Issue 1 - Lycée français de Singapour

Issue 1 - Lycée français de Singapour

4 SIMUNS SAYS Issue 1 - 2013 March 21 st4 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555Discussions on a fairer system ofworld trade and improving freetradeBy Timothy SanonerDelegates regroup to merge their resolutions in the ECOSOC committeeafter the approval of the 9th SIMUN conference.The issue of World Trade and its problems will be ensued after the resolutionis disscussed.Irannihiliation: the PersianNuclear ThreatIs Ahmadinejad’s nuclear program a danger to world peace,or simply the harmless energy program it claims to be?By Emma Dailey et Michael Yan“Diplomacy is always better than dispute”. In his opening speech,the delegate of China sums up the UN’s simple yet ambitious goal:solving all issues through talks. After all, they say the pen is mightierthan the sword. Members were eager for the debates to begin, forthe current political issues offered considerable grounds of discussion.During the opening speeches, six key issues were laid out, withthe most controversial and heated debate indisputably being thequestion of Iran becoming a nuclear power.The committee was divided between condoners and condemnersof Iran’s nuclear program. The Democratic People’s Republic of Koreadefended Iran’s nuclear program by citing their “right of development”,and arguing that Iran’s opposition to the status quo states isdue to their hatred for the American hegemony that has overshadowedthe world over the past few decades, citing the Americanbacked1953 Iranian coup d’état. The United States appeared asa hypocrite, wishing world peace yet continuing to intervene inforeign conflicts. North Korea also claims that by acquiring nuclearweapons, Iran will feel less threatened by the western powers.On the other hand, the security dilemma compelled the majorityof the countries to oppose Iran’s nuclear program. While some likeNepal believe Iran has a right to sustain itself in energy but wishedit offered more transparency to their program, others are not sotolerant. Canada feels threatened by Iran’s nuclear program. TheCanadian delegate was adamantly against the development ofweapons of mass destruction, claiming the world cannot afford anew arms race. Moreover, Ahmadinejad’s speech of “killing infidels”and “destroying Israel” has visibly worried the western world.Today, trade is an essential economic pillar for MEDC’s and remains vitalfor economic growth of LEDC’s. It is expected that delegates are to agree topartake in the direction to a fairer and more stable world trade. Nowadays,instable governments such as in LEDC’s struggle to apply and ensure thatlaws are respected. Responding to this issue, delegates will highly requestLEDC’s to adopt a standardised and simple strategy plan to regulate pricingand sustainable markets. Moreover, the delegates will urge governmentsto investigate companies on a higher level. Furthermore, it was requestedthat governments should aid locals to make their trading businesses ascost-effective as possible. Finally, it was discussed that MEDC’s are to focusand invest on economic sectors such as agriculture etc… The delegates allrecognise that collaboration between countries is critical for fair trade andthus economic growth. This has been emphasised by the delegate of HolySee with a quote from Pope Francis “The pope seeks humility and kindnessin country relations”.As for Iran’s say on the matter, its delegate appeased tensions byassuring Iran holds the belief that there is a peaceful solution toeverything. Iran claims that their nuclear program is not intent onfabricating weapons of mass destruction, but on providing energyto the population. However, the delegate did not deny creatingnuclear weapons, confirming that nuclear weapons are in development,albeit solely for defensive purposes.The current debate for Iran’s eventual transition as a nuclear powercontinues to generate lively oppositions between the two sides. Thisquestion which has plagued the UN for many years will become akey point for the Iranian presidential election which will be heldon June 14 this year, which interestingly bars Ahmadinejad fromstanding for a third term.

6 BLA SIMUNS BLA SAYS BLA Exero Issue 101, - 2013 5555March 21 stPICTURE PERFECT

SIMUNS SAYS Issue 1 - 2013 March 21 stExero 01, 5555 BLA BLA BLA 7BEST DRESSED7

8 SIMUNS BLA BLA SAYS BLA Exero Issue 101, - 2013 5555 March 21 stCall for SubmissionsCalling all chairs, delegates, securitaries and directors…Make your voice heard!For the second time, SIMUN’s Press Corps is open to submissions from people outside the Press Corps. If youhave an opinion you’d like to voice, a note you’d like to share or an interesting story to tell, stop by the PressRoom (E514) or approach one of our friendly reporters and photographers! Speak up, make your voice heard!Editorial TeamDirector:Chris MuthiahEditor-in-chief:Chloe VillaretSub-editor:Raphael DalleryDesigner:Alix GougeonEmma SprengJournalists:Auxane DelageEmma DaileyIlinca GradeaKim HeeleyLaure LansonneurLauren PotterMichael YanPhilipine HuretRaphaelle PetitThomas KrauseTimothy SanonerPhotographers:Camille ZimmermanMax Anderson

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