to view the October 2013 issue - Killearn Homes Association

to view the October 2013 issue - Killearn Homes Association

OCTOBER 2013K illearn KloverleafKillearn Estates Community MagazineK illearn Kloverleafillearn KloverleafKillearn Estates Community MagazineLakefront resident Alan Williams collecting petitions for the October 23rdCity Commission meeting…our lakes are on the agenda for discussionPLEASE READ PAGE 5 FOR INFORMATION REGARDING THIS VERY IMPORTANT MEETING!

killearnbriefsBoard of Directors—Monthly MeetingThe Killearn Homes AssociationBoard of Directors’ regular meetingis scheduled to be held onTuesday, October 1, 2013 at 7 pmin the conference room of the associationoffice located at 2705Killarney Way. Any change to thescheduled date and/or time willbe posted on our web site at Itemson September 10 thAgenda• Polluted LakesActivities• Common Property PlannedImprovements• Neighbor Helping NeighborProject• October Board MemberElection• Killearn Residents Petition toCity of TallahasseeBoard of DirectorsElectionThe scheduled Board of Directors’future meetings are:Tuesday, November 5 th –Annual MeetingTuesday, December 3 rdTuesday, January 7, 2014KHA Office Hours andScheduled HolidaysYour Association’s staffis available Mondaythrough Friday from 8:30am to 2:30 pm.The office will beclosed for the following holidays:• November 11 th – Veterans Day• November 28 th and 29 th –Thanksgiving• December 24 th and 25 th –Christmas• December 31 st – New Year’s Eve• January 1, 2014 – New Year’sDayElection ballots will be mailed to allof Killearn Estates property owners inOctober, 2013. Please select five (5) candidates to serve on the Boardof Directors for the period of 2014 to 2016. Follow the ballot instructionsand mail or drop off the Ballot material to the Association’s office locatedat 2705 Killarney Way by October 27th 2013.K illearn KloverleafBOARD OF DIRECTORSBob IppolitoPresidentAllen NoblesVice PresidentDavid FergusonSecretaryBill SittigTreasurerillearn KloverleafKillearn Estates Community MagazineLee JohnsonJoe ZollnerChristine DeLandMike FlemmingPhil IngleseASSOCIATION STAFFBrad TrotmanExecutive DirectorBonnie B. WhiteSue BarlowPublisherKillearn Homes AssociationEditorSue Barlowgraphic designDebbie Dewell, Great MInds, Inc.Advertising850/893-3468kha@killearn.orgKillearn Estates Community MagazineK illearn Kloverleafad design850/386-7401debbie@greatmindsinc.comAssociation OfficeKillearn Kloverleaf tm is published monthly(12 issues/yr.)by Killearn Homes Association2705 Killarney Way,Tallahassee FL 32309850/893-3468 FAX 850/668-0530POSTMASTER: Send address changes to:Killearn Homes Association2705 Killarney WayTallahassee FL 32309Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.Friend us on facebookto keep up with dailyneighborhood news,photos and more!

Power Outages, Lakes, Sidewalks ... Oh My!Over the past few months, a rash ofpower outages has been the hot complaint.We have been in communicationwith the City and they are working toget it addressed. It seems to be the largenumber of tree limbs hanging over the linesthroughout the bridle trails. We do knowthat the Centerville transmission line burialis ongoing and, once completed in Januaryor February, 2014, should help those inthe Northeast section of the community.The best fix for the community as a wholewould be to bury all of the transmission linesthroughout the bridle trails. Of course, thisis the most expensive route to take andwould take years to complete; this fix is noton the table but other options are beingdiscussed. Communication is open and Iwill report when and if any changes aremade or resolutions presented.Our neighborhood is showing strongsupport with our Lakes petition. We havehad a great response to our petition driveand hope to receive many more; if youhaven’t signed the petition mailed toyou, please do so. If you need a copyof it, please come by the office to pickone up, phone us at 893-3468 or email usat and we will get oneto you. There is no deadline on returningthem. We hope to present these lettersof support at an October meeting beforethe City Commission.Shamrock North sidewalks - there haveonly been a couple of large projects thathave been on our list of improvements.First, the LAKES!! Second, completion ofthe sidewalks around Shamrock North.Over the last 7 or so years, we have repeatedlyasked the City when they weregoing to complete the sidewalks. As usual,the City claims there is no money for ourproject. I’m not sure, but it seems there isplenty of money being spent elsewherethat is not for critical infrastructure need.These projects have been all over thelocal news but none of them are in theNortheast. Board member David Fergusonis leading the charge for addressing this issueand will be meeting with Blueprint andothers to attempt to get this issue on a list.Board elections are upon us and Iwanted to take a minute to acknowledgethese fine people who choose to dedicatetheir time, energy and, most of all, theirknowledge to this great community. Yourunpaid, all-volunteer Killearn Homes Boardof Directors is a fine example of leadership,bringing together their diverse knowledgeand ability to see the larger picture, acceptingcomments and recommendationsfrom their friends and neighbors, and workingwith the staff to accomplish their goals.Your Board of Directors do not always votethe same way either and that is a goodthing; difficult decisions are made almostevery month and with their knowledgeand professional backgrounds, it benefitsevery owner in this neighborhood and thecommunity. If you happen to run into oneof these members, thank them for takingthe time to make this community a betterplace in which to live.Brad Trotmanreportexecutive OCTOBER 2013 / SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY 3

The Surprising Benefitsof Short-Term Respite CareAs a caregiver, the daily routine of caring for aloved one with dementia can be a full-time job andcan bring stress to daily life. As a senior, the day today tasks of meal preparation, cleaning and transportationcan quickly become daunting.What some seniors and caregivers may not realizeis that short-term (or respite) stay options are availableat most senior communities. As a caretakerit can be difficult to find time for your own physicaland emotional needs; however, your own wellbeingis just as important as your elderly loved one.Below are a few ways in which a short-term respitestay can benefit both seniors and their caregivers:• Increases socialization opportunities for seniorsbeyond their family.• Encourage seniors to continue living an activephysical and mental lifestyle.• Improve the dining experience for seniors whodo not have regular company during meal time.• Provide an emotional and physical break for thecaregiver to take care of themselves and findtime for activities to reduce stress.• Create an extended support system for the caregiverand ultimately provide peace of mind thattheir loved one will be taken care of when or ifthey need to be away for a short time.Most senior communities offer overnight respitecare in periods of days,weeks or months. Respitesuites typically providethe same amenitiesand activities to anindividual as if they were living at the communityfull time.Below are a few situations where short-termrespite care can help:• The senior wants to evaluate a community tosee if it’s a good fit before making the decisionto permanently move in.• The caregiver needs a break or has to travel butdoes not feel comfortable leaving their loved onealone.• The senior is feeling isolated and could benefitfrom socialization and daily activities offered ata senior community.Regardless of the reason, it’s best to involve boththe senior and the caregiver when choosing which seniorcommunity is best for a respite stay. Understandingwhat options are available for you or your lovedone can be the key to creating a plan that works.Allegro is Tallahassee’s premier senior communitycombining all the comforts of home with the personalizedservices and amenities of a fine hotel. Call todayor visit us online at her clients, she is more than anadvisor.She’s a resourcefulprofessionaland financial partner.Straightforward, independent advice:• investment and wealth management• financial and estate planning• long-term careAlison Mewborne, CFP ® , Financial AdvisorRegistered Representative, INVEST Financial Corp.1301 Metropolitan Blvd. l 402.8081alison.mewborne@investfinancial.comINVEST Financial Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC, and its affiliated insurance agencies offer securities, advisory services and certain products and are not affiliated with Capital City Banc Investments, Capital City Trust Company,or Capital City Bank. Products offered through INVEST and affiliated insurance agencies are: NOT FDIC INSURED | NOT BANK GUARANTEED | MAY LOSE VALUE 09/14 – 937054 SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY / OCTOBER 2013

By Killearn Estates Boardof Directors and StaffCity Commission MeetingOctober 23 rd , 4 PMKillearn Estates LakesRestorationA sincere “Thank You”to those 1,437+ residentswho signed and returnedthe Killearn Estates petitionfor the restorationof Lakes Killarney, Kinsailand Kanturk. On behalfof the Killearn Estates residents,your Killearn Boardof Directors has beensupporting the FloridaDepartment of EnvironmentalProtection’s determinationthat LakesKillarney and Kanturk exceedthe pollutant levelsset by the Clean WaterAct and listed these lakesas Category 5 “ImpairedWater Bodies of the State,” which is the most polluted level and requires aclean-up action plan (TMDL) be imposed.There are two main issues to be resolved:The City refuses to provide improvements to any stormwater facilities thatare part of Killearn’s common properties; Killearn’s residents shall pay thecost of bringing the facility up to the City’s standards, before the City wouldtake responsibility for its future maintenance, repair or improvements.The City accepts responsibility for the polluted stormwater, but states thatthe Killearn residents are responsible for the lakes’ property, although thecity (MS-4) stormwater system continues to deposit huge amounts of silt,sediment and pollutants in to the lakes.The time is now for you to show your support for this restoration project foryour neighborhood, your property values and, most of all, the City of Tallahassee’sobligation. As taxpayers and citizens of Tallahassee, your Board ofDirectors is asking that you join us at this meeting on October 23 rd , at 4:00pmat City Hall, where our lakes will be on the agenda for discussion.Please give a couple of hours of your time to support this cause for thehealth, safety, and welfare of your neighborhood and your property’s value.If we receive enough support from our residents planning to attend, wewill provide transportation to any resident that would like to attend. Pleasecall the Association’s office at 850-893-3468 to be provided transportationto City Hall.Please come with us to show your support for the City of Tallahassee toaccept its obligation and OCTOBER 2013 / SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY 5

“Autumn”September’s oppressive hazeslowly abates to a silkenamber’s glow…..Crinkled leaves pirouette in the windskirting the trunks of burnishedoaks and maples shimmering inshades of russet beauty-----The gossamer morning dewlike crystalline pearls glistensin the cool green grass.The lush, resplendent earthgently mellows, yielding itsrich and delectable harvest…..The cacophonous chirp of cicadasand crickets fills the crisp night airas a lonesome shrouded moonlike a ghostly galleonfloats on a cloud-rimmed sky.Mark J HollisterKillearn Estates Resident6 SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY / SEPTEMBER 2013

Board Meeting NotesSeptember 10, 2013At the September meeting, thefollowing items were discussed:Lakes: The City still has a fewmonths to contest the TMDL report.Petitions were mailed to allKillearn Estates residents and KHAhas had a good response.Power Outages: There havebeen a number of recent poweroutages attributed to overheadlimbs and squirrels; the CentervilleRoad line burying project shouldbe completed in January or February,2014.Common Property PlannedImprovements: A presentationwas made outlining the processinvolved in determining a conceptualplan for the improvementof common areas. A RFP will bemailed to 3 local contractors askingthem to submit their proposalsand costs involved in producing aplan. Once we have the proposals,we will have resident inputworkshops.KHA Election: Ballots will bemailed out the 1 st of October to allKillearn Estate property owners forthe 5 candidates to be elected tothe Board. The Nominating Committeewill verify that the nomineesare all in good standing in theassociation and the order of the8 candidates to appear on theballot will be randomly selected.The counting of the ballots willtake place the week of October28 th and the directors will be announcedat the November 5 thAnnual Meeting.STARS Middle School: The Boarddiscussed the problems KillearnEstates might have with a newschool opening up two blocksnorth of the entrance; the mainconcern of the Board was howtraffic would affect the residentsof Killearn.Neighborhood Garage Sale:The Board approved a neighborhoodgarage sale for the weekendof November 9 th and 10 th OCTOBER 2013 / SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY 7

KILLEARN ESTATESNEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALENOVEMBER 9 TH & 10 TH , 2013The Killearn Homes Association is sponsoringits first Neighborhood Yard Sale on November9 th and 10 th , 2013, Veteran’s Day Weekend. Thisis your opportunity to hold that garage saleyou’ve been putting off without worrying aboutplacing signs in your yard; all we ask is that youdon’t put them up until Friday evening and takethem down after the event. We are hopingto have this event a couple of times a year sothat a majority of the residents will wait until thecommunity-wide event, thereby cutting downon the number of garage sale signs that seemto sprout up on weekends.The Association will advertise the event in theDemocrat that will hopefully draw many buyersinto the neighborhood. So,gather those unwanted itemsyou’d like to get rid of andearn some extra cash for theholidays.Anything you have leftover that you’d like to donate, Community ChristianSchool is holding their 2 nd annual garagesale on November 23 rd , 2013; please call RhondaPenney at (850) 212-6095 to make arrangementsfor delivery (possibly pick up) of your items.Good Luck andHappy Selling!!8 SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY / OCTOBER 2013 OCTOBER 2013 / SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY 9

15-Year Killearn ResidentKillearn Ladies& FriendsThe next regular meeting ofKillearn Ladies and Friends will beWednesday, October 2 nd at KillearnCountry Club. Lunch will be servedat 12:00 noon and the cost is $15.00.Please call Arlene Siska at 894-2684 or e-mail her at by 9:00 p.m. on theSaturday before the meeting andmake the reservation with her.Cancellation is required if you areunable to attend after making thereservation. Our speaker will beDr. Kimberly Johnson whose a PhDin Communication Disorders andSpeech Therapy.Mr. Henry Hernandez and thedelightful New World Ballet willonce again be entertaining us atthe November 6 th meeting. OnBy Dorrece LisenbyDecember 4 th , a choral groupfrom Lincoln High School led byScott Leamon will be presentinga musical program.There will be NO meeting inJanuary. We always welcomeguests and new members at ourmeetings and hope that you willmark your calendar and plan tojoin us. It is a great way for newcomersto Killearn to make newacquaintances. However, ladiesdo not have to live in Killearn tobecome a member. If you’re alreadya member and would liketo invite a friend to join, please doso. For more information aboutKillearn Ladies and Friends, pleasecall Ann Agee, Club president, at877-3684.You can copy me on this!!You can copy me on this!!Don’t forget,residents of KillearnEstatesmay have copiesmade at the KHA office, M-Ffrom 8:30 to 2:30. All you need todo is to email me,, to let me know how manycopies and when you needthem; if you want to attach yourfile to the email, I can copy/print for you and call you whenready. You can also providecolored paper if you wish. I’llneed your name, address andphone number in the email.We would appreciate it if youwould limit your copies to nomore than 50 color or 100 black& white.Michael Flemming, OwnerPainting ContractorState Certified Building ContractorState Certified Home InspectorFL Lic# CBC1256612FL Lic# HI4590562-4010A Company You Can TrustWhen It Needs To Be Done RightResidential & Commercial Painting • Cabinets • Carpentry • Interior-ExteriorFully Licensed, Insured & Background CheckedExpert Color Matching • All Work Guaranteedwww.southeastpaint.comReferences • Free Estimates • See Our Ad in Yellow Pages10 SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY / OCTOBER 2013 www.killearn.orgAsk us aboutgoing GREEN!

Celebrate the Blueswith Big Bend HospiceBig Bend Hospice announcesthe Fifth Annual Pat RamseyConcert – October 19, 2013 @Bradfordville Blues Club ( All DayEvent – Rain or Shine. Gates openat Noon * $20 per person, children12 and under free. Inside and OutsideStages featuring Bill “SauceBoss” Wharton, Rick Lollar, JamieEubanks Band, JB’s Zydeco Zoo,Neal Alday & Further South, LaurenMitchell Band, Cuda Brown, Singin’Harpoon and more! Silent Auction,50/50, and raffles … all to benefitBig Bend Hospice as part of PatRamsey’s Legacy. For more informationor tickets, call 850.906.0766.October 1 st - 12 thRates as low as1.99%APR*up to 60 months onnew and used auto loansJoin us October 10 th - 12 th for ourPRE- OWNEDCAR SALE9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. at 345 S. Magnolia DriveYOUR Healthcare Credit UnionNot sure if you’re eligible? Just ask!850.402.5301 •*APR - Annual Percentage Rate. Available to qualified borrowersonly. Other restrictions may apply. Rates only for purchases notrefinances.Federally Insured by OCTOBER 2013 / SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY 11

Please remember that any external changes to your property must beapproved by the Architectural Control Committee that meets every Wednesdayat 10am at the Association Office!Architectural Control Committee Actions for August, 2013The Committee meets every Wednesday at 10am in the Killearn Homes Association conference room.Date Unit Project Actions/Conditions8/7/2013 No Meeting8/14/2013 14 Install 10x12 storage structure Approved1 Install 4’ fencing Approved32 Install 40” decorative fencing Approved16 Move east front fencing Approved26 Tree removal & front beam/rafter removal Approved12 Install child’s play platform/rails Approved6 Roof Replacement Approved10 Roof Replacement Approved24 Roof Replacement Approved24 Roof Replacement Approved12 Roof Replacement Approved31 Roof Replacement Approved26 Roof Replacement Approved8/21/2013 26 Install Satellite Dish Approved28 Remove fence/enlarge wooden deck Approved14 Roof Replacement Approved42 Install privacy fencing Approved8/28/2013 14 Replace walkways/landscaping/add pavers Approved40 Roof Replacement Approved37 Replace Garage Door ApprovedACC MEMBERS: MARK TRUDEAU, ACC CHAIRMAN, BOB IPPOLITO, LEE JOHNSON, MIKE FLEMMINGALL EXTERIOR ADDITIONS OR ALTERATIONS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE ACC PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION.12 SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY / OCTOBER 2013

GREAT MINDSA C R E A T I V E G R O U Pgraphic designdigitalbrandingpublicationsconsulting850-386-7401www.greatmindsinc.comGREAT MINDSA C R E A T I V E G R O U PKILLEARN’Skommunity kornerPisgah United MethodistChurch will have its 37th AnnualFish Fry on October 11,2013 from 5-7pm. For $10.00you get fried mullet, cheesegrits, slaw, hushpuppies,dessert and a drink. Friedcatfish and smoked mulletwill be available for a smallsurcharge. Last year weserved a record 400 peopleand we hope to exceed thatnumber this year. Proceedswill benefit Pisgah UnitedMethodist Church missionwork and church restorationefforts. We hope to seeyou then. If you have anyquestions please call 850-668-4113.kickballCome have fun and get to know your neighbors!On Sundays at 4 pm a “no-stress” kickball game takesplace at the park on Blarney Drive. Bring your family andfriends and join us for a great time! The more, the merrier!Question? Call Jane at OCTOBER 2013 / SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY 13

octoberIn the TallahasseeGardenSpecializing in Home and auto inSuranceIt’s a great time for planting trees, shrubs, flowersand vegetables. What we do now can determinehow our gardens look all winter and spring andhow our landscape will look for years to come. Fallis here so go outside and enjoy.Shrubs and Trees: Fall is the best time to plantnew trees and shrubs. Sasanqua camellias are alovely addition to the landscape. Recommendedcultivars are Yuletide, Pink Snow, Sparkling Burgundy(an early fall bloomer), Cotton Candy, ShiShi Gashira (the most popular dwarf sasanqua),Snow on the Mountain, Bonanza, and Maiden Blush.Use falling tree leaves as mulch or begin a compostpile with them. Pine straw makes excellentmulch. Scale insects on broad leafed evergreenssuch as camellia, gardenia, holly, citrus and euonymuscan be effectively controlled by sprayingwith dormant oil used according to label directions.Annuals and Perennials: In late October sowseeds of annuals such as sweet peas, bachelorbuttons, larkspur, sweet alyssum, poppies, andannual wildflowers directly in the ground. As theweather begins to cool, plant winter annual beddingplants such as pansies, snapdragons, dianthus,flowering kale and cabbage, statice, stock, digitalis(foxglove), delphinium, and petunias. You can stillplant garden mums for fall color. Plant all types ofperennials now. Planting in the fall allows the plantsto develop good root systems during the coolermonths and get off to a good start in the spring.Bethany, Joe& GusGreat Insurance.Great Service.Great Prices.We are yourKillearn Estates Neighbors!(850) 523-0605FAX (850) 2522 NE Capital Circle, Suite #4Bulbs, Corms,and Tubers: Whenbuying spring floweringbulbs look for largefresh bulbs. Bulbs whichcan be planted right after purchasinginclude Dutch iris, grape hyacinths, lycoris,anemones, ranunculus, daffodils, the smaller floweredjonquils, and paper whites. Recommended daffodilsfor north Florida are Soliel d’Or, Carlton, Sweetness, IceFollies and Golden Dawn. Tulips and other hyacinthsneed to be refrigerated at least 45 to 60 days beforeplanting in December.Vegetables and Herbs: Early in the month plantmustard, spinach, lettuce, and Chinese cabbage.Other vegetables to plant throughout the monthinclude beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage,carrots, cauliflower, collards, garlic, kohlrabi, bulbingonions, green onions, radishes, shallots, Swiss chard,and turnips. When planting onion sets choose theshort day varieties such as Excel, Texas Grano, Granex,White Granex and Tropicana Red. Keep onions wellweeded. Herbs that can be planted include parsley,oregano, sage, thyme, rosemary, and sweet marjoram.Sow seeds of dill, fennel, chervil, arugula, andcilantro. Be sure to dig sweet potatoes before frost.Lawn Care: Apply a pre-emergent herbicidesuch as atrazine late this month if winter weedswere a problem last year. Follow label directionsand precautions very carefully. Don’t forget towater if the weather is dry. If you think you need toapply a “winterizer” fertilizer, and you didn’t fertilizein August or September, do it before mid-October.The fertilizer should have little nitrogen (the first numberin the fertilizer ratio), such as a 5-0-15 or 5-0-20.Fruit: Strawberries should be planted during Octoberand November. The plants are very cold hardy,producing a full sized plant by spring and producingberries late February through May. Use only “shortday” strawberry varieties. These include Florida 90,Tioga, Sequoia and Florida Belle. When planting thebare-root plants set them with the crown slightly high.For more local gardening information, visit the UF-IFAS Extension website for Leon County at Reprinted with the permission of theUniversity of Florida IFAS Extension in Leon County.14 SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY / OCTOBER 2013

12:21 PM Killearn Homes Association, Inc.09/19/13 Profit & Loss Budget vs. ActualAccrual Basis January through September 2013Jan - Sep 13BudgetOrdinary Income/ExpenseIncome6010 · INCOME-CURRENT DUES 374,550.00 359,200.006013 · INCOME-LATE FEES 7,675.00 6,750.006015 · INCOME-PRIOR DUES 1,000.00 1,874.976017 · Estoppel 6,099.99 3,375.006020 · DELINQUENT ACCT-Maintenance 18.14 200.006021 · DELINQUENT ACCT-INTER. 35.80 225.006022 · COLL. FEES-LEGAL 2,500.00 7,500.066024 · ADMIN. NOTICING COST 20.00 200.006030 · INCOME-OTHER 129.39 375.036033 · INCOME-ADVERTISING 33,430.75 35,250.036050 · Powernet Global 0.00 50.006055 · CenturyLink Commission 38,956.22 11,250.006830 · INCOME-INTEREST 107.50 74.97Total Income 464,522.79 426,325.06Gross Profit 464,522.79 426,325.06Expense6560 · PAYROLL TAXES 7,006.87 8,797.507040 · ASSN. CENTER - INTEREST 3,617.97 5,625.007050 · LAKES & PUMPING 15,685.00 15,000.007060 · Landscape Redesign 0.00 1,000.007100 · GROUNDS 55,389.60 47,437.477110 · ADDITIONAL GROUNDS SERV. 1,128.73 3,412.447120 · REPAIRS & REPLACEMENT 237.50 1,874.977130 · SIGNAGE 231.13 250.007250 · PROPERTY TAX - COMMON AREAS 0.00 0.007251 · ASSN. CENTER - TAXES 0.00 0.007270 · UTILITIES-COMMON AREAS 4,085.17 5,924.977271 · ASSN. CENTER - UTILITIES 2,671.27 3,187.537272 · Cleaning Service 2,159.71 2,250.007300 · OTHER-SITE IMPRV. 13,620.12 11,250.007620 · PARK LANDSCAPING 0.00 1,000.007800 · OTHER-REPAIRS/REPLACE 879.06 1,500.038050 · NEWSLETTER 32,086.29 33,000.038110 · ANNUAL ASSOC. MEETING 555.78 0.008170 · OTHER 9,206.19 3,150.008410 · MEMBERS STATEMENT 5,520.39 0.008411 · Annual Election 0.00 3,000.008420 · LEGAL & PROF. FEES 25,208.34 22,500.008580 · PAYROLL-SALARIES 78,030.06 80,400.068640 · ACCOUNTING/AUDITING 0.00 7,600.008645 · Website 800.00 900.008680 · AUTO EXPENSES-GENERAL 2,079.66 1,687.508730 · MISC. ADMIN. EXPENSE 6,027.12 2,850.038750 · EVENTS 13,796.89 13,500.008780 · INSURANCE-LIABILITY 10,567.63 7,350.008782 · Assn. Center - Insurance 1,541.00 1,240.008785 · INSURANCE-HEALTH 5,104.00 4,050.008850 · POSTAGE 11,542.13 11,250.008870 · PRINTING - COPY MACHINE 2,618.53 1,874.978940 · SUPPLIES-OFFICE 2,028.14 1,500.039500 · TELEPHONE 3,339.13 3,075.039880 · FEDERAL INCOME TAX 0.00 0.009950 · CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT RESERVE 0.00 0.00Total Expense 316,763.41 307,437.56Net Ordinary Income 147,759.38 118,887.50Net Income 147,759.38 118, OCTOBER 2013 / SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY 15Page 1

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