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Lycée Français de SingapourLivret Transport Scolaire / School Bus Handbook2010/2011Ce livret a été préparé par la Commission Transport enconsultation avec la Commission Parents, YSB et le LFS.Toutes les informations contenues dans ce document sont susceptibles d’évoluer.Consultez régulièrement le site internet du handbook has been prepared by the Transport Commission inconsultation with Parents Commission, LFS and YSB.All information contained within this handbook is subject to change.Please refer to school website regularly

ForewordDear Parents,This booklet aims to provide you with information related to the transportation of Lycee Français de Singapour (LFS)students with LFS’s official transport provider, Pte Ltd (YSB).LFS is a private company dedicated to education and does not intend to provide transportation services. Parents whowish to use YSB School Transport services have to sign a yearly agreement directly with YSB.However, LFS has set up a Transport Commission, which is involved in its Management Committee meetings. TheTransport Commission is an interface between YSB and LFS and can act as a facilitator between Parents and YSB. TheTransport Commission works closely with the Parents and Safety Commissions to obtain from YSB a safe and high qualityschool transport service at a reasonable price.An exclusive agreement has been signed between the Parents Commission and YSB. This agreement is renewed everyfive years following a competitive tender. Your Transport Commission contact for the academic year 2010 - 2011 is MsCorrine Petit, a parent volunteer.We hope that this handbook will provide you with all necessary information. Should you have any additionalquestions, do not hesitate to contact LFS management and its Transport Commission.Best regards,Sophie JANCOURTChief Operating OfficerLFS

IntroductionRole of Pte Ltd is a premier school bus transportation service provider in Singapore. YSB won a competitive tender to exclusively provide LFS with transport services for students and activity tripsand has been servicing the school since 2000. YSB has a team of professional, experienced and safe Bus Captains and Bus Mothers to look after overall busdiscipline and ensure that the young bus riders have a safe and comfortable ride. YSB’s fleet of modern buses is fully air-conditioned and all seats are provisioned with seat belts to enhance thechildren’s safety during travel. Buses are inspected yearly to ensure they comply with safety standards. All bus ridersare fully insured.Role of Transport Commission To identify a safe, reliable and cost effective transport provider (currently YSB) who can service the schoolcommunity, as a whole with their student transport needs. To be the interface between YSB, LFS and the parents’ community as a whole. The Transport Commission isinvolved in different aspects of student transportation i.e. safety, rules and regulation, discipline as well as organisingthe bus traffic within the LFS. The Transport Commission generally does not become involved in handling issues arising between YSB andindividual parents, although it can act as a facilitator in cases where no agreement can be reached between parties.The Transport Commission works very closely with Parents and Safety Commissions.The Transport Commission representative for 2010 – 2011 is Ms Corrine Petit.

Contact DetailsYellowschoolbusMailing Pte LtdToa Payoh Central PO Box 190Singapore 913107Transport Office:Located next to the infirmaryTelephone number: (65) 6488 1205Fax number: (65) 6280 2863Email hours:Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm during term timeTransport CommissionCorrine PetitEmail

Terms and Conditions of TransportParents registering their children for YSB bus services will be required to complete and sign a Transport Request Form whichcontains the following Terms and Conditions of Transport:1. Bus routes are set by YSB and may change from time to time. Though YSB does its utmost to keep travelling time to aminimum, some locations may require a longer travelling time. Please contact YSB for more details.2. Bus allocation is determined at the discretion of YSB based upon existing bus routes. Students may be moved from one busto another to accommodate changes in pick up routes, in which case parents will be informed of the new bus numbers, pickup and drop off times.3. Seat allocation may take up to 1 month to process. Parents will be notified by YSB once seats have been allocated.4. Priority will be given to students travelling both ways. Students who wish to travel one way will be accommodated only ifthere is seat availability.5. Students will be collected and dropped off at their homes at a pre-advised time window each day. Students are notpermitted to alight from the bus before or after their registered home address. For alternative stops, parents must givenotice in writing and seek approval from YSB.6. Parents of kindergarten and elementary students must ensure that their child is met upon arrival at home. Children not metwill be returned to school and a fare may be charged by YSB. Parents will then be required to collect their child fromschool.7. No provision will be made for children taking their friends home who normally travel on another bus. Students who arenot registered cannot use the bus service.8. If both parents are out of town and the child stays at another address with an existing bus service, parents may apply toYSB for their child to travel on another bus. YSB will try to accommodate the request subject to seat availability. Noprovision will be made should the child stay at an address with no existing bus service.9. If a student is not using the bus service in the morning, please notify YSB to avoid unnecessary delay, as the bus will bewaiting for the child.10. If your child is not using the bus in the afternoon, please notify both LFS and YSB in writing. Failure to notify that a childis not using the bus in the afternoon (i.e. return journey) may result in the child being put on the bus and taken home asusual.11. If a Bus Captain is consistently kept waiting by a specific child, a report will be made to YSB and the TransportCommission. If the situation persists, parents may be asked by YSB to make alternative transport arrangements.12. Students residing in cul-de-sacs or narrow lanes will be transported so far as practical and safe. The student may berequired to walk to a pick-up point designated by YSB.13. Students residing in condominiums will be picked up and dropped off at a safe and practical central point designated byYSB.14. Parents that are changing their residential address must give YSB one month’s notice in writing before the date of the move.In case the family is moving to an address that is not yet covered by an existing service, no refund will be made.15. Parents wishing to cancel the service must give YSB one month’s notice in writing. Refunds of 50% will be made forcancellations prior to the term midpoint. No refunds will be made for cancellations after term midpoint.16. If a bus fails to turn up, parents should contact YSB immediately to check on the bus where about. Should the bus beunable to pick up the students as usual, the student may claim from YSB the cost of a one way, non-limousine taxi fare tothe LFS (a receipt will need to be provided). If a student misses the bus, no taxi fare can be claimed.17. It is strictly forbidden for parents to board the bus and/or to scold bus riders or the bus crew.

18. Parents with any queries or problems with the bus service should contact YSB. Please do NOT discuss the matter with theBus Captain or Bus Mother. Should parents be dissatisfied with the response from YSB, they should contact the TransportCommission.

Arrival and Departure TimesEstimated arrival times at the LFS:Between 7.50am and 8.10am dailyEstimated departure times from the LFS:1 – Elementary School and Kindergarten:3.25pm (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays)12.25pm (Wednesdays, Fridays)2 – Middle School and High School6ème – 5ème4ème – 3ème2nde – Terminale3.25pm (Mondays to Fridays)4.40pm (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)3.25pm Wednesdays4.40pm (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)4.40pm Wednesdays – Shuttle service

School Bus RulesStudents who use YSB transport are expected to act as representatives of the LFS. As such their behaviour must be beyond reproach.The following rules have been put in place by YSB and LFS to set the standard of behaviour and mutual respect expected of thestudents. These rules form part of the contract signed between the parents and YSB. By following these rules all students can enjoya comfortable and safe journey.1. Students must board the bus in a peaceful and orderly manner.2. At the end of the day, the students must board the bus immediately and not leave the bus even if the departure is delayed.3. It is strictly forbidden for any student to enter the bus bay once the first bus is in motion.4. Students must remain seated with their seat belts fastened at all times during the journey. Students are not allowed towalk in the aisle unless it is to alight at their scheduled stop.5. Students must not shout or be loud while on the bus. If they wish to listen to music, they may do so using their personalplayer and headphones.6. Everyone is entitled to respect and protection against any form of violence. Mutual respect between students and adultsand among students is the basis of school life. No school transport user shall resort to violence or provocation, be it verbalor physical, against any other student or an adult in charge of transport supervision.7. The students shall abstain from vulgar or inappropriate gestures or language.8. For reasons of hygiene, eating and drinking on the bus is strictly prohibited. No litter must be left on the bus.9. Smoking on the bus is strictly prohibited.10. For security reasons students must not throw objects out of the bus or inside the bus.11. The students are expected to use the bus facilities with care. In the event of any damage caused by a student, the parentswill be held responsible and financially liable for the cost of the repair.12. Access to buses is strictly limited to students and authorised personnel of YSB and LFS. In no circumstances are parentsallowed on board.13. Any infringement of the aforementioned rules will result in actions being taken by YSB in accordance with the followingdisciplinary procedures; Any investigations will be carried out jointly by YSB and the LFS, who will advise YSB on whichdisciplinary measures to apply. Interviews of students will be carried out exclusively by the LFS. The student and hisfamily may be asked to meet with the relevant officials from the LFS, the Transport Commission and YSB management.

Disciplinary ProcedureIn case of breach of the above rules, sanctions will be taken in accordance with the following procedure:Level 1 (e.g. refusal to fasten seat belt)• Student is issued a warning• Student’s name and incident reported to YSB and Transport Commission.Level 2 (e.g. inappropriate behaviour or repeat eat of level 1 offence)• Student’s name and incident reported to YSB, LFS and Transport Commission.• Student is reprimanded and parents informed of the nature of the incidents and warned that any further incident mayresult in the student’s suspension from school transport for a period related to the seriousness of the offence.Level 3 (e.g. disrespectful attitude towards another student or an adult or repeat offence)• Student’s name and incident reported to YSB, LFS and Transport Commission. The Supervisor and Proviseur areinformed.• Student is reprimanded and parents informed of the nature of the incidents and warned that any further incident willresult in the student’s suspension from school transport for a period related to the seriousness of the offence.Level 4 (e.g. violence or vandalism or repeat offence)• Student’s name and incident reported to YSB, LFS and Transport Commission. The Supervisor, Proviseur and parentsare informed.• Student is reprimanded and suspended for a period related to the seriousness of the offence, which could be indefinitely.In very serious cases, there will be no first or second warning. The student will be suspended from the service immediately.In case of suspension, bus fees will not be reimbursed.

Bus Crew GuidelinesThe bus crews are committed to transporting LFS students as safely and comfortably as possible. Each bus transporting kindergartenand elementary students has a bus crew comprising of a Bus Captain and Bus Mother. YSB has issued the following guidelines tothe bus Captains and Bus Mothers:Bus Captain is to:• Follow the speed limit at all times.• Keep their buses uncluttered and clean at all times• Remain courteous towards students and parents at all times.• Refrain from arguing with parents and to report disagreements immediately to YSB office for further action.Bus Mother is to:• Supervise students at all times.• Ensure that no student is standing up until the bus has come to a complete standstill.• Ensure that students are wearing seat belts at all times and help young students in buckling their seat belts.• Report to YSB should a student misbehave.• Help the PS (Petite Section) students to alight from the bus and escort them into their classrooms in the mornings.• Ensure that kindergarten students are seated at the front of the bus and, if necessary, reserve seats for this purpose.• Prohibit kindergarten and elementary students from alighting in the afternoon if a parent or helper does not meet them. Incase there is no parent or helper to meet with the student, YSB will contact the parents to make alternate arrangement.Should the parent be not contactable, the student will be brought back to the LFS and parents may be charged accordingly.• Remind misbehaving students of these rules, but are NOT allowed to punish.

Frequently Asked QuestionsQ1 – Why can’t my child have exactly the same bus pick-up and drop off times for the whole year; and always be served by thesame bus? Why do you change it from time to time? Why does it often change at the start of every term?Bus sizes and pick-up/drop off timing are dependent on the composition of families that are served by the bus. This will change asnew families apply for transport services or when families change their place of residence. As a result, bus sizes and timing changeaccordingly.Q2 – Why is my child picked up first and dropped off last?YSB does not practise a queuing policy such as first-in-first-out or last-in-last-out. The route set for each bus to reach School maynot be the same as the route to bring students home. This may be due to traffic considerations, road layout or the fact that somestudents only take the bus one way.Q3 – Why is my child not the last to be picked up even though we reside nearest to the school?Traffic considerations, road layout and the number of children determine the bus route. In order to balance the varied interests offamilies served by each bus, YSB does not implement any queuing system or fix the order that students are picked up on the basis ofdistance from the school, but rather aims to minimise overall transport time.Q4 – Why does the bus take longer to get to School than it takes travelling by car? Why is my child’s bus journey time so muchlonger?The buses serve many families travelling to school. The bus stops along the way to School to pick up students; hence it takes longerthan a car that travels to LFS without stopping.Also, journey times are measured from the time a child boards the bus to the time that he/she disembarks at the school or home.In the morning, there are an estimated 35 to 40 buses entering the school. The first bus enters the school 25 minutes prior to thebell while children from the last bus alight 5 minutes before the first bell.In the afternoons, buses leave the school gates of the first campus 10 minutes after dismissal bell to allow children sufficient time toboard the buses.Q5 – Where is the pick-up and drop-off off point at my condominium?As a general rule, for private condominiums, all pick-up and drop-off points are at the guardhouse or gate barrier. YSB buses are notable to provide a door-to-door service within condominiums, as it would significantly increase the travel time.Q6 – Where is the pick-up and drop-off off point for my house?For private houses, as a general rule, all buses pick-up and drop-off at the gate of the house. However, certain private housing estateshave narrow roads or a dead end that prevents our buses from making a U-turn. In such cases, students will be picked-up anddropped-off at the closest point to the house that is practical and safe for both the students and the bus. YSB will advise the familyof the pick-up and drop-off points.Q7 – How much notice is needed if I want my child to be collected or dropped off from a new address or if I wish to starttravelling on the bus?YSB requires a minimum of one month’s notice in order for them to make any change to the existing transport service. A TransportRequest Form should be obtained from the YSB office.

Q8 – Is my child allowed to take a different bus for a “sleepeep-over” or “play date” at a friend’s place?Children are only allowed to travel from and to school on their assigned bus. They are not allowed to take any other bus for anyreason. We ask for your understanding in this matter, as cross-transfers would make it difficult for YSB to ensure children safetyand manage the transport effectively.Q9 – What determines the size of the bus used for each route?Bus size is dependent on the number of students needing transport along any route and the overall time journey. Overall number ofbuses is also restricted by the size of the car park at the School. As a result, it is not possible to have a fleet of only small buses oronly large buses to serve the School. In order to accommodate new families and those, which change their place of residence fromtime to time, YSB may need to change the type of bus allocated to a particular route.Q10 – Why are the buses sometimes late?Buses are sometimes late for a variety of reasons such as delay caused from road works, traffic congestion, rainy weather and studentsnot being at the designated pick-up / drop-off points.Q11 – Is my child covered under insurance while travelling on the transport service?Yes. Singapore Transport Law requires that each bus owner maintain Third Party Vehicle Insurance coverage. No bus is permittedto carry passengers on the road without having purchased this coverage.Q12 – Are the buses safe for our children to travel on?YSB and the Transport Commission do regular inspections of seat belt, fire extinguisher and first-aid. Mechanical checks of busesare mandatory in Singapore and must be done every year at an independent government approved inspection centre, which cancertify that a bus is safe for travel on the road.Q13 - Who will take care cof my children while on the bus?During travel to school, there will be a female Bus Mother on board each bus to supervise the children. Their primary duties are toensure the children remain safe and maintain discipline on the bus during the entire travelling time. However, Bus Mothers are onlyallowed to verbally advise misbehaving children. Therefore, YSB requires parents to counsel and advise their children on the propernorms of behaviour on board school buses so that each rider may have a pleasant ride.Q14 - What modes of payment does YSB accept?YSB accepts cash, cheque or GIRO payment. For payment made through bank transfer, the sender must pay miscellaneous costassociated with the payment.Q15 - My Company is paying for the bus fare. How do dI arrange for the invoice to be sent to my company?Please indicate on the registration form that the company is to be invoiced. You will then need to provide all relevant details on theform. This information will be taken as the standing instruction until notified otherwise in writing by the family.Q16 - Are there any discounts for families with more than one child requiring bus service?In order to keep individual bus fares as economical as possible for all students, YSB does not offer discounts for families with morethan one child.Q17 - When should payment be made?Payment should be made by the due date as stated on the invoice. YSB reserves the right to impose late charges or discontinuetransport service to families that do not make payment promptly.

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