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New Fairytale Film Completes Shooting Permanent Cavetto at Stage ...

New Fairytale Film Completes Shooting Permanent Cavetto at Stage ...

news from our

news from our departments ● ● ● Barrandov Productions ● ● ● Costumes and Props Department Barrandov Studios rented out dozens of furniture items and props to Bavaria Film GMBh during the two phases of the “Die Buddenbrooks” production. This large project employed the services of a number of costume rental companies throughout Europe. As far as Barrandov’s Costumes and Props Department is concerned, this not only marks the renewal of cooperation with Bavaria but also confirms increasing interest in the costumes and props that the studios offer. For example, a total of 250 complete Gothic and Renaissance costumes were ordered for “The Letter for the King”, a film produced by Heimatfilm, a Cologne-based production company. Costumes from Barrandov are also being used for projects in the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Germany. BMW took advantage of the services offered by Barrandov Productions for presenting its new MINI Clubman automobile. Stage ATB No. 9 was the site of a magnificent show – the performance by the Navigators only helped enhance the atmosphere. The MAX soundproof stage was taken over for a Joint Barrandov Studios and L’Oréal project as part of the cosmetics company’s introduction of new men’s and women’s fragrances on the market. The event was supplemented by a fashion show organized by DIESEL, the wonder child of the jeans industry. ● ● ● Czech Film news from our departments... ● ● ● Smečky Recording Studio The eighty member Barrandov Studios orchestra needed five days to record the soundtrack for the animated megafilm “The Pirates Who Don‘t Do Anything”. The Smečky Recording Studios was also graced by the presence of Polish composer Michal Lorenc. He was on site to record the music for the “Of Parents and Children” project. The film’s premiere is scheduled for February 14, 2008. Barrandov Studios is the chief producer for the new feature film “Nejkrásnější hádanka” (“The Most Beautiful Riddle”). One of the most experienced and successful Czech screenwriters and directors – Zdeněk Troška is returning along with this fairytale film. The screenplay was inspired by the classic Czech fairly tale of the same name by Jan Drda. “Nejkrásnější hádanka” was filmed from June 24 through September 25 at the chateaus located in Horšovský Týn, Sychrov, and Žleby. Exterior scenes were filmed primarily in South Bohemia, which Zdeněk Troška, being a native of Strakonice, knows very well. The lead roles are played by Miroslav Táborský, Ladislav Potměšil, Taťána Medvecká, and Jan Dolanský. This fairytale film is set to premiere on February 28, 2008. ● ● ● barrandov studio info

● ● ● New Era Starts for Dubbing Studio No. 4 Under the leadership of new Dubbing Director Michal Kratochvíl, Dubbing Studio No. 4 has been reconstructed. It is now equipped with technology based on DigiDesign ProTools, a system that uses a non-linear method for processing audio tracks. Basically, dialogues are stored in computer memory and then subsequently, after all edits are completed, mixed in with the final soundtrack. The inclusion of Studio No. 4 within Barrandov’s dubbing technology structure is further proof that the studios are successfully continuing in their fifty-yearold tradition of presenting foreign films in the Czech language. Total investments in the new technology amount to approximately 1.5 million Czech crowns. ● ● ● Trilobit Bar Chosen as New Meeting Site for the first time .. for the first time... As of the beginning of November, a new operator is in charge of all the dining facilities at Barrandov. Amongst its other responsibilities, it is now in charge of the former Trilobit Day Bar, located on the ground floor of the original Barrandov Studios building, and will include this establishment within the catering structure. Barrandov Studios is currently preparing to remodel the bar premises in a manner whereby they will provide a pleasant, stylized environment for both official meetings as well as informal refreshments for employees and studio visitors. barrandov studio info ● ● ● ● ● ● ATB 1 Offers Unique Service Starting in January, Barrandov Studios will be offering a permanent cavetto. This is a type of background favored primarily by commercial shoots. Barrandov’s is 17 meters wide and as long as it is deep – specifically 10 meters. This will be one of the largest permanently installed cavettos in Prague. The cavetto is constructed of two layers of plasterboard; the seams are caulked and polished. Together with the floor, the entire backdrop thus forms one smooth surface without any visible dividing lines. The cavetto that is a part of Stage ATB 1 can be painted any color according to a customer’s wishes. ● ● ● New Parking Lot Offers More Comfort Starting in October, film crews have been able to use Barrandov’s newly-constructed 5,625 square meter parking lot. The lot was built on the site of a former prop storage room and is located close to the new MAX soundstage complex. It offers 173 parking spaces. Four separate utility hook-ups for electricity, water, and sewage are also available. The latter are included as the parking lot is not intended only for the purpose of parking automobiles, but also for setting up mobile facilities that can be used by film and commercial shoots. Panavision at Barrandov ● ● ● New Fairytale Film Completes Shooting ● ● ● Permanent Cavetto at Stage ATB 1 ● ● ● New dabing studio

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