FINANCIAL REGULATION - Lycée français de Singapour

FINANCIAL REGULATION - Lycée français de Singapour

FINANCIAL REGULATIONSchool year : 2012-2013Update : June 2012Financial Regulations 1

FINANCIAL REGULATIONSDOCUMENT TO BE READ CAREFULLYFAMILIES REGISTERING THEIR CHILDREN AT THE LYCEE FRANCAISDE SINGAPOUR (“LFS”) ARE KINDLY REQUESTED TO RESPECT ANDCOMPLY WITH THE PRESENT FINANCIAL REGULATIONSSchool fees structure, terms of payment and existing scholarship1- School Fees Advance2- Annual Registration Fees (First time and re-enrollment)3- Quarterly School Fees4- Bilingual Classes Fees5- Terms of Payment6- Scholarship granted by the French Government7- Scholarship for secondary students granted by the French Government8- Procedure to follow when leaving LFSFinancial support of companies to the financing of the Lycée Français deSingapourAgreement to LFS Financial RegulationsUpdate : June 2012Financial Regulations 2

3 – QUARTERLY SCHOOL FEES- The School fees‟ annual amount is indicated on a table updated annually and given to parentsevery year.- School fees are to be paid at the beginning of each quarterly term.- The school fees comprise : Kindergarten : Schooling, school stationery, various insurance costs.Primary School : Schooling, school books, exercise books, various insurance costs.Lower Secondary (Secondary I to Secondary III: “6ème” to “3ème” levels) : Schooling,school books, French curriculum exams registration fees and various insurance costs. Upper Secondary (Secondary IV to Pre University II: “2nde” to “Terminale” levels) :Schooling, French curriculum exams registration fees and various insurance costs.School fees do not include : Meals at the school canteen which are compulsory. Please note that meals and schoolfees for children having registered at the kindergarten, primary school and lowersecondary level, must be paid at the beginning of each quarterly term. Studentsregistered at the upper secondary level (Secondary IV to Pre University II) however,can pay directly for their meals. School bus services. Optional Extra-curricular activities. Various school stationery: pens, compasses, rulers, etc… Educational trips: if a student is not taking part to a trip, his family or the companywhich incurs school fees cannot claim for any pro-rated school fees refund.Concessions:Companies having loan agreements with the LFS can benefit from an annual concessionamounting to a maximum of SGD 1,000 per child, per academic year and for every loan of SGD10,000. This concession is deducted from the first instalment of school fees in the school year.Fees for any term started has to be paid in full. No partial payment or refunds will be madefor those who arrive or leave during the school term.4 – BILINGUAL CLASSES FEESThe annual bilingual classes contribution is to be paid for each child registrered in bilingualclasses.The amount is indicated on the “school fees – 2012/2013” table given to parents which is alsoposted on the website of the LFS.Bilingual classes contribution must be paid together with the first instalment of school fees for theforthcoming year.Please note that the bilingual classes fees must be paid in full. No partial payment will berefunded should the child arrive or leave during the school year.Update : June 2012Financial Regulations 4

5 – TERMS OF PAYMENT- Cheques to be made in favour of "Lycée Français de Singapour Ltd ".- Fees due to LFS can also be paido by credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express) at the accounting department (3 rdfloor – block E). Administrative fees will be charged to parents, oro by transfer. Administrative fees will be borne by parents.- Registration fees and school fees advance must be paid upon registration for new comers.Registration fees must be paid with the first instalment of the forthcoming year for existingstudents.School fees advance will be offset against the third term invoice.School fees advance must be settled before April 20th for re-enrollment at the LFS for the nextacademic year. Children, for whom a deposit has been levied at the time of the registration(before academic year 2010-2011), are exempted from the school fees advance.- Registration can only be confirmed after payment of registration fees and school feesadvance.- The school fees are to be settled as follows : 40 % of the annual amount must be paid beforeSeptember 20th, 30 % to be paid before January 20th and the remaining 30 % before April20th . Before each deadline, a reminder will be sent to each family.- You are kindly requested to meet the deadlines mentioned above in order to allow our schoolto cover all its expenses on-time and to guarantee fairness towards other families. Interests willbe charged for late payments.- If the payment of the school fees advance, or annual registration fees or school fees is notmade on the due date, students will not be admitted to the school. The ManagementCommittee of the French School (“Comité de Gestion”) may take legal action againstdefaulters, should the need arise.- Claims to concession of school fees will not be considered in the event of a student beingabsent for an indeterminate period.6 –SCHOLARSHIPS GRANTED BY THE FRENCH GOVERNMENTFrench students are entitled to receive a scholarship depending on their parents‟ income.Application forms can be obtained at the French Embassy (Chancellerie Consulaire).Families who benefit from a partial bursary have to settle the balance of their paymentof school fees before the deadlines mentioned above.7 –SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SECONDARY CHILDREN GRANTED BY THE FRENCHGOVERNMENTFrench students attending upper secondary school (“2nde”, “1ère” and “Terminale” levels) areentitled to receive a scholarship. Application forms can be obtained at the French Embassy(Chancellerie Consulaire).The families who benefit from these bursaries have to pay the school fees before thedeadlines mentionned above. They will be refunded as soon as the amounts have beenpaid by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to LFS.Update : June 2012Financial Regulations 5

8 – PROCEDURE WHEN LEAVING OUR SCHOOLThe following procedures are to be followed when a student leaves the school :- Prior notice must be given to the Administration Department and a departure notice form mustbe completed ("formulaire de départ définitif").- Books must be returned at least two days before the student's departure either to teachers(for primary school students) or to the librarian (for secondary school students). An officialdocument will be given, to prove that books have been returned.- An appointment must be made with our administration officer so that the following documentswill be given to the family :• Cheque equivalent to the amount of the initial deposit (students registered before theacademic year 2010-2011), if the deposit was settled by the parents (not by thecompany).• Student's certificate of attendance at the LFS. Compulsory for those moving to anotherFrench School.• Eventually the student‟s school records.These documents will be given to the parents upon presentation of the official documentmentioning that books have been returned (see second bullet above) and after receivingconfirmation from the Accounts Department that school fees have been paid.If books have been lost or damaged, a contribution of SGD 40 will be payable by the parents asstated in the books loan agreement signed between the LFS and the Families at the beginning ofthe academic year.Update : June 2012Financial Regulations 6

FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF COMPANIES TO THE FINANCING OF THE LYCEE FRANCAIS DESINGAPOURLycée Français de Singapour (“LFS”) is facing a huge challenge regarding growth.The financing of extension projects can unfortunately only be possible with the financial aides fromcompanies incorporated in Singapore in the following manners :--acquisition of Option de Fondateur (“ODF”)-donation to Lycée Français Development FundOption de fondateur (« ODF »)Being an ODF holder via acquisition of ODF, a company incorporated in Singapore becomes a „corporatemember‟ of LFS. The corporate members are involved and committed to the management of the LFS byproviding expertise and financial aides.It is a financial participation to the LFS that entitles a corporate member to the following benefits :1. Priority for registration. The children of employees of corporate member will be given the priority toadmission to LFS2.Exemption of initial school deposit / school fees advance amounting to SGD 7,000 per child up to SGD15,000 per family3.Exemption of annual registration fees amounting to SGD 2,675 (inclusive of GST) for 1st time registrationand SGD 1,605 (inclusive of GST) for subsequent annual registrationThe above mentioned benefits are valid for a 5-year or 10-year duration depending on the type of ODFacquired. The cost from September 2012 is as follows:- a 5-year duration ODF costs SGD 32,000 (excl GST) which includes a SGD 20,000 donation to LycéeFrançais Development Fund- a 10-year duration ODF costs SGD 53,000 (excl GST) which includes a SGD 30,000 donation to LycéeFrançais Development Fund.Donation to Lycée Français Development FundThe donation provides partial financial aide to building extension projects.Lycée Français Development Fund is a charity which benefits from the Institution of Public Character (IPC)status from the Singaporean government.In contributing to this fund, a company benefits from a corporate tax deduction.Should you require more information, please contact :-Pierre Alexandre Vigil – Entreprise Committee – Jancourt – Chief Operating Officer - : June 2012Financial Regulations 7

AGREEMENT TO LFS FINANCIAL REGULATIONSNom de l'élève/Name of the student : ...........................................................................I, undersigned, ..................................................................................................................hereby declare that I fully agree and comply with the Financial Regulation of Lycée Français deSingapour.Singapore,Date : Signature :Update : June 2012Financial Regulations 8

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