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April 2013 - Reynolds Homestead - Virginia Tech

April 2013 - Reynolds Homestead - Virginia Tech

Family Traditions Is the

Family Traditions Is the Theme for SecondSundays American Music SeriesProgram dedicated to the memory of Larry Martin, (June 11, 1945-November 22, 2011)The final concert in the four-part series“Second Sundays American Music Series”will feature a dozen local musicians unitedunder the theme “Family Traditions.” Theevent is scheduled for Sunday, April 14 at2:00 p.m. in the Continuing EducationCenter.Hosted and narrated by Ron Pendleton, theevent honors local musicians, singers, anddancers who have entertained audiences fordecades; who have been mentors toyounger performers, and who have a wealthof music knowledge to share.The event is dedicated to a great friend andpartner to many, Larry Martin, who inspiredand still inspires many today.The focus of the concert is the musicalfamilies of the local area. Twelve performersand ten musical families will be represented.Performers include Troy Brammer, LloydBurge, Junior Cassady, Garland Cockram,Marvin Cockram, Ralph Haden, Cecil Hall,Clarence Hall, Bernard Hylton, DarrellMcCumbers, J.A. Midkiff, and Jim Shelor.Many of the musicians will have scrapbooksand albums on display and recordings forsale.Pendleton will interview each performer,asking a few questions about the influenceson his music, the accomplishments of hiscareer, and the different groups with whichhe has performed.The concert will include two sets and anintermission with refreshments. Doors openat 1:00 p.m. and tickets are $12.00 each.For more information, call the ReynoldsHomestead.Cecil HallClarence HallDarrell McCumbersJ.A. MidkiffLloyd BurgeDedicated to Larry MartinJim Shelor

Im ShelorThe Virginia Association ofMuseums Appoints LisaMartin to Governing CouncilDuring the 2013 Annual Conference of theVirginia Association of Museums (VAM),new members and officers were appointedto the VAM Governing Council. Lisa Martinis assuming the role of director-at-large.Lisa Martin is a native of Patrick Countywhere she is the senior program managerfor the Reynolds Homestead, aCommonwealth Campus Center of VirginiaTech. Prior to joining the ReynoldsHomestead, Lisa taught English for 12 yearsand served as marketing manager and newproduct development manager for CPFilms,Inc. in Martinsville. In her role as programmanager, Lisa is responsible for the historichome of R.J. Reynolds, a State and NationalHistoric Landmark."I am excited to represent not onlysouthwestern Virginia, but also small housemuseums, each of which has its ownunique issues and needs, especially in adifficult economy. I look forward to beingable to work with my colleagues to addressthose needs effectively," says Martin. Weare fortunate to have such a fine group ofpeople to support VAM's mission topromote professionalism in Virginia'smuseum community, to determinedirections, goals and priorities for theAssociation, and to define policy governingthe Association. Says Margo Carlock, VAM'sexecutive director, "Lisa Martin will bringvaluable knowledge of small historichouses and their issues, as well as theissues of museums in southwesternVirginia, to the Council. We look forwardto working with her and all of the newCouncil members to promote and serveVirginia's museums." View a completelisting and contact information for all ofVAM's Governing Council members on ourwebsite.The Virginia Association of Museums is anon-profit, professional membershiporganization for museums and individualsassociated with museums, primarily inVirginia and Washington D.C., serving allmuseum disciplines. The mission of theVirginia Association of Museums is to serveas the resource network of the Virginia andDistrict of Columbia museum communitythrough education, technical assistance,and advocacy. VAM is governed by atwenty-one member Council. The Councilacts as a Board of Trustees and policymakingbody, therefore has responsibilityfor the continuity (financial health) anddirection (programming) of the Association.Find out more by OPPORTUNITIESApril has some fun opportunities forvolunteers to help with programming.Please call or e-mail martinlm@vt.eduif you would like to assist with any ofthese events.3.2 Run in Remembrance, April 13 – weneed assistance with water stations,handing out balloon, checking people inand giving out t-shirts. Also, if youwould like to donate refreshments, weneed fruit, granola bars, muffins, andother high-energy foods.Spring Tea at the Rock SpringPlantation, April 6 – meeting andgreeting guests, helping serverefreshments and escorting visitorsaround the grounds. We’re celebratingthe Year of the Virginia Historic Home.College for Older Adults begins April15. It would be very helpful to havehosts to check attendance, put outrefreshments, and assist with gettingprograms set up. We can arrange a“deal” on your registration fee, too!If any programs on our calendar ofevents look like something you’d liketo help with, please give us a call.Volunteers help make it happen!3.2 Run in Remembrance Set for April 13Memorial balloon launch at 9:00 a.m. will start the runThe Reynolds Homestead Continuing Education Center and Forestry ResearchCenter, in partnership with the Division of Student Affairs at Virginia Tech, will behosting our own “3.2 Run in Remembrance” at 9:00 a.m. This run is held toremember the 32 Hokies who lost their lives on April 16, 2007. The event strives tobring fellow Hokies together, to feel the support of the community, and to celebratethe lives of our friends and families. The course will run throughout forestryproperty which is generally not open to the public - so this is a great opportunity toget to see portions of the Homestead you wouldn't normally have access to. Savethe date to plan to come out and Run in Remembrance! Virginia Tech alum anddevoted runner April Pendleton is helping organize this event which should be afantastic celebration of life! Registration forms are available on the Homestead’swebsite. Walk-up registration begins at 7:30 a.m. There is no registration fee. Thefirst 50 registrants will receive a commemorative t-shirt.

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