Six Marketing Trendsto Watch in 2015In conversation with agency marketers

IntroductionAt Percolate, we have an opportunity to work with some of thebrightest advertising, public relations, and marketingcommunications professionals in the business. We know that oursoftware and technology exist to empower and enhance theimportant creative work that agencies do well.!We recently sat down with several marketing professionals on theagency side from BBDO, GroupSJR, Social@Ogilvy, and Barkleyand spoke to them about what they see ahead in the new year.!Marketing moves fast. Great marketers need to move faster. The newyear is almost here, and with it, a slew of new challenges.!From middle-weight content to new platforms to smarter adtech to abacklash against in-house creative work, we hope these trends willgive you a fresh perspective as you head into 2015

Expanding Onto New Channels“I think by 2015, if you’re a brand that’s not on Tumblr or Instagram, you'rea little behind. These are places where people can feel that they're reallyconnected to the brands they enjoy with friends. They're wantingpersonalized responses and one-on-one fan engagements.— Stephanie Castro, BarkleyBy now, every brand that’s going to be on Facebook orTwitter has pretty much gotten there. But consumer behaviorcontinues to change and platforms like Instagram andTumblr are becoming the new proving grounds for brands.With different demographics and different ways ofinteracting, marketers will have to develop new ways ofengaging their fans.!Takeaway: Brands should prepare a strategy forexpanding into new channels in 2015.15%US51%USTeens use Tumblr ona daily basis in 2014Teens use Instagramon a daily basis in 2014The Best and Worst: Media Habits of the Class of 2014 - Niche

Being Geek“Startups are becoming mainstream. Mark Zuckerberg is the kind of personpeople aspire to be, not just in Silicon Valley, but in cities like New York andeven Boston, where I am.— Eric Fulwiler, MullenThere has a been a transformation in pop culture over thelast decade, mirroring in many ways the rise of Facebookas both a global network and as young tech founders roseto prominence. Eric Fulwiler, VP of Social at Mullen,believes consumers will resonate with messages that relateto striking out on their own as entrepreneurship has grownin popularity.Takeaway: Embrace the excitement people haveabout startups, new technology, and the globalrise of entrepreneurship.Interest in Startups is RisingInterest Over Time2005 2008 2011 2014Google Trends Data on “Startups”

Rediscovering the CompetitiveAdvantage of Agencies“ I think there's a little bit of backlash to [brands taking creative work inhouse]and they're now saying, ‘You know what, we do need some help withcreative, with ideas, and with helping us stay on top of what the trends areand what we should be doing.’ ”— Rachel Caggiano, Ogilvy Public RelationsFor many brands, the last few years has been aboutconsolidation, about bringing talent in-house, like whenreports surfaced in the summer of 2014 that Apple wasbuilding a 1,000 person internal ad agency. But with therapidly changing ecosystem that comprises digital andommni-channel marketing and the unique challenges ofmanaging a professional services team, Rachel Caggiano atSocial@Ogilvy expects that the pendulum may swing back.!Takeaway: Expect some brands to back off theirin-house strategy and leverage the power ofcreative agencies.Social Requires IncreasedInvestment in Creative ResourcesPercent of marketing budget12%Non-Working Dollars20%Working Dollars55%Traditional Media Search/Display Mobile/Social MediaExane BNP Paribas estimates

Beyond Channels“The current state of adtech in social tends to treat all content the same - youchoose the pieces of content you want to promote and it will find the rightaudience and platform to serve it up. But what happens when programmaticdoesn't just apply to optimizing spend against a piece of content but tooptimizing all your content, even across channel?”— Eric Fulwiler, MullenToday paid media platforms like SocialCode and Unifiedalready help brands optimize the promotion of a particularpiece of content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and otherchannels. But Eric sees an opportunity for adtech to gofurther and allow brands to say "Here's all my content, findthe best way to spend this $50k across all of it”.!Takeaway: Look for new adtech offerings that canoptimize across not just channels but all contentGlobal ad spend forecast across categories$800B$700B$600BMobile$500BDigital Spend$400B$300B$200BNon-Digital$100B$0B2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Cut the Brand Microsite“We've come out of an overload of Facebook apps and pages and micro sitesand random apps being built as a one-off experience. People have revoltedagainst it. Brands need to be asking themselves: ‘What's a consumer barrierand what can we create to help people get past it?’ ”— Rebecca Nadilo, BBDOAs Head of Engagement Planning at BBDO, Rebecca Nadilohas watched consumer response to promotional brandcampaigns fall in recent years. Her advice to marketers is tostart thinking harder about how their content can providereal utility. For instance, Lowes has grown a strong followingon short form video channel Vine for their “Fix In Six” videosthat show clever ways to improve life around the home.!Takeaway: Telling your brand story in novel waysisn’t enough — look for opportunities to providereal utility to people in your marketing.Majority of Marketers Are Producing MoreContent in 2014 vs 201320%7%73%More + Significantly More Same Amount Less or Unsure2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends - Content Marketing Institute

Combining Service and Utility“I would love to see content technology solutions combine with an equallyrobust service offering. The magic would be to have it in one organization.I have yet to see it.”— Alex Jutkowitz, Group SJRAs managing director of GroupSJR, Alex Jutkowitz sits at theintersection of creative talent, brand marketers, andtechnology platforms. A major challenge for manycompanies is getting a good fit between agencyprofessionals and the software they use to create andcollaborate with the brand team and Alex believes that ahybrid organization that offered both would completelydisrupt the market.!Takeaway: Don’t evaluate your agency andtechnology partners in silos — see how well theycan work in concert.85%OfMarketing teamshave a Chief MarketingTechnology OfficerGartner Digital Marketing Spending Survey 2014

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