IAERC Presentation_2009-11-25.pdf


IAERC Presentation_2009-11-25.pdf

PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25PICTURE2009-11-25 PMH1–IAERCAgencyAct/ RegulationPermit Authorized FROM Authorized TO NoNewPermitshavebeen receivedsincethelastIAERC DFO FisheriesActAmendmentof35(2)for2010 Goalof submissionis IssuingPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-253Segment 1Segment 211/25/2009TrainingPermit UpdateMass Safety Meeting Training: Sediment and Erosioncontrol measuresAMEC conducted Archaeological Awareness TrainingWeekly Toolbox Training:Concrete BMPsHazardous and Non-Hazardous WasteManagement2009 December18Segment 2Current WorksPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25 Surcharge on north and south sideof Highway 1 False work Concrete pour at 5909 Stone Columns near the Mary HillBypass Lougheed Cast in Place WallPICTURESegment 2Current Works Dewatering and filtration at DawesHill Creek Pile Driving at Canadian PacificRail Bridge Demolition of the Levite Building

6Segment 3Segment 3Current WorksSurrey - South SideSediment Control andDrainage WorksSignage and FencingWildlife SalvageAir QualityConcrete Best ManagementPracticesCurrent WorksSurrey - South SideWildlife Mitigation (Hats onPiles/Waste Management)Clear & GrubRock Pad ConstructionHousekeepingSoil Sampling11/25/2009Water Quality SamplingSegment 3Current WorksSurrey - South SideDebris Removal at CulvertPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25near 115AS1 Footing Forming, andRebar.S1 Footing First Lift PourRebar Cage, and Bird CageFabrication @ S1S2 Footing ExcavationSurrey - South SideS2/S5 Pile InstallationS6 Pile Installation andExcavationS7 Footing Rebar & PourS8/S9/S10 Footing, ColumnRebar & PourFooting and Column FormFabricationSegment 3Current WorksCurrent WorksMarine - Fraser RiverSegment 3Marine CommunicationMeetingsFirst Nation MeetingWater SamplingBubble Curtain use duringimpact pile drivingHydrophone monitoringPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25during impact pile drivingPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Current WorksMarine - Fraser RiverSegment 3N1 Pile False WorkInstall Footing Shell at N1Annulus Pour, Dewater at N1N4/Trestle Pile InstallationN5 Cofferdam InstallationMarine Access DredgingCompleted

PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-258QualitySegment 3Status of previous NCR’sHub Internal Audit - No spill kit on front end (Closed)Two (2) New NCRSegment 3QualitySegment 3Segment 311/25/2009Delayed notification to the PEP and the DFO Radio Roomand associated with an accidental release of concrete tothe Fraser River. (In Progress)Excavation of Material from Pier S2 Footing was hauledoffsite prior to consulting a contaminated sites specialist. (InProgress)Audits and Agency InspectionsSegment 3PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25TI Corp Audit (ToCA, NAV Waters Permit and Port MetroVancouver Permit.Preliminary results indicate two Opportunities forImprovement and Zero Non ConformancesFisheries and Oceans Canada Site Visit of Marine Works onNovember 16, 2009Segment 3QualitySegment 3Two(2) Environmental Incidents Since Last IAERC MeetingPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Approximately one liter of biodegradable hydraulic fluidwas spilled from one of the lines attached to thehydraulic impact hammer during N4 pile driving.A total of approximately two cubic meters ofconcrete/grout was released to the Fraser River duringannulus pours.Segment 3TrainingSegment 3PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Since Last IAERC Meeting, Segment 3 has conductedthe following environmental training:5 Toolbox Meetings (43 to date)4 Foreman’s Meetings (27 to date)1 Mass Safety Meeting (5 to date)Segment 3TrainingExample of Training Topics:PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Environmental Sensitive Area/No Go ZoneHousekeeping, Waste Management and LabelingConcrete BMPsAnti-idle Policy, and Erosion & Sediment ControlEnvironmental Work PlansSegment 3Secondary ContainmentPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25

PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-259Aerial ViewSegment 3N1 and Trestle Aerial PhotoSegment 311/25/2009Segment 3Segment 3N1 Footing Shell InstallationPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25N1 Footing ShellPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25N1 Annulus PourPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Segment 3N4 Pile InstallationPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Segment 3

PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-2510Trestle ConstructionSegment 3Aerial North SideSegment 311/25/2009Hazardous Materials StoragePMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Segment 3AerialSouth SidePMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Segment 3Segment 3Segment 3Sediment & Erosion ControlPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25S1 Footing ConstructionPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25

PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25AgencyAct/ RegulationPermit Authorized FROM Authorized TO MOE WaterAct Section9 A2005661–Contains6 WatercoursesinSurreyand Langley November 10th,2009December13th 2013 2010DFO35(2)Application submissioninDecember18 IssuingPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-2511S1 Footing Pour (First Lift)Segment 3S9 Column ConstructionSegment 311/25/2009S9 Footing PourPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Segment 3Permit UpdatePMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Segment 4Segment 4Segment 4Works to DatePMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Current WorksPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25 Building grade in median Excavation and water controlin median Structures work for bridges inmedian Building subgrade and gradein median Water control in median Structures in median

12Segment 4Segment 411/25/2009Environmental Monitoring Sartori Environmental Monitoring construction works, water control, sediment anderosion control measures and issues, water quality, drainageeffectiveness, incident mitigation and prevention.Salvage Results (since last IAERC meeting)No salvages have been conductedsince the last IAERC meeting.3 Week Look AheadPICTURESegment 4160 and 168 th Continue building road in medianPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25between 160 and 168 th Lane Flip to run traffic in newlanes built in median betweenHot-Button IssuesSediment and erosion control and water controlPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25are our biggest issues over the winter rainseasonSegment 4Segment 4Segment 4Environmental IncidentPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Design UpdatePMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Sediment release to Hjorth Creek watercourse Hjorth Creek site visit occurredWater ran down an exposed slope and picked upsediment, then was pumped to a drainage ditchwhich lead into Hjorth CreekWater quality downstream was affected for theduration of the event, pumps were removed andcrews trained on ESC responsibilitiesPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25 Action items were created to improve naturalfunctionality of compensation area New construction method developed forcompensation areas involving building smallsections to completion Technical feasibility of 176 th Street, Barnston Drive,Bartesko Creek compensation areas under reviewPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25

PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25AgencyAct/ RegulationPermit Authorized FROM Authorized TO DFO FisheriesActSection35(2)Authorization– HADD MoEWaterActSection9Approval–Changesin andaboutaPKIDitch,Centre Creek,andEastDrainageDitch Submittalin Dec20092009-11-26 SFPR–IAERC13Segment 4Segment 411/25/2009Design Update Proposed culvert across 85A Ave in lieu of CulvertE34 and E35QualityInternal audit: October 2, 20094 OFIs: electronic records management,communicating field protocols, timely documentsubmissions1 NCR: HADD drawings missing fromEnvironmental Work PlanSegment 4Segment 4QualityTrainingEnvironmental incidents:PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-252 oil spills to ground less than 5L1 oil spill caused by motor vehicle collisionSediment releaseBridge work in median at 160thSegment 4PMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25Training held at mass safety meeting for all employeesPMH1–IAERC 2009-11-25on importance of sediment and erosion controlAdvanced training held for superintendants andforeman on sediment and erosion control measuresPresented by Trent Hatfield, City of Surrey(Environmental Enforcement and sediment anderosion control specialist)Summary of 2010 PermitsFraser Heights Connector2009-11-25 PMH1–IAERCIssuingInsert slide(s) with picture(s) of works.

PICTURE2009-11-25 PMH1–IAERC14Fraser Heights ConnectorFraser Heights Connector11/25/2009Current WorksSummary of 2010 WorksInstalling Wick drains inpreload Placing preload from 104 th Ave to the Greenbelt area Placing preload from 182 nd Ave working west Utilities realignment from 104 th Ave working east To be started before August 1 and finished in the FishWindow Clearing at Greenbelt area Windsor Plywood property acquisition in March Compensation area construction pending site assessmentSFPR–IAERC 2009-11-26

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