ABOUT NETAFIM Netafim, the world's pioneer in drip irrigation, is the leading global provider of drip and micro-irrigationsolutions for a sustainable future. Leveraging agronomic expertise, cutting-edge technology and ongoingcommitment, Netafim helps customers produce better quality crops and higher yields with fewerresources. Established in 1965, Netafim offers a wide range of advanced industry-standard solutions tomeet the unique needs of diverse irrigation applications. From drippers and dripperlines, through sprinklersand micro-emitters, to crop management technology (CMT) systems and greenhouse models, Netafim'smarket-leading products and services enable cost-effective agricultural irrigation for achieving optimal andsustainable results.ROBUST AND LIGHTWEIGHT PIPEFlatNet is a robust piping solution for mainline and sub-mainline drip and sprinkler applications.A high-performance and cost-efficient product, FlatNet features unique integral welded outlets that lowerinstallation costs, while ensuring a secure, leakage-free connection between distribution pipes andlaterals. Available in a wide range of diameters, FlatNet addresses the design requirements of any onsurfaceor subsurface drip irrigation or sprinkler deployment.A thermoplastic collapsible irrigation pipe constructed from premium polyethylene (PE), FlatNet offersmany advantages over other pipe solutions. FlatNet is highly portable, flexible and lightweight, therebyreducing manpower, freight, maintenance and storage requirements. Versatile and durable, FlatNet is ableto withstand the most stringent climatic and environmental conditions. A highly flexible solution, FlatNetcompletely eliminates buckling, making it ideal for high-pressure applications.The comprehensive FlatNet solution is equipped with a connector kit and an array of branching and lateralfittings, making it compatible with all Netafim systems. Requiring no specialized installation tools anddesigned for Netafim's industry-leading recoiling machinery, the user-friendly FlatNet is extremely easy tolayout and recoil. Rounding out Netafim's industry-leading drip irrigation and sprinkler offering, FlatNet is acost-effective piping solution that meets the diverse needs of professional growers worldwide.FLATNET BENEFITSLower labor costsFaster installation timeOptimized water usageReduced freight and storage costsLower maintenance requirements

OPERATING EFFICIENTLYAT HIGH-PRESSURE LEVELSMainline and sub-mainline irrigation pipes used for drip and sprinkler applicationsare not only heavy and bulky, but also rigid and difficult to install, leading to hightransport and installation requirements. In addition to suffering from leakage,inconsistent pressure and imprecise water distribution, these pipes are highlyprone to buckling due to the high level of water pressure applied.Multiple Connection OptionsUser-Friendly and Accurate InstallationIntegrated Sprinkler SolutionPortable and Durable OfferingAvailable in a wide array of diameters,FlatNet comes with a layout kit comprisedof branching rubber gaskets and metalbands, enabling multiple, highly flexibleconnection options.Featuring leakage-free lateral connectorsand welded outlets spaced according tocustomer requirements, FlatNet is aneasy-to-assemble, precise solution thatlowers labor and maintenance costs,increases water savings, and ensures thedesired water distribution.Easily integrating with Netafim'sinnovative MegaNet sprinkler, FlatNetis available with the Megastand base,riser and arm to create a comprehensivesprinkler solution.Designed for Netafim's recoilingmachinery, FlatNet is made from durable,environmentally-friendly PE material thatcan be easily laid out and recoiled multipletimes each year, and easily recycled at theend of its lifespan.

DIVERSE FEATURESauFlatnet is available in a wide range of diameters handlingthe industry's highest levels of working pressure.FLATNET SIZES AND MAXIMUM WORKING PRESSURE2”/51mm3”/78mm4”/102mmMax. working pressure(bar) with or withoutintegral welded connector*Max. working pressure(bar) in-field startconnector*3.0 3.0 3.03.0 3.0 3.0* At 50ºC/122ºF** Available in 50 and 100 meter coilsAnti-Buckling CapabilitiesEliminating buckling due to its low expansionand zero axial elongation, FlatNet is a robustsolution that also withstands a tractor orother agricultural vehicle driving over it whennot pressurized.Lightweight and Compact MaterialSince FlatNet is highly compact and upto 50% lighter than other pipes, a freightvehicle can transport at least five timesmore FlatNet pipes than standard PVC/PEpipes, leading to lower transport costs.Compact PackagingFlatNet's compact structure, lightweightmaterial and unique design significantlyreduce storage requirements.For more informationabout Netafim's flexible pipe solutions,visit us at www.netafim.com.auT: 03 8331 6500 E: netinfo@netafim.com.au


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