators.

Wheelchair assistance: Travelers in wheelchairs

can request assistance at any time from Zurich Airport’s

customer ground service. This service is subject to fees and

includes accompanying the traveler from the point of arrival

(train, car) to the assistance counters at the check-in zones.

• Information: 043 816 67 07, 076 356 85 85

Special assistance: Contact the special assistance desks

operated by Swissport, Jet Aviation or Hahn Air. There are

special assistance counters at each of the check-in zones.

• Swissport: 043 812 63 64

• Jet Aviation: 058 158 85 15

• Hahn Air: 043 816 54 26

Customer Ground Service. Convenient

services for all passengers: from

porter service to personal assistance.

Individual porter: Heavy luggage? For a fee, let the porter

transport your luggage from the railway station or parking

space to the check-in counter.

• Information: 043 816 67 07, 076 356 85 85

Group porter: Group travelers can have their

entire baggage transported to the appropriate check-in

counter (minimum of 10 people with at least 10 pieces

of luggage).

• Information: 043 816 67 07, 076 356 85 85,


VIP Service. For passengers with

special requirements of convenience,

discretion and time management.

An experienced, well-versed team takes care of the

formalities quickly and smoothly so that VIP guests can

enjoy the greatest level of comfort and discretion while

at Zurich Airport.

• Information: 043 816 21 42


Special assistance




Check-in without stress and prolonged

queuing. Take advantage of the various

self-check-in options before you arrive

or at Zurich Airport itself.

Check-in at the train station: including boarding card

Over 50 Swiss train stations offer complete check-in services

with luggage including the issuing of the boarding card.

This service applies to practically all charter airlines, for Swiss

International Air Lines, Lufthansa and for other selected


• Information: 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min.)

or www.sbb.ch/check-in

Fly-Rail Baggage: from the airport directly to the

train station

Your luggage will travel from any airport in the world via

the Zurich or Geneva Airport directly to your train station

in Switzerland. It makes no difference which airline you fl y

with. This means that upon your arrival at the airport your

luggage will be automatically forwarded to your destination

train station. You do not lose any time waiting for

your luggage.

• Information: 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min.)

or www.sbb.ch/check-in

Telephone check-in: for First and Business Class passengers

and for Travel Club members

Drop your luggage off at the bag drop counter at the appropriate

check-in zone. Those traveling with just carry-on

luggage will receive their boarding card at the express or

gate counter.

• Telephone check-in for SWISS passengers: 0848 000 107

Passengers of other airlines can fi nd information about

telephone check-in on the airlines’ websites.


Web check-in: print out your own boarding card

Check-in occurs at your own computer. You print out your

own boarding card and hand in your luggage at the bagdrop

counter at the appropriate check-in zone. Airlines

with Web check-in include: Swiss International Air Lines,

Singapore Airlines, Air Berlin, Air France, British Airways,

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Emirates and Finnair. You can

fi nd further information at the your airline’s website.

CUSS (Common Use Self Service)

CUSS machines are located in all check-in zones. In

contrast to the self-service machines, you can check in for

various airlines at a neutral machine. You then hand in

your luggage at the bag-drop counter at the appropriate

check-in zone. At the CUSS check-in machine you can see

the list of airlines for which it can be used.

Previous evening check-in

• For airlines that are serviced by Jet Aviation:

On the evening before your fl ight between

7 pm and 9 pm

• For airlines that are serviced by Swissport:

On the evening before your fl ight between

8 pm and 10 pm

• For airlines the are serviced by Hahn Air:

On the evening before your fl ight between

7 pm and 9 pm

You can fi nd further information about the check-ins

and the various zones at:




Public area


Ideal for all sorts of shopping. Need snacks for

along the way? Or would you like to refill the

fridge upon your return? Around 65 stores, restaurants

and bars in the public area are accessible to

everyone and are open until late every evening.

Foodstuffs and delicacies

You’ll fi nd a wide selection of food

and grocery stores in the Airport

Shopping, offering fresh products

for everyday use, as well as Swiss

specialities and delicacies. Whether

you seek snacks for the trip or a

small culinary gift, you can shop

for all you need in the airport’s

public area without long waits and


Finest entertainment

Missing something for your holiday

at the beach? Or for that long

fl ight to the Far East? The latest

CDs, the newest games or that

gripping cliffhanger for in-flight

reading? You can fi nd all you need

in the shops in the public area.

There for you 365 days a

year from 8 am to 9 pm

(starting November 1, 2007)

Opening hours

grocery stores:

from 6 am to 10 pm

Opening hours

for restaurants, bars and cafés:

from 4:30 am to 11:30 pm

1 hour free parking

If you spend a minimum of

CHF 60 at airport restaurants,

cafés or stores on the same day

you exit the car park, then we

will validate your fi rst hour of

parking – a CHF 6 value.

You can validate your consumation

receipts at the following

locations: Service Center (car

park P2), s.Oliver (passage to

pay station of car park P1),

Migros cashiers and k kiosk

Presse + Buch (news-agent in

the Airport Shopping).

Shopping and dining in the public area


Shopping and dining in the public area


From casual to classic

No need to take a long time searching, at Zurich Airport you

can fi nd what you need quickly. Its many brand name shops

present you with the latest fashions for holiday, leisure and

business. Speciality stores offer

a wide selection if you still

need luggage and practical

travel accessories.

So very practical

Shops in Zurich Airport’s public area do not close for holidays

or weekends and are there to serve you year-round,

whether you need medicines, dry cleaning, hairstyling

or the pharmacy.

Delectable taste treats whatever your preference.

Looking for a tasty snack? Or perhaps a

full meal? Zurich Airport’s many fi ne restaurants,

cafés and bars are here to serve you in

every way.

You can fi nd it all in Foodland

in the Airport Shopping

The whole world is at your fi ngertips in Foodland:

from Asia to Mexico, from Italy to the

North Sea. Choose from juicy burgers, crispy

salads, oven-fresh pizzas or another snack from

the great selection of tasty food specialities.

Huge selection to still every thirst

Wide-ranging, international drink menus can be found in the bars,

cafés and in the restaurants. You can choose the ambience you prefer

along with your drinks: a cappuccino with “dolce vita“, Cuban vivacity

or perhaps the cosmopolitan bars. You can fi nd all this and more in the

public area of Zurich Airport.

Dignified and pleasurable

Connoisseurs of elegant Italian cuisine enjoy eating in the full-service

restaurant (Check-in 2), while aviation fans take in the view of the

airfield in the self-service restaurant. Those who enjoy Asian specialities

can fi nd what they are seeking at Check-in 1.

Shopping and dining in the public area


Departure and security


Ensuring your maximum security. The primary

concern of Zurich Airport and all airlines is to

provide the greatest level of security both on the

ground and in the air. Airport security standards

are based on international guidelines.

Fundamentally forbidden

The following objects may not be transported in carry-on

luggage or luggage that is checked in: *

Only permitted in checked-in luggage

The following objects may only be transported in luggage

that is checked in. *

*List is incomplete *List is incomplete

Ideal preparation for checking in

• Pack only what is absolutely necessary in your carry-on luggage.

• If you purchase goods before checking in, especially products that

contain liquids, also pack these in the luggage that you intend to

hand in at the check-in counter.

• Be sure to check whether your airline has special security measures

that must be followed.

Security requirement for carry-on luggage

• Liquids may only be taken through the security checks in small


• Products that contain fluids, gels or similar substances may only

be packed in carry-on luggage in containers that do not exceed

100 ml (= 1 deciliter) and must be packed in a transparent, re-sealable

1-liter plastic bag.

• Only 1 plastic bag per person may

be packed in the carry-on luggage.

The bag must be re-sealable

with a pressure or zip seal.

• Medicines (e.g. insulin, eye drops,

etc.) and special foods (e.g. baby

food) that are needed during the

flight may be transported outside

the plastic bag.

• Transfer passengers will receive

specific information from their

respective airline or on the airline’s


Security check

• To avoid waiting times, make

sure that you put metallic objects

such as coins, keys, mobile

phones in your coat or handbag,

which are also to be placed on

the conveyer belt.

• Laptops are to be removed

from their carriers and placed in

a separate box. (Flights to the

USA are subject to additional


Please note: If you wish to

return to the Airside Center

after passing through the

security check, then you must

go through it again before you

reach your gate.

Access to the non-public area

is only possible with valid travel

documents, a passport or ID

card and a boarding card.

You should anticipate the

following times needed to

reach the gates after the passport

control (Airside Center):

Gates A: 15 – 20 min.

Gates B: 5 – 10 min.

Gates E: 15 – 20 min.

Departure and security


Passenger area


Welcome to Switzerland, the Tax + Duty Free

paradise. You have passed through the passport

control and now have time on your hands

before your fl ight departs. Take advantage of

the extraordinarily low Tax + Duty Free prices

at Zurich Airport.

Huge selection, low prices

Switzerland is one of the last

European countries for unlimited,

duty-free shopping. Zurich Airport’s

Tax + Duty Free Shops offer a huge

selection of perfumes, cosmetics,

spirits and tobacco products from

international and Swiss brands at

extremely low prices. To help you

quickly pass through the security

checks, your purchases will be

packaged in bags that conform to

security regulations.

The best price guarantee in the

Tax + Duty Free paradise means

that any customer who fi nds a

product labelled with „best price

guarantee“ at a lower price anywhere

in Switzerland within

30 days will be refunded double

the price difference.

Tobacco products, perfume,

cosmetics and alcoholic

beverages that are purchased

in the Tax + Duty Free shops

are exempt from VAT and

other taxes.

Opening hours:

Shops, restaurants, bars and

cafés in the passenger area

normally open one hour before

the fi rst fl ight and close

when the announcement for

the last fl ight is made.

Tax + Duty Free Shopping in the passenger area


Shopping in the passenger area

Enjoy yourself while shopping and relaxing.

Take your time and enjoy your stay in the

Airside Center with over 60 stores, restaurants,

bars and lounges.

Fashion and trends

Whether you prefer a classic business suit or a more casual

look, you can fi nd the latest creations from the world’s

fashion capitals in the Airside Center. Enjoy yourself and

take your time strolling through the many boutiques.

Elegant and sumptuous

Gather inspiration from the

high-carat selection of Swiss

watches and jewelry. You can

fi nd both the latest collection

models and timeless classics at

Zurich Airport.

Souvenirs and gifts

Old quality hand craftsmanship

or modern Swiss design?

You can fi nd just the right gift

to bring along at the airport’s

many souvenir shops.

Sweet seduction

How can you resist? Treat

yourself and those near and

dear with all the tasty

specialties from traditional

Swiss chocolate-makers.

Swiss hospitality. There are comfortable

cafés, bars and restaurants with a full range

of delicious culinary treats in the Airside

Center and at all gates. Just the right thing

to relax you before departure.

Fuel up before taking off

Take advantage of this opportunity.

The bartender can still grant

any request. Whether it’s a cold

beer, a powerful espresso or a

skillfully mixed drink: There is no

thirst that cannot be satisfied.

Taste treats and snacks

Delicious things are close by in

Zurich Airport, only as far as the

next restaurant or snack bar. Be

served a culinary classic, a trendy

taste treat or enjoy a quick snack.

22 23

Dining in the passenger area



Always there for you. The customer-friendly

palette of services offered at Zurich Airport is

as varied as the needs of our passengers.


Service Center

Do you have questions, require assistance or need a

special service? You can turn to the Service Center for

all airport concerns. It’s located on the top fl oor of the

Airport Shopping (near car park P2) and the services it

offers include: luggage storage for your suitcases and

bags (from 6 am to 10:30 pm), hotel room reservations,

parking services, courier, copier and fax services, sales of

airport gift certificates, tickets to events, baby stroller and

car seat rentals, repair service for baby strollers and car

seats, bicycle and inline skate rentals, brochure slot rentals

and bus tour bookings. Open 6 am to 11:30 pm daily.

• Information: 043 816 86 00

Information desk

It’s never far to the next information desk: Look for the

info symbol at Check-in 2, at the Arrivals 1 and 2, as well

as in the Airside Center.

Flight information per SMS. Receive arrival times in real-time, plus

information on fl ights that land early, are delayed or cancelled.

Departing passengers can receive information about check-in, gate

and departure time. Inquiries: Send an SMS with the keyword

ZRHE plus the fl ight number (e.g. ZRHE LX327) to the phone

number 9292. Only fl ight data from the current day can be called up.

Price per SMS received: CHF 0.90. No responsibility is taken for the

information provided by this service. Further information under:






Surfpoints and public Internet

Want to quickly check for e-mails or surf the Internet

for information? Computer stations in both the public

and passenger areas provide you access to the Internet

(fees apply).

Public Wireless LAN and Hotspots

Wireless high-speed Internet access is available at Zurich

Airport (fees apply).

• Information: www.zurich-airport.com/wlan


For misrouted or misplaced luggage contact Jet Aviation or

Swissport in the baggage hall.

Dayrooms and showers

Modern equipped dayrooms (single, double and triple bed

rooms) are located in the passenger area along with showers

(including a terrycloth towel and personal care products).

• Information: 043 816 21 08


Spacious, well-lit nurseries and playrooms are available for

children at Gates A and E, with infrastructure for children of

all ages.

• Information: 043 816 46 31, 043 816 72 73

Medical care

Medical Center and Dental Services (including dental hygiene)

can be found in the public area. Medical emergency

care is available without an appointment. Appointments are

preferred for consultations for dental services. You can fi nd

pharmacies in both the public and passenger areas. Superficial

scrapes, cuts and scratches can be treated in the nursery

or in the dayrooms.

Counseling / Chapel

The chapel is open to all around the clock, regardless of

religious background and beliefs for prayer, meditation and

to provide personal support.

• Information: 043 816 57 57, www.flughafenpfarramt.ch

VAT-free shopping. Foreign guests can have the VAT

for their purchases refunded upon their departure from

Zurich Airport.

• Information: 044 805 60 70, www.globalrefund.ch

Emergency passport office

Issues temporary passports for Swiss citizens that are valid

for one year. No extensions are possible. Open daily from

5:45 am to 8:30 pm.

Postal services

Convenient and with ATMs: The manned post office

(8058 Zurich-Airport) is located in the Airport Shopping

and is open daily from 8 am to 21 pm.

Financial services

Staffed bank counters to exchange money and other bank

services are found in the public area. Swiss francs and

euros can be obtained at cash dispensers in the public and

passenger areas. There are also staffed money exchange

counters in the passenger area.

UBS and Credit Suisse offer comprehensive private banking

services at Zurich Airport.

Airport Conference Center /

Business Services

A high-power meeting and conference center offering

seminar and meeting rooms with state-of-the-art conference

and information technology.

• Information: toll-free number 0800 266 337

(Switzerland / Liechtenstein) or 043 816 34 22


Smoking lounges

Modern, comfortable and clean smoking lounges are

available at smoke-free Zurich Airport.





Important telephone numbers

Central Desk (Flughafen Zürich AG) 043 816 22 11

Airport Conference Center 043 816 34 22

Customer ground service

- Wheelchair assistance 043 816 67 07 / 076 356 85 85

Customs 043 816 20 51

Dayrooms 043 816 21 08

Dental Services 043 816 61 61

Emergency passport office 044 655 57 65

Group porter 043 816 67 07 / 076 356 85 85

Individual porter 043 816 67 07 / 076 356 85 85

Lost & Found

- Swissport (calls from Switzerland) 0900 57 10 15

- Swissport (calls from outside Switzerland) 043 812 22 22

Lost & Found SBB (Railway) 051 222 73 33

Luggage storage 043 816 35 00

Luggage tracing / Lost & Found

- Jet Aviation 058 158 85 59

- Swissport 043 813 24 08

Medical Center 043 816 60 00

Pet care and supervision 043 816 72 80

Railway (information: CHF 1.19/min.) 051 222 73 76

Service Center 043 816 86 00

Swissport 043 812 20 20

VIP Service 043 816 21 42

Fire Department 118

First Aid 144

Police 117


Bellevue Lounge 043 812 58 01

Jet Aviation 058 158 85 20

Star Alliance, Lufthansa 043 816 58 90

SWISS Arrival Lounge 043 812 52 57

SWISS Business Class 043 812 58 02

SWISS First Class 043 812 58 03

Flight information

Phone (CHF 1.49/min.) 0900 300 313

Teletext page 460

Internet www.zurich-airport.com/flight


Copyright: Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG)

Marketing Communication

P.O. Box, CH-8058 Zurich-Airport

Phone +41 (0)43 816 22 11


Design: Creative Content, Zurich

Edition: 2nd edition 6.2007, 70,000 copies

Status: June 2007

Information subject to change.


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