Evesham - South Worcestershire Development Plan


Evesham - South Worcestershire Development Plan

Market Square, EveshamDevelopment may be coming to a site near you!Have your say in creating a sustainable future for EveshamYour local knowledgewill help to meet thecommunity strategyobjectives for a futureEvesham.Communitiesthat are safeand feel safeA betterenvironmentfor today andtomorrowEconomicsuccess that isshared by allMeeting theneeds of thewholecommunityswjcsThis leaflet explains how we are gathering informationfor The South Worcestershire Joint Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document.The South Worcestershire Joint Core Strategy Autumn 09

I N F O R M A T I O NG A T H E R I N GBackgroundAbbey Park, EveshamThose who have been followingthe South Worcestershireplanning process over the lastthree years will be aware of theamount of developmentproposed for SouthWorcestershire as a whole.However, we realise that therewill be many of you readingthis leaflet who are hearingabout it for the first time.So to set the scene...We are part of the West MidlandsRegion, and the Regional Assemblyhave prepared a strategy indicatingwhere future growth should go. Thisis called the Regional Spatial Strategy.This proposes 24,500 dwellings togetherwith associated development to SouthWorcestershire.The three local authorities of MalvernHills, Worcester City and Wychavonhave informally joined together to planwhere this growth should go. This iscalled the South Worcestershire JointCore Strategy (SWJCS).The SWJCS has reached a PreferredOptions stage (September 2008) whichhas highlighted some potential areasfor development. In respect of WychavonDistrict, 9,100 new dwellings togetherwith associated infrastructure e.g. roads,drainage, community facilities and openspace, are required up to 2026.There is also a requirement to workjointly with Worcester City andMalvern Hills Councils to provide foran additional 7,300 dwellings within theRegional Spatial Strategy (Review) thatcannot be accommodated within theWorcester city boundary.The SWJCS also provides some majorpolicies to ensure that any developmentis sustainable e.g. protects theenvironment, encourages use ofrenewable energy and the use of publictransport rather than the car. It will alsoensure that the major infrastructure isprovided to serve the development.2The South Worcestershire Joint Core Strategy 01905 722233 www.swjcs.org contact@swjcs.org

E V E S H A MThis information gatheringexercise is seeking to examineall sites within Evesham itself toaccommodate new homes andassociated facilities such asemployment, shopping, health,education, community and openspace.It will also be important toensure we have in place goodplanning policies to ensure thatthe requirements of the JointCore Strategy vision arerealised for Evesham.In order to do this we need yourviews…whether you areresident (of any age), employeror employee, organisation,resident association or tourist.Your comments are valuable aswe seek to plan the future of ourtown together.Bell Tower, EveshamEarlier consultations have focused on `strategic’ larger locations for housing, jobs, and communityfacilities as part of the Joint Core Strategy. This time round we are concentrating on ‘smaller’ sitesfor these uses to feed into the Allocation Plan.This is just an informationgathering exercise to enableinformed decisions to take placein the future...Locations identified areonly proposalsPossible Sites for HousingWe have indicated on the map in the centre of this leafletsome of the sites which have been put forward byowners/developers/others through the Strategic HousingLand Availability Assessment for consideration. You cancomment on any of these, and/or you can suggest others.By identifying `brownfield’ i.e land previously developedand other sites in Evesham we can reduce thenumbers of houses to the larger edge of town locations.The South Worcestershire Joint Core Strategy 01905 722233 www.swjcs.org contact@swjcs.org 3

S U S T A I N A B L E C O M M U N I T I E SCreating places where peoplewant to live— Sustainable CommunitiesWe are anxious notto duplicate policiesalready covered at aNational or Regionallevel, or in the JointCore Strategy.The policies need to ensure that thenew developments will be designedas places where people want to live.People and families living in the newhomes will need to be near to jobs,shops, parks, schools, centres for health,culture and leisure. Decisions will alsoneed to be made about space forallotments, gardens etc. In addition, theuse of renewable energy technology andgood public transport and/or walkingor cycling routes will need to be madeavailable to reduce our reliance on thecar.We need your views because you live,work, and play in Evesham and knowmore about local issues. In order to helpyou we have outlined what we believeare some key policy areas that are NOTcovered elsewhere. Do you agree? Arethere any others that you are aware of?This is your opportunity to share yourconcerns, joys and aspirations for theEvesham of the future or indeed yoursmall corner of it.Planning Policyprovides guidance todevelopment thataffects us all! So let’swork together tocreate policies thatenhance the quality ofour neighbourhoods.6The South Worcestershire Joint Core Strategy 01905 722233 www.swjcs.org contact@swjcs.org

P L A N N I N G P O L I C I E SProtection andprovision ofgreen spaceProtection andpromotion ofland for jobsLand forGypsies andTravellersAt present there aregreen areas in Wychavon which areprotected from development. We need toclarify which of these areas are importantfor wildlife and the wider environment.Standards foropen spaceand recreationWe need to give clearguidance to developers as to what needsto be provided for the local community.Protectingbuildings oflocal interestThese are listedbuildings that are protected by nationalpolicy but there are also buildings that areimportant to our local heritage.Protection andpromotion ofshopping areasShopping areas can take the form of thetown centre shop frontages, and otherlocal centres. We need to work with youto determine which areas should beprotected for retail use.Vibrant touristcentresThe visitor economyis important to Wychavon so we need toestablish areas for visitor accommodationand caravan sites, and cultural activities.The land allocated foroffices, light industry, manufacturingand distribution are coming underconsiderable pressure from developersto be used for more profitable purposes.Please work with us to determine whichareas should be safeguarded to providelocal jobs.Marinas,mooringsand boatingfacilitiesBoating plays an important part inWychavon and we need to ensurethat the right locations are protected.Education,health, sportsand leisureLocations for schools,community and leisure facilitiesincluding allotments and cemeteries needto be identified if new communities are tobe sustainable.Creation of avibrant towncentresImportant to all inWychavon, we need to establish theboundaries of the town centres andregeneration opportunities. We mustalso consider policies to establish thenight-time economy and 24 hour living.General locations forsites will be identified in the Joint CoreStrategy, in line with Governmentpolicies but we now need to establishexactly where the sites will be located.LocalInfrastructureLarger infrastructurewill be provided through the Joint CoreStrategy but there are local issues thatwill need to be resolved.Are there anyother policy areaswhich you thinkare needed inorder to createplaces wherepeople want tolive?The South Worcestershire Joint Core Strategy 01905 722233 www.swjcs.org contact@swjcs.org7

I M P O R T A N TWhat do you need to do?It is important that you get involved. This is about where you live,shop, play, go to school, work, travel, walk ... it will change buttogether we can ensure it is for the better.Visit the exhibitionsEveshamEvesham Town HallMarket Square, EveshamWednesday 11 November10am – 8pmSaturday 12 December10am – 4pmPershorePershore Town HallHigh Street, PershoreMonday 16 November10am – 8pmSaturday 21 November10am – 4pmDroitwich SpaSt Andrew’s Church andParish Centre, Droitwich SpaSaturday 31 October10am – 4pmWednesday 18 November10am – 8pmLook at the websitewww.swjcs.orgwhere you will find, information onthe process and a questionnaire.Fill in a questionnaireThese are available from:• Civic Centre, Queen ElizabethDrive, Pershore, WR10 1PT.• The 4 Wychavon Libraries• The websiteOr you can request a copy bytelephoning 01905 722233or emailcontact@swjcs.orgContactThe South Worcestershire JointCore Strategy, Orchard House,Farrier Street, Worcester WR1 3BB.Tel 01905 722233contact@swjcs.orgElsewhere in SouthWorcestershireThis leaflet relates only to towns inWychavon. These are the first of aseries of information gatheringexercises which will be ongoing untilSpring 2010. This will include a seriesof exhibitions and associated leafletsin:WorcesterMalvernDroitwich SpaEveshamTenbury WellsUpton upon SevernPershoreKey villages in SouthWorcestershireFurther information will beadvertised.The South Worcestershire Joint Core Strategy 01905 722233 www.swjcs.org contact@swjcs.org

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