2012 - United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland


2012 - United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland

of Greater Cleveland2012ANNUAL REPORT

BOARD OF DIRECTORSMatthew R. Cox, ChairSean D. Wenger, Vice ChairBeth Eaton, TreasurerEthan Hendrickx, SecretaryJennifer W. BerlinAnita EvansChristopher G. Furey, MDDavid HuntNathan D. HurleStacey M. JohnsonChip JosephRoss J. KirchickMarques MartinRobert W. MaysMichael S. McMahonJeffrey D. MinnickMark E. PringleKevin J. RileyGordon ShortScott TuchekJoseph A. Williams, IVAGENCY LEADERSHIPPatricia S. OtterPresident & CEOempowerColleen Bennett, SPHRDirector of Human ResourcesLaWanda Y. Crawl, MPADirector of Residential ServicesBeth A. Lucas, MNADirector of Strategic Initiativesand DevelopmentRandall E. Simmons, CPAChief Financial OfficerPaul J. Soprano, MADirector of Vocational ServicesIntesar A. Taye, OTR/LDirector of Children’s Servicesof Greater Clevelande rThe first task of ourgreatest advocate, YOU,is to spread the wordwww.ucpcleveland.org

A LETTER FROM OUR LEADERSHIPThe mission of UCP ofGreater Cleveland isto empower childrenand adults withdisabilities to advancetheir independence,productivity and inclusionin the community.Matthew R. CoxChair, Board of DirectorsDear Friends,Thank you for an amazing 2012! We hope you take a moment to read the client successstories that we have included here. Throughout the report, you will also find ways thatYOU can partner with UCP of Greater Cleveland. You can learn how your business canemploy skilled workers with disabilities. You will discover ways to become involved inour annual fundraising events and increase your philanthropic footprint as a donor.The strength and viability of an organization can be clearly seen in the engagementof active partnerships. We believe the key to our successful partnerships is a commonvision and values. Our Board of Directors value the consistency and quality of serviceprovided to children and adults with disabilities, and takes great care and pride inproviding oversight of the agency. Each board member is committed to ensuring thatour services remain focused on our clients and mission, while still taking into accountresponsible stewardship of our finances.Over the years, we have learned how to stretch time and money to provide qualityservices through committed volunteers who work beside our employees. Our youngprofessionals group, Friends of UCP, has now established itself and has added muchvalue early on. We were thrilled to see the largest number of volunteers yet as partof Team UCP at the Cleveland Triathlon. In assisting Vocational Services, our BusinessAdvisory Committee worked diligently to link UCP to potential business partners,identifying new work opportunities for adults with disabilities.UCP of Greater Cleveland continues to focus on our mission in large part due tostable partnerships with local government, corporations, foundations and individualphilanthropists. Despite the continued difficult economic environment in 2012, wehave remained financially stable and continue to spend just 92 cents of every dollaron direct programming. For the third consecutive year we also proved that UCP ofGreater Cleveland is a wonderful place to work by being named a Northeast Ohio’s TopWorkplace by the Plain Dealer.Patricia S. OtterPresident & Chief Executive OfficerThe first step to becoming our partner is to learn more about the valuablecontributions UCP of Greater Cleveland makes in the Cleveland community.Visit our website at www.ucpcleveland.org and follow us on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/ucpcleveland. With your help, 2013 and each year thereafterwill be a great year for the agency, our partners, and most importantly, our clients.Gratefully,Matthew R. CoxPatricia S. Otter2012 ANNUAL REPORT 1

Volunteers & EventsCollaboratewith UCP of GreaterCleveland—InviteFriends to OurAnnual Eventse rGood food.ollaborativeGreat jazz.And even betterfriends. Sprintinto the Nightheld atNighttown inCleveland Heightswww.ucpcleveland.org/giving-andvolunteering/participate/sprint/e rAttendspecial eventsthat supportUCP programs.See what iscoming next!www.ucpcleveland.org/giving-and-volunteering/participate/other-events/Volunteers thoughout the organization have an enormous impact on thehealth and well-being of UCP of Greater Cleveland. Agency leadershipcollaborates with our volunteer Board of Directors to provide expertguidance for the agency’s strategic direction and growth. UCP of GreaterCleveland collaborates with a wide variety of volunteers to provide directservices to clients through socialization and recreational programming,as well as to host annual fundraising events that support the financialhealth of the organization. The “Friends of UCP” young professionals grouplaunched their first full year in 2012, hosting their first public fundraisingevent—a Brown’s Tailgate and Watch event filled with football, good foodand new people eager to learn about the agency. The Friends of UCP alsotreated adult participants of the Community Employment program to afestive holiday party, which clients claimed was “the best holiday partyin years.”The Tee Up for UCP Golf Outing exceeded budget, providing unrestrictedfunding for critical programs. A little rain at the end of the day did notdeter the completely full roster of golf teams from enjoying Canterbury GolfClub, one of the nation’s most beautiful and challenging golf courses. TeamUCP at the Cleveland Triathlon continued to embody the agency’s core valueof collaboration, where for the fifth year in a row, family and communityteams raised funds and awareness for UCP of Greater Cleveland whilechallenging themselves to a very physical trial in honor of the childrenserved by the agency. Sprint into the Night, also in its fifth year, balancedan evening of great music and food with a fun and competitive silentauction—organized entirely by a volunteer committee.UCP of Greater Cleveland understands and appreciates the value ofcollaborating with our volunteers and supporters. The services providedby the agency that change the lives of our clients on a daily basis wouldnot be possible without support from UCP families, donors, volunteersand community leaders who take a vested interest in making sure theorganization is stable and responsive to client needs. Thank you toeveryone who made 2012 such a successful year! We look forward to ourcontinued collaboration for years to come!2 UCP OF GREATER CLEVELAND

collaborativeTeam Marley participates in the 2012 Cleveland Triathlon.2012 ANNUAL REPORT 3

client-centeredeLearn more about Sofia and her journeyto greater independence. Visit the UCP ofGreater Cleveland website and read hercomplete story. Then spread the word!www.ucpcleveland.org/?p=5109r4 UCP OF GREATER CLEVELAND

client-centeredChildren’s ServicesChildren’s Services are based on a philosophy of early intervention andfamily-focused care, providing traditional and intensive therapies, schoolbasedservices, early intervention, case management and parent education.UCP of Greater Cleveland’s pediatric therapists focus on the client andfamily, working with them to create goals that improve a child’s and theirfamily’s independence and ability to be an active partof the community. Families are supported throughparent education that empowers them to be successful,as well as family-directed case management thatmakes sure basic needs are met and ongoing crisisdoes not interfere with their child’s progress andfamily life.Scan to learn moreabout Children’sServices.SHAREOur Clients’Success!e rConnect withUCP of GreaterCleveland onFacebook forclient-centeredstories and eventupdateswww.facebook.com/ucpclevelandstory of Success – SofiaAt three-years-old Sofia struggled with falling every few steps, and gotextremely frustrated because she could not communicate how she was feelingand what she wanted.She fought back by refusing to participate in therapy, ignoring her mom andtherapists by putting her head down and falling out of her chair on purpose.But Sofia’s therapists at UCP of Greater Cleveland did not give up onher, they remained centered on Sofia. And Sofia’s family stood behind thetherapists and did their part to encourage her.Four years later, Sofia is walking completely independently.She comes to therapy every Friday after a long week at school and neverbacks down from a challenge.Sofia has a beautiful spirit…And incredible drive, dedication and patience.Children’s ServicesStatisticsTraditional Physical,Occupational and Speech/Language Therapy:193 children served between theages of birth and twenty-twoSteps to IndependenceIntensive Therapy:75 children served between theages of birth and twenty-twoSchool-based Physical,Occupational and Speech/Language Therapy:383 students served in partnershipwith schoolsEarly InterventionService Coordination:609 children and their familiesserved ages birth through threeParent Education:128 parents and guardians served2012 ANNUAL REPORT 5

excellenceVocational ServicesPartnerinExcellencee rFind outhow yourbusiness canbenefit frompartnering withUCP VocationalServiceswww.ucpcleveland.org/business-partnerships/Vocational Services provides facility-based vocational rehabilitation andcommunity employment for close to 300 adults each year at all levels ofabilities, from individuals with severe disabilities requiring socialization andtherapeutic activities to individuals with higher level skills seeking supportto obtain and maintain employment in the community. Young adults makingthe transition from high school to employment are supported through a multipartnerprogram model, Project SEARCH, which gives them the opportunityto work during their final year of high school at a host employer completingmultiple internships throughout the year. The Adult Day Support Programprovides an engaging daily atmosphere that supports striving toward personalgoals of independence along with community-basedoutings that encourage inclusion. A tiered approachto employment supports individuals that desireto work with the opportunity for employment inthe least restrictive environment possible, from afacility-based workshop to competitive individualemployment at community businesses.Scan to learn moreabout VocationalServices.story of Success – SankalpVocational ServicesStatisticsAdult Day Support:94 adults served with moderateto severe disabilitiesOrganizational Employment:52 adults servedSupported CommunityEmployment:83 adults servedIndividual CommunityEmployment:23 adults servedProject SEARCH:44 young adults served in theirfinal year of high schoolAssistive Technology:17 adults servedAttempting to find employment as a young adult with Autism poses manychallenges and can be very stressful.Even with the loving support of his mother and father, Sankalp could notfind the right fit.Sankalp tried working in UCP Supported Employment in an industrialsetting. He tried working in a retail shop. But even with all of his skills, therewas always something that did not seem to be a good fit. So the family changedtactics and began looking into ideas for an independent business.When Sankalp needed to choose an agency to provide job coaching andsupport for his new business, he and his parents chose UCP of GreaterCleveland. Hands down, Sankalp’s parents knew the level of excellence inservices provided by UCP Community Employment would help Sankalp besuccessful.UCP of Greater Cleveland also signed up to be one of the first locations tocontract with him in his new vending machine business.With the support of his parents and UCP of Greater Cleveland, Sankalp isnow an entrepreneur.The future is full of possibilities for Sankalp.6 UCP OF GREATER CLEVELAND

excellencee rLearn more about how Sankalp foundhis niche and started his own businesswith support from the UCP CommunityEmployment Programwww.ucpcleveland.org/?p=5097Sankalp fills one of seventeen vending machines maintained by his business, Sunny Vending.2012 ANNUAL REPORT 7

compassionateeLearn more about Charlie and the supportsprovided through Residential Serviceswww.ucpcleveland.org/?p=5076rCharles relaxing at home.8 UCP OF GREATER CLEVELAND

compassionateResidential ServicesThrough Residential Services, UCP of Greater Cleveland provides personalcare, homemaking services, community outings and other supports based onan individual’s level of need that allow them to live in the least restrictivehome environment possible. For sixteen individuals with severe disabilitiesor complicated support needs living in UCP of Greater Cleveland’s two GroupHomes, it means living in an adapted house with twenty-four hour care. Eachindividual has a space to decorate as they wish and relax in at the end of theday, with a common living room, kitchen and dining room with direct supportprofessionals present to assist them with daily living. For other individualsparticipating in the Independent Living Program,it means living in their own place with family,roommates or on their own. The agency providesthem with ongoing support at the level mostappropriate for them, from daily drop-in service totwenty-four hour care.Scan to learn moreabout Residential Services.Watch andLearn howCompassionSupportsIndependencein theCommunitye rWatch inspiringstories, learnabout our servicesand find out howmany lives yoursupport toucheswww.youtube.com/ucpclevelandstory of Success – CharlesLiving on your own in the community is a very special type of independence.Especially for 85 year old Charles.It means doing things you like doing, which for Charlie means goingshopping, playing games and spending time with his roommates.However, independence includes responsibilities such as reporting to hisday program four days per week and helping around the house. Charlie is incharge of making sure the garbage is taken out every day, bringing in the mailand making the coffee in the morning. He takes his jobs seriously.Charlie has a gentle smile. He will quickly draw you into conversation abouthis job, his family and the wall of pictures in his room. It holds memories of coworkers,roommates and family members, all very dear to Charlie. Having theopportunity to decorate your space the way you want is an important benefit ofliving independently.Charlie and his roommates are able to live independently as adults withdignity and respect because of the care provided to them by the caring andqualified direct support professionals from UCP of Greater Cleveland.Residential ServicesStatisticsGroup Home:18 adults served with moderateto severe disabilities and medicalneedsIndependent Living:59 adults served2012 ANNUAL REPORT 9

integrity2012 Support & RevenuesSupport 697,016United Way 339,258Government Fees 8,291,055Fees for Services 936,829Investment Reserves 350,000Financial OverviewUnited Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Cleveland, Inc.Statement of ActivitiesFor the Year Ended December 31, 20122012 Support and revenuesSupportContributions $116,162United Way Services 339,258Grants 324,437Special events, net 256,417Total Support 1,036,274Support6.6%United Way3.2%Fees forServices8.8%RevenuesGovernment Fees 8,291,055Fees for Services 936,829Total Revenues 9,227,884SUPPORT &REVENUESInvestment return designated for current operations 350,000TOTAL SUPPORT AND revenues 10,614,158InvestmentReserves3.3%GovernmentFees78.1%2012 Support & United WayContributions 116,162Grants 324,437Special events 256,417United Way 339,2582012 ExpensesChildren’s Services 2,059,967Adult Vocational Services 3,590,128Independent Living 2,791,417Group Homes 1,286,290Fund Raising 233,981Management and General 578,366Total Expenses 10,540,149Change in net assets from operations 74,009Grants31.3%SUPPORTContributions11.2%Non-Operating activityInvestment income 196,139Realized and unrealized (loss) gain on investments 496,731Investment return designated for current operations (350,000)Interest rate swap mark-to-market 21,481SpecialEvents24.7%United Way32.7%Change in net assets from non-operating activity 364,351Change in net assets $438,360Net assets at beginning of year 9,196,098Net assets at end of year $9,634,45810 UCP OF GREATER CLEVELANDThe financial information presented is taken from the 12/31/2012 financial statements,which were audited by Maloney + Novotny LLC. A complete set of these audited financialstatements are available for your review at the UCP of Greater Cleveland offices.

DonorsHumanitarian’s Circle ($20,000+ )Community Foundation of Lorain CountyThe DBJ FoundationDeaconess Community FoundationMinute Men Staffing ServicesThe Ohio Northeast District ElksAssociationLeadership Society’s Circle($10,000+)Cleveland ClinicMr. and Mrs. Ronald G. BarberEva L. & Joseph M. Bruening FoundationThe Estate of Ms. Ileene J. CollinsGood Karma Broadcasting LLCKeyBanc Capital MarketsThe Lubrizol FoundationMr. and Mrs. Michael S. McMahonOhio Department of TransportationMichael and Trish OtterRG Barber Consultants, CPAsThe Thomas H. White FoundationPacesetter’s Circle ($5,000+)Goldberg Kohn Ltd.The Harry K. Fox and Emma R. FoxCharitable FoundationKaiser PermanenteKeyBankKeyCorp Nonprofit ServicesMedical Mutual of OhioOatey CompanyMr. and Mrs. Mike O’NeillPenske CorporationPreformed Line Products Co.Quest CorporationThe Reuter FoundationMr. and Mrs. Pete SedlakWeinberg & Bell Group, Inc.Wells FargoBenefactor’s Circle ($2,500+)AccuVal Associates, IncorporatedAthersys, Inc.Bank of America Merrill LynchBenesch, Friedlander, Coplan & AronoffCleveland Door Controls, Inc.Cox Consulting GroupMr. and Mrs. Matthew R. CoxCuyahoga County Board ofDevelopmental DisabilitiesMr. Thomas W. DentDavid and Beth EatonDr. and Mrs. Christopher G. FureyElectrolock, Inc.Gallagher Benefit ServiceGoldman Sachs & Co.Howard, Wershbale & Co.eDiversify our funding byencouraging others to donatewww.ucpcleveland.org/donateInvacareJPMorgan ChaseKohrman Jackson & KrantzMr. and Mrs. Michael LanzarottaMr. and Mrs. Bob LightMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey MinnickThe O’Neill Brothers FoundationPacific Sports, LLCMr. and Mrs. Edward S. PentecostPNCRehmann FinancialMr. and Mrs. Justin J. RobertsThe S.K. Wellman FoundationSherwin-Williams CompanyMr. and Mrs. Christopher SpicuzzaMs. Marie StoverThe Swagelok FoundationTaft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLPTucker Ellis LLPUlmer & Berne LLPUS Bancorp FoundationVer-a-Fast By the Hand FoundationWalter & Haverfield L.L.P.President’s Circle ($1,000+)Akron Children’s Hospital - NeuroDevelopmental Science CenterMr. Jamal Al-Najjar and Ms. Intesar A. TayeAvery DennisonThe Cliffs FoundationMs. Colleen BennettMr. Louis CapobiancoCleveland CommunicationsMs. Tracey CoatsCommerce Benefits GroupMr. and Mrs. Chris DellaCorteDiscount Drug Mart, Inc. Store #41Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. DuvinMr. Kevin EllmanElsie S. Bellows FundEnergizer Corporate HeadquartersFairmount MineralsFederal Reserve Bank of ClevelandFifth Third BankFinancial Transaction ServicesMs. Dianne FoleyMr. Andrew FriesHahn Loeser + Parks LLPThe Hankins FoundationMr. and Mrs. Ethan HendrickxHobe & Lucas CPAs Inc.The Richard Horvitz and Erica Hartman-Horvitz FoundationThe Huntington National BankMr. and Mrs. Jed HunterMr. and Mrs. Nathan D. HurleMr. and Mrs. Norm InczeMr. and Mrs. Kevin JohnsonrdiversityMake 2013even better byenlistingnew supporterse rwww.flickr.com/photos/iversityPicture yourselfhelping.Check out ourFlickr accountand see howrewarding itis to supportUCP of GreaterCleveland59476324@N08/2012 ANNUAL REPORT 11

Donors (continued)Mr. and Mrs. Ross KirchickMr. Andrew Koonce and Ms. Tania YounkinThe Edward & Catherine Lozick FoundationLubrizol CorporationMr. and Mrs. Jerome J. LucasMs. Beth A. LucasMs. Steffany MatticolaMrs. Maguy MavissakalianMr. Stephen McPeakeMel-K ManagementMike’s KidsMr. and Mrs. Patrick M. PastoreMr. Frank G. PollackRetention Analysts, Inc.The Saltzman Philanthropic FundMs. Jean A. SmithMs. Cathy SopranoMr. and Mrs. Patrick SpicuzzaSustainable Innovations Group, LLCMr. Scott ThomasVisconsi Companies, Ltd.Mr. David H. Wallace and Ms. SharonSobol JordanWal-Mart Stores, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Sean WengerMr. Kurtis S. WetzelRuth and Robert F. WilliamsCharitable FundDirector’s Circle ($500+)Access Floor Specialists, LLCApplied Industrial TechnologiesMs. Nancy ArmstrongMs. Janet BakerBemis Company FoundationMr. and Mrs. John CannonChemtron CorporationMs. Becky DucatMr. and Mrs. Matthew FairhurstMr. Andy FertalMr. and Mrs. Charles FowlerMr. Tim FureyDr. and Mrs. Jorge GarciaMr. Arthur W. Guilford IIIMr. David H. Gunning, IIMs. Nancy HaydooHelen T. Weber Family FoundationMr. David C. HendricksonIBM CorporationJohnDow IndustriesMs. Nanette KatterhenryMr. William KellyMr. Tim KilbaneMr. and Mrs. Lyndon LaBrakeMr. Geoffrey LeffertsW. LeffertsMr. David MalinasMr. and Mrs. Kevin MaloneMs. Lisa MarshDr. Robert W. Mays and Dr. Jill SangreeMr. and Mrs. Brian F. McMahonMcMahon Leasing Inc.Ms. Wendy McNairMedical Transcription Billing CorporationMr. George NeundorferOrthotic and Prosthetic Specialties Inc.Mr. Thomas A. Piraino and Ms. Barbara C.McWilliamsPNC Foundation Matching Gift ProgramMr. Richard T. PrassePremier Truck SalesQuicken LoansMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. RavasMr. Bill RidleMr. and Mrs. Robert SadowskiSangree Family FoundationMr. and Mrs. Adam SchneierMs. Jeanette ShleprMr. and Mrs. Randall E. SimmonsMr. Paul SopranoSouth Euclid Cooperative Nursery SchoolMr. and Mrs. Matthew SperoMr. and Mrs. Jonathan StraffonMr. and Mrs. Roger M. SynenbergThe Cleveland FoundationDr. and Mrs. Joe ThomasMr. and Mrs. Thomas M. TurcoMr. and Mrs. Andrew VollmerMr. Brian WallerBarbara and Tom WheatleyMr. and Mrs. Jack WhiteMr. and Mrs. Joseph Williams IVMs. Emily WilliamsMr. and Mrs. John D. ZollerSustainer’s Circle ($250+)Adelio’s Contracting CompanyAT&TDr. and Mrs. Ryan K. BerglundMs. Angelia BranchMs. Pamela ButlerMr. and Mrs. Michael G. CaputoMs. Allison ClarkeMr. Michael CotterDaniel’s LandscapingMr. James DelozierMr. Chris DeweyMr. and Mrs. Riley DickenMr. Christopher DiTullioMs. Jane DominikMr. and Mrs. Thomas FraserNicole GrimsteadMr. William HelmetMr. Alfonso HinojosaMr. and Mrs. Michael H. HobeyMr. and Mrs. John HorriganMr. and Mrs. John HosekMr. and Mrs. Charles J. HoweMs. Denise Jakubovic-KlinglerMs. Vickie JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Christopher K. JonesMr. and Mrs. V. Bruce JuniusMr. Michael J. KinkelaarMr. and Mrs. Eric KlenzMr. Michael KoberlingMr. and Mrs. Joseph KoonceMs. Kathleen KordeleskiKPMGThe Krupka FamilyMr. David KundrachMs. Natalie R. KutinaLake Health Northcoast Family PracticeMr. and Mrs. Patrick LeddyDr. and Mrs. Jason LeedyMr. and Mrs. Matt LehmanDr. and Mrs. Elias N. LeonruizMs. Jackie LohnMr. Jeffrey Lucas and Ms. Kristen GallMr. and Mrs. Bob LucasMs. Michelle Marceau SlaneMr. and Mrs. Garth Mc AdooQuinn M. McAndrewMs. Diane MekkerMr. Salvatore MiletiMr. and Mrs. Bill MinnickMr. James MuhaMukha Custom Cosmetics, Inc.Mrs. Donna O’ConnellMr. and Mrs. Michael D. Policarpo IIMr. and Mrs. Jack PrauseProgressive Insurance FoundationMs. Constance ProkRatner Family ClubRenaissance Painting & Decorating, Inc.Mr. Matthew RileyMr. Daniel P. RobinsonMrs. Nancy RodriguezRonald McDonald House Charities ofNortheastern Ohio, Inc.Dr. Terrance RyanMr. and Mrs. John M. SankovicMr. and Mrs. Michael E. SantelliMrs. John SchlossMs. Suzanne SilverMr. and Mrs. William SpicuzzaMr. and Mrs. Matthew D. SweetWheaten CorporationMs. Tammy WilletMr. and Mrs. Jeff WinterMr. and Mrs. Bill WoodsMr. and Mrs. Michael YacovoneDr. and Mrs. John YankeyMr. and Mrs. Steven M. ZabowskiMr. Gregory I. ZarykMr. and Mrs. Maciej ZawadzkiUCP of Greater Cleveland gratefully acknowledges our donors. If we have misspelled or omitted any of ourdonors’ names, please call us at 216-791-8363 ext. 1227 so that we may correct our records.12 UCP OF GREATER CLEVELAND

Agency ProgramsChildren’s ServicesTraditional Physical,Occupational & Speech/Language TherapySteps to IndependenceIntensive TherapyEarly Intervention ServiceCoordinationCase ManagementParent EducationVocational ServicesAdult Day SupportOrganizational EmploymentCommunity EmploymentProject SEARCHResidential ServicesIndependent Living ProgramGroup HomesAssistive TechnologyServicesInformation and Referral2012 ANNUAL REPORT 13

ucp of greater clevelande rGet the toolsyou needto become a partof UCP of GreaterClevelandwww.ucpcleveland.orgUCP of Greater ClevelandIris S. & Bert L. Wolstein Center10011 Euclid AvenueCleveland, Ohio216-791-8363www.ucpcleveland.orginfo@ucpcleveland.orgof Greater Cleveland

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