2011 Annual Report - United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland


2011 Annual Report - United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland

UCP of Greater Cleveland2011 Annual ReportInclusionIndependenceProductivityServing Individualswith Disabilitiesthroughout the Lifespan

The mission of UCP ofGreater Cleveland isto empower childrenand adults withdisabilities to advancetheir independence,productivity and inclusionin the community.2 | United Cerebral Palsy | Annual Report

A Letter from Our LeadershipTo All of Our Friends and Supporters,Each year has its defining moments…moments in time that signify somethingimportant or illustrate what a person, orin this case an organization, is all about.In 2011, UCP of Greater Clevelandexperienced so many of these. Throughour committed employees, our dedicatedvolunteers, and most importantly theclients and families we serve, these timesembodied our mission and made us evenstronger. As we think back, there wasone moment last year that encompassedwhat we do – and that was SaphireMurphy crossing the finish line at theCleveland Triathlon.You may remember Saphire from lastyear’s report. Saphire is a teenage girl who has worked through incredible barriers to access more independence in the community.Through a lifetime of physical and occupational therapy, she worked hard first to learn to walk, and then to build up her stamina andendurance. When she decided to participate in the run leg of the Cleveland Triathlon, she wanted to prove to herself that she couldaccomplish anything she set her mind to, as long as she put in the necessary effort. After a year of preparation for the hills and turns,Saphire completed the entire 1.5-mile course using her walker. And when she turned the corner to cross the finish line, she did sowith confidence, with resolve and to a standing ovation from the crowd. While she had set out to be a part of the team with otherUCP clients and families, as well as to reach a personal goal, Saphire had also inspired countless others without even realizing it.This is what we are all about. When we consider our mission and our vision for the community we serve, it is truly about providingthe tools necessary to empower children and adults with disabilities to make their own way in the world. As you will see throughoutthis report, we do so for individuals of all ages and all levels of ability. Saphire had the drive to do more; UCP of Greater Clevelandsimply helped her find the means to do so. We strive to do the same for over 1,000 people each year and we are able to accomplishthis only with the generosity and support of all of our stakeholders.We would like to thank each of you who have helped UCP of Greater Cleveland to make these moments possible through yourcontributions of time, talent and resources. There are many more stories that we could share with you, and there are even more thatare yet to be written because of you. We look forward to continuing this work together.All the Best,Michael S. McMahonChair, Board of DirectorsPatricia S. OtterPresident & Chief Executive Officer2011 Annual Annual Report Report | UCP | United of Greater Cerebral Cleveland Palsy | 1

Children’s ServicesEarly Intervention through Young AdulthoodUCP of Greater Cleveland’sChildren’s Services Programs arebased on a philosophy of earlyintervention and holistic, familyfocusedcare. Licensed physical,occupational and speech/language therapists, as wellas social service professionalswork with family members todesign programs that enhancephysical, mental and emotionaldevelopment. With a sliding feescale linked to income, UCPof Greater Cleveland makeschildren’s programs available tofamilies of all financial means.The agency serves infants and children(up to 22 years of age) with a variety ofdevelopmental delays and disabilitiesincluding, but not limited to, cerebralpalsy, autism spectrum disorder,down’s syndrome and other genetic orneuro-muscular disorders. All programparticipants receive comprehensive,family-based case management andparent education programming.Traditional Therapy160 Children ServedUtilizing a team-based approach, as wellas cutting edge equipment, modalities andassistive technology, traditional physical,occupational and speech/languagetherapies address gross motor skills andbalance; fine motor skills and sensoryprocessing, as well as communicationand food/liquid manipulation.Steps to Independence75 Children ServedSteps to Independence is a unique,intensive therapy approach that helpschildren with cerebral palsy and otherneuro-muscular conditions achieve ahigher level of functioning. Developedwith the philosophy that childrenwith motor disorders, much likeathletes, require rigorous stretching,strengthening and conditioning, theprogram uses a multi-disciplinaryapproach to therapeutic intervention.Physical and occupational therapistswork together to develop and execute anindividualized program for each client,incorporating functional treatment goals,family involvement and continuity withon-going therapy programs.Early InterventionService Coordination707 Children ServedUCP of Greater Cleveland recognizesthat early intervention and familyfocusedcare is critical to maximizingthe potential of children withdisabilities. The agency is a leader inthe provision of case management,education and support services in theGreater Cleveland area. In partnershipwith Cuyahoga County’s Help Me Grow,the program targets children frombirth to three years of age who havea diagnosed medical issue, physical ordevelopmental disability or who are atriskfor developmental delay.School-Based Services319 Children ServedThe agency contracts with area schooldistricts and complementary serviceproviders to offer physical, occupationaland speech/language therapy servicesfor children with a range of disabilitieswithin the school setting. Therapistsare trained and certified in the latestpediatric treatment techniques andmodalities, and are also well-versedin the Individual Education Plan (IEP)process.2 | UCP United of Cerebral Greater Cleveland Palsy | Annual | 2011 Report Annual Report

Success at a Young AgeKevin McMahonIn so many ways, KevinMcMahon is simply a typicalnine-year-old boy. He is active,energetic, LOVES sports andhanging out with his siblingsand his buddies. Last year,he learned to ride a two-wheelbike, joined the swim team andattended sports camp.Kevin enjoys skiing with his family, and hasbeen a part of a baseball team in his arealeague for the past few years. He plays theviolin, is a compassionate brother and has akeen sense of humor. Just one of the manythings that makes Kevin special is the hardwork he has put in during his young lifeto be a part of those activities that othersmight take for granted.When Kevin came to UCP of GreaterCleveland, he was dealing withsignificant physical challenges. Hehad difficulty keeping his balance whilestanding and walking, and he neededto build his core strength and improveupper body stability to engage in dailyactivities. At close to three years ofage, Kevin’s parents enrolled him in theagency’s intensive Steps to IndependenceProgram. They saw immediate progressin his gait and his balance, and theywatched him take off running for the firsttime!Throughout his time at UCP of GreaterCleveland, his therapists saw hiscompetitive nature ignite, and theyutilized that as a motivating factor. Theybuilt typical physical and occupationaltherapy sessions around sports themes,including ‘spring training’ during oneschool break. They watched as Kevincontinued to build confidence. Hestarted completing swim meets and otherevents in front of large crowds of people.At the same time, he improved his handcontrol and ability to manipulate objects,which helped him with handwriting andother aspects of his school and homelife. His parents and family are constantsin his life and are there to support andcheer him on in every area.Kevin McMahon knows that it takes hardwork to achieve anything worthwhile inlife. And while success certainly has notalways come easily, he continues to strivetowards independence and has inspiredmany along the way.2011 Annual Annual Report Report | UCP | United of Greater Cerebral Cleveland Palsy | 3

Vocational ServicesMeeting the Employment Needs of Individuals of All AgesUCP of Greater Cleveland’s Vocational Services offers a variety of Community Employment, as well asfacility-based Organizational Employment and Adult Day Support programming to assist individualssixteen years of age or older in overcoming barriers to employment and becoming integrated into thecommunity. Qualified, trained staff provide employment and habilitation services to ensure that eachclient’s needs are met. Services are offered at UCP of Greater Cleveland’s main headquarters, as well as afacility in Westlake and in businesses throughout the region.Adult Day Support72 Individuals ServedUCP of Greater Cleveland’s Adult DaySupport Program is designed to assistindividuals with multiple and severedisabilities to acquire, retain or improvetheir highest potential quality of lifeand development. Services are offeredweekdays in a safe, comfortable andpleasant environment. Individualsare encouraged to accept new socialchallenges, while receiving supportin areas such as mobility, self-help,activities of daily living, personalcare, communication, communityawareness and personal growth.Activities, community outings, sensoryintegration and holistic therapy options(art, music, swimming, tai chi) areoffered throughout the week based onindividual need and preference.Organizational Employment49 Individuals ServedThe Organizational EmploymentProgram is designed to foster personalfinancial independence for adultswith moderate to severe disabilities.Individuals are encouraged to acceptvocational and social challenges withinan integrated setting with the leastrestrictions possible. UCP of GreaterCleveland’s main headquarters, the IrisS. and Bert L. Wolstein Center, housesan on-site workshop and computerlab to offer individuals the opportunityto learn and practice work skills withnecessary supports. The agencycontracts with area businesses toprovide piece-rate work such as securedocument shredding, data entry andsorting. Individuals receive a paycheckbased upon individual productivity.An on-site Assistive TechnologyProfessional provides assessmentand accommodations where needed.Socialization, recreation and activitiesare offered to program participants on anon-going basis to promote an inclusiveand engaging environment.Community Employment116 Individuals ServedThe agency’s Community Employmentprogram operates under the assumptionof employability, with the understandingthat there is meaningful work availablefor every individual that seeks it. Withthis in mind, UCP of Greater Clevelandpartners with local businesses toprovide work opportunities throughoutthe community for individuals witha range of disabilities and interests.Based on individual ability, individualsmay engage in Supported EmploymentProgramming, may be placedindividually in competitive work or takeadvantage of a variety of skills trainingand assessment programming. Clientsare encouraged to challenge their socialand work skills, and are provided withthe necessary supports and guidancethroughout the process.4 | UCP United of Cerebral Greater Cleveland Palsy | Annual | 2011 Report Annual Report

Transitioning to AdulthoodProject SEARCHThe transition of high schoolstudents into adulthood is acomplex and delicate matterunder the best circumstances.UCP of Greater Clevelandrecognizes the critical natureof this life event for youngadults with disabilities, as wellas the special needs involved.In response to this, for thepast two years, the agencyhas collaborated with ProjectSEARCH to serve transition-ageyouth with disabilities seekingemployment for the first time.Project SEARCH is a partnershipbetween business, education andvocational rehabilitation. Created asa unique, business led school-to-workprogram that occurs entirely in theworkplace, Project SEARCH facilitatesa combination of classroom instruction,career exploration and on-the-jobtraining during the student’s final yearof high school. Students engage in aseries of internship or worksite rotationsto gain understanding of their skills andpreferences in conjunction with trainingin employability and independentliving skills. The ultimate goal ofthe program is to assist young adultswith significant disabilities in makingsuccessful transitions from school toproductive adult lives, working towardsa goal of competitive employment aftergraduation.UCP of Greater Cleveland currentlyoperates two Project SEARCH sites. AtParma Community General Hospital,student interns work throughout themedical center completing jobs including,but not limited to: data entry in themedical records department; cleaning/providing turnover services in patientrooms and the emergency room; filingand providing mail room services inthe laboratory; stocking storerooms;providing clerical support and cleaningservices in the rehabilitation department,as well as providing support in dietaryservices and the Healing Grounds mobilecoffee cart. In partnership with LorainCounty Community College, studentswork throughout the campus in foodservice; grounds and maintenance; thelibrary; daycare and childcare servicesand the campus coffee shop.UCP of Greater Cleveland is pleased tocontinue and expand upon this importantprogram, and is proud of the success ofthe participants. Students have gainedcompetitive employment in food serviceand customer service, and we lookforward to seeing this trend continue asthe program reaches more young adultsthroughout the region.2011 Annual Annual Report Report | UCP | United of Greater Cerebral Cleveland Palsy | 5

Residential ServicesProviding the Tools Necessary to Access the CommunityResidential Services provides personal care and supports for individuals eighteen years of age andolder, including two Group Homes and Independent Living services. A team of trained direct supportprofessionals provides assistance within all aspects of client care. Nursing services, including twentyfourhour on-call nursing, is available to address immediate medical needs, as well as provide on-goingmedication and treatment assistance, basic first aid, observation for signs and symptoms of illness andcoordination of medical services.Edendale House and Memphis House18 Individuals ServedA comfortable environment is essential to living aproductive and healthy life. UCP of Greater Clevelandagency operates two Intermediate Care Facility GroupHomes, Edendale House and Memphis House. Eachhome is fully accessible and provides twenty-fourhour care for up to eight adults with a wide range ofdevelopmental and/or physical disabilities. Residentsare encouraged to participate in outside activitiesincluding work, school, recreation, social activities andvolunteerism to enhance self-reliance and decisionmakingcapabilities. A team of trained direct care staffand professionals assist individuals with the ultimategoal of being as independent as possible while residingin the community.Independent Living Program58 Individuals ServedIndependent Living at UCP of Greater Cleveland offers supportedliving services and health care support for adults with developmentaland/or physical disabilities throughout Cuyahoga County. Based onthe belief that adults with disabilities should have the opportunityto reside in the least restrictive setting possible, the program offersvarying levels of assistance to individuals residing in a communitybasedapartment or house of their choosing. Services are providedbased on individual need, and can range from a few visits per weekto twenty-four hour assistance. Clients may live alone, with a familymember(s) or with a roommate(s), and they must have the abilityto financially maintain a private residence with personal or entitledfunds. Independent Living helps individuals in the program or thoseentering the program locate accessible housing in neighborhoodswith proximity to banks, grocery stores, places of worship, publictransportation and other frequently used services. Clients areencouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities and servicesavailable in their communities.6 | UCP of Greater Cleveland | 2011 Annual Report

Incorporating All Generations in All UCP DoesVolunteering and FundraisingUCP of Greater Cleveland iscommitted to serving individualsacross all age groups and fromall walks of life, and as suchalso works to engage membersfrom throughout the communityto help spread the word andraise critical funds!To enhance program quality, UCP ofGreater Cleveland partners with localschools and districts to bring middleschool and high school students intothe agency as volunteers to work withclients in socialization and recreationalprogramming. Each year, clientslook forward to gardening projects,art projects and even carnival games!Local technical schools, colleges andrepresentatives from area corporationshave spent days completing work aroundthe agency’s main headquarters, andretired individuals spend time workingwith clients on an on-going basis. Inaddition to maintaining a committedBoard of Directors, this year a new‘Friends of UCP’ group was establishedto bring the support and oversight of upand coming young professionals fromthroughout the region to provide ideasand insight.Special events continue to be animportant facet of fundraising anddevelopment programming, and UCP ofGreater Cleveland has worked to engageadditional members of the communityin these efforts. The 25th Anniversary“Tee Up for UCP” grew again in 2011and continues to attract support from thecorporate and philanthropic community.The team-based fundraising approach asthe agency’s fourth year as the OfficialCharity of the Cleveland Triathlon broughtsupport in at all levels and from varioussources. These included lemonade standsand bake sales coordinated by childrenand teens as well as bar events andcocktail parties hosted by adults such asSprint into the Night, which raised over$30,000 for UCP of Greater Cleveland!Without the generosity of time, talentand resources of the community, UCPof Greater Cleveland would not havethe ability to offer such extensiveprogramming. Thank you to everyonewho made success possible in 2011!8 | UCP of Greater Cleveland | 2011 Annual Report

Financial Overview and ChartsUnited Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Cleveland, Inc.Statement of ActivitiesFor the Year Ended December 31, 20112011 SUPPORT AND REVENUESSupport:Contributions ................................... $143,490United Way Services ............................... 343,806Grants ......................................... 288,527Special events, net ................................ 260,793Total Support .................................. 1,036,616SUPPORT AND REVENUESSupport $692,810United Way $343,806Government Fees $8,031,001Fees for Service $972,789Supportfrom Endowment $300,000Support from Endowment 2.9%Support 6.7%Fees for Services9.4%United Way3.3%Revenues:Government Fees ................................ 8,031,001Fees for Services ................................. 972,789Total Revenue ................................. 9,003,790Investment return designated for current operations ............ 300,000Government Fees 77.7%Total Support and Revenues .................... 10,340,4062011 EXPENSESChildren’s Services ............................... 2,130,052Adult Vocational Services .......................... 3,271,350Independent Living ............................... 2,606,785Group Homes ................................... 1,261,149Fund Raising .................................... 273,089Management and General ........................... 522,986Total Expenses ................................ 10,065,411SUPPORTContributions $143,490Grants $288,527Special Events $260,793United Way $343,806Change in net assets from operations ...................... 274,995NON-OPERATING ACTIVITYInvestment income ................................ 134,751Realized and unrealized (loss) gain on investments ......... (413,873)Investment return designated for current operations ........ (300,000)Interest rate swap mark-to-market ...................... 15,165Change in net assets from non-operating activity . ............. (563,957)Change in net assets ................................ $(288,962)Net assets at beginning of year .......................... 9,485,060Net assets at end of year ............................. $9,196,098The financial information presented is taken from the 12/31/2011 financial statements, whichwere audited by Maloney + Novotny LLC. A complete set of these audited financial statements areavailable for your review at the United Cerebral Palsy offices.United Way33.2%Special Events 25.2%Contributions13.8%Grants27.8%2011 Annual Report | UCP of Greater Cleveland | 9

DonorsUCP of Greater Cleveland gratefully acknowledges our donors. If wehave misspelled or omitted any of our donors’ names, please call usat (216) 791-8363, ext. 227 so that we may correct our records.Humanitarian’s Circle ($20,000+)Deaconess Community FoundationThe Elisabeth Severance PrentissFoundationEva L. & Joseph M. Bruening FoundationThe Estate of Jane M. McClayThe Ohio Elks Northeast District ElksLeadership Society’s Circle ($10,000+)1-888-OHIOCOMPMr. and Mrs. Ronald G. BarberThe DBJ FoundationThe Lubrizol FoundationMr. and Mrs. Michael S. McMahonMr. and Mrs. Douglas A. NearyMichael and Patricia OtterPNCRG Barber Consultants, CPAsThe Rite Aid FoundationPacesetter’s Circle ($5,000+)Cleveland ClinicMs. Jenniffer DeckardFairmount MineralsGoldberg Kohn Ltd.Good Karma Broadcasting LLCThe Harry K. Fox and Emma R. FoxCharitable FoundationKeyBanc Capital MarketsKeyBankMr. and Mrs. Michael P. McMahonMedical MutualOatey CompanyPreformed Line Products Co.Ronald McDonald House CharitiesThe S.K. Wellman FoundationMr. and Mrs. Pete SedlakMr. David H. Wallace andMs. Sharon Sobol JordanWells FargoBenefactor’s Circle ($2,500+)ABCO Fire Protection, Inc.AccuVal Associates, IncorporatedAthersys, Inc.Baker & Hostetler, LLPBank of America Merrill LynchMr. Daniel M. BellBenesch, Friedlander, Coplan & AronoffCuyahoga County Board ofDevelopmental DisabiltiesMr. Thomas W. DentElsie S. Bellows FundEnergizerThe Estate of Stanley M. FisherForest City Capital CorporationDr. and Mrs. Christopher G. FureyGallagher Benefit ServiceHilco Appraisal Services, LLCHobe & Lucas CPAs Inc.Howard, Wershbale & Co.JPMorgan ChaseMr. and Mrs. Bob LightLubrizol CorporationMr. and Mrs. David MaraldoMcDonald, Hopkins Company, LPAMr. Daniel A. NovakMr. and Mrs. Patrick M. PastorePenske Automotive GroupMr. and Mrs. Edward S. PentecostRehmann FinancialThe Sherwin-Williams CompanyMs. Dawn Shirey and Ms. Clea RemingtonThe Sloan FoundationMr. and Mrs. Christopher SpicuzzaThe Swagelok FoundationTaft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLPTucker, Ellis & West LLPUS BankVera-A-Fast Corp.Walter & Haverfield P.L.L.Mr. and Mrs. Sean WengerPresident’s Circle ($1,000+)Akron Children’s Hospital,NeuroDevelopmental Science CenterCarnegie Capital Management CompanyCleveland CommunicationsCleveland Polka AssociationCleveland-Cliffs, Inc.Committee To Elect Robert C. KlaiberMr. and Mrs. Matthew R. CoxCrane Fund for Widows and ChildrenMr. and Mrs. Chris DellaCorteMr. and Mrs. Riley DickenMr. and Mrs. Joseph DiDonatoDiscount Drug Mart, Inc. Store #41Dr. NE & JZ Berman FoundationMr. and Mrs. Robert P. DuvinDavid and Beth EatonThe Edward & Catherine Lozick FoundationMr. Kevin EllmanFederal Reserve Bank of ClevelandFerro FoundationMr. and Ms. Richard FisherFranchise Management, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. GivenHahn Loeser + Parks LLPThe Hankins FoundationMr. and Mrs. Nathan D. HurleKeyCorp Nonprofit ServicesMr. Andrew Koonce and Ms. Tania YounkinMr. and Mrs. Lyndon LaBrakeMr. and Mrs. Michael LanzarottaMr. and Mrs. Jerome J. LucasMs. Beth A. LucasMr. and Mrs. Wes LucasMs. Steffany MatticolaMrs. Maguy MavissakalianMr. Stephen McPeakeMel-K ManagementMike’s KidsMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey MinnickNorth Olmsted City SchoolsThe O’Neill Brothers Foundation10 | UCP of Greater Cleveland | 2011 Annual Report

Pacific Sports, LLCMrs. Thomasina B. PattonQuest CorporationQuicken LoansRetention Analysts, Inc.The Richard Horvitz and Erica Hartman-Horvitz FoundationMrs. Nancy RodriguezThe Smiling Forever FoundationMs. Jean A. SmithMr. and Mrs. Donald SnyderMs. Cathy SopranoSouth Euclid Cooperative Nursery SchoolMr. and Mrs. Patrick SpicuzzaMr. and Mrs. Jonathan StraffonMr. Jim StreffMr. and Mrs. Matthew D. SweetMr. Jamal Al-Najjar and Ms. Intesar A. TayeVisconsi Companies, Ltd.Ms. Diana WagnerWeisman, Kennedy & Berris Co., LPAMrs. Iris S. WolsteinDr. and Mrs. David ZidarDirector’s Circle ($500.00+)Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. AdamsMs. Janet BakerBank of America Securities, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Michael BanyaszBertram Inn & Conference CenterMr. Jeffrey BlockMr. and Mrs. Michael G. CaputoChemtron CorporationMr. and Mrs. Charles F. Clarke, Jr.The Cleveland FoundationMr. William E. ConwayMr. Scott DonaldsonMr. and Mrs. F. Matthew EmbresciaMr. Andy FertalMr. Michael Scott and Ms. Barbara FisherMs. Dianne FoleyDr. and Mrs. Jorge GarciaMr. and Mrs. Martin S. GatesMr. and Mrs. Marc HaysMr. David C. HendricksonMr. and Mrs. Ethan HendrickxMr. and Mrs. David HuntMr. and Mrs. Jed HunterHyland Software, Inc.IBM CorporationMr. and Mrs. V. Bruce JuniusKey FoundationMr. Timothy KilbaneMs. Wendy KomacMr. and Mrs. Joseph KoonceMr. Geoffrey LeffertsMr. and Mrs. Larry LoderMr. Daniel LovingerMr. and Mrs. Bob LucasMs. Maureen MahonMajestic Steel USADrs. Robert W. Mays and Jill SangreeMr. Brian McMahonMr. and Mrs. Joseph F. McMahon, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. MoranMukha Custom Cosmetics, Inc.The Oak Printing CompanyMs. Ashley OlsonOrthotic and Prosthetic Specialties Inc.Mr. Richard T. PrasseMr. and Mrs. David PtasznikMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. RavasThe Reese Pharmaceutical Co.Mr. and Mrs. Justin J. RobertsMr. George E. RollerSangree Family FoundationMr. and Mrs. Jon SargentMr. and Mrs. Dave ScherryMr. and Mrs. Russ SchneiderMr. and Mrs. Adam SchneierMr. Alan ScottSeal Jet of OhioMr. and Mrs. Randall E. SimmonsMr. Paul SopranoMr. Douglas D. SzymkowiakMr. and Mrs. Thomas M. TurcoMr. and Mrs. Bob TurnerV.F.W. Post 9340Mr. Dennis WalshBarbara and Tom WheatleyMs. Emily WilliamsMr. and Mrs. John D. ZollerSustainer’s Circle ($250.00+)Adelio’s Contracting CompanyMr. and Mrs. Mark J. AdlerMr. Bradford ArmstrongMr. Michael AyeThe Bellenir FamilyMr. David BenedictMr. and Mrs. Mark S. BennettMr. and Mrs. Ryan K. BerglundMr. and Mrs. William S. BumfordMs. Maura BurkeMr. and Mrs. Brian CalamitaMr. Jack P. White andMs. Julie R. Cebula-WhiteMr. and Mrs. Matthew N. DaileyMs. Detisha DawsonDr. Susan A. DeanMr. Christopher DiTullioMr. Mark DominikMr. John DuboisMr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. EnglishEnvironmental SolutionsMs. Mary FaulkMr. and Mrs. Gregory FedakMr. and Mrs. Joe FlinnerMr. Drew ForhanMr. James T. FoxMr. Stelio FrangopoulosFriends of Kostoff CommitteeMr. and Mrs. Robert S. FrostMr. and Mrs. Harold J. GardynikMr. and Mrs. Andy GehrleinMr. and Mrs. Bartolomeo GiannattasioMr. Kenny GrecoDr. Carolyn GreenMr. Theodore A. Gullia, Jr.Mr. David H. Gunning, IIMr. and Mrs. Jon R. HallMr. David R. HarbargerMr. and Mrs. James D. HarryMs. Kari HertelMr. Adam HewitMr. Alfonso HinojosaMr. Ronald Holman andMs. Susan StephensMr. and Mrs. John HorriganIndependence Excavating, Inc.Invest In Others Charitable Foundation2011 Annual Report | UCP of Greater Cleveland | 11

James A. Carney Family FoundationJohnDow IndustriesMr. and Mrs. Christopher K. JonesMr. and Mrs. David B. JorankoMr. and Mrs. Scott KaplanMs. Nanette KatterhenryMr. and Mrs. Richard A. KirkMr. Dale KnautzMr. Michael KoberlingMr. and Mrs. John P. KochMs. Kelly KoneyMr. and Mrs. Peter M. KostoffThe Krupka FamilyJamie KuthanMs. Natalie R. KutinaMs. Anne LiberatiMs. Juanita LockerMr. Michael E. LongmoreMs. Casie LovingerMr. Jeffrey Lucas and Ms. Kristen GallMr. David MalinasMr. Marin and Mrs. Nieves AguileraMr. James P. MarraMr. and Mrs. Steven A. MarrerMr. and Mrs. Mathew MarrinerMs. Margaret McBrideMcHugh’s Plumbing, Inc.Mr. Timothy G. McFaddenMs. Jennifer McKeeganMr. G John McLarenMr. David P. MillerMr. and Mrs. Eric C. MorganMs. Shelly Morris-WaldenMr. Kevin J. MurphyMr. and Mrs. Stephen MurphyMs. Kimberly MyersMr. Eugene NovakMrs. Donna O’ConnellMs. Mary Therese O’DonnellMr. and Mrs. Greg PajakMr. and Mrs. Dan PansingPatten Producing CompanyPetitti Garden CentersMr. and Mrs. Gene PierceMs. Brandy PinsonDr. Tod R PodlMr. and Mrs. Michael D. Policarpo IIMr. Michael PolicarpoMr. and Mrs. Thomas PolomskyMr. and Mrs. Brad PulverRenaissance Painting & Decorating, Inc.Ms. Kathryn RichardsMs. Kathleen RiggsMr. Daniel P. RobinsonMs. Lynn RochonMs. Rochelle RosianMr. Scott RunyanMr. and Mrs. Michael E. SantelliMr. and Mrs. Kevin SarbMrs. John SchlossMs. Lisa A. SegalMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. ShanahanSheldon EnterprisesMs. Jeanette ShleprMr. and Mrs. Michael SikonMs. Suzanne SilverDr. Robert H. SilvermanMr. Michael A. SlamaMr. and Mrs. Steve SlawsonMr. Graham SmithMr. Wiley L. SmithMr. Christopher SopranoMs. Nikola StevovichMr. and Mrs. James StrainicMr. James S. SunyakMr. and Mrs. Roger M. SynenbergMr. and Mrs. Tyler L. TaigenMs. Brittany TaylorMr. David UramMr. and Mrs. Dan UrsuMr. and Mrs. Robert A. WeldieMr. and Mrs. Jack WhiteMs. Tammy WilletMr. and Mrs. Jeff WinterMr. Bob WyrickMr. and Mrs. Michael YacovoneMs. Angela YatesMs. Beryl H. YounkinMr. Ryan YounkinMr. and Mrs. Steven M. ZabowskiMr. Michael ZadelMr. Gregory I. ZarykBoard of DirectorsMichael S. McMahon, ChairMatthew R. Cox, Vice ChairBeth Eaton, TreasurerPatrick M. Pastore, SecretaryJennifer BerlinChristopher G. Furey, MDEthan HendrickxDavid HuntNathan D. HurleStacey JohnsonCharles H. Joseph, IIIRoss J. KirchickRobert W. MaysTimothy G. McFaddenJeffrey D. MinnickMark PringleDavid H. WallaceSean D. WengerJohn D. ZollerAgency LeadershipPatricia S. OtterPresident & CEOColleen Bennett, SPHRDirector of Human ResourcesLaWanda Y. Crawl, MPADirector of Residential ServicesBeth A. Lucas, MNADirector of Strategic Initiatives andDevelopmentRandall E. Simmons, CPADirector of Finance and AdministrationPaul J. Soprano, MADirector of Vocational ServicesIntesar A. Taye, OTR/LDirector of Children’s Services12 | UCP of Greater Cleveland | 2011 Annual Report

“Through my position, I amassociated with many otheragencies. UCP is clearly thehands-down winner whenit comes to having a goodunderstanding of client needs.Other agencies come close,but never at the level that isperformed at UCP.”

UCP of Greater ClevelandIris S. & Bert L. Wolstein Center10011 Euclid AvenueCleveland, Ohio 44106(216) 791-8363www.ucpcleveland.orginfo@ucpcleveland.orgAgency ProgramsChildren’s Services• Traditional Physical,Occupational & Speech/Language Therapy• Steps to Independence ®• Early Intervention ServiceCoordination• Case Management• Parent EducationVocational Services• Adult Day Support• Organizational Employment• Community EmploymentResidentialServices• Independent Living Program• Group HomesAssistiveTechnologyServicesInformation andReferral

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